By Uncle Reamum

(bb, nudity, MMbb, oral)

Having gained permission to campout at a secluded swimmimg hole, two boys are busted doing what boys do when they're alone...

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“Okay, Tommy.  I cleared it with Mr. Klingman personally,” announced Tommy Smith’s dad.  “You and Bobby Lee have permission to campout at the swimming hole on his ranch next Saturday.”

Tommy and his best buddy, Bobby Lee cheered.  The Klingman brothers rarely ever let anyone on their property to do anything other than work and for the boys to have permission to campout at the swimming hole was great news.

“They are very particular about who they let on the ranch,” his father continued, “so, you best follow their rules if you ever want to camp out there again.  Number one, you only use the fire ring that’s already there.  Never leave a fire unattended.  Don’t build a big fire, just one big enough to cook on.  You let a fire get away, boys, and it’ll be hell putting it out!”

“Yes, sir,” answered the two boys in unison. 

“We know how to build a safe campfire,” added Tommy.

“I counting on that fact and so are the Klingmans,” firmly replied Tommy’s dad.  “Secondly, you don’t leave any trash out there.  Whatever trash you have, you pack it back out.  Thirdly, don’t be cutting on any live trees.  Use only deadwood for firewood.  Fourth, don’t write on the rocks or leave any other evidence that you were ever there.”

“Yes, sir,” replied the two boys.  They knew how to be good woodsmen and take care of the land.  They had learned that in Scouts well before they ever earned their First Class rank.

“You prove yourselves to be good stewards, and the Klingmans just may let you campout on their ranch again.”

“Yes, sir,” replied the two boys. 

To the boys, the swimming hole on the Klingman’s Circle K Ranch was the coolest place to go swimming.  On several occasions in the past, Tommy’s dad, with the permission of the Klingmans, had taken them there.  On the far side there was a high cutbank where you could swing off a rope swing and then drop into the deep clear water.  Opposite the cutbank was sand bar where you could just wade out until the water got too deep.  There were lots of Cottonwood trees to provide shade and plenty of downed firewood available. Best of all, it was very private, unlike the swimming hole at the highway bridge where everyone in town usually went.

Tommy’s dad, John Smith, saw the delighted expressions on the faces of the two boys and wondered if the excitement was about their first solo camping trip or the prospect of skinny-dipping.  The first time he took the boys to the swimming hole, it had been just after he started working for the Klingmans.  He had taken the two boys with him to the ranch one Saturday when he needed to discuss some business.  His new boss, Brett Klingman, mentioned that a fence was down and that none all his regular hands were available to fix it.  John wasn’t a ranch hand per se, but he was as good with his hands as he was with his mind.  To his boss’ surprise, John volunteered to go out and fix it. 

The breech in the fence took John and the two young boys a few hours to repair.  It had been a hot day and the prospect of a cool dip in the nearby swimming hole was very tempting. 

Of course John hadn’t planned on taking the boys swimming and no one had a bathing suit.  No matter, they just went bare butt and had a great time.  During the swim, John’s boss, Brett Klingman and his brother, Elliot, showed up after checking on the fence repairs.

Tommy’s dad was surprised by his new boss’ visit.  Embarrassed by their lack of modesty, he stammered his apologies.

“Think nothing of it, John,” replied the big rancher with a toothy grin, “Me and my brother, we’ve been swimming here all our lives.  Never once have we ever bothered wearing nothing but what we were born in.  Damn!  That water looks great!  Mind if we join you?”  With that Brett and Elliot Klingman, the two most important men in the county, stripped naked and joined the swim.

Through the years, the feed store that John Smith managed for the Klingman brothers flourished.  He developed a special relationship with his employers and was often invited to parties and barbeques on the ranch. 

After being successfully sued by a trespasser who got hurt while trying to steal a stud horse, the Klingmans were very sensitive about horse thieves and liability issues.  Knowing of this maddening perversion of justice and the Klingmans’ hostilities towards trespassers, Tommy’s dad never assumed and always asked permission to come onto the property.  The Klingmans always said yes, but they also had him sign a wavier of liability if he came onto the property for anything that wasn’t purely business.  Other than that, the Klingmans had no problem letting John bring his boy and his friend to the Klingman swimming hole.  There was also no question as to what to wear, or rather, not to wear. 

The boys made their plans and checked their equipment.  When John dropped them off at the campsite that Saturday morning, the boys were prepared.  As the store needed tending and Saturdays were always busy, he couldn’t stay with them.  Reluctantly, John let them be, secure in the knowledge that Brett or Elliot would check up on them later in the day, making sure that all was well. 

As soon as Tommy’s dad’s pickup truck pulled away, the boys set about task of pitching the tent and gathering firewood for later that evening.  Having set up camp, the two boys gleefully stripped and headed for the water.

Tommy and Bobby Lee swam all morning, swinging off the rope swing and paying grab ass.  After eating their lunch, they laid about in the shade on the small stretch of sandy beach. The two boys had been messing around for years and it wasn’t long before they were engaged in their other planned activity, jacking each other off and sucking dick. 

