Part 1

By JimBob

(mg, tease, mast, oral)

Kathy meets Laura's Uncle Billy at the sleepover, and they hit it off right away.

This story is part of a series, so before you start, the Kathy stories make more sense if they are read in the order they came out: "Kathy at the Matinee", "Kathy Gets a Ride", "Kathy and Uncle Billy Pt 1", "Kathy and Uncle Billy Pt2", "Kathy and Lily, Bob Too", "Kathy and Bob and Laura at the Matinee", "Kathy the Matchmaker", and "Kathy's Sleepover." Enjoy! Read and enjoy.

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Finally, Mom has decided to let me have a sleepover at Laura's house.  Gosh, I thought it would never happen.  Mom is so nosy about where I sleepover, I hardly ever get to do it.  For example, this is my very first one.  I told her it was okay, and Laura is my best friend, but no, my Mom has to meet her Mom and talk to her and everything.  Laura's Uncle Billy is staying over with her Mom for a while, and my Mom was all suspicious about a man being there.  But Uncle Billy is not a man.  He is only fifteen. 

I wonder how Laura could have an uncle who is only a boy?  My uncle is older than my Mom.  Laura told me her Mom said Uncle Billy was an accident and he was born when she was thirteen.  Now she is twenty eight, and Billy is fifteen.  Funny how that works.  No matter what year you are born, you only get a year older every year.  You never catch up with someone ahead.  

Laura can't figure out what kind of an accident Uncle Billy had to be born either, so we are going to ask him sometime.  He walked to school with me and Laura a couple of times and he is fun to talk to.  I like him.  He goes to the high school that is close to our school.  He is staying at Laura's until her Dad gets back.  His Mom is old and kind of sick and in the hospital.

Anyway, now I finally get to stay with Laura, and for a whole weekend!  My Mom has to go to Chicago for a meeting on Saturday, a cemetery(?) or something like that.  I asked Mom about all the dead people and she laughed and said it wasn’t a cemetery, but a seminar… whatever… English has a lot words that sound the same but mean something else entirely; sometimes it’s really confusing.  Anyway she finally said I could stay with Laura while she is gone.  Good thing they have these cemeteries at her work, or I would never get to go anywhere.  Usually old Mrs. Jacobs stays with me, but she is sick in the hospital.  Lucky for me and Laura...

“Yes, Mom.”  Mom has been telling me how to behave as she drives, but I haven't been listening to her.  I just have to say “Yes, Mom,” when she stops talking to keep her happy.

Mom pulls into Laura's driveway.  I try to jump out and get my stuff without a big deal, but Laura's Mom comes out with Laura, and that starts my Mom off, so I have to listen to all the rules again...

“Kathy, be sure to behave yourself, and listen to what Mrs. Johnson tells you.  Eat nicely, and clean up your plate.”

“Yes, Mom.”  I know she's not done, but I start to close the door.

“You be sure and do as you are told!”  Mom hollers out the closing door.

“Yes, Mom.  Bye, Mom.”  Laura and I run into the house, while our two moms talk.

“I wish my mom would shut up with her darn rules.”

“Yeah.  My mom says your mom is too protective.  She doesn't want anything to happen to you.”

I have to giggle at that.  If Mom knew about Bob...

Uncle Billy is laying on the couch watching TV.  He says, “Hi, Kathy,” and I say “Hi,” and then Laura takes my hand and leads me up to her room.  She has one upstairs bedroom, and Uncle Billy has the other one.  There is a bath in between.  Laura shows me the bath.

“Be sure to lock his door, or he will come barging in on you.  Sometimes I think he does it on purpose.”

I feel a thrill go through me at the thought.  “Has he ever seen your, um, your boobies?”

Laura looks around like her mom might be right behind her.  She giggles.  “He saw my Booboo!”

Booboo?  “Oh, you mean your pussy.  In front, right?”


“Yes.  Mom and I call that my Booboo.”

“Well, Bob...”  OOPS!  “I mean, I call it my pussy.  What did he do when he saw it?”  I ask real quick, so she will forget my boo boo.

“Oh!  He just stood there and stared.  I had to quick grab a towel and get behind it, and yell at him to get out.”

“I'll bet he liked what he saw.  You've got a cute figure, Laura.  You ought to let him see it.”


