Part 2

By E.A. Grant

(Mg, ped, 1st, cons, oral)

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This is a continuation of the story...  Following is the last few sentences of Part 1:

Jimmy pulled her into his arms and kissed her again.  "That was a super blowjob, sweetheart.  Now you are an expert cock sucker."  Kissing her on her spermy lips, he tasted his own slippery cum and lapped the cum from her in her mouth and lips.   "I think we are going to be doing that a lot, sweetie.  Would you like that?”

“Uh huh,” she nodded with a smile. 

Jimmy smiled back thinking, ‘Thank you, Danny.  She’s a nice little slut and I am going enjoy having her as my personal little whore.  Just like you did, Dad.’

The two of them sexually sated, cuddled together, Rachel's sweet round ass pressing against his cock.  In only a few minutes they were asleep.

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Sometime during the night Jimmy woke.  Horny as hell with a full raging hard-on he moved the sheet off of them.  In the near total dark he could see the silhouette of his new very young bed mate.  In the shadows it was hard to remember that Rachel was not yet twelve years old.  The soft curve of her full female hip, the outline of her ass, and the dark inviting shadow that separated her butt cheeks, would make one think of a mature female.  Rachel had moved away from him while they both slept so now he put an arm around her and pulled her back the several inches with her ass again nestled tightly against his hard cock.

Her hair had dried and spread out full and soft over her shoulders.  Even in the low light the only clearly discernable color was the red highlights of her hair. The shampoo she had used had left a faint floral aroma in her hair he had not noticed before. As Jimmy nuzzled the silk like hair his belly thrilled at the promise her body held.  His cock, on fire at the first touch of her bare ass, was ready to explode.  Jimmy wiggled into the perfect position and slid his cock between her thighs, while his hands moved under her night shirt searching out her puffy swollen nipples. Jimmy's thumb and forefinger found their target and he began to slowly pinch and rotate the firm erect nipples.

Jimmy wasn't surprised to find that her pussy was still wet from his tongue fucking so willingly performed and willingly accepted only a few short hours before.  He lifted her leg just a little to get his cock into the perfect position, then let her thigh back down to surround his cock.  In and out, his cock moved between her legs, in a slow fucking motion he began by moving slowly, but as his cock became coated with more and more of her slick feminine juices he moved faster.  Fingers busy with her nipples, he kissed her tender neck, licking her young neck, and pushing faster and faster against her chubby perfect ass.  The head of his cock pushed all the way through her closed thighs appearing for a moment on her front just below her clit, then retreated back in as he began another stroke.  Her clit was being stimulated as his throbbing cock rubbed past it and it wasn't long before he felt her begin to swivel her hips and pressing back against his belly with her fat little ass. She squeezed as tightly as possible with her thighs against his cock.     

‘Is she awake now?' he wondered.  Was his fat cock sliding between her thighs stimulating her?  The thought pleased him.  Only a few more strokes and he would be cumming, shooting hot sticky cum onto the sheet in front of her and between her thighs.

He caught some of it in his hand and rubbed the warm cum over her hairless mound and then over her swollen cunt lips as well as her neglected protruding clit.

With her still in his arms he drifted back to sleep, his semi-hard cock happily trapped between her legs.  Relaxed and happy, but still not knowing if she had been a willing partner or not in the special-masturbation, Jimmy grinned, pulled her still closer and went back to sleep.


For the second day (day three of the accommodation), it was the smell of coffee that woke Jimmy.  With a big smile he walked into the kitchen nude, his cock soft but as happy, presumably, as he was.  Rachel's smiling face was there to greet him. It pleased him immeasurably that the smile was the only thing the girl wore.

"Good morning, Rachel," he greeted while catching her from behind and feeling her firm young girl ass. He kissed the back of her neck and said, "I really enjoyed you last night.  Did you like what I did to you sweet Baby?" Pushing her red hair aside, he kissed her neck again.

"Good morning, Mr. Jimmy... I mean Uncle Jimmy.  Oh, ya that was fun.  My daddy never did that... you know, put his mouth down there, like you did.” She grinned up at him, “That was nice." She handed him his cup of black coffee and sat down next to him.

More and more now he was beginning to understand that she was certainly more experienced sexually than any eleven year old he had ever heard of. Her father must have started her very young.  Thinking about her dad Jimmy thought, ‘Nice to know that the looser could do one thing right.

"Did you like what I did to you?” she asked with knowing smile.  “I bet you did…. sucking you, I mean.” She was wiggling in her seat evidently moving to a tune in her head, “men always like that.  You said that yourself. I was just kidding about it being ‘yucky’. I'll do it again if you want me to. I did it for one of Daddy’s friends once, but Dad didn’t know. It was a secret." She seemed very proud of herself and her talent with her mouth. Then standing she did a very young girl thing and pushing herself up, sat on the kitchen counter and pulling her legs in tight underneath  herself  in yoga style.

