Chapter 4

The Joys of Sharing

By Lasiter

(voy, exhib, oral, inc, Mg, 1st, MMg, anal, MMgg, Mgg)




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We sat and drank, chatting about the girls, comparing their butts, nipples, and slits, about nudity in general and gaining an understanding of our relationships with our girls without revealing too much too quickly.  I had the sense that Hanna and Clint’s relationship was much like Mitzi's and mine, though nothing was directly revealed.  Of course I already knew by his actions at the fashion shows that we shared similar peccadilloes when it came to displaying our girls.

We were working on the last of the six-pack that I had brought out when girls finally tired of playing together and came to cozy up with us.  As usual, Mitzi wanted to play kissy face, so we began kissing, playfully at first, but more aggressively with each passing moment.   Out of the corner of one eye I watched Clint as he in turn surreptitiously watched me.  Soon I was swapping tongues with Mitzi and my hands began to wander over her naked body.  At first I stuck to her back, but through force of habit I suppose, my hand began massaging her butt.  It was unbelievably exciting to be molesting Mitzi while Clint was watching just a few feet away, and it was exciting to see his hands wandering over Hanna’s body as well. 

Maybe it was the beer, but I went further than I ever imagined I would with my hand buried between her cheeks, rubbing her from anus to cunt.  Mitzi was getting excited as well and wanting ever more, she turned in my lap, lying back on my chest with her legs splayed open.  Clint was looking right at me when my hand went between my daughter’s legs.  His eyes went to where the action was and for some moments he just held Hanna as he watched me brazenly diddling Mitzi’s young twat. 

Hanna sat up to change position and I saw that Clint was as excited as I was.  She grasped his erect cock and began to jack him.  That in turn emboldened me to begin plunging my fingers up into Mitzi’s vagina while my thumb worked over her immature yet sensitive clit, my free hand tweaking her puffy nips.  Clint grinned at me as his own hand found Hanna’s hairless twat. I then turned towards him, spreading Mitzi open with my ankles so that her cunt was open to his stare. 

The sounds of moaning, groaning little girls and lurid smacking noises filled the patio area. I thought I would bring Mitzi off first, but Clint, or rather Hanna, beat us to it.  Her toes curled as she arched her back into him, her eyes glassy, unseeing as she stared off into space. 

Mitzi wasn’t far behind her new best friend.  I felt my daughter’s little pussy tube clamp down on my fingers and her wetness increase six fold.  Mitzi, being something of a screamer like her mom, let out a cry that I had to stifle with my hand, lest the neighbors hear her passion over the wall.  Suddenly, Mitzi went limp and quiet.  Vacating my fingers from her twat, I let her bask in the aftermath of a good cum. 

Like I said, originally my only plan had been to get the girls naked, but here we were openly molesting them in the sunshine.  Being outside, that made it even more thrilling… the chance of discovery; the eight foot masonry wall didn’t remove the outside chance that a neighbor would climb onto a roof and…

I knew I should have let it go at that, or at least take it inside, but Mitzi had other ideas.  Suddenly she came out of her post-orgasmic stupor and flipped upside down, not onto her back, but upside down with her puss in my face and my cock… Oh… my… gawd!  Clint’s eyes nearly popped from his head as Mitzi took my rampant hard-on into her mouth.  Her pussy was really too far for me to bend into, so I just let her suck my dick.  She was good at it, damned good and she loved my cock in her mouth. 

Hanna looked our way and saw Mitzi going down on me. Determined not to be out done, she went down on Clint.  The combination of voyeurism and exhibitionism was so delicious, and I don’t know who had the bigger smile on his face, Clint or me.  All I know, with all the sexual tension and the intensity of the afternoon, I didn’t last long.  My eyes dimmed as I began shooting off into little Mitzi’s sucking maw.  I pulled out, shot a stream onto her face, hitting her on the bridge of her nose and then as I began to shove it back into her mouth, I came all over her lips before my cock disappeared once again into her pleasuring mouth.  All in all, it was a very satisfying cum, in no small part due to our shamelessness.

Once Mitzi had finished with me, Clint seemed to be nervous about being so exposed while Hanna blew him.  No longer was his attention focused on Mitzi sucking my dick, but now he was glancing around as if to make sure that no prying eyes could see.  I think that got him the most, the possibility of being seen, as he pushed Hanna off his cock, rose from the chase lounge and stepped over to me while I cuddled Mitzi.

