By Lasiter

(m+g, Mg, oral, cons, inc, ped)

Debbie is a precocious pre-teen who is very popular with all the older neighborghood boys, very popular...

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Brad looked up from his breakfast as his foxy eleven year old daughter, Debbie, waltzed into the kitchen wearing a cropped shirt that exposed a goodly expanse of bare belly and tight denim shorts that were impossibly tight. 

Having caught her daddy’s eye, the physically precocious pre-teen beamed and gave a sassy wiggle to her lithe body, sending her shoulder length dark curly tresses to bouncing.  Her blue eyes sparkled with the promise of mischief as she puckered her glistening wet lips and threw her daddy a kiss across the room. 

It was no secret between the two of them that she liked to show off or that Brad enjoyed watching her.  It was all playful, father-daughter stuff and never amounted to much except for the occasional quick display of bare skin, like when he’d catch her running from the hall bath to her bedroom stark naked and fresh from her bath. 

She was an exhibitionist her father knew.  He had been told several times by different mothers and well meaning fathers that on various occasions, his little girl had been engaged in “show-me-yours-and-I’ll-show-you-mine” games with several different neighborhood boys.  He was loath to confront her about it as he felt strongly that it was only natural curiosity and nothing more, and if it was more, that was only natural too.  Besides, he didn’t have a clue as how to broach the subject without possibly causing psychological damage, so he took the easy path and choose to ignore it. 

For his part, he enjoyed playing the voyeur, allowing her to wear the most revealing and tantalizing clothes.  Sometimes he went so far as to spy upon her, peering through the crack of her partially opened bedroom door.  He in turn, occasionally played the part of the exhibitionist, allowing the girl to see him naked while changing and occasionally giving the young girl a good look at his large cock and heavy balls.

Several years back, Brad’s wife had been accidently killed during a horseback ride.  Brad rose to the task of single-handedly raising his two boys and their younger sister. He had to teach himself how to cook for his family, clean up the house (as best he could or wanted to), learned to do the laundry and learned all the other necessary skills and tasks his wife had performed with seemingly effortless ease.  In an instant, his home became a man’s house, a man’s house with kids.

There were adjustment to be sure, but he saw no reason to fundamentally change anything he was doing.  He had slept in the nude before his wife was killed and he slept in the nude afterwards.  All three kids quickly discovered that Dad slept in the buff.  The boys immediately emulated him and not long after, so did little Debbie.  It’s not that he permitted or encouraged open nudity in the house, but the how and in what the kids slept in, wasn’t a priority to him.  Soon the nude dash from bath to bedroom was a common occurrence, for brothers and sister alike, and quite naturally the coast wasn’t always clear. 

One such dash had occurred the night before.  On his way to the living room to watch a TV show, Brad, modestly covered in his bathrobe, had stepped into the hallway.  Bam!  His naked daughter, still damp from a bath, ran smack into him.  His arms reacted immediately, catching the naked girl and holding her to him.  For a brief moment, he held her to his body, his hands pressed to the soft smooth skin of her bare back.  She giggled, as she always did in such situations.  Brad released her and she disappeared into her bedroom giving him a quick, but unfettered, view of her bare butt before she discretely closed the door. 

Finding the show he wanted to see on the DVR, he pressed play and sat back to watch his favorite crime drama show, without all the commericals.  He glanced down the bedroom hallway to see if she’d come out like she often did, wearing one of his old t-shirts and not much else, and hopping into his lap to watch a TV show with her daddy.  Frequently she squirmed about quite a bit and that had its effects upon him.  He was certain that she knew exactly what that hard lump was that she wiggled against. On occasion the squirming did more than just giving him a hard-on, sometimes his bathrobe would open just enough so that his bare hard cock pressed into her bare thigh or even between her butt cheeks.  Brad loved it, but he also felt terribly guilty about it too.  So guilty that he never commented on the situation nor encouraged it to go any further than it had.  Instead, he struggled to keep his breathing even, struggled to keep his hands still, struggled to ignore the apparent sexual advances, and especially struggled against the urge to grab the tails of that t-shirt and strip it over her head.

Last night, however, she hadn’t come.  For the conflicted father, in some ways it was a relief that she didn’t make an appearance, yet at the same time it was a disappointment.

Later, on his way to bed to get ready for a very big day tomorrow, he found her in bed, reading a book.  When he came in to tell her good night, she covered her bare budding breasts, but characteristically, she was slow to do so, giving her tormented daddy a little peek at her budding charms accompanied by that coy winsome smile of hers.