Moving from the table Jimmy grinned and taking a sip of coffee, sat down on a stool. The sun shining through the window in back of her lit up her red hair in the wildest way. He loved the look. "Yeah, I want to do it again and we will.  When I get home we can do the whole thing all over, but first I have to go to work and make a living.  I have to be at the bar by two."

She looked at him realizing for the first time he wouldn’t be around every minute of every day. “What do you do? Steal or sell drugs like my Dad or something?”

“No, not quite Sweetie. I’m a bartender at a bar over near the Hilton hotel. Lots of well-heeled guys come in every day and night …lots at night.”  He didn’t say that he sold more than beer and whisky. He had a very profitable numbers business going. 

Jimmy looked at the clock, it was twelve-thirty.  "I should be home by eleven or so.  Will you be O.K. all day alone?  Tomorrow you'll be back in school."

"Ya, I'll be fine.  How far away is it, Uncle Jimmy?  Is it far?"

"What the bar? No, not really, over on Sixteenth close to Monroe.  It's a titty bar, the ‘China Star’ a Topless Club.  You’re too young to go in.  But I'll take you in some day anyway.  That's where I met your dad." Suddenly Jimmy, remembered Danny… Dead Danny… Dead Danny, father of Rachel, Danny. Shit! That was some bad news he had to give to Rachel, but not yet, not today.

He held out his arms and she jumped into them. He lifted her onto his lap and between sips, kissed her and felt her tiny tits.  He felt her nipples get hard under his touch and when he looked down at her bare, practically bald cunt, he could see the dried cum from his late night adventure while she slept.  She saw him looking at the thin silvery crust and smiled, she had been awake of course.

"I think I had a visitor while I was sleeping, Uncle Jimmy.  I wonder who it could have been?" Rachel giggled and added, "I know it was you.  You like to do it to little girls don't you, you bad boy?" She giggled again. "I think I was a little awake.  I kind of remember it." It was her turn to kiss Jimmy with a long open mouthed kiss.

"You are a little cock teaser with kisses like that, Rachel.  Are you still going to be my little whore, sweetheart?"

"Yep! I'm going to be Uncle Jimmy's whore," she responded with a giggly smile and happy face.

Five minutes later Jimmy was in the shower, enjoying the hot water and thinking about the night before and the great blow job he had received from Rachel.  Facing the hot water, he could feel himself getting hard.  He closed his eyes recalling the hot little cunt as she alternately jacked his cock and sucked him.  Then he felt her arms come around him and her small hands find his cock.  Not at all surprised that she was there, he just accepted the pleasure of her small hands.

"Oh fuck, Rachel.  You have the smoothest fucking little hands, baby.  That feels great...  more than great... wonderful.  Just keep doing what you’re doing, honey." His cock, half-hard as he imagined her before she joined him, now instantly came to attention.  In seconds it was fully hard.  It took two of her little girl hands to surround his thick cock, the little finger slipped over his soapy cock with a determined rhythm.  Rachel's mission was to set him on fire and make him cum quickly so he could go to work.

In back of him, as she was, she loved the feeling of his ass against her belly.  His huge cock that she only feel but not see, felt gigantic in her soapy hands. `How,’ she wondered, ‘would I ever be able to let him put that big thing in me’, like she very much wanted him to.  Surly it wouldn't fit into her (almost) twelve year old pussy.  Would it?'

Her Daddy had never actually fucked her.  He had just put his fingers into her and made her suck his cock.  One night a long time ago Danny had come home drunk and tried to fuck her, but gave up because he couldn’t get his semi-hard cock into her. Then he had passed out and never tried again. But that was over a year ago and ever since, he had just wanted her to get him hard (not always easy), and to suck him or jerk him off.  She didn’t mind because (if she got him hard) he came off quickly and went to sleep. But he never tried to satisfy her, so she would do herself. Uncle Jimmy was different. He was more fun. Besides her dad, she had sucked off her dad’s friend and also a man that she met twice in the park. He gave her five dollars to suck him in the bushes, but then he had disappeared.       

She felt jimmy’s cock start to strain and pulse ready to cum. She knew a lot about jacking off a man. Jimmy felt his cock ready to explode and all of a sudden, he wanted more. Her mouth… he wanted her mouth again.  Turning quickly, he surprised her.

"Suck me you little whore… suck me while I’m cumming." He grabbed fist full of her red locks and pushed her down…harder than he meant to.  

