By Uncle Reamum

(Mb, bb, MMbb, voy, exhib, inc, oral, anal, prost)


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I was in fourth grade when he just seemed to disappear from my life.  When I asked Mom why he wasn’t with us anymore, she simply said he had to go away for a little while, and that he would be back soon.  After a while when he didn’t come back, I asked again, and this time she told me that he couldn’t come back, not for a long time.   I had no idea at the time that the reason was that he had been sent to prison for bootlegging among other things.  All I knew was that one day Mom told me that she was getting married to ‘Uncle Joe’ and that Daddy would never be coming home. 

The first time I saw him after he was released I was twelve years old.  I hadn’t seen my father, Detter Smith, in several years.  He was living in Camden, a medium to small sized town about a two-hour drive from Madison, where I lived with Mom and Uncle Joe.  Three years is a long time when you’re a little kid.  As I caught a Greyhound bus for the first time, naturally I was somewhat apprehensive.  After all, I had no idea who my father was anymore. 

It was late fall and a cold wind was blowing when I stepped off the bus.  I pulled up the collar of my jacket and tightly gripped my overnight bag.  It was already dark and as I looked around I didn’t recognize anyone. I stood around in the cold outside the bus station for several minutes until I felt a strong hand on my shoulder.  I turned.  

“Hello, boy.” 

A big man hugged me, his breath reeking of stale beer.  He had a beard, black and curly, and I didn’t recognize him.  Startled, I pulled away. He looked me over and grinned that broad smile that I recognized immediately as my Dad’s.

Grasping him around the waist, I hugged him for the first time in years.  “Daddy!”  Other than that, I was lost for words. 

Dad held me at arms lengths and looked me over.  “My, my, you’ve certainly grown since I last saw you, Teddy.  How about we get the hell out of this fucking wind?”

I was shocked at his choice of words.  Profanity was forbidden at home and I never heard those words except in private among my buddies.

“Sure, Dad, let’s go.” 

We walked across the street and got into his beat up pickup truck.  On the way back to Dad’s place, we stopped and picked up hamburgers and fries. When we pulled into the trailer park, I was appalled at the run down condition of everything in sight, and my Dad’s trailer was no exception.

Cockroaches scurried for cover when Dad flipped on the light. In the weak yellowish nicotine-tinged light, the trailer seemed dark and crowded.  The sofa and chair were both ripped.  The vinyl floor was badly worn. Grungy pots and dishes filled the sink.  Ashtrays were filled to overflowing with cigarette and cigar butts.  Garbage overflowed onto the floor.  Dad quickly pulled the trash bag from the can and picked up the spilled trash.  He took it outside and returning, put a fresh bag in the can. 

Sucking on a cigarette he said, “Sorry this shit hole is such a fucking mess, Teddy.  Doesn’t look like much, does it?  Well, I’m hoping to get a better place in a few months; meanwhile, this will have to do.  As shitty as it is, it sure beats the fuck out of a jail cell.”

“Jail cell?”

“Yeah, that’s right.  Your mother didn’t tell you I was in jail?”

“No.  She just said you weren’t coming back.”

“She wishes I would never come back, but here I am, no thanks to her.” 

Later I found out that it was ‘Uncle Joe’, Dad’s partner, who had provided information to the police that led to his arrest.  According to Dad, Uncle Joe and Mom had been cheating on him for about six months before he was arrested, and they just wanted him out of the way.   (*Mom’s side of the story was that it wasn’t any of my concern and that Dad was a no good lair, and a bastard to boot.  All in all, she wasn’t very convincing.)

I sensed that Dad harbored an abiding hatred for Uncle Joe and Mom.  Even though I was just twelve, I understood betrayal and I understood Dad’s insistence that I never tell Mom or Uncle Joe anything about him, what we did, where we went… absolutely nothing. 

“Teddy, what goes on here is none of their fucking business.  Understand me, boy?  What you and I do together is none of their fucking business.  What I do for a living is none of their fucking business.  What I eat, sleep in, drive, drink or fuck is none of their fucking business.  Do I make myself clear?  They’re gonna to ask you a lot of questions when you get home, and you’re not to tell them a god damned fucking thing!  Nothing!  You got it, boy?  Nothing!

“I’m counting on you son, not to ever betray me.  They betrayed me, and I did time in jail.  Jail time… just so that shitbag Joe could fuck your mother.  Hell, all she had to do was get a divorce.  I wouldn’t have stopped her.  Of course I would have cut Joe’s nuts off if I’d known he was fucking her behind my back.” 

I didn’t say a thing, merely nodding as he made himself absolutely crystal clear. 

When the tirade eased, we sat on the sofa and spread out our diner on the littered coffee table.  Dad popped a can of beer, flipped on the TV and immediately got engrossed in a basketball game.  We watched the game for a little while before Dad got a phone call.  He said he had a little business to take care of and that he’d be back in about thirty minutes. I had finished my burger and picked up the wrappers and trash and threw them away as he walked out the door. 

I started rummaging through the stack of magazines on the coffee table.  There were several copies of both Field & Stream and Sports Illustrated.  Down toward the bottom was a copy of ‘Sunshine’ with naked people on the cover.  It was a nudist magazine, filled with pictures of naked men, women and kids.  I had never seen anything like it before.  Naturally, I completely lost interest in the game.  My dick was straining to be free of my jeans and as much as I wanted to whack off, I knew Dad would be back shortly, so I just quickly skimmed through the mag without reading any of the articles, not that I was in the least bit interested in the articles.

Either I lost track of time or Dad got back much quicker than he said he would.  I nearly jumped through my skin when he suddenly flung open the door and stepped in.  I scrambled to hide the magazine, managing to drop it on the floor instead.  He stooped to pick it up, looked at me as I blushed red and roared out in laughter. 

“You like looking at stuff like that?” he asked in whisper tone that bespoke of the wickedness of what I had been doing.  “Gives you a boner, don’t it, boy?” he said in a conspiratorial tone. “Gives me a boner too, looking at all them naked people running around.”  I was so embarrassed.

