4: No Panties Nelson & Miranda

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Published: 16-Sep-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Adolph pulled his Taxi up in front of Inez's house. We agreed I'd call him when I was ready to go home.

The girls ran out to meet me, they threw their arms excitedly around me, little Laura showered my cheek with kisses.

I went to the kitchen to see Inez, she immediately stated, "I bet you want a cup of coffee?"

"I sure do!" She served me a cup of black hot coffee.

"How have the girls responded to there introduction to sister-sister sex?"

"Remember I told you my sister and I were enjoying lots of sex at an very early age. I'm really excited to see how much my girls are enjoying their own little pussies and each other!"

Laura came into the kitchen with big smile. She dragged a chair next to me, got up on it, then pulled her dress up to show me her thong panties.

"My PP, I mean my pussy, just wanted to see you, she says hi!"

I leaned over close to her crotch and said, "Hi pretty pussy!"

"Mr Pedo you forgot, her name is not pretty pussy, her name is, Happy Pussy!"

I leaned forward and blew hot air directly onto the fabric of her tiny T-Back. Laura called out, "Oh Mr Pedo that's a very nice way to say hello to Happy Pussy!"

She grabbed her crotch squeezing it tight with her small left hand. She giggled and got down from the chair.

Inez was beaming, "The girls are having so much fun with sex, it's a pure delight to watch them experiment with themselves and each other."

I sipped my coffee, "What are our plans for Miranda and Nelson?"

"Miranda Is six and Nelson is nine. I can tell he's starting to be interested in girls. I saw him staring at Olga's panties one day when she and Miranda were playing on the floor. Her dress was crossed over her legs. He got a nice eyeful of young girl panties. I saw him secretly rubbing his dick as he stared at her exposure."

The door flew open and a darling little six year old came running in to great her Aunt. Her front teeth were missing. Nelson was more reserved he slowly walked up and hugged his Aunt.

Inez's sister Maria followed, the two sisters greeted each other warmly. I was introduced to Maria, we knocked knuckles and smiled attach other.

Inez guided the two of us into her room, "Ok Maria, we had a marvelous time with Mr. Pedo last week. The girls are really loving their new found sexuality. You and I started young and we promised each other we'd do the same for our kids. Laura positively adores her, as she calls it, her happy pussy! Olga won't give me back my dildo! When I hear her make sexy sounds with the dildo, I'll run in her room to suck her nipples and tell her, 'Go for it honey! Go for it!' Maria, she has the most exciting orgasms. It makes me hot just to think about it!"

Maria hugged Inez, "I can't wait to watch Miranda and Nelson have fun sex time together!"

"I've got to get back to work sis. I'll leave the kids overnight so they can have lots of sexy playtime."

We left Inez's room. I asked Miranda and Nelson to join me at the table so we could chat. I opened my IPad to the panties page, "Both of kids come see!"

"So Nelson, what do you see?"

"Lots of girls showing there panties, some wearing thongs."

"Do you like seeing girls showing off their panties?"

Miranda spoke up, "I know he does 'cause he's always peeking to see mine!"

"How does that make you feel Miranda?"

"I like it."


"He's a boy and momma said boys like seeing under girl's dresses."

"Is this true Nelson?"

"Yeah I have a girlfriend at school that really likes showing me her panties. She tells me it makes her feel special showing them off for me!"

"So how do you like girls showing off their panties for you?"

"I like it!" He was beaming. He continued examining all the preteen girls who obviously liked showing off their undies.

I gave Miranda a hug, looking at her, "What do you like about these pictures?"

She accepted my hug holding my hand on her shoulder, she looked up at me with a cute toothless grin. "I like the pictures of the girls who show their butts."


"Easy! Little girl butts are very pretty."

"So Nelson have you seen a girl all naked?"

"Yeah, I've seen Miranda a few times and my girl friend pulled her panties down to show me her peecha! She said it was a shame to keep her young peecha hidden from me."

"What did you say?"

