Chapter 2

My Little Sis Learns to Fuck

By Lasiter

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The next few days after Debbie’s first overt sexual contact with Lacy’s daddy, she was faced with a problem.  She desperately wanted to go see Mr. Bill again and soon.  The problem was going to Mary’s like her mother had arranged, but not actually going to Mary’s.  She could not-go to Mary’s and expect  mom not to know about it.   Our mom and Mary’s mom talked quite a bit about their two girls and Debbie knew that sooner or later, Mary’s mom would spill the beans and then Debbie would have to explain where she’d been.  It was guaranteed that she’d end up in deep trouble with Mom.  It wasn’t until early the following week that she came up with a plan.  She would go to Mary’s, but she wouldn’t stay, trusting that I, her older brother, wouldn’t know whether she returned home or not.  Then if the two moms talked, everything would be okay… as long as I remained oblivious.  As far as me remaining oblivious… that she was certain of.  So on Tuesday, she set her plan in motion. 

After staying at Mary’s for about fifteen minutes, Debbie pretended that she didn’t feel good and left to go home.  As Mr. Bill’s house was more or less along the way home, it only took her a few minutes on her bike to get there.  Lacy always kept a bike at her dad’s house on the front porch, so Debbie parked her bike there too.

Mr. Bill, refreshed from his after-work and after-workout shower had just popped open a beer when he heard the doorbell.  Dressed in a pair of gym shorts, he opened the door, delighted to see my young sister, Debbie, standing there.

“Uh, is Lacy home?” she asked disingenuously. 

“No, but I am,” replied Mr. Bill.  “You want to come inside and play?”  Without directly answering him, Debbie slipped inside.  Bill immediately locked the front door. “Well, to what do I owe this great honor?” he asked.

“I was at Mary’s, but I told her didn’t feel well, so I went home.”

“But you didn’t go home.  You came here.”

“I know.  I just didn’t feel like playing with Mary today, and I thought that maybe Lacy would be here.”

“Not today, Sweetie.  It’s Tuesday and I only get her every other weekend and on Wednesdays, that is unless her mother wants to ditch her. But that’s okay, you and I can play together.

“Now let’s see… We could play mommies and daddies,” he continued, “but you’re sick today, so let’s play doctor.  Okay, I’ll be the doctor and you’ll be my sickly patient.  Now, Miss Debbie, what seems to be the problem today? Do you have an itch that needs to be scratched?” 

“No, Doctor Bill, I just don’t feel well.”

“And you want to feel good, like the other day?”

Debbie blushed and answered in a near whisper, “Yes.”

“Well, I’m sure I can fix you right up.  But first I must examine you. So, please take off all your clothes.”  Mr. Bill took another swig of his beer and watched as Debbie began to disrobe.  Even after last week, it was hard for Mr. Bill to believe that this little cutie would just strip off for him at a drop of the hat.  ‘You’ve hit the jackpot, old Billy boy,’ he thought to himself as she discarded her t-shirt and began buttoning her shorts. 

She stripped down to her panties and then stopped, suddenly feeling very self conscious.  Mr. Bill tossed down the remainder of his beer and regarded the nearly nude ten-year old.  Not wanting to push her too fast, he let the panty issue go for the moment.  Stepping back into his play role of doctor, he said, “Now, Miss Debbie, this way to my examination room.”  Taking the girl by the hand, he led her back to his bedroom. 

“Please take a seat on the examination table,” he said pointing to his unmade bed.  Debbie followed his instructions and climbed into his bed.  “Now lie back and let’s take a look,” he said.  Mimicking a doctor, he felt her head and looked into her mouth.  Then laying his left hand on her tummy, the thumped it with the right, moving and thumping all across her torso.  Then he examined her nipples one at a time, pronouncing that they had, “good erectile responses.”

After a few minutes of nipple play, he sat back and said, “Now Miss Debbie, in order for me to examine your pussy, you will need to remove your panties.” Debbie hesitated slightly as she wanted him to take her panties off, but following the doctor’s orders, she reached down, lifted her butt off the bed and pulled her panties off her hips and down and off her ankles.

