By JimBob

(Mgg, tease, oral, ped, inc)

Kathy's sexual education continues.  Kathy and Lilly flirt with a relationship.  Is it sisterly or gay?  Kathy is becoming more focused, and this extra circular Sex Ed is paying off.  Things are falling into place. 

This story is part of a series, so before you start, the Kathy stories make more sense if they are read in the order they came out: "Kathy at the Matinee", "Kathy Gets a Ride", "Kathy and Uncle Billy Pt 1", "Kathy and Uncle Billy Pt2", "Kathy and Lily, Bob Too", "Kathy and Bob and Laura at the Matinee", "Kathy the Matchmaker", and "Kathy's Sleepover." Enjoy! Read and enjoy.


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Wow!  A lot has happened since our sleepover.  I was scared my Mom was going to have a cow when she found out Laura's mom left us with Uncle Billy, but she was real mellow.  She didn't even care.  She just asked me if I had fun.  I think she met someone at the cemet...  Seminar that she really likes.  She has been talking to him on the phone a couple of times a day since she got home.

I almost got myself in trouble though.  I was kind of worried and wondering about the baby thing, so I asked Mom to tell me about it.  Big mistake!  She wanted to know where I heard about it, and why I wanted to know.  I told her about the Sex Ed stuff, and told her I was just trying to tell Laura about it because she had chicken pox then, and Laura asked me about how babies got out, and I didn't know, that was all. 

So she settled down some, and then she told me we didn't have to worry about that for about four years.  Then she told me about how babies get in there, which I already know, because of Tim and Uncle Billy.  I sure didn't tell her that.  I didn't know about the egg stuff, and the period stuff sounds real disgusting.  But now I know all about bleeding.  So I'm not pregnant with twins after all.  What a relief that is.  I have four more years I can have fun.  Laura was happy too when I told her.  Of course we would like to have our big boobs now; that seems to attract big boys.

I have talked to Mary at school some, and I think she is kind of a friend now.  I don't know if it will work with Laura though.  She gets jealous when I talk to Mary.  What if we have a sleepover together and Mary wants to do stuff with me?  Laura don't even want us to talk to each other! 

The bell startles me out of my thoughts.  I stuff my homework I was supposed to be working on into my backpack.    I'll do it tonight while I watch TV.  I told slow poke Laura I have to hurry home tonight, and I get out and down the sidewalk while she is still putting stuff in her desk.  Tonight is my special night with Bob and Lilly.

Even though I run most of the way, the green van is waiting.  I run up and ump in.

“Kathy!  Kathy!”

“Hi, Lilly.  I missed you!”  I lean way over the seat back to hug and kiss her.  Lucky for me, she is not sticky today.

“Hi, Kathy.”

“Hi, Bob.”  I lean over and give him a hug too.  He smells so good! “Oh Bob.  I really missed you.  I didn't go to the matinee either. I had a sleepover!  For two nights!  My Mom was on a trip so I went to Laura's house.”  As I talk, I fasten my seat belt, but before I do, I lift up and get my skirt out from under my butt.  Then I pull the skirt way up so Bob can see my legs and panties, and feel them if he wants.  He does.  He puts one hand on my leg right below my panties and starts rubbing slowly.

“Where are we going today?”

“Oh, Lilly and I found a nice spot down by the river.  No one else goes there.  It's real close too.”

We drive down the same road we went before, but Bob turns into a little side road.  There is a gate there.  Bob jumps out. 

“Daddy unlock!”  Lilly says.  So I just sit and watch. 

Bob unlocks a lock and opens the gate.  Then he comes back and drives the car past the gate, and jumps out and closes the gate.

Then he drives a ways.  There in a clearing by the river is a nice little house, like a little log cabin!

“How do you like this place?  A friend said I can use his cabin on weekdays. He only comes Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  Nice, huh?”

“Daddy!  Let me out!”  Lilly is screeching in my ear.  

