The Johnson Family Saga, Part 2

[ Mg, Fb, oral, 1st ]

Published: 20-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Amy and Jimmy had witnessed, then participated in their first sexual act. The act they witnessed was their mother and grandfather. It had been unexpected, to say the least. After walking into the house when they were supposed to be going to the movies, Amy walked past the guest room and looked in to find her grandfather pounding away at her mom.

After letting her brother, Jimmy, know what they were doing, they had escaped to their playhouse in the back yard and participated in their own initial encounter. Jimmy had taken his sister's virginity and given his little sister her first load of cum. They decided to make an excuse for leaving the house the following day and sneak back to see if they could catch their mother and grandfather in the act again. What they didn't realize was that they weren't as quiet as they thought.

Pat had seen her kids when they were spying on her and her dad. She told her dad about it, and the two adults dressed and followed the kids to the playhouse. They watched (more quietly than the kids had been) as the youngsters lost their virginity to each other.

Later, they discussed it before Jerry came home from work.

"Well, it was only a matter of time, Pat. You know that. They seem just as eager to learn as you did at that age," her dad told her.

"I know, dad, and I suppose it's ok that they were spying on us. Now, at least with them, we won't have to keep it a secret. Let's be ready for them tomorrow, then help them learn a little more."

The adults agreed on a plan. The following day, Amy and Jimmy told Pat they were going to a friend's house to watch movies. Pat and Grandad told them goodbye and the two kids left. As soon as they did, Pat and her dad went to his room and waited.

As they expected, within 15 minutes, they heard the door open. Pat became vocal as if she was receiving a lot of pleasure and was on the brink of an orgasm. Grandad started telling his daughter how close he was to "filling her pussy full of his cum."

The kids tried to approach the room quietly, but they weren't prepared for what they saw. Pat was sitting on the bed with Grandad standing next to her. They saw the kids in the hallway.

"Don't be shy kids. Come on in," Pat told them.

They turned as if they wanted to run away but their mom called them again. They turned back to the bedroom and sheepishly entered.

"We know you saw us yesterday, kids," Grandad began. "I think it's about time you learned the truth about us."

The kids looked up.

"Your mom and I have been having playing since she learned how to give a proper blow job at the age of 8. I took her virginity when she was 10. I played with my sister growin up and wanted to show my kids how much fun sex could be.

"Pat wanted to learn and was an eager student. Now that you two have discovered sex, we think you should learn some other things as well. As long as you want to learn, we'll teach you everything. Just remember it's ok to say 'no' if you don't agree with what's happening."

The kids were still a little shocked, but Amy was the first to speak up.

"What's a blow job?" It was as if she hadn't heard anything else.

Everyone laughed before Pat answered her daughter.

"A blow job is actually sucking. It's when someone sucks a guy's cock. Would you like to learn?"

"SURE!" she answered with a giggle.

"Dad? Would you like to help her learn? And I'll show her how to do it using Jimmy. Let's all get undressed. We have a little time before your dad gets home."

Jimmy was a little shy at first, but Amy was quick to strip out of her clothes. Pat was next and Gradad was nude next. His cock was hard and ready. Jimmy finally removed all his clothes and his little 4" cock sprang out ready for action.

Pat led Jimmy to the bed and had him lay down next to his grandfather. Amy didn't hesitate, but crawled up between her grandfather's legs and sat down. She was mesmerized with the size of it. This was only the second one she had seen in her young life. Without asking, she reached out and took it in her small hand, just as she had with her brother's the day before.

Pat chuckled at her daughter, remembering how curious she had been at that age. By the time she was 11, she had been in her first gang-bang. Something told her Amy wouldn't wait that long. In fact, she would probably want her grandfather's cock in her pussy and her brother's in her mouth before today was out!

"Watch how I do Jimmy's, then do the same to Grandad," she told Amy. Both men lay back, their legs spread, watching as the only two females in their lives began the process of oral sex. Jimmy had heard about blow jobs, and was excited that he was about to experience his first one.

Pat explained the "boy parts" to her daughter, who was watching closely, her small hand still stroking the cock in her hand. As he mom licked the crown of her brother's cock, she did the same to her grandfather's.

