Chapter 6

Caught With Our Pants Down

By Lasiter

(mg, mmg, inc, Mg, gg, mgg, voy, exhib, oral, cons)









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Being a fourteen year old numbskull, I took my close call with Dad to mean that I could get away with fucking Debbie.  I had to be careful of course, but… I don’t know.  And in fact I did get away with it for over a year, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

After his first taste of pussy, Dutch was as eager as I was to jump between Debbie’s seemingly spring-loaded legs. You didn’t even had to say a magic word or anything and SPRONG! Just climb aboard!  The day following that close call with Dad, Dutch was at our house within five minutes of Mom leaving for work.  I told him about my encounter with Dad and told him that Debbie and I needed to get the chores done before we all started messing around.  Dutch immediately volunteered to pitch in and help, but not until he dipped his wick.  Over the next few days, we worked an arrangement that everyone knew and understood, and arrangement that we followed nearly every day until school let in for the fall.

I would ball Debbie as soon as Mom was gone.  Dutch would come over as soon as Mom was gone and ball her.  Then we’d do the chores, vacuuming, doing the laundry, cutting the grass, that sort of thing.  Then we’d have sex with Debbie, eat lunch, catch a quick blowjob, then head over to the neighborhood pool to swim for a few hours, then we’d go to Dutch’s house as his Dad came in later than my folks did, get naked with Debbie and take turns with her.  For a couple of brainless fourteen/fifteen year olds, it was the best possible summer ever!

But of course things happen, schedules change and…

It was the week before school started.  It was late afternoon and Dutch, Debbie and I were at his house after our afternoon three-way when his dad walks in early from work.  We were in Dutch’s bedroom.  Dutch was on top of Debbie putting it to her in the traditional manner on his twin bed while I stood watching and waiting my next turn.  I nearly shit when saw Mr. Mac standing in the doorway.  Holy crap!  There no getting out of this one!  He looked at me, looked at Dutch pumping away between Debbie’s upturned legs, back at me with my now wilted dick in my hand and looked back to Dutch. 

Mr. Mac cleared his throat.  Dutch glanced at the door and bolted upright to a standing position, leaving poor Deb spread out like a whore.  Debbie looked and saw Mr. Mac, but she didn’t move.  Mr. Mac pointed to Dutch and me and bellowed, “You two!  Out here!  Now!”  I scrambled to put on my bathing suit but Mr. Mac barked, “Leave it, Jack!  Get your ass out here!”

So there was Dutch and I in our birthday suits standing before his dad who was glaring at us with that I-oughta-kill-the-both-of-you-look that dads are famous for.  “Who is the girl?”

I was going to identify her as someone other than my sister, but Dutch blurted out, “Jack’s sister!” I wanted to kill him.

“Jack’s sister?  Holy cow!  How old is she?  Jack, I asked how old is she!?”

“Uh, eleven,” I muttered.

“Eleven?  Jesus fuck!”

Deeply ashamed of my behavior (but only because I had been caught) I whispered, “Yes, sir.”

“You boys force her?” he snarled getting right up into Dutch’s face.

“No, sir!” Dutch replied ashen faced and lucky that his voice didn’t squeak.

“We’ll see about that,” his dad growled.  “You two fuckups wait right here.  Don’t either of you move an inch!” Brushing past me he disappeared into the hallway, entered Dutch’s bedroom and closed the door.

Dutch and I stared at each other, our feet frozen in place, afraid to breathe much less make a hasty plan.  We stood there in terrified silence waiting for the world to end as we knew it.  Sick to the stomach we waited and we waited.  I gave my buddy a questioning look and Dutch just shrugged.  I gazed at the kitchen wall clock and watched the second hand slowly make its rounds as the minute hand inched imperceptibly forward.  The minutes ticked by.  Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty… Suddenly Mr. Mac appeared from the hallway buck naked, his glistening dick swaying and with a big grin on his face.

“Okay, boys, whose turn is it next with the little whore?  Oh yeah, Dutch was balling her if I recall, so that makes it Jack’s turn with his slut little sister. Go on boy, she’s hot for a hard cock.  Don’t take too long either as I want another piece of her ass before you have to take her home to your mamma and pop.”  For some reason, I wasn’t in the mood.  “Let’s move it, Jack,” he said with a grin.  “I want to see some live porn… you fucking your own sister.” I felt that I didn’t have a choice as Mr. Mac grabbed me by the back of my neck and marched me back to Dutch’s bedroom.  Rudely he shoved me through the door.

