By JimBob

(Mgg, mast, tease, inc)

Kathy gets dumped by Laura, which prompts Kathy to meet Bob and Lilly, a meeting that changes her life.

This story is part of a series, so before you start, the Kathy stories make more sense if they are read in the order they came out: "Kathy at the Matinee", "Kathy Gets a Ride", "Kathy and Uncle Billy Pt 1", "Kathy and Uncle Billy Pt2", "Kathy and Lily, Bob Too", "Kathy and Bob and Laura at the Matinee", "Kathy the Matchmaker", and "Kathy's Sleepover." Enjoy! Read and enjoy.

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"Pull over here, Mom!  I see Laura."  I wave, but Laura doesn't wave back.  She has just gotten out of her Dad's car, and someone else is getting out too.

"All right, Kathy.  You have your movie money?"

"Yes, Mother."   I am a little short with Mom as she has been asking me that same question every Sunday for the last year now, ever since my eighth birthday and I was first allowed to attend the Sunday matinee by myself.  I unsnap my seat belt and jump out after Mom unlocks the doors.

"See you at five thirty.  Don't leave the theater.  Don't talk to strangers. Don't mess up your good dress."

"Yes, Mother!"  I slam the door to cut off her long list of Don’ts.  As I hurry up the sidewalk I think, well at least she doesn't walk me up to the door anymore.

"HEY, LAURA!  Wait up!"  Who is she walking with anyway?  It’s a BOY!  Laura brought a boy to the movies!  I finally catch up, just as they reach the ticket line.  "Hey, Laura."

"Hi, Kathy.  I see you came to the show too."  She moves around between me and the boy.

"Huh?"  What the heck is she talking about?   Friday at school we agreed to try to meet here today.  "Who is your friend?"  Not me, apparently.

"This is Kevin.  He just moved in next door this week.  We met Friday after I got home.  He's coming to the movies with me today."  She turns her back on me. 

"That was Kathy.  She is in my class in school."  She isn't talking to me anymore, that's for sure. 

Kevin smiles at me over Laura's shoulder. "Hi, Kathy."

"Uh, Kevin, we have to get our tickets."  Laura prods Kevin and he turns to the ticket lady before I can answer.

"Hi," I say to their backs.

They get their tickets and head on into the lobby.

"Wait for me!"  Laura chooses not to hear me as she hurries Kevin off.  The ticket lady has a problem with my ticket and I have to wait while she opens up the machine and fiddles a while. 

When I finally get my ticket, there is no sign of Laura or Kevin in the lobby.  I get my popcorn with hot butter and my Milk Duds, and head into the aisle that Laura and I always pick.  I get half way down before I see them, sitting together in the third row four seats in.  There are no vacant seats in that row now.  I stand at the end until I catch Laura's eye.  She gives me a funny not-my-fault-look and raises her hands, palms up, and shrugs. Kevin gives me a sheepish grin and then Laura turns to him and they laugh together.

I get the message.  Laura is not going to share.  I look at the first three rows, looking for vacant seats or a friend… nobody. The first rows are filling up fast with children; in fact, the first four are mostly full.  I check out one seat six in, in the fourth row, but when I get there it is saved.  I stand in the aisle a minute searching for a seat.  Looks like I'll be in the fifth row. 

Then I see a man on the other end of the second row looking back at me.  Is that one of the bad guys my Mom keeps telling me about?

When he sees he has my attention, he makes a beckoning motion and points to the next seat where there is a small girl standing up.  He makes motions like putting her on his lap.  To make sure it is me, I point to myself.  He nods.

Decision time.  I'm not supposed to sit next to a man at the movies.  But it is a second row seat.  The sixth row is now mostly full.  He is a nice looking man.  He is not a dirty old man.  He has a daughter.  And it is a second row seat.  Stuck up Laura and her Kevin are in the third row...

Decision made.  I nod to the man, then hurry down around the front and step into the second seat in as the man lifts his daughter into his lap.  The boy in the next seat in says something to his friend next to him about "Girl Cooties" and moves over in his seat.  I stick my tongue out at him and he makes a face at me, then we don't look at each other anymore.  I stay closer to the man.  He is the one who gave me the seat.

"Hi!"  The little girl smiles at me.  "I gave you my seat!"

"Hi.  Thank you."  I say to both of them.  "Want some popcorn?" I offer it to both of them.  The little girl takes a hand full.

