by   E.A.Grant

(Mg, inc, oral, mast, anal)

If both hands are in casts, how does a guy do the basics... like take a leak? Fortunately for Tad, he has a daughter eager to help Dad...

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Part One

How it started

He had never seriously thought about his eight year old daughter in any sexual way until the accident.  It’s true, he remembered looking back over the years, that he had enjoyed giving her baths and seeing her little girl slit… that always received a little extra attention during baths. Back in those days, he smiled to himself… she certainly had, had a clean pussy.   That ended when she began to bathe herself when she was four or five.  Tad did continue to enjoy looking up her skirt while she watched TV, even so he felt a little guilty.   That kind of peeping had given him a strange thrill, but nothing more obvious or overt ever happened.

She was an adorable little girl everyone agreed on that.  They had lived alone ever since her mom disappeared never to be heard from again; only an empty bank account to testify to her ever having been alive. Beverly had been three.  Beverly… everyone called her Bev  had long auburn hair half way down her back that Tad usually kept in two pig tails.  She was a bit shy but playful enough once she knew you.  Her best friend was a big snow white stuffed toy, a dog named Benny. He knew her secrets that she whispered to him every night as she held him tight and drifted off to sleep.  Now at only four foot one and 40 lbs she was just a bit small for her eight years and four months.

Then Tad had an accident at work. He was a foreman at a construction site and when a front end loader had malfunctioned, snapped a bolt and dropped a load of lumber, Tad’s hands were in the way. Both hands had broken bones, it could have been much worst.  He was lucky to still have hands.   He could wiggle his finger tips at the very ends of the two full hand casts that would be a part of him for several weeks.    He was going to have to have help with most common chores around the house. His daughter Beverly would be a big help he was sure. She could help to cook and clean and even tie her dad’s shoes if she had to.  Depending on her for more personal help really started the very night of the accident.

That night, with his new cast on, he realized he had a problem. He actually could get into and out of his tee shirt and pants he guessed, but little else. His finger tips were free but he couldn’t do much with them.   So when it came time for a piss he was in big trouble. His best friend Tim, had stayed with him after the accident and then brought him  home from the emergency room and stayed to have a couple of beers and a few shots of Irish whisky. By the time Tim had left Tad needed to piss “like a race horse”.    Try as he might he just couldn’t begin to get his cock out of his pants. Hell, he couldn’t even unzip the fly or unbuckle his belt. He was fucked and tried to think of what to do. That was when he thought of Bev.  She had stayed by his side as soon as he got home knowing her daddy was hurt, but when she was sure her daddy was alright, and the men had started to drink, (it had been more than a few), she had gone into her room to watch TV with her stuffed dog.  Then Tim left and Tad found he was more drunk than he thought as he headed for the bathroom.

“Bev, Honey!  Come here, please.  I’m in the bathroom. I need some help!”  Could she help him he wondered?  He wasn’t sure, but what else could he do.

Bev came popping into the bathroom her pig tails dancing, with a big smile  more than willing to help her injured dad. “Hi, Daddy.  What do you want?”

“Well… this is something I don’t know if you can do.  Or if it embarrasses you, maybe you can’t.  But… Daddy needs to pee and with these casts, I can’t undo the zipper or take out my pee-pee.  Do you think you can help?”

Bev was confused at first then realized what he needed. She looked questioningly at his zipper then at him. “What do I do, Daddy?”

“Well, first just pull down Daddy’s zipper, Honey,” he instructed as he smiled encouragement.

“O.K.”  She stared at her first task and then fumbled with the zipper tab a bit and finally did get the zipper down. She smiled triumphantly.   “There!” she said.  Her huge blue eyes looked at her Dad. “O.K.?”

“Very good, but that is not all. Now you have to reach inside Daddy’s underwear and take out Daddy’s pee-pee. Can you do that? Don’t be embarrassed; we are the only two here.”

Gaining confidence she shook her head ‘yes’ and felt inside his pants. She fumbled again but without any real success never finding the flap of cloth that covered the front of BVDs that would have allowed his cock freedom to the outside.

“I can’t get it out, Dad.  It’s inside the cloth. What should I do?” she asked giving him a helpless look.

“Well, I don’t know, Sweetheart… Let’s do this.  Maybe you can unbuckle Daddy’s belt and pull down my pants.  You have to be my nurse, so try that, Honey. Do it for Daddy, Bev.”

