Janet, Tammy's big sister, volunteers as test subject for Jim's latest "invention"...

This is the first of the "Come" series, featuring young Janet and her nemesis, Jim. The stories in correct order are: Come Out and Play, Come Play By the Pool, Come Fix the Pool, and Come Back Later Janet. Enjoy.

By JimBob

(Mg, ped, tease, mast, oral, semi cons)





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When I was a young man in the 60's, happily married, raising three kids, living the good life in Southern California, my house was a kid magnet.  Part was my philosophy. My kids were the most important thing in the world to me.  We had a side yard well stocked with swings, jungle gyms, monkey bars, you name it.  We had a back yard pool, 20 x 40 feet, patio with lounges and a fire pit for weenie roasts and smores.  When we swam, everyone was invited.  I worked nights, so I was home and up in the afternoons.  I loved all kids.  So, my wife got used to answering the door to some little one asking, “Can Jim come out and play?” I always had time to play games. Kick the can, hide and seek, pickup baseball, you name it.  Even hopscotch, where I was a laugh a minute.  Kids would fight to do things for and with me.

 And so, my fantasy life continues...


I'm sitting in my recliner, book face down in my lap, almost asleep.  The rap on the door almost rouses me. Did I really hear something?  The wife had just left for the mall and the boys are both at friends’ houses this Saturday afternoon, both on sleepovers.  It is quiet and peaceful as I read and digest my late lunch.  The rap comes again, quicker, more impatient and demanding this time.  I put the book on the table, and fold the foot rest down.  I rise, stretch and start for the door.

"Coming!"  I shout.  I open the door and look out, expecting to see one of my two sons’ friends who did not get the word. I see Janet, the ten year old girl who has just lately decided she owns me.  She is on the step with her back to me, jiving to a tune in her head, a little dance involving arms and shoulder shakes, and butt wiggles.  I am concentrating on the butt wiggles when she turns and notices me and speaks.

"Jim!  Can you come out and play?"  She pops her gum, and grins up at me.

"Hi, Janet.  Sure!  Let me get my shoes on and I will be right out."  Wow, I have not had a child ask me to come out and play for twenty some odd years, when I was a child myself.  I am as thrilled now as I used to be back then.  I think for a moment about asking her to come in, but decide against it.  Who knows what prying eyes are watching?  I slip on my shoes and tie them quickly, go into the kitchen and grab one of Janet's favorite candy bars.  Then I head out the door and into the garage where Janet is waiting.  "What you want to do today, Janet?"

"Can we go out back by the pool?"  She accepts the candy bar, throws her gum in the trash can, and unwraps one end.

Opening a cabinet above my bench, I took out a small bottle with a white fluid inside.  Her eyes meet mine as I put that bottle in my jeans pocket. "Yes, we haven't done that for a while.  You've been busy with school," I reply.

Janet, little Tammy’s big sister, is one of the oldest girls that comes to spend time in my company.  She acted very aloof for the first couple of months we were living here, considering herself too old to fraternize with my two boys.  But, this spring, our yard with its swing sets, climbing bars and the promise of swimming when school is out has brought her around more and more. I am more than willing to have little girls around.  I pay more attention to them than their tired fathers do when they get home from work.  Don't get me wrong, I am not by any means just a father figure.

After closing the garage door to keep unwanted intruders out, Janet and I go out through the side door.  I hope we will need our privacy.

Janet walks around the deck to the pool thermometer.  I am right behind her.  "How warm is it today, Jim?"  She dips her fingers in as she grabs the string to pull the thermometer out. "Brrr!  That water feels cold."

"Yeah, it is cold yet.  But, it is only the first of March.  It will warm up some the next few weeks and then I'll run the heater for a few days.  It's seventy-eight now.  I'll have it to eighty-five when we can swim."

