by   E.A.Grant

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The boat was a pleasant surprise.  As a small contractor Joe was always at risk of someone defaulting on a loan, declaring bankruptcy overnight and taking Joe’s money with them. He tried to be careful, but like he said, “shit happens.” He had already kissed his money goodbye on just such a ‘good deal gone bad’ when a smiling lawyer had offered him the boat to cancel out his substantial debt.  It wasn’t worth the debt of course… he guessed fifteen to twenty cents on the dollar…. but hell, it was something.  So he figured “cool”, he could live with that and the IRS would never know about it… probably.  

 Joe had grown up with boats so he knew that the twenty seven foot Boston whaler was a good boat; big enough to have some real fun with, but not so big it became a second job and an unwanted obligation.  There was a small cutty cabin that served as a double bunk or an ‘almost’ kitchen and had a small shower-john.  It was handsome like most Whalers, fiberglass with lots of natural wood, a little brass and just the occasional splash of red color to break up the all white look of it.   Joe knew he and his eight year old daughter, Michel, would have some special times aboard the boat that he had quickly named “The Little Girl”.   Joe just hadn’t known how insightful the name was or how apropos it would prove to become.


Joe and Michel sat in the window seat at the “Ye Ole” something or other tavern that overlooked the pier where Joe had “The Little Girl” tied up, gassed and ready to go. He was waiting for the latest customer of his new avocation to show up.   The business… well, let’s just say making Michel available for the use of tourist, men or women, singles or groups, who could afford her; in short, he was whoring her out.  This wasn’t quite as draconian or evil on Joe’s part as one might imagine… father and daughter (she was nine by now), both enjoyed it and it was their private games. It provided hours and hours of private DVD movie excitement and bedroom play for the father and daughter couple.

Joe sipped at his long neck beer while Michel hummed a favorite song and played with a plastic cup of cherries the bartender had given her.  The sun shining through small window beside them lit up the red hairs on Joe’s arm like a forest of red and yellow steel wool threads, at the same time Michel’s blond hair had become almost transparent under the early morning rays.

Joe’s mind easily slipped back to that first really serious sexual adventure last summer. It had been just a few months after he had taken ownership of “The Little Girl” and he had taken Tony, a friend and an equipment salesman, on a ride out to the Boston light. He smiled even now as he remembered how the first ‘special’ trip had gone.  That was how it had all started.


That first day they had powered slowly out of the harbor.  Tony, Joe’s friend, had stood beside Joe at the controls drinking a beer evidently with something on his mind.

Michel was kneeling on one of the seats watching as the shore disappeared.  She looked at all the birds, mostly seagulls that floated seemingly weightless above them and sometimes dove into the water for fish.  She loved that; she thought they looked like dive bombers.  Michel couldn’t hear her dad or his friend over the sound of the two big Honda engines, but she glanced at her dad, accurately guessing what they were talking about.   

She loved her daddy to pieces, that was a certainty and she was very proud of him.  Her daddy was so… well so many things to her… so handsome… so big, over six feet, and more than three times her fifty-five pounds. His Irish Scotch heritage was the reason for his fair (but tanned) skin, his red hair and green/blue eyes. He smiled and laughed a lot and she really liked that, but her very, very most favorite thing about him was his thick, wide mustache that he tickled her with when he kissed her between her skinny legs. That was really fun, she grinned to herself.

“Is that your little girl you were telling me about, Joe?”  Toney asked a little nervously and in a way that would lead one to believe that he knew the answer, but needed confirmation before he could ask his real question.

Joe just smiled looked straight ahead and answered, “Yep. That’s my girl.” His dark sunglasses kept hidden from his friend the sparkle of humor that danced in his eyes at his friend’s discomfort and disbelief.

Joe continued the relaxed friendly smile.  He had known the question would come. “It sure is, Tony… Michel’s my girl… my only girl since her mom left years ago.  The only one I need.” He took a sideway look at his friend and read the confusion, embarrassment mixed with a healthy dose of wishful thinking on his friend’s face.

