Baby-Cunt's Ordeal

[ Mg10, inc, fath/dau, sm, bond, spank ]

Published: 3-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Taking a little detour from my Ally series...

When Daddy arrived home she was in the bedroom, late from her gymnastics class. The weakness in her knees when she heard the door open reminded her that she should have been at the door, on her knees, to greet him. She knew her punishment. She knew that Daddy would enjoy it, which is why she planned to be late. Feeling naughty and excited with funny butterflies playing in her tummy, she sat right in front of the bedroom door and let her hand caress her little hairless sex. Imagining it was her Daddy's hand, she continued, moving faster, feeling her lips puff up and respond instantly.

"What are you doing?" Daddy said, seeing his ten-year-old daughter kneeling on the floor near orgasm, something he did not want her to do without his permission and close supervision.

"I'm s... sorry.. Daddy, I didn't mean to," the little blond girl said, her lips parted in a mock fear.

Daddy looked down at her and spoke softly, caressing her long hair: "Wait for me on the bed, princess. I shall return."

With those words, he went downstairs and little Jessie hurried back to the bed. She lay there shivering from fear and listening to Daddy in the house. But slowly, her hand crept back between her legs and began touching herself again.

Her pre-teen lips trembled as she lay still on the bed, awaiting her strict father to return. Each of his steps echoed in her ears like a drum, making her heart jump as she felt him come closer. He laid his fingers on her narrow hips causing her to yelp with fear, his fingers flowing slowly down her soft legs. He reached for her socks and gently peeled them off her small feet. He watched as she wiggled her toes and quivered, his fingers caressing the child's soft innocent curves, feeling the goosbumps on her dump, warm skin. Daddy's eyes locked on her face, watching her as he laced the rope around her slender ankles, securing them tightly spread to each post.

As he watched her, Daddy saw his little girl's face color, grimacing in her tender fight to follow his order not to look away.

"A lovely color," he said, "I am going to enjoy you today, my little baby-cunt."

Much to his delight, the child blushed deeper from being called by this humiliating pet name he invented for her. She knew her Daddy enjoyed humiliating and degrading her, enjoyed it maybe even as much as she enjoyed it being done to her.

Daddy took his finger up, teasing his little victim's toes as she wiggled them for him, tied and bound helplessly under his demanding touch. Circling his fingers over her flat chest, grazing her nipples while she shuddered and moaned lightly between her open lips. Daddy leaned forward, pressing his lips roughly to hers, crushing them while twisting her tiny nipples.

Moaning, she reached up to savor the kiss Daddy gave her. Allowing his hands to feel her skin and flow up her sides, he trailed over her arms and pressed her wrists to the bedpost. Still kissing her deeply, he parted her soft lips with his tongue and secured the cuffs on her. Daddy grinned, feeling her slender ten-year-old body struggle to get free from the ropes that held her down, wanting to escape her imminent abuse.

Stepping away from her, Daddy looked down at the sexy little body of his pre-teen daughter before him. Each inch writhing toward him, her moans echoing her desire to please, to be touched again. He turned to the night table, opening a small cabinet where he kept the nightly toys, pulling out his short crop and remote vibrator.

"Have you been a bad little girl?" he asked her, circling her tiny stiff nipples with the crop.

"Y...yes... Da...daddy," she stuttered, the anticipation of what was to come building in her, making her aware more of her small nakedness on humiliating display to his gaze.

The air swirled around her pre-teen sex, seemingly to aid in her wonderfully frustrating torture. Her arched ribcage shook with her laboured breath, saying, "Please Daddy," as best she could.

"Please what?" Daddy asked coyly, trailing the head of the crop over the muscles of her skinny taut tummy, gently lapping at her hairless, pink child-cunt.

The helpless child visibly shuddered, writhing on the satin sheets spread open for her unforgiving Daddy.

"Please Daddy... I want you to hu...hurt me," her trembling lips mouthed as the crop tapped lightly on her exposed clit; the leather biting at already swollen, blushing labia of her ten-year-old sex.

Pleased and proud of her begging, Daddy leaned forward, whispering in her ear, "I will hurt you, baby-cunt... we have yet to begin."

