By Lasiter

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It was late Friday afternoon.  Bob was greeted by his precocious daughter, Meagan, at the after-school care center with a gleeful, “Daddiiiiiiiiiii!”  The eleven year-old sixth grader flew across the gymnasium floor and leaped into his outstretched arms, hugging him tightly around the neck,  her dark thick brunette hair engulfing his face. Most of the other kids were long gone and Meagan was of only three kids left.  “I’ve missed you, Daddy!” the little girl exclaimed in all sincerity.

“I’ve missed you too, pumpkin,” the young father responded.  “Sorry, I’m late.”

“You’re always late!” she scolded.

“I know, I know, but…”

“That’s okay!”  she interrupted. “Carley’s mom hasn’t picked her up yet either.”   Looking about, he saw Carley, Meagan’s best friend.  Bob waved at the taller blonde pre-teen who flashed him a big smile.  Carley always seemed to have a big smile.

Bob set Meagan down and sent her to gather her things while he signed her out.  When he had completed the roster, he looked about and saw the two girls animatedly chatting.  Knowing that he’d be there for who knows how long if he didn’t drag Meagan away, Bob strolled over to the two girls.

“C’mon, Meagan.  We need to go.”

“Can Carley spend the night, Daddy?” his daughter asked with doleful eyes.

Bob hated to tell her ‘no’.  He always enjoyed the chaos that ensued when Carley spent the night, but it just wasn’t practical.  Not with the sparsely furnished one-bedroom dump he now called home.  “I don’t think that would work, sweetheart; maybe some other night.”  The two sad faces nearly broke his resolve, but it really just wouldn’t work.

Bob turned to Carley.  “Where’s your mom, Carley?  Or is this your dad’s weekend?”

“Mom’s late,” answered the pretty blonde with a worried frown.  “She’s never this late.”

‘Oh, yes, she is,’ thought Bob.  The woman was a space cadet, sweet, but forgetful.  “Well, if need be, I can take you home.”

“Would you?”

“Sure, I just have to sign you out.  Now c’mon, you two, let’s get a move on it.”

Bob returned to the sign-out desk and signed Carley out.  By a long standing agreement, Bob and his ex had provided a backup for Carley’s mom and Carley’s mom had provided a backup for them.  It was a good arrangement that had served both families well for several years, ever since Carley and Meagan became pals back in second grade.

It was a short ride to Carley’s house.  He was pleased to see her mom’s car in the driveway.  ‘Probably in there doing her hair,’ he thought ruefully, conjuring up an image of the woman stroking her hair in the nude.  He always envisioned Carley’s mom in the nude, usually groveling beneath him as he thrust into her.  But alas, it was only a daydream.  ‘If my circumstances were better,’ he lamented, ‘I’d definitely make a play for her, but at the time being…’   His pleasant thoughts of carnality were interrupted by Carley’s effusive goodbye and the slamming of his car door.  He watched as the vivacious young girl ran to the front door, opened it and disappeared inside.

With Carley safe at home, Bob could now turn his full attention to this weekend.  He’d have Meagan until 6 PM on Sunday and he intended to make the best of every minute of it.  “How about if we get a bite to eat and then figure out what to do this weekend?” he suggested. 

“Can we go to a movie?” Meagan asked hopefully. 

“How about if we rent one?” he countered keenly aware of the severely depleted state of his wallet.

“There’s a great new movie, The Glops,” she said.  “It’s the best movie ever!  Please?”

“Well, I…”

“Please, Daddy?”

Bob knew that there was no use in resisting.  As always, he spend more than he planned to on Meagan this weekend and just suffer the consequences later in the week; he could always eat peanut butter for his supper too.

The animated movie was predictably dreadful, and not worth watching on TV, much less the nearly thirty five bucks he had to shell out for tickets and popcorn.  No matter, Meagan loved it and that was all that really mattered to Bob.  Afterwards she wanted to go get ice cream, but he declined, saying that they would go get ice cream tomorrow.

Back at the apartment, they sat on the used sofa sleeper he’d bought at the second-hand store and watched a little TV.  Other than the TV, the sofa was the only other furnishing in the nearly bare room.  It wasn’t really all that late, but Bob was exhausted from working so much over time.  Wearily, he pulled out the sofa bed and made it ready for Meagan while she was off brushing her teeth.  Soon she came out wearing one of his t-shirts as a night shirt.  He kissed his pretty dark haired daughter goodnight and then retired to his bedroom. 

As was his custom, he stripped nude and haphazardly tossed his dirty clothes in the pile growing in one corner.  He then crawled into his bed, bought at the same thrift shop where he found the sofa, and was soon hard asleep.

Morning came.  Bob woke when Meagan went to the bathroom that was accessed from the bedroom.  Not wanting to waste what little time he had with the joy of his life, he hopped out of bed and went straight away to the doorless closet, rooting around inside the open boxes where he kept his clothes.  He found a pair of boxers and was about to slip them on when Meagan came out of the bath.  “I caught you, Daddy!” she chided as he stepped into the boxers.  “You’re naked!”

Embarrassed that he’d been caught that way, he quickly pulled the boxers on and mumbled, “Sorry, baby.  You shouldn’t have seen that.”

“That’s okay.  Carley sees her daddy naked all the time.  He doesn’t even try to hide it.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah!  She says…”  Meagan clammed up and tried to think of a way to recover from her carelessly spoken words.

“Carley says what?”

“I, I think I said too much already.”

“Hmmmm, maybe you have.  What Carley’s parents do is private.  It’s their business and no one else’s.  If she’s shared something with you in confidence, then you should you keep her confidence.  You need to be careful, pumpkin.  If you said that to someone else, they might take it the wrong way and Carley’s dad could get in big trouble.  There’s nothing wrong with nudity, in and of its self, especially within a family.  And I… ”  Now it was Bob’s turn to clam up, wishing he could back up and maybe take another tact.  “Anyway, you’ve seen me… so what?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about, Baby.  And neither do I.”  He turned and rummaged around until he found a pair of shorts.  “Now, give me a minute and then I’ll fix us some breakfast.”

After breakfast, Meagan wanted to go swimming.  She ducked into her dad’s bedroom, found the box with her stuff and located the swim suit she kept at his apartment. 

Down at the pool, Bob kept a watchful eye on her.  The pool area was crowded with lots of kids and a few adults.  To Bob, all of the adults looked to be unsavory, and most of the kids didn’t seem much better, not that anyone was openly misbehaving.  It was just that the clientele of this apartment building didn’t appear to be the best class of people. 

As always, Bob kept to himself even though one, deeply tanned and scantily clad buxom woman, did catch his attention.  He judged her to be older than himself, maybe mid-thirties.  She wasn’t unattractive, not with her large tits practically spilling out of the too small top, and the way she was sitting, her skimpy bottoms seemed to have all but disappeared, giving her the appearance of being nude.  When this rough-looking, long haired, heavily tattooed dude with a ring hanging from his nose came and sat down beside her, his interest in her diminished.  After a few moments, they rose and the tattooed creep led her away with his hand on her butt. ‘I know what you’re up to,’ he thought with a snicker.

Just then a ruckus erupted in the pool.  A group of black boys had a black girl surrounded and were tossing her bikini top back and forth between them.  As the girl lunged for her top, she came out of the water exposing her wet brown jugs for all to see.  No one made any attempt to help the girl, including Bob.  He was familiar with this arrogant group of thugs and knew that if he interfered, the punks would retaliate against him.  Soon the group broke up as the boys all climbed out of the pool, taking with them the hapless black girl’s top.  Defiantly she climbed out of the water cursing, “You mother fuckers!” and strode over to where she had her towel.  With her modesty returned, she joined the laughing thugs only to have her bottoms yanked down exposing her butt.  She squeeled and cursed, but was then willingly led off by the gang of boys.  ‘Good grief,’ Bob thought shaking his head, ‘she’s going to fuck the whole lot of them!’

Bob had had enough of the pool and exposing his young daughter to his crass neighbors so they headed back to his sparsely furnished apartment.  They had gone back upstairs and Bob was fixing them lunch when his cell phone rang.  The voice on the other end sounded so weak, he hardly recognized it.  It was Carley’s mom.  “Bob, I need a favor,” said the weak voice.

“Sure, anything,” he replied.

“I hate to ask you this, but I’m really not feeling very well.”

“Oh?  What’s the problem?” 

“Must be something I ate,” she replied.  “Look, I tried to get a hold of Rodger, but he’s off fishing this weekend.  I know you have Meagan this weekend, and I was wondering if you’d watch out for Carley for me and maybe let her spend the night?”

He could hardly say ‘no’ as it was only last month she had done the same thing for him.  It was his weekend and he was sick as a dog, having eaten something that had stayed in the refrigerator a little too long.  Meagan’s mother was nowhere to be found and Carley’s mom came to the rescue, not only by taking Meagan off his hands, but making sure that he was okay too.

“Sure.  No problem.  I’ll come pick her up right away.  Is there anything I can get for you?  Some medicine… something to eat?”

“No, I’m okay… not really, but I’ll live,” she chuckled weakly and adding, “I hope.   I really appreciate this, Bob.”

“Anytime.  You know that,” he replied sincerely.

An hour later, they were back at his apartment.  The wrinkled-up-nose expression that Carley made when she entered the Spartan digs was not missed by Bob.  ‘At least I have the cock roaches under control,’ he thought dourly.   Soon none of it mattered as the girls settled in comfortably.  Bob soon forgot about his lowly state and just enjoyed the antics of the two young girls.  They had no trouble at all entertaining themselves.  That evening, dinner and ice cream for three sorely taxed his limited resources, but Bob just gutted up and dealt with it. 

It wasn’t until later that night that the trouble began.  Carley was trying to open up a quart bottle of strawberry soda when it literally exploded all over the kitchen, drenching her in sticky pink liquid.  Cleaning up the floor and cabinets wasn’t the problem; cleaning up Carley was the problem. 

He sent the girls into his bedroom with instructions for Carley to get a bath.  Through the close doors, he could hear the two girls playing in the bath, squealing and splashing.  It really wasn’t what he had expected, but he rolled his eyes and accepted it, not just that the two girls were bathing together, but that his bathroom floor was also being positively flooded during their game.

Suddenly he heard a loud, ‘THUMP!’ followed immediately by the wailing of one of the girls crying.  Then he heard a plea for help.  “Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!”  Throwing caution to the wind, Bob sprang into action.  Thankfully the door locks didn’t work, so he had no problem gaining access to the bathroom, where he found the two girls, nude in the tub, with Carley clutching the back of her head as tears flooded down her flushed cheeks.

Quickly Bob checked her out, her injuries that is, but in doing so he couldn’t help but check her out in other ways and at the same time check out his equally naked daughter as well.  To his relief, there wasn’t any bleeding and there didn’t seem to be a knot forming on the back of the blonde eleven-year-old’s head.  Bob couldn’t help but notice that both girls had started to develop tits.  Just low mounds now, but soon they would both be sporting a noticeable rack.  Carley was little more developed than Meagan, but then again it may have been that her fat pink aureoles and nipples were so much larger and physically pronounced.  Then again, Meagan’s dark little nips were cute as hell!  With the girls sitting in the water it was hard to see much of anything other than their tits, but that was certainly pleasant enough sight for the ogling dad.

It took several minutes though for Carley to stop crying.  All the while Bob comforted her as best he could, his eyes darted from one set of sprouting adolescent tits to the other.  He was also very well aware of his own discomfort from his mis-positioned cock that was understandably yet inconveniently very erect.

The crying ebbed to mere sobs and then the sob’s disappeared as well.  Regretting that the show would soon be over, Bob ventured, “Are you okay, sweetheart?”

“I guess,” the pretty little blonde minx managed weakly. 

“Are you sure?  You’re not dizzy or feeling faint?”

“No, I think I’m okay,” she answered, her blue eyes still puffy and red from crying.  “But, I’m getting cold.”  The water in the tub was indeed tepid by this time.

“Well, let’s get you dried off and dressed,” he directed. 

To Bob’s surprise, she stood, unfazed or unaware of her nudity.  He helped her maintain her balance and stood with her.  The floor had indeed been flooded, and sitting, comforting the injured girl, Bob’s shorts were now soaking wet too.  That wasn’t the problem though, the problem was the errant hard-on that was plainly evident.  He quickly reached down his shorts and adjusted himself.  Carley shocked him when she quipped, “You’ve got a hard dick, Mr. Bob!”