Tony took another drink and said, “O.K. if you say so, but I just can’t picture it.    I do believe you, Buddy, but she is such a sweet little thing… you know what I mean.  She is so young and innocent looking, it’s hard to believe you know… the stuff you talked about,” but he shrugged his shoulders ready to accept what Joe had told him earlier, it was a strange world.   

Now Tony seemed to look at Michel with new eyes and little too long it seemed to Joe, who realized how the man must feel.  Joe had told him that his daughter Michel jacked him off sometimes and had even lapped his dick. Of course she had done so much more, but he didn’t care to share that with anyone yet.  Joe had added that she might even get undressed for them once they were out of sight of land or other boats.  That is if Tony was interested in seeing her naked.

The two men were themselves dressed quite alike with dark sunglasses, (Tony’s were pushed up on top of his head), polo shirts, one white, one blue, non-descript dark trunk style bathing suits and Dockers. It was a beautiful warm morning that promised to be a hot July day on the waters of Boston harbor.  They would probably anchor near one of the deserted islands and swim a little.

Michel still had on her yellow sundress, over her bikini, yellow sandals and oversized pink sunglasses with big red butterflies in the corners that hid her toffee colored eyes.  Like her mother she was a natural blonde, a shade or two closer to white than yellow and her hair was pulled back in a typical little girl pony tail. She loved the boat, the water, the birds and her dad. She and her dad had had a special relationship for over three years and perhaps longer.  She couldn’t really remember not being in his bed and doing all that stuff.

Joe thought he would have a little fun with his new friend.   “You don’t believe me do you, Tony?”

“Sure I believe you Joe… but it’s just that… well she is so young.” Tony looked at the girl looking at the birds and realized how pretty she was. He wondered if she did do her dad. He tried to picture those young lips wrapped around Joe’s cock.  He realized he was getting hard thinking about it.

“Do you want me to prove it to you?” Joe asked looking back at his friend and knowing damned well Tony was getting turned on to Michel.  ‘Who wouldn’t be?’ Joe thought.  “I’m telling you she will do anything I ask her to do, anything!  Do you want her to do something?  Just name it.” 

Joe and Michel had played this kind of game a couple of times during the spring displaying her for a friend or two (or three).  One night at his poker party he was doing particularly badly.  Seeing that the cards weren’t coming his way, he needed something to distract the other players and hit upon just the thing.  He had had her serve the players naked.  The other players were certainly distracted and Joe did quite well, not that anyone minded.   The men all loved Michel, and tipped her well.  For Joe, that night was a revelation as he discovered how turned on it made him to display her like that.

“Well, what do you want me to tell her to do?” he smiled at his friend.

“I don’t know, Joe. I don’t know if I should be fooling around with such a young girl.”   Then he added hesitatingly, “Maybe… maybe you can ask her to take off her dress.”

Joe smiled to himself as he noted the bulge in his friend’s bathing suit. “Sure thing.  You’ve got it, pal.”

Joe slowed the boat down some so he could speak to Michel over the sound of the engines. “Honey, Mr. Tony wants to see you without your dress on… Take it off for him, Sweetie.”

Michel turned to her dad and smiled. She had guessed that this would happen, like the other times and she really didn’t mind at all.  All the men liked to see her bare ass naked, and she liked the look on their faces when she stripped. Joe had never let it go any further… not yet anyway.  For now it would be just her dress. She guessed, ‘Then who knows?’

“O.K. Daddy,” was all she said, but she smiled at Tony holding eye contact while she slipped off her pretty yellow sundress.

Joe turned the boat into the light breeze; put the boat in lowest forward position letting the boat effectively tread water; it rocked mildly as the light swell moved under the boat.  He looked at his daughter… he never tired of looking at her.  “How is that, Tony?   Did she do as I told her or not?   Isn’t she the best?”

“She sure did,” Tony answered never taking his eyes off Michel. She was a beautiful girl with slightly plump, bow shaped kissable lips, huge inviting eyes and flawless skin.  Her flat chest was no turn off for Tony and the tiny patch of blue material that covered her hairless pussy had pushed in between her cunt lips and formed a perfect ‘camel toe’ for him to gaze at and fantasize about… his mouth was suddenly dry.

