Holly, My Young Nudist, Part 1

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Published: 26-Mar-2012

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None of this is true. You would have to be a complete idiot to believe that something like what I wrote could happen in real life. And if you try anything written here, you deserve everything coming to you.

Copyright 2012, by New T. You


I have read a lot of sex stories in my fifty odd years of living; the majority of them with misspelled words, horrible grammar and plots that were laughable. I've written my own sex stories since I was about fifteen. Most were destroyed in moments of extreme paranoia and more were lost during critical hard drive crashes. The stories I write always involve young girls with older men, or young girls with male siblings. Most of the stories involve implausible circumstances, implausible characters and are always 100% fantasy.

I've only read few stories that I felt were well written and had an air of believability to them. The best stories I've read were ones written by authors like 792x57 (Arron was the best I've read anywhere and Jerome's Chronicles kept me up all night reading), Lensman and Chris Cummings. I also enjoyed Clem Kadiddlehopper's The Bargain and 25. All of these authors relied on detail and character development to make their stories entertaining. Each of their stories have a "flavor" that goes beyond mere sex. I think their goal was the same as mine; believability. These days my goal is to write a story that is on par with theirs. And in my opinion the only way to do that is lots of background and tons of character development.

In 2007, my life underwent a major change when my wife of 25 years passed away. I was heartbroken and found myself alone for the first time since collage. All the things that interested me and brought me joy no longer did. About six months after my wife died, I wrote my first serious story called "Dreams do Come True". I wrote it to give myself something to do of an evening when I got home from work rather than dwell on my loss. I don't think I had ever worked as hard as I did on that story. When I considered it finished, I gave it to an author whose work I had read for years to edit and offer tips on. He was kind enough to correct the punctuation and to offer me suggestions on the plot.

But the problem with asking for suggestions is that you may not agree with them.

Erotic Stories are unique in that, when one writes, they are writing about their personal preferences. And if two people do not share the same tastes, then accepting suggestions can be rather difficult. However, I did take a couple of his suggestions to heart and when Dreams was finished, I let him post it on one of the newsgroups and I sat back to see what other people thought of it. He even coined my pen name for me because I was too lazy to do it.

After a couple of days...someone finally did comment on it. I think they said, "Good read", or some happy horse shit. I was so hurt that no one had anything constructive to offer. I decided to write for myself and my own enjoyment. (I went back and reread "Dreams do Come True" about a month ago and was horrified at how bad it seemed to me. If you track it down...please keep in mind it was my first attempt at erotic fiction)

The next year, 2008, I wrote three stories. "Challenged" (What I call a stroke story), "David and Sarah" and "Steph" (unfinished). Besides "David and Sarah", none of these have seen the light of day yet. I consider David and Sarah to be the best of the three so I threw caution to the wind and posted it a couple of days ago. (I was shocked to see such positive feedback, and for those who commented on it...I thank you from the bottom of my heart.) The comments that were left have given me the incentive to finish the rest of my stories.

I was also reading other people's work and took to rewriting the stories of other authors I found that had promise, but were either poorly written or did not take to plot far enough. Of course I always "bent" the story to fit my tastes. Since posting other people's stories is frowned on...these will never be posted. (which is a shame...some of them came out rather nice)

In 2009 I started four more original stories. "Bobby and Laura", and "The Night Nurse", "Babysitting Tempest" and "Joy Ride". Neither of which are finished. Besides "David and Sarah" and"Holly", I am constantly hitting road blocks or loose interest in the stories I write. That's why so many are unfinished. (I may go ahead and post them here and see if anyone has some ideas to get them moving again?)

In early 2010 I started "Holly, My Young Nudist". This story came so naturally and so easily to me that there was very little rewrite. At close to 85,000 words, it's the longest story I have ever written. It even inspired a spin-off story, "Richard's Tale" which I'm still working on. My Young Nudist was the ultimate fantasy where you could actually fall in love with a young girl, and have that love returned. Holly is my Swan Song. I don't expect to attempt another one like it.

I am basically a lazy person so I am posting this long story in two postings. When I have reread the second part "one more time", I will post it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You would have to be a complete idiot to believe that something like what I wrote could happen in real life. And if you try anything written here, you deserve everything coming to you. But isn't that why we write? To escape into a world that we control; where the unthinkable and the unbelievable can happen? It's why I spend countless hours writing and rewriting these stories.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. I have gone over this story many times looking for mistakes. If you find any please forgive.

New T. You.

Chapter One

Right after my divorce I was basically homeless and needed a cheap place to stay. The wife got the house that I had worked so hard for but it was worth it to get her out of my life. Some mistakes are easier to rectify than others...this was not one of them. After seven horrible years it was over and all that was left was to sign on the dotted line. The only thing I asked for out of the divorce...and got, was the hot tub that I had bought from an ad in the newspaper for $200 and restored myself. At the present time it was sitting in a storage facility along with the rest of my meager possessions awaiting a new home. My ex hated the "damn thing". But then...she seemed to hate everything I showed an interest in. I pity the poor asshole who hooked up with her next.

How in the world had I survived seven years? I knew Alice was a bitch when I married her...but she was so smoking hot I think I overlooked all the warning signs. It wasn't long after the wedding that I realized my mistake. It got to the point where I would spend more and more time at work just so I did not have to go home. Being out of that marriage was like being reborn. I actually got goose bumps when I signed the divorce papers.

The downside of the divorce was my need for a permanent place to live. I started looking in areas close to work, but those were way out of my price range. You don't think about loosing two incomes until it is just you. In the mean time I had taken up residences in a local hotel but knew I couldn't afford those rates for very long.

To make sure I did not get caught short of money, I sold my beloved 2002 Harley Road King. It belonged to my uncle who had passed away four years before and since that time I had hid it from the ex-wife at my boss's house. My aunt slipped me the keys after the funeral and told me my uncle had always wanted me to have it. My aunt knew of the friction between the Alice and I and figured I would not want her to know.

She was right. Alice would have tried to sell it if she had known about it. She had expensive tastes and the money from that bike would have been good for a couple of trips to the mall. She actually thought it belonged to my boss He loved that bike as much as I did. The Road King Classic is one of the 'fat-wheeled' bikes made for long distance cruising. It sports two big, white-walled tires, as opposed to the skinny fronts on the chopper-styled bikes. A couple of weeks after my divorce, I mentioned to him that I needed to sell it. He left at lunch and walked across the street to the bank and came back in about an hour with $17,000 cash.

You gotta love a guy like that.

Now that I had some money in the bank, I started looking for a new place in earnest. One Thursday morning, I was driving to work and saw an area I had not noticed before. It was a cluster of homes; the kind that were thrown up right after WWII provide housing to returning soldiers. These were in an area just off the main strip behind a row of fast food joints about three miles from work. I circled back through the neighborhood and saw some had For Lease signs in the yard. A few of these old houses were one step away from being condemned. However, down one street there was a house that looked pretty decent. There were nice looking shrubs and a lawn that was manicured. It also had a high wooden fence in the back yard. The homes surrounding it were nicely kept too.

I copied the number and called from my cell as I pulled away. The lady that answered told me she was just around the corner and could be there in three minutes. So I stopped and turned back and we both met up at the same time in the driveway. A woman of about sixty or sixty-five got out of a large white caddy. She had a sweet smile and I felt at ease immediately.

"Well..." She said as she walked up to me and gently shook my offered hand. "I knew I would rent it fast...but I just put the sign up five minutes ago. You caught me as I was heading home!" And she laughed.

As we walked up to the front door, she gave me the basics: Her husband, who had passed away five years before, had a few rent houses. She had kept a few of them and had sold a couple of ones that were too much trouble to maintain after he passed away. Single family neighbors; quiet street; secluded backyard and free trash and water. I asked what the rent ran and when she told me, I stumbled. It was almost too good to be true until she explained that she gave a break in the rent as long as the yard was kept mowed and the house clean. The free water was to encourage people to keep the lawn watered.

The house was nothing special...about 1000 square feet, two bedrooms, kitchen and bath, but it was clean and would soon have new carpet. The real seller was the back yard. She explained that the previous renter, a widowed woman had rented for the last twenty years and loved to work in the yard. There were beautiful flowerbeds everywhere and neatly trimmed hedges that lined the tall wooden fence. There were trellises that were covered in rose vines and honeysuckle. A nice cobblestone walkway led you through the maze of flowerbeds. She had even put in a Kio pond at the far corner complete with wooden benches to sit and enjoy the small pond. In the far corner was a single car garage that I guessed was accessible through the alley.

The landlady went on to tell me that the woman had gotten to old to care for herself and her son had placed her in an assisted living facility two months ago. The house had not even been advertised yet. I told her I would take it and wrote her a check for the first and last months rent plus a modest deposit. I could not have asked for a better deal. She gave me the keys and told me that new carpet would be laid that afternoon and a new stove and dishwasher would be delivered tomorrow. She finished by telling me I could move in on Saturday.

I didn't know what to say. Things had not gone my way in a while and I think she saw the gratitude on my face because she reached out and patted my cheek and told me that things always looked better from the inside of a new home. I think I choked back a tear and thanked her warmly. She said that rent was due no later than the fifth of each month and if I preferred, she would drive by on the third and get it from my mailbox. I learned later that all the houses paid their rent just like that and also learned she never had a late payer. I could see why...with rent this cheap no one wanted to risk loosing their lease.

I thanked her again and took one more look around the house and yard, then got in the car and headed in to work. I would need a couple of days to get everything moved and started making a mental list of the utilities I would need to contact. I also made another list of things I would need; like a bed, sofa... the usual stuff. By the time I pulled into the parking lot I had it sorted out. Making mental lists was a quirky skill that I had had since grade school and over the years I had honed to the skill to a fine point. Once I had it sorted out in my head I could go down through the list and check things off as good as if they were on paper.

I work at a high end liquor store on a good side of town. We have an extensive wine selection that is something of a local legend. People have been known to drive from two states away to visit the cellar. The owner had made deals with several vineyards he and his late wife would visit, and we even stocked our own brand of table wine from one of the best of those vineyards. After I had been there for a year, I suggested taking the business online and it paid off in a big way. Internet sales now accounted for almost 30% of our business. My major in collage had been marketing with a minor in web site design, so he turned that end of the business over to me. My boss, Pete Stovall, was so impressed he started adding a percentage to my paycheck each month.

So the pay is good, I liked my boss and he lets me have time off when I need it. I've been there about eight years and life would have been great had it not been for the hellish nights with my now-divorced wife. When I arrived at work I asked Pete if I could have that Saturday off to move and he said of course.

Pete is a wonderful guy to work for. I have never seen him loose his cool with anyone...or about anything. He was single...a widower who came from an old family with old money. But he had built this business from scratch because of his passion for wine. He taught me all I know about vintage spirits and had sort of taken me under his wing. Pete was almost sixty-five and had no children. I know the death of his wife three years ago was very hard on him. After a long illness she passed away one morning. After the funeral, Pete left me in charge, borrowed my Harley, and took his wife's ashes to the Napa Valley and spread them at their favorite vineyard. Then he vanished for a couple of weeks. I was beginning to get worried when one morning I arrived at work and found him already there. After he had given me the keys to the bike I told him I was glad to have him back and if he needed anything...all he need do was ask. He smiled at me and said, "Thanks Sam...you're a good son. I'll take the bike." He also had a quirky sense of humor.

Pete had a wonderful piece of property about two hours away and he had spent a lot of time there with his wife. I had been up there fishing with him many times. It was an incredibly beautiful, mountainous piece of land. They had built a cabin and talked of retiring there someday. I knew Pete would never retire... he loved his business way too much. He and June also loved to visit the vineyards in Italy and France and would plan their year around their trips to the famous...and obscure vineyards throughout those two countries. They delighted in finding new and exciting wines to add to their store inventory. Although Pete had been to Italy once this last year after not having gone there since her death, loosing June had taken something out of him. I was glad that he was making an effort to be engaged with life again and on his return from Naples, I thought I detected a bit of the old spark in him.

They would have made wonderful parents, but Pete and his wife had not been able to conceive any children and that had weighed heavy on June who compensated by doing a lot of volunteer work with kids. She was a humble and unassuming woman but community leaders turned out in droves at her funeral. The goddamn mayor gave the benediction!! She also did a lot of work with AIDS patients and their families. The children's wing of the local hospital had a playground that was donated and funded by Pete and his wife. It was actually her idea after visiting a friend's child in the cancer ward and seeing that the children had no place to play. Other hospitals across the country followed her example and built their own playground. June had touched a lot of lives.

Even though we surrounded Pete with all the love and support we could offer, he was never the same guy after June was gone. He had his business, more money than he could ever spend and his property...but when you loose your soul mate...things are never the same. The idea of remarrying was not even mentioned...by me or anyone else. Pete and I went fishing on his land a few times after June passed and you could see that even being there made him sad. My own father left my mother when I was in diapers and Pete had become my surrogate father. I don't know where I'd have been without his ear during that horrible marriage and divorce. I'd have done anything to ease his pain.

Saturday morning I got up and packed the few things that still belonged to me and loaded up the truck. It felt good to move out of the motel and I decided right then this would be a new start. As I pulled in the area, I saw there were a lot more kids out with this being the weekend. Men were out mowing their lawns and women were standing on stoops gossiping. Most turned to see who had moved into the rent house. I have always felt uncomfortable being the center of attention but I managed a few head nods to my new neighbors.

I crept forward trying to avoid hitting a group of kids that dashed out to retrieve their ball and turned into my street. The kids thinned out a bit here... but there were still a few playing in their yards. I pulled into my driveway under watchful eyes and stepped out of the truck. I didn't look around...still feeling a bit self-conscious, and walked to the back of the truck, opened the tail gate grabbing the first box and headed for the front door.

I balanced my box on one knee and tried to push the key in the lock and nearly spilled the entire contents in the process. I repositioned my load and started to try again when a sweet voice asked, "Want me to give you a hand with the door mister?"

I turned my head and nearly dropped the box again. Never...in twenty five years of living had I ever been at a lost for words. But all of a sudden my tongue seemed to forget how to form words and my heart surely stopped beating as I looked at the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. Long and straight blond hair, beautiful blue eyes...possibly with a tint of green in them; about four foot tall and around fifty to sixty pounds. If I had to guess an age I would have put it at around seven or eight. Her hair was almost bleached white from all the sun she had gotten during the summer and even the soft downy hair on her legs stood out against her golden skin. She was wearing faded green elastic shorts, a spaghetti strap white t-shirt and white tennis shoes with no socks. She smiled and chewed a wad of bubble gum as she leaned sideways on her bike and waited for me to answer.

I should stop here and explain...although I imagine you have guessed that I am extremely attracted to little girls. Who knows why? If I knew the reason that a man would choose to become one of the most loathed people on the earth, I would be richer than I am for sure. I have been this way for as long as I remember; going back to my childhood and the games I played with my female neighbors and my cousins.

When I say I am attracted...what I mean is, I love everything about them. Even the sound of their voice is enough to make me turn my head. I love the way the look, the way the smell and especially the way their little bottoms are able to capture my attention involuntarily. Little girls are simply the finest things that God even put on the earth and for as long as I can remember, I have always been attractive to them.

I've made my peace with that cold hard fact a few years ago after ages of self loathing and depression. In the end, I decided that this was who I was and there was nothing I could do to change it. My attraction to young girls was going to be with me for the rest of my life and the evidence of it was standing in front of me on the doorsteps of my new home. And although I knew myself to be a closet pedophile, and had reasoned that I would be resigned to a life of "just looking", I had always wondered what it would be like to actually have a young lover. To actually be able to touch, kiss and love a little girl would be unimaginably erotic to me.

However, not being the delusional type, I also knew it would be the quickest way to prison.

I was pulled back into the moment by her voice again, "Uh...hello...earth to mister...do you need help with the door?"

"Huh? Oh...sure." I stammered.

The girl rewarded me with a toothy grin as she laid her bike on its side, took the key from my hand and inserted it into the key hole. Then she stepped just inside to hold the door open for me to pass.


"Holly...and you're welcome" she laughed.

I think I turned seven kinds of red. It suddenly felt 20 degrees hotter and I felt sweat break out on my arms and neck. It was unnerving that a little girl could provoke this kind of reaction from me. But then again...I did not remember ever being this close or alone with one. I was in uncharted territory for sure.

"Hi Holly...I'm Sam" I told her.

"Please to meet you Sam. So...you're moving into Ms. Rachael's house". Holly said. "I use to come over and visit with her all the time. I use to help her in her back yard too. I helped her dig the Kio pond and plant the flower beds. She was nice."

"Yeah...I saw the back yard. It's incredible. So you helped her make that beautiful garden? You must be quite the helpful little lady. Do you live around here with your parents?" I asked.

"Don't have a dad. Mom works all the time, so she liked it that Ms. Rachael let me stay over here a lot. Her and mom were friends. Mom gave her rides to the store and stuff. We live over there...across the street. We were pretty bummed out when she had to go live in another state. I guess I'll never see her again." Holly got kind of quiet and looked around the living room.

"It looks so weird with all her stuff gone. She had an organ over there she'd let me play. And she had a dog named Buster. He died last year. She use to make me lemonade and on Saturdays we would make chocolate chip cookies. Then we would work in the garden for a couple of hours. She was really nice...and she never made me do anything I didn't want to...like clean up Buster's poop. And she didn't mind if I ran around the back yard....." She stopped abruptly and looked like she was a bit frightened...like she had almost said something she shouldn't have.

"Uh...back yard what?" I asked.

"Oh nothing". She looked at me and grinned that wonderful toothy grin and said, "Sometimes I run off at the mouth...that's what mom says. I guess she's right."

"Well...I have to unload the rest of my stuff. Thanks for helping me with the door Holly. I hope we can be friends too." I said.

'Yes indeed...I want you to come around any time you want so I can look at that lovely face of yours'. I thought.

And it was lovely. You could put her up against someone like Dakota Fanning, or maybe a young Jodie Foster and have a fair contest...she was that pretty.