“KATHY!”  Laura looks shocked.


I don't care, I'm curious.  “Was that the only time?  Maybe he likes to look.  Boys do, you know.  Remember the nasty boy that looked up your dress all the time last year?”


“Yes!  I hated him!”


I wonder what Laura would say if she knew what Bob and I and Lilly did.  I won't see Bob this Sunday, because he is gone, but just wait until next Thursday.  My pussy itches a little every time I think about Bob.


Laura is looking around again like she does when she wants to say a secret.


“What, Laura?”  Sometimes she needs to be primed.


“Well… You know boys… they , you know, they have to stand up to pee?”


“Yeah, I heard that.”


“Well, I opened the door one day, and Uncle Billy was standing there like he was going to the toilet, but I don't think he was...  Going, I mean.


“What do you mean?  Tell me!”

“Well, when he pees in the toilet, I can hear it through the door.  But I listened at the door, and I didn't hear anything so I thought it was empty. And the door just opened, he never locks it.  And I saw him...”


“What?  What did you see?”


“He was standing by the toilet like he was going, but his thing was all big and hard and he rubbed it until he heard me.  Then he went out his door real quick and shut it.  I think he was doing something to it.”


“Hmmm.  What do you think he was doing?”  I think I know what he was doing.


“I don't know.  But I heard boys play with their things.”


So do girls, I think.  But probably not prudish Laura.  “Yeah, I'll bet you are right.  I wonder if we can get him to show us?”




“What?...  Wouldn't you like to see that?”


“No!  That's gross and nasty.”


Hah!  Shows how much you know, Laura.  “Wait a minute!  How did you know his thing was all big and hard?  Did you see it when it was little?”  Now Laura gets all red and flustered.  Ah ha!  Gotcha, Laura!  “Tell me!”


“I peeked.  When he first got here, I peeked one time when he got out of the shower.  He never locks the door...”  Laura hides her face in her hands.


“You peek a lot, I'll bet.”  Laura turns redder.


“Not so much.”


“Hah!  Like every night!”


“Not every night.”


“And then you get in bed and play with your Booboo!”


“Not every night.”


Now my mouth is hanging open.  Laura admits she plays with herself.  I decide to tell something too.  “Well, I do.  Almost every night.  It's a good way to go to sleep.”


Laura looks up.  Then she smiles.  Then she giggles.  We both giggle.  “I thought I was the only one who does that.”

“Nah!  I think everyone does. Some people do it to each other.”


“Way!  Remember our Sex Ed?”

“I missed that week.  I had chicken pox.”

“Oh...  Well, you missed some good stuff.  I'll tell you...” 

Just then Uncle Billy comes upstairs and pokes his head in Laura's door.  He looks at me sitting on Laura's bed.  I got one leg up, and he looks down there.  I know my short's leg holes are loose enough so he can see my panties.  He is really looking.

“Um, girls, I'm gonna walk down to the park and      shoot some hoops.  Want to walk with me?  Sis says you guys need to get out and run around or something.  You’re too hyper.”


Oh, gosh!  My mom's thing is stupid rules.  Laura's mom's thing is running around and exercise.  Sheesh!

“We might as well go, Kathy.  She won't leave us just sit and talk.  We have to get our exercise.” Laura shrugs and rolls her eyes.

I see Uncle Billy move over a step so he can see better, but I spoil all his fun by jumping up.  “Let’s go!”

I thought we could talk to Uncle Billy, but he kept bouncing the basketball all the way there.  When we get there he goes right out and starts shooting baskets and running around.  Dribbling, he calls it.  I think dribbling is what babies do in their diapers.  Nuts!


Laura and I go over in the playground.  Then we start running around with some other kids.  It is kind of fun to run around with a friend.

“Hey Laura, Kathy!  We have to go now.”  I guess Uncle Billy is tired of dribbling his ball because he carries it under his arm now.  I see him watching a twelve year old girl on the monkey bar as she hangs upside down and her shirt slips up and shows her boobs.  He almost trips over the sidewalk.  I poke Laura, and we laugh at him.


“Huh!” he says.  “I don't see you guys showing me anything good.”


“We don't have anything yet,” Laura tells him.  I'm thinking maybe Laura is not so bad, after all.


“I'll bet Kathy has bigger ones than you.”