“I’m sorry Dad, I found it on the…”

“My fault, Teddy.  I shouldn’t have left it there.  Well, shit…  no harm done.  Maybe you shouldn’t see that sort of stuff, but men like to see bare skin, and you seem to be turning into a man. If you want to look at it while your here, go ahead. But remember what I said about telling your momma what you see here?”

“Yes, sir.  I won’t tell her.”  Hell no, I wasn’t about to tell her about something as dirty as that! 

Dad got himself another beer and finished watching the basketball game, knocking off another two cans before it was over. 

“Time for bed, Teddy.  There’s not much room here, so you can either sleep with me or you can sleep on the sofa.” 

I wanted to get back to the magazine and whack off, so I opted to sleep on the sofa.

He got up, slightly staggered and went to into the back of the trailer and brought back some sheets, a pillow and a blanket. I was digging around my overnight bag and had pulled out my pajamas.  Dad looked at them and said, “Pajamas?  Aren’t you a little old for that?  I don’t know what you do at home, but this here’s a man’s house, and a man can sleep as he wants.  Me, I always sleep in the raw, buck naked.  But you do what you want.” 

I opted to sleep in my underwear.  Mom never let me sleep in just my underwear so this was a treat, of course on scout camping trips we always slept in our skivvies and I liked that.  As I stripped down, Dad fixed me a bed on the sofa.  He said goodnight and disappeared in the back.  Before long I could hear him snoring loudly. 

Turning on a lamp, I got out the magazine.  Soon I had my underwear pulled down around my knees.  I closed my eyes and day-dreamed I was one of the kids in the magazine, walking around naked in the woods with other naked kids.  Doing something like that seemed so wonderfully naughty.  Whipping the willie for all it’s worth, I felt my dick begin to tingle and then the delicious sweet agony I had discovered earlier that year swept over me. My surging dick found its release and I felt my cum splash onto my tummy.  I continued whacking my wang until it was completely soft before I drew my hand up from my penis, scooped cum onto my fingers and brought it to my mouth. 

“You like how that tastes?”

My eyes shot open and to my shock and horror my dad stood next to the sofa watching me.  I didn’t have any idea how long he had been watching, but I knew he saw me eating my own cum. I felt so dirty.

He saw my obvious distress.  He grinned and said, “Hey, it’s okay, Teddy.  All guys jack off. Feels good, don’t it.  It’s nothing to be ashamed about.”

I then noticed that he was stark naked.  He seemed so huge standing above me, barrel-chested with a slight pouch.  He was so hairy, dense dark hair covered him from his neck down. And his dick, it was enormous compared to mine, and stuck out like a battering ram. Lewdly, he stroked his big hard dick.  Starring down at my crotch, he began jacking off.  His heavy sack of balls was swaying back and forth as he flailed away at his substantial organ, the huge purple bulbous head looking as if it was about to burst.  His face contorted, he leaned his head back and let out a low moan, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”  A long milky white rope shot through space from the enraged head and onto the wall behind the sofa, then another long rope shot out, and another and another, soaking the backrest of the sofa, and in the process also soaking me with his sticky jisim.

Without saying a word, Dad reached over, his huge (and now semi-soft) dick dripping semen only inches from my face, and turned off the lamp.  Then he went back to bed leaving me lying in the dark, with my shorts still around my knees, splattered with both my own and my dad’s cum.

Next day he didn’t say anything about what had happened the night before.  We watched some cartoons on TV, super hero stuff.  Dad seemed to enjoy the shows as much as I did. Later in the morning, he took me bowling, and then to a movie.  We saw a kick-boxing movie that was rated R due to language and very violent content, something I would never have been allowed to see back in Madison. 

After a supper of pizza, we wound up at a pool hall where he introduced me to a few of his buddies.  Dad showed me the basics of lining up shots, figuring angles, how to put English on the cue ball, and taught me the rules of eight ball.  He always managed to sink a few of my balls and he always missed his shot on the eight ball until I had a chance to sink it.   Provided I didn’t scratch the cue ball, I won every game.  We played pool for hours and hours.  By the end of the night I was a pretty fair shot.  

We returned to the dumpy trailer.  Dad said good night and went to sleep.  I could hear him snoring before I had the sofa fixed up.  That night I decided to dispense with even my underwear.  It felt so good to be naked between the sheets; it was so much more comfortable than the pajamas I wore at home.  Picking up my magazine, I soon found myself back in my fantasy.  I imagined that Dad and I were at the nudist camp jacking off together in the woods.  I soaked the sheets wishing that Dad would come out so that I could see his big dick again, but he didn’t.


Next day I caught the bus back to Madison.  Momma grilled me about Dad when I got home, but I didn’t tell her a thing, especially about what happened the first night I was there.  She was merciless in her probing.  Finally in an effort to get her off my back I told her that Dad had a nice place and that we just hung around and watched TV and went bowling.  She seemed satisfied and finally left me alone. 

The day after I returned from that first visit, I was reminded how different my mom and dad were when a four-letter word somehow escaped from my mouth.  It wouldn’t have fazed Dad, but Mom washed my mouth out with soap.


My next visit with Dad was about a month later.  He had a couple of new magazines on the coffee table, ‘Swinger’s World’ and ‘Teen Heat’.  Shit, my eyes nearly popped out of my head.  The nudist magazine was tame in comparison to these rags.  They were filled with pictures of men fucking women, women sucking men’s cocks and even two or three men fucking one girl.  By the time Dad went to bed, my jeans and underwear were soaking wet from seepage. 

Dad strolled out of his bedroom buck-naked just as I had shucked my clothes.  I had been hard for hours and was still hard as a rock, desperately needing relief.  Embarrassed by my erect condition, I tried to cover up.  Dad handed me ‘Teen Heat’ and with a chuckle told me to have fun whacking off.  He then retired to the back with his copy of ‘Swinger’s World’.

