Chapter 1

Huggy and Kissy Time With Daddy

By Lasiter

(fond, nudity, inc, ped)









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My wife, Ann, was a stay-at-home mom before Mitzi started kindergarten at age six. We lived in a very modest house, one that I could afford. But, when my dad passed away in the early summer, I inherited quite a bit of property, including the grand old home where I was raised. My career was doing just fine and I had no desire to move back to where I grew up, so I sold the place for a nice chunk of change, the proceeds of which I put into a very nice home for Ann, Mitzi and me; a home that was well out my reach before Dad died.

At that time I kept fairly normal business hours, getting to the office before 8 AM and heading home at or about 5 PM. My job of writing technical manuals allowed me great flexibility in both the hours, and where I worked. I could have stayed home, hunkered down in my “office”, but my wife and especially little Mitzi, didn’t understand that I had a job to do. Neither understood that I simply couldn’t do this or do that for Ann or play with Mitzi while I was supposed to be cranking out my work product. So, I pretty much made the 30 minute commute everyday to the office and back, performing my job in a workman-like manner.

That began to change once Mitzi started school. Ann had landed a promising job as the Assistant Manager of an upscale teen-girl store. We placed Mitzi in the afternoon session of kindergarten, which allowed Ann to be at work at 2 PM after spending the morning with Mitzi. I adjusted my schedule, making it to the office at 5:30AM and knocking off at 2:30 PM so that I could pick up Mitzi when school let out at 3:30 PM. Then I would play with Mitzi the rest of the afternoon, feed her, and get her to bed by 8 PM. Around 10:30 PM, Ann would come home after closing the store, have something to eat and then join me in the sack.

Whereas this did wonders for a financial balance sheet, it played havoc with whoopee time with Ann. Still, we pretty much managed to adjust, with me waking up in the middle of the night with a hard-on that needed satisfying. Ann was a pretty good sport about being fucked while half asleep. Of course she wasn’t much in the mood to give me a blowjob, but hey, I had something to look forward to on the weekends when she was in a more playful mood.

It was also during this time that I drew closer to Mitzi and Mitzi drew closer to me. She had always been an affectionate child, but now that she had her daddy’s full attention from 3:30 to 8:00 PM, she showed that affection in a very outward way. We’d play outside kicking a soccer ball, or play inside with her dolls or coloring books, or maybe I’d just supervise her while she rode her sidewalk bike around our cul-de-sac. After supper it was bath time, a task that she was quite capable of handling on her own. Then we’d read a book with her sitting on my lap. At bedtime she’d kiss me… and this is where the problem (if you could call it that) started.

I made a big production of showering her with kisses and she reciprocated tenfold (or so it seemed). Once this ritual began, it was impossible to stop. She loved to kiss me all over, face, neck, ears and I soon made sure I was wearing a shirt (well, most of the time), otherwise she'd “blow bubbles” on my tummy and kissed my nips. I knew that this was possibly going too far and I began to fret over it. I confided my concerns to Ann. She laughed it off, telling me that all little girls fall in love with their daddies.

That mollified me for a while, but all that squirming around in my lap had an effect on me and I found that to keep from popping a boner while she rubbed against my cock, that I would hold her off of me slightly. That was fine as it goes, but I was holding her butt. Inevitably with all the squirming and jumping my hands would wind up under her nightshirt and I would have handful of panty-clad butt. Mitzi didn’t mind and truth be told, I liked it too. Aterwards, that fact concerned me greatly.

So, after a few weeks of castigating myself, I went to see a councilor specializing in parenting. She asked me if I was going to harm Mitzi. “No way! I would die before I ever did that,” I truthfully proclaimed.

“Do you want to alienate her?” she asked.


“Then enjoy her affections,” she told me. “All little girls love their daddies.” I had heard that before.

So, while Mitzi showered me with her kisses before bed, I held her plump tushy in my hands, confident that all was well. But, as the weeks went by I found myself rubbing her butt and kneading her plumb cheeks. Mitzi didn’t seem to mind; indeed she seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. She was a happy, happy little girl when she was in her daddy’s lap.

Pulling up her nightshirt, I blew farts on her tummy sending her into fits of mirthful laughter. Of course she wanted to do the same to me, and I let her. Before long, rather than let her pull up my shirt for a moment, I simply began discarding it completely, enjoying the sensation of her little lips across my bare chest and stomach. It was all part of “huggy and kissy time” with her daddy. The blowing bubbles on my nipples, I knew, was going too far, but I allowed it and even returned the favor a time or two.

After an hour or so of “huggy and kissy time,” I was horny as a teenage goat by the time Ann got off from work. Naturally she was too tired to play and had even begun complaining about me raping her in the wee hours. Sex between Ann and me was now confined to weekends, but beat-off sessions after Mitzi was asleep became common place.

Again I began to feel a bit guilty about feeling her butt through her panties, especially after I had starting to whack off to cool off. I decided to just let her squirm around in my lap. I shot off in my pants one night, and went back to holding her butt in my hands. Then one evening, in my eagerness to get her off my cock in a vain attempt to not to cum in my pants, I carelessly shoved my hands under her gown and through the leg holes of her panties. Mitzi wasn’t in the least alarmed that my hands were on her bare butt, nor did she have a clue as to the fresh mess in my pants.

The guilt issue was settled the very next night when “huggy and kissy time with Daddy,” began. As my hand slid up under her gown, I discovered that she wasn’t wearing panties. Naughty little girl!

“Where are your panties?” I asked as my hand roamed over her smooth bare cheeks.