“I'm not showing you my boobies.”

“Neither am I.”  Laura says.

“I've seen your boobs already.”

“I've seen your pussy already.” 

Oh no, Laura!  Boys don't have pussies!  I poke her.  “Cock!  Boys have cocks!”   I whisper.  Too late.  Uncle Billy is really laughing.  Laura gets madder.

“Cock!  I've seen your cock.  Lots of times.”

What?  Wait.  She told me, “not so much.”  Somebody is telling fibs.  I'm going to get to the bottom of this. 

“Yeah, Laura.  I knew you were peeking.  I let you see it.  Now you owe me.”

“No, I don't.  I won't pay you.  I'll tell Mom.”

“And I'll tell her about you peeking at me all the time.”

All the time?  This gets better and better.

“She won't believe you.  She's MY mom.”

“She will too.  She's MY big sis.”

Lucky for us, we turn into Laura's sidewalk.  I think they are mad enough to fight. 

There is a strange car in the driveway.  Laura's mom meets us at the door.  She is dressed up, and has a bag on the porch.

“I'm glad you kids are back.  Laura, I have to go to take Dad some important papers and things from his boss.  He is going to take me to the airport so I can catch a flight in half an hour. 

“Kathy, your mom was already gone to her seminar when I called, so I guess you'll have to stay here. 

“Billy, I'm going to leave you in charge of the house and the girls.  I've got your supper all ready, and I'll leave you money to order pizza tomorrow night.  There are no weekend flights so I'll stay over and drive home with Dad on Sunday. 

“You girls set the table, and help clean up after.  And Billy is the boss, so you do what he says and no talking back. 

“Billy, there is a paper on the desk in our bedroom with numbers to call if anything happens.”  She gives Laura and I and Uncle Billy hugs, then a man comes out, and they get in the car and leave.

Laura and Uncle Billy seem to have forgotten their fight, and so we have a nice supper, and we all help with dishes and clean up, and then we all go in the living room to watch TV.  Laura and I lie down on the floor, and Uncle Billy sits on the couch behind us.  I think he is looking up the legs of our shorts.  He gets a boner, I can see the bulge in his underwear up one leg of his shorts.  I nudge Laura, but she makes such a big deal out of looking, he has it hidden before she can see. 

Uncle Billy winks at me, so I know that he knows that I know that he has a boner.  I press my pussy down into the carpet, and kind of rub it back and forth a little.  It feels good.  I feel a little wet stuff down in there.  I watch TV, but I think about Uncle Billy and how there is nobody but Laura and me and Uncle Billy at home.  I think my mom will have a cow when she finds out.  This is probably my one and only sleepover I'll have in my whole life.

“Hey, girls!  You guys want to watch an “R” rated movie later?”  Uncle Billy has been checking the channels during commercials.

“Yes!  Turn it on!”  We both say.

“It comes on at nine.  You'll have to get in your PJ's first.  Okay?”

Laura and I grumble a little, but Uncle Billy says no PJ's, no movie.  So at eight, Uncle Billy shuts the TV off and we go upstairs.  Gosh, I've never undressed in front of a girl my age before.  Maybe we will do it in the bathroom, one at a time?


“Want to take our shower together?”  Laura asks.


I've never done this sleepover stuff before.  Laura has, so I say, “Whatever you want.”  Maybe it will be fun.  I'll get to see another girl my size naked anyway.  See if we look the same.


“We just have to be careful not to splash water out of the shower curtain.  Mom hollers about that...  Oh, Mom's not here.  I suppose Uncle Billy will holler though.”


We both undress down to our panties and take our towels and PJ's into the bathroom.  Laura starts the shower water.  I see she is as flat on top as I am.  She has on white panties with little tiny flowers all over.  Mine are plain white.  I asked Mom for plain ones because I think little stuff all over them makes you look like a little kid.   I think my butt is bigger than hers, but she is a little taller and skinnier than I am.  She has blonde hair and has it cut short.  She is kind of pretty, and she really does have a good figure.  No boobs, but we are only eight.  Wait until we are twelve. 


“Um, Laura?”




“How about his door?”  It is wide open, and Uncle Billy is sitting on his bed looking at us.  He has his shoes and socks off.

