Uncle Roger And The Nieces, Part 2

[ Mg(7) cons, oral, cons, rom ]


Published: 24-Apr-2013

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This is a work of fiction and the author does not condone or wish to incite others into having sex with underage minors.

Chapter 1

After my camping trip with young Alicia and her family I knew that I couldn't let things end there. I had to have more, I was hooked and in too deep. Also Alicia's little pussy had awoken and she would need careful handling; often.

Several weeks later I managed to arrange a Friday night visit to my nephew's. Still being school holidays the girls should have both been at home but 11yo Sally was having a sleep over and would be gone over night. Narelle was at work and Mike looked like he was on about his 8th bong and 5th rum and coke. He was only really interested in going back to bed, so in asked Alicia if she wanted to go shopping with me so I could make dinner that night. Of course I knew she would jump eagerly at the chance to get out of the house, and I hoped to be alone with me also.

As we pulled out of the drive I dropped my hand from the gear stick to her knee giving her a gentle, loving squeeze.

"Alicia darling..."

"Yes, Uncle Roger."

"Did you like what we did in the tent that morning on the camp?"

My little 7yo darling turned her head to face me and fixed me with a loving gaze that left me in no doubts whatsoever that everything was good between us.

"Uncle Roger that was the best thing ever, I loved how you made me go tingly"

"Do you want us to do that again, sweetie."

She bunched the hem of her little floral print dress in her hands and squeezed her bunched up fists between her knees as a little frisson of pleasure rippled through her body as she remembered her orgasms as she had rode upon my tongue about 4 weeks earlier.

Alicia giggled, biting her bottom lip and nervously asked "Can we?

"What ever you want to do, we will."

"Would you like to suck me off again?" I asked hesitantly, feeling a boner start to grow in my trousers.

She giggled and gave me a quick glance and shyly asked, "Can I."

"You know, darling, I will let you do anything that you want."

Taking her right hand I placed it on my hardening dick which was starting to outline itself along the top of my left leg. Gently, she traced my rigid member with the tips of all her fingers.

"Would you like to do something now?"

"Yeah, please can we?"

I was pulling onto the freeway on the way to the shopping complex, so said, "Ok darling wait a sec and we will have some fun in a short while.

A couple of kilometres down the road I found a safe place to pull into the break-down lane and put my hazard flashers on. Anyone approaching would assume I was just taking a call on my mobile.

I scooted down a little in my seat and half turned to my little 7yo sweetheart.

"Darling, would you like to unzip me?"

Alicia reached out taking hold of my zipper, and I held my belt and waist band to enable her to easily slide my zipper all the way down. She placed her little hand inside my pants but couldn't quite reach my cock easily so I unbuckled, unbuttoned and pushed my pants down to my knees. Alicia was now able to reach inside my boxers and take hold of my steel hard dick.

Alicia scooted around drawing her knees under her and intently stroked me holding me with both of her hands.

"Darling, do you remember how you sucked me last time?"


"Would you like to do that again?"

Sly eager smile, nod.

I scooted down a little further to afford her better access, taking hold of my dick near the base below her hands so that it was standing up straight. I placed my left hand at the back of her head and guided her mouth down to my rigid waiting tool. She gave a little flick of her head to get the hair from her face as she turned her head a quarter turn, closed her eyes and accepted the purple knob of my hard dick into her mouth with a swirl of her tongue and some almost cum erupting bobs of her head.

Oh bliss. I settled back closing my eyes and blocked out the sounds of passing cars and trucks and the clicking of my hazard flashers.

I reached out with my left hand and felt little Alicia's crouching bottom, flicked up her dress to expose her Dora the Explorer panty covered bottom. I slid my middle finger down the crack to her juicy little slit. She opened her legs for me to give me better access; I slid her panties down just below her little butt as she busily looked after what was in her mouth. I sucked my middle finger savouring the taste and smell of her little girl pussy. Slid back down to her pussy, pressing gently, pressing, pressing, pressing. Her lips parted around my finger, accepting. Last time I had not been able to get my finger this far into her very tight virginal pussy, she had obviously been exploring herself, practicing at giving herself pleasure, making my explorations that much easier.