Although his was a lot larger than Jimmy's, Amy was able to stretch her mouth wide enough to take the head in when her mom did that to her brother. Grandad didn't cum as soon as she did, unlike Jimmy. He filled his mother's mouth with his cum, then was overcome with embarassment.

"I can't believe I did that! It just felt so cool!" he tried to explain.

"Don't worry, son. It happens. You just watch now, and we'll let Amy learn on her own."

Amy seemed to be doing just fine.

"She's a natural cocksucker, Pat, just like you," her dad told her. He ran his fingers through Amy's hair. She looked up and smiled, then resumed her attention to his cock.

Pat gave her some pointers, but she was trying to get as much into her young mouth as she could. When she gagged, she pulled back and immediately resumed. She discovered she loved the way it felt on her tongue. What she couldn't fit into her young mouth, she was stroking with both hands. It took both hands to circle it!

Pat resumed playing with Jimmy's cock in an effort to restore the erection. As with most young boys, it didn't take long. The second time around, he was determined to stay hard longer before he came. He wasn't sure about it, but he was trying.

"Amy, do you know what happens when a guy cums?" her grandfather asked her. She pulled away from his cock long enough to answer:

"Yes sir! It makes a big mess inside you!"

Everyone laughed as the young girl resumed her sucking. The older man continued to run his fingers through her hair. "Yes, sweetie, it does, especially when it squirts inside a nice warm pussy. Sometimes, a girl likes to swallow it. That's what I want you to do now. I'm very close, so be ready."

Amy quickened her efforts. She had always been eager to please, and now was no exception. Her little friends moved faster up and down her grandfather's shaft and her little cheeks sunk in as she worked for her prize.

She was rewarded within less than another minute when Grandad grunted and arched his back. Still holding his grandaughter's head, he began to spurt his load into her willing mouth. Pat knew how much her daddy could cum in a single load, and she doubted Amy could handle it. Amy tried!

Her grandfather began to erupt, and Amy choked. She quickly overcame the initial feeling and began to swallow at her mother's urging. Some of it escaped from her mouth, but she managed to capture most of it.

"Great job, Amy!" he praised her as she wiped the residual from her chin. She smiled up at him, then over at her mom. She was a very proud girl. She had just swallowed her first load of cum, and she wasn't in trouble for spying or having sex!

"Would you like me to show you how a girl can cum when someone does that to her?" he asked.

"I don't understand. Girls don't have thingies!"

More laughter. Pat persuaded her son to switch places, then had his sister lay next to her on the pillow.

"Pay attention, son. You need to learn how to do this. You can do to me what Grandad does to Amy."

She spread her legs, and Amy followed suit.

Amy watched in fascination as her grandfather moved between her slender legs. Jimmy imitated his actions with his mom.

The older man spread Amy's nether lips and showed Jimmy what each part was, much as his mother had done earlier with him. Jimmy was a willing pupil and tried to watch as he found those same (albeit more mature) parts on his mom.

Pat was excited, and she knew she was lubricating from the actions so far. Her wetness wasn't lost on Jimmy. He had no idea what it was, but he decided he liked the aroma and even the taste as he copied his grandfather's motions and took his first taste of a pussy.

He needed no further coaching. Much like his sister, he was born to it. What he lacked in knowledge, he made up for in enthusiasm. Amy decided she liked this new feeling as well. It was much better than when she touched herself and almost as pleasant as when Jimmy had fucked her for the first time yesterday.

The young girl could feel the familiar feeling working its way through her body. Her dainty toes curled as she felt the pleasure waves come over her. Her fingers tangled into his hair as Grandad brought her to a climax. He gave her little cunny one last kiss before he raised up to look at Amy. Her eyes were closed in total bliss.

Jimmy had succeeded in bringing his mom to orgasmic bliss. She had cum quietly, just as Amy had. Little whimpers of pleasure were heard as her breathing slowed to normal. Jimmy raised up to look at his mom and sister, then wondered what would happen next. His 4" was hard once more. Would mom let him????

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