Fanning his fingers over her quivering body, Daddy silenced the quiet moaning of his suffering little girl while his crop continued to tap. He watched as the wide leather-head slapped her throbbing clit, just rising up again for more. Placing the crop flat on her thighs, he moved closer to rub lightly on her sides, caressing her quivering form. Little Jessie writhed, trying to direct Daddy's fingers over her small, bound body in a futile attempt to guide him between her spread open legs. Daddy's eyes gazed down at her, lifting his hands to watch her tremble, letting them only brush her even softer. Each time his touch left her body, she moaned for its return. He felt sorry for the small girl and what she was going to endure but he knew this was what she wanted him to do to her.

Daddy stood next to the bed, his body blocking the candlelight, letting the child only see his silhouette as he reached for the vibrator. Leaning her blond head forward, little Jessie only saw a darkened figure over her, feeling the sleek and icy vibrator's head slide over her inner thigh. Stroking up and down, Daddy teased her by letting it vibrate close to her craving vulva, yet not touching it. The little girl continued to groan, each time her lips parted for a louder sound. Daddy leaned back, resting the vibrator pointed right at her warm inner depths. In a flash of light, she was blinded only to welcome the dark figure back.

In his hand, he held a gag designed to fill her slender mouth. A penis gag.

"Please, no Daddy!! I will be quiet. I won't cry Daddy!" she pleaded, knowing that he would do it anyway.

Daddy lifted her head, cupping it in his hand lovingly, holding the gag in her plain sight, he said, "You must endure your abuse, baby-cunt. If I am distracted, your punishment will last longer. Do you want that, little girl?"

Racked with fear and lust in her ten-year-old body, she nodded, opening her mouth for the plastic phallus gag. Daddy slipped it in, snuggly filling her oral cavity and securing the straps around her pretty little head.

Leaning forward, he lightly kisses the forehead of his precious masochistic princess, rapidly wiggling his finger over her engorged clitoris. She attempted to moan, to scream her thankfulness for his cruel molestation, but it only came out as a muffled whimper. The gag worked. Daddy moved his lips lower, kissing her lightly, torturing his tiny daughter with gentle caresses. She responded by arching up to him, savouring even his beard crushing with her silky skin. He feasted savagely on her bruised nipples, mouthing them, nibbling, biting into them painfully as if savouring some tropical fruit. She closed her big blue eyes squeezing out the tears, each touch, each bite, shooting straight to her aroused little sex organ. Daddy lifted his face, pulling her nipples towards him, painfully mistreating his child, her lovely squealing cry echoing through the gag.

"You are enjoying me doing this to you, don't you baby-cunt? You love when Daddy hurts your little body," he said to her visible blush that contrasted with the gag. Taking up the vibrator, he gently slipped it within her tight pussy while roughly pinching her nipple. The child yelped in pain, then moaned and writhed in ecstasy, trying to move it within her, vainly attempting to turn it on and be done with it. But Daddy drove it into her slowly, stopping short and threatening her to pull it out if she moved again. The child lay still, defeated, breathing heavily and deeply with fear in her big, blue eyes.

Daddy reached into the cabinet and took out his leather flogger, lifting the crop from the child's thighs, trailing the ends over her flat chest and her bonny ribcage. The poor little girl shuddered, her slender body confused, wanting to move to the touch and run from it as well. In his hand, Daddy spun the flogger, causing the air to swirl around her straining chest, catching the ever-hardening nipples occasionally. The little girl whimpered, deliberately wanting to be punished, to be abused horribly for her Daddy's own pleasure and to end this terrible torment. Then Daddy shifted suddenly, and while still spinning the flogger, struck her innocent ten-year-old sex and inner thighs.

The little girl screamed and spread herself wider, obscenely trying to place her crotch where the stinging strap would land. Daddy swung the flogger, causing it to strike her vulva, thighs and chest, making the sharp crop lash at her beautiful, naked child body. He chuckled to himself, using the crop to awaken the area he was to strike next. Moaning through her penis-gag, quaking with need, the pre-teen breath coming rapidly under the assault, throwing her head back thinking that now was the time, now she could be set free from his torturous abuse, only to feel Daddy's flogger hit her... and again... and again... and again... Her big blue eyes wide, tearful, excited, she looked at him adoringly, encouraging him, yet pleading not to be tortured so cruelly on her swollen pre-pubescent genitals. Bud Daddy only grinned and stepped back, rolling the spanking bench next to the bed.