Addressing Debbie he said, “Now, baby slut, show me that you want him to fuck you.”

As scared and confused as I was, Debbie seemed to be perfectly fine with the situation.  She noted my distress, my limp state and slithered off the bed, cum streaming down her thighs from her swollen and distended lips.  Kneeling before me she lifted my limp cock and gave it a playful tug, then with her free hand she reached over and took possession of Mr. Mac’s large cock while she took me in her mouth.  The entire time that she sucked me to an erect state, she tugged on Mr. Mac’s prodigious appendage. 

With my dick up, she began slobbering all over it.  Mr. Mac pushed me away and pushed her hand away from his growing snake. “Show me, girl.  Show me what a wanton little slut you are.  Do your brother.”  Debbie sprawled out onto the bare floor, her legs spread wide in invitation, her arms reaching to me, beckoning me to join her in incestuous fornication. 

Mr. Mac shoved me towards her, “Do her,” he whispered.  “Do her, you lucky bastard.”

I really just wanted to go home and get away from there, but I knew that that wasn’t going to happen until…  Jezz, it felt like I was fucking a subway tunnel!  There was no friction to speak off.  She was hot and slippery, but as for friction, there was no friction.  She was stretched out for sure!  I pummeled away at her for a few minutes to no effect, then Mr. Mac pulled me off of her. 

“You two beat it,” he growled.  “I’ll be out in a few minutes.”  With that, Dutch and I were once again ejected.  The bedroom door slammed shut and we heard it lock.

Naked, Dutch and I waited in the living room.  Watching the clock, I noted with concern that Mom should be home by now. With growing apprehension, I saw Dad’s usual arrival time come and go.  Man, we were going to be in deep shit!  It was at least an hour before Mr. Mac emerged for the second time, and a half hour since Mom came home.

“Who’s next?” he announced.  “Dutch, get in there and help yourself boy.”

“Uh, we got to get home, Mr. Mac,” I pleaded.  “My mom and dad are both home by now.  They’ll be wondering where we are.”

The big man looked at Dutch and said, “Looks like you’re shit out of luck, boy.”

Then to me he says, “Wait a minute,” and disappeared in the back.  A moment later he reappeared with his wallet.  He took out a twenty dollar bill and tossed it me.  “Bring her back tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll take off an hour early, so have her here naked and ready by 3:30 PM.”

He turned towards the hallway and called out, “Hey, little darling!  Get your ass out here!”  Debbie appeared waddling somewhat and looking rather haggard.  “Time to go home, darling.  Better hop in the shower.  Don’t worry, your brother’s going to bring you back tomorrow so we can play again.  Now get cleaned up and get the hell out of here.”

Mom and Dad were arguing about something when we got home.  We stood outside for a while, listening to them yelling at each other.  When it quieted down, we came in.  I don’t think they minded that we were late. Still, you could cut the tension in the air with a knife that night.  Debbie and I were just happy that they weren’t angry with us.

Next day we took Debbie to Dutch’s for 3:30 PM.  She seemed to be a little apprehensive, but not enough not to go willingly with us.  We only beat Mr. Mac by a minute or two, so Debbie was still in her red bikini when he got there. I fretted over the fact that he said to have her naked when he got there, but he didn’t seem to mind.  Indeed, it was obvious that he relished the task of relieving her of her bikini.  Once he had her naked, he handed me another twenty and told Dutch and me to get lost for a few hours.

Over the coming weeks, he paid me to provide my eleven year old sister to him in the afternoon.  Sometimes he wanted to watch us fuck, sometimes he wanted to watch Dutch fuck her, sometimes he wanted to watch Dutch and me do a suck and fuck with her.  Almost always he took his pleasure with her, but always behind closed doors.  I never did see him actually fuck her or see her honking on his salami.  I was also rolling in the cash, a situation that eased my conscience considerably.