His two older sons, Josh and Jeremy, pretended not to notice their flirty little sister when she made her breakfast appearance that day.  It being summer, they were dressed as usual for a summer day, in cutoff jeans and nothing else.  Debbie came up behind each of her hunky brothers and gave them a good morning kiss on the cheek while she fleetingly ran her hands across their bare shoulders. 

“Well, Daddy,” she began as she took her seat next to Brad, “what are you up to today?  No coat and tie?”

“I’m playing golf with some potential investors,” her father replied before taking a sip of black coffee. 

“You always make doing business sound so hard,” she answered impishly.

“It’s all part of it, Baby.  Some days are just better than others.  Today should be a very good day...  So, what are your plans, pumpkin?”

“Me and Amanda…”

“Amanda and I,” he corrected for the upteenth thousandth time.

“Amanda and I,” she began again, “are planning on… I don’t know.  Maybe her mom will take us shopping or something.”

“Her mom has the day off?”

“I dunno know.  I guess so,” the young girl replied spreading strawberry jam on her toasted English muffin.

“You have any money to go shopping?”

“I was thinking that maybe you could…” 

Brad held up his hand and cut her off immediately. “The answer is, no,” he replied settling the matter.  All three kids knew that needling Dad about something like money was a losing tactic.  Their dad was pretty easy about most things, but when it came to money and responsibilities…

“What about you guys?” Brad asked the two boys simultaneously.

Jeremy barely looked up and shrugged.  Josh was a little more forthcoming.  “Guess we’ll hang out with the guys.”  Hanging out with the guys, that’s what they always did.  Indeed in the isolated wooded subdivision where they lived, that was only thing available for them.

Brad finished his coffee and announced, “Well, I’m on my way.  You kids, be good.  I don’t want to come home to a pig sty so take care of it for me.  Okay?”  No one answered.  “I said, ‘Okay?’” he repeated.  “There’s no reason that you three can’t take care of the house this summer.  You don’t have anything better to do, so help me out, will you?”

“Yes, sir,” replied Josh.

His father’s phrase, “So help me out, will you,” was tantamount to, “Do it or else!”  All the kids knew that and all knew that their meager allowances for the week were on the line.  Taking charge, Josh, the oldest of the three, assigned tasks to his siblings.  “Jeremy, you run the vacuum cleaning in the house and straighten up.  Debbie, you have the kitchen.  Me, I’ll do the bathrooms.  In thirty minutes, we’ll be done.”

“Be sure and strip your beds and put on fresh sheets,” Brad added.

“Forty minutes,” corrected Josh dourly.

Pleased with his oldest son, Brad kissed his daughter and then stood.  Confident that things would be taken care of while he was gone, Brad departed for his golfing outing, where he planned to seal the deal he had been working on these past few weeks. Lord knows, he needed to close the deal soon and bring in some sorely needed income.

Josh, as usual, rode herd on his younger brother and sister until the chores had been done.  Then with Jeremy in tow, the two boys left to hook up with friends and see what the day would bring. 

Alone in the house, Debbie called her best buddy, Amanda, who informed her that she had to go with her mom across town to see her aunt who had been seriously ill for several months.  Dejected, Debbie sat on her bed and pondered what she might do for the remainder of the day. 

It didn’t take her long to decide that her best course of action would be to try and locate her two brothers and hang out with them.  Like all little sisters, she knew that if she did find them and if they let her hang out with them, that there would be a price to pay.  She’d paid that price several times now and wasn’t in the least concerned with paying it again, indeed paying that price is what she wanted.  Thinking of what may be in store for her today, her pussy moistened in anticipation of cock, her brothers’ cocks and perhaps, their friends’ cocks too.  Yes, she was that legendary girl of the neighborhood, the young slut who dropped her panties upon request for the neighborhood gang.  Everyone knew it, everyone but her father and even he suspected the truth. 

It took her a while to locate her brothers.  She heard them shouting and laughing as they goofed off with some friends in David’s backyard pool.  Coming around to the side gate, she let herself in.

“Hey, look who’s here!” shouted Rick from the water.  The other four boys turned to see who had joined the impromptu pool party.  Seeing who it was, David looked nervously towards the house to see if his mother had seen her.  Some months ago, David’s mom had caught him and Debbie after school in a rather compromising situation.  After that, his mother didn’t want “that little tramp,” anywhere near her or her son.