When Tad sucked in his belly Bev surprisingly was able to unbuckle his thick workman’s belt, unbutton the pants and let Tads pants drop to the floor.  Then she stared at the bulge in his underwear, she had never seen her Daddy’s pee-pee and although Jimmy, her friend in the second grade, let her see his pee-pee once she could see this was a lot different. “What do I do now?”

“You just have to pull down my underwear, baby. I’m your Daddy so it’s alright.”

Bev didn’t hesitate once given permission; she was curious and wanted to help her Dad. With her tongue sticking out of her mouth just a little in concentration, Beverly wiggled Tad’s BVDs down over the ‘bulge’ and then pushed them down his legs. Tad stepped out of both garments and spread his legs slightly for better balance.

Bev just looked at the strange hanging flesh in front of her. It was amazing… nothing at all like Jimmy’s.  Her Daddy’s pee-pee was long, wrinkly and fat. It just hung there like an elephant’s trunk (but not that big of course she thought) and it kind of looked like one of the characters on Sesame Street except that the character was green and had two eyes not one. The other thing that was so different from Jimmy’s was all the hair around it; tons of short, curly black hair that went up to his belly button.   She looked at her dad… then down at his cock… then smiling back at him. She already liked his pee-pee. It just looked nice.

“You have never seen a grownups pee-pee; have you, Bev?”

“Nope… it looks kind of weird.”

“Well, that is the difference between boys and girls.” Now Tad was beginning to realize he was turned on by having his daughter interested in his cock.  ‘Hell, she seems to like it,’ Tad thought.  “Now honey, can you hold it and point it into the toilet?  Just wrap your hand around it like you were shaking hands, point it like you would a hose.  Do it for Daddy, Bev.”

With some hesitation, but not a lot, Bev took his thick pliable cock in her hand.  It was warm and soft, the skin silky-smooth like Barbie’s blue gown.   She pointed her Daddy’s thing at the center of the toilet.

“Hold it tight, Honey. Here comes the pee.” Tad couldn’t believe the girl’s concentration on her job. She seemed fascinated. He loved the feeling of her small fingers on his cock.

Bev was surprised by two things. First it startled her when her daddy started to piss and she had to concentrate to be sure the stream stayed in the center of the bowl; she was fascinated of course.  Second, his cock was very warm and strangely exciting to her to touch; it felt like it was getting thicker and firmer.    The pale yellow liquid splashed with some considerable force for the better part of a minute before it slowed and finally stopped. By then it was obvious to both of them that his cock had changed. As his cock got stiffer, it had been more difficult for Bev to keep the aim in the center of the water, so Tad had bent forward so she was able to keep the growing cock aimed to the center of the bowl until he finished.  Then Tad noticed to his surprise and delight, Bev didn’t release her grip on what was quickly becoming a full hard on.  She just stared at it with a questioning look on her face.

Tad put his own bandaged hand on top of his daughter’s as she held his cock and began to slowly move the small hand up and down.  “Do you like Daddy’s pee-pee Bev?”  Tad asked in a low husky voice. Not quite believing what was happening.

“I guess so,” she answered but not quite sure. She kept staring at the cock head and her dad’s hands. There was a bit of pre-cum just beginning to appear at the hole in the tip.

“Is that more pee, Daddy? It isn’t yellow like before.” Still she didn’t look up.   

“No Sweetie, that’s love juice.  It happens when ever my pee-pee sees a pretty girl.

“Your thing looks like Jerry, the pink puppet on TV, he’s the lollypop man,” she giggled, “He’s neat, he’s my favorite.” She smiled up at her father then looked back at his cock becoming more relaxed with the strange situation.

“Then we can call him Jerry if you want to, Honey.  It looks like you’re shaking hands with Jerry, Bev. ” Tad bent down, cuddled his daughters face in his plaster cast hands lifted her face and kissed her. He kissed her soft lips in a way he had never done before. Her sexy moist lips were a temptation he couldn’t and didn’t try to resist.

Her lips set him on fire in a whole new way. The taste of her mouth was exciting, a stimulating sweet new adventure.   He took his hands away, flushed the toilet and sat down on the seat.  He spread his legs open wide enjoying the fact that his daughter could see the full length of his cock and his egg-shaped balls.  Best of all, she continued to stroke him.

Bev was fascinated with the strange organ, and amazed at how her daddy was clearly enjoying what she was doing.  She knew something new was happening, but not what. It was a little scary, but she knew he wouldn’t ever hurt her.  And then there was the tingle in her pee-pee hole. Now with Tad’s cock at full length and girth her small hands no longer fit around it.  