"Lilly usually sits in my lap for the movie anyway," the man says, "so you may as well have her seat.  I'm Bob.  What's your name?"

"Kathy."  The first commandment has already been busted, and there goes the second about not talking.  Well, he is not a stranger now is he?  I know his and his daughter's names.  We are practically friends.   He is a better friend than Laura, anyway. Lilly takes more popcorn and so do I.  Then I think to give the man one of the extra napkins I have so he can wipe Lilly's hands when she is done.

"Thank you… ah, what is your name again?"


"Thank you, Kathy.  You are a very nice little girl to share your popcorn with Lilly.  How old are you?"

"I'm eight, but I will be nine in just a month."

"Wow!  You come to the movies by yourself?"

"My mom drops me off.  I usually sit with my friend Laura, but she brought a new boy, and they won't sit with me now.  I guess she's really not my friend."

"That is too bad.  Lilly and I will love to have you sit with us anytime."

"Thank you, Bob.  That is nice of you." 

The lights go way dim and Bob reaches over and pats my knee a couple of times as if to tell me he is sorry that Laura is such a snot.  Then he goes back to holding Lilly as the cartoon comes on.  He is a nice daddy, I think.

Lilly and I eat all the popcorn before the regular movie starts.  We clean our hands and then Bob leaves Lilly for me to watch while he goes and brings back a drink for me and one for Lilly and him.  We all drink our Cokes, then Lilly lays back on his lap and sucks her thumb.  I think maybe she is sleepy.  Bob has a light jacket and he covers her lap.  Some of his jacket spills over the seat arm, and down on my leg.  I don't mind.  Bob needs the seat arm to rest his arm on; he has Lilly to hold. 

I shift around in my seat to get comfortable and settle down to watch the film.  I get into my favorite position, kick my sneakers off, cross my legs, sit with my feet under me and lean back with one knee up by each armrest.  The knee covered up by Bob's jacket feels nice and warm, so I take my sweater off and cover my other knee and my lap.  Bob smiles at me as I start eating my Milk Duds.

"Don't let Lilly see those," Bob whispers.  "She makes a big mess with candy."

"I won't."  I hide the box in my lap under the sweater.  Bob smiles at me and pats my knee under his jacket again.  He is so nice and friendly.  He puts his hand on the arm rest, but I can still feel the warmth of his hand so close.

Lilly mutters something, and shifts around in Bob's lap and kicks his hand off the arm rest.  Bob's hand lands on my knee, and he has to leave it there because Lilly has her foot on the armrest.

"Sorry," he whispers.

"That's okay."

Bob leaves his hand where it is.  His big thumb is on top of my knee, and the fingers are down on the inside.  After a while Bob starts to rub his fingers around on the inside of my knee.  It feels kinda ticklish and kinda tingly.  I've felt something like that before.  My Daddy used to hold me just like that when we would cuddle and watch TV cartoons.  That was when I was young and Mommy and Daddy were still married.  Oh well.  Not anymore. I dig out another Milk Dud.

"OOH!"  I am not the only one who screams out, as the scary looking creature jumps out towards the audience.  I find myself clutching Bob's arm as the terrible creature snarls and shows his fangs.  Looks like this is a scary movie.  I'm glad I’ve got Bob.

The boy next to me is hiding his face.  At least I'm not that chicken.  But it is nice to have Bob to cling to.  I have pulled Bob's hand off my knee and it is part way up on my leg now.  As the movie continues, and the fear ebbs, I lean back in my seat. Bob leaves his hand reassuringly on my thigh.  His palm and fingers are warm and comforting.  When he moves his fingers the slightest bit, I feel all kind of tingly feelings go up my thigh.

No one has ever touched me there before except my mom to rub sun screen on, and that was just quick rubbing.  Bob knows how to make his fingers do little shivery things against my smooth skin.  At first I feel my skin quiver but I kind of like it when I get used to it.  I look down, but I have Bob's jacket and my skirt and sweater spread out over my legs.  No one can see the slight motion in the dim light.  No one is looking anyway.  I dig the last of my Milk Duds out, and throw the box on the floor.

"You okay now?" he whispers.

"Yes. That was scary!"