“I dunno,” she replied with an impish grim.

“You’d better go get some panties on.”

“Do I have to?” she whined while batting her eyes at me.

“Mommy would spank you if she knew you were running around without panties.”

“Mommy’s not home,” she astutely replied. Then she added, “You won’t tell on me, will you, Daddy?”

“No,” I replied savoring the feel of her bare skin, “we won’t tell, will we?”

“No, Daddy.”

“Good girl,” I praised as my hand went deep between her cheeks. “But you have to wear panties to bed. Okay.”

“Okay,” she replied while grinding her butt down onto my hand.

I didn’t outright molest her that night, but I’m splitting hairs here. I was molesting her and she just grinned before laying her head onto my bare chest. I had brushed my hand across, but did not toy with her anus, and during my whack off session that night, I savored the funky aroma of my young daughter. Henceforth, “huggy and kissy time” was almost always sans panties.

That sea change happened on a Friday night. With it being the weekend, Ann was off and we did the normal things that any family would do. We took in the zoo Saturday where Mitzi was treated to two Chimps fornicating. She asked lots of questions about that, questions that I let my wife answer. That night, after Mitzi had gone to sleep, Ann and I had our own fornicating session… she needed it as much as I did. Sunday, we went to City Park, fed the ducks and had a picnic. That night, Ann and I got after it again; after all, we could both sleep in late if we wanted to.

Monday night, after thinking of it all day, I deliberately molested Mitzi. Not satisfied with just feeling her bare rump, I stripped off her night gown to play with her completely nude. Laying her across my lap, I let my hands wander. I watched her smiling up at me as my hand stroked up her leg and across her pussy for the very first time. She responded by spreading her legs apart to give me total access. I didn’t attack her and plunge a finger up her young twat, but instead concentrated on lightly running my fingers all across her body. I stroked her pussy too, not inside her lips, but just on the outside. It was a languid feel up and I concentrated on giving her as much tactile pleasure as possible. I was rewarded with her falling asleep in my arms. I carried her to bed and then confident she was asleep, masturbated over her naked body, my semen splattering across her bare tummy.

I woke her up when I began cleaning her up with a wash cloth. Then I dressed her and kissed her goodnight. When Ann came home that night, I pretended to be asleep. Playing possum, sleep was far away for me as I pondered what I had done. Searching my conscious I concluded three things… no one should ever know; two, I or rather we, would do it again and again; and three, I would never do anymore than I had already done.

The next night Mitzi’s nightgown was left in the bathroom after her bath, a bath I had helped her with for the first time in years. It was really nice bathing my little girl and Mitzi enjoyed my soapy hand all over her. Henceforth, her nightgown stayed on her bed until it was time to go to sleep. One other significant thing occurred that Tuesday night, my conclusion-number-three of the night before was violated as my finger slipped in between her pussy lips and into her moist slit for the first time.

I didn’t molest Mitzi every night, mind you, just when she was ready play. And when Mitzi was ready to play, Daddy was ready to play too. She loved the tickles that swept through her whenever I masturbated her to a little girl orgasm. For several months the sex play pretty much leveled out at fingering her to a climax, as I managed to hold off going any farther.

Naturally, I was very concerned that someday Mitzi would say something to Ann about “Huggy and Kissy Time”, but I was very careful never to refer to anything we did as anything but playing “Huggy and Kissy”. I never used words like nipples, or pussy, or masturbate (tickles), finger fuck, or any other word that a 6 year old shouldn’t know. As far as Mitzi was concerned, everything fell under “Huggy and Kissy Time” and when Mitzi told her mother about those evening where I molested my little girl, she only referred to it as hugs and kisses. Ann was none the wiser, or if she was, she never let on.

Ann had been working at the store for over a year and one evening, she came home very excited. The store where she worked had an affiliated store that catered to pre-adolescent girls. Ann excitedly related to me that both her store and the kid store were going to start having fashion shows every quarter on a Saturday at the mall. I was familiar with the stage area at the mall, but had never seen it utilized for anything. And I was informed that my wife had signed Mitzi up as one of the models. That was all fine and good with me… this was Ann’s deal, but then she informed me that because she would be working with the teen show, that I would have supervise Mitzi backstage.

“I don’t know anything about this sort of stuff,” I protested in an attempt to avoid the whole thing.

“You don’t have to know anything, Randy,” my wife said. “You just have to make sure that Mitzi is okay.”

“Why can’t you do that?”

“Because I’ll be managing the show for my store. Look, all you have to do is sit around and help her change clothes.”

“Change clothes?”

“Yes, silly. Each girl will model four outfits. They go out and model the clothes, then go backstage and change into the next outfit. It’s going to be pretty fast paced, so she’ll need your help.”

“I don’t know about this,” I said trying to beg off once again.

“Do you know how much a professional model makes in a year?”

“I haven’t a clue. Besides, Mitzi isn’t a professional model.”

“But, she could become one. There are talent scouts who attend these things. Look, let’s just try it for a show or two and see how it goes.” Thus I became a backstage dad.

It was mid-summer when the whole fashion show stuff first came up. The house had a very nice pool and Ann and I had been taking Mitzi to private swimming lessons throughout the year so she would be ready for the summer. Was she ready! Even though she spent a lot of time in the pool in the mornings with Ann, she was always in the pool when I came home from work to supervise her. We were both several shades darker by August than we were in May.


The End of Chapter 1

This is Chapter 1 of an eight chapter story.

In Chapter 2 - At the Fall Fashion Show, Randy discovers that he gets a kick out of displaying his daughter.



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