Camp Degradation: The Sequel, Part 1

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Published: 6-Jun-2012

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WARNING: Dear readers this story is strictly intended for the eyes of adults only. It is not suitable reading for minor children, or for those readers that might object to any of the story codes listed. If you fall into those categories kindly pass it by and seek reading more tailored to your needs.

Once More Into The Breach

This time it isn't King Henry the V exploiting his troops to clog up the breach in the wall with their dead bodies. Instead its Gladys Ramsey once again driving the path she had taken nearly one full month ago. Only instead of having Ten year old Japanese girl Ami Nakamura, Nine year old black girl Monique Williams, and little 9 year old blue eyed blond girl Heather Philips crying, pleading and frightened as little bunny rabbits. She had with her three other little girls. All of them white girls and all aged 8 years old.

One of them was a little 8 year old red haired girl with green eyes named Rhonda, who sat up front next to her. In the back seat sat a pretty little 8 year old girl with jet black hair and blue eyes, her name was Valerie. Seated next to her was the third little 8 year old girl, her name was Suzy and she had brown hair and very dark brown eyes. All three little girls were crying just as hard as the first three girls she drove to Camp Degradation. For Gladys this second trip was just so much better, for one thing there was no rain storm to hinder her journey, and for another she was offered a short stay at the camp and an opportunity to witness an actual degradation session in progress.

It was a clear sunny morning and as she drove along the same road her mind wandered to the day one month ago when she led poor little Ten year old Japanese girl Ami Nakamura, Nine year old black girl Monique Williams, and little 9 year old blue eyed blond girl Heather Philips to their fate at the hands of those men who worked at the camp. She wondered if that man Dominick Molester was still in charge and wondered what ever became of the three little girls she brought there for punishment. Gladys was actually very pleased that her three little wards were not returned to her.

It meant that the privately run camp would send her a written notification confirming that she would no longer be responsible for her little girls any longer. She could then bring that notification to the State and be given other girls to replace the ones not returned to her. Even though she had to pay a 10% fee each time that happened, she knew it was money well spent. The state had to offer her another large initial fee for more little girls and more monthly money for their care.

From time to time she would take a quick glance at the little redheaded girl Rhonda seated next to her and the two little girls seated in the back little 8 year old Valerie with the jet black hair and blue eyes, and little 8 year old Suzy with the brown hair and very dark brown eyes. They were all dressed as the first group of little girls brought to the camp. Dressed according to the rules and instructions give her by her fellow members in the special Women's club. Which meant that all girls being sent to Camp Degradation had to wear the same kinds of clothing. Their clothes had to make the girls feel uncomfortably embarrassed, and Gladys was certain she had accomplished that.

Tears were being shed not only for where they were being taken, but also for what they were forced to wear. Skirts that were so short they barely covered their panties, and their panties were white cotton bikini cut and two sizes to small. None of the three little girls had much in the way of breasts, theirs were just budding little boobs hardly a handful. Their nipples were the size of small pencil erasers. Gladys had them wear cotton tee shirts rather than bra's. Covering their tee shirts the girls wore white button down the front blouses that were held together by only one button. Before they left the apartment each girl was given three enemas and nothing to drink or eat in a twenty four hour period, so that when they entered the car for the trip they were thoroughly cleaned out.

As the car turned onto the dirt road that would eventually lead directly to the private property of Camp Degradation, Gladys Ramsey couldn't help think of how peculiar it was that the circumstances surrounding the sentence of these three little girls by the local magistrate was for so similar a crime as that committed by her first group.

She remembered how Ten year old Japanese girl Ami Nakamura, Nine year old black girl Monique Williams, and little 9 year old blue eyed blond girl Heather Philips were caught by a park security officer while they stole a porn magazine from a drunken man in the park while he slept against a tree. The security officer watched as the three little girls found a park bench to sit on while they turned the pages of the pornographic magazine pointing to the pictures they saw and giggling.

How absolutely odd it was that the same park security officer would also catch the three little girls presently in her care 8 year old Valerie, Suzy, and Rhonda. But what made this even more unusual was the fact that these little girls were caught committing a sexually reprehensible act especially for little girls their age.

The park security officer watched as the three little girls ran up to some old men in the park then hoisted up their little skirts exposing their little panties and then bent over wiggling their panty covered little asses while shouting "Hey mister if you give us a dollar you can pull our panties down" then they stood up giggling and ran off. But they didn't run fast enough or far enough because they were caught by the park security officer and taken to the local magistrate.

