Matinee Idylls


By JimBob

(Mg, Mgg, fondle, mast, oral, interr, cons)

Jim recovers from a bad start at the Saturday Matinee thanks to two young sisters.

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It was a slow day for me at the matinee.  I had tried to sit with one new girl and I had struck out.  It happened sometimes.  Now, I was watching a show within the show, as I sat and waited for another chance encounter.

I was sitting about half way down the middle section, in the fourth seat in.  There was a couple of boys sitting to my right, and about five girls sitting to my left, but I had several vacant seats between me and the girls, and one between me and the boys. 

The girl had been there in that seat on the right before she left. 

The girl closest to me on the left looked good, but she was in an awkward place.  I would be too conspicuous moving over to sit next to her.   And it would be even worse if they all got up and moved.  Six seats in was too far in from the other end when there were still so many vacant seats on the aisle.  So even if she looked good, she was off limits.  Some days it just worked out that way.  But kids were still filtering in, so there was still hope.

I was watching a white guy working on a little black girl in the row just ahead of me and a seat to my right.  I was tall enough to look over the shoulder of the girl and see the left hand of the guy in the next seat moving her dress as it moved around her lap under it.  The dress had been moving in a steady rhythm for a couple of minutes now.  The girl's legs were jerking from time to time as she felt more thrill than she could handle.  She had even grabbed the man's arm with both of her hands once to stop him from doing something.

Something?  I wondered what?  Penetrate a virgin hole with a too big finger?  I was slowly stroking myself in my pocket as I watched.  I didn't want to cum yet, just wanted to keep the blood circulating.

The girl nearest me on the left got up, and instead of going out that end of the row, she came past the six or so vacant seats, and out my way.  As she came past me, I turned my knees to the right, and as she edged past me, I stuck my hand up under her dress, and felt between her thighs.  She acted as if she didn't notice anything.  Now I knew she would have been a good one. 

A bit later, when she came back, she came in the same way.  This time, she came past me facing me, so I did not try anything.  I could see she was about nine or ten.  Her hair was neatly done up in cornrow and braids.  How did they do that?

When she got to the first vacant seat that was on my left, she sat down!  My heart began to race.  Then she put her hand on my arm.  I bent over to see what she wanted.

"This seat ain't taken, is it?"  she asked.

"No, you are quite welcome to sit there," I managed in a calm voice despite my surprise and thrill at her sitting there.

Then she opened her box of Milk Duds and offered them to me.

"No thanks, Honey.”  I whispered.  “I just ate a whole box of popcorn and I'm full."

She pulled her feet up on the seat, and crossed her ankles.  This put a warm little knee right up next to my hand on the armrest.  I could feel the warmth on my hand, like a magnetic force, drawing it in...

I took it to be an invitation.  There was no one right behind us in the next couple of rows back.  I wasn't worried about being seen, so I dropped my hand down on to a little chocolate colored knee.  She moved her right arm, so my left hand and arm had free space to roam in.

I didn't feel the need for much finesse.  I rubbed the smooth flesh right on up the inside of her knee, then her thigh.  It got hotter up under that dress as I got higher up.  Finally I reached where panties usually started to cover the crotch.  There were no panties!  Only the smoothest, hottest, softest flesh I think I had ever felt on the backs of my fingers.


She giggled with delight at my surprised grunt.

You can bet that hand got turned onto that pussy the right way to feel it in a hurry.  I rubbed my fingers through the slit, and I picked up a spate of girly juice on my finger tips to rub on up between the lips farther up.  The slick moisture opened them up too, and as I rubbed from perineum up to clit, I spread her moisture so I could get my fingers on everything in that immature little slit.

I took a closer look at my companion with the Cornrow Do, and the two little pigtails, and revised my age guesstimate upwards.  With all the juice flowing, I figured she was a pubescent girl, or darn close, and a glance at her slightly rounded breast mounds bore that conclusion out.  A petite and pretty little eleven year old?  When did little black girls start to mature anyway?  'Find out, Dummy,' I thought.

I leaned over and whispered, "What's your name?"

"I'm Felisha, and I be almos' eleven years old."

"That was going to be my next question."

"You white men all ask how old I is.  What your name?"


