By Uncle Reamum

(bbb, MM, Mb, MMb, ped, cons, inc, oral, anal, rim)

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After his noontime workout, Ed Smith returned to his office.  The graying man of fifty-two years was determined to keep in good shape and had so far avoided the potbelly that many men of that age sported.  He still had the broad shoulders and beefy chest of his youth, but there was not much he could do to prevent his thick salt and pepper body hair from becoming more salt than pepper with each passing year.

Glistening with sweat, he sat in his big chair, while he continued to cool off.  In a moment he would slip into the bath to shower off before getting dressed for business again.  But first he wanted to gauge the reaction of his younger associate and junior business partner in his commercial real estate business.  Things he’d inadvertently discovered the day before weighed heavily on his mind.

He was still cooling down when Dan Doyle returned from closing on the sale of an apartment complex.  Dan smiled broadly while presenting Ed with the cashier’s check for a six-figure commission.

“Excellent, Dan, excellent,” the older mentor said to his younger colleague.  “This should pay a few bills, eh?  I suppose you will be celebrating tonight.  Gonna fuck some pretty little single mom you’ve been seeing?”

Dan diverted his eyes from the bare-chested older man, but his gaze had lingered a little too long.  Ed smiled, thinking he was right about Dan

Dan knew he had stared a little too long at Ed’s body.  Embarrassed, he stammered, “No… Sounds like a good idea, but I’ve got Johnny this weekend.”

Ed knew of Dan’s marital troubles and that Dan had been blindsided by his soon to be ex-wife.  No sooner had Dan been kicked out and the separation papers filed, when his wife’s boyfriend all but moved in with her.  “Oh?  I thought you had him last weekend?”

“I did.  Norma and her boyfriend are going out of town for the weekend.”

“That seriously cuts into your nookie-time, doesn’t it?”

“Not really.  Haven’t been too interested in women lately.”

“So instead of getting some pussy this weekend, you’re gonna have your boy?”

Dan missed the double entendre. “Oh, I don’t mind.  I do miss seeing him during the week, so I jump at every opportunity to see him.”

“I bet you do,” commented Ed cryptically.

“He’s growing up fast, you know.”

“He’s a cute boy… He’s now what?”


“He’ll be growing hair pretty soon,” commented the older man as he rubbed his own hairy chest drawing Dan eyes back to his near nudity.  “Nine… that’s a good time to be a boy.” 

Reasonably confident that he was on the right track, Ed was still unsure whether to ask the next question or just let it lie.  He’d been pondering that question every since yesterday after he found all that stuff on Dan’s computer.  Deciding that he really had nothing to lose, Ed decided to press on.

“Dan, yesterday, my computer crashed,” Ed began while rubbing a sweaty nipple. “Took me a while and I got it back up and running, but I really needed to dash off a letter to EHP Properties.  You weren’t here, so… I just used your machine.”

Ed took note on how Dan’s eyes looked away.  “It wasn’t my intent to pry, Dan, but after I wrote the letter and read over it, I decided to make a few changes.  I had already closed it, so I just went to your recent documents file…” Ed let that linger in the air for a few moments. Dan felt a little sick at the stomach.  “You have some rather… uh, interesting tastes, Dan.” Dan’s expression changed. 

Ed watched as his talented colleague twisted in the wind.  “You really like that sort of thing?  Boy stories? Men having sex with boys, boys having sex with other boys… dads getting their cocks sucked by their young sons?”

Dan was speechless.  Feeling deeply ashamed, he turned a deep shade of red.  It wasn’t Ed’s intention to make Dan uncomfortable or embarrass him, but how else could he broach the indelicate question?

“Hey, I don’t mean to embarrass you, Dan.  Really I don’t, it’s just… well, I like that sort of shit too.  Gives me a hard-on, thinking of some boy sucking a big cock… shit!  They’re just stories.  Right?”

“Yeah, yeah,” stammered Dan.  “They’re just stories,” he agreed in a near whisper.

“Look, it’s really okay by me that you read those stories.  Like I said, I read them too. A couple of those you had were really… shall we say, stimulating?”  Dan was still obviously distress from being busted by his boss and business partner. 

“Look, Dan,” Ed pressed on, “just because we read shit like that doesn’t mean that we’re monsters.  You know, fundamentally, by nature guys are randy creatures.  We’re hard wired like that from the very beginning, probably before birth, fixated on sex and doing nasty things; the naughtier the better.  I’ve done a nasty thing or three in my life and I’m sure that you have too.” 

“There!  It’s out in open!” declared Ed with a flourish of his hands.  “Just between you and me, of course.  We’re a lot alike, Dan; a couple of guys who have nasty fantasies.  In fact, I’d venture we’re like every other male.  Only difference is we’re honest enough to admit it to ourselves. You know, I feel better about myself already knowing that I’m not the only one who sometimes thinks of having sex with a boy.”  Dan remained stonily quiet.

“Here, c’mere and look at this, Dan.”  Ed pulled out a flash drive and plugged it into a USB port on his computer. There was just one file on the device and Ed opened it up.  Immediately a picture filled the screen.  “These are my grandsons.” 

