By Lasiter

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Mike checked his watch and saw that he was early, five minutes early.   Knowing that his old friend Vic got upset if he was early, Mike sat in his pickup and waited for the seconds to tick off.  Out of his peripheral vision, he caught a glimpse of a dark figure descending the stairs.  He looked up just before the black man disappeared into the dark.  He checked his watch again; two minutes. 

For Mike, the short wait seemed agonizingly long.  He understood that Vic had a strict schedule to keep, but Mike didn’t want to waste precious time.  A quick glance at his wristwatch told him it was time…  Time to go…  Time for a little naughty fun.  Gathering up a cold six pack of beer in one hand, Mike headed for the stairs that led to the landing of Vic’s apartment.  He rapped on the apartment door and patiently waited until Vic opened the door. 

“Who is it?” said the muffled voice through the door. 

“Vic, it’s Mike.”   Mike heard the rattling of multiple chains and dead bolts unlatching.  The door cracked open and Mike saw a single bloodshot eyeball peering through the small gap.  Suddenly the door swung wide open and Vic, dressed in a wife-beater shirt and a pair of gym shorts, grinned back at his friend.

“C’mon in, Mike,” the bearded man said while casting a suspicious glance across the open landing.  Mike stepped inside and Vic quickly shut the steel door and  refastened the multiple chains and dead bolts.  Wha’cha got, Mike?” Vic asked eyeing the beer.

“I brought some beer and I brought some weed,” replied Mike.

Fuckin’ outstanding!” replied Vic while grinning ear to ear.

“Is, uh, Kathy here?” asked Mike as he looked about the unkempt apartment.

Naw!  Bitch is at work," Vic replied with a grin.  "Won’t be home for hours.”

Fuckin’ outstanding!” Mike laughed.  “Okay, you have a choice, your regular cash contribution or this quarter bag,” he said as he held up the bag of weed in one hand and a small wad of cash in the other..

“Is that shit any good?” asked Vic pointing to the baggie.

“Why don’t you roll up a number and find out.”

A few minutes later the two men sat on the tattered sofa, drinking a beer and passing a fat number back and forth between them.  Within a minute, both men had a good buzz going.  “This is some good shit,” complimented Vic after exhaling.  “I’ll take the weed.”

“That’s a deal, Vic!” Mike replied.  Immediately he asked, “Where is she?”

“Taking a nap,” replied Vic.  Wanna see?”

“Damned right I do!  I sure as hell didn’t come over here to look at your ugly face.”  The two men rose and made their way into a bedroom.  There sprawled out on the bed and fast asleep was angelic four-year-old Jenny. 

Mike sat on the edge of the bed and studied the little blond headed girl.  His nostrils flared as the clean sweet scent of talcum powder drifted up to him.  She looked so sweet, so innocent, and she smelled so delicious. To Mike, her most striking facial feature were her lips; full and sultry lips, lips that were very sensuous for a child, lips that caused a stirring in his groin.  He reached out and gently stroked her soft curly flaxen hair and ran a finger over her soft lips, slowly tracing them as he lingered for a long moment.  Then his hand slid down her body until he reached the helm of the pink frilly nightshirt she wore.  Slowly he pulled up the helm, revealing first her chubby bare thighs and then her pink ‘Hello Kitty’ panties. 

Mike studied her for another moment and took a swig of beer.  He looked back and grinned at the girl’s father.  Quickly downing the remains of the beer, he carelessly discarded the empty bottle on the floor. With both hands he gripped the waistband of her panties and then began to slowly slide them off her hips and down her legs.  Mike had her panties down past her knees when her eyes fluttered open just in time to see the man pull her panties over her little feet.

“Hey, there sunshine,” said Vic.  “You remember Uncle Mike?  He’s here to help you with your bath tonight.”