“You fuck her too?” he asked in a low voice looking down on Mitzi and her cum coated face.  Before I could answer, he said, “Let’s take these cunts inside and do them proper.”

I started to explain, but he paid me no attention in his rush to gather up Hanna and take her inside to “do her proper”.  By the time I got Mitzi off of me and gotten up myself, Clint had hauled Hanna into the house.  This I had to see!

Upon entering the house, I saw Clint on the double ottoman lying on his back.   Hanna paid us no attention as she slung her leg over Clint’s torso and straddled his cock.  Mitzi and I were at her back, looking past Clint’s knees to his prick sticking upward.  The little girl lowered herself until she made contact; she wiggled her hips to seat his cock head in her pussy and then she lowered herself.  Slowly Clint’s entire cock disappeared up into the little girl. She wasn’t any bigger than Mitzi and here she was taking a grown man’s cock up her young twat.  Once she had fully impaled herself she rose, and then rotating her hips in a circle, she began to fuck herself on Clint’s cock. Watching that young girl rotating her hips like that while rising and falling on a cock was incredibly erotic, no matter what the girl’s age.  

Clint didn’t let the brunette beauty stay on top for very long before he flipped them both over.  With her ankles digging in to Clint’s haunches, he put it to her in a missionary.  The thudding sound of fornication drifted to my ears.  I glanced down at Mitzi whose gaze was fixated on the fucking couple.  After pounding the little girl for some minutes, Clint’s motions became slightly erratic.  A deep, guttural growl accompanied the clinching of his ass cheeks.  He was cumming in his niece’s young cunt and to hear him grunting out his pleasure, it was a most intense cum for him.  Suddenly they were still.  Slowly Hanna’s little feet slid off Clint’s butt and her legs plopped down as if all life had been drained from her.  He did a pushup and then dismounted her.

She lay there for some minutes with her legs open revealing the gaping hole of her sex as whitish goo oozed from it.  Clint looked over at me with a huge grin, then he walked around to the other end of the ottoman.  He pulled the little girl forward until her head hung off the side with her long dark hair touching the floor.  Squatting over her head, he pushed his slimy semi-hard cock into her lax mouth… all the way into her mouth.  He pumped a few times and Hanna’s body began to squirm.  Then her hands went to his hips and she held on while he throat-fucked her.  She did not gag, not once, and as he hardened, you could see her throat bulge around the head of his dick.  They had done this before, many times before.  With all the stuff I’d done with Mitzi this past year, I was a piker compared to Clint. 

Suddenly Clint pulled his cock from Hanna’s throat with a huge wad of spittle attached to it, hanging down by gravity.  Nasty!  He looked at me and my now throbbing erection said, “Your turn, Randy.”  I wasn’t sure if he meant with Mitzi or with Hanna, but then he reached down, picked Hanna off the ottoman, and took a seat on the sofa to watch while fingering her.

There was an audience and I didn’t hesitate to lie back on the ottoman.  Mitzi didn’t hesitate either and soon was seated astride my hips, my erection trapped between my stomach and her pussy.  She wiggled until my dick seated between her folds. Her hips began thrusting, sliding her heavenly groove back and forth along my hard prick, my cock crown rubbing her clit to another climax.

Suddenly Clint was standing by us.  “What are you two doing?”

“Uh, faux-fucking.”

“That’s really hot, man, really hot, but aren’t you going to fuck her?  I mean, really fuck her?”

“She’s too little.  I don’t want to hurt her.”

“Too little?  She’s as big as Hanna and Hanna isn’t too little to fuck.”

“I want to wait until her eight birthday.”

“Why?  What are you waiting for?  She’s ready to be fucked now.  So fuck her.”  Clint wasn’t taking no for an answer.  He wanted to watch us fuck and that was that.  He got Mitzi to rise and told her to take my dick in her hand and put it inside her.  I wasn’t so sure about all this, but once she seated my dick in the maw of her pussy, there was no turning back.  I grabbed her hips and pushed her down gently. 

