The Peterson Family: A Path Less Traveled

[ inc, cons, gMg, Mg, MF, gb, fath/dau, mother/son, bro/sis, mult, group, orgy, oral, anal, toys ]

by Seamus

Published: 2-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter One: Changes In Attitude

The morning after the night before, I woke to find myself still lying between my two preteen daughters in the bed where we'd had sex for the first time. The three of us slept the whole night through without moving. I know this for a fact because we were all in the same position when bright sunlight streaming in through the window woke me up. Saturday mornings were generally late mornings for us anyway, but it looked to me like we'd already missed all or most of this morning. The empty feeling in my stomach said we'd missed breakfast already.

I started to shift my body so that I could extricate myself from between the two little honeys beside me but I couldn't move either of my arms. There was a split-second of panic before I realized my arms had fallen asleep serving as pillows for each of my little girls. As gently as I could, I pulled them from beneath their heads, hoping I wouldn't wake them up. Lorrie didn't budge, and Mandy rolled away from me without waking.

I felt the first prickling in my arms as the blood began to circulate once more in those limbs. A minute later, I was suppressing moans as stabs of pain shot up and down my arms. But that passed too...not nearly quickly enough...but it passed. By then it was beginning to be critical that I get myself to the bathroom, and quickly. I made it all the way to the toilet and sighed out loud at the pleasure of simple relief.

I washed my hands and dried them, then took a shower and cleaned up. When I got back to the bedroom, I crawled up on the bed from the foot so I could lay between my young daughters. I wound up with my head propped up on two deep pillows.

Both of my babies were lying flat on their tummies, still sound asleep. Their tousled hair hid their features but the remainder of their bodies were exposed completely. So I looked, and enjoyed. They were beautiful...two stark naked little girls lying beside me.

Amanda had her mother's blonde hair and Lorraine was a sassy brunette. Mandy divided her blonde locks in the middle of her scalp and let her hair fall to her shoulders, Lorrie liked hers cut short below the ears with bangs across her forehead. Their styles suited them well. Lorrie was impatient, perpetually in motion...usually at top speed; she didn't have time to deal with her hair. Mandy loved to brush hers until it shown.

Their necks were slim and graceful. Both had beautifully rounded shoulders and shapely upper arms. Their breasts perched high on their chests, Mandy's nipples seemed to peek at the sky while Lorrie's were centered in the middle of her soft, round breasts. Every square inch of their skin was satiny smooth.

Both girls' tummies were flat and their waists slender. From their waist, immature hips flared outward in barely perceptible arcs that curved gracefully back to morph into slim thighs. Their calves were well sculpted, neither skinny nor plump. The muscles there were well-toned by soccer and dancing classes. Their ankles were trim; delicate without being bony. For a wonder, both girls had grown into their feet. They appeared small compared to other girls their ages.

I watched them for a while, I lay there and listened to them breath. Their faces were clear and untroubled as they slept the sleep of the innocent.

Except...I knew they were anything BUT innocent. They'd confronted me, ambushed me in my recliner and laid their bodies full length on top of me. They told me in no uncertain words how badly they needed sexual relief.

Fingers, hair brush handles, dildos and vibrators had been okay for a long while, but they WEREN'T enough anymore. My daughters told me if I didn't give them what they needed, since there weren't any boys in the neighborhood that impressed them, they were going to go to the old pervert running the hamburger joint down on the highway.

I was weak. I didn't fight what they saw as inevitable. By the end of the evening, I saw the whole thing in the same light they did. I fucked both of them after eating their pussies and bringing them to multiple orgasms. Thank goodness 'inevitable' was damned good fun!

They took REAL good care of Daddy too. My cock found a nice home in their hungry mouths and tight cunts. I smiled gently, relishing the lewd direction my thoughts were taking. Thinking of how snug their pussies were, my dick began to rise. In moments, I was more than ready to do naughty things to one or both girls.

On this first morning of our new life, I extended my arms and let my hands fall gently on one wonderfully rounded ass cheek on each daughter. I felt INCREDIBLY free. The old rules, the confining taboos, were no longer there.

I was lying in bed with two naked, preteen little girls and I could touch them anywhere I wanted and I could do anything with them that came into our minds. Briefly, I wondered how many fathers had awakened that morning with a daughter's ass within arms reach, and how many had been able to give in to the urge to fondle those beautiful globes.

Lost in my daydreams, my massage of Mandy's butt cheeks became robust enough to intrude into her sleep. She roused a little, rolled on her side and brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes with a clumsy swipe of her hand. Her eyelids trembled a moment, then parted. Focusing finally on my face, she smiled distantly.

"Good morning, sweetheart," I said quietly.

She smiled again in acknowledgement. Her eyes closed again.

I cupped her right ass-cheek again and kneaded it gently.

Waking a little more, Mandy rolled on her belly and humped her groin into the mattress, humming tunelessly. She was smiling but still had her eyes closed.

Eventually, Mandy rolled over on her back and raised her arms above her head to grab onto the headboard. She stretched, exposing every inch of her body to my gaze.

"Good morning, Daddy," she purred, opening her eyes for good.

"'Morning, sweetheart," I replied. My hand fell naturally to her belly and I swept my palm across her lower abdomen. The tips of my fingers lightly brushed the top of her pubic mound and she shuddered slightly. Her lips tightened to a thin line.

"Are you sore, honey," I asked, concerned last night might have been too much, too fast. Mandy wriggled her hips tentatively without releasing her hold on the headboard. The sensuous movement had a distinct effect on my dick. I bit my tongue for the distraction.

"No...huh-uh!" she said happily. "Not even a little bit," she added. "But maybe you should check and see, Daddy."

The invitation was too good to pass up.

She put her left hand on my right wrist and guided my fingers to her pussy. She was already wet. I wondered briefly whether she was always half-ready for sex. Last evening, she'd implied she was horny most of the time but did that REALLY mean her little girl juices flowed almost constantly? I didn't know--didn't care. A little girl's slick pussy feels great no matter how it got that way.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned. "That feels good." Her eyes closed momentarily, then reopened and stayed that way for good. She looked up at me, turning up on her left side for a better view. I saw a hot coal of passion begin to flame in her eyes. She rolled quickly on top of me and landed with her groin positioned right over my resurgent dick. She wasn't that heavy but I hadn't had any time to prepare.

"Unghhh!" I grunted.

The little vixen just giggled. Without saying a word, she threw her arms around my neck and drew herself up along my body. Her lips pressed tightly against mine in a passion-filled kiss. A good morning kiss like I'd never had from a child before. Her tongue flicked at mine, twisting and darting around my mouth. I could feel my penis lengthen still further, trapped though it was between our two bodies. I could feel the strength in it. I could have used my cock to punch holes in the wall beside the bed.

Eleven-year-old Mandy felt it too. Deliberately, she rolled her body from side to side, massaging her father's prick and rubbing her thighs against my hard-on, and her wet outer labia against my lower belly. In seconds, it was too much for either of us to bear..

She stopped, holding still briefly. She was too short by five or six inches to keep kissing me and put my penis inside her at the same time. Roughly half a nanosecond after she realized that, my preteen daughter cut off the kiss and was scooting back down until she moved far enough to make the incestuous union.

Her legs fell naturally along my body; the inside of her knees touched my hips. She rose and supported herself on her right hand. Reaching down between our bodies, she took my cock in her left hand and positioned me straight up, pointing into her dripping cunt.

Inserting the mushroom-shaped head of my cock into her pussy, Mandy let her legs relax slowly. Her body dropped half an inch. I was inside her, but just barely. She pulled back up and rubbed my cock head up and down the length of her slit for a moment, quickly covering my cock with slick little-girl juices. She put my glans in that sweet place in her slit and let her body slide down a bit more and her cunt began to swallow my penis whole.

Mandy leaned forward and put both hands on my chest, ducking her head to look down between our bodies so she could watch my cock sliding up inside her. I twisted my upper body a little to the side so I could see too. It was glorious watching the head of my cock parting her puffy outer labia and lewdly spreading her tender lips wide apart.

Mandy lifted her hips again to pull off my cock a little. Only the head was still inside her. She giggled evilly at the sucking noises. She dropped down and let her cunt swallow my prick an inch at a time. I couldn't help it. I pushed my hips upward to thrust deeper inside her.

"HEY!" she protested. "I was gonna do that!" Then she laughed from the sheer naughtiness of the whole thing.

I subsided, letting my body settle back to the surface of the bed.

"Then you better get to it," I replied sternly. "Else I'm gonna blow my cum all over your belly and it won't do you any good at all."

She looked up quickly to see if I was upset.

I wasn't, and stuck out my tongue at her to show her.

Sticking out her tongue briefly, she returned her attention to the junction of our sexual organs. In seconds, she was rising and falling slowly on my cock. The sensations were incredible. Last night, for our first sex together, I'd had full control and I'd thought I needed to be excruciatingly slow and gentle.

This morning, with Mandy in charge of the fuck, things were moving much faster and with far greater abandon.

Note to self: Little girls who tell their father about using dildos and vibrators...and then telling him about needing cock...don't need to be treated as fragile china dolls. Lesson learned....

Mandy's vagina was tight around me. Her wet sleeve squeezed and rhythmically massaged my cock. The tempo increased but she soon found there was a limit to what she could do sitting erect to rise and fall up and down on my cock.

"Here, honey," I coaxed, "kind of lay your chest down on top of me and keep your hips pooched up, okay? You can move easier that way."

It took a little practice and experiment, but shortly her hips were working like a metronome, pistoning her cunt up and down on my cock. I could feel the head of my dick bumping her cervix.

Adjusting the position of her knees, Mandy quickly found the best place for herself to be, the right angle where she could best control her movements and still not allow too great a penetration to slam against tender internal plumbing. After a few moments, we were both panting, rutting in a crazy, straining rhythm until we couldn't hold it any longer.

"Mandy," I whispered, my throat constricted too much for speech. She looked up at me and nodded without speaking.

Redoubling her efforts, she slammed her body down on mine in a mindless tempo that was as ancient as time. The musky odor of our sex filled the air and the sound of naked skin slapping naked skin was a testament to our nasty incestuous coupling.

I felt my balls constricting, felt the flood rising. I was powerless to control it. The friction increased the tension in me, the heat mounted unbearably.



I panted hard, trying to stave off the inevitable for a while longer, a minute or two would be...then I was fighting for just one more second.


I came hard. Hot cum boiled up and squirted through my blood-engorged cock and erupted deep inside my own daughter.

Crazily, my mind kept reminding me this was the baby girl for whom I'd changed diapers, rocked to sleep when she was cranky, and held baby bottles to her lips when she wanted to nurse. I'd held my baby girl in my lap when she was so small the whole length of her body was less than the length of my thighs.

Now...she was fucking me hard and quite willingly.

Mandy WANTED me in her cunt. She wanted my sperm inside her vagina.

It increased the taboo pleasure for me tenfold. I thrust deep and shot another gob inside Mandy. I pushed my hips up an inch or two. My body paid no attention to an intellectual determination not to penetrate too deep inside my daughter. I strained and the last upwelling of cum splashed Mandy's cunt walls. I dropped back to the mattress, spent and breathless.

"Don't stop, Daddy," Mandy gasped. She never stopped; her hips rose and slammed back down to impale herself on my cock again and again. "Daddy...keep going...!"

I wasn't loosing my hard-on. It remained erect and hard as railroad spike for my daughter's pleasure. Breathing hard, I started working my hips up and down a couple of inches with each thrust.

"Cum for me, baby...let me see you cum, Mandy!" I reached awkwardly under her and cupped lemon-sized boobies in my hands and squeezed gently. I rolled pencil eraser-sized nipples between thumb and forefinger and I made my little girl wail.



She'd been looking in my eyes, alternating with glances down our bodies to watch my cock fuck her. Now her head snapped up and I could see her face. Her eyes were squeezed shut, her mouth twisted in a grimace of ecstasy so intense it was almost pain.

I felt her vagina contract around my penis in hard, fast waves that milked a final drop or two of cum out of me.

Mandy was panting hard, gasping for air her lungs desperately needed.

Her tummy muscles visibly clinched and relaxed, her hips whipped around in a tight circle a few times before she froze again. Moving a couple of millimeters at a time, she allowed my prick to penetrate slowly again.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered raggedly.

"DaddyDaddyDaddyDaddyDaddyDaddyDaddyDaddyyyyyyy." She squealed.

Her locked elbows gave way and she half fell down on my chest, her head thumping on my sternum.


Two more fast thrusts and releases...then she blew out all her breath in a single, loud gasp. She held her breath for a long moment, trembled...and then relaxed bonelessly atop me. Her orgasm was complete.

My eleven-year-old daughter lay on me, thoroughly content. Every so often, she would wiggle her hips...just for the fun of it...and part of that fun was hearing her father grunt at the sensations welling up from his groin.

I swept the hair back from her face and strained hard, craning my neck downward to kiss her forehead while she got her breath back. She snuggled tighter and lifted her hands up to caress either side of my head.

"Daddy?" she whispered.

"Hmmmm?" I replied.

"I just thought I'd let you know, Daddy--I'm for sure not sore down there." She giggled mischievously.

"Hungh!" I grunted in return. "I guess you aren't, are you?"

I chuckled. "Well...ya know...we probably should make checks later on in the day...every once in a while, just to make sure, what do yout think?" I said in a mock serious tone.

My daughter, the slut, grinned naughtily at me.

Beside us, Lorrie lifted her head to look blurrily at me and her sister. "There ARE people trying to sleep, ya know!" she said as tartly as a half-asleep little girl can manage.

My youngest daughter is NOT a morning person and would sleep all the way through to early afternoon if left to her own devices. But we'd already accomplished that. The clock on the far wall showed five minutes after twelve o'clock.

"Sleep?" I asked, putting a mock ominous tone into my voice. "You want to SLEEP?"

"DADDY--NO!" Divining my intent...she knew me pretty well...Lorrie's mind slammed into full-blown escape mode. She tried to roll off the bed to get away.

It didn't work. Before more than a couple of fibers in her leg muscles had time to twitch, I rolled Mandy off me (fortunately my penis was flaccid once more or I might have hurt myself pretty badly) and then all ten of my fingers were on Lorrie's back...her sides...tickling her ribs in a crazy, random pattern as I'd done a thousand times before.

Lorrie shrieked at the top of her lungs and did her best to hump her body closer to the edge of the bed so she could escape by dropping to the floor.

I was having none of that. My little Lorrie was extraordinarily sensitive and when she was being tickled, her arms and legs would jerk and wave around uncontrollably.

Mandy crawled over me...a thoroughly pleasurable and a distracting experience in and of itself...and captured Lorrie's left foot and began to tickle her sister too. Lorrie collapsed, screaming her almost painful pleasure. I listened, waiting for what I knew was coming.


I stopped and so did Mandy.

Over the years we'd learned she meant exactly what she said. When tickled past a certain threshold, she so lost control of her body and body functions that she would indeed piss all over herself and anyone else in contact with her.

Grousing unintelligibly, Lorrie bounced up off the bed and fled to the bathroom at a fast trot. Just stopping the tickling wasn't enough. Even though the tickling had stopped, she had to pee and the need was urgent.

It was a small moment of normality, a link with our former days that I took to heart, and I think my girls did too. We were still the people we used to be, just...MORE!

After fluffing the pillows, Mandy and I lay back and waited for Lorrie's return. A couple of minutes later, I was cuddling both naked preteen daughters in my arms and we were playing sexy little games with each others bodies.

A little while later, Lorrie got her first fuck of the day so she was even again with her sister.

It was nearly one-thirty in the afternoon before we got out of bed and made our way into the spacious, sybaritic shower attached to the master bedroom for a long, luxurious cleansing before we raced to the kitchen.

We were HUNGRY! We knew we had to get some nourishment inside us if we were to fuck all afternoon...and no one was suggesting we were going to do anything BUT suck and fuck ourselves silly.

Chapter Two: Making Adjustments

We fucked all day long and well into the night that first weekend, my daughters and I. We hardly let ourselves rest between bouts of incestuous sex and we only ate when our bellies began to growl. In fact, we overdid it.

By Sunday evening, we were all three exhausted and really didn't want to try even one more new thing before getting some rest. By mutual consent, we gathered in the kitchen and worked together to prepare a big pot of homemade chili. When it was ready, we all sat around the kitchen table with the chili and a loaf of fresh French bread and ate until we couldn't eat any more.

"Daddy?" remarked Mandy, breaking a companionable silence that broke out while we were individually trying to decide if we wanted to top off the meal with a slab of pie WITH ice cream on top, or not. She pointed a fork at me to make sure she got my attention.

"Mmmmmmm?" I answered.

"Ya know...there's a lotta things that we gotta change around here now," she remarked.

I stared at her, not really comprehending her meaning, but I was afraid I had a clue. I was scared shitless that my little girls might object to their father/lover making them do things they didn't want to do...homework, for instance. The dread of that happening had entered my mind before we started this new life...but I'd let the adult, responsible thought fade away in the heat of sexual exploration. I hoped my face wasn't echoing my thoughts.

"Oh?" I finally responded. My throat was tight. "Is that right?"

"Yeah," she said, waving the crust around like a conductor's baton. "We gotta have get a new bed for when we sleep together, ya know? If we don't get a bigger bed, you're gonna have to go to work with bruises all over you from where Lorrie kicks you...'cause I'M not sleeping next to her." I smiled while Lorrie stuck her tongue out at her older sister.

Lorrie was a restless sleeper. Her arms waved, her legs flexed in running motions, and occasionally she would throw herself around in a wrestling match with the sheets and covers. Anyone sleeping with her inevitably wound up getting pounded unless one moved as far from her as possible. So far this weekend, Mandy and I had occupied about a third of the bed, cuddling as close as possible while Lorrie went through her sleeping contortions throughout the night.

A super king-sized bed made a lot of sense. One the size of an aircraft carrier's deck made even more.

"Well, you've got a point there," I said. "Tell you what, tomorrow afternoon, when y'all get home from school, we'll go shopping for one, how's that?"

"YEAAAAAAAAAAA!" my daughters chorused. Shopping, no matter what the object of the search, was a way of life for them.

"Okay...," I said. "What else?" Mandy looked at me pensively for a moment before glancing at her sister as if asking for her support.

"Do we have to use our bathroom still?" she asked tentatively. "Can we use the big one?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't see why not." A thought occurred to me. "Well, wait a minute...hmmmmmmm."

Both girls' faces developed little frowns and I'm sure I had one on my face to match theirs. "Look, girls, we have to make sure no one ever finds out about us. If someone does, I'll be spending the rest of my life in prison calling bubba 'honey'. You know that, right?" The looks changed to ones of concern.

"Daddy, we'll never tell anyone," said Lorrie, almost in tears. "Not ever!" I reached out to pat her arm but she suddenly quit her chair and was in my lap and had her arms wrapped around my neck.

"Oh, I know, honey," I reassured her, "but we have to be careful about letting it slip by accident too. What I was thinking was that if you girls move all your makeup, your curling irons, toothbrushes, and everything you have in your bathroom into the master bathroom, sooner or later someone is going to figure things out. See what I mean?" They nodded.

"We could move everything back when someone comes over," offered Mandy hesitantly.

"And what about if you're outside in the yard with the neighborhood kids and someone wants to use the bathroom--and they don't use the half-bath down in the entryway?" I asked. "They'd see you didn't have all your 'stuff' in your bathroom, right?" They didn't have an answer. "And what if your friend Brandi or someone comes home from school with you and we hadn't planned on it, and you couldn't let me know in advance for some reason?" I continued. That hit home. It had happened a time or two in the last few months. Their faces fell.

"How about this?" I began. "How about you keep stuff like that in your old bathroom all the time. We don't try moving things back and forth, but you do everything else in the big showering, fucking Daddy in the shower...and doing nasty, wonderful, naughty things with Daddy in the shower and...having fun in the shower and...."

Their faces brightened considerably. They giggled. They knew how I felt about my shower and having fun in it. We already had, and would again.

I LIKED my shower...the one in the master bedroom. For one thing, it's as BIG as most master bedrooms, all by itself--big enough to have a fair sized party inside. There are multiple shower heads on all four walls...all controlled from a touchpad...and showerers (if that's a word) can relax on a stair-stepped construction against the short wall built of the finest marble. One could sit on the lowest step as comfortably which put one sitting at the level of a chair and lean back against the next step, or one could climb higher on the five steps, just to see what it was like.

My shower doubled as a steamroom too. It was all built to my specifications, I might add. It was something I'd wanted all my life and I'd had the bath renovated when we moved in to add a number of special features to the home. The spacious shower/steam room was one of them, along with a hot water heating unit that could have powered a steam locomotive. We could have spent all night in the shower letting the hot water pour over us and the water would never have gone cold.

But first things first. Another idea had occurred to me.

"Same thing goes for your clothes, you know. They'll have to stay in your old bedroom and you'll change in there, and throw things in the floor and listen to strange, incomprehensible noises on your DVD player, and things like that in there, okay?" They flashed a quick look at each other and apparently decided to ignore the smart ass remark about their music. They agreed by nodding at me again.

I knew we were all three exploring the changes in our relationship cautiously. There was no doubt the ways we fit together as a family changed with the first touch of our tongues to each others private parts and when my cock penetrated their pussies. Couldn't be otherwise.

My girls were, probably without conscious planning, staking out the new territory to which they were now entitled, physically and emotionally. In their minds, and in mine too, we were lovers and semi-equals...not just father and children anymore.

It was inevitable. I sighed.

In a since, I lost my two baby girls the instant we had any kind of sexual contact, but I gained two partners in the family unit to make up for that loss. I smiled at my two sexy daughters, accepting the change without difficulty.

Most fathers don't see that relationship change until their daughters move in with a boyfriend or get married...and they don't get any particular benefits from the change.

I thought that was the end of the conversation and started to clear the dishes off the table.

"Daddy?" said Lorrie. I aborted the move to get to my feet.

"Uh-huh?" I answered

"What about makeup?" I froze. I had indeed spoke of them keeping their makeup and 'stuff' in their old bathroom. It'd been a slip of the tongue. I'd been thinking only of the things a female has that can be scattered around a neatly organized bachelor's bath. And I could see I'd lost the next "battle" before it had even begun.

I sighed again. It was getting to be a habit.

"Okay," I said, taking a deep breath before jumping over the edge. "Yes, you can start wearing makeup. You are, literally, a woman now and it's only right," I admitted.

"Hey!" Mandy complained, in a rising voice. "You wouldn't let me wear makeup 'til I was eleven. Lorrie gets to do it and she's only nine!" It was true and she'd only been nine a few months. There was no real answer to her question so I decided to brazen it out.

" weren't giving me blowjobs when you were nine," I told her. I cocked my head to the side. To them, that was a recognized symbol I was teasing.

Mandy blinked at the unexpected words and was silent for a moment. Then her natural sense of humor overcame her anger at the apparent unequal treatment.

"I would a' if you LET me!" she shot back.

It was my turn to be taken aback. Both girls giggled at what must surely have been a startled look on my features. I smiled, accepting the fact that I'd been one-upped. Well, maybe not. I stuck out my tongue and blew a raspberry. It wasn't totally successful. I leaned forward.

"How 'bout this, you beautiful little blow job artists," I suggested, leering at my oldest daughter with my eyebrows raised in my best Groucho Marx imitation.

"You two can wear tasteful...well, let's call it 'reasonable'...yeah, that's a better word...amounts of makeup to school, okay?" I hesitated, not sure I'd gotten my point across. The idea I had in mind might need reinforcement in the future. Only time would tell.

"But when we go out together to dinner or a party or other places like that where we will be seen as a family, then you can wear more, uh, rouge and eye shadow, and eye-liner and stuff like that. But it STILL has to be 'age appropriate' to...well, to people who don't do the things WE do with each other, okay?"

Both girls grinned happily, superbly pleased at what I offered.

"Now...hmmmmmm...when you go to parties where it's just kids then you can wear more makeup to blend in with the rest of those nasty, exhibitionistic, dirty, nasty, lewd little sluts, how's that?"

They grinned like Cheshire cats but didn't comment on my characterization of many of their girlfriends as sluts. I wondered briefly if I'd chanced on something. But I let it pass.

"And when we're staying in," I continued, "when it's just us three partying by ourselves, you can make yourselves up to look like the cheapest, trashiest whores from the hottest, raunchiest, slut-filled trailer park in six states, okay?"

My voice lowered in pitch until it was almost a growl...and I was leering again. Mandy and Lorrie looked at each other in amazement, momentarily shocked by my vulgar tone and words. Then they remembered their new status as full-fledged women of the household. It was okay to be brazen hussies now.

Lorrie dragged my head down to hers so she could plant a kiss on my lips that lit my fires again. Mandy launched herself across the table and joined in the kissing fest.

We were still naked as the day we were born, and all that kissing evolved into a happy little fuck and suck right there among the dirty dishes. Then we left the plates and bowls sitting in the sink, hit the showers for a nice long spray, and went to bed early.

We had been having sex all weekend, but Monday morning was going to come sooner than any of us wanted and when it did, I'd have to go to work and they had to go to school.

Chapter Three: Interlude The First

Once we started having sex, my two young daughters and I couldn't keep our hands off each other. We were worse than any pair of newlyweds ever had been, and the fact that there were three of us only made every contact that much more erotically intense. During the day, we all spent a lot of time imagining new and different couplings we could try and then tried them out in the evenings and on weekends. Much of our lives came to be centered around sex, sex, and more sex. It was a wonderful time in all our lives...and there were worse things about which to center one's life.

We'd been having sex with each other for a little more than a month when I came in from work one day just after four o'clock. I'd begun to take off a little earlier each week since the sale of my company to a computer corporation giant anyway, and now I had even more reason to leave early. The new buyers wanted me around only as a consultant to help ease the transition to the new management and that didn't involve regular work hours for me.

It was getting so I needed to spend just an hour or so in the office per day and I was beginning to seriously plan the next startup company I had an idea for. Actually, I had a bunch of ideas that would make me, and my girls, a lot more money but I'd put them aside until I had the funds available to get them off the ground. There were more than enough financial assets now, and I was only twenty-eight. I had my whole life ahead of me. I could start ten companies if I wanted to.

Anyway, I got home early and walked in the front door eagerly anticipating doing something naughty with one or both of my daughters. I knew Mandy or Lorrie was home and, more importantly, home alone because the stopper shaped like a barking dog's head on a big earthenware jug on our front porch was facing away from the door. That was our private signal that the girls had no visitors this afternoon. If the dog's head was watching our door, it would have been watching visitors.

"ANYONE HOME?" I called out as I closed the front door and locked it. That was another signal to each of us, just in case one of us forgot to turn the doggie around. If the door was locked, something was going on inside that had to be kept hidden. There was silence for a split second and then some odd tapping sounds from the kitchen.

"Just me, Daddy," Mandy replied. The tapping noises stopped. I dropped my briefcase in the closet just off the foyer and loosened my tie.

Walking into the kitchen, I was astounded to find my eleven year old daughter standing at the counter, facing out the kitchen window and washing some dishes in the sink. She was wearing a little pink crop top with thin straps that left her shoulders nearly bare. It DID leave her midriff and lower back exposed. I knew that the material ended just a couple of inches below the lower swell of her small titties though I couldn't see the front of her body. For the last month, she'd left off her bra in favor of further titillating Daddy.

It worked splendidly, I might add--titillating Daddy, that is.

She was also wearing a pair of black, patent leather spike heels...and not one other damn thing. My little girl was naked from the waist down, her long slender legs completely revealed from the beautifully rounded globes of her butt cheeks down to her hot-pink painted toenails. The high heels she wore gave shape to her calves, making them even more curvaceous than when she was in flats. Her slim thighs were smoothly sculptured, lightly tanned columns of sensuous delight. The skin, I knew, was like silk to the touch. My mouth was dry as I contemplated the display of young girl flesh in front of me.

The heels must have been five inches high, raising my daughter's height to five feet, plus a little more, perhaps. The tapping sounds had been the heels clicking on the tile floor as she got into the pose she'd decided upon for her father's entry into the kitchen.

"Hi, Daddy," she said, throwing the salutation over her shoulder as she pretended to wash a plate in the soapy water. When I first caught sight of her, her posture had been a little tight, her feet only a couple of inches apart. Now she shifted her weight and moved her left foot six inches or so to the side. The motion made her nude ass cheeks flex deliciously and somehow she managed to make her hips sway from one side to the other in the process.

"Sonuva...," I breathed. My little preteen daughter was an absolute vision in eroticism. My dick sprang to life from near dormancy. It was instantly hard and ready for action. Tearing off my tie, I ripped my shirt off--literally. Buttons flew everywhere and I kicked my shoes into the corner. "Where'd you get those heels?" I asked irrelevantly. I really didn't care. The question had just flitted through my mind and I had no control over my mouth just then.

"From Brandi," Mandy said.

Her reply was detached as my inquiry. I barely heard it. It occurred to me in passing to wonder exactly how Brandi had acquired the impossibly high heels. It's not like there were any stores out there selling that kind of stuff to children. But the thought passed out of my mind before I could act on it.

Mandy turned her head to look over her shoulder when she heard the sounds of splitting cloth. The look on her face told me this was exactly what she'd intended. She smiled in the way women have been smiling at their conquests for thousands of millennia.

"Young lady," I said. "Your cunt had better already be wet and ready for some hot Daddy-fucking, or you're in big trouble!" The smile broadened.

"Why, Daddy?" she asked innocently, batting her eyelashes at me. But it was just conversation. As she spoke, she was already turning around to face the window again and dropping her forearms to the edge of the sink. She pillowed her forehead on her forearms and spread her feet another few inches apart while arching her back and pushing her ass out at me. She wiggled her ass invitingly.

"You see something you like, Daddy?" she asked in a muffled, coquettish little-girl voice. The question was completely unnecessary and she knew it. I don't remember getting my pants and underwear off but they were gone by the time I'd made three quick strides to come up directly behind Mandy.

I reached underneath her to finger her naked mound and assure myself her juices were already flowing hot and steamy. She'd probably been playing with her pussy, with fingers or toys, for quite a while since getting out of school. She was more than ready for Daddy's big, hard cock, so she got it, fast and hard.

We'd had considerable romantic sex in the past month with plenty of foreplay, fingering, mutual masturbation and slow build up before I actually penetrated her cunt. This time, it was just pure, happy-go-lucky sex with no pretensions of anything else.

I grabbed my cock in my right hand, bent my knees slightly, and guided it to Mandy's sopping wet slit. I pushed inside with a pause. I didn't exactly shove it in to the hilt, she wasn't big enough yet for that degree of roughness, but I thrust most of my penis inside her in one long driving plunge. They say when a girl is nine-years-old, nature has prepared her to take her father's dick inside her vagina. I don't know if that's true, but eleven-year-old MANDY was certainly ready for it.

Mandy grunted as her body worked to accommodate the thick cock driving remorselessly into her. I'd no sooner gotten most of my prick inside her vagina than she began to rotate her ass in a tight little circle. After a couple of circles in one direction, she stopped and went the other way and then back again. I dropped my hands to her hips and held on for dear life.

My dick felt like it had been caught in a slick, hot, very tight concrete mixer. The exquisite sensations of having my cock squeezed so tightly in a young cunt nearly made me cum right there but somehow I managed to hold off. Powering in and withdrawing slowly in a steady rhythm, I let her sling her ass around any way she wanted. Every time I rammed my hips forward, she gave out a low moan or grunt as my pole rubbed against sensitive nerve endings inside her.

I reached under my little girl and rubbed at the little clit hidden behind her prepuce. Considering the violence of our coupling, there was no way I could tease her clitoris out into the open. She was tremendously excited and the little nubbin retreated behind its protecting fold of flesh. So I didn't try. I just took clit and hood between my fingers and massaged it as best as I could under the circumstances.

Since I was fucking her from behind, that was the only thing I could do to stimulate that tiny organ, but she obviously liked it. She gasped as the sensations flowed up from her clit, adding to her intense pleasure. Our height difference and the rear-entry position made it more than possible, though, for my cock head to rub against my daughter's G-spot

My uncut dick head must have been stroking her G-spot pretty darn well because after only a couple of minutes of fucking, she stopped whipping her hips around and began to thrust back at me as wildly as I was shoving into her. Mandy was now arching her back and rocking her hips fore and back as fast as she could.

The rhythm built faster and faster until we were both having trouble breathing. The tension in our bodies built, and built again. Our faces flushed under the dual stresses of hard exercise and the ever present stress of knowing every second of this hot, steamy father-daughter fucking was taboo.

I reached under Mandy with my other hand, feeling for her small breasts. I was frustrated in my desire to cup my palm around one of those wonderful half globes. My hand kept getting caught in the folds of her crop top t-shirt. Irritated and unable to consider any alternative in my present state, I caught the neckline in front and ripped the thing apart from top to bottom in one convulsive move.

Now I could reach her small titties and I took one in each hand. Not that they were a handful, they were barely the size of a good-sized lemon on the half shell, but they were beautifully shaped, soft and firm at the same time...and incredibly sensitive. Even as young as she was, her bent-over posture made them hang down a tiny bit more than they protruded from her chest when she was upright. Distractedly, I wished I had a picture of them. Dipping my fingers in the flow of juices from her snatch, I took her nipples with both hands and gently twirled them in opposite directions. I was rewarded with a groan of pleasure.

"Daaaaadddddy," she moaned. Her head came up from her forearms as she strained to get more of her own father's penis inside her vagina. If he pushed through her cervix ring right into her uterus, she wouldn't have minded at all at that moment. This was her father, and she wanted to fuck him forever.

"Daaaaa-deeeeee! Daaaaad-eeeeee! DAAAAAD-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she wailed.

I was almost at the end of my endurance myself. The violence of our exertions dictated a quick end to the fuck, simply because we couldn't sustain it for much longer. My groin tightened; the tension was almost too much to bear.

I plunged my cock into my daughter's little snatch at an ever increasing pace, imagining in my mind's eye that my hips were no more than a blur as I strove to cum. I could feel the tightening in my balls as the fluid was pumped upward. I felt the muscles in my groin and lower abdomen nearly cramp as the semen was channeled into the tubes inside my penis. Thick, liquid heat was propelled down the length of my cock as I pushed into my little girl one final time.

Her father's milky white fluid splashed inside her, spurting out the slit in my cock head and onto the walls of her vagina. Some of my seed inevitably seeped inside her uterus but it didn't matter. My baby girl hadn't had her first period yet. The swimming baby makers would find no safe haven. Not that either of us cared at that moment.

While I had been preoccupied with my own climax, Mandy's own orgasm had come along until she was beside herself with the need for completion. Her legs splayed wide as she balanced on the unfamiliar high heels, she whipped her ass back at me as I thrust inside her cunt.

She rode me hard, adjusting her stance to make the cock inside her rub those especially sensitive places. When my hot cum spurted into her, she screamed out her need for a release, pushing back hard and rotating her hips one last time.

She jolted to a stop, her body freezing in place with the intensity of the ecstasy. Unable to consciously move even one of her limbs, she felt her tummy muscles contracting in time with the ripples spreading through her cunt. Her leg muscles spasmed, jerking uncontrollably and she avoided falling only because she was held in place by the cock nailing her in place.

The intense sensations emanating from her vagina slowed, lessened, and finally gave up their lock on her body. The young girl drew in as much air as she could, almost gasping in her need for oxygen to fill overworked lungs. Her heart rate steadied, then began to decline slowly.

"WOW!!" she breathed.