Bob opens her door and helps her out.  Then he picks up a blanket and a big box while I get out.  He gives me an ice chest.  We go around the house, and Bob unlocks the door.  We go in.  There is a nice little living room, with couch and a couple of chairs, and a table with benches for eating, and a little kitchen.  There is another door and it is a bedroom.  There is a bathroom, but Bob says we can't use it.  There is no water.  He says we would have to start the generator, whatever that is.  There is a toilet outside, he says.  That must be the other little building.  Bob asks Lilly to show me the toilet, if we have to go.

Lilly takes my hand and takes me outside.  There is a hole like a moon in the door of the little house.  Lilly opens it and there is no toilet in there.  There is only a bench seat thing.  Lilly pushes her panties down and kind of jumps up to sit on the bench right on a big hole there.  I can hear her peeing, but there isn't any water noise.  When she hops down, I look down the hole.

Eeeew!  Lilly!  There is nasty stuff down there.  It's poop!”  Now I can smell it too.  But I kind of have to pee too, so I pull my panties down and sit on the seat and pee in the hole.  There is even toilet paper.  I try to hold my breath until I get outside.  I didn't see a sink to wash your hands either.  I think that toilet is kind of gross and disgusting.

Then I realize this must be like the outhouse Grandpa tells me about sometimes that he had to go in when he was a boy.  Whew!  Poor Grandpa.  I thought he was just telling disgusting stories like men do.

When we get in the cabin, Bob has milk and donuts on the table in paper plates and cups.  We start to sit down.

“Whoa!  Wash those hands first.”

I look at Bob.  “Where?”

“In the sink.” 

I look at the sink.  There are faucets there, and a big red thing with a handle and a spout sticking out.  Bob pulls us over and works the handle up and down.  Water comes out the spout!  What will they think of next? 

Lilly and I hold our hands under the water and use a piece of soap there to wash.  Bob gives us each a paper towel to dry.  He says we can't leave a mess, we have to take all our trash so we put it in a big sack.

We eat our donuts and drink our milk.  No TV like at home.  Then Lilly has to be cleaned up so Bob does her, while I do the table.

Then we go in the bedroom.  Bob has spread the blanket he brought so it covers he bed.  A big thrill goes through me when I see the bed.  I remember what happened at the sleepover in the beds.  Should I tell Bob?  Maybe he might be mad with me.  I decide not to tell him.  Not yet.

“Now we do twicks, Kathy!”  Lilly turns her back to me so I can unbutton her dress.  I look at Bob.  He nods.  I undo the buttons and help her get it off.  She only has little flowered panties and shoes and socks.  She sits on the floor and slips off her little sneakers, then stands and strips off her panties.  What a cute little girl she is all naked.  She has curly blonde hair that is cut kind of short.  I like mine down by my shoulders, because it is kind of straight and Mom can make pigtails and ponytails.  Lilly's hair is in all little curls.  She has a very white skin; just a little tan on her face and arms and neck. She has blue eyes, and a very red mouth.  I'll bet Bob kisses her a lot. She grins at me now, and goes to Bob to unfasten his belt.  Her little round butt wiggles back and forth as she walks.  Laura's butt does that too.  Mine doesn't, I don't think.  I can't feel it doing anything. 

I start to take my sweater off.  I am wearing it with an undershirt, and a skirt.  My under shirt is next, and then my skirt. I kick off my sneakers like I do sometimes without untying them. Lilly looks at me when I do that and then at Bob.  I think she wants him to holler at me like my Mom does.  But he don't. 

Now I just got panties and socks on.  I sit on the bed and watch Lilly unbutton Bob's shirt.  She has already taken his pants off and his shoes, now I see his prick is standing up hard in his shorts.  I get a thrill, and I get scared a little.  It looks so big!  Will it go in me?  I'm gonna try!

Lilly unsnaps Bob's shorts and they drop to the floor.  She pushes Bob down on the bed.  He gets in the middle of the cover. Lilly comes over to me and pulls me up.  She slides my panties down my legs.