"Don't worry, I'll keep you safe."  Bob pats my thigh.  His hand is higher up when he gets done, and his tickling fingers find new untouched areas to excite.  I shiver a little with all the tingly feelings.  Bob is moving his hand and fingers up and down my thigh now, and each time he goes up, his hand is higher. I am trying to concentrate on the movie, but those shivery fingers are causing me to have tingly feeling in places I never felt them before.

Now I have a funny thought.  Where on your leg does good touching end and bad touching start?  So far, all of Bob's touching has felt really good, and I want to feel those good feelings more, but hey, his fingers are getting pretty darn close to my panties.  I'm almost sure the bad touching must start around there somewhere.  Maybe all of a sudden the good feelings will stop, and then I can tell...

"Oh, no."  The stupid girl in the movie has had a fight with her boyfriend and she goes down in the basement in the old house all by herself, and I just know he will be down there somewhere. LOOK OUT!  HERE HE COMES!

"EEEEK!"  The whole theater erupts into screams as he gets to the foolish girl, and blood flies and spatters the walls.  When I can look again it is all over and the thing is holding her severed head high in the air as he runs back toward his lair.  I relax my hold on Bob's arm, and then I realize what I did.  I pulled his hand right up in between my legs, right past the bad touching line, clear up to my panties!  Now I can feel his fingers, all his warmth through the thin nylon.  Uh, oh.  What now?  I pulled Bob's hand up there, I can't push it away now, and hurt his feelings, can I?  Besides, the scream woke up Lilly and she is stirring.  Maybe Bob will have to use that hand to help with Lilly.

Nope.  She has settled back down.  Bob's hand is still there. Wait a minute. This can't be bad touching; it just feels warm and nice.  I like it.  So I guess it is all right if he just holds his hand there for a while.

Whoa!  He just started moving those fingers again.  Oh, my!

Now don't try to tell me that is bad touching.  Talk about tingly feelings.  This is ten times as tingly as his tickling down on my leg. That place never feels like this when I touch down there.  Bob's fingers are on my crack part where I pee from.  He is feeling around and I'll bet when he realizes that his fingers are touching on my nasty place where I pee, he will jerk his hand away.

At least I can relax a little now about the monster.  The whole village is out looking for the monster with pitch forks and axes, and he is going to be a goner soon as they catch up with him.  I look around behind and I can barely see Laura and Kevin down the row behind me.  They are huddled up all close together.  I'll bet Kevin can't protect Laura the way my big Bob is protecting me.  I move my butt around a little and Bob's fingers move too.

"OH!"  Wow!  He has found my tickle bump.  I really jump and grab his arm.  That little sliding way his finger moves gives me the biggest thrill, even through my panties.  I have to push his finger away for a moment.  Bob just smiles at me and I let go of his arm.  Even the boy next to me looks at me this time.  Did I say something out loud?  I make a face at nosy boy, and he turns back to the movie.  I have to reach down and fix my panties.  My bump is still tingling and I have to fix it so the panties aren't so tight on it.

"What happened?"  Bob leans over and whispers real low.

"That tickled."  I whisper back.  It did a lot more than tickle, but I don't have words for how that really felt.

"I better stop."

"No!  I mean...  Uh, wait a minute."  I have to think about this.  Oh, Bob has started rubbing my leg way up there again, making it hard to think.  It is a funny feeling.  This is probably the bad stuff my mom and the teachers have talked about. I wish I had listened more better.  But it was all so boring!  I like fun stuff.  Bob's big hand tickling me in the movie is fun, and I don't want to think about good or bad touching anymore.  I want to have fun. 

"You can do that."  I tell Bob quietly, “Mom and the teachers will never know, 'cause I'm sure not ever gonna' tell them.”

"Thanks.  You are a sweetheart."  Bob's big finger moves back up, but when it gets to my panties, the finger wiggles around, and goes underneath, right up into the leg hole.  When I fixed my panties, I pulled them loose and now he has room inside the leg hole, ‘cause it is not so tight anymore.  I feel a man's finger on my bare skin down there for the very first time.  He touches all over the two sides and up above my tickle bump but not on it. His finger is warm and smooth on its tip.  It goes a little way into my crack, and a little way up, but Bob is not touching my tickle bump again, not yet.

"Oh, oh!"  I have to grab Bob's arm again.  A little village girl about my age has left the safety of her home because she had left her doll out by her swing set.  She sneaks out to save it. The monster sees her and is sneaking up on her.  Oh, no!  He is going to get her!  I have to hide my face behind Bob's big arm, because it is almost like the monster is sneaking up on me!   She is my age, and my same size.  Oh, I have such a feeling of terror and thrill at the same time.