Dan recognized the two boys with their sandy hair and mischievous smirks, as they had been at the office on numerous occasions.  The photo was taken by a swimming pool and the two boys were dripping wet and shown from the waist up.  Ed clicked on the next picture and it was similar to the first, except zoomed out to show the boys in a full frontal nude shot by a swimming pool.  “You like that, Dan?  Beautiful, aren’t they?”  The next photo showed the backside of one boy, with the other older boy was partially obscured behind the first.

Ed closed the file and pictures disappeared.  Turning to Dan he said, “Ted and Sam are spending the weekend with me.”  Dan knew that that was fairly common as Ed’s son and daughter-in-law both worked for Titian Airlines and occasionally both had trips at the same time.  “Why don’t you and Johnny join us at my place this evening?  The kids can play and swim while you and I can celebrate our good fortune in closing the apartment deal.  I’ll cook some hot dogs or something and we can suck down a few wheats or sample some of my 15 year-old scotch.  Hell, we’ll trade nasty fuck stories.  What do you say?”

“Well, I…”

“If you’ve got better plans, Dan, then I understand  If not, then why the hell not?”

“Okay, Ed,” agreed Dan now feeling a whole lot better about things.  “Yeah, I’m sure Johnny and your grandkids will get along quite well.”

“Excellent!” exclaimed Ed.  “Now, if you will excuse me, I need to shower and get cleaned up.”


The rest of the afternoon was strictly business.  Leaving the office, Dan drove straight away to his former home to pick up Johnny.  He recalled the earlier conversation with Ed about the pornographic stories he had been reading. “Damn, that could’ve been bad,” he reflected out loud.  “I knew Ed was a randy SOB, but never did I suspect that he was like that.  Shit, those photos! Certainly he doesn’t… Fuck, maybe he does.” 

Thinking of his son, Johnny, Dan began to reconsider Ed’s invitation.  He knew Johnny and his buddy Nick had messed around a little, hell, probably a lot, ever since Johnny’s mother had caught the two boys in a compromising situation.  When Norma sprung her discovery on Dan, she demanded that he handle it.  He tried to reassure her that it was just a game of “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours,” and that all boys did that. 

When she persisted, he gave in and confronted the boy, gently of course, telling him he shouldn’t be playing games like that with Nick.  He didn’t dare broach the subject of how far things had actually gone, knowing full well that they probably had been blowing each other, preferring to pretend that it was a one time deal, and not a big deal at that, just youthful curiosity.  Of course he knew better… he’d done the same sort of thing when he was Johnny’s age. The early sex hadn’t hurt him and he was sure that it wouldn’t hurt Johnny either, unless of course he made the mistake of making a big issue out of it and traumatizing the kid.  Besides, Johnny and Nick were the same age, whereas his own experiences had been with an adult.

His thoughts of Johnny and Nick blowing each other trailed off as lurid memories of his own youth came to the forefront, memories of spending the summers with Grandma and Grandpa.  On the nights when Uncle Mike was in town on business, alone and not with his wife and three girls, he slept in the same bed with Dan.  He vividly remembered those nights when his briefs were pulled down and pulled off by his uncle.  Memories of the feel of his uncle’s large adult cock and of his uncle fondling his boy cock.  Memories of sucking that big dick and being sucked off in return.  Dan shuddered thinking of Uncle Mike’s cock pushing into his asshole and invading his rectum.  Every night that Uncle Mike was there, year after year, Dan would play naughty night games with his raunchy uncle. 

It was never forced and it was always fun to be with Uncle Mike.  Sometimes Uncle Mike initiated the sex, other times Dan did.  Sharing that secret life with his randy uncle, he felt a certain closeness to his uncle that in many ways, exceed his affection for his own father. 

Memories flashed through his mind of the camping trips and fishing trips with Uncle Mike and his fishing buddies. Again, he was never forced to do anything he didn’t want to do; though that was due in part to the alcohol he was allowed to drink.  The fun lasted until Uncle Mike was killed in an automobile accident.  His death was a traumatic blow to the young nephew.

In spite of his early and frequent homosexual experiences, Dan continued to mature with a typical male’s healthy appetite for sex.  Early in his teen years, Dan had discovered girls and joy of sliding his turgid cock into the warm slick glove of a girl’s wet pussy.  With his new interest in girls, the sexual attraction of other males faded fast.  Besides, it was strictly taboo to mess with another male, and to do so could bring about the distain of one’s peers.  For a high school boy, there was nothing worse than being labeled a queer, or a cocksucker, so Dan, like most young men, eschewed other males in favor of the ladies.   

Dan knew or suspected that most of the other boys had had similar experiences to his own, but the stigma and certain fate of being revealed and ostracized was a powerful incentive to keep one’s private past deeply buried and kept one’s focus on the other sex.  Still those early experiences with his uncle had a lasting effect upon him.  They didn’t scar him or leave him with some lingering psychosis other than his fondness for reading stories about such encounters. The experience merely gave him an appreciation for homosexual liaisons rooted in the mutual pleasure of recreational sex for sex’s sake. 

His experiences with his uncle were the reason he liked the pederasty stories so much, and he accepted that.  But now his dirty secret was out, and to Dan’s utter surprise, it was no big deal... at least to Ed, the one guy in the world where it really mattered.

As he pulled up to his former residence his thoughts returned to the immediate chore of dealing with his ex for even a few minutes.  It was only seconds after she answered the door that Norma began her all too typical harping.  This time, even though it was Norma’s weekend to be with Johnny, she berated Dan for being late.

