By Lasiter

(mmg, oral, anal, MMg, exhib, inc)

A surprise awaits a single dad when he finds lewd things on his son's computer...

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There was a loud explosion just outside my office window. Simultaneously the building lost power.  Looking out the window I could see a cloud of smoke rising from the electric relay station just down the block.  Whatever happened, it didn't look promising for getting the power back on anytime soon, so I packed up my briefcase and went home.

I don't know why I lug my briefcase back and forth between the office and the house, as I never do any work when I do get home.  Who has the time? Work already consumes most of my waking hours and I have other obligations,  such as to my kid, Chad. Like most teenagers, Chad is prone getting into stuff when unsupervised and a responsible parent must always be vigilant!

Let me tell you, single dads have it just as tough as single moms.  First you have the kid(s)... as your number one responsibility.  Then you have to make a living and provide for your kid(s), cook, do the laundry and clean (maybe not so much with the cleaning) all of which leaves precious little time for hanging out at tittie bars with a naked young honey gyrating in your lap, going fishing with your buddies, going to baseball games and the like.  Actually with just Chad, it's actually quite easy most days... go fishing, bring him along; go camping, he's always ready; take in a ball game, he's game too...  tittie bars, that will have to wait a few years.  In fact about the only time I don't include Chad is when I'm at Ramona's Roadhouse getting a BJ out in the back parking lot, but I've always looked forward to taking him to Ramona's on his eighteenth birthday.

Now Rob, who lives next door with his two kids, has it a lot rougher.  He's got a boy, Brad, thirteen, who's Chad's age and his best buddy plus a younger daughter, Sissy who is ten going on eighteen.  Let me tell you, that Sissy is a real cutie in her little bikini out by the pool;  it's a wonder Rob allows it, but the big lug is putty in her hands.

Rob and I take turns watching out for the kids so that we can both have a life.  Chad's pretty easy to keep track of, as he's always with Brad, and vice versa.  Locate one of the boys and you've found them both.  You've most likely also found Sissy too, as the boys let her hang out with them despite the age difference.  All in all, the three are good friends and good kids... never have to worry about them.  That is until I came home early from the office.

As I drove home, I wondered what would be the best way to spend my unexpected free time.  Clean the house? Lord knows it needed it, but fuck that shit.  Fold up the laundry that's accumulated in the clean clothes basket?  Why bother, both Chad and I just root around in there whenever we need clean socks, drawers, towels, whatever... it works.  Watch TV?  No way!  Watch some porn?  Yeah way!  That's it; I'd get online, get naked and whack off until my dick got sore. I had a plan.

But once I was home alone at 10:30 AM, I realized that I had an opportunity to do something that I'd been meaning to do for months... Check up on Chad and see what he's been looking at on his computer.  It's the responsible thing for a parent to do.  Right?  Right!

So I changed into something more comfortable than my work duds, and headed into Chad's room.  What a fucking disaster!  I made a mental note that I'd have to force him to clean the place up.  If nothing else, it was a safety issue!

I cleared enough crap out of the way that I could actually use his computer and logged on using my Administrator privileges.  That was a trick in itself as I'd only done that when we first set up his machine.  After a few tries with using my standard passwords, I gained access easily enough.

First I opened his browser and checked his history.  A long list of porn sites appeared, which didn't make me too happy.  But as I examined the names, I realized that they were for the most part the same hardcore sites I visited, sites like Anally Yours, Jurassic Cock, as well as incest sites like Little Sis.  As disturbing as that was, the realization that they were all the pay sites that I subscribed to made it all the worse.  The little bastard had hacked my computer!  I thought of what I should do with him when he got home from school later in the day; ground him for a week?  Take away his computer?  Lot of good any of that would do... he was just doing what I do, following my example.  Maybe I should just hook up the 52 inch HDTV to the internet and watch porn with him.  Better that than being a hypocrite.

Now that I knew what he'd been viewing, I decided to see what he might have kept.  Methodically I began opening folders.  In a minute's time I hit pay dirt, and dirt it was.  After just a few minutes of viewing his saved pics, my cock was leaking like an old faucet.  Damn, my kid was as twisted as me.

