Carol and Penny


By E.A. Grant

(bgg, Mbgg, MMgg, inc, oral, anal, cons)

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Art held his breath as the young girl slid her mouth up and down over his painfully erect cock.  The eager little cocksucker had been sucking his thick dick for fifteen minutes and he knew he would be coming off any second. So young… her elastic body delectably nude… yes, she was so young. Only nine years old, Penny was such a good little cocksucker.  Penny was his friend Charlie’s daughter.  Charlie was on the bed next to him in the small bed room.  The early morning light gave it a magical feeling while Charlie smoothly pumped up and down on Art’s daughter equally young daughter, Carol.

Suddenly, in a flood Art came in Penny’s sucking mouth.  Grabbing her two red pigtails, he held them like handle bars, Art forced his cock deep into her throat and let his cum pump freely into her. Hot silver gray cum filled her throat and finally, almost made her gag.  Cum forced its way out of the corners of her mouth and out her nostrils. Then she gulped air and continued sucking and swallowing like a good girl. Stream after stream gushed forth until he was finished… Oh, how he loved this girl’s mouth. She was truly a delicious little thing in so many ways.

Whispering so as not to disturb his daughter, Carol and Charlie fucking just inches away, Art said, “That was wonderful, Penny… really incredible. I love your mouth, I love your cunt and I love you too.” Art held her cum covered face and kissed her sticky lips.  "Now can you please clean me, Baby, like a good little girl? Just like your daddy taught you.”  

“Yes, Uncle Arthur,” Penny gasped still catching her breath.  She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and kissed him back. Penny went back to work immediately using her tongue to lap clean Arthur’s cum and saliva covered cock and balls.  

Art lay back with his eyes closed and drifted into a thick mist of thought. He and Charlie had been fucking the two nine year olds on and off all night long. It was hard to believe it had only been a month since the first chance encounter with the kids. How lucky for him.

Thinking back while the young girl licked his genitalia, Art remembered that  day when he had come into the house through the basement playroom.  His house keys were on a ring that he had loaned to his wife that morning when she couldn’t find hers. The basement garage was never locked so no big deal. It was early in the afternoon and no one should have been home.  His nine year old daughter and ten year old son were both in school… or so he thought.

When he got to the first floor he was very surprised to see the signs of the kids having been in the kitchen; an open bag of orioles on the counter and an empty bottle of fruit juice on the table.  But they couldn’t be home he thought, the house was to quiet. No T.V. nor music. Or were they doing home work or napping? Not likely. Maybe they weren’t even home after all.  He shrugged his shoulders and mounted the carpeted stairs to the second floor and the kid’s rooms.  He heard some muffled sounds, but for some reason he didn’t call out like he usually would have. He walked past his son Roger’s room; no one there. Then he saw that Carol’s door was half closed. Art heard giggling and quiet voices then some moaning.

Approaching quietly, he peeked in.  What a surprise awaited him. His eyes opened wide, his jaw slackened, he couldn’t speak. For good or bad he didn’t quite know, but he stopped short of entering the room watching the show in front of him. He stood frozen, confused and amazed.  Then beginning to understand he smiled. Roger was lying in the middle of Carol’s bed nude as a jay bird…a slender ten year old erection rising from his hairless crotch.  On either side of him knelt the naked girls, Art’s daughter Carol and her red headed best friend, Penny. Young Roger lay with his hands behind his head watching with fascinated interest as the two girls played with his cock and took turns sucking and lapping it. Sucking it with long, full strokes, like real little whores. Evidently they were not doing this for the first time.  All three seemed very familiar with the technique.

Art watched for two or three minutes from the safety of the shadows just outside the partially open door. His cock hardened as he massaged it through his pants. The scene was very erotic and not far from some of his fondest fantasies. Art watched as his daughter bent over her brother and after lapping his balls with her little nine-year-old tongue, took the entire length of his thin, 5”cock into her mouth and started sliding her lips up and down over the boy’s erection.

Just as interesting to Art was the rear view of Penny. She had moved and was kneeling with her back to him, her ass high in the air, while she sucked on one of Rogers’s nipples and pulled on the other. Her tight little ass hole was a generous invitation for Art… how he would have loved to have tongued it, or better yet…  

All summer Art had watched the girls playing around his pool. He was pleased that they both seemed to be wearing bathing suits a bit too small for them; his favorite view was Penny from the back. She had a perfect little ass and a part of each cheek always showed. More than once he wished he could see and feel the round firm cheeks.  Now right in front of him without the bathing suit he stared at her ass, her pink back hole clearly available and seemingly waiting to be touched

Art could feel the pre-cum wet and sticky against his belly. He walked into the room with his hand still on his hard-on, gently rubbing.  Roger saw him first, then almost immediately Carol saw him. Both kids stopped and stared at him, scared, surprised and confused.  For seconds more, Penny kept on nipple sucking. Carol touched her back and when Penny looked at her, Carol pointed to her dad.

Carol looked confused, Art thought. She was probable wondering. ‘Why was Dad here so early?   Was he touching himself?  What should they do?’ Art was feeling very horny now and wanted to turn the scene to his advantage.

Looking at his daughter and then his son, Art asked calmly, “What is going on here, Carol, Roger?  Do you know how naughty what you’re doing is?  God kids, you could get into trouble, a lot of trouble, if anyone, especially your mother, found out about what you’re up to.”   Continuing to stroke his cock he took another step toward the bed.

“Don’t look so scared. I can keep the secret if you are honest with me and tell me the truth. Where did you learn to do what you’re doing to Roger?”

The three looked at each other confused, not knowing what to think of this turn of events. Roger’s erection disappeared and so did his self-confidence. He began to scowl a little and feigned deep thought. He looked at his sister. Roger had never been afraid of his dad, but neither did he know how to now answer him. 

Penny was always shy around her friend’s dad (even though she had caught him looking at her at the pool a few times and knew he liked seeing her in her bathing suit).  Instead of answering, she lowered her eyes and pulling a bit of sheet around herself, began twisting a piece of the corner of the fabric. From the corner of her lowered eyes she looked toward Carol.

Carol was always the one of the three that was the spokesman. Whether they wanted to go for pizza or what movie they wanted to rent, she always spoke up first. “It’s just a game, Dad,” she answered “…honest.  Are you mad? Are you going to tell Mom?  Please don’t, she’ll be real mad.”  Her huge eyes looked pleadingly at her father.

“She doesn’t have to know, Sweetheart. But how did this all start?  I really don’t mind at all, it just has to be a secret. Who taught you how to do it? I mean suck on your brother like you were doing.” He knew he should be angry and be yelling at them but the fact was, he was turned on and wanted to see more, not less.

Now Carol was a little hesitant. “Well …well…we are not supposed to tell. I mean, Penny showed us, but who taught her is a secret.”  Carol looked a little embarrassed and glanced toward a quiet Penny, then back at her Dad, then down at the floor. “Sorry” she said softly.

Art turned now to Penny, “Penny, sweetheart, who taught you how to do that to a boy’s pecker?  It’s O.K. to tell me, I’m not going to tell anyone. How did you learn?”  Art came to the bed and sat next to Penny. God the nine-year-old turned him on.  He took the liberty of moving her braid back over her shoulder and let his fingers slide slowly across her cheek. “You can tell me… honest, Baby.  I just want to be sure you are all safe.”

Penny looked up at him less tense now, her eyes still fixed on him.  “My Dad,” she said in a tiny voice and continued to smile at Art, her lips tightly pressed together. 

Not sure what she had said, Art asked, “What did you say, Penny? I couldn’t hear you.  Tell me again.”

“My Dad” she said in a brave voice, “My Dad taught me.” Her eyes flashed to her friend Carol who simply nodded her head in agreement.

“I see,” was all Art could think to say for a moment, and then second later he added “it seems he did a good job teaching you.” He let his hand slide under the sheet and found Penny’s bare thigh. 

“It’s like a little club, Dad…” Roger finally began to talk, “just Penny, Carol and me, no one else. Penny’s Dad doesn’t even know we do stuff’.” His cock had shrunk to the size of a broken piece of chalk.  