With her pussy stretched as it was, I began to take my pleasure with her at night anally more frequently.  She was fine with that and seemed to enjoy it more than I thought she might. Of course with school letting in, my activities with Debbie were curtailed severely compared to the summer.  That went as well for Dutch.  His dad on the other hand adjusted, and had me bring her over on Saturdays during the day.  Debbie always told Mom and Dad that she was going to her new friend Sandy’s house.  Of course there never was a Sandy, but Mom and Dad never picked up on that. 

Indeed, when she asked if she could spend the night at Sandy’s one Saturday, Mom was only too glad to say, “Yes!”  I failed to make the connection at the time, but Dad was putting in overtime as the night dispatch, something everyone had to do once a month or so to hold down on expenses at the company he worked for.  Dad was happy to get the gig as it was a twelve hour shift that paid double time, which made for a handsome bonus each month.  Mom took the opportunity to “go join some of friends to play bridge,” leaving me to fend for myself. 

Go to Dutch’s? Forget that, Mr. Mac threw his ass out for the night and he hung out with me at my house. Dutch and I did what fourteen year olds do when they have a house to themselves for a night.  We scrounged around, looking for a stash of porn, but couldn’t find any.  The computer wasn’t any help as all the good stuff had been blocked.  Around tem PM someone came up with the idea that we could sneak into Dutch’s backyard and maybe we could spy his dad shagging Debbie. That seemed like a pretty good bet as his backyard was surrounded by overgrown hedges that provided a high degree of privacy from prying eyes.  As such, the blinds for the back windows were always open. 

Sure enough there was no problem in seeing inside. When we peered in, Debbie was naked on her knees sucking cock.  But it wasn’t Mr. Mac’s cock but some hairy old guy with balding hair.  There were several other naked men there too, drinking beer, watching Debbie and waiting their turn.  Some dude pushed her way from the guy she was sucking onto her hand and knees.  A moment later he was ravishing her cunt doggie style while another man went to his knees for her to suck him. This was way better than porno!  We watched for quite a while, whacking our wangs before Dutch knocked over and broke something.  The lights went on and Mr. Mac rushed outside nude with a baseball bat ready to bludgeon to death whoever was out there spying on him. 

Instead of being bludgeoned, we merely had our ears boxed and then run off with a stern warning to stay away until Sunday morning when he was finished with my sister.  Dutch and I retreated back to my house and whacked off again. For hours we discussed what we had seen. 

We were snoozing away when I heard my mother come in.  It was past five thirty!  I remained in bed and soon the house was quiet again.  About six thirty, I heard my dad come in. I fell back asleep and next thing I knew, it was nearly noon!  Now it was strictly forbidden to have guests over when both parents were away.  That was a hard rule, one that we regularly ignored, but one which I was rarely busted for.  That morning, I was busted. Mom was up and in the kitchen when I tried to sneak Dutch out. 

“Just a minute, you two,” she called out just as we were about to escape.  “Jack, what is Dutch doing here?”

“Uh, uh, he came over and uh, wanted me to go ride bikes with him.”

Mom eyed me suspiciously, but didn’t make an issue of it.  “Well, if you’re going out, go by Sandy’s and get Debbie for me.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied. 

Making a clean getaway, we headed to Dutch’s hoping that Mr. Mac wouldn’t run us off. Entering the house through the front door, the first thing that hit me was the smell… of stale beer and sex.  In the living room sprawled out on the sofa and the Lazy-Boy recliner were two naked men snoring loudly.  We eased towards Dutch’s bedroom where we found another naked man passed out on Dutch’s bed, and a forth on the floor covered with the comforter.  There was no one in the office room.  Not surprisingly we found Mr. Mac in his bed with my little sister cuddled up with her face buried in his armpit.  

I let Dutch take the lead.  “Dad!  Dad!” he whispered loudly.  “Dad!  Wake up.” 

Mr. Mac grumbled “What the fuck?” and opened one eye.  After last night I expected him to launch himself from bed and whip some teenage ass.  But he didn’t.  “Yeah, what the fuck do you two want?  Some young pussy?”

“No, Dad.  Jack’s mother sent him to fetch Debbie home.  She has to go.”

