by   E.A.Grant

(MMMg, exhib, pedo, oral, anal, inc, cons)

Dave likes to show off his young daughter and Sherry likes to show off for her daddy. Dave also enjoys seeing her with other men.

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Dave and his daughter Sherry had laughed and joked their way through the first two courses. Then when the main entrée came they settled down a bit. It was an excellent Italian restaurant in a fine hotel.  He had ordered the steak pizzacola in red wine-tomato sauce while the small girl, she was eight, ordered a less exotic penny pasta in nduja sauce.  Dave asked for a fairly expensive bottle of red French wine and shared that with his daughter once he had diluted it with the appropriate amount of water.

He and the pretty blond girl were very close… even closer than close, closer than father and daughter… they were lovers. They had fucked in the hotel room before they had gone to the competition that morning and then again when they got back to the hotel… it had started in the shower and finished on one of the two beds.

Now in the hotel dining room they were taking their time, resting up so to speak, knowing when they went back to their room they would be back to fucking like rabbits.

“You did a great job today, Baby,” her father complimented speaking about today’s beauty/modeling competition. “I bet you’re way ahead on points. Tomorrow we’ll see how it goes. But I’m still betting on you.” 

Sherry had entered a six to nine year old model competition. She had dressed in a blue party dress and white ankle socks with lace on top and ‘Mary Jane’ patent leather shoes. Tomorrow she would be modeling a bikini swim suit.

“You’re just saying that Daddy… I know you like it.”

“I do like it… you’re right because it’s you… till it’s true.” They continued to hold hands as long as they didn’t need both hands for utensils. Her small hand fit into the palm of his hand perfectly.

“But I know what you really like don’t I?”  she giggled.  “You like me to wear the black lace nylons with the garter belt.  Don’t ya? With the black panties you can see through. Naughty boy,” she giggled, blushed and looked at her father with a twinkle in her eyes.

Dave smiled, she knew him so well.  “As a matter of fact smarty, I do like to look at you like that, any daddy would.”

She became serious for a minute, then lowered her eyes to her plate, “I think I see one man that likes to look at me, Daddy. Don’t turn around or he’ll know I told you.  I think he’s looking up my skirt.  What should I do?” She liked to follow his instructions. To have her Daddy tell her what to do… she loved his suggestions.

Dave smiled and wondered if they could be lucky enough to find a ‘little girl lover’ at this hotel. He didn’t turn around of course, but still he could see the man, a younger man than Dave, in a mirror just a few feet away at the end of the dining room. They were sitting in a booth while the other man was sitting at a table.  The man was sitting just two tables behind them and to the side with another man whose back was to Dave and Sherry. “You may be right honey. Don’t look at him, Sherry. Pretend you don’t see him.  Why don’t you pull your skirt up just a little and spread your legs so he can see your pretty panties.”

They had played this game often before. Sherry knew what to do, but she was still a little shy about it. She had to concentrate on the food on her plate ignoring even her Daddy’s look. That isn’t to say she didn’t like it, she did in fact loved it. The thought of a grown up man looking up her skirt made her tingle.  It gave her a good funny feeling in her tummy, made her blush a little and left her lips dry for some reason she didn’t understand. Her tongue slid out of her mouth just enough and she moistened her lips. The movement of her little pink tongue running over her lips always gave her Dad a hard-on.  He loved his little girl, his lover, his friend, and he loved her more when he shared his prize with other men, something he had started doing a year or so earlier. He was surprised and pleased that Sherry clearly enjoyed having other men look at her and more than just look on a few occasions.

She slowly uncrossed her ankles while she ate and raised her skirt very naturally and slowly to mid thigh, then finally spared her legs slowly open.  She was sure her new admirer was the only one that could see her ‘under the table naughtiness’.  The sweet feeling in her tummy was starting again and she knew her white panties were wet. She could feel the air conditioned air move over her suddenly exposed thighs and tickle her little pink pee hole.

“Is he looking at me now?” she asked her dad with a little smile as she looked at Dave while continuing to finish her food, wishing she could look at the stranger.