Half an hour or so later, I opened a folder within a folder.  Holy shit!  There before my eyes were pictures of Brad's little sister; naked pictures of ten year old Sissy; naked pictures of Sissy doing things that a girl her age shouldn't be doing... sucking cock... sucking her brother's cock... sucking my son's cock... sucking other boys' cocks.  No wonder the boys let her hang out with them!  Given similar circumstances, so would I! Then there were pics of her fucking and/or being fucked, by her brother and by my Chad.  I damned near ruined his keyboard.  Then I found some video clips.... holy smokes!  The video clips were revealing as Sissy showed no reluctance to being mounted and then mounted again. It put a whole new meaning to the term, child's play.

By lunch time I was in a real quandary.  What, if anything, should I do?  Rob was my best buddy and my lifeline to sanity as I was to him.  How could I tell him that our boys were screwing his little girl?  How could I not tell him?  Easy, all I had to do was to play dumb, and not let on to Chad or anyone else that I had seen what I'd seen or knew what I knew.  Hmmmm, perhaps I should get a copy of those files for safe keeping, not to mention late night viewing.  Then every so often, I could check Chad's computer for any updates...

I went back and reviewed all the lurid fuck videos.  Who was I kidding? I wasn't just reviewing, I was savoring every thrust into that little girl's happy cunt.  But the best were definitely the really dirty ones, the ones where the boys used her ass too.

It was getting close to three o'clock.  Chad would be home in forty minutes or so.  Why should I settle on just watching low quality video clips of the kids fucking?  Why not get the real thing, live in my living room?  I'd simply make my home available for their fornication activities.  And if I just so happened to be home and watched... Obviously I wasn't thinking very clearly when I thought up that course of action.

I quickly downloaded Chad's files to a flash drive and then printed out a few revealing photos, photos no father should ever see of his children.  Three forty came and went.  Four o'clock and still no Chad.  Four thirty and Chad and Brad burst into the house laughing and making all sorts of racket.  They were both genuinely surprised to see me home so early.

"Boys, I think we need to talk," I began.

"Just a minute, Dad, I want to show Brad this cool move on Dungeons and Dragons."

"No!  Sit down.  Both of you, sit down right now!"

It showed on their faces that both boys knew that something serious was up.  They sat and I took my time to increase their anxiety. 

"There was a power failure at work today, so I came home early," I began again.

"That's cool, Dad!" my son enthused. 

With a nod of my head towards the bedrooms I added, "My computer is screwed up..."

"You want Mr. Rob to look at it?"

"No, Chad, now just shut and listen," I said sternly with my jaw set. 

"So I used your computer, Chad."  Hey, what's little white lie when you're about to make a major point.  The look on his face was telling. "I found some very interesting things on your computer, Chad.  Very interesting indeed."

"Uh, like what, Dad?"

"Like these," I replied as I laid out several  8 1/2 by 11 prints of underage incestuous/three way sex acts.  The boys were averting my gaze.  Chad seemed to be the most worried, while Brad seemed to be rather unconcerned.  "I also found several videos of you two with Sissy.  Hardcore stuff."

"Wha, what are you going to do, Dad?"

"That depends what you guys want to do.  From watching the videos, it's seems clear to me that you boys are not forcing yourselves upon Sissy and Sissy appears to be enjoying it as much you guys."

"Oh, she does like it, Dad!  Honest!  Heck, we wouldn't do anything she didn't want to do."

"Now here's what I suggest.  I don't want to show these to your dad, Brad, so if Sissy is willing..."

"Willing?  Willing to do what, Dad?"

"Come over here and dance naked for me.  Then you guys, Sissy included,  can fuck in this house all you want, whenever you want.  Deal?"

"Deal, Mr. John," replied Brad.  It was the first words he'd spoken.

"Then go discuss this with your sister.  If she's agreeable, then it's a deal.  Okay?"

"Yeah! Okay, Dad!  She'll do it!" exclaimed my eager teenage boy.

Chad turned to Brad and said, "Com'on, let's go get Sissy!"  Within seconds the two boys were out the door. 

I sat and waited with vivid visions of the naked ten year old girl, cute as could be, wiggling her bare ass for me, and it was a very cute ass I might add.  It was hard not to stare at her around my pool.  Her butt was exceptional, nice and round, a good two handfuls.  The tiny bikini bottoms she wore emphasized it with half her cheeks exposed and the thin material always rode up her ass crack. And the thin little top... one had to wonder if her puffy mounds were proto-tits or just big nipples.  Damn, what a salacious spectacle... and all the while with her father sitting next to me, drinking his beer, apparently oblivious to his young daughter's appearance and what it was doing to my suppressed libido.