“Look, I’m doing you a favor, Norma, so just lay off with the crap!”

“Always unpleasant, aren’t you?” she snidely snapped.

“Look who’s being unpleasant!  Christ!  Just get Johnny and let me get as far away from you as quickly as possible.”

“It’s just that Justin and I have to catch a flight,” she justified, “and you’re making us late.”

He wanted to say, ‘Tough shit, bitch,’ but tactfully Dan replied, “Just get Johnny, will you.”

Having heard his daddy’s voice, Johnny came flying out to hug and greet his dad. He had his backpack with him with his soccer uniform inside for tomorrow’s game.  Without so much as looking at his mother, let alone kissing her goodbye, he charged off to his father’s car.  Norma glared at Dan, laying the blame on him and then walked out to the car. 

“You give your mother a kiss goodbye, young man,” she scolded.  Johnny reluctantly, but obediently, complied with his mother’s orders and stepped out of the car to give her a perfunctory kiss.  “That’s better,” she said as Johnny leaped back into his father’s car with a frown.

Johnny was rather sullen on the way to Dan’s apartment.  He wasn’t at all that happy with being stuck with his dad again this weekend because that meant that he couldn’t spend the night with his new friend Mickey, or more precisely Mickey’s dad, doing secret naughty things he didn’t dare tell his parents about, naughty things that he really had fun participating in.

He’d spent the night at Mickey’s a few weeks ago and had just as good of a time as he used to have at his blow-buddy Nick’s before he moved away.  Mr. Wilson, the principal of his school introduced him to Mickey.  Johnny was already familiar with Mickey’s dad, or at least his dad’s cock from the Grecian Social Club before it was closed for repairs.  He’d had a grand time being the party favor at Micky’s dad’s birthday party


After getting nowhere with questions about school, Dan asked Johnny how things were going at home.

“Okay, I guess,” the boy said without enthusiasm or elaboration.

“How’s things between you and uh, Justin?”

“He hates me,” replied the boy while looking out the window.

“Why do you say that?”

“He just does,” replied the boy.

“I really doubt that.  So why do you say he hates you?”

“Whenever I’m around, he tells me to ‘beat it,’ or ‘get lost, kid.’ or ‘go to your room.’”

“What does your mother say?”

“Nothing.  She’s not there when says things like that.  When she’s around, he acts all friendly… but he’s really not.”

“Have you talked to your mother about this?”

“Yes, but she said that I was just making it all up.”

“You want me to have a talk with her?”

“She’ll just yell at you and call you names, like she always does.”

“I’m sorry, Johnny, that things are so strained between your mother and me.”

It’s okay, Dad.  It’s her, not you…”  There was a long pause before Johnny asked, “Can I live with you, Daddy?”

Dan didn’t know what to say other than to try and explain custody of a minor, the legalities, and that the court had given his mother temporary custody of him.  That meant that Johnny had to live with his mom.  Of course the explanation did little to comfort the young boy and he began to cry.

Dan then wisely changed the subject.  “We’ve been invited to go over to Mr. Ed’s house this evening and go swimming.”  Immediately Dan regretted bringing the subject up.  Now he was committed.  “Uh, his two grandsons, Ted and Sam, will be there.  You remember them, don’t you?  I’m sure you will have fun with them.  How about it?”

Johnny wiped his tears away, and sniffled unenthusiastically, “Okay.”  Swimming would be fun, but not as fun as sucking dicks and cornholing. “But I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“No problem, son.  Just wear the shorts of your soccer uniform or maybe Mr. Ed will have a spare.  I brought along a towel for you.”


At about six, Dan and Johnny arrived at Ed’s house.  The house was set on a very large lot with lots of trees and greenery.  Every time Dan drove up the winding drive to the sprawling ranch-style house, he made a promise to himself to someday buy a place like this. With the way business was going since he teamed up with Ed, he had hopes that despite the impending divorce, the dream would be fulfilled sooner rather than later.

Walking up to the front door, Dan saw a note taped to the door.  “Dan, Come on in.  We are by the pool.  Ed”

Dan let himself and Johnny in and headed through the expansive foyer into the enormous great room with its soaring ceiling.  Through the wall of French doors, he could see Ed puttering around out back in his swimsuit.

Coming outside, Dan and Johnny heard the peals of laughter coming from the two boys frolicking in the large pool.  Ed caught sight of his guests and called out his greetings. 

Dan took in the surroundings; it was something out of Southern Living with the manicured back lawn and flowering gardens seamlessly transitioning into woodlands.  Johnny too was agog with the setting.  He lived in a nice house, but this was something else.

“Hi, there, Johnny!” greeted the host.  “You want to go swimming?”  Johnny nodded his head eagerly. “Your dad told me you did real good with swimming lessons last summer.”

“Oh, yes, sir,” Johnny beamed proudly.  “I can swim across the pool underwater and I know how to dive!”

“Excellent!  You remember Ted and Sam, my grandsons?” asked the older man pointing to the two boys splashing each other in a water fight.  Jimmy shrugged noncommittally.  Even though he had met the two boys some months ago, Johnny was a rather shy boy and to him that seemed like a long time ago. Perceptively Ed picked up on the boy’s discomfort and timidity.   “Well, don’t worry.  I’m sure you three will get along just fine,” assured Ed. 