When Gladys was told about the incident she was furious and immediately agreed with the magistrate that their sentence would be punishment at Camp Degradation. How strange she thought, the first group of girls being punished for stealing a pornographic magazine and this second group of girls being taken to the camp for showing off their panties to a bunch of old men. She decided to ask that the girls punishment be even more severe than the punishment the first group of girls would suffer.

As the car turned around the bend in the road she could clearly see the large barbed wire fencing that surrounded the private property of Camp Degradation. Her three distraught passengers also saw the high razor wired perimeter fencing surrounding the camp grounds and their crying became more intense. The little redheaded girl Rhonda cried out.

"Oh please please Miss Gladys please don't take us here, please don't let them do bad things to us please we're so sorry we were naughty. Please we promise never to do that again."

The two other girls seated in the back of the car echoed their fear and concern. "We promise to be good girls we promise we will never ever show our panties to strangers in the park, honest we wont. Oh please forgive us miss Gladys we are so sorry we were naughty."

Gladys's reply disheartened the three little 8 year old girls and caused their tears to flow more profusely.

"Its much too late for apologies from the three of you, now your all going to be punished and I'm going to ask the man in charge to show you no mercy"

As their cries of anguish filled the car, Gladys drove through the opened gates and into the parking area next to the main building.

The Harsh Reception

Gladys shut the engine off and stepped out of the car, then looked at her watch and smiled, she was right on time. She looked over at the reception building where she was expecting to be met by Dominick Molester just as he had done the last time she was here. But when the door opened she was surprised to see another man heading towards her car. It was a man she had never seen before and thought it best to leave the three little girls inside until this man introduced himself to her and made it known that she and the little girls were expected.

The man approached her and said "Good morning Gladys, you are Gladys Ramsey are you not?" Gladys immediately replied that she was, and when she did the man introduced himself as the new Manager of the privately owned and operated special punishment camp. He said his name was Jason Cummings and informed Gladys that Dominick Molester was transferred to another facility. Gladys could see that Jason Cummings was a well built middle aged man whose facial appearance seemed to have a rugged look about it. She noticed as he spoke to her that his attention was also drawn to the passengers that still remained inside the car and she immediately told the little girls to get out.

It was obvious to the two adults by their appearance and actions, that the little girls were not only frightened, but also self aware at the purposely created skimpy clothing they wore. Try as they may they simply could not prevent their panties from showing as they slid out of the car and onto the ground of the parking lot. Mister Cummings Took full advantage of the poor girls embarrassment by focusing his full attention at their discomfort. His eyes never left their ill fitting tiny little white cotton bikini panties. The girls saw the man eyeing their now very exposed undies and they blushed with embarrassment but could do nothing about it.

Once all three little girls exited from the car Mister Cummings ushered them and Mrs. Gladys Ramsey into the reception building. He had them all sit down on three armless straight back chairs that were positioned next to one another and lined the opposite wall where his desk was. Turning to Gladys he asked her for the children's punishment papers and sat down behind his desk to look them over. Gladys sat on a comfortable arm chair Adjacent to the desk which gave her a clear view of her three little wards.

Jason while peering over the information written down on the punishment papers asked Gladys if she prepared the little girls for their first day at the camp. When he was informed that before they left the apartment each girl was given three enemas and nothing to drink or eat in a twenty four hour period, so that when they entered the car for the trip they were thoroughly cleaned out. She told Mister Cummings that it was standard procedure for any of the members in the special Women's club to see to it that the little girls being driven to the Degradation Camp be prepared in that manner.

After Jason finished looking over the punishment papers Gladys gave him he turned to her and reaffirmed the invitation she was sent that would allow her to stay and witness an actual degradation session in progress. Gladys thanked him for the offer and asked if it was the three present little girls that she would be seeing. But was told that it would not be, and that he would be sending these girls to a holding area and he would deal with them after Gladys departed the camp. She watched him reach for a communication device on his desk and call for his subordinates.

Within minutes three extremely handsome, muscular and very virile looking men entered the office. They were the three most senior members of the privately owned and operated special punishment camp, and the same three men that were used by Dominick Molester the last time Gladys Ramsey brought her first group of girls. Mister Cummings introduced them as Carl Schmidt, Eric Clause, and Brian Nichols.