“You going swimming?” asked Bill.

“I don’t have my swim suit,” she answered.

“You didn’t need one the other night,” he replied to laughter of the other boys.

Josh pulled himself from the water and pulled his little sister off to the side and out of sight of the house.  “What are you doing here?” he demanded.  “You know David’s mom said you couldn’t come over here.  Christ, you want her to tell Dad about you?”

“I can’t hang out with Amanda today,” she explained.  “I’m bored.”

“Then find something else to do.”

“Please, Josh.  Can’t I just hang out with you today?”

“David’s mom will have a cow if she sees you here,” her brother replied.  “Now, go home.”

“Please, Josh.”

Bill then called out, “Hey, Josh!  Tell her to get naked, will ya?”

David punched Bill’s shoulder hissing, “Shut up, man!  My mom’s inside!” 

Redheaded and freckled Bill, the largest and oldest of the neighborhood boys, pushed David back into the pool.  He sauntered up to Debbie and her older brother and slipped in behind her.  Grasping the tail of her short cropped top, Bill lifted the top to expose her budding A-cups.  All the boys, all except David, laughed at the brazen display of girlie flesh; even Josh chuckled at the antics of his best friend.  “You wanna fuck, little girl?” the sixteen year old boy whispered loud enough for Josh to hear. 

Debbie knew better than to think that Josh would “protect” her, in fact it never occurred to her. It was Bill who was the first to sample what Josh had offered to him and had offered to all his buddies… her pussy. It was Josh who controlled access to his little sister’s charms.  To make that point clear, Josh reached out and took her brown nipple between his fingers and gave it a tug.

About that moment the sky crackled with thunder from a gathering storm.  “Looks like rain,” said Ricky as he scrambled out of the pool, certain that if he stayed a moment longer, he be electrocuted. 

Unconcerned with the weather, Jeremy continued to paddle about the pool, keeping close watch on his older brother and his promiscuous little sister. 

David too was alarmed by the thunder and climbed out of the water.  “Pool’s closed,” he said to his gathering of guests.  “Let’s go inside and play some video games.”

“I think I’d rather go to Josh’s house,” announced Bill as he openly fondled the young girl’s budding breast.

Rick chimed in, “Yeah, let’s go to Josh’s house.  Your old man’s not home is he, Josh?”

“No, he’s gone for the day,” Josh replied. 

Turning to the middle sibling Josh commanded, “Let’s go, Jeremy.”

Debbie’s thirteen year old brother swam to the edge and effortlessly hosted himself from the water like a sea lion.

“Hey, guys, wait a minute!” pleaded David knowing that he was about to be abandoned.  “I can’t go to Josh and Jeremy’s.”

“That’s too bad, Dave,” replied Bill.  “Maybe we’ll come back after the weather’s cleared.” Bill then yanked down Debbie’s top and ushered her through the gate, followed closely by her two brothers and Jeremy’s best buddy, Rick. 

The little knot of teenagers walked down the road, turned the corner and slowly made their way toward Josh and Jeremy’s house.  The pace was languid despite the fact that all knew what would soon happen… sex… sex with the pretty eleven year old girl who never, ever said, ‘no’. They were still a hundred and fifty yards from their destination when the skies opened, engulfing them in a deluge of heavy rain fall.  The pace quickened to a mad dash to the safety of the house. 

They were all drenched when they made it around to the garage door.  Josh quickly punched in the code and the steel door quietly opened, letting the soaked teenagers into the shelter of the garage.  Of course the boys had already been wet from swimming when the rain hit.  Debbie, however, was now soaked, her white top plastered against her skin and becoming translucent, her dark nipples were now plainly on display. 

Josh encouraged his little sister to model her “wet t-shirt” tits for his friends.  Giggling the young girl did just that in the garage before making dash for the house, closely pursued by the four hormone-charged boys.  Once inside, they gathered in the family room.  They had all been here before, many times before school let out for the summer and many times during the summer break.  They all knew the rules.  Despite Bill’s status as titular leader, Josh was in charge of these sex parties with Debbie.

Ya know, Sis” Josh said, “you could catch a death of cold in those wet clothes. Now, we can’t have that, can we?”

Then turning to his younger brother, Josh ordered, “Jeremy! Strip her bare ass naked, before she catches a cold.” 