Bob ignored the comment as best he could, his ears ringing with the sniggering of the two girls.  Grabbing a worn, thin towel, he tried to cover her up, stammering, “Uh, you girls had, uh, best get dressed and, uh, Meagan, you be sure and uh, mop up this floor.”  With the situation well in hand and his presence no longer justified, Bob scurried from the bath. 

Safely away from the two nude girls, Bob was relieved that Carley hadn’t gotten hurt and at the same time apprehensive as to how physically aroused he had gotten by the whole experience.  ‘They are just girls,’ he chastised himself, ‘and your daughter no less!’  Retrieving a cold beer from the fridge, he set about calming himself as best he could.  Sipping his beer, he heard the familiar silly laughter of the two girls, indicating that all was well.  After quickly downing the beer, he got himself another one and walked the two steps back into the living area. 

Glancing to his right, he saw that he had inadvertently left the bedroom door open.  At that moment the two girls, stepped from the bath and into the bedroom still naked.  For a brief moment, the two girls froze, and then seeing him looking at them, screamed and dashed out of sight in a fit of giggling.  This did nothing to help his agitated condition.  It was all quite accidental, but Bob was well aware of the accusations that could be made if any of this episode became public, especially from his spiteful ex.  Having no other better plan at the moment, he ducked back into the kitchen to wait until the girls were dressed again.

While he waited, sipping the second beer, the giggling drifting from the bedroom went on unabated.  Suddenly both girls appeared in the kitchen, clad only in panties and covering their little titties with their hands.

“Daddy.  All of Carley’s clothes got wet in the bathroom,” said his daughter by way of explanation.  “She had to borrow panties from me, but they’re too tight.”  Bob couldn’t help but look for himself.  Sure enough, the panties were stretched around the larger girl’s waist to breaking point. Carley twisted uncomfortably in the too tight panties, the thin material having ridden up into her slit.  “Can she borrow one of your t-shirts?”

“Uh, uh, of course,” he stammered.  The two girls wheeled about and when they did, Bob saw that the too tight garment only covered half of Carley’s ass with the top half of her tight butt plainly on display.  With his problem growing worse, “Damn,” was all he could mutter under his breath.

With propriety restored, the two girls were soon playing again, each dressed in one of Bob’s oversized t-shirts.  Bob disappeared into his bedroom and changed out of his damp clothes.  A relative calm descended on his apartment, but it didn’t last very long.  The girl’s, having tired of playing “Sorry” went back inside Bob’s bedroom and pulled out the Twister set from his closet.

Bob, now working on his forth beer, manned the spinner.  Soon the contortions of the two girls made it a very interesting game indeed.  Invariably the girls got themselves in such positions that their billowy t-shirts, over taken by gravity, fell away, exposing their panty-clad butts.  Bob said nothing, he was enjoying the show. 

The strain on Carley’s tight panties soon became too much.  A very audible, “RIPPPPPP” filled the room; the too-tight panties had split open in the back, exposing even more of her butt than before, providing tantalizing glimpses of the charms underneath. 

Bob was certain that the game would be over after that, but to his surprise and delight, the laughing girls played on as if nothing was amiss.  As the game continued, it seemed to Bob that Carley was deliberately putting herself into positions that made him hold his breath.  Not that he minded… especially when the ruined panties hardly covered much of her butt to begin with.

Eventually the girls tired of the game and began to rough house.  To get the hyper girls to calm down, he turned on the TV and found a musical kid movie that instantly engrossed them.  During the first commercial break, they both disappeared into the bathroom for a while and then reappeared as giggly as ever.  Watching the movie, the girls lay prone on the floor, their legs bent and waving in the air to the beat of the snappy songs. 

Working on his fifth beer, Bob sat on the sofa behind them feeling no pain, watching as the t-shirts worked further and further up their hips, exposing more and more of their sweet butts.  Bob was hard again, painfully hard.  It was impossible to miss, and he noticed Carley’s bare butt first.  She had taken off the ripped panties and was totally bare underneath!  Soon he realized that Meagan had done the same!  They were flashing him!  He was certain of it!  Certain or not, he didn’t say or do anything about it other than enjoy the view of the young girls’ lovely bare butts and fleeting glimpses of their bald pussies.  The fleeting glances began to be more than just fleeting as Carley and the Meagan actually spread their legs a little, giving him a clear view of their hairless slits. 

Suddenly he became aware that his hand was up the leg hole of his shorts and that he had been playing with himself.  He wasn’t that drunk and stopped immediately, only to catch himself later fondling himself again as the girls continued to expose themselves.

He fought the urge to slide up between the two girls and taking two handfuls of young crotch, but he thought the better of the whole situation and hastily excused himself for the night.  As soon as he was alone in his bed, Bob masturbated himself to satisfaction.  Visions of the nude girls in the tub, their teasing Twister game and visions of the blatant exhibitionism during the movie provided great material for a most satisfactory whack-off session.


Sunday morning he woke with his sheets still sticky.  Sober, he thought about the previous evening.  It had been accidental, at first, but later, he wasn’t so sure.  Still that could have been accidental too he reasoned. No matter, he was the adult and he should have made an effort to prevent it, or at least minimize it.  But he didn’t.  He had let the girls, wittingly or unwittingly, expose themselves to him. 

It surprised him that he wasn’t sorry in the least for looking… no crime in that, but it bothered him that they would have done that sort of thing deliberately.  ‘Shit,’ he thought, ‘if any of this ever gets out…’  Then he decided that it all had been an accident and if he said nothing about it this morning, then the girls wouldn’t realize anything was amiss.  Still he had the whole bath thing to contend worth.  Best if he let the girls know that they should keep mum about it to everybody, friends, mothers…. everybody, lest things be misconstrued. 

Sunday went by without incident.  Carley’s clothes had dried sufficiently for her to wear them and he took them to the zoo.  He couldn’t afford it, but he justified it as he had some discount coupons that were set to expire.  It was a fun afternoon and the girls had a great time, as Bob did himself. 

It was late in the day when Bob took Meagan to drop her off at her mother’s house; the house that once belonged to Bob and the house that he had spent countless hours making improvements to.  He was about five minutes early.  Not surprisingly, there was a strange car sitting in the driveway. 

They sat at the curb, waiting for the five minutes to pass.  A few months ago he’d been a few minutes early and there was a strange car in the drive; he had thought nothing of it and walked Meagan to the door... big mistake.  The next week he heard from his ex’s lawyer, seeking an injunction against him, claiming that Bob had deliberately sought to humiliate his ex-wife, by having Meagan walk in on her, while “entertaining” a friend.  It was total bullshit and so flimsy that he all but ignored the accusation.  The family law judge saw it differently however, and bought into the meritless complaint one hundred percent.  She then fined Bob a thousand dollars, with a warning that next time he harassed his ex, he could expect some jail time.

On the advice of his attorney, at the stroke of six, Bob blared the horn and continued to honk it for three solid minutes until the front door opened.  Only then did he send Meagan inside.  Next he took Carley home, only to discover an ambulance at the house.  The EMF crew had just battened down the doors of the ambulance and then pulled away with lights flashing.  Something was obviously wrong, very wrong and he followed the ambulance to the emergency room where he was informed that Carley’s mother had acute appendicitis and would be undergoing emergency surgery right away.   

That presented him a problem… What to do with Carley?  He got his answer when a nurse came out and asked if he was Carley’s mother’s friend, Bob.  Bob said, “Yes, and this is her daughter, Carley.”

“Her mother asked me to ask you to look out for her until her dad can be contacted,” said the nurse. 

“Now your mother will be fine,” the nurse reassured Carley.  “She also said for you to listen to Mr. Bob and not be any trouble to him.”  The nurse stroked the back of Carley’s hair and kindly added, “Sweetheart, your mom is very sick right now, but if want, you can see her, but for just one minute.”

Carley disappeared behind a set of doors with the nurse.  A few minutes later, they were back.  “I think she’ll be able to see Carley tomorrow,” explained the nurse to Bob, “but she’ll be here for a few days.  Now don’t worry, she’s in good hands… the best.”

The nurse excused herself as she had other matters that needed to be attended to.  Bob borrowed Carley’s cell phone and made a call to Carley’s dad.  Bob explained to Rodger what had happened, but Rodger told him that there wasn’t anything he could do about it as he was about to catch a flight to New York for an important business meeting, and asked Bob to look out for Carley until he could get back. This wasn’t exactly what Bob wanted to hear, but naturally Bob agreed.

“Well, sweetie, I guess you’ll be staying with me tonight,” Bob told the girl as he handed her back her cell phone.  “Are you okay with that?” 

Carley, drying a tear in her eye, nodded that she was indeed okay with it. 

On the way home, Bob stopped at an ATM machine and withdrew a few dollars in cash, then he headed for the drive through of a nearby McDonalds and bought them something for supper.  After a quick bite, they swung by Carley’s house to pick up a change of clothes for the next few days while she was staying with Bob.

Back at his apartment, it was getting late.  He made up the sofa bed for the girl and then excused himself to shower and get ready for bed.  Not knowing what else he should do, Bob slipped into a pair of gym shorts after showering.  Carley too had gotten ready for bed, and when Bob came out into the living room, he stopped dead in his tracks.  Carley was sitting on the open sofa-bed, her legs crossed Indian-style.  Bob could swear he could see right through the thin lavender night gown she was wearing.

“Uh, Carley… do you, uh, need to, uh… brush your teeth?”

Without saying a word, Carley bounced up, and went to her back pack of clothes sitting in the corner of the nearly bare room.  Not only was the nightie transparent, the top was so short it didn’t cover the bottoms, bottoms that were as transparent as the top.  The shadow of her ass cleft was clearly visible as she bent over digging around in her stuff.  Bob held his breath, afraid to breathe as he was treated to the tantalizing sight.  All too soon, she stood upright and strutted off to the bath.  Bob’s eyes were glued to the girl as she sashayed by him.  “Fucking little prick tease,” Bob muttered once she was in the bathroom. 

Bob adjusted his cock so that wouldn’t be quite as noticeable and waited for her to return.  He didn’t have long to wait.  She flashed a demure smile as she passed him on her way back to bed for the evening.  Bob’s eyes never lost track of her. 

“Where did you get a nightgown like that?” asked Bob.

“Do you like it?” she beamed.

“Yeah, matter of fact I do.  It’s, uh… it’s very pretty.  But don’t you think… I mean… where did you get that?”

“It’s one of Mommy’s,” she said as if that answered his question.

“I see… Does she know that you wear that?”

“You don’t like it?”

“I do like it.  It’s just that… never mind.  Uh… good night, Carley.”

“I don’t I get a good night kiss?” she asked leaning back to rest on her arms.

“Uh… Jesus… Well, if want me to kiss you goodnight…”  Poor Bob, his mind was in turmoil.     ‘Careful… careful,’ he thought to himself. ‘She’s only a child. She’s only a child,’ he thought to himself as he approached the rather forward eleven-year-old. His hands were trembling as he reached towards her.  Coyly, she turned her head to receive her kiss on the cheek.  As soon as he kissed her, she jumped back and under the covers with a quick cheery, “Goodnight, Mr. Bob!”

Bob was mightily flummoxed.  Maybe he had misread the girl.  After all she was just a child.  But, Christ!  Didn’t she have any idea just how revealing her nightgown was? Didn’t she have any idea what she was doing to him?  Didn’t she have any idea just how dangerous her playful flirting was? Good, Lord!

Hastily, Bob told her goodnight and hurried off to his room.  Lying alone in his bed, staring up at the water stained ceiling, Bob had no choice but to masturbate to get his libido under control, using his discarded gym shorts to clean up mess afterwards.

That Sunday night, Bob had a fitful night’s sleep.  He kept hearing noises.  It was hard to distinguish if the noises were coming from the other room or from the apartment next door.  Several times he startled awake, expecting to find Carley crawling in bed with him. She never did and Bob was thankful for that, as he really didn’t know what he would have done if she had.

All too early, the alarm clock sounded, calling for him to get up and get moving.  As usual, he moved quickly, if groggily, to get dressed for work.  Coming into the main room, he caught the scent of coffee brewing and saw the figure of the young girl, snuggled up under the covers.  He went to her side and gently shook her awake.

“Time to get up, sweetie.”

“What time is it?” she sleepily asked.

“I know it probably a bit early, but I have to get to work, so come on, rise and shine.  Breakfast will be ready in five minutes.”

