Chapter 1

Debbie's First Cum

By Lasiter

(Mg, exhib, mast, seduc, ped)









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Imagine yourself sitting in a marriage councilor’s office with your wife, trying to explain the circumstances surrounding an act of infidelity.  Not with some bimbo or hussy from work, but caught in the act of coitus with my kid sister, Debbie, by her third husband.  Believe me, it is the sort of situation that leaves everyone involved speechless!

“Well, uh, uh, well, I…. ummm…”

“Just take your time, Jack,” said the councilor softly while my wife, Jena, glared at me with a look of mixed rage and disgust.

The mother of my children spat, “He was fucking his sister!” 

Now that point had all been well established as everyone in the room already knew that I was poking Debbie. The purpose of the session was to get to the bottom of my true relationship with Debbie, and perhaps salvage my marriage.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that I had been thrown out of my home branded as a dangerous pervert and was severely restricted in my contact with my kids.   Debbie fared a little better as Ralph just packed up and moved out, leaving her with the kids (the last of whom Ralph now suspected wasn’t the product of his loins after all.)

You see, I am almost three years older than Debbie and back when we were kids, our mom decided to go to work after Debbie had started school full time in the 1st grade.  At first Mom’s job was such that she was home when we were let out of school.  To Debbie and me, it was like she wasn’t even working.  We’d get home after being dropped off from the school bus and Mom would be there with a snack ready to go.  Then after a quick change of clothes, we were off playing outside with our friends, oblivious to the concerns of adults.  When you’re that age, two years and ten months was a big difference in kids.  I had my friends and interests while Debbie had hers.  I assure you that at that time, I had absolutely no interest in whatever Debbie was up to, so long as she was doing it away from me and my buddies.

That was pretty much the pattern until I was twelve and started 7th grade in Junior High School.  Debbie had just turned ten and was in the 5th grade.  We were taking separate buses then, but the big change was that Mom, lured by promotions and bigger pay, was working much longer hours, and she was traveling a lot.  Typically she now got home right around the same time as Dad did and that was closer to 6 o’clock. 

That presented a problem for me.  Now all of a sudden I was responsible for watching out for Debbie after school until my folks got home from work.  No longer could I take off on my bicycle and cruise around the neighborhood with my buddies.  No longer could I go and play video games at a friend’s house.  Perish the thought of any kids being in our house other than Debbie or me while the folks weren’t home.  In other words, little sis, who once was a minor annoyance at worse, was now suddenly a major problem for me.

Oh, I could still shoot hoops in my driveway with my friends, but for all practical purposes I was stranded, a virtual prisoner and left alone to my own devices.  For Debbie it was even worse as her friends all lived a few blocks away and they were not allowed to visit her. 

This went on for nearly four unbearable weeks before one of us (I’m not sure who) came up with the brilliant plan of Debbie spending some afternoons at her friend Mary’s house thus freeing me to roam about and have a little after school fun with my own buds.  Mary’s mom worked too, but not every afternoon and my mom worked it out so that Debbie could visit whenever Mary’s mom was home.  On the days Mary’s mom wasn’t home, Debbie had to stay home and that meant that I had to stay home too. I hated those days.

It was about this time, at the beginning of the school year, that Debbie made a new friend, Lacy.  As Debbie related to me about a year later, she had a sleepover at Lacy’s.  What I don’t think anyone  (Mom and Dad that is) understood was that Lacy’s mom and dad were divorced and that the sleepover was at Lacy’s dad house.

Lacy’s dad pretty much let the two girls run wild.  The details are fuzzy, but at some point Mr. Bill allowed the girls to run around the house in just their panties while he lounged around drinking beer, watching a boxing match in only his boxer shorts.  Now if my parents ever knew of any of that, at the very minimum they would have had a cow, but that wasn’t all.  After the boxing match was over, he had the girls dance for him (topless and in panties only) and then he had each sit on a bare thigh while he did bouncy horses with his knees. From what Debbie told me, he bounced them until they both had an orgasm.

Now Lacy was very familiar with orgasms, but for Debbie, it was the first climax of her life.  Later that night, Lacy showed Debbie how to get herself off.

Other than masturbating her on his knee, Lacy’s dad didn’t touch Debbie that night other than giving her a hug here and there, which come to think of it, did allow him a touch or three. Whatever he did with his hands while she was only in her panties apparently didn’t rise to anything particularly memorable for my little sis.