She picked up her head, seeing only the kitchen sink with the "dirty" plates, props for the show she'd arranged for her father's arrival home. Moving slowly, she raised her head above the window sill and looked out at the big back yard without really seeing it. She had no time for the mundane. She'd just received the fuck of her life from her very own father. So nasty, so indecent, vulgar, obscene, and taboo, and very, very satisfying.

"Yeah, wow," I replied as Mandy straightened her back to look out the window.

As she rose, the angle of her pussy changed making it less and less possible for my penis to stay inside her. When she stood nearly erect, my softening dick slipped out of her with an audible wet plop. We both heard it and chuckled wearily.

My little girl's legs gave way and she sat down on the tiles, holding on to the sink so that it wasn't technically a fall. She swiveled around and leaned back against the counter to work on her breathing. So did I. We sat in a puddle of little-girl pussy cream and Daddy-cum juices, grinning insanely at each other.

"Where did you say Brandi got those high heels?" I asked. I'd remembered that I had wanted to ask earlier.

Mandy giggled. "I dunno, but she had them and told me I could try them out if I wanted," she replied. "Maybe she got them from her mother."

I arched my eyebrows and nodded my head, accepting the incomplete thought that the heels were Brandi's mother's. I didn't think Brandi's mother had feet THAT small. But I didn't care. They'd given me one hell of a great afternoon.

I resolved to see if I couldn't find Mandy and Lorrie both their own spike heels. An image of my daughters walking around in a pair of slimmer, and even higher, stiletto heels raced through my mind. My penis stirred half-heartedly but I stifled the image. I was just too tired.

"Call Brandi!" I told Mandy peremptorily. "If you girls can get a pair...or maybe more than just one pair? I want you to have them," I said with feeling."

Mandy nodded and got up to retrieve her smartphone. She sat back down wearily beside me.

Just then, Lorrie walked in the kitchen door. Seeing her father and older sister sitting in the middle of the floor with a pool of aromatic liquid all around them, she stopped dead in her tracks.

"Hey! Are you guys okay?" she asked anxiously. She was little miffed when her only response was a shining grin on both faces.

"Where? What mall...okay, now tell me WHICH mall!" Mandy said, speaking into the phone.

"Okay, thanks, Brandi. Thanks a bunch! See ya at school...." She snapped her smartphone closed. She looked around at me.

"They were Brandi's," she said brightly. "We've been to the right store before," she remarked. She looked at me with anticipation on her face.

"Hey!" I said to no one in particular. "Anyone up for a shower and a quick trip to the mall?" It was a rhetorical question. Neither of my children ever turned down a trip to a place with lots and lots of stores.

"What for, Daddy?" Lorrie asked.

" 'Cause you two young ladies need some nice new sexy spike high heels," I answered with feeling. "And I owe Mandy a new crop top."

Lorrie glanced at the high heels Mandy had on, grabbed the bottom of her baby tee and yanked it over her head. Without a word, she whirled around and jogged for the stairs and our spacious shower. Mandy I were only a step or two behind.

Chapter Four: Conversations

I was sitting at the kitchen table, happily full of chili and crackers. None of us had a stitch on and we were getting used to being that way.

Mandy was squatting between my legs with my cock in her hands. Lorrie joined her, their hands playing with my manhood as they marveled at the flexibility of the thing, now that it wasn't pumped full of blood. Then Mandy stopped and tapped me on the thigh to get my attention.

"Daddy?" she asked haltingly. "Daddy, if Lorrie and me suck you off and let us...does that make us sluts?"

There was no indictment on her face but a pang of remorse and shame shot through me. I should have anticipated this minefield of a question was going to come up. I tried to find an answer, any answer, but none would come. So I did what every parent would do--I stalled.

"Ahhhhhhh...well...what's a slut? What does a slut do?"

The girls looked at each other for a second before doing what kids do. They shrugged and gave the one-word response.

"I'on'tknow...," Mandy mumbled.

I thought for a moment. This was kind of interesting, in a perverted sort of way--which WAS our way these days, come to think of it. "Well, does it bother you to suck me off?" I asked, trying to suppress the nervousness in my voice.

"Nope!" Lorrie replied succinctly.

Mandy nodded her agreement. She dropped my cock, which wasn't my favorite thing she'd done today, rose and sat on my lap while staring into my eyes interestedly.

I dragged a wayward school notebook closer and looked around. Lorrie scooted a ballpoint to me.

"Okay," I said musingly, "so let's figure out what makes a slut, slutty, shall we?"

The girls giggled. This conversation couldn't have occurred last month. Now it just felt...deliciously naughty.

"So...we're pretty sure a slut will suck cock, right?" I suggested.

They nodded.

I wrote 'suck cocks' on the a page I tore out of the notebook.

"Hmmmmm...and they swallow cum they suck out of a guy's prick, right?" I was curious whether they'd go along with that. There was every chance the cum swallowing so far in our relationship might just have been because they hadn't thought of doing otherwise.

Neither hesitated. They didn't even look at each other to coordinate their nods.

"Cool!" I remarked. I put a dash next to 'sucks cocks' and added 'swallows'. Then I hesitated. "And likes doing it? Likes cum in her mouth?"

They giggled and their heads bobbed. Their eyes were bright with excitement.

I put another dash next to 'swallows' and wrote 'likes cum in her mouth' down.


Emphatic nods, and I wrote it down.

"Doggy style?"

"Sure-any position that has your cock in us somewhere is good!" Mandy said succinctly.

"Okay, how does 'fucks in all kinds of positions' sound? We'll get around to just about everything sooner or later," I said. "We can always go back and fill in the various positions later, right?"

They agreed. Mandy was off my lap now and both girls had moved to individual chairs. They scooted them close so they could lean their elbows on the table, one on each side of me, to see what I was writing.

"Does a slut do anal sex?" I asked carefully. It was another thing we'd not done...among a zillion other sexual couplings.

Mandy answered that. "Yep!"

I looked at her, cocking my eyebrows in some surprise. I'd expected at least a delay while they thought about it.

"We know this girl," Lorrie explained from my right, "who says it's the nastiest, hottest thing, in the world."

"From school?" I asked, shocked. An elementary girl who had that kind of experience?

Lorrie shook her head. "Nope, Jenny Neilson...she lives three streets over. She's a junior in high school."

"Ah, okay." I tried to place this Jenny Neilson, but I couldn't. I came back to the subject at hand. " no problems with the...idea...of anal, then?"

They nodded happily.

So we sat there, the girls rubbing elbows and upper arms with me as we put everything down that we could think of.

"Eats other girls' pussies?" Check.

"Licks a guy's cum off other girls' lips? Pussy? Everywhere else?" Check, check, and check! Without hesitation too. Interesting. I'd thought there would need to be some thought first.

"Fucks girls?"

That confused them for a second.

"Like with a dildo...or a dildo in a harness...uhhhhh...a dildo attached to a belt kind of thing so the girl doing the fucking actually does the same motion a guy would fucking her...."

They looked at each other and grinned. "Can you get us a...harness...Daddy?" Mandy asked sweetly.

I nodded.

"Likes to play with her pussy so guys can watch?"

That was fine with them.

"Let's a guy cum all over her face...or titties...or anywhere else he wants to?"

"Mmmmmmm...that's SO nasty, Daddy," Mandy said. "Would you really do that me and Lorrie?"

I dithered for a second or two. "I could be talked into it," I admitted cautiously.

They giggled. "You nasty old pervert!" Lorrie said with a smirk.

"I am NOT old!" I said reprovingly, wiggling my eyebrows suggestively. "So...they're called 'facials'." I waited. "Put 'facials' on the list?"

"Oh, hell yeah!" Mandy said with a smirk.

We went on, making up a lengthy list of sexual things a slut girl would do, sometimes with explanations, sometimes with them supplying information from things they'd overheard, or talked about with the girls at school.

I hesitated before broaching another concept, wetting my lips before I went on. "So...would a slut have sex with different guys and gals?"

There was a short silence. "At the same time...or just do it with other guys or with other girls some time or other?" Lorrie asked.

"Yes," I replied evenly.

"Well, and Mandy...already do stuff with another girl--each other!" Lorrie answered.

I nodded and waited.

"And YOU already do sex with more than one and Mandy, right?"

I nodded again. Both girls waited for me to move the theme forward.

"So," I said slowly, "would a slut do stuff like that--having sex with more than one boy and more than one boy at a time?"

"Sure!" Mandy threw in. "That's kind of like what you and Mom used to do at those special parties you went to, right?"

I know my eyes widened. I felt the blood drain from my face. But I had to answer. The girls and I hadn't discussed it, but there were no more secrets between us.

I nodded. "Yes...we were...'swingers'," I said. My voice was a little hoarse, even to my ears. "How...?"

"Sometimes closets get looked in when it's Christmas time," Lorrie remarked. "And sometimes DVDs fall from the shelves onto the know...."

"I see," I said. I'd never detected anyone disturbing the DVDs I'd put on the highest shelf and as far back in the closet, but clearly they'd been found.

"It looks like some really NASTY fun," Mandy remarked slyly. She was grinning.

I searched for the right thing to say. Then I nodded. "As I was," I said and smiled a little smile at them.

" sex with other guys and...?"

"You'd be doing sex with other girls while we were doing other boys and...even old guys...right, Daddy?"

"Old guys? Like me??" I scowled fiercely, not that it fooled them in the least. "Playing the 'age card' again, are you?"

They giggled, sharing a secret, mischievous grin between the two of them.

"Sluts would do sex things with other guys, then...right?" I asked formally.

They nodded happily.

"Even if...this 'other guy'...was a girlfriend's Dad?" I asked.

"Sure!" Lorrie snapped back. "A slut wouldn't would even make the fucking that much more fun."

So that was settled. They didn't think it even needed discussion.

We went on for another half hour--the list expanded to three written sheets of paper before we called it 'good enough for government work', and put it to rest for the moment.

"So, how many of those things are you girls interested in?" I asked with a smile. There'd been enough clues while we were developing the list, but I wanted to get it out in the opening.

"All of them!" Mandy said, clearly surprised. "Well...we haven't DONE many of them yet, but we haven't been doing sex with you very long, Daddy."

" 'Tis true," I commented. "So, you're saying we'll get around to doing all these things...eventually?"

They nodded in unison.

"So...are we sluts, Daddy?" Lorrie asked brightly.

"I think you are," I replied with a smile on my face. "You're the most angelic sluts that ever were too," I added.

"We're angel sluts?"

I hadn't intended that to be what she took from my comment, but it was okay. I nodded. "Don't YOU think so?" I asked.

They turned that over in their minds for a moment.

"We're angel sluts!" Mandy affirmed happily. "Hot, Daddy-fuckin', cock suckin', pussy eatin' ANGEL SLUTS!" she crowed.

Lorrie stood and did a quick bump and grind into my upper arm to show how much she agreed. Then she paused. She leaned over my shoulder, taking the opportunity to rub her young breast against me.

"You know, Daddy?" she asked pointing at one item on the list. "When us Angel Sluts get around to doing sex with other boys--guys--you totally ARE going to be doing other girls, right?"

I HAD thought about that, but hadn't raised the issue. "Well...I guess so," I said slowly, not sure how they'd take that. If they'd watched any of the forbidden DVDs, they'd seen me with women other than their mother, but I hadn't known if they'd make the connection. "But having sex with another young girl like you two...well...I'd have to think about that for a long time." I said speculatively. "And where would we meet a girl that wanted to have sex with a...with an 'old man' like me?"

They grinned. "Oh...that might not be really hard," Mandy said mysteriously.

I blinked in surprise.

"But you'd do it if we were having sex with another guy...maybe, like the brother of a girlfriend doing you...or something like that? Right Daddy?"

"As a concept," I said, a little pompously, "I wouldn't have THAT much of a problem with it...."

Many cocked her right eyebrow. "You're saying you'd FUCK and SUCK another innocent little girl's pussy...someone like me and that what you'd do, Daddy?" she said sweetly. I had to say it for it to be real. I nodded. "I'd fuck her so good, she'd walk bowlegged for a week!"

They giggled.

"But there really aren't little girls out there that would...."

"Who LIKE to mean like me and Lorrie?" Mandy said, her eyebrow arching high again.

I was stumped--didn't know to answer that.

Mandy let me off the hook. She smiled. "Maybe it won't be so hard to find a girl who it with you, Daddy," she said. "Even if you ARE an old perverted Man Slut!" she declared.

We laughed, and then took our list; we checked off a good number of items that afternoon and evening.

Chapter Five: Interlude The Second


It was six weeks to the day after that first morning when I'd awakened lying in bed with my two naked preteen daughters. Since then, there'd been six busy weeks of exploration and adjusting ourselves to new ways of relating to each other, new ideas, and new frontiers.

Lorrie and I were alone in the house, the first time I spent a whole weekend with just one daughter since we'd started having sex. Mandy was pissed off to the max about the situation but it was her own fault. She was a leader on the cheerleading squad for a young boy's baseball team and they had a tournament up in north she couldn't find a reasonable excuse to get out of. The sponsor had trapped her by asking whether she was doing anything this weekend before reminding her of her promise to lead the cheers on the trip.

Mandy was irritated because Lorrie was going to have my undivided attention for "two whole days" as they both put it. It was the normal rivalry between siblings, exacerbated by the sex thing, but still a routine competition.

It was going to be an overnight thing since their first game wasn't even going to start until late afternoon and they might be playing a number of games on Sunday if they won in the first couple of rounds. Mandy was mad as spit, but she'd wanted to be a cheerleader for the little league team to see if she wanted to put any effort into becoming a cheerleader for the school athletic teams.

I liked the outfit she wore, and told her about a full blown daydream that sprang into my mind, brought on by the sight of her in the short skirted cheerleading outfit...we'd talk about it when she returned...but it was no use.

She went, but she wasn't awfully enthusiastic when the van load nearly full of other girls picked her up.

* * *

To take advantage of as much time as possible alone with her Dad, Lorrie got up early. Well, early for her. It was about time for a late brunch for normal people. But that was okay with me. I was pretty worn out too and sleeping in was a good thing.

By tradition, the girls could ask for anything they wanted (within reason) for breakfasts on the weekend. Lorrie wanted pancakes today so I fried some bacon and warmed up the griddle. The pancakes were pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. When we finished, I sat back and patted a full belly and contemplated my youngest daughter's facial expression. She had something on her mind, but she was strangely hesitant to broach the troubling subject.

"What's up punkin'?" I asked at last. We'd been completely open with one another for the past month and a half so it was a little surprising she didn't just open up. She glanced up at me from beneath naturally long lashes and fidgeted in her chair a moment longer.

"Daddy...what are we going to do today?" she asked a little plaintively. I pursed my lips and looked her in the eye.

"Well, do you have anything outside the house planned for today, sugar?" I asked She shook her head. "None of your girlfriends coming over? Brandi? Tiffany? Anyone?"

She shook her head after each question.

"Well, then," I said, leaning toward her and lowering my voice conspiratorially. "I was thinking...if you didn't have any other plans, mind you...that I'd spend the rest of the morning fucking your cute little pussy. How 'bout that?"

My nine-year-old daughter beamed. It was plain she hadn't REALLY been sure the free rules that had been effect for the last six weeks held true if Mandy wasn't around. I put my best lecherous expression on my face and leered at her.

"Come hither, my beautiful fuck-toy, hot, sexy, little slut girl," I rasped dramatically.

She giggled. We'd all three been using bawdy language for the past month but there was still a 'little' shock value left in the vulgarisms. I liked talking dirty during sex and both of my daughters were learning to like it also.

"You muther-fucking old pervert!" she exclaimed. "What if I don't want ta' fuck you, huh?"

I pretended to be shocked and rocked back in my seat, holding my chest as if suffering a heart attack, before recovering. The giggles came thick and fast from my little nine year old. She was a little breathless, maybe a tad surprised at her own daring.

"Then, my dear," I said as lecherously as I could manage, "then I'm going to eat you all up!"

I made a grab at her that she neither avoided or resisted. Pulling her to her feet, I caught the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head in one swift movement. She shrieked happily, reveling in the fact that she had her Daddy all to herself for the first time in a long time and certainly for the first time since she'd started having sex with him.

Standing, I put my hands under her armpits and lifted her enough to put her ass on the table. I pushed a syrup laden plate out of her way and pressed her shoulders down so she'd lie flat on the kitchen table. Pushing her arms up in the air, I yanked her top over her head in one quick movement. The t-shirt had been her only garment, but her wearing even that much clothing had surprised me because we'd eaten more breakfasts in the nude over the past month and a half than we had with our clothes on.

Now Lorrie was lying naked on the table where we'd just eaten our breakfast...the edge of the table was under her knees so that her calves and feet dangled freely. Sitting back down, I spread her legs and smiled down at her.

"And now, little girl..." I said threateningly. "I am going to eat you, or at least your pretty little pussy."

She giggled and her nostrils flared in excitement. Her eyes couldn't have gotten any rounder or wider. Apparently, she was looking forward to some oral fun with her Daddy. She lifted her left leg and moved it a little to the side to open herself up even more to me. When she did, her leg came down in a tiny droplet of syrup on the tabletop.

"Ewwwww...yuk!" she exclaimed, exploring the extent of the contamination with her hand. She raised her head to look around for something to wipe her fingers clean.

I caught her hand and redirected it to my mouth, taking her fingertip into my mouth and licking it clean.

Lorrie watched me intently, sensing something significant in what I was doing though she didn't know what it might be. A faint flush began to spread across her chest and up her neck.

I picked up the squat bottle of maple syrup and popped the cap off the pouring spout. Where it had been hot, it was now only mildly warm. Perfect!

Grinning at my little girl, I poured a dollop of the sticky fluid onto her belly button. When a small puddle collected there, I drew the bottle (still upside down) down her belly, depositing a trail of sweet, thick syrup all the way down to her slit. The slow flowing liquid gradually collected into that beautifully sculptured "V" between her outer labia. I held the bottle in place, allowing even more viscous syrup to gather there.

"Daddy!" Lorrie squeaked. The syrup was flowing slowly off her genitals onto the tabletop. She tried in vain to cup a hand below her slit.

"That's okay, honey," I reassured her. "We're going to get a lot more stuff on the table before we're through." She smirked, beginning to get into the spirit of the lewd debauchery we were about to engage in. Tentatively, she propped herself up on one elbow and used her forefinger to spread the stickiness around on her pubic mound, watching me to make sure it was what I intended.

I joined her, using two fingers to widen the area covered by the viscous liquid. She took the left side of her lovely little 'camel toe' and I gave my attention to the right. In very little time (after all, she was still a small girl in size), I was about ready to start cleaning my little darling's body. Sensing a new stage in the sex game, Lorrie extended her fingers for me to lick clean again. I did, slowly and sensuously while Lorrie tried to suppress nervous giggles.

When I finished, Lorrie lay back on the table surface, probably anticipating her father was going to lick her belly and love mound clean of the syrup. That had been my intent but, before I put the bottle down, I glanced at the tiny half-globes of her budding breasts and decided to have a little more fun. I poured a thick gob of syrup on each nipple and watched as the sweet goo flowed slowly down over her small breast and then to her chest.

Lorrie lifted her head to watch the process but she scarcely moved a muscle for fear all the tacky masses of liquid would stream down her ribs and be wasted on the table.

I put the bottle down behind her head and grinned at her. I was ready. I stood and leaned over my baby daughter as she lay spraddle-legged across the table, her boobies, tummy, and pussy covered in a shiny film of sticky syrup.

I began with her right titty, for no reason except it seemed to have the most syrup on it. I teased the little nubbin in the center with my tongue for just a moment, then left it to swirl my tongue around the entire aureole in tight circles, lapping up the sugary concoction I'd poured on her. Then I worked in ever larger circles, sweeping the syrup into my mouth and simultaneously making my darling little daughter breathe deeply with the sensations emanating from her immature breast. Soon I had the entire little boobie cleared of the sticky syrup, replacing it with a sheen of my saliva.

Moving to her left side, I opted for vacuuming up the entire sheet of syrup on her small boob all at once. I took all of Lorrie's teacup-sized breast in my mouth and slathered my tongue around ruthlessly as I sucked up the thick fluid. Lorrie's breath hissed between her teeth as I assaulted the little mounds on her chest. She moaned. I knew I was giving my little girl a lot of pleasure--as a father should.

With her breasts, and the wide valley between them, well cleaned, I traced a line down the middle of her body with my tongue all the way to the indentation of her belly button. There was more syrup here, puddled in the little dimple. I took my time, lapping up the thick syrup as a dog laps up water. Making my tongue as stiff as I could, I probed her navel to make sure I had all of it. Using her navel as my mark, I swept my tongue around it in circles, pausing to lick clean areas not yet cleared of the gooey mess.

I followed a trail of syrup with my tongue leading from her belly all the way down to the junction of her pussy and upper thigh. Here, in this crease of delicious girl flesh, the sugary concoction had dripped off my little girl's body onto the table but I ignored it. As I told her, it will be joined by other fluids in a very short time.

Lorrie's flush had spread all over her chest and was making its way along the curve of her neck to her beautiful little face. Cooing noises came from her lips when she wasn't gasping for enough air to satisfy her body's needs. A little groan escaped every so often when I came to an especially sensitive place...and she had many of those. I moved over to the top of her right leg and lapped up more escaping syrup.

With my left hand, I reached up and cupped her right breast in my hand. It wasn't a full handful, you understand...not even close. Still, the hard points of her nipple prodded hard into my palm as I massaged. I twirled the captured nubbin between thumb and forefinger and was rewarded with another moan of pleasure from my little daughter.

Her rib cage was heaving now, her hips beginning to lift off the table as if levitating by themselves. I slowed my oral attentions her heated body so she would cool down a little. I had lots more I wanted to do with my preteen lover and I didn't want her to cum just yet. Kissing the proud, pointed nipples on my baby's chest, I stroked her arms and the outside of her thighs. I took a moment out to move up and brush kisses on her lips and face before returning to an assault between her thighs.

When her breathing steadied a bit, I kissed my way down her body to the bottom of her little slit and began lapping the drying syrup off my little girl's mons pubis. Here, Lorrie's own juices were mixing with the thickening syrup into a delicious concoction. I drank up the sweet tasting fluids, smacking my lips appreciably to my daughter's consternation. Lorrie laboriously worked up on an elbow to look down at her father with a question on her face.

"Good stuff," I said mischievously. I must have been a heck of a sight as I hunched over her body with my face covered in syrup and my daughter's cunt juices. Certainly Lorrie thought so later, when she had the time and energy to review the event in her mind. She got quite a few giggles for a solid week every time she remembered how I looked. I didn't care--had my own memories of that morning.

I bent over again and swept my tongue from the bottom of her immature little slit to the top in one quick swipe. Lorrie's body jerked at the unexpected attack, settling back only after I moved on to lick clean both puffy folds of her outer labia. She was free of the sticky syrup now, but that had only been the excuse. Now I could start having fun eating my young daughter's pussy, as I had promised I would.

I took her ankles in my hands and spread her legs into a huge 'Y' and bent back down between them to tongue-fuck her. I spread Lorrie's swollen, super-sensitized outer lips with gentle fingers and flicked my tongue at the prepuce that hid her little clit. I probed until I could feel the miniscule organ beneath. It was hardly more than the width of a pinhead across but infinitely worth finding and delicately teasing with my tongue. In moments, Lorrie completely lost control of her body. She couldn't handle much more.

When my tongue touched the tip of her tiny clitoris again, her legs began to tremble, her whole body shuddered delicately. It would be only a few short minutes before she lost control and gave in to an orgasm I meant to be extra special.

As I licked the fleshy hood hiding her clit, the tiny pearl rose until I could feel it once more. I lashed it with my tongue, rubbing it hard with long strokes and pressing my mouth into her cunt. I tasted anew my small daughter's juices as they flowed faster, sopping my chin and seeping down to coat her upper thighs. Some, then more, dribbled down on the table. The sweet nectar from my little girl's body mixed with the sugary syrup we spread earlier on our pancakes.

I took my baby's tiny clit between my lips and sucked gently, watching her upper body to gauge the effect it had on Lorrie. Her entire body shuddered vaguely...she wiggled her lower body to increase the pressure between her groin and my mouth. I sucked harder, taking a moment out every so often to churn my tongue around her clit a few times.

The muscles in Lorrie's body tensed but she only pulled me tighter against her.

I increased the suction on her clitoris by a whole new magnitude. Lorrie's breath was coming in hard gasps now. Her face was contorted with pleasure, the flush covering her upper chest and neck had deepened to a dark red.

My daughter's hands were in my hair now, her fingers twisting and grasping as she strove to keep my mouth in constant, tight contact with her cunt. I sucked even harder. Lorrie pulled the back of my head hard against her genitals.

"Daddy - Dad-diiiee - Daaaaadieeeeee," she wailed breathlessly.

"Daaaaadieeeeee! Daaaaadieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Lorrie's lower body lifted off the table as she ground her pussy against my mouth. I had to be careful not to let my teeth accidentally brush the super-sensitive flesh. Lorrie's lower belly began to ripple with muscle contractions that swelled up from the lowest region to her rib cage. Her thighs tried to slap closed around my head--then she threw her legs wide again without pause.

She humped my face, drowning my cheeks in her cunt juices as she worked her way to a shuddering orgasm. I could barely see above her rib cage but there here young nipples were dark red and swollen beyond anything I'd ever seen from her yet. She froze, holding my mouth in place with irresistibly strong hands.

Then she relaxed, slumping back to the tabletop, breathing raggedly and as deeply as she could. Her fingers loosened, allowing my head some freedom for the first time in many long moments. The back of her thighs settled back down to the now slick surface of the table, making a wet, slurping sound as she moved her legs in tiny increments. I stayed exactly where I was, my mouth still in intimate contact with my daughter's pussy.

She had only begun to come down from her climax when I began to thrust my tongue under her clit and into what I could reach of her vagina again. My lips were still in position to suck that little nubbin again but I let the pressure and movement of my lips caused by extending my tongue take care of the topside of the clitoris. I stabbed deep with my tongue, driving it as deeply inside her vagina as I could.

My little girl's body convulsed. Her hands slapped down on the table, grasping for purchase but the tabletop was too sticky/slick. In a split second, Lorrie was back in another full-blown orgasm, her abdomen wracked by contractions she couldn't control. Sweet pleasure overloaded her mind with its intensity. Her back arched up and Lorrie mashed her cunt into my mouth. She screamed her release as I slowed my attack and withdrew.

I could feel her vagina clasping at my tongue, trying to hold on to even so small an intruder. Her cunt humped my face once, agonizingly slow third time--my daughter's young body collapsed to the table.

I slowed still further, making my tongue's touch ever more gentler. I withdrew my tired tongue from Lorrie's body, contenting myself with pressing my lips lightly against the hood over her clitoris. Her lower body was consumed by small quakes, nerve endings firing and making muscles twitch uncontrollably. They subsided agonizingly slowly.

Finally, her body sagged, all her energy exhausted. She dropped, lying flat on her back on the sticky tabletop. All the while, she crooned little sounds no man could misunderstand...but neither could a man misconstrue them. I'd done my job well. I'd brought my daughter-lover to a booming orgasm, one that she appreciated on a primal level.

I kissed her pussy's outer lips gently and pulled back to watch my little Lorrie recover. I tenderly stroked her legs, staying away from the sensitive inner thighs, until she struggled up on her elbows to look at me from reproachful eyes.

"Daaaaaa-deeeeee," she said, drawing out both syllables solemnly. "Daddy, you are a bad, bad man," she drawled, shaking a finger at me reprovingly.

"Don't you know you can kill a girl with all those 'gasms," she scolded. "I couldn't even breathe for a while," she added.

She was silent for a moment, watching me accusingly.

"Daddy?" she said finally.

"Yes, honey?" I answered

"Are we ready to do it again...please?"

Chapter Six: Interlude The Third

On the Monday after Mandy returned from her cheerleader trip to Fort Worth, we went shopping for new furniture. You see, it's like this. Lorrie and I found out Saturday that it's really nice to have a large flat surface at or near the level of Daddy's cock as he's standing there.

With a raised surface like that, a little girl can position her cunt near the edge of the table and Daddy can fuck her easily and with more comfort for everyone involved. But it's not always convenient to run to the kitchen or the dining room table for a nice fuck...ruins the atmosphere if you have to do that all the time.

We experimented using chairs and living room couches. The level of my crotch can be lowered almost to the right point, we found, if I just dropped on my knees in front of the sofa. So that was an option. But we quickly discovered our deep, over-stuffed furniture items sometimes didn't lend themselves correct positioning of body parts.

Also, it would be a pain in the ass to constantly be shampooing the cushions to remove the stains from body fluids that inevitably collected on the fabric. So we hit on a solution that seemed to have promise. Coffee tables, occasional tables, whatever you want to call them - sturdy constructs of wood with flat upper surfaces of varying sizes that would support a youngster lying flat, or even a Daddy if you found a good piece of furniture.

So we did--find a good 'un, that is. Built of dark, cherry-stained oak, the thing was a good five feet on each of six sides with some two-inch thick inlays of thick, smoky glass in the center. The thing looked like a massive slab of wood carved in one piece from some gargantuan tree trunk. Thick, sturdy legs were inset a foot from the edges to provide a stable platform. The top surface was only sixteen inches or so off the floor. It probably could have supported an elephant's weight, much less a pair of young preteen girls or their Dad...or 'and their Dad'...if it ever got to that. It had been built in seven sections to allow it to be transported but, even so, those parts were damned heavy. It was delivered on Wednesday.

We put it in the 'family room'. This was technically a basement--underground at the front of the house, but the hill sloped so drastically, it was just the first floor of a three-story home in back.

The danged house HAD five-thousand-odd square feet in the two top stories, and there was another twenty-five hundred square feet down in the 'basement' too. We'd briefly explored it when we first moved in, but we hadn't used it for much in the eight months since.

In fact, we used the basement primarily as a thoroughfare from other parts of the house to the back yard. With the purchase of the first big piece of furniture, whose only purpose was a prop for sex play, we decided we'd convert the basement into a playpen...a nice, big, sex-playroom.

And we obviously needed more "stuff" to fill it up.

So...we bought a big sectional sofa that went into one corner of the room and extended a fair distance along two inside walls. There was was what the sales clerk called a 'chaise' but I labeled it a big ol' square ottoman. But what do I know? There was only one 'chaise' that came with the set but we talked them into selling us one from a set that had been returned because one of the sections was broken during delivery.

The massive table was placed equidistant from the two extended parts of the sofa. When we got everything set up, it all reminded me of pictures I'd seen of those old "passion pit sofas" from back in the 70's. You know the ones I mean?

Mandy found a bunch of assorted cushions back at the back of the store and we bought a carload of those too, to scatter around the playpen. A week later, a nicely cushioned 'mattress' top, custom made for the coffee table arrived.

I bought a wall-sized HD flat screen, along with a sound system that would make commercial theater operators green with envy. The thing set me back a BUNCH, but we figured if football stadiums could have flat screens that were sixty yards long, then we could have one the size of a wall. We'd use it for watching videos we took of ourselves, and porn tapes too. When we turned it on for the first time, it was like being IN the action instead of just watching it.

When it was delivered, I detailed Mandy and Lorrie to distract the workmen from asking all sorts of questions I didn't want to answer about the sofa and other furniture and stuff. With both my hotties 'dressed' in tight short shorts and halter tops, and barefoot to boot, the team setting it up had all they could do to make sure they didn't damage anything. I laughed myself silly...but managed to keep it all inside.

The girls had a ball too. It was their first Daddy-approved teasing episode and they played their part to the hilt. It made them so horny, we adjourned to my shower when the workmen exited our gated, security-guarded little community, and we partied all evening long.

Then I had a 'surveillance' system installed that covered the whole interior of the house. I explained to the workmen that I'd seen a TV crime show--I actually had--where a guy had such a system and actually taped his own murder in his living room...and I sure wanted my murderer to be caught if it ever happened to me. The explanation put me in the category of 'dumb-ass eccentric guy' instead of 'nasty pervert who likes watching video of his daughters fucking him' classification, which was the point of the whole exercise.

* * *

With a couple of weeks' worth of work, we had a functioning setup ready for some prime, A-Number One adult-kid sex play. I changed the polarization on the windows so that we could see out but anyone looking in saw only a blank sheet of glass and we all stripped down to our birthday suits. We slipped a DVD guaranteeing "one hundred percent, wall to wall amateur sex" into the player and settled back to play our first porno movie in our new play pen.

The video wasn't actually that good but it did give my girls a number of ideas and we tried some of them out. They quickly discovered some of the positions shown in the porno were okay if your aim is to put some action on a screen, but they weren't very comfortable or even satisfying for the participants when you actually did them.

Last week, Mandy found out by accident how really good doggy-style sex was. She'd noted especially how nice Daddy's cock had felt rubbing against her increasingly sensitive G-spot when she rose just a little from a totally bent-over position. Apparently she also suspected her father might also be turned on by the sight of a well padded posterior. So when a scene popped up showing three or four girls in a line being fucked doggy style by several men, Mandy dropped into that position on the shag carpet in front of our new sofa and wiggled her ass at me invitingly.

She was, of course, absolutely correct about how I felt about fucking her in this position and I moved up behind her about half a heartbeat later and proceeded to enjoy myself immensely. Lorrie had to do it after Mandy climaxed..

While I've had a fascination with a female's ass for a long time, I'd actually had anal sex with a woman only three times in my life (only once with my wife, Leslie), and none of the three had been particularly satisfying to me nor, I suspected, my partner. The subject of anal sex came up that night in the playpen because there was the obligatory anal sex scene as one of the vignettes, but the girls didn't think much of the idea--there'd been some screaming and ersatz pain on her face before the woman began to enjoy the anal penetration...a whole two minutes later, of course.

I didn't press the issue and the subject was tabled for future consideration.

Finishing up the evening, Lorrie stretched out on the top of the coffee table...excuse me, it had been renamed by the girls as the 'play table' duplicate her experience last Saturday but without the syrup. Mandy recognized in a flash what her sister was doing of course and arranged herself right alongside Lorrie to await her turn. With the two of them side by side, I got to hook a finger inside one happy preteen pussy while I lapped at the other.

I alternated pussies, massaging one daughter's pussy with a couple of fingers while I gave my oral attentions to her sister. Then I switched hands, and pussies, to their initial confusion but to their later complete delight. The height of the 'play table' above the floor proved to be quite satisfactory. A cushion under my knees proved necessary after a while, but we'd half-way expected that anyway.

I'd gotten them both off (Lorrie had her first experience with a small G-spot climax) and we were about to conclude our inaugural sex session in the playpen. I was looking to a nice long hot shower and getting some oral attentions from one or the other, or both, girls since I hadn't cum but once earlier in the evening.

I stood looking down at my beautiful, naked young daughters and I thanked the stars once again that I had two little girls who liked having sex with their father. They stretched their arms above their heads languidly, showing every sign of being thoroughly contented, and writhed slowly over the top surface of the play table.

While they were stretching I suddenly had a vision of a half dozen naked little girls writhing around on top of the table. Six, I fantasized, could easily fit on it with their heads near the center. That would put their pussies conveniently near each of the six edges with their legs dangling down the sides to brush the carpet below with their pretty little feet. Some of their legs would be too short to reach the carpet though....


I brought myself back to reality. I hadn't any idea where that had come from. Where would those other young girls come from? I shook my head and put the fantasy aside.

While I'd been daydreaming, Mandy had squirmed around on the low table until her head was close to the outside edge. A few more inches of squirming and bhe back of her head was off the edge. Suddenly she was looking at me upside down and grinning at me. She made an 'O' of her lips, opening her mouth wide. Suddenly, I could feel a nearly dormant cock begin to rise.