“Is this O.K., Daddy?” she asked still looking at her daddy’s friend. “The suit is a little small for me this year.” She modeled the little bikini turning and turning showing off a bit.

Joe was rubbing his semi-hard cock through the fabric of his bathing suit… she always turned him on. “Turn around, Baby,” her father said, “and let us see your tush again.  Pull the strings up tight… you know what I like.”

She certainly did know.  She loved to make her dad happy and stripped like this often when they were alone on the boat and sometimes with other men there too. She turned with her back to the two men and pulled the bikini strings tight then pulled the fabric up between her ass cheeks. The bikini patch basically disappeared and the men looked at her rosy pink, round, firm ass and appreciated her young body.

“Beautiful, Michel.  You are a beautiful little girl and what a nice butt,” Joe said thinking how he would love to drive his cock again into that ass just as he had the night before. 

Not strangely, Tony had grown more brazen in direct proportion to the hardness of his cock.  Now he too was openly rubbing his dick, not concerned with whether or not Michel saw him.  He enjoyed the idea that she could.

Joe loved to have other men look at his treasure. “Good girl, Michel, now bend over and move aside the bathing suit so we can see your poop hole.”

She knew this was coming.  Kneeling on the deck Michel put her face down on the seat of the white leather deck chair and put her ass in the air. As the boat continued to gently roll back and forth, Michel using both hands spread open her ass cheeks then slowly moved aside the bikini fabric exposing her tightly closed, little pink  hole.  

“Fuck!” muttered Tony as he gazed at the lewd display.

“Now do you believe me, Tony?  And wouldn’t you just love to lap that tight pink hole?”

“I never would have believed that any little girl could turn me on like this, but she has,” replied Joe’s friend.

Tony was lost… he continued to watch Michel as she exposed still more of her bare ass and some of her little girl cunt. She loved knowing that she was turning her dad and his friend on and knowing they would soon have their cocks out jacking off.

Wanna see a little more skin, buddy?” Joe asked his friend in a low voice.  Speechless as he was, Tony could only manage a nod.

Turning to his young daughter, Joe said, “Why don’t you just take off the bikini, Baby?”  Joe winked at his daughter… this teasing was fun for both of them.

Michel already had the tiny bra untied and exposed her less than quarter size tan nipples on her perfectly flat chest, a moment later she walked out of the bikini bottoms. 

Again Tony muttered, “Holy…” as Michel turned this way and that, displaying her young prêt-teen body to her father and his friend.

Joe leaned over to Tony and whispered, “Want to see her pussy?”  Tony again nodded.

“Mr. Tony wants to see your pussy, Michel.  Will you let him see it?”

“If you want me to, Daddy.”  She smiled at Tony again, reclined the deck chair into a prone position and lay down careful to spread her legs ‘just enough’ apart, then lay her head back on the head rest and closed her eyes. She could feel both men’s eyes on her hairless cunt and felt herself getting wetter. She pulled her knees up and opened her legs further for them. Finally using her small fingers she spread apart her pussy lips so they could see the red interior of her fuck hole.

“Holy cow, Joe!  She is unbelievable, Buddy… just fucking unbelievable.  My dick is so hard, man, it’s killing me… I have to unload some juice pretty soon, or my balls will explode.”

Joe let his friend enjoy the nude eight-year old for a few minutes then suggested, “Would you like to get naked, Tony?  We always do when we are alone.  Michel will even take our bathing trunks off if you want her to. That’s a real turn on for me.”  

Tony was up for anything by now and just said, “Ya, cool,” and shook his head ‘yes’.

Joe corrected the course of the boat a little and let it continue in a safe slow drive but very slow; there were other boats, but no one was anywhere even close to them to see what was happening.   

“Come over here, Baby and take our trunks off. You don’t mind, do you?”

She was pleasantly surprised. On the other two or three trips she had stripped for the men on board and let them stare at her pussy and watch her as she moved around.  They had jacked off and shot the white stuff everywhere, but it had never gone further than that, they had never touched her.  This was more serious she sensed and she thought it would be fun.