Tommy, being well past his twelfth birthday had a sparse patch of pubic hair and had no problem ejaculating, much to the envy of his younger friend who’s nuts were just starting to ripen.  No matter, both boys enjoyed the intense sensations that radiated from their immature dicks, up their spines and down to their toes, sensations that always left them momentarily breathless.  Once the camping trip was on, they had set a goal.  The stated goal was to set new personal records for the number of times they got off in a given day, and they now worked tirelessly at it.

They had been laboring towards their goal for over an hour, lying head to crotch so that they could fellate each other simultaneously.  They were so absorbed in their activity that they didn’t hear the pickup truck drive up to the campsite.  Their first indication that they had been busted was when the shadows fell over their naked bodies.  Bobby Lee was the first to realize that they weren’t alone.  With a start, he let his friend’s dick slip from his mouth, exclaiming, “Oh, shit!  Oh, shit!  Oh, shit!”  Rolling away, Bobby Lee yanked his young dick from Tommy’s sucking mouth. 

Thinking that some sort of stinging creature had bitten his panicked friend, Tommy exclaimed, “What the fuck?”   Then he too saw the two men looking down on them.  “Oh, fuck!” he cried as he recognized the faces of Brett Klingman and his brother Elliot.

There was nowhere to hide, nowhere to go, and no way to explain away what they had been doing.  Feeling sick to their stomachs, the two naked boys groveled in the sand, trying their best to disguise their wet erections that were now quickly withering.  The two ranchers towered over the two boys.  Brett, the oldest was also the largest, standing a 6 foot three and packing 240 pounds of muscle.  His younger brother Elliot, his junior by a scant  year was just as tall, but of a slimmer build.

“Well, well, well,” said a grinning Elliot Klingman.  “We figured we’d find you two boys out here naked, but we weren’t expecting a show.”

“Having fun, boys?” added Brett with a wink.

“My, my, my, what would your daddies think?” asked Elliot.

Pointing to Bobby Lee, Brett answered, “I don’t think that one’s daddy’s going to think anything.  That’s Henry Jones’ boy. 

“Aren’t you boy?” It was more a statement than a question.  Brett continued, “Your pa’s still in jail, ain’t he, son?”  Again, it was more a statement than a question.

“Yes, sir,” muttered Bobby Lee, additionally shamed by the mention of his father’s present lowly state.

“What’s he got?  Another five, six years?”

“I, I guess,” replied the boy meekly.

“How ‘bout you, Tommy?” asked the big man.  “Does your pa know what you’ve been up to?”

“Oh, please Mr. Klingman!” pleaded the boy.  “Please… don’t tell my dad!”

“Don’t tell him what?”

“You know… What… what you saw us doing.”

Toying with Tommy, the rancher asked in a low voice, “And just what were you and friend doing, Tommy?” 

Tommy squirmed, not wanting to say out loud the words that described his shameful behavior.  “You know...”

“Tell me.  Just what were you two boys doing when we got here?” asked Brett with a grin.

“Don’t make me say it.”

“Looked to me like they were sucking each other’s dick,” Elliot interjected crudely.

Tommy felt his face blush anew with embarrassment.

“Is that what you were doing?  Sucking each other’s dick?”

“Y, Y, yes, sir,” the frightened boy replied in almost a whisper.

“Are you ashamed of what you were doing, Tommy?” asked Brett.

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, don’t be boy,” replied Brett kindly. “All boys do that sort of thing before they discover pussy.  Boys like you have been doing it for thousands of years.  It’s perfectly natural.

“Now, I know you boys are a bit flustered, getting caught red-handed like that, but just relax.  It really isn’t a big deal,” the big man said reassuringly.  Then with a laugh he added, “It’s not like either one of you is gonna get pregnant!”  Elliot enjoyed his older brother’s little joke, laughing merrily.  The lighthearted laughter was infectious and soon the two boys were in stitches.

It wasn’t all that funny of a joke, but Brett was glad to see the boys relaxing a bit. Once the out of proportion laughter abated, Brett continued, “Now, Elliot and I wanted to have a talk with boys and we decided to bring you boys some cold soda pop and a watermelon. It’s in the cooler in the back of the truck.  Why don’t you boys go get the cooler and bring it on down here?”

The two disconcerted boys scrambled to their feet and hurried off, relieved to be away from the two middle–aged ranchers.  Passing their campsite, they paused to slip on their jeans before retrieving the igloo cooler from the truck bed. 

“Just what the fuck are you two doing?” asked an exasperated Brett Klingman when they returned.

“We got the cooler.  Just like you asked,” replied Tommy defensively.

“I didn’t ask you to put your god damned pants on!  Hell boy, this is a swimming hole, not a church!  Look, we didn’t come here to ruin your campout.  You boys were naked when we got here, you can stay naked while we’re here.  Now set the cooler down, and let’s see some flesh.”

The boys set the cooler down and dropped their jeans.  For some reason, Tommy felt even more naked than before.

“Now that’s better. Much, much better…  How ‘bout it Elliot?  Isn’t that better?

“Yeah, Brett, that is better.”

“Like I said boys, we came out for a talk. We also came to bring you boys a treat and take a swim ourselves.  You don’t mind if we join you, do you?”

“No, I don’t…”

“Good!  Because I’ll goddamned do as I well please on my own land!”  The forcefulness of that declaration made the two boys cringe.

