Misty: Thanksgiving

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Published: 19-Nov-2012

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This story is a fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the sexual abuse of children.

Text of a paper written by Misty Alcott for Mr. Jenkins's first grade class:

My Teacher Mr Jenkins told me to write about thanksgiving at my house. He really liked my story about my summer vacation. He told me to stay after school that day and he fucked me in my mouth and my asshole and came in my mouth. Then he took me home himself and showed my daddy the story I wrote about how daddy took me around to have sex with lots of strangers all summer and he and daddy talked for a real long time.

Then my daddy told me to come over and they both fucked me and daddy told me to go ahead and fuck Mr Jenkins whenever he said and do whatever he said. That's funny cuz daddy already said to do whatever sex stuff any man tells me but I guess Mr Jenkins wanted to hear it himself or something.

So now I fuck Mr J after school almost every day and after Simon the janitor walked in on us once I fuck Simon now too. I like Simon. He's the only black guy I know real well and he has a real big cock and giant balls with no hair on them. He's real nice to me too.

So on Thanksgiving my uncles and a couple of older cousins came over to fuck me. My uncle Bill and uncle Ted and uncle Phil and uncle Charlie came and five cousins. Daddy never told me my cousins names but they were all a lot older than me and they didn't look anything like each other.

I usually don't wear clothes at home cuz daddy doesn't want me to. But I was wearing a tan skirt with fringe like an Indian and a head band with a feather and that was all. The skirt was real short so you could see my pussy and ass under it.

3 of my cousins had video cameras, and they put them on legs and recorded it when all the men pretended I was an Indian princess. They made a real life movie! I was a princess that the men stole from my tribe and had sex with me. They tied my hands behind my back like they kidnapt me and played with my pussy and asshole and nipples. It was a little scary but they didn't really hurt me so I got excited pretty quick and wanted to cum so I asked them to fuck me and they did.

They left my skirt on and my head band but it kept tipping over and falling off so they just let it go. One thing that was new was that they kept my hands tied so I couldn't play with there cocks but it was kinda neat having them control me. I just had to lie there and they did what they wanted. What they wanted was to fuck me. Mostly my asshole like always.

So they put me on the couch and I sat on one of my uncle's lap facing him and he put his cock in my pussy and another man I couldn't see put his cock in my asshole and they fucked me while I sucked on someone's cock. And they fucked me like that switching around for a long time then they put me on a short table and my arms were under me which hurt but no one cared about that and they each fucked my asshole while someone else fucked my mouth. They all wanted me to suck there cocks after they fucked my ass so it took a long time for them to all fuck me. My asshole was real sore but they fucked me hard anyway cuz they wanted to and daddy said they could do anything they wanted to me.

But I was happy I didn't have to lick there assholes.

Daddy wanted all the men to cum in my mouth so they tied me down to the table with ropes around my chest and tummy and legs and they knelt by my head when they were ready and they all came in my mouth or on my face. I liked that even though most of there cum ended up on my face and not so much in my mouth but daddy said it looked good for the movie.

When they were done cumming my uncles and cousins had fun putting things in my pussy and asshole. They put long carrots in my butt and then made me bite the ends off. I don't like carrots but daddy made me do it anyway.

They also put a banana in my pussy and my butt. They put grapes in my pussy and I ate those too. But I liked the bananas best cuz they felt like cocks and I came a bunch of times when they fucked me with them. Daddy said that looked good for the movie too.

Then after all the men left daddy took me to a homeless shelter where they give thanksgiving dinner to the homeless men. That's real nice I think. Daddy said the homeless men don't have sex much cuz they don't know any little girls so I felt sorry for them.

Daddy gave me a new outfit to ware at the shelter. A real short black skirt and a t shirt with most of the bottom cut off and the word Easy on the front. My dark hair was tied in pig tails and I looked real cute and young daddy said. I got a lot of attention from the men in line for food and I got to stand on a chair and hand them a clean tray. They all liked my clothes and they took there time rubbing my legs and feeling my bare butt under my skirt and twist my nipples under my shirt. They even put there fingers in my pussy which made it hard to stand on the chair cuz I wanted to cum so bad.

Some of them wanted to kiss me which I didn't like. But daddy says I have to do what men tell me to so I kissed them even tho they had bad breath even the younger ones.

By the time all 50 men had been served I was a mess. My pussy was all wet and my asshole was ready to be fucked from all the fingers in it and my shirt was off and I was real horny. Daddy said the men couldn't fuck me in the shelter cuz of some stupid rule even tho they all wanted to.

There was a store next to the shelter that wasn't a store any more but you could get in through a door in back and a lot of the homeless men slept there if the shelter was full. So daddy took me over there and there were some old dirty mattresses and blankets on the floor and the men came over a few at a time and fucked me on the mattresses. We were there for a long long time cuz of all the men at the shelter and the other ones that slept in the store so I was so tired and sore after.

One thing I didn't like was sucking there cocks cuz they weren't too clean and they smelled real bad. But I guess it wasn't worse than sucking a regular guy's asshole so I got used to it.

Daddy said those men don't get sex much and I guess he's right cuz they came so much! They shot lots of cum and some of them fucked me twice they needed it so bad. Plus I was there for a long time so they had time to rest up and get hard again and fuck me.

I must have swallowed like a gallon of cum! I was all queasy afterward cuz I didn't eat anything since breakfast so all I had in my tummy was all the cum. But there was a lot of cum on my body too. But not too much in my asshole or pussy cuz daddy told them to cum on my body or face or in my mouth. Most of the men came in my mouth.

I was so tired daddy had to carry me from the store rapped in one of the old blankets so he didn't get sperm on him or his car. I laid down on the floor in back of daddy's car so his seats didn't get cum on them but daddy said the car still smelled like cum by the time we got home.

I fell asleep in the car but daddy woke me up and told me to go inside and go right up to the bathroom so I did and he gave me a bath and was sure to scrub my pussy and he used his fingers to clean out my asshole good which I liked a lot.

I was real tired so daddy only made me suck his cock for ten minutes before he fucked my asshole and came in my mouth. He fucked me in my bed so I could just fall asleep with his cum on my lips.

I'm glad my daddy loves me. I know he does cuz he said so when I fucked all those men. He says he'll love me as long as I let men fuck me so I know he'll love me forever cuz I never want to stop fucking.

So that's what I did on thanksgiving and now Mr. Jenkins wants to go fuck me now.

I can't wait til Christmas!

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That made me cum alot great story

story reader

As before, great story. But to me it would have been better being told from the fathers, or a third party perspective


Delightful fantasy about the perfect little girl..Thank you for giving us such a wonderful and safe way to jaqck off to our dark desires.


Another amazing Misty tale! She loves to be fucked, and it seems that she gets really hot as the more men fuck her and get her to do some weird stuff. And the more innocent she seems, the hotter it gets that she does do the weirder stuff! Great writing, I'm really looking forward to more of your writing soon Simple Simon!

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