Chapter 5

Needing New Kicks

By Lasiter

(Mg, Mgg, M+g, oral, inc, exhib, voy, prost)









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I dressed up as Santa Claus for Christmas morning I had my little elf give me a blow job before she could open her presents.  In addition to the inline skates, she absolutely loved the vibrators and was eager to try out the assortment of butt plugs that Santa had brought her.  Christmas came and I came… twice; Christmas went and I came again and again. 

For some reason, for the next two months things seemed rather mundane.  Oh, there was sex with the two girls aplenty and I don’t mean to disparage that, but otherwise it was all pretty much routine, relatively speaking.  I continued to home school the girls, but had given up on Clint for any effective help in that matter and in a way that suited me just fine.  He was utterly incompetent as a teacher and unreliable to boot. 

There was also some friction developing between us that had nothing to do with his deficient teaching abilities.  I got the distinct impression that he was jealous of my financial independence.  On more than one occasion he complained that while he had to bust his butt to make a lousy dollar, all I had to do was just sit around with my cock in one of the girls and my money would show up in the mailbox.  He also grumbled about his crappy apartment as compared to my very nice digs.  I considered just blowing him off, but then I was loathe to lose Hanna’s and her talents, and besides, he always put on good show. 

By this time Hanna spent several nights a week at my place and in bed with me and Mitzi.  Sometimes Clint would campout too, but with Mitzi in her old room.  Having Hanna sleep over often actually simplified things as she was ready when I was ready… for school this is; otherwise too, but I digress.  When she didn’t sleep over, I had to wait until Clint dropped her off, which was at best a variable time.  That was annoying enough as it threw me off of my lesson plan for the day, but I managed.

Then in early March, he didn’t drop her off for several days.  Thinking that Hanna might be ill, I called to see what the problem was, but he didn’t return my phone call.  I plowed ahead with Mitzi’s lessons knowing that I’d have to repeat everything to keep Hanna up to speed, and that really annoyed me.  It was as if my time wasn’t valuable at all, and that pissed me off.

Then, after missing eight or nine days without so much as a phone call, Clint drops her off and into my lap.  Hanna was very excited and with she and Mitzi back together, accomplishing anything that day was a moot point.  Turns out she wasn’t ill at all, she’d been modeling… not at a mall, but for a photographer who specialized in naked little girls.  Hanna gushed about all the money she was making (for her uncle that is) and how much fun it had been.  After a little questioning I was told that she modeled for a professional in the mornings for a fee plus a percentage of the sale of the photographs, but in the afternoon, the pro brought in three to four amateurs who each paid her the modeling fee and who then as a group, snapped away for few hours for their own use.  So in a single day she was getting four to five times the usual modeling fee.  I asked her if she had to do anything other than take her clothes off and she said no, the men weren’t supposed to touch her other than powering her skin to reduce glare from the studio lights.  “They powered my butt a lot,” she laughed.  I’m sure they did. 

“Well, Hanna.  If you take your clothes off for me, I’ll do more than just power your butt,” I teased.  The little minx did just that and that was the end of anything serious other than sex that day. 

The whole idea of kiddie porn and Hanna posing in the nude intrigued me.  When Clint showed up later that afternoon, I asked him about the arrangement. He told me all the details, including posing with her for some hardcore shots, thus earning a modeling fee for himself as well.  “I’ve made more money this past week than I did for all of January and February combined,” he said triumphantly. “We’re scheduled to model again next week, this time for videos.”

“Mind if Mitzi and I tag along on Monday?”

“Not at all, Randy.  You know I don’t mind a friendly audience,” he laughed.  Then turning serious, he added, “Maybe you could make some money too.”  I didn’t need the money and he knew that, but he also knew me and my peccadilloes.  Just the thought of modeling with Mitzi honking on me while a bunch of pervs snaps photos of her was intriguing.  

I had a feeling that if I showed up on Monday to watch Clint and Hanna that there would be precious little time for school work that week, so I pressed ahead with classes on Saturday and Sunday much to Mitzi’s chagrin. 

Monday morning at the specified time, I showed up with Mitzi in tow at the address Clint had given me. There was some hub-hub about outsiders, and we were turned away.  But a few days later, this swarthy-looking dude shows up at my door and tells me, “You checked out, just like your friend Clint said.  Still interested in a photo shoot of your girl?”

“Sure.  What do have in mind?”

“Just some… shall we say, soft stuff to begin with.”

“Fine by me,” I replied.

“Okay, bring her by tomorrow morning.  At nine.”

“Nine it is,” I replied.

“Oh, and by the way,” the man continued, “this afternoon we’re doing a hardcore video of your buddy and Hanna.  Clint said that you might want to watch and see how it’s all done.”

Watching Clint and Hanna having sex was old hat for me, but the production aspects of shooting a kiddie porn flick was interesting.  There were three cameramen, getting shots from every angle.  Every so often, there would be a break and a lady would fix up Hanna’s makeup.   After the shooting for the day was over, Jeff the photographer and now director, a long haired dude who kept his hair in a ponytail, asked if he could take some test shots of Mitzi.  We haggled for a moment and he agreed to pay his standard rate, even though most of the day was gone. 