Rachel dropped to her knees and without a word took his cock, now rinsed clear of soap, into her mouth, this time knowing what to expect. The purple-red glans seemed swollen to the point of rupture.  Her tongue ran back and forth over it as it slid into her willing mouth. She had quickly learned to enjoy the different texture of Jimmy’s plum-sized cock head. Her soapy fingers could feel the bulging veins standing out on the sides of his cock as she jacked him.  

Closing her eyes, she sank into a whirlpool of sexual feelings swirling around her brain.  The sensations had invaded her body like lost friends.  Her body belonged to the sensations now, no longer hers to control as she might have liked. She only wished to keep his cock in her mouth to Rachel’s delight, her lips surrounded his throbbing manhood.

Almost out of control for the want of a thrilling climax, Jimmy grabbed fists full of her long, wet, red hair and pushed his cock into her throat.  Pushing her against the tile at the back of the shower, he fucked Rachael’s face for several strokes.  Then he let go; the dam burst and he released a full load of cum deep into her little girl throat and mouth. 

Cum filled her mouth as she struggled to swallow what she could.  Her eyes grew large and looked up at him hopping he had finished so that she could breathe. Some amount of the silvery, pearl gray cum slid from the corners of her mouth and was washed away, a thin line ran from her nostrils, but most of the slippery seed went into her stomach.

Rachel had learned from experience with her Dad how to breathe between strokes and she did while Jimmy came and came and came, flooding her and at the end preventing her from breathing at all.  She held her breath as his fat cock slid in and out of her mouth/throat; sucked on his spurting cock and waited.

"Oh you delicious fucking little whore... fucking whore... fucking bitch ... Damn, I love this !  Suck my cock!  Suck!  Suck!    I love my little whore… We are both whores... Suck it, baby.  Suck it!"

Finished and suddenly feeling weak, Jimmy pulled his still drooling cock from Rachel's mouth and dropped to his knees, the water beating on his back.  He kissed her, his tongue filling the spermy mouth his cock had just left.  Their tongues twisted together, Jimmy could feel and taste his own slippery, salty cum.  Jimmy slid a finger into her cunt and pumped her extra hard.  Rachel spread her thighs apart, then he pushed in two fingers.

"Oh, damn… you fucking little slut," he mumbled between kisses. "You really love this don’t you, baby?”

"Ummmmmmm" she murmured. Moments later, while Jimmy twisted and pulled on Rachel's nipples and finger fucked her pussy; she came in a fit of shuttering and trembling.


After their shower, Jimmy left for work.  It was almost 1:30 when he left. Rachel would spend the day alone.  She really didn't care.  It was kind of fun in the new apartment, and she did tons of exploring.  She found Jimmy's hiding place for his money and as she had guessed he had lied to her dad, but hell, she would have too. She felt certain that her dad was in her past now … him and his limp cock. 

Like her dad had taught her, you never hide money in the kitchen or the bed room.  That's where thieves would look first.  And of course he would know.  Jimmy's not thin bundles of hundreds Rachel found forced between the springs in his couch. ‘All in all, a good place,’ she thought.  She also found a box of 38 caliber cartridges, but no gun. ‘So he must have it with him.’ She licked one of the bullets and thought about lapping Jimmy’s fat hard cock. She could feel her pussy getting wet.

Exploring finished, the young woman made herself some late lunch and then lay down on Jimmy's bed to watch TV.  Thinking about the night before and this morning in the shower got Rachel hot again and soon she had another sex video on the set.  One hand went between her legs while the other pulled alternately with her own nipples.  She had been long using three, sometimes four of her skinny eleven year old finger in her wet hot love hole.  She almost wished her dad had fucked her so she wouldn't be so worried now about what she knew was coming, fucking Uncle Jimmy’s big cock.

As she viewed the fucking and sucking on the screen, she soon began to climax.  With her eyes closed she pictured herself lying under Uncle Jimmy, his cock imbedded in her, filling her to the bursting point.  Soon her body lit up with thrilling feeling she hoped she would never get use to.  Like a volcano that continues to rumble after it has exploded, her body enjoyed the aftershocks of her climax.  She softly  sucked on her own fingers slick with her own little girl pussy juices as she drifted into a warm, comfortable nap.

When she woke hungry, she re-heated some of the left over pizza, and watched movies for the evening, falling asleep around nine and not waking again until she felt his lips on her large, puffy nipples.

Mmmmmm...  Uncle Jimmy, I missed you,” the young girl cooed.  “That feels really nice.”  She cuddled closer running her fingers into his hair.  Then she realized he was nude, his hard cock against her thigh felt like a hot smooth club.  Her body reacted.  Rachel's thighs separated, her breathing came more quickly, and she could feel the moisture in her young girl slit.

