Chapter 5

What Are Friends For?

By Lasiter

(mmg, oral, 1st)









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Later the same afternoon that Debbie revealed her sexual activities of the past year with her friend, Lacy and Lacy’s dad, we were at the pool like always.  Things Debbie told me and things that Debbie and I had done kept turning over in my mind.  I just wasn’t into the pool scene that day and I more or less kept to myself and my thoughts. Debbie had no need to sort things out in her head and neither did my buddy, Dutch.  They were off horsing around with a bunch of other kids and had teamed up with Dutch as the horse and Deb as the rider.  Watching them I had a sudden inspiration.  As I thought about it, the more and more I liked the idea.  More importantly, the more I thought about it the more I was convinced that Debbie would embrace the idea too.  As for Dutch… he might be a bit dense at times, but he was a guy and knew how he’d take to the idea. When I had an opportunity, I took Debbie to the side and asked her, “Hey Deb.  You wanna fuck Dutch?”

“You won’t get mad?”  Just as I had figured, she wasn’t offended in the least.

“Why would I get mad?  You’re my sister and he’s my best friend.  Hell, you have a crush on him and he thinks you’re a hottie.”

“I’m not too young?”

“To screw?  Naws, you’re old enough, I suppose, of course if you don’t want to fuck Dutch…”

“I’m listening, Jack.”

“Okay, here’s what you do.  Once he gets back, grab his dick and give him a squeeze.”

“Here?  In the pool?”

“Just don’t let anyone see you. It’ll blow his mind!”

“How long should I squeeze him?”

“That’s up to you, Sis.  I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

Immediately she headed off towards an unsuspecting Dutch.  I watched as they got close together and then separated, but never noticed anything in particular.  After a several minutes and nothing had happened, I figured that she had chickened out.   Then Dutch headed my way.

“Hey, Jack.  I, uh, your sister…”

“What about my sister?”

“Uh, well, uh, never mind.”   I had to laugh as he swam off towards the game he and Debbie had been engaged in.

Again I saw them together briefly. Instead of being engaged in the game, Dutch stood there stonily after Debbie swam away for the second time.  Again he headed towards me.

“Uh, Jack.”

“Yeah, Dude.”

“Uh, your sister… she grabbed my dick, man.”

“You and your bullshit!”

“No bull, man.  She grabbed my dick! Twice!”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing? What should I do?”

“Let’s see… maybe you should let her.”

“Let her?  Let her grab my dick?”

“Sure, why not?  She grabs mine all the time.”

“Your dick?  Bullshit!” he snorted.

“No shit, man.  She comes in the bathroom with me and plays with my dick.”

“Now I know you’re full of crap, Jack.”

Wanna bet?”

“I dunno,” he muttered. 

“Five dollars.”

“Five dollars!  I don’t have five dollars and neither do you,” he said while shoving me.

“I’ve got five dollars,” I countered.  Actually, I only had two dollars and some change for a snack, but what the heck, it was a safe bet.  “Look, just go over there and wait for me,” I told him pointing to an area where there weren’t many people.  I swam off and a few minutes later I was back with Debbie in tow.  Dutch was standing in waist deep water where I had told him to go. 

Dutch regarded me and Debbie with suspicion.  I knew what he was thinking… that was setting him up and was planning to somehow cause him a good measure of grief and embarrassment.  And why not?  We were buddies! As the three of us gathered into a little knot, I could see how guarded he was.  His eyes got big when I told Debbie, “Dutch wants you to play with his dick.” 

I enjoyed watching his expression when she did as I had instructed.  His jaw dropped almost to the water when she ran her hand up the leg of his swim trunks and took him in hand. 

“Hey good, buddy… you owe me five bucks!” I laughed, “You should see your face!  Say, do you want her to jack you off?” 

Dutch couldn’t answer and it really didn’t matter if he did, Debbie was going to get his rocks off whether he wanted it or not. For the next few minutes Dutch stood slightly hunched over looking like he was about to fall off a cliff.  And in a way he did.  The first and only words he said were a quick, “Oh, fuck!” as she finished him off. 

It was already time for Debbie and me to head towards home, so we couldn’t hang around for Dutch to gather his wits.  I leaned into his ear and told him in a whisper, “See… no bullshit.  Let me tell you something else.  She gives a good blow job too.  How about it?  You want a blow job, Dude?  Pay me the five bucks you owe me and we’ll discuss it.”