Again Dave studied the man in the mirror carefully and answered her, “He certainly is honey and now the other man has turned around in his seat and is looking too. The first man must have told him about the show.” He laughed and the two touched their glasses and drained the wine.

A few minutes later Dave and Sherry finished desert and rose to leave. Instead of the obvious shorter distance to the elevators Dave led Sherry toward the two men. Seeing them coming toward them the men pretended to be in a conversation and not notice them.

Dave stopped in front of their table with his sweet little Sherry right beside him holding his hand.

“I see you fellows like looking at young girls.”  Ignoring their looks of embarrassed denial, disbelief, surprise and feigned innocence, Dave continued on.  “That’s quite all right gentlemen,” he said in a lowered voice, “with me and with Sherry too actually. In fact we encourage it.    Sherry is an aspiring model; she is in a competition here at the hotel over this weekend.  She really loves attention. I’m taking Sherry up to our room right now, however, if you allow me to buy you both a drink in the cocktail lounge when I come back down, you might like to see some pictures of her in one of her costumes.”

The two men looked at one another confusion migrating to disbelief then understanding. “Sure … Sure we’d love to see her modeling pictures,” the younger one, the one he had seen in the mirror answered without asking his friend. “It’s a shame she can’t join us.”

“Well, the lounge is no place for such a young girl I’m afraid.  But that’s O.K for now… I’ll just be a few minutes.”

Turning to his pretty little daughter he told her, “Sherry, why don’t you say hi to the nice men?” Dave gave her a little touch to encourage her.

“Hi,” she said with an almost shy smile. “My name is Sherry.”  She held out her little hand toward the young man.

“Well, hello Sherry.” He shook her hand and followed with, “My name is Scott, and this is my brother, Rob.”   

“Nice to meet you Mr. Scott.”  Then she gave her hand to the older brother, “You too Mr. Rob.”


Back in the room Dave and Sherry picked out a sexy outfit to match their building sexual mood. Sherry put on some light makeup and Dave found a pay-for view Porn movie to have playing when the men came into the room… if they ever did. When he thought everything was in perfect condition for a horny night, he kissed his daughter’s mouth (making it necessary for her to redo her lipstick), rubbed her butt “for luck” and went back down to the bar.

The two men were sitting in a corner booth away from the main group of drinkers. They looked a little nervous, but very friendly when Dave walked toward then and sat down

“Well, it’s like this guys,” Dave said smiling, “I think Sherry has a great future as a model. You already know how pretty she is. Wait till you see her pictures.”

Dave took a narrow, thick album from the inside pocket of his jacket and handed it to them.  These are just a few, but you’ll get the idea. She is in a contest at the convention center today and tomorrow.  The costumes aren’t quite as reveling as what you have there, but she is still stunning. The ones you’ll like best are on the last few pages.”  Dave ordered a drink and waited while the men examined slowly the many pages, three pictures to a page. It took a while and they didn’t hurry. There were a lot of ‘holy shit’s… and ‘Christ look at that’ and ‘good enough to eat.’

“If you don’t mind me saying so, Dave…” Scott hesitated then went on, “I never thought such a young girl could look so fucking sexy. I especially liked the picture of her in the pink tights.  Girl has a butt like an adult woman, maybe better.  No offense meant buddy.”

Dave noticed how long the two had looked at that set of pictures and smiled; she was in see through pink tights. Her eight year old hairless cunt and her nipples on her flat chest were clearly visible.  

“I think you mean she has an ass like an adult woman… yes, she does, but tighter and firmer, I love it too.” Dave smiled knowingly at first one brother and then the other.

Rob added, “I like the way red panties push right into her little crack… I mean how could I not notice.” He smiled at Dave and finished his drink.

Finished with the album they looked at Dave. Scott spoke first, “That is one hot little girl buddy. Let’s lay it on the table. What are you doing?  Selling pictures?  Is that what this is about?  I’m interested if you are selling them.   I mean, we are interested in pictures.”

“Oh, hell no,” Dave waved off the offer, “I’m not selling pictures or anything else, she’s my daughter for Christ’s sake...  But… I’ll give you some pictures if you like.  They are publicity shots. I have them in my room.”