Next day we went to a nearby state park and hiked all day in the woods.  It was great.  I loved the opportunity to get outdoors.  I was in scouts and was working towards my First Class rank.  Dad showed me animal tracks and how to make plaster casts of them.  He showed me how to identify different trees by just the bark.  We saw a group of wild turkeys and watched them as they foraged in the woods.  He showed me how to find north by just using his wristwatch.

Later that evening, back at the trailer, he told me all sorts of stories, about when he was kid, about when I was little, and how he liked to hunt and fish and how he wanted to teach me how to hunt and fish.  He told me he couldn’t teach me to hunt because he couldn’t own a firearm as a condition of his parole, but once he saved up enough money, he was going to buy a boat and take me fishing.


On the next visit, he kept his promise.  He borrowed an aluminum boat and took me fishing, showing me how and where to cast.  Being that it was early March, it was chilly, but I didn’t care, I loved every minute of it.  We caught a mess of fish and we had a fish fry that night.  We had so many fish, Dad called his friend Jack Wade to come over.  Mr. Jack was the owner of the trailer park, as well as the owner of a used car lot and he was Dad’s boss. 

Mr. Jack was a lot older than Dad.  He was shorter than Dad and had a slighter build.  His hair was streaked in gray, as was his beard.  That’s when I met Terry Lind.  Terry was a year younger than I was, short and rather pudgy.  He had an incredibly foul mouth and it seemed he couldn’t utter a sentence without stringing together several four-letter words. We had a grand time and Dad let us both drink a beer.  I remember the room spinning around and Terry feeling up my dick through my jeans while Mr. Jack and Dad talked in the kitchen area.  I felt a mixture of relief and regret when Jack announced to Terry that it was time for them to go.

That night Dad came out of his bedroom, flicked on the hall light and stopped at the bathroom door.  I was whacking off and I stopped when I saw him.  He smiled and said, “Don’t let me stop you, Teddy,” before turning into the bathroom.  I heard him pissing in the toilet; it sounded like a horse letting loose.  Then he ambled back to bed.  I was relieved, yet disappointed that he hadn’t come into the living room.


On the fourth visit I was rummaging through a stack of dirty magazines when I found a magazine called ‘Little Dutch Boyz’.  It was the nastiest one yet, with pictures of boys, some very young having sex with other boys or having sex with men.

“You like that fuck magazine, Teddy?”  Dad was swilling a beer.  “Nasty ain’t it?” He stood next me.  “Look at the size of the cock that boy is sucking on!  And look here...”  He turned the page to a photo of the same boy getting buggered. “Little bastard sure looks like he’s having fun!”  

He let me get an eyeful for about five minutes then he took the magazine away.  “You really shouldn’t be seeing this.  You know, I could go to jail just for having this magazine in my possession.  Better we put it away and forget it even exists, okay?” He stuck the magazine high on a shelf. 

Taking another swig of beer, he wiped his mouth with his shirtsleeve. “Shit, Teddy!  That mag’s made me hornier than hell,” he said adjusting his crotch.  “You want to watch a movie?”

I really didn’t want to see a movie.  I wanted to see the magazine he had just taken away.  “No, not really,” I replied.

“You ever see a fuck movie?”

That got my attention.

He pulled a video down from the shelf and put it in the VCR.  While the FBI warning and credits rolled, Dad got himself another beer and sat down on the sofa next to me. It was unseasonably warm that day and Dad was shirtless, wearing only a pair of cutoff jeans.  His eyes were riveted to the screen as a blond skank took on five guys.  He was sipping his beer and toying with his nipples and squeezing his dick through his shorts. 

I didn’t know whether to watch the movie or just watch him.  Pointing to the screen, he said, “Watch this,” as a dick slipped up her ass for the first time.  “Oh, sweet Jesus, I can’t stand it,” he moaned.  With that he unsnapped his shorts and kicked them off.

I was bugged eyed as his long thick cock sprang free, jerking about as if it was sniffing the air. He lay back against the back cushion and began slowly jerking off while watching the movie.  He closed his eyes and slightly lowered his head to one side.  Pre-cum was practically running freely from his cock hole.  I had never seen so much of the tasty clear liquid before.  I had a strange urge to perform an obscene act with that cock like the ones in the magazine, but I just watched.

“Oh fuuuucccckkkk!” he moaned just before a huge load of cum shot from his cock, landing on his chest almost to his neck.  He jerked as another load shot into space and jerked again as yet another stream shot out of his pulsating dick.  He kept squirting until he slumped down, spent, sitting motionless for several minutes as he recovered.  By that time I was furiously whipping my tool too, my pants down around my ankles, seeking and quickly finding relief from the tension in my balls.

Dad spoke softly as I came down from my high.  “Your daddy is a dirty old man, Teddy.  A man shouldn’t do this sort of thing with his son.” 

I opened my eyes and looked him in the eye.  He grinned and then said, “Fuck it!  It was fun, huh?” He then scooped a thick glob of his jiz onto his fingers and licked them clean.  “Tastes good, don’t it?” 

Taking Dad’s lead, I scraped up some of my cum and licked it off my hand.  He licked up more of his cum.  “You’re a dirty boy. A nasty son-of-a-bitch, just like your old man. Aren’t you Teddy? ”

We sat there cleaning ourselves off.  I had played around with some of the other guys on the last campout, and knew that some of them sucked each other off in the tents at night, but I hadn’t ever done it myself.  All he would have to have done was make one little suggestive move and I would have gone down on him in a second, but he made no such move. 

After five minutes of eating his cum, he stood up and wandered off to bed.  The movie played on, dicks squirting cum over her tits, she licking it up, dicks pounding her pussy, dicks squirting cum all over her ass, she sucking dicks, dicks pounding in and out of her ass.  I fantasized that I was the skank, except I only had two holes to be fucked instead of three.   

