Little Hannah, Part 2

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Published: 29-Aug-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Little Hannah stood in front of her grampa, waiting for the filming to start. Though she was a well known internet model, the 2 year old redhead had never made a movie before. She wasn't nervous because she had done lots of photo shoots with people around, and this was like that. If she could count, she would have counted eight men in the room with her. Five were actors who would be making the movie with her. Two were camera men and one was her grandfather, Milton, the director.

Hannah was naked, as she usually was when she was at her grandfather's house. Her bright red hair was brushed and shiny, tied in two long pig tails with green ribbons. Her little belly stuck out in front of her. She reached between her legs and played idly with her pussy. She liked playing with herself. It made her feel good. She reached back with her other hand and pushed on the base of the plug in her butt.

Her grandfather had been putting plugs in her butt for the past 2 days in order to get her ready for the movie. She would need her anus loosened up to take all the cocks she would have up her ass soon. She stared at the activities around her, excited and a little nervous despite all her experience. She had only ever had sex with her grampa before, and today a lot of men were going to have sex with her. And they were going to use her butt, which she also had never done before.

It was a big day for little Hannah.

"OK, we're all set," said Alex, one of the camera men.

Milton stood and addressed the men.

"So here's the set-up," he started, "It's Hannah's second birthday, and she is getting a special gangbang." That was about all there was to the story. Hannah was guided to the raised platform in the middle of the room, where a mattress had been laid out with a white sheet on it. The child lay on her back and the naked men gathered around her from all sides. Five pairs of hands started caressing and fondling the little girl's naked body. Her skin was pale and smooth. Her legs were pried apart, exposing her puffy, bald pussy to the cameras. Fingers pulled at her nipples, twisting them and yanking them from her chest. She winced and whined at the sharp pain, but the men paid no attention, continuing to manhandle her nipples.

Her knees were drawn back until her thighs were pressed back sideways, so her pussy was pointed up and her asshole was in plain view. A camera zoomed in on her crotch as the butt plug was pulled slowly from the little girl's ass. Her anus distended as the rounded bulb stretched the tiny orifice until it popped out, accompanied by a pained cry from the little girl. Oil was poured on her labia and thick fingers forced their way into her anus and vagina.

This she liked, though the men were rougher with her than usual. She moaned and whined as her asshole and pussy were invaded and her nipples twisted. Hannah stayed as still as she could, letting the men abuse her. Her grampa and her mommy had both explained that little girls were supposed to be available for people to have sex with whenever they wanted, and she always followed that rule. She did so because she liked sex, and because her grampa spanked her bad if she didn't. The pain from her nipples wasn't as bad as the pain of one of grampa's spankings, so she endured the former to avoid the latter.

Hannah looked up from her prone position as a large black man straddled her head. He had his back toward her, so that his big heavy balls swayed directly over her mouth. She could see his big black cock hanging down toward her forehead, and the man's dark wrinkled anus between his muscular butt cheeks.

The big balls got bigger as the big man lowered himself onto the 2 year old girl's face, until his balls rested on her lips. Hannah opened her mouth automatically, sucking the loose soft flesh of the stranger's nut sac into her mouth. His big testicles rested on the corners of her mouth as she sucked his scrotum. The little girl felt his long hot cock against her face as she lapped at his balls. He started rocking his hips back and forth, mashing his nuts against her pretty face.

She cried out as another finger forced its way into her tight anus, pushing more oil in to get her ready for the anal sex that was coming.

When Milton judged that she was ready, He instructed the men to slide the child to the edge of the mattress with her ass hanging off. The man straddling her face turned around to feed her his long thick cock from the side while a second naked man knelt on a pad in front of the child's anus and rubbed his fat cock head against the tiny pink opening.

Hannah tried to scream around the black cock as the man kneeling in front of her forced his hard cock into her ass. The camera got a close-up of the slowly moving member as it pushed her anus in until the sphincter stretched enough to let the thick shaft penetrate.