The stern demeanor faded from Brett’s face.  “First things first.  Your food.  There’s lots of coyotes running around this ranch.  So tonight, before you turn in, you’ll need to hang your foodstuff in that tree, high enough off the ground so that the fuckin’ coyotes can’t get to it.  Also, do not, I repeat, do not bring food into your tent with you.  Those bastards can smell it and just might try to join you in the tent!  Believe me, you don’t want some god damned wild assed coyote in the tent with you.  Just might bite your dick off!”  The boys’ eyes widened at that prospect.

“Secondly, the snakes.  There’s lots of rattlers around here.  As hot as it is right now, those buggers are down in their burrows or under a rock staying cool, so you probably won’t see one right now. But, when the sun goes down, the snakes come out.  So be damned careful late in the afternoon and especially when it gets dark.  Trust me on this; the fuckin’ snakes are afraid of you.  They won’t come around looking for you, but you could stumble across one, so when you’re traipsing around, make a lot of noise and they’ll move away from you.

“We try to keep this area clear of snakes, but you never know,” Brett continued. “One time when Elliot and I were in high school, we had a little Saturday night party out here.  There must have six of us and a new wet-back house girl.  We were all drinking beer, fuckin’ the girl and having a grand old time.  She had to go piss and wandered off over there to do her business.  Next thing we knew, she was screaming and carrying on.  Damned snake bit her right between the legs!  By the time we got her to the hospital in town, she was dead.  Damned shame.  Couldn’t have been much older than you boys.  Folks showed up at the door only the week before, looking for work.  Damned shame to waste an young eager cunt like that.

“So watch out for the rattlers.  Don’t go putting your hands under a rock or where you can’t see what’s there.  Make lots of noise.  Bang on some pots and get them to move on.

“Third, don’t be cutting on live trees for firewood.  It’s too green to burn anyway.  Just collect dead wood, and again, watch out for snakes.

“Fourth, don’t leave any trash behind you.  After you’re gone tomorrow, I don’t want to see one shred of evidence that you were ever here.

“Fifth, don’t leave a fire unattended.  Put it out when you turn in.  Drown it, drown it good.  And don’t be stirring up a bunch of flying embers that could set the grass on fire.

“Does that cover it, Elliot?”

“Almost,” replied the younger brother.  “Tommy, your daddy brings you out here to go skinny dipping.  I’m sure he realizes that you boys would be naked as soon as he left you here.  I’m also sure that he suspects what you been up to, sucking each other and all.  Like Brett said, it’s really no big deal.  We were boys once, just like you.  So was your dad, Tommy.  He knows what boys do for fun when they’re off by themselves.  Having said that, there’re things a father shouldn’t know for certain about his son.  Engaging in cock sucking is one of them.  He probably did it himself as a boy, but now that he’s a father, he might feel compelled to take strong action; actions that can ruin the relationship between a father and son. 

“So if you boys want to have some fun, that’s fine with Brett and me.  Like he said, you can’t get knocked up.”

Brett began to strip off his shirt.  His younger brother soon joined him.  Once all of the two brothers’ clothes had hit the sand, Brett openly fondled his cock until he was hard.  “Like what you see?  Oh, yeah, you like it, boy!  Last time we were out here, I noticed how you looked at my dick…

“Now, help yourself to a cola.  Get me and Elliot a cold beer while you’re at it.”

While Bobby Lee got the Cokes, Tommy pulled two beers from the ice.  His eyes darted back and forth between the two large hard cocks on display and the hairy groins that harbored them.  He’d never seen dicks that large before.  He’d seen his dad’s cock many times at this very spot, but his dad’s dick was always flaccid.  He’d also seen these cocks before on previous occasions, but they too had been soft.  They had seemed large to Tommy then, but now, fully erect, the Klingman brothers’ fully elongated cocks seemed huge. 

After Tommy handed the beers to the two naked men, the younger rancher observed, “You getting an eyeful boy?”  Embarrassed again, Tommy didn’t know what to say. “No need to be embarrassed, boy.  One day you might have a cock this big too.  Know the secret to growing a big dick?  Hormones…You know how you get extra hormones?  You’ve got to be sure and swallow,” laughed the younger brother.

“Now Elliot,” chastised his older brother.  “Don’t be confusing the boy.”  Brett turned to Tommy, “He’s just joking with you, son.  He’s got a dirty mind.”  Brett took a long swig of beer before he changed the subject.  “Now what do you think we ought to tell your pa?”

Uhhh… nothing,” replied Tommy hopefully.

“That’s right!  There’s no need to tell your pa a damned thing!  You know, he just might get upset and beat your ass!  So what are you going to tell your pa?”


“Not exactly.  You’ll tell him that Elliot and I came by to check up on you.  We brought you some colas and a watermelon and we all went swimming.  That’s all.  That’s all you’ll tell him.  If he asks, we all went skinny-dipping… like always.

“Understand?  I don’t want your pa to get all upset over nothing and wind up losing his job.  I value your pa.  He’s good honest man.  Sure would hate to lose him.”

“Now tell me boy, what do you like best?  Having your dick sucked or sucking a dick?”

Tommy was taken aback by the direct question and just stared dumbly at the vein-laced seven-inch cock jutting from Brett’s hairy crotch.