“Use both of your hands, Bev.  Do it for Daddy, Bev. It feels so good for Daddy,  Sweetie.”   Beverly repositioned her hands and continued the rhythmic stroking of her father’s cock with both hands circling his thick rod. She was surprised at the flow of pre-cum that started running out of the tiny hole in the top, a larger flow now and she looked at her dad with surprise and question in her eyes.

“That’s just special love juice, Honey.  It means my ‘Jerry’ likes what you are doing, Honey.”

At first the situation was a little weird for Beverly, but not for very long and soon she was quite comfortable handling her Dad’s heavy cock. She liked the feel of the silken pole and the general cool look of ‘Jerry’.  Bev studied it carefully, glancing up at her daddy only once in awhile as if to be sure she was doing everything right.  It was quite evident to Tad that his smiling daughter was enjoying this almost as much as he was.

With a tight little smile she returned to his dick, she bit down on her lower lip, and stared in concentration, wonder and determination to do a good job.   Staring at her Dad’s fat cock she looked in wonder at the rope-like blue veins that stood out circling  the stiff rod.   Using both hands, she continued the up and down motion while she watched in amazement as more pre-cum ran slowly over her hands.

In his inebriated state, Tad felt bold and suggested, “You should taste it Bev.  Just lap a little bit with your tongue, I bet you’ll like it.  Kiss Jerry on the head Bev. He’ll really like that.” Tad was both disappointed and relieved that she seemed not to have heard him make the lurid suggestion as Bev didn’t make any move to follow up on her dad’s suggestions as she continued to stroke and study his hard prick. 

Remembering her father’s suggestion to taste the love juice, Bev tilted her head and began a ‘matter-of-fact’ talk with ‘Jerry’.   “Mr. ‘Jerry’ you look sad,” she said like a concerned mother, her head tilted slightly.  “I think you need a kiss.”    

Tad watched with growing excitement as his young daughter bent forward.  She paused and Tad wondered if…  ‘Yes!’ he nearly shouted as she kissed the straining cock head.  Bev lapped a bit into her mouth and tasted her dad’s pre-cum.  Next she kissed the cock head several times in quick succession.    

She looked up at her dad grinning and asked, “Is that alright, Daddy?  Did it feel good?” 

“Oh, yes, Baby, that was great… just perfect.”  The thrill of her warm, wet lips on his cock was so fantastic Tad thought his brain would explode.   ‘Christ’ he thought, ‘nothing ever felt like that, not that good, not that erotic.”  It wasn’t just feeling that turned him on so, but the look on her face as she handled and kissed his dick.

For one thing Tad was fascinated with his little girl’s sexy looking lips. Minutes after she had stopped the kissing, he could still feel her lips on his cock.  He’d always loved the sultry look of her pouty lips… but now… her lips were an obsession. All he could think about was her full lips surrounding his cock. She had naturally thick lips and now those beautiful lips were coated with a thin layer of his pre-cum, the most erotic, sexy lip gloss he could have imagined.    

Immediately he knew he had to have more… he wanted a lot more. He would never do this again he told himself, but this one time was special.  Of course in the back of his mind he knew he was lying to himself, but just this one time he would get her to do more.  He simply had to have her suck his throbbing, dripping cock.

From her expression and her body language, Tad concluded she was enjoying herself at the very least, even if at the same time she was hesitant.  She was curious, trusting and willing and that was fine with him.

“You like playing with Daddy’s ‘Jerry’?  You do, don’t you Bev?  I know you do, you little devil… don’t you, baby?”

“Uh huh… Kind of, I guess,” she replied with a girlish giggle.  Bev was now suddenly coquettish, but still not really embarrassed.  Swinging her shoulders slowly from side to side, she looked down at the floor, her hands no longer on her father’s cock.  With a finger in her mouth, her other hand behind her, she waited for more instructions. She stole a fugitive sideways glance at his stiff cock.

Tad loved the obvious acting of his little girl. Bev had enjoyed it, but didn’t know what to say. Maybe she thought she shouldn’t enjoy it.  She did like the game, but was either hesitant to tell her dad how much she liked it, or didn’t know how.  Bev liked what they were doing, even the scary feelings, so she was waiting to see what her daddy would say or do next.

Tad put a finger tip under her chin and lifted her face to his. “You are a fabulous little girl, Bev.  Daddy loves you and all the things you do for him.” They stared at each other for a moment, Tad stroked her hair, then suddenly aware of his need and her willingness, Tad cupped her face between his plaster-cast covered hands and spoke softly to her, their faces only inches apart. 