I peek.  There is a man with an ax who sees the little girl.  He does not see the monster yet, but he stays and keeps an eye on the girl as she looks for her doll. All the kids are yelling, telling the man where the monster is, but he can't hear them.  I am feeling such a thrill, I can hardly stand it.  "Ooh!"  I lean forward, and Bob's finger goes right up my crack and his bare finger rubs over my bare tickle bump.  I lean back and pull his arm up against me.  His finger is rubbing my bump.  I can't stand the thrill!  The monster comes up close to the girl.  I hide my face.  I peek.  The man finally sees the monster.  He runs up behind him with his ax raised.  The monster reaches for the little girl who looks up and screams.  So do I. So does all the children in the audience.

"EEEEEK!"  I feel the thrill of terror with everyone else, and I feel a greater thrill that I'll bet no other person in the audience feels.  The ax strikes and the monster's eyes roll back in his head as the ax blade comes down through his skull right between them.  The scene fades out and every child in the audience relaxes.  Except for one.  Me.  My thrill continues with that sliding, rubbing finger.  The movie ends.  The credits roll and finally Bob relents, and lets me come back down.  I don't want to.  I chase his retreating finger with my hips, trying to keep the touch, that good/bad touch, the pressure and the thrill.  I was about to...  Ah, to I know not what.  Something. Something new.  Something big.  There was something lurking in the pit of my stomach, right inside where Bob's finger was so busy.  Like the monster, it was almost ready to come out.  But the movie ended too soon.

"Nooo,"  I moan to Bob.  I try to hold his arm, to pull it back.

"There is another movie today.  Wait, okay?  The lights..." Bob murmurs to me, as the lights slowly get bright and everyone looks around, blinking.

"Oh!  Yes.  I forgot."  I give Bob back his arm.  I put my cramped legs down and carefully search for my sneakers with my stocking feet.  I slip them on before they get trampled by children heading for bathroom and snack bar.

As he pulls his jacket into his lap, Bob leans over close and asks in a low voice, "How did that feel?" 

"Terrific.  I almost, ah, I almost... fainted."  I don't know what I almost did, I never did that before.  I give Bob my best smile.  "I'm glad you are here today."  I slip my sweater on as a sudden urge hits me.  "I have to go to the bathroom.  I'll be right back.  Save my seat?"

"Sure.  Lilly will be glad to."  I see Lilly is awake from the noise and the lights.

"Be right back."  I sure don't want to lose that place.  I slip out and I head for the Girls bathroom.  I look for Laura and Kevin in the lobby, but I don't see them.  Laura probably won't leave him alone, and they would lose their seats if they both went out.  I hope Laura has to pee really bad.  I go into the Girl's door, and there are lines inside for the three toilets.  I just kind of wait a while, and the lines get shorter, and then I get in the shortest one.  When I am in the stall, it feels good to sit down and pee.  I take some paper and wipe very carefully. My tickle bump is swollen, but it sure doesn't feel any different when I touch it.  I hold my crack open and wipe out some slimy moisture that is down by my other hole.  Virgina or vagina or some such thing Mom calls it.  It does that wet stuff sometimes lately when I rub my tickle bump for fun.  Sometimes my boobs feel itchy funny too.

Some bigger girl raps on the door and tells me to, "Hurry up."

"In a minute," I say, and reach back to flush.  As I start to get up and pull up my panties, I have a thought.  "Yes!  He'll sure be surprised."  I sit back down and skin my panties down my legs and off over my sneakers.  I wad them up in a small ball, and stick them in my sweater pocket.  I can't help it, I giggle out loud when I think how surprised Bob will be.  I open the door and smile at the big girl as she and the two other girls in line give me a dirty look.

"Talking to yourself in there?"  she asks in a snotty voice.

"Yep," I say cheerfully.  I feel pretty darn good.  My dress feels funny rubbing on my bare hips and butt.  That reminds me of how Bob's finger felt.  Yes.  I feel pretty darn good.  And it is only going to get better. 

I head down the stairs and there is no sign of Laura. The popcorn smells good but I got no money left. 

Oops, I am so used to going through that door.  I'm in the wrong aisle.  What the heck, I think I'll go on down and check on old Laura and Kevin and walk on around the front.  I see Kevin has a seat open next to him.  Laura calls out to me as I come past their row, "That seat is taken."