Janet studies the thermometer as I study her.  She has light brown hair that will turn almost blonde in the summer sun.  She comes up to the middle of my chest, about eye level with my nipples.  She is a slender girl, but with well formed legs, strong from running and bike riding.  She is wearing a slightly small T-shirt and running shorts, the ones I like.  Lots of thigh showing, and lots of room in the large leg openings with slits up the outsides.  I have high hopes for those big leg holes.  She has a flat belly and a little flare to her hips.  A lovely chest, with just the start of breasts, gentle swellings to a pair of sore looking little thimble sized cones that stretch her shirt just enough to notice.  She has lovely features, with just a small scattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks, very kissable full lips and big brown eyes with long lashes.  Her shoulder length hair is in a ponytail.  She likes candy and flattery, and bossing her little sisters around.  She likes my attention too, and I quite shamelessly follow her around when we are alone.  She is still a little girl, just ready to embark on her journey into puberty.  In my humble opinion she is old enough to screw, and I want to be her first.

Janet is a typical little girl in that she does not see a lot of connection between her breasts and her sex.  She has been told she must keep her chest covered now that she is older, along with what is in her panties, but she does not see any sense to it.  I never made any big deal over her top or panties being covered or uncovered, so why should she when she was around me?

I think back now on the day of my decision to try to seduce her.  That first time when she flashed her then tiny pips of nipples at me by hanging upside down on the monkey bars, I did not make a big deal about it either. I could see the first puffiness of young womanhood coming in that first happy little glimpse and I had a daring idea.  She made no effort to cover herself, even though she knew I was looking.  The idea became a plan.

We were now by ourselves, and she is once again hanging upside down on the monkey bars.  So why not give it a shot?

"Hey, Janet.  I can see your little boobies."

"I don't care."  Upside down, she brushes a hand across them, pulls the front of her shirt up over them and it promptly falls back to gather at her chin when she lets go.

"They are pretty tiny, aren't they?  Mandy's are a lot bigger and she is only nine."  I didn't feel the need to point out Mandy is sporting a layer of baby fat that makes her figure much more voluptuous than Janet’s. "I can't help it."  Now she touches each one, to see if they have grown any since the last time she checked.

"I could help make them grow faster and bigger," I ventured.

 "How?  What do you mean?"  Now I had her attention.  She dropped off the bar and stood before me.  She was interested. Yes, I knew my little girls.

"I have some stuff I could rub on them and it will make them grow big really fast."

"Could you give me some?"

"I can't give it to you.  I'm the one who invented it, and only I know the right way to apply it.  The Boob Enhancer has to be rubbed in just so."

"The Boob Enhancer?"

"Yeah, that's what I call it.  It's not on the market yet. Enhancer means to make them bigger and better.  You know what boobs are.  I could give you the treatments for free.  You know, like kind of a test."

"Hmmm."  Janet has to digest this for a minute. She knows I am an inventor.  A small hand wanders up and feels each little titty again through the shirt.  She really wants to have bigger boobs faster than any of her friends.  I could almost see the wheels turning. "Okay.  You can do it once."

"Sorry, ummm, I have to do it at least five times before it will really take hold.  And you have to keep it secret.  We can't tell anyone.  A secret test like."

"Okay.  Five times then.  That's all!"

"Good.  Come on in back and I will get the Boob Enhancer." Darn!  Why didn't I say ten times?

I led her into the back yard and into a secluded patio area and set her down on a lounge chair. "Okay, you need to take your shirt off and lie back.  I'll be right back."  I wheeled and left before she could protest.  I had some skin lotion that was unscented and I knew it would not leave any greasy residue on her skin for Mama to perhaps notice.  I knew just where a small empty medicine bottle was in the medicine cabinet.  I only had to dump lotion in it, and pull a label out of a desk drawer and fill out, "Boob Enhancer.  Top Secret."  Then I rushed back out to my impatient patient.