“I know you liked playing with Daddy’s cock… Mr. Jerry that is.  I can tell.  We can do lots more stuff if you want to Bev.  Would you like that?  Would you like to play some grownup games with Daddy?” 

Her eyes glistened with pleasure and anticipation.  She seemed pleased and nodded her head. Her tongue slipped out to re-moisten her lips and she replied, “Sure, Daddy, if you want me to.”  

“I’ll want you to be my little toy… my little fuck toy, Honey.”  He hadn’t thought out the words before he spoke; they just tumbled from his mouth, crude words.  He was surprised at how rough they had sounded, but Bev didn’t seem to have noticed.

“O.K. “Daddy that sounds like fun” she said meeting his eyes boldly.  Her eyes left her father and returned to his cock for a moment, then curious and interested in the new game, she looked at him once again all hesitation disappeared.  “What do you want me to do?  I’ll do whatever you want me to do, Daddy.”

Continuing to hold her face lightly in his bandaged hands Tad closed his eyes and kissed her soft, warm lips… a long sweet kiss.  Tad gently sucked her lower lip into his mouth and lapped it.  Quickly he slipped his tongue along the inside of her lip.  Nothing had ever tasted so erotic, so perfect.    The warm lips felt soft as a warm marshmallow, her saliva sweet as honey.  He touched her teeth with the tip of his tongue, then pressed his lips against her mouth with more force and slowly pulled away. It had been like magic for both of them. Beverly’s eyes were still opened filled with amazement and wonder.

“Oh, Bev, I wish I could tell you how good that kiss made me feel.” 

Bev’s warm hands returned very naturally to her father’s cock.  Smiling but still looking at her Dad she began to pull slowly up and down on the soft skin that covered the rock hard cock.       

As the magic of the kiss wore off, Tad watched his sweet little daughter return to happily jacking him off. He focused on her half opened mouth, her lips wet and glistening, only a few inches from his hot, straining cock head. There was only one thing to do with that mouth.

“Put Daddy’s cock in your mouth, Honey.   I want you to be Daddy’s little slut.  You want to be Daddy’s little slut; don’t you, Baby?  

Bev smiled up at her father not surprised or bothered by her father’s request, “Sure, I’ll do it, Daddy.   I want to be your ….umm…whatever that word was, your bad girl.” Beverly giggled.

“Good ‘bad girl’, Sweetie.  Just put Jerry’s head in your mouth and suck on it and lap it like a lollypop.  Do it for Daddy, Bev.”

Bev did as she was told, evidently happy to please her Daddy and thrilled with all the new attention. She began to move her head slowly up and down.  Although she could only get an inch or a bit more of the cock head into her small mouth, that was plenty to stimulate her father. He could feel her small tongue exploring the sides and tip of the swollen purple head and he could feel her slippery saliva spreading and drooling down the length of his shaft.

Tad became very agitated with just her wet mouth in contact with his cock head…“Suck, suck, Bev… That’s a good girl.  Keep sucking baby, keep sucking.”  Tad was way beyond being discreet or caring if his daughter was willing or not. He had to fuck her small mouth, face fuck her like the little slut he now knew he would train her to be.  “That’s it baby, suck it like a big girl… suck the love juice right out for Daddy.”

Tad used his left hand, cast covered hand, to place behind Bev’s head and force his cock further into her mouth.  His right hand disappeared between her legs.  His thumb and about an inch and a half of his fingers protruded from the plaster cast. It took several tries before he had her panties down to her knees; then his thumb played along her soaking wet slit.  From his position he couldn’t see her pussy, but he could certainly feel it. Tad was certain that Bev didn’t know what he was doing to her young cunt, but despite the restriction of the panties at her knees she seemed to be trying to spread her legs open for her father. He would have sworn that she moaned and pushed down on his finger tips, but then his balls exploded and like a cannon  blasting forth its discharge, his cum slammed into her mouth and down her throat. Her eyes widened in surprise but she kept sucking.

“Suck it up, Bev… Suck it all up… Suck Daddy’s sugar sauce… That’s a good girl suck, suck, suck, ohhhhhh, fuck baby!  Suck that fucking cock!  Suck Daddy’s big cock,” Tad  groaned in the throes of an extremely strong climax.  His fat cock head was all that actually fit in her small mouth, instantly began to pump cum into his daughter’s mouth and down her throat. Unable to jack off his own cock, he filled her little mouth never the less. Continuing to hold her head against his cock ,Tad watched her lips tightly wrapped around his cock suck and suck while he finished cumming, over-filling her eight year old mouth.