"Come here, Daddy," she said. "Poor Daaaaaaddy," she crooned. "Daddy only got off once tonight."

I dropped to my knees like a poleaxed steer and shuffled closer on my knees closer to Mandy's waiting mouth. When I was close enough, her pink tongue came flicking at my cock head. Reaching above her head, Mandy captured the shaft in both hands and began to slowly masturbate me. Lorrie sat up at Mandy's side so she could see what was going on. Idly, she stroked her sister's lower tummy from her belly button to just above her slit.

Urging me closer, Mandy slid my foreskin back and began to lap at my helmet shaped glans, slathering the whole thing with her saliva. Positioned as she was, she couldn't tongue the frenulum, that sensitive little spot on the underside of my cock where the head joined the shaft. With my cock in her mouth 'upside down' it was physically impossible. She compensated by resting my cock head on her nose as a change of pace from sucking and licking industriously at the underside.

Lorrie began to seriously stimulate Mandy's clitoris, teasing the prepuce until she could find the little nubbin of a clit hiding behind. I'd never seen her do this, though the girls had told me they'd experimented a little with girl on girl sex before beginning with me. With one hand, Lorrie gently pushed the hood down to expose the tip of Mandy's clit and was slowly rubbing it with a finger made slick in Mandy's own cunt juices. Bending over, Lorrie began to bestow sister-lover kisses to Mandy's sex. Mandy's hips began humping up to meet her sister's mouth.

My cock was back in Mandy's mouth and she was trying to move her head over it in a bobbing motion. It was virtually impossible to keep that up for long without exhausting the girl.

"Mandy, honey," I said.

"Mmmmmmmm?" she responded. Her mouth was too full to talk properly.

"Sweetheart, you can't do that with you laying down like that," I told her. "How about if I move myself in and out of your mouth?"

I held my breath while she considered it. She let my cock slide out of her mouth, sucking at it all the while. When my cock came out, so a loud, vulgar slurp announced its return to the view of mankind. A slimy mixture of spit and pre-cum dribbled obscenely from the side of her mouth and slid past her cheek bone and into the hair over her temple. The sight was so nasty, my cock jumped in my daughter's hands though I'm not sure she knew why. While she absent mindedly dabbed at the nasty gunk with a finger, Mandy raised her head to watch Lorrie lick her cunt.

"Okay, Daddy," Mandy said, dropping her head back down below the edge of the table. "Go slow--okay?" she asked.

"You bet," I answered. Without wasting time, Mandy popped my cock back between her lips and felt down its length until she had a fist gripped around the shaft about the distance she thought she could take my cock inside her mouth. Looking up at me, she smiled, as much as she could with my penis in the way. I could see the sparkle in her eye though. Mandy was turning out to be an enthusiastic cock sucker. I was SUCH a lucky father.

I pressed forward slowly, watching my cock disappear inside Mandy's hot, wet mouth. There wasn't the usual friction between the underside of my cock and rasping tongue that I thoroughly loved...but I was sure I could get off this way. The sight of my preteen daughter opening her mouth wide to take the head of my cock inside was almost enough all by it self. When the glans passed her teeth, she closed her mouth slightly and fastened her lips all around the shaft. Reaching her other hand back to grab my left ass cheek, she urged me forward and deeper.

I leaned forward a little, watching carefully to see that I didn't shove too much more of my dick inside her. Mandy was lying flat, with her arms stretched 'above' her head and one hand was cupping my butt cheek. This made her chest appear to be nearly flat, almost as if she was a five year old again.

It didn't stop me. Moistening a finger in the sticky pre-cum/saliva mixture in her hair, I made a circle around the tiny, but erect nipple and then ran the tip of my finger over the nipple several times. I repeated the process with her left breast and was rewarded with a little shiver of pleasure.

My cock sank deeper in Mandy's mouth. I could feel her tongue working around the top and sides of my cock but she couldn't do much with the underside. I could feel something there now though. The head of my cock had just touched the back of my little daughter's mouth and into her throat.

I shivered with the sheer bliss of having my penis so deep in her mouth. She'd managed this much giving me head previously, but we hadn't tried to go too much farther. The gag reflex came in to least, it always had before. But her hand on my ass was still urging me forward. So I slide in another millimeter or two, and then another.

Mandy's hand clinched tight on my butt. She wanted me to stop, but she surprised me when her fingernails began digging in on a part of my anatomy that hadn't felt pain since Mom spanked me for the last time. It almost caused me to thrust forward rather than pull out.

I eased back and then forward very slowly again. A few more attempts butting against the constriction in her throat and I was suddenly moving deeper again. With her head thrown back off the edge of the table, her throat was more nearly a straight tunnel and Mandy was able to get more of me in. Her throat was a warm, velvety channel made wonderfully slick with her own saliva and drooling pre-cum from me.

I pressed forward another small increment. My glans was now partially down her throat. I could tell from the pressure all around the head of the cock, particularly the rubbing of the underside against something firm but very slippery. I pushed deeper, watching her eyes closely so as to catch the first sign of discomfort and panic but Mandy looked back at me calmly.

I probed a little deeper into her mouth. The entire helmet-shaped head of my cock was past her molars now. I'd never had my dick so far inside her mouth before. And still she urged me on with trusting looks in her eyes and a hand pulling my ass-cheeks forward.

Mandy had slid her hand further down and pulled back fingers until only two fingers remained on the shaft of my cock. And here she stopped me for the second time. I remained motionless for a long moment, savoring the nasty, totally indecent view of my prick invading my little girl's mouth so deeply as well as the physical pleasure of her throat muscles massaging me. I pulled back an inch or so and pushed back in slowly. I stopped where I had been before and slid back. I built up a slow rhythm, thrusting my cock inside Mandy's mouth and bringing it back. I was fucking my baby girl's mouth! This was obscene, indecent - absolutely the nastiest thing I'd done with either daughter to date. And I loved it.

I withdrew entirely from Mandy's mouth, clamping thumb and forefinger on the place where Mandy's lips had circled my cock when I was deepest inside her throat. I leaned back six or seven inches so she could focus her eyes on what I had to show her.

"Hey, kiddo," I said, letting the delight show in my voice. "Look how much you're taking it. I think, sweetheart, we can officially say that you are deep-throating your father. And doing one hell of a good job too." Mandy craned her neck to check the distance up the shaft of my cock and blinked. She hadn't been fully aware of how well she was doing. She grinned up at me, proud of her achievement.

"Lemme see, lemme see," Lorrie demanded. She left off giving oral and manual ministrations to Mandy's cunt and sat up. I held up my cock and waved it in the air, showing the depth. Lorrie was impressed. "Wow, Mandy, you're really doing good,' she said enviously. I knew the next time Lorrie wanted to 'practice' deep-throating (as my girls put it), she would redouble her efforts. Mandy took my cock in her hand, pausing before reinserting it in her mouth.

"I think I can get it all the way down this time, Daddy," she said confidently. Her eyes widened in excitement. She popped my cock back between her lips and reached for both my ass cheeks this time, disdaining a safety net that would prevent her father from shoving his cock too deep down her throat. She pulled me in. I could see and feel her tongue energetically working on my glans as it pushed deeper. When the glans was too deep, Mandy transferred her attentions to the shaft as long as she could. Mandy adjusted her position slightly, straightening her neck and throat for my assault. I pushed deeper slowly while the cum began to boil in my scrotum.

Plowing forward slowly in and out, I carefully slipped farther and farther down Mandy's slick throat, savoring every new feeling of tightness, every new clasping sensation as she worked her throat muscles. And being able to stare her in the eyes as I fucked her mouth, watching her tongue bulge her cheeks as she slathered my cock with her spit and sensuous caresses. I was in seventh heaven.

My ball sac was slapping Mandy's forehead and nose while I fucked her mouth with a my cock. Just the thought of what I was doing...the sensations welling up from my cock...the knowledge this was all so incredibly taboo combined into something incredible. I felt my balls contracting. My sac tightened, preparing to send a load of semen up those tubes deep inside my groin.

Mandy held me in place when I reached the point where we'd stopped before. I could see there was barely an inch and a quarter of my cock still outside her lips. Carefully, still breathing easily through her nose, she pulled me a little deeper. The thought raced through my mind that this was my very own daughter helping me fuck her throat. I shuddered. I couldn't hold off an orgasm much longer. Assaulted by incredibly erotic sights and unbelievable sensations swelling up from my cock, I was going to cum in just seconds.

And then Mandy swallowed. It wasn't a big swallow, just a gentle, temporary widening of her throat but it opened it up just enough for the remainder of my cock to plunge the rest of the way down.

Instantly, the cum boiled out of my balls. I could feel it rising, hot as fire as it flowed through constricted vessels. Surprised, I could do nothing to hold off my orgasm. I bucked my hips forward a little, though I tried hard not to - and then the hot cum was gushing through my penis and spurting down my daughter's throat. I rammed my prick deeper. I gripped her head in my hands and held it in place while I humped her face slowly back and forth, pumping hot, incestuous semen down my daughter's throat.

For a long moment my body was locked in place. I was frozen in a hunched-over position while the last of my cum splashed down my little girl's throat. My body moved only in tiny jerks as I ejaculated inside my slut daughter's painted red lips.

I sighed loudly, the air whooshing out of my lungs. I settled back on my haunches. The movement pulled my cock an inch at a time back out of my daughter's mouth. The obscene view of my cock, slick with spit as it withdrew, was almost enough to set me off again, but there was no more semen in my balls.

My cock plopped out of her mouth, dribbling fluid on her lips and cheeks in an obscene display of the after effects of a hard fucking. There was silence for a long moment.

"Well, that sucks!" Mandy said disgustedly. She'd done everything so willingly, so wantonly, that I was shocked by her words. Disappointment followed close on the heels of the shock. I was guessing she'd never want to try deep-throating me ever again.

"Huh?" Lorrie had sat up and was demanding to know what the problem was. It had occurred to her that Mandy was making a complaint about Lorrie's prowess at delivering oral attentions to Mandy's clit. That wasn't it at all.

"When you cum deep down in my throat, I can't taste your sperm stuff at all, Daddy," Mandy explained indignantly. "And that's half the fun of having you in my mouth," she pouted.

Relieved, I chuckled gently.

"Yeah, that's what happens," I said slowly. "Okay, lesson learned, you can do the deep-throating thing early on, but when I get close to cumming, I should pull out so I can get off in your mouth?" She thought about it for a brief moment and nodded. I returned her nod to seal the agreement. Then I sighed again.

"But it sure felt good pouring out of me that far down your throat," I commented. The word 'sure' had considerable heartfelt emphasis put on it. I made certain there was no shade of regret in my voice. Mandy looked at me under her eyelids for a bit while she wiped excess fluids off her face.

"Yeah, I could tell how much you liked shoving your prick in my innocent, widdle mouth," she said mischievously. I grinned down at her.

"Daddy, you are a perverted, dirty, nasty ol' man, you know it?" Mandy asked, continuing the play. She was shaking a finger at me, pretending to scold me. She twisted sideways and rolled off the table onto the floor beside me.

"It's just a good thing that we love you," she concluded, throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me. Tiredly, I wiped a final palmful of saliva and pre-cum off her face and returned her kiss, planting a loud one on her pink lips.

"Yeah, I'm darn lucky to have two sweet little sluts who love me," I said, wrapping my arm around her slim body and hugging her to my overheated and sweaty body. Lorrie was suddenly on my other side and I included her in the hug. I hugged, they hugged, we all hugged. A trio of sweaty, cum streaked (theirs and mine), naked family members. We held that unintentional pose for a long moment. Then I gently smacked each girl's little butt.

"Let's get this place cleaned up and go get a shower," I suggested. Neither girl objected and we got to work on a quick cleanup. It took no time at all. Running a wet, hot washcloth over the play table...I was getting used to the new label for the massive coffee table...only took moments and straightening up the rest of the room was equally fast. In a short time, we were climbing the tight spiral staircase in the corner of the room that led to the upstairs hallway. The exit up there was only a few steps from the hall entrance into my bathroom and our spacious shower room.

I was admiring two pairs of exquisitely rounded buns as they went up the stairs in front of me. They were moving faster than tired old Dad could manage but I could hear what they were saying to each other.

"What'd it feel like?" Lorrie asked her sister conversationally.

"Well, Daddy's pretty big," Mandy replied. "So it felt like a big old slickery baseball bat was being shoved way down inside my mouth at first. Then I kinda figured out how to relax my muscles and then it was okay." She paused. "But his hairy ol' balls get in your nose and bump against your eyes and you have to move 'em out of the way so you can breathe. But that's the only problems," she concluded.

"Uh," grunted her sister, absorbing the information. "What was that thing you did right there at the last?" Lorrie asked.

"Oh," said Mandy, "I decided to see if I could swallow the head of his cock, you know? It's bigger than anything else and I thought if I could swallow it down like a big piece of meat, then I could get all of him down there. It worked, but it was hard 'cause I had to keep my teeth from closing and biting him. He wouldn't have liked that." The last was delivered looking over her shoulder back at me.

"I HEARD THAT!" I called to her. "And I'd have been out of action for a month if you'd bitten me, you know that?" They ignored me, of course.

"Will you show me how to do it?" Lorrie demanded.

"Sure," Mandy replied. "Once you figure out which muscles to use, it's easy."

I shook my head in disbelief. It hadn't been that long since my girls and I had begun exploring a sexual relationship. Now, a couple months and a bit more into it, they'd completely adjusted to fucking and sucking their father and each other. They were so fully adapted to our new life, they were calmly, matter-of-factly, discussing methodologies of getting their father's cock deep in their throats.

"I liked what you were doing to me down there," Mandy said, complimenting her sister. "Maybe I can do that to you when you deep throat Daddy?" she offered.

I grinned to myself. Daddy's little sluts were showing every sign of pressing ahead with more exploration into their sexuality. Since my cock was showing signs of reviving just from watching two naked preteen butts, wiggling happily from side to side as they climbed the stairs ahead of me...well...I figured I'd be right there with them throughout the exploring.

Chapter Seven: Defining Limits

Both girls had begun wearing sexier and more provocative clothing at home and in public, but I didn't worry much. Girls have been wearing shorter skirts, more revealing tops, tighter pants, etc., that their parents didn't know about since time began. If my little girls began to push the envelope a little and dress sexier than they had been, that was alright with me. I doubted it would come back to haunt me.

I had "plausible deniability" as politicians are wont to say. I had it all planned out.

"Honest, officer, I had no idea they were wearing thongs and bikini panties under their mini-skirts...and how was I to know there were no bras under those cute little crop tops? I can't check their low-cut jeans every minute of the day, you know, to make sure they weren't actually being worn lower on the hips than they were when they left for school in the morning. How could I even know about things like that?"

Yeah, most of the words were all ready for delivery should the authorities question why the Peterson girls were blossoming out in new, more revealing clothing.

With fewer restrictions from Daddy about their clothing, my daughters applied the rules we'd already set for other things and bought clothes for different occasions. There were skirts and pants for school, the most modest category, but they were the least 'fun' for them to shop for.

Then there were other dresses, miniskirts and other apparel designed for wear at dinners out and other social occasions when they were out somewhere with Dad. These were a shade sexier and more revealing than school clothes.

Even more provocative were the outfits they bought for parties with their own crowd. Some of these were borderline risque‚ and, I'll admit it, occasionally a little beyond.

Then there was a final category: 'Party Hard!' These skirts, blouses and tops, etc., were worn for the sole purpose of getting approving looks from Daddy. When I admitted a weakness for school girl outfits, they accumulated a supply of them and wore them both to school and our own special parties. The difference was they didn't wear bras or panties and they unbuttoned more buttons on their blouses when they wore them for Daddy.

Panties? The day I let them know their debit cards had been replenished with lots of money to buy new wardrobes, they threw stacks of young girl plain cotton panties into the trash. They didn't need them anymore, they said. The silky-smooth bikini panties they'd been pestering me for all these years were now the only ones they'd wear, when they wore any....

They found out I liked thigh high stockings much better than pantyhose. I could fondle their little butts and steamy pussies under their skirts if they wore thigh highs and no panties. The logic in that impressed them immediately. They amassed several drawers full of them, including some fishnet and sheer black ones for private occasions. And they began to accumulate an impressive collection of high heels.

All of these things were possible to buy from regular department stores. I simply made deposits into the kids' accounts and away they went on marathon shopping sprees. I'm sure the 'cool' places to shop were well known by all the girls at the school. They sure were by my two.

It was seldom necessary for Dad to help them find any piece of apparel. In fact, I stayed home more often than not while the girls rode with friends or took a taxi. I waited patiently for them to come home and show me what they bought.

One thing we couldn't get were the "Victoria's Secret" kind of things - the teddies and other sexy lingerie - in their sizes.

I know. There were those ads in the Abercrombie and Finch catalog a couple years back for children sizes in things like thong panties and stuff, but those products were pulled. Just where one could get see-through teddies and such things for the preteen set was a mystery we hadn't solved yet.

Chapter Eight: Interlude The Fourth

I was flat on my back on the deep shag carpet in the living room for a change. I liked lying on that carpet, it's a nice, restful position. Lying on the floor realigns the spine, they say and it's good for the heart. The heart doesn't have to work so hard if you're lying on your back, they say.

Lying on my back today wasn't giving my heart any rest at all, though I thought I definitely could feel my spine realigning itself several times a minute.

The room was warm and bright, the sun was shining in through the polarized picture windows that looked out over the front lawn and the street beyond. But, again, I wasn't getting the benefits of much sunlight...primarily because my two daughters were blocking considerable amounts of light, sitting as they astride my groin with my cock buried deep in her cunt and the other on my face while I licked her pussy juices into a froth!

Mandy, she was the one squatting low over my mouth, was moaning softly while I lapped her pussy slit from top to bottom, lathering her mons with saliva and little-girl juices now flooding from her cunt onto my tongue. I changed my attack on her sex. Curing my tongue at the tip, I fit it around the fleshy hood that covered her clit and tried to push it down to expose the tiny, pinhead sized bud. I wasn't going to be successful. There wasn't enough friction between tongue and prepuce. But it was a heck of a lot of fun trying, for both of us. She whimpered, shuddering, as I drove the full length of my tongue (well, as much of my tongue as I could poke out of my mouth) over the sensitive fold of flesh.

Lorrie was impaled to the hilt on my cock and was whipping her hips around in tight little circles to improve her, and her father's, enjoyment. My dick felt like it was in a Mixmaster as my cock head circulated around the walls of my younger daughter's cunt. Every so often Lorrie would combine a circle movement with a thrust so that my prick spiraled down inside her.

She liked that. And she knew her Daddy liked it too. It made me gasp aloud as my cock corkscrewed deep into her vagina. She loved hearing her father express his joy at the way she was making him feel. Just to change things up, she scooted her knees up alongside her father's hip bones so she had more control and began to sling her ass down and back up as fast as she could manage. It wasn't a position, or a motion that gave her much stimulation on her baby clitoris, but it made her Daddy deliriously happy.

I was in seventh heaven. One daughter pounding my cock, the other dancing a lewd rhythm on my tongue as we all three worked toward a mutual climax. In the weeks since we'd first fucked, we'd become pretty good at gauging each other's progress toward a finish and had learned how to speed up or slow down our own so that we could cum at the same time. Right now, Mandy was getting awfully close, judging by the fact that she was pushing her pussy down on my mouth more urgently with every passing moment.

My nose mashed against her pubis, I made my tongue as stiff as I could and drove it up inside her, making sure to slide it over her clitoris. It was peeking out now from behind the hood that protected it and Mandy's sensitivity was increased tenfold. Squirming around on my face, she was doing everything she could to increase the depth to which my tongue plunged. I was having to use one hand to hold her hot young mons veneris away from my nose so that I would have some passage through which I could drag a little air. She rotated her hips around my tongue so that it rubbed against all the excited nerve endings at the front of her vagina.

I pushed my hips up a little, humping Lorrie's pussy. With her on top and controlling the action, I couldn't do much, but I shoved as much as I could inside her and as fast as I could manage. She responded by slipping her butt back down my body and began to rock back and forth in a hard and fast rhythm. She'd moved down my body to change the angle at which my cock entered her body. Here, it pressed more strongly against her clit. As she worked her hips back and forth, she could feel her climax building.

"DAAAAADEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Lorrie cried. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDERRRRRR!" I responded by pulling my feet up beneath my ass and lifting my hips off the floor. Using that as leverage, I began to shove my cock up into my baby daughter for her and my incestuous pleasure. It was all I could do. The rest was up to her. She redoubled her efforts, throwing her hips forward and pulling back with wild abandon, she fought her way to a climax.

"EAT ME, DADDY!" Mandy yelled, joining her sister in the nasty talk we were all beginning to enjoy immensely. "Eat me, eat me, eat me, eat me, EAT ME!" she squealed. "Come on, you nasty old pervert, EAT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

And I did. Fitting my mouth over her pussy slit, I rammed as much of my tongue inside her as possible. Fastening my lips on her little clitty, I sucked hard at the little nubbin, slathering my mouth around to get as much contact between mouth and pussy as I could get. Her vagina began to pulsate. Her end was very near. Capturing her clit between my lips, I started humming, knowing the vibration from my vocal cords would be transmitted directly to the sensitive little organ.

Lorrie's pubic mound was slapping against my groin with a vulgar, wet sound. My dick was drilling her insides, rubbing against her cervix with each down stroke, the glans rubbing her clit when she pulled out. The sucking noises generated by a big cock sliding reluctantly from a small pussy almost overwhelmed me. I hadn't planned on cumming just yet, but I was getting close. I was closer than I thought actually.

"Fuck me, Daddy," Lorrie whispered. She didn't have that much breath left over for talking dirty now. She began to slam her cunt down over my cock, grinding her pussy down on my groin as hard as she could. Abruptly, she went back to whipping her ass forward and back as fast as she could.


She froze with my cock deep inside her, brushing the entrance to her womb. I could feel her lower belly ripple as her vagina contracted and relaxed. My dick was held captive inside a hot, wet velvet glove that grasped me in a smooth vise. Her cunt milked the cum from my body whether I willed it or not. In seconds, my little girl had emptied me, sucking the milky white cream inside her. My hips slumped back to the floor. They had no more strength. Lorrie rose slightly, refitting me in her for more comfort and leaned back against my still raised thighs to recover.

Mandy, feeling me and her sister climax, held my head tight against her pussy lips and squirmed her hips around as she reached for her own orgasm. It wasn't long in coming, she'd been almost there for some time anyway.

Seconds after I shot a load of boiling hot Daddy-semen inside Lorrie, Mandy began dumping her own cunt fluids into my mouth. I was drowning in my own little girl's cum juices, lapping them up as fast as I could, knowing all the while they were streaming down the sides of my mouth and cheeks.

I kept up the humming...she loved me to do that...and sucked harder at her clit. Mandy thrust her pussy hard against my mouth one last time and then began rotating her hips in tiny circles, maintaining only a slight contact with my tongue. She gasped every time a rotation of her hips brought my tongue back into contact with her clitty. Convulsively, she mashed her pubis against my nose and mouth. Groaning, she rubbed her cunt on my face, thrashed around for a few seconds, and was still.

Mandy leaned back, pulling off my face and resting her ass on my chest. While she bill and cooed like a dove, interspacing the sounds with deep sighs, I took the opportunity to look at my eleven-year-old daughter's cunt. The blood engorged inner labia were still pulsating in time to slowly fading tremors from her vagina muscles. Fluid still dribbled from her pussy, dripping on my ribs and matting my chest hair. The channel beyond her pussy was wide open now, inviting me to plunge something deep inside her.

Mandy leaned back against her slowly recovering sister's reclining body. All three of us struggled to get enough air into our lungs. For a while there was only the sounds of deep breathing. We were in good aerobic condition though, after seven weeks of fucking and sucking. It didn't take too long to recover.

"Okay," I said, wiping Mandy's remaining cunt juice off my face with my right hand. "Switch...Lorrie, you come up here and Mandy, you stuff my cock up inside you, okay?"

Lorrie giggled as she rose and stepped forward to stand over my head.

"You're gonna be sucking in some of your own cum, Daddy," she reminded me mischievously.

"Don't care!" I replied. I smacked my lips. "That's a lot of Lorrie-cum in there too--some really good stuff, sugar puss."

Both girls snickered and giggled as they swapped places. Seconds later, the Peterson family was deep into another act of depraved, incestuous debauchery...their second that afternoon.

Chapter Nine: New Hobbies

I guess it was normal to wonder if there were others like us 'out there' somewhere. The girls had heard some tantalizing things from classmates...most recently from Brandi...and the catchy phrase "incest is best" was still in every elementary schoolchild's vocabulary.

I'd heard those words when I was little and, apparently, they haven't been overcome by more trendy terminology. I'd first heard that expression when I was in...heck, it must have been fifth or sixth grade...when some uncouth young boy asked me if I'd ever done anything with my sister Megan. She was four years older than me, sexy and as pert as she could be. She was a cheerleader in the local high school and my grandparents and I went to the games just to watch her cheer.

Nowadays, thinking back to those times, I could lose myself in daydreams of Megan's high kicking style of cheering, wondering if any of the studs on the football team ever got in those tight satin panties she worn underneath the short blue and gold skirt. I never had, but I could cheerfully admit, it'd been on my mind--lots!

Anyway, my daughters and I began to research these taboo kind of relationships, speculating that there must be other families engaging in inter-family sex. Surely we weren't the only ones to discover the lascivious pleasures of fathers fucking daughters. So where was everyone else?

A couple of weeks into our new research, we found articles, most of them badly out of date, indicating something like 10% of all girls had some kind of sexual contact with a relative at some point in their lives. Of that group, 35% were having sex with their dad.

Now, one out of ten females is a bunch. Considering the population of the U.S. is more than 310,000,000 now...and about half are females. That means 10% of a hundred and fifty-five million girls have had, or were having, sex with a relative. We figured that came out to be 15,500,000 females involved in incestuous relationships. Of those, 35% said they'd had sex with their father-something like 5.25 million in the USA. occurred to us the statistics gathered such information from only those girls who were willing to ADMIT to such a relationship. My daughters and I decided there just might be double, or even triple the official number of girls actually engaged in Daddy-Daughter sex. We thought that was incredibly interesting.

Take the elementary school Mandy and Lorrie attended, for instance. The school had more than six hundred students and something like half were girls. If those even the official stats were true, then there were thirty girls having some kind of family sex among the three hundred girls at that one elementary school, and perhaps ten or eleven with their fathers. If our projections (the percentages we believed to be more accurate) were correct, there were actually about NINETY girls who were having incestuous relationships of some kind, and that meant thirty-one or thirty-two of them were having sex with their dads.

THAT was a thought provoking bit of information. So...where were they? And how could we tell which ones were involved in the taboo practice? We had to table the question because we couldn't think of a way to track down the girls, or their dads.

We DID discover a new pastime. We saw there was a tremendous amount of porn out there--both kiddy and adult porn, hardcore and soft. Thousands of pictures and videos in digital format. Some of them good, some of it atrocious. We found newsgroups that featured young girls exposed for the viewer's prurient enjoyment.

These were ostensibly legal model sites featuring semi-clothed little girls assuming poses that were often blatantly erotic. The biographies of the girls, where you could find them, indicated the girls wanted to be models when they grew up and that the websites established to show off their bodies were training for that eventual career. Most of them seemed happy enough to be posing in string bikinis, filmy harem girl costumes, or whatever--so maybe they wanted to be models for adult magazines when they grew up...I don't know.

We all three noticed many of the pictures were taken by photographers who didn't know a darn thing about composing a scene. So Mandy posed for a series of shots I made with an old digital camera I'd had for years. They turned out so...uh...'nice' that I invested in a new, extremely high-quality digital camera and we began to turn into serious camera junkies. Soon it was a regular weekly event to have a photo session where one, or both, of the girls posed for me while I took volumes of apparently legal, though highly erotic, pics.

We learned how to use props. A ladder or a chair...a small lean on or climb gave us many good shots. Then we tried having them pose with bananas or popsicles in hand...anything that was long and had some phallic symbolism to it. We found that anything long and rounded was an excellent prop for even the most legal of pictures.

Not that we stayed legal. It was a natural progression for us to start taking pictures of our taboo activities, just for the extra thrill of it. I soon had more photos of their naked little bodies than I could have ever imagined having just a couple of months earlier.

About the time we started taking erotic pictures of each other, the girls discovered a new dance studio that had opened up in what had been a nightclub closed down for indecency. It had been in a residential neighborhood and the city fathers decided a topless bar wasn't what they had in mind when they issued the place a liquor license. The stages were still in place, with the metal poles in the middle of them the dancers had used as props in their erotic dancing.

The new dance studio taught all the normal stuff...ballet, tap, contemporary, and so on...but some of the girls had learned one of the young instructors had actually been an exotic dancer a few years ago.

Secretly...I may have been one of only a couple of parents who knew...after all the other instructors left in the evening, this young woman was showing a select group of girls how her routine had been choreographed. This side of town was suddenly flourishing with girls who knew how to bump and grind with the best of the pros.

Mandy and Lorrie enrolled in that dance school the same night they came home with the news they'd acquired about the place over lunch with their girlfriends. I heard Brandi and her little sister Tiffany joined a few days later. I was more than pleased with my daughter's progress after only a couple of weeks.

But then, I'm a dirty, perverted, nasty ol' man, and if I ever forget I am, my daughters are more than happy to remind me...all night long.

Chapter Ten: Interlude The Fifth

I grunted as I shoved my cock back into Mandy's willing pussy. I didn't have to be too very gentle about it since I'd only pulled out of her a minute ago to fuck a few strokes into her sister's cunt. Mind you, it was my daughters who'd set the rules. Ten strokes in each pussy, then pull out and put my dick in the other one. And I always play by the rules....

The girls were a sight to warm the cockles of any little girl lover's heart. Kneeling on the sofa under the big picture window in the living room and their arms on the sofa's backrest, both of my young daughters had their knees splayed wide so their Daddy could get inside their thighs to thrust his prick deep inside them. They wore Catholic school girl outfits, ones from actual schools in the city but I doubt those Catholic girls went to school without panties or bras on...or maybe they did. If they do that on a regular basis, that's as fine a reason as I know to convert.

Mandy and Lorrie were only technically wearing clothing now. When I first stepped up behind them and began to fondle their already hot, wet pussies, I'd flipped the hems of their skirts up over their waist so I could see their beautifully sculpted asses while I fucked them. All three of us had come to like doing it doggy style and we were back at it this afternoon. While I held their hips and plunged my steel hard cock deep inside them, the girls pretended to watch the cars and pedestrians going by outside. We could see them but they couldn't see us through the polarized glass.

Mandy moaned. I thought she'd be the first to cum. Rear entry is one of the better ways for a man's cock to rub against a girl's G-spot and Mandy had been particularly desirous of that stimulation lately. She knew all about it. I'd shown her in a half --dozen articles, that the more you stimulated the G-spot, the easier it became to have a G-spot orgasm. I'm not sure whether she liked best...flooding the local area with her juices or the rolling, multiple orgasms she could have this way. It was probably both.

"Two...three...four," I counted softly to myself. Keeping my mind on the arithmetic helped me stave off the inevitable climax that was going to happen sooner or later anyway. The plan was to make both girls cum first and then ask one of them to suck me off. I loved cumming in one of their mouths. It was so nasty for a father to do that.

"Five...six" I whispered. Looking down, I could see the line of Mandy's spinal column as it dropped from her neck to her tailbone. Her back was arched. Both girls had become expert at arching their backs and pushing their butts high in the air...the better to receive Daddy's cock. Not only that, the adolescent curves visible when they were standing or laying down were accentuated in this position. My eleven and nine-year-old daughters had gentle curves in to the waist and flaring back out just as gently at the hips. The soft half globes I was holding on to...their ass cheeks...were lovely and pliable. Soft, but firm, they could be caressed and stroked, or massaged and kneaded according to Daddy's pleasure at the moment.

"Seven...eight...nine...TEN!" I counted. I stayed inside Mandy for an extra second, not moving, while I caught my breath. Screwing two sexually active and tireless young girls took a lot of energy and I hadn't eaten since an early breakfast.

"Hey!" Lorrie protested, sensing my delay.

"Okay, okay," I pretended to grumble. "I'm coming."

Her head whipped around to make sure I wasn't 'cumming'. That was important to her right now.

I pulled out of my oldest daughter with a sinfully wonderful slurping sound as the suction of her cunt tried to keep me inside. I stepped back and to the side, then shuffled forward again with my dick in my right hand. I didn't have to search, fifteen minutes of fucking had imprinted the position of Lorrie's pussy on my brain indelibly. I made the connection immediately and pushed through her spread outer labia. Her inner lips presented no barrier and I slid through them and pressed beyond in a firm, prolonged push. When the head of my cock bumped her cervix, I knew I was firmly lodged inside my nine-year-old's deep vagina.

"Thank you, Daddy," Lorrie said in a sweet, penetrating voice that sounded more like she'd just been passed a slice of bread at the dinner table than had a cock rammed inside her cunt..

She buried her head on the backrest and bucked backwards when I pushed in. She loved the contact between penis and vagina, a groin slapping against naked groin, and as much skin in contact with other skin as humanly possible. This afternoon was no exception. When she wasn't throwing her ass back at me to increase the depth of my cock penetrating her, she was rotating her hips in tiny circles to make sure that cock rubbed against as much of her cunt as it could. On occasion, fucking Lorrie was something an athletic event. A wonderfully erotic, incredibly satisfying event.

Ramming forward, I clamped my hands on her hips and held on for the ride. Shoving hard, Lorrie pushed back just as strongly. I was amazed such a small girl had such power in her body. I could feel the touch of her cervix ring pressing on my cock head on each stroke. She loved the feeling, thinking I wasn't deep enough if I didn't touch it on at least every other stroke. I stabbed inside her, determined to set the rhythm but it was impossible to tell who was leading this dance. She slung her ass back up at me every time I jammed my cock inside her, wanting as much as I could give her and more.

"Ten!" I breathed. I was getting tired quickly. I moved behind Mandy again and slipped my cock into her steaming-hot pussy. Mandy especially liked to whip her ass in tight little circles as I thrust home. It gave her, she said, the feeling that my cock was spiraling inward as I drilled inside her and made her whole vagina that much more stimulated. Sounded good to me. It was great for getting a whole lot of her vagina to slide around my cock too, clasping and massaging as it slid.

"One--" I pushed deep, holding Mandy's hip bones in my hands and staying deep inside her. Rotating my own hips, I made the root of my cock do a little dance around the full circumference of my oldest daughter's slit. She moaned aloud.

"Do that again, Daddy," she panted. I did, determined to get her off this time around or die trying. Pulling my hips back slowly, I thrust forward, fast and hard, wiggling my hips from side to side to increase the pressure on the side walls of her vagina. "Oh, shit," she said. She thrust her ass back at me, grinding her pussy against my groin. Her fingers were busy at the top of that slit, I knew. She would be working her clit hard by now, rubbing with fingers made slick with her own juices.

"Three!" I yanked my dick out of her, nearly as fast as I'd penetrated her body the last time. My glans barely touched her outer lips. I poked about as if in doubt where to stick my helmet capped prick.

"Daddy...Daddy...please...more, Daddy," she begged. She moved her ass around and back toward me as much as she could without pulling her arms off the back of the couch. I couldn't deny her. Pressing forward, I stabbed deep inside her, driving my cock home inside her in a single move. She sucked in her breath, pushing back at me - wanting every inch I could give her. She was ready...I could feel her fingers frigging her clitty frantically as I slid out and immediately back into her. I did it again, a second time, and a third.