“Guess it’s a toss up,” remarked Brett’s younger brother, Elliot.

“Suppose so,” replied the elder.  “How about you boy?  Name’s Bobby Lee, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Okay Bobby Lee, what do you like best?  Sucking on a hard dick, or having your dick sucked?”

“I, I, I…”

“No need to be embarrassed, boy.  We all know you two are a couple of cocksuckers. Unquestionably that’s been firmly established.  Hell, I ain’t got a problem with that and neither does my brother.  We told you that already.”

“No problem what so ever,” chimed in Elliot.

“So, what’s your preference?  Being sucked or doing the sucking?”

“I, I, I…”

“Not sure, huh?  Me?  Personally… I love having my dick sucked,” stated Brett with authority.  “Elliot too.  Usually we just have one of our Mexican house girls do us or maybe we’ll see Bobby Lee’s mama, or some other whore down at the Wagon Wheel on a Saturday night.  That situation’s pretty straightforward.  For a few bucks, a fellow gets  some slut to pop his nuts.  But if it’s just two guys, two guys who want to get sucked off; they have to cooperate.  It’s a quid pro quo sort of thing.  You know what that means?”

“No, sir.”

“Means, I’ll suck you if you suck me.  You understand that don’t you?”  Not waiting for a reply the older rancher continued, “That’s what you two boys were doing when we got here, engaging in a little quid pro quo.

“Now Elliot and I ain’t gonna take advantage of you two boys.  We could.  See that fallen tree trunk?  We could take you, bend you over that tree truck and sodomize you until morning.  You ever been sodomized?”

Unsure of what he meant, Bobby Lee replied meekly, “No, sir,”

“How ‘bout you Tommy?”

“No, sir,” answered the equally unsure Tommy.

“Do either of you boys even know what I’m taking about?”

“Uh, no, sir,” honestly answered Tommy shaking his head.  He’d never heard that word before and neither had Bobby Lee.

“Well, that’s probably how Bobby Lee’s pa’s getting his in jollies off while in jail.  Sodomy… that’s when you get a hard dick stuck up your ass.  Have either of you boys ever had a dick up your ass?”

Wide-eyed, both boys shook their heads.

“A couple of butt virgins,” commented Elliot.  “One for you, Brett, and one for me.”

“Now Elliot, we discussed this,” said Brett in low voice. “We ain’t gonna force ‘em.  Wouldn’t be right.”

“I didn’t say we were gonna just take ‘em,” whispered Elliot. “You’re right, Brett.  It’ll be a lot more fun if these boys were willing.  So far, it looks to me like they’re willing.”

Brett turned back to face the two nude boys.  “So, how about it, boys?  How ‘bout if we all have some fun with each other this afternoon.  Swim a little, have a little quid pro quo, hell, maybe we’ll have a lot of quid pro quo.  Be up to you boys.  You want to do some really naughty things, like sucking me and my brother’s dick?  Tell me, have either of you ever sucked a grown man’s dick before?”

“Look, Brett,” said Elliot as he pointed to Tommy, “the boy’s got a stiffy!  So does the younger one.  Ya know, I think they’re interested. Very interested.”

Watching the elder brother playing with his sizable cock had indeed excited Tommy.  He didn’t really understand everything that the two brothers had said to each other, but he had no misperception as to what the older man was proposing.  That an adult, older than his dad, would be suggesting doing such forbidden things, excited him more than if Bobby Lee had suggested it.  He couldn’t imagine his dad ever suggesting doing such things.  After all, Brett and Elliot were both older than his dad and were important men.  Didn’t Brett say not to be ashamed?  If they wanted to do things he barely could discuss, then why shouldn’t he?   He had their permission to be shameless.  Indeed, even his dad had told him to play by their rules or something to that effect.

Bobby Lee was feeling it too.  The rush of adrenaline generated by being caught had made him desperate to run away.  That feeling had now somehow transmuted, transmuted into a formless desire, a desire to wallow openly in a pool of heretofore-unknown depravity, except he didn’t think of it as depraved, just dirty fun. 

“Of course if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.  It’s all up to you.  If you want, we could just go swimming, cool off and just have fun.  You know, fun like when your pa is here.  Then again, I sure would like to get my cock sucked.  How about you, Elliot?”

“My thoughts exactly,” relied the younger.  “Either way would just be guys playing around having a little fun together.” 

Bobby Lee looked to his older friend and buddy for leadership.  He could sense Tommy’s building desire, but found no hint of initiative on Tommy’s part.  The two older men stood naked five feet away, patently waiting, their slowly moving hands drawing attention to their masculine organs.  To Bobby Lee, it was clearly their move. Voting with his feet, he stepped towards Elliot, reached out and tentatively touched the man’s cock.

“That feels good boy,” Elliot huskily muttered.  “Go on.  You can play with it all you want.”

Elliot’s big organ felt hot in the boy’s hand.  Gently he slid his hand along the hard shaft, taking measure of its heft, feeling its texture and discovering what a grown man’s erect cock felt like.  His hand slipped over the engorged bulbous head, his thumb rubbing across the man’s slit until clear, viscous liquid began to seep forth.  The young boy marveled at velvety feel of the older man’s glans as he spread the natural lubricant across the expansive reach from rim to rim.