An errant  flow of cum slid from one corner of her mouth, white as milk, then the  syrup dripped in uneven, semi-transparent strings from her chin, finally breaking loose, dropping to the floor and forming a small puddle.   Now the multiple shockwaves of his climax washed over his body; wave after wave until it slowly ended.  Dazed by his eupohria, Tad watched while more cum ran slowly from Bev’s nostrils in a thin ribbon that ran back into her mouth.  She pulled away, took a deep breath, and then continued to suck until Tad asked her to stop.

“Stop, stop, stop, Baby”, he whispered almost out of breath. “It feels so good... so, so good, Honey, but you have to stop to let Jerry rest for a little while.”

“Was that good, Daddy? I swallowed a whole lot.”  She looked up at her father, his cum covering her lips like a milk bubbly mustache.  She smiled in pleased anticipation of his praise.  She had liked the strange game, but couldn’t say why.  Her daddy’s fingers between her legs felt funny and she had liked that. She had almost gagged once or twice on the juice, but had held her breath like in her swimming lessons and it just passed.

She was now a little confused.  About how the game had started.  Was it over?  And why did it seem to please her dad so much?  Still she was happy about playing the game.  The warm salty juice her Daddy had filled her mouth with hadn’t been as sweet as he had said it would be, but it wasn’t bad either.   It made Beverly feel special in a way she really couldn’t describe, but it felt good. At first she had been afraid it was pee, but it wasn’t and that was good, she thought.  She also knew that her daddy would never do anything bad to her.

“That was just wonderful, Sweetheart, really, really wonderful.” He lifted her and sat her on his lap with her panties still down around her knees.  Then he just stared at her for some moments, wondering about what he had just done to her; knowing it was probably wrong, but also knowing it was probably just the beginning. 

Tad kissed her again, but in a new personal loving way. His finger tips rubbed her young nipples that were actually quite hard.  Tad tenderly lapped her lips clean of his own cum, then pushed his tongue against her teeth.  She opened her mouth to him.  Using his tongue, he explored the tiny cavity then slowly tongue fucked her small mouth.


Part Two

Daddy’s Lessons

For the first few times, Bev had felt a little strange helping her Daddy pee.  Amazingly quickly however, she began to feel more relaxed and had to admit she really was beginning to like it, like the feel of his heavy cock in her hand and the look of the golden piss splashing into the bowl was so novel to her, she looked forward to it.  And she liked what often happened after he pissed when he let her play with his ‘Jerry’.  She simply loved the look and the feel of his cock and balls.  But most of all, she loved the attention. 

He loved it of course.   What with his injury, Tad quickly found it easier, and more fun, to not wear clothing at all when they were home alone. Just walking around with his dick swinging in the air for Bev to see was a sexual pleasure in itself. She obviously liked to look at it.  Exposing himself to her was another thing he had never thought of doing, but now he loved it.  He never called what he was doing ‘lessons’ but that is what they were. Bev naturally and automatically held his cock for him every time he had to pee; with the same casualness and big smile that she buttoned his shirt and tied his shoes when they went out.  Well, almost as casually. It was true that Tad had figured out how to do a lot of things on his own and didn’t need his daughter to help nearly as much as he pretended, but he loved all the things she did for him, especially the one thing she did for him with her mouth above all else; she and her cock sucking mouth turned him on like crazy.

After only three days, and twice that number of blow jobs, he had her pretty much trained in the fine art of playing with and sucking Daddy’s ‘Jerry’.  He refined some of her movements… the way she jacked him off for instance, making it last a lot longer… slower strokes with her small warm hands or her mouth and lots more kissing and touching. He continued to feel her ass and run his two fingers over her little panty covered cunt, but he never went too far in that direction… not yet. Bev never said anything about his fingers between her thighs, and always spread her legs open just a little extra for him. Of course she like his fingers playing with her pee hole, but didn’t know what to say.   Bev really didn’t resist anything, rather she smiled and acted interested in learning more.  

Soon it was clear to Bev that everything they were doing was not about her Dad’s broken hands. She was only eight but she was certainly not stupid.    For example, Tad taught her to feel, suck and play with his balls. Bev smiled to herself knowing that sucking and lapping his cock and balls wasn’t something he could do anyway; she thought and giggled at the picture.  She did think his balls looked funny, but enjoyed the feel of them in her hands and one at a time, in her mouth. She giggled, lapped them and called them Jerry’s funny looking feet.

He showed her how to use her fingers to tease his back hole and did it to her so she would understand. He wet his finger and ran it back and forth over her little asshole. It made her jump the first time, but she loved it.  “Oh Daddy that tickles me too much,” she had said between giggles.  Kiddingly she jumped away from him and then returned, turned her back to her father and bent over pushing her little ass up in the air.“Do it again Daddy that’s fun.”