Mitzi of course loved posing and slowly stripping off her clothes for Jeff.  Naturally, I loved watching her do it.  After the short one hour session, Jeff was begging me to bring her back tomorrow morning for a full photo shoot.  I asked him about the afternoon. And he said he’d already promised Hanna and Clint another session with the amateur photographers.  

Tuesday was Mitzi’s first full day as a pre-teen porno princess.  Unlike Clint, I didn’t need the money, so I took Mitzi’s modeling fees and socked them away for her.  That first day was pretty harmless with Mitzi dressing in outfits, peeling out of them and displaying her goods.  I knew she’d be a hit with the great unwashed and that proved to be an accurate prediction. 

A few days later, after a full morning session with Jeff, Mitzi posed for the first time for a gaggle of middle-aged men.  I sat out of the way in the back with a hard-on almost all afternoon.  Jeff came in and asked if I wanted to do something more adventurous.  I had a good idea what he had in mind and a few days later, we did a professional daddy-daughter set destined for the incest files on the internet.  As we had agreed before hand, Jeff was careful to never show my face, just my cock penetrating Mitzi’s various orifices, or Mitzi with her head buried between my ass cheeks.  

Later that evening Jeff dropped by to discuss some ideas of his.  This was more of a social visit rather than strictly business and I was happy to have Mitzi show Jeff just how social she could be.  Let me tell you, it was hot to see another man’s dick in her rather than just Clint’s.  There she was with a big smile on her face, he golden curls bouncing spring-like as she rode his cock in a reverse cowgirl.  Not content with just watching, I stroked off and creamed her good as she was fucked by the photographer. 

After the first round of fun-and-games-with-Mitzi, Jeff got around to business and suggested doing something more on the line of traditional kiddie porn.  I w3as fine with doing a video with Mitzi like Clint and Hanna had done, but Jeff was more adventous than that. 

“That’d be, Fine , Randy.  We can shoot that tomorrow.  But… what do think of having her perform with a boy r two of her own age, or perhaps screwed by older men and ultimately screwed by several men at once?  The men of course will be happy to pay for the privilege. The boys... well, they'll just be boys.”

“It’s not about the money, but, yes, let the bastards pay!” I replied with a laugh.  But I wasn’t joking, I was happy to see her new career progress… so long as I got to watch everything.

It was at the filming of a gang fuck involving four men and my darling that I met Bart.  He was just sitting next to me watching the action unfold when he introduced himself.  He was in his early fifties and looked to be fit as a fiddle.  I was wondering who he was and what he was doing there, but I really didn’t mind him watching Mitzi get fucked in every hole; in fact I relished it.  Finally he turned to me and said, “She’s quite lovely.”

“Yes, she is,” I replied proudly. 

“This video should make quite a lot of money,” he said.  “She’s very popular, you know.”  I hadn’t seen any royalty checks yet, so I really didn’t know, nor did I really think about it too much.  “I’m Bart.”

“Randy,” I replied as I shook his hand.

“You want to make some big money with her,” he said.

“I’m not doing this for the money,” I answered.

“You’re not?  Then why are you doing it?”

“For kicks,” I replied.  “I put all the money into a trust account for her.”

Bart burst out laughing, ruining whatever lurid scene that was being taped.  No one made a big deal over though.  “You’re a man after my own heart,” he said,  but I do it for the money too.”  He went on to explain that he owned the studio and that the paying amateur photographers and the various actors paying for the privilege of shooting a porn flick with young girls all belonged to a club that he managed. 

“What club?” I had to ask.

“The Club,” he responded.  “No other name… simply The Club.  Its purpose is to give men of means access to young girls and to give other men the chance to profit from their possessions.”


“Daughters, stepdaughters, nieces, granddaughters, discarded girlfriend’s kids, foster kids, whatever.  Girls who are under the control of a man willing to exploit them.”

“I don’t exploit her.”

“Bullshit.  You whore her out for your own gratification.  That’s exploitation.”

“I don’t whore her out either.”

“See that guy.  The hairy one who’s fucking her… he paid you to fuck her. The video is just my way of getting a piece of the action.”

“I told you, I’m not doing it for the money.”

“You’re taking the money.  I don’t care what you do with it after you get it, but you are taking money for the use of her body.  That’s whoring her out. 

“Look, don’t get defensive.” He continued.  “I whore out my own daughters and my granddaughters.  I too like to see them being fucked, fucked by a man who knows how to fuck a female.  I have no use for some pimpled assed kid who shoots off in five seconds.  So what do you say?”

“Say to what?”

“The Club.  Put her into The Club to be used like she should be used by men who appreciate young pussy.  You’ll make a lot of money for her trust fund.”  Bart gave me his business card and told me to call him.  A few moments later, he was on the set mounting my little girl for the camera.

Later that evening I called the number on the card.  I got a generic voice mail greeting and left a message.  Ten minutes later, Bart returned my call.  “Okay, so what’s the deal,” I asked him. 