"Don't want it.  I’ve got a better seat." 

I go on down and know they are watching me as I walk around to my seat by Bob.  He picks Lilly up as I slide past his knees into my seat.  The boy next to me frowns at me.  I turn my back on him.  I'm going to talk to Bob and Lilly until the movie starts.  Lilly is awake and playful and she plays some patty cake games with me.  She is so smart.  She can count to ten, and she is only three.  Bob tells me she can count to twenty but she has to take her shoes off.  I guess it is a joke, but I don't get it.  I'm not good on jokes.

The crummy music they are playing goes off, and the light dims down.  Bob tells Lilly to settle down and be quiet, and we get set to watch the other movie.  This one is a thing like a cartoon, but not really funny.  Lilly likes cartoons so she sits up on Bob's lap and watches it.

"I hope this one has no monsters," Bob says to me.  "I think you left fingerprints on my arm."  He rubs it and then grabs my knee with his hand and squeezes.  Lilly leans back against his chest, and he spreads the coat over her lap, and his legs and part of it falls over the seat arm.  I know he is gonna do it again.  He practically promised me he would.

I take off my sweater and drape it over my lap, and I sit with one leg straight and the one closest to Bob bent with the foot behind my other knee.  Before I settle down, I pull my dress out from under my rear end, so it is all loose.  The fabric of the seat feels funny on my bare legs and bare butt.  I have to wiggle around to get used to it.

I act like I am interested in the movie, but I am really watching Bob out of the corner of my eye.  When he covers Lilly, his lap and my leg with his jacket, I see him put his hand on the armrest under his coat.  Then I feel his hand slip over on to my knee again.  I almost jump off the seat with the thrill that goes up my back.  He gives my knee a little squeeze this time, and then he slides his hand right up in between my legs, pulling my dress up with it.  His hand is hot on my bare thigh.  I feel the thrill and tingle up there already and the fingers are not even there yet.

Boy, is he gonna be surprised!  Now his fingers reach where my panty leg should be.  Ha ha, Bob, no panties!  I can't help it, I giggle to think about how surprised he is when his hand starts patting around my hip and on my private place looking for my panties.  I giggle louder because his hand tickles.  He really gives me a big smile when he is sure I got no panties on.

The boy next to me looks at me because the movie does not have a funny part here, and no one else is laughing.  He mutters something about stupid girls and turns back to the movie.  I may be a stupid girl, but I am feeling good things now that he won't ever feel.  Bob has settled his hand right down on my crack place, and has found my tickle spot and is pushing his finger around the bump.

"You sure gave me a good surprise!"  Bob tells me in a low voice.  "Where are your panties?  Do you like me to play with your clit?"

"In my sweater pocket.  What is my clit?"

"This."  Bob rubs my bump, making me gasp.  "This is your clitoris."

"Oh, yes!"  Oh, yes, I like it, and… oh, yes…”  Mommy told me that name too.  I forgot.  "I like it.  Do that on my clit."

"Ssshh!  Be quiet!"  The annoying boy next to me speaks again. But it is my fault this time.


After a while, Bob takes his finger off my clit, and puts it on my crack and rubs.  Oh, oh, if he finds that wet stuff he won't like it.  It kind of smells a little sometimes.  He pushes his finger in a little and down a little and yes, there it is.  He finds the wet stuff, but he doesn't pull his finger out.  He wiggles it around in the wet, slimy stuff and all of a sudden, his finger slides in my crack real easy. 

Bob seems to know all about this kind of thing, because he goes right to my other hole.   Not the one the pee comes out, but my other bigger hole.  I don't ever do anything to it because I stuck a finger in there once and it kind of hurt down there.  I just rub my clit sometimes now.  Clit.  I like that word.  I better not use it in front of my mom though.  She wants me to use proper words.  Like virgina.  Girls have a virgina and boys have a peanuts.  I've only seen a baby's peanuts once; in the girl’s bathroom at the Target store.  His mother was changing his diaper.

"Ouch!"  Bob was rubbing his finger around in my bottom crack, and when he got back to my front crack, he stuck his big finger right up inside of my other hole, my virgina.  It stung like the devil when he first did it, but now it is all right.

"Sorry.  I thought I should check out your vagina."