“’'Kay,” the cherub responded while sitting up on the bed.  Automatically her hands reached for the ceiling as she waited for the man to strip off her nightie.  She didn’t have very long to wait.  While Mike feasted his eyes on the naked little girl, Vic went straightaway to draw a hot bath. 

“Where’s your nose?” Mike asked playing the baby game she knew so well.  Jenny pointed to her nose.  Where’s your ears?”  With both hands she tugged at her ears.  “Where’s your pee-pee?”  Shamelessly the pretty little girl spread her legs apart and displayed her immature sex. 

Unconsciously, Mike moistened his lips with the tip of his tongue.  Without wasting any more time, he pulled his t-shirt over his head.  He then quickly stripped his jeans off and discarded his boxer shorts.  “Where’s my pee-pee?” he asked.  Jenny giggled and pointed to his raging hard-on.  “You’re a smart little girl, aren’t you?”  Little Jenny beamed a broad smile at the praise. 

“Water’s ready!” called out Vic from the bathroom.  Mike stood and held out his hand for the naked little girl. Eagerly she hopped off the bed and grasped the man’s hand and was led off for her bath.

Mike helped Jenny get into the water while Vic watched.  “You know the rules,” Vic stated.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” replied Mike irritably.  “Rules, always fuckin’ rules.”  Mike stepped into the bath and sat down, his legs spread around his living bath toy.  “How about a beer, Vic?  And roll us another number, will ya?”

“Coming up!” Vic responded brightly before heading out of the bathroom. 

As Mike watched Jenny playing in the water between his outstretched legs, he shook his head in wonder.  This was his third bath with the little girl; still he could hardly believe that Vic was doing this sort of thing.  The whole idea of Vic selling bath time with his young daughter just boggled Mike’s mind. 

In the back of his mind he reviewed the rules.  His time was limited to two tub fillings and making Jenny stay in cold water was against the rules.  The only other hard rules seemed to be no penetration and don’t make her cry. Not wanting to squander precious time, Mike pulled the little girl to him and began to wash her with his bare hands. 

His hands rose and fell up and down her little legs, rubbing first the outside and then the insides.  Noticing the worried look on her face and that at she seemed fixated on the tattoo of a skull with a serpent crawling through the eye socket that adorned his left pectoral, he took her small hand and touched it with her fingers.

“Are you a bad man?” she asked. 

“Are you a bad little girl?” he countered.

“No.  I’m a good girl,” she declared.

“Yes, you are sweetheart,” he said as his hands swept over her naked body, scooping a little water here and there as he took liberties.  “You are a very good little girl.”

Jenny giggled and squirmed each time the man brushed against her pee-pee.  Then he settled upon her little pink nipples, stroking them with his thumbs and watching as they stiffened to his touch.  She seemed to like that, so he leaned forward, planting a kiss on each tiny nip, as his hands descended to settle on her bare buns.  C’mere, sweetie,” he growled as he pulled her closer to him.

Jenny squealed in delight as Mike placed his mouth over her navel and made farting noises on her skin.  He did it again and then licked into her navel.  Slowly he dragged his tongue up the girl’s torso and then back down again, licking all over her tummy both above and below her navel.  The licks turned into playful pecks all over her stomach and chest.  Mike stopped kissing her little body and looked into her smiling face.    

As Jenny stood close to the grinning man, she felt one hand rise from her butt to the back of her head, pulling her face closer and closer to his.  When the man’s lips touched hers, she felt his tongue running lightly across her lips.   Just like her daddy had taught her, she opened her mouth slightly and felt the big tongue wiggle into her mouth.  It didn’t hurt or anything, it never did, so the little girl let the man thrust his tongue in and out of her little mouth without any resistance.  However as the man kissed her, she felt his other hand dig into her butt checks and tickle her poo-poo; this caused her to giggle and squirm.

By the time Vic returned, Jenny was standing between Mike’s legs while he freely ran his soapy hands all over her butt and between her legs.   Seeing that Mike was preoccupied, Vic sat Mike’s beer down on the floor where he could reach it and then sat on the toilet to supervise his child’s bath.