"I told her I liked looking at naked pussy and that I wanted to do it a lot."

Miranda said, "You're like the boys in my class, they're always asking to see my panties."

"Are you ok showing your panties in pictures?"

"I like Nelson getting to see them!" she smiled directly at him.

"Ok! so let's take some panty pictures! Nelson! I want you to join us!"

I had Nelson sit at my side while I helped Miranda loosen up. I had her pose by showing her panties, she got into it. After all, a grownup was giving her permission to be sexy naughty. I made sure the camera focused on her crotch.

I spoke about how sexy she was showing her panties. She ate up my compliments. I noticed her legs opened up more with each pose. I was looking in a different direction when her hand went to her still covered crotch, she grinned a happy grin as she unconsciously moved her hand over her pussy under her panties. I don't think she realized I quietly noticed.

After two more shots she walked over to Nelson swishing her dress back and forth, when she was right in front of him she very slowly pulled up her dress revealing her panties and said, "Now you can see my panties anytime you want!"

She kissed his cheek, he just showed a big smile. I saw him massage his dick thru his pants.

I thought, "Young lad you're in for the treat of your life!"

"Hey girls come join us." Olga and Laura came up to me standing close to each other and smiling in anticipation.

"Si Señor?"

I asked Inez for a bottle. I pointed, "All kids in a circle!"

"Ok kids you get to play spin the bottle! How many pieces of clothes do you have on Nelson? Don't count shoes and socks." Nelson said three, each girl agreed that they had on three.

Inez joined me, "I love this idea! Especially for Nelson, he's a really sweet boy. I'm thrilled he'll get to see three young naked pussy's all at once. That's got to be any young boys sex dream come true!"

I leaned against her, "Some guys have all the luck!"

She continued, "Hey the girls will get a nice young boy's dick to play with! What I like is that he's still small so their little pussies don't have to stretch so much at first. Oh Señor Pedo, I'm so glad to have met you, I can't wait for the stripping to begin."

"Ok, kids let's let Laura spin first. Here're the rules. When Laura spins the bottle whoever it points to has to take off a piece of clothes and then spin it to see who's next to take something off.

Little Laura spoke up,"Can we get naked?"

Olga was beaming, "That's the idea silly!"

Laura clapped, "I like getting naked, 'cause I like people to see, Happy Pussy!"

Nelson couldn't stop smiling.

Laura spun the bottle it pointed to Miranda. She excitedly jumped up and without hesitation pulled off her blouse. She was now topless and grinning toothlessly and very happily.

She sat down and pinching both nipples. She proudly announced, "Mom said pinching them will help my boobies start growing quicker. I want them to grow as soon as possible. I want to show them off to some lucky boy."

She spun the bottle, it landed on Nelson. He eagerly pulled his pants off. Olga watched and smiled broadly, she knew she was going to have a young dick to play with. Olga's hand reached down gently stroking between her legs.

Nelson noticed, he was smiled wide, he now knew what was coming. He spun, it landed on Laura. The girls clapped. Laura stood up trying to decide what to take off first. She decided on her dress. She hurriedly took it off and then pushed her thong covered pussy forward.

She said proudly as she looked down at her crotch, "Happy Pussy is ready to come out and play, she wants you all of you to see how pretty she is."

She sat down, spun the bottle. Miranda clapped with gusto because it was her turn. She eagerly took off her skirt, she wiggled her hips showing she was ready for the next step.

She spun, it landed on Olga who took off her dress leaving her with just a thong. She was thrilled that a boy was soon going to see her naked. She could feel her pussy becoming moist. Waves of pleasure tickled her insides. She reveled at the feeling of her young pussy becoming wet on it's own. A new sensation, she loved it. It made her feel grownup.

She enjoyed every moment, thinking to herself, 'This is going to be a really fun day! I'm going to show my pussy to a boy! My pussy's gonna really like a boy seeing her. My pussy already wants him to play with her!'