Next morning the weather had changed.  The temperature had dropped and it was raining.  After a breakfast of Pop Tarts and coffee, Dad got a phone call.  I was watching cartoons and didn’t pay much attention to what was being said.  Dad came out and announced that he had to go fix something.  Last month I had helped him fix a washing machine in the trailer park’s Laundromat and I asked if I could help him again today.

“No, Teddy.  It’s nasty as fuck out there and I’ll be out in the rain.  Look, I’m sorry I have to work while you’re here. Jack suggested that Terry come over and you two could play together until we finished the job.  Shouldn’t take us more than three or four hours.”

I really just wanted to be with Dad, but I really didn’t want to stand out in cold rain either while he fixed something.  Fifteen minutes later, Terry came running in, drenched.

“God damned rain!  Shit, I’m fuckin’ soaked to my balls!  Fuck!” he declared. “It’s pissing horse piss out there!” 

He looked around the cluttered kitchen counter.  “Detter, ya got anythin’ to fuckin’ eat?  I’m so fuckin’ hungry, I could eat the asshole of a dog!”

“Yeah, you little shit,” said Dad, “there’s food in the fucking fridge where it always is!  Make yourself a sandwich.” 

Dad turned up the thermostat, then excused himself and went out into the rain dressed in a slicker.  Terry rummaged around the fridge cursing until he found a pack of luncheon meat and a coke.

Terry shoved a handful of meat into his mouth.  As he chewed he commented, “Jack said it would take’em several hours to clear that fuckin’ drain.  A whole bunch of shit’s stopping it up.” 

After last night I felt pretty bold.  I asked, “Hey, you want to watch cartoons or a dirty movie?” confident that Dad wouldn’t give a hoot.

“I don’t give a fuck.  Shit! I’m fuckin’ freezin’!”  Terry began peeling off his wet clothes revealing his soft flab.  He was very pudgy and almost had tits like a girl.  He stopped when he got down to his white briefs. 

“Yeah, let’s watch one of Detter’s fuck movies… he’s got a dozen of ‘um.” Terry poked around and found a tape.  “This’ll do!”  He popped in the dirty movie, and then boldly asked, “Ya wanna to see my dick?”  Before I could say, ‘Sure,’ he shucked his briefs and was totally nude.  He put his hands framing his crotch and made a lewd gesture.  He still had a little boy dick and he was completely hairless.  “Okay, Teddy, now let me see your dick.”

Dad had turned up the heat before he left and it was already getting warm in the trailer.  It was going to be hours before Dad returned and I figured I could have some wicked fun with this brash kid, so I peeled out of my clothes.  The movie began, starting off with a guy sucking off another guy. 

“You’ve got a nice dick,” said Terry admiringly.  My dick wasn’t too big yet, maybe four, almost five inches long, but it was a lot bigger than his.  It had grown considerably since I had started jacking off regularly about a year ago.  My balls hung low and I had a nice crop of pubic hair. “Have ya ever done anything like that?” he asked pointing to the screen.

“Not really,” I lied.

“From the look of your fuckin’ dick, I’d say that ya want to.”

Sure enough I was hard as a rock as my eyes went from TV to Terry’s live nudity.  “You ever done anything like that?” I asked. 

Terry grinned.  “Suck dicks?  Yeah, I suck dicks.  I love suckin’ dicks.  Suck at least one dick each and every fuckin’ day.”  He stepped forward and took my rigid cock in his hand.  God that felt so good.  My hand found his genitals and we fondled each other for several minutes.  I wasn’t sure which I liked best, the feel of his hand on my dick and balls or the feel of his dick and balls in my hand.  I decided I liked them both.  Leaning forward, he kissed and then sucked on my nipple before he sunk to his knees to suck my dick.  The feel of his hot moist mouth surrounding my cock was heavenly. 

“Jesus fuck!” I muttered as he began swirling his tongue around the sensitive head of my cock. Then he began bobbing up and down, sucking me to the root and pulling off to the tip before plunging back down. On the last campout a bunch of us sucked each other, but never like this kid was doing!  He pulled off.  “Don’t stop, that feels great!” I pleaded.

“Yeah, I know.  Here lie down on the couch.”  I lay down and he climbed on top of me, head to toe and put his dick to my mouth as he sucked me back into his voracious mouth.  Getting sucked off and with his dick in my face, it didn’t take long before it was in my mouth.  I swirled his little dick around in my mouth, trying to imitate what he was doing to me.  I remember thinking, ‘What if he pees in my mouth?’  That prospect was so dirty that it brought me to the edge.  Just as I started to cum, I heard the trailer door open, but it was past the point of no return.  As I was cumming I heard the trailer door shut.  My asshole puckered up tight even as I continued to unload.

“Goddamn! Look at those two boys, Detter! Two little cocksuckers a’gobbling dick!” 

I struggled to get up and as I cleared my head around Terry’s fleshy hips I starred directly into my dad’s eyes.  I was so embarrassed, I stuttered, “Dad, you said it would take you three or four hours!”

“Weren’t nothing to it.”  He looked at me and studied my 69 position with the flabby boy.  “You two sure didn’t waste no time. Tell me, boy, you like sucking dick?”

“Sure he does, Detter,” said Mr. Jack with an evil grin.  “You saw how they were getting after it.”

“I saw how you were looking at me last night, boy.  It was a real hungry look.  I thought you were going to go down on me.  Is that what you want?  You want a man’s dick in your mouth?” 

Dad glanced back at the TV. “You want to do what those fellas in that movie are doing?” 

I nodded ‘yes’ before I looked to see that one guy was fucking the ass of the other. 

“You know, once we start this, there’ll never be a stop to it.”  I didn’t really know what he meant, and I really didn’t care.  I was just relieved that he wasn’t angry with me, yet I was very apprehensive of the immediate future.

Terry stopped sucking my spent dick and got up off of me.  Dad and Mr. Jack discarded their wet slickers and began undressing.  Somehow Mr. Jack had a head start and he was naked first.  He had a moderate amount of chest hair, salt and pepper colored like his beard and head.  I noticed with some satisfaction that his dick wasn’t as big as Dad’s.  I also noticed that it was very peculiar looking.   I learned later that was because he was uncircumcised, and the foreskin made his dick look very different from Dad’s, or mine, particularly when he was soft. 