"Fuck me, Daddy..." she whimpered. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Thrusting strongly, I did as she asked. I'd lost count of the strokes inside Mandy, but I knew Lorrie wasn't going to complain. In a moment, she'd have my cock all to herself.

I pushed home inside my little girl, rising on my toes to change the angle at which the head of my dick rubbed the top of her vagina. My glans rubbed at Mandy's G-spot more strongly now and she reacted. Her whole body convulsed, as if I'd stuck a pin in her.

"DAAAAADEEEEE--DAAAAADDDEEEEEEEEE!" she shrieked involuntarily. Her head came up and she arched her back even further than already was. She strained backward while I kept up a steady rhythm of strong thrusts into her clasping, pulsating cunt. I watched her back, amazed at the impossible angle she was able to attain without breaking something. I pushed inside her and again held there, rotating my prick around her vagina with a circular movement from my lower body.

"UNGHHH!" she groaned. "OH GAWWWWWD DAAAAADEEEEE!" I slipped my hand beneath her, caressing the skin between her ribcage for just a second before sweeping my hand down to her pussy. The additional stimulation, exquisite torture on super --sensitized skin made her buck in my hands, screeching her way into an orgasm. She clamped her vagina muscles down on my cock. The sensation was almost painful. It would have been under other circumstances. But right now, all I could think of was how obscenely wonderful it was to have my own daughter cumming on my cock.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa--" she whimpered, collapsing on the sofa and dragging me with her. We were still connected by my wasn't about to slacken any time soon. I pulled out of her as gently as I could though I could see the movement made her tremble, the excited nerve endings could not cool down so quickly. I patted her shoulder and bent low to kiss her forehead.

"Now it's my turn!" crowed Lorrie. She was grinning broadly, anticipating her father's cock would soon be back inside her. She was entirely correct. I sidestepped to get behind her ass and probed for her outer pussy lips with a highly sensitized glans now. I had to get Lorrie off quickly so I wouldn't cum before I got what I wanted.

"That's one!" I said, pushing firmly inside her.

"You don't have to count now, Daddy," Lorrie protested, "just fuck me, silly." So I did, fuck her silly, that is. But I kept track of my strokes too.

"Two...three...four...five...six..." On and on I counted. I was slamming into my little girl at an ever faster rate. "Seven...eight...nine...ten," I moaned.

"'t, GODDDDDDDDD!" Lorrie gave up, concentrating only on her own climax as it built slowly.

"Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen," I panted. The extra exertion was playing hell with my ability to get oxygen into my lungs.

"Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen," I counted under my breath 'cause there was no more air to do it out loud. I was pretty sure I'd lost count anyway. Thrusting hard into Lorrie's pussy, I used the same tactic I had with her sister. Pushing in and holding my groin pressed hard against her butt, I made little, imperfect circles with my hips, pressing in by tiny increments and pulling back the same small distances. Then I pulled my cock out completely and rammed it back in. Lorrie's breath hissed between her teeth as my blood engorged prick forced it's way back through her abused cunt lips and all the way down to mash against her cervix.

Again and again, I pulled out almost all the way before slamming my cock back into her smoking hot cavern. I could feel her vagina muscles beginning to ripple with the beginnings of her little-girl orgasm. Suddenly, her climax was upon her, full-blown and irresistible in its power.

She bucked, surprised! Then she slung her ass up and down to move me in and out of her herself. I reached under her and captured both breasts in the palms of my hands. I pulled at her nipples, pinching them lightly to send the sensations cruising down to her pussy to combine with what she was experience from her clit and G-spot.

She shuddered, her hips wriggled uncontrollably in all directions. Her young cunt seemed to be trying to milk my cock, the undulations of muscles rippling rhythmically from back to front. Lorrie was comparatively quiet when she came. Mandy was my screamer. But Lorrie strained all that much harder for not having that release.

I pulled back one final time, sensing she need only a trifling more friction of cock against G-spot. She moaned faintly, her body froze except for a tiny desperate quiver, her body gave up one last moment of abdominal muscles clinching and relaxing, then she was still. Only her chest still heaved with the effort to breath. I pulled out as gently as I could, but I was having my own problems.

I grabbed my cock near the root, hoping to hold off an orgasm for just a little while longer. I still wanted to have one of my girls take my dick in their mouth and massage its sensitive underside with their tongue while I enjoyed watching the impossibly lewd sight of my penis sliding between little-girl lips painted with hot pink lip gloss. I clamped my fingers around the shaft, hoping it would pinch off the cum I could feel roiling inside my balls.

I stepped up to Mandy. She'd recovered a little and had been sitting on the sofa, watching me service her younger sister. Mandy saw the begging in my eyes. I was too afraid I'd lose my concentration if I tried to say anything.

She leaned forward, grinning mischievously as she put her fingers on my cock. It was too much. Just the sight of her pretty fingers winding themselves around my penis set me off.

"Oh shit," I whispered in defeat. Before Mandy could get my cock into her mouth, a great gob of my cum spurted out and splashed on her lips and left cheek. Surprised, she jerked her head back, just in time for the second spurt to take her across the bridge of the nose. I held back the third gushing for an instant, but only long enough for her to aim me back at her mouth and open it wide. The third eruption of semen landed on her tongue, as did the fourth, a much weaker squirt this time.

The subsequent surges were hardly more than oozings of my baby seed, dribbling down onto Mandy's extended tongue. Some of it slid down the sides of her mouth to coat her chin in her father's slimy cum. She looked nasty. She knew it and liked it. She smiled up at me slyly, knowing the effect she was having on me. With her hand on my shaft, she pumped up and down, finally getting that one last droplet to fall on the tip of her tongue and then I was finished. I had no more cum to give her.

Lorrie reached over and scooped up a finger's worth of the spunk and stuck her finger in her mouth, sucking on it as energetically as she would have my cock. She smacked her lips appreciatively. She leered at me, setting things up for joke she seemed lately to never tire of. I groaned, knowing what was coming.

"Mmmmmmmm...yummy," Lorrie said.

Chapter Eleven: Smoothies

They got to talking at the supper table about hair...or rather, the lack of it. A small bald spot already visible on the top rear of my scalp was used as an example. And an ABUNDANCE of hair, was mentioned in connection with my crotch.

"Hey!" I protested, momentarily nonplussed. Mandy and Lorrie looked at me expectantly, waiting for a snappy come back. I wished I had one.

Boy, would I have liked to fill in the silence.

Rolling their eyes, the girls turned back to their dinner plates.

I wasn't sure why forks couldn't be used for every mouthful of food, but it seemed that every four or five bites, the normal procession of eating had to be interrupted. Then, for some reason, a long strand of spaghetti, soaked with sauce, had to be picked up and dangled high above their mouths and carefully lowered down into their maws.

About the time it might have begun being irritating to their ol' Dad, I realized the process had a good many erotic qualities to it too. My objections died a quick death.

"Daddy," commented Mandy, waving a heavily-laden fork, for once, in my direction, "you got to admit, you got a lot more hair down there than you need." I wasn't at all sure I did have to admit that, actually. I was a man. Men have hair.

"More than I need? Well, I'll admit I have hair, how about that?" I suggested as a compromise.

"Too much," corrected Lorrie.

I sniffed.

"Lots more than you need," Mandy added, reinforcing her point. I caught them glancing at each other and immediately smelled a rat. These two had something up their collective sleeves.

"Okay, out with it," I ordered sternly. Like that would impress them. Their heads went down for several seconds as they stalled by rotating their forks around in the remaining pasta in their plates. "Come on," I encouraged, dropping the sternness bull shit.

"Daddy, sometimes, it's not real fun to suck your cock 'cause some of your hair gets in our mouths and stuff." I'd grown used to my eleven and nine-year-old daughters using vulgar slang for various sex acts over the past couple of months. Heck, I encouraged them to use such private, that is. In public, we talked like normal good little Daddies and daughters.

"Well, yeah, I can see that," I answered. Now it was my turn to stall by scooping up a mass of spaghetti into my tablespoon and twirling a fork around in the middle until all the pasta was wound about the fork's tines. I swallowed and chewed reflectively.

"So how much do I gotta shave off?" I asked. I wasn't stupid. If they had set up this discussion, there was a point to it and it didn't take too much brains to see where things were heading. Both girls grinned. They were pretty smart too and they knew me well enough to be able to predict I'd get the idea before long.

"Well," Mandy said, looking slyly at Lorie, "we think maybe just your dick and your nuts."

The afore mentioned nuts began an immediate retreat deep inside my body for protection against the expected appearance of a razor. Ever since that John Wayne Bobbitt thing, men have been a little queasy when sharp instruments and their private parts are thought of in close proximity. I know my lips compressed into a severe line because both daughters looked startled. Well, if I could have stopped biting my lips from inside, it wouldn't have looked so bad. It was just the thought of, well, you know.

"I, uh," I started and stopped without any real idea in my head of how to proceed. Then I had an inspiration.

"Okay, listen," I said. "Shaving doesn't get you much of anywhere because all the hair that gets cut off comes back, starting in a few hours sometimes."

The faces on both girls fell a little.

"But," I added, "there have been mucho advances in hair removal techniques even since I was your age. And many techniques have become a lot more available than they were." I sat and thought for a moment. "Where's the phone book?" Lorrie was off her chair and scooting for the living room in a flash. She was back almost as quickly.

"Hmmmmmm," I mused, looking for entries under electrolysis, but there weren't any. I had a vague memory of an article I'd read once. Oh! I remembered another term. Voila! That did it. There were six places offering laser hair removal listed in our city, one of them not very far from where we lived. I laid the big volume of yellow pages on the table. I began to recall more information from the article.

"Okay,'s the way it goes. Hey! I made rhyme. Wheeeee!"

I didn't get even the smallest round of applause. Oh well.

"I will check in to this, okay? I read about it a long time ago when your mother, uh, mentioned it and I just saw something on it online. Supposedly, it's come a long way in just the past few years and they can remove large amounts of hair in a very short time. Sometimes you need a follow-up visit, but once the root of the hair is dead, the hair removal is permanent. It won't ever grow back."

The girls had expressions of concern on their face.

"Does it hurt, Daddy?" Mandy asked.

"I don't think very much, anyway," I replied. "But we need to find out more about it."

"Okay, you can go ahead and do it, Daddy," Lorrie assured me. "But if it hurts too much you have to quit, okay?"

I blinked. It was all I could do. Somehow in our world, things had gotten turned topsy-turvy. I was being given permission to do something they'd asked for. Ah, hell. I already knew it. One man is doomed when dealing with ONE female who has his balls in her hands...and with two females?

I shrugged my shoulders and just went with the flow.

"Thank you, dear child," I countered. "I'm glad." We resumed eating for a while. Cold spaghetti isn't my favorite food. I took all three plates to the microwave and bombarded them until the spaghetti agreed to be hot again.

"It's the least I can do, ya know?" I added, at length. "You know I dearly love how smooth your little pussies and butts are. The least I can do is get smooth down there for you."

They smiled at their loving Daddy. Then Mandy dropped her fork on her plate with a clatter.

"Hey! That means we're going to do laser too, right? We won't have to be shaving and stuff when we start getting lots of hair either, right, Daddy?" Both girls were watching my face intently.

I'd wondered when they'd make the connection. "Uh-huh," I replied, "for your pussies, legs, armpits, your upper lips--anywhere you don't want hair."

"Huh?" they answered. I knew the consternation was about the "upper lip" thing. They hadn't seen any Italian women yet.

"Just anywhere," I repeated. "and, it'll be one hell of a lot easier for you because you can do it as each little hair comes in, instead of waiting until you've got a crotch full like me." Eyes rolled back into sockets, long suffering sighs escaped young lips, and several forkfuls of pasta were consumed before they deigned to respond. "Want me to make some appointments for us this weekend?"

With that, dinner was unofficially over. They wanted to look up lots of information on the Internet and nothing would do except to get online right now. We made up for not eating the cold, gelatinous mounds of spaghetti with some apple pie and ice cream later that evening.

Chapter Twelve: Interlude The Sixth

"DAAAADEEEEEEEEEEEE! BRANDI'S MOM IS ON THE PHONE - SHE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU." I was in the next room but I'm certain some folks a couple counties over were now privy to the fact I had a phone call.

"Lorrie," I scolded, "I don't have a hearing problem. All you had to do was--"

"I know, Daddy," she said sweetly, "...just say it in a normal voice." She handed me the cordless phone's handset and got up on her tiptoes to give me a kiss on the cheek.

Nuts. I didn't have a chance. Both girls knew exactly how to wrap Daddy around their little fingers. It was worse now, of course. The only thing either girl-child had to do to get her way was to point a pussy at me, and I'd cave in an instant.

In my defense, my deceased wife had learned the same procedure early in our marriage, and used it just as effectively. I was a pushover.

Before I could say anything she was gone, slipping into the hallway back to her room like a ghostly apparition. Well, it wasn't like I had anything new to say to her, I thought glumly.

"Hello," I said into the mouthpiece.

"Hi, Mike..." responded Brandi's mother. I amused myself with a quick fantasy of having her standing without a stitch on, right in front of me, and using that soft, low voice she had. I knew nothing about her husband or their marriage. I wondered if she was a fanatic about her marriage vows.

"Hey! What's up?" I asked jovially. Mandy was at Brandi's home this afternoon, I knew, working on some kind of project for the football season's Homecoming.

"Well, these two girls are wondering how you feel about helping out with the printing of some posters for the Pep Squad's demonstration in Friday's gymnasium assembly. Mandy said you might be able to print up some signs on large poster boards down at your company's shop?" she asked. "I said I'd call you while they work on the wording and stuff."

"Sure," I replied. "No problem!"

It was something I'd done before. The company wasn't technically mine anymore but that wasn't important. What was, was that we did have facilities for making large scale prints of darn near anything on some equipment we'd bought early on.

"And I'm glad you called," I added. "I was just telling Mandy the other day that it had been a long time since we'd seen you and Brandi. How's everything going?"

There was a tiny pause before she responded. I wondered why, but the moment passed. We talked a while about the school our children went to...and about this and that for a while--nothing at all important.

Lorrie wandered back into the room a few moments into the conversation. She was at loose ends with Mandy away and probably bored with whatever she'd been doing by herself.

I could tell. It was one of the few reasons why she would have turned off her 'music' and come out into the living room. She looked at me, surprised I was still on the phone. I didn't like long phone calls as a general rule, and then she grinned.

She looked me in the eyes and then down to my crotch, smiling a little smile of satisfaction. Looking out the big picture window, she went to the front door, opened it and reached out to twist the doggy head. Then she locked the door and checked the polarization controls for the window. Convinced we were alone and secure, she stepped in front of me as I paced around the room.

Stopping me in my tracks, she pulled my head down for another quick kiss on my cheek. It was only a ruse though. Nestled close on my right side, Lorrie deftly unbuttoned the pair of cargo shorts I was wearing and then unzipped them in one fast pull. My daughters had come a long way from that first night, months ago when neither had been particularly adept at getting my pants off. The cargo shorts were quickly around my ankles and I couldn't even grab for them. Her body blocked my right hand and I had the cordless land line phone set in my left.

Lorrie grabbed my cock in her right hand and began to slowly stroke the shaft with her small hands. It was already hard. I'd not noticed how aroused I'd become listening to Laura's low, exciting voice and Lorrie took full advantage. Not that I was in the habit of fighting off my young daughters' advances, you understand.

Dropping to her knees in front of me, she made me lift each foot in turn so she could remove my shorts completely and then urged my legs apart by slapping at the insides of my thighs until they were spread far enough to suit her. With one hand never leaving my cock, she had me stark naked in our living room in just a few seconds from start to finish. Once the way was open, she scooted closer on her knees and straightened her body to the right height to take my cock in her mouth.

I was trying hard not to let any hint of what was happening reflect in my tone, but I was talking to a young woman whose voice had me more than half aroused from the beginning of the conversation. The degree of difficulty in keeping my words logical and not allowing any stress to creep into my voice. But it was really, really, uh, really hard.

Lorrie took her time. Wrapping the fingers of one hand around my shaft near its root, she use the other to work my foreskin down until the tip of my penis and a small circle of supersensitive flesh underneath was better exposed. With her other hand, she carefully pulled my foreskin back a little more until she could see it stretching.

Lowering her head, she slathered my cock head with saliva and licked all around to spread it equally. Fascinated with the evil little slit at the tip of my cock, she tried to insert her tongue inside. She was defeated, it was far too narrow, but it sure felt great for her to try.

Pointing the end of my cock toward the ceiling, she licked the whole length of my cock from scrotum to tip. The little minx kept her eyes on mine the whole time and, to the extent she could, she was grinning at me the whole time.

Moving lower, she massaged the sac containing my testicles gently and then, separating them carefully, she took each testicle into her mouth for a wonderfully wet and warm bath. Finishing there, she moved my balls out of the way and slipped her tongue up and down my perineum. She massaged that sensitive little area between my anus and scrotum for what seemed forever. Actually my nine-year-old was only two minutes into a blowjob and she had the cum rising to a boil inside me already.

Laura kept chatting on in my ear but it made little impression on me. I quickly lost track of what she was saying. Most of my contributions to the conversation were short words of agreement.

Lorrie came up for air and to inspect the progress of extracting my glans from its sheath of foreskin. She worked gently for a couple of moments and got the foreskin down and secured below the helmet's edge of my cock head. With the hypersensitive frenulum exposed, she went to work licking the underside of my cock from root to tip. Varying her assault on my self-control, she flicked her tongue around the head and lapped at the "V" shaped area there time after time.

Laura had asked me a question. I knew that, but I didn't have a clue what it had been and even less idea of how to answer. After a tiny, but very awkward pause, I tried to make a reasonable reply.

"Uhhhh, I'm sorry Laura, but I lost what you just said. There was a kind of blank silence for just a second. Do you have an incoming call maybe?"

It was brilliant, I thought. Put the onus on her. Yeah, that's it--it was her fault.

"Oh," she said. "I don't think so." There was a short pause. I guessed she'd removed the phone from her ear and was looking at it. "Well, can you hear me okay now?" she asked.

"Yeah, I sure can," I responded. I didn't think she could detect the little quiver in my voice as Lorrie skimmed her tongue up and down my shaft again. She was cupping my scrotum in her left hand and slowly working the testicles around that little sac. I was in heaven or hell. I wasn't sure which.

"Okay," she continued, "what I was saying was Mandy is asking if Brandi can stay over there for the weekend and they can work together on the rest of this thing they're doing. Apparently they can't wait for her to get home to ask you," she said, chuckling at something...probably at the expressions on the faces of two young girls I suspected were watching her closely.

I laughed too, but there was a little catch in my voice when Lorrie licked particularly vigorously just under the glans.

"Are you alright, Mike?" Laura inquired. Damn. She'd heard it, sure enough.

"Oh yeah," I replied. Searching desperately for something, I pulled something from thin air.

"My dear, much loved, and very precious younger daughter is doing her darndest to tickle me into hysterics and she may have hit the phone set. I've been thinking there was a short in the thing before 'cause several times when I was on the phone the other day, things just didn't sound right, ya know? Probably that was what happened a little while ago too."

When I started talking about her, Lorrie stopped what she was doing and looked up at me in alarm. When she heard the ending, she sniffed derisively and returned to her oral attack on my cock.

"I guess that'll teach me," I continued, "next time I'll wear a shirt in my own living room, huh?" There was a pause as Laura considered all this.

"Well, not on MY account," Laura replied enigmatically.

I was left to wonder what that meant, not that I had much of a mind left to wonder with. Lorrie had risen on her haunches and taken the head of my cock in her mouth and her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked energetically. Her lips were tight around my shaft, making a near perfect vacuum in her mouth. I could see her cheeks hollow out when her head rose and bulge out again when my cock invaded my little girl's mouth on the down stroke.

"Anyway," Laura continued, "this weekend is okay?"

"Oh...sure," I answered. "Heck, Brandi is always welcome, you know that. We're glad to have her."

"Okay, Mike, sounds good then. Well, I'll let you go. My dear husband is probably going to want dinner shortly and I don't have a thing in the fridge."

"You bet," I replied, "I'll get a shirt on and come get Mandy. It's time we were getting something on the stove too." I was proud of myself...three whole sentences without my voice cracking even a little bit. It was taking a Herculean effort though. There wasn't a muscle from my groin up to my head that wasn't stressed tight as a drum.

"Oh, that's okay," Laura said. "I've got to go to the supermarket and I can just swing by and drop her off on the way."

" sure it's no bother?" I asked.

"Not at all," she responded. "It'll take us a little while to gather everything up that they've been working on. Sooo, we'll see you in about twenty minutes?"

"Sure! Hey, I appreciate it." I got the words out in spite of dealing with the effects on my libido as I heard the obscene, slurping pop as Lorrie allowed my cock to escape from her sucking mouth. The little slut smiled sweetly up at me while she rested for a bit.

I just hoped Laura hadn't heard. "See you in a bit," I said quickly. "Bye."

"Bye," she agreed. I punched the button to break the connection and tossed the handset toward the couch.

"Twenty minutes, you wanton little hussy," I told my youngest daughter. "They'll be over here in twenty minutes."

Lorrie didn't need any further urging. She captured my cock head with her lips and stuffed half my cock inside her hot little mouth in one quick move.

I gasped at the sensations her tongue on the underside of my penis caused. I nearly doubled over, the pleasure was so very intense.

For the next few minutes, there was no talking in the Peterson household, only the slurping sounds of a couple having sex. That it was a father and daughter made the sex all that much more intense, society's taboo against family members fucking and sucking was always on our minds. It gave us a little extra, vulgar kind of pleasure to know we were flouting the sensibilities of most of the people in our city.

Lorrie's head was bobbing up and down on my cock in a fast paced rhythm designed to make me cum in minimum time. Every once in a while she would turn her head from side to side as my cock was pushing inside to let me see her cheeks bulge as my cock head pressed against them. She knew I loved watching and she loved for me to watch.

She paused for a moment, letting my cock slide slowly out of her mouth. Pre-cum was already flowing from the tip of my cock and a strand of the slimy liquid was strung from my cock head to her pink lips. She gathered it in with a forefinger, brought it in for a close inspection and then licked her forefinger clean.

"You like it when I suck you, Daddy?" she asked in her little girl's voice. Her tone of voice was so matter of fact, so innocent, that the words she spoke had an extra edge of nastiness to them.

"You know I do, sugar," I replied. She grinned at me and wound her tongue around the rim of my glans, working hard on the underside to give me that little bit extra pleasure.

"You know why I like to suck your cock, Daddy?" she asked.

"Tell me," I demanded.

"It's 'cause I like to have your cum in my mouth, Daddy," she explained. "I like to taste it when it first comes out of your prick. It always tastes SOOOO good then," she told me. There was a very serious look on her face. She worked on my cock in silence for a minute. She started smiling.

"You want to fuck my mouth, Daddy?" Lorrie asked. "You want to fuck your little girl's face and stick your cock down my throat?"

My cock jumped at the obscene questions, and jumped again at the look of carnal lust on my young daughter's face. I didn't know where she'd gotten the words, but I was going to make sure she had access to a lot more of them.

"Hell, yes!" I said. She took her hands off my cock, quit massaging my balls and braced her hands on my naked thighs.

"Fuck my mouth, Daddy!" she demanded.

I did.

Holding her head steady with both hands, I began to thrust inside my baby girl's mouth and into her throat. Both girls were getting better at taking more of the head of my cock deep inside their pretty lips.

Lorrie pushed her tongue out as far as she could, freeing up a little extra room at the back of her mouth and I used the extra space to slide my dick down her soft throat. Her tongue rasped at the underside of my penis while I slide my shaft along it. I felt my cock head bump the back of her mouth and then find the slick, slimy tunnel of her throat. I plunged a little deeper. She did a half swallow and my cock penetrated a fraction of an inch further.

I drove my cock in and out of my daughter's mouth, plowing it deeper with each stroke. I tried to be gentle at first, but it wasn't possible or even desirable, really. My darling little girl had given me permission to ravish her mouth and throat, and that was precisely what I was going to do.

I finally felt my cock head slip into her throat, well past the point where any gag reflex was supposed to kick in. My girl's nose was pressed tightly against my lower abdomen now, she was breathing air filtered through my pubic hair. I could see her eyes, bright with impish glee at what she had managed for her father.

I pulled out, stopping with the head just inside, lying on her tongue. Then I plowed back in with a strong, driving thrust. I withdrew, and rammed forward again. My haunches were clinched tight, the muscles in my abdomen were stretched tight as steel cables and my legs were trembling as they coped with the strain of keeping my body balanced and upright.

I could feel my scrotum draw up. My balls swelled, then contracted, sending a river of sperm along canals that themselves began to constrict in peristaltic waves, pushing my cum on. Then it was time. Liquid fire was flooding through my cock, about to spew out the end.

Yanking my cock from between my daughter's lips, I pinched off the flow for a tiny space of time.

"Lorrie," I said thickly, barely able to talk, "here it comes, baby." She nodded her understanding and put her hand in place of mine on my shaft to stroke my cum out. Tilting her head back slightly, she opened her mouth and made a wide oval of her lips. At the same time, she aimed the head of my cock inside her mouth.. I was helpless. The lewd sight of my daughter making sure my cum would splash inside her mouth so she could taste was fuckin' incredible.

The first spurt must have hit the roof of her mouth near the back. She felt it, reacting with a little jolt. She adjusted her position in time for the second jet of her father's semen, taking this one on her tongue. I watched her quickly press her tongue against the top of her mouth, spreading the pale white cream all around. My hips jerked a third time, announcing the arrival of some more cum, this one more of a surge than an eruption. Lorrie took this one, and the one that followed on her extended tongue.

She gathered the slimy fluid and curled her tongue to take it inside. She played with all the cum she had collected for a minute, then happily swallowed it down. Eyeing the slit at the tip of my cock, she stroked my dick, squeezing out a couple drops more and lapped them up from the end of my cock. Wrapping her lips around my cock one last time, she licked me clean. Sitting back on her heels, she contemplated the expression on my face.

"Did I do good, Daddy?" she asked sweetly. Like she didn't already know.

"You damn sure did, Lorrie baby," I replied. "You are one hell of a cocksucker, sweetheart." I delivered the compliment with feeling. She deserved it. She smiled her appreciation.

"And now, we both need a shower, quick!" I added. A gooey mass of saliva and cum was dripping down Lorrie's chin onto her t-shirt. If we were to keep our sexual activities from Laura and whoever she brought with her, both of us needed to get cleaned up fast.

I lost the race to the shower, but not by much. As it happened, I didn't get time to put on a shirt as I'd told Laura I would.

She didn't appear to be too terribly sad about my failing.

Chapter Thirteen: You Want Me To What?

"Brandi, your mother's here," I called back into the interior of the house. I thought Brandi and both my daughters were working on something for that 'Family Adventure Club' we were a part of. I didn't know much about the club, except that it seemed to sponsor trips to museums and things like that. If they wanted something from me, as a sponsor or chaperone or something, they already had my name and number. I didn't know exactly what the girls were doing in the back part of the house, or exactly where they were doing it, but they were somewhere within calling distance.

"Okay," came the three-voiced response. Brandi sounded a little plaintive.

"Come on, Brandi," Laura Murray called, "I've got to pick up your brother in ten minutes from football practice." Brandi's mother apparently spent half her life picking up or dropping off her children at various places.

Brandi and my daughters were dressed in the shortest of shorts and crop tops that revealed much of their delicious young midriffs, trotted into the living room and came to the door. Brandi had been ready. She'd known when her mother was going to arrive, but that didn't make her any happier.

Handing her book bag to her mother, Brandi bent to tug on a pair of sandals. Had I not looked away very quickly, I'd have seen her bare young titties swinging free when the top she wasn't 'quite' wearing fell away from her chest.

I managed not to gape at what Brandi was showing off and quickly turned around to gaze instead at her mother. When I did, it was only to see Laura's breasts dancing and bobbing just as freely as her daughter's, and beneath almost as skimpy a top. I struggled to look Laura straight in the eyes.

"All set for the weekend?" she asked. Tomorrow was Friday and Brandi would be coming home from school with Lorrie and Mandy again, this time to stay through the weekend.

"You bet," I answered. "We're all ready for the big event," I joked.

Someone grabbed my elbow and swung me around. Little Brandi had plenty of strength in her sturdy young body and she'd just proven it. As further proof, she launched herself upward and threw her arms around my neck while wrapping her legs around my waist at the same time.

"Whoa!" I protested, staggering against the doorframe.

"Good bye," said Brandi impishly. "I'll see you tomorrow night." I opened my mouth to answer and the young girl pressed her lips tightly against mine. Before I could react, her tongue had darted into my mouth. She flicked the tip of her pink tongue against mine several times before I managed to break off the intimate kiss.

I flushed a deep red, I know. Brandi had done the same thing on a number of occasions--she thought it was enormous fun to make me look silly...but she'd never done in front of her mother.

What must Laura be thinking? Brandi let her legs relax and she let herself stretch full length down my body with her arms still around my neck. I could feel my reaction, and I knew she could too. I blushed redder as I disentangled her hands from the back of my neck and let her feet settle to the floor.

"You sure have an affectionate child," I mumbled to Laura. I was embarrassed and afraid she would see the effect her daughter had had on me.

"Yup," Laura answered, apparently not concerned at all. "Go get in the car," she ordered Brandi.

With a final, knowing grin into my face, Brandi jogged down the sidewalk and made a production of getting in the back seat. On just about any other occasion, I would have enjoyed the play of well-toned muscles in her legs and the way her immature hips swayed from side to side as she moved...not to mention the hint of ass cheek she displayed getting in. Well, I did this time too, it's just that I couldn't enjoy it as much.

"Well, good bye, and I'll see you tomorrow night too...but I won't be staying," Laura said.

I turned back to her just in time for HER to throw her arms around my neck and plant as deep a kiss on my lips as her young daughter had. Before I move a muscle, Laura broke the kiss off and stepped back. Looking up at me, she giggled happily. She sounded like a girl, not a woman with four children.

Shaken to the core, all I could do was grin my embarrassment and turn three deeper shades of red.

"We're an affectionate family Mike," she said, patting my arm and smiling up at me. "Bye-bye!" She turned and strolled down the sidewalk to the street, her hips swaying just as her daughter's had--only more so.

I got the door closed and moved to the big picture window behind the couch to watch them leave. My daughters had been quiet all this time. And that was suspicious.

"I was set up, wasn't I?" I demanded. They shrugged.

"Brandi said she was gonna give you a good night kiss like she always tries to do when she stays over, but we didn't know she was gonna do it with her mother standing right there," Mandy said.

"And we SURE didn't know her mom was gonna do it too," Lorrie added. "Do you think maybe Brandi's mom has been drinking or something Dad?" she asked.

"Well...I don't know," I answered, still a little shaken. "I think she was just playing," I said. We all watched as the big SUV drove off down the street.

"You know what, Dad?" Mandy said speculatively. "I think you're going to have to fuck her sooner or later." I was as badly caught off guard by her matter-of-fact prediction as I had been earlier by Brandi and her mother's kisses.

"Who?" I gasped. "Brandi...or her mother?"

Mandy opened her mouth to answer but reconsidered. "Both!" Mandy she said finally and quite insistently. She didn't seem too concerned about her best friend and her best friend's mother mauling her father in the doorway...certainly not as much as I was.

* * *

I thought the subject was dead but it came up again at dinner.

"So, Dad," Lorrie asked innocently, "which one of them would you fuck first, huh?" I nearly dropped the steak I'd just taken off the broiler. The floors were clean but I would have really hated having to pick that big T-bone off the linoleum.

"Excuse me?" I answered, trying to stall for a little time.

"Which one would you fuck first?" she said again, separating the words for me so my ancient, feeble old ears wouldn't have an excuse to misunderstand a second time.

"Who is 'them'?" I asked.

" Brandi or her mom," Mandy remarked, waving her fork in the air with a full load of tossed salad. "Which one, Daddy dear?" she asked.

Okay, if stalling won't work, the next best thing is to be flippant.

"Whichever one got naked and crawled in bed with me first," I answered casually, pretending no interest.

It didn't work. They took me at my word, both of them chewing a mouthful of red meat and thinking over what I'd said.

"That'll prob'ly be Brandi then," Mandy said, breaking the long silence. She immersed a small cube of steak in steak sauce and held it over her tongue until a thick drop fell into her mouth. It was deliberately erotic.

Distracted, I couldn't figure out a good comeback.

"Oh?" I said. "Why's that?"

"'Cause Brandi has a lot more chances than her Mom does," Mandy explained offhandedly. "And she'll be here this weekend too. Whatcha think about that, Daddy?"

"Well," I started, then stopped without adding anything. I didn't KNOW what I thought about it. I shrugged.

"How come?" Lorrie wasn't going to let it go.

"You could go ahead and fuck her tomorrow night, Daddy," Mandy offered, "if you want to," she added.

That was a strange thing to say. All of a sudden I realized my daughters were being just a wee bit too obvious. I smelled a rat.

"Okay, what's up?" I asked. They saw the suspicion on my face and gave up the pretense. Glancing at her sister, Mandy took the lead.

"Well, you know we found those DVDs in your closet," she reminded me. Okay, the DVDs my wife and I had had made many years ago during our 'lifestyle' days, had came up long ago--during our discussion of sluts, and swingers, and whether Daddy was willing to fuck other little girls while my daughters fucked the girls' fathers or brothers.

"Oh, I'd forgotten about those," I said, not entirely truthfully.

They looked at me scornfully and I winced. We moved on.

"When we first started fucking, we talked about knowing having sex with each other is 'wrong' by most people's definition," I said slowly. "Are you having doubts about it now?" They shook their heads decisively.

"Nope," Mandy denied. "But it would be cool if other people do it too, right?"

There was a silence that I didn't know how to get beyond. They were still looking at me with expectation on their faces. Then inspiration struck.

"Ohhhhh, like what we were talking about finding others...other families who are doing sex too, right? You're saying we should find others like us, huh?"

They nodded, their steaks momentarily forgotten.

"And Brandi...." Lorrie said, then halted whatever she'd been about to say. Somehow the conversation had come back around to their friend Brandi. They glanced at each other, coordinating things with just a look in the way close sisters seem to be able to always do.

"We know Brandi isn't a virgin," Mandy said after taking a deep breath.

"How do you know that?" I asked, wondering if that was a topic of conversation in those all-girl discussions these three held on a regular basis whenever Brandi was here. It was interesting to know though. Hmmmmm....

"Well, for one thing, she's in my gym class," Mandy remarked dryly. "The girl's not shy about showing off her puss...and I happened to see her cunt one day at just the right angle and there wasn't any cherry thingy in there, Daddy was wide OPEN!" she finished.

"An' besides," Lorrie interjected, "we KNOW she's got her own dildo and vibrator," she said, looking to Mandy for confirmation. Mandy nodded.

"And, she's tried out ours too," she said.

I blinked. Dang! I REALLY needed to be more observant.

"And we've tried hers," Lorrie threw in, just to complete all the possibilities, I guess.

I shook my head to clear it. "So, how come we're talking about it tonight?" I asked.

There was that 'glancing at each other' thing again, another indication they had this discussion planned.

Mandy took a deep breath. "You remember the last time we stayed over there?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Well, Brandi showed us her three new vibrators that night. We didn't know she had more than just the one she showed us a long time ago. Without sayin' anything, she opened this drawer in her dresser and pulled all three of them out. We played around with them for a while but we didn't get off or anything."

Mandy's eyes were dancing. Whatever came next was clearly exciting her.

"Apparently, I've been missing some awful hot parties," I remarked. I cocked my head to one side. "You understand, if you've put things inside you, and Brandi was there, she knows YOU aren't virgins either, doesn't she?"