“Oh!”  Laura says, and acts surprised, but I think it is kind of phoney.  “Shut the door, okay?  Be sure to lock it.”

So I have to walk over right in front of Uncle Billy, and shut the door.  He is looking at my body, but he looks up and winks at me again.  I can see he has another boner.  I just shut the door.  I don't know how to lock it.


“The water's hot.”  Laura slips her panties off and climbs in.  I see her pussy spread open as she steps in.  She has a smaller clit than I do, I think.  I take my panties off and get in too.  Laura is under the water, but she moves over.  I get in the water spray too.  Laura bumps me, and I have to grab her to keep from falling out.

“Ooh!”  I've never held onto a wet, hot, slippery, naked girl before.  It sends a strange thrill through me.  Laura must feel funny too, but she doesn't seem to get the same feeling I do.  She hugs me close, and we turn around under the water a few times so we both get wet before she lets me go.

“That's the best way to get wet. When you got two in the shower.”  Laura says.  “Here's the soap.  Do my back.”

There is nothing to do but do Laura's back.  I do her shoulders, her back, her sides, and finally, I have to rub my soapy hands down over the round parts of her butt.  Then I do the back and outsides of her legs.  I don't do the crack part, nor the insides of her thighs.  That is too personal.  Laura holds her hand for the soap.

“Now I'll do yours.”

So I turn my back to Laura.  She does like I did, but when she gets to my butt, she just rubs her fingers up and down my crack, and then way between my legs, just about to my pussy.  I think she does inside my legs a lot more than I need it.  I am almost melting and shivering with thrills when she gets done.


“Mary showed me how to do backs,” Laura says.


“Whoo.  You do it good,” I say.  I take the soap when she is done and wash my front, then we kind of hug and turn around and around to rinse off.  Finally she shuts off the water and we get out. 


We dry off some, and then we decide to take our stuff and go in Laura's bedroom to get dressed.


“Uncle Billy! You can have the bathroom!”  Laura yells.  She shuts her door behind us.  She looks at me and makes a shush thing with her finger.  We hear the shower start.  Laura opens the door a crack, and we peek.  We see Uncle Billy all naked adjusting the water.  Then he stands up and steps in.  We can see his cock from the side.  It is sticking out.  He has a nice small butt, and lots of muscles.  I'm getting wet again, but I dig in there with the towel while I'm getting dry and fix that part.


“He knew we were peeking,” I say.


“I don't care.  He won't tell.  Did you see his thing?  It was big!  Why does it do that, I wonder.”


“What?  Don't you know about boy's cocks?”


“What do you mean?  I missed Sex Ed, you know.”

“I didn't learn that in Sex Ed.”  I notice Laura has been kind of, like, wiping her pussy for a long time now.  It ought to be dry.  Laura sees me looking, and stops.

“When, uh, where did you learn about boys?”

“I'll tell you later.”  Maybe I will.  Maybe I won't.  Bob said not to tell.  I have to think about it.

Laura and I put our pajamas on and wait for the shower to stop.  We peek again.  Uncle Billy steps out, and his penis is a lot smaller now.  I think I know what he did in the shower.  He just grabs his towel and goes into his room.

“Did you see it?”  Laura hisses.  “It is back like it usually is.”

“Yeah.  He had a cum in the shower.”

“What?  How do you know?  What is a cum anyway?  Boy, I never should have missed that Sex Ed class.”


It dawns on me… I can tell her some stuff about me and Bob, but make like it was in the Sex Ed movie.  Laura is so dumb about that stuff, she won't know.

Just then Uncle Billy knocks on Laura’s door.  “Come on, get ready.  It's almost time for the movie.”

Laura and I hurry and get downstairs.  Uncle Billy is sitting on the couch.  He has a blanket over him.  Me and Laura get back down on the floor.

“You guys can sit by me if you want,” Uncle Billy says.  I look around and he lifts the blanket and pats the seat next to him.  Has he just got underwear shorts on?  I decide the floor is too hard and cold for me.

“I will,” I say.

“Not me,” Laura says.  She grabs a couple of the little pillows Uncle Billy has thrown on the floor. And she props herself on them.