I think she tickles me on purpose, so I tickle her back.  She laughs and jumps on the bed to get away.  I chase her.  She tries to hide behind Bob, but he won't protect her.  I get her and tickle her and make her laugh, and then we lay there and rest face to face.  She puckers up, and we kiss.  Then again.  I feel her little hand go down between our bodies, and she grabs my whole pussy in her hand, it is a handfull for her.  Then she tickles my clit with her finger.  That little finger sure feels funny, but it sure knows how to do it right. I spread my legs.

Lilly gives me one last kiss, and slides down.  She replaces finger on clit with lips on clit.  I am shocked at how fast she is, and at how she does that so much better than Laura.  This little girl is an expert.  I glance at Bob.  He is watching Lilly and nodding. She has a couple of little fingers in me, and she has lips around my clit, and her tongue is right in the ticklish spot.

Well, I'm not going to let her have all the fun.  I reach way down and I get one of her legs.  Then even though she squeals in protest, I haul her around, and I get her on top of me and I have to bend my head down some, but I get my mouth on her pussy.  I start licking on her clit for all I am worth.  I feel the tingles start, and I think she does too, because as I feel my cum making my hips spasm, so do her hips.  Then we both roll on our sides and rest beside Bob.  Lilly is back up on her hands and knees right away. 

“Come on, Kathy.  We do twicks with Daddy!”  Lilly crawls over on the other side of Bob.  I get up on my knees facing her.  Lilly takes Bob's cock in one little hand and pulls the loose skin down so the purple head is bare.  She leans over and kisses it and then offers it to me.  I lean over and kiss it too.  I do it a little French, and lick the tip hole with my tongue. 

Lilly leans way over and kisses the side of Bob's prick, and I see her lips open around the sides.  Bob moans a little, so I lean over and put my lips on the other side.  Lilly's eyes sparkle, and together, we slide our lips up from the bottom up to the purple rim of the head.  Bob moans louder.  Lilly grabs his sack thing.  I put my hand up on Bob's nipple and make it get hard. I wonder if a man’s nipples give him thrills like my nipples do.  We both go up and down his shaft thingie, and then kiss up the head together.

When Lilly's and my lips get to the top of Bob's cock, Lilly kisses me.  She sure likes to kiss.  I decide to see what she will do, so I open my lips and slip my tongue out.  Lilly pulls her head back and looks at me, then she comes back and kisses me with her lips open and our tongues touch and play together.  Lilly breaks the kiss.

“Daddy!  Daddy!  Kathy do Fwench kiss!”

“Oh?  Let me see.” 

So Lilly and I do another one. Bob watches.

“Where did you learn that, Kathy?”

“At Laura's sleepover.  Tim taught me.”

“Tim?  Laura had boys at the sleepover?”

“No.  Uncle Billy had him over Saturday afternoon.”  I think my big mouth is getting me in trouble...

“Who the heck is Uncle Billy?"  Bob looks puzzled.  Lilly looks at Bob, and then she looks puzzled too.  I laugh at how much they look alike.

“Uncle Billy is Laura's uncle.  He was watching us.” 

“Oh,” Bob says, still looking puzzled.  Lilly looks at him and at me.  She is so funny, how her face changes.

“Where was her mother?”

“She had to go take papers to Laura's dad.”

“I thought you were mad at Laura.”

“Kevin ditched her, so we made up.  We're best friends.”

“So you played kissing games Saturday... when Mama wasn't home.”

“Uh, huh.  It was fun.”

“I'll bet.”  Bob sounds a little mad.  Lilly is frowning.  Bob picks Lilly up, and sets her down on his face, so she is facing me. Now she has a really big grin.  She likes that.  She puts both hands on her thighs and leans forward.

I think I'll ride on Bob's cock like I did in his car.  I get on him facing Lilly and I fix his cock in between my legs so it is in my crack.  Lilly watches me.  I can see Bob's mouth and his tongue in between her legs when he lifts her up a little sometimes.  Her belly is going in and out when she gets thrills.

