Hot Bubblegum: Little Games, Part 1

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Published: 18-Jan-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

8 year old Alec had just three more weeks before school let out for the summer. It had been an awesome weekend making his first child porn video with his mom. The photos were pretty sweet too but Alec liked watching himself on the big screen TV down in the basement. Jane his mom, had given Alec free reign of the video card from the digital video cam and the fun treasure box up in her bedroom closet. Jane kept all the kiddie porn from her childhood and Alec's dads too, in the shoe box she hid there.

Jane loved the sweet time the two of them had and she loved his hot little boner as she licked and sucked little Alec to a hot little kiddie orgasm on her bed, Sunday after church. Alec had the best weekend of his life and knew that it was wrong for a grown up to do what his mom did to him. He knew to keep it a secret and knew that if anybody ever found out all the sex fun would stop. Alec didn't want that to happen for sure. He loved what his mom did and loved the discovery of his new boner the day after his 8th birthday.

Every day after school the next week, Alec came in the house while his mom was away at work. She was a nurse at the local medical center. Alec would throw his Spider Man back pack off by the front door and then he'd close and lock the door behind him. He'd kick off his shoes and run in his stocking feet down the hall to his moms bedroom and get the digital video card from the hidden drawer in her dresser. He'd bolt down the hall to the kitchen then down the stairs to the basement. Out of breath, he'd turn on the big screen TV and the blue ray video player, push the digital card into the slot on the side, then whip his pants and underwear down to watch. With his shirt either peeled off or tucked under his chin, Alec would masturbate to the video he and his mom made of him in the upstairs bathroom and the mirror in his bedroom. Some days after school, he'd get a bowl of ice cream then strip naked in the kitchen then go and watch the video. On other days he'd strip naked at the front door, go pull out the child porn photos and masturbate to them on his moms bed.

The weekends remained the same with Alec and his mom leaving church early because both of them would get so horny they couldn't stand it. Jane either molested him inside the coat room at the end of the hall at the church or right in the hall. One Sunday Alec stripped completely naked right in the coat room and his mom gave him a tongue job with him spread eagle in the chair. She knew not to take anymore chances like that but Alec insisted on it. They were just lucky nobody came walking down the hall or came into the coat room.

The next night though, Jane and Alec had gone over to Wal-Mart to buy Alec some new underwear. Something had gotten both their goats and had tickled their little pedophile fancy for some reason. Alec talked his mom into a naked boner game in the dressing rooms. He stripped completely naked and Jane worked him over in front of the two mirrors in the room while he squatted on the little corner bench. They almost got caught when Alec let out a small yelp just at the beginning of his little orgasm. A worker came up and knocked on the door and asked if everything was alright. Jane muddled out that it was OK!

Jane couldn't help it. I mean... what the fuck! How often do you find an 8 year old sexy ass boy who seduces adults into sexual activity? His mom is a total pedophile and when a boy wants to be sexual with her... well... she just can't resist it! After being in school all day Alec spreading his hot little legs naked in the dressing room left a pungent smell of little boy ass behind. The smell was the subtle smell of his dried sweat that smelled like salty maple that came up from between his legs under his nuts. Loving to spread his legs the way Alec did during sex play, always made his little asshole gape open slightly. He always sat on his heels and it would pull his ass cheeks apart then pull his little hole open too. Jane loved the smell of his sweaty little nut sack mixed with his opened little hole. It turned her on as it thrust her back to childhood reminding her of when she and her friends would fuck in the basement. The smell made her fantasize about it being a little kiddie fuck house full of children having hard core sex orgies. Smooth, hairless kids fucking and sucking each other to hard little orgasms. As they walked out of the dressing room it was saturated with the smell of Alec's hot ass, sweaty little genitals and his open little hole! It smelled just like a little kiddie fuck room and it made Jane horny as fuck!