“Well, to be frank, I really don’t see anything wrong with what you’re doing, kids. Your mom would think differently, though.  She’d go ballistic, so it has to be a secret.”  Then Art took a chance. If he had not been so excited, he would not have done so.  “Could I join your club?  And do the same things as Penny’s Dad?” His hand had slid up to Penny’s hairless pussy. Her pussy lips were wet and the tip of his finger slipped into her easily.  The sheet had fallen away so everyone could see what he was doing. No one seemed to mind. Penny just spread her legs a little to give him more room.

“You are touching Penny, Daddy….you’re a bad boy…. just like her Daddy,” scolded Carol. His daughter smiled as she came closer to her father. “You can join if you want.  Can’t he?” she asked her two friends.

Roger answered ‘yes’ with his eyes fixed on his father’s finger in Penny. Rogers cock began to grow again.  Penny just said “O.K.” wiggled and giggled as his finger touched her young clit.

“Are you going to take off your clothes, Daddy?” his daughter asked.  “Gee, it looks like you have a big bump in your pants.” Carol and the other two giggled.  “Is your thing hard?” he heard her ask with another knowing giggle. 

Art’s attention was drawn from Penny’s little pussy to his daughter.  She had taken her eyes off her dad’s hand and was looking intently at his crotch.  She stepped closer to him and laid her hand on his thigh. “Your thing looks really big,” she whispered.  She put her hand on his cloth covered cock. ”I think really, really big.” She half sat on his lap.

Lost in the moment of it Art said, “You kids can undress me if you want to. That would be fun.” Art was way past worrying what all this would lead to. Now he was just horny, and a part of it.

Roger jumped forward and started to untie his father’s tie, then unbutton his shirt in a very businesslike manner. Penny dropped to the floor and started to take off his shoes and socks. Carol tugged at his belt and finally getting it unfastened, unbuttoned the top of his pants and unzipped his fly. Art couldn’t believe all this was happening.

Roger got his father’s shirt off and the girls working together got his pants off.  “You’ll have to stand for us to get your underwear off, Dad” said Carol. Art stood and watched as the the two naked girls  pulled his BVD’s down and off. Art’s thick eight inches popped out at them.  “Wow!  It really is big!”  

Awe by the large mature cock, Roger and the girls were quiet for a minute.  Then without prompting, Carol bent down and kissed her father’s cock. Art groaned in salacious pleasure as his daughter began to lap the plum sized cock head. Penny’s fingers caressed his balls, and then cheek to cheek with Carol, she started to lap his walnut sized balls. The two girls lapped the sides of his fat cock and took turns sucking the head into their mouths.

Art had forgotten Roger until he felt the small hands separate his ass cheeks. The delight of Roger’s tongue rimming his ass hole was perfect ecstasy, his eyes rolled back in his head for a moment. Then he felt his son force a finger up his ass.  Being finger fucked and sucked by two girls at the same time… that was too much. He began to cum in Penny’s mouth with two large blobs, then with a quick change of girls, he pushed his cock deep into his daughter’s mouth/throat for a full load of cum.   The sight of his cum seeping out of the corners of her mouth was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen. But he wasn’t finished. When he realized he was close to his last glob of cum, he pulled his cock out of Carol’s mouth and finished by spraying the faces of both girls with his final two burst of hot silvery sperm.

The last thing he could think to do now was to kiss Penny….a fantasy he had had all summer. He lifted her up in his arms and placed her in the middle of the bed.    Kneeling over her he began kissing her.  It was every bit as wonderful as he had fantasized it would be. Her young lips were tender, warm and very slick with his cum. At the same time, he felt his son again push his fingers into his ass then a moment later he felt the boy push his small stiff cock up and into his dad’s dark hole.  In a second Roger was fucking his father’s ass. Rather than being repelled by his son’s actions, Art relaxed his sphincter muscle as much as he could and began to push back.  He couldn’t believe the thrill of being fucked in the ass by his own ten-year-old son.

While he kissed and sucked at Penny’s willing mouth, Art’s finger slid back to her young cunt and he fingered her sopping cunt. His tongue entwined with hers and he could feel and taste his own cum sliding around in her mouth. Moments later Roger jammed his cock deep into his father’s ass. Art just accepted it as another erotic act and continued wiggling his ass to get his son all the way in him.   Almost immediately the boy, firmly holding his father’s hips, stiffened, tightly closed his eyes and shot off a  load  of thin transparent pre-pubescent boy discharges up his Dad’s ass.

An exhausted and finished Arthur rolled onto the bed beside Penny. A minute later Carol joined them. Propping herself up on her elbow and slowly stroking her father’s soft cock she said, “It’s a fun game.  Isn’t it, Daddy?”


The next week went by quickly. The stolen hours with his own two kids and their friend Penny were not hard to arrange. At first it was hard for Art to accept how easily they all seemed to mold together in the unusual arrangement, but after a week it seemed not strange at all.

The girls loved to play with Art’s big cock and took turns sucking the fat cock head and lapping his balls. All three took turns letting him cum in their mouth. For his part Art loved tongue fucking the girls and twice gave Roger an ‘all the way’ blow job. He tongued their small pink ass holes and they did his.

Towards the end of the week, Art began taking digital pictures of himself and the kids.  Both girls let Roger, with his small, narrow cock, fuck their dark holes, and Art took pictures of that. The only thing they didn’t do was to let Roger (or Art) fuck their virgin pussies. They were afraid it would hurt too much and when Roger tried they stopped him for just that reason.

“It hurts too much,” was all Carol would say when Roger had tried to fuck his sister. “He hurts us… He’s to big.”  Art couldn’t imagine that, because the boy’s cock was so narrow.   For the time being he let the complaint slide. He positive that both he and Roger would be fucking the both of them sooner or later and he really thought it would be sooner. By the end of the week Art came home with two vibrators, two dildos and a large tube of K-Y jelly for them.

“Here”, he said to them, as the afternoon play session began,  “use the vibrators to get yourselves really hot, then push the plastic cock into your little cunts and vibrate your clits yourselves until you cum.”  The girls were fascinated and insisted on trying it right away.   Then Art added, “Every time you use it ,try to push it a little further into your selves. After a few days you’ll be able to let Roger fuck you.  Then you will really be having fun.  You’ll see.”  Art showed them how to do it and they took over thrilled with their new toys.

Art continued eating the little pussies and have them suck his cock. Roger was with them some, but not all the time. The girls were always busy with their games and were able to open their cunts with the vibrators.  By the second week they were doing each other a couple of times every day.  Roger was able to fuck both girls by the end of the second week, but found he would still rather fuck their asses. Art was able to get his cock head into his daughter, but not anymore. He decided to wait until they had used a bigger dildo and opened themselves up even more.  Then he’d fuck them.


On the third weekend Art had a chance to talk to Penny’s Dad while the two of them sat sipping beers and watching the girls jumping into and crawling out of the backyard pool.  He decided to let Charlie know about the little club he and the girls had going.

“Charlie, did you ever notice what great butts the girls have?  Perfect little asses, don’t you think?”

His friend didn’t look at him but muttered, “No… I never look at the girls that way. Do you?”

Art ignored the question. “I bet you do Charlie.  At least that’s what Penny told me. She said you like little girl’s asses…t heir pussies too.”  Art smiled then laughed and looked out at the pool. He added “Don’t worry old friend, it’s strictly between us. And what’s more, I agree with you… those little asses need some attention.”

No one said anything for a minute, then Charlie asked Art, “What else did she say, Art?  That girl has a great imagination.  You really can’t believe a word she says.”  Now he looked at Art.  “And why would she be talking to you about any of that stuff?” Charlie didn’t sound mad, just cautious, probing and curious.  He continued to look at Art trying to read him.

For his part Art tried to measure Charlie’s mood, but couldn’t. He decided to just tell Charlie what had happened.

“I think she is telling the truth, Charlie. This is what happened.” He positioned himself closer to Charlie and lowered his voice.   “I caught Penny and my two kids up in Carol’s bed room two weeks ago.  The girls were taking turns sucking Roger’s little dick. It was wild, I’ll never forget it.  Anyway, I threatened all of them if they didn’t tell me where they learned how to give a blow job.  I was afraid some weirdo had been fooling with them, but… it wasn’t that.  Penny said you had taught her to suck your dick and you had been licking her young pussy for a long time, since as long as she can remember.  It turned out she had taught Carol and Roger.  It’s just as simple as that. Let me tell you something else.  They were happy to have me join them. The girls were amazed at how big my cock became when they sucked and played with it.”