I start to ride Bob's cock.  Right away I feel the thrill start in my clit and spread inside my pussy.  I remember Uncle Billy riding me.  Bob is starting to hump. I am really getting wet.  I wonder...

I stop.  Bob groans and lifts Lilly up so he can see.  I lift myself up and reach between my legs and lift Bob's cock so it is standing up and the head part is in my crack and touching my hole. Lilly is watching.  Then I bite my lip so I won't yell, and I just sink down on Bob's prick.  Just a little sting, and then it slips right up inside me.  Half of it is in.  Bob grunts in surprise. Lilly's eyes get real big.  I put my hands on Bob to kind of let myself down easy.  I let another inch in, then another.  I'm feeling really full.  This is more prick than I have had in me so far.  More than Uncle Billy.   Bob is big, but not like the guy in the movie.  Another inch in.  I feel my clit touch Bob's hard spot.

It is in!  I have a whole man's prick up inside my little girl hole, and I looked and there is no more blood.  Now me and Bob can have grown up fun when we meet.  Wait until I see Laura!  I think I can tell her my secret now.  She will want to sit with Bob too, I'll bet. Maybe she can come with me and Bob and Lilly.  I lean forward, so does Lilly, and we put our lips together again.  She is fun to kiss.

Bob kind of humps a little, like to remind me, and I start to move my butt forward and beck.  Like I am rubbing his cock, but I am rubbing it in and out of my hole.  I am fucking a man!  Mary whispered to Laura and me in class that she had sucked a man when we told her what we did on our sleepover.  Laura fucked two boys, but I'll bet I'm the only girl in our class who has fucked a real man.  Wow!  Does this ever feel good!  I'm glad I started this fucking stuff.

Lilly is still looking down where her daddy's big prick is going up in my pussy and then she looks up in my face.  I don't think she really likes it that he is doing this to me, and not her.  She thinks her daddy should just do things to her.  I lean forward for another kiss.  She gives me a good one, and smiles.  Then she looks kind of funny for a while and then I think she has her cum from Bob sucking on her clit, because her eyes go all funny, like she is looking up. Then she squeals and then Bob has to hold her up.  He picks her up, and kind of cuddles her in his arms with her face up close to his face.  I wish I had a daddy who loved me like that.  Lilly is sure lucky.  In a couple of minutes, she is sleeping, and Bob kisses her forehead and lays her over to one side, out of our way.

I lean way down and kiss Bob, but his prick almost comes out so it is a real short kiss.  Then I remember.  I get it way up inside me and then I go; squeeze, release, squeeze, release.  Bob's eyes open wide, and he gives my hips a squeeze where he is holding me and helping me hump him.  He holds me still, and looks kind of funny at me.  Then I feel it.  His prick moves up and down inside of me!  Then he gives me a big grin.  It does it again!

So I go, squeeze and release, squeeze and release.  Then we both laugh.

“When did you learn to do that?”  Bob asks me.

“Saturday.  At the sleepover.”  Uh oh!  I'm in trouble now.

“So you fucked Tim?  Did he get your cherry?”


Your cherry!  There was blood when he did it, right?”

“How did you know?”

“Because girls usually bleed when they loose their cherry.”

“Oh, ho!  Laura's dad!”

“What about Laura's dad?  We're talking about cherries here.”

“When Laura fell on a boys bike, and her mom had to take her to the doctor and get her...  Um, her pussy fixed, her dad said his little girl lost her cherry, and her mom was mad at him for two days.”


“So her hi...  No, hymen was gone and now my hymen is gone, and now I know what 'lost your cherry' means!  Wait until I see Laura!”

“So Tim did get your cherry.  How old is this Tim anyway?”

“I think fifteen.  Uncle Billy is fifteen.”

“Did Uncle Billy fuck you too?”

“Uh, huh.”  I hide my face in my hands.

“And did they fuck Laura?”  Bob pulls my hands away.

“Uh, huh.”  I nod.  “Both of them.”

“Incest, huh?”