“Tell you what, if you’re really interested… maybe you’d like to see Sherry dance.  She likes both of you and maybe you would like to see her newest outfit.  She likes to show off for men every now and then and I like to see the effect she has on adult males.” He waited while the two men looked at each other and then back at him.

“Well, hell,” Scott exclaimed, “what are we waiting for?”


Dave was surprised and pleased at how quickly the two men had agreed to come to their room. He was even more pleased at how quickly they had both been turned on, looking at just a few of Sherry’s pictures. In the elevator he noticed their erections, he couldn’t miss them actually.  The idea of his young eight year old daughter giving these two adult men hard-on’s was a thrill to Dave. He could hardly restrain his enthusiasm… it was like Christmas.

Dave opened the door to their room. Sherry was in the bathroom and the lights had been arranged so that the end table lights (there were two double beds), were focused on one bed although they threw enough light to lighten the entire room modestly.

The two brothers, seeing the salacious fuck movie playing on the TV looked at other with raised eyebrows.  With the sound turned off, the room was strangely quiet.

“Here, Rob,” Dave said pulling a straight back chair up to the end of the stage/bed.

“Scott, if you don’t mind, grab that chair near the desk for yourself and bring it over here next to your brother.”

“You guys can take off your shoes if you’d be more comfortable.”  Dave kicked off his own shoes and dropped his jacket on the bed, then went to the bath room door.

“Hi, Sweetie!  Are you ready?  The men from down stairs are here.”

The muffled reply from inside the bath room only lasted a few moments before the door opened and Sherry emerged. She was wearing a full length green satin robe and the only thing exposed, in addition to her head were gold slippers.

“Hello”, was all she said to the two men sitting at the foot of her stage/bed. But she added a big shy welcoming smile and twinkling eyes. Her stare drifted down to their hard-on’s and she was pleased that it was just like the other times, just like her Daddy had told her it would be.

“I talked to Sherry when we came up to the room together and we decided we would let her do some modeling the way she would like to and not by the committee rules. I know you’re going to like it better. It just took a little modification of her costumes to make it work… mostly eliminating unnecessary coverings.” He laughed and let the men see him rubbing his own cock through his pants so they would know that, that was acceptable behavior.

“If either of you would like Sherry to do anything special… or move in any particular way… just speak out.  I’ll bet she’ll do it for you. Don’t be shy, just speak up.” Again the two brothers looked at each other in amazed silence.

Sherry at the side of the bed was adjusting the volume on the CD player. 

“Okay, here goes,” she said as she stepped up onto the bed, her back to her audience. She waited until she picked up the slow beat of the drums and began to sway slowly to the smooth beat. First, just her hips and butt moved gently, then little by little she bent forward with her hands on her knees and it was her ass that was doing all the moving. After a couple of minutes of moving with her back to Scott and Rob, she let the robe slide slowly to the bed where her dad took it out of the way.

A low gasp and a moan filled the room.  The men couldn’t believe what they saw.  She was dressed in an outfit she never would wear in any public competition.

She was exquisite… the perfect little sex kitten… the totally fuck-able eight year old body… a Daddy trained cum slut. She was bare foot with a white see-through ‘Teddy’ that fell just below her ass cheeks but was so transparent the men could easily make out the little girl’s ass beneath it.  Again she bent forward, sticking her swaying, gyrating ass in the direction of the men. Slowly to the beat of the music she inched up the hem of the ‘Teddy’ and exposed her satin covered ass to them. She moved to the music like a gentle breeze. The effect on the men was predictable.

Dave pushed his pants down and displayed a large hard-on that the other two men seemed to ignore.  “If you guys like what you see… and you have my word it gets better… you’re welcome to take off your pants and jack off.  Sherry is quite use to it.” He smiled as he watched the two look at each other, un-buckle their belts and push down their pants and underwear insuring that they would expose themselves to Sherry when she turned around.

Sherry slid out of her ‘Teddy’ now and continued to rotate her ass for the hard cock men.’ She barely moved her feet on the soft mattress but there was plenty of slow erotic movement in her young hips and ass. Her sensual young body and her adult moves fascinated the men and thrilled her Dad.