Retreating to the kitchen area, Bob poured himself a cup coffee before he set about scrambling eggs and fixing some toast.  While the eggs were setting, he turned to look through the pass-through.  The eggs were all but forgotten as he watched in disbelief as Carley, with her back to him, pulled off the top of her nightie and bent over in her nearly transparent panties to rummage about in her back pack.   A moment later she stood upright and pulled a t-shirt on.  Then she dropped the sheer bottoms, bent over and now with her totally bare ass on display, rummaged around until she found some panties.  Bob watched in total disbelief as she fumbled around with her panties for a moment before bending down again and slipping them on.  She bent down again, and found a pair of shorts.  Bob was clutching his dick when the smell of scorched egg reached his nostrils. 

“Shit!” he cursed to himself as he flipped over the slightly burnt eggs.  Taking the nearly ruined eggs off the burner, he turned to see her making her way to the bathroom. 

With her face washed and hair now pulled back into a pony tail, Carley joined Bob for a stand up breakfast.  As agitated as Bob was, Carley was completely calm.  To all outward appearances, she was completely unaware that she had displayed herself to him.

Bob had a fitful morning at work.  It was hard, if not impossible for him to concentrate on work.  Normally, he was all business, even during the worse moments of his divorcee, but today he was distracted, totally distracted.  His mind kept coming back to the games Carley and his daughter had played on him Saturday night, but what had happened this morning… WOW! And HOLY CRAP! 

Finally, near noon, he had put the girl and her antics out of his mind and got down to business.  He ate his BPJ sandwich at his desk, trying to make up for lost time this morning.  That worked pretty well until mid-afternoon.  Then he found himself watching the clock.  He wouldn’t be putting in any overtime today, he knew.  As soon as he could, he would punch out on the time clock and head off to pick up Carley at school.  As the normal quitting time drew near, he had second thoughts about having her model that nightie for him tonight.  Instead, he determined that he’d better sit her down and have frank talk with her before something happened that he’d regret for the rest of his life.

Walking into the after-school facility, he found Carley and Meagan together, as always, engaged in serious conversation.  What they were talking about, he could only imagine. He walked up to them without their knowledge of his presence, startling Meagan as she was whispering something to her blonde friend.

“Oh, hi, Daddy,” she said without her usual enthusiasm.  Did she know something?  Was she jealous or was she appalled?  Or was she just disappointed that she wouldn’t be going home with him and Carley, and instead, stuck here alone waiting for her mother to show up. He didn’t know and he was afraid to ask. 

“Your mother hasn’t picked you up yet?” he asked Meagan giving her a kiss.

“No, she hasn’t yet,” replied his petite daughter.  “Can Carley stay a little longer so we can talk?”

Bob thought better of refusing the request.  He considered just signing out both of them, but he knew that if he did, his ex would raise holy hell about it and perhaps accuse him of kidnapping Meagan. “Okay, let’s give your mom about fifteen minutes, but then I need to take Carley to see her mother in the hospital.”

“Thanks, Daddy!” Meagan beamed.  Meagan turned back to her friend and chatted away as if he wasn’t there.  Bob was relieved that the conversation wasn’t about him or this weekend.  Instead it swirled around one Miss Harvesty, their teacher and nice looking teacher at that.

“She’s so mean,” complained Carley.

“And ugly,” added his daughter. 

‘Miss Harvesty may be mean,’ Bob thought, ‘but she certainly isn’t ugly.’  He had fantasies of fucking that one ever since the first day of school this year.  It was a fantasy, nothing more he realized; no way would she get involved with the father of one of her students.  That just wouldn’t sit well with the powers that be.  But next year? Well, probably not then either, but who knows?  Fucking the well-endowed woman was always a nice thought, a thought he had had on many nights fisting himself to sleep.

The happy daydream of wallowing in Miss Harvesty’s big soft jugs came to an abrupt end when Bob heard his daughter’s name called out.  Looking over towards the sign-out desk, he saw his ex.  If looks could kill, her hostile glare at the figure of her former husband would have been lethal indeed.  Meeting her glower, he resisted the urge to make an obscene gesture towards his ex as Meagan hurriedly gathered her things and scurried away without so much as telling her daddy or her best friend goodbye.  No doubt the nosey bitch would mercilessly grill her daughter about the reasons for his presence at the school, looking for some way to strike at him. Bob waited for her to leave with Meagan, before proceeding to the sign-out desk, keeping as much distance as possible between himself and Meagan’s shrewish mother.

Carley’s mom was doing okay and that was a relief to both Carley and himself.  Bob marveled at how bad the woman looked in her hospital gown, without her usual makeup or her hair in a perfect coiffure. ‘Maybe she wouldn’t be such a great lay after all,’ he thought to himself.  Of course he said nothing and waited patiently while mother and daughter had a few moments together.

Instead of fast-food junk for supper, Bob stopped off at the grocery store and bought a couple of frozen dinners for tonight.  He set about zapping the frozen pasta entries while Carley sat on the floor doing her homework.  Looking at the girl through the pass-through, she seemed perfectly normal for a girl her age.  But how she dressed last night and what she did this morning, not to mention what had happened during the sleepover with Meagan…

Bob fretted over how to breech the delicate subject that he needed to discuss with the girl.  If she was totally unaware of what she was doing, she’ll be totally embarrassed.  He didn’t want to embarrass her, but that was the risk, and if he did… what then? What harm would that cause her? Maybe she’d be so embarrassed that it caused a rupture in her friendship with Meagan.  He certainly didn’t want that to happen either.  On the other hand, if she was aware of what she was doing…  “Christ!” he mumbled just before the microwave oven dinged. 

As they ate their supper, Bob concluded that it would best if he said nothing at all and just pretend that everything was hunky-dory.  That was the safest course, he reasoned.  No use in possibly traumatizing the girl. After supper, they watched a little TV together until it was time to get ready for bed.  Bob offered her to shower first, but she wanted to finish the silly show that they had been watching.  He excused himself and retired to his room.

He was minding his own business when unexpectedly the shower curtain pulled back and Carley stepped into the shower with him!  To say that he was surprised would be an understatement.  “What are you doing?” he blurted.  “You can’t come in here!”

“Daddy says to be green that we need to save water by showering together.”

“I’m not your daddy, Carley!”

“You don’t like me?”

“Of course I like you, it just that…”

“Good! You don’t mind washing my back, do you?” she asked turning away from him.  Bob did the only thing a reasonable man would do; he washed her bare back, stopping before reaching her buttocks. 

She spun around, announcing that she would now wash his back.  Bob turned to face away from the forward girl.  Soon he felt her soapy hands washing his shoulders and upper back.  As she worked down lower and lower, she didn’t stop above his buttocks, but instead she washed them too, even working her hand into his crack.

Bob muttered, “Oh, fuck,” as the young girl’s soapy hands slid across his anus and then  between his legs to wash his nuts from behind.  When her hand retreated back to his anus, Bob spun around, lest she do something more than she already did.  That didn’t deter her as she immediately took his cock in hand and gently soaped it up, bringing about an immediate erection in the process.  He knew he should stop her, but he couldn’t muster the resolve to put an end to it.  Soon a small soapy hand was playing with his nuts while her other hand played across his muscular chest. 

Carley passed the soap to Bob and waited patiently for him to wash her front.  It was too late to do anything about the situation, so Bob took the soap and began washing the young girl, this time doing as thorough a job as she had done for him, cleansing and exploring every square inch of the young girl’s body and leaving her squeaky clean and nothing untouched.

Handing her the soap back, he told her, “You missed my legs.”  He turned his back and felt her soapy hands on his buttocks again before she worked down each leg until reaching his ankles.  With the backs of his legs washed, Bob turned to face the girl.  She was down on her hands and knees, washing his feet.  Gradually she worked her way up his calves to his thighs and in the process, came face to face with his erect throbbing cock.

‘She’s going to blow me!’ he thought.  He was certain of it, but then she stood, and with a mischievous grin, handed him the soap and hopped out of the shower.  

Bob was in total disbelief of what had just happened.  Once his big head regained control of his little head, Bob asked himself, ‘My god, are you nuts?’ thinking that he had done something to encourage her into doing what she’d done.  He searched his mind for anything that he could have said or done to have brought this about.  Try as he might, he couldn’t find anything on his part to have encouraged this behavior, except perhaps by omission.  Then he thought back to the flashing the previous night.  ‘That was no accident,’ he realized.  ‘My god, they planned it and they did it.  Meagan too!  Was the accident in tub a ruse too?  What about the soda and all the clothes getting wet?’  He couldn’t be sure, but in hindsight, it now seemed that way, especially after they took off their panties and had willfully flashed him.

Suddenly he was aware that he had begun whacking his wang.  He looked to see if Carley was watching.  Thankfully, she wasn’t anywhere in sight.  Still he didn’t pull the shower curtain closed, even though the bathroom door was wide open and he was fully exposed.  ‘Damn!’ he muttered as he got about the business of relieving himself while the still running shower beat down on his back. Soon he was grunting as his cock spat cum onto the tiled wall and into the tub.  Finishing, he turned, rinsed off a final time and turned off the water. 

Stepping out onto the wet floor, he grabbed a damp towel and vigorously removed the excess water from his body.  In an act of modesty, he placed the towel around his waist and walked out into his bedroom.  There in his bed, under the covers, was his daughter’s eleven-year-old best friend.  

Jailbait or not, he had no doubts that she would be a willing playmate, but with the return of his good sense he said, “You can’t sleep there.”

“Why not?” she asked innocently.

“It’s not right, Carley.  What just happened wasn’t right either.  It shouldn’t have happened. .. Now, you sleep in there tonight,” he added pointing to the other room. 

“Daddy lets me sleep with him when we’re alone.”

“Sweetheart.  What you and your daddy do is… Shit!  You sleep with him?”

“Sure.  He doesn’t mind.”

“Well, I’m not your daddy.  You know, I could get into big trouble about all this, and I don’t want to be sent to prison, so… out! Out!  Out!  Out!”  Pulling back the covers he scooted the naked girl out of his bed.  “Here, wear this,” he said tossing her a night shirt.  “Now go, sweetheart.  Go before I do something stupid.”

With a frown across her face, Carley strode from the bedroom, the t-shirt gripped in her hand.  At the door, she turned and stuck her tongue out at him.  She turned and before walking away, she wiggled her bare butt at him.

‘Dear, Lord, save me,’ he prayed silently.

Just to be safe, Bob rummaged around in his clean clothes box and extracted a pair of boxer shorts.  As he slipped into them, he heard the TV come on.  It was almost ten and not only did she have to go to school tomorrow, he had to go to work too, early.  He poked his head out the doorway, relieved yet at the same time disappointed that she was under the covers.  However the t-shirt, he noticed, was cast onto the floor.  “Ummm, Carley.  You need to turn that off at ten, sweetie.”  She didn’t answer, but she did look at him and indicated that she had heard him.

Bob crawled into his own bed, now scented with Carley’s fresh aroma.  Bob closed his eyes, trying his best to will himself to sleep.  ‘Maybe, when I wake up, I’ll realize that none of this actually took place,’ he thought.  But it had happened and he couldn’t get his mind off of it and he had a massive hard-on to prove it.  The feel of her delicate hands on his cock and her playing with his nuts and his asshole, those were memories of a lifetime; a life that he hoped wouldn’t be spent behind bars.

Suddenly he was aware that the TV had fallen silent and that darkness now filled the apartment.  He lay there for several more minutes, relishing and reliving the incredible experience in the shower.  His reverie was broken when he felt his covers and bed move.  Moments later he felt her naked body pressing close to him.  “Carley…” he whispered.

“I won’t tell,” she said, her hand running across his bare belly.  “I just want to sleep with someone.  It’s kind of spooky around here.  I couldn’t sleep at all last night.  I kept hearing funny sounds.  What if somebody broke into the front door and…”

“Nobody’s going to break into the front door,” he reassured her, knowing that around this flop house, that was always a distinct possibility at any given moment.

“But you hear about that happening all the time on the news,” she countered, “and I’m scared, Mr. Bob.  Please…”

A naked girl asking, ‘Please, can I sleep with you?’, even if that girl was only eleven was something Bob was powerless to refuse.  “Okay, you win.  But this has to our secret.  You can’t tell anyone about this.  Agreed?”

“Okay.  I won’t tell anyone.”