Vagina!  That's it!  Mom says my hole is my vagina.  Darn it, I have to remember those names.  Bob's finger in my vagina feels funny too, and yet it stings when he pushes and makes the hole stretch.  How did he get his big finger in there anyway?  Now he is shoving it in farther.  Ouch!  Enough of the checking already!  Do my clit, Bob.

Ow.  Ow.  Ow.  It hurts and feels tingly at the same time, cause he is pushing on my clit with his hand too.  He does his in and out thing about twenty times, and then he pulls it all the way out.  He pulls his hand all the way out from under my dress and holds it up by his face.  Is he smelling it?

Eeew!  He was smelling it!  And now he is licking it all over with his tongue!  Men and boys are just disgusting, that's for sure.  Wait until I tell Laur...  No.  She isn't my friend anymore.  I better never tell anyone about this.

Bob is moving Lilly over on the other side of his lap.  Now he is doing something in his lap under his jacket.  He reaches over in my lap and pulls my hand under his jacket into his lap.  What is going on?

Oh…  That big thing is his peanuts.  He has it out of his pants and it is BIG!  Hot too.  He is wrapping my fingers around the long part of it.  He squeezes my fingers around it and I feel the soft skin with all the heat and hardness inside.  It kind of jumps around too.  He pulls and pushes to make my hand and the loose skin go up and down.  The backs of my fingers rub on Lily's hip.  Lilly sits up to investigate and the jacket falls away.  I can see Bob's big peanuts in the dim light from the screen.  So can Lilly.

"My Daddy!"  Lilly grabs the big purple end of Bob's peanuts in her small hand.

"It's all right, Lilly.  You can share Daddy's penis with Kathy."  Bob covers his lap back up again.  Lilly leans back and holds on to her part of it.  I hold on to my part too.

"Penis," I kind of say it to myself; penis, not peanuts. That baby's little thing looked like a peanut, that was what threw me off.  This was what Mom told me as we were going out the bathroom door.  Penis.  I just was thinking peanut.  Bob's thing sure don't look like no peanut.  It's so big!

"Do it like this,"  Bob tells me in a whisper as he shows me how to move my hand.  "Rub up and down the shaft.  Lilly knows how to do the head."  Bob must think I have caught on, because he moves his hand under my arm and back down into my lap, under the jacket and my sweater, and first he explores all my parts down there, legs, hips, seat, lower belly.  That tickles!  And finally, back to my clit.

When Bob touches my clit I come right up off the seat.  Bob has arranged my legs so my feet are together up on the front of the seat, my knees are spread out so each one is touching an armrest, and my crack is wide open for him to pick up my slick juice on his finger.  This makes it easy for his finger to rub my clit real fast and hard.

The thrill monster that was down behind where Bob's finger is on my clit comes out again.  I am trying to find the place where I can get the most tickle and tingle from that finger.   All my muscles in my hips and butt and thighs are working to keep my private part following his finger around.  I forget the movie; I have no idea what it is about anyway.  I close my eyes and throw back my head and I watch the changing colored lights against my eyelids.  I gasp and pant and moan, and I hear the boy next to me making noises of disgust.  I guess he thinks I've gone to sleep and I'm snoring or having a bad dream or something.  I don't care what he thinks.  I am too far gone to think.  There is only me, my thrill monster, and that finger left.  I can only remember to move my hand on Bob"s big old penis once in a while.  Lilly sometimes touches my hand to remind me.  She is still doing whatever she does to the head part.  Bob likes it because I can feel his lap move around just like mine is.  Lilly is moving around and making little noises too, like me, so I think Bob must have his other hand on her clit under her little skirt.  Bob starts doing his finger on my clit really fast.  That good feeling I had before is coming back, real strong.  I gasp and moan.

"Come on baby,” Bob whispers it in my ear, “cum for me."  Hot finger, hot breath.

"Ooh..." I can't stand it anymore!  The monster is out.  My parts are all so tender down there that I must push Bob's finger away with my other hand.  I see pin wheels and stars and fireworks on the inside of my eyelids that have nothing to do with the movie's flickering light.  I guess I must have "cum" for Bob.  The good feeling has peaked and spread like a fire through all my private parts and up into my belly.  Now it is starting to subside, and I am aware that Bob has moved his hand back to my hand under his jacket.