Ed then called out to the two boys in the pool to come and meet Johnny.  Splashing each other furiously, the two boys made their way to the side of the pool and then launched themselves effortlessly out of the water and ran to their grandfather.  They both stood about for a moment dripping water and completely nude. 

Both Johnny and his dad were somewhat surprised at the nudity.  Things were suddenly more interesting for both the father and the son as each began to get hard.

 “This is Ted,” said Ed pointing to the older boy, “and this is Sam.  Boys, you remember Johnny Doyle?”

“Hi!” beamed Ted and Sam in unison. 

“Hi,” sheepishly replied Johnny whose eyes kept wandering down to the other boys’ peckers. 

“Okay, boys, run along,” said Ed.  Ted and Sam turned and took a running jump back into the water.

Holding his soccer shorts wrapped up in a towel, Johnny wasn’t sure what he should do.  Seeing the boy’s hesitancy, Ed told him, “If you want to wear a bathing suit, that’s fine.  If you want to go naked, that’s fine too.  It’s up to you… and your dad of course.”  Ed turned the boy’s father and explained smoothly, “When it just us boys here, we never wear bathing suits.”  

Johnny glanced up to his dad for guidance.  Dan could see the eagerness painted on his son’s face.  “Can I?” Johnny ventured.  Dan shrugged, thinking, ‘What the hell,’ and then nodded that it was okay.  Grinning broadly, Johnny threw down his towel with the unneeded make-do swim trunks and stripped bare.  His inhibitions vanquished, he too ran naked and jumped into the water to join Ted and Sam.  Within a minute, all three boys were playing like they’d known each other for ages.

“Beer’s in the ice chest, Dan, so help yourself,” offered Ed to his partner.  Dan fished out a cold brew and joined Ed in a lounge chair. 

While keeping a watchful eye on the rambunctious three boys, the two men sat sipping their beers, chatting about this and that. The successful closing on the apartment complex was the main topic.  Even though the other significant event of the day was foremost on the minds of both men, the discussion of child porno was avoided as if it never happened. 

Dan for his part had enjoyed seeing the pictures Ed had showed him and the implications were manifest.  With the boys in and out of the water and diving off the diving board, things were even better than just the few pictures.  The fact that his son was also being exhibited was pushed aside in his mind

Ed, in turn, was on first base.  With no effort at all, and with Dan’s tacit approval, he had Dan’s boy naked.  He planned on keeping him naked too.  Still he knew he needed to tread cautiously.  Poised and ready to steal second, he patiently waited for his opening.

As if it were planned, the opening came when Ted began harping on his grandfather to come play in the water.  Ed begged off for the time being, but soon Sam joined in with his older brother.  As Ed had hoped, the three naked boys came out of the water to cajole the two men to come join them.  While the three naked boys gestured and wheedled just a few feet away, Ed stealthily watched Dan watching the wet nude boys. 

“Okay, okay,” conceded the older man.  Ed stood and dropped his trunks.  In a feigned unconscious manner, Ed adjusted his exposed cock.

Johnny’s eyes grew wide at the sight of the adult cock and balls so plainly displayed.  As always, all this nudity was very exciting for the boy.  With the boy now clearly sporting a boner, his prepubescent son’s excitement was not lost on Dan.

With satisfaction, Ed too noticed the gleam in the boy’s eye, as well as the boy’s erection.  With his plan working perfectly, Ed couldn’t control his own unruly organ.

“Gramps has a boner!” exclaimed the youngest grandson to the giggles of his irrepressible companions.  Indeed, the older man’s vein crossed thick cock was rapidly swelling and engorging with blood.

Ignoring the salacious taunts, Ed turned to Dan and asked if he wanted to join them. Dan really had no illusions as to where all this might be heading; and he had mixed feelings about that.  Rationalizing that nothing had really happened and that it could be all explained away as innocent fun, the father replied, “Sure, why not.”  Dan stood and shed all his clothing on the spot. The boys hooted when the younger man’s erection sprung into view.

Having gotten everyone naked, Ed grinned broadly and gave Dan a knowing wink. With that wink, whatever pretense Dan held was dashed that it was all just innocent fun.  He was delivering his son to a pedophile and he knew it.  Still he felt that as long as he was near, that he had ultimate control over what happened. 

Once in the water, the two men played with the boys, like all men play with their boys when swimming.  A rousing game of horse was played with the boys taking turns by rotating their mounts.  Heavier and more powerfully built than Dan, Ed could easily dominate the game.  But whenever Johnny was riding on Dan’s shoulders, Ed tactfully would ‘lose his footing’ and go down into the drink, thus boosting the esteem Johnny held for his father.

There followed a game of water polo, followed by a game of Marco Polo, and then a game of Submarine with the boys swimming between the legs of the two men.

During the games, there were many incidences of ‘accidental’ and/or ‘incidental’ genital contact. Both Johnny and his dad had their dicks grabbed with a frequency that was hardly accidental.  Of course, everyone pretended that nothing untoward was happening during the games, but during Submarine, Johnny was closely following Sam and he clearly saw Sam grope his grandfather as the young boy swam between his grandfather’s legs.  Not only that, but when Johnny swam inverted between Ed’s legs, the older man clamped his legs together, pressing Johnny’s face into his cock and balls.   

