Chapter 3

Angie is taken to sex club featuring young girls...

By Pops 4476

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The next morning, we made love once more. After a shower and breakfast, we started off again. I was really starting to feel good about everything, even though I was still wearing only a t-shirt while we drove. When we would stop, he would give me something to wear. We talked about school, my social life as I had known it, and whatever came to mind. We had different tastes in music, but we agreed on nothing too extreme either way.

By the end of the day, I had almost forgotten that I was still “in training” and would probably be expected to perform again. I was a little surprised, and more than a little disappointed when he pulled up in a parking lot. It looked like we were in an industrial area. There were a few other cars around, but not many.

Daddy closed the curtains and walked into the back. When he came out, he handed me an outfit and told me to put it on. It was a shiny leather mini-dress. It had a zipper down the back, was very low-cut in the front and had matching black leather panties. He also had a pair of knee high boots for me to wear, as well as a collar.

“Tonight, you will just observe.” He hesitated, then continued. “At first.”

I looked up at him as I got dressed. He was taking off his clothes and I noticed a pair of leather pants and a vest that he was going to wear.

“At first, Daddy?”

“We'll see how things go. I want you to watch. You will not speak unless I give you permission. Until I tell you otherwise, you will not take your panties off for anyone, and even if I tell you, no one will take you vaginally. Understand?”

I nodded. I had hoped I wouldn't have to do anything with anyone else, but I was wrong. I didn't know what this place was, but it was obviously a place where there would be lots of people and some sex stuff going on. I was so right!

After we were dressed, we walked to a door. Daddy told the man who answered something I couldn't understand, before he opened the door and  allowed us to enter. I followed behind him, a little unstable in the boots, and more than a little scared.

Inside, the building was lit only with spot lights over some stages. There were several of them, and most had some things I had seen in the movies we had watched. One had a table in the center. There were people dressed like us, and Daddy spoke with several of them. I heard him tell several of them that I wasn't ready yet. They just nodded and moved on while we found some seats near the main stage.

I was very nervous at first, but started to relax when Daddy put his arm around me and gave me a little hug. It felt a little weird wearing this outfit, but once I realized other people were dressed like us, and some wearing less, I didn't give it any more thought.

The lights came down, then back up. The stage we were sitting in front of seemed to be where the action was going to take place. A man walked out holding a leash. Behind him was a girl, maybe 14 or 15. The leash was attached to a collar around her neck.  The collar was all she was wearing. As soon as he stopped, she knelt beside him. He gave her a command, and she unzipped his pants. His cock was semi-hard, and about 7 or 8” long I guess. She started to suck it. When it was hard, he told her to get on the table.

She climbed up and lay down on her back, her head hanging over the edge, so she was upside down. The man went to her once more and started roughly shoving his cock in and out of her mouth. A second man walked out and put some clamps on her nipples before he moved between her legs and started to pump his already hard cock in and out of her. The first man started pressing on the clamps. It looked really painful!

The first man shot his load in her throat and some of it landed on her chin. She never moved. Another man came up from the audience and took his place. The second man evidently finished and pulled out.

While we were watching, she took 6 different men. I'll have to admit, I was getting pretty worked up, but I couldn't take my eyes off what was going on. I didn't even notice that Daddy had pulled me into his lap and was running his hands up and down my thighs.

When they finished, someone pushed her table off the stage. She was still laying on it. Another set was pushed on, with a girl already on it. It looked like one of those things I saw in history books about the witch trials. Her head and hands were stuck through some wood, and she was standing up. She was totally nude. Daddy said it was called “stocks.”

A guy came out and had a hose. Daddy said he was gonna give her an enema. He put the tube in her butt, and started to fill her up with whatever was in the bag. He put some clamps on her nipples, and this time, there was a chain that went down to her cunny. He put a clamp down there too. I think she would have screamed, but she had a gag in her mouth.

When he finished with her, he pulled the tip out and put a plug in her bottom. They just wheeled her to the side of the stage and left her like that. She looked like she was hurting, but I kept watching as they pulled another set out.