Jeremy unhesitatingly set about the task without the slightest protest from his little sister.  First her wet top was pulled over her head and then her tight denim shorts were unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled down her legs.  Balancing herself on Jeremy’s shoulder, she deftly stepped out the shorts, one foot at a time and leaving her rhinestone flip flops behind.  Clad only in her tiny pink thong, she stood waiting her instructions.

“Show us what you’ve got, Baby!” called out Bill.

Grinning, the young girl modeled her near naked body in her thong, a thong made up of three strings.  It was so brief that it didn’t cover her bare mons and it disappeared completely as it rode up into and disappeared into her slit. The sheer brevity of the pink thong made her look even more naked than if she’d been completely nude.

Josh quickly cut to the chase announcing, “Blowjob time,” as he shuffled a deck of cards.  Handing the shuffled cards to his sister, she fanned the deck out.  Each boy then drew a card. 

“Jack of diamonds,” announced Josh as he showed his card.

“Eight of spades,” said Rick. 

“Three of diamonds,” said Jeremy with a hint of dejection in his voice knowing that he’d be the caboose of the upcoming train.

“Whoa!” said Bill as he glanced at his card.  “Read ‘em and weep, boys,” he declared as he displayed the king of clubs. 

It was the settled method of fairly determining who went first with Josh and Jeremy’s little sister.  With the order democratically determined, everyone watched without complaint as Bill dramatically loosened the draw string of his swimsuit. Then with a showman's flare, he pushed his colorful board trunks to the floor, kicking them off with a flick of his foot, causing the wet trunks to fly across the room to land with a wet splat on the carpeted floor.  Everyone grinned at his dramatic antics.

They had all played this game many times before, so Debbie needed no instructions as what to do next.  Immediately the promiscous girl was on her knees before Bill.  Grasping his stiff cock, she fondled him for a moment while looking up in his eyes.  Grinning down at the blue eyed neighborhood whore, Bill watched as the pretty eleven year old peeled back his foreskin and brought her lips to the reddish tip of his dick, kissing the head several times before kissing along the hardened stalk.  Her two brothers and Rick watched as Bill’s prick disappeared into her mouth.  Bill gasped, throwing his head back at the delicious sensations Debbie’s mouth was causing to his steely rod. 

Rotating her head side to side as she slid her lips back and forth over the painfully engorged cock, Debbie settled in for a morning of cock sucking.  She loved sucking dick and had from the first time her brother, Josh, bribed her to suck him when she was eight years old.  After that she needed no bribing, just the opportunity… opportunities that Josh and Jeremy and their friends eagerly provided to her.  She enjoyed fellatio so much that the boys didn’t have to ask; just whip out the lizard in a discrete place and Debbie went to town.  She loved the feel of a cock in her mouth, loved the varying sizes of boy cocks, loved the varying degrees of hardness as the blowjob progressed from start to finish, and she loved the funky odor of teenage male genitals, but she especially loved the taste and texture of fresh semen, straight from the spigot.  She really didn’t think about it as such, but she probably liked the taste and texture of Josh’s cum the best, thick and rich with a heady favor, while on the opposite end of the spectrum was Rick’s cum, thin and runny with a slight acrid taste from the cigarettes he smoked.

As for fucking, Josh wouldn’t let anyone do her until fairly recently… parading her around naked, letting everyone feel her up and letting her suck dick was one thing… intercourse with his little sister was another matter altogether, but things do change.  It was on a typical school holiday, Diversity Day.  The poor overworked teachers, who already worked only 180 days a year with 185 days off, needed yet another break and Diversity Day provided that for them.  Of course parents who actually worked for a living had to leave their kids alone at home and to their own devices.  Quite naturally Brad was working that day to support his family, as well as support all the deadbeats of society. 

Rick’s dad had taken Rick and Jeremy fishing, so they were not present for Debbie’s deflowering.  Josh, Bill, and Danny were lying about, drinking contraband beer liberated from Bill’s dad, watching one of Danny’s dad’s porno DVD’s and  letting Debbie suck their dicks to her heart’s content, when someone mentioned that since she was now developing tits that they should fuck Debbie.   Josh’s inhibitions, as they were, were further lowered by a couple of beers.  Her oldest brother immediately claimed first dibs on her pussy while Danny and Bill flipped a coin to see who went second.  Later that afternoon, when Rick and Jeremy had returned from their fishing trip, they too added their cocks to the mix.  After that, Brad’s frequent absence from home during the day provided ample opportunity for the boys to act on their impulses and hormones; they had been fucking her ever since. As for Debbie, she liked fucking as much as she did sucking.