The more he played and stroked the throbbing penis, the more Bobby Lee was attracted to it.  His lips moved ever closer to the oozing tip, drawn to it by some natural force like steel is drawn to a magnetic. As the drooling tip brushed his lips, they opened to form an expanding seal around the fat, slippery head of Elliot Klingman’s dick.

Bobby Lee felt the man’s big strong hands at the back of his head, applying an increasing and unyielding pressure that was forcing his lips to stretch around the thick girth before the relentless force drove the big dick deeper into his mouth.  He felt the hands shift slightly with the rough thumbs stretching back to seize his forehead.  Imperceptive at first, the pressure driving the cock into his mouth eased.  In its place Bobby Lee found his head locked into place. Cross-eyed and looking into Elliot’s groin, Bobby Lee could still see inches of the thick shaft before it disappeared into the tangled forest of dark pubic hair.

Holding the boy’s head steady, the younger rancher drew back his hips, pulling his cock partially from the boy’s stretched mouth.  Bobby Lee responded by flicking his tongue across the underside of Elliot’s cock, before the cock was pushed back into his mouth.  Slowly at first, Elliot fucked the boy’s mouth, relishing the lewd feel of the tight moist cavern and its stroking member on his thrusting rampant sex.

Tommy watched in awe as the older man’s cock sawed relentlessly into his buddy’s mouth.  Then he too felt a big strong hand on his head, tussling up his hair.

“Sure looks like fun, don’t it?” the big man said in a friendly manner.  “Now, how about me?” asked Brett Klingman of his employee’s young son.  “You wanna suck my cock like your friend is sucking Elliot’s cock?  You know you want to.  Don’t ya, boy?  Of course you don’t have to.  You could just watch your friend having all the fun.”

With his free hand, Brett took Tommy’s hand, guiding it to his hard cock. Tommy’s fingers tried to encircle the bobbing tube of man flesh.  Failing to fully surround the full-sized dick, Tommy began to comprehend the differences between men and boys. The sight of a growing drop of clear precum forming at the wide meatus had a mesmerizing effect.

“You gonna blow me or not, kid?”

The question shook Tommy from his stupor.  Somehow, he was kneeling, with a big dick in hand just inches from his face. The drop of fluid grew too large to resist gravity and began to drool onto the ground.  Tommy’s tongue shot forth, intercepting the thick droplet.  It was his first taste of salty precum other than his own, and like his own, it was slippery and tasted wickedly delightful to him.  Brett inched forward, pushing his broad cock head against Tommy’s lips. 

Looking up into the big rancher’s smiling face, Tommy opened his mouth to receive Brett’s substantial offering.  The big hands took his head, just as Elliot’s hands had taken Bobby Lee’s head.  Not waiting for the thick cock to be driven into his oral orifice, Tommy pushed his head forward, taking as much of the mature cock as he could.  Having taken a little too much, he found it difficult to breathe.  He tried to pull back, but the strong hands now held him immobile.  He started to struggle and suddenly the hands released his head. 

“You’ve got a nice wide mouth, kid.  Now suck me, you little cock sucker.  Suck me until I blow my fuckin’ load in your mouth.”

The boy caught a quick breath of air before the demanding hands drove his mouth back down over the rigid cock, taking it even deeper.  Before he could react, the cock was moving out again, only to be forcefully driven deep into his gaping mouth again and again, until the cock was hitting the back of the boy’s throat, causing him to instinctively gag.

Just as quickly as it had begun, the brutal face fucking stopped… for the moment. “You gonna suck my dick or do I have to choke you to death with it?” the elder rancher asked.

Having a moment’s respite, Tommy quickly began laving over the thick erection filling his mouth.

“That’s better.  Much better,” praised the rancher. “Lick it up and down all around.”

Tommy renewed his efforts with verve, only to have the big cock driven deep into mouth again.  Brett took a half dozen brutal thrusts and then stopped thrusting. 

“Keep sucking me, boy,” he hissed.  Tommy did his best, only to have Brett resume his savage thrusting deep into the boy’s mouth.

“I’m feeling it cumming, kid.  I feel it cumming.”  The dick retreated until only the head was in the boy’s mouth.  “Keep licking it.  Oh, yeah.”  The dick was suddenly thrust deep into his mouth and just as suddenly withdrawn so that only the head remained.  “Fuck yeah,” the older man hissed.  “I’m a gettin’ there… oh, yesssss.”  Again the dick was thrust deep into his mouth and just as quickly withdrawn.  “Suck on it, boy.  Damn, I’m close… so close… so…Ahhhhhhhhh!”

For the first time, Tommy felt a true ejaculatory throb from a dick he was sucking, and then felt and tasted for the first time the heavy discharge shooting across his tongue.  Brett drove his dick home again and withdrew in time for the second powerful pulse to shoot across Tommy’s tongue. In spite of the number of times he had sucked off Bobby Lee, his younger blow-buddy’s nuts hadn’t matured enough to produce sperm.  It was his first taste of virile semen, hot, fresh semen that wasn’t his own. Tommy swallowed and swallowed, trying to keep up with the flood that was now filling his mouth.