She spun, it landed on Nelson, he jumped up and quickly pulled off his shorts. His dick stood out nicely. All the girls clapped in unison at seeing his hard dick.

He sat down to spin, Laura was google eyed at his dick. "Why does it stick straight out?"

Nelson reached over pulling her hand to his dick. She looked down, she loved touching his penis, she beamed, "That feels nice, holding it!"

"It feels good when you to hold it!"

She pulled her hand away reluctantly. Her curiosity temporarily satisfied.

Nelson reached down slowly massaging his stiff prick.

Inez spoke to me, "Now it's his turn to see young naked pussy. I really like watching this! My own pussy is HOT and sopping wet! I've got plans for you for later!"

I kissed her neck, she purred. "When I was six I enjoyed seeing a three year old's naked pussy! She was always naked. She insisted that I play with her pussy! She always held my dick when I peed. She also made sure I kissed her little pussy on a regular basis."

Inez rubbed against me, "I can only imagine how exciting it is for Nelson to see three nice looking young pussies all at once."

"Hey! I like seeing them myself! It gets me hard too!"

Nelson's spin landed on Miranda. She happily got up, walked over stood in front of her brother. Speaking thru her toothless mouth, "Nelson take off my panties for me! I want you to see me naked! Anyway! I especially like seeing your naked dick!"

He knelt down, reached up, slowly teasingly pulled her panties off. As soon as her slit was exposed he stopped, "Nice pussy sis, she's very pretty!"

Miranda reached down to hold his dick, "Nice dick Nelson, I hope you're gonna let me play with it when we get home."

He moved back and forth with his dick in her hand, "I'll gladly arrange that for you sis."

Smiling widely she let go of his dick. She sat down and crossed her legs. Her hand began sliding slowly over her pussy lips. This was a new day for her. Grown ups letting her get naked and play with her brothers dick and her own pussy. She thought, "From now on I'll be especially naughty and sleep naked so Nelson can come to my bed. My pussy will be ready anytime he wants to play with her!"

Nelson spun. It pointed at Laura. She promptly stood up saying, "Finally! I get to let Happy Pussy show herself off! She wants everybody to know how much she likes being naked!"

Nelson spoke, "Hey Laura turn this way I want to see, Happy Pussy!" Laura turned pushing her pussy towards him. Then she reached down grabbed his hand and pushed it against her mound.

She declared, "Now I have a very happy pussy! She likes being touched by a boy!"

Inez moved closer to the kids saying, "Olga why don't you let Nelson take your T-Back off?"

Olga jumped up standing in front of him, her hands on her hips. A huge smile on her face. She looked down at Nelson as he knelt in front of her. His dick sticking straight out. He reached up pulling her T-Back free. He was facing a gorgeous naked preteen pussy that liked his eyes on her. She moved her hips for him, he beamed as he stared at naked young-girl pussy.

"I have some ideas for pictures, girls put your panties back on. Miranda after you put on your panties come over here."

She was wearing full sized panties. I had her kneel down on the white sheet. Olga and Laura were smiling widely at the fun they were having.

"Nelson put on your shorts and come over here."

He came over to me. I posed him kneeling with his face looking at his sisters crotch, "Point to your sister's underwear and give me a big smile since you know she's gonna take them off for you! I want this picture to communicate that you're a happy young boy who's going to see her pussy naked!"

Miranda's eyes were wide. Her face showed that she loved showing her pussy to her brother.

For the next picture I had Miranda roll the tops of her panties down so her crack didn't show, only the top of her mound showed. I placed Nelson's hand onto the side of her panties and had him pull them away from her hip, giving the impression that he was going to take them off. Once again I had him point at her crotch and smile big.

Laura stood just behind me, "Can I take one like that?"

"Miranda that was fabulous! Take a break so I can take Laura's picture."

"Laura get in the same place as Miranda. She knelt down. Nelson pulled the sides of her new T-Back out. He pointed at her barely hidden pussy. Laura was beaming, she loved it when Happy Pussy got lots of attention.