The three little girls sitting against the far wall of the office looked at the very handsome men who had just arrived. Though they were still extremely frightened and very conscious of their embarrassing and quite revealing clothing, they could not help but stare at them. But then Jason Cummings moved from behind his desk and stood in front of the three little children holding a folder containing the punishment papers that Gladys handed him.

His three subordinates stood near Gladys as she and they watched Jason walk in front of the seated little girls. His pace was slow and deliberate, his eyes moving from the expanse of bare thigh to the tear filled eyes of each little girl. From time to time he would glance down at the folder containing all the information of the incident in the park. The very incident that caused both Magistrate and custodian Gladys Ramsey to set their punishment as confinement in Camp Degradation.

The little redheaded girl Rhonda with the pretty green eyes sat on the left, little 8 year old Valerie with the jet black hair and blue eyes, sat on the right and between them sat little Suzy with the brown hair and very dark brown eyes. Mister Cummings was standing in the middle of the girls facing little Suzy. As he spoke he looked from one girl to the other.

"So he began, you little girls like to show your panties to the old men in the park huh? well isnt that right?"

None of the girls answered him, they were just too frightened. So Jason Cummings continued his verbal taunting. "Well refusing to answer me only suggests you cannot dispute these allegations I am looking at in this folder."

"It clearly states that you naughty little girls bent over and lifted up your skirts and showed a bunch of old men your little panties, then wiggled your little asses at them and then said, and I quote "Hey mister if you give us a dollar you can pull our panties down"

"Well what have you to say about that."

Again none of the three frightened girls responded to him, but just sat there sobbing and wiping the tears from their eyes. Jason watched for a moment then reached into his pocket and pulled out a dollar bill waved it back and forth in front of the three sobbing preteen girls, and said "Well here's the dollar you asked for. Now stand up, bend over and I'm going to pull your panties down and off."

This time the little girls all shouted out almost at the same time.

"Nooo!! no! noooooo! Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh!! Nooo!" Pleeeeease don't pleeeeease we're sorry we didn't mean to be naughty pleeeeeease pleeeeeease Ohhhhh pleeeeeeease Mister Cummings pleeeeeease don't pull our panties off."

Jason smiled then turned to face Gladys and his three subordinates. He winked at them and said aloud so that the three crying and very frightened little preteen girls could hear him.

"Very well children I wont pull your panties off this time, just consider yourselves lucky that Your Guardian and I have A very special session to attend. But before we go these three men are going to spank your panty covered little asses very hard, so stand up hoist your little skirts all the way up to your hips and then bend over. Oh by the way I don't want to hear any more begging from either of you, if you don't do as I said this very minute I'll tell these men to strip you completely naked and then increase your punishment from ten hard whacks over your panty covered asses to twenty five over your naked butts."

The three little girls all looked at one another and then while crying even harder stood up and did as they were ordered. Gladys watched her three preteen wards stand up bend over and pull their tiny little skirts way up to their hips. Their very tiny ill fitting panties hiding very little from the eyes of the onlookers.

Jason nodded to his three subordinates and soon Carl Schmidt, Eric Clause, and Brian Nichols stood behind the sobbing little girls and began spanking them. The hard blows landing over their tiny white cotton bikini type panties.


Soon screams of pain came from each of the three children. " EEEeeAAAaahhhhwwww!" they all shrieked, "OOOOwwwwiieeeeee! Owwiieee!" Eeeuhhh, eeeeiihhh, ieeeehhh,"

Once the spanking was finished the three teary eyed little girls were taken to a holding area by Jason's three subordinates.

The Special Degradation Session

This was Gladys Ramsey's first experience in watching how the men of Camp Degradation went about inflicting punishment to the little girls brought there. Although it was only a mere spanking, it gave her a feeling of exhilaration of what was yet to come. Gladys was the only one ever offered a first hand look into the operations of Camp Degradation. None Of the eight members of the "special women's club" and not even Janet who introduced her to the club was offered that opportunity, and so it was with heightened expectation that she followed Jason Cummings into the auditorium of special degradation.

They entered from the rear of the auditorium and Gladys was a bit surprised to see so many people in attendance, but what really surprised her the most was the appearance of little boys and girls sitting next to what she believed to be their parents. Jason Guided Gladys past the rows of people seated there and moved directly to the front where he seated Gladys and himself in the first row. He whispered to her that the people she saw seated there were family members of the men working for the camp, including their children.

There was like most auditoriums a stage facing the front. But unlike most stages this particular one was built extremely low so that the viewers would not have to look up onto the stage to get a good view. This stage was low enough to give the viewers a more direct view of the action.