“What?”  Now what is he talking about?

“Incest.  Like me and Lilly.  Brothers and sisters, uncles and nieces, fathers and daughters.  Stuff like that.

“Oh…  Um, what if just two girls do it?”

“Like you and Laura did?”

“How did you know?”

“I thought that is what sleepovers are for.”

“No, I...”  Wait.  I think about me and Laura;  Laura and Mary; why I want a sleepover with Mary.  He just might be right.  I have a picture of all the snotty girls in school who bragged to me about having sleepovers.  I'll bet they did it too!  Golly gee!  I think he is right!  “Yeah, I do too.  But what do you call it?”

“Lesbians.  Girls doing each other.  Lesbians.  Maybe, Gay?”

“Gay.”  I like that better.  It is short and it sounds like having fun, and Laura and I had fun.  But I think we both like boys too.  Maybe we are a little gay.

Bob looks at his watch.  “Hey!  We got to get going.  We are gonna run out of time.”  His big hands start moving my hips back and forth. 

“Ooh!  Bob!  That feels so good.  It feels so darn good!”  I'd like to say damn good, but I don't dare in front of an adult.  Mom would have a cow!

Now Bob and I concentrate on having our cum, and in no time, I am panting. I rub my pussy as hard as I can on his prick.  It hits places that starts the fire in me, all around his prick, up in my belly.  My nipples are hard as rocks, so they tingle, and even hurt a little, down under.  I am more excited than I have ever been before. Me and my grown up lover, on a bed together.  The thrill monster is out.  I can't stand any more.  I lean way down.  My mouth on Bob's big hairy chest.  I bite!  I cum!

Aagh!  Ow!”  Bob cums in me.  He grunts and pulls me up tight with each deep thrust and spurt of hot sperm stuff.  A lot more than Tim and Uncle Billy.  A man's cum!  He's done.  I crawl up and we kiss.  Open mouths and tongues and lips and teeth and we cannot seem to get close enough.  I want to sink right into his big body.  He is holding my butt, squeezing it, pulling the cheeks apart, fingering the little hole. I cum again!  I squeal and squeak.  Bob holds me tight.  Finally, he lifts me like he did Lilly and puts me next to her.

Lilly is awake.  She looks at me with big scared little girl eyes.  Her lip quivers.

“Is you hurt, Kathy?”

“No, Lilly.  I'm okay.  I just had my two best cums ever.”  I smile at her and then we hug and kiss.  I'll have to watch how much noise I make when Lilly is around.

Bob is up and scrubbing his cum stuff off with a wet cloth.  He rolls me over and does between my legs.  Oh!  That is cold down there where it was so hot a minute ago!  I squeal again and Lilly laughs.

“Okay you guys, off that bed and into your clothes.  Kathy, will you help Lilly with her dress and shoes?”

“Sure. Come on Lilly, let’s race.

I let Lilly beat me, and then we all take a load of stuff out to the car.  Lilly and I throw stones into the river while Bob checks the cabin one last time, then we all pile into the car.

You going to the matinee Sunday?”  Bob asks.

“I think so.  But Laura might be with me.”

“We'll see what happens.  I'll have three seats just in case.  If she is fucking her uncle, she should know to keep her mouth shut.”

Then we are by my house, and I reach back and pat Lilly, and give Bob a peck on the cheek, and grab my pack and jump out.  I beat Mom home by fifteen minutes, and I have the table set and my clothes changed when she comes in.  She is singing, so I know her new boyfriend called her today.  Things will be good tonight.  Boy, I'm tired.  I may go to bed early.


To my readers.  I'm getting a little burned out on Kathy.  I have more of her stories in me, but I have to back off and then come back with a fresh start.  She will be back in a month or so.  I have a couple of other story ideas trying to get out right now.  So watch my site, I'm still writing.   I may be old, but I ain't done yet.  Thank you all for your generous comments. Contribute to ASSTR, they take credit cards.

Usual disclaimer.  Don't try this at home or anywhere else. 


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