Then later that week, Debbie went off to Mary’s, but Mary and her mom weren’t home.  So Debbie, rather than coming home, went looking for Lacy at her dad’s house.  She knew she wasn’t supposed to do that, but she claimed that she had left something at the house from the sleepover and just wanted to pick it up.  Now in Debbie’s defense, she knew that Lacy sometimes spent the afternoons at her dad’s house as Mr. Bill got off work fairly early. 

But when she knocked and there was no answer, she should have come home.  Instead she tried the door and finding it unlocked, went inside the house.  It was very quiet and she assumed that no one was home. She made her way to Lacy’s room and looked around for whatever she was looking for.  Not finding it, she turned and left, only to run smack into a very naked Mr. Bill in the hallway.

“Just what are you doing here?” he demanded.

“I was looking for…”

“You always just break into other people’s houses?”

“I didn’t break…”

“Did I let you in?”

“No, I…”

“Then you broke in!  You know I could have you arrested?  Let me see your hands!”

Debbie extended her hands to show that she didn’t have anything and when she did, he stepped up so that his dick was practically in her hand.  Oh, she had a vague idea what dicks were from Sex Ed class and I guess she’d seen my dick once or twice several years before, but she had never seen a grown man’s dick before… a big dick that was rising before her eyes.  

“Is this what you came looking for?” he asked grinning down at her. 

“How, how does it do that?” she asked awed by the mysterious spectacle.  “Can I… can I…”

“Sure!  Help yourself, sweetie!” 

Debbie told me that she has no idea what Mr. Bill’s reaction was when her hands closed around his stiff prick, but I can imagine.  But for her it was a totally new experience.  The dick was at once soft to the touch, yet hard as rock and very warm.  The stalk was interesting as the crisscrossing blue veins raised the skin and another straight tube bulged from underneath.  The loose sack with the two orbs hanging below his cock was explored, but the cockhead was the most fascinating as it was velvety smooth and darker color than the rest of his dick.  Fully erect, it didn’t look anything like the droopy-dick drawing she’d seen in Sex Ed.

After feeling the man up for several minutes, Debbie thought she might be over doing it, but Mr. Bill talked her into going into the living room, where he lay down on the sofa and invited her to explore to her heart’s content.  There she learned about the clear slippery stuff that oozed from his dick and learned that it wasn’t pee, but a natural lubricant to help men and girls do what nature dictated them to do. 

While fondling the man’s cock she asked him, “Are you going to have me arrested?”

“Heavens, no!”

“Are you going to tell my mother that I broke into your house?”

“Well, if you promise me that you’ll come over once or twice a week and see me, I don’t see any reason to tell your mother.  We’ll keep it a secret between just the two of us, okay?”

Relieved that she wouldn’t be trouble when Mom got home Debbie replied, “Okay.”

“Good.  But you must never tell anyone that I caught you breaking into my house.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

“You see to it, sweetie.  I don’t want to involve the police in something like that.  Now, do you have to be home soon?”

“Not until 5:30.  I need to be home before Mommy gets home.”

“Well, if you’re not busy until then, you’re welcome to hang out with me.”

“I, I don’t know…”

“I’ll give you another horsey ride on my knee like the other night.  It’ll be fun.  Remember? It made you all tingly inside.” 

Debbie thought about that and how really good the rapid vibrations felt.  It was naughty and she knew that, just as she knew that it was naughty being with a naked man and playing with his privates.   But just like playing with Mr. Bill’s dick, the horsey ride was really good fun.  Besides, Mr. Bill didn’t touch her inappropriately then and she didn’t consider it now.  “Yeah, okay,” she replied shyly.  Mr. Bill then sat up on the sofa and patted his knee.

“Aren’t you going to put some clothes on?” she asked the unabashedly naked man.

“Naw!  You’ve now seen me naked, so what’s the point in covering up anything?  Besides, it’s my house and I make the rules.”

“Oh, okay,” Debbie answered deferring to Mr. Bill’s status as an adult and knowing that she was expected to listen to an adult in their own home.

Accepting his invitation for a knee-horsey ride, she kicked off her flip-flops and mounted his bare knee.  Looking into her big brown eyes he explained, “Hmmm, you know, this would work a lot better if you were just in your panties like the other night.”  Debbie seemed to be hesitant so he added, “Look, what’s the big deal? I saw you in your panties the other night, remember?”

That must have made some sense to her as she dismounted, removed her shorts and then remounted his knee.  Lacy’s dad then began to bounce Debbie on his knee, keeping up a steady and vigorous pace.  Her dark brunette, shoulder length, curly hair danced as she was bounced. She felt the rapid palpitation between her legs and felt the odd thrill begin to build in her groin, an odd thrill she first experienced only a few days before on this very same knee.  Little butterfly-like sensations fluttered through her stomach and her gaze rested in wonder and fear on the great, thick, rigid rod of man-flesh that stood from his hairy naked groin.