I get up and slide under the blanket next to Uncle Billy.  It is warm and nice under the blanket.  Uncle Billy puts one arm around me and pulls me close.  He is warm against my side and hip and leg.  His arm is warm over my shoulder and down my other side to where his hand is down on my hip where he left it.  It reminds me of Bob.  Even as the movie starts, I feel a tingle of thrill monster stirring.

“I think you are really cute,” Uncle Billy tells me, real quiet.  “Are you a lot older than Laura?” 

“Just a couple of months older.  I'll be nine in three weeks.  Laura won't be nine for two months and two weeks.”

“You act like you're older.  Almost like a teenager.”

“I do?”  Gee, I've always kind of thought that Laura is kind of childish, especially when it comes to sharing.  I get a warm feeling that Uncle Billy has seen it too.  I'm like a teenager?  Wow!  He's kind of nice.

“You've got a good figure too.”  Uncle Billy pats my hip and then rubs his hand up and down my leg a little way.  I think he is feeling my panties through my PJ's.  The commercials are over and the movie starts, but Uncle Billy keeps rubbing.  Just like Bob!

Laura turns and looks at us when the movie starts, and for a minute I think she is gonna come up on the couch too, but then she turns back to the movie.  I wiggle around a little, and then I let my hand drop on Uncle Billy's bare thigh.  It is warm, and I can feel the tiny hairs on it.  I start to rub his leg a little too.

I wonder if we are going to see people doing it and stuff.  Is that what “R” rated means?  My mom just says that it is not for kids, so I think getting to see this one with Uncle Billy will be special.  But so far, it is just a lovey, mushy movie, and nobody is showing off anything yet. Come on!  Let’s see some cocks!  Laura is bored.  I see her yawn a couple of times. 

I'm not bored.  Uncle Billy is kind of tracing my panty leg hem through my PJ's.  He has gone down the outside of my hip clear around to where my butt is sitting on it, and now he is real slow going the other way.  He just went over the top of my leg and he is starting down the inside toward my pussy?  Is he going to touch it?  He is getting closer.  He touched it!  He left his hand there!  He is rubbing it with his fingers.  Just like Bob!  Do all men and boys want to do this to girls?  Men and boys are so nasty and disgusting!  But I have to admit it feels pretty good.

Okay, two can play this rubbing game.  I rub my hand up Uncle Billy's leg and feel the end of his boxer shorts leg.  So I do like he did to me.  First I go out to where my leg and his hip are touching and then I go back up over his thigh and down the inside.  Uncle Billy kind of spreads his legs.  When I get to where the middle is, where it is almost hot in there, I feel up in between.  That soft part there must be his sack and balls like Bob showed me last time.  Uncle Billy kind of jumps a little when I touch him there.  I know where to go to feel what I want to feel.  I go up and there is an opening there.  A flap of some kind, and it has snaps.  I can feel the bump of his thing under there, his cock.  That is what I want to feel.  I know from Bob that Uncle Billy wants me to feel it.  All boys like that.  They are so disgusting!

Finally, there are two people on the screen without any clothes on.  But they don't show what me and Laura wanted to see.  The woman's boobs are bare, but they only show the guy's butt when they get in bed.  They do a lot of kissing, and they do a lot of hugging, but we can't see because they keep blankets over their butts.  Poop!  The scene gets over and we didn't see anything.  Then I think about me and Uncle Billy's hands doing things under our blanket, and I can't help it, I start to giggle.

Laura turns around and looks, but she can't see anything because we got a blanket too.  Ha ha, Laura!  Wouldn't you like to know what we are doing?  Laura yawns again and turns back to the boring movie.

Uncle Billy and I get busy again.  He lifts his hand up and rubs it up under my PJ top.  Right up to my boobies.  I giggle again because it tickles a lot.  Laura doesn't look.  Uncle Billy takes his other hand, and goes under my PJ bottom and then under my panties.  I pull my belly in so he can go under.  That tickles too, but I don't giggle.  I don't think a teenager would giggle about what we are doing now.  Besides, I don't want nosy Laura to look around now.  I don't want to stop.