The nub of her clit distended against my probing finger, she groaned in against her mouthful of dick, still with her eyes closed, swirling her tongue bringing me close to what felt like the Krakatau of explosions. God this little girl loved sucking me and instinctively knew how to maximise the eroticism as she stroked the almost full length of my dick into her mouth with little flicks of her tongue. How do little girls know this without training, god she was making me groan with pleasure as I rocked my hips being careful not to drive myself down her throat and make her gag. She was giving herself fully entirely, heart and (god bless her)soul.

Reluctantly, I disengaged my cock from her greedy mouth and asked, "Do you want to climb in the back so that I can lick you at the same time?" This was met with very enthusiastic nods and we scrambled awkwardly, legs all over the place over to the back seat.

I slid Alicia's panties off and my trousers down past my knees, lying on my back. I placed Alicia's parted legs over my face and pressed her pussy down into contact with my mouth and eagerly awaiting tongue.

Unbidden, Alicia again took hold of my straining dick and swallowed as much a she could take into eager little mouth. I parted her puffy red lips and propping her lower half for complete access, gently blew cool breath directly onto her completely swollen distended clit. She shook through her entire body immediately going into an earth-shattering orgasm, wildly grinding her wet, little pussy hard against my mouth, accidently swallowing too much dick and coughing-groaning-spluttering, dropping my cock from her mouth. I continued to slowly lick along the length of her open slit testing the heat emanating from her pussy with the tip of my tongue; she was scalding and sweet and musky. Her aroma filled my nostrils, bliss. I hadn't realised that she was so close, so quickly.

From this vantage I was able to see her hymen was damaged, she had most definitely spent time working on her pussy over the intervening weeks since the camping trip. I decided that I would need to teach her what she could do with the handle of a hair brush as I settled back to licking and drinking her sweet nectar. Sucking her clit in between my lips, flicking it delicately with the tip of my tongue I encouraged her to gently rock her hips to a primal rhythm as she eagerly took my dick into her mouth again, licking, sucking, eagerly bobbing her mouth, driving me on higher and higher, closer and closer. Until my climax finally came, shuddering along the full length of my body, spurt upon spurt gushed into poor Alicia's tiny mouth as she struggled to contain the entire amount. Letting go of my erupting dick it continued to spit ropes of cum, hitting her over her face, up her nostrils, in her eyes and in her hair. Turning her cum soaked face towards me with cum dripping from her face to my lap she smiled broadly, glassy-eyed, beatific smile on her cum plastered lips; cum dripped back into my lap.

When I had sufficient breath and composure back, I scooted Alicia around so that she was lying atop me face to face and kissed her deeply, licking my cum from her face and delivering it back to her in little kisses.

"Darling that was the best cum that I have ever had, thank you. You know that I do love you darling?" That was no lie I had never cum so hard in my entire 46 years.

Alicia giggled shyly. "I love Uncle Roger, you made me tingle so hard."

"Darling that's called an orgasm and it was a big one wasn't it? You normally only have them like that if you are in love with the person that you are doing it with"

"Orgasm, orgasm." She tested the word in the mouth and smiled. She obviously liked the feel and sound. I guess that she will get to feel the word and experience quite a bit if I can help it.

I got some wet wipes from my glove box and set to cleaning both of us up and making us look a little bit more presentable. Even over the artificial smell of the wet wipes I was still aware of the smell of cum in her hair, but took secret pleasure from the knowing.

We adjusted clothing and this time used our respective doors to get back into the front seats, last check, buckled up and drove off.

As we walked around the shopping centre Alicia held my all the time and each time we stopped would wrap her body into mine, pulling hand down her front and backing into me for complete closes, or she would wrap her arms around my waist hugging me tightly and complexly. She seemed to be in a post orgasmic euphoria.

I have to admit I was feeling fairly light-headed also, realised that in public we needed to be a little cautious. After finishing shopping for our few articles I suggested a milkshake for both of us. We found a small coffee shop in the complex that did excellent milkshakes and sold a fine selection of delicious pastries and settled into a private table. Immediately Alicia wanted to climb onto my lap and cuddle, but reluctantly I had to slide her off onto the bench seat beside me.

"Alicia darling..."

"Yes Uncle Roger."

"Was that really good for you before in the car?"