Usually though, it was Alec starting to strip in the car for the 10 minute ride home then naked at the house. They wouldn't even stop to look at kiddie porn. Just straight back to Jane's bedroom, naked and a hot ass leg spreading little kiddie blow and tongue job on the bed. Alec loved it and loved the feel of his intense little orgasms.

After looking at the child porn after school, Alec would do it again at bath time every night and always invited mom in for a little kiddie peep and boner tickle show.

Alec understood that he was just a kid but that's what made it the most exciting. He knew not to let any friends in on his secret naked boner games with his mom. He also knew about his moms sister Kathy. She was in the child porn photos too but he didn't think she was still into games with little kids anymore.


School was finally out and Jane would have to leave Alec at her sisters place at the other side of town before work every day. Even though he was left home alone during the school year, Jane decided that it was better if Kathy kept an eye on him. For the first week nothing had gone on and Alec was getting along pretty good with his cousins Ricky and Tessa. Alec loved the swimming pool in the back yard and started to get a pretty good tan being kissed by the summer sun. Alec probably had the skimpiest boys bikini Speedo swim suit a kid could have. Of course he did with his pedophile mom. How could anyone think it'd be any different? It was black with bright yellow stripes down both sides. It left nothing to the imagination and when Alec sat down on the side of the pool wearing them, you could easily see the sides of his nuts with his groin muscles fully exposed. The tan lines Alec got would send any pedophile who got to have sex with him into orbit.

His cousin Ricky was 10 years old and wasn't a bad looking boy himself. He was average height for a 10 year old boy and very slender. He didn't have the sexy muscle tone Alec had but he was very skinny and slender. He had dishwater blond hair with blue eyes and those boyish good looks that make you wanna turn and take a second glance. Like Alec, he had very long jet black eyelashes and eyebrows. In his swim suit you could see every rib and it looked like his stomach was sunk in. His hip bones darted out and his knees were knobby. He had freckles barely visible, sprinkled across his nose and cheeks and he kept his hair short with a wave on the front.

Ricky was all boy too and into sports and athletics in a big way. He loved trucks and video games. Though he played little league baseball like Alec, Ricky was on a team with older boys. He and Alec got along very good.

Tessa being 6 years old was a typical girl and loved girl things but once in a while turned tomboy on everybody. She had the same color hair and eyes that Ricky did and even had the same freckles. Her hair was long and Kathy would usually put it up with a nice Hawaiian flower on the side. She was very small and slender just like her older brother Ricky.


The second week had rolled around and after more fun with his mom at home, Alec was ready for more fun by the swimming pool and with Ricky and Tess. Alec and Ricky had been out swimming and Alec had began to start to notice Ricky's bare legs and chest. It didn't help matters much when aunt Kathy would sometimes put Tessa's two piece bikini on in front of them on the back porch. Alec had been at a distance before but today aunt Kathy dressed Tessa in front of him. When Alec saw her pussy crack and bare ass, he popped a boner in his Speedos. It was all he could do to keep it hid under his hands.

Ricky wasn't any better off either. Though Ricky had never been sexual with anyone before he had a secret fantasy over the weekend about Alec and had jerked off in the bathroom about it. Ricky wanted to keep it secret that he jerked off about his own cousin and another boy to boot. But Alec was just too good looking not to fantasize about him. Ricky didn't know about the sex games Alec had been playing in secret with his mom either nor did he know the secret of his own mothers past like Alec knew. Kathy wasn't a pedophile like her sister but she never complained about getting fucked from the time she was 9 until she was 15 either.

Ricky and Alec and Tessa were playing a game of catch in the pool with a Nerf ball. It was hot as hell outside and not a cloud in sight. Alec kept popping little studs in the pool and got out for a minute to sit on the side with his feet in the water. He had a good boner going on in his Speedos right then and needed a minute to try and get things off his mind. He wished his mom was around for a good kid sex game right about then. Tessa climbed out of the pool and dried off and went in for a drink of Kool Aid in the kitchen. Alec decided he had to get relief and got up wiping himself down with a towel then went in to get some privacy in the toilet inside the house. As he walked away Ricky couldn't take his eyes off of Alec's hot little ass.