"Yeah...you're welcome. I have to go home and get cleaned up anyway. Mom is taking me out for pizza later. I'll bring her over and introduce you to her. She's real pretty." And again that smile.

She turned and swung a leg over her bike, giving me a wonderful view of her round little bottom. I realized right then I was going to have to be very careful around her as I watched her peddle across the street and two houses down. Little did I know that I had already fallen in love with her.

Chapter Two

The first order of business was to get the hot tub out of storage and into the backyard. First, I mapped out basically where I wanted it to go. Right off the back of the house was a small flagstone patio that I reasoned would be perfect since it was just a few steps from the sliding glass door from the living room. I looked around and found the outside circuit breaker box under some vines about twenty feet away. I called around and found some movers who agreed to help me move the tub. Once we had it in position, I called an electrician who showed up to run the 220 line Saturday afternoon. We managed to completely conceal the line along the edge of the flagstones. I was looking forward to winter.

Each time I went out into the front of the house I looked to see if Holly was around but did not see her. I couldn't believe how that little girl filled my thoughts. Maybe her mom didn't like the idea of her coming around a perfect stranger's house. I didn't blame her. I'd already be in jail if mom knew the thoughts I had late at night thinking of her little girl's sweet bottom and cute little face.

I'd gotten a queen sized bed and headboard from my boss and his neighbor donated a reasonably good sofa, coffee table and then asked if I had need for a small twin sized bed? I had thought about making the small second bedroom into an office but decided a guest bedroom would be okay too. A couple of garage sales early that morning got me plates, glasses and silverware, linens for the beds and a great looking TV stand. As I left one garage sale I saw another person a few doors down just sitting theirs up. I stopped and made a fantastic deal on a dresser and twin bedside tables. Three garage sales later and I had a small but sturdy dinning room table and four chairs. The last sale I stopped at gave up a pretty nice recliner.

I spent the rest of the morning unloading furniture and setting up the beds. By eleven I was attacking the kitchen and living room. By noon I was putting the final touches on the house. Each evening for a week, I would move things around until I was happy. I had bought a reasonably good TV out of the local paper and sat it up in the living room. I had already had the cable people out so all I had to do was hook it up. I even bought a couple of hanging ferns from a local farmer's market for the patio.

On one trip out into the back yard, I saw the garage and realized that it was the only place I had not looked into. I took the key from the nail inside the kitchen and walked over to the small building and unlocked it. It was dark inside and smelled of old cut grass and gasoline. When I flipped on the light I saw a brand new lawn mower sitting in the middle of the floor. It looked like it had just come off the showroom floor. Taped to it was an envelope with my name on it. Puzzled, I opened it and saw it was from the landlady.

Dear Sam,

After looking at the old mower I decided you needed a new one. The rest of the garden tools look like they are in good shape and are inside the cabinet to your right. I hope the lawn mower is a good one...the salesperson said it was. Let me know if you have any problems.


The lawnmower was top of the line. I couldn't believe she would spend this much money on it. I found the gas can and filled it up. Then...taking it through the gate I started the engine on the first pull and began my first mowing at my new house. This thing was so smooth, all I did was lightly hold on and steer. In ten minutes the small front yard was done. Seemed like a lot of mower for such a tiny yard. I used the edger and weed wacker to trim and the hedge clippers to keep the bushes looking good. After the leaf blower was put away, the lawn looked pretty darn good.

By two I was beat so I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and sat down in the corner of the yard by the pond. Although it was running, there were no fish to be seen. I'd have to ask Holly about that if she ever came around again. It was so pleasant sitting back here and I thanked my lucky stars once again for allowing me to find this wonderful house. It was no mansion by any stretch, but it was perfect for me. Maybe someday I would offer to by it from my landlady.

As I sat there sipping my beer I heard the gate open and in stepped Holly. I was surprised at my joy at seeing her and waved hello. She smiled and walked over, pausing momentarily to look at the hot tub, then came to where I was sitting as my heart tapped a bit faster.

"Hi Sam." She said as she sat down next to me.

"Hey Short Stuff" I said. "I guess Ms. Rachael let you come in without knocking...huh?" I smiled just to let her know I was not too serious.

"OH!!", she exclaimed "I guess I'm just so use to walking in...sorry."

Today she was weaning blue shorts with yellow daisies embroidered on them and a simple pink t-shirt. Her tiny feet were wearing little girl sandals and I could see someone had painted her toenails pink. Again I was struck at how beautiful this kid was. With little effort at all...she could, at the very least be modeling.

"I don't mind. I was just thinking how much I'd enjoy a visit from a pretty girl." At this Holly blushed and smiled. I sat and sipped my beer while she stared into the Koi pond. "Where are the fish?" I asked her.

"Ms. Rachael took them to the pet store two days before she left. It was really sad. But she was afraid whoever moved in would not feed them or it might be a long time before someone noticed them. I offered to come by and feed them but she thought it would be best to sell them back to the shop." She stopped and I could see that talking about them made her sad.

"Maybe they are still there. Do you know which shop she took them to? I'll see if they are still there and I can bring them home." I said.

Holly's eyes lit up and she smiled real big and started nodding her little blond head before she started taking. "Mom and I went with her...I know where it is. Can we go now?" She asked.


"Well...we will have to ask your mom...but if she doesn't mind then sure you can come." My mind racing a thousand miles an hour...all alone in my car with this little beauty!!

Jesus Sam...get a grip!

She gave me her mom's work number and I called and asked to talk to Heather. A woman came on and I explained who I was and that Holly had told me about the fish...and would she mind...? The woman on the other end laughed and said she was sorry she had not been over to meet me but that her daughter had mentioned me. Then she said something that I would never would have expected

"Can I trust you Sam?" She asked.

Although she might have been half kidding...I decided a bit of humor was best.

"Well, you can trust me not to put Holly in any kind of danger...but after meeting her twice now, I might be asking for her hand in marriage by the end of the day"' I said.

There was complete silence on the other end...then Heather ripped out a snorting laugh that told me she caught the joke...and she had a sense of humor.

"Yes, she can have that effect on people. I suppose that I'll have to trust you to be the honorable man you sound like and I look forward to meeting you. Have Holly tell Mrs. Reid that you have talked to me and that I said it was okay. I have her keep one eye on Holly when I'm not there" I could hear the smile in her voice. "Even though she's pretty smart and it's a great neighborhood I feel better knowing someone is watching out for her.

Holly had been listening and smiled at my joke...and maybe blushed a bit? I told Heather I'd pass the message along and said good-bye. I hung up and went inside to get my keys with Holly practically jumping up and down. As we passed the hot tub she asked me what it was. I told her it was like a big bath tub and in the winter in was fun to sit in it. I stopped and lifted the lid so she could see the water being circulated and she dipped her hand in it.

"COOL!!" Her eyes turned bright when she was excited. "Can I use it before winter?" She asked. I loved the way that kids just came out and asked for whatever they wanted; no beating around the bush.

"Mmmm...I suppose...but lets talk about it later." I said as I replaced the cover. My heart had skipped for a moment as I imagined Holly, naked; splashing around in the tub.

Oh man...I have got to watch myself!

As I walked out of the house I saw a woman on her doorstep across the street sitting on her steps watching two toddlers wrestle each other on the front lawn. I asked Holly if that was Mrs. Reid and she said yes. I told her to run over and tell her that her mom had talked to me and that it was okay for her to go with me. I started the truck and Holly came running back. As she jumped in I told her to buckle up which she did.

While I was backing out, I looked over and waved at the woman on her steps and got a wave in return. Holly directed me to Main Street where the pet store was and I was glad to see that they kept short hours on Sunday.

The owner remembered the fish he had bought from Ms. Rachael and we walked out to the patio in back. When I saw the price he was charging I nearly dropped dead of a heart attack. He saw my reaction and laughed telling me that he would let us have them for the price he paid plus ten percent...since it had only been a couple of weeks. He smiled at Holly who returned it and said thank you. He grabbed three bags and scooped the fish out and tied the ends. I talked to him for a few minutes about food and maintenance of the pond. I picked up a Ph kit and a net while I was at it. Even with that discount the items came to over a hundred dollars but I looked at it as an investment if it kept Holly coming over.

On the trip back I told her that since she knew so much about the fish, I would appreciate any help she could give me in taking care of them. I offered to pay her five dollars a week which Holly thought was good money. I could see that this gesture made her feel important and maybe a little grown up.

When we got back to the house we went through the side gate and walked over to the pond. Holly got busy testing the water which was something Ms. Rachael had taught her to do, then got the Koi out and into the their new/old home. We sat and watched them swim for a while but Holly kept eyeing the hot tub and soon said she wanted to see it again. We walked over and I lifted the lid so she could watch the water swirl. As I stood behind her I could not help but admire what a wonderful little bubble butt she had. The shorts she was wearing hugged her little bottom like a second skin and I felt that familiar stirring.

After swishing the water around she turned and asked me again if she might be able to use the tub. I told her I didn't see why not...but that she should probably ask her mom first. Holly smiled and said there was no need to. Her mom would not mind. I told her if she was sure then I wouldn't mind her using it sometime.

"What about right now?" she asked.

Oh boy...what to do? I so wanted to see this little girl's body but knew I was on dangerous ground.

"Well...I don't think it would be a good idea until I talk to your mom Holly. Why not wait until next weekend when we can clear it with her?" I watched her small face fall and my willpower along with it. I made up an excuse that she did not have her bathing suit with her. She suggested to me that she could swim in her shorts and look at me pleadingly.

I had been formulating a wicked idea without even realizing it. And it would help me test the waters and see how shy...or how bold she was. But good Lord I would have to tread carefully.

"Well Holly, the thing is, regular clothes have special dyes in them. The hot tub is a very complicated thing. Look here..." I motioned for her to come over the side and opened the doors that held the pump, heating element and filter. She starred wide eyed at all the equipment.

"Bathing suits are not really made for hot tubs either," I went on, "...but they are better for it than clothes. As a matter of fact, hot tubs are meant to be used, uhh...naked. This hot tub has never seen a bathing suit. I'm not really sure what it would do to the filter and pump."

I stopped talking and watched her eyes get wide when I told her that naked was the dress of the day in hot tubs...which was not really a lie. I had never worn anything in it. I have always felt that the best way to enjoy a hot tub was in the nude.

Holly blurted out excitedly, "Oh...I've been naked back here before!!" Then quickly covered her mouth with her tiny hands when she realized that she had told me something that she should not have.

"What?" I asked and looked at her shocked. Holly's face turned red as I stared at her.

"Well..." Holly said looking a bit sheepish, "Ms. Rachael told me that it would not be a good idea to spread that around but sometimes when it was hot she would let me run around back here naked. I started doing it one day when my mom and her were here visiting and I asked if I could take off my dirty clothes and run through the sprinkler. I think I was about four years old then. Ms. Rachael told my mom that since there was a high fence and it since it was just "us girls," that she wouldn't mind. So mom said I could. There's a sprinkler rolled up in the garage and Ms. Rachael brought it out so I could run through it.

"From then on...when ever I came over I would run around back here naked. I really liked it and was sad when she moved because I knew I couldn't do it any more. My mom said that being naked is alright as long as it's private."

Holly finished her story and looked at me to see what my reaction was. I smiled and said, "Wow...that must have been quiet a sight."

Holly looked relieved and smiled; then nodded her head. She leaned in close to me as if sharing a secret. I leaned down and she said in a soft voice, "I like being naked. Ever since I was real little. Ms. Rachael said that some people were just born that way...they felt better naked than when they're wearing clothes". She paused again to gauge my reaction and when I smiled she continued.

"That's not all...last summer I went to stay at my cousins house and they had a pool and we all swam naked everyday!! Mom said it was okay because they were family and it's okay to be naked around family. But those were the best two weeks of my life! Even when we were not in the pool we'd be naked or in our underwear. Mom said her sister and my uncle were nudist. That means they liked being naked too. When mom came over to pick me up she even swam naked with us. I wish we had a pool here..." she trailed off while looking at the swirling water of the tub.

I simply could not believe what my ears were hearing. The most beautiful little girl I have ever seen had just told me that she was a practicing nudist!

I tried to act natural and said, "I understand completely why you would find it fun. In the winter I love to come out to the hot tub naked...and to tell you the truth...when I come home from work the first thing I do is get naked. I just feel more comfortable that way. Maybe I'm a nudist too"?

Holly giggled and nodded her head. "So...do you think I could swim in it if I was naked?" She asked.

My mind was now in overdrive but I knew there was still one more element that had to be in place. And even then I doubted I would let it go that far. It was simply too dangerous.

"Holly...I don't think so. Although I wouldn't mind, you're mom would probably not like it that her little girl was running around back here naked with a man she just met." I said and waited for her to work it out in her head. I wondered if she could see my heart beating through my shirt.

"Well...we don't have to tell her. PLEASE Sam? She won't be home for a few more hours andI'll be all dry by the time she gets here. It's just a little white lie and it's not hurting anyone." She looked at me with pleading eyes and grabbed my forearm in her soft hands while smiling.

"I don't know Holly...I mean, wouldn't you be embarrassed to be naked in front of me?" This was moving too fast. As much as I wanted to see this gorgeous little girl in her birthday suit I needed to bail out on this for my own safety.

Holly seemed to think about I what I had asked her.

"Well...I was naked in front of my uncle and it didn't bother me. And...you're not going to STARE at me are you?" she asked giggling.

"No...but I might look once or twice." I said and giggled myself.

Holly had the cutest little laughs and treated me with a good long one.

"I don't care. I ain't got nothing to look at anyway. So...I can use it?" She asked again.

Chapter Three

It's scary how fast ones resolve can slip away. Suddenly, I was beyond caring what happened. I had never had this opportunity present itself before...and I was not going to let it slip by. If she wanted to get naked and keep it a secret from her mom...then I was willing to take a chance. Even though it was a risk, I could not let the chance to see this incredibly beautiful little girl, completely naked go by.

"Okay...but you'll have to keep the noise down. I don't want the neighbors to wonder what's going on over here. And you have to PROMISE you won't be blabbing about it to anyone. Not even your best friends. I could get in all kinds of trouble if anyone knew I let you do this. Jesus Christ...I must be crazy." I said which made her giggle again. She looked like a live wire now...using just her little feet to bounce up and down in anticipation.

"I'll go get you a couple of towels". I said and walked into the house with my heart beating harder than it ever had. I could not believe how fast my day had changed. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a couple of the fluffiest towels I could find then stopped in the kitchen and grabbed myself a beer and a coke for Holly. I stopped at the mirror on the wall briefly and asked myself if I was sure it was worth it. I guess it was because I continued on out the back door with coke and towels in hand.

When I stepped back outside my heart really did stop. There was Holly with her back to me...leaning over the hot tub and swirling the water with her hands. Her darling little naked ass was pointing right at me and there was a small pile of clothes on the ground beside her. I could clearly see her pink little rosebud winking at me and her bare pussy lips peeking out from below. Her sweet bubble butt was a little pale but the rest of her was tanned to a golden brown. Her skin was flawless except where her panties had left light red marks on her waist and below her tiny ass cheeks.

As if to add to the moment, the sun was backlighting her hair and she seemed to have a golden halo. She was simply incredible looking and my dick was instantly hard as I walked over and sat the towels down on the table while trying hard to get my heart started again.

Holly looked over at me and smiled as she stayed bent over the edge of the hot tub with her tanned little legs and toes barely touching the ground. I smiled back and tried to act like seeing her in the nude was not a big deal...but could not resist walking two fingers quickly and lightly up her soft back, tickling her. Holly jumped a little bit and giggled at the sensation as I handed her the coke which she accepted gratefully. She popped the top and gulped half of it down with one hand on her hip and her little belly stuck out. Her hairless little girl sex was right there in front of me as she tilted her head back and drank. She then lowered the can and let go a little belch.

"How lovely..." I said and rolled my eyes which brought on a new round of giggles from her.

Holly put the coke on the side of the tub and asked me, "How do I get in? I tried my best not to stare at her naked little body but it was impossible and I finally gave up. I stepped behind her and grabbed her under her arms and swung my nude little friend up over the edge and into the water. Holly sighed as the tepid water enveloped her body and she slid down to set on one of the seats. My hands were shaking as I backed up to the lounge chair. My dick had never been as hard as it was right then.

As I watched her frolic in the tub, I thought I had never seen such a beautiful sight. She was such an adorable looking little girl. And naked she looked like one of those woodland fairy nymphs you see pictures of in story books. Her bright blue eyes sparkled as she played in the water and her little ears poked out from under her wet hair. I stood up and walked over to the tub and raised the control panel lid. I pushed one of the buttons and the tub erupted into a foamy torrent. Holly squealed in delight as the powerful jets hit her from all sides. I showed her how to work the different controls, then walked back to the lounge.

When she had played for about five minutes she looked over at me and caught me looking at her.

"I thought you weren't going to stare". She laughed.

I smiled. "Sorry...since my divorce I don't get to see very many beautiful naked girls."

"Oh PLEEEZE!!" She said giggling. "I'm just a little girl...not one of those hoochie goochie girls on TV with their big boobs and trying to have sex with everyone they see."

"Oh PLEEEZE yourself." I shot back. "Little girls should not talk about things they know nothing about...like sex."

Holly popped her head up over the side of the tub and said, "For your information, I know all about sex." And gave me one of those superior looks that kids are expert at then disappeared below the rim of the tub.

That caught me by surprise and I scooted my lawn chair closer to the hot tub so we would not have to talk very loud.

"And what do you know about sex? And where did you learn about it?" I asked.

Holly smiled, turned over on her stomach in the water and pulled herself up on the side so I could see all of her cute little face.

"Um...I know pretty much everything. Mom is real open about sex. She told me about how a man has a penis and a woman has a vagina. And she told me about how when people love each other a man puts his penis in a girls vagina and moves it around and then squirts out some stuff and it has a whole bunch of tiny tadpoles in it and they swim into a woman's tummy and finds the egg and then one wiggles inside and it grows into a baby. But sometimes a man puts a rubber thing on his penis and it keeps his tadpoles away from the eggs. And she told me that when a man and woman have sex it feels REAL good." She was smiling while she gave me her version of the birds and bees and waited to see my reaction.