“Oh, fuck…. My head’s killing me,” he groaned.  He pulled the covers back to reveal Debbie’s nude form, look up at me and declared, “Fine little whore you have here, Jack, and a real crowd pleaser.  Reminds me of your mother, Dutch.”  He looked back at me, “I collected a hundred bucks from each of those clowns last night.  I’ll get to you later today, Jack.”  I did the math, if no one went home early, that meant a cool four hundred bucks for one night’s use of Debbie’s cunt.  Not bad, not bad at all.  I found myself hoping that another four went home early. 

“Dutch, take the girl into the shower and clean her up.  Help yourself to her too.”  Mr. Mac then rolled away from Debbie and went back to sleep.  We pulled Debbie from the bed, waking her up in the process.  As we frog marched her to the walk-in shower of the master bath, Debbie complained of being sore.  I guess so!  Sore or not, we got her cleaned up and dressed, and then walked her back home.  By that time, Dad was up and about.  Debbie complained of not feeling well.  Mom didn’t ask any questions, she just sent her to bed and sent me off with Dutch.

Mom let Debbie stay home from school the next day.  By the time I got home from school, Debbie was feeling well enough to offer me some butt action.  Naturally, I took her up on it.


It was a few weeks after Mr. Mac party with Debbie that she came home from school all excited. “Lacy is back,” she gushed to me. 

‘Lacy?  Lacy who?’ I thought.  Then I remembered… “Oh, THAT Lacy!”

“Yes!  She and her mom moved back and moved into her dad’s old house.  She lives just around the block, Jack!” 

As I recalled some the sordid stories Debbie had told me about Lacy, I too was excited.  More pussy! Or at least I hoped.  I had my chance to find out the following weekend when Lacy spent the night with Debbie.

Of course being the responsible parents that they were, Mom and Dad were home that Friday night.  That limited the opportunities for some at-home in-and-out.  Of course the ‘rents had to go bed sooner or later and 11 PM was my target time.  Lacy and Debbie saw it differently.  

I had received a stern warning from Mom and Dad not to hassle the girls.  And to that end, they made me watch TV with them in the family room while Lacy and Debbie hid upstairs doing what young pubescent do on a sleepover… or so Mom and Dad thought.  Me, I had visions in my head of them eating each other out like Debbie said they used to do.  Compared to what I thought was happening in Deb’s bedroom, the weepy cable movie was more boring than usual. Still I had to sit and sit.  At one point I got to go take a piss and Mom jumped in my case.  Sheesh… I just needed to take a leak (and maybe sneak a peek).  The movie was so lame and predicable that Dad was soon snoring in his Lazy-Boy. Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“This movie sucks!” I accurately declared. “Can’t I go?  I promise I won’t bother the girls. I won’t go into Debbie’s bedroom or annoy them in anyway.”

Duly skeptical, Mom glared back at me for interrupting her girlie flick again.

“Honest, Mom! I get along with Debbie just fine.  I won’t bother her. I promise.”

Mom turned back to the movie and ignored me.  After a moment I decided to change tactics. 

“Hey, Mom!  Did you hear about… 

Who me, annoying? After I had interrupted her for the umpteenth time she finally gave in. “Jack, please.  I want to see this movie!”

“It’s awful, Mom. I’d rather talk.”

“Not now!  Please!”

“But, Mom, I wanted to tell you about…”

“Enough already!” she protested.  Gawd!  You can be so annoying sometimes.”

“Can’t I go to my room and read a book?”

“Yes!  Yes!  Just leave me alone,” Mom said in surrender.  “But you leave them alone! If I hear one complaint, you’ll be grounded for a week!”  Ooooo, that got my attention! It’s not like I ever went anywhere except to Dutch’s.

“I promise, Mom.  I promise.  Trust me.”  From the look she gave me, I don’t think she was all that confident in my declaration of good intentions, still her exasperation with me  got the better of her and I was free to go to my room with the explicit caveat that I stay out of my sister’s room. 

Naturally the first thing I did upon entering my room was to close the door and then head into the connecting bath.  Debbie and I had dispensed with locking the connecting door after the first time we fucked, so it was no surprise to me to find the door to her room unlocked.  Ready for a cock-stiffening show, I opened the door and looked inside.  There was Debbie and Lacy on her bed, but they were dressed, sitting up and just chatting. Damn!