After I took a few snaps she pushed his hand so that her T-Back came all the way off. She had the happiest smile on her face. She declared, "That's better, happy pussy doesn't like being cooped up!"

She grinned as she reached down putting a finger straight into her fuck hole. She tasted herself then smiled wide with self approval.

Inez said, "Hey time for a drink, then my bedroom!"

We all headed to the kitchen. The kids each got a drink. I got coffee. The kids were talking and laughing amongst themselves. Watching their faces I could tell they enjoyed being naked.

Sipping her drink Laura gently touched Olga's pussy with her fingertips, "Oh sis you know I like that!"

Inez left to pull down her bed cover, "Miranda come see!"

Inez had her lay on her back. She pulled her legs apart. A huge smile never left Miranda's toothless face. Her naked pussy was ready for anything. If she only knew the sensations she was about to receive.

Inez looked at Nelson and Olga, "We'll take turns treating Miranda's pussy to a good time. After Miranda we'll switch until everybody has had a turn at being the center of attention!"

Inez told Miranda to keep her eyes closed. Miranda nodded ready for playtime sex.

Inez crept up to her eager pussy. She spent a moment looking and admiring this beautiful six year old's, soon to be very happy pussy.

Miranda's hips moved in delicious and agonizing anticipation. In her mind something very exciting was about to happen. She realized the times she stood in front of the mirror admiring her slit was about to pay off. She loved the idea that Nelson would be able to come play and enjoy her pussy whenever they wanted at home.

She abruptly sucked in her breath as Inez placed her hot wet tongue right into the center of her slit. This was better then she had expected. Inez's tongue sent shock waves from her pussy straight to her brain.

Inez probed her slit seeking the hole, she found it. She pushed her tongue as hard as she could right into her sweet little pussy fuck hole.

Miranda said loudly, "That feels really, really good! I like it! I like it! Go deeper!"

After hearing Miranda become almost delirious Inez pulled away calling Olga, "It's your turn for some hot tongue!"

When they had gone into the bedroom, Olga had quickly figured out what was going to happen. She was more than ready for her turn. Her finger kept her pussy in a state of excitement, moist and ready for the naughty sex it was about to receive. She told herself she wanted her pussy to sing with happy feelings.

Laura crept up between Olga's wide open legs, she took a moment to admire her sister's pussy. Her tongue slid between her pussy lips probing for the entrance to her hole.

Laura really liked kissing pussy. She liked the way Olga moved her hips to show pleasure. Laura lavished her tongue all over Olga's wet pussy.

Olga moaned, her hips moved to increase the pleasure coming from the center of her body.

Olga begged her sister to probe deep. Laura's tongue did all it could.

Inez grabbed Laura, "It's your turn cute butt!"

Olga hugged her sister, "That was wonderful!"

Laura jumped onto the bed, lay on her back and spread her legs wide, her hands toyed with her cunt lips. She waited anxiously for the fun to begin.

Inez grabbed Nelson pointing to Laura's available, now red and wet pussy. Her cunt lips open showing a nice waiting fuck hole.

He wasted no time in licking her pussy. Inez took Olga's hand placing it over Nelson's hard as a rock dick. She liked playing with his cock. Her grin was ear to ear. Her free hand moved between her own pussy lips. Inez gave her a loving hug, whispering into her ear, "I love watching you enjoy sex!"

Olga continued smiling as she stroked his young dick.

Miranda watched all this attention on her brother. Her fingers plunging deep into her own pussy. She looked at Inez, "I like licking pussy! But I'm really ready to suck his dick!"

Inez pulled Nelson off of Laura, "You're turn big boy! Miranda now you get to suck his dick!" She was so ready. She was thinking, this was going to be the first of many times she would enjoy sucking his hard dick!

"It's me bro!" She took his dick lovingly into her toothless mouth. She had no clue what a nice sensation no teeth meant to his dick.

He looked up, "Hey sis I'm glad it's you!"