“That includes Meagan.”

“But I tell Meagan everything and she tells me everything.”

“Including Meagan, or… you go back into the other room.”

“Meanie!...  Well, okay.  Not even Meagan.”  There was silence in the room, but to Bob, the tension was so thick it could have been cut with a knife.  The silence was broken with a soft, “Mr. Bob?  Mr. Bob?”

“What is it, sweetie?”

“Do you always sleep in your pajamas?”

“Uh, no, I don’t.”

“Why are you wearing them now?  My daddy never wears pajamas.”

“I told you, Sweetie.  I’m not your daddy.  I’m Meagan’s daddy and I don’t sleep nude with her either.”

“You should,” she said softly.  Running her fingers over his bare chest, she continued, “She’d like that, you know, but she’s afraid to ask you.”  Bob swallowed hard at this bit of news.  Bob now lay frozen, looking up at the ceiling, afraid to move or even speak.  “Mr. Bob?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

“Can I touch your thingy?”

“Oh, god,” he moaned, acknowledging to himself and his maker that this was one battle he was destined to lose.  With that admission to himself, he reached down and slipped off his boxers, giving the sexually precocious girl whatever access to his body that she wished.  It didn’t take long before the fingers of her small cool hand were lightly tracing up and down his rock hard cock. ‘I won’t touch her.  I won’t touch her.  No matter what, I won’t touch her,’ he told himself over and over has he allowed the young girl to freely play with his cock and his balls.  “Damn,” he whispered, “that feels good, baby.”

She stroked him for ten minutes or more, always with a tantalizing feather light touch playing over and under the shaft and over and around his weeping cock head.  Then he felt her move.  “Oh, god,” he whispered as he felt her hot breath on his cock.  “Oh, god...”  She had both hands on him now and as he waited for her lips to engulf his cock crown, he lost it.  Carley jerked her head back as cum shot from his prick and shot into her mouth.  Giggling that she had made him cum, she swallowed and artfully dodged the next gushing blast, letting it and the remaining pulses of semen coat his tummy and pool into his navel.

With his cock now shrinking, Bob opened his eyes and gasped, “Oh fuck!”  He’d just let an eleven year-old, his daughter’s best friend no less, masturbate him to completion.  Now thinking with his head instead of his dick he cursed, “Holy crap,” as the enormity of what had just happened hit him.  “Oh, fuck…”  The girl was now running her fingers through the globs of cum coating his stomach, playing in it as if it were finger paints with his naked body her palette.  “You do that with your daddy?” he finally asked.

“Ummm, I’m not supposed to tell,” she replied coyly.

“No, I don’t suppose you are," he said with chuckle, amazed at her deft incongruity. 

“Good night,” she whispered as she snuggled up to him.  Breaking his short lived ‘no-touch’ rule, Bob turned on his side and hugged the young girl close into him his hand stroking her bare back and finally settling on her sweet ass cheeks.  Except for a brief encounter with a paid prostitute, it was the first time since long before his contentious divorce that he held a female in bed with him.  She was a child, he knew, but she acted more like a woman than his ex had during the last five years of their marriage. 

Sometime during the night, he rolled away from her.  It woke them both as they had become stuck together with dried cum.  Neither stayed awake for very long and all too soon, the alarm clock was chiming its annoying song.  Bob rolled out of the sack, walked across the bedroom to the clock sitting alone on floor against the wall and turned the damned thing off.  Still half asleep he wandered into the bath and took a quick shower to awake up, puzzled momentarily by the crusty cum coating his tummy.  Then he remembered.  “Holy, shit!”  He castigated himself for letting things get so out of hand, but soon rationalized that he didn’t touch her, well, not counting the shower that is and snuggling nude with her.

Carley too was reluctant to get out of bed and Bob ended up carrying her into the shower and getting all wet once again.  It was worth it though, he’d think later that day, totally amazed at what had taken place over the past few days and amazed at how willingly she let him wash her.  After a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, Bob dropped her off at school.  It was over an hour before school let in, but he really didn’t have a choice, he had to get to work.


If he had a difficult time concentrating yesterday, it was totally impossible to concentrate today.  Visions of the young girl, naked in the shower with him, playing with his asshole, playing with his balls and playing with dick filled his head.  Visions of her kneeling in front of his hard pecker and looking up at him like she was about to blow him kept coming back again and again.  And then, in bed, she made him cum…

As delightful as those memories were, they were punctuated by thoughts of what would happen if any of this ever got out.  He’d be ruined.  Sent to prison.  He heard all about what they did to child molesters in prison.  But he hadn’t molested her, she molested him!  As comforting as that rationalization was on one level, he knew it would never fly as a plausible defense.  He’d be crucified.

Could Carley really keep a secret?  He didn’t think so.  Not a secret like that, and once it was out, he faced utter ruin.  With that certainty, panic set in.  He’d get the panic under control for a while, between thinking about what might happen later tonight.  He had to put a stop to it, but he knew he wouldn’t.  He had ample opportunity before and failed to act.  No doubt, he would fail again, and then what?  The panic kept coming back, time and time again as visions of what would happen if he was ever discovered. 

Never far from his mind was the fact that later that day, he’d pick her up at school and Carley would sleep with him again tonight, and the next night, and the night after that until her mother came home from the hospital.  She’d sleep with him naked and he’d be naked too.  He had no doubts that she would be playing with his cock and making him cum.  And what would he do?  Keep his hands to himself?  Or would he let his hands roam across her bare flesh? Yeah, he’d feel her up!

Also never far from his mind was the question, ‘Did her daddy fuck her, or did they merely play naughty games?’  He didn’t know Rodger that well, but he couldn’t imagine her own father fucking her. Would he fuck Meagan, he asked himself.  No, no way would he ever do that, but then the memory of her flashing her young cunt at him while she and Carley watched TV came back to mind.  Flirting was one thing, he rationalized, but acting on it was another matter altogether. 

All day long he tortured himself with the visions etched into his brain of his naked daughter, sitting in the bath water while he tried to comfort her equally naked friend; of Meagan and her friend, pantiless and shamelessly flashing their little pussies at him.  And Carley’s statement that Meagan wanted to sleep with him nude.  That too played over and over in his brain.  Would he allow that?  He knew the answer and castigated himself once again. 

At the end of the day, he now also felt guilty about not giving his employer an honest day’s work. Vowing to do better tomorrow, he headed off to pick up his charge.  He almost caused a wreck, just before catching himself in a daydream, a daydream of this evening, with Carley naked and in bed with him, her lips sliding over his cock.  Would she really do that?  Would she blow him?  He wondered even after sliding to within inches of the car stopped in front of him. Would he allow her to do that? Considering how he’d handled things up to this point, he knew he would… and why not?  If he didn’t force her or even suggest it and she did it, he could have a clear conscious.  Or would he?  ‘Damn it! She’s just a kid!’

When he arrived at the after-school facility, he was somewhat relieved that his daughter had already been picked up by his ex.  He had no stomach for Meagan’s questions had Carley blabbed to her about last night.  Quickly he signed out Carley, and headed straight to the hospital so she could see her mother.  His patience grew thin though as he thought about what lay ahead this evening; the sooner they got going and had something to eat, the sooner they would be playing touchie-feelie in the bath and after that… ‘I won’t touch her,’ he kept telling himself.  ‘No matter what, I won’t touch her… except in the shower and then only if she gets in with me.’

An hour later, Bob was unlocking the front door to his apartment and ushering the young girl inside, his hard-on straining at his pants in anticipation of things to come.  While Carley sat on the floor, working on a homework assignment from the well-endowed Miss Harvesty, he polished off his last beer in an effort to calm his nerves.  To Bob, it seemed to take her forever to do the math assignment, but it was really only fifteen minutes.

Carley put away her math book and notebook.  Gathering his courage, Bob announced that he was going to take a shower and that he’d be back shortly and that afterward ,she could get her shower and get ready for bed. 

“Can I come?” she asked in an innocent voice, as if he was going to store to pick up something.  “Miss Harvesty says that to be green, everyone needed to save as much water as possible.”

‘Hot damn!’ he thought.  With a crooked smile he asked, “Miss Harvesty said that?  I thought your daddy had said that.”

“Yes and yes,” said the precocious pre-teen with her own grin.

“Well, if means we’re helping to save the planet, I can’t see why not.  After you, young lady,” he said with a bow and a sweep of his arms towards the bath. 

Once in the bathroom, Bob couldn’t help but discard the ‘no-touch’ rule and eagerly went about undressing the pretty blonde girl.  For her part, she did nothing to discourage his stripping her nude.

Once in the shower, Bob took the bar of soap and began washing the blonde 11-year-old’s chest, paying particular attention to the swelling mounds of her just developing buds.  He couldn’t help but roll the puffy nipples between his fingers and he was pleased to see her close her eyes in reaction to his touch.  Then he swept downward, past her bald pussy and down her legs.  Knelling before the wet naked girl, Bob turned her around and began washing back up her legs.  At her buttocks his hands glided across her firm cheeks for a solid minute before sliding deep into her cleft.  Carley particularly liked the great attention he paid to her ass hole, giggling as his finger tip wormed into her.  While still fingering her ass, he washed the remainder of her back and shoulders.  Then he turned her to face him once again, taking liberty between her legs and washing her hairless pussy particularly well.  Expecting that she might, just might object, he was pleased that she didn’t object to his finger exploring between her pussy lips.  He decided not to press his luck and penetrate her vagina, at least not just yet, and toying with her sex, bent forward and to suck on a pink nipple. 

Suddenly she turned away from him, putting an end to his molestation.  Reaching around her torso, he hugged her tight against his raging erection, raking it back and forth across her lower back.  Carley looked up and back at her friend’s dad with dreamy eyes.  Invitingly her lips parted slightly. Bob could not resist and his bent down to kiss the sexually precocious girl, running his tongue inside her mouth while his hands worked her puffy nipples. 

Struggling to control his raging lust, he broke the kiss.  Panting with excitement yet determined to remain in control of himself, Bob handed her the bar of soap and turned his back on her.  She started at his shoulders and worked her way down to his butt, massaging his gluts for several minutes before venturing between them. Once deep in his valley, she wasted no time zeroing in on his anus.  She had washed his asshole last night and tonight Bob had only toyed with the entrance to her rectum, but Carley quickly shoved her finger deep into him.  Bob gasped and then braced himself against the tile wall as the young girl finger fucked his anus. 

No one had ever played with his ass before.  Up until that moment it had been totally virginal.  She wasn’t hurting him, indeed Bob was enjoying the anal play.  All too soon her fingers left his dark hole and found their way around to his nut sack.  That was pretty good, but still that wasn’t exactly what he wanted and he spun around to face her.  Immediately Carley stooped down and looked up at him with playful smile in a reply of yesterday’s shower play.  Reaching upward while the spray beat down on Bob’s back, she took his cock and balls into her hands.  She rose until her face was level with his rampantly erect dick, and then smiling up at him, she did it… she kissed the head of his prick and leaned back looking up at him.

His lewdest fantasies of today were all coming true.  Consequences, be damned!  “Suck me, baby,” Bob hissed.  “Suck my dick, sweetheart.”

“Is that what you want me to do?” she playfully asked.

“Of course it is.  Question is, do you want to suck my dick?”

“Well… yes,” she answered with a giggle.  “I’d love to.”  Bob could hardly believe his good fortune as Carley’s lips surrounded his glans.

“Fuck, yeah, babygirl… suck it, suck it… Oh, fuck yeah, suck my cock.”  Bob was expecting her to rake his prick with her teeth, but she never did, sucking him like a Tootsie-Roll Pop.  She was quite good at it, he realized, quite good indeed.  His hands found the sides of her head, and he began pulling her down on his dick, forcing more and more of his organ into her mouth.  She gagged, but he didn’t stop.  She gagged again, this time her hands began beating on his legs.  Not wanting to ruin a good thing, Bob stopped trying to force all of his dick into her mouth and let go of her head.  Immediately she went back to sucking him like she knew how to do.

Confident that the girl would suck his dick again and again tonight, Bob decided to move things to his bed.  Reaching back he turned off the water and then helped Carley to her feet.  He pushed the curtain open and swooped the wet naked girl up into his arms, stepped from the tub and carried her soaking wet, directly to his bed.  Depositing her on her back, he grabbed her by the ankles and spread her open.  Not pausing for more than a passing second, he plunged his head between her splayed open legs, latching onto her entire pussy with his open mouth.  Carley squealed in delight at the abrupt oral attack on her young cunt.  Immediately she thrust her pelvis upward at the same instant that his tongue drove deep into her vaginal passage.