Charlie was looking back at the water; he was quiet for a long time. “Of course you didn’t tell anyone. Did you?” Charlie turned and looked at Art.

Art had lost his smile when he answered, “Are you nuts?  Of course not; no one, not a soul.”

“No, of course you didn’t.  What was I thinking?”  Charlie and Art were both silent for a moment.  Charlie spoke first, “Good!  Some guys can’t keep their mouths shut… My wife would go crazy if she found out.”

“Well, don’t worry I didn’t tell anyone. Why would I?  I just joined them.  You know, you’re a good teacher, Charlie. Tell you what, you should try it with two girls.  They’re fantastic!  And let me tell you, buddy, my Carol has some nice puffy nipples to suck on.”

“You joined them?  Did my kid suck you?”

“What do you think, Charlie? Yes, she sure did; several times. She has the perfect little cock sucking mouth, Charlie. No kidding, but of course you already know that. I’ve been fingering her too, playing with her clit, while she is doing me. Now fair is fair, so you’re welcome to have Carol do the same to you.  I know you’ll love it.”

Charlie turned and stared at Art.  “You are offering your daughter to me? I can’t believe this.”  Charlie seemed to be thinking for a minute then looking over at the two girls playing in the water said, “Art, that girl of yours does have a cute little ass.”  A huge smile spread across Chrlie’s face and he laughed, “Fucking unbelievable!  Your absolutely right, Art.  I’d love to have Carol suck my dick.  Yeah, and I want to run my tongue into tongue her hole, both holes. Does she like that?”

“Yes, she does, she loves to have it lapped. She will spread her own cheeks for you or Penny will spread them for her, so if you want to get to her brown hole, it’s available.  Available and eager.”  Now knowing there would be no trouble, Art relaxed. “Our girls are a couple of natural born little whores, so… if you’re thinking about fucking them and I know you are, you sick bastard, that should be possible very soon.  I gave each of them small vibrators to play with to open up their pussies. Roger has fucked both of them, more or less.  His dick is so small they are really still virgins. But there can’t be any barrier left.”

Satisfied that he had Charlie interested, Art went on. “Let me tell you what I was thinking. I talked to the girls about it and they’re excited. My idea is that this coming weekend, you and I, with the girls could go up to my cottage on the lake. We’ll have some fun with the girls. Unfortunately, Roger has an appointment Saturday at the dentist.  His mother will be taking him and she hates the cottage anyway. We could tell the mothers we are going to do some fishing and picture taking.  Are you interested?”

Charlie smiled broadly. “You bet I am! When do we leave?”


Roger had seemed pleased enough about staying home with his mother when Art announced he was taking Charlie and the girls to the cabin for the weekend. Art’s wife seemed happy to have the time alone as well, so everyone it seemed was fine with the arrangement.

The girls were excited about Penny’s daddy coming along. They correctly assumed it was to play the grown up games that they and Art had been playing for the past two weeks or so, but Art didn’t tell them anything. Charlie also had been a bit short when he had told his daughter, Penny, that he was going with her, Art and Carol.

Art had some new thoughts when he imagined the upcoming weekend.  He hadn’t guessed how turned on he would be watching his daughter sucking on Charlie’s cock.   He imagined Charlie’s cock sliding into Carol’s mouth….and he got hard thinking about it. ‘Fuck,‘ he thought, ‘why hadn’t I thought of this before.’ 

In the quiet moments before they left, Charlie had similar thoughts. He had trained his daughter Penny to suck cock, but the idea of her doing Art just blew his mind. Watching her would be a real high point.

The girls were dressed quite alike for the two-hour trip. Both girls wore jeans and sneakers. Carol had on a pink ‘T’ shirt with kittens on it and Penny was wearing a thin blue Disney halter top. Carol wore her auburn hair in a little girls shoulder length cut with pink barrettes on either side to keep the hair out of her face. Penny’s hair was, as usual in long red pigtails with blue bows at the ends...

The two men sat in the front and the girls sat in the back seat of the Ford Explorer. It only took a few minutes for them to be on the expressway and as soon as they were, Art re-adjusted the rear view mirror to see them and started a conversation with the girls.

“Well, you girls must be curious about what is going on aren’t you?”

“Ya a little bit.” It was Carol. Penny just nodded her head.

“Well,  it is very simple. Charlie and I thought it would be fun if the four of us spent some time together.  You know, playing grown up games with you two. Charlie hasn’t any idea how much fun we have had and I think he’s jealous. Aren’t you Charlie?”  Art watched the girls in the rear view mirror. Of course they didn’t seem surprised.

Charlie smiled at the girls, then at Art, “Dammed right I’m jealous.”

Charlie turned half around in his seat.  Resting his arm on the back of the seat and he looked at the two girls with a leering smile. “Art has been telling me about some of the stuff you two have been doing. It looks like I have some catching up to do.” Looking at Carol he said. “I’ve been watching you in the pool young lady. You have a very nice butt…. a sexy ass. Are you going to show it to me later?”

Carol picked at a lose thread on her ‘T’ shirt, but was not really nervous or shy. Then she said looking up at him, “Sure, Uncle Charlie.  If you want me to.”

Art caught the attention of both girls in the mirror. “I told Charlie about the vibrators and the dildos I bought you last week. I hope you brought them with you. Did you?”

In unison they answered “Yep”. Then Carol spoke up “Do you want to see them Uncle Charlie? Mine are in the side pocket of my suitcase, so I can get them real quick.”

“I would love to see what Art has bought for you, Baby….show me”

It took only a minute for Carol to turn around in her seat, reach back and unzip the side pocket of her bag. She proudly brought out the silver flexible battery operated vibrator and the black mid-sized dildo. “See,” she said holding up her prize. “We both have a set… and they are real fun to play with.  Sometime we play with each other… that’s even more fun.”

“You should give Charlie a demonstration, Carol. Why don’t you take off your jeans and let Penny fuck your pussy with the dildo, you can use the vibrator.” Watching the girls Art could see the girls warming to the idea. He could hear the whispers clearly.

“It’s O.K. with me Carol,” said Penny. “You know I like to do it to you.”

 “Alright, but don’t push it in too far.  It still hurts a little.”

“O.K.”  Penny started to pull off Carol’s jeans.

Carol was sitting behind her father and lay down on the seat behind him.  After Penny had pulled off her pants, Carol pushed her panties down and then off, placing them over the back seat.  Art could no longer see his daughter, but he could see Penny who was kneeling between Carols spread open legs. And even better he could see the expression on Charlie’s face seeing Carols open cunt for the first time.

Charlie watched his own nine-year-old daughter lay on top of Carol and French kissed her.   He couldn’t believe his own eyes when she bent down and kissed and lapped Carol’s cunt.    Charlie’s hard cock was beginning to hurt so he released it from his pants and started to masturbate. “You girls sure know what to do, I’ll give you that,” he said, “and your little pussy is just beautiful, Carol. I can’t wait to get my tongue into you.”  

Penny, her eyes riveted to her father’s eyes, wet the black dildo by running it into her own mouth a few times. She positioned it between Carol’s lewdly spread legs and paused.  “Put it in her,” she heard her father rasp.  Charlie nearly lost it as he watched the black dildo moving slowly into Carol’s body. Penny was watching her friend’s face, so she would know when she had gone far enough. Carol, her head pitched back, held her own pussy lips apart as the dildo entered her pussy.  Biting on her lower lip she could feel the dildo going deeper and deeper into her little girl fuck hole.

“I can’t believe this,” Charlie said, for not the first time, as he watched his daughter and Carol.  “You girls are really something,” he said smiling and really not loud enough for them to hear.  But Art could hear.

“They really are something,” replied Art. “They’re just getting used to the dildo.” Art glanced in the rear view mirror, but the pair of girls were too low in the seat for him to see.