His hand slowly trailed over her skin, finding her attempt again to push more into his grasp. Watching her eyes carefully, he cupped her head and lifted it. She rubbed her soft tearful cheek in his palm, moaning through the vulgar phallus-gag filling her small mouth, watching as Daddy slipped the blindfold over her eyes. Pulling it down, the little girl visibly shook, feeling his body, the heat from his body so close to her own. Releasing her, he kissed her lightly, finding her more than willing to receive his incestuous advances.

He broke the kiss and stepped away while his tortured little daughter lay before him, bound, molested and abused, quivering on the satin sheets and covered in sweat. The shift of air played over her shiny skin, the creak of a small door, and then a trailing of something over her whipped tummy. Slowly these things lowered to her vagina, her head turning side to side releasing her longing sighs. Another set of things circled around her chest, pressing harder and wrapped around it. Five of them closed in, connecting together for her to know it as his hand. Arching her slender back and skinny ribcage, the pre-teen tried to give more of herself to Daddy's cruel hands, only to feel him pull back. Sighing disappointed, she lay back down and felt the fondling fingers return, kneading and molesting her already painful little nipples.

She heard his voice, seemingly from a distance, say, "Keep still my pet, and this will be over soon. Then you'll show Daddy where it hurts."

Her lips tried to move, to bring voice that she would do as told, but it only came out as a sorrowful moan. Kissing her, crushing her tender child-lips under his, his hands raised to release her wrists, rubbing them softly. The little girl lay there, suckling his tongue, not wanting him to move away. Daddy knew she could feel his chest grinding against hers, relentlessly teasing, pulling, pinching, kneading her ten-year-old nipples. She felt his body slide over hers, caressing her back and lifting her up to him.

Floating in the air, she felt the cold leather and she knew she was on the spanking bench. It settled against her torso, chilling her heated chest. On her instincts, she hooked her arms under the bench and took hold of the handles, feeling swift and strong fingers wrap the cuffs on her bruised wrists. Her bottom obscenely lifted and spread open, as if to welcome what was to come, but she felt nothing come.

Suddenly, cold drops fell on her ass, causing her to shiver. Squirming, she settled into the cold of the drops, wanting to feel the drops in one place but shocked as Daddy dripped it closer only to leave.

Shamelessly humping her aroused pelvis against the bench, the child yelped as the drops came down again, this time hotly. Like molten rock, the drops came down and burnt into her sensitive crack. A hand came and slapped her bottom, shaking the cheeks, giving a slight respite from the dropping lava.

Another smack, but this was heavier. Many fingers landed across her ass. Little Jessie cringed, tensing for the next blow, only to feel it come lightly. Relaxing, she raised her pert bottom, hoping that whatever it was, would catch her clit and finally relieve her of this unnatural torment.

"Relax my little pet," his voice echoed as another thudding and hard smack came to her. Fighting her arousal, she relaxed her bottom and felt the blows through her, cascading up her sweaty, skinny, bound body and slamming hard into her sex. Moaning wantonly in time with the spankings, the abused child widened her legs, hoping her Daddy would take pleasure in her exposed and open cuntlet and allow her forgiveness and end this brutal, incestuous punishment.

With a hand fanning over her bottom, she relaxed more, lying against the bench, feeling her body being kneaded, feeling this kneading course through her skinny body, rearranging her organs, pulsating into her obscenely swollen labia. She felt lips brush against her ear, a soft voice she remembered come to her, "Very good my little pet, you have taken this well."

A light buzz came to her suddenly, hearing the familiar vibrator sing in the air; the child excitedly drank up his words, "Your punishment is done. Your reward comes now."

The abused ten-year-old squealed with delight, her molested body trembling and awaiting his touch. The buzz follows the line of her back up to her ears. Growing louder, the sound encompassed her, blocking everything else. As it slowly died away, she begins to notice that a hand no longer held her ass. A heated flush radiated there, a slow seeping of warmth came over her. A welcome fire spreading over her innocent tortured body. She melted, her little form slumping against the bench. On her upper arm, she felt the shakes of the vibrator through her, like electricity, going to the very center of her. Suddenly, she felt a biting smack right on her anus, quaking within her as if to shake her very soul. Again it came, causing her to moan aloud, the anal whipping echoing throughout her entire tortured entrails.