It was quickly forgotten that she was only eight, stood a mere four foot one inch and weighted fifty-five pounds. All they cared about was that her little well formed ass looked terrific. She had done this a few times before for other men at different hotels, so she knew what her dad wanted and expected her to do… and she loved the attention.

Dave was enjoying watching the two men looking at his daughter. “Scott,” he said smiling at his new friend, “why don’t you help Sherry take off her panties and Rob… you can take off her bra.  I bet her little nips are hard as rocks.” Because all three men were jacking off with their pants around their ankles both Scott and Rob had to remove their shoes then their trousers so they could walk. 

Sherry thought it was funny how the men touched her so gently like they were afraid of doing something wrong, like she might break.  She giggled at them. She kept her back to them for the moment and let Scott pull down her panties while her Daddy watched thrilled at what he was watching.  She stayed bent at the waist with her ass pointing at the men. When she felt her panties sliding down, she wiggled her ass a bit to help poor Scott whose hands were shaking.

“Do you like my butt, Mr. Scott?” she asked peeking around, her eyes dancing, lips moist in a wide grin.

“Oh, yes, Sherry… I like it a lot.” Scott couldn’t believe this was happening. Looking at her chubby wiggling ass cheeks took his mind off his own hard cock. Not only could he and Rob see her little rose bud but they could clearly see her tender, hairless cunt lips.

If Scott wasn’t thinking about his own cock Sherry was and was very impressed. Staring at his cock she said in a tiny voice almost to herself, “It’s really big isn’t it?”  She smiled at Scott, straightened up and continued to wiggle and dance erotically as she had practiced and done so often before. Smoothly she moved from side to side on the narrow bed, smooth moves waving her ass like a flag and swaying her hips like a natural harem dancer, arms away from her body undulating like waves. Finally she turned around and the men could see her cunt slit, she spoke to Rob.

“Mr. Rob, are you going to take my bra off? My nips are starting to hurt a little from the silly cloth.”

Dave had taken off the rest of his cloths knowing now that the two brothers were comfortable with the idea of him letting Sherry see the men naked. He could see the desire in both men’s eyes, the sweat that had broken out on each of their faces and their natural response in the form of huge pulsing hard-ons. He couldn’t wait to see one of those big cocks in his daughter’s mouth.

Rob came to the bed now just staring at Sherry, lost in the magnetism of her body and her moist, welcoming smile. Scott had moved away a few feet so his brother could enjoy Sherry without interruption.

Her little dance on top of the bed had Rob fired up. Almost over come with the feelings of his arousal, he grasped her bare hips.  “You’re some little girl, Sherry.”  Rob let his hands slide from her hips around and cupped her tender naked ass cheeks.  “Will you give me a grown up kiss?”

Sherry just turned her head to one side and answered “Sure, Mr. Rob. It’s fun to kiss.”

Wondering what kissing an eight year old would be like, Rob gently pulled her closer and let his lips just touch hers. He saw her close her eyes and understood that her dad must have taught her how to kiss. Pushing his lips harder against hers became a totally new feeling for Rob, not like anything else he had ever experienced or even imagined. Her lips were exceedingly soft and pliant, moist to the point of being wet and very warm. They separated slowly to allow his tongue to enter her tiny mouth. The cavity was small, sweet as candy, warm and wet… her tongue; a small organ, greeted his with excited twirls. Her mouth opened further and their tongues, one small and adventurous… one larger and filled with erotic desire, mixed in impossible contortions.

Mummmm,” was the only sound she made while she put her arms around his neck and continued to kiss. Rob unsnapped her small bra and found her nipples hard and swollen protruding from her flat chest. He began to gently twist and pull on them.

Continuing the long kiss and feeling her small nipples, Rob stepped out of his pants and a moment later dropped his shirt on the floor. Scott was already nude.

Rob finally broke the kiss…“You are such a sweet little cunt, Sherry… I really love touching you like this.”