"Yeah," Mandy said breathlessly. "She knows...."

"Anyway, we listened to some music and stuff and then we went to bed," she continued. "When she thought me and Lorrie were asleep, Lorrie saw Brandi get up and go down the hall," Mandy said.

"She went into her Mom and Dad's room." Lorrie took up the tale. "And she stayed a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg time in there. We went back to bed and just waited for her 'cause we weren't sleepy or anything then and we wondered what she was doing."

Mandy was about to explode. "When she came back...guess what, Dad?"

They waited for a long moment and I finally had to shrug and shake my head to signify that I was truly unable to guess.

"She smelled like SEX!!" Lorrie said, finishing the story with a flourish.

"Really!!" I blurted. " you think her Dad and Mom and...hmmmmmm,"

They both nodded. A thought struck me. "Have you noticed her dad looking at you two girls, ahhhh, a little strange or anything?"

They nodded, but they weren't very decisive. Mandy answered for the both of them.

"We think so," she said. "But it's hard to tell, ya know? We see him all the time and don't really think about him that way, ya know?" I nodded, accepting the answer. The thoughts hidden in a man's mind can be concealed by a blank face.

"So, what is this all about? You two want me to fuck Brandi...if I get the chance...or what? When, or if, she suggests it? What? I don't really understand what's going on here." They giggled.

"Daddy," Mandy confided in a self assured, almost lecturing tone. "That girl is so hot to get at you she can't hardly stand it! She's been wanting to come over here for a sleepover for a month and me an' Lorrie think she's going to get you alone somehow, or wait 'til everyone's in bed and just crawl on top of you and fuck your brains out while you're asleep," she said and then giggled wickedly. She seemed to be getting one heck of a kick out of the idea of her best friend fucking her father.


"So, you want me to let her do it?" I asked. "You don''s like you don't care if I do your best friend. You're willing to...share me with her?" I didn't know if the excitement of having another preteen girl who wanted to fuck outweighed my uneasiness of venturing outside the family.

The girls had apparently discussed this already.

"Da-deeeeeee," Mandy said patiently as if she were explaining the facts of life to a particularly slow student. "We're ALREADY sharing you...with each other," she said, pointing out the obvious fact that we had, in fact, discussed before.

"And," she said carefully, "we think it's a way to find other people like us--so us girls can do it with other guys too."

"I see," I said slowly. I looked at them for a long moment. "I asked you this before we started having sex ourselves," I said solemnly, "and I need to ask it again."

"Are you sure? Are you absolutely CERTAIN you want to do this?" I asked. They nodded, their eyes shining.

"You know Scott?" Lorrie asked.

I nodded. I knew OF him, anyway. He was Laura's little brother, but I didn't know the circumstances that led to his living with his big sister instead of his parents. I nodded.

Lorrie and Mandy giggled mischievously.

"He gets a hard-on every time he sees me or Mandy in shorts or one of our skirts," Lorrie continued. She giggled again. "We want to see what his cock looks like," she said. "It's got to be...very cool!" she chortled.

"Besides," added Mandy, "maybe we'll do Brandi's dad when we're over there next time, just to make things even." She grinned impishly. "Or maybe Tyler," she remarked. Tyler was eight-years-old...and cute enough for me to wish I'd been born looking half as good as he did.

I didn't know how I felt about my girls doing Brandi's dad, but if I fucked Brandi (who was presumably fucking her father) and if Brandi told her father about fucking me, then it followed Brandi's dad was going to want some payback and Laura's brother Scott was going to get some...and maybe even Tyler. It occurred to me I was ALSO going to get some naked time with Laura if all this worked out the way my scheming daughters thought it would. Hmmmmm...and Laura's other two daughters also might just be available too...and that didn't tend to make me want to nip this whole thing in the bud either.

From my daughters' point of view, if they 'let' me fuck Brandi, they were going to want the same freedom to fuck Brandi's brothers and father. Anyway I looked at it, things looked like the Petersons were getting back into the swapping lifestyle.

The way for me to stop this outright was for me to refuse to do anything with Brandi, but that wasn't going to happen. I could almost that young lady's tight little cunt squeezing my cock already.

* * *

The next night, my daughters and I had a ball playing with ten-year-old Brandi's head. I pretended not to notice her attempts to get closer than close to me, nor her growing exhibitionism. She tried to show me her boobies half a dozen times before she gave up. She settled for claiming as much lap time as Mandy and Lorrie were getting, and squirming around the whole time she was there. She felt my hard-on...I didn't try to hide it from her...and I thought she was going to faint, she got so excited.

I heard her when she'd closed the bedroom door, of course. The girls and I never closed that door anymore, and even half-asleep, my sub-conscious recognized the difference in the illumination coming into the room and woke me up.

I'd been dozing, pretty sure she was coming because Mandy had given me a thumbs up as the three of them went to bed. Lorrie's eyes had been dancing with suppressed excitement. I'd wondered how Brandi hadn't caught on to the fact that her girlfriends were up to something. Apparently, she was so intent on her own scheme she hadn't noticed. And now here she was.

I felt her running her fingers lightly up and down my chest, and then down to my hips. I hadn't bothered to put anything on. It would just have gotten taken off. Brandi's breath hissed between her teeth and then I heard the rustle of cloth rubbing against cloth. The bed bounced the slightest little bit with some movement Brandi had made and it made me catch MY breath too. Forcing myself to relax back into a calm breathing routine, I waited for the next development.

Soon, I felt her touch my side, my ribs, and then she stroked the skin around my hipbone for a little while. She crept closer and I felt her hand dip toward my groin. She touched my cock and I don't know how I kept my penis from jumping. A knee touched my side and I saw through my nearly-closed eyelids she was bending over me. I felt the feathery touch of her long hair brushing the top of my thighs. Ten-year-old Brandi wrapped her fingers around my prick and lifted it off my belly.

A second later, I felt her warm lips close around the tip of my glans. Clearly, she knew what to do with a man's cock. I was already more than half-hard anyway, and I'd thought she'd wonder about that, but she didn't. The thing was, in my present state of arousal, it would be painful if the foreskin was suddenly retracted without taking care.

The little darling knew exactly what to do. She slid back my foreskin almost to the point where I was going to have to 'wake up' and stop her. Then her tongue began to slide over and around the end of my cock, coating it with her saliva and urging the foreskin further back with her tongue.

In seconds, she had the sensitive fold of skin tucked securely behind my glans and was licking the head of my cock enthusiastically. Around and around her tongue twirled around my cock. When she tired of that, she bent lower and lathered the shaft with long tongue strokes. I could feel her little hand slip downward to cup my scrotum and massage my balls. Her slender fingers were excruciatingly gentle. I couldn't watch it happening, but I could feel my cock harden into a long fleshy club, made to plunge deep inside her child's cunt. Brandi felt it too and she paused, raising her head but continuing to pump my cock in her little fist.

Abruptly, Brandi released my prick, letting it slap wetly on my lower belly, and threw her left leg across my thighs. In moments, she was astride me and inching her way up so she could put my cock into her little pussy. And then I stopped her, putting my hands on her hips so she couldn't move back.

"Brandi?" I said softly. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked.

It didn't matter that my tone was as gentle as I could make it. The young girl's body convulsed with shock. For a long moment, she didn't say a word or move a muscle.

"Yes," she said at last, her voice barely louder than a whisper. Whatever it lacked in volume, there was an unmistakable certainty to it. I accepted it without question. If she'd been fucking her father, she surely knew what she was getting in to.

"Really, really, sure?" I whispered back. "With sugar on it?" I continued, making sure she could hear the teasing in my voice.

"Uh-huuuuh," she drawled. She recovered fast. I could tell little Brandi was barely suppressing a happy little giggle.

"Then come up here and kiss me!" I demanded quietly. Now she did giggle, and threw herself atop me almost frantically. Searching out my lips with her fingers, and almost finding an eye instead, she replaced her hand with hot, searching lips.

The kiss was like those she'd given me any number of times before...once even in front of her mother...but the intensity was kicked up tenfold. This was a sexually excited little girl who wanted my attention and wanted it now! Her tongue flicked at mine hungrily while her body squirmed on top of me.

While we kissed, I explored the young girl's body. I knew she was almost the same height as Mandy, just as blonde, and with shapely young legs. I knew her with all her clothes on, at least.

Palming her left boobie with my right hand, I found out young Brandi had exceptionally sensitive nipples. She moaned when I touched her and squirmed around like a little woman possessed. It felt like Brandi's breasts were...heck...the size of an egg on-the-half-shell...maybe larger...soft and rounded, with a rock-hard little nipple that was doing its best to gouge a hole in my palm.

I captured her right breast between my lips and sucked gently at the little nubbin.

"UNGHH!!" she grunted, like I'd sucker-punched her or something. She tried to stuff her whole boobie in my mouth, and I cooperated.

Her wriggling around was smearing little-girl honey across my lower belly. I slid my right hand from her breast to an ass cheek and massaged the softly firm globe for a bit. Brandi had flaunted herself in front of me all afternoon and evening long today...and for a number weeks before that. I'd often wondered how her ass would feel in my hands and now I was enjoying myself immensely as I explored her body.

Her legs spread a little, inviting my fingers to dive between her butt cheeks and investigate further. I did, finding a hot, wet slit that seemed to pull at my fingers, wanting them deeper inside her.

Her lips were gone from mine now. Her head was straining back as she concentrated on the touch of my fingers inside her pussy. I could feel the juices dribbling out of this young girl's cunt. She was more than ready.

"Put me inside you," I whispered. "I love it when you put your hands on my cock."

Without answering, Brandi scooted lower on my body, grabbed my cock in her left hand and supported her body with her right. Very quickly, she had me positioned at the entrance to her cunt. She held herself poised there for a long second or two, then cautiously dropped her body down an inch or so.

My cock was barely inside her outer labia. She rubbed my cock head around the small opening, and deeper inside, reveling in the incursion of a male organ inside her most private place. It was only a short lived delay in her main purpose.

It served to tell me this was no inexperienced child. The ability to do it in the dark demonstrated a detailed knowledge of a man's and her own anatomy. My last qualms about having sex with another man's least this daughter...died a quick death.

Slowly, but very surely, Brandi lowered herself down atop me and impaled herself on my cock. When my cock head brushed her cervix, she grunted vaguely but there was no discomfort. Within a few seconds, the ten-year-old girl was working her hips up and down at a frantic pace, sliding my cock in and out of her.

I heard the sweet, obscene sucking noises as her tight pussy reluctantly let my cock slide out of her cunt for only the briefest of times before she slammed herself back down on me. I held still except for sometimes rolling my hips from side to side. It made my cock "wobble" a little as it was rammed back into her hot sheath, giving her a little different sensation as more sensitive nerve endings were stimulated.

She gave a little gasp the first time I did it, but waited for it on her next stroke down. She liked it, I could tell. But she soon accelerated her rhythm again.

This wasn't a romantic love making session. Little Brandi was intent on drowning a fire that had been building all day. It was clearly a blaze inside her that had to be quenched. It wasn't pretty either. She was a crazed animal, using my cock for her pleasure without any thought for mine.

I thought it was fantastic. I let her go to town, knowing I would have my chance to get off later.

She was almost horizontal to my body now, slamming her hips up and down on my cock now, working her body up to a frenzy that knew no bounds. Again and again, she drove my cock deep. She rode me hard, ramming her cunt down over my cock so far her ass cheeks touched my balls time after time, her labia were kissing my groin, spreading the slick, sticky pool of her own juices all over my groin and upper thighs, not to mention the sheets on my bed.

"Onnngh, onnngh, onnngh, onnngh, ONNNNNNGH!" she groaned, panting and gasping for breath as she hammered her pussy onto my prick. She was quickly losing control of her body.

Several times she lost the rhythm of her thrusts and my cock flopped out of her to splat wetly on my lower abdomen. Those times frustrated her enormously. Almost sobbing, she yanked me back into position and resumed her hysterical pace.

It couldn't last. She rose high one last time and slammed back down. Grinding her sex around my cock, she moaned and stiffened in sudden shock as her orgasm came quicker than she'd expected.

"Ohshitohshitohshitohshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!" she whimpered, repeating the mantra over and over as she lost herself in the intensity of her climax. Dipping my fingers in her fluids, I reached up to cup her half-egg breasts and twirl her hard little nipples in my fingers. Returning my hands to her hips, I held her tight against my groin and worked my lower body around in imperfect little circles.


She screamed as the muscles in her vagina clinched and relaxed, rapid pulsing around my cock. She threw herself flat on me and yanked a pillow from beside my head and stuffed her mouth full to smother another squeal.

The little girl humped her ass up again and froze half-way up. I could feel her vagina still contracting and releasing. It was doing everything it could to milk semen from my prick while waves of ecstasy rippled from her cunt up her abdomen and back down again.

I loved that feeling. I wasn't going to cum right now, but I loved what Brandi's body was doing.

Brandi collapsed, all of the strength going out of her body. I pushed the pillow off her face so she wouldn't suffocate and pulled her back on top of me. I was still balls deep in her pussy, but any movement now would be painful for the little girl so I held my lower body immobile while she recovered.

I knew, with the recuperative powers of a child, she'd be ready to go all out again shortly.

And then I was going to fuck this little girl into a coma.

* * *

In the morning, I left her sleeping the sleep of the thoroughly exhausted in my and my daughters' bed. I met Mandy and Lorrie in the kitchen and gave them all the details I could remember. Their eyes shot sparks at me, they were so excited...and they wanted what Brandi got the night before.

With breakfast well under way, I saw Brandi peeking around the doorway into the kitchen. I was sitting at the end of the table and Brandi couldn't miss seeing Mandy sitting on my lap, facing away from me while she ate a slice of toast spread thickly with jam.

Another step inside the door and Brandi took in Lorrie finishing a plate of eggs and bacon while watching her sister and me closely. Lorrie dropped her hand to her lap and pulled up the bottom of her t-shirt, exposing a bare pussy to Brandi's gaze. Then Lorrie hid her groin again when her fingers got busy playing inside puffy, ruby-red pussy lips.

We all heard her gasp. Brandi stood there with her hands pressed against her mouth and her eyes wide with shock. Brandi was even more shocked when Lorrie didn't snatch her fingers out of her pussy. She just grinned at Brandi's expression.

"Hey there, sleepyhead," I said in a gently teasing voice. "About time you got up," I said. "You ready for some breakfast? It'll be a few minutes, but I can fix whatever you want."

Brandi nodded distractedly and came a few steps into the kitchen and started around the table to a seat on my other side. She stopped when she could see that I was not only bare chested, I was completely naked. Her eyes got even bigger when she saw that her best friend Mandy was wriggling around so strangely on my lap because my cock was stuffed way up inside Mandy's cunt.

Brandi's hand dropped unconsciously to her own pussy and she touched the top of her slit while she watched me fuck my oldest daughter. Brandi took two steps in my direction without realizing she'd taken any.

"HEY! Uh-uh, girl!" said Lorrie. "Back off, girlfriend. "You had our Daddy to yourself all night long. You gotta wait your turn this morning. I'M next in line for a good fucking, so you just get behind me," she said emphatically.

Totally amazed, Brandi just starred at Lorrie as she absorbed what Lorrie was telling her words. Brandi let the t-shirt fall, and pulled her fingers away from her pussy in obedience to Lorrie's command. She was apparently resigned to waiting her turn.

The girls and I could see the wheels turning in young Brandi's mind.

Wait her turn? Wait her TURN?

Abruptly Brandi's eyes widened. Instead of just reacting, she finally connected the dots. Clinching her fists, she gritted her teeth and opened her mouth to let out her frustration.


The sheer volume was quite impressive. The three of us at the table stopped what we were doing and watched to see what she was going to do next.

Apparently she felt a lot better though. She flounced back around the kitchen table and squeezed past Lorrie to a chair just beyond.

"Alright! I'm in line. HAPPY now?" she asked rudely.

Lorrie shrugged and nodded. Her fingers hadn't stopped moving in her pussy and she wasn't terribly concerned that Brandi wasn't being too sociable this morning.

Brandi looked at Mandy and me, then back at Lorrie. "You buttheads!" she said emphatically. "You could a' told me!"

Brandi's eyes fastened on the smartphone she'd brought with her. It was sitting in its charger on the counter just an arm's length away. Getting to her feet, she plucked it off the charger and punched in a number.

"MOM!" Brandi said when the connection was made. "Guess what! They're doing it already!" she said indignantly. Evidently she felt she'd been betrayed.

"BECAUSE they're doing it right in front of me! YES, right now!!" she continued. "And I think they've been doing it a long time," she said crossly.

"AND they never bothered to tell me...and I'm their best friend!" she concluded. She listened for a short while.

"Yeah, I did," she replied quietly to an unheard question. "Yeah, Uh-huh, all night," she said more softly, her eyes going a little dreamy. "Uh-huh, we did...he was real nice to me...uh-huh...yeah, it IS!" she said, confirming something her mother had asked.

She was looking at me now. Apparently she was remembering how I'd fucked her so thoroughly. Her earlier irritation faded away into nothing.

"Yeah, okay," she said to her mother. She smiled. "Okay...well, I can talk about...things...with them now, right?" She nodded in unconscious agreement with whatever her mother was saying. "Uh-huh...okay...alright...okay, Mom...bye...,"

She put the phone back on the receiver and turned back to the breakfast table. She sniffed in disdain. Impulsively, she picked up a piece of bacon from Lorrie's plate and popped a bite into her mouth.

"You STILL could a' told me, ya know...geez," she groused, waving the remaining length of bacon around to include all three of them. "It would a' hurt ya to tell your best friend in the whole world?" she asked in an injured tone.

We laughed at her. We laughed even harder when Mandy told her they'd heard every scream Brandi made last night and did she REALLY think everyone was deaf?

Chapter Fourteen: Families Coming Together

A couple hours later, So I was leisurely cleaning out the grill, setting out the lighter fluid and charcoal. We'd only just had breakfast, but I was getting hungry again, and all three girls started mentioning they could probably eat something too. We were using up tons of calories and a nice cookout seemed to me to be the way to replace some.

Brandi came out on the patio, handed me a smartphone and walked back inside without saying a word.

"Hello?" I said into the mouthpiece.

"HI, Mike," Laura said cheerfully into my ear. "I'd ask how you're doing, big guy, but Brandi tells me you're doing really, really fine." She chuckled merrily.

"I...uh...well," I answered, obviously using every bit of my intellect.

Laura's laughter spilled out of the phone. She was laughing at me, but there wasn't a hint of malevolence in her voice.

"Well...I guess I'd have to say a good time was had by all," I remarked, hoping it wouldn't sound too smarmy. I didn't really know the etiquette was for talking to the mother of a ten-year-old girl I'd fucked three times overnight and once since.

"That's what she said too," Laura replied. She laughed again. Her voice was warm and more than a little suggestive.

Abruptly, I felt warm too...warm and tingly. Laura had a great voice for making men feel that way. At ease for the first time since Brandi had handed me her cell, I laughed and relaxed.

"Listen," Laura said without further introduction, "Carl and I want to come over and talk, if that's alright. You up for some conversation?"

So much for relaxation. Abruptly I was uncertain and apprehensive again. Phone calls were one thing, a face to face meeting with Brandi's father and mother was another.

"Mike?" Laura asked, breaking in to what was shaping up to be an uncomfortable silence. "Mike," she said softly. "Are you under the impression that there might be something confrontational about sitting down and talking with us?"

That was exactly what I was wondering about. I hadn't had to face the parents of a girl I'd just fucked since my future wife and I had been discovered 'in flagrante delicto' on the couch in her parent's house late one night. I'd gotten through that night, but I couldn't remember just how at this precise moment.

"If you think that," Laura continued before I could form any words, "nothing could be further from the truth, Mike," she said softly.

I let that sink in for a couple of seconds...and decided to trust her...and her judgment.

"Okay," I drawled. "Ahhhhh, I'm getting set to light some charcoal and put some steaks on the fire." I paused. "How about you and Carl...and...well, if you think it's okay...your other young uns too...come on over and we'll have a nice barbeque. How's that sound?"

"Sure!" Laura said brightly. "When?"

I laughed. The woman wasn't hard to talk to...short and direct--no messing around.

"Don't break any speed limits," I suggested. "But we're already getting hungry over here!"

"Be there in a few." Laura told me, and broke the connection.

"Bye," I said unnecessarily.

"Hey, ladies!" I called to the three naked young girls in the living room. "Company comin'!"

* * *

I got a very few minutes to shower...the three giggling girls had been in the master bedroom's shower until I chased them out. The result was that I was still moist in some places but I had on a clean shirt and slacks instead of just cargo shorts. I hoped this was the right protocol.

All three preteen hotties put fresh nail polish on their fingernails and toenails earlier in the day, and now I saw they'd taken a moment to add some makeup. There was a hint of eye shadow, maybe a touch of rouge, and some mascara too. They didn't need blush.

The three girls looked absolutely scrumptious, in my humble opinion. Barefooted, they were in short shorts and tops that were cut off just below their young breasts. All of them wore a gold ankle bracelet on their right ankle. The gold chain links contrasted nicely with their tanned skin.

There were ACRES of bare, slender, leg exposed under shorts that began well below their belly buttons and extended down their thighs only to crotch level. I was certain that if they bent over...and certainly if they sat down...their cute little butts would be peeking out from beneath the fabric.

On the other hand, they had some really cute butts--and I'd seen and fondled all three sets of butt-cheeks as recently as this morning. With time short, I said nothing more and I let my approval of their outfits show in my eyes. I was rewarded with happy grins.

I was the man of the house...the king of the I met the Murray clan at the front door...which isn't that easy a thing to do, considering how fiercely the butterflies were fluttering in my belly. Mandy and Lorrie ranged themselves to my right to greet everyone while Brandi hung back, seeing no reason to welcome her family into a weekend getaway she'd thought was hers alone.

I'd met all of Laura's family at one time or another, except for her husband. So I already knew all of the girls looked like clones of their mother. All of them were blonde, leggy, and attractive.

Tiffany was the first through the door. The little nine year old was dressed in a short tan skirt with a tight orange and tan, short-sleeved top and a pair of matching of low-heeled sandals.

She threw her arms around my neck, murmured something I didn't catch, then kissed me on the lips. One quick flick of her tongue at mine and then she was gone, leaving me again surprised by a little girl and not sure what to do next. It was getting to be a permanent condition.

I could see the shapes of her mother and father coming up the walk. Releasing her hold about my neck, Tiffany let me straighten up, only to reach out to pat my crotch with her small hand as if it was the most natural thing a girl child could do to a male adult.

I was surprised, but I managed to grin at her. Tiffany slipped past me and marched up to her sister. She whispered something in Brandi's ear and Brandi smiled, nodding at whatever Tiffany had said.

I decided not to inquire. I wasn't entirely certain I was ready for the answer.

Laura grabbed me by the shoulder and swung me back around to face her. She wrapped her arms around my neck, stepped up on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on me that got my blood boiling in nothing flat. She ground her groin against mine, doing her best to massage my prick through two layers of slacks and her skirt. I was sure the black, very tight miniskirt Laura had on couldn't possibly hide a pair of panties and I knew I wasn't wearing underwear.

She wore a pink, silky smooth, and quite diaphanous top that just missed being completely see-through. It was strapless, leaving her arms and shoulders bare in spite of the cool temperatures. At the top, the fabric was gathered and fastened to a plastic ring that went around her neck.

Well-shaped breasts, capped by already hard nipples were caressed by the fabric rather than concealed. She unwound her arms from my neck and stepped away only just in time for me to throttle an instinctive urge to rip off her skirt and rape her right there at the door.

Beside her mother, seven-year-old Sandi was waiting patiently for her mother to unwrap herself from me. She had on a pretty little white and pink top that said "2 Cute" emblazoned across the chest and on the pocket of her blue Capri pants. Her feet were encased in white ankle socks with frilly tops folded down onto her ankles and black MaryJanes. Not one to waste words, Sandi simply held up her arms and I bent over to give her a respectable little peck on the cheek.

I should have known better.

She wasn't having any of that. She put locked her arms behind my neck and gave me a very determined little kiss. There was just the tiniest touch of her tongue beyond her lips, and it was quickly withdrawn. When she broke the kiss, I raised myself back up. The young girl looked up at me, smiled her satisfaction, and turned to trot over to join her sisters.

Dazed by the assault on my senses, I looked down again when a small hand tapped at my hip bone. Laura's son, Tyler was trying to get my attention. Seeing me looking him in the face, he reached up, offering his hand for a man-to-man shake.

"Thank you for inviting us," the eight year old boy said carefully.

"You are entirely welcome, master Tyler, I said gravely. I remembered the young boy liked, and responded well to being treated in a more adult fashion than his years might otherwise warrant.

Releasing my hand, he marched up to Mandy and smiled up at her. He wanted a kiss from her though, not a handshake. Smart boy! He got it too, and Mandy's expression said he was giving her a robust little French kiss.

Served her right. Now she knew how I felt the first time she surprised me with one.

"Hello, Scott," I said, greeting Laura's fourteen-old-brother. I'd met him, but before this moment, I didn't know he was involved in...everything that Laura's family and mine were. He shook my hand politely, but he only had eyes for my daughters and his nieces behind me. There were evidently two smart boys in Laura's family.

"Mike, I know you've met him, but it was only the one time and it's been a while," Laura said warmly, bringing me back around to my final guest. "This is my husband, Carl," she said simply.

"How are you, Mike?" said my daughter's school's vice principal--and Laura's husband...and Brandi's father. I darted a glance at Brandi and my daughters.

Somehow, you'd have thought the small fact that Brandi's dad was the school's vice principal would have come up in some conversation over all that time. I brought my eyes back to my front.

"I'm doing great," I said. "A day of surprises...a weekend of surprises, I should say," I finished lamely, half in apology, half explanation.

"Oh, really?" he asked, cocking his head to one side.

"You didn't know Brandi's dad was the vice principal?" Mandy interjected from beside me.

"Noooo," I replied reprovingly. "And I think I'd remember if I'd ever been told," I finished. I would have--no doubt about it. Mandy shrugged off the implied criticism.

"Well you know now!" she said succinctly.

"I guess I know how high a standing 'I' have," Carl commented cheerfully. "My own daughter doesn't even mention my incredibly important position in the community to people she meets."

"Hey!" Brandi was clearly wondering whether she should be indignant or not, but I waved her into silence.

"Never mind," I said conciliatorily. "I never asked either." Having recovered the use of my voice and my body. I shoved my hand out at Mr. Carl Murray and shook hands firmly with the father of the little girl I'd already fucked several times.

"Welcome, Carl...Laura. Mi casa, su casa. Kick off your shoes and make yourself at home."

Carl nodded at the invitation, clapped me on the shoulder as he passed and slipped off his shoes in the foyer, arranging them against the wall near his wife's.

I closed the door and took a deep breath, sending a quick entreaty to the goddess of all fools and little-girl fuckers. I sure needed her watching over me today.

* * *

Dinner went relatively well. I kept myself busy with broiling the steaks and making sure everyone was served one at the precise degree of pinkness inside, as well as a baked potatoe, baked beans, and salad. Preoccupation made it easier to ignore the fact that none of the Murray females had an ounce of shyness in them.

I'm not sure there was a single moment when I was inside the house when one pair of hands or another wasn't petting, touching, stroking, or caressing something on my body. I liked it, but I didn't know how I should be reacting in front of their father and husband.

We talked about the Family Adventure Club all through the preparation for, during, and after the meal. And then we got deeper into the actual organizational structure. Carl and Laura didn't hold anything back. The Murray kids all put in their two cents worth whenever they had something they thought the grownups weren't getting across very well.

Mandy and Lorrie were as taken aback as I was at first. None of us had guessed the club was cover for something deeper. My daughters adapted well though, quicker than I did in fact.

But I figured out how to relax halfway through my steak when Tiffany, finished already with her small portion, came to straddle my right leg, the better to feed me and rub herself on my thigh.

Looking around shrewdly, Lorrie left her seat and sat on Carl's lap for the remainder of dinner. I didn't actually see Carl's hands do anything improper, but Lorrie was soon squirming around on his lap with a thoroughly delighted smile on her face.

"Hey!" Lorrie exclaimed after a few minutes. "Does this mean Mandy and me'll be getting better grades from now on?" she asked her vice-principal.

Carl nodded vigorously, saying, "Certainly not! Unless you work harder."

Lorrie's face sniffed derisively and pretended to hit Carl on his shoulder. "Meanie!" she complained.

I wondered if I should be jealous or maybe even pissed off, but I just couldn't. Going back to the lessons I'd learned when my wife, Leslie, and I went into the swinging lifestyle, and whatever resentment there might have been at Lorrie's enjoyment of Carl's lap died a still death. And I set to work with a will exploring Tiffany's soft thighs under her skirt. She was soon squirming around just as much as Lorrie was.

Laura pulled Tyler onto her lap when she saw I was adjusting to the situation and was openly fondling his cock through his open zipper while he attacked his food. The little feller was hungry.

Mandy was fascinated and watched intently as Laura's hand manipulated Tyler's small cock. I saw her lick her lips a number of times and her hand wasn't visible for much of the last two-thirds of the meal. It was tucked inside her shorts except for those times when she needed to cut her meat.

The musky odor of sex was soon wafting up from various crotches around the dinner table. I couldn't help but wonder at what kind of sauce I could have collected for my steak from the vulvas of the young females seated about the dining room. A heated tightening in my groin signaled a final surrender to the carnal atmosphere that was growing stronger and stronger in my home.

I know Tiffany was aware of my capitulation too. The little nine-year-old looked at me with a pleased, knowing grin on her face when my penis hardened. Where she'd been sitting astride my right thigh, now she turned away from me and straddled both legs. She made sure she centered her body right over my cock.

Once she settled in place, her thighs spread wide again for my questing fingers. I soon had little Tiffany wriggling on my lap even more energetically than Lorrie was on Tiffany's father's lap.

* * *

After the dishes were arranged in the dishwasher, we adjourned to the play room downstairs and the prurient feel to the late afternoon grew stronger. I opened up the wet bar and offered wine or beer all around. All five young girls wanted wine too, but the boys did not. Scott and Tyler took a beer to share, but they weren't serious about drinking it.

I set up the wine glasses and filled them. Tyler sat on a barstool watching every move I made behind the bar. The different colored liquors in their varied shapes fascinated him. He proudly delivered a glass to each of the young ladies, strutting happily back and forth. He got a nice kiss from each preteen girl, and a crotch grope from Mandy.

They all thought the view of the far mountains through the polarized glass windows was fantastic. I could see Carl and Laura were taking mental notes. It would be advantageous in their household too, to have windows they could see out of but which no one could see in.

Laura stretched out like a big sensuous cat on the new sectional sofa, loving the feel of the soft fabric. In seconds, she was stroking and fondling the cushions as if they were lovers. She eyed the huge coffee table...the one the girls and I called our 'play table'...and propped her bare feet up on the single corner she could reach.

Besides the mammoth back yard and the patio with its built in barbeque grill and smoker, Carl was utterly entranced with the massive HD flat screen at the far end of the room. He remarked solemnly that he'd been in movie theaters that didn't have screens that big.

When I told them we'd christened it and the new entertainment center by viewing a porn video, Carl and Laura exchanged hooded glances I couldn't interpret.

I was babbling on about anything that came to mind at that point, I guess. Trouble was, I didn't know how to get over the hump. I was pretty sure what was going to happen next, but there weren't any instruction manuals lying about.

The subject of the dance studio came up and I asked if Mandy, Lorrie, Brandi and Tiffany would give us a demonstration. After having sipped most of a glass of wine each, the girls didn't hesitate a second.

Mandy ran upstairs to her room and came back moments later with a DVD she popped into the player. She also passed out some rubber bands and all five young girls lifted their hands behind their heads to put their hair up in ponytails. That done, the four dancers arranged themselves on the other side of the play table and waited for their cue. A highly charged techno beat filled the room and their girls went into motion.

I don't know what I'd call their dance. There was a lot of hip shaking, groin thrusting and emphatic arm movements. They'd been working hard at it, that much was obvious and they'd learned well from the former stripper. The four of them got into a line and did some of the most fantastic bumping and grinding that I ever saw in my life. I didn't know young girls' bodies could bend and sway and writhe the way these girls' did. I made a memo to put some kind of pole in the play room so they could use it to work off of.

When they squatted low, circled their hips around and then thrust their barely covered crotches at an unseen stationary cock on the floor, I had to readjust my slacks and so did Carl. Even Laura seemed to be captivated by the performance. They finished up with each pair of sisters "spooning" and doing another set of bumps and grinds for us.

"THAT looks like fun!" Laura exclaimed.

Brandi gave her mother a thumbs up signal but she was too involved in her routine for any more of an answer. I imagined boys pushing their young cocks into the ass of their young girlfriends and decided I liked that part of the dance too. I readjusted my pants again. When the techno beat ended, all four girls dropped to the carpet, exhausted.

All the rest of us clapped and cheered, but little Sandi's heart wasn't in it. Looking around, she saw my eyes on her and she came up to me.

"I can do that," she told me earnestly. "But they won't let me go to the dance place," she added. Her lower lip was pushed out just the tiniest little bit.

"You can?" I asked. She nodded solemnly. I led her over to the 'play table' and lifted her aboard.

"Show me," I said. She stood there a moment without moving and then beckoned me closer, pulling my head down to her level.

"Can you play some music like they had?" she whispered in my ear.

"Sure, honey," I replied. "Mandy, can you start that over please?"

Mandy was already on her way. The whisper had been louder than Sandi had thought.

A few seconds later, the hard techno beat began again. And the blood of everyone in the room began to quicken again right along with it.

Sandi stood for a long moment, her eyes unseeing in concentration. Then she found the beat and she began to prance around the table, pumping her almost non-existent hips in, out, and around.

Her hand gestures weren't as fluid as the four older girls' had been but she did a very credible job of a bump and grind and it was incredibly exhilarating to watch a child that young perform such lewd twisting and turning moves. If I'd been asked before, I'd have had to admit I didn't know a seven-year-old's body could undulate so sinuously. I was amazed.

When she stopped, all out of breath, we all clapped and cheered at the top of our lungs, Carl managing a loud whistle. The little girl beamed at the approval.

Still clapping, I took a step closer to the 'stage' and held out my hands. Taking two short steps, Sandi jumped into my arms, winding her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips. I walked backward to my seat on the sofa and sat down. Sandi wound up on her knees on the couch cushions next to me with my right arm around her.

She leaned the front of her body comfortably against mine. "Mister Mike?" asked Sandi.

"What honey?" I replied. "And it's just 'Mike' if that's okay with you." She nodded. Her fingers were toying with the top button on my shirt. She was also talking to the button.

"Mike," she said slowly. "Can I see your belly hair?"

"Brandi says it's soft and furry," she added.

I grinned. My daughters were fascinated with it too. I had some hair on my chest, in contrast to most metro-sexual males growing up these days, who had not a single hair anywhere, and I also had some between my sternum and my bellybutton, composed of soft, very fine hairs. Mandy and Lorrie loved to run their hands across it, much as if they were petting a dog.

"Sure," I said to the little girl. "Go for it!" She unbuttoned the top four buttons on my shirt and was soon patting my belly. Then she straightened back up and was soon leaning against my chest with my right arm around her again. With her on her knees and me sitting on my ass, our heads were nearly on a level, but again Sandi was talking to my shirt button.

"Mike," she said a little plaintively.


"Do you like little girls?" she asked.