I get my hand on the flap to Uncle Billy's shorts.  I pull it out toward me.  Pop! Pop!  The snaps open.   Uncle Billy's cock pops out, but it makes no sound.  I wrap my hand around, then feel up over the head of it.  It sure isn't as big as Bob's.  It is different too.  It's not real hard, just kind of hard.  But the skin is all pulled down like Bob's when it is real hard.  I don't get it.  Was this Uncle Billy's accident they talk about?  He seems to have that same real ticklish spot right where Bob has it, but there is some of the loose skin missing, I can tell just by feeling it and trying to rub it.  It don't rub up over the head like Bob's does.  Poor Uncle Billy!  What a place to have an accident!


“Psst!”  Uncle Billy nudges me with his hand that has been tickling my boobies.  I look up at his face.  He nods at Laura.  She has her head down, and she is sleeping. 


I kind of grin up at him.  Then I have to ask.  “What happened to your thing?  Was that the accident?”


“What accident?  I didn't have an accident.” 


“Laura's mom said so.  She said you were in an accident when you were born.”

“Oh!”  Uncle Billy laughs.  “She means Mom and Dad didn't expect to have more kids, then I came along.”

“Oh.”  I'm not sure what he means, but maybe Laura and I can figure it out.  “But what happened to your thing, your cock?” 

“My cock?  Oh, you mean my dick”  Uncle Billy pulls his hands out and lowers the blanket.  We both look at my hand around his cock... dick, whatever. 

I pull my hand off and point to the head part sticking out.  “Where did your loose skin go?”


“Oh!  That's because I was circumcised as a baby.”



“Cir-cum-cised.  I don't know for sure what they do, but some babies get it and some don't.  My dick is different from guys who didn't get it, I know that.”

I know that too, but I ain't gonna say it.  I'll ask Bob next time.  “Um, can you still do it?”

“Do What?”

“Rub it.  Like B...  Like this.”  Watch your big mouth, Kathy!   I rub my hand like I did on Bob's.

“Oh Yeah!  I do it like this.”  He shows me, which looks like he is just rubbing his hand up and down it.  “I like to keep some lotion to use to make it slippery.”

Hmmm.  I know about slippery.  I spit some saliva in my hand and start to rub his dick again.  I learned a new word for it.  Dick.  I know a boy in school.  His name is Dick.  Now every time I see him I'm gonna think of Uncle Billy and his funny thing.  I giggle.  Laura is still sleeping.  The movie is still boring.  Who wants to see bare boobs and butts?  Poop on "R" rated movies.  I want to see dicks and cocks.  Lots of them.

Uncle Billy unsnaps his shorts at the waist and pulls them down, and takes them off.  I see he has some hair down there anyway.

“Now you take yours off.”

“But Laura might wake up!”

“I'll ask her to get me a glass of water, and we can put them back on.  Come on, hurry up!”

I slip my PJ's and panties down and off and put them by my side under the covers.

“Open up your legs.”

“Cover us up!”

“No.  Open up your legs.  I want to see first.”

I pull my feet up on the couch and let my legs fall open.  Like Bob showed me in the movies.


“Wow!”  Uncle Billy sucks in his breath.  “It’s beautiful!”

I look down.  I think it's kind of ugly all open and pink skin and wet looking by my hole.  My clit has got big and is standing up expecting to get more rubbing.  “Cover us up!”

“In a minute.”  The fool turns the lamp on!

I reach for the blanket, but he holds it away.

“I want to see it better.  I've never seen inside of one.”  He bends over and pokes a finger down toward my hole.  “Is that your vagina?”

“Yes.  Now cover us up!”

“Wait!  She is sound asleep.  Let me see!”

“Okay.  But hurry up.”

He leans over and looks again.  “Is that the hole?”  He points to my little hole in there that stretches.



“That little hole must be in your hymen.”


“I don't know.”  Whatever that is.  Hi men?  That's a nasty thing to say about it.  And I was nice enough to let him look...


“Hmmm.  It looks too small for even a finger.”

“Bob gets his finger in there.”  I'm still smarting over his insulting remark.  Hi men?  I'll hi men him.

“Who's Bob?”

“Huh!  Bob?  Oh, he's a boy I know.”  Oh gosh.  I shouldn't have got mad about the cover and the hi men remark.  Now he knows about Bob.  Darn it!

“Bob put his finger in here?  He must be a little boy.”

I am about to open my big mouth again, but I think first.  “Yeah, he is a boy I played doctor with a couple of years ago.” 

“Hmmm.”  Now he is poking his finger in there.  It is all dry and it already stings me.