“Sure, Daddy.  If you want me to I will.  I think Mr. Tony likes me; he sure is staring at my pee hole a lot.”  She giggled, she and her dad laughed while Tony at first embarrassed joined in with a big grin and a shrug of the shoulders.

“I guess I was staring, wasn’t I….you’re very pretty, Michel.”

“Thank you, Mr. Tony.”  Michel flashed him a smile and walked to her dad.  “Bare bottom time for the grownups, Dad.”  She untied the string holding her dad’s bathing suit up, loosened the suit from his hips with her small fingers and slowly slid his trunks down over his hard cock.  She never tired of the look of it. The cock bobbed and weaved as it was released.   “Your cock sure is hard, Daddy… I know why, don’t I? Because you like to look at me bare naked too.  Don’t you, you bad boy?”

“You know I do, lover...” Joe bent and taking his daughter head in his hand gave her a soft very grown up, mouth to mouth kiss while she rubbed his cock.   

Once her dad had broken the kiss, Michel stepped in front of Tony and without saying anything else started to untie his string and started to slide his trunks down until she realized that his cock was holding the trunks from going further.  She pulled them away from his body and pushed the bathing suit down to his ankles. His cock was bigger than her dad’s, but not by a lot in length, but its girth was a lot bigger. All that she could think of was that his cock was just the size length and girth, of the bottles of filtered water that was in the cooler beside her.   

She looked at her dad who was smiling at her wondering what she would do next. He said softly, ”Go ahead, Michel.  I know you want to.”  She looked up at Tony with a practiced sultry expression and he knew he was close to cumming just because of the situation.

Michel just wrapped her little hand around the fat cock as far as she could, then used the other hand to finish her grip on the monster.  While she felt the silky smooth skin of Tony’ cock, she could feel her sopping cunt getting very itchy.  Slowly she began to pull the skin toward her, then away, just as her daddy had taught her. Then she kissed the tip of it right where the clear pre-cum was coming out.

“Does that feel good, Mr. Tony?”  Michel didn’t look up at him for an answer, his moan was enough. She was fascinated with the fat, almost purple, cock head and the slow steady stream of pre-cum it emitted. She could feel the warm stickiness of the fluid running over her small fingers; she wanted to taste more of it, to feel it on her tongue, to enjoy the saltiness (if it was like her Dad’s), to swallow it and know it was in her tummy.  

Still, without permission from her dad, she was afraid of going too far.  “It’s really big, isn’t it, Daddy? Mr. Tony has a big one for sure.”  Her eyes never left the fat cock as she talked. She had seen other men’s cocks as they played with themselves and watched her undress on the boat, but she had never touched them, nor them her.

“He sure does, Baby, that is because he likes to see you bare naked. You made him all big and hard, so now what are you going to do?”  Joe looked at his daughter who was playing with Tony’s cock, obviously pleased with the results. “Why don’t you take Mr. Tony down in the cutty cabin, Baby and make him feel really good.  You know, Honey,  just like you do to me.  Do you want to do that?”

“You mean just like I do for you?”

“Yes, just like for me, Honey.”

Michel was pleased with the answer. “O.K., Daddy.” 

She had wondered what a different cock would be like.  Looking up at Tony who was just as defenseless and helpless as a baby now she asked, “Do you want me to make you feel good like I do my Daddy, Mr. Tony?”

Finally after he had moistened his dry mouth and lips, Tony answered a soft, “Oh, yes, Michel, I sure do.” Just to be certain that he hadn’t misunderstood something, he looked at his friend and got back a big smile.

“You’re going to like what she does, Tony.  Just remember, I don’t want anyone to fuck her… anything else is up to her.”    

Michel took Tony by the hand and led him down into the cutty cabin and to the narrow bunk.


As soon as his naked eight year old daughter disappeared below with his friend, Joe took over the boat controls, turned hard to port, revving up the twin outboards at the same time, and headed for the deserted island just a few miles away. The island that he had named ‘Michel’s Island’ was only a few acres so was ignored by larger yachts.  He and Michel had discovered it earlier; it was the perfect spot to nude swim and lay on the deserted beach to soak up sunshine.   Now it would offer him a perfect spot to anchor in the small bay and enjoy watching Michel and Tony. The picture in his mind of his pretty little daughter holding Tony’s hard cock was a thrill to Joe that made his brain sizzle.