As far as Vic was concerned, this was his best idea ever.  So far he’d made several thousand dollars and all of it was tax free!  This was way better than working at some low paying second job at night; besides he was needed to babysit Jenny while his wife was at work.  He had to give the girl a bath every night anyway, so why not turn a profit?  The wife was rather dubious at first, but when the extra cash started pouring in, the girl’s mother placed her concerns on the back burner trusting that her husband would keep things in check. 

Jenny sat down in the water and allowed the man to wash her golden locks.  Then she lay out on her back to rinse out her hair with her legs spread and her bald baby pussy facing Mike.  To Jenny, she was just pretending to be a fish, flapping her hands in the water and making waves.  Not taking his eyes off her pretty little puss, Mike reached down and found his beer, downing a third of it in one gulp.  A moment later, Vic held a burning joint to Mike’s lips so that it wouldn’t get wet.  It was at this point that things strayed from the girl’s mother’s direct understanding of what went on during bath time. 

Mike was totally engrossed in the lewd show when suddenly a yellow stream shot from between her legs, arched into the air and splattered hotly against his hairy stomach.  The girl’s father began to laugh as the stream weakened and faded away.  Soon all three were laughing at the watery play. 

Still chuckling at the bonus play, Mike dragged his finger through the wetness coating his tummy and took a taste. 

“You’re really a nasty son of a bitch,” snorted Vic. 

Mike took the comment as it was intended, just a good natured rubbing from an old friend and dipped his fingers into the urine for another taste before rinsing the residue from his stomach.

Mike’s show was interrupted when Jenny abruptly sat back upright.  Figuring that turnabout was fair play, Mike rose to his knees.  The little girl squealed as the man’s hot piss splattered against her chest and tummy.  Unlike her small discharge, the man’s piss came in a torrent that went on and on and on, the little girl twisting and turning under the onslaught until she retreated completely under the water, only leaving the back of her head  exposed.  The father watched, but said nothing and instead checked the water temp.  Finding the water to be tepid, Vic began to add hot water to the bath while simultaneously draining away excess water.

While the water was exchanged, Mike had the little girl stand facing away from him so that he could closely study the form and curve of her buttocks.  Suddenly she bent over reaching for a floating toy.  Mike couldn’t help himself; he tugged on her hips and buried his face between her butt checks.  Jenny squealed in delight as the man wallowed in her clef and squealed at the tickling the man’s tongue made on her pee-pee and poo-poo. 

As his tongue probed the child’s savory vulva, Mike glanced up to see her father’s reaction.  As he expected, Vic sat passively, sipping his beer, making no attempt to stop Mike from his oral assault upon his young daughter.  Indeed, when she started to stand upright, her father reached out and held her head so that she had to remain bent over as the man continued to aggressively lick and probe the tip of his tongue into her little holes. 

Once the tub was refilled with hot water, Vic released her head and turned the water off.  Little Jenny, feeling a chill by now, plunged back into the hot water to warm up.  Mike grabbed her by a leg and pulled her into him so that her free foot slid up against his cock and balls.  The giggling little girl moved her foot around on the man’s hard pee-pee and the funny sack that hung below it.  For Mike it was all he could do to keep from cumming right then and there. 

When Mike released the little girl’s leg, she immediately flopped on her belly facing the man and began playing with his dick with her hands.  Mike groaned in pleasure as the dainty little hands stroked and felt him up. As much as he wanted to just close his eyes and relish the feelings, he wanted even more to watch as the pretty four-year-old amused herself with his dick and balls like they were some child’s toy.   Playfully she tugged and pulled on his thick dick, skinning his foreskin back and playing peek-a-boo with the reddish cock crown.  She played that game for a minute or so before settling on rolling the now slippery head between her dainty fingers. Mike’s excitement built rapidly as the child freely toyed with him.