“You said a bad word, Mr. Rob!  Hee, hee, hee. But that’s Okay,  my Daddy says dirty words are fun sometimes. He says I can even say them when I get naked with him and other men.”  Standing on the bed while he stood on the floor brought her head just a little bit lower than his. She braced herself with her hands on his shoulders and kissed his lower lip then smiled.

“I like the way you kiss. Let’s do that again.”

Breaking the lustful kiss, she looked down at his very hard cock. “Wow!  It’s big! I bet you want to put it in me don’t you, Mr. Rob? Daddy says men always want to do that.   You can if you want and if my Daddy says it’s alright and if it’s not too big.” She giggled again.

Dave was also nude at that point and was loving the way things were going. The men, strangers to him and his daughter, were lustfully feeling up his little girl right in front of him… that was the most exciting thing he could imagine. Just knowing that she was looking at the stranger’s two hard adult cocks excited him. He couldn’t wait to see what he knew was coming next.  Pre-cum ran over his hand while he jacked off.

“Do you like those big cocks, Sherry?” her daddy asked.  “Their big cocks are hard because they saw your pretty ass, Honey.” 

Sherry giggled and continued to look at the hard dicks. “They are really pretty, aren’t they,” she said. “And you know I like to get naked and dance,” she stopped talking to her father, smiled at the men and continued to wiggle her chubby round ass at them.     

 Dave got up from his chair and lay down on the empty bed spreading his legs and enjoying the sight. “Why don’t you two lay her down on the bed and see what she can do with those cocks. Suck her pussy; she loves that.”

Taking the advice, Scott lifted Sherry up and sat her on his chest facing his brother who knelt between his open thighs.  With her face toward his feet he pulled her ass onto his face. The smell and feel of her eight year old ass was delicious to him. Rob knelt between his brother’s legs and wiped his cock across Sherry young tender lips as she bent forward.   “O.K. little girl lap your Uncle Rob’s cock…  Go ahead, honey, lap the juice away like a real little cock slut.” 

Dave almost came when he heard Rob, a stranger, call his daughter a slut. He himself loved to whisper dirty words into the air over her head while he fucked her small body. ‘Fucking little whore’ and ‘slut bitch’ were two of his favorites. Now he heard some of the same words from these men.

Between strokes of his own cock Dave grabbed his camera and began clicking away.  He and his eight year old daughter would look at them in bed in the future and remember the fun.

Sherry herself hardly heard the words and was thrilled with the strange men’s four hands on her, feeling her, pulling at her little nipples and squeezing her ass cheeks. The feels and pulls got more insistent and their cocks seemed to strain even more under the tight shinny skin when the smell of her cunt juice became more obvious and pungent.  She could feel her clear juice beginning to run down the inside of her thigh and wished one of them would finger her little pea hole.

“Uncle” Scott was already busy. Scott spread open Sherry’s ass cheeks and lapped and sucked her tiny virgin ass hole, pushing his tongue just a little way into her tight rose bud.  Soon Scott pushed a finger into her ass and heard a little gasp then felt her relax and accept his finger, then two, then three fingers. Her hole opened more than Scott would ever have imagined an eight year olds ass hole could or would open. He didn’t know how much she liked it up the ass, but he was getting the idea that she had been used that way whether she liked it or not.

Rob let her slowly lap up his pre-cum, then introduced his cock to her mouth. Obviously it was not the first cock she had sucked. Placing his hands on the back of her head, he held her so that he could push his hard dripping dick into her mouth. Then he started to face fuck the small mouth.  In and out his thick dick went in ever increasing long strokes… delicious feeling strokes. He closed his eyes and focused on the carnal thrill of her small, wet, warm mouth. Her tongue, again showing its previous training swirled and teased as it moved over the straining cock.

Then the crashing wave of climax hit him, “Oh shit! Suck you little cock sucker… suck, baby, suck,” Rob pleaded. “Use that little tongue and suck that fat head.”  He took a deep breath and added for no real reason except the effect on his own mind, “Suck it you little whore until it explodes in your sweet little mouth.” Right then it just felt good to talk dirty to her. Every nerve in his body was alive and tingling.