Daddy told me to stand up and he took off my panties. I was nervous at first, because he had told me I would leave them on. When he pulled me back onto his lap, I sat down on his cock! We had never done this position before, but it felt nice. I was so wet and horny from watching all this, I just started moving on his pole.

We watched as another girl was brought out. This time her hands were over her head and her feet barely touching the floor. She already had the clamps on all three places and a gag in her mouth.  A man dressed all in black (even with a hood) had a big whip. He started whipping her with it. He was even bringing it up between her legs and whipping her cunny.  After a few minutes, he took her away and they wheeled the first girl back over. She was squirming and I guess she wanted to get loose.

Daddy was playing with my clit and letting me ride his cock. He must have had a pretty good idea how this was going to affect me. He was right!

They played with the girl for a few more minutes and was asking her if she wanted the plug out. She was trying to answer them, but with the gag in her mouth, all she could do was mumble and nod her head. He told her to lift her feet and step into a plastic tub. It looked like a kiddie swimming pool. Then he pulled the plug out and a bunch of stuff came running out. I think she came, 'cuz she screamed kinda loud around her gag and had a really weird look on her face.

I knew I was almost ready to cum. I looked around and saw several other people having sex near us and on the other stages. Some girls had two men, one was even trying to give blow jobs to three men, moving back and forth between them while another man was doing her from behind.

I knew I couldn't last much longer and came really hard on Daddy's cock. He was still hard, and hadn't cum yet. He just whispered for me to relax for a minute and he would cum later. He said he liked being inside of me.

After the girl finished pooping, the took her out of the stocks. She turned around and started to suck off the guy who had done that to her. He laughed and said something about her “thanking him” for letting her empty her bowels.

He came on her face. I mean he shot LOTS! She was wiping it with her fingers and licking it up after he finished. His thing was pretty thick and long. I don't know how she got it in her mouth, but she had managed to swallow it all.

He was still hard. She leaned over the open top of the stocks and begged him to take her. He said that since she was clean, he would take her “up the ass.” That cock would have ripped me in half! Daddy's hurt, and it wasn't close to being that big!

He did it, and she didn't even scream or anything. (oh yea, he had took the gag out for her to suck. Sorry, I didn't tell you that). She was moaning and whimpering and he was pounding away. I had started to move again on Daddy's cock.

“Lean over the chair in front of us, Angie,” he whispered to me.

I was so involved with the show, I just did it. He flipped my leather skirt over my back, and started pumping in and out of me. That felt so good. I was really wet from the show, and from having an orgasm a few minutes before. I looked around, and saw all the sex was still going on around us.

The guy on stage finally finished. He came inside her butt and I could see some of it running down her legs. She just stayed in the same position. The man asked if anyone else wanted to have his slave. Three men walked up on the stage from the audience. They took her from the stocks and one man laid on the table. She got on him, facing away from him. She let his cock go in her butt. I guess he didn't mind having his cock in there after the other guy just came.

Another man put his cock in her cunny, and she laid back and took the third man in her mouth. Daddy was really going to town on me and I could feel another orgasm building. As soon as he shot his hot cum inside my cunny, it set me off. I think I must have yelled or something 'cuz some people looked around at us.

I remembered what I was supposed to do, and turned around to clean Daddy's cock. He just smiled and told me I could put my panties back on. He said they would hold in his cum for now.

Before the night was over, we watched probably ten different acts come out on stage. The one I thought was the most weird, was when they had a girl who was kinda small (maybe even 11 or 12) and she took a dog! Imagine that! I gotta admit, it made me horny and wonder about doing that.

One man came up and asked Daddy if he could have me. Daddy just told him all I would do is suck him off. I wasn't ready to have any other men in my cunny yet. He just smiled and whipped it out. I knew what to do, so I started sucking it for him.

