January 2018

Update 1: A baker's dozen new stories are now up, along with a new Collection page, which we would appreciate feedback on. There are also a couple stories included this time which are a bit 'intense' and thus thoughts on their inclusion would be valuable. Finally, one new story has a different style for posting multiple chapters in one saga, do you think all multi-part stories should be posted in this way?

We always welcome help in writing synopses, re-tagging stories, editing posted stories, and technical support (our current method for updating is heavily manual thus the slow speed.) Get in touch via email if you have skills in any of these areas.

Our to-do list, in order of importance:

  1. Finalize collection browsing (add by-author mode, remove bugs, improve design)
  2. Rewrite story submission
  3. Increase customization of CSS based on reader feedback.
  4. Integrate ASSTR (or other anonymous) search
  5. Implement 'special recommendation' process
  6. Draft concept and coding for 'LSR Editors' functionality

Previous Updates

December 2017

If you have continued trouble with submitting stories, contact us through the FAQ page and we will provide an alternative solution. Get stories in soon for our next update!

Update 1: That took much longer than anticipated, but we finally have a clean solution to allow you to customize the site's theme. Check it out in the menu and email with any problems you encounter. We're interested to hear ideas you may want implemented to improve the different themes.

We also heard the poll results and have updated story pages to include the title in the page title. You'll likely notice we had to re-upload the entire site to get these changes, and a few more, into place - our apologies for clogging up the front page.

On the more exciting side, new stories are posted. Read more about them in the 'Now Playing' page. Over time updates on this page should become less and less while updates there become more frequent. Please note for the couple German submissions we received - we currently only accept English stories.

November 2017

Update 4: We are overwhelmed with the amount of feedback received. All of it is being considered and/or implemented. A question, as we are not in agreement: do you prefer the title of story pages to be "LSR: [story title]" or just "LSR"? Open this story and this story in different tabs to see what we mean. A discrete tab name is nice but so is knowing exactly which story one has open where. Please email us or take this poll.

Meanwhile, this update brings standard headers (thanks GP, we did forget and hope you aren't too angry), some too-small-to-notice visual tweaks (thanks to various), and a re-written menu (to prevent a future backend nightmare).

Since that's all very dull, we got in touch with Joshua Woode and received permission to have his all-time classic, Family Changing Room, republished here. We will soon bring over more of his work and hope renewed attention will perhaps bring Family Changing Room the long-awaited chapter sixteen.

Our to-do list is (not below and updated above)

Update 3: Made a couple tiny visual corrections based on feedback. Thank you to those who write in with constructive thoughts, we are definitely listening! One problem remains which is how to display story synopses in the collection. Using tooltips like the old LS works okay, but is visually unappealing and unusable on touchscreen devices. We welcome your ideas on the matter. You may also notice new stories - one from vato, a few reposted with permission by Gesso, and some relatively obscure classics from zakky93. As submissions (hopefully) increase, we will do a better job pointing out new stories in the 'Now Playing' page.

Update 2: Yes, we finally realized ASSTR's internal email routing is not functional. Story submission and general contact now work. Note that form submission now redirect you off-site for a reCAPTCHA, we are working on a better long-term solution. If you dislike or distrust email we occasionally interact at 8chan's /loli/.

Update 1: With ASSTR's technical difficulties resolved, the LSR team has been back at work. Our thanks to Rey Del Sexo and his team with their relatively thankless effort in keeping ASSTR going.

Critiques, concerns and ideas are welcome. This is not a finalized version of the site and likely contains many uncorrected errors.

July 2017

Against all odds, LSR is here or at least nearly here. While portions remain to be filled out, the site framework is coming together. As of now we are accepting story submissions and welcome feedback on the site. Over the next week or two bugs will continue to be ironed out of the design and possibly classic stories from the original LS will be ported over. Our first posting of new stories is dependent on submissions but we anticipate having the site fully operational, at least, by week 28. You can assist by letting us know of any issues you encounter - this is possibly the first responsive (cross-device compatible) site on ASSTR and we don't have enough devices to test every nook and cranny. Thank you for your patience so far and welcome.

Now that we're up to three dire warnings about copyrights, all anonymous, a quick explanation for everyone. We respect each individual story's and author's stated rights preferences. Permission for distribution with attribution is the norm for many, including LS precursors like PRU and ASSTR precursors like ASS. Hopefully this assuages concern for our shutdown or preparatory rage against our violations.