“Oh! Jack!” Debbie called out.  C’mere!”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I can’t go in your room upon pain of death,” I informed her. “Strict orders from the Dragon Lady.”

“Oh. Well, she won’t know.”

“I’m not about to chance it, Sis.  But she didn’t say anything about you and Lacy coming to my room.”

“Oh, okay, that’ll work.  Uh, go wait in your room.”  I shrugged, turned and cut through the connecting bath to my room.  No sooner had I sat on my bed when Mom poked her head into my room.

“Just checking up on you,” she explained.  Hmmm, maybe having Lacy and Debbie come to my room wasn’t such a good idea either.  Mom closed the door and I could hear her out in hallway talking to Debbie. Then silence. 

The bathroom door suddenly opened and in pranced Lacy dressed in only a short top and a pair of thong panties!  Oh yeah!  She posed for me, turning this way and that before disappearing behind the bathroom door.  A moment later, Debbie appeared, dressed similarly to Lacy. Once Debbie disappeared, I had presence of mind to get up and lock my bedroom door to slow Mom down if she came back.

Lacy appeared again, this time without the belly shirt.  She was definitely more advanced in the tit department than my sister, but still not very well developed, but for a sixth grader she had more than some of the flat girls in my eighth grade class.  Her low mounds sported little pebble like pink nipples and areola, a very pleasing sight for my eyes. 

She pranced back into the bedroom and was soon followed by Debbie topless. This gave me a real chance to compare nipples.  In contrast to Lacy, Debbie had very little in the way of tit meat, but her large dark puffy nipples were a sight to behold.  Of course over the last half year I had seen and feasted on Debbie’s nips many times, but I never got tired of seeing them. A vision of both girls offering up their nips to my lips filled my head and began filling my cock. 

Debbie disappeared and I braced myself for Lacy’s full nude debut.  It didn’t happen.  I sat and I sat with the patience of a saint waiting for the show to continue.  It didn’t.  Once I realized that fact, I went to see what the deal was.  Peering into Debbie’s room, the girls were once again dressed and sitting on the bed.

“Is that all?” I asked.

“That’s enough, isn’t it,” Debbie replied with a grin.  “For now,” she added.

Disgruntled I turned and began closing the bathroom door.  “Jack, wait!” she called out.  “It’s your turn.”

“My turn?”

“Yes, your turn.” 

Okay, I can play this game.  I closed the door and considered a plan of action.  I considered discarding my shorts and appearing in my t-shirt and BVD’s, but decided instead to just discard the baggy shirt.  I opened the door and stepped into the room shirtless only to be hosed down with shaving cream.  Naturally the girls squealed in mirthful delight while I cursed at them. 

BAM! BAM! BAM! “Jack!  You open this door immediately,” my mother yelled from the other side of Debbie’s door.

“Oh, shit!” I exclaimed as I ducked into the bathroom and shut and locked the door. 

“What’s going on in here?” I heard my mom say in the adjoining room.

“Nothing.  We’re just playing, Mom,” my sister replied.

“Well, if Jack is bothering you, he’s in big trouble.”

“He’s not bothering us, Mom.  I thought he was watching TV with you.”

“Never mind, girls.  I just don’t want Jack ruining your sleepover.”  I heard the door to hallway shut and then heard Debbie and Lacy giggling. 

There was a rapping at the locked bathroom door.  I opened it and ducked just in time to avoid another attack.  The girls screamed when I flung open the door.  Shhhhh!” I urged while taking a worried glance at the bedroom door.

“She won’t be back,” Debbie declared confidently.  I wasn’t so sure about that. “Aren’t you forgetting something, brother?”


“The second time you come out you’re supposed to have stripped off something.  Go back in the bathroom and try again.”

So I did, reappearing in just my briefs and a certain quantity of shaving cream.  To my surprise, both girls had shucked their tops and shorts.  Things were looking up!  I figured that neither Debbie nor Lacy wanted to just see me in my briefs, so I disappeared back into the bath and lost my last stitch of modesty.  I stepped out and immediately was blinded by the flash of a camera.  I was so dumbfounded that I just stood there while Lacy took another picture.  No doubt they would be posted to the web that very night!