When he finished (and yes, I swallowed it), he patted me on the head and walked away. Daddy said he was proud of me for doing a good job. Even though I didn't really want any other guys for anything, it made me feel good to know someone was proud of me. Is that weird?

I think Daddy knew some of the men, and even some of the girls. There were a lot of them. The youngest was around 11, and the oldest maybe 15 or 16. One of the girls came up and asked Daddy if he wanted her tonight. She said she had really liked having him last time, and even though he had a girl tonight, she was available if he wanted her again.

I didn't really know what to think, but when he looked at me, I knew I didn't want to see him with another girl. OK, maybe a part of me did, but my heart didn't. Still, when she asked him, I felt a little tingle down there, so I waited to see what he would say.

“Angie, I have an idea. This is Carla. I want the two of you to work together and get me hard. Then, I'll tell you what to do next.”

Carla giggled and reached down for his cock. This was new for me, but I knew I wanted it again. She started to suck the tip and I was licking the shaft. Sometimes, our lips would meet, and that was strange, but I liked it.

Carla was wearing only a collar around her neck. Her boobies were small, maybe a 32a, and her cunny was smooth with puffy lips. Daddy told me later that her daddy had been doing stuff with her since she was 6. Wow! (that made me tingle too!).

When he was all hard, Daddy had her bend over in the floor. He told me to take off my panties and lay down in front of her and spread my legs. She grinned at him, and I did like he said. She started licking his cum from my cunny! That was weird to have a girl lick me there, but I came like 2 or 3 times!.

Daddy was pumping into her and I guess he came too. I couldn't really tell you. I think she came too, but the next thing I knew, a man (I found out later it was Carla's daddy) was standing there with his cock out. I started sucking him.

Before the night was over, I think I had sucked off like maybe a dozen men and have no idea how many times I came. I did let one man have my butt. Daddy said if I wanted to, I could do the 3-way. By this time, the rest of my dress was off and I was so lost in what was happening.

Some other girl had sucked Daddy again while I was sucking all the other men. He laid down like the man on stage. I was facing him and took him in my cunny.  A second man put it in my butt. A third man stepped up and I started to suck him. I felt so incredibly STUFFED! Every hole was full of a wonderful, hard cock! I was leaking so much cum by the time we all finished.

I also got my first taste of a girl that night. After Carla had been fucked, she laid down in front of me and I licked her clean. The cum tasted different mixed with a girl's juices, but it was still good. That's when I let one other man have my butt. He tried to put it in my cunny, but Daddy told him it was off limits. I was glad to hear that. I know it's weird. I mean, I was totally nude, licking a strange girl's cunny full of cum, and I was worried about who was putting their cock in me? Weird.

At the end of the night, Daddy asked if I wanted to be in the grand finale with Carla and two other girls. I asked what I had to do, and he said just sit there on my knees.

We all got on stage and knelt down in a big plastic pool. All the men stood around in front of us. They would move from one girl to the next. Carla said we could suck them or give them hand jobs til they moved on.

Of course, I sucked Daddy when he was in front of me. Who am I kidding? I sucked every cock that stopped! All the other girls were too! The youngest girl on the stage I found out later was 11. The oldest girl was 15. They had all been coming here with their daddy for a while.

When the men were ready to cum, they started spraying us. We were all covered in cum by the time it was finished. I had no idea how I would get back out to the motor home, but Carla told me that was taken care of too. All of us girls got to take a shower together. Oh yeah, that was after we had licked cum from each other!

When we finished in the shower, we walked back out to the men waiting on us. They were holding our clothes and we all got dressed. Carla and I promised to stay in touch and we left. Daddy had his arm around me when we walked back to the motor home. He said if I wanted, Carla could come with us for a couple of days. I looked up when he said that, still unsure about sharing him, but liked the idea.

“Really? She could do that?”

“Yep. Her dad told me he has to go out of town on some business and he can't take her. He was trying to find some place for her to stay. I told him our situation, and he said if it was OK, he wouldn't worry about her being with us.”