Seeing her willingly pulling off the last brief garment, Bill said to himself, ‘By god, I ought to fuck her.  She certainly wants it bad enough.  But stick to your game plan, Willy Boy, and don’t rush things.’  Bill knew that it was going to be difficult not to rush things, but he was determined to bring her along slowly so that she wouldn’t be frightened off, or worse…

With the pre-teen girl completely nude and in his bed, Doctor Bill continued his examination.  First he started with her feet, rubbing them and examining them closely, then he placed her feet flat on the bed with her knees steepled.  “Now I want you to open your legs,” he instructed while holding her ankles.  Debbie moved her knees apart, displaying her hairless pussy to the older man. 

“You have a very pretty pussy, Miss Debbie,” he said sincerely, “a very pretty pussy indeed.”  Lifting her ankles, he scooted up to sit between her now splayed legs where he had total access to her defenseless tush. 

He ran his hands up and down her inner thighs, coming close, but not touching her puss for the first half dozen passes.  Then he swooped up her creamy thighs with open palms, his thumbs raking up her inner thighs until they were both seated in the crease between thigh and vulva.  Slowly he began gently massaging her lower vulva with his thumbs, kneading her girlie flesh with circular motions as he gradually moved up higher and higher up her puffy mounds.  She was totally passive and he knew he could molest her at will.  He watched her reactions and was pleased with his patient.  Soon her hips were moving in a circular motion as he rubbed her pussy.  Higher and higher he gradually crept until he was indirectly massaging her clit through the now flushed outer lips of her cunt. 

She began to moan as her pleasure built and then with a gasp she sucked in some air as the pleasuring thumbs gently pried her lips apart to expose the pink moist inner flesh of her pussy.  Again and again, her lips were pulled open and then closed, and each time, she became wetter and wetter.  But when a fat thumb slipped inside to massage her gash and directly teased her energized little nubbin, it proved to be too much.  The rolling motions of her hips transitioned into a humping motion.  Debbie grabbed handfuls of the bed sheet and arched her back as orgasmic energy exploded within her.  

Bill rapidly strummed her clit with his thumb as the climax overwhelmed her.  Her legs tried to close, but with her legs on either side of his hips, it was impossible.  She tried to twist away and roll over, but again her legs wouldn’t allow it, so the stimulation continued unabated.  After the first intense thirty seconds, she had to gulp air and at the same time she screamed out her pleasure to the heavens.  On and on it went, the waves crashing one after the other, giving her no time to recover before the next jolt of sex charged electricity shot through every nerve ending in her convulsing body.  To stop the exquisite torture, her hands clawed ineffectually at the two hands tormenting her sex, pushing her love button over and over like a crazed monkey in a psychology experiment. 

Suddenly she stopped struggling altogether and lay limp upon the bed, the sexual overload having proved to be too much for her young mind to handle.  She woke, covered in a sheen of sweat, her pussy still tingling in the aftermath of the intense experience.    Gradually her eyes opened and she saw the man who had given her such great pleasure still sitting between her splayed legs, watching her as she recovered.  She smiled up at him, pleased with the outcome of the game that they had played.  For several moments she basked in the all encompassing feelings of well being that accompany a good hard cum. 

He shifted position slightly and she watched as he lifted her legs under her knees and pushed them forward and out, splaying open her throbbing cunt even more.  As his head dipped between her legs, she had no idea what he was doing, but as his warm wet tongue slowly dragged through her sopping slit. She was at once appalled that he’d put his mouth there and yet enthralled with the heavenly sensations his unexpected actions where creating.  Whatever dismay his actions may have caused, it was quickly dismissed as he laved away between her legs, scouring her youthful sex with his rapacious tongue.  It felt like nothing she had experienced before and it felt divine.  Within moments, she felt those funny feeling stirring in her groin and felt them building.  Debbie threw back her head, moaned like sick cat and helpless to prevent it, lay back for another intense ride.