"Sure. Doesn't everyone?" I replied. She looked me in the eyes for a brief moment and then figured out that I had evaded her question. Even at seven years of age, she read me like an open book. She poked a forefinger into my chest to punish me.

"I mean, don't you like to do things with little girls anymore," she asked, trying to corner me, "like you did with Brandi?" That was pretty specific.

Didn't leave me much room to maneuver. So I took a deep breath and answered her.

"I sure do," I said. She took a breath deeper than the one I'd taken. Then she put both her hands on both sides of my face and turned my head so she could look directly at me. She leaned close and pressed her forehead against mine. Her eyes stared into mine from a distance of an inch or two.

"Then...," she said. "Would you PUHHHH-LEEEEEZE take my pants off and lick my pussy for me 'til I can't stand it no more?"

At first, I could only stare into her beautifully clear, innocent eyes.

"I like that really a lot!" she added in a confiding tone.

What could I do? I grinned at her and patted her on her little butt.

I looked past her shoulder at everyone else. I saw Lorrie hadn't waited any longer for a sign from me that the party was starting. In fact, she was already on Carl's lap with one of his hands under her t-shirt and the other rubbing gently at her crotch.

Mandy had fallen to the carpet in front of Tyler and was in the process of opening his zipper. She quickly reached inside his pants to fondle his small prick. She looked up at me with a thoroughly delighted expression on her face. Behind her, Scott was deftly slipping her shorts down and pushing her crop top up.

Brandi was on her knees beside her mother on the sofa and was casually playing with her mother's right breast. I couldn't see Tiffany.

I fondled Sandi's young ass cheeks for the first time, "I would be most happy to lick your little pussy," I assured her. "I like doing that," I told her in a loud whisper.

I pulled her closer and kissed her lips. I waited for her lips to part and then stabbed my tongue forward to flick lightly at hers. Slipping my hand under her shirt, I swept my hand across her chest. She had nothing resembling breasts, of course. Nothing but a little puffiness and circles of light colored flesh with a raised bump of a nipple smaller than a BB. As I ran my thumb across her left nipple, it hardened, and hardened still more as I repeated the move.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned.

I chuckled.

Little Sandi might be only seven years old, but that nipple was as sensitive as any twenty-five-year-old woman's. I felt her pants being pulled down and I looked over her shoulder to see her mother casually slipping them down.

The little girl's mother was helping me to ravish her child...and she was smiling as she did it. Laura blew a kiss at me. The smoldering look in her eyes promised she wasn't going to be a passive helper for long.

I felt a tug at my waist and looked down to see that Tiffany's disappearance earlier had been because she'd been hidden by Sandi's young body. Tiffany grinned up at me as while her hands worked at getting my pants unzipped.

I turned back to Sandi and lifted the bottom of her thin white and pink top up over her head and tossed it on the back of the sofa. Then I tickled her ribs. She collapsed, giggling. She wound up in her mother's lap, naked except for the pants gathered about her ankles and the white ankle socks.

In falling, she'd interfered with her mom's attempt to pull them off, so I grabbed her pants' cuffs, yanked her legs straight up in the air, and pulled the pants up the same direction. They joined her T-shirt on the back of the sectional. She hadn't been wearing panties. She'd arrived in my house ready for sex. Suddenly I knew I was in heaven...a pervert's heaven, to be sure...but heaven nevertheless.

Laura didn't have anything to do now--so she stood and began stripping her own clothes off. Reaching behind her neck, she unfastened the ring holding her top up.

She let it fall to show me a pair of beautiful, round, full breasts tipped with hard, blood-engorged nipples. Those wonderful orbs hadn't yet begun to yield to gravity's inevitable drag but stood high and proud on her chest.

I was sure no child had sucked on those lovely, prominent breasts except perhaps in play. They were too perfectly formed and the nipples too obviously still sensitive to the twin stimulations of the fabric of her top and the sight of a grown man stroking her baby girl's hairless pubes.

Untying the top in the back, she tossed it on top of Sandi's clothing and worked her thumbs under the waistband of her pants. She worked them down her hips and thighs, using that special little wiggle women use to remove tight pants. She held my eyes, daring me to watch...or not to watch, I don't know which. I watched her body as she revealed it to me.

Her skin was unblemished, even after five children. Some women could do that, my late wife, for instance. When the waist was low enough, I saw Laura had a venus mons as bare of hair as either of her daughters whose pussies I'd thus far had the opportunity to examine. I smiled. I DO love a bare crotch on my women.

"You like?" Laura asked mischievously.

"Oh, heck yeah," I replied sincerely. "You look absolutely delicious," I added.

Her slacks joined the growing pile of clothes on the back of the sofa and she stepped nearer. I reached out to cup her pussy with my left hand while the fingers on my right were exploring Sandi's outer lips. To my surprise, Laura's crotch was as smooth and soft as Sandi's. There was no stubble at all...not even the beginnings of stubble.

I looked closer and couldn't see any signs she'd ever had hair on her lower body. I wondered. My daughters and I had talked about hair removal but we'd not yet done much about it. I looked up at Laura's face with my eyebrows raised in question.

"I've had it all removed," she said, confirming my guess. I nodded.

"We," I said, motioning with my chin in the general direction of my girls, "we've talked about laser but we didn't know where to go and we kind a' put it off--"

"I'll help with that," Laura assured me. She put a hand on my left shoulder to steady herself. "There are places to go where they won't talk about what or who they've got for customers."

My fingers slipped inside her labia; I found her clit and had already begun a massage of it, lubricated by her own flowing juices. Laura was hot, wet, and more than ready for action. It would be cruel of me to continue playing with her sensitive nub. Sandi was the first to ask for me to do her. She had priority.

Somebody pinched my thigh just below my left ass cheek. It was surprising rather than painful. I jumped...and looked down.

Kneeling on the floor next to the sofa, at her naked mother's feet, Tiffany was still trying to get my pants off, but I was sitting on them. Without speaking, she motioned me to raise my hips so she could pull them down. I did, and the nine-year-old girl had them off seconds later in spite of the fact that my right knee was curled half under my body.

Somehow, Tiffany had gotten out of her clothes without me noticing. When she saw me looking at her, she thrust out her chest at me so I could get a clear look at her silver dollar-sized titties. The beautiful little globes stood about the height of a halved golf ball above her chest and were topped with tiny, ruby-red, nipples that were already standing proudly erect.

My mouth watered...I really wanted to suck them into my mouth and tease them with my tongue. I couldn't see any more of Tiffany. She was sitting on the carpet close to the couch and the lower half of her body was hidden by the sofa cushion I was sitting on.

My right hand was suddenly trapped in soft girl flesh. Sandi was sitting up, unbuttoning my shirt, pulling at my arm to straighten it out, and then yanking my shirt off. Seconds later, I was as naked as the three females around me and the pile of unneeded garments on the sofa back grew higher. I didn't know where to look next and wasn't sure what to DO next. A man can't take care of that many girls all at once. Someone was going to have to wait.

Or not.

Abruptly, my right hand wasn't caressing Sandi's naked flesh; she'd pulled back. At the edge of my vision, I could see Laura's hand on her daughter's shoulder, urging her to move down the couch a short distance. Laura motioned me to lift my feet and lie full length on the deep cushions. I scooted my butt away from the couch arm, twisted my body, and lay down with Sandi on the sofa at my feet, Tiffany squatting at my shoulder, and Laura at my waist looking down at my dick.

"Mmmmmmmm," she growled deep in her throat. She licked her lips and smiled at me, letting me see her excitement. Her right hand swept to stroke her groin just above her slit. I could see the sheen of a trickle of fluid leaking from her cunt and beginning to coat her thighs. The woman was so horny she was turning me on more than I already was.

And I was tremendously turned on. Two naked preteen girls and a young woman, the preteen girl's mother, and me. My cock was as hard as a rock and the head was colored a strong purple with the blood that was surging into it.

"Oh, Mommy," Sandi exclaimed incredulously, "look at it. It's so NICE," she said. She leaned over and kissed the shaft just below the frenulum. My penis jumped at the touch, setting off a set of giggles from the seven-year-old girl.

"He liked that, Mommy," Sandi said delightedly.

I did indeed. Her little pink tongue had licked out like a serpent's, touching delicately and then flicking away, back inside her innocent lips. I was entranced. I wanted more. But I'd have to wait. I made a big discovery. I wasn't really in charge in this little four person group. The girls were.

"Sandi?" Laura said to get her daughter's attention. Sandi looked at her questioningly. "I don't think Mike has had a chance to taste your little puss yet," Laura suggested.

Sandi looked around at me quickly, and I let my tongue slip out; I licked my lips in anticipation. The little girl stood and, with a supporting hand from her mother, she walked up the cushions to my chest.

Her little feet were on each side of my body, her legs wide and I had a beautiful view of her slightly spread outer labia. I could see droplets of moisture already forming in the slit dividing her mound. She squatted on my chest, her knees opening wider and I had an even better view of her little pussy.

"Tiffany?" I could see past Sandi's right hip as Laura urged Tiffany up on the sofa beside me. Then Sandi bent forward and kissed me, wiping out my view of her younger sister and mother.

Suddenly the head of my cock was engulfed inside a scorching wetness. The suddenness, as well as the incredible pleasure, made me gasp. Hearing it, Sandi looked up at me, then around behind her where I couldn't see.

"It's Tiffany," she said matter-of-factly. She looked behind her again. "And Mommy has her hands on your balls," she said firmly. I now had all the news. Sandi turned back to me.

"And they're making me feel really, really good," I assured her. "Now let me make you feel good," I suggested. Sandi grinned happily.

I pulled her shoulders down so I could kiss her tiny nipples. I'd been wanting to do that since I'd first seen them. I flicked my tongue at her right nipple, tapping the little bud with the end of it and then letting the tip of my tongue slide around the whole aureole, wetting with my saliva. Then I transferred my attention to her left puffy and gave it the same attention. I was about to return to the right side of her chest when little Sandi stopped me.

"Hey!" she said. There was a small irritation in her voice. "Mister Mike, my pussy is down here, ya know." To help me out, she was pointing at the place where her pretty thighs met.

And so I relearned a valuable bit of knowledge I'd obtained from Brandi last night. At an orgy, foreplay is unnecessary and just gets in the way. I'd actually known that years ago when my wife and I swung, and I saw it applied here and now too. Even small girls, it seemed, are already excited and wet, ready for action without much in the way of preliminaries. I chuckled at the little girl's words, so shocking in a normal perfectly appropriate when the tyke is engaged in group sex. I chuckled. I couldn't help it.

"Well...then scoot that cute little pussy up here where I can get at it," I said playfully. She did. And my nostrils were filled with the essence of little girl musk...a sexually aroused little girl who knew what she wanted and how to get it. I tucked her feet up over my shoulders and slipped a hand under each small ass cheek to pull her small pussy against my mouth.

The tongue washing my cock had been receiving ended, though I could feel Laura's bigger hand still holding tight to the shaft. Abruptly, there was heated flesh surrounding the tip of my cock. I could feel a yielding, a separation as my cock slipped into a torrid, incredibly smooth, wet sheath.

"Mommy, he feels SOOOO good," said a young voice. My cock slid deeper.

"I know," Laura said unconcernedly. "A little bit at a time, honey...just keep pushing down, she advised, matter-of-factly. Supporting Sandi's butt with just my right hand, I dropped my left down to my groin to explore. My fingers found a small girl's hips, her legs on either side of my hip bones as she squatted slowly, impaling her young body on my cock.

Sweeping my hand up, I found a young breast, not very big, but infinitely soft and firm at the same time. I thumbed the tip of the little mound, working the nipple into a swollen erection and did the same with her left breast. I could hear her breath hiss between her teeth as I worked on her sensitive nubbins.

Tiffany dropped another inch on my cock and suddenly my cock slid down a good distance into her vagina. She gasped, and held herself still. I could feel her body quivering as she waited for her cunt to adjust to the size of the fleshy club thrusting up inside her.

It didn't take long. The way was well greased; I learned later she'd been thinking most of the day about fucking the man her older sister had. In seconds, Tiffany was slipping further down my shaft, taking the head of my cock deeper into her cunt. After a bit, she was sliding up and down, slowly at first, then working up a nice rhythm.

My cock was in a hot, slick tunnel, smooth on all sides and gripping me firmly. I was being squeezed, manipulated, and moved around in the little girl's tight sleeve. I couldn't see it, but I could sure feel the warm sensations that flowed from my cock through my groin.

During all this, my tongue had been on automatic, slathering up one side of little Sandi's outer lips and down the other. I concentrated, rescuing a small part of my consciousness and pulling it back so I could tongue fuck this beautiful young girl-child. I wanted to feel her body shudder as she hunched over my mouth. I wanted to taste her juices, swallowing them while she did a tortured dance on my tongue.

Parting her tender outer lips with gentle fingers, I slipped my tongue deeper inside the seven-year-old girl's pussy. At the first touch of my tongue on her immature inner labia, Sandi trembled, pulling her hips back. Then she pressed forward again, unable to keep away from the erotic kiss. I worked the tip of my tongue up and down the small opening, pushing my tongue inside a little bit at a time.

I began to concentrate on the top of her slit, working my tongue around her tiny prepuce and trying to charm her miniscule clit out into the open where I could work on it directly. It was balky, wanting to stay hidden. My licks up and down her cunt opening were inhibiting the process of coaxing her clit from behind its fleshy hood. The more aroused Sandi became, the more her clit wanted to retreat from the overload of sensuous pleasure. But I was patient.

Between my tongue and some small assistance from a finger carefully inserted below it, I was able to touch the tip of my tongue to the sensitized, pin-head sized organ. When I did, Sandi bucked hard. I pulled her back to my mouth with the hand I'd left on her butt cheeks. I touched the clit, hiding again under the prepuce, tonguing aside the flesh until I found it again. I worked it hard, and probed her cunt with a single finger.

I wasn't sure how narrow her vagina opening was in this, the first time we'd had sex, so I pressed inside slowly. I found she could easily take my forefinger. I slid it up inside her as far as it would go. There was no hymen to stop me. This child had had something, or some things, this far up inside her before. After a short time, though, I had to remove it. Sandi was humping my mouth too fast and too furiously for me to slide my finger alongside my mouth into her little cunt.

My hand slipped away from under my chin to my chest and then down to young Tiffany's slim thighs; she was still riding my cock like a cowgirl on her steed. I touched the top of her slit, seeking a position for my hand where I could massage Tiffany's clit from the outside, but there just wasn't enough room. I rested my hand on her knee but it didn't remain immobile and useless for very long.

It was captured in someone else's hands, Laura's, and positioned quickly between her thighs. I tried to explore, wondering what her outer labia felt like, slickened as they were by large amounts of cunt juice. But she would have none of it. My fingers were placed so that my forefinger was inside her outer labia and my thumb over the clitoral hood. My fingers were already slick with her fluids so there was no delay.

And I was reminded again that I wasn't in charge here. I was an instrument for their pleasure and whatever part of my body that was involved was redirected instantly if it wandered from its task.

I began manipulating the flesh around Laura's clit, assuming that to be what she wanted. A gasp, dimly heard through Sandi's thighs around my ears, told me I was right. Laura rubbed herself against my hand, pushing my finger deep inside. On the outstroke, I joined my forefinger and middle finger and let them both slide inside. I crooked them, searching for that little bean-shaped region on the front wall of her vagina they call the G-spot.

I think I found it but I had no attention to spare, I could only hope I was giving Laura some pleasure. A second later, I was sure I found it. Laura jerked a couple of times...but she took care not to lose contact between my fingers and her sensitive cunt wall.

"Mommmmmy?" came the breathless cry from little Sandi. The small girl was humping my tongue, losing the rhythm every once in a while, but picking it back up almost immediately.

"Mommmmmy?" she called louder. "MOMMY? MOM--MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she wailed.

With the tip of my tongue, I could feel her vagina opening begin to spasm. She jerked and twisted, mashing her small pussy against my tongue and mouth. She shuddered, thrust hard against my head and froze into immobility. Her hips twitched faintly, I could feel a trembling throughout her lower body that faded slowly. Then she was still, slumping forward over my face. I had to move her...she was smothering me. With my hand guiding her, Sandi fell dazedly to the side, wedging herself between me and the back cushion of the sofa. I took in a deep breath.

Tiffany was bouncing up and down on my cock like a wild thing. Her pussy lips had stretched...her vagina had opened up to easily take my cock inside. My cock seemed to pull her labia together, sucking them down inside the little girl.

When she bucked her hips up, her labia spread obscenely as my prick slid out, bringing with it copious amounts of her child's cunt juices. The vacuum in her pussy when my cock was pulling out of her made lewd sucking sounds. Her head was down, her hair falling now into my face as she watched and heard her cunt taking a man's cock.

Tiffany speeded up her rhythm. She, like Sandi, had been too aroused for foreplay and now she was too worked up to make the fuck last too long.

"Unnnnnnngh...," she whimpered.



She repositioned herself, dropping her chest so her upper body was parallel to mine on the couch. The young girl began to whip her hips up and drive them down over my cock even faster. In moments, her gasping came louder, her flushed face tilted up as she gazed unseeing at the ceiling.

I slipped my left hand between our bodies and cupped her hard-pointed right titty. The nipple punched into the middle of my palm and I rubbed my hand around her chest, seeking to give her just that tiny extra bit of erotic pleasure that would send her over the top. It may have been just what she needed, or she got to that place all by herself.


"AANNGH-AANNGH-AANNGH-AANNGH-AANNGH-AANNGH-AANNGH-AANNGH!" she panted, the short, sharp exclamations coming hard and fast.

I felt her cunt squeeze down on my cock; the incredible tightness became even tighter as the little girl stopped shoving her cunt down on my prick. She shuddered hard, her lower body humping my cock in tiny fractions of an inch. She raised her body and slammed down on me a final time, screeching at the top of her lungs.


And then she was still. She collapsed over me. The Murray girls, it seemed, were quite vocal during their orgasms and not a bit shy about giving vent to loud yells to accompany, or reinforce their cumming.

Tiffany was still. She was so light I had no trouble breathing, even with her laying half on my chest, and I soooooo badly needed to breathe. I was gasping for air at least as hard as she was even if I hadn't even begun my own climax. It was like a race we'd both run, though only one had crossed the finish far.

Gently, I lifted the nine-year-old off me and slid my body out to the edge of the couch, and rolled her off me and onto the cushions behind us.

I stood, looking around the room for the first time since I'd signaled the beginning of the orgy by answering Sandi's request for me to lick her pussy.

I saw Lorrie, on the opposite side of the sectional facing me on Carl's lap. She was naked, her tea-cup sized boobies jiggling tightly as Carl's cock punched up inside her pussy. Lorrie was watching me intently...and apparently had been for some time while I fucked and ate two of Laura's preteen daughters. Apparently she wanted to see how I was taking this, and I suspect she had some lingering hesitancy about whether she really wanted me to be taking other girls.

I waited for some jealousy to streak through me too. This was the first time we'd had sex with another family. This was my youngest daughter, her legs spread obscenely as she sat on a strange man's lap and let him ram his cock in and out of her.

I could see their union as Carl lifted her by her hips and then mashed her down again. Their vulgar, carnal act occurring right in front of me should have aroused a anger inside me. This man was violating my little girl.

But that feeling would not come. Lorrie was clearly cooperating completely in her own defilement. Reading her expression, she was loving every second of what was happening to her. So I accepted it.

Lorrie was happy being fucked and it wasn't going to matter that it wasn't her father who serviced her this time. I grinned at my youngest daughter. She was enjoying herself, as her mother had when we engaged in swapping parties. Lorrie's mother and I had been part of the swinging scene for several years, knowing the sex was a recreation, not a loss of love.

Lorrie grinned back and cupped her breasts, pointing her beautifully rounded boobies at me. I chuckled. Taking my cock in my hands, I waved it at her and she laughed silently. Her eyes glazed again; she was getting too near her orgasm to pay me attention any longer.

Where was Mandy? She was sitting on the carpet, her back against the front of the sofa and eight-year-old Tyler was thrusting his small dick in and out of her mouth. Brandi was under her brother, laying belly-down in front of Mandy with her face buried in Mandy's crotch, energetically licking at her best friend's pussy. Scott was behind Brandi, putting a cushion under his niece so he could fuck her. The young man was grinning maniacally all around.

Mandy saw me watching and grinned around Tyler's fingerling prick.

I was still holding the shaft of my cock in my hand. I pointed it in her direction and waggled it at her too while making my eyebrows jump wildly up and down. She laughed out loud, loosing the suction with Tyler's little three-inch penis and dribbling saliva lewdly down her chin.

Brandi pulled back for an instant and turned to find whatever it was that had amused Mandy. Seeing me, Brandi smiled happily and bent to her task again. She wiggled her ass, which did wonders for fourteen-year-old Scott.

I'd lost touch with Laura, but now she reappeared directly in front of me, her hands on her naked hips. Her eyes were pools of molten lust as she stared me up and down. I must have been a sight. Her two preteen daughters had left pools of their juices from my cheeks to my upper thighs. I could see a wet coat of the slick stickiness covering the front of my body shining in the late afternoon sunlight coming in the patio doors. It didn't seem to bother her at all.

"Hey, Mike," she purred, "got anything left for me?" She pressed up against me and rubbed around a little, mixing the juices from her two children over both our bodies.

I didn't answer, not verbally anyway. Taking her shoulders in my hands, I whirled her around and pressed her down to the floor beside Mandy so she could use the sofa for support.

Divining my purpose immediately, Laura fell to her knees, scooched backward away from the couch and bent forward to rest her head on the carpet. She pushed her butt up at me, wiggling enthusiastically while she waited for me to get between her legs.

"Fuck me, big guy," she crooned, enflaming me even more. "Fuck my!"

Scooting closer on my knees, I held the shaft of my cock in my hands and rubbed the head up and down her slit for a bit. She gasped at the contact and rammed her ass back at me impatiently. Finding the right angle, I pushed forward an inch or so, finding the entrance to her vagina...and then I rammed my cock into her in one strong, hard shove.

She bucked back at me, and I plunged to the very bottom of her cunt. Laura began to gyrate her hips around in tiny movements. My cock was in a tight, slippery tube that clasped at me, clutched me, squeezed me tightly even as it allowed me to slide in and out.

I was surprised at how tight Laura's cunt was. I would have assumed that, after four kids, it would be a little loose. Then I felt her vagina hold me in a tight grip. It was a deliberate, conscious thing she was doing. The thought flashed through my mind that this young woman was a consummate master at fucking.

Laura and I weren't going to last long. I was slamming into her like a jackhammer and she was thrusting back at me just as hard. Laura grunted each time the head of my dick bumped her cervix but when I tried to limit the depth to which my cock plunged, she stretched a hand back to grab my ass and pull me deeper. The woman had attractively painted nails, and they were no longer than the average woman's. But I'm not into pain and when she dug those fingernails into my butt, I plowed a deeper furrow, whether I bottomed out too roughly or not.

We were going at it hot and heavy. There was no love in it, no art...just animals hammering away at each other's genitals in an ecstasy of primal lust. Every time I drilled into her cunt, she rammed her ass back into me. I could feel my balls swinging wildly below our bodies.

Laura's grunting absorbed my whole attention and now I was grunting in time with her rhythm. Then there was a change--a faltering in the beat. Laura didn't shove back at me when I stabbed forward into her. She picked the rhythm back up but she couldn't keep it, getting more and more ragged with every stroke. Abruptly, her ass quit moving, she cocked her head to one side with a look of vast concentration.

"OHHHHHHHHHH GAWD!" she groaned. Her cunt squeezed my cock hard, seeming to milk me with a frantic need only my cum could cure.

And the sap began to rise inside me. The waves of muscle contractions in Laura's vagina were making me cum too.

Brief seconds after Laura went into her climax, I was groaning as sperm mixed with other liquids deep in my groin. I could feel the combined mixture making its way up to my penis. Though I tried to hold it back, the flood would not be denied and suddenly milky white cum was spurting into Laura's cunt. She felt it.

"Oh shit!" she wailed.



She was siphoning the cum out of me. I could feel the pumping all the way back to my balls.

Laura bucked hard back into me. I felt the wet stickiness of her cunt fluid flowing past my cock and down my thighs as she came harder.

It set me off again and I spurted another round of baby-making juice into her. A third splashed deep inside. We were so tightly clamped together, the wiggling little spermatozoa had to be swimming directly through her cervix into her womb. The thought ignited a final spray of cum inside her and I was finished.

Gasping for breath, I stretched out a hand to brace myself on the seat cushions so I wouldn't collapse on top of her. A nice thought, but Laura was collapsing herself and she pulled me down with her. I tried to pull out of her but my cock was held captive by trained muscles in her vagina. I was caught inside her as firmly as any dog inside a bitch he had just fucked.

I was too heavy though. In seconds, Laura's body released my prick so I could roll off her and let her breathe again. I fell off to the side and came to rest sitting on my butt, my head on my chest and panting as hard as if I'd just run a double marathon.

Laura wasn't doing much better, but she recovered quicker than I did. She got up and turned around to face me with her hands on her hips. My eyes automatically went to her reddened pussy lips. There was a film of cunt juice and creamy male cum dribbling from her cunt and down her thighs. She spread her legs shamelessly so I could see the licentious sight even better.

"ANIMAL!" she said accusingly. I looked into her eyes. She was only playing. The woman had been well and truly fucked just as she'd wanted, and her appreciation was shining through.

"HUSSY!" I retorted. Laura grinned and thrust her hips out at me.

"Hah! That's telling the wench, Mike!"

I turned to see Carl smiling expansively in the corner of the room. His dick had slipped from my daughter's young pussy and was dangling between his legs while he absent-mindedly fondled Lorrie's right breast. Lorrie was leaning back against his chest languidly, happily. I didn't have to ask if she'd gotten off.

"Honey," Carl said to Laura, "Mike's got your number, doesn't he?" he remarked casually.

"How'd he figure you out so quick, huh?" He grinned broadly. "Was it something you said, you reckon?"

Laura stuck out her tongue at him and Carl grinned wider. While the married couple played word games, I wearily got to my feet to look around.

Mandy was leaning back against the sofa with little Tyler's groin pasted to her face. He was panting heavily, apparently having just climaxed inside my oldest daughter's mouth. He sure had all the signs written clearly on his features.

Briefly I wondered if an eight and a half year old boy actually could develop any semen but I gave up almost before the thought had formed. Hell, even if he couldn't, he'd clearly enjoyed himself immensely--and so had Mandy. The flush on her face said she'd had at least a little orgasm.

Tiffany and Sandi were off to my right, still tangled together where I'd put them while struggling to my feet earlier. I'd been a bull in a pasture full of cows in heat at the same time. I hadn't been careful but apparently the two little girls had tumbled together and then down to the carpeting without any painful bumps. They grinned at me.

Tiffany spread her legs for me, rubbing at her slit mischievously. She'd had time to recover and she was more than ready for me to do it all over again. I grinned a promise to do exactly that, but not right now.

Well maybe not.... I touched the hard-on I'd mistakenly thought was softening, slipped to my knees beside the wanton little girl and lifted her bodily. I twisted my body and let myself fall to the carpet with her on top of me...and we began again.

Chapter Fifteen: Invitations

Carl and I were watching the local team begin another drive. It looked like their investment in the veteran quarterback was finally beginning to pay off. We were both naked, as we had been since yesterday afternoon and I was getting comfortable being in the same room again with a man who was sexually excited. Neither of us was attracted to other males in the least and at first, it took some doing for me to glance at his partly erect penis without quickly looking away. That instinctive reaction was fading though. I'd gotten used to being around nude men when my deceased wife and I got into swinging and the old attitudes were returning quickly.

We were sitting side by side on the big sectional couch in my downstairs playroom. I was slouched low in my seat; my feet were propped up on one of the big ottoman's in front of me.

Carl's youngest daughter...she'd turned seven only a few months ago, I'd learned last night...was squirming around on my lap, twisting and turning, contorting her body into positions that hurt me to watch. I mean, I really did appreciate her bending over backwards with her feet on either side of my hips and her hands beside my knees on one of the ottomans. The back bend looked painful to me, but I'd never been that limber anyway. She did it so she could present her deliciously pink little pussy up close to my lips for some oral attention...which she got of course. The child tasted wonderful.

When she started shuddering, she also lost control of her body and fell precipitously into my lap. Fortunately, my cock didn't get caught in an awkward position or I might not have been able to participate in the afternoon's events--after the football game. Our team would be back in the playoffs with a win and I wasn't going to miss this game for all the tea in China.

All three feet and seven inches of Sandi Murray curled up in my lap after her little-girl orgasm, fitting quite nicely.

It turned out Sandi loved men's hands. Specifically, she loved their long as one of those fingers was inserted into her cute pussy. Somehow, her current position actually helped her to hump the forefinger I had buried to the second knuckle inside her cunt. She'd cautioned me to keep my hand still and let her do the "work."

"You know...," Carl said, hitching his body around to face me more directly. "You keep on encouraging her like that...she'll be using your finger to get off every time she sees you." I chuckled.

"And the downside of that is...?" I replied. I didn't mind a bit. Every time I saw Sandi's sweet, innocent face all scrunched up while she concentrated on her orgasms, I became incredibly aroused. She was awfully near another one now. I could tell by the trembling beginning to develop in her lower body.

"Up to you," Carl grunted. "Don't blame me if your finger falls off someday from overwork." Sandi looked up at her father and stuck out her tongue. Carl laughed.

For the next few minutes, Sandi teetered on the edge of cumming again. She was drawing it out, trying to make it last because she foresaw the weekend coming to a close soon and she wouldn't have me around to poke a digit inside her every time the whim struck her.

Gradually, her hips wiggled more and more urgently and her breath hissed in and out of her mouth. Then she stopped in mid-wiggle, hunched her body onto my finger once more and then collapsed. The seven-year-old was satisfied again...for the time being.

"How many does that make?" Carl asked.

I shrugged.

"A gentleman doesn't keep count," I said lamely, but I really didn't have any idea how many times the adorable little girl had crawled into my lap and spread her legs, smiling her sweet, sunny little smile. I didn't care either. The roar from the TV overcame any further answer I might have thought I needed to make. The local team had just completed a long pass down to the eleven yard line.

"Damn...," Carl said. "That old guy looks like what they needed at QB, huh?" I nodded. Sandi looked at the massive display on the far wall. The downstairs playroom was good for watching football in high definition in addition to viewing porno videos.

"He's cute, too," she said in her little girl voice, "even upside down," she added. Her head was off the couch and her legs up on the back cushion in the position she'd landed when she'd had enough finger fucking for the moment. I smiled and reached out my left hand to caress the small circles that would be breasts some day. Her chest was so small I could put my thumb on her left nipple and my ring finger touched her right nipple. She caught her breath at the sensation.

"So you'd let a football player play with your little cunt?" her father asked. Sandi nodded gravely.

"Uh-huh," she said. She lifted her head and looked at me and her father.

"Does anyone want a blowjob," she inquired sweetly. My cock jumped at the lewd words from the small seven-year-old.

My right hand shot up into the air, like a schoolboy eager to stay the teacher's pet. "Meeeeee! MEEEEE!! I want one!"

Sandi giggled.

"Ohhhhhhh-kaaaaaaaaaaay," she drawled. She twisted her body up and around in a convulsive movement that would have done serious damage to my back, abdomen, and groin if I had tried to duplicate it. Her father snapped his fingers in simulated disappointment.

"Darn!" he said. "I wanted one," he mumbled. Sandi's childish giggle echoed around the room. She was in seventh heaven. She had two grown men at her disposal, playing little games with her and, if she wanted, one or both would happily attend to her more base desires.

"You can be next, Daddy," she said consolingly. "Okay?"

Carl pretended to be mollified. "You promise?" he said suspiciously. His tow-headed little daughter nodded her head vigorously. Carl smiled broadly. "Well...okay then," he concluded. The pretend game was over.

Sandi bent to her self-appointed task. Sandi couldn't get much of my cock in her was just too small to manage a thick mushroom-shaped end like mine...but she could get PART of it in, about an inch. Her little tongue lapped industriously at the underside of the glans, causing more blood to flow into my cock almost immediately and turning the tip almost purple. The young girl saw it and let me slip out of her mouth for a moment to giggle. She knew it was a sign of intense arousal in the man she was servicing. She wiped her spit covered lips with the back of her hand while she proudly displayed my blood engorged cock to her father.

"Uh-huh," Carl said, acknowledging her prowess at stimulating me with a smile. "You're really getting to be Daddy's little cock sucker, aren't you?" he asked his daughter gently.

The obscene content of his words, addressed to such a small girl, made my pulse rate jump ten points. When she nodded seriously and then kissed my cock at the very tip, it climbed another ten or twenty points. Just watching the young child work on me was nearly enough to make me cum all by itself. The feel of her mouth on my prick increased the erotic pleasure by several orders of magnitude.

In seconds, I almost lost control of my lower body. My eyes were closed and I wasn't hearing anything but the wet slurps as Sandi licked and sucked me. My hips were beginning to jerk from side to side as I made every effort not to thrust forward into Sandi's little mouth. Suddenly, lava was boiling in my groin, rising and flowing irresistibly upward.

"Sandi...," I whispered. "Look out, honey, I'm going to cum," I warned. She glanced up, looking me in the eyes and took her mouth off me. She smiled warmly and opened her mouth to speak. The innocently lewd expression on her face was the last straw and I couldn't hold my orgasm off any longer. Before she could say a word, my cum was spurting from the end of my dick in a thick stream.

One ropy strand landed on her forehead and began sliding down over her eyebrows. The second jet hit the bridge of her nose and she jerked involuntarily, looking surprised. The next gushing of creamy white semen splashed against her right cheek. There wasn't much force behind that one. The fourth had even less but it flowed out over her little hand and coated her fingers. Sandi looked up at me and grinned lewdly.

"You're gettin' me all cummy," she remarked impudently. While she spoke, she was rubbing my cock all over her cheeks to spread the cum more liberally. Then she began to coat her lips with the dregs of cum that surged out in response to her vulgar commentary. I couldn't help it. The girl liked making me cum and my body responded to give her as much as I had.

Sandi licked around my cock head, swirling her tongue around and around, pausing finally to try and force her tongue into the slit on the tip of my penis. She couldn't, of course, but the licentious vision she presented in just trying was enough to coax out another droplet or two. She sucked the end of my cock for a long moment and then fell back on her heels. She patted my prick affectionately and her little tongue licked the edges of her mouth to direct some of the slimy cum there into her mouth. She smacked her lips, loudly and shamelessly.

If there'd been anything left in my balls, I'd have given it to her at that moment but all I could do was feel my insides twist and cramp as I tried to bring out more cream that my body couldn't produce without a rest.

The little minx smirked up at me. At seven, she knew beyond any doubt that she'd given me a super blowjob, one I'd remember for a long time.

I leaned back on the sofa cushions and let my head drop back. I was exhausted.

"By the way," Carl said mischievously, standing up carefully. His penis was fully erect just from having watched his daughter suck me off.

"It's halftime and the local team is leading 21 to 10...I'm gonna go find one of our daughters, okay?"

"Send someone with a beer...please?" I croaked.

* * *

"So...what we're talking about is ALSO called the Family Adventure Club, Mike," Carl remarked. It took me a bit to comprehend. The local team's post game show was on and I was still basking in the warmth of a victory, their third win in a row to clinch a playoff spot for the first time in a while.

Laura had surveyed the kitchen approvingly and taken over the food preparation for the mixed families since her arrival. I fought really hard to keep my domain intact, but I eventually lost. Laura whipped me.

I celebrated my loss with some out-of-sight high-fives with Carl and a wide grin. It was fun to have home-cooked meals I didn't have to prepare myself.