“Perhaps it would best if we discussed this in private,” he said.

“Okay, fine by me.  Where and when?”

“Your place.  I have your address.  Be there by eight.”

I hung up and Clint walked in with Hanna in tow.  “How was your day, sweetie?” I asked.

“She got fucked and I made a bundle,” Clint replied proudly.

“You’re whoring her out?”

“In a way, yes.  We joined this club.”

“The Club?” I asked.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“This Bart guy approached me this afternoon while we were filming a gang bang video.”

“Bart, he’s the boss,” replied Clint with a knowing grin.  “Nice guy… pays well.”

“So tell me about this club.”

“I think you already know the guys in the porn flicks are members of the club and they paid to be in the videos.  There are guys in the club who like to take pictures of girls too.  Then there are guys who just want some one-on-one time with a cute, sexy little girl.  The guy today, he was one of those.  Pays a lot better than the photos or videos, or at least in a one-on-one situation. I got a call this morning to see if she was available.  Then I took her to The Club facilities and passed her off to the guy who wanted to fuck her.  Simple as that.  They have one-way mirrors too so I got to watch.  Bastard screwed the hell out of her!”

“Then there are shows.  Haven’t been to one yet, but from I understand, you can make a lot of money in one night.”

“Shows?  What kind of shows?”

“I’m not quite sure, but from what I understand, the girls dance around and get naked on stage.  Then the members bid on them.”

“Like in an auction?”

“I guess.  I really don’t know, but everything is done out in the open, and I mean everything!”

A little before eight, the doorbell rang.  I answered and to my surprise Bart had a very young little red headed girl with him, maybe five at the most.  Once inside Bart was both surprised and pleased to see Clint and Hanna there and no introductions were necessary.  But to Mitzi he introduced himself as, “one of the men who enjoyed your sweet young pussy today.”  He’d fucked her, but Mitzi hadn’t recognized him at all.

Then he introduced the little red-headed girl as, “Wendy, one of my granddaughters.”  Then he told her to be nice to me and she pulled her dress over her head and pushed off her cotton panties. 

“Have a seat,” he told me offering my own sofa to me.  I sat and little Wendy climbed up into my lap.  “She too young to fuck,” he explained, “but other than that, she’s quite experienced.”

He then sat and called Mitzi over to him offering her a seat in his lap.  When she sat he corrected her, “When a gentleman wants you to sit in his lap, darling, he wants you naked first.”  Mitzi didn’t hesitate, she shucked the outfit she had on then sat nude in his lap.  Clint sat in a club chair with Hanna perched nude in his lap.

“Now isn’t this nice?” Bart asked as he stroked Mitzi’s curly golden locks.  “Men of our persuasion shouldn’t be denied this simple pleasure,” he said stroking my daughter’s bare leg.  “Don’t you agree, Randy?” Indeed I did agree! 

“Now, like I said earlier today, Randy, The Club has providers, men who provide girls to The Club and The Club has sponsors, well heeled men willing to pay handsomely for access to those girls. Some of our members, like myself, are both providers and sponsors.  There is a third class of members also, the Patrons, these are the wealthy men who are the financial backbone of The Club.  Now both the providers and sponsors are checked often for any sign of VD, as well as the Patrons.  We don’t want to start an epidemic; now do we?” he chuckled.  “Clean cunts and clean cocks; perfect for worry free indulging in mankind’s most primal of needs and urges.  Physical abuse is strictly forbidden, but we do have bondage and S&M specialists, so if you and your girl are into that sort of thing, The Club can provide a safe environment for extreme sexual activities.  But from what Clint tells me, you are not into that sort of thing, Randy, or are you?”

“No, I’m not and neither is Mitzi.”

“Mitzi, now that’s a name that conjures up pussy,” he chuckled as his hand went between her legs.  Without hesitation, Mitzi’s legs sprang wider to give him free access to her cunt. “You really are an agreeable little cunt, Mitzi.  You enjoy a man’s finger up your sweet little twat?”  I was already getting hard from this interview, but when he sank his fingers up her cunt, I got very hard very quickly. 

As Bart worked his finger in Mitzi he looked back at me and said, “Go ahead and finger Wendy’s pussy.  That why she’s here, to give you pleasure, Randy.”  I didn’t need to be asked twice.  For the next several minutes the only sounds were the girls moaning and the soft wet smacking noises as we finger fucked all three girls. 

Needless to say, I joined The Club as a provider and basically sold Mitzi into sexual bondage.  I didn’t realize that at the time, but looking back, that’s exactly what I did.

Before the evening was over, Bart had been between both Hanna and Mitzi’s legs while little Wendy had sucked off both Clint and me.  With the deal sealed, both Clint and I were invited to attend the show and auction scheduled for that Saturday night. 

The End of Chapter 5

This is Chapter 5 of an eight chapter story. Coming soon, Chapter 6

In Chapter 6 - Randy and Mitzi are introduced to The Club where the members can bid on her young ass...



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