Ricky was still in the pool when he saw the light turn on through the window in the ground level bathroom. The air conditioner was just below the window and Ricky's heart began to pound in his chest. It had seemed to be taking Alec a long time just for a piss he thought. So he got out of the pool and walked over to the air conditioning unit and crawled up on it. He had barely lifted his head over the bottom edge of the window when his eyes suddenly grew wide and about popped out of their sockets. There was Alec, his black and yellow Speedos laying on the bathroom floor, the toilet seat down, playing an intense little boner twist game, his boner in his fingertips again. Ricky could see Alec from the window and it made Ricky get an instant boy hard on. He pulled his swimming trunks down wrapping the elastic band of them and his wet underwear around under his ball sack. Alec looked sweet on the toilet naked playing with himself and he looked just the way Ricky had imagined.

Ricky's boner was bigger than Alec's and fatter too and he fondled himself at the bathroom window watching as Alec played with himself. Ricky had never seen another boy naked before and he had always wanted to. Seeing Alec was the ultimate because of how good looking he was. Ricky decided to let the cat out of the bag before Alec had finished himself off in the bathroom. Ricky knew how to masturbate and had been doing it for a while now and he knew full well what an orgasm was. Ricky wanted to have some fun with Alec so he stood up full upright and knocked on the window. It had startled Alec but when he looked up he covered his little dick and balls and came over to the window and opened it.

Ricky said, "Be quiet and slide the clothes hamper over to the window"

Alec did as he was told then Ricky said, "Now get up on it and look what I got out here!"

Alec got up on the clothes hamper and looked out and saw Ricky's big boy boner. Alec responded excitedly, "WOW Ricky! You gotta neat look'n boy boner like me!" Ricky said quietly, "Put the clothes hamper back and put your swim suit back on... then come out here! Let's go out behind the shed and show off to each other!"

Alec did exactly that and with his little heart pounding in his chest, he walked back outside meeting Ricky out by the pool. Tessa was in watching a kids show on TV and aunt Kathy was going to put her down for a nap.


Ricky had led Alec out to the garden shed. You couldn't see it from the house so Aunt Kathy would be none the wiser as to what these two boys were about to do. There were no houses behind them either and you really couldn't see from the neighbors houses.

On the back side of the shed was a concrete pad that was well kept and clean. There were two trash cans sitting on the side edge and a door into the shed. There was a large tree that shaded the shed and that side of the yard. Ricky had looked around both corners of the shed to see that the coast was clear then he came back and said, "Show me yours first!"

Ricky didn't mind it one bit and said, "I've never seen another boys boner before Ricky! That was neat look'n at it from the bathroom window!" Alec pulled the front of his Speedos down and his boner popped right out.

Then it was Ricky's turn. Ricky asked, "You wanna see mine again?" Alec said excitedly, "Ya! Let me see it!" Ricky pulled the front of his swimming suit down and his fat boner popped out. His nuts gathered up on both sides at the base of his throbbing kiddie dick as the elastic band of his swimming trunks pushed up on them.

Alec's eyes were glued to Ricky's big boner and it tickled his boner to see his nuts pushed up like they were. Alec asked in a quiet voice, "You wanna touch mine?" Ricky said, "Ya!" Ricky reached down and rolled little Alec's stiff boner in his finger tips then felt up and down the tiny shaft. He took his fingers off and then took the opportunity to take a feel of Alec's sexy, smooth little hairless pubic mound.

Ricky had a good grip on his own boner and with his fist wrapped around it, you couldn't see it, just his nuts underneath. Ricky said, "Wow Alec... you sure are all smooth feel'n and look'n too!"

Alec asked, "Can I have a turn now? Can I feel yours too?"