She liked to do a lot of things and  never complained, just washed her hands off when they were finished, accepting everything as normal and as simple as a lesson in school in her second grade class.  When she played with his back hole he would wiggle and suck in air quickly, then it would be time to do his cock again.  

By the fourth day he taught her to touch herself between her legs, then told her how smart she was and had her taste her own fingers. Then had her put her fingers in his mouth so he could enjoy the flavor of her young cunt. It was a wonderful learning time. He paid lots of attention to her. One thing Beverly learned was that her Dad was easy to get things out of when he wanted her to suck him; he would give her anything.             

From the start, Tad had had her wash his cock carefully after each time she played games with him.  Bev would bring a wet warm face cloth and carefully clean his soft pecker. Everything he suggested she seemed to accept as something that should be done, and the truth was after a few tries she apparently liked it all. He loved the attention she paid to his balls.  Bev thought it made her feel like a big girl and somehow made her tummy tickle even when he didn’t touch her.   He still hadn’t had her sleep with him for fear that he wouldn’t be able to control his lust for her little cunt.  But he was weakening.

On the fifth evening after she had sucked him and washed his cock he made a new suggestion to her. “I can’t really take a shower baby, not with this plaster cast on my hands.  But I was thinking of another way I could do it, with your help of course. Can you use the spray hose in the shower to wash me?  We can’t use the regular shower nozzle because I’ll get the cast wet, but the spray nozzle will be fine as long as I have my hands up in the air. Would you like to try that for Daddy, Bev? Do it for Daddy, Honey.”

“Sure Dad, but I’ll have to get bare naked to get in the shower with you.  Is that alright?”  She stared up at him with her big blue eyes, head tilted to one side in a questioning manner while she fiddled with the rubber band on the end of one of her braids. Naturally she knew the answer.

Tad just smiled realizing for the first time that his precious little daughter was leading him a bit. She knew very well from his touching and the gleam in his eye that he would love to see her naked, but she wanted to hear him say it. She was teasing him.

“Yes, Bev, you can take off all your clothes and we will both be naked. Go ahead take off your clothes now.”  Todd could feel his cock getting hard in anticipation. The fact was he hadn’t really seen her naked in years. He had felt her cunt and played with her nipples but now he would see her.

Watching her pull her tee shirt over her head, Tad took moment to stare at her young nipples, then a minute later her bare body.  She was beautiful he thought. His cock got very hard quickly looking at her. Tad couldn’t believe that this perfect body was his to face fuck and soon to fuck. His eyes moved from her nipples… only dime sized, a bit puffy and a little swollen,  down her front over the perfectly smooth blemish free skin, her belly button and then her perfectly smooth slightly rounded pubic mound, the slit that looked like it had been made with a surgeon’s scalpel, then the bloated pussy lips hiding her precious clit and protecting her young cunt. Finally the thin featureless legs. He loved every inch of his little girl.

“Turn around, Honey, let Daddy see your back side.”  Without a word Bev calmly turned around almost as if she were a doll or a mannequin with a little smile and a gleam in her eye, but no more. Tad stared at her ass. Why hadn’t he realized what a perfect ass his own daughter had?  A bit chubby, he just loved it; round firm cheeks with  just a touch of pink and skin as clear as a painting.   “Bend over, Bev so Daddy can see your back hole.”   She bent over as if she had been waiting for the request. “Daddy can’t see your pretty hole very well,” Tad said.  ”Spread yourself apart just a little, Honey.”  Without a word Bev spread open her ass cheeks and Tad could see her hole clearly; too clearly perhaps, as he felt himself getting light headed. If she were a few years older he would jam his cock up that ass hole and fuck her, but not at eight years old. “O.K. Bev let’s get in the shower.”

Hand in hand the nude father and daughter walked down the hall to the bathroom and shower. Tad adjusted the water temperature, lifted Beverly and carried her into the warm stream flowing from the hand held sprayer. Holding onto her father’s neck Bev spread her legs around his hips, her wet cunt rubbing on her Daddy’s belly tickled her, but he seemed to not notice.    

“Alright Baby, get to work.  Let’s see if you can wash your old Dad.”

Bev giggled and for the first time took the initiative and kissed Tad on the mouth; not an open mouth kiss, but a big sloppy wet one.   Tad kissed her mouth again, gently put her down near the hose sprayer and raised his hands above his head to keep the two casts from getting wet.

