Sweet Little Chloe

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Published: 1-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Charles stepped into the shower, the water hotter than usual, in preparation for what was to come. Using the shower gel liberally all over his middle-aged body, paying special attention to his now hardening cock, his thoughts on Chloe; sweet little 6 year old Chloe who was, at this moment, waiting for him in his bedroom. This was a night he had promised himself for so long and now it had arrived. Assured that while his wife was away, visiting her mother, there would be no interruptions, he therefore intended to make the most of their first evening alone together.

Stepping from the shower Charles dried himself roughly with a large white toweling bath-sheet. He had shaved previously, not wanting any stubble to abrase the soft skin of his soon-to-be little girl-lover. He had always thought of himself as a selfless, gentle lover. Although happily married for many years, unknown to his wife, Charles had been an admirer of little girls all of his life. He would be on the look-out for the flash of little girls' knickers, as they played or frolicked with their friends. Little girls that would inadvertently let him peek at the wonders beneath their skirts or dresses. The differing colours of knickers, designs and cuteness, always fascinated him. The glimpse of a fine camel-toe or, better yet, the ill-fitting bagginess of some that would clearly give a view of cuntlips or bum cheeks, would give Charles masturbation fantasies for days to come..

Tonight would the first time he had ever had any flesh-to-flesh contact with a girl as young as sweet little Chloe. Slipping on his bathrobe, he exited the bathroom and quietly entered the master bedroom. There, on the bed he shared with his wife, propped up on a bunch of pillows, was his little darling Chloe. Dressed in her short, pink baby-doll nightie, her blonde hair loose around her slim shoulders and clearly well prepared for what was to come.

"Hello angel", said Charles, sitting on the bed and stroking Chloe's long blonde hair, "Have you been waiting for Daddy?"

Stretching out next to her, he opened his robe and exposed his hard leaking cock to his little lover. Taking Chloe's small angelic face in his hands, Charles kissed her very gently on her little cupid bow lips, slipping his tongue into her mouth. All the while softly caressing Chloe's body through the silken material of her nightie, Charles' cock leaking pre-cum onto the hem and her thigh, he took her small hand in his and kissed each of her fingers.

"Can Daddy get into bed darling?", said Charles, taking off his robe and standing naked next to the bed, before pulling the sheets aside and slipping next to sweet little Chloe.

Putting his left arm around her little shoulders, Charles pulled Chloe to him, kissing her child's mouth, slipping his right hand under her short little nightie to gently stroke her soft, smooth child body. The fingers of his left hand playing with the matching pink frilly knickers that fitted so snugly around her slim hips and bottom, while his right hand played with her nipples that stood so proud and erect, like little rubber erasers clearly indicating Chloe's desire. Taking her hand and forming her fingers around his hard cock, Charles helped Chloe slowly masturbate his large 8 inch man-cock, pulling the uncut foreskin to and fro, eliciting more pre-cum to leak form his glans.

"Oh god, you do that so well, my angel" he whispered breathlessly into Chloe's' ear.

"Let's take this off shall we?" he whispered, undoing the small pink bow of her nightie and slipping the garment down each of her shoulders.

Dropping the pink nightie beside the bed, Charles could now concentrate on removing little 6 year old Chloe's knickers, which he set to with a purpose. His fingers slipping under the waistband, caressing Chloes' smooth and supple bum, each cheek able to fit into the palm of his hand, Charles proceeded to slide them down her thighs and finally off and to the floor.

"Sweet little Chloe" he said, almost in awe at the beauty of the child now finally naked laying beside him, "I so want to fuck you, my sweet little angel".

Taking her face in his hands, Charles guided little Chloe's mouth towards his erect cock, pushing past her cupid bow lips and into her mouth for the first time. Her tongue working around the large cock in her mouth, Chloe's tongue stroking the underside of his cock, almost made Charles explode.

"Oh Chloe, suck daddy's cock baby" he moaned while stroking her hair and gently pushing her head up and down his shaft.

All to soon, he could feel the beginnings of an explosive orgasm and pulled Chloe toward him and kissed her deeply, passionately, his tongue tasting the excretions he had made into her mouth.

"Daddy wants to lick your cute little pussy baby" he softly murmured, while kissing his way from her face, sucking briefly on her erect nipples, down her flat tummy and towards her smooth little slit.

Pulling her lithe and supple legs apart, amazed at how flexible Chloe was, Charles began to kiss and lick at the entrance to her little cunt. Pushing his tongue into her oh-so-small little cunt, Charles wondered how his seemingly large cock could possibly into such a small opening, not wanting to hurt or break his little lover in any way.

"Baby, daddy is going to need a little help here" he informed her, while reaching for the water-soluble tube of gel he had placed beside the bed.

Applying the gel to little Chloe's pussy and his hard cock, Charles leans over the tiny form of his girl-lover and, taking the weight of his adult body on his arms, proceeds to push the head of his cock towards his goal. Determined to push past the resistance of Chloe's tiny cunt, Charles probes and prods at her tiny opening, finally popping through the flap of skin of her virginity and entering fully her tight little pussy.

"Oh my little darling you are so tight" he whispered and deeply kissed her, sweating now, thrusting his big adult cock unmercifully into the child's body.

Fucking a little girl like Chloe was always his dream, his ultimate lover, his lifelong yearning. All of his Christmasses and birthdays had come at once. He still could not believe that he truly had a beautiful and compliant little girl that was his to play with, to fuck, in any way he wished. His wife, never keen on the physical side to their marriage, had brought this on he thought to himself.

"Chloe, I have to fuck your sweet little bum now baby" he said urgently, all too aware of how close he was to cumming into the child.

Withdrawing his dripping cock from Chloe's abused little cunt, Charles turned her over and pulled at her slim hips to bring her sweet bottom towards his twitching shaft. Relying on the lubricant already on the shaft of cock, Charles pushed through the little pinkish ring of anal muscle, forcing his large inside her little bum.

"I'm going to cum, baby" he moaned into hair, "Daddy's gonna cum inside your sweet little arse, baby"

The waiting, the excitement, the sensations were too much and Charles finally exploded into the child's body, filling her little anal orifice with his hot seed. Collapsing next to her, Charles brought the child to his hairy chest and hugged her, kissing her little face and stroking her sweet child's body.

"Oh, my god, baby that was wonderful" he said smiling at his little lover, "We really have to do more of this! You naughty little slut".

Charles, exhausted from his first encounter with Chloe, falls asleep happily embracing sweet little Chloe.

"You really are the ultimate lover" he whispers, "Certainly the best two thousands pounds I ever spent!"

Leaving Chloe sprawled across the bed, semen leaking from her anal opening, Charles retrieves a large cardboard box from the adjacent room and brings into the bedroom.

"Now, little Chloe" he says to the figure on the bed, "let's see what else you can do".

Charles then takes the box, upon which is picture of a little six year old girl with the legend, "Sweet Little Chloe, Your Ultimate Child-Lover" and searches inside for the extras that were included with his little girl love-doll. He had all night and most of the next day to enjoy his purchase, a love-doll direct from Japan, expensive but realistic, even down to the sucking mouth and lifelike vagina and anus.

"We are certainly going to have fun tonight" he said to himself.

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Neat and fun, with a good twist in the tail!

james brown

i love this story i so want one of the dolls from trolla

Uncle Bob

Thank you for your comments and to everyone who has read and, hopefully, enjoyed my first effort.

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