She grinned nodding her head. Her hand went automatically between her legs keeping her play-toy hot and wet.

Inez spoke to Nelson, "It's ok to enjoy getting sucked but don't you dare cum! I've got two other girls that want to suck your dick!"

Nelson used his finger to probe his sister's ready pussy, she nodded and moved her body so he could more easily find and play with the inside of her hot cunt. She was in seventh heaven.

She stopped sucking, "Oh Nelson that's so good, Oh god, oh my god!" Her voice reached a peek in pitch.

"Nelson you do it so good! Thanks bro! Thanks bro! Don't stop! Don't stop! I like it! Her hips moved quicker, Miranda arched her back as delicious sensations ran through her tiny body. Her eyes squinted with pleasure. She couldn't breathe. Nelson felt his sister's joy, that made him move his finger faster. He was eager to give his little sister as much pleasure as possible.

Inez called out, "Go for it honey! Go for it! Enjoy it! Enjoy it!"

"Nelson don't you dare stop until she's finished cuming!"

Miranda collapsed from pleasure. Breathing heavily. She pulled her brother to her chest, they hugged for a long time.

Nelson pulled out his finger put it in his mouth, "Yummy! Yummy! Nice cum sis! Nice cum! You did good sis!"

Miranda was still trying hard to catch her breath, slowly her breathing became normal again. "Hey bro I'm sure glad you like my pussy 'cause she sure likes it when you finger fuck her!"

"Het sis you've got a hot little pussy!"

Inez said, "Ok it's Laura's turn to suck dick!" Laura climbed on the bed and eagerly put his cock into her mouth, she took it deep. She was having fun.

Laura pulled out his cock, looked at lovingly saying, "Finally! My mouth has been ready to taste a boy's cock for some time! So far she likes it! She really likes it!"

As she spoke her hand continuously moved in and out of, 'Happy Pussy'.

Laura continuously chatted about how happy pussy was soooooo happy. Inez slowly inserted her index finger, Laura's hips moved seductively, it slipped right in, she moaned loudly.

As Inez's finger probed inside of her cunt, Laura said gleefully, "I now have a happy mouth and very happy pussy!"

"Olga come close!" Inez whispered into Olga's ear, "Didn't it feel good having a boy's fingers inside your cunt. This boy says he really likes your pussy and hopes you'll let him play with it again real soon."

Nelson was on the bed facing Olga's wide open legs, he slowly but firmly pushed his finger into her waiting cunt, he easily began moving his finger inside her fuck hole.

Olga nodded her head up and down saying, "'Oh yes! please I want to do this again! Nelson this feels so good! Especially 'cause you're a boy doing it! Thanks mom! Thanks a whole lot!" They hugged. Olga moaned, "I love his finger in my pussy! My pussy really likes his finger inside!"

Inez gently pulled Nelson's hand and finger back. Olga's pussy was sopping, her hole wide open.

Olga hugged her mother saying in Inez's ear, "Momma, my pussy really liked it when you told me it was a boy inside of me! I hope you'll let us do this again!"

Inez gave her daughter a big hug. "We'll see!"

"Ok Laura's turn! Laura come here!" She picked up Laura and put her on the bed next to Nelson.

"Nelson liked kissing your happy pussy so much that I want you to put his dick in your mouth, suck it nicely, his dick is going to really like being sucked by you!"

Laura needed no further instructions she grabbed his waiting cock and took it deep into her mouth, he smiled and moaned at the same time.

Inez said to Nelson, "Don't you cum, you've got two other girls here that want to try sucking dick and maybe a lot more later!"

Laura's hand still worked her own pussy while she enjoyed a hard dick in her mouth. After a time Inez said, "Ok Laura your times up."

Laura pouted, "I like sucking his dick Mom!"

"Miranda it's your turn!"

Miranda said to Nelson as she held his hard dick ready for her mouth, "I plan to do this any time you want, so I hope I do it good!"