He had been right, Sherry did love to suck cock, anybody’s cock. It was like a toy except that it was alive and did neat stuff. She could feel the protruding veins on the side of the incredible hard flesh and the silky smooth skin as he pushed it into her little mouth and then withdrew it.  ‘Wow that is so, so cool,’ the little girl said to herself as her mouth was used. She could taste the thin sweet liquid that flowed from the hole in the tippity-tip top of the cock head.  She knew from all the times before that the love oil would not stop until the ‘big bang’ as her daddy called it. Her daddy was so funny some times. Then there would be lots and lots of white sauce… thick white sauce… hot thick white honey sauce. Then she would suck the hardest until the end. She loved that part best. ‘Not that it was the end silly,’ she thought to herself… ‘Because that was when the white honey sauce fills my mouth like to much pudding,’ she giggled to herself. The only problem was that, that meant that the man was finished and she hated them to be finished. She continued to suck Rob’s cock like the perfect little girl.

Dave just couldn’t stand it any longer and had to get even closer to the hot sucking. “That’s it, Baby, show him what a good cock sucker you are. Suck him good, Sherry.”

Turning his attention to Rob, Dave added, “You can deep throat her when you cum, Buddy.” (Dave had forgotten his name and didn’t care who he was anyway)  “She can hold her breath for more than half a minute, so you’ll have plenty of time to cum when you’re ready”.

Sherry was still kneeling over Scott’s face, but now he moved her back further so his tongue came in contact with her hairless young pussy. First he pushed his two fingers into her and she opened up smoothly. She was not, as he suspected, a virgin so his fingers went in deep. Withdrawing his fingers he decided to feast on her tender cunt. His thick tongue easily separated the almost transparent outer lips and snaked into her small pink hole. Lapping up her freely running juices, he drank his fill while he explored as far as his tongue could take him. Scott gently sucked her tender young clit into his mouth and gently sucked it.

Sherry was thrilled with Scotts cunt sucking. Sometimes men didn’t even do that, but he did. And that made her happy. “The man is sucking my pussy,” Daddy she mumbled between the long strokes of Rob going in and out of her mouth.

“I know Honey I can see him. I bet it feel good doesn’t it?”  Dave took a close up of Scott sucking his daughter’s clit.

The little girl tried to answer “H-umm….m-ummm… yes …it makes me feel...m-ummm… really…good Daddy.” She mumbled in almost unintelligible mumblings.” Her lips were stretched thin around the fat cock and she had an amazing four inches of hot cock in her mouth. Her cheeks were alternately concave as she tried to suck the fat tube and puffed out as she drew in a breath or when his cock pushed against her cheek from inside her mouth.

Hearing her moan even with her mouth filled with his brother’s cock, Scott decided to be more aggressive. Sucking, then stretching her clit to a maximum, he held it tight between his lips and pulled and pulled on it. I  He could feel that it was swelling even as he sucked it. She moaned again and he bit her clit just enough to make her pull away a bit, but he pulled her back and bit again. He knew that she too was close to cumming. He wanted to fuck this young cunt, younger than he had ever had before she climaxed.

“Hurry up, Rob” he said. “This slut’s already to cum and I want her to do that with my dick in her.”

Grasping her head, Rob urgently let out a groan. “Suck that dick you little cunt, suck it… suck it.” He pulled her head forward and pushed his cock deep into her young throat and his cock exploded its full stream of cum in several convulsive loads.    

Sherry was not surprised or scared. It had happened to her several times without warning. Her Daddy had taught her to hold her breath and fight back the natural fear of choking.  She held her breath and felt the hot cum rushing into her throat and into her tummy.  She just hoped some would stay in her mouth so she could play with it with her tongue. Or share it with her Daddy if she could. ‘Daddy will like that,’ she thought. ‘He likes to kiss me with a mouth full of honey sauce.’

Rob stopped moving and held his cock deep in her throat while he came off. Then he let out a breath and seemed to deflate a bit removing his cock from her mouth for a moment so she could breath. His cock was slowly losing its stiffness although it was still very thick and covered with his own cum.

