Alicia 4

I Meet a New Man!

By JimBob

(Mg, fond, porn)








Our girl is back at Daddy's place in England.  She’s in fourth grade this year and bored because the work is so easy for her.  The truth be told, she read all of the fourth grade books last year and helped the fourth grade students with their homework.  This is one smart little cookie.

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Daddy picked me up at Grandpa's estate a week before school started this year.  I have been growing so I have to have new school uniforms.  I can hardly fit into my undershirts and I have to really wiggle around to pull my knickers up.  Daddy jokes about it, but it is not funny, because girls have to pull their knickers down a lot more than boys do.  Daddy's knickers have a nice little opening in front, so he doesn't even have to pull anything down to pee.  I asked Mummy why men and women are built different down there, but she wouldn't tell me.  She said I was probably going to find out too soon anyway.  I hate it when adults keep secrets from kids.  I am going to find out what is going on.  Does Daddy like to sleep with Priscilla because he likes to rub her big nipples?  Nobody will tell me these things.  I'm just going to have to keep my eyes open.  My ears too.  When we have dinners I kind of fade into the background, and after the wine bottles have been emptied the conversation becomes much more interesting.

Daddy signed me up for Karate lessons at his club this year.  He took me shopping for new underwear too.  I modeled all my new clothes for Daddy, but the best part was when I was just in my new knickers and Daddy took me on his lap and we cuddled.  We kissed and we French kissed a lot!  I could feel Daddy getting hard under me, like Sarge did.  But I wasn't even rubbing Daddy!  When I wiggled my bum around, Daddy said he had work to do in his study and he put me on the bed and left.  I laid on my bed and I could feel the wet stuff coming, so I put my hand in my knickers and I gave myself a little cum.  I pretended my hand was Daddy's hand.  It is times like this when I really miss my man, Sarge. 

The next day I went down to Daddy's office and I met the oddest man there.  He was very dark, but not a negro.  He said he was from a country by the Red Sea.  He was very handsome, and I liked him right away.  His name was Mr. Kaplan.  When Daddy and I went upstairs, Daddy told me Mr. Kaplan lived with his little sister who was almost fourteen.  He had offered to take care of me the next weekend Daddy had to be out of the country.  Daddy asked me if that would be better than my staying with the maid.  Any man would be better than that maid!  I hate to admit it, but I was so intrigued by M. Kaplan and the way he had looked at me that I almost wished Daddy would hurry up and go.

The weekend after that I got my wish.  I got a message at school that Daddy had to be gone over the weekend, and Mr. Kaplan would be picking me up at the school on Friday afternoon.  I could hardly wait.  Mr. Kaplan's sporty little red convertible made quite an impression on the girls, especially when he came around and opened the door for me, this darkly handsome man.  Then to gasps of surprise from everyone, including me, he leaned over and planted a kiss right on my lips!  I didn't recover from my shock in time to respond, but as I looked at his smug grin, I decided the next kiss was not going to be so one sided.

That was how I met Mr. Kaplan.  I got very excited when we stopped in a secluded spot by the river to watch the boats go by.  I tried not to show it, but I was quivering and all goose bumps.  I knew he was parked there so we could kiss some more.  A part of me knew that this dark, handsome and charming man had made such a show of ushering me to his sporty car and kissed me was because he wanted to show off before my friends, but there was something else too.  The same feeling that I had with Sarge was prickling my skin.  I knew he would kiss me again, and maybe do more before the car left this spot.

But this darn man surprised me again.  He didn't hug me or kiss me.  He got out of the car and opened my door.  Then he took my hand and led me down to the river edge.  There were lots of small flat stones there, and we tried to skip them over the water.  Mr. Kaplan was best with four skips.  I got three a couple of times, but never four.  Mr. Kaplan said the loser had to give the winner a kiss.  We were sitting on a bench, so I got on my knees by him, and I kissed him hard on the lips.  He was kind of surprised, but he didn't open his mouth, so I couldn't French kiss him.  Then we found a can.  Mr. Kaplan threw it into the river and we threw stones at it as it drifted slowly along.  On my fourth throw, I hit it and it sank.  I said I was the winner, and the loser had to give me a kiss.  This time I had my lips parted a little when he kissed me, so I gave him some tongue.  Once again he pulled back, but I followed him and it ended up we had a proper French kiss.