Today, she had her four most frequent sex partners to suck and to fuck, and she was delighted to take all of them on at once.  Her only regret was that David wasn’t there too, not that the twelve year old was all that skilled or anything, but he was a boy and had a dick.  Of course it would have been nice to have Danny over too, he had a very nice fat prick, but he was out of town on a family vacation.   

Of the four naked boys present for today’s group fuck-and-suck, Bill was the oldest and most physically mature; he also had the biggest dick of the lot.  But Josh, nearly a year younger at fifteen, was almost as big as Bill, both in stature and in the cock and balls department.  Being two years younger, Jeremy was naturally smaller than his older brother, but the way hair was sprouting all over him, it wouldn’t be long before the thirteen year old caught up to his older brother and perhaps surpass him.  Rick, who was Jeremy’s age, wasn’t as well endowed as Jeremy, but what he lacked in equipment he made up for in stamina… the boy could go and go and go and seemed to possess an unlimited supply of watery cum for Debbie to slurp.

Josh fingered his little sister’s asshole and pussy from behind while she knelt before Bill and sucked his uncut cock.  After several minutes and without a word spoken, Josh stood and Bill yielded her mouth to her brother’s cock.  Meanwhile Rick replaced Josh behind Debbie to continue working her wet pussy.  Josh felt his sister humming around his cock and he knew that the pussy fingering was getting to her. Meanwhile, Bill joined Jeremy to wait for his next turn with her.


Well before his guests arrived on their company’s King Air, Brad was at the Flying V Air Service at the county airport.  The weather did not look good.  The thunderstorms that had been predicted for late that afternoon, had formed much, much earlier than expected.  As the winds kicked up and the rain began to fall, their estimated arrival time came and went.  Brad knew that it was very unlikely that the key investors who made up the New Dominion Group would be able to make it today.

“Crap!” Brad muttered futilely under his breath.  He needed to close the deal ASAP and now the deal was delayed.  He was also very aware that a deal delayed was a deal on the verge of going south.  “Fuck!”

Having no better alternative, he sat and waited, if not for the plane that clearly could not make it this morning, then for the phone call to say that they would reschedule.   Thirty minutes or so later, his cell phone rang. 

“Brad, this is Chuck.  We can’t make it today.”

“I figured as much,” Brad replied.

Brad’s heart sank as he heard, “It’s going to be two weeks before we can all get down and visit with you.”

“Uh, okay,” Brad replied.

“Look, we want that deal and we don’t want it to get away.  We’d prefer to do the deal over golf, a steak dinner and maybe some young things at a titty bar, but we’ll just have to do the deal by FedEx.  Send us the contract, we’ll look it over, execute it and get it right back to you,” Chuck explained as Brad’s spirits soared.  “We still want that golf game though.”

“Anytime, Chuck.  Just let me know your schedule and I’ll arrange it,” Brad confidently replied.

“Great!  Be talking to you, Brad.”


Over the blaring music from the radio, Debbie was squealing around Jeremy’s cock as Bill finger fucked her pussy with authority.  “Lie down, Jeremy,” Bill said with the clout of the senior teen.  Unquestioningly, Jeremy went to the floor and lay on his back with his sister’s mouth attached to his cock.  Kneeling on all fours between her brother’s legs, Debbie felt her thong being pulled down off her hips.  A moment later she felt the familiar probing of a cock, probing for the entrance to her pre-teen vagina. As her pussy lips spread around the head of Bill’s cock, she braced for what she knew was coming next. 

Ommmph!” she grunted as Bill’s cock abruptly and completely filled her tight vaginal canal.  Grasping the young slut by her hips, Bill pulled back and then pulling her to him, slammed back into her cunt, filling the room with the sound of his groin impacting her buttocks.  Today's gang fuck was full on.

The sight of his sister being fucked from behind as she swallowed and laved over his dick was more than Jeremy could stand for long.  The young teen male squirmed and grunted as his happy organ pumped its slippery offering into his younger sister’s voraciously sucking maw.  

Debbie felt her brother’s cock throb as it pumped his tasty sperm into her mouth.  Greedily she swallowed the first few spurts, but delayed swallowing the remaining spurts so that she could savor the flavor and texture of his cum.  When he had softened considerably, she let his limp cock slip from her mouth to concentrate on the steely fuck rod plunging in and out of her pussy.

Bill too was quickly building to his climax.  Like Jeremy, he wasn’t concerned about lasting too long, as he was confident that he’d get it up again without any problem and confident he was good for at least three fucks/blowjobs to completion.