The stranger groaned happily as his cock head popped past the toddler's sphincter and into the warm soft confines of her rectum. The men watching smiled when the pretty little girl squealed against the thick black cock in her mouth.

The guy fucking her ass for the first time ever set up a slow steady rhythm, shallowly penetrating the girl's asshole repeatedly. Other men reached in from the sides to run their hands across her flat chest and belly, as well as her fingering her pussy.

Hannah's squeals of pain turned into grunts of pleasure as her little asshole stretched to accommodate the stranger's cock. She was able to put some effort into sucking the big cock in her mouth, which she knew well how to do, and focusing on that familiar task took her mind off any residual pain from her butt.

She was soon rewarded with a flood of warm sperm when the cock in her mouth came. It drooled a big load of cum into her mouth, and it dribbled some of its load on her smiling, red-cheeked face so the camera could capture the white streaks on her freckled cheeks. Hannah smiled happily when the big black man offered her his balls again, licking eagerly at the soft, sweaty skin. Her head slid up and down with the force of the cock thrusting into her ass, so it made licking the other man's balls easier.

The man fucking Hannah's asshole didn't last very long, and he pulled his dick from her ass and sprayed cum on her belly. Hannah was disappointed because she wanted the man to cum in her mouth, but she was distracted by another man sliding his hard cock between her pouty pink lips.

Milton wanted a change of position, so he told one man to sit on the edge of the platform and hold Hannah in his lap facing the camera. One of the cameras zoomed in close as he lowered the naked little redheaded 2 year old onto his six inch hard-on. It was much less painful this time, because her little anus was all stretched by the first cock. She grinned at the camera as the long shaft sank into her asshole.

Milton wrote something on a card and showed it to the guy whose cock was buried in Hannah's ass, and he whispered in the little slut's ear. She nodded, and spoke to the camera.

"Ooooooo," she cooed, grinning at the camera, "Your big cock feels so good in my asshole!" she turned over her shoulder, waiting for further instructions.

"Please fuck my asshole mister!" she said in her high pitched voice. The camera focused on her sweaty face. Her cheeks had dark pink splotches on them that stood out from her pale, freckled skin. Her pig tails flipped around her head as the man moved her up and down in his lap, impaling her on his hard cock.

At Milt's direction, two more naked men came up on either side, and Hannah reached out for their hard cocks, as she had been taught. She leaned forward to suck one between her pink lips while she pulled at the other one. She switched back and forth, gasping and moaning as the cock under her slammed into her butt. The man fucking her hooked his hands under her knees and pulled her legs open to show his cock entering her ass. This also spread her pussy lips open, giving a great view of her inner labia, framed by her fat, pink, outer pussy lips.

Hannah got one of the cocks she was sucking to cum on her face, capturing about half in her mouth while the rest dribbled onto her chin and cheek. Then she felt the man on whose lap she was sitting start to slam harder into her asshole, which hurt. But it didn't last long, because he started grunting and groaning, then she felt his cock pulsing as he came inside her. She could feel his cum spurting inside her butt, really deep. It felt strange, but really good. She smiled as he pulled his cock from her ass. It felt like taking a big poop she'd been holding for a long time.

The stranger reached between her legs from behind and held his hand cupped under her asshole as his cum drained out. When the oozing sperm dripped to a stop he raised his palm to her lips and the obedient little slut slurped the warm goo from his hand while both video cameras focused on her face. Milt didn't want to risk missing this awesomely disgusting scene. Little Hannah raised her face from the man's palm and grinned at the camera with semen-smeared lips.

The perverted scene was too much for the last two men to take, and they fell on the little girl to rape her. One, a six foot two inch tall black man with a thin, eight inch long cock, snatched the helpless child and rolled onto his back while clutching her to his stomach. Her head barely reached his chest. He grabbed her narrow hips and forced her down onto his hard black shaft, penetrating her tight pink pussy. The camera zoomed in to capture the beautiful contrast between the toddler's fat white labia parting as the dark brown shaft of the adult man's cock plowed into the child.