Bob was lost in a fog of lust as he feasted on the girl’s young tasty cunt, slobbering all over her pussy, both inside and out, her legs struggling feebly against the powerful grip of his hands which kept her legs wide apart and kept her defenseless pussy available to his ravishing mouth.

“Yes, Daddy!  Yes!” she screamed.  “Oh, oh, oh! Oh, yes, Daddy, yes!”

It was clear to Bob that she was enjoying this as much as he was.  Her cries for her “Daddy” to eat her out fueled Bob’s overheated libido and drove him to attack her anus as well as her pussy. Her hips punched wildly up off the mattress and she squirmed about in overwhelming pleasure.  Suddenly he stopped and dropped her legs.  She opened her eyes and saw the he was now straddling her chest, his dick a mere inch from her lips.  She lifted her head and took his cock into her mouth.  Bob leaned forward and thrust his hips, fucking the young girl’s mouth.  He mouth-fucked her until he exploded into her, never pulling out the entire time he was unloading his balls.

Spent, Bob rolled off to one side and collapsed next to the girl, his eyes tightly shut and his chest heaving as he sought to catch his breath.  After a few moments, when he had calmed down some, he looked up and saw her face just inches from his.  She opened her mouth and showed him the load of cum he had deposited in her mouth.  Then she bent forward, kissing him full on the lips, forcing his willing lips apart by her tongue.  Bob felt the warm liquid love dribble from her mouth into his.  He held it until he rolled her over, still locked in a kiss and let the cum laden saliva slide back into her open mouth.  They rolled over again, and love juice was orally exchanged once again.  They rolled back again, with Bob on top, but rather than dribble the ooze in her mouth again, Bob pulled off and moved down between her legs, legs that she spread wide for him. 

With his mouth over her cunt, Bob forced the cummy mixture into her pussy.  Having deposited his load, he quickly sat up and ran his finger between her slick labia and then up her pussy.  It was no surprise to him that she didn’t have a hymen.  This girl was no novice.  He wouldn’t be her first, but…  Bob suddenly removed his finger from her cunt.  What was he thinking?  Good god!  He couldn’t fuck her. Willing little cunt or not, he couldn’t fuck her.  It just wasn’t right!  He wouldn’t fuck her, no matter what.  Still, no harm in doing what was already done.  Bob watched as his finger disappeared inside the girl again.  Sucking and finger-fucking, that was fair game, a game that had her twisting in pleasure in a matter of minutes.

The sex games continued until late in the night.  Both would be exhausted in the morning, but neither cared at the moment.  Only the moment mattered and the moment called for sexual pleasure, between a grown man and girl young enough to be his daughter.  She was in fact, his daughter’s best friend.

When Bob finally went to sleep, he dozed off with the scent of her young fresh cunt filling his nostrils.  The pheromones induced fantastic sex dreams, but as fantastic as they were, they were no match for the reality of that evening. 

Anticipating the annoying blare of the alarm clock, Bob woke a few minutes early.  In the soft morning light filtering through the drawn blinds, he could see the petite female figure next to him, covered by the sheet and lying face down still fast asleep.  Pulling the sheet off her body, Bob marveled at the nude form of the young girl, the young girl who had sucked him with such gusto last night, the young girl who he raped with his mouth, tongue and fingers.  She was beautiful.  Her long blonde hair obscured most of her face, but the shape of her bare back, bare legs and most of all, her shapely bare buttocks were indeed a sight to behold.  Gently he stroked her silky smooth skin, from her shoulders down to the twin mounds of her lovely ass.  She was so peaceful, so incredibly beautiful, so vulnerable, and so totally fuckable.

The blaring of the alarm ended his early morning exploration of her body.  Reluctantly he hopped out of bed and turned off the annoying device.  Walking back to the bed, he looked down upon her nakedness, stroking his erection in appreciation of the beautiful sight before him. .  However jarring the alarm was to his senses, it hadn’t disturbed Carley in the least; she still snoozed away, dreaming what, he did not know. 

He sat beside her and once again massaged her bare butt, not completely gently as before, but a little more vigorously to wake the girl.  She stirred and rolled onto her back, stretching like a cat and emphasizing her budding breasts.  Bob now studied her frontally; her deep navel he found rather erotic this morning and traced it with his fingers, but it was her tits that attracted the most attention. 

He’d always preferred full breasted women, women like the girl’s teacher, but the low swell of her nascent tits were suddenly very appealing to him as well her puffy pink nipples.  They seemed to stand prominently on their own, the pale pink aureoles forming little mountains capped by a slightly darker pink nipple cap, nipples that were meant for sucking, nipples that irresistibly beckoned his lips.

Carley woke to the most pleasant sensation of Bob’s mouth and tongue caressing her nipple.  She always loved for her daddy to do that to her and she loved Meagan’s dad doing it to her now.  The first indication that Bob had that she was awake was her hand stroking and caressing his head as he laved over her now engorged nipples.   Work or not, this was just too good for Bob to quit.  However, when Carley herself had grown too sensitive to the aggressive titty sucking, she pushed his head away. 

“Morning, Sunshine,” he greeted with a smile and a last peck at her salvia covered nip.

“Good morning,” she purred stretching her willowy body like a cat.

Stroking the stray strands of yellow hair from her pretty face, he earnestly said, “This is the nicest morning I’ve had in a very long time.” With her eyes now uncovered, he stared into the bright pools of blue .  “You are so beautiful.  You know that?”

“Thank you,” she replied pleased that she had pleased him.

He glanced at the digital clock and saw that he was now running ten minutes behind.  “As much as I don’t want to, we have to get up.”

“Do we have to?” she whined.

“We can’t stay here any longer.  I need to get to work and I need to get you to school, young lady.  Now, come on, get up,” Bob commanded. 

She didn’t move and to Carley’s squealing delight, he picked her up off the bed and carried her to the bath.  They both needed a shower.  It wouldn’t do at all if either of them went about smelling of last night’s sex.  As tempting as it was to play in the shower like they did last night, Bob made a perfunctory effort to clean her up and clean himself up without too many diversions, but the young girl was determined to play with his cock, so it took longer, much longer than his usual quick morning shower.  By the time they had finished and dried off, Bob was now running twenty five minutes behind.

Sending her off to get dressed and get her things together, Bob hurriedly dressed himself, not paying any attention that his socks were mismatched or that the shirt he put on was terribly wrinkled and stained.  He hurried to the kitchen and slapped a couple of Pop-Tarts in the toaster.  He was working on his morning java when the first batch of Pop-Tarts were ready and then prepared a second batch.  All the while, he watched Carley as she dressed.  She put on a filly pink peasant top that was very cute and slithered into a pair of tight fitting jeans.  Next she slipped on a pair of pink flip-flops adored with pink rhinestones.  Dressed, she brushed out her still wet hair and drew it back into a pony tail.

Bundling the warm Pop-Tarts in two napkins, Bob was ready to go, but when he entered the main living area, Carley was still fussing with her hair.  Keenly aware of the late hour, he none-the-less waited patiently as she moved this way and that, brushing her wet pony tail, his patience reinforced by her lithe-form in her tight fitting jeans.  Suddenly he had an inspiration, or at least an image in mind. He was already late for work, so what the hell would a few more minutes make?

“Ready!” she announced.

“One thing before we go.”  As Bob unfastened his pants, Carley knew exactly what that one thing was.

“I thought you said that you were late?” she asked with a wry smile. 

 “I’ll just be a little later.”  With his pants and boxers down around his knees, he watched as Carley sauntered up and knelt before him.  The sight of her in her pink top and tight jeans, kneeling and looking up at him with her blue eyes dancing with mischief was almost too much in and of itself.  She took his rapidly growing cock in her hand, stuck out her tongue and… heaven!  Bob groaned in pleasure as her wet warm mouth engulfed him once again.  With one hand stroking the base of his cock and her other hand caressing his nuts, her lips slid up and down his cock while her tongue danced along the underside.  Bob wasn’t sure, but no doubt the sight of the young girl performing the lewd act was just as stimulating to Bob as the intense sensations coming from his dick were.  Bob never took his eyes off his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, except to briefly meet her worshiping eyes.

“I’m gonna squirt, Baby,” he rasped as his warning.  She never paused and she never stopped her choreographed fondling and mouth dance. “Yeah, baby, suck me, suck me,” he moaned as the pressure quickly built.  “Yeah… I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum… Oh, fuuuuccckkkk!”

While Bob twitched and bucked, ejaculating his man-milk directly into her mouth, Carley sucked and swallowed as fast as she could, gulping down the older man’s semen, drinking his protein rich jiz as the backbone of her breakfast.  She continued sucking long after the cum stopped gushing from his cock, until his once proud organ wilted completely in her mouth.  When Bob’s cock finally flopped out her mouth, it fell limply to hang alongside his freshly emptied nut sack, wet with saliva, but otherwise squeaky clean.

She rocked back and stood with an impish grin on her face.  “Did you like that, Mr. Bob?” she said wickedly licking her lips.

“I loved it, honey,” he gasped.  “I think you loved it too.”

She didn’t answer but spun around and grabbed her school back pack.  A moment later, they were rushing to get to Bob’s car. ‘Man, I’m really late, now,’ he thought.  ‘But damn, it was well worth it!’  He looked over at his pre-teen lover and boldly asked, “Do you suck your daddy’s dick like that?”

“Who said I sucked my daddy’s dick?” she said with a touch of indignation.  “I’m too young for that sort of thing, you know.”

“You’re old enough, sweetheart,” he wheedled.  “And you’ve done it more than once.”

“Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t,” she replied with a note of petulance in her voice. “Besides, if I did, I’m not supposed to tell.”

“No, you’re not,” he said earnestly.  “I certainly wouldn’t want you to say anything about us, so I shouldn’t have asked.”

“You can ask,” she said playfully, “but I won’t tell you.”

“Fair enough, sweetie.”

At work, Bob struggled to stay on task.  The paper work was relentless, but now it was piling up ominously.  Again and again, he plunged back into the growing pile, but again and again his mind drifted to other matters, salacious matters.  Over and over in his mind he replayed the events of last night and this morning.  He was staring off into space, when he was jarred back to the presence by the stern voice of his supervisor.

“Bob!  Is there something wrong?  C’mon, man, get with it!”

He wasn’t used to being reprimanded and the rebuke focused his attention on the task at hand.  A few minutes later he heard a gruff, “Bob, I’m not paying you to daydream!” 

“I’m sorry, sir.  I’m distracted this morning.”

“You were distracted yesterday and the day before that.  I didn’t say anything because you’ve never been a problem before.  Now, do you have something you need to get off your chest?  Some problem with home? If you do, go see your pastor on your own time.  If the problem is here, out with it.”

“It’s a private matter, sir.”

“Then don’t make it my problem!  And don’t be late again.”

“Yes, sir.”

With his job suddenly on the line, Bob was able to focus his attention on work, diligently processing the endless pile of invoices and work orders.  To catch up, he decided to forego any breaks and planned to work through lunch, eating at his desk.

By lunch he had made a significant dent in the pile of paper, but his plan began to fall apart as he munched on the stale peanut butter sandwich that he had made days before.  Chewing the less than satisfactory sandwich, his mind drifted to Carley.  Of Carley looking up him, licking and mouthing his cock; of Carley in the shower, naked and allowing his soapy hands to roam at will over her young body; of Carley, her legs spread wide as he lapped at her hairless cunt; of Carley’s pussy as his fingers plunged in and out of her young hole. 

A few things seemed to press on his mind more than others.  Such as the episode this morning, just before he took her to school… there hadn’t been any hesitation on her part.  Once the lurid suggestion had been made, she readily embraced it. 

Or that she let him finger fuck her.  No hymen, that was telling, but the fact that he had two fingers up her cunt hole at one point meant only one thing to him… she’d been fucked, and fucked by a man, not a boy.  Did her father really fuck her?  He certainly thought so, who else would have taught her to suck cock so well?  She slept nude with him, she’d said that.  But then again, many families were casual about nudity… that didn’t automatically mean incestuous sex. Still…

Her statement that Meagan wanted to seep nude with him, kept recurring.  ‘Damn, could that be true?’ 