Mr. Bill watched the cute pre-teen girl’s expression and knew he was having the desired effect upon her.  While bouncing her, he reached forward, grasped the tails of her t-shirt and tugged upward.  Her hands immediately covered his and stopped the up motion of shirt. Mr. Bill stopped bouncing. “You weren’t wearing a shirt the other night,” he said stating his case that it was quite the norm for ten year old girls to run about topless with older men. 

“But you’ll see me,” she bashfully said.

“I saw you the other night, didn’t I?  So what’s the big deal?”  It was true, he had seen her bare chested that night while she and Lacy played and ran about nearly nude.  Her hands fell away and she allowed him to strip her of her shirt, and as she hadn’t started wearing a training bra yet, laying her chest bare to his approving gaze once more.  “That’s better, much better.  You have very nice nipples,” he complimented.  “Nice and fat and puffy.  You know, they’re much bigger than mine,” he said tweaking his own to prominence before he began bouncing her on his knee again. 

Now as he bounced her, his hands came forward again to her waist and then slid up her torso until he could play with her nipples.  Again her hands came up to stop him, but she just lightly held on to his wrists as he gently rubbed and rolled her puffy nipples through his finger tips.  The addition of nipple play to the funny and wonderful feelings coming from her vibrated pussy brought her quickly to the edge and her stomach rippled as shivers of excitement ran up her body.

Again Mr. Bill watched the young girl’s face intently.  Soon she had a far away and dazed look.  Confident she was on the verge, he once again stopped bouncing her.  He quickly let his knee slide out from under her, forcing her to stand.  In her near state of euphoria, she hardly noticed that he was now pulling down her panties until she was coaxed into stepping out of them.  Grabbing the girl, Bill put her back in the saddle and resumed masturbating her with his knee, only this time it was bare pussy lips on his bare leg.  Her vulva spread open with each upward motion and her juicing lips began to leak on his leg.  Now as she was bounced buck naked, there was a new sound in the air, a skin on skin sound that quickly became a repetitive wet smacking noise as his bouncing bare knee was coated with her girlie sap.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and then her mouth opened in an ecstatic groan of release as she came. Grabbing his molesting hands, Debbie held on tightly gasping, “Oh!  Oh!  Oh!” as the orgasm broke across her, wracking her young tender body with huge, tearing spasms.

Mercifully the bouncing stopped, but only after what seemed to be forever, and her highly excited pussy was allowed to cool down some.  When it seemed to her that she wasn’t going to die anymore, she found herself leaning against Mr. Bill hairy chest.  Slowly she began to sit upright, still mounted on his now very wet knee.

“Was that fun, my little nudie?” he asked softly while pushing back her hair from her sweaty face.  “Did your sweet pussy feel good?  Did you have a big cum? Did you enjoy the way it felt?”  Still unable to speak, she nodded. 

“We’ll have to do that again someday,” he said before kissing her on the lips and driving his big fat tongue into her little mouth. It startled her that he was doing that to her, but it also felt very pleasant and she allowed him to rape her mouth his probing tongue, scouring out her oral cavity.  She had French kissed both Mary and Lacy before during sleepovers, but it was never like this.  Mr. Bill pulled his tongue from her mouth and leaned back a few inches to stare into her eyes.  Leaning forward, his lips tenderly met hers, smacking and sucking gently on her young lips until his tongue began roaming across her lips, lips that parted to accept his tongue.  It pleased Mr.Bill that the young pre-teen girl was kissing him back and using her tongue to caress his tongue. 

Breaking off his kiss he told her, “Now it’s my turn.”  She didn’t have any idea, nor did she ask what he had in mind, rather she allowed him to pull her body up onto his as he lay back onto the sofa, positioning her so that she was straddling his hips.  Pulling her forward just a few inches, she felt his big cock nestle against her pussy. He wasn’t trying to penetrate her, but rather positioning her pussy so that the length of his turgid rod nestled into her slippery furrow.  Grasping my innocent little sister by the hips, he began to move her forward and back, sliding her wet splayed open cunt along his dick.  Having found the sensation to be very pleasant, the she quickly took over the responsibility of sliding her cunt along his cock and masturbating him with her virgin pussy.  With each thrust of her hips, her quotient of innocence was steadily reduced.