With the thinly disguised feel-up play becoming increasingly less disguised, Ed felt that he had successfully accomplished the next phase of game.  The only thing left was to openly grope one of the willing boys.  With the remote possibility that he had misread Dan and not wishing to overplay his hand, Ed hoisted himself out of the water.  In a few moments Dan joined him and the two men retried to their lounge chairs and beers.  Ed made no attempt to cover up his nudity or his aroused state and Dan followed suit.

The question both men wanted to ask, but refrained was, “How far have you gone?”  Ed wasn’t at all sure how Dan would respond if asked that indelicate question.  Indeed, despite Dan’s seeming acceptance of the groping in the pool, Ed understood that Dan might take great exception to being asked if he’d had sex with his son.  At the same time, such a question would also openly expose himself as a practicing pederast. 

Dan wondered the same.  He’d never ever touched Johnny, and had never really considered it… until now.  Not only that, he was certain that Johnny would most likely be open to sexual advances, at least with Ted and/or Sam.  At that age, Dan knew firsthand just how easily and eagerly boys took to fellatio and even sodomy.  As for Ed, Dan was fairly certain that Ed wasn’t innocent in the least, but still, you just don’t come out and ask someone something like that.

The boys started up a game of diving for objects thrown into the deep water.  Each took his turn, throwing the colorful lead-weighted plastic rings into the water and then diving in to retrieve them while the other two boys stood poolside and waited their turn.  While the boys stood about, the two men slyly ogled their youthful bodies. 

Dan vividly imagined doing to Ted and Sam what his Uncle Mike had often done to him.  He also imagined what it would be like to see his own son going down on one of the other boys… even better, going down on Ed’s big cock.  ‘What the fuck am I thinking? That’s Johnny for Christ’s sake!’ he reprimanded himself.   ‘Shit,’ he muttered to himself trying his best to conceal the fact that he had a raging erection, a fact that wasn’t missed by Ed.

Dan’s self-castigation was interrupted when Ed felt emboldened to say, “Beautiful, aren’t they?”  Then with a chuckle, the grandfather added in a whisper, “Gives me a fucking hard-on.  You too, I see.”  Dan didn’t know what to say or how to respond, but was deeply embarrassed being so openly confronted.

Not content to just wait their turn, a little playful mischief erupted poolside with Sam goosing Johnny in both the butt and groin.  Squealing as he warded off the playful groping, Johnny looked to see if the men, especially his father, would intercede. Instead of adult disapproval, Johnny saw that his dad was watching Mr. Ed stroking his cock.  Certain that there would be no intervention or serious repercussions, Johnny grabbed Sam’s genitals. 

“Sam reminds me of his father at that age,” laughed Ed at his grandson’s antics.  Dan looked away pretending that he hadn’t seen what was going on between the boys or that Ed was masturbating. “That boy’s always had a thing about dicks!  Teddy too. I guess all boys are fascinated with the penises of other boys.  Just natural curiosity, I guess.” 

Dan heard a splash and looked back to see all three boys in the water playing grab ass tag.  Ed grinned at his conflicted partner, confident that Dan wouldn’t interfere with the naughty foreplay between the boys, nor interfere with anything else that just might happen this evening

Abruptly changing the subject, Ed suggested that they fire up the gas grill and cook some hotdogs and brats.  While the grill heated up, Dan followed Ed inside to help haul out the hotdogs, brats and buns and whatever. Dan was thankful that his growing ardor was being distracted as it allowed his unruly organ to deflate somewhat. 

Starting on his third beer, Dan watched as Ed began grilling the sausages. Within a few minutes, the food was browned and ready; Ed called to the boys to come and eat. 

Guzzling down his beer, Dan reflected on the incongruities of Ed serving up hotdogs in the nude to a gaggle to likewise nude boys.  There was Ed, with his cock semi-erect and practically hitting Johnny’s face, waving around a hotdog while making crude childish jokes about wieners.  Johnny and the boys thought it all to be hysterically funny, and boys being boys, they first played with their food lewdly before ever getting around to eating it. The lewd games going so far as Sam biting off the end of  his older brother’s hotdog as he held it in his crotch. 

With all the various sexual innuendos that had been swirling about all evening, Dan held no illusions.  If he stayed, he was certain that Johnny would wind up with Ed’s cock in his mouth or perhaps buried up his rectum, and he considered taking Johnny home before things got completely out of hand.  Problem was, he didn’t want to go home nor put a stop to it, rationalizing that if anything really happened, it would be between the boys only.  He opted to stay, knowing full well the likely outcome.  To steady his nerves and sooth his conscious, Dan cracked open a fourth beer.

After eating, Ed’s grandsons were ready to do something other than swimming.  Johnny was disappointed, but gamely went along and followed the other two boys inside.  After about fifteen minutes the boys were still ensconced inside and out of sight.  Dan was starting on his fifth beer and was feeling no pain when Ed suggested that they go inside and check up on their lively charges.  Dan stood up a little wobbly and followed Ed inside.