Bev immediately went to work, taking a sponge and bar of soap and carefully washed his legs, stomach and chest. She washed under his arms and sprayed away all the soap. “Time to turn around, Daddy “ she said with a satisfied smile, she was sure she had done a good job and was just as sure that she hadn’t touched the area he wanted soapy water sponged onto most, again she was teasing him.  “Come on, Daddy turn around,” she repeated looking into his eyes and seeing the disappointment while she laughed to herself.   

Tad turned around with the warm water now striking his butt. He felt her hands go to work; his legs, back, shoulders the back of his arms.  She sprayed the soap away and then she seemed to stop. Tad wondered what she was doing behind him. Looking back over his shoulder he couldn’t see her well.

“Well?” Tad said confused.

Sushhh…” she said teasingly. “Be a good boy.”  She knew what he wanted, but she thought it would be fun to make him wait a bit, but not too long. After another half minute that felt to Tad like an hour, she gently grasped his balls from behind with her soapy warm fingers. He bent forward giving her room.  She could feel his erection straining beyond his balls and she tingled with the picture of his hard cock in her mind. She was only eight and she didn’t know a lot but she knew she liked playing with her Daddy’s cock.

Continuing to tease him she used more soap to wash his dark hole, her fingers teasing him with little flicks of her fingers. Then she rinsed his balls and ass.  “O.K. Daddy, turnaround again,” she said. “I want to see Jerry.  He’s a dirty boy and I have to wash him good.” Bev smiled knowing her Daddy would like that and she would like it too.  She had found a wonderful way to get more attention from her father and like that a lot. The sexual messages were something she didn’t really understand, but liked the neat feeling in her tummy and the tingling in her fingertip while she rubbed his cock.

Looking at his cock for a moment she was pleased at the sight. Bev made a big handful of suds and covered his cock, balls and pubic hair. The shiny wet head peeked through the soap and Bev began to stroke him slowly looking for the tell tale pre-cum. One hand went to his balls, the other continued to stroke.

Tad closed his eyes as she handled his dick, his brain absorbing the great feelings, the indescribable sensations initiated by her small hands.  Then the desire to watch her overcame the warm solitude of his closed eyes and he looked down at her. She was the most erotic female he could imagine at that moment, the picture actually took his breath away.  Bev, again fascinated with her father’s cock stared at it as she slid her hands over it. Biting gently once again on her own lower lip in concentration, her eyes were bright with interest. “I think Jerry is having fun, Daddy. He is really big and hard tonight.”

“I’m sure he is, Darling, but why don’t we stop now, dry off and lay down on my big bed. You can play with him there and I want to show you something new you will really like.”

Once they were toweled off, Tad picked up his eight year old daughter, stood her on the toilet and gave her a long open mouthed kiss then carried her to his bed. Over the next few days and weeks it would slowly become their bed and continue that way for many, many years to come. Tad kissed her slowly and tenderly as he lay her down in the middle of the king sized bed.


Part Three

Forever After

Beverly remained silent in her new self-submission, but continued to follow her Daddy’s movements with her big blue eyes, the corners of her lips turned up a bit in the relaxed non-committal expression of an observer.

Tad carefully, slowly un-braded her pigtails and spread her auburn hair out over the cream colored pillow. She was beautiful in his eyes; her nude body, her hairless pussy, her pretty face and lips built to suck cock.  He knelt between her legs and bent forward leaning with his cast against the headboard. Just before he kissed her again he whispered, “Spread open your legs, Sweetie.  Do it for Daddy, Bev.” 

Beverly bent her knees, pulled her legs back some and spread them apart leaving her cunt completely exposed for her Dad.   Father and daughter closed their eyes as their mouths joined in a long lovers kiss. Bev had learned to push her small tongue into her Daddy mouth as he did to hers.  Now Tad’s tongue found hers and swirled and twisted around it then explored her mouth, under her tongue over her teeth, and the inside of her lips. Her saliva tasted  sweeter than any sweetness he had ever  experienced,  more intoxicating than any wine he had ever drank and the combination was completely enthralling.   Balancing himself over her with his weight on his left arm, his mostly cast covered right hand found her cunt and Tad slowly began to massage it. The completely hairless mound was soft and sexual under his bandaged hand his fingers slid down her crack in her own wetness; one finger ventured inside but not deeply, the cast stopped that… that would wait for another day. Tad continued to kiss her mouth while his fingers explored for the first time and as deeply as possible his eight year old daughter’s virgin cunt. A moment later his exploring finger found her stiff little clit and she moaned in surprise, pulled away a little then relaxed back and opened her legs further a new smile on her face.