Below in the cutty cabin, Michel had positioned Tony on the bunk and continued to masturbate him; she was a little unsure how or how fast to progress.  Just then, Tony, out of sight of her dad, took control and she didn’t have to worry about how fast to move.

“That feels delightful, Sweetie, but let’s try a different position. Is that alright with you?”  He ran his hand over her perfectly shaped ass as he spoke.

Becoming just a bit demure, Michel looked down and wished he would touch her pussy soon. Michel was much more relaxed when she wasn’t the one in charge, so she willingly gave up the dominant position to her new friend.  “Sure that’s O.K., Mr. Tony… as long as it doesn’t hurt me.”  She had heard the engines wind up and could tell her dad was heading for “her” island.

Tony held out his arms and she went to him. “First Michel, why don’t you call me Uncle Tony instead of Mr. Tony?   Now, let’s try some kissing, O.K.?”  He didn’t wait for an answer, but lifted her and laid her eight year old nude body prone on his stomach. His cock head just about came in contact with her sopping cunt. He pushed her face into his and kissed her the way he would a grown woman and forced his tongue into her mouth. Her little tongue played with his much larger one while his fingers loosened her pony tail so her golden-white hair fell down her back and over her shoulders. He continued to kiss her while his hands roamed over her body ending on her two chubby ass cheeks. Over and over his hands made the trip around her little girl ass until he slid a finger into the crack and found her back hole.   With a little saliva added, his finger it slid into her ass hole easily.  Finding her ass surprisingly accommodating, he quickly added a second finger.

“Do you like it when Uncle Tony sticks his finger up your butthole, Michel?”

Her eyes half closed in pleasure, all she could say was,”Uu…huh…Oh, yes, I like that a lot… ummmmm.”

Tony kept his fingers deep inside the little ‘whore in training’, but pulled her forward until his mouth was at her nipple. Sucking the quarter size hardened nipple into his mouth, Tony pulled on each in turn with his teeth then nipped at the tender tissue.  He worked on the second nipple.  Neither of them heard nor noticed the boat slow to a stop, nor did they hear the splash of the anchor.     

More than ready to cum, Tony had one more thing he wanted to do. “I bet you suck your dad’s cock.  Don’t you, Michel?  Now tell me the truth.”

“Sometimes I do,” she replied.  She was so excited now she couldn’t have stopped. “I love the taste of my Daddy.”

“Good, then you can suck mine. I’ll bet that you’re a good little eight-year old cock sucker, aren’t you?”

With hardly any effort at all Tony lifted Michel’s fifty plus or so pounds and reversed her body.  Now kneeling she was face to face (so to speak) with Tony’s throbbing pre-cum dripping cock head.

“Lap it for Uncle Tony, Baby… Lap that big cock for me.”  He gave her head a little unnecessary pressure in the direction of his dick and the cock head went right into her mouth. That was just what she had wanted and she began to furiously lap around the splendid slippery crown.

Tony felt her working on his cock and was in another world; neither he nor Michel noticed her father standing watching them and stroking himself.

Tony adjusted Michel’s hips so he could lap her young pussy. Spreading her ass cheeks apart with his palms he used both thumbs to re-open her dark hole. He licked her dark sweetness and tongue fucked her for a couple of minutes.

Michel loved the tongue attention to her ass, something her Dad tended to skip over.  She moaned a little while she continued to suck Tony’s cock head and play with the hole in the tip with her small tongue.  In her peripheral vision she caught a sight of her father watching her.  She stopped sucking for a moment and smiled at him knowing by his smile and the fact that he was jacking himself that he was enjoying himself as much as she was. 

Joe came closer and kneeled beside the bunk where his young daughter’s head was bobbing up and down over his friends cock while her hand simultaneously jacked the fat cock.  “You’re doing a great job, Honey… You better get ready for him to cum in your mouth, I can see he’s ready… and so am I, Honey.”  