Dad moved the coffee table out of the way and then stood with his legs spread apart.  “Come here boy and show your dirty daddy what a nice dirty boy you really are,” he commanded. 

I got up off the sofa and knelt before him, studying his great phallus.  It was already fully erect, nine inches of man meat, over an inch and a half thick, covered with thick bulging veins, bobbing slightly with each beat of his heart.  The eye of the purplish knob from which my life sprang forth now beckoned me to a life of willful depravity.

Terry crawled between Dad’s spread legs and like a lamprey he attached his mouth to my balls, sucking in both at the same time.  Dad gripped me behind my head and gently pulled my head closer to his throbbing dick.  A clear drop of pre-cum formed at the cock slit and grew ever larger until the force of gravity overcame the surface tension of the bead of juice.  I caught the tasty liquid with my tongue before it dripped off the rim of his cock crown.  I began licking the huge glans, mixing his natural lube with my saliva and smearing the slippery mixture across the velvety smooth skin.

Terry was still sucking my balls when he ran a finger up my ass and when he did, I sucked Dad’s dick head into my mouth.  It completely filled my mouth. 

I thought about the last scout camping trip two weeks ago when my buddy, Chip, bet me dollar that I couldn’t put a whole apple in my mouth.  The apples were small and I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal and sure enough I was able to force a small whole apple into my mouth.  I won the dollar, but I couldn’t get the damned thing out.  I couldn’t simply bite into it as it was behind my teeth and I certainly couldn’t crush it with my gums.  I could still breathe with no problem, but I thought right then and there that I was going die.  My eyes got big as saucers as I tried to convey to my friends the severity of my plight, but they only howled in laughter.  I ran to Mr. Pevy, the Scoutmaster who looked at me with that “Now what?” expression until he realized I was in real trouble.  Mr. Pevy whipped out a folding camp tool that looked like a pair of needle nose pliers and began cutting the apple in half. After what seemed an eternity, he got the damned thing out.  I swore I would never put anything that big in mouth again, but here I was, stuffing my mouth with my dad’s big cock.

Terry’s head began bumping into my groin.  I looked down, his neck slightly twisted with each bump. It wasn’t from his head bobbing as I could see the flab quaking on his body below me while his head was being driven into my crotch.  My eyes followed his quivering back to his quaking rump where Mr. Jack knelt behind him, buggering Terry forcefully, just like in one of my dad’s dirty movies.  Terry’s fat butt seemed to expand every time Mr. Jack rammed into him hard. 

I had a major boner and Terry was sucking it with enough suction to suck the holes out of a bowling ball.  He suddenly pulled off, taking his finger out of my butt and almost taking my dick with him.  He sat back on his haunches and buried his face in Dad’s ass. I caught a glimpse of Mr. Jack moving behind me and soon felt a large finger worming its way up my rectal passage.

Dad’s dick suddenly exploded, blasting a hot flood of his jisim into my mouth.  He tasted kinda funny, different from me, salty with a sort of mild bleach-like favor that mixed with something stronger, sharper, but indefinable.  It wasn’t unpleasant; it was just different from my own cum.  I gulped and gulped, and his dick throbbed and throbbed until I just had to pull off and let him hose down my face.  Dad stepped back and Terry dove onto my dick again. 

Mr. Jack put an arm around my chest and pulled me up and away from Terry. “That’s enough, Terry,” Mr. Jack scolded as he continued to finger fuck my ass.  “You’re going to pull his peter out of socket.”  Then my dad’s boss growled at me, “We’re going to fuck the shit out you boy!  How about it Detter?  He’s your boy.  You want to fuck him first?”

Dad looked at me, cum streaming down my face, Jack’s hand thrusting my butt from behind.  Dad had a very peculiar expression, with his long wet hair and beard, he looked like a wild man lusting after a piece of fresh meat.  “Yeah I want him first, but I’ll rip him in half.  You go first, Jack; loosen up his young ass for me.”

“You got it!  You hear that, boy?  Your daddy wants me to loosen up your butt for him.  Tell me truthfully kid, do you want to be ass fucked?”

I nodded ‘yes.’  After all the finger fucking felt pretty good and I had the feeling that it wouldn’t matter what I said, my inner regions were going to be probed by something considerably larger than Jack’s digit.  Mr. Jack confirmed that suspicion when he hissed in my ear, “Good because you’re going get butt fucked whether you want it or not!”

Butterflies filled my stomach.  I was going to be sodomized and my asshole puckered up tight in anticipation.  Mr. Jack bent me over the armrest of the sofa.  I felt the head of his stiff dick pushing against my anus.  I expected that he would simply run his schlong up my chute but my asshole wouldn’t yield.

“Shit, boy, relax! Loosen up, you’re going to like this,” Mr. Jack implored.  “I promise! I bet you’ll like it as much as Terry does.  Eh, Terry?”

I looked to my left and heard Terry utter “Omphhhh!” as my dad ran his big dick all the way up the fat kid’s ass.  I felt something cold and slippery being rubbed into my puckered hole and then the head of Jack’s dick pressing against my anus once again.   

“Damn it, boy, relax!  Open your little shit hole for good old Uncle Jack.” 

I felt my ass being slowly spread open as he continued to push harder and harder.

“That’s it boy, now were making progress.” 

Suddenly my sphincter gave up the fight and his dick popped into my butt.  I thought it would hurt more, but it was merely slightly uncomfortable. 

“Are you okay, boy?” he asked as if it really mattered.

I nodded ‘yes’ and then I felt my rectum fill as his shaft began sliding past my anal ring.  It really felt good to me.  It was so dirty; I loved it.  I thrust my ass back into him trying to get his dick in a little deeper. 