Just as suddenly as it began, it was over.  Brett’s hands released their grip on Tommy’s head and the mighty dribbling dick began to soften.  Out of breath and feeling a little dizzy, Brett sank to his knees. Just as Tommy was finding it easy to suck the now smaller semi-flaccid cock, he was now forced to relinquish it for the time being.

The big man now sprawled out in the sand, with Tommy kneeling between his outstretched legs, trying to massage life back into the cock that had so recently brutalized him.  After basking for a few minutes in the afterglow of a good cum, Brett raised his right arm and signaled Tommy to come near.

“That was good dick sucking, boy.  Mighty good dick sucking.  Now, you ready for some of that quid pro quo?”  Stealing a glance over to his buddy, he saw that Bobby Lee was already getting some quid pro quo from Brett’s nominally younger brother.  Flashing a big smile, he nodded. 

Brett deftly maneuvered the compliant boy into a sixty-nine.  He felt the older man’s tongue dart about his young sex and then felt his organ being sucked into the wet vastness of the man’s mouth.  Having this big man sucking his cock felt so much different than when Bobby Lee did it.  Bobby Lee had a small mouth, thin lips and a narrow tongue that he used to good effect.  By contrast, the rancher’s mouth seemed cavernous and lined with corpulent walls of thick flesh.  The man’s tongue was a wonder into itself, as it was so broad that it could nearly wrap around Tommy’s narrow girth.

While he was now receiving, Tommy nuzzled into the large organ and hefty ball sack.  Soon he was once again giving while simultaneously receiving.  Allowing for mutual fellatio, this was perhaps Tommy’s most favorite position.  His pleasure mounted quickly and before he knew it, he was swept with the sweet agony of orgasm.

With a start, Tommy woke from a short nap, finding his face buried in the sticky hairy groin of his father’s employer, listening to the rasping snore of his middle-aged molester. It tickled his balls every time Brett flutteringly exhaled.  The boy wiggled around a bit, careful not to wake the slumbering man while trying to position his genitalia so that he received maximum stimulation from the rush of vibrating air.  Having found the best position, he glanced about and found his buddy snuggled up in the arms of Elliot as they too took a quick nap on the shaded sandbar.

Comfortably on top, and with nothing else to do, Tommy once again took Brett’s cock into his mouth.  Almost immediately it began to swell as his toyed with it in his mouth and sucked on it.  It astounded him just how much larger it got with each passing minute.  Then he noticed that the snoring had stopped.  Almost simultaneously he felt the big hands rubbing his bare buttocks and his bare back.  Moments later, Brett’s hips began moving as the hands stopped rubbing and instead held him tightly.  The hip motion increased until the cock was fucking in and out of Tommy’s mouth.  The hand on his buttocks moved to his lower back while the hand on his upper back moved to his head.

In one quick motion, Brett effortlessly rolled them over.  Now the big man was on top, driving his dick deeper and deeper with each powerful thrust, gagging the boy each time his cockhead hit the back of the boy’s throat.  Almost instinctively, Tommy extended his neck in self-defense and when he did, Brett drove his fat cock down Tommy’s throat.

Surprisingly, with the big cock lodged in his throat, Tommy now found it fairly easy to breathe through his nose, much easier than when he was gagging.  Brett remained motionless for the moment.  Tommy now found it impossible to open his eyes as a fat heavy testicle rested directly on each of his eyelids.

“You okay, boy?  Are you okay?  Swallow if you hear me.”  Brett felt the boy’s hands move up to tentatively grasp his hairy buttocks while Tommy swallowed a couple of times, massaging the thick organ.  “Swallow again… Yeah, that feels fuckin’ good…

“Hey, Elliot!  Would you believe?  I got my whole fuckin’ dick down this kid’s throat!  Jesus, the little fucker swallowed me whole!” 

“C’mon kid, swallow again.  Jesus, fuck!  I don’t fuckin’ believe it.”

“Hey, let me try it!”

“Fuck off, my dear brother.  Ya can have the little bastard when I’m done.” 

Tommy swallowed again and then felt movement as the cock withdrew slightly, paused and then slid back down his throat again.  The cock withdrew, this time completely from his throat until the head was once again in his mouth.  Then it plunged down, past the back of his throat.  Tommy gagged, but the cock slithered past and down into his esophagus.  Brett repeated the motions several times, eventually Tommy wasn’t gagging each time the big cock hit the back of his throat before continuing down into his gullet.

Suddenly Brett rolled halfway off to the side and pulled his cock completely from the Tommy’s yawning mouth.  Looking down his torso, the rancher took a moment to assess the condition of his new fuck toy.  “You okay down there, boy?”  Tommy nodded.  “Speak up, will ya?”

“Yes, sir.”

Ya like doing this sort of thing, do ya?”

Tommy was about to answer, but the dick plunging back into his mouth stopped him from forming the words.  Brett rolled back on top and sank his cock to the root.  “Sweet fuckin’ mercy, Elliot… I think we hit the jack pot with this one.”

“Well, hurry up, will you.  I want to try him out too,” replied the younger brother.

Ya got your own little cocksucker… use him.”

“Hell, he can hardly take half my dick.”

“Okay, okay.  Give me a minute, will ya?”  For the next five or six minutes, the older rancher fucked Tommy’s throat until he felt his balls churning.

“C’mon, Brett,” his brotherurged.