For a few minutes Tad continued to kiss her, stimulate her clit and finger her pussy.  She was getting wetter and wetter, her clit now fully erect and firm.  Separating their mouths Tad said quietly, “I love you little girl.  Someday I’m going to fuck this tight little cunt,  but not for a while.  You have to be a little bit older.”

“You can do anything you want, Daddy. I love you too.”  Her lips were a little drier now her breathing a little quicker and more shallow.    “Your finger feels really good, Daddy.”

“I have something even better than that Honey… just relax and enjoy.” Tad kissed her cheek and then tongued and kissed her ear. He bit her ear lobe just a bit and again lapped the inside of her ear. Kissing her neck he slowly lapped his way down to her right then her left nipple. They were showing signs of swelling and became firm under his sucking.  Bev wiggled in pleasure. His tongue traced its way further down swirling his tongue around in her belly button and getting an erotic giggle for his effort.  He kissed her bald pubic mound and then took a moment to reposition himself. Tad laid down between her tented legs, placing her legs over his shoulders. His cock was flat against the sheet and he received great pleasure from rubbing his cock in a fucking motion as he kissed the inside of her thin thighs. His fingers had been working twisting and pulling her nipples but now he moved his hands to her inner thighs. His thumbs spread open her young cunt lips and exposed her small but firm clit, that was his target and his mouth closed over it. He sucked her clit with his lips locked tightly over it. Between sucking Tad used his tongue to flip back and forth over the rubbery clit.

Bev moaned her surprise, pleasure and satisfaction, then showed her strange new natural need by pushing her cunt upward towards her Dad and crying out, “Oh  Daddy, Daddy, Daddy please… more… more... harder… Daddy harder… Oh, Daddy,  Daddy.” Beverly’s whole body was trembling and shaking ,the color had drained from her face, her eyes no longer saw and her mouth was open in wonder.

Tad was on fire as well listening to his daughter begging for more.  He was masturbating against the sheets himself and knew he would climax very soon. Bev’s juice was running out of her cunt and down over her asshole. Without planning or forethought, Tad wet the inch or two of index finger of his right hand and pushed it up Beverly’s ass, then immediately began to fuck her back hole with quick fucking strokes that were synchronized with his sucking rhythm on her clit. She screamed both from the surprise of the anal invasion and because it sent her over the edge and into her very first climax. Her small fingers wove themselves into his father’s hair and pulled him tighter against her cunt.

Tad continued to suck her little girl clit and finger her tight ass hole until he felt her begin to relax. She was finished. Tad could no longer restrain his own explosion and immediately got up.  Kneeling over her at her waist he only had to rub his cock on her tummy a few strokes.

“Open your mouth, Bev… Daddy is coming now and has some sweet sauce for his baby.”

At the moment of bliss, he lurched upwards across her body, cum flew across her body, long ropes crisscrossing her belly before he socketed his dick into her mouth.  The explosion was greater than he had expected, greater than any climax he had ever experienced. Blood seemed to drain from him while stars, streamers, bursting globes and lightning crashed through his brain. Holding his cock tightly he pointed it at his daughter and let the cum flow into her mouth.

Bev did as she was told she by then too drained to do anything more than keep her mouth open and swallow the flood.   He pulled out of her mouth and sent his cum spraying over her.  Tad finally finished, but his cock hadn’t softened. He used one hand to spread his daughter cunt open again and using his tongue he scooped up cum and push it into his daughter willing pussy.    

“Oh, Daddy that was so good.  What happened?  I never felt like that before.” Bev was just getting her breath back.

“That was grown up sex, Honey.  We can do that again in the morning if you want to.”

“Oh, goody,” she said getting her breath back. “That was really cool and I’ll make Jerry hard again,” she smiled up at her handsome Daddy.

“I bet Grand-dad Slone would like you to suck his cock, Honey and maybe Uncle Freddy too. Would you like to do it for them, Sweetie?”

Ya, I would like that… Uncle Freddy is my favorite!  Grand-pa too.”

Satisfied that he had the beginning of a family slut in his bed, Tad pulled the covers over them, turned out the light and snuggled up close to Bev.  She had swallowed most of his cum, but she still had some left on her lips and the taste in her mouth, when he kissed her good night.

“Of course maybe we won’t be able to wait until morning,” Tad said.   Beverly’s turned her back to him now as he pulled her as close to him as possible.    

She just giggled then wiggled her bare ass against her father’s soft cock.

The End


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