“Suck it clean for me, Sherry,” he said. “Suck it nice and clean for Uncle Rob.”  Rob put his soft cock back in her mouth and Sherry used her trained tongued to clean away all the white honey sauce left on Rob’s softening cock. Her lips and chin glistened with his silver grey discharge. Small white bubbles appeared at both corners of the eight year old’s mouth and a thin stream of cum and bubbles ran from the right corner of her mouth and dripped from her chin. Rob sat back on the bed exhausted.

Knowing his brother was finished, Scott lifted the small girl and placed her on top of his horizontal cock that was lying flat against his body. He slid her back and forth on his dick as if she were sliding back and forth on a banister.

“Let me help you,” Dave said now ready to cum off himself. “You hold her up in the air a bit and I’ll put your cock in her for you. You want the nice man to fuck you don’t you, Honey?”

“Yes, Daddy.  If you say it’s alright. I want to get the special magic feeling.  Will he do it in my bum hole too?”

“I don’t know, Baby. Let’s wait and see what happens.”

Scott heard all this, but things were moving so quickly for him he wasn’t sure what to do first. Then he felt Dave take hold of his cock and he decided to just let things happen for now. The stranger lifted the girl, a light weight for such a strong man, and positioned her over the his painfully hard cock. Sherry, her back still to Scott, actually took some of the weight on her own legs because she was still in a squatting position. Still, she let Scott move her as he liked just hoping she would feel his big cock sliding into her quickly.

Dave held Scott’s cock with his left hand and used the fingers of his right hand to separate the wet, warm lips of his daughter’s cunt. He loved being part of getting her fucked and he almost came off as the head of Scott’s steel hard rod entered his eight year old daughter’s pussy. The father knew very well he was whoring his daughter and he loved it.

Slowly Sherry let herself slide down on Scott’s cock filling her. She loved the feeling of being so full and having her daddy so close while it happened. Beads of sweat broke out on Sherry forehead and on her upper lip. Her eyes were closed as bit by bit Scott’s eight inch cock (one inch for each of her years), filled her little girl cunt.

Dave sat back a little and watched the intrusion. He rubbed Scott’s balls gently and with his free hand took another picture for later examination. With a serious look on her face,Sherry had by then taken the entire large prong into her pussy and was sitting on Scott’s pelvic bone with just a little slow wiggle in her hips. Scott didn’t have to do a thing. He just laid there while Sherry and her dad did the work.

Dave reached forward and took his daughter nipples between his fingers and began to rotate them. “Alright Sherry, now is the time to fuck him. Fuck him good baby… fuck him hard.” He began to pull harder on Sherry’s nipples and she began to slide up and down on the hard cock. Slowly at first, then faster. She began to not just slide but to rotate her hips as she had been trained. It felt better that way and she liked it.

With her eyes still closed she said, ”Oh Daddy it feels so big in me…  It feels so good too. I really like it a lot.” She began to move faster and began to smile more. Still pulling on her nipples Dave bent forward and closed his mouth over that of his daughter’s. She put her arms around his neck as his tongue entered his little girl’s mouth and she moaned approval. Dave was again rubbing Scott’s balls and Sherry was moving fast up and down, burying Scott’s fat cock completely in herself.

As Dave sucked on his daughter’s tongue he could taste the remains of Rob’s cum on her lips and in her mouth. It made him crazy with desire to cum in or on his daughter.  All of a sudden Dave was aware that his daughter had wrapped her hands around his cock and was jacking him off. With his tongue in her mouth and a stranger’s cock deep inside his eight year old daughter’s cunt, Dave came off all over her belly. Thick silvery cum glistened as it ran over her nipples over her belly button and into the crack between her legs where it got lost in the plunging in and out of Scott’s cock in Sherry’s hairless pussy.

“Pull her off me, Dave,” Scott said, “I’m ready to cum. I want to fuck that fat little ass.”

“Lift up, Honey,” Dave said, the man wants to put his nice cock into your bum hole.” Dave helped her slide off Scott’s long cock, then he captured some of his own cum from his daughter’s belly and lubricated her ass hole forcing his finger into her to loosen the experienced hole. Dave was pleased that he had trained the young girl in so many helpful ways.