As good as the cunt licking felt, the orgasm wasn’t nearly as intense as the first.  She was thankful for that as even now, it was debatable that she would have the energy to ride her bicycle home. He was now out from between her legs and had her lying on her side as he massaged her back and buttocks, bringing her slowly down with tender care.

“Your orgasmic responses seem to be working quite well,” he said resuming his role of doctor.  “But you seem to be running a high fever.”  He rolled her back onto her back, then standing on his bed, he slipped off his gym shorts.  Looking up at his rigid cock, she watched as he straddled her chest until he was sitting on his heels, his cock standing proud, mere inches from her face. 

“Now open wide,” he said, “you’re a hot little girl and it’s time to take your temperature.”  Following his directions, she opened her mouth and waited.  She didn’t have long to wait before he leaned over her.  Now his dick was at her mouth.  “Open up, my little nudie.”  She really didn’t open her mouth any wider, but when the weeping head pressed against her lips, she allowed it to enter her mouth.  Mr. Bill pushed a few inches of his turgid dick into her mouth.  “Watch those teeth, sweetie,” he instructed.  “Just fold them back so that they don’t get in the way.”

Debbie had no idea how to fold her teeth back, but the sensation of a hard cock in her mouth was strange; strange and very exciting, not to mention somehow forbidden and very naughty.  Neither Mom nor Dad had ever told her she shouldn’t suck a cock, but she instinctively knew that they would have disapproved in the harshest possible manner.  It was like the good touch and bad touch stuff they taught I school… the way Mr. Bill touched her she knew was a “bad touch”, but how could anything that felt that good be bad? And now with Mr. Bill’s dick in her mouth, it too felt so wonderful, so how could that be bad?

“Look up at me, Baby.  Now move your tongue around,” Lacy’s daddy told her.  “Yeah, right there under the rim.  Yeah, that’s it… that’s it.  Now suck on it.  Mmmmmmm.  You have such pretty eyes… Now lick.  Oooooo, yeah, slide your lips up and down.  Damn, you do catch on quickly, little girl.” 

She did everything that was asked of her and then more, concentrating on the spot where the thick tube on the underside of his dick disappeared under the rim as he flinched, jerked, and gasped every time she stroked it so she figured that it must feel good to him.  

Mr. Bill pulled his dick from her lips and then watched as it disappeared again into her mouth.  Time and time again he watched his cock enter my little sister’s mouth.  After a few minutes he began breathing hard and he told her, “Time to fertilize your tits, honey.  Now be sure and take all the medicine the doctor gives you.”  With a grunt he began ejaculating in her mouth.  Surprised, she pulled back and took a shot to her face.  Mr. Bill squirted her several times, in the face and on her chest and finished by shoving his cock back against her lips and forcing himself back inside for the last few diminished pulses.  When his orgasmic spasms faded away and the blood drained from his prong, he remained stationary, looking down at the newly corrupted pre-teen girl underneath him with his dick in her mouth and ropes of cum streaked across her face.  She must have been quite the sight!

Debbie, not knowing what else to do, continued looking up into his eyes and continued to suck on the softening organ.  Mr. Bill jerked every now and then as her tongue lashed across the now very sensitive head of his cock.  Mr. Bill couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled his now soft dick from her mouth and rolled onto his back next to her.

“That was good, Miss Debbie.  You show exceptional promise.  You swallowed it, didn’t you?”  Debbie smiled and nodded.  “Have you ever sucked cock before?”  Debbie, her eyes bright with excitement and pride, shook her head ‘no’.  “Did you like sucking on my dick?” 

“That was so much fun!  Can we do that again?”

“Oh, yeah, sweetie! Certainly, most certainly.  We’ll have to do that again, and soon.  Practice makes perfect they always say and with lots and lots of practice, you’ll be an expert at fellatio in no time.”


“Yeah, cock sucking.  You know, you are very pretty girl with cum all over your face” 

Debbie ate up the praise and allowed Mr. Bill to paint her proto-tits and scoop his spend from her face and feed it to her.  Having made a mess of her, Mr. Bill was surprised to see her take the initiative and go down on him again, slurping up his limp dick like a big soft noodle.