For his part Charlie wasn’t interested in talking and he found himself rubbing his erect cock slowly.  Both girls giggled as Penny moved the dildo in and out of her friend an inch or two.  Then after a few minutes…“Oh yes, Penny …yes …yes… Here it comes…oh, oh, Penny … Penny… Ohhhhhhh!!!”  And it was over, all right in front of Penny’s dad.  She was still breathing hard and sweating in the back seat of the, all of a sudden, a very warm car.  Her mind started to clear and she smiled at Penny who was still kneeling in front of her. “Wow!” was all she said as she sat up.  Suddenly aware of the staring eyes of Charlie, she closed her legs together and pulled up her jeans.

 “That’s enough for now ladies,” Art told them looking into the mirror, “We’ll be at the toll booth in a few minutes.”


It was cold and damp at the cottage, but the furnace soon had the small four rooms comfortable. The hot water was on and the four of them soon had the food they had brought put away, the beds made and suitcases emptied. Then they started a small fire in the fieldstone fire place and popped corn in funny looking covered baskets. Soon the girls were sitting in their father’s laps, feeding each other popcorn.  Art sat on the wicker coach and Charlie in the overstuffed Lazy Boy recliner. Kissing their fathers had become very natural for both girls from the recent history, so they soon fell into kissing, teasing and fondling.  It was by now after dark and with no lights, the fire light in the room it gave the scene a dreamlike floating quality. The fire in the fire place and the furnace had warmed the house and in particular the living room up to the point of being a bit to warm, so as the mood became more erotic ,it was natural to start shedding clothing.

While kissing their daughters, each man ran his hands over their young bodies. It seemed to the fathers that this was a two ring circus. They loved feeling and looking at their own daughters, but couldn’t help but be fascinated with what the other father and daughter were up to. Art’s fingers kneaded Carols nipples and her new half-orange-sized tits (a small orange) while he lightly lapped her lips. She loved it when her dad did that. Her top was the first to be taken off. Art slowly, very slowly lifted Carol’s pink top off knowing that Charlie would be watching.   Of course Charlie was doing exactly that and could feel his cock respond to Carol’s nude chest with the budding new tits. 

“See Charlie, didn’t I tell you that Carol had the beginnings of tits, swollen fat little nipples.  Turn a little, darling, so Uncle Charlie can see your pretty nipples.”  Carol turned toward Charlie a little self conscious, but really eager to show him her new tits.  She looked down at her feet, then slowly up to meet his eyes.

Of course Penny liked Carol’s new tits too. She knew how both she and Carol would get very wet when she would suck Carol’s nipples, so now she was turned on as much as her Dad was by the display of young flesh.  Slowly Penny slid her hand into her jeans and in between her legs until her finger found her clit. Carol smiled at her friend realizing that Penny was turned on. So was Carol.

Continuing to rub his daughter’s stiff nipples, Art grinned and said, “It looks like you two girls are getting warm.  I think we should take off ALL your clothes …  Let’s see your nipples, Penny… I know that they are as pretty as Carol’s.”   Penny smiled and blushed a little as her father gently removed her blue ‘T’ top.  Everyone could see that although Penny didn’t have any tits (or swollen bumps like Carol), her nipples were large, extended and hard.   Charlie found he liked displaying his daughter as he was doing now.

“Wow, Penny you must like your dad touching you in all those special places. And with your hand down your pants like that, I bet you want someone to touch you there, don’t you?” Art’s mouth watered for a chance to suck on Penny’s large erect nipples.

“O.K. off with the jeans, ladies!” It was Charlie talking.  “I want to see some pussy!”  He lifted Penny off his lap and stood her on the floor.  Art did the same thing with Carol.  The jeans were un-zipped and the pants pushed down.  Of course Carol wasn’t wearing any panties, as Charlie had taken them from her in the car.  Penny’s panties were now quickly stripped off by her father.  Charlie felt a thrill knowing he was exposing his nude daughter for his friend to see. Then Charlie picked his daughter back up and sat her in his lap facing Art and Carol.  Carol got back into her father’s lap and looked across at Penny.

Charlie’s hard cock pushed against the girl’s back as he spread open his daughter’s legs, displaying her wet hairless pussy. “What do you think of this, Art? Wouldn’t you like to have a nice cunt like this to play with?”

Art smiled knowing what Charlie was getting at. He stared at Penny’s cunt, a pussy he had seen several times, but never before offered by her father.  .  It was strange, because even with all the sex he had had with her, everything seemed new now. No one would ever have to sell him on that pussy, as he had always wanted to fuck his daughter’s girl friend.  Her pussy looked wet, hot and delicious, but better yet, now it was being offered to him by the girl’s own father. 

“I know” Art said, “let’s exchange daughter for tonight. Is that OK with you girls?”

The girls became a little shy again and it was several seconds before Penny replied, “I guess it’s O.K.” then her eyes went to her nude friend Carol, who she knew wanted to be with her father.

“It’s O.K. if my dad says it alright,” Carol said grinning…she was excited to think about her Uncle Charlie’s hands touching her. She was the first to make a move, sliding off her father’s lap and walking towards his friend.

The dancing fire light gave the room and the people in it an un-natural dream like quality. The girls’ nude bodies shone brightly facing the fire, but the brightness disappeared quickly and the parts of their bodies away from the fire were invisible in the blackness of the dark.  Carols hard nipples shone nicely as did Penny’s long red hair when she shook it out.  

As the two girls crossed in the middle of the room, the two men quickly shed their shirts, pants and underwear and sat back down.  Both of them had full erections as they took the girls into their laps.

Charlie was thrilled to have Carol in his lap and pressed his cock against her while they kissed. His finger quickly found her small tits and hard nipples, while the fingers of his other hand slid between her legs.  Carol just did what she had been doing with her own dad for a long time. She rubbed his cock and used her thumb to spread the pre-cum that was seeping from the cock head.

Charlie was thrilled with all the new sensations, but wasn’t prepared for the sight of his little Penny on her knees sucking Art’s fat cock. It sent him into a whole new erotic world. He couldn’t see her mouth, but knew what she was doing by the up and down rhythmic motion of her head and the moans escaping from Art’s lips.   Penny’s mouth had satisfied her dad so many times, he knew Art was getting an excellent blow job.

Art knew that Charlie was watching them, just as he was watching Charlie was finger fucking Art’s daughter.  Art turned slightly on the couch so Charlie could clearly see his daughter sucking Art’s cock.  Out loud for Charlie to hear, Art hissed, “Suck my cock, you fucking little whore . Suck it hard, Penny.  That’s it you little slut cock sucker. Your Daddy is watching you, Baby so why don’t you show him how I taught you to suck my balls.”   Art spread open his legs, pulled his cock out of Penny’s mouth and pushed her head down so her mouth could lap and suck his balls.  “Lap them you little slut ... Penny, show your daddy what a dirty cum slut you are now.”

Charlie loved the dirty words and was crazy with desire watching Art pushing his big cock into his daughter’s mouth.  Fromm across the room, he could hear the slurping sounds his daughter Penny was making and saw the white pre-cum foaming on her lips. Reaching down between Penny’s legs, Art jammed three fingers deep into her cunt, he felt her spread her legs apart for him.  Then Art felt Penny moan her pleasure onto his cock.   

Charlie tongued Carol’s mouth then asked, “Can you suck and lap me like Penny is doing to your dad, Carol?”

“Yes, if you want me to Uncle Charlie.”

“I want you to.”

“Hmmm, your thing is just like Daddy’s, nice and big… my brother said I suck really good… You’ll see.” Carol slid off Charlie’s lap, being sure to let him feel her cunt slide across his leg. Now on her knees between Charlie’s opened legs, she looked at Charlie’s cock for a minute while her fingers of one hand slowly caressed his cock and the fingers of the other held and gently squeezed his balls.   As Carol’s tongue came out to taste the offering forming at the tip of Charlie’s cock, her eyes went to his. She liked to watch her father while she sucked him, now she could watch Charlie’s eyes. His eye lids seemed heavy and half closed in the contentment of her tongue while her own eyes glistened and danced.  She could feel his body stiffen while she lapped around the oozing head and cleaned away the pre-cum. Still watching him, she let his cock slide slowly into her mouth, her lips firm against his rod, her teeth just barely scrapping the silk-like  surface.

“Oh, yes, Carol… Just like that, you sweet little bitch. You … oh … oh… damn, you really have been practicing.”      