Josh saw the steady motion of Bill’s freckled haunches become erratic and then saw his buddy’s buttocks clinch.  The brother knew his friend was coming in Debbie’s receptive cunt.  The tension in Bill’s body drained away as he visibly relaxed.  The redheaded boy rocked back, pulling his spent prick from the eager pussy of the dark haired eleven year old cock slut. 

Josh wasted no time.  Not waiting for Bill to move out of the way, he instead shoved his sister away from both Bill and Jeremy and onto her back.  Her pussy, red and swollen, was drooling the whitish sex sauce just deposited in her sperm bank.  In an instant her brother was positioned between her legs, legs that willingly spread wide to accommodate him.  With her heels now resting on her brother’s buttocks, his hard cock had no problem finding its mark… her sodden, hot steaming pussy.  He slid into her effortlessly, her cunt lubricated by Bill’s spermy emission greasing the way for Josh’s incestuous mating.


Brad was elated as he drove away from the county airport.  The deal was as good as done and he had cause to celebrate.  The rain had slackened off considerably from the initial downpour, but he had to be cautious, as the street gutters were overflowing from the runoff and the roadway was still covered with standing pools of water. Still his mind was primarily on his business success and he skillfully coped with the dangerous driving conditions without conscious thought. 

“This calls for a celebration,” he said to himself as he plowed through a section of deep water at an intersection.  His mind raced as he thought of ways to celebrate his good fortune, but one thought came foremost in his mind… Amanda’s mom.  Dee was divorced, she was attractive, lusty and she liked to fuck.  Last time they had gotten together was several weeks prior, when the two girls were at Girl Scout camp for a week.  “Yes, she should be as eager and horny as I am for some action,” he muttered with a grin.

Of course there was a problem… the girls.  Dee was adamant that the girls should not know anything about their relationship, as she knew it would only fuel their hyperactive imaginations.  Indeed, she had always been very cautious about introducing her daughter to her dates or anyone that she might be seeing.  Naturally Brad never told Debbie that he was fucking her best friend’s mother, or even that they were going out for dinner together.  He respected Dee’s wishes in that regard and that poised a continuous problem.  In order to go out for the night, they had to find a third party who would take both girls for the night, and that wasn’t easy to do. 

He decided that he first needed to discuss a dinner-and-a-fuck date with Dee for tonight and maybe if they both set to work at it, they might be able to come up with a place for the girls to stay overnight.  After that it was simple, he’d simply spend the night at Dee’s, letting the boys do whatever they wanted… within limits.  Having formulated a nebulous plan, he decided to blow off the office and go home where he could make a few phone calls in complete privacy. 

By the time he pulled into his subdivision, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining once again.  He pulled into his driveway and activated the new garage door.  In whisper quiet, the steel overhead door raised and he pulled into the garage.

As soon as he stepped out of his car, he heard the loud rock music pounding through the walls.  Brad shook his head; no matter how many times he said it, the boys always played their music much too loud.  Stepping through the door to the laundry room, his senses were fully assaulted with the loud pounding music.  He grimaced and shut his eyes thinking, ‘I should have just gone to the office.’ As was his habit, he hung his keys up on the key holder so that he could locate them later, then he stepped into the kitchen.  A few more steps and he was at the threshold to the family room.  There he was stopped dead in his tracks.

The salacious scene before him was so unexpected that he momentarily had a difficult time in processing it.  He immediately recognized the two naked boys, his oldest son, Josh and Jeremy’s pal, Rick, standing about watching, cocks at the ready and obviously waiting their turn.  On the floor, laid out on his back, was his other son with his eleven year old daughter riding on her brother’s prong while she sucked on Bill’s dick as he stood straddling Jeremy.

The first to notice that they had been busted was Rick.  “Oh, shit!” he exclaimed as his asshole tightened with fear.

Josh looked at Rick, saw his expression and turned to see what was so alarming.  “Oh, fuck!” the oldest brother hissed while his gut sickenly churned.

Bill, intent on the girl sucking his dick while she fucked her brother, didn’t realize anything was amiss until Brad was on top of him.  Bill saw the girl’s father's face and then he went flying backward as Brad forcefully shoved him away from Debbie.  Jeremy meanwhile, had been looking up between Bill’s legs at his freckled ass and swinging ball sack, watching the cock plowing into his sister’s mouth and the long strands of foamy cock spittle hanging from her chin, when Bill suddenly totally disappeared from his view.  It wasn’t until Debbie was yanked up off his prick did he realize that his father was there.