Mr. Bill sat back and let the cute dark haired pre-pubescent girl faux-fuck him, pleased that his conquest had been so easy.  Of course running around half naked and dancing just in her panties for him the other night was a pretty good indication that she would be receptive to his advances, and the fact that she played pussy games with Lacy showed that she was indeed very receptive to sexual play.  Her sudden appearance in the hallway after he had just finishing drying off from his shower was a quite unexpected stroke of luck as he had thought that nothing would progress until the next sleepover with his daughter.

As she labored away with a lust induced smile on her face, he again played with her dark nipples, tugging and taking liberties with them as if it was his daughter, Lacy, riding his cock and not her new friend.  He had to be careful he knew, very careful and not to rush things, ‘Hell,’ he thought, ‘it’s only the second inning and I’m up by eight with the bases loaded and no outs.’

His hands left her nipples for a moment to seize her hips and make her stop for a moment.  Grasping her by the naked butt cheeks, he moved her bodily forward another inch or so to reposition his cock slightly.  At the urging of his hands, she resumed her back and forth movement only this time it was different.  This time as she pulled back, his cock head rubbed up against her demure clit.  Debbie noticed the difference immediately and liked the change.  Her brown eyes disappeared behind her drooping eyelids while she concentrated on maximizing the stimulus to her clit. 

“That’s it, baby,” he whispered in encouragement.  “Work that sweet pussy over my cock and make me cum.  That’s good, nudie girl, yeah… we’ll soon be fucking for real!”  As good as it felt to him, to Debbie it felt absolutely wonderful as the tinglies began to mount in her groin once again.  “Cum on my dick, baby,” he hissed to the lust dazed girl.  “Cum on my dick and make my day!  That’s it, baby, let it go, let it go!”  With her motions now erratic, Bill once again gripped her hips and began humping into her, taking long strokes along her slippery gash and mashing his seeping cock crown into the squirming girl. 

Unable to stop or even reduce the stimulus to her clit, her mind blanked, her entire body shook, and her head lashed back and forth like she was a rag doll as she roared through another climax, riding the tidal wave of sexual pleasure screaming through her small frame.

Even though she was lost in her own pleasure, she still felt his cock tube pulse and heard Lacy’s dad grunt and cry out, “Arghhhh!  Arghhhh! Arghhhh!  Arghhhh!” as his spermy fluids were pumped from his spouting dick.  Looking down through mere slits in her eyelids, she saw the thick white emissions shooting forcefully from the juncture of his cock and her pussy and splatter across his bare hairy belly. 

Spent, he stopped thrusting and pushing the girl over his prick.  Though still buzzing from her second cum, Debbie felt Mr. Bill’s hard cock begin to soften between her pussy lips and wilt away.  The sudden flaccidity was as surprising and mysterious to her as had been his earlier growing erection in the hallway.

It was all so new to her, this sex stuff.  Prior to the sleepover on Friday night, she never had any idea what fun it could be, especially those special good feelings that seemed to all but consume her in their intensity. 

First it was the thrill of running around in just her panties.  Lacy had encouraged her and had egged her on to run through the living room where her dad was watching TV.  She thought that he would probably get mad at her and Lacy, but he just laughed and chased them around in his own underwear.  Debbie knew that her own dad would have never done that, but Lacy’s dad was different; he was fun and enjoyed having fun.

It was Mr. Bill who had given her the ride on his knee that first caused the tingling feelings that grew and grew and grew until there was an explosion of some sort.  At first she thought that she might actually die, but the intense feelings faded to a warm glow and leaving her to yearn to experience them again.  Later that night, in bed, it was Lacy who showed her how to play with herself with that one objective in mind, inducing those same intense tingling sensations from her pussy.  Before that night, her pussy was only for urinating, something that had to be kept clean, but not to be touched otherwise.  Now she knew that her pussy was for much more than just peeing. 

She already knew, from Sex Class and from seeing me in the bathroom that boys and men really are different than girls and women and not just by being gross, disgusting and ill mannered.  But to see Mr. Bill’s penis grow like that from soft to very hard and then feel it going from hard to soft; that was amazing.  And what on earth was that stuff all over his tummy? She’d never seen anything like it before, thick and grayish white with funny swirls all in it. She reached out and gingerly stuck a finger in a glob of the stuff.  Amazingly it was slippery, very slippery like it was made out of soap or something.

“Ewwww!  What is this stuff?” she asked innocently.

“Fertilizer,” Mr. Bill responded.


“It’s for fertilizing eggs inside a woman.  You know, make a baby.”


“But it can be used to fertilize other things too.”

“What other things?”

“Boobs!  You can fertilize a girl’s boobs with it and make them grow.”

“Really?  I don’t have boobs yet.”

“You will and very soon.  Especially if you fertilize them.”