"Yeah."  Her tone indicated her sincere doubt as to my veracity. .

"I laughed.  "No, really, it is Jim.  Would I lie to a pretty little girl like you?"

She looked me over carefully.  "You do look like a Jim.  My Mama had a boy friend named Jim.  He wanted everybody call him James."

"Yeah.  My real name is James too.  But I like to be called Jim."  As we talked, my fingers roamed.  One slipped right into her vagina.  I buried it all the way, then pulled part way out, rotated my wrist and searched out her 'G' spot.

"Huh!"   Now it was her turn to grunt in surprise as my finger tip massaged the soft spot about a crooked finger's length in below her clit.

"I'll bet you didn't even know that spot was there, did you, Felisha?"

"James sure didn't know.  He finger fuck me a lot, too!  Mmmmummm!"

He didn't know?  "He still around?"

"No.  Mamma tell him to 'hit the road', she catch him fooling with her girls."

"You got sisters?"  I pulled the finger out, and went for the clitoris again.

"Um, ummm!  Just one little sister.  She over there."  She nodded toward the girls at the other end of the row.  “Mmmmummm!"  She liked to have her clit flicked around with a fingertip.

"James did you and your sister… and Mamma ran him off?"

"He do both of us.  Mamma go to work, he do both of us!  His friends too!  They like little girls.  But they can't fuck us.  We too small.  I be only eight then..."

How old is your sister?"

"She be nine now."

"Do you both let white men do you in the show now?"

"Yes.   Mmm, mmumm!"

I decided to shut up and let her enjoy her orgasm which judging by her body movements, soft moans, and closed eyes, was on the way.

I had been rubbing my cock through my pocket, and as her climax hit her, mine came too, and I ejaculated into the wad of soft tissues I had wrapped around my cock head.  I was tired of walking out of the theater with a big wet spot.  So we both stiffened up, then relaxed at the same time.

After our mutual climax, I offered her my hankie to mop up her sopping pussy, and we watched the rest of the movie in pleasant companionship.  I even held her hand!

When the first feature was over, the lights went up for a short intermission, to allow the concession stand to have some more business.

The girl on the end of the row of girls looked our way, then she got up and moved over into the seat next to Felisha.  She was much lighter and if they were sisters, I am sure they only shared the mother.  This little girl was half white.

“Is that your sister?”

“Yes.  Her name Jackie.”


“Yes.  Her daddy name Jack.  Mama name her Jackie.”

“Oh!  Hi Jackie.”

Jackie mumbled something that could have been, “Hi.”  She did not appear to be as outgoing as her sister.  Felisha whispered something to Jackie, who then studied me with more interest.

I decided to try to make some points for another time.  “Why don't you guys go and buy us all a treat?  A candy bar?  Ask your friends what they want too.”  I pulled a ten dollar bill out of my pocket and gave it to Felisha.  “I'd like a small Hershey bar.”

The girls scooted back over to the others and there was some exited chatter for a short time, then they all headed up the aisle.

I made a quick trip to the bathroom, and replaced my damp prick pad.  I might need to have one handy again.  When I came back, I moved a couple of seats toward the center of the row.  I could still keep track of my little show in the next row up. 

My new little girlfriends came back.  Felisha took my move in stride.  She passed in front of me and took the seat on my right, leaving Jackie to sit next to me on the left.  The rest of the girls thanked me politely, and took the seats on down the row from Jackie.  From no girls, to a whole row of girls!  Things were looking up.

We all sat and munched on our candy bars while we waited for the second feature.  Jackie sat very primly, with her legs together. But her sister still was relaxed.  In fact, I could see Felisha's panties were still off when she crossed her legs.  Maybe she just never wore any?  No, when I felt the bare belly up above the mound, I felt the little indented line the elastic had left.  She had taken her panties off, maybe after I touched her legs.

Then the lights dimmed for the second feature.  The noise level dropped, and children turned their attention to the screen as the second feature started. 

Jackie relaxed, and then brought her legs up to cross her ankles, and let her knee drop right in under my waiting hand.  I glanced at her face, but she wasn't showing me anything in her expression.