“Ted!  Sam!” shouted the grandfather.  “You boys come out here where I can see what you’re up to.”  Turning to Dan, he commented conspiratorially, “They’re probably in there sucking each others’ dicks.”  In a stupor, Dan nodded his head in agreement with that assessment.  Seeing that Dan was neither alarmed nor offended by his statement, Ed finally asked the question that he had begged himself to ask.  Boldly he asked, “You ever mess around with Johnny?  You know, sex play?”

“Uh, no,” slurred Dan honestly.

Ed wasn’t sure if that was an honest answer or not.  He decided to take a different approach.  “I swear, that kid grabbed my dick in the pool, and it wasn’t any accident.”

“What kid?”

“Your kid.  Johnny.  Grabbed me several times.”


“Yeah.  With boys like that, you gotta be careful.  It’s one thing if boys are messing around with each other, but you and me, we gotta be careful about that shit.  Tell me Dan, do you have any problem with the boys fooling around?”

“Uh, no.”

“That’s good, ‘cause I don’t want you go get all upset if some dick sucking gets started.  Hell,” he chortled, “the dick sucking has probably already started!” 

Placing his arm around Dan’s shoulder he revealed in a low voice, “Ted and Sam go at each other all the time.  They get that from their Dad.  And let me tell you something else…  Frankly, those two don’t give a damn if someone sees them.  I’ve seen them sucking each other a least a hundred times and watching them blowing each other makes me hornier than hell.  You’re in for a treat tonight, buddy.  You’re gonna see some fun shit tonight.”  Ed was about to suggest that they go see what was going on when the boys came charging out from the back with the Twister game under Ted’s arm.

In seconds the plastic sheet with its large colored circles was laid out on the carpeted floor.  “Grandpa!  Do you and Mr. Dan want to play?”

Ed and Dan both begged off, but Ed volunteered to man the spinner.  The two men sat side-by-side on the sofa to watch the action.  Johnny, being the guest, was up first.  Soon to raucous laughter, the three naked boys were awkwardly intertwined.  With a fateful spin, they all collapsed into a pile.  Johnny was on the bottom with Sam’s face plastered in his butt crack.  Ted was on top and in no hurry to move off.  Johnny yelped when he felt Sam biting his butt.  Johnny looked to his dad for help, but instead found him laughing heartily.

Eventually the pile broke up and a new game started that ended in another pile of squirming naked boys.  This time when the pile broke up, Johnny found himself flat on his back with Ted pinning his arms to the floor over his head while Sam boldly grabbed and pulled on Johnny’s dick. 

“Oh, Jesus,” remarked Ed to Dan, “Looks like it’s show time!”  With Sam’s face hovering just an inch from Johnny boyish pecker, all three boys looked to see what Johnny’s father’s reaction would be.  “Fuck, Sam’s going to blow him!” remarked Ed breathlessly.  Dan’s only reaction was to grab his own stiff pecker and gawk.  Grinning at the boy’s father, Sam eagerly went down on Dan’s boy.

“Holy fuck!” remarked Ed somewhat disingenuously.  “There’s no harm in us watching, is there?  I mean we haven’t put them up to any of this or anything and we’re not molesting them.”  Dan hardly heard what Ed said, but when Ed’s hand moved onto Dan’s turgid erection, that got his attention.  “You’re cool with all this, aren’t you?  Yeah, you like it as much as I do.  I see it makes you hotter than hell too.”


The two men watched as Ted maneuvered his immature cock to Johnny’s mouth.  With a groan, Dan watched as his son smiled and then opened his mouth to take Ted’s boy cock.  With the passage of the cock between his lips, Johnny was in heaven. 

 “That boy of yours has done this sort of thing before,” remarked Ed.  “Does he ass-fuck too?”  Dan was too distracted by the sight of the three boys going at it, that he didn’t hear Ed’s question.  Dan’s attention was quickly redirected when Ed took his guest’s stiff cock in hand. 

“Why should the boys have all the fun?” queried Ed as he openly fondled Dan.  “The way I see it, we won’t be tempted to molest them if we’re doing our own thing.  So, man to man, what do you say that we, you and me, have our own adult fun while the boys do their thing?”

Dan was still immobilized when he felt Ed’s hand move from his cock to the back of his head.  The pressure was steady and unrelenting as Dan was pulled down onto Ed’s stiff pecker.  With each inch, whatever restraint Dan still had began to evaporate.  It had been years since he last gave another man a blowjob, but it seemed like old times with his Uncle Mike.  Once in range, Dan’s tongue lashed out to lick at the seeping purplish cockhead of his business partner.

Out of the corner of his eye, Johnny saw his old man licking and then taking Ed’s gnarly cock into his mouth.  Elation filled the young boy as he sucked and was sucked.  Tonight would be the best ever.  Better than even Friday nights at Nick’s.  No longer did he have to hide things from his dad.  No longer would he feel that nagging twinge of guilt that followed a night of total promiscuity and debauchery, that nagging sense that if he died in his sleep he would wake up burning in hell.

Looking out at the three boys doing their thing, Ed groaned in pleasure as his business partner began giving head.  From the way Dan’s tongue worked along the sensitive underside of his turgid shaft, Ed knew that Dan had sucked cock before and often enough to be expert about it too.  Dan was oblivious to everything but the thick cock in his mouth.  Though it had been years since he’d sucked dick, it came back to him instantly, like riding a bicycle.  