Within five minutes after both Jason Cummings and Gladys Ramsey were seated a man came out on stage and addressed the crowd of onlookers.

"Good Morning Ladies and gentlemen, he then looked over at Gladys and said and good morning to our very special guest this morning. Please stand and face those in attendance so that I may introduce you to them. Gladys's face turned a bit red as this was a complete surprise to her, but she did as requested. The man on stage then told the crowd that Gladys was one of eight very special women who through the years have furnished this camp with little girls in need of our degrading punishments. At once the crowd began to applaud her, which only reddened her face even more. When she sat back down she could see a smile on the face of Jason Cummings.

The man on stage then told the crowd that the session this morning would be in two parts. The first part would be the punishment of naughty little brat boys and girls who are presently seated among you in the audience and who have no idea that their parents have singled them out to us for this mornings punishments. There immediately began a stirring in the audience with little boys and girls full of activity looking here and there to see who among them would be the ones selected. They began beseeching their parents if they were the ones to be punished, but their parents as instructed would not offer them any solace. This only added to the children's torment, and there arose a steady moan of fear and trepidation.

The speaker then spoke of the second part of the session and told the audience that this morning three little brat girls have been selected for degradation. Then said that the two part program selected this morning also had the benefit of teaching the little boys and girls present to always behave themselves and always obey their elders.

When the man on stage announced part one of the program would now begin, a great hush came over the audience and especially all the little boys and girls. When he clapped his hands together four mothers and four fathers grabbed their little children and brought them screaming onto the stage.

Gladys's mouth dropped open and her eyes were focused on stage where she saw two young boys and two young girls crying and pleading with their parents not to let this awful thing happen to them.

"The little girls and little boys were screaming, sobbing, and gasping Nooo!! no! noooooo! Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh!! Nooo! pleeeeeeease mommy pleeeeeease daddy Noooooooo don't let them do this to us."

The audience was on the edge of their seats when from off stage there suddenly appeared four hooded men who came onto the stage to take hold of the squirming, crying, and nearly hysterical little boys and girls. Once the children were grabbed their parents were ushered off stage and back to their seats leaving their offspring in the hands of the hooded men.

Before the speaker left the stage he told the audience that these children were selected by their parents for misbehaving even after repeated warnings. He told the audience that their age would not deter their punishment and noted that the two boys were eight years old and the two girls were seven years old. He then said that since these boys and girls were the children of fellow camp workers and had to attend regular school, that pictures and videos would be taken of their punishment and could and would be used to pass around their school if they ever misbehaved again. He then clapped his hands together once again and said in a loud voice "LET THEIR PUNISHMENT COMMENCE"

The four hooded men began to strip naked the two boys and two girls as they screamed and cried and squirmed and twisted their little bodies but their efforts were all in vain, as soon they stood completely naked before the gaping eyes of those in attendance.

Gladys asked Jason Cummings why the men on stage were hooded and was told that it was agreed beforehand by all the workers in the camp that when this type of punishment was called for it was best that none of the workers knew which of their co-workers would be sexually abusing their children.

The four children had their wrists tied to their ankles and were bent over with their little asses facing the audience. They continued crying but soon their cries would turn into sharp screams as the four hooded men were given spanking paddles by the stage hands. Then just before the first blows were landed on their ass cheeks, more stage hands came out and began setting up the cameras and video equipment. Once the cameras were in position and the video equipment turned on the first blows were struck landing over the naked ass cheeks of the four children on stage.

"EEEeeAAAaahhhhwwww!" they shrieked, "OOOOwwwwiieeeeee! Owwiieee!"

Ten blows with the spanking paddles were landed on each child's naked ass cheeks quickly turning their color from white to a blushing red.

"THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! OOOOwwwwiieeeeee! Owwiieee!" Eeeuhhh, eeeeiihhh, ieeeehhh,"

Once the spanking was complete the hooded men untied the children and they immediately stood up and rubbed their bruised ass's to the delight of all who witnessed it. But that was just the beginning for the next round of their punishment would be the most embarrassing of their young lives.

Two of the hooded men grabbed the two 8 year old boys from behind and held them, while the other two hooded men grabbed the two little 7 year old girls also from behind and forced them to stand directly in front of the two boys. The children were placed on the stage in such a manner that would enable the audience to get a side view of all that was about to happen.