With my imagination running wild, I sat and waited.  Mental pictures filled my head of little four foot eleven Sissy, her curly blonde hair cascading to the floor, laid out on the ottoman mere inches from me while the boys rutted with her... of her on her knees, sucking their dicks... of her brother driving his cock up her ass.  I was one crazed pervert when I heard the knock on the front door.  Sissy!

Springing to my feet, I rushed to the door and opened it partially. With a hard shove, the door flew open, pushing me backwards as Rob, the girl's father, pushed his way inside.  This was not who I was expecting.  Now Rob is a big man who takes care of himself.  He was dressed to go out on his daily five mile run, shirtless, wearing a pair of running shorts and shoes, his buff tattooed body bulging with muscles.

"So, is it true, John?" he growled.  "You want my little girl to come over here and dance naked for you?"  What does one say to an opener like that?  "Hell, I should have figured that.  What with the way you ogle her ass and strip her naked with your eyes when she's over swimming." 

He noticed?  Crap! 'Oh, fuck,' I thought to myself. 'He's going to kill me.' With biceps as big as my calves, he could easily do it with his bare hands.

"Is that all you want, John?" he asked with a glare that sent shivers down my spine. "Just to have her dance naked for you?" There was an awkward pause. How could I answer him? Should I even try?  I kept my mouth shut.  "Damn! After all the time and money I've spent over the years taking her to dancing lessons, and you want her to dance, dance naked for you?"

"Uh, Rob, I... uh..." 

The gruff look faded and a friendly smile spread across his face. "Relax, John.  We're friends, good friends," he continued.  "Have been for years and I hope, good friends for years to come. If that's what you wanted, hell, why didn't you just ask me?  She loves to dance."

The front door opened and little Sissy walked into the house.  Her father turned to her and said, "Did you bring your dance music, Baby?"

"Yes, Daddy," she replied while casting me a knowing look.

Rob took a seat on my sofa and directed me to sit by him while Sissy set up her portable CD player.  "Mr. John wants to see you dance naked, Baby.  So just dance like you do for Daddy."  I couldn't believe my ears, but a moment later a throbbing dance tune popular in seedy strip joints filled the room and Sissy began to move to the music.  She kicked off her flip-flops and really began to dance, wiggling and shaking her ass, making all the suggestive moves so popular these days. 

When she pulled her top over her head and wiggled about shirtless, I knew I wasn't dreaming.  She was going to strip, for me and for her grinning daddy.  For such a young and petite little girl, she had prominent nipples, meaty pink nipples that a man could feast upon.

She unsnapped and unzipped her short-shorts.  For a moment, her open shorts defied gravity and hung fast on her slender hips.  Soon they began inching down as she turned this way and that, her hips gyrating lewdly.  Slowly, incredibly slowly, her panties began to appear... thong panties, panties that left little to the imagination.  For a long time, half her flexing butt cheeks were displayed and half remained tantalizingly hidden.  She had her hands clasped behind her head when her shorts suddenly and quite unexpectedly, fell to her ankles. 

"Oh, yeah, Baby!" hooted her father.  "Shake that fine ass!" I glanced at him and his eyes were ablaze.  He really was enjoying this, maybe even more so than I was, but then again, it wasn't my young daughter on display.

She hooked her shorts on her foot and flicked them to me.  Oh, man!  What a sight to behold! Her blue eyes sparkled and her shoulder length curly blond hair flew about as she continued to  dance in just her black thong panties.  

"Take it off!  Take it off!" her father hooted in encouragement.

With a huge smile, Sissy hooked her thumbs in the waist band and began to strip off her last modicum of modesty.  This operation was a lot quicker than the shucking of her shorts. 

The song ended, but another began.  Now rather than wiggling and shaking, she seemed to writhe about totally nude in a most erotic fashion.  Whatever Rob paid for her danced lessons, he certainly had gotten his money's worth!

"Pretty good, huh, John," the girl's father said to me.  "Is this what you wanted?"

"Uh, yeah," I muttered in total disbelief of the entire scene.

"I always kind of figured you for the pervert sort, John, but one can never be sure, especially with you being so respectable and all.  Fun to hang with, but reserved.  Of course the way you always ogled her around the pool, I knew you weren't too stuffy about things like this, but I had to careful, you know.  They say that you never truly ever know a man, and the last thing I needed was for you to go all self righteous on me. 