"It took you long enough.  I'm cold."  She has hands on opposite shoulders.  She is hiding her little treasures in a fit of pique because I kept her waiting. Cold?  The temperature is in the low eighties!

"I'm sorry.  It took me a while to find my very latest, most powerful sample bottle.  But, we are ready to go now.  Here, have a candy bar."

Reaching for the candy took one arm off her chest.  I took the other hand and pulled it down by her side.  I took my enhancer, poured some into my left palm, and with my right hand applied it very professionally to each tiny tit and areola in turn.  When I had a generous amount of lotion on each boob, I started circling and rubbing it into the tender tissue with just my finger tips. For fifteen minutes, I rubbed, fingered, tweaked, pinched lightly and stretched, everything I could think of to do to enhance tiny boobs, except put my mouth on them.  I think she has to like the sensation, but she would give me no satisfaction by showing it. Maybe you understand by now, Janet is a very self centered, obstinate little girl.

Just to bring us up to date, I have now done eight of my five sessions in the last two months.  Yes, she has decided she likes it, and we do a session whenever we can find fifteen minutes to be alone.  Not a real easy thing to do.  On the third session I introduced her to a new test innovation that the doctors had just told me about.  It speeds up the process… breast licking.  I couldn't stand seeing and touching without tasting.  Being the kind, considerate, dirty old man that I am, I have to warm up and loosen up the pores in the breast before each application of the "Enhancer".  What better way than with hot breath and warm tongue and saliva? 

Janet has been delighted with the results as her nipples are expanding and growing into the small cones that she is sporting now.  Since Mandy is a bit of a late bloomer, Janet has now surpassed her friend in size and development.  She and I both expect the growth will continue with the proper treatment. I, of course, do it on Janet's terms and abide by her rules.  Not because I want to, mind you.

"No, Jim, you may not see, touch, kiss or lick any other part of my luscious little body except my boobies.  No belly, no butt, no thighs, no throat, no neck, no ear, and God forbid you should ever touch my pants or try for a kiss."  She didn't actually say that, but that was her attitude.   I have fed her a ton of candy bars and bought lots of comic books I thought might distract her… nothing works.  Did I mention she is obstinate?

Now on this Saturday, we are alone, and back by the pool, and time is a wasting.

"Let me fix your boobs now, okay?  Hey, I got a new comic book, Alice in Wonderland.  I'll get it." 

I come back from my bedroom to find Janet on the lounge, T-shirt off, white skin of belly and chest exposed and waiting.  Her dark pink nipples and areola are much larger than they were when I first saw them.  I figured they would come on fast once they started growing as she approaches puberty.  She is idly fingering one breast as she waits. 

I hand her the book and the usual candy bar, and she scoots down a little, and over to one side of the lounge.  I sit beside her hips and lean over and let my hot breath blow over the delicate soft, swollen little cones.  It looks like the whole areola has become a tiny little breast with no nipple. 

When I start to tongue them they erect a smaller hard center and seem to extend out looking for more tongue.  I suck each one in, and pull it out from her body very gently. This sometimes causes small sighs and quiet little moans from the child.  The nipples are a little tender with their new growth and I don't want to cause her any discomfort.  When I tire of using tongue and lips, I wipe her chest gently with the small towel I have stashed under the cushion, and then I apply the magic potion.  Now I get to use palms, fingertips and fingers and thumbs.

On occasion, one of her hands will wander down to her crotch area in front, and adjust the material there.  I hope I am causing an itch, or perhaps even some moisture problems there. When she is distracted by reading, she sometimes even rubs that area between her thighs for a moment or so.  She has to be getting some itchy feelings there.  Maybe I can...

"Stop it!  Get your hand away from there."

Nope.  My short, but sweet touch tells me that her panties are thin as well as her shorts, and I could feel the cleft between her lips for a tiny instant.  Darn, it felt so hot, too.  I resume my efforts on her nipples, and when I am done, I venture a kiss on the hard little tip of each one.