He is moving my hand up and down real fast.  Suddenly I feel Bob's penis start to swell and jerk and Lilly gives a little squeal and some warm, slimy wet stuff runs down over my hand where my fingers are wrapped around the shaft.  Bob moves my hand three more times, and then takes a hankie from his other hand and starts catching and wiping up the slimy stuff.

"Don't be scared," Bob whispers to me.  "That's just from my cum and we can clean it up."

"Oh," I whisper back.  "I think I had a cum too."

"Yeah!  You did."

"Did Lilly?"

"Nah.  She's too young yet for a real one.  But she gets good feelings."

Lilly hears us whisper and turns her head to watch us.  She is licking her hand off!  The hand she had on his penis head when it was gooshing out that cum stuff!

"Eeeew!  Look at Lilly!"

"That's all right.  She likes the taste.  She sucks me off sometimes and swallows it."

Sucks him off? You mean… I try to picture Bob's big penis in Lilly's small mouth, but I cannot do it.  Especially when the cum stuff is running out.  It is just too odd and too nasty and gross for my mind to take it in.  Eeeew!  I just shake my head.

"Don't knock it if you haven't tried it."

I have no idea what Bob is talking about.  I know I'll never try it, never in a thousand years.

As I look around, I become aware that the movie is about over, and there has been a lot of laughter and chatter the last few minutes that drowned out all our whispering.  I bend over to get my shoes and Bob's jacket slips off his lap, so I pick it up too.  As I go to put it on his lap, I look for his penis sticking up. It is gone!  Where his big hard penis used to be is this little short stubby thing, the big shaft is gone, the big purple head is gone.  Only about a fourth of it is left.  Bob stuffs it back in his pants before anybody sees it.

"What happened to it?"  I point.

"After I come I lose my hard-on.  My erection."

"Because all that stuff ran out?"

"Well, yeah.  Kind of.  But mostly because I had a cum.  Like you did."

I quick feel under my dress.  "Mine is still the same size." Gee, I was scared stiff there for a minute.

"Let me see."

A command from an adult must be obeyed without thinking.  I think just enough to check on the boy next to me.  I'm not about to show him anything.  I slowly raise my dress and Bob and Lilly and I look at my private parts.  The light isn't good, and I have my legs together so there isn't much to see.  Just my crack place and the tick...  Er, clitoris which is still swollen and tender, and my puffy lips.

"Okay, that is a nice pussy."

"Kay.  Nice pussy."  Lilly echoes.  Bob and I laugh.

I slip my shoes on, and I say so long to Bob and Lilly.  I hurry out to the bathroom to put my panties on before it gets crowded.

I am one of the first people out of the theater, and I see Mom's car a little way down the street.  I open the door and get in, and as I close the door, I see some of Bob's cum stuff is on the back of my hand between my finger and thumb.  Mom sees it too, and I quickly put the hand to my mouth and lick it off before she gets a good look.

"What was that, Dear?"  Mom asks.

"Oh, it was some of that funny butter stuff they put on the popcorn today.  I must have missed it when I wiped my hands."

"You ought to be more careful, Dear.  You could have got it on your dress."

Oh boy, it isn't bad enough I have to be sitting here with some of Bob's cum stuff on my tongue, tasting it.  While I'm trying to decide whether to swallow or spit it out, I have to get the dress lecture too.

"Yes, Mom."  Oh my God!  Bob and Lilly walk by the car, and Lilly spots me, turns and points and waves at me.  I have to wave back.  Bob just glances and looks away.

Mom sees Lilly too.  Here it comes...  "Who is that, Dear?"

"Just a little girl I met in the lobby.  Her name is Lilly. Her Daddy takes her to see the Sunday movies.  She is real smart. She is only three and she can count to ten.  Her Daddy said she can count to twenty, but she has to take her shoes off."

Mom laughs and starts the car.  A good thing I remembered that joke.  But Mom ain't done yet.

"Just remember, Dear.  Don't talk to strange men."

"Yeah, Mom.  I don't."

Mom pulls away from the curb.  For a moment or so, I wonder what happened to that bit of Bob's cum stuff I had on my tongue.  I don't remember swallowing it, but it is gone.  I didn't spit it out.  I guess that makes me just as nasty and gross as Bob and Lilly.  Oh well, I don't care.


The usual disclaimers apply. My stories are pure fantasy.  Enjoy them. Do not try to emulate any characters.  They are all figments of my overactive imagination, and do not exist in real life.


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