I was stunned into silence for a few moments. Then I said, "Wow...you know a lot more than any seven year old I ever met. What else do you know?"

"Um...Mom got a mirror and showed me my hole where the penis will someday go in and where the baby comes out. I still don't believe that one though. And she showed me the little button that feels good when I touch it. And she told me about how sometimes a boy can rub his own penis to feel good and a girl can rub her cunny to feel good. She called it mast...mastur...masturbating. And she said that it's okay to do it by yourself...or with someone you care about.' She paused while thinking if there was anything she left out. "I think that's about it". Holly looked at me then added:

"Oh...and I already told you I saw my uncle's penis. It was big and had a lot of hair on it. I've also seen a baby penis when Mrs. Reid changes her baby's diaper."

She looked up at me and smiled. I was floored that a seven year old could know that much. But I wanted to take it in a different direction now.

"I can't believe you know so much about it Holly." I said. "You really are more mature than any seven year old I ever met. Did your mother ever tell how old you should be to make someone feel good...or for them make you feel good?" I couldn't believe the conversation had gone this far and how turned on I was getting.

Holly seemed to think about this for a second or two. Then she looked up and giggled and said, "Not really. All she said was that when the time was right I would know. Oh...and she said that there are bad men out there who like to hurt little girls and if anyone ever tried to hurt me...then I should run away and tell someone."

That stopped me cold.

Okay then...but would she consider me a bad man? I decided to end the questioning and not push my luck so I said, "Your mom sounds like she's pretty smart. Are you ready to get out?"

Holly shook her head no and continued to smile at me as the bubbles boiled around her. I thought how much I would have loved to have been in there with her. My god she was such a beautiful kid. Then she said, "Why did you want to know what I knew about sex?"

"Oh...I don't know," I said. "I don't have any children and I've always kinda wondered if kids feel the same way as grown-ups do about...you know...sex. I was just curious to know how much you knew. Does it bother you that I asked?"

Holly giggled and said no. Then she scared the shit out of me.

"Want to come in with me?" She asked.

I froze like a deer in the headlights. What was she asking? Did she want me to get into the hot tub with her...naked?

"Um...no...not today Holly. Maybe some other time." It was all I could think of to say. Holly pushed out her bottom lip and gave me a pouting little girl look. Then turned and swam across the tub to the other side giving me another look at that wonderful bare little butt of hers..

About that time the cell phone rang and I went inside to get it. When I saw the caller ID my heart caught in my throat. It was Holly's mom calling me from work.

Chapter Four

I looked out the window and saw Holly standing up and then jumping off the seat in to the water. I moved a little further into the house and answered.

"Hello Sam...this is Heather. Is Holly wearing you out? I hope she's not pestering you." She said.

"Not at all Heather" I said, "She's a delightful kid. She's in the back yard messing with the Koi fish. Is everything alright?" I asked.

"Well...no, I'm in a bit of a fix. This store is one of a chain and I just got a call that could lead to big things for me. A manager in Springtown has been in an auto accident and they need someone over there fast...tonight actually. That's 260 miles from here and they asked me if I thought I was ready, I of course said I was. So they said that I could be acting manager until they can transfer a replacement. This is a big deal Sam. If they see I can handle this...then maybe the next managers job that comes up will be offered to me...this is how they work. Throw someone in and see if they can swim. I've seen it before."

She paused and I thought I could reason why she was calling...I just couldn't believe it.

"Anyway..." She continued, "this is a big break for me. The problem is I don't know anyone well enough to watch Holly. Mrs. Reid's husband drinks too much and gets...upset...too easily, and I don't want Holly around any of that. My sister and her family live 100 miles the other direction and are out of town on vacation. She's fine at our house during the day...but I don't want her to be alone at night of course. I could take her with me...but what's she going to do? Sit at the motel all day by herself? I thought about taking her to the store with me...but that does not sound very fun for her either and does not look professional. She seemed to really like you...and I KNOW this is really awful of me to ask since I haven't even met you yet...." She trailed off and I jumped in.

"Heather...," I said cutting her off. "It sounds like you have a real opportunity to make a better life for you and for Holly and if all you need is a sitter...I would be glad to help. I'm just not sure what my role would be...she seems to run her own life just fine". I joked.

Heather laughed and said, "It's true; I've treated her like an adult for all her life. It seems to have paid off because she is the smartest kid I know. And that's not just 'proud mama' talk either." She stopped for a moment.

"I don't know you Sam but your name is not on any offender database...forgive me for checking...but I am a mother. You sound like a nice person and as I said, Holly seems to really like you. I think I can trust my judgment...and hers too. If you would not mind doing this for me...I will see about repaying you with a nice home cooked meal when I get back in four days. I'll give you some money to cover her meals and maybe a movie if you're up to that. I'm leaving work now and will come there and pack a few things then leave right away." She stopped talking and let a heartbeat or two go by, then said:

"Sam...Are you sure about this? If you've never dealt with seven year old girls they can really wear you out. If you can take her to work with you I know she'll behave..." She stopped and waited for my reaction.

"I'm fine Heather. And we'll be fine. I have not taken time off in seven years and my boss will be glad to get rid of me for a few days. I have some work around the house I need to do and from what I've heard, Holly is the perfect helper. I still have some unpacking and rearranging to do. Plus, it'll be good practice for me when I have a kid of my own someday. You take care of business and we'll talk about compensation later. I mean...I would love a home cooked meal if you are up to it." I laughed at my own words and heard her chuckle.

"I make a mean pasta Sam. See you in about an hour then. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me" And she rang off.

I stood looking out the window for a minute admiring Holly's fantastic little naked body. This was like some kind of a dream. I guessed people who won the lottery felt like this too. I knew I was asking a lot of myself...I would have to trust myself to be in control. I would also have to be very careful. This was uncharted water and I could wind up in the worst shape of my life if I wasn't careful. I hung up the phone and tried to organize my thoughts.

First...I called my boss and told him I was taking him up on his advice to finally take a few days off. I had worked for him for years and never taken a vacation and only missed a few days because of being sick. He was delighted and asked why. I hesitated and he jumped in and asked if I had met someone? Was I going away with a new girlfriend? I told him it was something like that and he laughed out loud and wished me well.

Holly was standing up facing away from me, giving me a wonderful view of her beautiful bubble butt. She stood with her arms out like the beginning of a fancy dive but who knows what she was doing? When I stepped out Holly squeaked and dived back under the water making me smile. When she broke the surface I told her that it was time to get out because her mom was on her way home. Holly looked panicky until I told her everything was fine. She needed to come home for a few minutes and then she would be leaving again.

Her face went from panicky to puzzled and asked me why. I told her it would be better if she let her mom explain everything. I walked closer and picked up a big fluffy towel and held it in front of her so I could help her out. I was not paying as much attention as I was when I lifted her in...my mind was now on other things. I deposited her by the tub and told her I would leave her to dry herself while I got the hair dryer. When I returned Holly had dressed and I plugged the dryer in to an outside socket then I left her to dry her hair. Before I turned to the house Holly grabbed me around my middle and hugged me. "Thanks for letting me swim for a little while Sam." I kissed the top of her wet little head and told her she was more than welcome and went inside with my heart hammering.

With Heather coming over I thought it prudent to pick up a little so I put a few dishes and cups in the sink and went about putting the house together. There was not that much to do but I lit a couple of candles and ran the floor sweeper over the carpet. When I was finished I turned and Holly was there to hand me the dryer and wet towel. I put them away and we sat and watched TV for about 20 minutes when I heard the doorbell.

Holly looked at me perplexed but I smiled and got up to answer it. There on my doorstep was a grown-up version of Holly. Heather was beautiful, and I smiled and accepted her out stretched hand. Holly got in between us and hugged her mother. I told Heather that I had not said anything to Holly so Heather filled her in very briefly. Holly clapped her hands and squealed with delight when her mom told her that I had agreed to watch her for a few days. She danced from one foot to the other while Heather and I smiled.

Holly wanted to show her mom the Kio fish so we went out the back door. Heather noticed the tub and smiled at me then told me that she loved hot tubs. She said that friend of hers in collage had one that they enjoyed years ago. There was still water pooled on the flagstone but Holly quickly told her mother that I had let her splash her hands in it for a little while. I loved it that she could think on her feet so naturally.

Heather never gave it a second thought as far as I could tell and we continued out toward the pond. Heather told me that she and Holly had spent many a pleasant afternoon back here with Ms. Rachael. Then she said that she didn't recognize the place without Holly running around naked back there.

Holly and I froze in mid step, then Holly squealed "MOTHER!!!"

Heather laughed and my initial shock, I told her that Holly had shared that bit of information with me. Heather smiled and told me how much trouble Holly had been as a toddler just keeping her dressed. I smiled and told her Holly had told me that too. Heather looked oddly at her daughter and I could not tell what passed between them...but it made me glad that Heather was as opened-minded as she appeared.

We stood smiling at Holly who seemed to be steaming at both of us...then she giggled too.

"Well...you're only young once and running around naked is one of youths greatest pleasures if I remember my own childhood correctly." Heather said and smiled at me.

Was she flirting with me?

After seeing the fish Heather said she hated to run but that she still had to pack, get gas and grab a bite to eat, then head out. She gave me a piece of paper that had her work number, her cell phone and the hotel she was booked at. She thanked me again and said Holly would be back in a little while with her backpack then she hurried out the door toward her house.

Holly hung back for a moment and whispered, "Man...are we going to have fun or what?!" Then hugged me again and ran after her mother.

I was still trying to come to grips with it all. Four days...all alone...with a seven year old nudist who knew most everything about sex.

Yup...could be trouble.

I walked back outside and replaced the top on the hot tub. Then took the unused towel back into the house and put it in the lined closet. I looked in the refrigerator and saw that I would have to do a little shopping if I was going to be entertaining a seven year old. I made one of my mental lists and about 10 minutes later, the door rang again and I opened it to let Holly in. She was smiling so big. I Iooked over her head to see Heather waving to me from her car. I waved back and off she went.

Holly also turned to wave at her mother then stepped inside while I closed the door. She looked around and then asked me where she would be sleeping. I showed her the guest bedroom and she went back to get her small bag and started unpacking. When she had finished she came out to the living room and I asked her if she would like something to drink. Holly said a coke would be great then walked through the living room to look out the back door at the hot tub. I could tell she was working up the nerve to ask if she could use it again.

"Holly," I said as she turned to look at me, "I have very few rules in my house. But the most important rule is, while you are here, you are my guest. That means my house is your house. You don't have to ask permission to do something like use the hot tub...or go to the bathroom. I think you're grown up enough to make those kind of decisions for yourself. I would appreciate it if you'd help me keep the house neat though. If you have dirty clothes just put them in the hamper and I'll add them to my load. All dirty dishes go in the sink". I paused while she took those few rules in.

Then, choosing my words carefully I said, "I have no rules about what you have to wear in the house or the back yard. I'll bet you miss being able to run around back here like that since Ms. Rachael left." I paused again while I tried to gauge her reaction...then said, "I just wanted you to know it does not bother me a bit and I want you to be comfortable." Holly grinned that wonderful toothy smile then turned around and came over and sat at the small bar that separated the kitchen from the living room to watch me empty the dishwasher.

"Thanks Sam. You're a really nice guy. I really do miss being able come over here and play since she left. And I miss her a lot too. I'm glad it was someone like you who moved in." I smiled and tried to act like it was no big deal. Holly finished her coke and handed me the empty glass. Then she turned and went outside to the tub. I followed and helped her with the cover which was not that heavy as it was cumbersome. Once it was off she looked at me shyly but began undressing anyway. Rather than stand there and watch I turned and walked back in the house. Over my shoulder I told her that I'd get her another towel.

When I returned the sun was sitting and darkness was falling. Holly stood as before...naked and leaning over the edge; swishing the water with her hands and I paused for a moment and again admired her perfect little body. Her perfect bottom was truly a sight to see. I laid the towel on the lawn chair then walked over to the tub and lifted my naked little sprite into the water...purposely letting my hands cover her tiny nipples this time. God, she felt so soft and wonderful. Once she was in the water I stood back and watched her for a minute, then walked over the chair and sat.

Holly smiled over at me and said thanks. She floated around for a while until it got dark and I showed her how to turn on the light inside the tub. She was delighted and started playing with the colored filters that sat on the side of the tub. She settled on the blue filter which is my favorite too. I left her to soak and went inside. I made us hotdogs because it was all I had. When they were ready I took one out and watched as she gobbled it in four or five bites.

"Well Miss Piggy, would you like another"? I laughed as she tried to giggle with her mouth full. I went inside and made two more which I sat on the side of the tub for her to eat at her leisure. I told her to be careful and not drop the food in the water, then went back inside and decided to take a shower. I let the hot water soak away all the work I had done that day, but never far from my mind was the excitement of knowing that this beautiful girl was mine for the next few days.

I got out and went to my bedroom and put on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. As I stepped out of the bedroom, Holly walked by me with a towel wrapped around her and asked if she could use the shower now? I did not answer but gave her a look which she picked up on.

"Okay...okay...I don't have to ask permission to use the shower...I get it". She rolled her blue eyes and giggled then walked on into the bathroom shut the door. I heard the toilet flush then heard water bring run..

I walked to her bedroom to make sure she had everything she needed. I checked to make sure the pillows were fluffed and the bed turned down. Then I walked out to the patio and picked up her discarded clothing that she had left there and the plate that was now missing the other two hotdogs.

I took it into the kitchen and put it in the sink then put her dirty clothes in the washer along with some of mine and started a load, I heard the water turn off in the bathroom and walked back outside and turned out the light in the tub, replace the cover then headed back in.

When I entered the living room Holly was sitting on a towel on the sofa watching TV. Much to my delight she had taken me up on my offer and sat on the couch wearing nothing but a towel which was loosely wrapped around the bottom half of her naked torso. She had dried her hair as best she could and it was a tangled mess. As I walked in to join her, I asked if she would like for my to brush it out for her and she smiled and nodded her head. "Thank goodness you had some cream rinse...my hair is impossible to brush unless I use it." She stated.

I walked over to the couch and told her to stand up. She did and let the towel fall off of her and arranged it on the couch so she could sit on it....then sat down between my legs. Her eyes never left the TV and my eyes never left that cute little ass. I sat all the way back and pulled her down between my legs, holding her soft hips gently as I lowered her. With her sitting between my legs...I thought of all the events that had led up to this point.

I knew I was reaching a turning point...or maybe I should say a point of no return. So far I had not really done anything illegal. Sure...she was naked in the tub...and I did help her in the tub...but there was nothing that would land me in deep trouble. Maybe it would raise a few eyebrows but that would be all. However, if I continued down this path I could really get myself into hot water. There is a thin line between helping a child with her personal hygiene and molesting her. And I knew I would be walking a tight rope and had to be clever and smart about it. At this point, I was still trusting my instincts.

I started to brush out the tangled mess which was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. Her hair was so soft...like silk and I found brushing it to be a very enjoyable experience. I sat and admired her naked beauty as I continued brushing her flaxen hair.

When it was all brushed out I laid the brush down beside me but Holly did not move...so engrossed was she in the TV program she was watching. So...taking my first chance of our short relationship, I reached out and lifted her neatly brushed hair up and let it fall over her shoulder so it hung in front of her and left her beautiful back completely bare. Then, with hands that were slightly shaking, I let my fingertips softly caress her lovely back. I started at her shoulders and lightly traced my fingers down her back to about half way. Then I ran them back up until I reached the fleshy part of her shoulders again. I then let them lightly travel down both arms all the way to her tiny little hands...then back up.

I could tell that this was having the desired effect on her. She softly moaned and said that what I was dong felt great. She leaned forward and arched her back until her bubble spine stood out in relief. I lightly traced her spine with two fingers, slowly down until I reached the top of her ass which I could not see except for a tiny crack. I stopped before I got there and lightly traveled back up her spine where...when I reached the top...I spread my fingers like a rake and traveled back down, lightly raking my fingernails over her beautiful skin. Holly shivered and moaned again...this time leaning over and placing her blond little head in her lap and leaning forward a little more; as if to encourage me to let my fingers go even lower.

But when I got to her ass cheeks...which I could see much more of now that she was leaning forward...I stopped and raked my fingernails back up her torso. She moaned again and I saw her shiver and watched a crop of goose bumps break out on her skin. This was having a wonderful effect on her and for now I simply wanted her to get use to my touch on her naked body and to realize that I knew how to make her feel good.

I continued this for what seemed like hours...but was probably more like twenty minutes. The experience was as much fun for me as it was for her and I relished being able to have this physical contact with her naked little body. When I had not heard anything from her for a while, I leaned forward and looked around her and saw that her eyes were closed and her breathing was deep and regular.

I gently unwrapped my legs from around her then reached out and picked her up by sliding one arm under her legs and then caught her head as it fell back. As if I was holding a carton of eggs, I carefully rose with her naked little body in my arms and felt her head lay across my chest. I quietly carried her to her bedroom and lay her down on the sheets. I took the opportunity to look at her beautiful body as she lay on the bed...not having a chance before to really look at her before.

Her tanned skin was golden brown from a summer of running around in the yard. I let my gaze wander to her flat chest with small light pink puffy nipples. Her belly was flat without a bit of baby fat left. Her small pussy was a simple slit that did not tell of the treasures inside. With her legs together all that showed were the two outer lips. I gently pulled her nearest leg apart and saw the small slit open a bit. My heart was pounding so hard I thought for sure she would hear it and wake up!

I took her other leg and pulled it until they were spread as wide as I dare and her little girl sex opened before me. Her inner lips were a light pink...like the inside of sea shells. The tiny hole was a deep reddish color and reflected a tiny bid of moisture. And her clitoris which finally made its appearance was a light mauve. It was just a little bump at the top of her slit. OH how I wanted to dive in and devourer that sweet little slit and suck on her clit. I sat there for maybe three minutes until she sighed deeply and brought her legs back together and turned on her side. She wound up in a fetal position with her tanned legs pulled up to her belly and her head tucked down. I carefully stood up and with one last look at her wonderful looking bottom, gently covered her.