"That tickles."  She rolls over, lies on her tummy, and continues to read the book.

I take it I am dismissed.  I put my bottle away, and notice for the first time, I have a plastic spudger in my shirt pocket. It is left from this morning's repair work on a broken portable radio.  I have an idea.  I take it out and gently begin to tickle behind her knees with the flat end.  She kicks one leg out, which spreads the large leg opening in her shorts. I lean over and peer up one side and see her panties.  They are bunched to one side, and I can see about half of one lip right where the tendon goes from her thigh to the vulva.  I am instantly on the hunt.  I tickle some more inside the knee.  She kicks out again.

"Stop it!"

"Stop what?"

"Stop touching me."

"I'm not touching you."

"Are too!"

"Am not!"  I brush the tip lightly from her knee way up the tender white inside skin of one thigh and back down the other.

"Hey!  That tickles."  But there is a different quality in her voice this time.  "What are you doing anyway?"  She raises her shoulders up and turns her head to see her legs.

"See this?  I'm not touching you.  This thing is."  I run it up and down the inside of her thigh again as she watches.

"Oooh."  She turns back to her book.

I wait...

"It's okay if you do that."

"Spread your legs out."  I move over and down on the lounge so I am sitting even with her knees.

"Humph!"  She snorts at the terrible imposition, but opens her legs quite wide, taking up all the rest of the room on the lounge.

From this viewpoint, I can see up the shorts leg, and almost all of one outer labia.  I am always surprised at how big those bare lips look on little girls from the rear.  I run my lucky stick up one thigh almost to the edge of her shorts, and back down the other.  Her legs flinch and quiver a bit, but she says nothing.  I go higher with each pass.  I end one with the flat tip of the spudger right at the crease where thigh becomes pussy lip.  No adverse reaction.

"Mmmmm," she purrs.

"That feel good?"  I murmur.

"Mmm hmmm."

I decide to try a finger tip instead of the stick.  Why should he have all the fun?  I run the finger tip from inside the knee up to...

Her hand.

"I said you could use the stick!  You never listen to me."

Oh, crap!  "Sorry!  I'll just use my joy stick."  I wish.  I return to my little stick, and she pulls back the hand and returns to Alice.  I concentrate on the area inside the leg band, and over the smooth skin I can see between her legs.  She seems to like it if I make little forays up toward her butt cheek, and back down toward her clit.  I stay right on her pussy lip, the mostly bare one exposed by her bunched up panties.  I believe I can see the flesh actually quiver as I rub the end of the stick over it, back and forth, up and down.  I use the stick to push the panty crotch over, but it snaps right back… in fact I have lost some ground.  Rats!

My spudger has a little L shaped wire hook on the other end. I reverse the little stick and hook the little hook into the leg band of the panties, and carefully pull it out and over to the other side.  There it is.  I have been waiting almost three months to see this fine little pussy, and the view is well worth the wait.  I can see the cleft from the clitoris that is right above where her mound presses against the seat, to the perineum, which is in shadow and partially covered by her shorts.  It all looks delicious.  I actually have to gulp down a flow of saliva at the sight.

"What the heck are you doing now?"

"I'm trying to see where I should do it.  Can I hold these pants over out of the way?  With my hand?  I promise not to touch."

She considers this.  "All right, but you'd better not touch me there.  That's bad touching."

"I promise, I swear.  I'll just use my stick to touch. All right?"

"Hmph.  Well then, hurry up!"

I hurry up.  My left hand pulls the crotch material off the hook and over to hold the panty crotch and the shorts crotch well over to the other thigh and away from the pussy lips.  Now I can see everything, and she even raises her mound slightly as she feels the pull of panties against it.  Even more flesh is exposed.  Janet's clit is partly exposed between the slightly spread lips.  I reverse the stick and hurry to use the flat end to lightly poke the wrinkled dark rose red skin of the hood and give it a little wiggle.