I protested, not that it did any good.  “Don’t be such a nerd!” my sister scolded.  Nerd? “If you don’t want to play, Jack, you can just go back to your room and stay there!”  I decided to stay and let them take all the pictures that they wanted of me and my dick.  With it firmly established that I was there by invitation only and that I could be ejected at any moment, I let Debbie and Lacy do with me pretty much as they pleased… not that I minded being fondled and probed. 

Lacy wanted to see how far I could squirt, it being decided that I should stand at the doorway to my room and try to shoot across the bathroom to Debbie’s door.  I beat off a lot around Debbie, so I didn’t find it particularly embarrassing to amuse them.  With the two near naked girls standing to either side of me and out of the line of fire, I gave it my best.  I didn’t get anywhere close to the other door, but four feet or so was quite respectable. I was just glad that Dutch wasn’t there as he consistently beat me by at least a foot.

Anyway, I guess Lacy wasn’t disappointed in my performance.  Taking my now deflated cock in her cool hand, she knelt and took a lick.  Debbie followed suit and gave my cock a lick from the other side.  Oh, yeah! 

Just as it was getting good, Mom was knocking on Debbie’s door again.  She and Lacy bolted from the bath, threw on some clothes and answered the door.  “Would you girls like a snack?” Mom asked.  I heard some muffled talking and then silence.  Slipping on some clothes, I went out from my bedroom into the hallway.  Debbie’s door was wide open and the girls were gone.  Damn!

Inviting myself for snacks, Mom asked what I had been reading.  “Dune,” I blurted out before realizing that I had given it back to Dutch weeks before. Luckily she didn’t quiz me on it.  Mom laid out quite the party feast with chips and dip, cheese and crackers and some pickled okra.  Looking me straight in eye, Lacy took a pod of okra and slid it in her mouth.  Naughty girl! She pulled it out whole and then slid it back in.  Chomp!  She bit the thing off at the base.  Oww! Her blue eyes were laughing as she chewed it up.

While Mom tended to something in the kitchen sink, I stuck my middle finger into the dip and offered it to Lacy.  Eagerly she took it into her mouth.  While she sucked on my finger, I watched out to see if Mom turned around.  Stupid Debbie began giggling and Mom turned to see what was so funny.  She made some comment and turned back to her task. With my Mom only a few feet away, Lacy reached out and cupped my crotch, giving my cock and balls a gentle squeeze. Sprong!  I had to sit down to conceal my condition lest Mom took notice.

Finishing their late snack, Lacy grinned at me and rapidly raised her eyebrows at me several times before she rushed out with Debbie, the two giggling as the disappeared. No need for me to hang back… except Mom had other ideas. 

“Jack, please take the trash out for me.”  A smelly bunch of garbage is not what I wanted to be dealing with, but I really had no choice.  I retrieved the trash bin from under the sink, removed and tied the bag, replaced a new bag and then headed out to the alleyway to our large garbage cans.  Coming back in, I saw the light coming from Debbie’s bedroom window.  The blinds were drawn, but not quite all the way down.  Maybe…

I snuck up to the window and crouched down.  Through the gap between the blinds and the window sill, I had a clear view into Debbie’s bedroom.  Unfortunately they weren’t doing much like getting naked or anything.  I waited for a few minutes for some action to begin, then growing impatient, I rapped on the window pane.  The girls looked and looked around to find the source of the tapping.  Finding none, they went back to their conversation.  I tapped again.  Debbie looked right at the window, so I tapped again.  She rose and peered through the blinds.  I popped up startling her, but she didn’t scream, just gasped and pulled back from the window.  The blinds parted again and I waved at her.  Getting her attention I pointed downward.  We both crouched and looked at each other through the small gap.  I made an obscene gesture with both hands and she giggled. 

She quickly rose and heading back to Lacy on the bed, she stripped off her top, dancing to an imaginary tune.  Taking her queue from my sister, Lacy came up from behind, reached around and began caressing Deb’s puffy nipples, causing them to blossom in a tantalizing display, the tips growing longer as the brown areolas contracted.  Her hands drifted away from my sister’s nips and down her bare tummy to unsnap and unzip Debbie’s shorts.  Soon the shorts were sliding down her legs as Debbie continued to sway, her hands reaching back and over her head to draw Lacy’s lips to her neck.  Running her hands over my sister’s bare hips, Lacy kissed Debbie on the neck and on the ear lobes.  Then she began working Debbie’s thong off her hips and down her legs.