We were hardly home for ten minutes before Dutch called me.  “Jesus, Dude!  You weren’t shitting me!”

“I always play it straight with you, Dutch.  Always.”

“Now that’s a load of shit!”  We shared a good laugh and then he got down to business.  “I have your five dollars.”

“You said you didn’t have five dollars.”

“No, I said that you didn’t have five dollars.”

“Well, I’ll have five dollars soon,” I bantered back.

“Listen, Jack.  Were you serious about that, that blowjob thing?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know what to think, Dude.  So tell me, do you mess around with Debbie?”

“Here’s the deal, Dutch.  I’m about to let you in on something great, but I need to know that I can trust you.”

“You can trust me, Jack.”

“No, I can’t.  You’ve got a big fucking mouth and you like to talk.  You can’t talk about this.  Any of it!  To anyone!”

“I won’t, man,” Dutch replied earnestly.

“You do and you can kiss our friendship goodbye.  Then I’ll make sure everyone knows that you’re a liar and a faggot.”

“Hey, Dude, I ain’t no friggin’ faggot!  Jeez, don’t get so fuckin’ serious!”

“This is serious, Dude.”  Even with his tendency to brag, gossip and bullshit, I knew that he valued our friendship as much as I did. So long as he knew I was dead serious, he wouldn’t knowingly do anything to jeopardize that friendship. We were after all, best friends. “I don’t want it getting around that my sister and I mess around.”

“You mean like on those incest porn sites my dad likes so much?”

“Yeah, that kind of stuff.  I could get grounded for life!  Or worse!”

“Yeah…. Wow!  This is heavy, man.  Uh, are you fucking her?”

“Who said anything about fucking?” I replied disingenuously. 

“You just said…”

“I didn’t say anything, so don’t repeat it.”

“I told ya, Dude… My lips are sealed,” Dutch replied.

“Okay, your lips are sealed.  Want to find out if Deb’s lips are sealed?”

“Jesus…  When?”

“Come over tomorrow morning.”

“Your Mom’s not going to be there is she?”

“Fuck, no!  Of course she won’t be here. You think I’m an idiot?”

“You are an idiot, but I thought you weren’t supposed to have friends over when your parents weren’t there.”

“I’m not... So if you come over, officially you never came over.  Got it?”

“Why don’t you and Debbie just come over to my house?”

“Because we’re supposed to be doing chores, or whatever.  And if Mom calls to check up on us, we’ll be home.  So, come on over around nine thirty or ten.  And don’t forget to bring me my five bucks.”

Dad walked in from the garage, so I quickly ended my call with Dutch.  Not long afterwards, Mom came in with some groceries.  I helped Mom put away the groceries and then excused myself to go change out of my swim trunks.  I closed and locked my bedroom door and slipped out of my swim suit.  Then I went through the bath and partially opened the door into Debbie’s bedroom.  I signaled her to join me.

I closed and locked the door behind her and the forced her head down to my dick.  Force is probably too strong a word, guided would be more accurate… no, even that is a little too strong as all I did was give her head a nudge and she went down on me.

“Dutch is coming over tomorrow morning,” I told her as she sucked me to an erection.  “He’s coming for a blowjob from you.”  She glanced up at me with my dick stuffed in her mouth and proceeded to suck me with greater enthusiasm.  Yes, my plan was working out just as I thought it would.  In my excitement I grabbed her head and began skull fucking her. 

When I had finished, she pulled off my softening cock and asked, “Do you really want me to?”

“Want you to do what?”

“Give Dutch a blowjob.”

“Only if you want to,” I replied certain that she would want to suck his cock. “It’s not like you’re my girlfriend, or anything.”

“Well, okay, but what if I become Dutch’s girlfriend....”

“I’ve got first dibs on you,” I told her while wiping my cock on her face.  “We’ll still mess around.” 


Next morning I was awakened by Mom as she was about to leave for work.  She gave me the list of chores to be done and then told me how proud she and Dad were. 

“Proud about what?” I asked a bit confused.