Ricky moved his hand and pulled his swimming trunks down further to his mid thighs. Alec reached up and got excited feeling his first boy boner other than his own. Ricky's dick fit perfectly in Alec's hand and when Alec just held onto it, he could feel it throbbing. Alec slid his hand down and cuffed Ricky's nut sack and said, "You have bigger boy nuts than me! Boy are they ever neat!"

Ricky pulled away from Alec and pulled his swim trunks up and went to check that the coast was still clear. He came back over to Alec then knelt down in front him then asked, "Can I pull your swimming suit all the way down Alec?"

Alec smiled and said, "Ya!" Ricky reached up and gently pulled Alec's Speedos all the way down to his ankles. Ricky again looked up at Alec and asked, "Can I kiss it Alec?"

Alec got excited and his knees got slightly weak and he said, "Wait a sec Ricky... I got a fun way you could kiss it if you want?"

Ricky said, "OK!" Alec pulled his feet out of the wadded up Speedos at his ankles sending Ricky into little kid nude shock. Alec picked up his Speedos and hung them on the door knob of the shed. Then he leaned against the door squatting down again into his favorite sexy little boy spread. He put his hands behind his head and with a deviant sexy ass "Come And Fuck Me" look on his face said, "I'll bet if you kiss my boner with me sitt'n like this... it'll make it lots more fun!"

The spit at the back of Ricky's throat thickened and he could hardly swallow. Alec was good looking before but now... FUCK! Ricky instantly stood up and pulled his swimming trunks down then took them all the way off. He had never had a boner that hard before. He hung them over Alec's on the door knob then got down on his knees and leaned down and started to kiss Alec's throbbing little boner.

Alec got up and said, "Now my turn! You sit like I did and let me see how you look! Then let me kiss your boner next!" Ricky traded places with Alec and WHEW... did he look hot! His boner was bigger than Alec's and it stuck up nice and tall. His hairless ball sack and boy tickle ring were more of a brown color and because his boner was fatter than Alec's, Alec could see it throbbing better and boy was it ever throbbing.

Ricky squatted down then asked, "Is this right Alec? Am I doin it right?"

Alec got on his knees in front of Ricky and then reached up and pushed his knees back farther and said, "Ya! That's lots better look'n now!" Alec asked, "Does that make your boner feel better sitt'n like that Ricky?"

Ricky responded with an excited chuckle and said, "BOY... Does it ever Alec!" Alec reached up and cuffed Ricky's ball sack in his palm and said, "I really like your boy nuts Ricky! They look boy sexy to me!" Alec leaned down and didn't just kiss Ricky's hot kid boner, he kissed up and down it and even kissed Ricky's nuts too. He even kissed it right on his pee hole, something Ricky was to scared to do.

Ricky's little boy crank was turned now and it was turned hard. His fantasy about Alec and been more than fulfilled and just with what little they had already done out behind the shed, Ricky was ready for an orgasm and on the verge of it too. Without asking Alec began to feel Ricky out with him spread open against the shed door. Alec had admitted quietly to himself how his own mom loved playing with him so much and how much he liked playing with Ricky. Right then to both boys that "Boys Rule"!!! Alec remembered how good his mom sucked his dick and he didn't even ask or say anything, he just leaned down and gave Ricky his first blow job. Jane had taught the young 8 year old very well and he didn't stop until Ricky had an orgasm.

Alec had sucked his first dick and loved it and Ricky being the nice kid he was, wanted to return the favor. The two hot little youngsters again traded places and Ricky sucked his first dick too bringing little 8 year old Alec to a good and hot little kiddie orgasm against the shed door. Both boys would never look at each other the same way again.

Ricky jerked off that night thinking about how good looking Alec was but even better looking when he was naked with a boner. It made Ricky have good wank in his bed that night. But he wasn't alone. Alec told his mom about everything they did together and they ended up not on her bed but, on the kitchen table with Alec spread eagle getting blown yet again! What a sweet fucking dessert after a good meal Jane thought to herself.