Petrified with fear they heard Brad growl, “I’ll deal with you boys in a moment.” The boys then watched as he hauled Debbie away and into the back. 

The trip down the hallway, dragging his naked daughter by the arm, was quick… too quick for Brad to formulate a plan of action.  Once in his bedroom, he froze, holding his little girl by the arm as he tried to think of what to do or what to say.  He was never any good at this sort of thing and he had no idea where or how to begin.

‘Okay, I know she’s a flirt… I know that she’s probably blown a boy or two… hell she was just blowing Bill, but Christ, she’s only eleven… isn’t that too young to fuck?  Apparently not… shit, they had all fucked her… her brothers too!  Okay, I can understand fucking a guy…. I should have expected that, but four guys at once?’ 

While his mind raced in circles seeking a solution to this dilemma, he could vaguely hear Debbie crying, “Don’t be mad at me, Daddy!  Don’t be mad at me!” as she struggled to free herself of his iron grip.


“Hey, guys, I’m outta here!” said Bill as soon as Brad was safely gone for the moment.  “Nice knowing you, Josh.  You too , Jeremy.”

“Me too,” said Rick as he pulled his swimsuit back on and headed out while getting was good.


“Don’t be mad at me, Daddy.  Please, don’t be mad.”

That plea from Debbie focused Brad’s attention long enough for him to make some sense out of everything.  He wasn’t angry with Debbie, he could never be angry with her.  The question was, should he be angry with the boys?  “I’m not angry with you, baby,” he managed very evenly. 

Hearing him speak in a calm measured voice, Debbie stopped struggling against him.  “You’re hurting me, Daddy,” she pleaded.

“Oh!  Sorry, baby,” he apologized as he loosened his grip on her arm. “Look, I’m not mad or angry with you, sweetie, but… I have to know something and… you must answer me honestly... Did Josh, Jeremy or any of the other boys force you or trick you into… sex?  Tell me the truth as it is vitally important.”

“No, Daddy.  No one forced me to do anything.”

“Then… you willingly participated?”

“Don’t get mad, but… yes.”

Brad released his daughter’s arm completely.  Suddenly it was all perfectly clear.  She hadn’t just been exposing herself to all the boys over these years, she was giving herself to them, all of them.  What teenage boy would refuse an offer like that?

“You have sex with your two brothers?”  From what he just witnessed it was a stupid question, but Brad had to ask.

Under the circumstances she knew that there was no sense in lying.  “Yes, sir,” she replied biting her lip as she expected an explosion any moment. 

“And the other boys… yeah, you fuck them too, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

Brad was silent for a moment, his eyes roaming across his young daughter’s naked body.  Once his eyes returned to look her in the eye he said, “You’re a promiscuous girl.  You know what people call promiscuous girls like you don’t you?  They call them sluts… and whores… and… Jesus, fuck…”

“Jesus-fuck?  Is that bad?”

His roaming eyes returned to hers.  “Well, that depends, I suppose…  If your mother were alive, she’d be mortified.  Miss Dee, she’d be mortified too.  Me, I’m a man and… maybe as your father I should be mortified too, but, Lord help me, I’m not.” 

Brad paused and while checking her out again, thinking for moment before continuing.  “At night, when we’re watching TV and… and you’re sitting in my lap.  Sitting in my lap and wiggling your butt against my dick… You’re trying to get me to fuck you too, aren’t you?”

“Don’t be mad at me,” she replied.

“I told you, I’m not mad or angry with you.  I’m just trying to understand.  Now answer me… Have you’ve been trying to get me to fuck you?”

“I guess so.”

“You need to more than just guess, Debbie.  Let me ask you another way.  Do you want me to fuck you, like your brothers and their friends fuck you?  Do you?”

“I guess…”

“I guess, isn’t good enough!”  Debbie recoiled at his outburst and Brad softened his tone. “Look, I know that there is no way that I can prevent you from fucking your brothers or any other kid.  Even if I could prevent you, I wouldn’t.  There’s nothing wrong with fucking, just so long as everyone is willing.  Who you fuck is your business, honey.  Now I’m going to ask you again, do you want me to fuck you like your brothers fuck you?”

“Yes, Daddy, yes!”

Brad openly adjusted the hard cock in his pants.  “Very well, baby.  I’ll fuck you too.  But let’s be absolutely clear about this.  Once I fuck your pussy, I’ll keep on fucking you.  I’ll fuck your pussy often and whenever I like. 