I stood over her and watched this beautiful girl sleep a bit longer. I knew better than to try anything with her right then...even though I ached to do just that. I wanted to pull the cover down and spread her skinny preteen legs and consume her. But...all that would do is frighten her and land me in prison. So I walked away, stopping at the door to hit the light switch. I smiled once more and went down the short hall to my room where I immediately laid down, turned out the light and masturbated myself to a powerful orgasm within two minutes thinking about what I would love to do to my little goddess. After cleaning up the mess with tissues and throwing them into the wastebasket I rolled over and fell into a deep and restful sleep.

Chapter Five


The voice came from far away.

"Sam...are you awake?"

This time the voice was much closer.

"Sam...please wake up..."

That last one was right next to my ear and I startled. From the illumination that filtered in from the patio light through my blinds I could see Holly leaning on her elbows; her face inches from mine.

"Holly...what's the matter"? My eyes focused on her naked torso...the bottom half hidden by my bed. I reached out and wrapped one arm around her and gave her smooth back a couple of quick rubs.

"I got sick and threw up." She stated. "Don't worry...I made it to the bathroom in time and it all went in the toilet. But my stomach still hurts and I have a headache. Do you have any of that pink medicine stuff? My mom always has some when I get sick."

"Oh honey...I'm so sorry you don't feel well. Let's go look and see what we can find". I started to get up and when I pulled the sheet away I realized that I was still very much naked. Holly's eyes went straight to my dick which was thankfully soft and I immediately pulled the blanket back over me. Holly looked up and smirked, "That hardly seems fair...I run around here naked and you cover up? Do you think you're gonna frighten the little girl?" She giggled, then groaned and held her head in her hands. "Shit...my head feels like it's going to explode." She moaned again not realizing or not caring that the S word had slipped out as she buried her head and her hands into my bedclothes.

I felt so stupid. I had told her mom that I would look out for her and here I had let her eat three hotdogs!! I pulled the sheet off my lower body again and helped her up into my bed. I stroked her forehead and told her I would be right back. Holly's eyes again glancing at my dick as she settled into my bed.

(Just a note about my penis: I am far from what you would call "Well Endowed". Past lovers...and one masseuse have told me I have a "Nice Looking Cock". I've never been so egotistical that I had actually taken out a measuring tape...but I would guess it to be between five and six inches fully erect. I've never had any complaints and certainly never felt like I'd been short-changed. If there was anything unusual about my dick...it did not seem to have much in the way of circumference. But as I said...I've never had any complaints and have even had a couple of compliments. Why am I telling you, the reader this blasé piece of information? I guess because in most of the stories I have read, the author makes it a point to mention it. The difference in me telling you...is that I always try and tell the truth)

Does every medicine chest have Pepto-Bismol? Mine does. My mother called it the miracle medicine. I took the medicine and a small medicinal cup over to the sink and grabbed a washrag and poured cool water over it.

I felt very self conscience walking around Holly nude...I was exceedingly sure her mother would not have approved. But she was right...how fair was it that she was nude and I was not. Especially after telling her that I walked around my house naked all the time? I approached her in the semidarkness which made me feel a little better but she still had her eyes shamelessly fixed on my cock and I felt it twitch. Trying my best to ignore her stare I laid the washcloth across her forehead and her eyes. I let her get use to the rag while I poured a shot of Pepto in the little plastic cup. Then...sitting on the side of the bed I told her to sit up and bit and drink it down, which she did while keeping the wet rag held to her forehead. I placed a hand on the back of her neck and helped her back down to the pillow.

"Mmmm...this rag feels wonderful. My head doesn't even hurt when I hold it on my eyes."

"I know...when you have a headache nothing feels better", I told her. "I feel bad that I let you eat three hotdogs. That's probably what made you sick." I reached out and held her tiny little hand and was delighted when she squeezed it.

"It's okay. But do you think it would be all right if I sleep here with you for a little while?" She raised one corner of the rag to look at me.

You have got to be kidding me! I felt like I was in some perverted letters section of an adult magazine. "Dear Penthouse...I never thought this would happen to me but...."

I looked down at her and said, "Holly...even if we were both dressed, I doubt your mom would want you to sleep in the same bed with me."

To my surprise, Holly was having none of it and raised the corner of the wet rag to look at me. "Okay Sam...first...you said your house was my house. So this is really my bed. Second...I think we already have a ton of secrets that were not going to tell anyone about. And third...my mom and me sleep naked together all the time. I hardly ever sleep in my bed. It feels nice to cuddle and it always helps me if I'm sick. It's not like you're going to try and have sex with me... right?" Holly must have thought that was funny because she giggled again, then groaned at the effort and held the rag back up to her forehead.


I was never so glad that little girls could not read minds. And I suppose that I could have argued a bit more...but I wanted nothing more than to cuddle with this sweet, soft little girl.

"Okay Miss Smarty Pants....move over" I sighed and Holly slid over as I slipped into the bed beside her. It was a queen size bed with plenty of room but as soon as I lay down, Holly scooted her body over next to me and wrapped her arm across my chest and pulled her warm torso close. As if this was not bad (good?) enough...she lifted my arm so she could lay in the crook of my elbow and then laid her head on my shoulder.

Oh my God...I'm not made of steel you know!!

The last thing she did was to raise one leg so it was on top of my thigh. I could feel every place her soft warm body was making contact with mine and of course it cause my cock to start to firm up.

Holly cuddled in even closer and I could feel her bald little pussy against my hip. She actually humped her hips a couple of times as if enjoying the feeling of her hairless slit against my skin but more than likely she was just settling in. She then turned her head up toward my ear and whispered, "Mmmm...this feels so nice. Thanks for letting me cuddle." I could not help myself...I pulled her in tight and hugged her warm body...relishing the feel of her soft naked body against mine. Her arm and hand were resting on my bare stomach and she rubbed it up and down a couple of times. Never had I felt anything like it.

"Yes...it does feel nice". I said and meant it. "It's been a long time since I've had someone I care about laying next to me." I leaned down and kissed the top of her blond little head. I knew then I was in love and I doubted I would ever be the same after this night.

I once more hugged her tight and she slid her soft thin arm up and down from my chest to my belly...not meaning it to be anything other than returning my hug. But I so wanted her to reach further down and it took all of my self control not to push her hand that direction.

I did find however, that I could reach her entire back and I once again began stroking my fingers lightly up and down her soft warm skin. Holly literally purred as I let my fingers stroke up and down her back. I had never in all my life felt so close to anyone before. I could feel the beating of her heart...and the rhythm of her breathing.

And I could have laid there for the rest of my life.

As I became accustom to the situation, I found that if I stretched my arm just a little I could reach the swell of her tiny bottom. When my fingers first hit the gentle rise of her soft little ass, I thought I felt her try and rise up so that I could reach it better. I was sure I had imagined it but each time I stroked down, she would definitely move her body up to meet my fingers. It was maddening that my arm could not reach another foot.

Finally, after a few minutes of frustration, Holly gently slipped out of the crook of my arm and pulled herself up until she was laying flat on her stomach next to me. She then did the unimaginable; she took my hand and placed it directly on her tiny ass cheeks, then let go.

"Rub my bottom too...it's helping my stomach ache." She said in a soft voice as she settled into the plush down of my mattress and adjusted the washrag to cover her eyes.

"Are you sure Holly?" I asked. "I don't want you to be afraid.

"I'm not afraid...it feels good." she whispered.

And so I rolled over until I was laying on my side next to her and started lightly running my fingertips up and down her back...but now, instead of stopping when I got to her lovely little bottom...I continued over the swell and down the other side and then came back up. Holly was really being vocal and kept up a constant stream of soft moaning.

The feel of her soft, smooth little bottom under my hand was heaven. I had dreamed of doing this so many times. But now I was softly caressing the ass of a beautiful little girl and I thought I had never felt anything so wonderful. I was using the flat of my hand to rub up and down the supple swell of her little girl bottom, relishing the texture of her soft, young skin.

My light strokes soon became a firm massage and I used my palm to apply a little pressure on her body. As I reached the twin globes this time I pushed a little harder. This caused Holly to moan even loader which gave me more courage. On my next pass, I let one finger slide between her ass cheeks and Holly raised her tiny bottom when my hand passed over her butt crack and sucked in a tiny bit of air. I was incredibly excited and encouraged by her signals, but did not do it again for two more passes. Then, on the third pass I did it again; letting my middle finger slip lightly into the soft valley of her sweet little ass.

This time there was no doubt at all as I saw her raise her hips up to try and get my finger deeper into the soft folds. I let my finger linger a bit and even went down a little more until I was reasonable sure I was over her preteen rosebud. But I still did not take that final step. However, now I had abandoned the rest of her back and instead was concentrating all my caresses to her lovely little bottom; alternating between lightly rubbing and raking my fingernails up and down her beautiful little posterior.

Her sighs and moans became much more vocal and as I let my middle finger slip one more time into the crack of her rear, and this time she raised her hips and left them up in the air...moaning in frustration it seemed. So I took the most dangerous leap of the evening and allowed my middle finger continue down until I felt the soft, humid ridges of her puckered little rectum.

The effect was immediate and dramatic. It seemed that a switch had been thrown inside my sweet little girl as her hips rose up even more and she sucked her breath in as if pulling a painful thorn out of her foot...or getting hit with cold water.

"Oh...Sam," She breathed. "Oh my goodness". She whispered.

"Do you want me to stop sweetie"? I said softly as I very gently continued to trace circles around her rosebud.

"Mmmmm...no...please..." She said softly; raising her hips even more to meet my finger.

I knew that she was probably wrestling with some previously unknown feelings as I continued to gently massage her tiny rectum. I did not put any pressure behind it...just continued to lightly rub.

Her tight little anus loosened and contracted as she tensed and relaxed against my circling finger. I stopped for a moment and turned to my night stand drawer and withdrew a small tube of baby oil I kept there for my own private moments and squeezed out a small amount on the small of her back. It pooled in the indentation that all little girls seem to have right above her darling little butt. I slid the flat of my hand through the pool and rubbed it across her lower back and bottom until once again I made contact with her adorable rosebud as she raised her tiny hips giving me better access. I rubbed the oil all around the rim and then the center of her immature rectum but still put no pressure on it...mainly because I did not believe she would let this go much further.

Holly however was being very vocal in her appreciation of my diddling her seven year old back hole. She purred and moaned gently as my middle finger made small circles around and around her anus. But as we entered into the five minute mark she began to raise her tiny bottom more and more as if wanting penetration which at this point I was not willing to do. In my mind it was a big leap to go from gentle massage to actually inserting my finger into her. But the sweet little girl seemed to get frustrated when I did not comply. Then again...I thought I could still be imagining the whole thing.

Finally, on one of her more vocal and urgent uprisings, I did apply a little more pressure and felt her tight preteen anal ring loosen enough to where my finger did penetrate her. Holly moaned deeply and froze her bottom in mid air. I froze too as I felt the tip of my middle finger slip its way pass the muscles of her anal opening.

I decided it would be best let her take the drivers seat for a while so I kept my hand still and let her control the depth of my penetration. However, before I went any further, I needed to make sure she was okay.

I leaned down close to her ear and said softly, "Holly...are you okay?"

I could not see her face as it was covered by her golden hair, but saw tuffs of her silky flaxen puff up as she breathed in and out.

"Oh Sam...please leave it there". She whispered and grabbed the forearm that was supporting my head and squeezed. "I know it's dirty...but it feels so good."

"It's okay sweetie. It's not dirty. I'm happy to make you feel good. I just wanted to make sure you're not hurt." I whispered back as I put a little more pressure on it and felt another half inch slid up her anus.

Holly again moaned and buried her face into the pillow as I gently moved my finger around inside her trying to loosen her up. She turned her head a bit and although her voice was soft and low, I heard her say, "My cunny...it's all tingly. And I feel so warm down there. I...I can feel your finger inside me...is this what sex feels like?" She breathed.

I smiled, kissed the top of her head and said, "Yes my love. Give yourself a few minutes to get use to it and then tell me when you want to continue."

"I'm okay...can...can you put it in some more? It feels so weird...but good too." She said as she raised her hip slightly off the mattress.

I softly kissed the top of her head again smelling the wonderful fruity shampoo she had used earlier. Then I gently but steadily increased the pressure until another few centimeters of my finger slid into her warm, buttery bottom. I stopped again when Holly groaned and let her get use to the invading finger which was now up to the second knuckle. Oh my God...her anal ring was so tight around my finger as I once again slid a bit more of it into her little girl body. I wiggled it gently causing her to moan loudly as she again raised her hips to meet the intruding digit.

"Oh my god Sam...I can feel it inside me. It's making me warm all over. Especially...in my...cunny." She whispered.

Taking my cue and keeping my finger buried in Holly's ass, I let my other fingers slip down even further between her legs until I was fingering her soft and warm pussy too. I gently rubbed my finger up and down her moist crack while gently sawing my other digit in and out of her ass hole. Now Holly was moving her tiny hips to meet my fingers as she humped her middle up and down on the bed causing my finger in her ass to slip even father in; now taking it all the way up her preteen poop-chute. Holly let go of my arm leaving finger marks and shot them straight out in front of her as she clinched the sheet in her hands while still slowly pumping her hips slowly up and down.

(I failed to mention that my own sex organ was painfully making itself aware to me and I knew if I so much as touched it, it would spray everywhere. I was leaking so much precum that it was pooling between us. If she noticed I was going to say that I spilled a little baby oil...no reason to complicate things any more than they were.)

I managed to find Holly's clit and clamped my two fingers on it and gently squeezed as my little lover went off like a firecracker. Her hips shot up in the air and her anal ring clamped down on my finger in an effort to sever it. She simultaneously let out a high pitched squeal that I think every dog in the neighborhood heard as the sheets where squeezed so hard by her tiny hands I thought I heard them rip.

And then gradually...as she started to relax and as her hips lowered to the bed, I let my finger slowly slid out of the confines of her tiny bottom until it slipped out entirely and she collapsed on the bed. But not before grabbing my forearm and squeezing it once again.

Chapter Six

Holly's breath was rapid and hard as she slowly turned over to look up at me. She had a sheen of perspiration on her face and a faint smile on her lips as she used the last of her strength to raise up and kiss me on the mouth. It was brief but it was still one of the best I had ever had. I found the discarded washcloth laying next to her head and wiped off my hand and then gave her bottom a couple of swipes to get rid of the baby oil. I then settled back down, resting my head on my elbow as I resumed my rubbing of her back.

"Are you okay sweetie?" I asked her as I brushed the loose strands of her golden hair away from her adorable little face. Holly reached out once again and squeezed my forearm then released it and lowered her self to the bed. Once she was back on the sheets she reached up and put her hand on my cheek. I in turn covered her hand with mine and gave it a small kiss.

Holly looked up at me through half closed eye lids and smiled again. Then said, "My headache's gone" and giggled her head off. I gave a short bark and smiled back.

Holly put her small delicate hand back up on my cheek and asked, "Is this why you asked me what I knew about sex today"? She asked.

Smart kid. I reached out again and swept some of the hair out of her eyes. "I suppose it is. Yes. I've wanted to do that since the first time I laid eyes on you. I know its wrong to feel that way about you...but I think I fell in love with you the minute you stepped off your bike".

Holly's smile faltered and she looked at me bewildered and said, "I don't understand. I thought you did this just to be nice to me. I'm...I'm just a little girl. I don't have any boobs or hair down there...I'm so plain! Why would you want me when you could have any woman you wanted"?

I thought about it while I was running one finger over her cheeks and down her neck. I finally laid my head down until we were almost nose to nose and said, "Well...I guess the easiest explanation is that...I love little girls Holly. Do you remember when your mother told you that there were guys out there who want to hurt little girls?" Holly nodded her head yes but still had a look of confusion on her face.

"What your mother did not tell you, is that there are also guys out there that would love nothing more than to just make you feel good...like I just did. To make you feel good and not hurt you. They're called Pedophiles. But that's not really correct either". I stopped and thought about what I was going to say.

"Holly, there are Pedophiles who truly love little girls, and who just want to make love to them and make them feel good. And then there are Pedophiles who want to rape, hurt and even kill children. They are the lowest form of life on this planet. They are evil ,sick twisted men. But the ones that who just want to touch and play...like me...prefer to be called little girl lovers. Which means we love little girls and don't want to hurt them in any way. Most little girl lovers would give their lives for a child..." I stopped to see if she had any questions. When she continued to look at me I went on.

"You see...I've know since I was very young that I was attracted to little girls. Who knows why some men are like that? I just am. And up until today I've never done anything like this. It was just too dangerous. People like me who want to have sex with girls your age are put in jail. We are hated by most everyone in the world. I have kept this a secret my entire life knowing that if anyone ever found out I would not be able to live a normal life ever again". I paused, "And here's something that will blow your little mind: There are only two people in the world that know about me....and they are both in this room!!"

I stopped talking and watched it sink into her seven year old mind. She had the power to put me in jail. She looked away for a minute while playing with a strand of hair. I waited to see if she would speak and when she didn't I nudged her. She looked at me...then away again, and then back up at me when I nudged her once more.

"I'm not going to tell you to keep this a secret Holly. I wouldn't put that kind of pressure on you. If you feel like you need to talk to someone about what I just did to you, then you should. I went into this with my eyes wide open. I wanted to show you how good sex can feel but I did it knowing that I could be put in jail forever if I did." I finished talking and lay there beside her. I had meant everything I said. I was in love with her and would not want her hurt.

Holly looked back down at her hands as she played with the ends of her golden hair and she processed what I had said. After a few moments, she finally looked up at me again; reaching up and cupping my face in one of her tiny hands and smiled. "Thanks Sam. I was pretty sure you were going to tell me that we shouldn't tell anyone...that's what someone would say that only cared about themselves. I wouldn't have told anyway...but thanks for treating me like a grownup."