A week had already passed quickly by. 8 year old Alec and 10 year old Ricky were up to lots of naughty boy games out behind the shed and in the house too. Downstairs the two of them often sneaked back to the storage room behind boxes that were stacked to the ceiling. They'd strip naked and played a game Ricky called, "The Boys Boner Fuck Party"! The two of them played the game on an old weight bench Ricky's dad used to use and they would take turns laying on top of each other and fuck each others boners until both of them had orgasms on the bench. They did other stuff too and Alec loved to suck Ricky's dick on the bench too and he made Ricky have really good orgasms when he did it. They played fun touch and feel games and Alec taught Ricky about what a real boner tickle was.

That day was intense as Alec showed Ricky by sitting on the bench and spreading his legs then spread open his little pee hole on his boner. Alec had been show'n off all sorts of leg spreading tricks. With as good looking as Alec was it had really gotten Ricky going hard on naked kid games. Alec explained that when he got the hardest boners the inside of his boner turned pink and all the wet stuff down inside it is what made his boner tickle so bad.

Alec had no clue what the wet stuff was down in his pee hole, he just thought that's what made the stiff tickly feelings a boy gets when he gets a boner. He went on to explain, "Sometimes my boy tickle ring turns even more pink than it is now and the wet boy tickle stuff inside my boner makes my boner have even harder boy orgasm! Those orgasms are the best ones too cause they really tickle in my boner hard!" Ricky was knelt down in front Alec who was sitting on the bench with his hot little legs open. Ricky was leaning between Alec's legs while Alec spread his little pee hole open for Ricky to look down inside. Ricky had barely touched his own throbbing little boner and had an instant orgasm on the storage room floor. Alec had to play a game of boy boner twister on his own to get an orgasm that day.

The two very naughty boys started playing more inside the house than outside as the days of summer got hotter. Usually between little sex games a good dip in the pool helped. They both stayed in their swimming suits the whole day and it made things lots easier to take em off when the two kids decided to play a naked sex game.


One very hot afternoon the boys had been swimming most of the morning. They had decided to go off to the side of the house and give each other blow jobs behind the bushes. Why there and not the shed or inside the house is anybody's guess. As always, boys will be boys. Tessa had been inside but had come outside just as the two boys stepped off around the corner of the house to do their naughty little deed. Tessa had on her little flip flops and her little bikini on and she decided to follow the boys. She had come around the side of the house and caught Alec with his Speedos all the way off squatting with his legs spread open and Ricky with his trunks down to his ankles leaning against the side of the house. Alec was sucking his dick hard with his Speedos on the grass next to him. Tessa asked, "What are you guys doin? Ricky's not supposed to show his naughty boy parts to anyone!" Both boys turned in shock and saw Tessa standing there. Ricky quickly leaned down to pull his trunks up and Alec scrambled to get his Speedos on.

Ricky said, "Hey Tess... whatch ya doin back here little sis?"

Tessa adjusted her towel around her neck and said, "Mommy said you'd watch me if I wanted to swim! You guys were doin a naughty thing just now!"

Ricky walked up to Tessa and knelt down in front of her and said, "You don't tell mom what you saw us doing OK Tess? OK?"

Tess said, "But you're not supposed to show your boy thing to anybody ever Ricky and I saw Alec with his mouth on it!" Alec stood off worried that Tessa might tell.

Ricky said, "We weren't doin noth'n sis... just check'n someth'n out!"

Tess said, "No you weren't I saw you and you were both being naughty!"

Ricky got frustrated and said, "TESSA! YOU HAVE TO PROMISE ME YOU WONT Tell mom! PLEASE???" Tessa hesitated then said, "I won't tell mom if you guys let me watch you do that naughty game again!"

There was a long silent pause. Ricky asked, "What do you mean Tessa?"