Mitzi grimaced as my cock spread open her virgin cunt hole.  She was incredibly tight as the most she’d had up her twat had been my two fingers and I was thicker than that… not too thick, but thick enough, I suppose.  I added a little pressure and pushed up into my baby girl a little more before pausing to allow her to get used to my dick.  The last thing I wanted to do was to make her first time an unpleasant experience; I wanted her to enjoy it, love it like sucking my dick, or letting me finger her cunt and ass, or enjoying my tongue on and in her three holes, yes, I wanted her to love fucking and I wanted her to want me to fuck her.  She wiggled her hips and slid further down my shaft, this time without any gentle encouragement from my hands.  If you just looked at her face, you’d have thought that she was suffering, and maybe she was as my cock stretched her not-quite-eight-year-old pussy to fit her old dad’s nasty incestous prick.  But, if she was suffering, I was suffering too, as my cock was squeezed into the too narrow passage to her uterus. 

It seemed to take forever before she bottomed out on my cock.  Fully impaled, I let her rest a moment while I pushed the wet blonde curls from her sweating face. “You like that, baby?” I whispered. She nodded, yes.

“You like your daddy’s dick up your cunt?”  Again she nodded, yes.

“You know we’re going to be doing this a lot from now on?” A grin formed on her lips replacing the look of discomfort.

“That’s my girl.  Now, if you’re ready, lift up a little.”  My hands pulled her up and she came with me.  I stopped and pushed down.  Up, down, up, down, little strokes at first.  My hands fell away from Mitzi and she continued on her own, fucking herself on my steely prong, the strokes becoming a little larger by the minute. 

My hand found her little clit and I began diddling her, knowing that she would get off like a firecracker.  It was hard to tell with her cuntal tube already so tight that her vagina was contracting, but I knew from her dazed expression with her mouth hanging open that she was about to pop.  Suddenly she froze, emitting a high pitched squeal as she shook, impaled on her daddy’s erection. 

I glanced over at Clint.  His eyes were blazing, as he gleefully watched us consummate our first true daddy/daughter fuck.  Seeing the effect I was having on him and the effect I was having on Mitzi was too much to endure, and with a throaty growl, I spewed my first load of incestous swimmers up my daughter’s newly deflowered cunt.

There wasn’t much of a mess after that first fuck, as Mitzi’s hymen was long gone by then. The semen she dribbled on me from her cunt, she lapped up while I cleaned her spermy puss.  Afterwards, we just cuddled for a long time with me lovingly stroking my little girl while watching Clint screw Hanna again, or rather Hanna screw Clint as he sat in the club chair and she worked his dick in her little pussy. 

By and by we ordered some Chinese to be delivered and once we ate, it was play time again. I was by now fairly drunk and not exactly thinking clearly.  Clint suggested a little game, a contest if you will, of which girl gave the best blowjob.  For this test of skill, I was blindfolded and not allowed to use my hands.  Clint called out, “Number one!” and my cock was engulfed in a wet, warm oral cavern.  I was sucked for a minute or so until Clint called out, “Number 2!”  My cock was released only to be engulfed again.  I liked this game!  Number one or Number two?  Who was the best?  That was the question I had to answer.  “Number three!”  Three?  This did not help my clarity at all.  “Number four!”  Oh, geez… who is who?  “Number five!”  Who gives a fuck?  “Number six!” 

“Okay, that’s enough,” I heard Clint say and my cock was released for good.  The blindfold was removed and I was asked to write down the best three sucks. 

‘Hmmm, one, three and six.  No, two, three and five.  No… one, four and six.’  I was then told to fold the paper and save it for later.

“My turn,” Clint said as he raised the makeshift blindfold to his eyes.

I secured it around his head and ascertained that he couldn’t see anything.  I turned to the girls and stopped dead cold.  ‘Am I supposed to have Mitzi suck this guy’s dick?’  I wasn’t so sure about that, even though he had just had his girl suck me, or at least I suppose she had. 

“What’s the delay?” asked Clint.  “Number one, get to it!”  Hanna immediately went down on him.  I was about to put a stop to the game when he called out, “Number two!”  Mitzi looked at me, waiting for me to do or say something.  “Number two!” Clint called again.  My mouth was dry and the words would not form as Mitzi grasped Clint’s pecker and began to blow him.  I felt dizzy for a moment, yet my cock was as hard as an iron spike as I watched my little girl go down on another man. 

“Three!” I blurted out.  Mitzi rocked back away from Clint’s dick, then to my surprise, she grinned at me and took him in her mouth again.  Geezums! I couldn’t stand it!  I grabbed her and pulled her off his dick and tossed her face down on the sofa cushion with her knees on the floor.  I shoved her legs apart and pushed my dick into her.