“You and Debbie. You’re getting along so well.  I never hear complaints from either of you about the other, and for that I am thankful.  I’m also very pleased by the good job you two are doing for me in keeping up the house.  It’s a big help and it shows me that you and Debbie are taking your responsibilities seriously.  That’s why I’m proud of you both!”  She kissed me and disappeared down the hall.  I heard the door to the garage slam shut and heard the rumble of the garage door opener.

I threw off the covers and still nude from last night’s sex session with Debbie, I plodded into the bath, took a leak and then continued on to my little sister’s room for some early morning pussy.

I had just rolled off Debbie, basking in the afterglow of a good morning cum, when I heard the doorbell ring.  I glanced at the clock. It was 9:15.  I had a pretty good idea who it was, so I didn’t bother putting anything on as I went to answer the door.  Peeking through the peep hole, I saw Dutch standing there and saw his bicycle carelessly discarded on the front walk. 

Sticking my head through the partially opened door I said, “Hey, dumbass!  Can ya move the friggin’ bike to the back where nobody will see it?”

“Oh, yeah!  Sorry, man!”

A minute later he was at the back door.  I opened it up and let him in.  “Hey, man.  Can ya put some pants on?” he greeted as he stepped into the mudroom.

“It’s the summer dress code around here on weekday mornings,” I replied.  “If you’re offended, get the fuck out of here.”

“No, I’m not offended.”  He looked at me questioningly and asked, “You and Debbie doing it?”

“Doing what?”

Ya know… sex.”

“Yeah, we’ve being doing sex this morning.  Last night too…  And the day before that.”

“No, shit?”

“You want that blowjob or not?”

“Yeah, man!  Why?”

“Where’s my five bucks.”

“Oh, shit!  I forgot it!” he said with a pained expression.

“Forgot it, hell,” I snorted.  “You don’t have five bucks, do you?”  Dutch hung his head and refused to look me in the eye.  I thought about showing him the door, but then I thought about watching Debbie blowing him. “You can pay me later, Dude.” Dutch looked up at me with the biggest smile and I knew that I’d never see that five bucks.  What the hell. “Come on, she’s waiting for us.”

Dutch followed me back to our bedroom suite.  Debbie’s door was naturally wide open.  When we entered she was covered up to the neck with the bed sheet. Dutch stopped by my side as I peeled the sheet away from her, revealing her naked body to his gaze.  “Holy, shit!  Holy, shit!  Holy, shit,” he kept saying over and over. 

“You want to suck on her tit?” I asked my still mumbling friend.  “She likes having her tits sucked.”  I crawled over Debbie and lay by her side, leaving Dutch plenty of room on the other side.  Casually I let my hand wander up and over a tit, tweaking her fat brown nip while watching my buddy’s reaction.  Dutch stood there motionless, his fists clenched, his eyes wide and nostrils flaring.  Keeping an eye on him, I leaned into her and licked. “You ever sucked a girl’s tits, Dutch?” I asked nonchalantly.

“You really are serious,” he muttered.  “Mother fuck.”

I turned to Debbie. “Do you want Dutch to suck your tits?  Or do you want to suck his dick?”

She rose up to a sitting position and said, “Both.  But he can’t play if he’s not dressed properly for the game.”  She then reached out and loosened his belt buckle.  “How about it, Dutch?  Do you want to play our game or not?”

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” he blurted out.

“Then you have to play fair.  Jack and I are dressed to play, but you’re not.”  The big lug finally got it and began shucking all his clothes as fast as he could.  One moment he stood frozen, the next was a blur of motion.  Within ten seconds, he was back to standing motionless by the bed, only completely nude.

“Oh, my!” Debbie said as she stroked his hard pecker once.  “Did I do that?”

Abandoning Dutch for the moment she turned to me and said with a glimmer in her eye, “He’s got a really big one.”  Suddenly I regretted inviting him to the party.  He did have a big one, much bigger than mine.  My confidence abruptly evaporated.  Yeah, I knew he had a bigger dick than I did from our whack off sessions at his house, but I never thought anything about it.  Hell, he was bigger than me all over, arms, chest, height, feet, hands, so a bigger dick just went with the package.  He even had hair, lots of hair for a fifteen year old. 