Tessa said, "If you guys let me watch you do that again... what I caught you doing... I won't tell mom!"

Ricky turned and looked up at Alec and Alec said, "That sounds awesome to me Ricky!" Ricky stood up and went back over to Alec and whispered to him, "I don't wanna do that in front of my little sister!"

Alec said, "I think we should take her swimming before your mom gets suspicious and we can talk in the pool!" Ricky grabbed Tessa's arm and the three kids headed off to the back to go swimming.

Tessa complained, "You guys better show me or I'll tell on you!"

Ricky scolded her and said, "Shut up Tess! We have take you swimming first!"

Tess asked, "Then will you show me? I'll tell if you don't!" Ricky said, "YES!" as the three kids came around the corner of the house into the back yard.

Tess dropped her towel on a bathing chair and kicked off her little pink flip flops. The boys jumped into the pool and began planning what they should do to keep Tess quiet about what she had caught them doing. It was a brutally hot day with the sun beating down on the kids in the back yard pool and Alec complained about the heat. He got out of the pool frustrated because they didn't have a plan yet. But as chance would have it, opportunity came a knock'n!

As Alec sat on the pools edge Kathy had come out the back door and promptly announced that she had to go down the block a few houses because a neighbor had called her for some help with a girl scout project. The kids knew they couldn't be anywhere near the pool with no adults and they had to come in the house. She told them that she would be gone for about 2 hours and that Ricky knew the phone number. The kids all got out of the pool and dried off and came in the house just as Kathy walked out the front door. Ricky turned and pointed at Tessa as all three of them stood at the large front room window and watched Kathy walk away and said, "You better not tell on us Tessa or you'll be in big trouble with me!"

Ricky turned to Alec and said, "OK! My mom's gone... you wanna try it again?" Alec immediately pulled his Speedos down right there in front of the open window then said, "Lets suck dick!"

Ricky leaned up against the front door just off to the side of the large plate glass window and pulled his trunks down again. Alec pulled his feet out of the leggings of his Speedos until he was naked and got down just like he was on the side of the house when Tess caught them. Alec started to suck Ricky's dick as he leaned against the front door. His dick was soft at first but got super hard as Alec knew how to suck a boys dick by now. Alec's boner stuck up like a little soldier at attention with his young audience looking on. Tess commented, "Boy Alec... your boy thing sure looks neat all stick'n up like that! You must be excited to suck on Ricky's boy thing like a lollipop!"

It wasn't long before Tessa started to get active in the boys fun sex game. She came up to Ricky and while Alec sucked his dick, she reached up and pulled his swimming trunks all the way down and said, "I think you should both be naked!"

Ricky didn't say anything as Alec lifted his feet out of his swimming trunks. Alec's lips were soaking wet with spit from sucking Ricky's dick and he turned to Tessa and said, "I think you need to be naked with us too Tess!"

Ricky turned and smiled at his sister and said, "Ya Tess... and if you tell mom and dad I'll tell em you were naked and show'n us your girly stuff!" Tess just smiled and pulled her bikini bottoms down and then sat on the floor and pulled them all the way off. Alec had to untie her top in the back but it came off easy.

Then the ultimate happened, Tessa said with pouting lips and a pout on her face, "I wanna boy thing to suck on too! Will you guys show me how?"

Even 10 year old Ricky was turned on by his own 6 year old sisters desires and he turned down to her with her still sitting on the floor and said, "Spread your legs for us Tess!" Alec was on his knees on the floor next to her and she spread her legs nice and wide to where the boys could see her clit. Alec grabbed and squeezed his boner and Ricky squatted down in front of her to look.

Tessa reached over and between Ricky's legs and wrapped her fingers around his boner and said, "I never felt a boys thingy before I wanna feel it!"