One other thing came to mind.  Had he had mounted her… would she have objected?  From what he’d seen last night, probably not.  Did she like fucking as much as she enjoyed sucking cock?  ‘Hmmmm, there’s one way to find out.  Tonight…’  Of course he wouldn’t force her, he simply get into position and see what happens.  What position would be best?  With her on top, then if she really wanted it, she would just sink down on his dick.  Bob’s hard cock seeped at the thought of her tight slick cunt sliding over his throbbing cock.  “Yeah, Baby…”


“Uh, yes, sir!”

“Did you say something?’

“No, sir!”

“Well, we need to get these processed before the end of the day,” his supervisor said while unloading a fresh pile of paper work on him.

“Yes, sir.”  ‘Shit, he has to be kidding!’

“Then get with it or I’ll find someone else to do it.”

“Yes, sir.”  A knot formed in Bob’s stomach.  He realized that his performance hadn’t been up to par this week, but… would be really be fired?  The veiled threat did wonders to focus his attention.  Next thing he knew, it was approaching five o’clock.  He had one last invoice to process.  He took his time finishing that task, waiting for the moment he could punch out and be on his way to pick up Carley.  Pick her up, take her home, and… “Damn!”

“You say something, Bob?”

Looking behind him he saw his supervisor standing behind with an arm full of paper.  “Uh, sorry, I just thought of something…”

“Well, I just want to tell you that I appreciate how you got after it today.  That’ll get Jensen off my ass.  Oh, here’s more,” his supervisor said while handing him another load of paper. “You can get to this in the morning.”

“Yes, sir.  Thank you, sir.”  Bob turned his attention to finishing the last task that had to be accomplished today and looking up found that it was five after five.  Placing the completed paper work in his “out” basket, he hurried off.

Once in his car, he again thought of a problem that promised to ruin his plans.  Meagan. Tonight was Wednesday night and that meant that he had Meagan until nine PM.  ‘Well, I’ll pick them both up.  Get a bite to eat and…’  Pulling out his wallet, Bob saw that he only had three dollars in cash.  He knew he was precariously close to a zero balance in his checking account, so a trip to the ATM was out of the question.  He’d have to charge it and that didn’t make him happy. The credit card company was already on his ass and… “Fuck ‘em!” he cursed.  He was still a few hundred below his limit.  He’d just take the girls to the Old Dutch Buffet and charge it.  The girls could get whatever they wanted and he could pig out and get at least one decent meal this week.

“I’ll take Carley to see her mom,” he said talking to himself as he drove.  “After I drop of Meagan, I’ll take Carley home, strip her and fuck her.  Yeah… she’ll fuck.  She’ll fuck and suck all night long, and in the morning, we’ll wake up early and she’ll fuck and suck again.”

As Bob strode up to the sign-out desk at the after-school facility, Meagan bounded up to him.  “Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!” his daughter cried out in joy, flinging herself upon him.

“Hey, there, pumpkin!” he greeted.  “Are you ready?”

“Yeah!  Let’s go!”

“Uh, where’s Carley?”

“Her daddy just picked her up a few minutes ago.” 

Bob’s heart sank at the news.  “He did?”

“Yeah!  C’mon!  Let’s get going.  I’m starved!”

Even with his plans dashed for the evening, the Old Dutch Buffet was still a good option.  Either that or go somewhere else that would be even more expensive.  Bob ate his fill, but didn’t make a pig of himself after all.  On his mearger rations of the past few months, he’d shed pounds, his stomach shrank, and he wasn’t able to eat as much as he once did.  Still he fretted that Meagan just seemed to play in her food and not really eat it, except of course, the dessert.

Once home, he helped with her math home work and then let her complete her English assignment on her own.  While she sat on the floor with her books and stuff spread out before her, Bob regarded his eleven-year-old.  She looked pretty much as she always looked to him… a vision of pure innocence.  Then the vision of her nude in the bathtub with Carley, when Carley hurt herself, came to the forefront of his mind, not to mention her flashing her little cunt at him while pretending to be watching TV.

‘What exactly did Carley say?’ wondered Bob. ‘That Meagan wanted to sleep nude with me, but was afraid to ask?  Should I just ask? What would I say?  Hey baby, Carley says you want to sleep naked with me.  I know what… why don’t we strip and play house until I take you home?...  Hmmm, I don’t think so…  But what if she brings it up?’

Meagan finished her homework and put her books away.  Then she came up to Bob and sat in his lap.  “Daddy?”

“Yes, sweetheart,” he answered while pushing back a strand of brunette hair from her face, hoping she would make the ultimate suggestion.

“Can I ask you something?”

‘This is it,’ he thought.  ‘Maybe Carley said something after all.  Maybe she’ll want to take a shower.’  “Yes, Baby.  What is it?  You know you can ask me anything.”

“Do you want to play ‘Sorry’?”

“Sorry?  Uh…”

“We haven’t played in such a long time,” she pouted.  “Please?”

An hour later he was dropping her off at his ex’s house.  He felt a curious mixture of frustration and relief at how events had played out this evening.  He was a little early and another strange vehicle was parked in the drive.  He grew impatient waiting for nine o’clock exactly or for his ex-wife’s boy-friend du-joir to clear out.  He just wanted to get home.  Get home and… ‘God, I need to beat off,’ he thought as Meagan rambled on about something.

“Daddy!  Do you?”

“Uh, I’m sorry, Baby.  What did you say?”

“Who do you like better?  Me or Carley?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“She’s stayed with you every night this week.”

“Uh, yeah, her mother’s in the hospital”

“I know, but who do you like more?”

‘Oh crap,’ thought Bob.  ‘What’s this all about?’  “I like Carley, but I adore and love you,” he answered.

Meagan hugged him about the neck, “I love you too, Daddy!” she gushed. 

While his daughter had a choke hold around his neck, he spied a dark figure leave the house and get in the strange car sitting in the driveway.  “Okay, darling.  Your mother’s friend is leaving and it’s nine o’clock!  In you go!” 

Meagan kissed him on the forehead and then the cheek.  “Bye, Daddy!  See you next week!”

“Love you, baby.”  Watching Meagan make a dash for the door, Bob could only think, ‘What was that all about?  Christ!’


Lying alone in his bed that night, his hand covered in cum, Bob thought of the missed opportunities.  Of course Carley’s father would pick her up… it’s Wednesday night; his night with her, whether her mother is in or out of the hospital.  ‘I should have fucked her last night!’ he thought. ‘Maybe tomorrow?  But if her mom is discharged… but even if she isn’t…  Crap!   Knowing the mother was hospitalized, why wouldn’t her dad look after her.  Hmprph! Look after her… yeah right!  Sick bastard’s gonna to fuck her until… Aw, shit!   Look who’s talking!’

Bob’s performance at work the next day was exemplary.  He still thought about the young girl and her talented mouth, but for the most part, he stuck to business.  He tried to think of ways to get her alone and in bed with him again, but everything he thought of simply wouldn’t work.  No way would her mother be hospitalized again and need him to look after her; that was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  He certainly couldn’t have sex with her during a sleepover when Meagan was there.  Nor could he just invite her over for some play time alone with him.  It was pretty hopeless, he conceded.  He had his opportunity and he’d missed it.  Still, what happened was good, damned good.  He puzzled and puzzled.  “There has to be a way to get her off alone for a while.  But how?”

“You say something, Bob?”

“Uh, no sir!  I, uh, misread something and I… but, I understand it now.”

“Very well, Bob.  Keep up the good work.”

“Yes, sir.”  ‘God, I hate this place,’ he thought to himself.


Bob jumped at the opportunity to work overtime on Saturday.  The overtime pay would be a god-send, making the difference between peanut butter or bologna sandwiches as his mainstays, as well as having beer money and maybe going out one night.  Going out… he’d been paid the day before and after paying child support, the utilities and rent, he was far from being flush, but he still had a little leftover because of all the overtime he’d pulled the past two weeks.  He hadn’t been out in four months!  Bob worked on the special project until well past eight that evening.  He needed a beer, he needed some fun, and he knew just the place… the Cadillac Bar.  It was a great pick up joint.  Who knows? Maybe he’d get lucky.

Entering the smoke-filled establishment, Bob made his way through the crowd to the bar.  When he finally got a beer, he sat back and observed the scene.  There were any number of cute women, hot women and not-so-hot-and-not-so-cute women, filling the joint.  The guy next to him chatted it up with every female who came near and predictably he struck out with every female he approached.  Then this not-so-hot-and-not-so-cute woman was chatting it up with him.  The guy brazenly caressed her tits, right in public!  Bob was expecting to witness the guy getting slapped or at least rebuffed, but just the opposite happened.  She laughed and leaned into the guy to whisper something in his ear, her hand at the guy’s crotch.  The guy then abandons his beer, and the two headed for the door.  “They’re not going to church,” chuckled Bob with a touch of jealously.

He decided to try the same technique, but the women he spoke to didn’t just rebuff him, they ignored him completely, as if he weren’t even there.  Then he saw a nice looking chick, in a tight orange dress out on the dance floor, or at least he presumed she was nice looking as she kept her back to him the entire time she was in view.  What caught his attention was the way her partner was rubbing her ass, even sliding his hand up the back of her dress and exposing her ass to anyone who was looking.  ‘What a slut,’ he chuckled, then she disappeared in the crowd.  A little while later, he caught sight of her again, but again only from the back.  She was dancing with a different guy he was certain, and this guy had his hands all over her too.  For nearly an hour he kept catching a glimpse of the woman in her distinctive orange dress, dancing with different men, allowing them all to grope her out on the dance floor. 

Finally she turned and he got a clear view of her face.  He nearly choked on his beer.  It was his ex! “Fucking whore,” he muttered.  “I should have known it was her!”  No sooner had he said that when she walked up to the bar.  She turned and looked him square in the eyes.  It took a moment, but suddenly she exclaimed in recognition, “Bob!  What are YOU doing here?  Stalking me again!  I’ll have you arrested!”

“Calm, down, bitch.  I didn’t know you were here.  I was just having a beer, no law against that.  But now that you asked what I’m doing here, I’m free to ask just why in the hell are you here?  Where’s Meagan?”

“I don’t have to tell you anything, Bob!  But you asked… Rodger called me this afternoon.  Carley wanted her to come over and spend the night with her.  I thought it was great idea and being free for the evening… but that’s my business, Bob, and none of yours.”

“Which one are you going to take home and fuck?”

“How dare you!”

“Don’t give that false indignation crap.  We both know you’re a whore. I saw you dancing with, what, five different guys; all of whom had their hand up your dress!”

“You’re going to be hearing from my lawyer, Bob, for harassing me,” the bitch snarled.

“Bring it on!  You’re an unfit mother!”  His ex, reached for a glass sitting on the bar, and tossed the contents into his face.

“Hey, lady!” protested the man whose drink had been tossed.

“He threatened me!” she shrieked.  Moments later, the bouncers were roughly escorting Bob to the door.  Tossed onto the pavement like some unruly drunk, Bob cursed his bitch ex-wife and cursed the torn knee in his work slacks.  He couldn’t wear the slacks to work again and he couldn’t afford to replace them.

It wasn’t until he was in his car and had calmed down from his encounter with super-bitch that he realized what she had said, “Rodger called me this afternoon.  Carley wanted her to come over and spend the night with her.”  Pulling out of the club’s parking lot in his beat-up Toyota Corolla he pondered,  ‘Rodger… why would he want Meagan in the way?  Three’s a crowd.  Christ… He wouldn’t!  Would he?’ The more he thought about it, the more he became convinced that whatever Carley had said about her dad, that maybe he had it totally wrong about Rodger.  He’s probably just a nudist, and if that’s the way he wants to raise his daughter, so be it.  Maybe it was one of Carley’s mother’s boyfriends that was screwing her.  Perhaps a neighbor?

Still it bothered him, especially since he really didn’t know how to get in touch with Rodger, much less find out where he lived.  He knew that Carley’s dad was well off, drove an expensive car and lived in some gated condo development, and that he had his own business.  What business he did not know and now he was regretting not paying more attention to who his daughter’s friends, or at least their parents, really were.


It was Wednesday and Bob left work on time to pick up Meagan.  The salacious events of last week were still on his mind and had provided fertile whack-off material the past few lonely evenings.  Earlier in the day, he had decided to treat Meagan to a round of Putt-Putt golf this evening.  It would get them out of the shit-hole apartment and get his mind off the things his mind shouldn’t be on to begin with.