“Yeah, that’s it, butt boy, push it in deeper.  You want more cock?”  Jack thrust his hips forward hard, driving his dick in the final two inches. “Damn, your ass is tight boy!” 

He paused briefly and then began sodomizing me in earnest, sawing in and out of my virgin ass.

“Fuck, Detter, your boy really likes it; don’t you boy?  Shit, he has a tight butt.”  

After five or ten minutes my ass was stretched out and relaxed.

“This kid’s butt is going to be a gold mine, Detter.”

It was starting to feel really, really good, when Jack withdrew his dick with a noise similar to when you open a fresh bottle of Coke.  “Detter, you ready to fuck him?”

I had been too preoccupied with this wonderful new sensation of being buggered to have noticed what Dad had been doing to Terry.  I looked over now.  Terry was slack jawed and glassy eyed, with drool running from his mouth.  He just sort of slumped over into a heap when Dad pulled his rampant cock from his ass and let go of Terry’s hips.  A bright red hand mark was clearly visible on Terry’s flabby hip where Dad had gripped him tightly.

I was alarmed until Terry muttered, “Goddamn! That was fuckin’ great! Do me again, Detter.  Do me again.”

Dad didn’t pay any attention to him as he was now moving me off the sofa arm and down onto the floor onto my back.  Dad said, “I don’t want to hurt you Teddy, just fuck you.  So you just tell me when you want me to stop.” 

He pushed my legs forward and over his broad shoulders, rolling my butt off the ground. He globed on a handful of KY on my exposed and defenseless hole and then globed on more KY over his big dick.  Sitting on his heels, he maneuvered his crotch into mine.  When Mr. Jack had fucked me, I couldn’t see what he was doing, but now I had a front row seat as I watched my Dad put his massive head under my scrotum and onto my freshly deflowered hole. 

He pushed.  My sphincter was loose and it just opened up like an eye adjusting to darkness.  The tip of his head penetrated no more than half an inch before my sphincter resisted, needing to stretch wider to accommodate his girth.  He was already in and had a biomechanical advantage.  As he pushed, my sphincter had no choice but stretch out like a thick rubber band.

Jesus it hurt!  I shut my eyes and cried out, “Stop!  Please stop!” and I began sobbing.

Dad paused, remaining very still.  Soon the pain began to subside.  He pushed it in more and my sphincter painfully stretched out so much I thought I was being ripped.  “Owwwwwwww fuck! Oh, fuck, fuck, FUCK!!  Please stop!!!” 

Dad paused for a minute before quickly pushing in again.  The rim of his crown slipped past my anal ring accompanied by more searing pain. 

“Oh shit, you’re hurting me,” I protested through the sobs.

“That’s the worst of it, Teddy,” Dad said attempting to comfort me.  “Now just relax, I ain’t gonna hurt you.” 

How could I relax with the grip of a baseball bat up my ass?  Even though it was cool on the floor, sweat pored off my face.  I thought I was going to die.  Then the pain mellowed out.  It didn’t go away, but it began to feel much different, almost pleasurable, then it was strangely pleasurable like the warm glow that follows the scalding shock of very hot bath water. 

My sobbing was replaced by puppy-dog panting.  I opened my eyes and looked up into my father’s full-bearded face.  He had beads of sweat on his forehead and his tongue was poking through his partially open lips.  He had a very strange animalistic look in his eyes.  Once he saw I was no longer in so much pain, he began to gently thrust, taking his time, driving his long, fat dick up my rectum a little at a time, allowing time for the elastic walls to yield, gradually stretch and adapt. 

He got so deep it felt like his dick was halfway to my stomach before I realized it WAS halfway to my stomach. He began to withdraw, slowly, gently thrusting as he retreated till he pulled the head of his dick out of my ass.  He pushed it back in, my sphincter easily yielding and he gently drove back in deep, gently trusting, taking it slowly.  It was literally breathtaking it felt so good. 

After doing this procedure a few times, Dad got around to taking full deep thrusts, slowly at first, but sensing my growing lascivious pleasure and excitement, he became more and more energetic. I watched in awe as his massive organ disappeared, reappeared and disappeared again into me, over and over. 

My own adolescent dick was hard as rock during all this. The rubbing on my prostate began to take its toll, and I felt the pressure building in my groin.  I tried to hold back, but I couldn’t resist the impending climax, it built and built until it erupted in a blinding flash.  I shot off so hard that my first jet of cum splashed across my face.  The intense orgasm lasted much longer than any I had before.  As the sweet anguish faded, I saw Dad’s face twist in a grimace.  A moment later, I felt his dick swell even larger just before I felt the gushing warm flow of his potent screw juice pouring inside my gut as his dick throbbed and pulsated in my ass.  He pulled out briefly and shot a load over my chest and across my face, then plunged back into my ravished dark hole to finish.

Dad bent over and began kissing and licking my face, lapping up his cum from my face, pulling his limp dick from my ass.  Licking and sucking on my skin, he vacuumed my torso of his semen, moving ever lower down my body until he sucked up my now soft dick.  He really was a dirty old man, trying to suck up as much residual cum as he could.  My butt throbbed from the depraved abuse, yet I yearned to be taken again, to be filled with a lust-swollen cock and to be fucked into sweet oblivion.   I got my wish when Mr. Jack mounted me for his second go.

I lost track of how many times I got fucked that rainy day, but I remember that late in the afternoon, Mr. Jack left with Terry, saying they had appointments to keep.  Mr. Jack returned several hours later without Terry.  Asking about where Terry was, I was told, “He’s paying the rent for his whore mama.”  Mr. Jack stayed until late that night.  It seemed like I was continuously stuffed with a cock from both ends. 


Next day my asshole was gaping wide and I nearly shit all over the place as I couldn’t control my bowels.  On the bus ride back to Madison from Camden, my butt was very sore. It was like an itch, as long as the itch was being scratched, it didn’t bother you too much.  But once the scratching stopped, the itch became unbearable, and the need to scratch was overwhelming.  I needed a dick reaming me out to sooth my enflamed butt.  All through that ride from hell, I thought the damned bus would never get home.  Then to my horror I realized the seat of my pants were wet just as I stood to get off the bus.  Fortunately I had my jacket with me and tied it around my waist, hiding the telltale stinky stain.