Hannah whined and struggled a little, but was held helpless in the grip of the large adult man. Her grandfather was the only person to ever fuck her pussy, and this stranger's cock was both thicker and longer than Milton's, but she couldn't stop the man, so she let her little body go limp as he fucked her.

It didn't take long for the horny little child to start enjoying herself. She felt her pussy getting wetter as the long thin cock reamed her pussy, and she wiggled her hips and pushed back against him, taking his dick deeper inside her.

Then she felt pressure from behind. She looked over her shoulder when something rubbed her asshole, and saw a heavy set white man leaning over her, rubbing his fat cock head against her previously used anus. She was sore back there from the other two penetrations, and she wasn't sure she could take another dick in her butt. But no one asked her. She was there to be used, not consulted. Her little body went rigid as the thick cock head forced its way through her sore anus, and she yelled when it penetrated her.

The camera men had a hard time focusing on the child as the large man fucking her ass lowered himself over her small body, eclipsing her from view. Milton directed them to film from behind, where they could see the men's long cocks right next to each other and a thin strip of pale flesh between them. The little girl's legs were pinned with her body between the two large men. Only her bare feet were visible sticking out from between their naked, sweaty bodies. Squeals of pain and sobbing noises were all that indicated the child was there.

Fortunately for the tired little girl, the fat guy fucking her ass didn't last long.

Apparently, something about fucking an attractive redheaded preschooler in the ass makes certain men cum quickly. And such was the case in this instance, as the man stood and yanked little Hannah's head up and around by one of her pig tails, bending her back and twisting her head around sideways. As she opened her mouth to yell, he jerked his cock off on her face. Long creamy streaks of semen coated her cheeks, forehead and nose.

When he finished spurting on her face, the man rammed his soiled cock between the toddler's soft pink lips, and she dutifully sucked the remaining sperm from his cock. When the fist released her hair, Hannah collapsed onto the other man's belly. The cameras captured the stark contrast between the 2 year old's pale, sweaty skin and the dark belly and chest of the big man under her.

The stranger rolled over, pinning the child beneath him, and he raised his hips off the bed far enough to lift Hannah's legs and fold them against her chest. He then began slamming his hard cock into her upturned pussy. The sweaty little girl grunted and cried as the big man raped her pussy, but none of the men gathered around cared, least of all the child's grandfather. This action would make a great movie. Fortunately, the man held himself above the child on his outstretched arms, so the scene was captured in great clarity. The toddler's small folded body jerked beneath the pounding of the man's hips against the backs of her thighs as he reamed her pussy, forcing her delicate frame into the mattress.

This continued for several long minutes. Unfortunately for the suffering preschooler, this particular stranger had a lot of self control.

Finally, he yanked his cock from the child and crawled up over her head, gripped her hair in his fist and lifted her head off the mattress, holding his slimy cock in front of her gasping, red face as he straddled her chest. His long cock shot white streamers of sperm into her mouth, hitting her nose and chin as he came. The little girl gulped the load automatically, and when he was done cumming on her face, the man rubbed his balls against her lips and cheeks, smearing the semen that had been sprayed there around her pretty features, mixing the sperm with her tears.

The last man climbed off the platform, leaving the naked little girl sprawled on the padded surface, her face smeared with semen, gasping for breath. Her grandpa had grabbed one of the video cameras himself and aimed it at her tiny body, panning up from her splayed thighs to her gaping pussy and anus, across her smooth soft belly and chest to her red-cheeked, shiny face. He zoomed in on her face.

"Was that fun, Hannah?" he asked her. She looked at him with glazed eyes, unable to focus at first.

"Hannah?" Milton said, to get her attention, "Was it fun? Did you like that?" She looked up at him and a slow smile spread across her pretty face.

"Yeah," she said softly. "That was fun!" Milton smiled at her and prepared to turn away when she spoke again.

"Can we do it again?" the toddler asked quietly. And Milton watched proudly as her small hand glided across her belly to her pussy and she started playing with herself.

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