"Hey sis, I plan to kiss your pussy a lot, so I hope you like the way I kiss your little pussy!"

Miranda was really getting into sucking his cock, the fact that she had no front teeth made her efforts even more pleasurable for Nelson.

Inez didn't want him to get too excited, she said, "Olga's turn."

Miranda pulled away reluctantly, "Hey bro, I'll suck you again later."

"Ok sis."

Olga was really excited about sucking a boy's cock. She held it for awhile admiring how lovely it appeared. She took it into her mouth, she was amazed at how delicious it was to have it in her mouth. Her right hand found her own slit. She pushed her finger into her slippery hole as she sucked his hard penis.

This brought waves of pleasure to Olga. She might only be eight but her body treated her like someone much older. Inez saw what was happening, she pulled Olga away saying she still had one last treat for the girls.

"Break time," called out Inez.

The kids bounded into the kitchen, Inez served drinks over ice. Nelson put an ice cube in his mouth, walked over to Olga, leaned down and placed his mouth onto her nipple. She jumped back from the shock. Then she grabbed him and pushed his head onto her nipple. "Don't you dare stop!"

She moaned saying, "Nelson that feels so good! Do the other side!" She reached down and found his hard cock. She moved her hand back and forth as he sucked her nipple.

Inez said, "Ok everybody, new adventure. Let's go back to my room. Nelson you lay on your back, I want that dick standing straight up!"

"Laura bring happy pussy over here," Laura climbed up on the bed, she was eager for whatever her mom planned.

"Guess what sweetheart, happy pussy is about to get very happy 'cause she's got a surprise coming! Climb up on Nelson's stomach right here! Ok! Now stand up!" Inez held her hand to steady her.

"Slowly lower yourself down!" Inez now held Nelson's dick so she could guide it into Laura's little pussy. Laura lowered herself until she felt Nelson's hard dick at the entrance to her virgin pussy.

Laura realized what was about to happen, she called out, "Momma I get to fuck! I get to fuck! Help me Momma! Happy pussy really wants to fuck!" She lowered herself onto Nelson's cock it went all the was in.

"It feels good momma! Happy pussy likes his cock! Momma his hardness makes Happy Pussy feel sooooo good!"

Inez helped her by having her lean forward on her hands, then move her hips up and down.

Nelson said to Inez, "I like fucking Happy Pussy! I hope you can help me do it again!" Laura was really moving her hips, she was thrilled that a boy's cock was deep inside of her young pussy.

Inez pulled Laura off of Nelson cock, "You're no longer a little girl! You're no longer a virgin! You just had your first fuck! You're a lucky, lucky girl! Give me a big kiss you little fucker! They embraced, Laura was shaking with happiness.

"Ok Nelson you get to share your cock with two more hot virgin pussies! Congratulations you're no longer a virgin yourself!"

Inez put Laura on the floor, she climbed back on the bed, "I wanna watch Olga fuck mom! I wanna see Olga get to fuck just like me!"

"His sister Miranda gets to fuck next!"

"Miranda spoke into Inez's ear, I'm so excited that you're going to help me fuck my brother! My pussy wants to fuck him! She really does! She's been wanting to for a long time! I want Nelson to help me stop being a virgin!"

As she spoke her fingers were playing with her pussy getting it ready to feel her brother deep inside of her. She hurriedly climbed on top, Inez showed her how to hold his cock so she could guide it into her waiting fuck hole.

Miranda quickly sat down on his cock, she gasped, pausing a moment then began rocking back and forth from her hips. She said in a loud whisper, "I'm fucking my brother! My brother's cock is in my pussy! What a wonderful day! I get to fuck my brother!"

After a few minutes passed Inez said, "Your turns up, it's Olga's turn."

Just before Olga mounted Nelson's waiting dick, she said, "Mom I'm so glad you're going to be here when I lose my virginity, you're so cool mom."

Inez smiled widely, "Well hurry up and enjoy, you only lose it once."

Laura spoke up, "Wait I wanna get closer so I can see it go in."