Since I had started seeing my dad, Uncle Joe’s attitude toward me had changed from indifference to hostility.  He became very defensive and seemed to lash out at me for trivial offences.  I guess he realized that I didn’t buy his and Mom’s version of what went down when Dad was sent to jail.  I became more and more of a sarcastic smart mouth and that didn’t sit very well with him.  I really didn’t care if he was upset and unpleasant towards me.  To me, it just proved that Dad was right about him and Mom. 

Then all hell broke loose at the next scout camping trip.  The weather was miserable and it seemed that it was going to rain nonstop the entire weekend.   Everyone, including Mr. Pevy, was hunkered down, unwilling to venture out into the rain.  Five of us gathered in Chip’s big tent and played cards all day.   It didn’t take us long before someone suggested strip poker.  I lost big! One thing led to another and when Mr. Pevy opened the tent fly looking for us to come start dinner, I was sucking Chip’s dick while another kid was buggering me. 

All five of us were thrown out of the troop.  Mom was mortified that I would do such a thing.  Uncle Joe took the opportunity to slap me around, calling me a ‘fucking little queer’.  He made it clear that he couldn’t stand the sight of me.  Mom feared he would beat me up and I feared that she wouldn’t stop him if he did.  On top of the abuse at home, I was now ridiculed at school as word spread about the campout.  I got the shit kicked out me more than once. 

That Friday, when I boarded the bus to Camden, I was determined not to come back to Madison.  I had just turned thirteen and I could chose which parent I wanted to live with.  I chose Dad.  I left Mom a note that I wouldn’t be coming back.


It was very warm that weekend in Camden.  When I stepped off the bus, Dad was there in cutoffs and a t-shirt with the sleeves cutout exposing his powerful arms. His smile turned to a frown as he examined my shiner.  “How’d you get this, Teddy?”

“Got in a fight.”

“Who won?”

“They did.”


I lied, “It was even, but Chip and me got jumped.  We got flattened before we even knew we were in a fight.”

“What did your mother say?”

“That I shouldn’t start fights.  Joe said I deserved it.  Dad?  Can I come live with you?”

Dad thought a minute, “Shit, money’s tight, Teddy.”  He thought a minute and said,”You know, I thought that after last time you were here, that maybe you wouldn’t want to come back…  You really want to live with me?” 

“Uh huh.  Please, Dad.”

His eyes sparkled in anticipation.  “Hell, yes!  We’ll fucking manage somehow.  What does your mother say about this?”

“I don’t know.  I left her a note.” 

Dad smiled broadly at this news.  “Well,” he said scratching his belly, “she knows how to reach me.  When she calls, I’ll tell her what’s what. I know the law… you’re old enough to decide which parent you want to live with and she can’t do a fucking thing about it!  Matter of fact, she’ll have to pay me child support!  That ought to piss’em off!  Eh, boy?”

We stopped for burgers and fries on the way back to the trailer.  After we arrived at the trailer park, Mr. Jack came over.  I was sitting on the sofa, thumbing through the latest edition of “Sunshine”.

“Evening, Detter!  Good to see you back, boy!”

“Where’s Terry?” I asked.

“He’s working tonight,” replied Jack, “like his mama.”  Jack took the magazine from my hands, glanced at it and handed it back.  “You want to go to a place like that, Teddy boy?”


“Hey,  Detter, how about if we take Teddy over to Pinkie’s Farm tomorrow.  Weather’s going to be nice.  Give the boy the chance to run through the woods naked.”

Dad said, “I was thinking along the same lines.  Teddy’s decided to come live with me.”

“You don’t say?”

“Yeah, so I’ll need to bring in more cash.”

“I hear you, Detter.  Well, maybe we can find your boy a sugar daddy or two tomorrow.”

I wasn’t quite following their conversation and asked, “What’s at Pinkie’s Farm?”

Mr. Jack laughed.  “It’s a nudist camp out in the woods.  Sort of like the one in your magazine, Teddy.  But it’s also a club.  A very private club.  A club where well-to-do men, men with money, can meet nice boys like you.” 

Mr. Jack turned to Dad, “Detter, if you want prime meat prices tomorrow, better lay off his ass tonight.”

“I was about to tell you the same thing, Jack.  What time do you want to go tomorrow?”

“Better make it early, so we have plenty of time to fish for a whale.  Let’s head out about seven.”

The conversation turned to baseball and Dad and Mr. Jack retired inside Dad’s trailer to drink beer while they took turns having me suck them off.  Several hours later Mr. Jack excused himself for the evening.  My jaws were sore.  Dad trotted off to bed, leading me by my pecker.  “Prime meat” or not, Dad was quite drunk and I got it in the ass anyway.

When morning came, Dad had sobered up.  “Oh, fuck!” he moaned.  “God damn it, Teddy, why’d you let me do that to you last night?  Are you okay?  I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No, I’m alright.”  Actually it did hurt, at first, but it wasn’t hurting now.

“Let me see,” he said sitting up.  Next thing I knew he was spreading my ass cheeks and checking my asshole for damage.  “You look okay,” he announced after a minute of gentle probing.  “Teddy, don’t say anything about this to Jack. Okay?” 


Then slapping my butt he added “Now we need to get moving boy, so get your ass out of bed!”

I had to shit something awful, so I headed directly to the bathroom to take a dump. Once I had finished my business I was ready for a shower, but Dad had beat me to it.  He pulled the curtain open and pulled me inside.  It was cramped, but we had fun!


It seemed that the ride out to Pinkie’s Farm took forever. Dad drove Mr. Jack’s truck, and it seemed that Mr. Jack had me sucking him off the entire time.  By and by, we turned down a gravel road. It was an overcast day.  We made so many turns, I lost complete track of the direction we were headed.  Finally we came to an unmarked gate.  Mr. Jack got and somehow unlocked it.  He’d been there before.  At the end of a twisting dirt track through the woods, we came to a lurching stop.