Pulling into the parking lot of the after-school facility, he spotted the silver Lexus that knew belonged to Rodger, Carley’s dad.  Immediately he caught sight of Carley and her dad walking towards it.  Chatting and laughing as they walked, they looked very much like any other father and child.  It was a reminder to Bob that he had probably overblown their relationship.

Meagan, as always, was excited to see Bob and greeted her father exuberantly.  After piling into Bob’s Corolla, Bob saw the figure of Rodger approaching his car.  The well dressed man came up to the car, leaned down and stuck his head through Meagan’s window.

“Hi, sweetheart,” he greeted giving Meagan a kiss on the cheek.  Then he turned his attention to Bob.  “Bob, let me be direct and to the point.  I know all about what you did with Carley while she was staying with you.”  Bob’s stomach fell six floors. “I know all about the blowjobs and everything else.  You did everything but screw her.”  As the color drained from Bob’s face, Rodger paused for a moment.  “Now take it easy, Bob.  I’m not going to have you busted any more than you’re going to have me busted.  I just wanted you to know that I knew and I also wanted you to know that we’re even.”

“Even? Uh, uh, what are you talking about?”

“Meagan.”  Rodger brushed his hand across her face and pushed a finger between her lips.  “She’s a quick study, Bob and we had a great time Saturday night; didn’t we darling?  Look, now that we know that we have similar interests and all, I think we need to get together, have a talk and come to an understanding.”

“Uh, yeah, sure.”

“Why don’t you follow me to my place?”  Bob knew that it wasn’t meant to be a question.  “We can talk freely there, have a beer, pizza and hell, we’ll both get a blowjob!  You’d like a blowjob wouldn’t you, Bob?  Carley sucks dick pretty good… so does your Meagan.” 

“Well, I, I don’t know.  I, I wouldn’t want to intrude.”

“Nonsense!  I insist.”


“We only have a few hours, Bob.  Let’s not waste a minute of it.  Just follow me.”

It was with trembling hands, that Bob followed the silver Lexus.  His mind was a total blank and they rode silently.  After a few blocks, Meagan asked, “Am I in trouble, Daddy?”

“No, baby, no you’re not.”

“You did it with Carley.  She told me, but I wasn’t supposed to tell you.  Then we were playing a game and everyone was naked, including Mr. Rodger.  He looks so different than you do, Daddy, without clothes I mean.  Carley lost again and she had to lick his thing.  Then I lost and I had to lick it too, except that I put it all in my mouth like Carley told me to do.  Then Mr. Rodger licked me… between my legs and all over.  Wasn’t that what you and Carley did?  She said it was fun and she was right, it was fun.  I liked it.   But I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, so I didn’t tell you. Am I a bad girl?”

“No, you’re not bad.  Who told you that?”

“Carley.  She said that we were both bad girls now.”

“You’re not a bad girl, Meagan.”

“Then I can do it again?”

“Well, uh, I think we’ll need to talk about it.” The conversation was suddenly ended as the silver Lexus turned into a lavish gated community. 

Entering the upscale condo unit, Bob didn’t know what to expect.  It was so very different from the dump he was living in.  There were animal heads and trophies of all sorts scattered on the walls and shelves.  There was a flat screen TV so big that it seemed to take up an entire wall.  There were paintings, nude paintings scattered here and there, and several small bronze statues of nudes.

“What’s your pleasure, Bob?” asked Rodger from the kitchen door.  “Beers, that is," he added with a laugh.  “I have lagers, ambers and ales.  How about a bock?” Then he added, “Just help yourself in the beer cooler.  I’ll call in for pizza.  I’ll get the girls a plain cheese, so what’s your favorite?  Pepperoni?  A super deluxe?  Super deluxe it is!  Hey, hand me a Corona, will ya?”

“Girls!  Listen up!” barked Rodger to the two pre-teens.  “Get your homework done and get it done NOW!  You can each have a soda, so help yourself.  Pizza will be here in twenty-thirty minutes.  Now, hop to it!”

The girls ran to the cooler and pulled out what they wanted and then gathered around the kitchen table and made themselves busy with their homework for the evening.

Bob and Rodger stood about the kitchen area and drank their beer.  Rodger easily dominated the conversation, telling Bob about his various businesses and his recent hunting and fishing trips.  Bob mostly just listened, but Rodger peppered him with questions about his work.  Bob felt a bit embarrassed, but Rodger didn’t look down on him or act condescending in any way.  Indeed, he seemed genuinely interested in what Bob did for a living.

“You know, Bob, I’ve been looking for a comptroller to help me keep all my various interests in order.  Sounds to me that you just might fit the bill.  You wouldn’t be looking to change jobs would you? The job would pay very well.”

“Well, I have been thinking about a change,” ventured Bob feeling much more comfortable with Rodger.

“I’ll put together a job description and run it by you if you like.”

“I’d like that very much,” replied Bob eagerly. 

“For the right man, it could prove very lucrative.  Full benefits too.”

“I’d like a shot at it, Rodger.”

“Excellent!  Who said hiring is so difficult… not when you find the right man, it isn’t!” 

The doorbell ringing ended the conversation for the moment.  “Pizza’s here!” announced Roger.  “Okay girls, put away your books and set the table.  Be right back, Bob.”

During dinner, the girls giddily talked about the events in their life that day, things like, who said what to whom and who likes who, and who is cute and who is a total pain.  Miss Harvesty came in for her dose of complaints and the food in the cafeteria was unanimously disparaged.  Bob and Rodger listened for the most part, with Rodger brazenly commenting at one point, “I’d like to fuck that Miss Harvesty’s tits.”  That vulgarity shocked Bob, but both girls thought it was hilariously funny.

With the pizza mostly consumed, Rodger set the girls to the task of cleaning up while he and Bob retired to the plush sofa in the living room with fresh brews.  The two men drank and talked baseball until Carley and Meagan had finished their assigned task and bounding into the room. Rodger set his beer on an adjacent side table and signaled Meagan to come near.  Without so much as a word, he pulled her top over her head and quickly stripped her of her jeans and panties.  Bob was flabbergasted as he sat no more than two feet away while his daughter was stripped naked by a man he hardly knew.  With the girl naked, Rodger stood, pulled off his polo shirt, kicked off his shoes and shed his work trousers and shorts, and quickly sat back down completely nude, leaning back into the plush upholstery with his legs lewdly splayed. With his finger he pointed down at his large flaccid dick and ordered, “Blow me.”

Meagan looked over at her dad, sitting with his mouth hanging open.  Afterwards he swore he didn’t do it, but Meagan took the slight nod of his head as his okay.  The eleven-year-old brunette knelt before her friend’s father and took his meaty sausage into her tiny hands.  Then she leaned forward.

Bob would never forget that moment when he sat speechless while his young daughter went down on Rodger.  Every so often she would cut her eyes towards Bob or tilt her head to gauge her father’s reaction.  Each time, Rodger gently reprimanded that she should be looking at the man she was sucking and not the spectators.  As shocking to his good senses as it was to witness his daughter performing such a lewd act, Bob’s cock found it most stimulating.  Mild reprimands besides, Rodger generally praised the girl for her relatively inexperienced efforts.

“Carley.  Why don’t you treat Mr. Bob here to a blowjob too.  I’m sure he’s ready for one,” said the ogre dad.

Immediately Carley was at Bob’s belt and zipper, fishing for his rock-hard cock.  Moments after she had tugged his pants and boxers off his hips and down around his knees, Bob too was in heaven; his shock at Rodger’s brazenness quickly replaced by the delightfully brazen actions of Rodger’s daughter. 

“Ahhhh!  A Wednesday afternoon blowjob… Doesn’t get much better than this, eh, Bob? Hmmmm, yeah, baby girl… just like that… ooooo.”

Bob was the first to blow his load, Carley’s skillful tongue action was just too good to withstand for very long.

“Damn!  That so hot!” exclaimed Rodger as Bob squirmed about squirting and grunting in pleasure.  “Damn, I think I’m gonna blow soon too!”  A few moments later he was admonishing Bob to, “Watch this, Bob.  Yeah… suck it, baby doll.  Ahh, fuck, that’s good.  Uhh, oh, fuck!  Oh fuck!”  Now Bob watched as Rodger trashed about as he unloaded his sperm into Bob’s young daughter’s mouth. “Ugghhh!  Ugghhh!  Oh, fuuuuccckk!”

There was hardly any motion or sounds for several minutes as the men recouped their senses.  Rodger was the first to speak, “Did you swallow it all like a good girl,” he cooed.  Meagan beamed broadly and shook her head.  “Good girl.  Now that your daddy knows you’re a little cock sucker, why don’t you go play with his dick like Carley plays with mine.”  

Meagan bounced up and sat in Bob’s lap, eager for attention from her daddy.  Bob hugged his naked daughter to his chest and wondered, ‘What in the fuck are you doing?’ 

Rodger for his part had no misgivings.  Seeing Carley still fully dressed, he set about to correct that situation.  “Carley, you’re a little overdressed, don’t you think?  I know, why don’t you dance and strip for us, and when you finish, I want your ass on that ottoman.”  Carley began to sway about and slowly undressed as if she were stripping to music.  Bob had seen her naked before, but he’d never seen her do a strip tease.  On a scale of 1 to 10, he had to give it a five, but evidently Rodger was enjoying every minute of it, as was Bob.  “That’s it baby.  Take it off!  Take it off! Shake that ass!”

While Carley danced about nude, Meagan made her daddy’s day.  Bob just moaned as his daughter’s lips surrounded his dick for the first time.  Soon he was punching his hips forward, trying to get more and more of his cock into her sucking mouth.  All the while she sucked him, her eyes were locked onto her father’s eyes, seeking approval for what she was doing.  It wasn’t that Bob exactly approved of her blowing him, but he did enjoy it immensely.  He broke eye contact and his head flopped back, his eyes now unseeing and starring up into space while his baby girl sucked his dick and set his balls to boiling.  He had to admit, she was a quick learner and the way her tongue played up and down the underside of his throbbing stalk was driving him mad. 

His attention was drawn to the other girl in the room when he heard Rodger exclaim, “Spread your legs, Carley.  Show us your fuck hole, baby.  Hey, Bob, look at this cunt!”   Bob looked and was shocked to see the girl, flat on her back on the ottoman with her legs splayed open wide, displaying her bald pussy.  “Play with yourself,” Rodger ordered his young daughter.  Bob now was surprised to be witnessing the girl masturbating herself.  “Nice pussy, eh, Bob?”  Bob had to admit, with the lips lewdly pulled open exposing her pink wet interior, it was a nice pussy, very nice indeed.  His view was then blocked by Rodger’s bare backside as the man knelt between his daughter’s splayed legs.  A moment later, the father’s head descended between her legs and lurid slurping sounds filled the room.  It was more than any man could stand, and with a plaintive cry, Bob unloaded into his own daughter’s sucking mouth.

Bob was still gasping for breath, looking up at the ceiling again when his brain began functioning again.  Meagan was now curled up nude in his lap, hugging her daddy tight.  He caught a motion in his peripheral vision and tilted his head to see what was happening.  Rodger had sat up right and was moving on his knees into the slot formed by Carley’s legs, legs now held wide by her father’s hands.

“Jesus,” muttered Bob as he watched Rodger’s backside begin to punch forward and back, in a motion that was unmistakable.  “Damn!”  He was actually fucking her!  Despite having cum twice in the last thirty minutes, new life surged into Bob’s cock, growing ever larger under his daughter’s bare butt.  Meagan didn’t help matters by squirming about in his lap.   “Oh, shit,” he muttered under his breath as he struggled to keep his lust under control.  But try as he might, his cock grew ever larger and ever firmer and his hands roamed across his daughter’s nude body with a will of their own. He heard an animalistic cry and then heard Rodger grunting like some wild beast.  With his attention drawn once again to the incestuous fornication, Bob watched as Rodger jerked in the throes of orgasmic bliss.  Suddenly the sounds of unrestrained sex fell mute and Rodger rocked back.  Bob heard a sucking noise, followed by an audible ‘pop’ as Rodger pulled his turgid cock from the maw of his young daughter’s clasping pussy.