I gave him a hug for asking me first, then ran to find Carla. Somehow, I knew this was going to be a really fun trip!


After we left the club, Daddy just drove to a RV park and went outside to hook everything up. Carla and I were giggling like we were having a sleepover, which in a way, I guess we were. She told me about how her mom had left when she was little, and her dad had raised her. Her dad had started touching her when he would bathe her, and around the time she was six, she started noticing his cock getting hard. One thing led to another, and she started trying oral on him.

I told her about my life, and how I came to be with Daddy. She knew him from the club, and really liked him. She said she didn't let a lot of guys have her cunny, but he was one of the few. Her daddy knew he was a nice guy, and that's why he let her come with us tonight.

What I didn't know, was that Daddy used to have a daughter. Carla told me some stuff about him. She said his daughter was killed by a drunk driver not long ago. He had raised her alone after his wife had left him .They had started playing around when she was young. I was so sad for him that when he came back inside, I just gave him a big hug and started crying. When he asked what was wrong, I just told him I loved him and was really happy to be with him. He just hugged me back and said he loved me, too.

After the night at the club, we were all pretty tired. We got undressed and climbed into the big bed together. Daddy was in the middle with us on either side. Our legs were draped across him, and we each had a hand on his cock. It was so small after the workout tonight, but he assured us that he would be ready for us tomorrow!

I woke up the next morning to feel Carla's hair on my hand. She was giving Daddy a blow job. He looked at me and smiled. I moved up in the bed to give him a really passionate (at least I thought so. What did I know? I hadn't done that much kissing before my time with him) kiss. He seemed to like it because he kissed me back and started hugging me really close. His hand moved over my butt and his long fingers found my slit. I couldn't help but moan when one slipped inside me.

He pulled away from me, his finger still buried deep. He pulled Carla away from his now very erect cock. When he slid down in the bed, Carla climbed over him and settled down on that cock, letting it disappear inside of her small body. I just looked at him, and he motioned  for me to climb on.

I loved how he made me feel when he went down on me, so I wasted no time moving over his face. His tongue found the spot where his finger had just left. I started grinding my hips, forcing my cunny over his mouth. His hands moved up to find my boobies, then I realized only one was on me. I looked back to see Carla riding his cock, with his other hand massaging her little 32a's.

I suddenly had an idea. I stood up and turned around. When I sat back down, I was facing Carla. She just smiled and pulled me to her for a big kiss. Daddy's tongue found the spot again, and he started working on me. I think I came two or three times with his tongue in my cunny and Carla's tongue in my mouth! She rode herself to an orgasm, but Daddy still hadn't finished.

We switched places and I started riding him. Carla was letting him drink all her cum juices while I came again. This time, he rewarded me with his load of man-juice. That made me cum again!

Just like he taught me to do, I got off and started cleaning him up. Carla got behind me and started licking his cum out of my cunny. You guessed it, I came again!

Daddy left us and got in the shower. He said it wasn't big enough for three. When he finished, we got in, and he started making breakfast. By the time we finished in the shower, he had everything ready for us. Of course, we all ate in the nude, so that was interesting too, especially when one of  us dropped some jelly!

After breakfast, Daddy went outside to disconnect everything and we cleaned up inside. When he came back in, he asked me if I had told Carla the rules about how to dress. I just giggled when she looked at me.

“When Daddy is driving and I'm sitting up front, all I can wear is a top. Nothing else. No bra or panties and no pants. I can only get dressed when we stop, and then I have to wear what he tells me. Are you good with that?”

Another giggle followed by a lot of head nodding. “I usually don't wear anything around the house. I like being naked.”

“Daddy? If we stay away from the front, can we just stay naked?” I asked him.

He laughed and said, “Sure, but it'll be tough to drive thinking about both of you being naked back there.”

He walked to the back and came out with a couple of things that looked like cocks. He said they were small vibrators and we could play with them if we got bored. Really? Something told me we wouldn't be on the road long before he would be stopping to join us!


The end of Chapter 3



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