Jimmy's mouth moved from her nipples to her mouth.  Rachel accepted his tongue willingly and hers met his with enthusiastic twist and turns. Jimmy's hand went between her legs, moving over her bald mound and dipping into her wet pussy, slipping inside her little cunt with ease. 

He was surprised that a girl that young should be so wet, but whatever the reason, he quickly increased the intrusion to two fingers.  He bit at her lips and then her ear lobes, kissing and lapping down her neck before returning to her sweet mouth.  With one hand holding tight in her flaming red hair, his lips mashed into her diminutive lips as his tongue drove deep into her welcoming mouth.   

"I really want you, Rachel,” he hissed.  “I thought of nothing but you all fucking day.  I want to make grown-up love to you, baby.  My cock can make you feel really good.  I want to do it to you, Rachel.” He could smell her young cunt now and new one way or another he was going to fuck her. He would tie her to the bed and rape her if he had to. “ Can I do it to you, baby?  Can I fuck your sweet pussy?” 

"Yes, Uncle Jimmy.  I want you to.  I want to make you feel good.  But, can you do it slow, so it won't hurt?  I'm… I’m a little scared."

"I'll be very careful, love,” he reassured.  He kissed her adding, “Just tell me if it hurts too much and I'll go slower." ‘Slower, but not stop,’ he thought. He was going to fuck this kid right now right here whether she wanted to be fucked or not, but having her willing… that was better, much better. He had a hard-on for her since this morning.

Not wanting to give her a chance to reconsider, Jimmy moved between Rachel`s thighs, and bent down.  He lifted her ass into the air a few inches and began to suck her sweet little girl cunt. Jimmy guessed she only weighed seventy pounds or so, so lifting her ass up was really nothing.  Her legs showed only the beginning of female form and were very skinny; little more than sticks. Her arms too were little girl arms and her chest had only the beginning of ‘cup cake’ size tits.   Using his tongue to separate her now swollen pussy lips, Jimmy pushed his tongue into her pussy hole as deep possible.  She tasted like warm honey to him and he found her oh, so juicy; juicy to the point that her cunt sauce dripped off his chin.  Juicy to the point that still more girly juice trickled in a stream further over her tiny asshole and dripped onto the bed forming a large gray stain.

Once he was certain that she was aroused to point that she wouldn’t refuse him he lifted himself above her petite body.  "Okay, sweetheart, you'll have to hold your legs open while I put my cock into you.  Just grab your legs behind your knees, honey, then spread your legs open and pull them back toward your chest."

Paying close attention, Rachel did just as she was told.  She looked down at Jimmy's cock, it looked so impossibly big. A mixture of fear, thrill and mystery filled her, excited her and finally made her feel like she was surrendering. She was.  Rachel felt like she was at his mercy and whatever he wanted, he was going to have.  She kind of liked the feeling of dependence on the will of another.

"Your thing looks so big, Uncle Jimmy.  Please don't hurt me."

“I’ll do everything I can not to hurt you, love.  Just relax Love because you’re gonna get fucked.”

He loved what he was looking at. She had done just as he had asked and was holding her legs open for him. He pushed a pillow under her hips and stroking his cock, he looked at her. It was one of the most erotic sights he had ever seen, he thought. Of course there was no getting around the fact that she was a pre-teen, her small skinny body, the thin limbs and her baby young girl face made her age obvious. ‘Maybe,’ he thought, ‘that’s what so exciting.’ The way she had lifted and separated her legs made her hairless cunt a irresistibly desirable target. 

"I'll do just as I said, Rachel.  Just tell me and I'll stop and go slower.” 

On his knees between her legs, Jimmy never took his eyes off her pretty sopping wet, little cunt. With her holding her legs open and spread, she was more than simply inviting his assault, but begging for it.    

His seeping and swollen glans was the instrument of sweet torture, poised and waiting. Jimmy spit into the palm of his hand, then rubbed the spit over the head of his cock to aid his natural lubricant, Slowly he spread open her swollen outer lips with his thumb and forefinger, opening her up as he pushed his cock head easily inside her about an inch.  That was the easy part. 

She moaned as he moved his cock up and down making hot contact with her clit, embolden him to do her. With her eyes now closed, Rachel bit her lip and promised herself that she wouldn't say a thing unless she absolutely had to.  Then she felt his fat cock head enter her... not far but just enough for her to feel his great girth.

Jimmy applied constant slow pressure as he pressed into her virginal canal.  It seemed to be stretching to accommodate the adult male cock entering her eleven, almost twelve, year old body.