Olga was at a fever pitch sexually, waiting had made her pussy hot with anticipation. She sat on his stomach then raised her hips, grabbed his dick paused at her waiting fuck hole, then sat quickly so it's penetration would be dramatic to her and her pussy.

Olga yelled out, "Oh! There is a God!"

She moved her hips with a circular motion. His dick found untouched parts of her pussy, this sent waves of unadulterated pleasure coursing thru both of them. They began moaning, Inez encouraged them, "Go for it guys both cum together!"

Olga's eyes rolled back, her hips moved faster, Nelson hips also moved rapidly. Olga cried out, "If this is fucking, I love it, I love fucking!"

They both reached orgasm, Olga fell on top of Nelson. They were breathing hard. Olga reached up kissing Nelson on the lips, "I want to thank you for being my first fuck!"

Nelson just shook his head, what made him so lucky that he got to fuck three young girls all in the same night. He was weak from his first really big cum. It was soooooooo much better than whacking off!"

Miranda got close to her brother and whispered in his ear, "I will fuck you day and night 'cause I've decided I like fucking."

He beamed and kissed his sister on the cheek.

Inez called out, "Hey what about me? I like fucking too! Señor Pedo you have a hot date! Right now!"

Olga and Miranda you guys can play with Nelson's cock! Nice going Nelson you're hard again and you have two pussies that want you fuck them!"

"Olga beamed, "I'll go first then it'll be your turn Miranda. You're a lucky girl you're going to have his cock to fuck and suck on a regular basis!"

Miranda smiled, "My little pussy really, really, really likes fucking, especially 'cause it's my brother's dick It'll be fucking!"

Inez spoke, "Laura, Señor Pedo's tongue wants to taste your pussy again! Me I just want a good fuck!"

"Momma can I watch his dick go in! Please I wanna see it go in!"

"Sure my little precious you're more than welcome to watch!"

Inez grabbed my hand, we were quickly on her bed. It didn't take long for me to strip and lay on my back. Inez was quickly naked. She climbed over my face, "My pussy wants your tongue to warm her up!"

I enjoyed looking at her clean shaven adult pussy. My tongue found her hole and pushed inside, Inez called out, "Oh yeah, Oh yeah that's what I like, push it in deep!"

Little Laura was on the bed next to us, her fingers were wet from being inside of, 'Happy Pussy'.

Inez said, "Laura his tongue is yours, his dick is now mine!"

Inez picked up Laura placing her over my tongue and facing her. She pushed my cock into her surprisingly hot pussy. She moved to her own beat, letting my dick give her lots of good fucking pleasure. I plunged my tongue into Laura's tiny fuck hole. She loudly let me know she liked my tongue. Inez squeezed her nipples until she herself began the, 'I'm going to cum' sensations.

Little Laura said, "Happy Pussy likes your tongue inside!"

In the other room, Miranda called out, "Oh Nelson that's so fucking good, Keep going! Oh Thank you bro! thank You!"

Olga added, "Lick me! Lick me! Lick my pussy!" She spoke with a raspy voice, "Hey mom fucking sure is fun!"

Inez was in her own world, she was enjoying her pussy with my dick inside.

She was ready to give herself a good hot cum. Her hips moved quicker and quicker, she moaned loudly, her breathing increased to a pitch, she let out a loud yell, "OH FUCKING YES! OH YES! I'M CUMMING! OH YES! FUCK MY PUSSY! FUCK IT GOOD!"

Her tits bounced up and down, she cupped them with her hands. Then she came loudly and heavily, her hips rocking back and forth with really strong pressure against my cock.

"OH FUCKING YES!" She collapsed onto my chest breathing heavily in and out.

"Oh Señor that was fabulous! Thank you! Thank you!" She hugged me hard, kissing my cheek.

I reached over inserting two fingers into her still hot pussy. "Thank YOU! That was a fabulously good fuck! You certainly know how to move your hips. Hoooo boy you have a tight pussy! My dick says Thanks!"