She reached up and hugged my neck, pressing her warm body against mine. She was so smooth...so soft. I let my hand wander down lower until I was cupping her wonderful little bottom again. I simply could not believe that a little girl this young could be as mature as she made out to be. But then again, her mother said she had treated her like an adult her whole life so maybe she was able to process all this.

When she released me and laid back down, I decided a little interrogation of my own was in order. Looking down at this beautiful, blond headed little girl my heart was so filled with love for her...but I needed some answers too. Resting my head on my hand and sweeping some of the stray hairs away from her angelic face, I said, "So...you liked it"?

Holly smiled big and said, "Mmmmm...it felt wonderful. I mean...at first I was a little scared. But...I really like having my butt rubbed. Mom will rub it when she's rubbing my back sometimes but she would never...um...touch that...not like you did. Sometimes when I'm in the bath I'll rub myself down there. It always feels so good. I know it's dirty and nasty but I like it. Do you think I'm weird?" She looked at me with almost pleading eyes.

"No sweetie." I answered. "Lot's of people like to be touched on their bottom. Your opening down there has a lot of nerves and when you touch it...it can feel wonderful. You're not weird and it's not dirty".

Holly looked relieved and reached up to hug my neck again. When she lay back down, she said, "I guess that was an orgasm I had. Mom told me about them. And I think I might have had one when I was in the bath one time...but not like that! When you touched the button on my cunny I felt like I was flying on a rocket... and then it exploded. I saw bright lights when my eyes were closed and my whole body felt so hot! And then when it was over I just felt really warm...down there. It felt so good."

Holly stopped and smiled shyly up at me then asked, "Can you make it do that again?" and giggled.

I smiled and then hugged her tight to my naked chest and held her, relishing the feel of her small, naked body against mine. As Holly hugged me back, I rolled over toward her so my upper torso was laying between her thin little legs. Holly automatically wrapped her short, smooth legs around my middle trying to pull me closer.

I started by kissing her nose...then went down the side of her neck and onto her chest. Holly stretched her tiny arms above her head and closed her eyes as new sensations coursed through her. The nipples of a little girl don't hold that much fascination for me but I kissed each one, then sucked playfully on her left little nub...licking it as she once again moaned that little girl moan of hers and pushed her tiny chest out.

I gently kissed my way over to her right nip, licking it and then gently nipping it between my teeth. Holly once again voiced her approval as I let it slip out of my mouth and then lathered it with my tongue. Working my way down her warm tummy I stopped at her belly button and let my tongue trace delicate circles around the opening before letting it slip inside. I could feel the tiny jerks and twitches of her seven-year-old body as she experienced the firing of previously unknown nerve endings.

Finally reaching the soft outer lips of her pre-teen pussy, I stopped and lightly traced my fingers up and down the silky skin of her hairless labia. I took just a few moments to marvel at how beautiful they were; so unlike a grown woman's pussy. With me laying between her legs, her childish cunt was opened and I could see contours of her inner lips and the moisture that lurked within. I imagine her clitoris was about average for a girl her age...but seeing how this was the first little girl clit I had ever seen, I had nothing to compare it too. It protruded a bit from the folds of her little girl cunt and I took a moment to lightly rub it with my thumb. Holly purred as I stroked her tiny button.

I used my two thumbs to hold her tiny lips open and leaned in to give it its first kiss. When my lips touched her skin Holly sighed and spread her tiny legs a little wider. While I kissed her seven-year-old pussy, I let my tongue slip out and got my first taste of her.

It was...ambrosia; no musky smell...no tangy flavor. I covered her entire cunt with my mouth and began sucking and licking everything I could. Just gentle licks and kisses until I zeroed in on her tiny clit. Flicking my tongue back and forth before gently sucking it into my mouth...I ate her with a passion I had never felt for anyone.

The sound Holly made started deep in her throat...almost like a growl...or a loud purr. "Oh my God...keep doing that Sam..." she breathed as I felt her hips rise up to meet my invading tongue.

I licked and kissed, then kissed and licked her wonderful slit for a good five minutes as Holly moaned and purred. Next...sliding my arms down, I slipped them under her thin legs and raised them until her knees were touching her chest. Her bottom opened up to me below her saliva covered twat and I let my tongue slip down until it was circling her sweet little rectum.

"Eeeekkkk..." Was the sound that came from Holly...or something like it. I had my hands on her thighs holding them open when I felt her little hands on the back of my head, pushing my mouth harder against her backdoor opening. I pushed my tongue harder against her tiny rosebud, not really trying to penetrate her, but definitely trying to breach the outer door.

After a few wonderful minutes of eating her ass, Holly took her hands off my head and slid them up to her thighs where she brushed my hands away and held her legs up while raising her head to look at me through wild, half closed eyes. Her face was red and flushed as she felt my tongue tickle just inside of her immature rectum. I could feel every tiny ridge of her tiny puckered opening through the nerve endings in my tongue as I pushed harder against her ass.

"Ackk...Sam...so dirty...nasty..." Holly breathed, not being able to put together a coherent sentence as she lost herself in the new and intense feelings she was having.

With my hands now free I slid one hand up to her soft pussy and began rubbing all over her preteen slit paying attention to her pea sized clit. Her cunt was sopping wet from my saliva and her own juices. The sounds coming from my little lovers mouth were almost inhuman as I felt her entire body tremble as if being electrocuted, then stiffen as she reached a powerful orgasm.

"Oh GodOhGodOhGOD..!!!" She screamed as she reached her peak; throwing her head back onto the bed. All this time I was also grinding my own engorged cock into the mattress and as I felt her reach her peak, I too reached one of the most powerful cums of my life; soaking the sheet under me as I shot load after load of semen into my bed. I might have passed out for a moment; so powerful was my orgasm.

Slowly I felt her body start to relax as she came back down to earth. I continued gently licking her asshole while softly rubbing her slit for as long as I could until her legs came down and I was forced to stop. I felt lightheaded as I raised myself up until I was hovering over her tiny body. Holly opened her eyes and I leaned down and kissed her softly on her warm little lips. She reached up and pulled me down until we were embraced and I rolled us over so she was draped over me, her tiny head on my chest and her legs hanging off the sides. My hands naturally sought out her warm little ass, softly caressing it while Holly made low cooing noises. We lay there for a short time while I ran my finger tips up and down the curve of her back and the gentle swell of her soft bottom.

After a short time, I felt her breathing deepen and knew that she had fallen asleep. Not wanting to wake her I reached behind me and pulled a pillow down for my head, then wrapped my arms around her tiny soft body and quickly fell asleep.

I woke up once when I felt Holly get up and watched her through half open eyes as she left the room and headed toward the bathroom relishing the view of her bubble butt as she walked. I woke up once more as she slid back into bed and nestled herself into me with her wonderful little ass spooned into me.

She took my hand and pulled it until it was draped over her chest. I gave one of her nipples and little tweak making her giggle and she playfully slapped my hand into submission. Once she was comfortable, she put her hand over mine and we both drifted off once again.

Chapter Seven

If you have never woken up laying next to a beautiful...and naked, seven year old...I highly recommend it. When I came up out of my slumber, I saw I was still spooned in to Holly's soft bottom and that little Sam had gotten up before me. The exquisite feeling of her soft, smooth bottom against my morning hard-on was the stuff my past dreams had been made of.

It was just beginning to get light out and the soft gray light filtered in though the curtains in my bedroom. Holly lay on my forearm with her hair fanned out and her lips slightly parted. As I lay there with my raging bonder buried between her ass cheeks I could not help but rock my hips just a little. There was still a little of the baby oil left over from the previous evenings escapades so that there was little friction as I let my cock slide between the soft cleft of her small preteen bottom. Letting it slip lower I could actually feel the tiny ridges of her rectum as my cock worked its way up and down the humid crack.

As I slowly pushed my hips forward, I felt Holly push her ass back at me. Leaning over to look at her face I saw her eyes were open and a little smile on her lips. She reached behind her and pulled my hips to her as she pushed harder with her own hips trying to grind my dick deeper into the crevasse of her warm little bottom.

I gently rolled Holly over until she was laying face down. Then taking a couple of the pillows from the bed I stuffed them under her hips so that her beautiful bottom was raised up in the air. Leaning forward again and placing both hands on her soft cheeks, I let my cock once again slip in between those two globes of flesh and resumed my faux fucking of her wonderful ass.

I split both halves of her cheeks so that her tiny rectum was exposed and began sliding my dick back and forth over her back opening. I could feel the tiny ridges of her puckered opening against the underside of my cock and I had never felt anything so wonderful. Holly again stretched out her arms in front of her and grabbed the sheets in her tiny fists and began humping her bottom slowly against my thrusts. I stopped and spread her cheeks again, then repositioned my aching cock on her asshole and then clamped her cheeks together so they held my dick tightly, then began to fuck her ass crack. I looked down and watched my cock disappear between those globes of flesh, only to see it reappear as it split out the top. Holly's little body bounced and jerked as I started fucking my cock between her ass cheeks.

Watching my cock slide up and down between her child-size crack was one of the most erotic things I had ever experienced. Holly's movements matched my own which had now slowed down to a more leisurely pace. I slowed because I had been close to coming but all I did was delay the inevitable for a few seconds. The felling was so erotic it took all of thirty more seconds before a powerful cum left me nearly comatose and Holly's backside covered in goo.

As my movements slowed to a stop Holly came up on her elbows and tried to see the wetness on her back. Her hair was a mess and she looked a little wild but she was still wearing that cute little smile. "Felt like you shot a lot of that baby stuff." She said.

I chuckled and said, "Yeah...I did. I also nearly passed out. That was fantastic. If you lay there for a minute I'll get us cleaned up." And with that I stood up and walked to the bathroom and ran hot water over a wash rag. As I came back in Holly was watching my naked body but I no longer felt so weird.

"You have a cute butt." She giggled.

"Thanks. So do you...the cutest I've ever seen." I replied. And gave it a playful smack making her yelp.

Holly laid her head down while I ran the warm rag over her back and ass, cleaning up the incredible amount of sperm I had deposited. As I continued cleaning up, I asked her how she felt.

She was quiet for a few seconds and then said. "I don't know...it's kinda hard to believe. Yesterday I was just a little kid riding my bike and playing with Barbie, and today a guy is cleaning up his baby juice off my butt. Kinda makes you wonder what I'll be doing tomorrow."

I stopped wiping and Holly turned over and looked at me. She had this hilariously surprised look on her face; like she could not believe what she had just said. The look on her cute little mug was so funny, I started laughing...and then Holly joined in. In the space of a few moments, we were laughing so hard our eyes were watering. Holly laughed so hard she let out a tiny fart and we started all over again; her face buried in shame into the bed. I was gasping for breath and trying hard not to laugh any more least I blow a blood vessel in my brain. How would Holly explain that to the paramedics?

As soon as we were calmed down, I reached over and hugged her warm little body and planted kisses on her neck and shoulder. I asked her if she was hungry and she finally rolled over and nodded her head. I told her to go jump in the shower and I would make us something to eat.

I reached down and picked up my robe and slipped it on, then headed out to the kitchen. I heard the door to the bathroom shut and soon the sound of running water. I began pulling things out of the refrigerator but before I could start anything the phone rang.

"Hello Sam...it's Heather. I was just calling to see how the first night went...and to see if I still have a daughter."

I laughed and told her that yes...Holly was still among the living. I related to her Holly getting sick and told her that I gave her a little Pepto-Bismol and even let her lay in my bed for a while. Heather was not all that concerned about the bed part but wanted to make sure it was just the hotdogs and not anything serious. I assured her everything was fine and that Holly was in the shower and I was making breakfast. She sounded relieved that everything was going well. I asked her how her new assignment was going and she filled me in. It was coming up on 7:30 in the morning and she did not have to open until 10 so we had a little time to talk. The conversation was easy and relaxed as she talked about the drive there and meeting the staff. I decided that I liked her a lot... then felt a twang of guilt about what I was doing to her daughter.

After a pause in the conversation...I said, "Heather...I wanted to talk to you about something. Holly has expressed the desire to use the hot tub. Of course I don't have a problem with that but she said she wants to use it au natural. I told your daughter that I wouldn't make that kind of decision but would ask you." Heather did not respond so I barged ahead. "

"As you're no doubt aware, Holly can be very...persuasive and to tell you the truth I almost gave in last night. But I felt this is something her mother needs to decide. And although that is the only way I ever use the hot tub, I can assure you that if you decide to let her...she would be the only one using it. I don't think I need to tell you that I would not feel comfortable hot-tubbing it with a seven year old." I stopped and hoped I had not raised any red flags with her. Moms can be very physic when it comes to their kids. But sometimes a little honesty goes a long way. Not that I was being honest by any means...and I felt terrible that I was deceiving her.

The truth was, I would actually love to hut tub it with gang of seven year olds.

"Well" Heather said after a bit, "I feel good that you would ask, but to tell you the truth that girl has been a nudist since she was four. I am constantly fighting with her to put something on. You told me I could trust you so I will take you at your word. If you're comfortable with it then I don't think I would have a problem. I think Holly tells me everything so I believe I can trust her to know the difference between fun...and something else. But I appreciate you asking me Sam. I think it says a lot about the kind of guy you are."

Holly paused for a moment then said, "But...are you sure you want to go down this path? Listen to me Sam; If you give her an inch, she will take a mile. I can almost promise you it won't stop there. Once she feels you are her friend and feels comfortable with you...and if you don't set boundaries, I can assure you within the week she will be running around your backyard in the buff. I keep thinking she will grow out of it...but when she gets home...the clothes go flying! It drives me a little nuts if you want to know the truth." Heather paused again as if choosing her next words carefully.

"I'm going to confide in you Sam. Of all the little quirks my daughter has...this is the big one: Holly feels more comfortable naked than clothed. I hope I'm not weirding you out...but I haven't been able to talk to anyone about this since Ms. Rachael moved away." Again she paused. I cleared my throat and told her that anything she told me would stay with me. Although I knew a little about Holly's desire to run around naked, I had no idea it was such an issue with her mother.

Heather continued. "Like I said...the girls a natural born nudist. This all started when she was around three or four and I discounted it as an early childhood thing; you know...running around naked is a toddler thing and they all go through it. But with Holly, it never did stop. And when Ms. Rachel told her she could run around her backyard, it really kicked into high gear. Holly would get home from school and practically run over to Ms. Rachel's house. That lovely woman was such a wonderful soul. She never tried to stop Holly and Holly was free to roam around the backyard and house until I got home. Ms. Rachel told me you could actually see the change come over Holly as soon as she had shed her school clothes.

"She would do some work around the backyard and get all dirty and sweaty...then they would haul out the garden hose and she would run through it. Ms. Rachel said it was such a strange delight to watch Holly's youthful romping. I remember asking her one time if she thought it was normal and she said, 'Honey...what's normal? The little one feels more relaxed when she's shucked her clothes. Would you rather she was on drugs?"

I thought Ms. Rachel sounded like a wonderful person. Heather went on:

"Earlier this summer I thought I would really let her get it out of her system. I sent her to stay at my sister's house for a week. Her and her husband really are nudist and Holly spent the entire week in naked bliss with them and their children. They have a country home a few miles outside the city with a pool and lot's of room to roam. My sister told me later she had never seen a girl that age take to the lifestyle as fast as Holly did. She told me that for the entire week she didn't think she ever saw Holly dressed.

"When I went to pick her up, they all shamed me into a skinny dip too. After that, I think I came to accept that she is more comfortable naked and is frustrated that she has little opportunity to practice it. It's almost like a craving. I swear to you that I have seen her in a bitchy, grouchy mood and then transform into the sweet little girl she is once she's naked. It's so weird to come home and find a trail of clothes starting with her shoes, socks; the last thing I'll find is her panties all wadded up and making the end of the trial."

I simply could not believe what I was hearing.

Heather continued, "If Holly was not as well adjusted as she is, I might be more worried about it than I am. I mean, who knows why we're the way we are? My worrying about her wanting to be naked was more about me and my preconceived ideas about children than it was about Holly. I realized that I was the one who needed to adjust...not her. She knows what it takes to make herself happy. So...in answer to your question Sam, Holly can swim in the, "all together" if she wants to. I just hate to put you in that position. But, if at any time you feel uncomfortable with the situation, then of course you need to tell her to get dressed. The only thing I would insist on is that you not say anything that would make her feel like what she is doing is weird...or strange. I won't have her thinking she is some kind of a freak".

I assured Heather that I would never be so cruel. However, I did not tell her that I would probably go out of my way to cultivate her craving to be naked.

Heather then said, "I didn't tell you that when your house became available, I was going to ask your landlady if she would consider renting it to us so Holly would have a place to sunbathe and run around safely. But you beat me to it. So...I guess the bottom line is...do what you feel comfortable with Sam."

It had been a long time since I was surprised by someone's words but Heather had just successfully blown my mind. I was stunned into silence for a few moments, wondering just how open minded this mother might be? I decided to take it one step at a time and see where it led.

"Thank you first of all for the level of trust you're putting in me Heather". I said, "To tell you the truth I can't really believe I'm having this conversation. It has to rank up there as one of the strangest I've ever had. Holly's a very mature little girl but she IS a little girl and I'm a grown man. I'll have to give this some thought."

After a pause I said, "I don't have a lot of experience with kids but I have to tell you I am very taken with Holly. She is such a bright kid and I have become very fond of her in just the short time I've known her. The few kids I've known have been either little monsters or outright bratty. Holly seems very well adjusted. You should be so proud of her."

I stopped to see if she had anything to add...then finished with:

"In my view, everything you've told me makes perfect sense to me and I don't think you have anything to worry about. As long as she is discreet about it and does not go blabbing it to a teacher or another student, I would let her explore this side of herself. As far as her using my backyard to practice it...I think I will cross that road when I get there. I'm not sure at this point what my level of comfort is."

