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LSR's fourth story update, bringing you 11 stories with a couple of truly epic length. We also updated our Stars page for the first time, make sure you provide your feedback if you want to bring attention to a favorite story. Enjoy - many more updates to come throughout 2018.

Got your own story to submit? We'd love to include you in this space next time.

  • Baby Cum Dump

    Author: this guy
    Tags: MFg(baby), prost, intr
    A prostitute with a stomach virus helps one of her regular customers get off, into her 19-month old daughter.
  • Babysitting Kendra

    Author: Acid
    Tags: Mg
    Bruce is called upon to babysit two little girls for his neighbor. He takes extreme liberties with the younger one while the older is distracted.
  • Cumming Home

    Author: Anonyname14
    Tags: Mg
    A preteen girl with a crush melts the heart and resistance of a college graduate.
  • Hot in Houston

    Author: Pavel Nabokov
    Tags: bg, first, inc, rom
    Two siblings find solace in each other on a very hot day in the summer, though it gets hotter when Billy finds his sister nude in the kitchen.
  • International Business Trip, Part 3

    Author: this guy
    Tags: MF, intr, anal, cons
    Protagonist is offered the chief's widowed daughter's hand in marriage and gets to 'try her out'. Quite important to the overall plot.
  • A Little Diddle

    Author: Pavel Nabokov
    Tags: Mg, fondling
    Little Lisa decides to get her jollies with the help of her uncle as the extended family sits together for a feast.
  • Little Neighbor Girl

    Author: Tanya Writer
    Tags: fg
    An older teen meets and befriends a pre-teen girl from the neighborhood.
  • A Love Lost - A Love Found

    Author: Tempest
    Tags: bf, Mf, MF, father/daughter, first, oral, anal, mast, con, slow, action, long, romantic
    Mark is devastated when he loses Lisa, the love of his young life, but finds love again and it's not with who he expected.
  • Rebecca and Joseph Sleep Over

    Author: Rufus Fugit
    Tags: Mbg, ped, inc, mast, oral, reluc, cons
    The classic three-part story of a man watching his friend's kids while they, as the title implies, sleep over. Neither go home a virgin.
  • Sins of a Father: Chapters 9-14

    Author: InTheWind
    Tags: Mg, oral, inc, father/daughter, spank, MMg
    Robert takes his pretty young eleven-year daughter to Hawaii so he can take her virginity properly, meets another man with the same interests, and realizes his fantasies.
  • Uninvited Guest

    Author: Acid
    Tags: Mg
    A man sorely lacking in personal alone time is interrupted while his family is away. The interloper proves to be the cure for the man's needs.

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