He stood and stepped to the side.  Facing Bob, Rodger straddled Carley like the Colossus of Rhodes. He reached down and lifting the girl’s legs, spread her open to Bob’s disbelieving eyes.  “Bob, this is what a well fucked snatch is supposed to look like… gapping open and dripping cum!  You didn’t fuck this little whore when you had a chance last week and I didn’t fuck your little girl either.  It’s high time to correct that particular situation.  Meagan still has her cherry, Bob.  Go on, check her out.” 

Meagan spread her legs without being asked and Bob probed into her cunt for the first time.  Sure enough, the maidenhead barrier was still intact.

“Girls were put on this earth to be fucked by men,” Rodger continued while still holding his daughter open.  “Here’s a truism, Bob… Your Meagan’s a budding little slut and she’s going to be fucked a lot.   She’s willing enough and eager to try, but I didn’t fuck your little girl the other night, but I could have.  I just think that if a girl is going to fuck every dick that comes her way, that her father should have the honor to be the first to fuck her.  Don’t you agree?”

“Uh, yes, I suppose,” Bob mumbled.

“I saved her for you, Bob,” Rodger declared.  “But I won’t show such restraint the next time.  Her first fuck should be special, Bob.  So how about it,  Dad?  Why don’t you fuck her?   Break her in properly or I’ll break her in for you.”

Rodger let Carley’s legs down gently and with his finger, signaled for Meagan to come to him.  Meagan obediently hopped off her daddy’s lap and went to Carley’s dad. “You want to taste Carley’s pussy on my cock, baby?” he asked stroking her hair. “You know what to do, so… do it.”  Meagan sank to her knees and Bob watched as she eagerly licked all over Rodger’s now flaccid dick. 

Rodger grinned at the watching father while the man’s young daughter blew him for the second time this evening. “You digging this, Bob?”  Bob looked up into the grinning face of Carley’s Dad.  “You like seeing your little girl sucking a man’s cock?...  Now, don’t be coy with me… you like this, don’t you?  Hell, you love it as much as I love it!”

Bob had to admit it, he did enjoy seeing her sucking cock.  It was the hottest thing he’d ever seen in his life to that point.  A grin broke across his face and he nodded his approval. 

“That’s it Meagan, show your daddy what good little cocksucker you are,” said Rodger looking down at the girl servicing him.  She slurped and slurped, taking the entire flaccid cock into mouth at once.  After a few minutes, Rodger gently pushed the young pre-teen off his dick and tilted her head upwards.  “I can see that your daddy is all excited watching you doing this.  Why don’t you be a good girl and suck your daddy’s dick again.  Suck him and get him hard.  Let him know that from now on, you will suck him off whenever he wants. C’mon, cupcake, stand up.”  Rodger then turned the cock sucking girl to face her father.  “Get between his knees, baby and blow him.” 

Bob spread his legs open and slouched on the couch as his young daughter approached him.  Taking up position between his splayed legs, she knelt, leaned forward and took her daddy’s raging hard-on into her mouth for the second time.  Bob became alarmed when Rodger knelt behind her.  The man grasped her hips with his big hands and laid his dick onto her back.  Bob tried to speak, to protest, but no words formed, he just starred wild eyed into the face of the man posed to ravish his daughter.

“Tell me, Bob.  You want to do it or do you want me to do it?”

“I’ll do it,” squeaked Bob.  

“Atta boy!  I knew you were the kind of man I was looking for!  But if you don’t mind… It’s not often a man can taste a virgin’s pussy, and let me assure you, Meagan’s little pussy is sweet as they come.”  With that he lifted the girl by the hips and brought her ass and pussy to his face. 

Meagan was sort of suspended in mid air.  Her hands held her daddy’s thighs and her mouth stayed impaled on his cock, but she was now partially upside down, sucking her father’s cock while Rodger effortlessly had pulled her crotch to his lips.  Having his dick sucked while Meagan in turn was being eaten out was the most fantastic thing Bob had ever experienced.  His dick was tingling madly and Bob knew he was about to blow.  Suddenly, his cock was no longer deep in his daughter’s mouth.  Slack jawed and drooling, Bob struggled to open his eyes to see what had interrupted his pleasure.  Rodger had her, in his arms, with one big hand supporting her bare back and the other big hand holding her by her bare butt.  Bob realized that the man was kissing her.  As his daze became less pronounced and his dick calmed down from what seemed only a moment ago an imminent eruption, Bob watched as Rodger’s hands took liberties with his young daughter while he face fucked her with his tongue.

Rodger broke off his kiss and set the young pre-teen girl down.  The man went to the end table and extracted a tube of KY jelly from a drawer.  “Coat your daddy’s dick with this, cupcake,” Rodger instructed the pre-teen girl, “you’re going to need it with that tight little virgin pussy of yours.”

Bob gasped as his daughter spread the lube in a thick layer over his marble hard cock.  With Bob properly greased up for the ultimate act, Rodger took the tube of lube from the girl and carelessly cast it aside. 

Rodger then lifted her and sat Meagan down in her father’s lap facing away from her father.  With his last shred of conscious shouting at him to stop,  Bob tried to protest but no words formed as Rodger quickly positioned her with her legs straddling Bob’s legs and her defenseless virgin pussy precariously positioned on the tip of Bob’s lube slickened pecker.

Once again Rodger kissed the girl and while he drove his tongue deep into her mouth, her toyed with a nipple with one hand while rubbing her petite bead of nerve endings with the other.  He broke off the kiss and told her, “Put it in, baby.  Put your daddy’s dick inside your pussy.”

With a shuddered moan of excitement, Bob felt his daughter’s small hand grasp his cock and position it at the mouth of her young virgin cunt hole.  A moment later, her pussy lips molded around the head of her father’s cock.  Feeling the girth of the sex spike ready to ravish her,  the girl pitifully protested, “It’s too big!  It’s too big!”

“We talked about this, remember?  Your sweet little pussy will stretch to take it,” reassured Carley’s father. “It’s nature’s design.”

“I don’t know…” the girl whined as she wiggled on the tip of her daddy’s dick taking full measure of what was to go up inside her.

“We’ve talked about this before,” said Rodger as he continued to tweak her nips and dibble her clit.  “It will probably hurt a little at first, but the hurt won’t last but maybe a minute.  After that it just feels good.  Trust me baby, you’re gonna love it.”

The expert diddling and stimulation was just too much for the pre-teen girl.  “I… I… I…” gasped the girl as crackling electric shocks raced up and down her spine and spread to every corner of her body.  Her entire body shook as she was staggered by the furious intense pleasure of orgasmic bliss. Having lost all muscular control, her legs suddenly gave way.

Rodger gleefully watched as both Meagan’s and Bob’s eyes flew wide open.  Meagan’s mouth opened in a silent scream caused by the sharp pain of her hymen being abruptly torn away and the sudden shock of her virgin twat tube stretching around the big dick that now completely filled her young pussy, while Bob groaned feeling his cock sliding inside the incredible vice-like tightness of his daughter’s hot little virgin cunt.

Father and daughter sat in relative silence for the next few moments, the only sounds were of their ragged breath as they both struggled with the overwhelming sensations they were experiencing.  Bob’s mind was in a turmoil and he barely heard Rodger asking, “How’s that young pussy, Bob?”

 “Just give it a minute baby, and it will feel alright.   Just tell me when you’re ready, baby,” Bob heard the other man say.  Bob’s daughter nodded her head.  Rodger grasped the young girl’s hips and lifted her slightly.  Bob sucked in his breath at the sensation of his cock sliding outwards and then as Rodger let her down, he gasped as her tight pussy slid down over his cock.  Rodger lifted her hips and let he down several times, fucking her pussy on her daddy’s dick.  Bob’s hips, acting on instinct, began thrusting up, driving his dick into his daughter.  Meagan having gotten the idea, began to rise and fall.  Rodger stepped back and watched excitedly as father and daughter began fucking.

The incredible friction of Meagan’s newly deflowered pussy tube quickly took its toll on Bob’s flagging stamina. Once again he felt his orgasm approaching.  This time Bob knew that he would not be denied his orgasm and he thrust with abandon into his young daughter’s cunt. 

With her cuntlips stretched tightly around her father’s dick, Meagan’s little clit nubbin was being relentlessly rubbed to another explosive climax.  A deep flush spread over her face and chest, turning the tanned flesh a ruddy color. The muscles of her belly began to contract and she trashed about wildly on her daddy’s dick. 

This was more than any man could take and in a sudden rush, Bob’s vision grayed and a heavy load surged from his groin and through his dick to soak the interior of his daughter’s pussy with fresh, hot sperm-laden daddy-cum.  Both father and daughter were seized with orgasmic delirium, and both hollered out their pleasure as Bob continued to pump thick gouts of nut-juice into his young daughter’s spasmodicly contracting pussy.

Suddenly the furious incestuous copulating ceased, leaving them both breathless and panting.   For several moments the room was silent as they basked in the warm afterglow of post-orgasmic pleasure.  Rodger was the first to break the silence.  “Hey, Bob. I think she likes fucking.  How about it baby doll, didn’t I tell you that it felt great?”

Bob didn’t hear a reply, but he did feel his soft dick being pulled from his daughter’s snatch as she was  being moved forward on his thigh .  Rodger then grabbed Meagan by the ankles and spread her open, thrilled by the sight of the pinkish, blood tinged daddy-cum oozing from her ravished pussy lips.  To keep her from sliding off his knees, Bob wrapped his arms about her chest and in doing so held her in position for Rodger.  Bob watched as Carley’s father’s rampant cock sank into Meagan’s sperm-laden and freshly deflowered cunt to begin fucking her.


An hour later, it was approaching nine o’clock.  Bob pulled Meagan to him and gave her a very unfatherly kiss, driving his tongue deep into his pre-teen daughter’s accepting mouth.  “I love you, Baby,” he said once he broke the protracted kiss. 

“I love you too, Daddy.  You and Carley’s dad are the coolest dads ever!”

“You’re pretty cool too, kiddo.”

“I was so worried that you’d be mad at me for what Mr. Rodger taught me this weekend,” the young girl told her father.

 “I’m not mad at you, pumpkin, not at all.  I’m very proud of you and, uh, how much you’ve grown up.   I want you to know, I, uh, loved what Rodger taught you to do.  And uh, you do it so well.”

“Thanks!  Are you really going to be working for Carley’s daddy?”

“Yes, pumpkin.  He made me such a good offer that I couldn’t refuse him.”

“Is that why we’re spending the weekend at Mr. Rodger’s and not at your apartment?”

“Well, that’s part of the reason.  Now that I work for Carley’s dad, I have to do what he tells me to do.”

“Cool!  Are we gonna do stuff again?”

“If you want to.”

“Oh, I do!  I do!  Carley said it was the best feeling in the world, and she was right!”

“Well, I won’t lie to you, baby, you’re going to be sore tomorrow.  But it will get better by Friday.  Now remember, don’t say anything to anybody about any of this.  Don’t even talk to Carley about it at school because someone might overhear you.”

“I know, I know.  You’ve told me that, like… a thousand times already!”

“I just don’t want to go to jail.  You don’t want your dad to spend the rest of his life in prison, do you?”

“No!  I love you, Daddy!  I had the best time ever tonight!  I won’t say anything.  I promise!”

Bob glanced at the clock, they had another few minutes.  He leaned over and gave Meagan another deep kiss while rubbing her between the legs. 

Right at 9:00 PM, the porch light came on and a male figure exited the house.  Bob pushed his daughter’s head up and kissed his daughter one more time, giving her well fucked pussy a final good night squeeze.  A moment later he was watching as she walked (or rather waddled) to the front door, turned, waved and then disappeared inside.

For several long minutes Bob sat parked in the dark outside his ex’s house, his semi-erect cock still hanging out from when his daughter had been toying with it just moments before.  Absently mindedly, he diddled it and smeared his fingers in the wet mixture of pre-cum and saliva.  The past few hours had been incredible and he realized that his life had been forever changed. 

The offer Rodger made him just before they had left was far better than anything he’d even dreamed of.  Tomorrow, he’ll quit his old job and start his new job.  He still wasn’t exactly sure what his new duties would be, but that didn’t matter.  Rodger was ecstatic that he’d found someone he could trust absolutely to keep his confidence, and who better than a fellow child lover.  Besides, he had said that he was certain that Bob would have no problem what so ever with the job. 

There was only one thing about the job that Bob was certain of; from now on he’d be making Meagan available to Rodger, but then Rodger in turn, would be making Carley available to him.  Job or no job, Bob reasoned, that portion of the deal was a fair exchange, a very fair exchange.



The End


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