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" the dad asked his naked daughter.  "If I haven’t, I’ll say it now.  You’re a beautiful girl and I adore you, but you will never, ever tell me, ‘no.’  Your ‘yes,’ now is a yes forever; an open ended license for me to take you whenever and however I wish.  Do you understand me, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy.  I really do love sex.  And I want you to… fuck me.”

“Fine, then it’s settled.  Now get up on the bed, you little slut…. Spread your legs, Baby, and show me what you’re offering to me.”

Debbie climbed up onto her father’s big bed and whorishly spread her legs open for her father’s inspection.  She had nice small tits and was still absolutely hairless.  Her swollen inner pussy lips bulged from between her bald lips of her smooth vulva.  Her thighs were wet and glistening as semen oozed from her well fucked cock socket.

Debbie watched with growing anticipation as her father slowly and deliberately pulled his green and white golfing shirt over his head.   He kicked off his loafers and stripped the socks from his feet, all the while keeping his eye focused on the prize and its promise of endless hours of pleasure.  With deliberate motions, he unbuckled his belt, and then unzipped his fly.  His hands went to the button of his kaki golfing pants.  With a flick of his fingers, his pants opened up.  Debbie’s mouth was dry now as her father lowered his pants and stepped out of them. 

Debbie had seen her dad clad only in his boxer shorts many times before.  But this time his fingers went to the snaps of his boxers… a moment later, they fluttered to the floor, where Brad stepped out of the discarded garment.

She’d seen his dick too on occasion, but it had always been soft and droopy.  Now it was hard and very prominent.  She had felt that hard prick on her bottom many times, but now to see it fully erect, she shuddered to think how it would ever fit in her little pussy.  The biggest dick she had experience with was Bill’s and Bill’s dick was dwarfed by her well endowed father’s mature organ.  As it stood up at a forty five degree angle from his belly, she also had an unfettered view of his ponderous nut sack.  He was even hairier than she remembered, his dick seemed to protrude from a mass of tangled hair, hair that had no beginning as it climbed his belly to chest, and no end as it grew over his nut sack and down his legs. At that moment, she had a new appreciation of the differences between boys and full grown virile men.  She also noticed something else, clear pre-cum drooling from the tip of his large cut cock, drooling over the corona to hang in midair.    

She watched, holding her breath momentarily as her father stepped to the bed.  The bed creaked as he moved to kneel between her splayed legs.  She moaned as her father’s big hands glided gently across her bare silky smooth skin from of her hips, across her tummy and deep set navel to settle on her budding A-cup tits and then gently and lovingly fondle her.  Debbie blinked as he swept her dark curly locks from her face. He bent forward, kissing each dark and erect nipple before laying on a very unfatherly kiss on her lips, thrusting his tongue deep between her lips.  He broke the kiss and looked down on the willing young girl he was about to fuck, his bulk hovering over her as he finalized positioning himself between her legs. 

Out of his peripheral vision, he saw his two boys standing in the open doorway of his bedroom.  He turned his head towards his two sons momentarily, and then turned back. Looking into his young daughter’s deep blue eyes, Brad slowly penetrated his daughter’s tight pre-teen cunt. As his cock gently, but relentlessly pierced deeper and deeper into Debbie’s needy sperm greased twat, her eyes rolled into the back of her head while the father and daughter groaned in mutual salacious pleasure.

Having made his inaugural foray into her pre-teen cunt, Brad pulled his dick completely out of her with a wet smacking noise, then immediately penetrated her young vagina again.  Slowly and deliberately, he fucked into his young daughter, tenderly stretching her cunt to accommodate his thick girth, the bedroom filling with the wanton lustful sounds of the incestuous tryst.

Upon the fifth deep penetration, her cunt stretched tightly around her daddy’s dick and her clit rubbing against the rigid vein wrapped stalk, Debbie ‘s moans of pleasure turned into a more vocal urging,  “You’re so big, Daddy… so big… Ooooo, your dick feels so good inside me, Daddy.  Fuck my pussy, Daddy… fuck me… fuck me.  Fuck me hard, Daddy.” 

From the doorway, the boys watched the soon-to-be-common scene of their old man earnestly humping into their young sister.  With the yoke of impending doom lifted from his shoulders, Josh turned to his younger brother to declare, “Ya know, Jer, it looks like we won’t be grounded for life after all.”




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