"She's been dancing nude for me ever since I got rid of her worthless mother," he continued.  I'd known him for nearly six years, since just before his wife abandoned them. That would made her around five when Sissy started dancing for her daddy.  "She came out from her bath and wanted to show me a dance she'd made up.  So Brad and I watched her dance naked. Been enjoying the show ever since."

The second song ended and silence ensued.  I could have watched her for hours, but apparently the show was over.

"C'mere, little darling," her libertine father ordered.  Without a trace of embarrassment, she made the four steps necessary to stand before her lecherous father.  "Be a good girl and go sit in Mr. John's lap."  She didn't need to be told twice and next thing I knew, I had a naked little girl in my lap.  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was and not knowing what to do with my hands, I placed them on the sofa at my side.

"Don't be shy, John," her father laughed.  "Go ahead and feel her up.  She likes hands on her bare skin.

"Don'cha, darling?"   I was frozen, unable to move. "Spread your legs apart so he can feel your sweet coochie," he directed  

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! The girl's legs parted and offered me total access.  That's when I went brain dead.  This time my hands began to move on their own, stroking up and down her sides, across her bare back and along her legs, pausing for a long moment to explore her rather enlarged pink puffy nipples, nipples that had become permanently swollen from being sucked daily for years.

My hand was on her bare thigh when her father urged me to, "Go a little higher.  A little higher," until my hand was in her crotch, my fingers caressing the bald lips of her pussy.  "Don't be shy, John.  Feel her pussy.  Ever felt anything so divine?  You know, you can finger fuck her if you want.  She likes that, likes it a lot."  Suddenly my finger was digging into her slippery slit, taking forbidden liberties with my good neighbor's daughter.

There was a bright flash of light.  Startled, I looked up from my sweet prize to see Rob with his cell phone.  He'd just snapped a picture. He grinned at me and simply said, "Insurance.  I go to jail, pal, you go to jail."  In my lust driven state, it sounded perfectly reasonable and I returned my attention to the wayward finger moving deep up her vagina.

With my finger buried in his young daughter's twat, Rob upped the ante.  "How about a blowjob, John?  Would you like a blowjob from Sissy?"

One part of my brain was screaming, 'No, no, no! Stop this at once!  What in the fuck are you doing?' while another part of my fevered brain, the part controlled by my baser instincts and by my cock was screaming, 'Yes!  Yes!  Yes!'  The "no's" lost out, partially because they just weren't that strong to begin with and secondly because Sissy suddenly slid off my lap and between my legs.  Her hands were instantly at my belt and zipper.  The "yes" side of my brain ordered my hips to lift and my cargo shorts slid down and off along with my briefs. 

"Oh, yeah, suck his dick," her crazed father urged.  "Suck him good.  Give him a blow job as good as you give me."

"Oh, fuck..." I moaned as her demure tongue made contact with the weeping head of my rock hard cock.  I moaned again, "Oh, fuck..." as her lips surrounded the fat head of my cock.  Even with my eyes closed, lost in the incredible feelings of being sucked by a child, I detected another flash... more insurance for Rob.

Good thing I had whacked off a few times earlier in the day, otherwise I would blown my load the moment she began sucking on me.  Now I could just sit back, relax and enjoy the blowjob.  I remember thinking, 'This can go on for hours.'  Wishful thinking.  It's not that I came in her mouth, she pulled off, slid up my body and straddled my cock. 

When I opened my eyes, she was right there in my face, her blue eyes sparkling and... she lowered herself onto my dick.  Man, if I thought the BJ was good, the feel of her vaginal sheath enveloping the length of my cock was unbelievable.  My cock encountered some resistance, but popped on through.  As soon as she had taken me fully into her body, she began to move.  Up, down, up, down, all the while smiling sweetly at me.  Damn, she was enjoying this as much as I was!  Lost in my pleasure, my fingers dug into the flesh of her bare buttocks and I assisted her in fucking me.

We fucked, grown man and ten year old girl, while her leching father sat next to us and gleefully watched.  After a few minutes, he stopped watching.  Now I watched as he turned her head towards him and shoved his impossibly large erection into her small mouth.  As great as the misfit was, she was able to take him.  It was so nasty, so taboo, so fucking hot... I erupted. 

"Ugh!" I grunted as my baby batter shot into her pre-teen twat.  "Ugh! Ugh!  Ugh!" Lost in blissful orgasmic ecstasy, I grunted out my pleasure and my vision grayed.  This was far, far, better than anything I'd ever experienced before.  Alas, it was over all too quickly. 