Alicia beamed at me with a million watt smile, "Oh, that was so fantastic. You made me tingle... orgasm, so hard I thought I was going to die, it just went on for ever."

"Uncle Roger, does it always feel like that?"

I smiled lovingly at my darling little girl, "Darling, when two people love each other like we do sometimes it can be very, very good. It was good wasn't it?"

Again I was hit by that million watt smile. "Uncle Roger, can we do that again soon?"

"Darling, we will do it as long as you want me to, but we have to be very careful. You know, if anyone found out what we have been doing that would be the end for us. We would not be allowed to see each other again and I probably would go to gaol."

Alicia looked at me with a shocked and startled expression.

I went on, "Some people look down on us because I am so much older than you. They would not understand how you feel, or how I feel for you and we would both end up very sad, so we need to be careful when we are around other people." I stressed.

Alicia looked down at her milkshake and fiddled with the straw and gave a sad little nod as she processed what we had just said.

Taking her chin I lifted her gaze to mine, "Darling, we still have tonight. I can sneak in after everyone else is asleep if you like."

She immediately beamed at me.

"C'mon, finish up let's get going then"

Chapter 2

When we arrived back at Alicia's house, Narelle, Alicia's mum was back from work and had already started on Mike about all the things that he had neglected to do. Narelle, was curled on the couch laptop in hand, logged into Facebook to check how good her social life was.

Alicia's bubbly entrance diverted her mother temporarily, she as eager to show her parents her new jewellery that we picked up in a store on the way out, that advertised nothing over $2. I had spent $5 on Alicia, and she was ecstatic. Previously, I had spent $1,000 on a girlfriend in a jewellery store and only got half the response. I could see that there were going to be all sorts of benefits from our relationship.

Mike and I set to making dinner. All things said, when Mike put his mind to it he was quite a good cook. Dinner was fairly convivial, my presence mostly kept things nice. Alicia sat on my left and would occasionally stroke my leg beneath the table. I returned with gentle caresses along her thighs; a above the table nothing showed.

After dinner, Mike and I shared a couple of joints outside. He was glad to have some male company to pour his heart out to. All things said, Mike did love his wife and wanted to normalise relationships with his wife. I, self interestedly, offered to mind the girls on their anniversary so they could get a motel room for the night. I also suggested he could come up for a weekend with one of the girls and Narelle could come up the following week with the other.

Feeling better about his lot in life, Mike and I went back inside. He snuggled up with his wife on the sofa, I was lying back on the recliner and Alicia came out in her night dress, a little pink cotton thing with a blue 'Thumper Rabbit' motif, that was deliciously translucent with a television shining through it. Alicia was dragging a doona behind her and snuggled up on my lap, pulling the doona over both of us in the dim room only lit by the light of the television.

Mike told Narelle what we had discussed outside and seemed enthusiastic about the idea of having the night out; a good meal, motel with spa bath and no kids to spoil the night for them.

Alicia, I could see was brightening to the prospect and opened my fly under the cover of the doona.

"You don't mind looking after them for the night then?" Narelle enquired.

"Nah, I would love it. You know how much I love the girls. We could make a good weekend of it, I'll arrange some good activities that the girls will like.

Alicia freed my hard dick from my pants and stroked me lazily certain of not being caught.

I reached down and lifted the hem of her night dress and was pleased to find that she was not wearing any panties. She had her right leg over mine, giving me full access. The middle finger of my right hand found her moistening slit and easily slid in locating her swollen nub. Juices flooded my finger easing its entry as Alicia gave a soft mewl ender her breath into my neck.

I had to stop her from ducking her head down under the doona as that would have been a bit too dangerous. We were only lit by the light from the TV but why chance it. Same as I couldn't afford to bring her to a shattering orgasm, might be a bit hard to disguise that one, even though Mike and Narelle were lying contented in their own embrace.

At 9:30 Alicia got her marching orders to the expected "Oh please's..." and "Just a little bit more..." to no avail.

Under the doona I put my dick away and zipped up. "C'mon sweetie, I think that was the call for last drinks. Off you scoot." And put the recliner into its upright position and eased Alicia off, wrapping her in her doona and set her off on her way with a pat on her cute little behind.