"Ummm!"  She flinches at the touch, but it is evident she likes what she feels there.  She still pretends to read Alice, but she has not turned a page in a couple of minutes.

"You want me to do that?"

"I don't care.  If you want."  The mulish kid won't admit anything, will she?

I use the stick to push each lip in turn slightly to the side which frees the clitoris as it swells from an inrush of blood.  My little friend is becoming aroused!  How sweet it is. 

Now that I have a lot of clit to work with, I wiggle and jiggle the piece of flesh around and around as she moves her hips around and lightly bucks her pussy mound into the lounge.  After a couple minutes of this and hearing her little squeaks and sighs, I let the knuckles of my left hand touch the inner thigh.  Smooth and hot up there right by her pussy.   Then I run them over the bare lip at the junction of thigh and pussy.  I commence a very light rubbing of my adult knuckle against her smooth private little girl skin. 

Apparently, knuckle touching down there is not all that bad.  The rubbing opens her outer lips slightly and I see the start of immature little inner lips developing, and the pinker flesh in the cleft is starting to look slightly moist.  I stop my jiggling to run my stick through the cleft, up to the perineum and back.  I bring it up to my nose for a sniff, and over my tongue to taste her slight juiciness.  "Yummy!"  She tastes pretty darn good to me.

"Mmmmm."  She is responding to my knuckle rub.

I make a frantic effort with the end and sides of the little stick to tickle and manipulate her clitoris to bring her some ecstatic feelings, so she will forget about the damned bad touching. 

Just as she is responding, my back develops a terrific cramp from my strained position.  I groan in agony and lose my grip on her pants as my left arm goes numb.  "Ow!  Hold on a minute."

She rolls and looks, and rolls back when she sees my pained face.  "Okay.  But, hurry up."

"Janet!"  I hiss, "Turn over!"

"What!  No...  What for?"

"My back,” I gasp. “I've got to sit a different way."   

"Why?  How?"

"Turn over on your back, and I can sit up straight in between your legs."

"Oh, all right."  Muttering to herself about what a pain in the ass I am, she rolls on her back.

"Pull your feet up."

She mutters more, but she does it.

I sit astraddle the lounge and scoot forward until I can take each one of her thighs and put them atop my thighs. The big leg holes gape open.

"Just don't do any bad touching!"

"Don't worry!  I have this."  I wave my little magic wand at her still flushed face.

She hides it behind Alice in Wonderland once more.

I push each of her knees out just a little more.  Then I reach forward with my right hand and grab shorts and panty crotch and give them a tug and a pull toward me and then over toward my left side.  I see the comic book move up slightly.  She is watching my every move from underneath it, but she doesn't protest just yet.

I get a good grip on the two crotches and hold them far over to the side with my left hand.  Now I have part of her mound uncovered, her cleft from start to end, her little butt crack is exposed to where the puckered flesh of her nether hole is just hinted at in the shadows.  Above the running shorts, her tummy and chest are still uncovered and bare to my gaze.  Her nipples are rosy red, and her upper chest and neck are flushed too; a very nice view, over all.  It tells me she may not know it, but she is aroused.  A glance at her clitoris confirms.  It is engorged with blood, standing erect and ready for more stimulation.

Stick in right hand, I am back in action again. I play her clit like she is an orchestra I am conducting with my little wand. Her hips buck up and I think I see her flinch at some extra painful contact with the hard little tool.

I make a quick decision.  The spudger goes back in the shirt pocket.  My middle finger on my right hand goes in my mouth, picks up some saliva, and I apply it to the open end of her clitoral hood, and quickly start to wiggle the little harder kernel of flesh I find in there.  Quickly, round and round and back and forth.  The little sweetheart stiffens up for just a few seconds, and then she responds. 

My gamble pays off.  Bad touching be dammed, this feels much better than that hard little stick ever will, and she knows it.