“Hmmm, you suck dick good, Dan.  Real good.  You know, we should’ve done this before.”  The sound of Ed’s voice made Dan pause and consider what he was doing.  He pulled off Ed’s cock and regarded the thick wet male organ that had just been in his mouth.  Dan’s head sank lower and the dick passed between his lips again.  Dan now worked in earnest to recapture something from his past, the taste of sperm.  Not just his sperm, but another man’s sperm direct from the source.

“I find it hard to believe, Dan, that you haven’t fucked that kid in the ass,” commented Ed as Dan laved over his cock.  “I mean, look at him.  That one’s a natural born cock sucker.  I’ll bet he’s no butt virgin either.  He’s probably been fucked a lot. Certainly you’ve gotten him to suck your cock.” 

Dan suddenly felt powerful hands, lifting his head off Ed’s dick.  “Now tell me the truth, Dan.  No more bull shitting.  You ever fucked Johnny in the ass?”  Dan shook his head in the negative.   “You ever get him to suck your dick?”  Again Dan shook his head in the negative.  “What the hell have you been doing?”  With his inhibitions lowered by alcohol, Dan didn’t answer, he just wanted Ed’s dick back in his mouth. 

The boys had switched positions with Johnny now sucking Sam while Ted sucked Johnny. Ed pushed Dan completely upright and called out, “Johnny!  Johnny!”  Johnny cut his eyes towards the men on the sofa.  “C’mere, boy!”  Reluctantly, Johnny disengaged from his new blow buddies and obediently came to the sofa in sort of a monkey walk. 

Ed signaled for him to stand up and to lean into him close.  Openly caressing the boy’s saliva wet genitals while his father looked on, Ed whispered to him so that Dan could not hear. “Boy, I know you’ve sucked on other boys, but have you ever sucked a grown up?”  Johnny nodded his head ‘yes’.  “Have you ever sucked your daddy?”  Johnny honestly shook his head ‘no’.  “Well, let me tell you something,” the older man continued, “your dad, he wants you to suck him, but he’s a little hesitant to ask you.  Do you want to suck your daddy?”  Johnny nodded in the affirmative.  “Good boy.  Now you go and give your daddy a good blowjob.  Suck him until he cums.  You know what cum is?”  Johnny again nodded ‘yes’.  “I thought so.”  Releasing the boy’s privates, the older man told the boy, “Now go and be a good boy to your father.”

Johnny moved over in front of his dad and knelt down, a position he knew so very well.  As Johnny bent forward, a little rational thought fought its way into Dan’s drunken brain, but he was powerless to dissuade his son from what the boy was about to do.  As his young son’s lips slipped over the hot head of his throbbing cock, Dan’s hands reached out to lovingly caress his son’s head and shoulders as the boy performed the act of fellatio upon his father.  Somewhere deep inside his fevered brain, something was telling Dan to stop.  But it felt too damned good to stop; besides, Johnny was willing, very willing.  So… why not? He wasn’t forcing the boy.

The father watched intently as his dick slid in and out of his son’s skillful mouth.  So intent on watching his son blow him for the first time, it was something of a surprise to see that Ed was kneeling behind Johnny.  In a lustful drunken daze, he watched as Ed spread a generous quantity of lubricant over his fingers. 

Ed held up his finger, indicating what he was about to do and looking for any objections on the boy’s father’s part.  Not that it mattered at this point.  He had successfully comprised Dan and any moral authority the father held over the boy.  Dan just dumbly grinned back at him. 

Ed put his middle finger against Johnny’s anus.  He wasn’t surprised to find little resistance as he probed deeply into the boy’s oft-used ass.

Dan’s dick surged to a new hardness as he watched Ed run his finger up Johnny’s butt hole.  As the finger began thrusting into Johnny, the boy’s hips and ass rotated and pushed back at the assaulting digit.  It was obvious that the boy was enjoying the finger fucking.  A flood of half-formed memories reminded Dan just how good that felt.

Ed finger fucked the boy’s ass for a moment, confident that his dick would be up inside the boy’s rectum very soon.  He was surprised however at how easily he could slip two fingers past the yielding sphincter muscle.  Looking up he said to Dan, “This boy’s been fucked before.  In fact, he’s been fucked often.”  Dan tried to process what he was hearing.  “What do you say, Dan?  How about if we fuck this boy?  He’s been fucked before.  Later you can fuck Ted and Sam.”

“Yeah, fuck him,” slurred the father mindless of the implications of his go ahead.  Ed wasn’t about to let Dan have any second thoughts.  Wasting no time, he pulled his two fingers from the boy’s willing ass.

A moment later, Johnny felt the hot bloated head of a large penis nestle between his butt checks.  Anticipation surged through the boy and he reached back to spread his ass open.  He felt the large cock head press against his well-trained hole.  Willing his sphincter to relax, he felt his dark hole opening to accept the older man’s cock up his ass. 


When Dan saw Ed’s cock entering his son’s ass, it was too much.  With a grunt he blew his load into Johnny’s sucking mouth. 

Johnny was so elated to have the big cock entering him, that he missed the signals that announced Dan’s impending orgasm.  A little surprised, he felt his father’s cock pulsate and then felt and tasted the thick semen being injected into his mouth.  It couldn’t get much better than this.