Anyway, all the females were upstairs getting a big dinner together and Scott was pretending to help. His help seemed to consist of stroking the ass cheeks of the closest female, but no one seemed to be complaining. Tyler was bushed, and he was taking a nap on the carpet over by the monster HD TV.

I sensed Carl had been waiting for the right moment for a serious discussion, so I squelched the sound down to a murmur and gave him my full attention.

"Part of the club is open to all students and parents," he said. "You're already in that...then there is our little "sanctum sanctorum," he said with emphasis.

"That inner circle is for children and parents like our two families...families who are exploring sex between family members. The great taboo...," he said, his voice trailing off while he watched me closely.

I didn't know what kind of expression was on my face. I think it was a hopeful one, because that's how I was feeling. My girls and I had talked about what we were doing but this was the first time I'd heard someone else express the same ideas. Apparently my small family's wishes were in the process of being granted.

"I see...the larger group provides cover for the inner sanctum and the smaller circle of members is free to coordinate their activities in the name of the whole. Is there a different name for the inner group?"

"Yeah, think of it this way. The larger group provides cover for the smaller...AND it's a constantly refreshed pool of potential recruits at the same time! Since I'm the assistant principal, I'm either directly responsible for the management of the club, or I'm the guy who appoints a teacher as the sponsor.

"So we set the acceptance criteria for the larger club's membership--we invite who we want in the larger pool, and we monitor all of the larger group's we can locate families of like mind, and then we offer them clandestine 'inner club' memberships, see?"

I nodded. Smart organization.

"As for your question, there's really no formal name for the inner sanctum." he said, except occasionally, 'inner sanctum'," he grinned. "Some refer to it as the 'FASC' for 'Family Adventure Sex Club' but most folks just talk about 'us' and 'them' .

"All of us who share our families with each other know precisely who's in on the secret and who isn't. There's really no reason to have a special name," he concluded.

I nodded again. What Vice-Principal Murray and his crew had going was simple and well set-up.

"Every new member has to be sponsored by a family already in the club," Carl continued. He paused to watch a replay with me. It was one of the key plays in the recently completed game on TV.

"And...," he said, bringing my focus back to our conversation, "...Laura and I would like to sponsor you and your girls if you will join our little community."

"Carl, I hope you don't have to have an answer right away," I answered. "My daughters and I have a pretty mature relationship outside our sexual...'explorations', and they deserve to be in on the decision on whether to expand our circle to this extent. I hope you understand."

Carl nodded. "You bet," he said. "By all means, get with them and let us know of your decision whenever you can."

"Oh, I think the decision will be fairly quick...," I said. "And I think the answer will be yes, considering what the girls said about sharing...hah, there's that word again...anyway, sharing me with Brandi," I remarked.

He raised his eyebrows in question.

"Well, we had a talk before Brandi came over Friday night," I explained. "The girls told me they didn't mind Brandi having sex with me...they didn't mind 'sharing' me with her because they were already sharing me between themselves.

"One of the things that came out of the discussion was that we still had our father-daughter relationship and the sex thing was more recreation than anything else. They...well, all of us...we're pretty secure in our traditional relationship and this weekend has shown me they aren't going to have a problem in a club like yours," I concluded.

Carl looked surprised, but pleased, then surprised again.

"They knew Brandi was going to try and seduce you?" he asked.

I grinned.

"Pretty much, yeah. They didn't know FOR CERTAIN she was going to do it," I explained, "but they knew her well enough to see Brandi had been getting closer to it for some time and they thought she was going to explode if she didn't."

Carl frowned.

"No, no," I said, forestalling his obvious comment. "Brandi never actually said anything. It was just the tension was getting higher and higher all the time made a mistake," I told him, speaking very carefully. His eyes narrowed.

"Yeah," I said. "You need to know about it." I took a long swig of Coors Lite. "You remember the last time Mandy and Lorrie slept over at your place?" I asked.

He nodded and a rueful expression came over his features. He had it figured out before I explained.

"Well, Lorrie saw Brandi sneak off into yours and Laura's bedroom for quite a while and when she came back, she "smelled like sex" to quote my horny young daughters."

He shook his head. "Live and learn," he said. "Live and learn. That's a valuable lesson," he remarked, his eyes squinting as he absorbed the depth and possible consequences of such a mistake in the future when some other child might be staying overnight with one of his kids.

"Okay...well, expect your girls will look favorably on the inner club then, huh?" he asked.

"I think so!" I replied. "I kept a close watch on them this weekend and they seemed to understand the name of the game is fun, fun...and more fun," I said. "They might have been a little apprehensive at first, but it passed quickly at the dinner table last night." Carl started to say something but I plowed right on. "I don't know how it would have gone with someone else," I said. "But you were very gentle and didn't push them into anything they didn't want to do. That was very important to me," I assured him. He shook his head.

"Oh, but that's the number one rule in the club," he said. "No one, children OR adults, ever gets forced into doing anything they don't want to do, or anything they aren't ready for."

"Good!" I answered, forcefully. "That's the way I feel about things too."

We talked for another hour of other aspects of the inner group. For one thing, each new applicant family was expected to make a DVD featuring the new family engaged in hardcore sex with each other. Specifically, each adult family member had to be seen having sex with children in the family.

When my girls and I produced our own kiddy porn feature, we had to give one copy to each of the inner circle members. In return, we'd get a stack of DVDs from the administrative committee with the current family sex productions from all of the families.

Some of the DVDs we received would be the first and only time a particular family ever videotaped themselves fucking, but other families updated theirs from time to time. That everyone in the club could burn everyone else was a security thing. No one could expose someone they were angry, because they would themselves be exposed. It was literally, mutually assured destruction.

Second, there were three medical doctors, five registered nurses, and one doctor of pharmacy, who owned his own pharmacy, who were active members of the club. When the time came, the girls could go on the contraception best for them and no one outside the inner circle would be any the wiser.

If a pregnancy developed, the girl and her parents, along with the father of the baby, would discuss what to do. If the girl and the baby's father wanted to have the baby, that's all the discussion that would take place. There were discrete places a girl (or woman) could be sent when she started showing, where she could have the baby, if that was what was decided. Or one of the MDs would perform an abortion in a safe, clinical environment.

There were also two laser technicians in the club who enjoyed a lucrative income from club members who wanted to permanently remove their body hair. They had a legitimate business out on the business loop, but they did services for club members out of their home.

This was something the girls and I had discussed, but hadn't found a good solution yet. I just didn't quite know how to walk into somebody's office and ask him or her to please make sure my preteen daughters' pussies stayed smooth as silk for the rest of their lives. That particular problem was solved.

Carl told me about the drugs the pharmacists supplied the club with on a regular basis. No, not that kind. The club did not even tolerate pot, much less any of the other hard drugs. But, the Adventure Club's inner circle doctors provided males all the 'get hard' pills a man could ever want, and in the highest doses available. They also had an assortment of testosterone supplements, ranging from a gel to booster shots administered by one of the nurses or doctors.

I have to admit I was intrigued by the Cialis offer, though I hadn't yet had any problem getting my dick hard when presented with the opportunity to sink it deep in a young pussy or mouth. I mean--how can a man NOT get hard when a cute little girl flops on her back, spreads her legs wide, and asks you to pretty please fuck her brains out?

But those commercials talking about needing to seek medical help for erections lasting more than four hours--now that the extreme!

* * *

"Okay...what do you girls think?" I asked. I'd just laid out everything Carl had told me about the it operated, some of the guiding rules, and so forth. They were quiet for a while as they thought things over. Lorrie's potatoes had been shoveled three times from one side of her plate to the other before an answer was forthcoming.

"So, we'd never have to do it with some ugly fat guy or anything like that...if we didn't want to?" Mandy asked.

Ahhhh, okay!

I could see it was all over but a review of the small print. My daughters accepted the idea of such a club and were concerned with one of the minor details.

"Right," I answered. "According to Carl, no one ever has to do anything with anyone they don't want to have sex with," I assured her. " the same time, rudeness and meanness are just as...unacceptable, okay?"

They nodded. That made complete sense to them.

"Also," I added, "there is another factor at work that probably makes it unlikely you'd ever have to face doing a really ugly person--a fatty or like that. In fact...this group is probably going to have some of the most physically fit men and women, and better looking boys and girls you'll ever see."

THAT got their attention in a big way!

"Sure," I continued. "Think about it. What guy is going to stay fat and sloppy in this club. I mean...if he does, he's not going to get any attention from...oh, say...two hot little cuties like you girls, for instance. Heck, if it was me, I'd get to working my ass off in the gym to get myself back into shape so you'd like me? Right?"

"Yeah," Lorrie said. "And a fat girl or boy would want that too, huh?"

"Exactly," I replied. "Also, think of it this way. The existing members are only seeking new and attractive families to join the club. They aren't going out looking for fat, bald, ugly old men and women or people who look like they've been hit with an ugly stick...right? I mean, who would you invite to join your sex club if you were in charge, huh?" I asked.

"Okay," they chorused. There was a long silence. I frowned.

"So, is there anything else?" I asked.

"Daaaaadeeeee...," Mandy said in that tone of voice that implied I was an absolute idiot but she was trying to be nice about it. "Don't you remember?" she continued. "We've already been through this!! We talked about other families and sharing and stuff already, remember?"

She was right. About the discussion, that is. I maintain I'm not a complete idiot, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

"That's right, we did. And it's really cool that we did." I paused. "But now we're right up against it--we and the Murrays got it on over the weekend. It felt really good to me--our families mesh pretty well together--and I think you guys felt the same, right?"

They tittered and smiled knowingly. I raised my eyes to the heavens, praying for strength.

"Yeah, that too...but I what I meant was, our two families could get along even with our clothes on...."

They giggled again.

I plowed on. "But this is different. We're talking about fucking, sucking, playing with, eating, plowing, getting plowed...and everything like that...with families we might not have a THING in common with outside of the sex."

I waited for a sign they were dismayed. There was nothing in their eyes except for some impatience, perhaps.

"Alright," I said in summary, "it's agreed we'll join into the...uh...Family Adventure SEX Club, the FASC, everyone agree? Can I see a show of hands...okay, that's three in favor, none against. The motion is carried!"

"Daddy?" Mandy inquired. "Are you just going to leave the ice cream sitting out on the counter to melt or can we have some now? I'm hungry."

I sighed. There were priorities and then there were PRIORITIES.

Chapter Sixteen: Lights, Camera, Action....

We called Carl with the news that we would, indeed, like to join his little elementary school sex club. He wasn't surprised. I found out later that they had a 100% success rate getting families to join once an existing member of the inner circle contacted them and tendered an invitation. Talk about offers you couldn't refuse....

How did they find new families? Well, the process was partially guided by a research psychologist who was a past member. All the members knew how to interpret a father's overly long glance at one of his budding young daughters, or any other young girl, for that matter...or a daughter's speculative look at her dad's or another man's crotch.

The vetting was done primarily by a deputy sheriff--a detective whose family was also part of the club. He was networked into all the cutting-edge law-enforcement circles. Give him a name and social security number and he could print up a life history in a minute. It took ten minutes if the social security number wasn't available. A couple days later, the detective would have histories of the prospective member's extended family, known associates, schoolmates, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc., etc.

Intense investigation made sure the families approached by an inner circle member weren't security risks in any sense of the word. The DVDs were the icing on the cake--one final layer of security.

Carl knew pretty much we were going to become the newest club members before they ever come over last Saturday afternoon. It had been just a matter of breaking through the barrier of uncertainty about motives.

We hadn't known it at the time, but my daughters and I appeared to be putting up a sudden and inexplicable stone wall after the Murrays initially detected encouraging signs. That, of course, was when Mandy, Lorrie, and I began our sexual relationship. While we explored 'us', we'd suddenly become recluses. If it hadn't been for Brandi's perseverance, the club might have lost interest in us and begun scouting for another potential family. Thank goodness for schoolgirl crushes!

Carl told me that it seemed one member of any candidate family had to be 'seduced' by an outsider before most of that family could, or would, admit to eroticism as the attraction for the sex they were enjoying. Before that admission, the family would cling to an idea that it was a special 'love' thing that just happened to be unique to their specific family group. Once a family member had sex outside the family, though, the idea of sex in the family as a form of recreation took hold quickly. The first seductee became a benevolent 'fifth column', who provided information to the outsiders, helped seduce remaining family members, and so forth.

That initial seduction was what Brandi was sent to accomplish that night. A father of a potential family is often the first one seduced...because it's usually quite easy, and because it's relatively safe. No ten-year-old girl has ever been prosecuted for trying to get another girl's father to fuck her and fathers in that situation are almost invariably flattered by the offer--in other words, they're easy marks!

If the Murrays had known my daughters and I were already doing the family sex thing, that we weren't averse to letting Brandi know about it after a certain threshold had been passed, and if they'd known we were already trying to find other families so inclined, they'd have had a much simpler time of recruiting us.

* * *

So...we had a video to produce for the FASC before we could take part in any of the club's activities or meet any of them other than our sponsors, the Murrays. There wasn't any particular format, Carl explained. If we wanted, we could just set up a camera and make a video of me fucking each of my daughters, making sure our faces, my cock, and their pussies were clearly hiding faces behind masks or computer graphics. The audio on the camera used didn't even have to be turned on. Alternately, we could go for a little more involved production. It was completely up to us.

The girls and I had explored a little bit of erotic photography already and all three of us watched the DVD Carl and his family taped for THEIR entry qualification to the club. In fact, we studied and analyzed that disk, evaluating the various scenes as to their quality and sexual heat.

Finally, we decided to do a little skit instead of just a blunt sex scene. We thought it would be more fun that way.

We figured out what we wanted to do and rehearsed it, perfecting it, but wanting to have some spontaneity there too. Instead of rushing into things, we delayed and spent much of the following week working on our little play.

We didn't write a script, and the words were slightly different every time we practiced, but we eventually knew the key phrases we wanted in each segment and could get the ideas across without much stumbling. We'd figured out how to cover a temporary lapse of memory with kissing, fondling, gasping for breath, etc.

I bought some photographer's lighting and two more professional-grade cameras. Also, we got a number of different kinds of tripods, bipods, and monopods to steady the cameras in operation.

We got a tanning bed so each of us would be lightly tanned all over and healthy looking. We'd supplement this by rubbing in a little baby oil before starting to film our little sex play so our skin wouldn't look dried out and unhealthy. Our workout routines were intensified a little, not that the two girls needed it, but we all wanted to be totally buff for the movie. We were ready to go two weeks after the Saturday when the Murrays had first come over for a nice sex party.

Brandi and her mother were drafted as camera persons for our little kiddy porn production. The rest of the Murrays would have come but they all had something they couldn't get out of that Saturday...ranging from a weekend Cub Scout trip to the big city Tyler was committed to and Scott's basketball a conference Carl had to attend. The two younger girls had been invited to a combination birthday celebration and sleepover somewhere else and they wouldn't be home until Sunday evening.

They were all badly disappointed, but one of the rules of the club was that members could not cancel previously scheduled outside activities. Such things might eventually form a pattern in some suspicious person's mind, and that might lead to some disastrous conclusions.

* * *

We began with nothing but a blank, black screen. After a second, the sound of a still SLR camera being used could be heard and gradually became louder. Voices became audible (chiefly mine) directing someone to 'hold it' or to assume a specific position, play to the camera or something like that.

Fading in gradually, the camera focused on Mandy, dressed in a string bikini and posing in front of a backdrop of a carefully arranged, soft gray cloth on the wall and flowing over some of the floor. Mandy was moving, swinging around and bobbing so as to make her straight, slightly-more-than-shoulder-length hair swirl about her head and stopping in precocious poses that stopped just short of being illegal.

I...the photographer...was not in the frame.

"Okay, honey," I said loudly. "Now kneel down...put your weight on your knees and your toes, sugar...and put your hands on your thighs...there you, spread your fingers just a little...there...remember to smile, honey."

Mandy obligingly took her direction and froze in a cute little pose with her lips parted in a half smile. With a little pink lipstick on her lips, her innocent face was transformed into something more brazen than childlike.

"Okay," I said after several flashes. "Turn around and lean over...put your hands on the floor and look back at us and smile into the camera like you're doing something you know is naughty,, not that much,'re showing some nipple...tighten up the strap to your top, okay?"

"Oh, Daaaaaadieeeeee!" she said, delivering her first line perfectly. She should have, of course. She and her sister had used just that tone of voice, and those words, for most of their life when they wanted to express a little impatience with whatever I was wanting them to do.

"It's okay if just a little bit of my booby shows...lots of girls at 'younggirlswithcutepussies dot com' have a little something showing," Mandy concluded. Her voice held a note of deliberate petulance. Laura's camera zoomed in to show a nice shot of Mandy's left breast already revealed by a drooping bikini top.

We included that shot in the final production.

"Yeah, honey," I said in a conciliatory voice, "I know, but if we're going to set up one of those young girl model sites, we have to be careful. The cops could shut us down if someone decides you have too much showing, you know."

Mandy grumbled a little, not all of it could be deciphered but there was no doubt about her attitude. Again, that was perfectly normal. She and her smart-alecky sister normally did that too.

In this phase of the video, we were trying for a high degree of realism.

While she grumbled, she adjusted the straps so the gentle swell of her upper breasts could be seen but no nipple. Laura zoomed back out so that Mandy's entire body was again in view.

Mandy moved around, getting into cute poses while I could be heard giving her instructions and the still camera snapped away.

At this point, we turned up the volume on a separate microphone set up near where I stood and a faint slurping sound came up. I stopped talking for a short time.

"Okay, sugar," I said. "Turn to your right and lie down on your belly, okay?" Mandy complied, settling her body down on the "stage" at a 90 degree angle to the camera so the still camera I was holding would have a profile shot of the whole length of her body. She made some adjustments to her bottoms, pulling and stretching the fabric so that what little there was of it looked as if it had been sprayed on. It was one of my favorite views. I loved her cute little bubble butt.

Laura's video camera zoomed in again and explored Mandy's body from her face bit by bit all the way down to her toes. All the while, the slurping sounds could be heard amid all the flashes and the sound of the still camera lens snapping shots.

I glanced at Brandi off to my left rear and nodded to her while pointing down in front of me and giving her a hand signal to increase the volume. When she brought it up to the right level, I gave her an okay sign and then pointed at the boom microphone over my head.

It was difficult, but I kept punching the digital still camera's operating button to make more flashes and camera sounds while everything else was going on. I was trying to watch everything at once, but keeping things coordinated was getting harder all the time. I started breathing heavily for the benefit of the boom mike and continued taking pictures of Mandy while she assumed a number of poses. I was still not visible in the one video camera we had running at the time...the one Laura was working. That was about to change.

As I continued to snap shots of Mandy as she slipped from one sexy pose to another, as she'd said earlier, like those at the website, the slurping noises continued and gradually got louder as Brandi turned up the volume on particular mikes.

When I caught Mandy's attention and then pointed a finger at my groin off camera, Mandy's face began to darken. She grew visibly upset about something but a viewer had no idea why.

"Honey, how about a few up on your knees and facing away from the camera?" It was my first line in a while and I wanted to get things moving toward the little highpoint we were aiming for next. Mandy obediently turned around and came up, letting her upper body slump down while thrusting her ass up in the air. I shot a couple of pictures of her in that position.

" looking behind you at the camera ?" I asked. She nodded and cocked her head back over her shoulder. She spread her legs slightly and I took a few pictures of her barely covered ass cheeks and the tightly stretched bikini material between them.

She suddenly turned back around to face me...actually it had been an emphatic hand gesture from me that prompted the move...and scowled fiercely.

With her legs spread, I took a couple more pictures of her. She leaned back provocatively on her elbows but the effect was spoiled by her unhappy facial expressions.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed, abruptly and very convincingly ending the photo session. "Make Lorrie quit being so loud. She's just doing it 'cause she can't have her picture on my website." I was impressed with the petulant sound in her voice.

This line was Laura's cue and she nailed it, swiveling her camera around from Mandy to focus on me. It was intended to mimic someone doing a double take, and Laura did it perfectly.

The camera came around, slowly it seemed, but at the speed we'd tested and found to be best in the finished product. Any faster and viewers lost their ability to see what was in front of the lens. Anyway, Laura turned the camera until it focused on me...and Lorrie.

I was standing beside a still camera set up on a tripod, naked as the day I was born, and Lorrie was on her knees in front of me...also naked...and happily licking the shaft of my cock with long, lingering strokes accompanied by loud slurping noises.

Laura zoomed in so Lorrie and I filled the screen.

We expected this was going to be the culmination of three or four minutes in the final-edit video and we'd decided earlier that was about as long as we could push things. When Laura zoomed in, we'd agreed that would be our signal to quit playacting and just go for the sex. Besides...I was quickly losing my ability to direct.

I held on to the tripod, for support now rather than simulating taking pictures of Mandy while Lorrie redoubled her oral efforts. It wasn't going to be very long before I boiled over and spewed a big load of grey-white into her mouth. Lorrie grinned up at me...she'd been instructed not to look at the camera...with her eyes dancing.

This was her moment. Before, the camera had been on Mandy and no one else. Now Lorrie was the center of attention and she was going to play it for all she was worth.

While Laura was filming the action with her camera, Brandi picked up the unused one and was videotaping Mandy casually walking off the "stage" and picking a flesh-colored dildo from a number piled on a small table. She went back to the center of the set and sat down. Nonchalantly, she untied one side her bikini bottoms to expose her hairless little cunt. Brandi zoomed in and Mandy's pussy was soon the only thing in the frame. Then Brandi zoomed back out right on time.

Mandy's hand appeared, holding the dildo, and slipped the tip of the plastic dick inside her. Brandi's assignment was to make a video of Mandy using the dildo on herself for the next few minutes. She locked the camera in place and stood back to watch Mandy do herself. I would have liked to do that too, but I was busy.

I wasn't going to last much longer, but that was okay. Stamina wasn't what we were trying to show off today. We were just trying to demonstrate to the club that we were worthwhile candidates for their little sex club.

I felt hot cum rising in my groin.

"Okay, honey," I warned Lorrie. "I!"

Lorrie pulled off me and readied herself for the 'money shot' we'd decided upon. While they normally wanted me to cum in their mouths, the girls themselves had suggested we do something more like adult porn. Instead of sucking me off into her mouth, Lorrie suggested I jack off on her face--give her a facial 'like no one had ever been facialed before' was the way Lorrie put it.

So that's what we did.

I gripped my dick tightly in my fist, trying to stave off my climax as long as possible so Lorrie had a little time to get her breath. We would edit out much of this, making the two camera shots into one smooth scene.

The second Laura signaled she had the shot, I relaxed my gut muscles, relieved I could, because I was beginning to cramp up from the strain of holding back.

Sliding my fist up and down my cock, I coaxed the cum up my cock shaft and aimed the slit at the tip right at my little daughter's lips. She'd closed her mouth, too tightly at first but then she remembered to relax her lips just in time for the first spurt to splash against them.

I could tell immediately the pearly-white cum on her glossy pink lips was going to make a great shot for our kiddy porn movie. Laura took my cock in her small hands and rubbed it all over her cheeks and nose. The second squirt was a little off center. It hit her on her left cheekbone and began to drip down to her jaw. Lorrie aimed my cock to the other side and I let go with my third spray of daddy-cum. This one landed on her right cheek and began to dribble down. It was a thinner eruption than the first two and I knew I had only one, maybe two more.

For the fourth one, I took her head in my palms, pulled her face closer and delivered it on the top of her pert, upturned little nose and between her eyes. I covered all her freckles and saw it dribbling down the sides of her nose to mix with the cum on her cheeks. The fifth was more of an ooze than a jet of semen.

Lorrie rubbed the head of my cock on her closed lips and face, mixing all five gushings into one lewd, obscene mess. She spread her Daddy's cream around her face making every inch of her features shiny/slick with my sperm.

Lorrie was looking up at me the whole time, flinching when my cum spurted near her eyes but always coming back for more. Her eyes were excited, smiling at me. She always had liked being the center of attention and she knew from our practice sessions that the only thing in frame was her pretty face and my dick.

When I nodded meaningfully, she parted her lips for the first time and her tongue darted out to lick the left over cum off the end of my cock. Her tongue swirled around and around the glans, stimulating my body to release a final oozing of cum. She licked it off and turned to the camera to show off her face slick with her father's slimy baby juice.

My little daughter started the final sequence, using a finger to scrape cum off her right cheek and ladle it into her mouth. With one cheek clean, she started on the other one and proceeded to squeegee goo from her nose and chin to her mouth. When she finished, she grinned directly into the camera and smacked her lips...overdramatically, of course. It was in the script we'd decided upon.

She giggled. "A mouthful of cum a day keeps the doctor away," she said. She giggled even more happily.

All this time, Mandy had been watching us and using the dildo on herself. By now, she'd been pistoning the plastic dick in and out of her cunt for quite a while and she began to reach for her own orgasm. When it came, she let it wash over her and played it for all she was worth.

Brandi had left her primary camera fixed on Mandy's pussy and picked up our third camera to shoot Mandy's face while she orgasmed. My oldest daughter had a superbly expressive face and her climax was clearly reflected in the look that came over her features. No one viewing the video could doubt she was having a fine orgasm and enjoying the hell out it.

We'd morph views from the three cameras into one final whole scene, of course.

When Mandy finished cumming, she glanced up at the camera under her eye lashes and smiled a hot, sultry little smile right into the lens. Without saying a word, she leaned back on her elbows and dropped her head back. Her legs were spread wide, letting the whole world see her blood engorged pussy lips gaping open, and shiny with their layer of little-girl juices.

Brandi held the shoot for a long three seconds and then shut off the portable camera. She scampered to the stationary one and initiated the fade to black.

Laura had already turned off her camera and she was standing with her hands on her hips, beaming at the two actresses and one actor in the lewd movie.

"Damn!" she exclaimed happily. "Hoooo-WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

I gathered she liked the movie so far.

We would edit the scenes captured by the two cameras we'd had on Mandy and merge them between sequences of Lorrie giving me the blowjob. When we finished, the final product would cut from one girl to the other and back again several times. With ten minutes of play-acting on the stage, we thought we had twelve minutes or so of on-screen action. It was a good start.

The three of us 'actors' adjourned to the big shower stall in the master bedroom to clean up and rest a little. A few minutes later, Laura and Brandi joined us in the spacious shower. They were hot and sweaty too, they said.

* * *

My daughters were lying side by side on a wide bed. They were naked, their legs were spread widely with Mandy's right leg lying over Lorrie's left. Both had vibrators that they were lightly stroking up and down their exposed slits, varying the pattern by concentrating every so often directly on their clits. In a few moments, both girls were squirming their little asses all over the bed's surface, clearly enjoying the stimulation of the sex toys.

After a couple of minutes of videotaping that, Mandy discarded her vibrator and rolled up and over to lick her sister's clit while Lorrie probed deeply with the vibrator. Shortly, Mandy got to her knees and threw her legs over Lorrie's upper body and bent over to do some serious pussy eating. Lorrie turned off the vibrator and wriggled around on the bed until her head was closer to the edge in a classic 'sixty-nine' position with her sister on top. Mandy conformed to her sister's movement and was soon slurping loudly as she tongued Lorrie's outer labia. Lorrie pulled Mandy's hips down until she could provide the same service she was receiving.

Laura and Brandi moved quietly around the bed, as naked as the two onscreen actresses, working themselves into positions where they could get good views of the two tongues and pussies in action. My two camera persons were getting good at their craft. They checked their location before starting to tape to make sure the other one, or me, was not in the background of each new shot.

They were good in another way too. Every time they got near me, they reached out to stroke my cock or rub bare skin against me. "Fluffing" is what the pros call the process, I think--but it wasn't necessary for them to prep me with a quick blowjob like they do in adult films. Four hairless pussies around me was more than enough to ensure a hard-on the consistency of rebar.

After a few minutes, Mandy was beginning to breath heavily and I could see her characteristic flush begin to build on her neck while her hips took on a life of their own, squirming uncontrollably on her sister's tongue. That was the signal I'd been waiting on and I caught Laura's and Brandi's eyes to make sure they saw I was moving into the scene.

Taking a deep breath, I slipped past Brandi to a position just behind Mandy's upthrust little butt. I touched her hips, cupping the bones in my hands and pushing forward enough for my prick to slid up between her ass cheeks. There was already a couple of drops of pre-cum forming at the tip of my cock and I took a few seconds to use my penis to spread the clear slime over her beautifully rounded ass. We hadn't planned on this, but when we looked at it in the final cut, we saw it hadn't been a mistake. It looked hot, nasty, and totally perverted.

I hissed quietly to give my daughter her cue. Laura was already in position. Mandy left off licking away at her sister's wet cunt and twisted slightly, craning her neck around to look back at me. The camera angle was even with her ass, shooting nearly flat along her body from behind me. The mike over my head became live.

"Hi, Daddy," Mandy said seductively. "You're late. We started without you."

"I SEE!" I replied. "I'll have to catch up, won't I?"

Mandy grinned happily and turned back to her sister. That was almost all the dialogue we were going to deliver for a long while. I moved closer up behind her and used my hands to urge her legs wider apart. Taking my cock in my hand, I guided it under Mandy's asshole and slipped the very tip inside her outer pussy lips.

I had to wait for a second or two in real life while Laura got that exquisite view of my cock barely inside Mandy's pussy. Her pretty labia were just beginning to separate and give way to my dick's slow drive inward. I gently, but steadily, slid forward to bury my cock inside my daughter. Mandy held still--her tongue quit exploring Lorrie's clit--while I speared deep into her. I was pushing into my daughter's cunt from an angle, so Laura didn't have to pull her camera out from between us until darn near the last second.

I pulled out as slowly as I had penetrated her, immediately driving forward again a little faster than the first time. Every time I shoved my hips forward, it was a bit faster than the time before. Slowly we built the rhythm, my daughter and I. She was slinging her ass back at me with every stroke, rotating her tight pussy around my cock in tight little circles. I caught her hips in each hand and thrust into her vigorously, seeming to sink my entire length deep inside her cunt but that was just for the video. I wasn't really bottoming out, but we were coming close. In another few months of daily fucking, she'd probably be able to take all of me.

It wasn't long before all I could do was thrust and pull out. The audio caught my gasps and panting, and it picked up Mandy and Lorrie's too. We were all three working up to a nice, hard, mutual orgasm. Laura and Brandi moved around us, taping as much of the action as they could.

Their only restrictions were to not capture each other in the frame. Accidents happened...every so once in a while a stray foot, hand or something else showed up on-screen, but we could edit those out. Meanwhile they got some extra-special shots of my cock sliding in and out of Mandy's dripping pussy.

Once Laura had me stop in mid-stroke with a hiss and a 'stop' hand gesture. I held myself just inside Mandy so Laura could get a really close close-up of Mandy's gaping little pussy as her labia squeezed themselves together and relaxed, just as if I were still inside her. Her reddened inner cunt was clearly visible. Laura actually caught a little stream of Mandy's juices as they leaked out and trickled down on her sister's face.

Lorrie was a big part of the action too. When I stopped fucking into Mandy, Lorrie strained upward and mouthed one of my balls. Holding still for Laura's shot of the action was no problem for me...I was a little afraid to push forward with one of the family jewels in Lorrie's hot little mouth. I wasn't sure she'd let it slip out in time to save me some unneeded agony.

In a moment, Mandy whinnied pitifully and pushed her ass back into my groin. She wanted that cock back deep inside her. Lorrie opened her mouth and released my nut with a small, wet pop. I stabbed my dick back inside Mandy and Lorrie returned to massaging my sack with both hands.

At the same time, Mandy was slathering her tongue up and down Lorrie's young slit. When she could, Mandy inserted her tongue inside Lorrie and tickled Lorrie's clitoris. Every time she did that, Lorrie sucked in her breath and froze while she enjoyed her sister's ministrations. A minute later, Lorrie took her hands off my balls and grabbed the sheets in both fists. I'd have to remember to thank her for not clinching those fingers tight around my nuts, or we wouldn't have had the kind of finish we'd planned on.

"Mandy?" I said softly. "Ready to cum, honey?"

She nodded distractedly. In another minute, Mandy was wildly ramming her body back into mine, humping her ass up and down as she sought to make my cock touch all those little sensitive places inside her vagina. Mandy took her mouth was off her sister's pussy. She didn't want to accidentally bite Lorrie.

"DaddyDaddyDaddyDaddyDaddyDaddy," Mandy chanted. She wasn't acting now, though it was a perfect line for the little kiddy porn video we were making.



Her body wasn't rightly hers just at this moment. She was in the grip of one of her better orgasms and couldn't have done anything BUT enjoy the sensations washing over her and running the length of her body.

Lorrie wormed her way from beneath her sister. She knew Mandy was going to collapse in a moment and would trap Lorrie underneath if she was still there.

Flat of her back, Lorrie twisted around so her butt was on the edge of the bed and flopped her legs wide open. She fingered herself for a moment, teasing her clit into greater prominence. She found Brandi's camera pointed at her and giggled.


Then Mandy was squirming all over the bed shrieking her way through a loud climax that Laura and Brandi captured from separate angles. I slipped out of her just as her vagina muscles went crazy. If I hadn't, I'd have been captured for the duration and I'd have cum inside her whether I wanted to or not.

Me cumming wasn't in the script for another moment or two.

While Mandy crooned exhausted nothings to herself for a few minutes, I knee-walked two steps to my right and leaned on my left hand while I inserted my cock into Lorrie with my right. Once connected, she and I began to pump our groins at each other in a wild frenzy. She'd had a lot of stimulation from Mandy's mouth and I was going crazy trying to keep from cumming after fucking Mandy's cunt for so long.

It wasn't long before Lorrie's hands clamped tight on my shoulders. She braced her feet on the bed for leverage and made ready for her Daddy to fuck her all the way to her orgasm.

I quit trying to be inventive and just thrust in and pulled out as fast as I could. It was what Lorrie liked, and I aimed to please.

I felt the tightening of her cunt around my penis, squeezing me and doing its best to milk the sperm out of my body. She got a little of it...I couldn't have stopped my cum completely for all the tea in China...but I yanked myself out of her as best I could and braced my knees on the edge of the mattress. Our little script called for another money shot just like in the big adult features and that was what I was going to give her.

While her belly continued to spasm, I took my cock in my fingers and pinched down hard while I looked at Laura to see if she was ready. She was, and a glance at Brandi assured me her camera was in position too.

I pumped my fist back and forth twice, as slowly as I could, letting the camera see my hand and cock straining hard to force my cum out. A third stroke and suddenly my milky-white sperm was gushing out...all over Lorrie's little boobs and chest as she lay with her legs spread wide.

Three gushing spurts and I was done, but my thick, sticky fluid painted both her breasts and all the skin in between. One slimy strand hit her chin and she used a forefinger to squeegee it through her waiting lips. She smiled, showing her father's cum to the audience who would see this production, and then she swallowed the gooey mass.

Laura zoomed out and turned the video camera minutely to the left to bring Mandy into the frame. My oldest daughter had just come out of her orgasm a trifle and was up on her elbow waiting for this moment. Grinning at the lens, she dipped her fingers in the incestuous cum puddled on Lorrie's chest and swept up a big gob to shove into her mouth. She did it again, letting slickery little ropes of her Daddy's jism fall drip down from her fingers before she recaptured them and stuffed them between her lips. She looked directly into the camera.

"Hey!" she said facetiously, "what didn't you understand, huh? Like my sister said...a mouthful of cum a day really DOES keep the doctor away." She paused for the dramatic effect and leaned closer.