Heather replied, "I fully understand Sam. I know it's an especially touchy subject with all you hear today. It seems like some kid is always getting hurt or has turned up missing...I worry about her so much. I haven't shared these things with anyone else because I'm afraid people might get the wrong idea. I also worry that if CPS found out that I let my seven year old daughter run around naked, they would loose their minds. But in the last couple of years I think I've come to believe that kids can be just as sexually aware as adults. They each have their own identity and comfort zone and each one is different. Holly is much more mature than her friends and sometimes I think it isolates her from her peers. I've always been open and honest with her about sex. But I think this is different. I don't think this has as much to do about sex as it does about what makes Holly happy."

Finally Heather said, "She knows a lot about sex; most of it I taught her. I was raised by some pretty repressive parents. They made sex sound so evil and so bad. But when I got to collage I realized it was them that were so hung up. I learned that sex was beautiful because I had some loving teachers. Um...not real teachers. You know what I mean. And I'm determined not to let Holly grow up that way. But as I said, I don't believe this has to do with sex. I believe it has to do with what makes Holly happy. I sincerely hope I don't live to regret it."

I could not believe the conversation had progressed as far as it had. Heather was pouring her guts out about something that had been troubling her for a while. I felt lucky it was me hearing it.

"Anyway...thanks for listening to me Sam. I hope I haven't made you uncomfortable." She said.

"Not at all. Maybe we can talk more about it when you get back into town. And Heather...thanks for confiding in me. It makes me feel good to know that you feel comfortable enough with me to do that."

Holly picked this time to come waltzing in the kitchen in her birthday suit and I was suddenly grateful that video phone technology had not caught up with us yet. I said good-bye to Heather and told her we would talk some more later and handed Holly the phone. She walked into the living room to talk with her mom for a few minutes while I stared at her gorgeous little bottom. I heard pieces of the conversation while I looked for things we could eat for breakfast, but not enough to know the specifics of what was discussed. After a few minutes Holly said good-bye and walked from the living room back into the kitchen. I could not help but admire her beautiful naked body.

"You're a brave man! Why did you tell her about me wanting to get naked in the hot tub"? She asked as she sat the phone back in its holder.

"Well...I'm doing what's called, 'Covering Your Ass.' " I replied. "If your mother ever walked in the backyard while you were in the tub, I wanted to make sure we wouldn't have to make up something on the fly. I'll bet your mom is good at detecting lies and I wanted us all to be comfortable with you using the hot tub. You may thank me someday." I told her.

Holly stood there smiling at me. Then said, "You're pretty smart for a guy." And laughed.

For my part...I could not take my eyes off her naked childish body. After the conversation with Heather, I considered about how relaxed Holly seemed to be walking around naked. I wondered if it really was that she was simply more at ease that way, or if part of it had a sexual element to it. I had never heard of this kind of behavior in kids...especially kids her age. I seemed to remember reading that after age six, kids became more prudent and shy about their bodies.

Holly saw me staring and smiled, then put a hand on her hip and said, "Like what you see?"

I laughed out loud at that. But I nodded my head and walked over to her. I dropped down, picked her up and hugged her to me...relishing the feel of her naked little body. Holly returned the hug by slipping her arms around my neck and squeezing me tight. My hands naturally slid down and cupped her bare little ass as I caressed two twin globes of preteen butt. I was still amazed at how wonderful it felt as she wrapped her thin legs around my waist.

I could not help myself. I put her down, then push her away and dropped lower until her hairless pussy was in front of my face and leaned in to kiss it. Holly did not say anything but put her tiny hands on my head to hold it there. As I kissed, I let my tongue slip past my lips and buried it between she soft petals of her outer lips as my hands once again sought out the warm softness of her ass. I pulled her closer to me as I lathered her sex with my tongue.

Holly spread her legs a little further apart to give me better access but at this angle I could not get beyond her outer lips. So I stopped and gently picked my naked little girl up and carried her to the recliner and sat her down while at the same time raising her short legs up and over the arms of the chair. All of her little girl charms opened up to me and I was taken away on a wave of erotic lust.

I leaned down and resumed my lathering of her little girl sex with my tongue; tracing gentle circles around the small outer lips of her smooth, hairless vagina. The clean smell of soap drifted up and filled my senses as Holly reached down and placed her hands on each side of my head. "Mmmm...I can't believe how good that feels." She cooed.

Bolden by her words I spread her pelvis more and covered her entire crotch with my mouth; letting my tongue play with her clit and slipping once in a while into her tight virginal canal and tickling her hymen. My hands stroked and caressed her thighs and her wonderful bottom as I used her clit as a miniature punching bag making her become even more vocal in her approval.

After a few minutes of eating her, I pulled back but continued fingering her. Holly was squirming a little now as she fought to keep herself under control. Looking down, her small pink anal opening glistened in the saliva that had dripped down from her dripping slit.

Wanting to savor this moment I did not immediately zero in on it, but instead began to lick first her left, then her right ass cheek; relishing the texture of her skin under my tongue. I licked and sucked each globe until both cheeks were completely wet; then began sucking the flesh as if trying to give her a hickey. I knew better than to leave any marks on her pale soft flesh, but I enjoyed the taste of her clean little girl skin against my taste buds.

After I had had my fill of her ass cheeks, I lean back in and slowly probed her tight little rectum; this time keeping my tongue as stiff as I could as I traced small circles around this tight opening. Holly moaned even loader and pulled my head in tighter as if to shove my tongue into her ass.

"Oh god...that feels..." Her eyes were shut tight and her face was a grimace has I lovingly licked her back opening with my tongue. Holly began to shove her ass toward me in an effort to get in inside her. I had never been so consumed with passion in my life. My reaction to Holly's thrusts was to gently probe her unyielding little orifice. After a moment I felt her tight anal ring start to loosen up.

Slowly, my tongue penetrated her until it was just inside her rectum. I never did get it in very far but I think that it was enough for Holly as I felt her lessen the thrusts toward my face. Now I heard that growl that I had heard twice before and knew I was getting her close. I began to finger her soft pussy and found her clit standing at attention. Holly reached down and with one finger of each hand, pulled her hairless vulva open as I came up from her anus and dove into her wide open cunny. My saliva mixed with her little girl juices as I slid my tongue into the opening she had made for me.

Not trying to break her cherry, I again made my tongue as stiff as I could and slid it in and out of her opening while letting my thumb rub her tiny clit. This was apparently the correct combination because Holly squealed like she had the night before as she reached her orgasm. I felt her kiddy cunt contract which expelled my tongue but I kept up the licking her clit as she went off like a Roman candle.

The squeal lasted for at least ten seconds then cut off as she went limp under me. When I looked up, Holly had her eyes closed and was no longer moving. My heart was hammering in my chest as I waited to see if she would wake up as I softly continued licking her wide open puss; planting loving little kisses all over her outer lips as Holly stayed motionless.

Being hornier than I have ever been in my life, I opened my robe and carefully lined up my raging cock with her still slick little pussy and gently began stroking it back and forth between the soft lips of her vagina. My drooling precum mixed with her juices and it took only a few strokes before I erupted all over her stomach and chest with some of it making it as far as her tiny nipples and neck.

Feeling more spent than I have ever felt, I stood up and walked to the kitchen and wet one of the dish towels, then came back and gently wiped the sweat away from her face then cleaned up the jiz from her body. Holly was laying in a very undignified position; her thin little legs spread obscenely open and draped over the arms of the recliner, but beyond caring. Her hair was tussled and her face still a little flush. Her wide open sex was red and wet from my own ministrations. Looking at her like this made me wish I had asked for the digital camera in the divorce.

After cleaning her up I put the towel in the washer and went back to Holly. I picked up a day blanket from the end of the couch and spread it out over her body and left it tucked under her chin. I leaned in and gave the top of her head a soft kiss and walked back to my room and laid down on my bed. I think I fell asleep immediately because I don't remember anything after laying down.

Chapter Eight

I woke up because I heard the familiar sound of the hot tub motor kicking on. I laid still for a moment remembering all that had happened that morning. When I looked at the clock by the bed I saw it was almost ten. My stomach gave a little growl reminding me I had not eaten...which meant Holly had not eaten either. Still in my robe I struggled to my feet and stepped into the bathroom to answer natures call. Afterward I stepped into the living room and looked outside and saw my little angel floating on her back as the jets frothed the water around her. Her eyes were closed and she freely floated from one side to the other.

Stepping out I walked up to the tub and looked down at my naked little water nymph. She was so beautiful...and so innocent looking. Her hair fanned out around her impossibly beautiful face and I stood watching her for several minutes before her eyes slowly opened and she saw me standing there. Her face broke into a wonderful little smile and I smiled back, giving her a little wink to boot.

"Hi: she said.

"Hi...enjoying yourself?" I asked.

"The water feels so wonderful." She stopped floating and sat down on the seat. She put both arms on the side of the tub and said: "Come in with me...it feels so relaxing."

How could I ever turn down such an offer?

I untied my robe and let it fall to the ground and stepped over the rim and settled down into the seat opposite Holly. She grinned and pushed off the side and floated over to me. She settled onto my lap with both legs on each side of me. When her soft little bottom settled down she was directly on top of my penis. She wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned in and kissed me on my lips. I returned her hug...and the kiss, then leaned back once more. Never had I felt so relaxed...and content. Just to have Holly close was enough to make me feel like I had never known true love before.

"I ate an apple and a banana when I woke up. Are we going to eat or just do sex stuff all the time?" Holly smiled.

"Do I have to choose one or the other? I smiled.

"I want pizza. If you're going to treat me like a girlfriend then I'm gonna act like one." Holly smiled back.

"Just as long as I'm not shelling out for diamond ear rings or new cars."

This was kind of fun.

"I'm thinking more like a trip to Paris. Or Hawaii."

Ohhh...she was good.

"Well...let's start with a pizza and see where it goes from there."

Typical male weasel.

I made no move to get up and neither did Holly. I was looking into her deep blue eyes and that cute little nose. I leaned forward and gave her another kiss...this one with more feeling. I made no move to French kiss her. For some reason I thought it would freak her out...or gross her out. And I was content with a closed mouth kiss.

When I pulled away Holly opened her eyes and smiled. "That was nice".

"There's a lot more where that came from." I said and pecked her once more. Holly smiled but I thought I caught something...a look she gave me. It was fleeting but it gave me pause. I decided to broach this subject again now that she had had some time to think.

"Holly, I don't want to keep asking you this...but are you okay with what's happened? The last thing in the world I want is for you to be hurt. I love you so much...it would kill me if what I've...what we've done hurts you." I stopped and gave her a chance to respond. Holly did not answer for a few moments and instead lost the smile and looked off to my right on a fixed point. She actually looked like she was giving the question serious consideration.

At last she said, "I've been laying here thinking about that. I've always felt like something was missing from my life. I've always thought it's that most the kids at school have dads and I never knew my dad. He died when I was one. And when I met you my first thought was, 'Hey...this guy would make a great dad.' But then all this sex stuff happened and now I'm not sure what I feel. I like you a lot...and I like the way the sex stuff makes me feel. But it also feels very weird having a man four times older than me who finds me...sexy, and wants me...that way."

Holly stopped and again looked as though she was searching for the right words.

"Then again, part of me is psyched that I have this grown up guy thinking about me that way. I mean, what girl wouldn't? You're a really cute guy. But part of me is scared too. I'll be eight in a few weeks but I'm still just a kid. I think I know now why they tell you not to have sex until you're older. I don't think someone my age is ready for these feelings."

This was not going where I thought it would. But you could that tell this was from her heart so it warranted my full attention. I reached out and brushed wet stringy hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear so I could see he face clearly. After a moment, Holly continued.

"And then there's my mom. I tell her everything because she always knows what to do. And she never gets mad at me for asking something. My friend Wendy asked her mom about sex one time and her mom freaked out. She told Wendy that it was dirty and nasty and if she ever found out that Wendy was acting like a whore then she would ship her off to a convent. We had to look it up. It's a place where there's nothing but girls leaning about God and stuff. And they're super strict so you never get to have any fun. Wendy won't even look at a guy now.

"But my mom has always been honest with me and always treated me like an adult. I know if I ask her about this you're going to be hurt...and I won't let that happen. So I'm doing my best to handle all this stuff I'm feeling on my own." Holly paused and looked down, then back up into my eyes. "I know you love me and I love you too...I just feel very weird about it right now." Then looked down again.

I felt my heart breaking. You heard me...breaking.

Her comments were so honest and so truthful and they went like a knife into my heart. I had been so foolish to believe that a little girl would be able to handle all the emotional issues that went along with sex. The question now was, what could I do about it?

Holly finally looked back up at me and saw something in my face SHE didn't like. She reached out grabbed the back of my neck and pulled it to her until our noses were less than an inch from each other. She looked sternly at me and said:

"Sam, stop that right now! You asked me to be honest and now you're going to make me feel sorry that I did. If you did not really want to know what I was feeling, then you shouldn't have asked me."

I did my best to shake off the gloom that had descended on me and gave her my best smile and nod. I took her hands that were gripping my neck and pulled them to my mouth where I kissed the palms one by one.

Holly smiled back and seemed to relax. Then she said, "Here's what I think I'd like to do: Lets just have fun the next couple of days. If I feel like doing sex stuff...I'll let you know. But I really want us to do other stuff too. I want you to take me to the mall; and to a movie. I want you to order a pizza and watch TV with me. Something funny. We've never spent any time together and that's what I want us to do...okay?"

She was, without a doubt, the most mature seven...soon to be eight year old I had ever met. What she was telling me was that she wanted a dad. I reached up and held the hands that were cupping my cheeks and nodded my head. I tired to give her my very best smile too. Everything she had said was absolutely true...we need to do other stuff. I once more kissed her soft little lips and said I thought that was a great idea.

Holly really smiled this time. I rubbed her backside one more time and lifted her off my lap. I told her that we should get out and get dressed so we could go shopping.

"Can we PLEASE stop and get something to eat first?" She laughed.

Chapter Nine

We went to the mall after we had dried off and dressed. It was crowded with families and teenagers. Holly saw some kids from school she knew and they stopped to chat. Holly introduced me as her neighbor and I felt like every kid there knew what we had been doing. Stupid...I know. But I could not shake that feeling. Holly said good-bye to her friends and led me by the hand to the food court where she ordered two slices of double pepperoni pizza and I had the same. Dear God, when had I ever been this hungry? We ate like starving refugees.

Holly then took me to all her favorite stores. I bought her a cheap pair of earrings she liked and a package of these...things. They were like rubber bands but these held their shape. And they were shaped like everything imaginable and all the little girls in the mall were wearing them on their wrists.

One thing I noticed as we walked around the mall was that Holly was constantly pulling on her clothes. Or scratching herself on the tummy, chest or her bottom. At one point she leaned up against the corner of a wall and scratched her back. She looked genuinely uncomfortable in her clothes. How weird was that? A little girl who did not like wearing clothes. They made her downright miserable. You could tell just by watching her. The rubbing and the scratching had become second nature to her and I doubt she realized she was doing it.

I enjoyed walking around the mall with her though. Every once in a while she would take my hand and walk with me and my heart would glow. I loved spending time with her. We stopped at a pretzel stand and each got one with mustard and a drink. As we walked toward the exit, we passed an Outdoor store and something tickled at the back of my mind. Whatever it was, it did not stick and I didn't think much about it then.

It was getting to be about one and as we were walking back to the car I got that tickle again only this time it turned into a wonderful idea. I started formulating a plan as we drove and by the time we reached the house I had it pretty much worked out. I told Holly I needed to make a few phone calls and went into the kitchen to retrieve the handset. Holly immediately went into her bedroom and in less than a minute reappeared completely nude. It was still such a shock to come face to face with a cute naked seven year old girl, and against my will little Sam gave a lurch. Holly smiled as she walked by, stepped outside into the back yard and walked out to the Koi pond to feed her fish and test the water. I could not take my eyes off of her. And I could now see for myself that she took this nudist business seriously. I could also see that she had no idea the effect it had on me.

Forcing myself to get back to business, I first called Heather and told her my plan. She was hesitant about it because in her mind it involved a tiny amount of danger. But I assured her that Holly would be very safe and explained to her how I would make sure no harm would come to her daughter. After receiving a reluctant green light from her, I call the boss and again went through the same song and dance. Unlike Holly's mother, he thought it was a great idea...although he did not know the whole story. Hey, is it my fault if he assumes things?

Next I had to pack. I still had all my gear from my collage days and I went out to the garage and began pulling stuff down from the rafters. When I had everything arranged I went inside and packed my old army green backpack. I took about three days worth of stuff plus socks and underwear and made one of my mental lists of things we would need. Picking up the pack and walking out to the garage, I put it with the rest of the stuff.

I had to stop several times and try to think if I had forgotten anything. It had been a long time since I had done this. Once I was reasonably sure I had everything packed I went outside where I found Holly relaxing in the tub. She smiled when I approached and I sat up on the rim and looked down at her.

"Holly...I have what I hope is a surprise for you. I've already talked it over with your mother and although she's not thrilled, she's agreed to let me take you out of town for a couple of days. I thought I would take you up into the mountains and we could camp out for a couple of days." I stopped as I saw her eyes get big and then she launched herself out of the water and into my arms while squealing like the little girl she was.

"I've never been camping! Where are we going?" She was beside herself with happiness. It was an emotion I could get use to as my hands hugged wet, naked little girl. I told her about a place high up in the mountains and we wouldn't have to drive far to get there. And seeing how it was private land, I thought it would also give Holly a perfect opportunity to indulge in her...hobby without being bothered. I might even join her.

Without giving you too much information, I will tell you, the reader, that this story takes place in southern California. My boss has a large, beautiful piece of property just a hundred miles from here near a large mountain town. Although the property has a nice cabin, it also had some wonderful places you can pitch a tent. And since I wanted to give Holly the camping experience, I decided we would not use the cabin but would instead put up the tent in a beautiful spot I had seen on many fishing trips with the boss.