Laura went up to her mom's ear, "Momma that looked like fun! I liked watching his cock go in! That was sexy! I have a really sexy momma! I really liked watching and hearing you cum so good! Was it good for you momma?"

"Oh yeah my precious! Señor Pedo gave your momma's pussy a good time!"

They hugged, "I have a very sexy little Laura! You too had a good fuck, especially for your first time! It really was a nice hot fuck! How does your pussy feel? Is she ok?"

"Oh yeah, she's ready for more!"

"Well that's enough for your first time!"

I picked up and carried Laura who liked being naked. She rested her head on my shoulder. As we headed to the kitchen we heard loud noises coming from Olga's room. I held Laura as we went to see what was happening. Olga was riding Nelson's dick and moving her hips rapidly. Miranda was riding his tongue, her hips also moving quickly back and forth. They were on the verge of all three cumming together. Each one encouraging the other to cum. Then it happened they all exploded into fantastic orgasms. Inez rubbed her naked tits against me, "Wow! My Olga and Miranda are getting a good fuck! They both like fucking!"

I held Laura as we all watched them cum together. She spoke in my ear, "Fucking sure is fun!"

We returned to the kitchen, Laura clung to my neck, "Coffee please!"

Inez smiled widely, "Of course, my pleasure Señor!"

I carried Laura into Inez's bedroom, "I have to put you down while I get dressed."

She quickly knelt and popped my dick into her mouth. I let her enjoy herself, she sucked with energy, her technique was unexpectedly good. After a time I said, "Gotta stop sweetie, gotta call my Taxi."

She looked up at me with an impish smile, "I just like sucking your dick!" I dressed and at her request I carried her into the kitchen. I called Adolph he asked for twenty-five minutes.

As I drank my coffee, Nelson approached saying, "Thanks for such a spectacular night of naked girls and learning to fuck!"

"Hey I didn't expect an orgy but by golly we had a great one! You had a lot of firsts tonight!"

He continued, "Señor Pedo, my girlfriend Alma likes showing her panties to me. She even showed me her pussy. Could you come over to my house and take her picture?"

I held his shoulder, "You really want me to help you guys start fucking! Right? I understand! Here's my number have your mom arrange a sleepover. She can call me with a day and time."

Miranda came in the kitchen holding her naked pussy. She held out her arms for Inez, who gladly swept her up into her arms.

"Auntie Inez I want to thank you for letting me learn how to fuck! I really, really like it when my brother's dick is inside of my pussy!"

"Well you're lucky! You live with him! You'll be able to fuck him whenever you guys can work it out!"

I sipped coffee. Laura let go of my neck, climbed on the table, laid back and spread her legs, "A happy pussy can't stay happy unless someone kisses her or uses their finger! I like both!"

I leaned down and sopped up Laura's pussy juice, she moaned and nodded her head up and down at the same time. She gently brushed my hair as I licked her sweet tasting pussy. I put a fingers in, she moaned even louder.

Inez came over picking her up. "That's enough sweetheart! Señor Pedo wants to finish his coffee before the taxi comes!"

"Happy pussy likes it when you kiss her! Come over and do it again! Besides my mom can use another good fuck from you!"

I leaned over speaking in her ear, "Tell Happy Pussy she tastes really, really good but I have to leave!" She turned pulling me to her so she could give me a big hug. She kissed my cheek many times.

Adolph beeped. I said goodbye. They all came to the door naked and laughing. They waved from a partially opened door. My face was still wet from Laura's pussy juice. I loved tasting her cum on my lips. "Oh what a rough life I'm living!"

"Good evening Señor! Did you have a good time?"

"Adolph you have no clue!"

Señor Pedo's sex adventures continue with Nelson's ten year old girlfriend Alma. Nelson and Miranda both eagerly help Alma learn how much fun fucking truly is.

She turns out to be a happy and eager student.

Come on in, the preteen sex with Alma is a lot of fun and very hot.


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