Ed buggered the boy mercilessly, shoving the boy’s head into his father’s crotch time and again.  After a while he noticed that Johnny had released his father’s flaccid dick from his mouth.  With his knees getting a little sore, Ed figured it was time to change positions.  Ed pulled his cock from the boy’s ass with an audible, “Pop!”  Quickly he spread Johnny’s ass cheek apart and saw that the boy’s anus was yawning open.  He then spun the boy around and spread him open again so that boy’s father could see the anal chasm.  “See, he’s been fucked a lot.  Only a well trained butt hole stays open like that.”

The sight of his boy’s gapping hole immediately sent Dan’s cock into full erection.  “Go on, do him, Dad,” encouraged his business partner.  Dan launched off the sofa and rammed his cock up his son’s ass.  “Fuck him, Dad, fuck him,” rang in his ears driving him on to assault the boy even more.  For a good ten minutes he pummeled his boy.  Through a fog of beer and lust he heard Ed urging him, “Don’t cum in his ass just yet.  Pull out and take a break.”  In a daze Dan pulled out and yielded his son’s ass to the older man who enthusiastically continued to sodomize the boy.

Ed stopped in mid-stroke and turned his head to his new pederast partner.  “Lie on the floor on your back and lift your legs.  No, use your hands behind your knees.  Yeah, that’s good.” 

Sam and Ted had been hovering close to the action and seeing Dan in this position they knew what to do.  Ted buried his face in Dan’s ass and began licking and probing his anus while Sam, spreading his own checks, lowered his young ass onto Dan’s face. Dan had never engaged in analingus up until now, but instantly he liked the shear nastiness of the act. He and Ed’s grandsons went after it for several minutes before the boys changed places.

Suddenly the boys broke it off, but Johnny took Sam’s place to rim out his father’s asshole.  With some trepidation Dan saw Ed’s hairy ass lowering to his face.  Abandoning all restraint he gripped Ed’s hips and drove his tongue up the older man’s anus.  After a few minutes the threesome broke up.  Dan was ready for a break, but Ed had other ideas.

“Get up, Dan,” instructed the evening’s sex maestro while offering a helping hand.  “You’re ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“Ready to be fucked.  Now bend your ass over the arm of the sofa.”

“Uhhhhhhhhh!” Dan grunted as is his butt was penetrated by Ed’s seven-inch cock.  It had been a long time since he’d been fucked like this and the feeling of fullness surprised him at first.  Soon, however, he had a warm feeling as Ed’s gnarly cock glided in and out of his rectal passage.  Expertly, Ed alternately deep fucked him and then shallow fucked him, stimulating his prostate.


Sunlight streaming through the windows and falling upon his face woke Dan from his slumber.  He tried to roll over but found himself wedged between two boys, Ed’s grandsons.  His eyes fluttered open and then the licentious events of the last night unfolded.  Of sodomizing not only these two boys, but sodomizing his own son as well, of sucking dicks, young dicks and Ed’s dick and of being sucked, of licking assholes and having his own hole licked and of Ed’s cock sliding up his own ass.  It had been a wild night of homosexual debauchery and he and his young son, had been in the center of it. 

He extracted himself from between the two naked boys and trudged off for a morning leak.  Then he stepped into the shower to freshen up as well as to wake up.  Stepping from the shower, he toweled off and tried to remember where his clothes were.  “Oh, yeah.  They’re outside by the pool,” he muttered to the mirror.  Wrapping the big bath towel around his waist for modesty, he went in search of his clothes. 

But before heading outside, he followed the rich aroma to the kitchen in search of a cup of coffee.  There he found Ed with his son, Johnny.  “Morning,” greeted Dan’s older business partner. 

“Morning, Ed,” replied Dan as he eyed his nude son in the nude older man’s lap. 

“That was one hell of a good time, last night,” remarked Ed.  “How about you, Dan?  You enjoy yourself as much as I did?”

Dan reached out as he passed and mussed up his son’s hair.  “Yeah, I suppose I did.  How about you, son?  You have fun?”

Johnny nodded enthusiastically and wiggled in Ed’s lap a little, seating the older man’s cock deeper up his young ass.

“Your boy likes a cock up the butt better than any butt boy I’ve ever fucked,” remarked Ed.  “Isn’t that right, Johnny?”  Again Johnny nodded and wiggled, and this time Dan realized that he was wiggling Ed’s cock up his butt. 

Dan didn’t say anything. What could he say?  He’d given his boy over to Ed to use and Ed was using him.  In return, Ed had given his two grandsons to Dan as his fuck toys.  It was an equitable deal and he had no complaints as long as Johnny was happy with it and Johnny seemed to be happy enough.

“You and Johnny staying for the day?” asked Ed.

The question gave Dan the opening to take charge of his son once again and he answered, “No.  We have to get going.  Johnny’s has a soccer game at noon.”

“Then how about afterwards?  Spend the night again?  How about it Johnny?  You want come back and swim and play with Ted and Sam? ”

Johnny grinned at his father.  “Can we, Dad?  Can we?”

“Sure.  Why not?” answered Dan.

Ed grinned at the boy’s father and then rose slightly, lying Johnny face down on the kitchen table.  Soon the older man’s hips were a blur as he put it to the boy while the boy’s father watched, sipping his coffee, his cock hard and ready for sloppy seconds.



The End

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