“Oh, yeah, baby.  Damn, you really do like sucking cock.”


I suppose I saw her when she got home from her first dick sucking session with Mr. Bill, then again, maybe not.  For me it was rather a unremarkable day so I really don’t remember if she came home first or if I did.  Why should I remember that? At the time, I really wasn’t interested in anything she was doing.  Like I said, I didn’t know about any of this until nearly two years later and after I had been banging the hell out her on a regular basis.


That night Mary’s mom called our mom and asked if Debbie was feeling better.  Debbie told Mom that she felt fine now.  Mom said, “Good.  Mary’s mother is taking Mary to the mall afterschool tomorrow and wants you to come along with them.”

The next day was Wednesday and it was Mr. Bill’s afternoon/evening with Lacy.  Her friend wanted Debbie to come over to play while she was at her father’s house, but Debbie was stuck going to the mall with Mary

On Thursday, Lacy took Debbie to the side and whispered, “Last night, Daddy said that you have been coming to see him.”  Debbie nodded silently.  “That’s soooo cool!  Gawd, you are a bad little girl,” Lacy giggled.  “Tell me! Tell me all about it!”

Debbie was reluctant to discuss the details, but Lacy pressed on, “Oh, come on!  Daddy said you got completely naked for him and that…” Lacy glanced around to be sure no one was ease dropping on them, “He said that you blew him!  Twice!”

“Well, ummm…”

“And he said that he licked you between your legs and you loved it! Gawd, I love it when he does that to me too!  Daddy also said that you let him rub his dick on your pussy.  Doesn’t that just feel awesome! 

By now Debbie was blushing because Lacy knew about everything that she had done with Lacy’s dad, all the dirty naughty things.  Lacy, however, wasn’t embarrassed at all; in fact she was very happy to finally have a friend that she could confide in and tell all the wonderfully nasty things her daddy did with and to her.  Still Lacy held back on most of it fearing that if she said too much, too soon, that her friend would get scared and would stay away.

“Daddy wants me to invite you to spend the night again.”


“This weekend while I’m with him, of course.”

“I’ll have to ask my mom,” Debbie replied excited about all the naughty stuff they could do with Mr. Bill.

That night, Debbie asked Mom if she could spend the night with Lacy again.  “I don’t want you to be an imposition on Lacy’s parents,” Mom told her.  “You spent the night with her the last time, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Then she should spend the night with you.”

“But, Mama!”

“No, buts about it.  Invite her over.  Maybe you could invite Mary too.”

With her plans in shambles, Debbie telephoned Lacy and gave her the bad news.  An hour later, Lacy called back with a new plan.  “Daddy’s not too happy about me sleeping over at your house when he could be sleeping with me.  He doesn’t get to see me all that often, ya know.  Anyway he said that I could sleep over at your house Friday night.  But on Saturday, he wants us both all day and all night and most of Sunday too.  Now listen… there’s this Fall Festival this weekend.  He told me to tell you to tell your mother that he will be taking us to the festival on Saturday and that he wants to get an early start.  He wants us both at his house by 10 AM Saturday.”   Lacy giggled and added, “He also told me to tell you not to dress up because you won’t be dressed at all.” 

The next night was Friday night and Lacy showed up with her knapsack full of her clothes.  Fortunately for Debbie, Mary already had sleepover plans with another friend, so she couldn’t come.  I don’t remember too much about it except that I gave them both a hard time that night and provoked Debbie into yelling at me.  I always knew what buttons to push to get a rise out her and even though I got into trouble for it, I always got a kick out of harassing her and her friends. 

I think that both Mom and Dad were surprised when she and Lacy went to bed fairly early.  Once the door to Debbie’s room was shut, I was told in no uncertain terms that I was to leave them alone.  In fact Mom and Dad kept me downstairs with them to watch an action movie and that kept my attention where my parents wanted it.  But upstairs…  Lacy was showing Debbie that girls could lick other girls between the legs.