Once we had Holly dressed and the pickup loaded, we headed to my work. I explained to Holly that my boss thought I had hooked up with a woman...not a little girl. I told her to let me spin the story and she could just agree. She nodded that she understood. We pulled up in front and there stood my beloved Harley. I took Holly's hand and walked in the store and spotted the boss heading to stockroom. I called out to him and when he turned...he stopped dead in his tracks. It was priceless.

As I walked up to him, I said, "Pete, this is Holly. Her mother had to leave town for a couple of days and asked me if I would watch her. Holly, this is Pete". My boss smiled and shook Holly's hand and told her it was a pleasure.

Holly smiled sweetly and said, "It's very nice to meet you Pete. Is this your store? It's so beautiful! The bottles are decorated so neat!" Pete laughed and said thank you. "But not one of these old dusty bottles are as beautiful as you...you're as cute as a button!" To which Holly giggled her little lead off making Pete smile even bigger.

"Pete," I said, "Holly has never been camping so I thought I would take her to your place and we would pitch a tent by the spring for a couple of days. And if you don't mind, I thought we would take The Bike." This was news to Holly and she snapped her head up to look at me and grinned.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea Sam. If the weather turns bad feel free to use the cabin. I was up there last weekend and cleaned the place. Holly, if you have never been camping then you are in for a treat." Pete then smiled and said, "I'll go get the keys if Holly will promise me not to drive it too fast."

Holly, who was momentarily confused, got the joke after a second and laughed. I smiled at Pete and said thanks...but I think I'll drive for now.

Pete led us to the back office and when Holly hung back to look at a cartoonish wine cooler display, Pete whispered, "Little young, don't you think Sam"? and snickered. I knew I would take some ribbing from him but like everyone who knew me, Pete had no idea I was a pedophile. I acted indignant as I was suppose to and told him that I appreciated him letting use the bike and property. I explained to him that Holly's dad had died and her mother was smoking hot. The light went on in Pete's eyes as he figured out the reason I was taking up with a seven year old.

To get to the mother. That was something he could understand.

Pete gave me the key to the bike and I gave him the key to the truck and told him I would see him in a couple days. I walked out to find Holly chatting with Lynne, the girl who worked our front counter. Lynne told me as I walked up that Holly had filled her in on our trip and what a wonderful idea it was. While I was there I asked Lynne for a bottle of peach flavored Schnapps. She reached behind her and grabbed a bottle of my favorite liqueur, rang me out and I told Holly that we needed to get going. It was now almost 2pm and we had a two hour trip ahead of us.

I said good-bye to my co-workers and Holly and I went to the truck and started transferring everything to the Harley. I used bungee cords to secure all the gear and put the Schnapps in the saddle bag. I then made one more trip to the truck and got the Spare helmet and spare sunglasses from behind the seat. I walked over and put them on Holly as she beamed with excitement. This was going to be a real adventure for her. Once the helmet was in place and sunglasses adjusted, I got on the bike and patted the comfortable raised seat behind me for Holly to jump up.

The Road King was built for comfort and I knew Holly would have a good first ride. Once she had climbed up, I explained the few rules of the road and showed her where to put her feet and how she could lean back on the brace. I took the headphone jack and plugged her in to the console...then I did the same after explaining to her how we could talk to each other through it. I started the bike and back it out into the parking lot. Then I told Holly to put her hands on my hips and to hang on. I gave one quick glance at my little nudist and saw the smile on her face. I popped the clutch and off we went.

Chapter Ten

The feel of the open road and a powerful bike between your legs is a wonderful experience. Having Holly holding on to my waist and shrieking for joy was even better. She'd never been on a bike and was having the time of her life. We entered the freeway and settled into a cruising speed of about sixty. I was watching traffic carefully as I always do when I spotted a familiar car ahead of me. Alice, the ex-wife was driving along talking on her cell phone, oblivious to the world.

What are the chances?

I turned slightly around and told Holly though the microphone that my former wife was ahead of us and then told her my idea of a joke? Holly laughed and nodded her head. This was too good to pass up, so I kicked the speed up a bit and settled in beside her driver side window, then revved the Harley a couple of times to get her attention.

Alice jumped at the sound and turned to do battle when she recognized me...but hesitated when she saw Holly. Holly waved sweetly and Alice...and not knowing what else to do waved back. But Holly then turned her hand, palm-up and gave her the bird as I gunned the engine and took off. I looked in the rear mirror and was rewarded with seeing Alice blaring her horn and screaming at our backs as we left her behind. Childish...I know...but it just did not get any better than that in my book. I reached down briefly and squeezed Holly's arm in thanks...and Holly squeezed back as she continued to laugh her pretty blond head off.

With that sillyness out of the way, we settled in for the long trip and Holly fell silent as she experienced the joy of having the wind in your face and the vibration of a bike under you. It was a picture perfect day with big blue skies and a warm sun. We headed up north until we came to a beautiful mountain town nestled in the pine covered hills that surrounded it. We had been driving for about an hour and a half and I figured Holly might need a bathroom break and I wanted to get some supplies.

We stopped at a local grocery store and bait shop. As we got off, Holly threw herself around my waist and hugged me tight. "Oh my GOD!!! That was so awesome!" I had to laugh at her enthusiasm. I helped her take off her helmet and sunglasses then hand in hand, we both walked into the store.

"Go find a bathroom sweetie. I need to get something for us to eat once we're there." Holly said okay and walked to the back of the store as I grabbed a hand basket and walked the isles looking for something we could eat on for a couple of days.

I bought Jerky, chips, bottled water, graham crackers, marshmallows, a couple of large chocolate bars, a large bag of peanuts, apples, instant soup, a small bag of carrots and some paper plates and cups. I took all that to the counter, then went back for some Gatorade, pretzels, a loaf of bread, four large potatoes, a small roll of foil and a six pack of coke. I also grabbed a small jar of instant coffee because there is nothing like it in the mountain air. As the lady was ringing me out I remembered one more item and ran to paper products isle and grabbed a roll of toilet paper.

Heading up to the counter again I was delighted to see a display of freeze dried packages hanging up on one of the isles. I quickly found the scrambled eggs and gravy mixes. There was even a package of biscuit mix. But not having a Dutch oven I left it there. I walked to the counter and saw that the woman had been watching me because she was standing there holding a Dutch oven in her hands and a questioning look and a tiny smile on her face. I laughed and nodded my head as I went back for the biscuit mix.

Holly came out as I was bagging everything and helped me take it out to the bike where I opened the other saddle bag and stored the items. She looked at me with a puzzled face when she saw the small round oven, but I smiled and told her I would explain later. I tied the oven to the back with a bungee and in a few moments we were back on the bike on headed out of town. Holly waved at a cop who was standing next to his car talking to a pedestrian who smiled and waved back at her.

We headed up into the mountains for another twenty minutes until I reached the turnoff and the dirt road that led up to the property. I slowed down a bit because of the loose dirt and in another ten minutes we reached the front gate. I leaned the bike on its stand and worked the combination of the lock on the steel gate. Once I had it opened, I rode the bike through and stopped to relock it. Since my boss was the only one who used the place, there was little chance of anyone else coming up.

We rode down a beautiful tree lined road for about five minutes while Holly sat on the back of the bike and took in the wonders. As we turned one corner, a couple of startled deer ran to the tree line and disappeared causing another joyful shout from Holly. This was such a wonderful piece of property and had been in my bosses family for three generations. The land consisted of about ten thousand acres of protected forest. There were two streams and one small body of water. But I was heading for the most wonderful feature of the property. We stopped by the small cabin long enough for me to grab a couple of lawn chairs, which I handed to Holly, and continued up the mountain for another ten minutes until we reached a clearing...and the waterfall.

It came out of a rock face and plunged about twenty feet down. There were several outcroppings of rock ledges that you could easily climb. The fall emptied into a deep and very blue pool. The surrounding area was lush green grass, beautiful ferns, pine trees and tall old oaks.

Holly got off the bike and she stood with her mouth open. That's probably what I looked like the first time I saw it. It looked like something on a postcard. Mary's Falls was named after Pete's great grandmother. His family helped settle this part of California over a hundred years before.

It was quite warm here and as I unpacked the bike I asked Holly if she was okay? She was still standing there, wearing the helmet and looking at the falls. She turned to me with wet shiny eyes and said, "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen Sam. Are there any other people around here?"

"No. My bosses family has had this property for a long time. They bought it when land was cheap. Now my boss is the only heir and he'll never sell it. I come up here a lot and fish with him. We usually stay in the cabin we passed but I thought you would enjoy camping out."

"It's so wonderful...like a storybook." She stopped again then said, "Sam...do you think it would be okay if I went naked while we're here?" She asked hopefully.

"Of course sweetie. That's what gave me the idea. This area is completely private. The outside world is not allowed to come in here. I thought it would be the perfect place for you to practice your...hobby. I know you don't get to do it outside of your house very much. I wanted you to have two full days to wear whatever you want." Holly looked down and shuffled her little feet in the dirt for a moment, like she wanted to ask something else but could not bring herself to do it.

I didn't have to be a physic to know what she wanted to ask.

I walked over and knelt down in front of her. Then taking the helmet in both hands I carefully pulled it off and brushed her hair back into place. Looking into her blue shiny eyes, I said to her, "Holly, I need you to listen carefully to what I'm about to say". I brushed one long strand of hair away from her face and gave her my most sincere look.

"I am giving you my word; and I never break my word. I promise that I will not, under any circumstances, make any uninvited sexual moves on you. The next few days are all about you having a good time. I hope so much that you can trust me on this." I stopped and could tell I had hit it on the nose.

I continued, "Now, I won't be able to promise that I will not look at you or that I won't admire how beautiful you are when you're nude because I'm a guy and guys can't help it. But I promise that I will do my best to not make you feel uncomfortable."

Holly smiled and hugged me around my neck. She leaned back...kissed me on my nose and said she believed me...and thanks.

I went about setting up camp. Holly came over and watched as I unhooked the long bag that held the tent from the bike. I pulled it out and laid it flat on the ground. Then I started putting up the poles and before ten minutes had passed I had the huge tent up next to one of the large old oaks that were plentiful on the property. Holly clapped her hands with delight as the tent stakes went into the ground and the large five man tent took shape. I had bought this tent at an Army Navy store ten years ago. It had seen a lot of use but had been built to last.

Once it was up and Holly had properly inspected the inside, I got the sleeping bags into the tent then went around storing everything. The last thing I did was to take the Gatorade and coke to the river bank and submerge it. The water here would keep it cool. Holly was at my heals every step of the way. She was simply giddy with delight. Once everything was set up, we walked around getting rocks and carrying them to the site to make a fire pit. Holly was soon covered in sweat and asked if it was okay to cool off in the pool. I said that she could do anything she wanted but asked her not get into water over her waste until I was with her. I then told her I was going to gather up some firewood.

As I finished arranging the circle of rocks, I saw Holly go over to the tent and stripped off everything she had on. She threw her clothes inside then headed off to the water. I stopped her and reach in the back pack and handed her a towel. As I knelt beside her zipping up the backpack, Holly moved in and wrapped her arms around my head and squeezed it to her bare stomach. She also kissed the top of my head and said, "Thanks Sam. This is one of the most exciting things I've ever done. I appreciate you doing what you said you'd do and spend time with me. I really love it here". She stopped talking and pulled back to see my face. I smiled and slid my hand up and down her back affectionately. She was so beautiful to me and I wanted to give her everything she wanted.

"You're welcome Holly. I'm glad you like it. Go on now and have a dip." I said.

Not making a move to walk away, she said again, "This place is so beautiful. I just wanted to say...thanks". She hugged me to her bare chest again then took off in the direction of the pool. I finished zipping up and storing the pack, then watched as she headed off. I could not get my eyes off the little nudist and was taken with the fact that this is who she was. I watched her cute little bottom as she walked toward the pool, then turned went in search of firewood. It got pretty cold up here at night.

As I walked around picking up wood, I stopped every so often to make sure I could still see Holly. She had waded out and was trying to get her body use to the frigid water by dipping lower and lower. The sun was still very warm and I had worked up a good sweat by the time I had gathered enough wood for the night. I started a small fire and fed it some larger pieces of wood until it was going nicely. I got the two chairs and set them by the fire, then went to the tent, stripped off, grabbed a towel, and went to join her.

Having been here before, I knew the only way to get into water this cold was to let her rip. So as I approached the pool, I dropped everything and broke into a run, launching myself off of a rock outcropping and aiming at a point about four feet from Holly. She never heard me coming over the sound of the falls and was drenched by the cannonball I performed. The water almost stopped my heart it was so cold but it felt wonderful. The entire waterway was spring fed and that meant cold water. When I broke the surface and found Holly, she was standing there looking like a drowned cat. Her mouth formed a perfect "O" and she had the most indignant and murderous look on her face as water dripped off of her skinny little body.

'This...could be bad', I thought.

"YOU...YOU...I'LL KILL YOU!!!!" She screamed and launched herself at my midsection knocking me backward into the water. I discovered then that Holly possessed a lot more strength than I would have thought and I had to struggle a bit to break the surface again. Holly had her hands around my throat as she tried again to push me under.

I complied just enough to let her have some revenge then launched myself up grabbing her arms and taking her with me out of the pool and back down with a splash. Holly shrieked again as she went under and let go of my neck. I immediately dove under the water until I was sure I was a good twenty feet from her then came back up. When I looked around, I couldn't see her but saw the water slick and bubbles where she had once been. Realizing that she had gone under to look for me, I again dove down but not fast enough as I felt a hand close on my ankle and then her body as she wrapped herself around me to prevent any further escapes.

This horse play went on for a good fifteen minutes until we were both tired. I made peace and slipped in close to pick her up in my arms. Her naked body felt so wonderful next to my own and Holly allowed it although she still wore a little frown. I kissed her nose and dug one finger into her ribs and the frown fell away into a fit of giggles.

The pool was in bright sunshine but that would only last for about another half hour as the sun was poised to go behind the waterfall. Once we lost the sun it would cool off quickly. I doubted even little nudist Holly would stay naked for long once the sun went away. I figured it was coming up on six o'clock and told Holly we should get out and dry before we lost the light. Holly agreed but insisted that I carry her back so her feet would not get dirty.

I was only too happy to comply and reached down under her arms and lifted her up to my shoulders. I doubt this is what she had in mind but she loved it anyway. She put her hands on the top of my head and I could feel the warmth of her little cunny against the back of my neck as she wrapped the towel around her shoulders to keep warm. I was determined not to approach the subject of sex or to make an advance until...and if she initiated it. But I still felt my dick give a little lurch.

I stopped at the waters edge and grabbed a couple cans of coke and one Gatorade. When we reached the camp site I put down my towel and brought Holly down on top of it right by the fire. Holly held her hands out to catch the warmth of the fire, still wearing her towel around her shoulders, but leaving her wonderful, goose-pimpled ass bare.

"Mmmm...this fire feels great!" She said as she inched closer. I saw her stealing quick glances at my dick and knew she was wondering why it had gotten so small. I would have to explain to her what cold water did to guys later. I brought one of the lawn chairs around to her and she sat down and stared into the fire. I fed it a bit more wood, then went over to my pack and pulled out another towel which I wrapped around my waist. Holly got up and retrieved her hairbrush from her bag and sat back down to brush out her hair.

I brought my own chair over and sat it down by her. We warmed our chilled bodies and feet for a while in silence. When she had finished with her hair, Holly reached over and took my hand which made me smile. Then she asked what we had to eat and I told her the options, she decided on some jerky and a baked potato. I wrapped the potatoes in foil and pulled some of the hot coals out of the fire and rested the foiled bundles on top of them.

It would be a while until they were ready so I pulled out the bag of peanuts, a couple of apples and some jerky. I gave Holly hers and she sat and chewed; throwing the peanut shells into the fire. Wrapping my towel around me, I went to the bike and got my bottle of Schnapps and came back. Sitting back down I cracked the bottle and took a small swig under Holly's watchful eyes. The strong liquor went down with a slight burn but the aftertaste was wonderful. I took another and of course Holly asked if she could have some.

'Why not?' I thought. I filled the cap with a shot of the liquid and handed it to her. Holly sniffed it, and liking what her nose told her, threw back the cap full. Of course her eyes got big and she gave a little cough, but when she got the taste of it, her eyes lit up. Handing the cap back she asked for another. I again filled it and again she belted it back. She then leaned back and stared into the fire again. The night was coming and Holly was illuminated by the flickering fire, making her look even more beautiful.

"Wow; that stuff goes right to your belly and makes you warm all over! I love the taste too." She said.

I promised myself not to let her overindulge but to her credit she only took a drink when I did...and never asked for more. After about fifteen minutes it was obvious it was having an effect on her. She began giggling and when she tried to stand up...she nearly fell over. I was not too worried about her. Soon she would have a full meal on her stomach and that should balance her out a bit. I was not that much older than her when my uncle took me fishing and let me have my first taste of beer. I remember how great it felt to be with my uncle sharing a beer and getting a little shitfaced.

Holly interrupted my thoughts and asked where the bathroom was and then laughed as I handed her a flashlight and the roll of toilet paper. I told her that the bushes behind her would be a good place to look. Holly thought that was hysterical. She headed off giggling and a little unsteadily to answer nature's call and I had to smile at the checkered pattern that the seat had left on her ass. I got the paper plates and cups out of the tent and few minutes later, I pulled the hot foil packages from the fire and let them cool a bit while I got Holly a coke and some more Jerky. I ran into her coming back from the bushes and we sat by the fire to eat.

It's a fact of life; everything tastes better when you're camping out. Holly said her potato was wonderful and ate all of it. Chewing the Jerky and washing it all down with the coke, Holly belched out load and laughed her head off. It was hard not to laugh with her. It suddenly occurred to me that we were having a great time, telling really stupid jokes and talking about everything. True, she wanted to talk about little girl stuff but I found a lot of it interesting. I told her about my ex-wife and how miserable I had been and Holly reached over and squeezed my arm in sympathy. Holly talked about growing up wondering what her dad had been like. It was getting a little too heavy and we both felt it so we started with the stupid jokes again and were soon laughing our heads off.