I could have begged until I was blue in the face, and I wouldn't have gotten my finger in there.  I know that my pleasure rests on this little girl's whim, and can end at any second. When she has had enough, we will stop.   She feels nothing for me nor cares what I feel, I am merely the tool to fulfill her, wait on her, serve as her buffoon.   So I concentrate on every detail of her little pussy, every curve, every sound, every reaction while I can.  I will relive them later in the shower and in my lonely bed.

Ah, but for now, I lean in close to my lovely work site and sniff.  The aroma of awakening little girl sex fills my nostrils… so delicate.  Not the strong odor of aroused female I have spent most of my adult life with, but the odors of my childhood, of Carrie, Yvonne, little Phoebe.  I shared my awaking sexuality with those little girls.  I will never forget the first aroma of each, the first taste.  Nor will I forget this first aroma of Janet, and I can hardly stand to think that my getting to taste her, to lick the nectar from those pink lips before me depends on the contrary little girl before me.  This is the challenge that lures me on.

I grow ever bolder as I sense her dependency on my dancing fingers for her fulfillment.  My finger on her clit pushes the button around with increasing roughness, not to hurt her, but to let her know that I am the master right now and her pleasure will come from my fingers, at my pace.  I dare to release the cloth I hold in my left hand, and bring it up to her naked nipples, to rub and caress then, so she will now and forever connect my caressing those little nubbins to the third little nubbin between her legs.  Together they are causing so many good feelings she is about to swoon from the overload.

"Ooo!  Ohhh."  Small, shrill cries come involuntarily from her lips.  Her hips follow my circling finger if I lift it from her clit.  She is feeling the rising tide of passion and is bucking her hips and rotating her entire pelvis as she first seeks to get away from feelings so intense she cannot stand them, and then as they ebb, she seeks that hot finger contact again.  The comic book is down over her face now, her hands clench and open and her calves and heels dig into my thighs as she posts herself to her first orgasm of her young life.  Then suddenly, she draws away and collapses back into the lounge.

She lies spent and vulnerable before me.  Her breathing is changing from the moans and pants that signaled her orgasm to long shuddering breaths again.  I figure it won't be long before she will be her contrary demanding self again, so I have to act quickly.

I regain my hold on the panty crotch, and scoot my butt backwards down the lounge.  I hold her left leg down against the lounge with my left arm, and push her right knee farther out with my right hand, and I lean my face into her crotch, and with pursed lips, I kiss the sweet little nubbin of her clit, then open my mouth and suck it in as I tongue it rapidly with an avid tongue tip.  Then opening my lips wider, I run my tongue down the crack and into the cleft between the smooth lips, looking for the small vagina opening I know is there somewhere.  I think I have found it...

"Oh, Mama," she breathes out.  Then, "That's too much.  STOP IT!"  Her hands are on my head, pushing me away.

My lips make a smacking, sucking sound as I try to keep contact and suck in some little girl nectar as I am evicted.  "Please let me?"  I beg.

"No!  That stuff is nasty!"  She is back to being herself again.

"I thought you would like it."

"Your finger was all right, but that is all I said you could do.  Not suck on me down there.  You never just do what I say you can do."

Darn, she is a cold little bitch. "Well, sweetie, did you get the good feeling?  I can do it again, just the way you like it, now that you showed me how."

"No, I think I'll go home now."  She gets up from the lounge, adjusts her panties and then her shorts.  She picks up her T-shirt and slips it on over her head.  She looks down and thrusts out her chest to check if the latest session has done anything for her cleavage.  Janet meets my eyes and realizes I am watching her, as I usually do.  She blushes and looks back down.  She leaves Alice in Wonderland lying where she had pushed it off her face.

"Well, remember, this is our little secret, right?  Hey, you want another candy bar for on the way home?"

I sit on the lounge as she walks away.  ‘Gosh!  You're really pitiful!’  I say to myself, as I get up to get my lover her candy bar.



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