Filthy!, Part 1

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Published: 25-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Amanda Learns About Boys

Soon after Amanda's 8th birthday she began to notice boys. She quickly learned that they weren't interested in her. She's a homely little kid with stringy brown hair, dull eyes and crooked teeth. She's small for her age, so she looks younger than most of the other kids in the second grade.

Most of the boys her age don't care about girls, and the ones who do all like the big girls, with their wide hips and big, round breasts. Amanda was envious. But, one day, she learned something really interesting. She found out that, when boys grow up, some of them like little girls better than grown-up girls.


Amanda was on a bus one day, traveling across town to visit her father. It was a long, slow trip, and she was bored. Her seat faced the aisle, so she turned her head to gaze out the window, and her hand furtively slipped beneath her skirt.

Her nostrils flared as her little fingers found the feel-good place. She stared blankly out the window as she rubbed it through her panties.

She moved her finger slowly, her eyelids fluttering as the little nubbin emerged from its hiding place and began to swell. Her lips parted as she felt the warm slippery stuff begin to seep into her panty crotch.

The little girl sighed. Her tummy began to tingle. She was just about to close her eyes and let the good feeling transport her to Never-Never Land when she noticed a man's face, dimly reflected in the bus window. He was sitting across the aisle from Amanda, and staring at her.

The man knew what Amanda was doing. She blushed purple and bit her lip in shame. But she couldn't stop. She pressed her cheek against the bus window and squeezed her eyes shut, pretending the man wasn't looking, and stroked herself faster, hoping to get finished quickly.

It didn't work. Even with her eyes squeezed shut, Amanda knew the man was watching. Her little brain burned with shame and embarrassment. And something else. She didn't know what it was, but it made her feel funny -- both ashamed and excited.

Amanda opened her eyes a tiny bit, squinting at the man from the corner of her eye, so he wouldn't know she was looking. Yes, the man was still watching. Unable to stop herself, she slowly turned her head to look at him. He was an old man, and she could see that his hand was slowly moving beneath the newspaper spread over his lap. She bit her lip and blushed as she realized that the man was doing the same thing she was.

The man was looking under her skirt, right between her legs, and Amanda shivered. It was so disgusting that an old man was looking at her like that. And so exciting. The little girl bit her lip, looked into the man's eyes and spread her skinny legs a bit, to let him see as her finger stroked the slick wet spot in her panties.

The man's eyes narrowed behind his thick glasses and Amanda could tell he liked that. The little girl's face flushed with excitement at the sheer nastiness of what she was doing, and the obvious effect it had on the old man.

Tingling with sexual arousal, the little girl cut her eyes left and right to make sure no one else was looking, then spread her short legs a bit wider and pulled aside the crotch of her panties to show the man her private place that she was never, ever, supposed to show anybody.

The man licked his lips as he stared at Amanda's private place. Amanda blushed with nasty excitement and spread her little lips open to let the man look up inside her. The man's eyes widened and his hand moved faster beneath the newspaper.

The nastiness of what she was doing intoxicated the little girl, fogging her brain with the completely novel sensation of indulging forbidden pleasure. She suddenly thought of something that might get the man even more excited. She sucked her finger into her mouth, tucked beneath her skirt and plugged it deeply into the little hole that makes the wet stuff. She didn't know why, but the sex lectures at school said the boy is supposed to put his thing in there, and she guessed that's what the old man wanted to do. She gazed into his eyes, eager to see his response as she slowly moved it in and out.

The man's eyes glazed over, his jaw clenched and his body jerked, then jerked again, then slumped back against the bus seat. His hand wasn't moving any more, and Amanda could tell he was all finished.

Amanda's eyes widened as she realized what she'd made the man do. It was so nasty and thrilling that she gasped out loud. She jerked her slick finger out of her hole and frantically wiggled it on her throbbing feel-good place until the sweet tingles overtook her, squeezing her eyes shut and biting her lip to stifle her snorting little grunts of pleasure.

The man got off at the next bus stop, and Amanda smirked with pride as she noticed the messy wet spot soaking the crotch of his trousers. Her private place felt all warm and tingly again, and some more goo leaked into her wet panties as the little 8-year-old tried to imagine what the man's thing looked like when it squirted all that stuff in his pants.

Little Amanda clamped her skinny thighs together and rocked gently on the bus seat, smearing her slick little sex lips together in her panties, and thought about what had just happened.

She looked around and saw that there were other girls on the bus, some of them really pretty, grown-up girls with big breasts, like high-school age. But the man paid no attention to them. He liked her the best.

Amanda wondered why. She knew she wasn't pretty. The thought gradually dawned on her that the man must have liked her because she was just a little kid. She recalled vague memories of hearing something about that, the men people call "perverts" who want to touch little girls in bad ways, but she'd never thought much about it. Now the thought was kind of interesting. Kind of exciting.

Suddenly, Amanda didn't care about the silly little boys at school any more. Not if she could get big, grown-up men to like her, like that man on the bus.

That man liked her a lot. There must be other men like that, she thought, as her hand furtively slipped between her legs again. She wondered how many, as she closed her eyes and her little skirt began rustling...

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Hey great story! I read this series a few years ago, and have been looking for it ever since. Great job Pedo Phil! Keep this Filthy series coming! I look foreward to more!

uk grandad

Great Story well written and very erotic I can imagine the effect Amanda would have on old men watching her discover the thrill of getting old men to wank over her Keep up the good work Phil Regards Peter


Pedo_phil thank you verrry much I hope u continues in send us this terrific series so long awaited...
Greetings and good wishes 4 u
sincerely, Man_drake


Nice story
Keep up the great work. :)


Incredible story! You made me feel like the old man! And, man, You made me cum ...

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