“I don’t want a baby!”

“You’re not old enough for that, Sweetie.  First you grow some tits, then you start to bleed.  It’s only after you start to bleed and have your first period that you can have babies.  But before that, this stuff is great for jump starting a great pair of tits on girl.”

“I don’t believe you,” she giggled.

“It’s true.  Ever notice how some big girls have big tits while others have hardly any at all?  Well, maybe the difference is in the early and frequent application of nature’s universal fertilizer.”

“How do you apply it?”

“There are several methods and the best results are from the combination of methods.”

“What methods?”

“First, there is the topical application.  Just rub it in like a lotion.  It’s good for tits and clear facial skin.  Then there are internal applications, you know sort of like taking medicine.”

“You mean swallow it?”

“That’s one internal method.  The other two, I’ll leave up to you to figure out.  But, don’t be asking your teacher or mama about it as you are much too young to know about that yet.  If you don’t figure it out in a few days, I’ll be glad to tell you.  Now, how big do you want your tits to be when you’re older.

“I want to be as big as my mama!”

“Your mama has big tits?”

“Oh, yes.  She says they are too big,” the girl giggled.

“Okay, do you want to fertilize your tits and stimulate them to grow nice and big?”


Bill dipped his fingers in a glob of goo and smeared and rubbed it into a nipple.  Then he took another fresh glob and rubbed it into the other nipple.  Then he applied a little more and rolled each nipple between his fingers explaining, “This will help get your blood flowing for better absorption.”

Pleased with his progress, he decided to push the naïve young girl a little farther.   Scooping up a glob from the pool of semen in his navel, he held it up for her to see.  “This will help keep your skin clear and help prevent acne.”  As I was undergoing an outbreak of acne, Debbie already knew what that looked like and she didn’t want any part of it.  Closing her eyes, she craned her neck forward so that Mr. Bill could apply the magical elixir. 

Mr. Bill took his time painting her face with his cum, rubbing it into her cheeks, her forehead and across the bridge of her nose.  He finished by painting her lips and having not encountered any resistance, finished off by pushing his last good glob between her lips.

Debbie’s eyes flew open as the slimy finger penetrated between her lips.  “See, it doesn’t taste bad at all,” he intoned, “Doesn’t taste anything like the medicine your mother gives you, now does it?”

Debbie smacked her lips and tasted the new substance that had come from Lacy’s daddy’s dick and found it to be nearly tasteless and certainly not disgusting in any way.  She was about to make a comment about how bland it tasted, but Mr. Bill’s tongue got in her way as he kissed her deeply once again, leaving the young girl quite breathless.

Eyeing the wall clock, Mr. Bill broke off the kiss and told her, “I’d better get you cleaned up, Sweetie.  It’s getting late and I want you home when your mother walks in.”

Scooping Debbie up, he effortlessly stood, and then feigning that he was dropping her, grabbed the startled girl about the knees and held her upside down and facing away from him.  Debbie squealed when he put his mouth to her bare fleshy butt cheeks to blow bubbles against her smooth skin, making loud farting noises as he went from cheek to cheek and back again, teasingly burying his nose between her asshole and pussy as he blew bubbles deep in her crack, then finishing up by gently biting at her bare buttocks. By the time the surprise play was finished, Debbie was out of breath from screaming, giggling and struggling to get away from his iron grip. 

Mr. Bill then slung the small naked girl over one shoulder and took her to his bathroom to clean her up.  Using a wash cloth, Bill gently washed the sexual residue from her face, her chest and her groin.  “Aren’t you washing all the fertilizer off,” she asked.

“Well, it does have a distinctive odor and we don’t want your mother getting a whiff of it, now do we?”

“No, I suppose not.”

“Best thing to do is to come back soon and get another treatment,” he told her.

“Yeah, okay,” she replied disappointed that she couldn’t just keep the fertilizer on her skin all night.

Certain that she wouldn’t be reeking of sex when she got home, Bill took Debbie back to the living room where her clothes were.  While watching her getting dressed, Bill considered his next move.  “Now don’t forget our agreement,” he told her.

“What agreement?”

“That if you come back to see me, I won’t tell your mother that you broke into my house this afternoon.”

“I’m glad I broke into your house, Mr. Bill,” my sister giggled.

“So am I, Sweetheart.  So am I.”  Scooping her up one more time, he kissed and tongue fucked her mouth while his hand lewdly kneaded her butt cheeks and crotch.

The End of Chapter 1

This is Chapter 1 of an eight chapter story.

In Chapter 2 - Debbie plays doctor with Mr. Bill.



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