Mr. Kaplan asked me how I learned to kiss like that, and I told him Daddy and I kissed that way all the time.  So we had more games and we kissed after every game and they got longer and wetter.  Mr. Kaplan was hugging me close and tight and I could feel his hand on my bum cheeks sometimes.  Things were decidedly taking a turn for the better.  We played lots of games with kisses, and ended with a race to the car and a big kiss on the front seat.  Then Mr. Kaplan drove us to his apartment.  His sister Sarah was there and so I met her.  Mr. Kaplan kissed her too, and it was a hard one.  He patted her on the back and then on the bum, and that made her kiss him again.

After that we went out to dinner.  Then we all played a new card game they taught me.  An hour after my usual bedtime, Sarah and I took a shower and then Mr. Kaplan tucked me in my bed in the guest room.  I got one more nice kiss while I hugged my arms around his neck.  He was such a nice, handsome man!   But before I could even get to sleep, I knew I had had too much pop that night.  I fought it as long as I could, but finally I knew I had to get up and go or I would be sleeping in a wet bed.  So I got up and started for the bathroom.  As I went past Mr. Kaplan's bedroom, I thought I heard noises.  I wanted to be nosey, but I really had to go, so I went on.  But after I had peed, I wanted to be quiet, so I didn't flush.  I crept back to his room very quietly on my bare feet, and I heard the bed squeaking and Sarah's voice but I could not make out what the sound was, or what she was saying.  I thought Mr. Kaplan might be rubbing Sara's chest for her.  Gosh, there was a lot of that going on!  I decided I was sleepy, so I went back to bed.

The next day Sarah, Mr. Kaplan and I went out for breakfast, and then he took us for a ride in the country with the top down.  It was a nice sunny day.  We came home and Sarah and I fixed sandwiches for lunch, and then she had homework, so Mr. Kaplan showed me his computer.   I liked it a lot, and I told him I was going to have Daddy get one for me.  Mr. Kaplan said he would set it up for me with secret codes like he had so no one could snoop on what I did, or what I wrote on my email.  At first I did not have many people to write to, only Daddy and Mr. Kaplan, but then more of my school friends got computers and email.  And so it went for a couple of years. I had school, Daddy, sleepovers with Mr. Kaplan, to the English estate on holidays and summer visits to the French estate and my man Sarge.

Something changed when I was eight.  On a sleepover with Mr. Kaplan, Sarah went off with a friend one afternoon.   Mr. Kaplan sat down at his computer, and I sat on his lap as we often did, and browsed the internet for interesting sites.  But this time Mr. Kaplan opened some special files with a new secret password.  He even made me look away when he entered it.  There were lots of folders.  Some said pictures, and some folders said stories.  He opened one picture folder and then a file.  I let out a gasp of surprise.  It was pictures of naked children!  There were fat kids and skinny kids, boys and girls, all naked and on a sandy beach.

Then he opened another file.  This was pictures of individual children, from all angles, but most showing their pussy or cock.  I saw more naked children than I knew there were children.  All quite innocent, but of course I didn't know about any other kind...  yet.  I was very interested and a little excited, seeing all those little cocks of all shapes and sizes.  I pointed out a couple with no foreskin and asked about them.  Mr. Kaplan explained about circumcision.  Oh, wow!  I shuddered at thought of losing part of my equipment.  No thanks.   We went through about three folders of these naked little boys and girls on the beach, and then Mr. Kaplan opened a folder that made me gasp again  Here the children were alone, posing on chairs and couches, and the pictures were all carefully posed so the focus was on little cocks and little pussies.  There was nothing suggestive, but there was no doubt as to the poses being to show off what the child had.  I didn’t know they even took pictures like this!

With the next folder I was beyond being shocked.  The little boys all sported a hard-on, and the girls were posed so their pussies were open and wet.  My eight year old pussy began to get wet in response to these pictures.  Mr. Kaplan went through this folder very slowly, and then back through so I could point out a favorite.  I picked a boy with an unusually big cock.  He was a dark boy like Mr. Kaplan.  He in turn picked out a girl that had reddish brown hair something like me and he said he liked her because she looked like me.  I should have been prepared for the next folder, but I was not.  This was a picture of a man with a little girl.  A naked man with a big hard-on, and a little girl holding it close to her face, and smiling over it at the camera.    The red knob thing was all wet and shiny?  In the next picture I found out why.  The end was back in her mouth and she was obviously sucking and licking it. 