A brief calm settled in after the sexual storm.  My softening dick slithered from the girl's cunt and for a moment we were both motionless.  Even her father had pulled his dick from her mouth.  He leaned in and softly said to me, "Nice fuck, eh, John?"  His little girl was indeed a nice a fuck.

Just as I was coming to my senses, Rob lifted her off my lap, drew her to his chest and lowered her onto his jutting large caliber cock.  She was facing me, so I could watch her expression as her father's cock slid up inside her, and as it did, her tummy bulged obscenely.  Was he actually through her cervix and into her uterus?  No wonder I got so deep in her!

Effortlessly he lifted her and set her down, the tummy bulge moving down whenever he lifted her and moving back up as he lowered her.  If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would have never believed it. With his little girl impaled on his cock, Rob stepped closer to me, then holding her on his prick, he lowered her head to my slime coated cock.  "Suck his dick, baby," the libertine father told his young slut daughter.  "Clean him up.  Get him hard and maybe he'll fuck you in the ass like your brother does."

Grinning at me, he now held her almost upside down as he fucked her, and as he fucked her, she slurped on my flaccid cock.  It wasn't flaccid for long.  I felt it hardening in her voraciously cock sucking mouth.  "Tell me when you're hard again, John," Rob said evenly as if he was politely asking me to pass the salt.

"I'm close, Rob," I replied."Real close...  Just another moment...  Yeah, I'm hard."

Rob pulled her back upright and lifted her from his glistening dick.  Moving to the side of the sofa, he laid her face down over the padded arm rest.  "I'm too big to do her in the butt, but she could take you, John.  Don't worry, the boys do her up the ass all the time.  Believe me, it's quite the show.  Watching you bugger her should be even better." 

From somewhere, he produced a tube of KY Jelly and slathered a big glob onto and into her anus.  In a flash I was behind her, putting my freshly renewed and greased cock to her bunghole.  I pushed and nothing happened.  I pushed again and my cock crown popped inside her.  I gave her a moment to adjust, then pushed in deeper, and deeper, and deeper until I bottomed out at the root of my cock. 

"How do you like Mr. John's cock up your ass, Sissy?" her pervy father asked.  "Feel good?"  Her head was mashed into the sofa cushion, but she managed to nod, "yes".

He looked at me with this wild gleam in his eyes and told me, "Fuck her.  Fuck her ass, John. Really give it to her."  I pulled back and slammed in.

"John, look at the way her ass cheeks shake."  I was looking, but mainly at way her asshole was stretched around my cock.  I pulled out again and her asshole pulled out with it.  Then when I slammed into her, the whole thing inverted into her.

For the next ten minutes I fucked her ass, the room ripe with funky odors.  Then out of concern for her well being, I pulled out completely, leaving her wrecked anus a gaping chasm through which you could see deep into her bowels.  "Oh, fuck, yeah," her father hissed as he gazed up her shitter.

"That's enough, Rob," I told him.  "She's had enough."

"Yeah, I suppose you're right.  Well, it was great fun, eh, buddy?  Damn, I just love this shit."

"Uh, yeah..."

Rob kissed both cheeks of his daughter's butt and rolled her upright.  "I love you, sweetie," he said lovingly with a an affectionate kiss, "you're my very special girl."

"I love you too, Daddy," she replied.

A minute later he had his running shorts and running shoes back on.  "Well, I'm off for my run," he stated. He always ran five miles a day, rain or shine.  "If you want, you can keep her here with you until I get back, John."

He was at the door when he turned and offered, "Hell, you want her to spend the night with you, John?  I'll keep the boys at my place and have Brad run over some school clothes for her.  Oh, and she gives a great back rub."  He paused for a brief moment and added, "Guess that does it.  See you later neighbor!"

"Sissy, you be real nice to Mr. John.  You hear me girl?"

"I will, Daddy!" she sang out still draped over the sofa armrest.

"Yeah, see you, Rob," I muttered still dumbfounded by everything.  As the door closed behind him I thought, 'Takes all kinds. Big fucker's always been a good neighbor, but I never suspected Rob would be such a good neighbor!'

I looked down at the fucked-out ten year old nympho who had just been given to me for the night by her permissive father.  She had rolled over and was smiling sweetly up at me, her arms spreading slowly outward on the sofa.  Her legs parted revealing her reddened and engorged labia... it was an open invitation.  Damn! I was hard again.



The End


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