He held his breath as the child lowered her head and kissed the tip of his dick.  As she pulled away, a strand of slippery pre-cum connected then for a moment before it broke.  The child’s tongue licked at the clear goo sticking to her lower lip and chin.  The pecker kiss was quickly followed by another and then another until the girl was kissing it with open mouthed kisses and slipping the velvety head between her full lips as her tongue played across the silky smooth head gathering the salty nectar that was seeping from the tip. 

Vic sat grinning as Mike twitched and loudly groaned from the sensations coming from his prick.  Repeatedly the little girl popped the man’s juicing cockhead in and out from between the embrace of her lips.  It was more than Mike could stand.  The bathroom walls echoed with animalistic sounds as Mike began to spurt, his cum shooting directly into her small mouth.  She pulled back and was hit with a rope across the bridge of her pudgy nose.  Quickly she put her lips back over the spurting cock head and more or less caught the remaining ejaculatory pulses in her mouth. 

By the time Mike could once again see straight, he saw that Jenny was sitting upright with cum on her nose, cum on her sensuous lips and cum dripping off her chin.  Her father was holding her head back slightly with one hand while he was furiously jacking his dick with the other.  Vic grunted as his cock began to spat thick globs of cum that splashed across his daughter’s face, neck and chest, adding a great quantity of the thick whitish goo painting the girl’s body.  A moment later, peels of little girl laughter rang off the walls of the bathroom along with the “thap, thap, thap” sounds of Vic’s long semi-engorged dong playfully slapping and pummeling little Jenny’s laughing sperm soaked face.

Fuckin’ aye, Vic!  And you call me a nasty son of a bitch!” laughed Mike at the lurid display.

“I thought you’d like that,” replied Vic with a grin.  “Look at her!  She's a mess!" laughed the lecherous father.  "Clean her up, will ya?  It's getting late.”

Mike scooped up a wad of her father’s seed and gently forced the spermy finger into the little girl’s mouth where she sucked his finger clean. Then he smeared cum across her nipples before he began to rinse her off.

Satisfied that all the cum had been cleaned off his daughter, Vic helped her out of the tub and wrapped a big fluffy towel around her body.  Soon Mike heard the tub gurgling as the bath water and all evidence headed down the drain.  As the father led the little girl from the bath, Mike rose from the tub.  Using a damp towel, he quickly dried off and returned to the bedroom where Vic and the girl were waiting for him. 

Vic handed Mike a blow drier and brush and then removed the towel from the child’s body.   Mike brushed and dried Jenny’s curly blond locks working from this angle and that while feasting his eyes upon her naked flesh.  With her hair dried, Vic handed him the bottle of talcum powder.  Mike happily proceed to rub talcum into her bare skin, paying particular attention to her recesses and not missing a square inch.  With her smelling sweetly and completely dry, Vic handed him a clean pair of cotton panties.  Balancing on Mike’s shoulders, she daintily stepped into the panties and waited for the man to pull them up onto her hips.  Then she held her arms up and waited for him to slip her dressing gown over her head.  All too soon for Mike, it was over. 

Little Jenny lay back on the bed smiling up at Mike.  He leaned forward and kissed the little girl on the forehead.  “Goodnight, angel,” he whispered.

“Goodnight, Uncle Mike,” she said in her delicate small voice.  “Thank you for helping me with my bath.”

“You are quite welcome, sweetie.  Quite welcome.” 

A few minutes later, Vic was unfastening the various chains and dead bolts that secured the steel front door from unwelcomed intruders.  As Vic opened the door to let him out, Mike was startled to see standing outside an overweight, balding middle-aged man dressed in a coat and tie ready to knock on Vic's door.  The man’s eyes quickly averted Mike’s and as Mike stepped out onto the landing, the other man quickly stepped inside.  The door shut and Mike could hear the rattling noises as Vic secured the door. 

“Damn,” muttered Mike.  “What a racket!”



The End


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