“I’m getting close,” came the grunted reply.

Elliot had no choice but to wait until his brother was finished.  Tommy didn’t have much choice either as his face and mouth was used like a whore’s pussy.

Elliot heard his brother grunting.  He knew what that meant, his brother was on the edge of cumming.  Problem was, Elliot knew his older brother well, and knew that he could ride on the edge for a very long time, riding along in a prolonged state of near bliss. It was a trick that their father had taught them as teenagers, to ensure that his two boys got their money’s worth with the whores they used.  Not willing to wait, Elliot called Bobby Lee over.

The younger rancher straddled his older brother over his rump.  “Wet your fingers, son,” Elliot instructed the younger boy as he pried open the flabby cheeks of his brother’s ass.  Through the thicket of hair covering every inch of Brett’s big ass, and down into the base of the deep valley between the splayed cheeks, Bobby Lee could see the darkness surrounding the man’s anus.  He looked with a questioning look, to confirm what he had been instructed to do.  Elliot sneered, “Do it!” 

Brett’s head shot upward as his asshole was penetrated by the boy’s relatively small finger.  The sudden anal stimulation was all he needed to be pushed over the top.  Bellowing like a wounded animal, Brett’s cried out his pleasure as his once smooth motions became increasingly choppy.  Tommy felt the big dick pulse deep in his throat.  Brett bellowed again, but this time he extracted his cock to shoot the second pulse on his fuck toy’s face, only to jam the erupting organ back into Tommy’s mouth where he had his second taste of fresh man-milk.

Spent, Brett collapsed on top of the boy, his wilting cock still embedded in Tommy’s mouth, the last of his spend slowly drooling into the boy’s mouth.  The boy wasn’t exactly crazy about the taste of Brett’s semen the first time and now his mouth was once again filled with the thick slimy emission.  Unsure of what he should do, he did not swallow even though the spunk didn’t taste particularly bad, yet it didn’t taste good enough to keep in his mouth either.  With great effort Tommy managed to spit most of the semen out even while the cock stayed in his mouth, forcing the goo past his lips and the soft cock to run down his cheeks and chin to his neck.

Pinned under the dead weigh of the big man, Tommy was having difficulty breathing.  Try as he might, he couldn’t take much more than a tiny breath.  He thought of how boa constrictors suffocate their pry by preventing them from taking a breath in.  He felt that way now and knew if something didn’t change soon…

With a bear-like growl, Brett rolled off the boy and flopped ungracefully on his back.  Immediately, Tommy found relief and gulped a lungful of fresh air.

Having caught his own breath, Brett dreamily opened his eyes to see his brother towering above him.  “Oh, little bro,” he said softly, “That kid can suck a dick.  Ya gotta try him out.”

“I would, but you damned near killed him.”

Brett blinked rapidly, thinking how that could be.  The kid was breathing when he had his dick down his throat.  He didn’t suffocate him like he nearly did with that Mexican boy a few years back. 

“Shit!” he exclaimed bolting upright.  One look over at Tommy relieved his fears.  The boy was breathing normally.  He just looked asleep.  Then he saw all the cum expelled from around his mouth and he thought he might have drowned, but he appeared to breathing normally.  Brett pushed Tommy’s hips and Tommy opened his eyes.

“You okay, boy?” asked Brett genuinely concerned.  The last thing he wanted to do was to harm the boy; too damned many questions.

Tommy tried to speak, but his throat was so sore that no words could be formed.  His hand went to his neck to massage the soreness.

“Shit, I’m sorry, kid.  I didn’t mean to hurt ya, son.  I didn’t really hurt ya, did I? Are ya okay, Tommy?”

Tommy wasn’t at all sure if he was okay, but nodded in the affirmative anyway.  Brett turned to Bobby Lee and sent him off to fetch a cold soft drink for his buddy.  With Brett’s help, Tommy sat up to drink the cold soda.  Immediately he felt better, much better.  First the bleachy taste of cum residue was washed away, but the cold liquid on his sore throat felt so good.

Brett sent Bobby Lee to fetch two fresh beers for himself and his brother.  Brett stood and brushed off the sand and dirt imbedded into his pink skin.  Taking a sip of his beer he regarded his brother for a moment and then himself.  “You know, Elliot.  If we stay out here much longer, were both going to get sunburned to beat all hell.”

“You’re already turning red, brother.” 

Eliot turned to Bobby Lee, who by now was the de facto go-fer.  “Go look in the cab of the truck, boy.  There’s a ditty bag, under the passenger seat. Should be some sunscreen in there.  Now go it.”

Moments later Bobby Lee returned and handed Elliot the sunscreen.  “Hold out your hands, boy.”  Bobby Lee did as instructed and was rewarded with a handful of white cream.  “Rub it into my back, will you.”  Elliot turned and Bobby Lee got about the business of coating Elliot’s backside, from his shoulders to his ankles, stopping occasionally for more sunscreen.  His back finished, Elliot turned to let the boy do his front.  Having worked his way down to the groin, Bobby Lee got a fresh handful and playfully slathered the cream on Elliot’s cock and balls. The young boy marveled at the slippery and hardening cock in his hands.  The renewed sexual play had Elliot ready for more, and when Bobby Lee made a move to work down the man’s legs, Elliot stopped him.