Mr. Kaplan asked me if I wanted to see more, or go to something else.  Through very dry lips I managed to croak out, "More!”  M. Kaplan went to the next page.  This was a video clip.  He clicked on it and started the player.  The same man and girl were in a room, the same one as in the pictures.  The man and girl were taking each other's clothes off.  They got down to her knickers and his underpants at the same time, and the girl grabbed the man's floppy cock and started to stroke it.  There was talking in the movie, and the girl called the man, "Daddy."  When I heard that I did get real wet.  I have wanted to do stuff with Daddy since I was a little girl, but he kept saying , "Sixteen. You have to be sixteen."  This girl wasn’t sixteen!  She was my age!  I wished Daddy could see this. 

Excited as I was by the video, I was not so excited that I did not feel Mr. Kaplan's big hand grasp my bare knee below my short skirt.  This was a new sensation.  I divided my attention between the action on the screen, and the action on my lap.  The hand crept slowly up the inside of my thigh.  It tickled and I had to stifle a gasp of laughter.   The backs of his fingers touched my other thigh, and I opened my legs to accommodate his big hand.  Was Mr. Kaplan going to touch my knickers?  I was burning with desire and curiosity.  Also with some chagrin.  I had been wearing some nice soft silky knickers in bed last might, and had changed to fresh white cotton knickers with a double crotch in the morning.  I wouldn't be able to even feel his fingers!

Was I ever wrong!  His fingers burned like fire all the way up my leg, and they were like molten lava when they traveled a path from my inner thigh to the center of my now wide open crotch.  They followed the slight indent my crack made up and then down to the back.  Then they moved up again, clear to the seam where the double gusset for my knicker crotch started.   On the screen, the girl was sucking the whole purple knob of the man's cock in between her lips, as he made thrusting movements into her willing mouth.  Mr. Kaplan's fingers moved to my knickers waistband and pulled it out to get inside.  He was going to touch me!  I was so excited!  I drew in my belly to give his big hand room, and the fingers traced a trail straight down over my mons and found my clit.  I moaned at the touch, and Mr. Kaplan hugged me back against him with his other arm.  The finger massaged my clit while I squirmed, then made a trip down between my pussy lips to pick up some moisture.  How did he know that would be there?  Mr. Kaplan pulled the wet, slippery finger back out and massaged my clit again.  I moaned out a little cum, but I could feel the big one coming, if he would only keep it up...

I wanted it.  I was ready for it.  The way this man held on so tightly to me, and pulled me in so tightly to him was all a new experience.  Mr. Kaplan was giving me his undivided and loving attention and I was eating it up.  Then he bent his head and started nuzzling and kissing my neck and by my ears, and the dam broke.  This great big cum flooded all through my little body.  When I came down, Mr. Kaplan had removed his hands and had me sitting sideways on his lap, while he rocked and cuddled me.  My first cum with Mr. Kaplan was the best one I had in all my eight years on this earth! 

Watching videos and bringing me to a tossing, moaning orgasm became a regular thing for Mr. Kaplan and me on our weekend sleepovers when Sarah didn't come home from school.  Of course I kept up my play with the boys at the estate, and my sex play with the two older boys.  I became quite used to no knickers or knickers around my ankles.  On the visits to France, Sarge kept me satisfied.    I still wasn't sure what that big part of the boys was good for, but as long as I was kept satisfied, I was not too concerned about that.  Daddy was stroking my chest and nipples as we would lie on my bed together.   I still wanted him to do more, but he wanted to wait until I am sixteen.  Daddy is the nicest, most handsome and polite man I have ever seen.  I think I will marry him when I am sixteen.

Things continued like this for the next two years.  Mr. Kaplan kept making vague promises about things that were going to happen when I was ten.  Nothing specific, but "wait until you are ten" would come into our conversation more and more.  Then the big day came.  My tenth birthday party was at the England estate.  One week later I was back at Daddy's apartment, eagerly awaiting a weekend sleepover at Mr. Kaplan's place that very weekend...

The End of Part 4


This is a fantasy story. All of the characters are fictional people and all of the locations exist only in my mind. Enjoy!

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