Busy as he was with Penny, Art still thrilled to see his friend’s cock sliding into his daughters willing mouth. “Give her your whole cock, Charlie… She won’t choke.” Art went back to enjoying Penny’s mouth while his fingers pulled and twisted on her young swollen nipples.  

Each girl was having a time with their own techniques.   Carol was busy stroking Charlie’s cock and rubbing his balls while her tight lipped mouth slid up and down on his cock.  She knew he would be coming off quickly. 

Penny was looking at Art’s cock, then slowly she spit on it, coating it with a thick layer of saliva. She began once again stroking him and then after a few strokes, slid the entire length of Art’s cock into her mouth. As she set an even stroke, her fingers found his asshole and two fingers slid deep into him.

Art yelled when he came off , but Charlie just gritted his teeth and locked his jaws tight as he reached his climax.  Both girls allowed their mouths to be filled and over filled with warm slippery, silvery cum.  Penny started to gag but recovered quickly. Cum ran from the corners of her mouth and dripped from her chin, hung in a long string until it finally snapped free and fell to the floor where it pooled into a puddle, but still more cum gushed into her well fucked mouth.  With the last oozing pulses, Art finished the thrill of his climax by cumming against Penny’s cheek and  wiping his still drooling tender cock all over her face.

Carol adjusted the way she was kneeling and let Charlie’s cock push deeper into her throat. Feeling the globs of cum running down her throat, she too almost gagged again but concentrated on finger fucking Charlie’s ass and soon it was over.  Charlie pulled his cock from Carol’s mouth and finished cumming on her face and chest. 

With a smile of satisfaction on his face, Art sat back and relaxed. “Now you girls go into the bath room and get two face cloths, wet them with warm water, then come back here and clean our cocks.


The two men were feeling fine.  “Those little girls absolutely give the best blow jobs I’ve ever had,” Charlie said as he opened his second beer.   Sipping on his second brew, Art could tell that Charlie had a new idea by the amused expression on his face.

Art leaned a little forward.  “What in hell are you thinking now, Charlie? I can tell that you have something up your sleeve.” Charlie was looking at Carol who was, in turn, grinning at him.

“I was just thinking that I hate to drink beer from a can… so why not drink it from a pussy. Come here sweetheart, Uncle Charlie wants to lift you up by your ankles.”  Carol never hesitated but came to Charlie sat on the floor in front of him and offered him her ankles. They had done similar things in the backyard but never to this conclusion. Standing, Charlie now took her ankles and effortlessly  lifted her in the air up-side down and spread her legs open; at nine years old she was very, very light for the grown man.  Next he asked his daughter Penny, “Sweetie, spread Carol’s pussy open. Then pour some beer slowly into your little friend’s fuck hole.”   The small cunt only held a small amount, but Charlie seemed satisfied. White foam formed as Penny giggled and poured the beer and ran over and down Carol’s belly.  The carbon dioxide bubbles tickled the little girl and she giggled at the pleasant feeling. As light as she was she was getting heavy and Art took over for Charlie. Both girls and both fathers were laughing. Leaning forward Charlie began to sip and lap at the pussy full of beer, paying a lot of attention to  Carol’s clit, then switched between lapping beer from her hairless tender cunt and lapping escaping foam that was running down over her tight little ass hole.  

Carol was facing away from Art laughing as her friend’s dad lapped her pussy. Not wanting to miss any fun, Charlie moved into position kneeling in front of Carol’s upside down face so Art’s daughter could suck his cock. With her head tilled back he could push his whole cock into her mouth and throat.  Caught up in the new excitement, Penny began jacking off Art while he held Carol upside down.   

The men switched positions again. There was no mistaking when Carol reached her climax.  She had already wrapped her legs around Art’s neck and locked her ankles together, freeing his hands to open her young cunt for his probing tongue.  When Carol’s body became very stiff and she began to breathe quickly.  Even with her mouth stuffed with her father’s cock,  her moans of pleasure were very clear, her climax hard, but over quickly.  Art pulled his cock out of Carol’s mouth and began shooting gobs of cum all over his daughters face while she finished trembling and shaking from her climax. 

Charlie lowered her to the floor where she just laid catching her breath. Carol’s knees were bent and her legs wide apart, her flat chest heaved while she enjoyed the euphoria and the warm purple haze of sexual pleasure.  His bare foot came in contact with her pussy and he toe-fucked the little girl.  Art loved the idea that Carol had become a sex toy and whore for his friend… he was enjoying watching his young daughter be used like a slut. 

Penny knelt beside her best friend, bent down and lovingly lapped Art’s cum from Carol’s face.  Done, Penny moved down, licking and kissing Carol’s budding tits and stomach on her way down.  Reaching her goal, her father moved his foot and offered his wet toes to her.  Eagerly she lapped the cunt juice from her father’s toes before she continued to her juicy objective, her friend’s sopping pussy.  Gently she lapped Carol’s clit like a cat lapping its paws after a good meal. Both girls loved this part the very best. Purrs and light moans flowed from their lips as fingers and tongues found erotic ways to express themselves. Both fathers sat back and enjoyed the loving sight of their daughters finding such pleasure together in the afterglow of sex.  Art and Charlie were very proud and pleased that the girls had become such enthusiastic cock hungry little cunts.    


“I told you, Charlie, that I had bought the girls each a couple of vibrators, didn’t I?”  Art and Charlie were lying on the two full-sized beds in the master bedroom, propped up on thick piles of pillows while the two girls showered together.

“Yes, you told me … I think that’s great, I wish I had thought of it first.  After a week or ten days of messing with the vibrators, neither of them are really virgins any more. That’s especially true with your son dicking them every chance he has had,” Charlie laughed.

“Right.  So it’s time to show them what a real cock is like, don’t you think?” Resting on an elbow Art looked toward Charlie, “It’s past time as a matter of fact.”  Art laughed as he settled back into the pillow. “Can you tell I’m anxious to see what it’s like to fuck them?” 

“Well” Charlie said with a smirk, “that’s because you’re a horny old bastard. In this case, however, I think your right. Why don’t we see what the girls have to say about it?” His hand fell automatically into his lap where his fingers began sliding over his thick semi-hard cock.

Art stood up and went to the still unpacked suitcases and brought out the shaving case he had given Carol to put her ‘special things’ in.  The men could still hear the shower running in the small bathroom and the two girls laughing, talking and giggling.   Then without warning the bath room door flew open and a cloud of steam and the two girls invaded the bedroom.   Wrapped in thick pink terry-cloth towels, the girls were still wet, their hair hanging down like wet rope in long strands in Carol’s case and in shinny sopping braids in Penny’s.

“Are you ready for us, Daddy?”  It was Penny giggling and jumping around, “Because we are ready for you two bad boys.”

The men laughed and assured the girls that they were also ready  while they handled their cocks that were now standing up like flag poles. They helped the girls dry off and as much as possible to dry their hair.  In this case the fathers took care of their own daughters with a lot of kissing; touching and feeling of soft, warm, body parts going on. The room was very warm, so the two bare ass nymphs were soon moving around in the nude. Both men loved the show of the young bodies twisting, moving, bending and knowingly teasing.  With basically no tits, the girls were even more exciting with their perfectly full asses, hairless pussies, and smiling giggling faces.

“Why do you have the vibrators out, Daddy?” Carol asked her father.  “Or can I guess?” She grinned and picked up her special pink vibrator, wet it in her mouth with a practiced move and sitting on the edge of  Art’s bed, began to push the wet vibrating dildo up and down over her clit.  “That feels so good Daddy… I just love it…  So does Penny.”    She turned to see Penny just picking up her own vibrator and running it in and out of her mouth before she spread out on her father’s bed and did the same thing Carol was already doing with immediate and appropriate moans and wiggling. Both men were faced with a strange feeling, a phenomenon…which girl to watch; their own daughter or their friend’s daughter, one body they knew so well and one that was still somewhat an unknown.

