Isle Of Girls, Part 1

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Published: 15-Jan-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I woke up, with no memory of where I had come from, only of where I was. Azure blue water lapped at my feet, as I lay on a fine, white sand beach. I looked up, and saw a tropical forest that looked filled with greenery and wildlife, teeming with movement. I turned my head, and saw...two legs? I followed these legs up, not very far, to a hairless vagina. That was all I was able to see before a blow hit me on the head and knocked me unconscious.

When I woke up again, I was standing in what looked to be a throne room, both my arms held by a guard. The throne room was quite large, and made of stone. Vines and other plant life grew randomly through it, giving the impression that it was ancient and durable. In front of me, there was an elevated platform made out of stone steps, and on top, a throne. Sitting atop the throne was a girl, no more than 13. She was definitely Asian, with waist length black hair, a lithe body, and almost no breasts to speak of. She had a nice face, with a cute little button nose. But what really surprised me was that she was almost naked. The only things she wore were gold circlets; one on top of her head, another around her neck, and the rest forming a sort of armor from her lower breasts to her upper thighs. Most importantly, the way she was sitting, legs wide open, along with the way I was placed, allowed me to see directly to her hairless pussy, exactly the same light brown color as the rest of her body, save for the tiny bit of pink that peeked through. She was in discussion with a blonde girl, a bit younger than her, and totally naked. I used the time this distraction offered to discreetly look at my guards, who were, yes! Both of them prepubescent girls, and absolutely nude, except for wooden bangles around their wrists and ankles. They held dangerous looking sticks, but I paid no attention to those, allowing my eyes to drink up their bodies.

I was so distracted, it was only the third or fifth time that they called did I hear "Queen Tessa has asked you a question!"

I looked up, and sure enough, Queen Tessa, the Asian girl on the throne, was looking at me expectantly. I shook my head and asked, "What was the question?"

Queen Tessa glared at me, then at the blonde girl next to her. The blonde girl cringed, then said, "Queen Tessa asks why you are here, and what is that?" She pointed.

I realized she was pointing at my cock, which was huge and throbbing. It was then when I also realized that I was totally naked as well. I answered the first question first. "I have no idea why I am here. This here is my...uh...penis."

Queen Tessa looked angry, although she suppressed it. This time, Tessa herself spoke. "Hmph! Why does this one act so insolent? And why does it have that? Clearly, this one is different from the others. No more talk. Onto the Grinding!"

Here I shivered. Grinding? That sounded bad...

Queen Tessa leapt from her throne, landing in a few feet in front of me. She walked directly up to me, her head barely coming up to my neck. Then she looked down. "How am I supposed to grind with this?" she asked, pointing at my cock.

The blonde girl was directly behind her. "I suppose we shall have to...insert it?"

"That is not how grinding is supposed to go!"

"Well, if we assume that THAT" *gesture at cock* "has the same use as these" *gesture at pussy* "then it should be fine", replied the blonde.

Queen Tessa glared, but seemingly could find no argument. "Very well", she stated. "Lay on you back!" she ordered to me.

I did as told, after my guards had released me. Queen Tessa looked down arrogantly and said "Hmmm, this one might not put up much of a fight."

Then, she did something quite surprising. She stood above my cock, and lowered down her body and vagina slowly onto it. I was surprised she could fit the whole thing, but fit it did, all the way to the hilt. She then slowly began to move her hips, to "grind".

"Let the grinding begin!" called the blonde.

Tessa began to pump her hips more rhythmically, staring into my eyes all the while. "Why aren't you moving?" she asked. I began to move, and got so caught up that I almost didn't notice when the blonde called "SWITCH!" and Tessa lay back, expecting me to take the initiative.

But I did notice, and sat up, hunching over her body. Now I began to pump my hips, thrusting my shaft in and out. Tessa was absolutely silent, but her face struggled to hide the feelings of contentment she had.

For what seemed like an eternity, we switched back and forth, as called by the blonde girl. My balls and cock wanted to explode, but I sensed that this was not a good time. Finally, as I crouched over here, moving my hips like an animal, she threw her head back and screamed, as her legs spasmed and body grew stiff, then limp. From the copious amount of liquid flowing out of her pussy, I decided that she had probably just orgasmed.

"And the winner is...the NEWCOMER!" declared the blonde with surprise. She had clearly not expected me to make Tessa cum.

"NO!" shouted Tessa, opening her eyes. "We do not know if the stranger came! And it does not know the rules, and may have cheated!"

It was now where I understood how grinding worked. Two people would engage in sex, and the one who came first lost. It was simple. And from the idea that these girls had never seen a man before, I assumed that this was probably an island full of girls. Also, if this was the queen, and I won, would that make me...King? But the time for questions was later. I had to defend my win. "Tessa, I shall show you how this" I gestured at my cock "cums. Open your mouth."

She did as told, looking sullen. I shoved my wet, hard cock into her mouth and thrust, several times. She looked surprised, but interestingly enough, didn't gag. I came soon enough, a white, sticky tsunami that overflowed her mouth. After I took my softening penis out, she spat cum on the ground, and glared at me. The blonde, although quite interested, tore her eyes away from my increasingly flaccid penis, looked at me straight in the eyes, and knelt. "You are now king. What is your command?"

I was stunned. Me? King? Of an island? Full of girls? I could have fun with this...

But first, the basics. "What should I do now?" I asked the blonde.

"Firstly, you should take the crown from Tessa." She gestured at the retching Asian girl, who, it looked like, began to cry. "By the way, I'm Carrie, an assistant." She held out her hand. I shook it, all while measuring her up. Pure golden hair, a European face, and bright blue eyes. She also hadn't hit puberty yet, as shown by her bald pussy. Nevertheless, her breasts actually extended around a centimeter out of her chest at their highest point.

After the scan, I turned to Tessa, who was now openly weeping. Feeling quite sorry for her, I extended my hand. She merely gave it a regretful and angry stare. "I would like you to keep your place as queen, but next to me."

Her expression changed to hope and incredulity. "You really mean it?" she said, in a soft and melodic voice.

"Yes, I only ask that you allow me some requests, every once in a while."

"Yes, yes, and forever yes!" She exclaimed, throwing her hands around here, her nipples pressing against my lower body. I felt my cock growing hard again, and smiled. I could get used to this.

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that was awesome. Waiting for the next part. O_O


Sure hope there is more to cum!!


Nice one, absolutely like it up to this point. Reminds me of childhood phantasies...


hahaha thanks for the encouragement! I have another almost ready. BTW, is there anything specific you guys want?

Philip Spencer

A well-done humorous story about a guy who somehow ends up on an island full of horny pre-pubescent girls.


I can't wait for the next part. I've read plenty of stories on here but none with the fantasy idea in mind. It is refreshing to see something new.

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