Her slender hips rocked up and down, moving involuntarily, rubbing her hairless mound against the rough padded leather of the bench. The child's legs were moved, folded up under her, sticking her bottom up higher, arching her back more and opening her anus wider. She could feel her labia spread on its own, puffed up noticeably, feeling as if it wasn't part of her body any longer but something to be attacked and conquered by any means. Gasping, her vulva opened to Daddy, leaking sweetly scented nectar, the lips seeming to reach out for him as his finger trailed over them. Wanton with a burning need deep within, the little girl hunched her body, bringing herself closer to her Daddy. All she wanted was to be loved but the meaning of her desire was lost to her in this sea of sexual suffering. All she could feel now were hands taking hold on her tiny body, controlling it, wanderers exploring not so distant shores. Her wrists released and rubbed, lifted up and over causing her to fall, tumble down momentarily into a strong set of arms. The cool leather licked her back when she was set down, her legs spread even wider for his pleasure.

Gentle kisses from lips she treasured covered her tender neck, lightly showering her chest, teasing her engorged nipples, moving ever downward. Her breath came quicker, anticipating what was to come next in this poetry of pain. Daddy's mustache brushed against her pitiful mound as she felt his breath cool her painfully whipped genitals, stoking the fire. If she could see, her eyes would be closed, her face tearstained, every inch of her body connected to her one tender and sweet spot. Her entire short childhood revolved around this moment, the act of surviving the punishment she wanted and giving up all of her traumatized ten-year-old body for Daddy's cruel pleasure. Thinking on how happy he was to have his naked little girl-child, his beautiful little slut-princess, to be offered such a precious thing as herself, only heightened her joy as the tongue began to force itself into her open cunt.

Moaning, more like screaming, little Jessie spoke her love for Daddy with each breath she took. Fighting her animal instincts, she kept her painful pelvis still, letting Daddy savor her hidden and most private depths. Feeling his lips move from hers, she boldly spread her legs more and tilted herself upward, allowing for the shameful juices to gash out from the innermost depths of her body and into Daddy's welcoming mouth. She expected to feel his special kiss to suck them all up, but got delightfully surprised.

With callous force the poor little girl has only known to come from her Daddy, he entered her with the vibrator. She screamed, hoping that he would take her for himself, but realized something else. As she clenched to the phallus within her, she realized that it was not the vibrator but something far wider. Crying her last tears, she let her arms fly upward and wrap around the huge body before her, bringing its painful force onto her. Feeling her insides filled and emptied... filled and emptied... she inhaled Daddy's scent and hers mixed on his lips. His beard scratched her cheeks and teeth closed in on her blindfold, pulling it off. Her weeping blue eyes blinked quickly, adjusting to the dim light and Daddy came into focus.

Overwhelmed, the tortured child parted her lips, about to beg her Daddy to spare her small body any further abuse only to feel his finger on her lips and a light warm breath coming over her face.

"It won't take long, my little pet," he said, as his body began to force its way further into her very welcome depths. Daddy watched as her blond head tiled back and eyes closed. He listened as her mouth parted and a brief song of her tormented pleasure. He raped her like a raging bull, a beast fighting for survival of the species, while she trembled so small and tender in his strong hands, until his boiling, acrid orgasm filled her tiny, ravished sex.

Little Jessie awoke as from a daze, cradled in Daddy's arms, close to his heart. Her blurry eyes alighted onto his smiling face. She reached up and tilted her head, kissing his neck lightly.

"Why do you enjoy this so much, baby-cunt?" he asked her, his eyes showing that he knew her answer.

"I love you hurting me Daddy. I want to be yours, you are my Daddy, only you can do this to me."

"I know, but why do you provoke me into punishing you?"

"Because... being good all the time is boring. And it's as much fun as the reward after."

Her little tearstained face brightened into a grin that could only make Daddy smile. Cupping her little head in his hands, he kissed her tender ten-year-old lips deeply, his passion radiating into her. Returning his passion, the little girl mumbled: "Will you abuse me again, Daddy?"

I promise you, princess. Now show Daddy where it hurts."

The End

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