“You girls are incredible,’ praised Charlie. “Penny scoot your ass up on the bed and let me do that for you.”  Penny moved up and lay on the pillows while her dad took the vibrator and leaned in between her spread open thighs. “Spread that pretty pussy open with your fingers, baby… Daddy wants to see his sweet little slut’s fuck hole and see if her clit is hard yet.”  Charlie took the narrow vibrator and slowly slid it into his daughter’s cunt, then started to work it back and forth.  He loved the way her cunt opened to take the vibrator and then he loved the way the cunt lips surrounded the plastic cock, white bubbly cream forming around the edges from Penny’s own juices. He wet two fingers with his mouth and inserted them up into Penny’s ass hole.  Charlie loved to watch his daughter as he started the process he had done so many times. Her eyes softened and disappeared behind closing lids. Penny’s lips, dry now, quivered slightly and then she sucked her lower lip into her mouth and bit down on it gently.  It was the low whimpering, little girl moans that she made that got his cock as hard as steel.  As a baby, he had often put his cock head in her mouth and she would suck his dripping cock to a climax, making the same whimpering sounds, then as now with her eyes closed.    

Charlie set up a smooth in-out rhythm with first the vibe sliding up her cunt and then, as it retreated, the fingers slid deeply up her ass. Penny’s hips were moving in rhythm with his hands, as she moaned and seemed to be sweating. “You really like my fingers up your ass, don’t you, Baby?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy….I love it a lot.  Please push your fingers in deeper,” she paused to gasp then, “harder ... fuck my ass with your fingers, Daddy!  Please deeper, deeper! Please Daddy, deeper…..fuck my ass Daddy…fuck it… fuck it.” Penny was fucking back now pushing her ass down hard on Charlie’s fingers and starting to cry out. Charlie bent down as she got closer to a climax and bit her erect clit.  Penny cried out in pain and exploded into a long wonderful climax.

While Charlie did a number on his daughter, Art and his daughter Carol were on the other bed.  They ignored completely what Charlie and Penny were doing and were focused on their own exciting search for a climax.  Art had pushed his vibrator up his daughter’s ass and turned the vibration up full power. His face was buried in her sweet young pussy; her legs spread wide.  She had pushed up against the wall and was half sitting with a pillow in back of herself watching her father suck her cunt. Carol loved to watch her Daddy suck her pussy.  She laughed watching him, “You sure like to suck me don’t you, Daddy. I can tell you like it a lot. I love it. You are going to like fucking me even better, aren’t you?”

Art stopped for a moment to answer. “You know I always love sucking that little girl cunt.  Even more so after I’ve seen you with Charlie. I just love kissing and sucking all of you, Sweetheart. And yes, I’ll love putting my cock up inside my baby girl, and I know you’ll love it too.  Now talk dirty to me, Honey.. .use the words I taught you. Then when you’re ready to cum, you can cum in my mouth or pee in my mouth or both if you like.”

“O.K.,” Carol said with a knowing smile. “Get ready for a mouthful Daddy.” Carol spread her legs as far apart as possible and arched her pelvis to give her Dad a good mouthful of juices. She wove her fingers into his hair and pulled his face still closer to her pussy and started to repeat to him the words and sentences he had taught her.

“Come on Daddy, suck my pussy… Push your fingers up my back hole, Daddy….,come on …,come on please…,do it.. Do it.”  She was getting excited with the dirty words, “You’re a little girl molester, Daddy …you like to play with little girls pussies …  That’s it Daddy, suck your baby girl’s cunt.  Suck me hard… suck me really good.  Suck me and make me cum on your tongue.”  Carol was too far gone, too close to her climax to remember any more of the dirty words her Dad liked to hear.  She was lost in the swirling red mist of passion.  So close now and when she let go, she would pull her Daddy’s head tight against her cunt and let go into his mouth.  She had done this many times and it was always special.

That is when the feeling surged through her.   Her fingers tightened, white knuckled in his hair pulling his face as close to her as her own skin. She screamed, “Mmmmph! Yes… Yes!   Oh,yes, Daddy!  Suck… suck! Suck my slutty little pussy, suck me hard… Oh, God, yes!   Hard, Daddy, hard.” Then with her entire nine-year-old cunt in his mouth and his fingers up her asshole, she exploded into her father’s mouth. A flood of little girl cunt juices mixed with pee filled his mouth and he swallowed it in several gulps, then he continued to assault her clit with his tongue.   Finally she was done.


Everyone, including the girls knew what was going to happen next.  Penny and Carol would soon be getting their small cunts stretched by a very hard adult cock, their father’s cocks.  All four were looking forward to it, the with lecherous glee and the girl’s with apprehension of the unknown.  Regardless, they all were ready and all felt it was probably past due.  The fathers had previously decided that, even though Rodger had screwed both girls that his small dick really didn’t count.  They also decided  it would be best if neither took their own daughter’s “virginity”, but that each should instead fuck his friend’s daughter first. If later in life it became a problem for either girl (a very low probability they agreeed), at least it hadn’t been their own father who had truly screwed them first, even if he had been on the next bed doing another little nine-year-old girl and even if their own fathers later got sloppy seconds. 

Over the last week, both girls had already been fucked several times by Roger.  That was followed and preceded by a  thorough fucking  with the vibrators during their playtime up in Carol’s room, so of course neither had their maiden’s hood in place, it having been destroyed while the girls had practiced on themselves and each other.  Both men had agreed that no matter what, that they would fuck the girls this first night.    If either girl or both had to be held or tied down for the first time, that would be done and then the girl(s) would be force fucked.

Once both girls had used the toilet, the men had Scotch on the rocks while the girls drank a little white wine and ginger ale. They all giggled and laughed sitting nude on the two beds, each girl next to her own father and demurely showing pussy to her friend’s Dad.  This gave the girls a delicious chance to get good looks at their friend’s father’s cock as they relaxed and talked and looked across at each other. 

After a few minutes it was obvious that the fathers and girls wanted to get on with the sex. Charlie lit a candle on the table between the beds and turned out all the other lights. The room took on a soft gray tone. The only color left was at the heart of the candle flame… everything else was in opaque tones of grey, white and black.

Each of them had been more or less holding their breath until Art said, “Alright Carol, you go jump in bed with Uncle Charlie and do whatever he asks.”

With a kiss on the cheek Charlie told Penny the same and she moved slowly… as if suddenly shy… to crawl up in Art’s lap.

Now the re-arranged fathers-daughters slid into their own private cocoons, talking softly and lovingly between themselves. Penny stayed seated for the time being on Art’s lap, feeling the large organ rubbing against her hip.  She put her arm around his neck and they kissed.   

Carol seemed a little bit shyer for some reason and just sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the floor. A near grin played across her lips as Charlie gently pulled her back and laid her down, lying down beside her. Smiling, she looked up at him.  Charlie kissed her mouth.  She closed her eyes and visibly relaxed.  Slowly her hand went to Charlie’s thigh and lay there lightly. Charlie put his hand on hers and moved it to the hardness of his eager cock, her fingers curved automatically around as much of it as her small hand could manage.

“That’s it, Baby.Now pull my cock up and down for me. Do you like the feel, sweetie?”

“Umm Humm… it’s really big, and hot too.”

“It’s hard and hot for your pussy,” he whispered back.  “I’m going to fuck you, baby.  Then your daddy’s going to fuck you.”

Slowly she started to move the skin of the fat, hard cock up and down just as she has so often done for her Dad and brother. But this was different she thought.  Her Dad had traded her for Penny, her best friend.   Tonight both girls would get fucked, really fucked, for the first time. She was very excited about that. She and Penny had talked about it.  It was like their Dads were turning them into whores and they thought that sounded like lots of sexy fun. Without prompting, Carol opened her mouth to French kiss her ‘uncle’, at the same moment her hand moved from his cock to his over full balls, each the size of a small egg.

Penny had changed her position and was facing Art, her arms still around his neck with her legs spread open hanging over his wide hairy thighs, his rigid cock a flag pole separating them. Sitting in that position, Art’s cock seemingly went at least to her waist and she wondered, ‘If they did really fuck, how would it all fit?’  It was as long and about the same thickness as her forearm.  She stared at the cock head. ‘It is beautiful,’ she thought, ‘but it’s so big.’ She watched the pre-cum form at the tip and sliding down his cock from the small slit. Art fingered one of her nipples and watched her looking at his dick.