“We’re here, boy,” announced Mr. Jack.  He got out of the truck and stripped off his shirt; his pants and drawers had been on the floor soon after we left the trailer park.  “Get your ass naked, boy.  You won’t need any clothes here, not until we leave to go home.”

I turned to look at Dad.  He was now standing outside by the truck and stripping down as well.  With a shrug, I did the same. 

With me in between, we walked towards the large secluded house. It felt funny walking about naked, but soon I caught sight of several men, naked as the day they were born, sitting in rockers up on the porch.  There were a couple of boys too.  They looked to be older than me.  They all looked out and watched our approach.

We climbed the stoop and then walked into the house.  Mr. Jack didn’t knock, he just went in.  I looked into a room off to the left where a boy was sucking an old man’s cock. 

Mr. Jack called out, “Johnson!  You there?”  Out of another room, a man I presumed was Johnson stepped out. Unlike the other men I’d seen, he was a deep bronze color all over.  Dad later told me that Johnson didn’t own a single pair of underwear, and that the only time he ever got dressed was when he went into town for supplies, or when it was snowing.

“Hey there, Jackass,” Johnson greeted with a grin. “Who’s the boy?”

“Pinkie, this here is Detter’s boy, Teddy.  Detter’s a little strapped for cash.”

“I see.”

Johnson turned to Dad and said, “Well, Deter, I’m sure that can be fixed.” 

Then he looked at me with a predatory grin and ordered, “C’mere boy.”  It wasn’t a request. 

I stepped up Pinkie Johnson.  I couldn’t help but notice that even though his dick was limp, it was still quite large.  “Turn around…. Bend over… spread your ass cheeks.”  I nearly jumped when I felt his finger shoving up my ass.  “Around here, you’re gonna have to keep lubed up, boy.  Ain’t nobody gonna lube you up except yerself.  So, if ya don’t want yer asshole ripped out, ya better be prepared and stay prepped.”  Mercifully he pulled out and next thing I knew, his tongue was lapping at my hole.  That didn’t last long before his finger went up my butt again.

“You’ve been fucking this boy, Detter?”  Dad looked sheepish and Mr. Jack glared at him.  “Give ya a flat rate for him.  Seventyfive dollars a day.”

“Seventyfive dollars?  He’s worth more than that.”

“Would be if he were a virgin or wasn’t so loose. Take it or leave it.”  My dad nodded and just like that, he sold me as a boy prostitute.  “He buys his own KY,” Johnson added.  “I’ll just deduct it from his earnings.”

“Now wait a minute,” interceded Mr. Jack, “That’s not your regular deal.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll supply the lube,” conceded Johnson. 

A moment later, Pinkie led me off to another room, where I was told to wait.  I didn’t have long to wait before he brought in another man, a flabby man who was pasty white all over.  The man looked me over and then had a whispered conversation with Johnson.  Johnson nodded and the deal was done.  I was to be this man’s butt boy for the day.

The man never told me his name, I just called him, Sir.  He liked to have his nipples sucked as well as having his dick sucked.  What I wasn’t prepared for was when he rolled over onto stomach like a beached whale, and spread his flabby ass cheeks apart.  He wanted me to lick his asshole. 

Pinkie Johnson was standing close by, making sure I did whatever the man wanted me to do. He was tapping wooden paddle in his hand.  I had a pretty good idea what he had in mind and I didn’t want any part of it.  Disregarding the pungent odors, I buried my face between those flabby butt cheeks, licking and lapping away.  It wasn’t as bad as I had feared, and soon the funky ass odor was just part of my day.

I had to come up for air about every thirty seconds or so, as it was impossible to get a breath with my face surrounded by fat buttocks.  After bobbing for air and licking his asshole for several minutes, I noticed that his anus was gaping slightly open.  Johnson looked up the guy’s butt and then told me, “Fuck him in the ass.”

I had fucked Terry in the ass plenty of times, so I knew pretty much what to do.  I mounted the mound of flab and did my best to get my peter in that hole.  I was only partially successful due to the fullness of those big butt cheeks.  I strained and flailed away for several minutes, just stabbing into him a little ways, before my way was blocked.

The man turned his head and said, “Pinkie, he’s too small.  Finish me off, will you?”  In a flash, Pinkie Johnson was pushing his soft cock in my face.  I knew what was expected and got to it.  As the cock began hardening in my mouth, I became aware just how big this guy’s dick was.  It was at least two inches longer than Dad’s and just as thick.  I was more than happy he wasn’t any thicker.


As for Dad and Mr. Jack, I didn’t see either one of them for over three months.  I stayed with the other whore boys on Pinkie’s Farm and serviced anyone who rented me for the day.  I was kept naked too and learned to keep my ass greased up at all times, for even when there weren’t any club members there, Pinkie was always buggering one of us with that big cock of his just “to keep you in practice.”. 

Finally Mr. Jack showed up and I thought I was going to go home to be with Dad.  By that time I was bronze all over like Pinkie Johnson and the other boys. 

Mr. Jack talked to Pinkie for a few minutes and and Pinkie handed him a wad of bills for my services, then Mr. Jack took me aside.  “I have some bad news for you, boy.  A month ago, your dad violated his parole and he’s back in jail.  Won’t be out for a year or two.  Now I tried to contact your mom, but she’s apparently moved and didn’t leave a forwarding address.  Hell, I sure as hell don’t want you, so I guess you have to stay here at Pinkie’s Farm until your dad fetches you.” 

My eyes filled with tears and I started to cry, but Mr. Jack just shoved his cock in face and ordered me to suck it.  I guess hesitated too long and WAAAAPPP!!!  My ass burned like hell at the stinging slap of Pinkie Johnson’s paddle, giving me something else to cry about while I sucked Mr. Jack’s dick



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