“Keep playing with my dick, boy.  Hmmmmm, yes that feels really good,” he moaned as the boy’s small hand flew up and down the slippery shaft.  Tommy and Bobby Lee beat each other’s meat on a regular basis and the boy knew the man wanted him to jack him off.  Fondling his balls and stroking the shaft, letting it slide around in his greased hand, the boy quickly brought Elliot to the brink. 

“I’m gonna cum, boy.  Yeah, that feels good.  Don’t stop.  Hmmmm.  Now put your mouth close to it.  C’mon, open up and aim it.  We’ll pretend we’re shooting baskets.  You catch it with your mouth.  Not so close, back up and keep it sporting.  Hmmmm.  Get ready, boy, get ready.  Uhhhhh!  Uhhhhh!   Uhhhhhh!”

By now Tommy had gotten up to watch what Bobby Lee was doing and was astounded when the ropes of milky man juice forcefully shot Bobby Lee first in the nose, and then two good squirts directly into his mouth.  The fourth shot didn’t get enough air and wound up spattering on Bobby Lee foot.  Not that it mattered, Bobby Lee was now gleefully giggling and laughing so hard that even if the last shots had enough force and Elliot’s aim had been perfect, it would most likely missed its intended target.  The young boy’s mirthful outburst was infectious and soon the other three joyfully joined the cum splattered youth’s merriment.    

When the laughter stopped Brett declared, “Well, I guess, me and my brother ought to get going and leave you boys alone.” 

“Now wait a minute, Brett.  Nobody said a damned thing about us going,” protested Elliot.  “Of course if these boys want us to go,” he added, “then that’s something else entirely.  How about it, Tommy?  You want us to go?”

Tommy thought about that and decided he had no business telling either Elliot or Brett Klingman what they could do or not do on their own ranch.  “Uh, no sir!  You can stay.”

“You’re goddamned right we can stay!” roared the big man with a laugh. “It’s our ranch and we’ll do as we damned well please!”  Then in a conciliatory tone Brett added, “Still, you boys are our guests, and… well… We’ll stay if ya boys want to suck dick some more.”

Brett looked about waiting for an answer.  None was forth coming so he pressed the issue.  “How about it, Bobby Lee?  You finished sucking cock for the day?” 

Bobby Lee looked about nervously searching for an answer.  Finding none he simply nodded his head. 

“That one’s for sucking cock,” announced Brett.  “How about you, Tommy?  Tell you what, how about if we switch partners, me with Bobby Lee here and you with Elliot.”

“Uh, okay, Mr. Brett,” replied Tommy cautiously.

“Good!  Then it’s unanimous!  Now I’m sweating like pig, so I’m taking a swim.  Anyone care to join me?” Everyone was grimy with sweat, sand and cum sticking to them so a swim sounded fine to everyone, but first Brett had Tommy slather waterproof sunscreen on his pink flesh.

The cool water felt great and they played games like horse in the shallow water, swan about in the deeper water and generally had fun.  After awhile everyone’s fingers and toes had become wrinkly and the four trudged up out of the water and onto the shaded sand bar.  Elliot sat down in sand, steepled his knees wide apart and leaned back on his muscular arms. “Hey, Tommy!” he called out.  “Come suck my cock, boy!”

Tommy was prepared to do just that, but Brett intervened.  “Little brother, as much as I’d like to hang around all day and let these cocksuckers blow us, we got a ranch to tend to.”

“Aw, come on, Bret.  I know we got work to tend to, but can’t we stay just a little longer?”

“Fun’s over, Elliot.  Now come on, get the sand off your ass and put some clothes on.  They ain’t going nowhere, so when we get everything done, then we’ll come back and play with these two again.”   Despite equal ownership in the ranch, Brett was the undisputed boss.  Grumbling, Elliot stood, waded out into the water again to rinse the sand off his body.

It was with a tinge of sadness that the two boys watched the two men drive away.  All afternoon and all evening they expected the men to return, but they didn’t.  It wasn’t until midmorning the next day that the two ranchers returned.

As Tommy’s dad drove up to the campsite just past noon.  Parking out of sight, he walked up to the campsite where he saw his bosses, Tommy and his young friend playing in the water.  John Smith was certain that the two boys had been naked from the moment he’d left them the morning before and he assumed that they had messed around, much like he and his buddies did when he was a boy.  Seeing the Klingman brothers, THE question was, had anything inappropriate occurred between the two boys and the two men?  He had heard the rumors about the randy Klingman brothers, and if true, then most likely…  Unnoticed, he continued to watch the naked boys and naked men playing in the water contemplating what may have happened over the past day or so.  ‘What would I do,’  he silently asked himself, ‘if…’ 

“Shit, I’m hard as a rock,” Tommy’s father said out loud as he adjusted his hard cock in his jeans. “Yes indeed, what would I do?”  He didn’t need to answer the question, he knew what he’d do… nothing.  What was done was done and if the boys weren’t coerced… no foul. After all, he had his job to protect.   “There are things a father shouldn’t know for sure about his son,” he said to himself.  Putting THE question out of mind, he wondered if the Klingman brothers would let the boys camp here again. He thought knew the answer to that question too.   


The End


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