Reluctantly she started off looking over her shoulder towards me. I gave her a wink, a nod and a smile and she smiled in return, understanding and skipped off to her bed.

An hour later, Mike and Narelle said they were going off to bed themselves. I think it was going to be a night of lovemaking and heavy sleep for both of them if my luck held out.

I pulled out my bed and made it up and got ready for bed myself. Before turning in I set the alarm on my phone to vibrate and come on at 2:30 am...

At 2:30 I awoke and switched off my alarm and just lay there for a few moments allowing the sounds of the house to reach me. Mike's snoring was an easy one, the TV in their bedroom was still on. I can't understand how they manage to sleep with the TV on but they do. I think it may be used to hide the sounds of love making, but that is also a two edged sword, if I am careful they should not be able to hear what Alicia and I get up to either.

I went to the toilet had a pee not flushing and listened. Everything was good. I made my way to Alicia's bedroom and eased her door open. From the dim residual lights of the house I was able to make out Alicia sleeping on her right side facing me.

Shutting her door I made my way over to her bed and knelt beside her, and slid the doona from her body. She was curled into a ball, knees tucked up sucking her thumb.

I slid her night dress up as high as it would go and in the dim light could just make out the juncture of her legs but no more. I lifted her leg and brought her foot up and held her opened with my left hand. I moistened the index finger of my right hand and slid it along and between her puffy little pussy lips. Still she slept, it's amazing how deeply the young can sleep.

Alicia moaned softly in her sleep and I licked my finger to taste her again, oh she was so sweet. I inserted my finger in as deeply as it would go , but her vagina was just too tight, with a little manipulation my finger went in a little way to the first knuckle.

I leant over and started licking along her open pussy lips, pressing my tongue in trying to open her to me and alternating it between that and little butterfly flickers directly onto her clit. Slowly she came awake and aware that it was me licking her and she tightened her legs behind my head and brought her hands down to hold my head in place to maximise the contact and pleasure.

I lowered my pyjama bottoms and slid in beside her, 69 position. Immediately Alicia took ahold of me and guided my hard dick into her hungry mouth and she moaned my name as she seemed to devour my swollen cock. Frantically she bobbed her head and licked at the purple glans as I licked her dripping pussy.

Before I could explode in my very imminent orgasm I removed my dick from her reluctant mouth and turning her over positioned her on her knees on the edge of her bed. I rested my weight on my right knee and stood behind her, took my swollen cock in my hand and guided it between her lips, rubbing it the length of her slit, pressing it into her clit and bumping it into her widening vagina. She was still much too tight for me to enter her fully but she was enjoying the sensation and pressed herself back trying to get my dick inside her completely.

My cock slid easily around her very wet pussy as I manipulated it into the places where it would give her the deepest sensations.

My own orgasm was very imminent as I heard her suck in her breath as she herself got close. Her face was pressed into her pillow with her bum in the air as I joyfully slid my dick along her slit and pumped her hard until I burst and came and spurt all over her pussy and coating her tummy and chest as she herself came, scrunching her pillow with both her hands and moaning and biting her pillow, shuddering. Her knees gave out and legs came off the bed, lying flat on her front gently purring in her contentment. I lay on top of her my shrinking wet dick nestled between her lovely round bum cheeks. I kissed the back of her neck, Alicia moved her head to the left and stretched her neck so that I could kiss those tender places where her pulse throbbed just below the skin.

"Uncle Roger..."

"Yes darling."

"I really love you."

"I know darling and I love you just as much"

"I hope that we can do this forever." She mumbled into her pillow falling back into an exhausted sleep.

"Me too darling. Sleep."

With that I climbed off my extraordinary little lover and wiped her down with a pair of her panties and made my way back out to my bed.

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I really enjoyed your story. I love going to TT but your story is in my tp 5 now. Thanks


Loved both parts of your story. Not sure about the sex in the lay-by tho. I also like some reality with my fantasy.Would anyone seriously have sex with a 7 yr old in their car next to a busy road? Hope there is a part 3 tho.Want to read what happens at that weekend she stays over.


luvstots made a good point, you have to be freaking delusional to think a road could be a safe place, even at night. Apart from that, I give this 9/10, excelent and almost perfec

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