Babysitting Accident

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Published: 28-Apr-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

First, a bit about myself. At the time of this story, I was 26 years old, had never been married, had been in love twice, more times than that had been in a relationship, but those relationships had mostly ended badly. For the most of last ten years, I have not had a relationship that lasted for more than two years.

Personally, I've never considered myself as a "real" pedophile - though, many others think otherwise; I am the first to admit that I've had relationships with women/girls considered under the age of consent in many jurisdictions. Not very young, but you know what I mean. But it has never been something I would consider pedophiliac. Every time both of us were fully well knowing what we were doing.

Not on this story, though. Everything that happened was extremely illegal and... extremely happenstance - not planned, not intended, but it happened and it should never happen again. But I loved it.

Bit of background. Like I said, I've never been married - but a number of my friends have. And they want to get some "alone time" every now and then. If you have kids, you know what I mean. My friends wanted to go on a holiday without their kids - a 10 year old boy and two girls aged 7 and 13. So they needed a babysitter for the time they were going to be away. Not really a hard thing to pull off. They were only going to be away for three weeks, so I thought to myself, "what the hell" - I've spent time with them before, so why not take care of them when their parents are away having the honeymoon they apparently never had.

Honestly - despite of what I said before, I know I've always been a pedophile, but I am that in the purest meaning of the word... I like children. I like to be around them. It is not that I want to have sex with them or anything like that. I was never planning to do anything with any of them. I like seeing them, but that is about it. Too much to loose.

My apartment building is pretty much as plain as it gets. I have three rooms; two bedrooms and a combined living room / kitchen. This became a bit of a problem - but we worked that out. Because I only had two bedrooms, it meant that one of the kids had to sleep with me. In the end, we wound up with the older kids sleeping in one bedroom and the youngest one sleeping with me. Still, no problem there. In the past we had done this a million times.

Bit more background. All of the kids are heavy sleepers. If you took the house down around them, they wouldn't have noticed it. Furthermore, on st. Patrick's, we had a bit of a house party - just for ourselves. A lot of decorations for the kids and huge quantities of beer for me. Also, for the kids it was the one day in the year they are allowed to taste "table beer", "house beer" (or whatever you call that in your country; a fermented drink with very low alcohol volume). We had a blast; we listened to music (and, pardon my ignorance, I really didn't know who Pearl Emerson was at that time - and I still don't... all I know is that they loved her), we watched some movies, and - in the end - we drank a lot of what was available. Well - in my country it is not unheard of to give beer to minors, but I think -considering their weight & all - it probably was a bit too much for them. Personally, I had much more beer than an adult administering youngsters should ever have done.

Any way... In the end we all started getting more or less sleepy. Interestingly, it started with the oldest one; I think she had the most of the table beer. After that it was the middle one, and the youngest one actually stayed up until the end of Shrek. After which she was so sleepy that I had to carry her into the bed.

And *this* is the point where things started to get on a wrong track. With small mistakes come big mistakes, right? She was pretty soundly asleep already at this point, so I did not have the heart to wake her up and make her change into her PJs. Instead, I just took off her jeans and T-shirt, and... well - tugged her in with nothing but her knickers. And went to sleep beside her.

I went to sleep beside her in my big bed and ... frankly, at that point, I fell asleep for a while. But only for a while.

Like I said, I had been drinking quite a lot in that evening and as it happened, I woke up a bit later. With a good morning wood sticking from my pants.

Also, like mentioned previously, I knew that all of the kids were sound sleepers even under normal circumstances. But at this point, I was not thinking clearly; my friend's daughter was sleeping next to me, her back to me, and I was horny. So I started groping her around her bum. Since it appeared that she was not noticing anything, I soon became more daring.

I was already massaging her bum, so my mind told me - why stop there? And I didn't. She was sound asleep and I continued to push aside the backpart (if I only knew what that is called) of her knickers - and continued to fondle her bare bottom.

While getting more excited, I started to get more daring by the minute. She was sound asleep and definitely not objectionable of anything I was doing, so... why not do something else. Pretty much, at this point, any rational thinking had already passed to my "little brain" anyway. Therefore, I wet my finger with my saliva and tried it down there... and to my surprise noticed that there was absolutely no resistance. This was when my "morning wood" rose to full attention. I had just realised that in theory, it was possible to shove my dick in this 7 year old beauty. At that time, honest to gods, I couldn't have cared less about the possible consequences. I wanted to do that, no matter what.

So I smeared some more of my saliva on my fingers and spread it all over her asshole. And after a while I repositioned myself such that if I was going to penetrate her, it would have been possible. I must admit, I was leaking precum at that point.

I repositioned myself very cautiously... I had pushed her knickers out of the way of her bum with my right hand and I was doing this very slowly since I was very aroused at that moment and definitely did not want to wake her up.

Finally I had myself positioned exactly correctly. The little princess was sound asleep and I had my throbbing member positioned right between her bottom cheeks, leaking precum just exactly where I wanted it. Added to my saliva from the moment ago, it provided perfect lubrication for what I had in mind. I slowly started thrusting myself inside her.

The feeling was nothing like you could ever experience if you've not done anal; the tight squeeze of the sphincter and the release when it releases and lets you in. When I realised that I *really* got in, I took a while to get the feeling inside of me. Unfortunately, it is a feeling unlike anything I am able to describe in words. It just feels *good*.

After that, I started a very, very slow inwards/outwards thrust - oh god, I truly loved the feeling.

I was not intending to shoot my load inside her butt but - like things go, they go. I had continued my slo-mo-ass-fucking of a seven year old for a while when suddenly her hand darted down from her pillow (where she had been holding it) between her thighs. At that time I was honestly thinking "did I just get caught doing this", "have I just ruined her life forever", "what will her parents say", "what does she think about this", "how the fuckin' much is this going to cost me" and finally "how many months in jail will I get for this"... when I realised that indeed, she is still fast asleep and - she is masturbating in her sleep while I have pretty much most of my dick buried in her ass. Which was tight. And her panties were really scrubbing the side of my penis. I was not moving at all, but her ass really pinched around my penis at that time more violently than before and honestly - that was all it took for me to really erupt inside her rectum.

Next morning, first thing she did when she woke up was to go and take a shit. I heard (and so did her siblings) that it sounded like she had massive diarrhea... no wonder; she had loads and loads of me inside her rectum. When she got back to the table with the rest of us, I did confront her about it (not about why it had happened, of course) and she went all red and told us that "I think I shouldn't have had all those table beers yesterday, sorry. I'll be more careful next year."

At first I thought she actually believed that, but after the breakfast she came and hugged me - which in itself is not unusual. However, while hugging me, I did notice that she gobbled up the front of my jeans while passing. I wonder... But I think I am not willing to ever risk it again.

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Pretty good. I'm left wondering and hoping that there will be more that involves the older sibs. Thanks!


Yes anal sex round two with the did I blow a hell of a load just reading it..more more more please..


Nice story. Sooo sexy... I loved it !!! SO HARD !!!

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