The father ran his hand through her hair and moved a lock away from her mouth. Joe could see a white foam forming around his daughter’s lips. The white translucent bubbles were from the agitation of the pre-cum that was being sucked out of Tony’s cock by Michel.  That picture in his mind along with the sight of her sweet bow lips around Tony’s cock were almost too thrilling for him to watch….he just loved every minute.     

Tony had shifted from her asshole to Michel’s hairless, but very wet slit. He tongued her furiously sucking on her delicate clit and forcing his tongue into her slippery sweet cunt. He couldn’t last much longer and he was ready for the fireworks.   His hips jutted upward as he tried, with a little success, to get more cock into her small mouth

Joe beat on his own cock watching her from only inches away. “Suck him real good, Baby, real good. Do it for Daddy,” he whispered in his daughter’s ear.  “Put more cock in your mouth, Michel… make him cum hard… suck, Baby, suck, suck, suck.  Use your hands to play with his balls. That’s it, Honey, that’s it… What a good girl.”

Michel started to climax again (she had had a few minor tremors), this time she knew it would be big. She loved the feeling of Tony’s lips and tongue in her pee hole and sucking at her clit.  It was totally thrilling, but it was getting to be more than she could stand. All of a sudden her body started to shake and she was overcome by a giant climax, the best so far in her young life.  Her clit surged with the electric charge that went through her. Her nipples felt better than spectacular and seemed to ignite with a million pinpricks of unforgettable pleasure. Her clit came alive with a burst of a thousand colors.  While he was sucking her and she was in the middle of her orgasm, she felt her bladder surrender a moderate amount of urine into Tony’s mouth. All she felt was pure pleasure.

Tony, realizing what she had done, simply drank down the sweet golden liquid. The pee was just enough for him to finally give in to his impulse and cum in her eight year old mouth.  He couldn’t remember ever having a stronger climax and he really let loose. 

Michel was prepared for his cum but she was still in the heights from her own climax when she was overwhelmed by Tony’s cum.  Her mouth was instantly filled with the silver-gray cream.  She swallowed and swallowed… some cum ran out the corners of her tiny mouth… some came out her nose, but most of a half- cup ended up in her belly.

Michel had learned from her dad how important it was for her to keep on jacking and sucking his cock until he had stopped cumming, so she did that now to Tony.  He was back sucking her pussy to a new climax and licking her clean. Michel lapped the sides of Tony’s cock cleaning it of all traces of his and her own juice.

“Sit up for a minute, Michel,” she heard her daddy say.  “Daddy wants to cum on you… to cum all over your pretty body.” 

Joe stood hunched over in the low cuddy cabin and pointed his cock at his daughter who now was sitting on Tony’s chest.  Joe shot hot cum at her from a few inches away.  Cum fell on Michel’s chest, her belly, some ran down between her legs and over her tender pussy lips.  It continued to spray forward all over her face and in her yellow hair.  Michel, as trained, kept her mouth open so her dad could send some of his sticky offering right down her throat. 

When he was finished he squeezed out the last drops onto her small tongue. Completed, he wiped his cock head with her white-blond hair and sat down on the floor to catch his breath.  It had been everything he had imagined it would be…. he couldn’t be happier.  He hadn’t exactly planned it, but it had worked out just fine.

Michel got down and sat in her Dad’s lap and cuddled.  “That was fun, Daddy.  Can we do it again later?”

“Of course, Honey, but right now we are just a bit tuckered out…an eight year old’s dripping wet cunt and two soft cocks.  Why don’t we all go for a swim and lay on the beach for awhile."


That had been a year ago, now Michel was nine. Joe cleared his head of all the old pleasant memories and ordered another beer.  A moment later he saw the well heeled couple get out of a chuffer driven Lincoln town car and head for the Tavern.  The time with Tony had been the first time Joe had seen (used is a better word) his daughter with another man.  He had loved the situation, but now he was making big bucks for doing the same thing with strangers.  He loved it, Michel loved it and the kinky tourists certainly loved it.           




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