“Taste it if you want to, Penny.  Carol really likes the taste.” He smiled at her and spoke in a private whisper. Penny slowly ran her finger up the side of Art’s cock collecting pre-cum on a small finger. Then she examined the glistening transparent lubricant and deliberately dragged her finger across her tongue to tease Art.  ‘Who had showed her that,’ Art wondered, ‘Charlie?’  Art’s cock throbbed watching her. She sucked her finger clean and smiled at Art. He pinched and pulled her small, but hard nipple and noticed for the first time a glint of cunt juice showing at her slit, (her cunt was still some inches from his cock/balls).

“That’s really good Uncle Art. I love sucking that juice.  Yours is not quite like my Dad’s.  It’s a little sweeter than Daddy; of course I’ve sucked his a lot.” Then she moved her ass to get closer to his cock.  Art instinctively pulled her closer still. Now he could feel her hot, wet pussy against his balls… wet and warm. They continued to kiss while Art used his hands on her ass to pull Penny back and forth, allowing her to slide up and down his cock with her well lubricated pussy.

“You know I’m going to fuck you, don’t you baby?”


“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“It’s so big…”

“Your pussy is ready. I’ll be very gentle, Penny, but it might hurt a little, but not for long. But when you get used to it, you’re going to love getting fucked by whom ever.”  Penny just smiled and continued to play with the pre-come, then she began jacking him off.


Art pulled on Penny’s nipples while they kissed again, then after a few minutes Art rolled her onto the bed and started sucking her now erect nipples, already red from being played with. Very slowly as much for his satisfaction as hers, he began to work his way down her body.   Inch by inch he moved across her young belly taking time to tickle her navel with his tongue. That was when she began to wiggle some and giggled when he tongued her belly button. Being sure she was in the middle of the bed Art spread her legs wide and was rewarded with the smell of little girl cunt juice. Slowly he went over Ppenny’s hairless pubic mound and then lay down between her open thighs. Sliding his hands under her ass cheeks Art used his thumbs to spread open her thin delicate cunt lips. He blew warm air into her cunt and heard her moan in response. Art’s tongue lapped up and down her sweet tasting cunt, occasionally moving into her cunt and then returning to the long lap strokes that she seemed to enjoy most.  Art lifted her light ass into the air a few inches and included her asshole in the tongue strokes.  Penny wiggled and whined her approval.

Art was so horny at that point that he knew he would have to fuck her soon or he’d go nuts.  Concluding his cunt sucking, he put a pillow under her hips and knelt between her thighs. He put his cock head at the opening of her pussy and began to just rub his cock head against her opening. He glanced towards the other bed and saw Charlie watching as he molested Carol.  Art closed his eyes to savor the pleasure of the feeling.  Art held Penny’s hands over her head with one hand while his other hand rubbed his cock into the slit of her young pussy.  Confident that there was plenty of natural lubricant on his cock, Art started to push his cock head into Penny’s now hot cunt.  It didn’t go in or even come close to going in, and really looked as if it never would.

“That hurts, Uncle Art,” Penny said with halting, breathless words, her braids spread out on the pillow. “You better stop… Please…I t’s starting to hurt too much…. It’s too big.” She became tense and frightened. 

Art was reluctant to force himself into her, but he also kept in mind what he and Charlie had discussed, ‘just do it no matter what’ was to be  the rule for this night. They had decided if it was necessary for either girl, that they would tie and gag them, then fuck their young pussies. “We can’t stop now, Sweetie.  Just take deep breaths and try to relax… it will be easier that way.” Art continued to push the slippery head against the cunt opening…then the head of his cock just popped in, resistance defeated and the head disappeared into Penny’s newly stretched fuck hole.

Penny was very tense now and wanted to end the attempt. “Take it out Uncle Art… take it out… oh, please, please…. It hurts me.”  Penny had started to cry and tears ran down her face. Twisting and struggling futilely, she tried to dislodge the thick cock head lodged in the maw of her young pussy, but her hands firmly held above her head and her much larger “uncle” firmly between her legs, there wasn’t anything she could do, but plead.

“Stop that, Penny, you’re going to be fine…  Just take deep breaths and let me do the work.  The hardest part is already over with,  Sweetheart.”  Art’s spread his own legs out in back of himself and lay down on Penny’s stomach. Her body completely disappeared underneath him; the top of her red head only reached the middle of Art’s chest. For a minute he just let his cock head sit quietly (but throbbing), basking in the knowledge he was on his way to fucking the girl. Yes, his cock head was inside the girl and there was no turning back.  Then he moved it into her a little further again, frightening her and resulting in her tightening up again. Her finger nails dug into his sides.

“Its O.K. now, Honey.  I told you the hard part is finished. I’ll just open up that pretty cunt so we can fuck any time we want. That’s what you want isn’t it?”

“I…I…I so.  Just please let’s stop for now.  It hurts a lot. Please.” She was biting her lip again and her eyes had a confused look.  She didn’t know it was going to hurt so much, but she did want to learn how to really fuck. She also knew he wouldn’t stop and she really didn’t want him to.  She just didn’t want it hurt so much.  He withdrew a little ways and that eased the pain.

Little by little Art established a pace that she seemed comfortable with.  After every sex or eight short strokes he would push in a little further. She did seem a little more relaxed now and Art knew she had had either accepted the pain or the pain was diminishing.   Soon she was starting to help him get more of his thick cock inside her by moving slowly from side to side. A smile of triumph spread across his face.  He knew that after a few days she would be a great little girl fuck.

It took a full twenty minutes for Art to get his full length into Penny, and although she wasn’t resisting at all, she was breathing in short fast breaths. Art picked up the pace and he felt her again relax and for the first time Penny started to fuck him back.  Now they were in a full fuck mode and Art was lost in the new sensations of the tiny tight cunt holding him so tightly.  The feeling of the cock-skinning grip of her juvenile passage on his fat dick was nothing short of sensational.  Suddenly, with no warning, he was at the point of no-return.  He struggled to stave off the inevitable, but he was going to ejaculate, no matter how hard he tried to suppress it.  The only option was to pull out, and he wasn’t about to pull out her cunt.  With an mind blowing rush, he grunted his pleasure, filling the  little nine year old pussy with a flush of his cum.  As he continued to fuck her while he came,  he could feel the cream surrounding his cock as he finished driving deeply into Penny with the last few strokes.


Carol was more confused about how to start with her best friend’s father than she was actually embarrassed. Penny had told her about her Dad’s un-circumcised cock and how it looked different from Roger or the men in the pictures. And it had looked different, kind of like it was wearing a little coat or something. She looked down pretending to be looking at the floor, but was really looking at Charlie’s semi-hard cock.  Still it was a nice cock and Carol thought it was fun to hold.  Charlie’s cock was a little smaller than Art’s and it was a little crooked which made Carol smile. Now lying next to Charlie, she was slowly jacking him off while he used saliva wetted fingers to twist her nipples.

“Lay on your back, Carol, I want to wet your lips with pre-cum.”  A minute later Charlie towered over Carol and used his dripping, pre-cum wet cock to moisten Carol’s lips with his cream.  Her cum wet lips fascinated him and he kept re-tracing her lips with his cock head. “I would love to piss in your mouth Carol.  Would you like that you little slut?  Maybe we can do that later.”  Carol’s tongue darted out of her mouth to catch and draw back into her mouth a thick string of crystal clear pre-cum. 

Charlie, very pleased with the relaxed Carol, turned around a minute later and supporting himself with his out stretched arms sat his ass only an inch or so from Carol’s mouth. “Suck my ass, Baby. I know you know how.  Lap my shit hole a little, push your pretty tongue as far as you can into my hole, Honey.”  Charlie relaxed his tight sphincter when he felt the young girls tongue lapping his back hole. The tiny experienced tongue moved like velvet from his balls to his asshole. He could feel the little tongue trying to fuck his hole and it drove him crazy. Her tender wet pussy lay just below him and he began to finger her. His finger slid deep into her easily, her virgin tissue  long gone from the hard use of the vibrator.

A few minutes later he was laying back beside her, his middle finger still deep inside her.  He smiled at her, continuing to finger her gently and whispered. “You know, I’m going to fuck you, don’t you, Carol?  Just like your daddy is doing to Penny... He’s fucking her cunt hard just like he would a big lady.”