“Wait!”  I take his finger and I rub it in my slippery juice, and then I let go.  “Now.”

He slips his finger all the way into my hole.  The little hole stretches wider, and it doesn't hardly sting.  Bob's finger has stretched my hole like he said it would!  Now if this fool would use his tongue...

“Look, I got all of my finger in your pussy!”

“Can we turn off the light now?”

“No, I want to see.  I've never seen one before.”

“I thought you saw Laura's.”

“Not like this.  Not with my finger in it.  I never had my finger in a girl's pussy before.  Even if you are just a little girl.”

Little girl?  The fool is just full of it.  He doesn't even know what to do, and he's calling me “little girl?”

“Um, you're supposed to move it.”

“Move what?”

“Move your finger.  In and out.”  How dumb can one boy be?  Boys are just disgusting!

“Like this?”

“Not all the way out, Dummy!”

“OH!  Sorry.  Like this?”

“Yes.  A little faster.”

“Does that feel good?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“What else feels good to girls?”

“You could lick it.”

“What?  You mean go down on you?”


“No, I mean lick it.  Suck on my clit.”


Uncle Billy pulls his finger out.  He is looking at it like he expects to see dirty stuff from my pussy on it.  That's the other hole, dummy!  He smells it, then he licks it.  Wait, there may be hope for Uncle Billy yet.

“Lay down on the couch.”

“But Laura...”

“Laura is sound asleep.  Come on!”

I really want him to do it.  I may get a cum yet.  It can't hurt to see what he will do.  I let go of his dick, and I scoot up the couch and lie on my back.  I spread my legs way out.

Uncle Billy crawls up between my legs.  He lays down with his face real close to my pussy, and uses his fingers to open it up by pulling the lips open.  He looks inside.  He gets closer.  He sticks his tongue in my slit.  He licks the juice around my hole. 

“Oooh!  Like that!”  I get hold of his ears, which do stick out a little, and I pull his head up so he is tonguing my clit.  “Aah!  There!  Suck it in.”

“Slurp!”  Uncle Billy sucks my clit way in and pulls his head up so it pops out.  Oh what a shock of joy I get.

“Yes! Do that!  Put your finger back in and do it fast!”

Uncle Billy does it like I say.  He can hardly keep his lips and tongue on my pussy because I have to start bucking my pussy up to meet his finger.  The thrill monster is out and he is prancing around, saying...

“Faster!  Harder!”


Uncle Billy gives up trying to suck, and just watches as my hips work faster and faster, and then I cum!  And I cum!  And I cum!  I see all the stars, and the pinwheels and white lights and I get the warm feeling.  I must really be making noise, because Uncle Billy claps his hand over my mouth, after trying to shush me.

Laura is stirring.

Uncle Billy pulls me up so I am sitting by him and quick covers us up.

Laura rolls over, sits up and rubs her eyes.  “Did I go to sleep?  Is the boring movie over?”

“Yes, you went to sleep.  No the movie isn't quite over.  Will you get me a drink while you are up?”

“After I go to the bathroom.”  Laura gets up and goes down the hall.

Uncle Billy and I quick scramble to get our clothes on.

“Darn it,” he mutters.  “I wanted you to do that to me too.”

“Maybe tomorrow. I'm awfully tired right now and I got a headache.  Besides, Laura is up.”

Laura comes back yawning.  “I want to go to bed Kathy, I'm tired of this boring movie.”

“Me too!  Goodnight Uncle Billy.”  Me and Laura go up the stairs to her bedroom.  I look around, and Uncle Billy is sitting on the couch with his mouth hanging open.  He still has his boner, but he'll have to take care of it himself.  I'm really ready for a good sleep. 

When I go to pee, I feel my pussy is kind of sore.  I look in the medicine cabinet and find a tube of salve.  I rub some of that up in my sore hole, and it feels better right away.  When I come out, Laura is already sleeping in her bed.  I crawl into mine and I don't know anything more.

To be continued...

Link to PART 2

It looks like this is getting a little long for one story, so I'm splitting the sleep over weekend into two stories.  The next adventure of little Kathy will be along soon.


The usual disclaimers apply. My stories are pure fantasy.  Enjoy them. Do not try to emulate any characters.  They are all figments of my overactive imagination, and do not exist in real life.


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