The little girls were ordered to get on their knee's and then to grab the little boys penises and put them in their mouths and to suck them. Naturally the two 7 year old girls refused, but that was just what was expected and it gave the two who held them reason to shove their unlubricated fingers directly up their tiny little assholes making the poor little ones scream in pain.

"YYYYEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWWTTCHH! OWWWWEEEEEEEEE! IT HURTS they screamed then while crying they begged and cried out Mister please stop take it out it hurts too much Owwwwwwwwch!"

The two hooded men continued cruelly finger fucking their extremely tight little assholes and told them if they wanted them to stop then they had to suck the little boys cocks. The pain was simply too much for the poor little 7 year old girls to stand and so they promised they would do as told.

The two 8 year old boys were terribly embarrassed to be standing naked in front of all those people in the audience and now that they saw the little girls getting on their knees in front of them, they began to resist and to squirm and twist their naked bodies away from the little girls. But that too was expected and gave their captors reason to punish them. It was a punishment that not only brought great pain to the two little 8 year old boys but also caused the little girls to become even more embarrassed then they already were.

With the threat of further anal finger fucking the two little 7 year old girls were ordered to twist and pull and slap the two 8 year old boys hanging cocks.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The little boys screamed and screamed YYYYEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWWTTCHH!"Nooo!! no! noooooo! Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh!! Nooo! make them stop make them stop"

It soon became obvious that now the little 8 year old boys would cooperate even through their embarrassment.

The audience and Gladys in particular were treated to a show they would always remember as two little 7 year old girls began sucking on the little cocks of the two 8 year old boys. At first the boys little flaccid cocks kept falling from the little girls mouths and they had to continually grab them and put them back in. But after a bit those limp penis's began to harden just enough for the girls to be able to suck on.

The boys were much too embarrassed and frightened to ever reach orgasm so the hooded men allowed the audience enough time to enjoy the show and then separated the children from each other. It was now time for the tables to be turned and it was the boys who would do the licking and sucking and the little girls who would be the recipients. But all four children would be feeling the degradation of this special live session.

The little 7 year old girls once again had their wrists tied to their ankles and were bent all the way over. Their legs were pulled wide apart and the two boys were ordered to get on their knees and begin using their tongues to lick the little girls ass holes and pussy holes. The two boys knew that resistance would mean having their assholes finger fucked just like they witness happening to the little girls or worse having their little cocks slapped or twisted.

It didn't take very long before the audience got to see the two boys licking the cunts and assholes of the two little 7 year old girls. Just like the boys the two little girls would never reach orgasm, so the hooded men once again allowed the viewers ample time to enjoy the show being presented on stage.

It was now time for the final act to take place involving the four children, and this act would be the most cruel of all. But certainly not totally unexpected after all this was indeed "THE SPECIAL DEGRADATION SESSION" that all had come to see.

By now most if not all those watching the happenings on stage were sitting on the edge of their seats, and they would not be disappointed. The two little 8 year old boys were now tied in the exact same manner as the two 7 year old girls. Wrists to ankles and asses sticking up in the air. The four hooded men turned to face the audience and began removing their clothing but not without first removing from their pockets a tube of lubricant, they stood completely naked save for the black hoods that covered their identity. Then slowly turned and walked over to where the four bound children were positioned. The four men stood directly behind the children and began shoving the lubricant up their tiny assholes. Once accomplished the four naked hooded men began to anally rape them, and immediately the auditorium was filled with their screams.


Only this time the hooded men had no intentions of stopping. For these men were going to reach orgasm and fill the assholes of these little children with as much cum as they could manufacture and that's exactly what happened. When that finally occurred the men turned the four children towards the audience so that all could see the cum dripping from the poor screaming children's raped assholes.

A great roar of approval came up from the audience directed to the hooded men who were now getting dressed. They applauded for nearly five solid minutes. It was then and only then that the children were untied and turned over to the stage hands who washed them and redressed them and sent them back to their parents in the audience.

After a short time the speaker who first appeared, came back out on stage and addressed the crowd of onlookers as he had done earlier. He said ladies and gentlemen I hope you enjoyed the first part of our program which was the punishment of naughty little brat boys and girls who were present among you. Since its nearly noon suppose we all take a long lunch break and return in lets say two hours. At 2:00 pm we will begin part 2 of our "SPECIAL DEGRADATION SESSION" remember in part 2 three little brat girls have been selected for degradation, I'm certain you will be just as pleased with their degrading punishment as you were with what you have just witnessed. Enjoy your lunch we will meet back here after you all have returned.


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