“What’s going on?” asked Clint as he looked about blindfolded. He lifted the blindfold and saw what was happening.  “Hey, no fair!” he laughed as I pumped my cock into my daughter’s young twat.  Next thing I knew, he was climbing onto the sofa.  Settling down on the cushion with his legs straddling Mitzi’s head, he lifted her head by the hair and made her suck him while I fucked her.

I was careful not to be too rough with Mitzi as this was just her second fuck.  I also hadn’t given her much choice about it either, not that I had any expectations that she might object.  It was hard to keep myself in check and not pounding the hell out of her, but I kept it slow, bottoming out gently on her cervix with each full stroke despite being crazed with lust. Then I felt my ass cheeks being pried open and felt Hanna bury her face in my butt, her little tongue lapping at my asshole in a most delightful way.  That did it.  I blew my second wad into Mitzi’s recently virgin, but not so much now, pussy.

Once my dick softened and flopped out of my little girl, I rocked back, enjoying the rimming I was receiving and watching Mitzi’s curly head bobbing up and down on Clint’s cock. He wasn’t forcing her now, if he ever actually forced her.  She loved sucking my dick and I knew that she was loving sucking Clint’s cock too. “Suck him, baby, suck him,” I heard myself urging her.  “Suck the cum from his nuts, baby.”  I continued my obscene prattle and it had its effect upon Clint. 

“I’m gonna blow, slut baby. I’m gonna blow my spunk down your slutty throat!” he hissed from between his teeth.  Then he closed his eyes tightly and grunted while his abdomen clenched.  He was cumming, cumming in my baby girl’s mouth!

“Suck him, Mitzi!  Suck his dick!” I nearly shouted while Hanna continued to tongue my anus.  I was so turned on that my dick had surged to a new erection and I plunged back into Mitzi’s pre-teen cunt.  This time I wasn’t so gentle, but I managed to gain control over my hips and pulled out so that I didn’t hurt her.  This time when I backed away, Mitzi slithered off the sofa.  She turned to rest her back against the sofa with her legs lewdly splayed open, her eyes dazed and cum dripping from the side of her mouth.  She looked positively beautiful!

I sat on the floor looking at my daughter and marveling at her beauty and raw sexuality.  As wonderful as that sight was, my attention was drawn to the dark haired little slut that wanted to suck my dick clean.  Of course I let her, and leaning back on my arms, enjoyed her enthusiastic dick licking while her uncle watched. 

Clint climbed down off the sofa and picked my limp daughter up from the floor, depositing her once again on the sofa, this time on her back draped across an arm rest.  He lifted and spread her legs open, then he went down on her, the sounds of a sloppy pussy sucking drifting to my ears and sending a surge of new blood into my already engorged organ.  My eyes were torn between the oral action occurring in my lap and oral action occurring between Mitzi’s legs.  Back and forth my eyes darted.  I saw Clint stand, but the implications were lost on me. Still holding Mitzi’s legs up, he stepped into the slot.  What remained of my conscious shouted, “No!  No!  No!” but I was powerless to move, to speak, to prevent Clint from doing what he so plainly intended.  In position, he looked to me.  It was my last chance at being a decent father, but I remained immobilized, waiting for…  His hips moved forward and I heard Mitzi incoherently mumble something. My horror turned to utter glee as I watched Clint’s hips moving back and forth, fucking into my almost-eight-year-old daughter’s recently deflowered cunt.    I watched hardly taking a breath as Mitzi gripped the sofa upholstery with her hand, her head turn towards me, her green eyes unseeing, her mouth partially open as she was screwed, screwed by a man who just a few hours before, was essentially a stranger.  I watched as Clint fucked her with measured strokes, strokes designed to give pleasure, even to a young girl. 

Having just blown his wad in her mouth a few minutes before, Clint was in extended-fuck-mode.  On and on, he fucked her while I continued to watch.  My attention was distracted though, by Hanna as she climbed into my lap and mounted herself on me.  She kissed me, a full tongue in mouth kiss and then lowered herself onto my jutting prong.  Mitzi and Clint were quickly forgotten as the snug, slippery sleeve of the little brunette’s vagina slid over my appreciative cock.  The orgy was full on!