Alec looked on fondling himself and Ricky looked so hot as he leaned back with his shoulder against the front door, his left knee down on the floor and his right one up spreading his legs open. Tessa had a firm grip on his hot kiddie boner and he had a look on his face like he was about have a hard, little kids orgasm right then and there from the intensity of the moment. Tessa had a dirty little sex smile on her face. It was all Alec could do not to have an orgasm with Ricky, Alec witnessing the hot little child sex scene in front of him.

Ricky's knee was right up in Alec's face and Alec couldn't take his eyes off of his 10 year old cousin. His boy muscles looked so sweet on his legs and his belly and arms. His nuts looked even more awesome all round and puffy look'n. His hot ass boner stuffed up inside Tessa's small fist as she pulled it outwards. Alec reached up and held Tessa's fist tight around Ricky's boner then he began to jerk on it with Tessa's hand and said, "Move it up and down like this then lean over and suck on mine like you saw me do to Ricky!"

Tessa didn't say a word as she leaned down and started to suck Alec's boner and jack Ricky off at the same time. Ricky was to hot all spread'n his legs open and Alec couldn't resist. He reached up and began to feel Ricky out running his right hand on the inside of his right leg and the other hand feeling Ricky's smooth little ass. Alec slid his hand up and cuffed Ricky's hairless sack loving the way they looked wiggling around as Tessa jerked him off. He leaned down and started to kiss on Ricky's knee that was up in his face then slid his hand off his nuts up behind his boner to feel his smooth pubic mound.

Alec couldn't hold back and started to have an orgasm his boner twitching in Tessa's mouth. The orgasm made him spread his legs open on the floor. After he was done he pulled Tessa's head off of his dick and told her suck Ricky's now. Alec got up on his weakened knees and got behind Ricky. He reached over as Tessa got up on her knees and took her brothers boner in her mouth. Alec put his hand on Ricky's raised knee and pulled it back so it'd be nice and spread open. Alec then leaned over to watch Tessa work her older brothers dick and it didn't take long for Ricky to have a good child sized orgasm. Alec cuffed Ricky's nuts in the palm of his hand as his boner twitched and throbbed with his orgasm but there weren't any there. His orgasm was so hard that his nuts rolled all the way up inside. Tessa had taken his dick all the way in her lips all the way to his sack.

If anybody had taken a movie of that whole scene Alec's mom would've loved it. Three naked little kids, children, having oral sex in front of the front door of the house on the floor! The windows wide open in the middle of a hot summer day! OH MY GOSH! The kids had come up with this all on their own.

Ricky had to force Tessa's head off his relieved kiddie boner to let it go soft. Tessa's hair was messed up and her lips wet from the boner fun she had with the boys. She didn't get an orgasm but Ricky had promised her that some other time he would take care of it. Right now the two boys were spent as they laid naked on the floor at the entry way of the house.

Ricky's dick was all red from the abuse Tessa Alec had put to it. He sat up with his hair messy from swimming and child sex. He realized that it had only been a half hour since he and Tessa's mom had left. But Ricky knew that had to get Tessa dressed and get her hair fixed before their mom got home. Tessa had a Hawaiian flower to hold her hair up for swimming. It was all messed up from giving the two young boys her first blow jobs so Ricky panicked! If Kathy had seen that she would snap her cap.

Ricky and Alec got their swim suits back on and started to fix Tessa's hair. Alec got her bikini on the best he could.

By the time Kathy got home 90 minutes later, all seemed normal and Kathy had no clue that her 6 year old daughter had jerked Ricky off and sucked both the boys dicks while she was away to the neighbors house down the street. She was clueless about the naked child sex that had just taken place in her house. What she didn't know wouldn't hurt her and Tessa kept her promise not to tell on Ricky and Alec.


I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoy sharing it!

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you should have ricky and tessa join in alec and his mom and have his mom film tessa getting her first fuck


This is a fantasitcally erotic story. I love stories and fantasies in which women have sex with children, and in particular, women with little boys! I adore the idea of women with little boys. I also love stories in which children have sex with other children. Yummy!

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