In some ways I wanted to be in the room with them, but I probably would’ve just been a distraction.  This way they knew that I was watching, yet there was physical barrier between us. Indeed they could pretend I wasn’t there at all, or they could pretend it was some dirty old man peeping in the window.  Whatever their thoughts, they certainly were entertaining me.

With Deb’s thong disposed of, Lacy’s hand found its way between her legs.  From three feet away I watched as Lacy’s fingers danced between the swelling lips of Debbie’s pussy, a pussy I was intimately familiar with.  I’d seen Dutch finger-fuck, face-fuck, fuck and sodomize her, and through the window, I’d watched some old dudes fuck her, but I’d never seen her with another girl before. 

All too soon, they broke apart, but the show was far from over.  Lacy now began stripping off her clothes.  Debbie pushed her blonde friend onto the bed, then straddling her facing me and Lacy’s feet, she opened her friend up to my gaze.  Peeling apart Lacy’s labia, I was treated to a display of the bright pink glistening interior.  Debbie then toyed with her friend for a few moments before she dismounted and put her head between her legs.  Naturally I could only see Debbie’s head and not the tongue action I knew was taking place.  By that time my throbbing, leaking dick was so hard it hurt. 

I had had enough of playing the voyeur and needing to get my rocks off in the worse way, I headed inside, being as quiet about as I could.  Fortunately Mom had gone to bed as evidenced by the closed door to her bedroom.  Dad, he was still in his Lazy-Boy loudly sawing logs. I crept to my room, slipped inside and locked my door.  In a moment I was naked and cutting through the bathroom to Debbie’s room.  When I got there, Debbie was still eating Lacy out and fingering her cunt.  Lacy was bucking her hips and grabbing up fistfuls of the bedspread. 

Debbie looked up and saw me, her face wet with pussy juice, then graciously moved out of my way.  In a heartbeat, my throbbing cock slid into her best friend’s spasmodic cunt.  Lord, is there anything like the feeling of your dick being engulfed in a hot slippery cunt? Lacy’s ankles immediately locked around my hips, her heels digging into my buttocks to get me deeper into her.  What a hot little number! There was a blur of motion as I pumped into her, the two of us bouncing on the bed until something gave way.  The mattress hit the floor, the box springs hopelessly broken.  I’m sure that it made a hell of a racket, but I didn’t care, I just kept fucking her and fucking her, which it so happens is exactly what she wanted too.  Debbie meanwhile had taken to sitting on Lacy’s face, grinding her pussy into her.  It was great!  All the better as no one came knocking on the door to investigate the sounds of the bed failing.

With a series of grunts, I came in her cunt, spewing my little swimmers into her where, if she were a little older, might have knocked her up.  As it was, she hadn’t started to bleed, and therefore wasn’t ready to breed.  Like my little sis, thanks to her dad, she was a preteen cock slut and that was fine by me.

With Debbie’s bed listing to port, it wasn’t suitable to sleep in without a little Southern engineering.  I managed to find enough books in my room to lift it up and get almost level.  Not wanting to ruin my quick fix, we all went into my room and into my bed where I got to know Lacy’s pussy and her lips more intimately.  As far as I was concerned, it was the best sleepover ever and established a pattern that would be ardently repeated in the future.

The girls did have presence of mind to slip from my bed at daybreak and regroup in Debbie’s busted bed. That didn’t stop me from wandering in there later in the morning and shoving my dick in Lacy’s face.  She was doing a really good job of sucking cock when Mom knocked on the door.  “Girls!  Get up!  Breakfast in ten minutes!”  Hell, Lacy was already having breakfast.  Still, the fear of discovery prompted me to pull out of her mouth, whereupon I shot a load onto her face.  Lacy laughed quietly, then scooped a wad onto a finger and licked it clean with a naughty smile. My kind of girl!


The End of Chapter 6

This is Chapter 6 of an eight chapter story.

In Chapter 7 - Jack and Dutch learn that there is a price to pay for free pussy, a price that Jack is reluctant to pay...



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