"You didn't really think my Daddy was going to forget to give ME my daily dose, did you?" She grinned maniacally and opened her mouth wide to show everyone the obscene, milky fluid coating her teeth and tongue.

Brandi's camera focused on Lorrie. My younger daughter's fingers were twirling her cum-coated nipples around and around, making the tiny buds stand proudly erect. After a moment, she coaxed a few final strands of cooling semen into a little pool and then lifted her fingers to her own mouth. She looked into the camera.

"Now THAT," she said in a confiding tone, "is finger-licking good!" Lorrie and Mandy broke up. Little girl giggles tumbled out one after the other to be recorded for all time on the video tape.

We did the final salutations and got out of the scene quickly.

The giggling hadn't been planned, but it was better than the ending we had thought of. I guess it proves spontaneity is best, huh?

* * *

We were finished. Signaling to Laura to fade to black, I stumbled back to the side of the bed (I'd pulled back so the cameras could focus on their last couple of vulgar scenes) and sat, then fell flat on my back beside the girls. I lay there for a long moment, trying to get my breath back. I thought we'd just make one hell of a kiddy porn movie but no one was saying a word.

I heard someone take a shuddering breath.

"Carl?" Laura said into her phone. "Are you at home?" she demanded. She listened for a short time. "Okay, honey...SHUSH, baby...," she said. Her voice changed. She started using an exaggerated little accent.

"You need ta' get your butt over here 'toot sweet', sugah," she said. Laura could do a fine imitation of a southern belle--actually, she WAS a southern belle.

"There are two hot little Murray girls that need taking care of right now," she told him, "and we ain't a' waitin' very long...know what I mean, hon?" There must have been something said on the other end of the conversation because she was quiet for a bit.

Lorrie stirred on the bed and turned to face Laura. "Why wait?" she asked. "Mandy and me'll be all ready again by the time Carl gets here," she said.

Laura nodded.

"And bring Tyler," Mandy tossed in. "And Scott!" Mandy loved to suck and play with the younger boy's little cock. Tyler liked it too. She liked Scott's bigger and longer prick too...inside her and thrusting deep.

Laura looked at me and I nodded.

"We can make it a wrap party...," I said, "with everybody invited." Laura still had the phone pressed against her ear but I think she cut Carl off.

"The girls came home?" she asked, irritation on her face. "What happened--?" she inquired, then immediately canceled the request for information.

"Screw it!" she said briskly. "Doesn't matter. Just get the whole bunch in the van and get your butts over here, okay?"

She cut off the transmission with a quick thumb without bothering to wait for a reply. She dropped the phone on our work table and moved to the bed where she draped her naked body over mine and pressed her lips against mine in a hot, sexy kiss.

"What's the quickest way to get you hard again?" she asked breathlessly, breaking off the kiss just before I would have had to ask for an oxygen tank. "You three got me so damn horny I'm ready to hump a fencepost," she added.

I grinned. Apparently we'd made a pretty darned good little fuck video for the Family Adventure Sex Club.

Mandy snickered. "Just looking at it usually does the trick," she said in a confiding tone to Laura. "Lick your lips kinda sexy, ya know...then just leer at it a couple seconds," Mandy suggested.

My daughter knows me pretty darn well.

Chapter Seventeen: Acceptance

I watched as my image up on the screen stood erect beside the bed where I'd just fucked both my daughters. My cock was sort of hanging down between my thighs, no longer hard enough to fuck but not yet ready to shrink into lifelessness. It was slimy with little-girl juices and gleamed wetly in the lights we'd set up to tape our video. My equally naked daughters stood beside me. Fluids of all kinds on our bodies shimmered in the bright lighting and dribbling down our thighs. We were all three laboring for air, obviously a little worn out. I caught my breath and smiled at the camera.

"Well," I said up there on the screen after I caught my breath. "We sure hope you enjoyed our little piece of kiddy porn as much as we enjoyed making it for you." I craned my neck a little from side to side, as if looking around the audience outside the TV.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh," I said, drawing the word out for a second or two. "I see you have." My girls and I grinned knowingly. It was time to end this.

"I'm Mike," I said, smiling happily. "This is my daughter Mandy," I put my hands on oldest daughter's shoulder. "And this is my daughter Lorrie," I finished, cupping the point of Lorrie's shoulder in my palm. Both girls turned in toward me. Lorrie took my testicles in her small hand while Mandy wrapped her fingers lightly around the shaft of my cock.

"We are the Petersons...," our likenesses said, "...and we'd love to get to know you better...soon!" With the last words, we all three waved at the camera, smiling as lewdly as we could. We continued to wave as the screen faded slowly to black. The DVD ended and a brilliant blue screen appeared.

Carl pointed the remote control at the player and pressed the off button. I held my breath; Mandy and Lorrie did also, as we waited for our hosts and their other guests to deliver their critical opinion.

"Damn," Carl said softly. "That's one of the hottest fuck films I've ever seen in my life," he remarked.

There were no dissenting voices. There were murmurs of agreement from all around.

I glanced down at Mandy and Lorrie. They were grinning back at me triumphantly. We'd done good, apparently. Carl stood to turn up the lights and we all blinked a little in the sudden brightness.

It was Saturday, late in December and it was bitterly cold outside. The citizens of our town and the surrounding counties are used to freezing temperatures but this was the coldest day for today's date since they'd begun keeping a record for such things back in the 1880s.

Never mind. It was warm and toasty inside.

It was a special day for us Petersons too. This was our coming out party...the day we delivered our required video to representatives of the Family Adventure Club's inner circle for their approval. Hopefully, they liked it and were going to approve us as new members in the real club activity, family sex.

As cold as it was outside, we were all nice and warm in the Murray's family room. I was excited and eager, but anxious they might not accept us. At the same time, I was apprehensive about whether they'd accept us. This was a big step for us. My daughters and I had been fucking for several months but this was the first anyone but the Murray family knew about it.

Laura and her oldest two daughters were going around the room, offering champagne glasses full of the sparkling, wine to everyone. We all took a glass, children and adults. Carl tapped his glass with a coin to get everyone's attention.

"Let's take care of the paperwork," he said. Carl motioned me and my girls to the center of the room. He turned to the corner of the room where three other families sat on couches or reclined on pillows on the floor.

"As representatives of the 'Inner Sanctum' of the Family Adventure Club," he said formally. "My family vouches for this family you see before you. We find them to be physically fit, emotionally sound, and psychologically ready for the practice of consensual family sex within their own family and the families of the society who you represent. My family has engaged them in sexual activities and we have found them to be acceptable in all respects for entry into our lifestyle and community."

Carl sounded awfully official. For a moment, the ceremony caused a chill to run down my spine.

"The Murray family, therefore, offers them as full members in our social order." He paused. "How say the representatives of the Inner Sanctum?" he inquired of the three family groups who were sitting quietly apart from the Murrays and us. We all looked at each other for a moment that stretched an uncomfortably long time.

The children broke first. They couldn't keep up the charade for any longer. The kids, then the adults, let grins spread across their faces. Our acceptance had been predetermined.

"Ah...hell, Carl," one of the men said irreverently. "They had us with that first 'a cum a day keeps the doctor away' and you know it." Everyone broke up in happy laughter.

"Bullshit!" the man's wife replied. "You were 'had' when you saw Mike's cock being sucked by his youngest girl while the other posed for him." The whole room guffawed.

My daughters and I relaxed. In moments we were coming out of our uncertainty and trepidation very nicely. We'd been accepted into a group of people who openly practiced family sex. It felt like we'd finally come home after a long journey.

We stood there in the center of the room while everyone else formed a line and came by us, congratulating us on the video and shaking our hands in welcome. Well, the men and boys shook my hand anyway. The girls and women did so perfunctorily, but quickly withdrew their hands to use in more licentious touches.

Young girls and their mothers alike caressed my cock through my pants and those tall enough stroked my chest muscles and rubbed at my nipples. I also got french kissed by so many females I lost count, not that I was...counting, that is. I was hard as a rock before the fourth young female passed me in the little reception line.

I got perfunctory handshakes from the men and boys, but they lingered much, much longer in front of my daughters. Both of my little girls soon had had so many hands under their short skirts, they probably felt like merchandise in a fire sale at J.C. Penney's. They took it well though, smiling at each boy or man and groping him a little in return.

The whole thing took a while and then I saw that everyone was once more against the walls of the room while the three of us stood in the middle of the floor. Carl approached us with a small, flat container on a little purple pillow. Ceremoniously, he bowed to me and motioned for me to take the box off the pillow.

"Mike Peterson, Amanda Peterson, Lorraine Peterson," he said gravely. "We welcome you into our midst, trusting in your honesty and prudence to protect our shared interests. That you may know we are mutually bound by our families' honor, we present you with our society's membership registry." He opened the lid on the box I held to reveal a number of DVDs inside. I knew there were only a half-dozen there. The actual box full of all the families' videos would be delivered later.

"Our families are joined forever," he intoned. "Welcome, brother. Welcome sisters," he said.

He formally took my hand in his for a firm shake, followed by equally formal, but gentler, handshakes with my daughters. He turned to look at the assembled families here for our initiation into the club.

"Now," he said shortly, "everybody ready for some good fucking?" he asked. There was a cheer from everyone, including me and my preteen daughters.

* * *

I had been surprised by one of the families there. I knew the wife--she was Mandy's homeroom teacher, Sonja Frederickson.

I'm sure my jaw hit the floor when I saw her in the Murray's family room. I would NEVER have suspected her to be a part of this family sex club, but there she was. Sonja had smiled and nodded familiarly when our eyes met but then she'd broken the contact and returned to her conversation with Laura Murray.

Now Sonja strode purposefully across the floor toward me and didn't stop until her barely covered nipples were doing their best to poke holes in my chest. She twined her arms around my neck for a kiss and grind her pelvis into my groin. My prick rested while the formalities were concluded, but it quickly sprang back to life. I expect this woman had that effect on every man she met.

Sonja had brilliantly blue eyes; long, straight, blond hair; and an athletic build. She stood a full six feet and at least two inches tall in her bare feet and towered over the other women, and most men, when she wore heels.

She wasn't bashful about wearing heels though. From what I'd seen and heard of her already, she was of the opinion that if a man couldn't handle her being taller than he was, he should back off...way off.

I wasn't as tall as she was, but I wasn't doing any backing away. With her big breasts mashed against my chest, I didn't want to!

"Hi, Mike," Sonja said in a low-pitched voice. It made me feel warm and yummy all over. It had first made me feel good when I'd first met her at a parent-teacher conference a few months ago. She was a very, very exciting woman and she excited me now.

"Hi, Sonja," I replied. I didn't know what to say for a second.

"Surprised?" she asked, cocking her head to one side. She chuckled. "I bet you didn't expect to see me here, did you?" I shook my head and smiled ruefully at her.

"You got it!" I admitted. I glanced over at Carl, the school's vice principal. He was in the process of pouring a weak drink for a man I didn't know at the wet bar he had in his family room. "But I suppose I should have guessed there'd be SOME teachers," I added, "considering where our host works." She nodded emphatically.

"Exactly," she said, putting a shapely hand flat on my chest and stroking it across my chest muscles. "And you've got more surprises coming," she added.

I looked up inquiringly.

"Huh-uh" she said. "I think I'll just let you be surprised as you get to know all of us," she remarked, "or as you go through the DVDs."

She was smiling conspiratorially. I realized I was looking forward to finding out who else was to be found in our little group of intra-family sex advocates. A hand slipped between our bodies to fondle my burgeoning penis. I knew it wasn't Sonja's. Both of hers were kneading my pectorals and shoulder muscles. I looked down to find a young girl standing there who closely resembled Sonja.

"Well, hello there," I said. Sonja smiled. She wrapped her left arm around the girl's shoulder and hugged her.

"This is my daughter, Jennifer," Sonja proclaimed proudly. "She's twelve, and she's been wanting to meet you ever since I told her who was being inducted into the club," Sonja added. "She saw you at the open house way back when and pestered me all the way home that night. My Jenny said you looked like a good man to have in the club...I don't have a clue why...." Sonja laughed merrily.

Jennifer's cheeks grew red for a moment. "Mom!" she said in a scandalized voice. It wasn't the words; it was that her mother was breaking a confidence.

I decided not to pursue that and I was just going to launch into a discussion of how much alike mother and daughter looked when a body bumped into my right side. My right arm was captured by two hands that clamped tight around my biceps.

"Daddy," Mandy said shortly. She didn't even glance at me. Mandy's attention was all on Sonja and she was looking Sonja in the eyes. "Hello, Mrs. Frederickson," Mandy said to her homeroom teacher.

Sonja smiled warmly. Even before this, Mandy had been one of her favorite students.

"Hello, Amanda," she replied. Her smile broadened. "And I think that under the circumstances you could call me Sonja...outside school...don't you?"

Mandy nodded and shifted her grip, taking my right arm in her left one, while her free hand absent-mindedly caressed the area between my elbow and wrist. She wet her lips, hesitating...not entirely sure how to phrase what was on her mind. Now she glanced up at my face, as if wanting permission for something.

She turned back to Sonja. "You know every boy in homeroom wants to fuck you, right?" she demanded, blurting out the words before she lost her nerve. Sonja smiled tolerantly and leaned over to kiss Mandy on her surprised lips.

"Honey," she replied serenely, "some of them HAVE!"

My daughter's eyes got as big around as I've ever seen them. She was shocked to the core.

I laughed.

Mandy looked up at me and pinched my forearm to punish me.

Sonja wasn't finished.

"And," she remarked. "I'm betting when they find out, some of the boys in your homeroom are just going to LOVE introducing themselves to you all over again," Sonja said to my daughter. She leaned closer. "...but I'm not going to tell you who they are. I'm going to let you sit in my class and look around trying to guess who of those hunks you'll be getting your hands on...sooner or later."

Sonja straightened back up, her palm cupping Mandy's cheek. She smiled down at my young daughter for a long moment, then looked thoughtfully into Mandy's eyes for a long moment.

"Mandy," she said thoughtfully, "would YOU like to fuck me...right here, right now?" she asked.

Mandy's face was blank. "I...well...I...what?" Mandy didn't know what to say.

Sonja took charge. "Jennifer, honey," she said. "Would you go get the strap-on...?"

Young Jennifer was way ahead of her. She was already scampering to the far corner of the room. When she came back, she handed her mother a dildo harness.

"What do you say?" Sonja grinned. "Want to fuck your homeroom teacher, Mandy?"

My eleven year old was taken aback and it showed in her eyes. She surely hadn't expected to hear those words from her statuesque blond teacher.

"Uh...I don't know," she said hesitatingly.

Perhaps it wasn't kind, but I chuckled at her confusion. I thought I'd shorten the decision process a little. I reached under her skirt from behind and slipped my hand between her thighs. I found what I'd thought I'd find.

"Bullshit," I said rudely. "You know you want to! Your pussy's so wet you're going to get dehydrated if this goes on very much longer," I informed my sweet young daughter.

My darling daughter glared at me briefly. She didn't deny it though.

"Would it be okay?" Mandy asked her homeroom teacher tentatively. Mrs. Frederickson had not quite become Sonja, the woman she was going to fuck with a dildo fastened to a strap-on belt.

"Of course, dear," Sonja assured her. She reached around to her side and untied her short-sleeve wrap-around dress. Opening it wide, she shrugged it off her shoulders and let it fall behind her. She deftly caught it in her right hand. Sonja dressed very simply, it seemed. She didn't have a stitch on under the dress. My kind of girl.

Her breasts looked bigger than they had when covered by her dress. As tall and sturdily built as she was, they'd hadn't seemed to be TOO much out of the ordinary hidden under clothing. They were, though. They were thirty-eight-Ds at least, maybe more. But Jennifer had never suckled at these beauties. They rode high on her chest, perfectly formed and capped by luscious, coral tipped nipples that were proudly erect. There wasn't a millimeter of sag in those lovelies. Sonja knew her effect on people. She stood quietly for a long moment while I, and others nearby, gazed at her with nothing but lust in our minds.

"Jennifer, honey," she asked her grinning daughter. "Would you put these somewhere, sugar?" she said. She handed off the dress and slipped out of her heels, handing all of them to her young offspring. Jennifer took them and trotted toward a closet Carl had designated earlier.

"Now," Sonja said in a satisfied tone. "Have you ever...?" she said to Mandy. My little girl shook her head. "That's all right," Sonja said soothingly. "We'll get you fixed up in a jiffy. But honey, you gotta get out of all those...clothes, okay?" Sonja smiled. "You want to fuck me up my ass or my pussy?" she asked Mandy.

Mandy's eyes were big and round again. She was badly adrift, not sure of what she should do. She looked up at me helplessly and then back to Sonja.

The naked teacher made a show of cupping her right elbow in her left hand while she tapped a front tooth with a brightly painted fingernail. "I think for the first time...," she said, making her decision. "For the first time, I think you should fuck my cunt, what do you think?"

Mandy nodded, grateful Sonja was taking control of the encounter. She was quivering at the thought of what she was about to do. She began to hastily take off her clothes. In less time than it takes to tell, she was standing beside me as naked as her teacher.

Sonja nodded approvingly as she scrutinized my daughter. Mandy was a beauty, if I do say so myself. She had grown into her present height and was comfortable in her body for a while. When she started another growth spurt, she'd reacquire a temporary awkwardness and be a tad gangly for a while, but for now she was just right. Blond and green-eyed, she had lemon-sized, pear-shaped cones for breasts that rose precipitously from her chest. Her hips had only a slight, but noticeable, curve to them. They blended smoothly into sleek thighs, well molded calves, and dainty ankles.

"Uh-huh," Sonja said. She hesitated a moment and then relented. "I know Henry and James are going to want to see you at a party real soon," she said mischievously. Mandy's eyes got rounder.

"Henry Land and James Rogers?" she asked breathlessly. "They're the ones who got do you?" Sonja nodded broadly. I barely recognized the names. They were boys in Mandy's class at school. "Wow...," was all Mandy could say.

"Yep...those are TWO of them, anyway," Sonja confirmed Mandy's question. "And they're gonna love fucking you too," she said. "I think I'm going to talk to them before class on Monday," she said thoughtfully. "Yeah, I'm gonna tell them how sexy you are when you're naked and how much they'll enjoy partying with you some time," she said teasingly.

Mandy flushed, pleased at the compliment but uncertain about the boys knowing she was in the club.

Sonja relented. "No, I won't do that, honey...," she said. "Not unless you tell me I can, okay?"

Mandy nodded. Something occurred to her. "Are they on those DVDs Carl gave to my Dad?" she asked.

"I'm sure they are," Sonja replied. "...or on one of the videos your family WILL be receiving. All of us in the club have videos on those disks."

"Then I'll let you know on Monday if it's all right," Mandy said with a mischievous grin, "after I see them on the DVDs," she said.

A warm presence was suddenly pressing against me on my other side. Jennifer had returned from putting her mother's dress on a hanger. So she wouldn't lose any time later on, Jennifer had returned naked herself. I was beginning to feel badly overdressed for the occasion.

"Let me," Jennifer murmured softly.

Sonja had bequeathed a number of genetic attributes to Jennifer. She definitely was her mother's daughter...a twelve-year-old copy with childish features and a childish voice that made her seem even younger.

Jennifer was tall for her age, five feet tall already and more. She was going to be as full breasted as her mother. Some girls taller than the average are gawky and ill at ease with their bodies. Jennifer was not.

As blond as her mother, she had brown eyes (probably from her Dad, I presumed) and breasts that had outgrown training bras when she was...oh...maybe three or four-years-old, by the look of them. Her hips had a pleasing curvature to them and she had strong, well-shaped thighs and lower legs. Her fingernails and toenails were painted a bright, iridescent shade of pink. She was a lovely woman-child.

I was happy to let her help me get my clothes off. It wasn't a long process. With Carl's suggestions in mind, I'd worn loose clothing knowing they'd probably come off fairly quickly at this party. After putting my clothes in a convenient closet, Jennifer and I strolled back to where Mandy and Sonja were getting ready for Mandy's first student-teacher fuck.

Jennifer was striding along slightly in front of me, seeming to pull me along with a soft touch on my cock. She had the fingers of her left hand curled comfortably around the shaft. And I was giving back too.

My right hand was massaging one beautifully shaped ass cheek and then the other while we walked. Strangely, it hadn't been difficult to get into step, though we were meeting for the first time. We stopped near my daughter and her mother, standing quietly as we watched them prepare.

Mandy had the harness buckled around her waist and was getting used to the artificial cock protruding lewdly in front of her. She grinned up at me.

"Hi, Daddy," she said brightly, enjoying herself now. "We GOTTA get one of these thingies," she said firmly. She tugged the front of the harness a little away from her body to show me something, but I couldn't see what it was. "How come we haven't gotten around to doing this yet?" she demanded. "It's on the slut list, right?"

I nodded, but I didn't have to say anything. Mandy was thoroughly entranced with the toy and with what she was about to do.

"This thing has a little vibrator that plugs into ME," she said as if truly amazed. "When something touches me here, or here, or here...," she said excitedly, pressing the front of the harness, "...then it turns on and vibrates inside me. Isn't that just totally cool?"

I nodded, smiling. Mandy had found something that truly delighted her.

"Okay, honey," Sonja interjected. "How do you want me...doggy style?" Mandy just nodded.

"Uh...Sonja," Mandy said. "I may need some help getting this thing in you," she said. "I've never done this before and...," She let her voice trail off at the end.

"Not to worry," Sonja replied. "You'll be a veteran teacher-fucker in no time," she proclaimed cheerfully. Mandy grinned happily. It was impossible to not respond to the lusty, bawdy note in Sonja's voice.

Jennifer tugged on my cock to get my attention. She turned and stepped close to me. "I want you to fuck me in the ass," she said quietly; her lips were nuzzling the hollow in my throat while she stroked the hair on my chest.

I was caught short, not expecting the obscene request from the innocent lips of a twelve year-old-girl, even one as tall and well developed as Sonja's daughter. I was speechless for a moment but I came out of it nicely when I saw Sonja looking at me with a broad smile.

"Go ahead," she boomed. She either knew her daughter that well, or she'd heard Jennifer's murmur. "Jenny isn't really happy at a party until she's had a few pounds of meat shoved up her butt."

My jaw dropped at that, but I recovered to transform what I'm sure was shocked expression to a grin and a laugh. I looked down at the expectant face of the young girl.

"I'd be proud to fuck your cute little butt," I told her, with more conviction than I felt.

Jennifer squealed excitedly and danced a little jig in front of me. Her young breasts jiggled in time with her bouncing steps, catching my...and several other men's...eyes. She was truly an exciting young girl.

"Where...uh...?" I asked hesitantly. " there any...,"

"Over here," Jennifer said happily and grabbed my hand to lead me across the room. Sure enough, a table in the corner was full of bottles of lubricant, little blue pills, massage lotion, condoms, and just about every other "sex aid" I'd ever heard of for a party like this.

"Do you want to use a...condom?" Jennifer asked, her hand hovering in the air over the rows of the plastic protection. "We can...if you want to," she said, giving me a hint as to her preference.

" mom always gives me an enema before we come to one of these things...I'm really clean...," she told me, her voice trailing off near the end. She didn't quite shift from one foot to the other while she waited for my answer. I smiled down at her.

"In that case, I'll go bareback," I said. "But you have to take a shower with me afterward to clean us off," I cautioned her.

She nodded happily and grabbed a big tube of KY off the table and dragged me back to the center of the room. The little girl apparently liked others to watch her taken anally.

Pulling me down to my knees as she sat down cross-legged on the thick carpet, Jennifer popped open the bottle of lubricant and squirted a puddle into the palm of her right hand. She deftly grabbed my cock and began coating it with the thick, slippery gel.

"I like enemas," she informed me. "I know it doesn't look so good, but I love all that warm water up inside feels sooooo good up there," she continued. Her hands worked up and down my cock, jacking me off and covering all of my cock very quickly. "I like it when Mom lets me wear a butt plug to school you's so naughty 'cause no one knows except just us," she said. She giggled, cutting off her babbling.

"I took my butt plug out just a little while ago," she confided, leaning close so I was the only one who could hear her quiet admission. "...So I'm pretty stretchy back there already." She examined my cock for a long moment, wrapping her fingers around the turnip-shaped head and measuring it in her head. "But you're pretty big, so...would you work on my behind with your fingers for a little bit," she asked seriously.

"Of course," I replied. I took the bottle of lubricant from her and motioned her to turn around. Grinning, she whirled around on her young ass and half rose, only to fall on all fours and wiggle her round little butt at me. She was humming with excitement.

Shuffling on my knees a little closer to her side, I squeezed a liberal amount of KY above her ass hole and spread it around. Putting more directly on the opening, I worked it in for a few moments and used my forefinger to push some inside the pretty pink hole. Squeezing out more of the lubricant and following up with a long period of gently working my finger deeper and deeper, I gradually prepared Jennifer for the sodomy she so very much wanted.

She was absolutely right about being nearly ready to be fucked anally, whether it was due to the butt plug she'd recently removed or because she had inhuman control of both sets of sphincter muscles around her butt hole. They were already loosened and relaxed, and only a few minutes were needed before I could get two fingers deep inside. She was so relaxed, I easily rotated my fingers around to open her up a trifle more.

I liked to think of myself as an equal opportunity lover. Though Jennifer was unmistakably enjoying the anal attention, I thought I could use my other hand to increase her pleasure...and mine. Based on my experience with my daughters and the Murray women, I knew I loved playing with young cunts. And...since I had a free hand, with fingers to probe and fondle, I slipped that hand beneath Jennifer's belly and found her smooth pussy. She sighed and lifted her back, arching it like a cat.

In moments, her cunt was as slippery as her anus was, though the lubricant differed in the two places. Sliding fingers in and out of both orifices made her purr contentedly. She put her head down on crossed forearms and spread her knees a trifle wider to give my fingers more room to explore her private places.

Young Jennifer was ready...and so was I. With a final squirt of lubricant on my cock and another directly on her asshole, I moved between her legs and took my cock in my right hand to introduce just the tip of it into her anus. Jennifer trembled slightly at the touch, but didn't move away. Her breathing was shallow and fast. A faint blush was already spreading over her fair skin.

I pressed forward slowly, careful to ensure I was going faster than Jennifer could take me. The first ring of sphincter muscles, those which are under a person's conscious command, gave easily. Jennifer was well practiced in relaxing herself for a hard rod inserted inside her ass. The second ring was not as well controlled but the butt plug, KY jelly, and my fingers had done their work. It was only a short moment before I felt myself slipping past those muscles. I stopped moving.

"Jennifer, honey," I said softly. "Okay?"

"Mmmmm-huh," she said dreamily. "More, please...," she added.

I grinned, happy to oblige. Pushing deeper slowly, my cock began to disappear inside the young girl's butt. The colon isn't straight but my penis was making it straighter as it plumbed Jennifer's anal depths. She groaned appreciatively every once in a while when I drew back out and fucked her ass only to the previous depth.

It was a slow process but my groin was eventually mashed tight against Jennifer's soft/firm ass cheeks. I held still there for a moment, savoring the tightness and the nastiness of what we were doing together. The twelve-year-old pushed back at me to remind me she was experienced at this and wanted more than just the bulk of my cock filling her up back there.

I pulled out completely and squeezed another dollop of KY around the inner surfaces of her ass and replenished the coating on my dick before feeding it back inside the young girl's ass again. Jennifer moaned and reached behind her to grab her own ass cheeks and pull them as far apart as they could go. I drew my cock out and drove it back in with more speed and force than I had to this point.

Jennifer grunted. Lifting her head from the floor to shake it from side to side. She bared her teeth.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnggggggggg," she sighed happily. "Do me some more like that," she pleaded softly.

How could I not?

Jennifer and I found a rhythm that was not too hard and fast but still contained some urgency. As promptly as we found it, though, I tried to vary it. I alternated smooth retractions and forward plunges by pulling out slowly to almost my whole length and then ramming my cock back inside her as fast as I could. Then I withdrew quickly and plunged my cock back in slowly. Holding one of young Jennifer's hips in each hand, I pounded my dick into her. My young lover was soon reduced to whimpering and groaning.

Jennifer was shoving her ass back at me with every stroke now. Though young, she must have been having anal sex for some time because I could feel her muscles grabbing and squeezing my cock at every opportunity. I was beginning to breath hoarsely myself. The sensation of ramming my cock deep inside a young and very willing girl's ass was enhanced by the soft bumping of my scrotum and balls against Jennifer's ass cheeks and upper thigh. I could feel a hot wetness--an all-absorbing tension--beginning to flood upward from my balls. It wouldn't be very long before my body would demand a release.

Jennifer was nearly there too. Guessing she was ready, I took my left hand off her hip and reached under her to slide my middle finger into her sopping cunt. I found her clit quickly and massaged the tiny thing out from its protective fold of flesh so I could stimulate it directly.

At the first touch, Jennifer yelped and began bucking her ass back into my groin harder than ever. She braced her hands solidly on the carpet and arched her back. It was soon bowed at impossible angle--one that'd break MY back. She groaned loudly, almost howling her pleasure.

Moments later, her shaking elbows betrayed her and she collapsed again to pillow her head on her hands. Her pelvic muscles took on a life of their own. The preteen beauty's climax was close and I had to hurry.

We worked together, slamming our bodies where they were connected against each other with greater and greater urgency. I felt my own cum rising higher. It could no longer be ignored. We strained together, pressing the other and ourselves for the orgasm we had to have.

Abruptly, Jennifer's climax was upon her. A keening whine escaped her lips and she lost control of her lower body. Her legs gave way and my next thrust pushed the young girl down to the floor. I followed her down, never allowing my cock to be dislodged. With her now flat on her belly and her legs spread wide, she strained to cant her ass upward as far as she could. It was enough. I plowed my cock in and out of her butt hole as rapidly as I could, showing her no mercy for a long moment.

Suddenly, without having a chance to hold it back, my cum was gushing out the slit in my cock and into young Jennifer's bowels. My lower body was not under my control any more. It jerked convulsively, slamming my dick into Jennifer and yanking it back out for another pumping shot. I shuddered at the impact of my own shattering cum. I could feel the hot, semen-laden fluid splashing against the walls of her rectum.

It set her off. She squealed and took great handfuls of the shag carpeting in both hands to hold on to. My cock felt as if it were being squeezed in a vice. I could move in and out of her slowly now.

Another plunge...a third...a frenzied final spasm...and I was done.

I didn't want to, but my body had no more strength. I collapsed on top of my preteen sex partner, my cock still buried to the hilt in her ass. At the last moment, I caught myself on my elbows and held as much of my body weight off the young girl as I could. I hung there, exhausted and struggling to breathe.

It was a long moment before I could pay enough attention to my surroundings to hear cheers and clapping. I rolled off Jennifer's young body and sat up as best I could beside her. I stretched out a hand to stroke her lower back and gently knead her ass cheeks.

Looking around, I saw the room full of child-adult lovers grinning at the two of us. The sounds of exuberant clapping and whistles filled our ears. Jennifer twisted around and sat up shakily, leaning against me for support. The flush on her face was happiness that we were the focus of everyone's attention. I thrust a hand above my head and waved triumphantly to all corners of the room and after a moment, Jennifer followed my lead.

"Thank you...thank you very much," I joked. It set off another round of laughter and cheers.

"Damn," I heard Sonja say from behind me. "I sure hope someone got that on video," she finished. I twisted around to grin at her. Sonja was still on all fours with Mandy poised behind her to resume their introductory fuck. They'd evidently stopped to watch Jennifer and me in our wild fuck.

"Oh, you can count on that!" Carl said with satisfaction from across the room. He stepped from behind the digital camcorder on its tripod and patted the camera gently.

"That one will be played and replayed in this household for a long time to come," he assured everyone.

The applause and cheers gradually faded as the partiers returned to their own fucking and sucking. Jennifer and I got to our feet when we regained the strength to stand. Our lower bodies were covered with our own and each other's sex juices and liberal quantities of syrupy KY lubricant. Hand in hand, we crept upstairs to a bathroom where we took a long shower cleaned each other inside and out in large quantities of soapy hot water.

* * *

When we got back downstairs, I kissed Jennifer long and deep before her mother dragged her away to help her ravish a young teenaged boy waiting expectantly in the far corner of the room.

Mandy passed me on her way up the stairs and gave me a quick peck on the lips before climbing the rest of the steps. "Daaaaa-deeeeee," she said reprovingly. "You've been keeping something from Lorrie and me, huh?" she asked accusingly.

"Pardon?" I said, perplexed. Mandy stuck her head back around a corner she'd just gone behind on her way up.

"We gotta try that anal sex thing real soon, Daddy, dear!" she said by way of explanation.

"Okay...sure!" I called up to her, but I was sure she didn't hear.

The father of one of the other three families here today had all of Mandy's attention at the moment. Oh well, it didn't matter much. We'd get around to talking about it at home. Weeks ago we'd decided not to explore anal sex just yet, but I saw someone's attitude on the subject had changed today. I grinned.

Still recovering from the exertions of butt fucking Sonja's young daughter, Jennifer, I sat for a moment at the foot of the stairs to finish catching my breath.

Across the room, I saw my youngest daughter on all fours and engaged in a threesome with two boys...brothers from their features...about twelve and thirteen or so. The older boy was slowly fucking Lorrie from behind while she sucked the younger brother's penis.

She saw me watching and rolled her eyes at me. I grinned at her and she let the boy's cock slide from her lips for a quick moment to give me a smile of her own. This was Lorrie's first threesome with two near-adult males and it looked like she was enjoying it immensely.

On the big sofa arranged against the wall to my left, I saw Brandi and her mother lying side by side and lapping the pussies of two young girls in traditional sixty-nine positions. They looked happy, and above all, busy. I wished them well. I looked around but didn't see Tyler or his brother, Scott, at the moment.

Carl waved at me from his position over against the far wall. He pointed to his feet where a little girl with her blond hair in pigtails was bathing his scrotum in saliva while holding his cock in her small hands. Carl's left hand was buried in a young teenage girl's crotch, obviously probing deep. The girl's body was frozen in a hunched over pose while she clutched at his upper arm. Her deep flush and the increasingly obvious buckling of her knees said she was near a climax.

"Hi," said a shy little voice from right in front of me.

Bringing my head back around, I found two naked little girls holding hands and standing right in front of me. Redheaded and freckle faced, the oldest couldn't have been more than about eight. Her sister was perhaps a year younger. The older girl's breasts were nothing but miniature hershey kisses--her little sister's were insubstantial puffy bumps. Both were darlings.

"Well, hello there," I said. I smiled gently at them. I had the impression they would bolt if I didn't speak gently.

"My name is Janie," the oldest told me, "and this is my sister, Renee."

"My name is Mike," I replied. "I very glad to meet you Janie...and Renee." I shook each girl's hand. The introductions complete, both crowded closer, one on each side and held their faces up for kisses. I cupped their little butts in my hands and surrendered myself to them. Moments later, Janie pulled back.

"Will you come and play with us?" she asked coyly.

"I would be most happy to," I replied. "Where do you want to go?"

Janie pointed to the empty loveseat near the fireplace and we made our way over to it. I found out my initial evaluation of the two girls as being shy was very wrong. They were just quiet...until a certain point in their excitement.

Renee showed me an eight-year-old girl absolutely COULD take a cock my size in her cunt if I were willing to take things slow and very easy. Then little Janie wanted to squeeze my cock up in her ass while she sat on me. When we parted, we were all three quite happy with our encounter.

The rest of the afternoon and evening passed without me being quite aware of it. It seemed to be a tradition the father in all of the Inner Sanctum's new families was expected to have some kind of sex with as many of the females present as was humanely possible.

So I did.



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