By the time Clint packed up a thoroughly fucked-out Hanna and took her home late the following day, both girls had been repeatedly fucked by both Clint and me over a twenty four hour period.  After the first few hours, Clint and I paced ourselves, fucking until we were about to blow and then backing off for a rest, before mounting whichever girl was available.  We really did over do it, as the girls were hardly able to walk and we both rubbed our pricks raw.  Still, it was grand weekend of wanton debauchery, not one that was planned, but one that would be repeated over the ensuing weeks.

For the next few days after the first orgy, Mitzi was understandably sore and not very interested in messing around.  But, once the soreness had eased, she energetically hopped onto my cock whenever the opportunity arose and seeing that we rarely dressed when home, the opportunities for sexual encounters were numerous.  Visits by Clint and Hanna also became frequent.  Not every day, but several days during the week, he’d bring Hanna over for me to fuck while he took his pleasure with Mitzi.  It was during one of these midweek fuck sessions that he broached the subject of the upcoming school year.  We were floating about the pool, sipping beer when he expressed his concern about public schools and how they brainwashed kids into all sorts of things. “Like what?” I asked probing into his paranoia. 

“Okay.  Take for instance, good touch and bad touch.  Ask either of these girls and they’ll swear up and down to us that we give them good touches.  But, once some teacher, who has gained their trust, tells them that fingers rubbing on and in their pussies would be a bad touch, they might tell everything thinking that the teacher had it all wrong.  How are they to know that the busy bodies are just after personal information that is none of their business!  Then the cops will be beating down your door and you and I spend the rest of lives in prison.”  He had a point.

“So what do we do about it?” I asked as my own paranoia exponentially grew by leaps and bounds.

“That’s why I home school, Hanna.  You should do the same with Mitzi.”

“Home school?”

“Yeah, it’s not that hard.  It takes time, that’s all.  But you control the agenda,” he stated with authority.

“I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“The state education board sets a curriculum and teaching materials.  Every few weeks you have to submit the kid’s work and test results.  You know, we could collaborate. Help each other out.  We’ll put the girls together and I teach one day and you teach the next.  That way we can still get some work done.” 

What he said did make sense.  The danger of discovery was only one misstep away, and what kid didn’t blather about something to someone they thought they could trust.  Then there was the fact that the girls were by now the closest of friends and not just platonic friends. Plus, I really didn’t have nor need a paying job anymore.  And there could be an added benefit during our Sex-Ed sessions. It would be like an endless summer of copulating with the two pre-teens.  So, later that evening I dug up the information on home schooling on the internet and signed up for the program.

It didn’t take me very long to realize just how far behind Hanna was relative to Mitzi.  They were both starting the second grade, but Hanna was way behind on reading, writing and arithmetic.  It also didn’t long to figure out why.  Clint was as a piss poor teacher, as piss poor as any teacher’s union thug.  He was always too distracted by business calls, calls that were more important than teaching girls who already knew everything a girl really needed to know. 

Me on the other hand, I was born to be a teacher, though I never realized it before.  I enforced rigid discipline on both the girls and myself, leaving plenty of time for breaks to go swimming or for blowjobs.  Hanna had to struggle at first, but she caught on and by Thanksgiving, she had caught up with Mitzi.

But, before Thanksgiving, there was Halloween and before that, Mitzi’s eighth birthday.  I had planned on deflowering her for her birthday, but that had changed.  Instead, I thought up another special event for her.  I took her and Hanna to Disney World.  Clint passed on the trip, citing growing financial concerns as his business floundered.  Having the two girls to myself was not a burden and they had a blast, doing what millions of other kids have done.  Pure magic at that age.  Mickey, Donald Duck, Sleeping Beauty and all that crap.  Even for me, the rides were fun.  But, Disney is not all fun and games 24/7… one must rest and that’s where and when I delivered my true birthday gift. 

When I told Mitzi what I was going to do, she seemed nervous, but being the good girl that she was, she left me fuck her in the ass while Hanna looked on frigging herself.  We started with a nice hot bath in the Jacuzzi tub of our luxury suite.  Then I ate her ass out.  She was already quite used to that and enjoyed it very much.  Then the fingers… that too she was already used to and enjoyed.  I lubed up her asshole and lubed up my cock, then put it to her hole.   She moaned loudly as my cockhead spread her open and popped inside her anal ring.  The moans turned into groans as I pushed my way into her incredibly tight rectum.  But, with Hanna’s help in tonguing her clit, she relaxed and was soon pushing back into me to get more cock up inside her. 