Okay.  I had a sure bet on my other side, but this lovely little girl intrigued me.  Nine was my favorite age, when the girl was nine.  So was ages four to ten.  I am not a choosey person.

I casually dropped my fingers down the inch or so to touch the inside of her knee.  I rubbed gently.  I saw her head move slightly to look at my hand, and then she gave me the most dazzling smile.  Yes!  A go ahead if I ever saw one!  I moved my hand so the palm was on the silky skin, and slid it half way up the thigh, with my fingers almost on the back of her leg.  Oh, so smooth up there!

I almost dropped my lower jaw off, when her right hand snaked around between my elbow and my chest, and ended up right on the bulge in my pants.  She had my shaft between thumb and fingers, and she gave it a squeeze.

My little friend on my other side had not missed a trick, and now she giggled, and whispered to me, “Jackie, she know what men like.”

“Whew!  You got that right.”

“I do too,” Felisha said.  She turned slightly to the side to get both hands into action, and before I could make a move, she had my jeans unzipped, and was digging my cock out.  Not too gently either.  But she got it out in one piece, and as soon as she let it go, Jackie's warm little hand clasped it.  I dug my abandoned tissues out and stuffed them between my legs.  I really believed I might need them.  Felisha turned her body and attention back to the movie, ignoring my hand now creeping up her leg toward her pussy.  I've never scored a double in a matinee.  Two hot little girl pussies, one in each hand.  Could I do it?

First, I had to get my other hand back to where it had been when Jackie had made her play for my cock.  I got the warm smooth girlie flesh under my fingers again, and slid right on up to panty clad crotch.  I had been hoping it might be bare too, but it was not to be.  I wiggled and wormed my fingers under a fairly tight panty leg hem, and felt a smooth hot little girl pussy lip with the finger tips.

Finally, Jackie took pity on me and with her free hand, she maneuvered her panties around so they became much looser at the legs.  I had some room to get four fingers in there, so I could dip a forefinger tip into her vagina while the ring finger diddled her clit.  Both hands now were in intimate contact with a black sister's pussy.  A first for me!  I had two white girls in the same grip several times while growing up, but usually one of them was my sister.

Meanwhile, as I was staking my claim to fame, Jackie was busy with my shaft.  She was quite openly jacking me off, and had drawn the attention of the two girls seated nearest to her.  They were looking and giggling, but it did not seem to be anything they had not seen before, and possibly even done themselves.  Their attention soon went back to the big screen.

The nearest one looked over at us again as Jackie leaned toward me, and bowed her head down to my lap.  I saw the girl poke her partner, and they both watched as Jackie's head bobbed in my lap, and I could not help inhaling a big breath in a moan as I threw my head back and closed my eyes.  Jackie's tongue action was fantastic, and I fiddled with her clit frantically, trying to give her back some of the thrill I was feeling.

The girls watched, and commented to each other on Jackie's technique, I guessed.  Finally they tired of the show.  I risked a quick glance around.  No one else seemed to be paying us any special attention.  I relaxed and enjoyed the tongue job.  Who told this girl men had such sensitive coronas?

I hated to mess up her perfect rhythm but my instinct was to buck my hips up to fuck my cock into that sweet mouth.  As I finally strained myself up off the seat, she grabbed the tissues with the hand that had been holding my cock straight for her mouth, and she wrapped the handful around the shaft.

As I came, she allowed the spurts to go up inside her mouth, then drain back down with her excess saliva over the head and the shaft, and the tissues soaked it up.  She let slide out one last string, which stretched about six inches before it broke, and then wiped her lips and chin with her left arm, as she sat back up.  I could see her tongue circling her lips and mouth and her swallowing a couple of times.  Jackie was an accomplished cocksucker at only nine years old.  She held the tissues around my shaft as the mixture of cum and saliva ran down and was absorbed, as my cock slowly deflated.  Then, with a final wipe of the little penis, she tossed the tissues on the floor, and she and Felisha stuffed it back into my pants and zipped them up.

Through the rest of that feature, I did my best to bring Jackie to a climax, but if she had one, she gave no outward indication.  Felisha, on the other hand had at least one more.  I studied Jackie and Felisha's features so I would be sure to recognize then for the next time I was at the matinee.


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