The cock would hurt her at first he knew. She never liked being ass fucked at first because it hurt her and she never seemed to get use to it. Still after the cock was in… she was happier and usually ended up enjoying it. Dave knew he enjoyed his daughter taking it up the ass and so he always agreed to let men do it to her. Most often he couldn’t have stopped them if he had wanted to.

“Will it hurt me, Daddy?” Sherry asked. “It did last time, and Mr. Scott is so big.   Daddy don’t let him hurt me.”

“It won’t hurt, Baby… just for a minute then you’ll like it, wait and see.” Scott held his own cock straight up in the air and Dave, holding Sherry let her slowly down onto the red shiny cock head. He opened her back hole with his fingers and Scott pushed his cum covered cock head into the eight year old ass.  At first the cock couldn’t push itself in, but then the sphincter opened just a bit and Scott pushed. Sherry screamed out once and began to cry.

“Daddy, it hurts!  It hurts!  Make him take it out please… please.  Oohhhhhhh… It hurts… it hurts!”

“Just take a deep breath, Baby.  It’s inside you now.  Try to relax your bum fo,r Daddy.  It will stop hurting in a minute… I promise. Daddy will buy you a new dress if you’re a good girl for just another few minutes.”

Sherry seemed to quiet down a bit and began to relax. Her face was a study in pain, eyes squeezed shut and she bit hard on her lower lip. Then she realized that the pain was not only not any worse, but was even a little less. Next she felt Scott begin to move in and out of her ass, fucking her ass the way he had fucked her pee hole. It still hurt, but the pain kind of blended into a pleasant feeling.  She relaxed and let him have his way without complaining. Then she realized that her body was moving up and down even with the burning feeling, and she was really enjoying being fucked in her pop hole. In fact she was almost at the time she was going to have her magic feeling.

“Oh, Daddy this does feel good now. It still hurts kind of, it burns… but in a good way. Daddy, the magic is coming…,its coming.”

Dave new his daughter was reaching her climax now. Ever since she was six she had been having a climax and the older she had become the better the orgasms had become.  He loved to watch her when she was cumming and usually pulled hard on her nipples to intensify the experience.

But this time, instead of pulling on her nipples he stretched out on the bed and put his face up against her pussy. He took her clit in his mouth and sucked hard even while Scott was fucking her ass.

Dave felt the mattress give way as Rob rejoined the action, straddling both the father and his younger brother.  Taking his renewed erection in hand, he slapped the young girl’s face until she captured his dick between her lips.

When Dave realized she was at her point of no return, he bit her quite hard. The combination of the pain of having her ass fucked by the big dicked stranger, having her face fucked and having her clit bitten by her father pushed her over the edge and sent her souring with the stars. Sparks flashed and flew before her eyes; her body felt like it was on fire.  She pushed her ass down hard on the cock that was in her butt and held it deep inside her. In the mist of her climax she suddenly realized that she had forced Scott into his climax as well. She could feel his hot cum flooding into her darkest places. She couldn’t have felt any better or been any happier than she was at that very minute.

Her daddy held her while she caught her breath and her racing heart began to calm down. She stayed sitting on Scott’s cock until it just deflated to the point that it just popped out of her.

The father laid his little girl out onto the bed next to Scott and watched gleefully as Rob mounted her.  For a good fifteen minutes, she was fucked into mattress.

Finally Rob sat upright between her splayed legs and dismounted her.   The sight of his dick exiting her pussy yet still connected to it by a long strand of cum, nearly sent Dave into a lustful insanity.  But he saw that Sherry was totally exhausted and his ardor subsided.   He picked up his little eight year old fuck toy, the girl he loved so much and placed her on the second bed face down. The last thing he did was to spread open her ass cheeks and finding her back hole still open and awash in cum  decided to clean her with his mouth. Both Scott’s and Rob’s cum was running slowly out of her.  Dave lifted her by the hips and drove his face into her crotch, lapping it all away, leaving her little girl ass and pussy as clean as the day she was born.  

Minutes later he realized she was sleeping and he covered her. Tomorrow she would be back in the beauty contest for innocent little eight year olds. Tomorrow night? That was another question and open to... well whatever came along.    

The End


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