I took it slow, not because I wanted to, but she was so tight that I had to take it slow.  Her bowels held me with a vise like grip, and despite the generous amount of lube I had used, I found it difficult to move very fast.   Then after a few minutes, everything changed.  Her sphincter gave it up and relaxed like a worn out rubber band and suddenly I was moving with considerable ease.  Thap!  Thap!  Thap! The sound of male groin meeting female buttocks rang out through the room. “Oh, Daddy!” she cried out over and over as she was sodomized for the first time.  “Oh, that feels so good, Daddy!  So good.  So good.”  From then on she babbled incoherently as the combined effects of being ass fucked and having her clit licked took its toll.  Like her mother, she’d always been a screamer and she held nothing back.  She was so loud that I had to cover her mouth lest we be heard through the thin hotel walls as I continued to ravish her anally.   

Later that night I spoke to Clint.  He had wanted us to call him so that he could wish Mitzi a Happy Birthday and whisper naughty things to her.  When I told him what I’d done, he was very excited and expressed his regrets for not being there to witness the blessed birthday event.  I had to agree with him that a discrete audience such as himself would have taken it to another level, but that I would gladly give him a repeat performance once we were home.

You going to let me do her in the ass too?”

I answered his question with another question. “Are you going to let me do Hanna in the butt?”

“Have at her, buddy.  She acts like she doesn’t like it as much as I do, but she does.  Go ahead and help yourself.”

We had discussed this all before.  I’d watched him skewer Hanna’s ass on more than one occasion, but she was off limits to me on that score until I was ready to offer up Mitzi’s sweet butt to him. That of course, had to wait until I took her anally first.  Now that the deed had been accomplished… It was to be a quid pro quo sort of a thing, so I was surprised that he was offering her asshole to me on this trip. I held the phone away from my head making sure that Clint could hear and called out, “Hey, Hanna!  Your dad says I can fuck you in the butt tonight.”  She looked a tad distraught, but not totally alarmed.

Clint asked to talk to Hanna for a moment and she nodded as he spoke to her.  Then after she handed the handset back to me, Clint instructed me to put the handset near her head so that he could hear her grunt when I fucked her. 

Mitzi was very excited about the whole thing and her enthusiasm wore off onto Hanna… well, at least a little.  We started off by having Hanna give me a noisy blowjob to get me up while Mitzi held the phone close to the action for Clint’s benefit.  Then it was show time.  I lubed up her ass and while I worked her asshole over with my fingers, she described to her uncle what I was doing.  Then I put my well lubed cock to her well lubed ass.  I pushed and with a guttural moan, she blossomed open.  She wasn’t nearly as tight as Mitzi was, but then again, Hanna was already trained for this.  Mitzi did a good job with the audio for Clint, capturing not only Hanna’s groans and curses, but she also put the handset near Hanna’s ass to capture the sound of my cock popping in and out of her shit hole until she remained gaped opened.  Clint later told me that he nearly ripped his dick off wanking it so hard.

It was great fun that trip.  After several days at Disney, we hit Universal Studios and then took a side trip to the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral before heading home. 

Halloween was fun.  We all dressed up, the girls as princesses and we dressed as ghouls.  After taking the girls out Treat or Treating and letting them haul in the goodies, we took them for a little ride, out to an old farm house that I had rented.  There was no one around and no electric lights anywhere, just candles strategically placed to cast menacing shadows.  Very spooky.  Once we had the girls in our makeshift torture chamber we gave them an opportunity to see the whips that we told them we would be using on them.  Then we blindfolded them, tied them up to various devices and cut their clothes off.  Of course we didn’t whip them, or at least not to break the skin or anything, but we did spank their bare butts with ping pong paddles, and pussy spanked them with our bare hands while torturing them with vibrators, dildos and our dicks encased with French ticklers.  It was a fun night like it is supposed to be and no harm came to the girls. 

The End of Chapter 4

This is Chapter 4 of an eight chapter story. Coming soon, Chapter 5

In Chapter 5 - Randy becomes increasingly irritated at Clint's failure to deliver Hanna for home schooling on time or at all. But once Clint reveals what he's been up to with his niece, Randy's urge to display Mitzi take them to a photographer...



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