Next morning, I went off to play football.  Debbie and Lacy walked to her father’s house.  Mom and Dad seemed to be very happy that they would have the house all to themselves for most of the day. 

Lacy’s dad greeted the two girls at the door in his gym shorts, and in turn, giving them both a tongue probing kiss and a hug with wandering hands, hands that freely caressed their asses before working their shorts down so that he could get a feel of bare girlie butt.  He then told them to come see what he’d bought.  They pulled their shorts back up and followed Mr. Bill outside.  There, just off the edge of the concrete patio was a self-contained spa.  Naturally, they were both excited to see the new addition. 

“Who wants to try it out?” he asked.  Both girls excitedly screamed their answer while tugging at his arms.  “Okay, okay, okay,” he laughed.  “But first, let’s play a little game.”

“What kind of game?” my sister asked.



“Yes, I’ll be it.”  He then picked up a toy gun that shot ping pong balls.  I’ll hunt you two and every time I hit you with a ball, you lose something that you’re wearing.  Then when I have you naked, I’ll put you in the boiling pot, cook you up and eat you later.”

Debbie looked confused and was about to ask for clarification when she was shot with a ping pong ball in the chest.  “You have to fall down,” Mr. Bill explained.  Debbie sat and Mr. Bill stepped up, bent over and stripped her t-shirt over her head.  “Now run!” he shouted.  Debbie jumped up and the two girls ran out into the backyard laughing.  A moment later, Mr. Bill was back on the hunt.  It didn’t take him long to get them both down to their panties, then selecting his first target for total nudity, ran after Lacy, shot her in the butt, stripped her panties off and hauled her off to the bubbling cauldron.  Depositing his naked daughter in the spa, he then stalked after Debbie, cornered her and shot her point blank in the tummy.  A moment later she was hauled bare butt to the cooking pot. 

“Which of you little nudies wants to cook me and eat me?”  he asked.

They both cried out, “Me! Me! Me!”

“It’s a deal,” he laughed as he shucked his gym shorts and crawled into the tub to begin a general game of grab ass and grope.  Within fifteen minutes of my sister arriving, he had his dick in both Lacy’s and Debbie’s mouth, and within the hour, had eaten Debbie to her first orgasm of the day.  Debbie was rather short on the details as to what happened next, but after a quick demonstration of true fucking with Lacy, Mr. Bill screwed Debbie for the first time, letting her impale herself on his cock like Lacy had shown her.  Before night fall, he’d shown Debbie all the various ways that he could internally fertilize her tits, leaving nothing inviolate including squirting up her ass.  I remember her coming home the next day, walking rather tenderly and telling Mom that she had hurt herself at Fall Festival on the monkey bars.  Mom dismissed it as a pulled groin muscle.   After a few days, she was fine again. 

Like I said, at the time I had no idea what she was up to, except that all of a sudden, she didn’t want to go to Mary’s anymore, and instead, Debbie hung out with Lacy all the time.  After pestering Mom about it for a week, she was allowed to go over and play at Lacy’s after school.  Of course Mom called and checked it out and of course Lacy’s dad said that Debbie could come over anytime and that he enjoyed having her over to keep Lacy company.  So with Mom’s approval, Debbie started going over to Lacy’s dad’s house several afternoons a week to be fucked, in the mouth, in the pussy and in the ass. 

Then as the summer recess began to get near, Debbie started hanging around the house all the time, moping around and generally feeling sorry for herself because her buddy Lacy was moving out of town. Actually Lacy and her mom did move so that Lacy’s mom could take advantage of a big promotion, but that had happened well before school was out.  What Debbie was really upset about was the fact that Mr. Bill up and disappeared one day.  One day he was using her as a preteen cum dump and the next, there was a “For Sale” sign out front and the house was empty. 

The End of Chapter 2

This is Chapter 2 of an eight chapter story.

In Chapter 3 - Little Sis wants to play games... with Jack.



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