She turned back to him and his hands were all over her.  Whatever shyness or reticence he had shown moments before evaporated as he pushed Debbie onto her bed and took both tits into his hands.  Soon he was suckling her.  By then whatever apprehensions I had had moments before disappeared as I watched him feasting on her tit meat and I had the hard-on to prove it.  To help her out, I jammed a hand between her legs.  In no time at all she was cooing and bucking as her orgasm built. The cooing transitioned into a howl as she went over the top. 

Having seen women howl on porno-videos, Dutch should have had good idea what was happening, but he was taken aback by it.  He sat up with this alarmed expression upon his face as my sister trembled with her eyes shut tightly. He glanced at my hand, then to me and then back to her.

She let out a swoosh and I knew that she had peaked, so I withdrew my wet hand from her puss.  In a sudden inspiration, I stuck my pussy coated hand practically in his face.  He recoiled as if I had stuck a dead rat in his face.  Grinning at him, I licked my fingers clean.   Then I grabbed her and pulled crosswise on the bed.  Straddling her head facing her feet, I teabagged her, working my nut sack across her nose.  I wanted to stick my cock in her mouth, but the angle was all wrong.  I could have swung around and mounted her face, but I wanted Dutch to see what was happening.  Quickly I swung off of her and grabbing her under the arms, pulled to the edge of the bed until her head was hanging off the side.  When she felt the tip of my dick touch her lips, she opened up to accept me. 

The look on Dutch’s face was priceless as he watched my cock disappear between her lips.  As I slowly pumped my dick, I noticed that Dutch’s attention was also draw to between her legs.  From his vantage point on the opposite side of the bed, he had a clear and unobstructed view of her bald pussy.  His eyes went from her cunt to my dick and back to her cunt.  A moment later, he was on the bed and between her legs.  A moment more, my buddy slid his cock into her. 

Debbie moaned around my cock as her cunt was stretched by his thicker dick.  His hairy ass began moving back and forth.  Watching him fuck her like that brought me up to and over the edge quickly.  I groaned out my pleasure as my cock throbbed, unloading into my little sister’s sucking maw.

As do all virgin teenage boys, Dutch came quickly too.  As for pulling out before sperming her cunt, the thought never crossed his mind anymore than it ever crossed my mind. She hadn’t started menstruating yet, so there absolutely no danger in balling her to completion bare back. Dutch bellowed out his pleasure as his balls emptied in my sister.  Spent, he lurched to the side to catch his breath.  Even I was surprised at how quickly Debbie descended on his wet deflating cock.  Dutch merely declared, “Man, is this fuckin’ great or what!” as Debbie took him into her mouth.  And like all healthy teenage boys, she got him back up quickly for the second screw of his life. 

We never did make it to the pool that day, instead Dutch and I fucked Debbie again and again until we were completely fucked out.  Still she wanted to suck dick. 

Later in the afternoon, I ran Dutch off as Debbie and I had our chores to do before Mom got home.  I shouldn’t have hurried, as Mom called sometime before six and told me that she had to work late that night and for me to tell Dad. 

When Dad walked in I relayed the message.  He sniffed the air and gave me a funny look.  He leaned into me and sniffed again.  “Jack, did you have a girl over here today?” he asked me in a low voice.  A knot formed in my stomach, but he was grinning, so he wasn’t mad or anything.  Or was he? I was expecting the worse, so of course I didn’t reply.  Then he asked where Debbie had been. 

“Uh, over at Mary’s,” I replied hoping that he wouldn’t detect the bald faced lie. 

He leaned into me and whispered, “Don’t let your mother catch you.”  Then he added, “You used a rubber, didn’t you?” Still waiting for all hell to break loose, I nodded that I did. He nodded his head towards the back door and indicted for me to follow him.  He went out to his car, opened the trunk and retrieved a small black bag.  Opening it, he reached in, produced a box of rubbers and handed it to me saying, “In case you run out. If you need any more, just let me know.”  Then he added, “You better go take a shower, boy.  You smell like you’ve been at bordello all day.” 

Wow, I was dumbfounded to discover that my dad, MY DAD, was actually cool.  Of course if he knew that it was Debbie I had been fucking, I don’t think he would have been cool at all… I would have been dead.


The End of Chapter 5

This is Chapter 5 of an eight chapter story.

In Chapter 6 - Dutch and I get caught dipping our wicks with a profitable result and Lacy moves back to the neighborhood with her mother…



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