“I know.  You told me that.  I want you to. Then Penny and I can have sex with you and Daddy whenever we want to.”  She smiled at him and took a firmer hold of his cock. Her tongue wet her dry lips . “Do you like it when I do this, Uncle Charlie?”

Charlie pushed two fingers into Carol’s cunt, she took it quite easily. “I can’t wait another minute to get my cock into you, Honey. I want to fuck that tight little cunt, fill your tight hole with cum, then lap it out of you.”

Carlo just smiled at his comments, then bent forward kissing and lapping his cock head, finally she took his big cock into her mouth and started to suck him.  Charlie closed his eyes enjoying the sensations until he realized he was getting to close to a climax.  Gently he pulled his cock from her mouth and brought her lips to his own. They kissed slowly and for some minutes while Charlie let his excited cock rest a bit. His finger was back in her pussy and she spread open to let him go in deeper.  Charlie removed his sopping finger and brought the finger to her mouth. Her lips separated and she sucked his finger into her mouth and sucked her own juice from the finger while her pretty eyes stared at Charlie. She liked to watch the pleasure on his face just as she liked to see it on the face of her father.     

Charlie glanced over at Art and Penny, pleasantly surprised and thrilled to see him fucking Penny without any problem, her legs wrapped over his waist.  Charlie turned back to his own nine-year-old fuck, Carol.

“Do you want me to lie on top of you, Carol or do you want to sit up on top of my stomach? I want to fuck you now, Honey… I can’t wait any longer, so how do you want it first.”

“Let me sit on you, Uncle Charlie. That way I can let it go into me slowly.”

“O.K. but it is going to go in, Carol… no half way stuff… do you understand?  Any bull shit and I’ll tie you down.”

“O.K.” was all she said with a serious adult understanding on her face.  She scampered to crouch over his up turned cock. Charlie was holding his cock pointing right at Carol’s hole as she began to lower herself onto him. As the fat cock head neared her thin delicate little girl cunt lips, it looked impossible that it could possible fit into her without tearing her cunt to shreds.

Charlie moved his cock head slightly back and forth to get the head wet with Carol’s own slippery juice. She lowered herself more and her pussy lips began to open to accept the fat knob. Little by little the head continued to force into the little cunt opening.  Carol’s eyes were squeezed shut, her face a study concentration and pain anticipation. She stopped lowering herself for a moment as she took deep breaths, then she pushed down hard and the cock head disappeared into her hot tight hole. 

From the other bed her father heard he cry out.  ‘He’s inside her,’ thought Art as he pumped into girl he was fucking.  He glanced to the side and saw Carol perched on Charlie’s jutting spike.  He saw that she was biting her lip to control the searing feeling. Art wanted Charlie to grab her hips and pull her down, impaling her on his dick.  But Charlie didn’t and Carol seemed to be motionless.  With his own pleasure, first and foremost on his mind, Art turned away, concentrating on his task at hand.

“Oh, fuck!  That hurts, Uncle Charlie… I can’t go any further… I can’t…. It hurts, oh… oh... I can’t…  it hurts… no more please.” Charlie wasn’t surprised at her request to quit, he quickly placed his strong hands on her hips and started a slow steady pressure to pull her cunt onto his cock. He began to push up at the same time, watching her face with cold eyes.  He had never even imagined the tightness he now felt embedded in her young canal.  It was a delight and he loved the feeling, he could never stop.

Art heard his daughter cry out again.  Again he looked while still fucking Penny.  Charlie was indeed pulling her down unto him.  Carol’s father was no more sympathetic to her plight than the man whose cock was forcibly opening her cunt.

Carol’s hands were on Charlie’s forearms and made a futile attempt to stop him from going deeper. Still more cock entered her body.  Little by little, her cunt stretched to accommodate his size.   Her eyes were again squeezed shut, and again she was biting her lip.   Charlie thought for sure he would see blood any minute running from her lips or mouth. Then strangely, she stopped resisting and began to moan although tears were still slowly running down over her cheeks and dripping off the edge of her jaw. She shifted slightly back and forth evidently finding a more comfortable, even pleasant position. More of his adult cock slid into her young cunt. 

He was now almost entirely inside her and he started to move in and out in small slow strokes.  An inch in and an inch out, he patiently built up the length of the strokes and the depth of his penetration. After a few more minutes, he was moving quite fast and Carol now again controlled the strokes. She raised and lowered herself faster and faster, sweat replaced tears, dripping from her face, her eyes still closed. Then leaning forward she leaned on her Uncle’s shoulders and began to fuck him harder and harder.   Her tears dried… her erotic moans louder; she began to fuck him in a frenzy absorbing every inch of his fat cock.  Her face began to pale under the strain of sexual stress and need. She was loving his cock pounding into her nine -year -old cunt It had stopped hurting and now there was only a low burning sensation.

Her father’s took another look at his daughter and his friend.  She was loving it! 

“Oh, it feels so good now, Uncle Charlie… Oh so good… Oh… oh… yes… I’m going to cum, Uncle Charlie…fuck me hard… fuck my little hole for me. Yes… yes…  yes… Oh, God, yessssss… Aahhhhhh!” she moaned loudly as she climaxed.

Charlie loved the sound of her cries as she came (he had enjoyed her pain more than he would ever admit), then holding her tightly rolled her over with her on the bottom. In that position he could plow into her without her moving and in less than a minute, perhaps a dozen or so strokes he filled her little girl cunt with his flood of hot slippery cum. The silvery cum surrounded his cock and a lot dripped out of her ravished pussy and made a big wet spot on the sheet. Minutes later his cock fell out of her.  Charlie rolled onto his back again and pulled Carol on top of him turning the exhausted girl around facing his cock covered with his own cum and her juices.

“Clean me off, Honey and I’ll clean you.”   Carol slowly lapped and sucked Charlie’s cock clean as he lapped and sucked his own cum out of her.  He loved the cocktail of his cum and the young girl’s pussy juices.


The two fathers lay on the two beds resting, listening to the shower in the bathroom and their nine-year-old giggling girls.

“That was fantastic,” Charlie said looking at the ceiling.

“Sure as hell it was that, my friend,” Art said turning onto his side, his head propped up on his arm. “That daughter of yours was something once I got into her. Fuck, she is tight.  I know the little fucker liked it too.”

Charlie turned and looked at his friend, “I know she liked it, Art… She just loves sex. This puts the crowning touch on it; the frosting on the cake so to speak. After you take a turn with her, I would like to sleep with Carol tonight if that’s okay by you. You can fuck Penny all night if you like.”

“That’s fine, Charlie. I think I will do just that.  Feel free to fuck the shit out of Carol.  Do it to her as much as you like, buddy.  You know, I’ve got the feeling that we’ll be doing a lot of daughter fucking and trading from now on.”

“I’m sure we will, pal. You should have seen the look on her face, Art as my dick was going inside her… God, it was wonderful!  Say, when do you think we can break in there tight little assholes?”   

They both laughed and Art added, “Soon!  Very soon.”

“Yeah, let’s do their little assholes before we go home tomorrow.”

In the shower the girls continued to soak their sore pussies in the warm water of the shower. They talked and giggled together.

“Well, we did it, Penny. We got them to fuck us.”  Carol turned her face into the shower spray. “I told you we could do it. After the way they had been looking at our asses at the pool, I knew we could do it.  We just had to let them know that they could and think it was their idea.”

“Yes…  I knew my daddy would be doing me soon, but… I can’t believe it would be so easy.”

“When you first told me what you and your daddy have been doing, I could hardly think of anything else.  It was so exciting,” said Carol.  “If it weren’t for that, I’d still be playing with my dolls.”

“But it was your idea to skip school,” added Penny, “and be waiting when he got home from work that first day.   Then pretend that he caught us giving Roger the blowjob.  That faked your Dad out totally.  I’ll never forget the look on his face when he saw us sucking Roger.   Then we let him believe he had caught us.  Instead we caught him!  Your dad really fell for that.”  Penny bent back a little and spread her legs to let more water run over her cunt. “Your dad’s cock was really great by the way.”

“So was your Dad’s, Penny.  It was really great.  So, what’s next?”

“I think we’re going to get fucked again.”

“Mmmmmm, that sounds good.”

The sounds of raucous laugher made both men turn and look towards the bathroom.  Art shook his head and muttered, “Girls.” 

The End


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