Jimmy also closed his eyes now.  He savored the fantastic feeling of his cock as it ventured into Rachel's very tight cunt.  Fraction by fraction, her cunt stretched and his cock moved forward.  She was so tight that he began to think he was going to cum before he even began to stroke her.  For some reason, he was expecting to hit her maidenhood, but it had been ripped away years ago by her father’s fingers.  Still he was stopped.  Not by a flimsy barrier stretched across the canal, but by the tightness of her immature cunt tube.  But to Jimmy, it was her hymen. He pushed against it for a moment then pulled his slick cock out of her an inch or so and quickly, violently thrust his big cock forward.  The canal opened in surrender.

It made her feel so full, that his cock felt like his arm.  She could feel the sweat form on her forehead and upper lip.  She lapped it from her upper lip and waited.  She felt so strange, neither good nor bad, just strange. Then she felt him hit her barrier.  Tense and apprehensive, her finger nails dug into his side as she waited for the terrible piercing pain she knew would come in seconds. Rachel felt him draw back then drive quickly into her.  She felt almost nothing expect the air being forced from her lungs.  The smallest of sharp pains... no worse than having a flu shot, then it was over.

"Oh Jesus, mother and God," he moaned out loud.  "That's it, sweetheart.  Now you're a woman.  It didn't hurt too much did it?”

She gasped in air relieved that it was over, but more aware than before that she was impaled on his long fleshy sword “It didn't hurt much at all," she whispered almost breathlessly. With her tiny body stuffed with a man’s cock that was all she could say at the moment.  Rachel's mouth and lips were dry, she was drifting into a new sexual world of flashing lights and total pleasure a total sexual euphoria only sex can bring. “Please, please…Just keep fucking me Uncle Jimmy fuck me a lot please.”  She didn't care what happened now.  She just didn't want the incredible feeling in her belly to end or go away, ever.

With his cock almost all the way into the little girl, Jimmy spoke softly to her one more time.  "Let go of your legs now, Rachel.  Wrap your legs around me and dig your finger nails into my ass."

Jimmy began the in and out pulsing of adult fucking.  She seemed to be a little more accepting…more relaxed with each thrust.  Now, too late, he realized he was too close to ejaculation to be able to control it.

"Oh, Uncle Jimmy. I love the feeling of you inside me.”  Rachel with her legs wrapped tightly  around Jimmy's waist was pushing very hard into him.  “Fuck me more... Please, please fuck me harder, harder. I love the feeling of your cock, Jimmy.  I really do...  Honest."

Fireworks went off in Jimmy's head. Jimmy grabbed two fists full of Rachel's hair and pulled her down hard onto his cock, holding her there while as he began filling her young cunt with his hot cum. Before he was spent, he began moving again as he continued to fuck the young girl, plowing into her time after time.  He buried his face in Rachel's red hair then began to suck, kiss and bite her as he flooded her newly opened cunt.  His own cum began to help lubricate his cock as he slowed down but continued to fuck the girl. 

Rachel's small body all but disappeared under Jimmy's when he lay down on top of her.  The top of her head inches below his chin when he stretched forward. His hairy chest in her face.

Their sweating bodies seemed to melt together as they kissed in a grand finale.  Then it was over.  Breathing deeply, Jimmy rolled off her to catch his breath.  His now soft cock had popped out of her momentarily satisfied but useless.

"That was fucking incredible, Rachel," Jimmy said as he stared at the ceiling, wiped sweat from his face with one hand and held her hand tightly with the other.

Rachel was relieved to get the weight off her, so she could finally take a deep breath. But now that she was empty, she was also disappointed that the grown up cock was gone from her hole.  She moistened her lips and said to Jimmy, “Can we do it again?”

"Let's rest for moment,” he replied still nearly breathless from his fabulous orgasmic high.  “Then, yes… we’ll do it again."

Fondling his wet limp organ, Rachel smile mischievously and asked, “Would it help if I sucked you?”

Jimmy was stunned by the offer.  Most of the whores who worked at the China Star would blanch at the prospect of sucking a cock, fresh from their pussy, still oozing semen and wet with a slimy mixture of pussy juice and cock sauce, but not Rachel.  He never really had the chance to answer as she went down on him immediately, not waiting for his answer. 

His eyes were tightly closed while the young girl began scouring the fuck juices from his soft cock with her tongue and coaxing the large cock into a renewed erection.   “You are a perfect young girl slut… Uncle Jimmy’s fucking little whore,”  he hissed.


To Be Continued in Part 3

In Part 3, Jimmy discovers just how willing his pre-teen bed partner is.

Link to PART 3


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