We each had one more drink of Schnapps and I capped the bottle for the evening. Holly sat looking at the fire with glassy eyes and I knew she would soon be out. The idea to take advantage of her crossed my mind several times but I again reminded myself to be good.

The plan of being good had hardly been thought when Holly got up and came over to where I was sitting and plopped her naked little bottom right in my lap. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me in close, hugging me tightly.

"Thank you Sam. This has been such a wonderful day." She whispered to me. I returned the hug and told her it had been my pleasure. My hand automatically went to her soft bottom and I lightly stroked it as she lay her head on my chest. I felt so peaceful sitting there with Holly. I pointed up at the sky and Holly looked to see how many stars there were.

Most people never truly see a real night sky and she marveled at the millions of tiny lights. We both saw a falling star at the same time and both shrieked with joy. I showed her the constellations that I knew and told her what little I knew about astrology. Holly seemed fascinated and asked questions...some I knew... a lot I didn't. But I told myself that if we ever came back I would bring a telescope.

I told her that I had one more surprise for her and stood her up while I went to the tent and came back with the Grahm Crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars. Holly paid close attention as I taught her the fine art of Smoore making. It was the perfect way to end the day. Once we had had our fill of the gooey, wonderful stuff, Holly sat back down on my lap while I used some of the bottled water to clean our hands and mouths. Holly laid her head on my chest again; and again, I stroked her back and bottom as she sat and enjoyed the fire in silence.

After a half hour or so, Holly said, "I'm tired...would you mind if I went to bed?" She asked.

Squeezing her to my chest one more time, I picked my naked little girl up and carried her to the tent, slipping inside still cupping her warm bottom. Turning on the lantern as I entered the tent, I walked to the sleeping bag and laid her gently down. As I started to straighten up, Holly held onto my neck. "I want you to come to bed too." She said softly.

I looked into her eyes and saw that she meant it. I brushed the hair out of her eyes and kissed her forehead as I knelt on her sleeping bag and said, "Holly, what you said to me earlier today in the hot tub...it got me thinking about what I've done...to you and to me. Everything you said was correct. Seven year olds were not meant to process feelings the way adults do. I took advantage of your innocence. You may feel sexual pleasure the same way adults do but the feelings and passion that go hand in hand with sex are very powerful. It was wrong for me to stir that feeling in you. And I'll probably spend the rest of my life regretting it."

I saw Holly's eyes become shiny and wet. A few seconds later a tear fell over the lid and down her cheek. I have never felt as loathsome as I did that moment. I started to tell her how bad I felt...how bad I was...but Holly interrupted me and said, "I don't think you understood what I was trying to tell you today Sam, so let me try and explain again."

Holly sat up and got to her knees so she was looking directly in my eyes. Then taking a deep breath, she said, "I doubt that there are many grown-ups who have sex after just meeting each other that don't have the kind of thoughts I had today.

"It's not fair for you to hold what I said against me. What I was trying to say today was, I think anyone can have sex; and I think that anyone can enjoy sex; but not everyone enjoys the others company. I knew I liked you but what if we didn't get along? I needed to know for sure that I would like being around you...without the sex. I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

"Now, I've just had one of the best days of my life and it was good because of you. I could have come up her with my mom or a friend from school but I wouldn't have had as much fun with them." Holly paused and moved closer to put her thin arms around my neck, then said, "I know I'm not explaining it very well so please, just come to bed with me. I want to end a perfect day with you."

I told myself that it was the booze but I could not help myself. The cool night air closed in around us as I disengaged her arms and stood to close the flap on the tent and turned out the lantern, then dropped the towel from around my waist and slipped in next to her. Holly immediately laid in the crook of my arm and pulled herself in close...much like our first time. Was that only yesterday? My sweet little girl put her hand on my chest and immediately slid it down until she had my erect penis in her tiny little hand. With just a couple of gentle squeezes, I was harder than I could ever remember being.

I groaned softly and pulled her in close. Holly stroked it a couple of minutes; testing the way it felt in her hand, then she released it and threw her leg over me until she was resting on my stomach. She leaned forward and kissed me while running her hands threw my hair. I reached down and cupped her smooth, perfect little ass in my hands and squeezed her twin globes; relishing the feel of them. Holly broke the kiss and slid back until she had worked my penis between the soft lips of her ass or her pussy...I could not tell which. Probably a little bit of both. She put her hands on my chest and began sliding her body up and down the entire length of my cock...letting her young supple cunt slide up until it practically engulfed the mushroom head, then sliding slowing back until my ball sack was nestled under her soft ass.

I raised up and sucked her right flat nipple into my mouth, letting my tongue trace tiny circles around the light pink areola. Holly grabbed my head and squeezed it to her chest as I flattened out my tongue and began licking her entire chest...letting my tongue slide over to her opposite nipple and sucking it into my mouth. Holly was panting heavy now and began to pick up the pace of her humping. My dick felt like it was encased in a velvet glove as her pussy molded itself around it. I came up from her chest and lightly sucked on her neck as I became consumed in passion. Holly threw back her head and started letting little barks escape her mouth as I felt her reaching her peak. I too felt the familiar stirring my balls and tried to hold off until she came.

Still running my hands over her little ass, I let one finger slip down until I found her tiny rosebud and began massaging it. Holly gasp when she felt the finger touch her seven year old back hole and moaned out loud as she tried to shove her bottom back to meet it. I traced small circles around it making her shove her ass harder against my finger trying to get me to insert it.

I felt her grip tighten on my neck and the pressure of her cunt as she ground it hard against my dick as she went over the edge. I picked this time to let just the tip of my finger enter her tight asshole and this time her vocalization was a mere whimper as I felt her convulse against me. At the same time, I erupted between our bodies as spurt after spurt gushed from my cock making a perfect mess between us. At last I felt her grip loosen on my neck and she fell back with my hands supporting her back. I felt my finger slip out of her rectum as I gently laid her down and reached into the pack for a towel. Holly was still as I ran the dry towel over her body cleaning up the huge amount of sperm coated her pussy and all the way up to her neck.

When I was done she reached up for me and I once again slid into the bag and let her mold herself around my middle. As she lay in the crook of my arm and her hand played with the sparse hair on my chest, Holly put her mouth close to my ear and said, "That was wonderful Sam. Thank you." I stroked my hand up and down her back a few times and with that...we both fell fast asleep.

Chapter Eleven

I awoke to the sound of birds chirping happily outside the tent. I could tell it was still early but the sun was up and I looked forward to the new day. I looked down at Holly still sleeping in my arms and thought about how I could SO get use to this. I lay there until I thought my bladder was going to burst, and reluctantly slipped Holly off my arm, crawled out of the bag and headed outside to pee. Once behind the bushes I let loose...almost having an orgasm it felt so good.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and turned to see a Doe and her fawn drinking from the pool. I slowly and quietly slipped back into the tent and shook Holly awake. She stirred and looked up to see me with a finger over my lips. She smiled sleepily and nodded while I pulled the bag off of her. Once she was on her feet, I led her to the tent opening. Holly gasped quietly upon seeing the deer with her baby. We stood and watched for maybe three minutes when I felt Holly slip past me and start walking toward the doe and her fawn. I knew that the deer would bolt as soon as she saw Holly but it was fun to watch her from behind; the dew from the grass sticking to the bottom of her bare feet.

Holly walked slowly but purposefully toward the pool. At once the deer jerked up and saw Holly walking toward her and I thought for sure that it was going to run. But it simply stood there with it's front legs spread as naked little Holly walked about ten feet down from them, slowly drop to her knees and put her lips to the water. From where I stood, it was hard to decide what was more fun to watch; the deer or Holly's winking little asshole which was pointed directly at me. The deer watched her closely for a few moments, then resumed her drinking. The fawn seemed fascinated with Holly and remained standing a few feet away watching from behind its mother.

I was flabbergasted! Holly was on her knees drinking just a few feet from the deer and her baby. As if that was not astonishing enough, after a few minutes the fawn wandered over closer to where Holly was and was soon close enough that if Holly had tried, she could have reached out and touched it. I had never wanted a camera so bad in my life...then remembered my cell phone. When I got this new phone a few weeks ago, the girl said it had the best camera of any phone on the market. I had yet to use it though. I stepped quickly to the pack and found it after a few seconds. I lurched back to the door and snapped it open. When I looked out...I simply could not believe what I was seeing.

The deer and her fawn were standing in front of Holly's outstretched hand and were sniffing her as she knelt in front of them. I snapped pictures with the cell hoping against hope that they would come out. Holly then reached out and pet the fawn on her neck which did not seem to bother either animal at all. Maybe they simply perceived no threat from her...or maybe they had never seen a naked little girl. But each shot from the phone felt like an award winning photo. Holly slowly stood up and began petting both creatures as they stood in front of her without any fear whatsoever. I caught Holly's eyes and motioned her back over to the tent. Reaching behind me, I dug around in one of the plastic sacs and found the bag of carrots. I gave Holly four of them. She smiled and walked back to her new friends. The deer were almost oblivious to her this time but as Holly approached them with the carrots, both deer slowly walked toward her again.

My phone was snapping picture after picture as Holly held out a carrot to the mother. The deer sniffed it once then wiggled her lips and the carrot disappeared like magic. Holly giggled and held out another as I zoomed in closer. The fawn sniffed the carrot once but showed no interest in it at all. I figured it must still be drinking its mother's milk but the mother greedily ate each one offered. After the carrots were gone the mother nudged Holly's chest as if to say, "I want more", making Holly giggle. But seeing that no more were forth coming, she moved off toward the trees and vanished with her little one. Holly stood there for a moment then yelled good-bye.

I let out the lung full of air I didn't realize I had been holding and stepped out to greet Holly as she came running back. As I reached her, she shrieked and leaped into my open arms. I swung her in unbridled glee as I laughed while spinning her around and around. Holly was the perfect picture of delight and happiness. I pulled the phone open and soon we were looking at picture after picture of naked little Holly walking toward, petting and then feeding the deer. I wondered if I should send one to Heather. The more I thought about it...the more I liked the idea.

Holly and I selected one of her kneeling in front of the fawn with her hand petting its neck and it's nose inches from Holly's smiling face. You could tell that Holly was nude but you could not see anything given that she was kneeling and the view was from the side. In the photo Holly looked dreamily at the brown and white spotted fawn as she gently stroked it's neck. In the second photo...I had to think long and hard about whether to send it or not. In the photo...Holly was standing and had her back to the camera with her dimpled little butt front and center. She had her hand on the Doe, petting her neck while feeding her the carrot from her other hand. It was a perfect photo.

In the end I decided I had to send it. I found Heather's number in my phone and attached the photos. After I hit send I immediately started having doubts. What if someone else saw it. I kicked myself over and over but Holly was having none of it. She said that if someone did not like it they could shove it...then started giggling. I had to laugh too...but I was still a little worried.

About that time I got a reply from Heather. I opened the phone and read the message.


That was it. Nothing else.

Well...it could mean anything. Holly was not sure either now as we both looked at each other with raised eyebrows. All of a sudden the phone went off, making both of us jump. Of course it was Heather. I took a deep breath and answered it.

"Oh my GOD SAM!!! Those are the most precious pictures I have ever seen!!! How did she get that close to them? Did they stay very long? Oh my Lord...Holly must be beside herself!!" Heather left no doubt what she thought...but I wondered why she didn't mention that her seven year old was out in the woods naked. My guess was that she knew that was what her daughter would do once we got here. I suppose I should not have been that surprised given our phone conversation earlier.

"Heather..." I said, "I wish you could have been here. I have never seen anything so...magical in my life. The deer had NO fear of Holly at all. She went back twice from the tent and they acted like seeing a naked little girl was an everyday thing. I could not help myself...I must have taken at least forty pictures. But I was apprehensive about sending them...not only about how you would react but wondering if anyone else could intercept them. I mean...they are pretty tame but in this day and age you never know. But I just had to share them with you..." Holly pulled the phone away before Heather could answer me.

Holly shrieked into the phone at her mom as she related the encounter with the deer. She went on for a good five minutes before I heard her say..."uh huh. Yup...I can walk around here all day. It's private property."

It still freaked me out that this was happening with her mother knowing. I listened some more but Holly's answers were always short so I could not glean anything from Heather's side of the conversation.

Finally, Holly said good bye and handed me the phone. Heather was laughing so I took that as a good sign.

"Well Sam...I can see you found out what your comfort zone is." And she giggled again.

I sighed and said, "I guess it doesn't bother me too bad because she's been this way since about thirty minutes after we arrived. To tell you the truth Heather...it's a little weird but after the first hour I didn't even notice. And we have had such a wonderful time. Holly immediately went swimming and then we sat up last night and ate in front of the fire...then looked at the stars. We talked for hours...she is such a mature girl. And...I hope you're not too worried. Besides a little romp in the pool, I've been the perfect gentleman."

And I'm going to burn in hell.

"I have to tell you though...your daughter has a very cute hinny." I stopped and waited to see if Heather would get it...and she did.

Holly gasped and shrieked, "SAM!!!!"

I could hear Heather laughing over Holly's outburst. "Yes...well she gets it from her mother." And she snorted out another laugh.

"I was worried about the motorcycle but now I am so glad you took her. It looks like paradise. I guess I will see you two in a couple of days. I should be back home on Wednesday. I was going to leave tomorrow but since you have Holly I decided to stay for a while longer. Things were pretty messed up when I got here...I cannot believe that the previous manager cared anything about this store. But I'll have it in top shape soon."

Heather paused and then said, "I may owe you more than a dinner Sam. Holly will never be the same after this trip. I cannot thank you enough for taking her and for being so patient. And thank you for the pictures...it made my day."

"As I told you before Heather, this has been as much fun for me as for Holly. She is so delightful. You relax and I will see you soon." I said good-bye and hung up.

I turned around and Holly was by the fire throwing twigs in the smoldering remains. I walked up and slipped my arm around her and she did the same. I asked her if she would like some breakfast and she grinned and said of course! I got the pan and Dutch oven out of the tent, then gave Holly the canteen and asked her to fill it up. She took a bottled water out and filled it up and handed it to me. I first made the batter for the biscuits and then added some wood to the fire. Once I had the oven buried in the coals, I started the gravy mix. As soon as it was bubbling, I checked the biscuits and saw they were about ready so I poured some of the water into the scrambled egg mix and soon everything was ready.

Holly got some paper plates and we sat by the fire in the morning light and had a terrific outdoor breakfast. The biscuits were not half bad and the gravy I pour on top of them made them perfect. Holly made little yummy noises as she shoveled the food into her mouth. I had to admit...it was pretty good. However, it matters not what you eat; it all tastes better camping out. I had boiled some water and made a cup of coffee which tasted like ambrosia. I sat and sipped the coffee while Holly had Gatorade. Holly's little belly was distended as will happen when you have too much bread and gravy. She moaned and rubbed her stomach while I laughed and made little piggy noises.

When we were done and had cleaned up the campsite, we walked down to the water and I showed Holly how to use sand and water to clean dirty dishes. It was now mid morning and I had no idea what to do with the rest of the day. Holly said she wanted to go exploring and since I had nothing planned for us, I told her that sounded wonderful.

Once we had policed the site and made sure the fire was out, Holly and I set out. I knew the basic layout of the property from the numerous times I had been up here. So I knew which areas were close to other people's property. The last thing I wanted was a commando squad rappelling down to rescue the helpless naked little girl from the child molester. I opted for a route that would take us up the waterfall and to some small beautiful cliffs about thirty minutes away. I insisted that Holly at least put on a t-shirt and shoes. The sun here could be tricky and you could wind up with sunburn quite easily.

I decided on a pair of kaki shorts and a shirt and also my favorite pair of hiking boots. I filled the canteen and off we went. It was a beautiful day with a bright sun and a deep blue sky. Holly started out holding my hand but was soon running off ahead to explore...her delightful little butt wiggling at me. When we reached the top of the falls we both spent some time looking at the scenery...and the water below us. Once we set off again, I told her to please keep me in sight because this area also had other wildlife that would be delighted to find a naked little girl.

Holly looked at me puzzled then asked why a wild animal would care if she was naked?

"No clothing to pick out of their teeth later." I answered. This made her giggle...but she also stayed closer.

We walked along a trail that I had been on before and knew that after an hour or so we would be standing in front of the cabin. It meandered through about one third of Pete's property taking us through a small canyon where Holly had some fun making her voice echo. The canyon walls were a red clay color and the reflected sun made everything look surreal. I watched Holly climb a short way up the gentle slopping walls until she reached a small ledge.

She turned to look at me and smile. "Did you bring your phone?" I nodded my head and said yes.

"Take a picture of me", Holly said.

"You sure? I could be arrested if anyone ever saw them."

"My aunt and uncle had magazines laying around that had nude people in them. They said they were nudist magazines. I doubt they would have had them if they could go to jail".

Mmmm...she had a way of making everything sound so simple.

"Okay...okay." I knew she would just keep after me until I gave in.

I pulled out the camera and Holly smiled and waved. As I had said, this was a brand new phone and the salesgirl had stressed that it had the best camera. If I remembered right, she had said it was 16 megapixils. I popped it open and activated the camera. From this angle her little pussy was clearly displayed on the view screen and I snapped my first shot of the day. She then turned around and pointed at the canyon wall showing her cute little ass. I took another one. She took off her top and flung it down to me. Now all she had on was her pair of little girl sneakers which I found very sexy. Holly went through some exaggerated cheesecake photos that were pretty cute. In one she turned her back to me and stuck that cute little butt at the camera. Later I would discover that was the best shot of all the "Canyon" series. In another she had one hand on her hip which she had thrown out and was looking at the camera with a great smile that showed all her pretty little teeth.

I had taken maybe ten when she started walking down. We look at them together and Holly said she could not believe that was her. She had never seen herself naked in a photo before that morning. I told her she was so beautiful she could be a model if she wanted too. Holly thought that was hilarious. The photos would have qualified as art simply because of the shades of red that were thrown everywhere. If it weren't for the naked little girl in them I might have entered them in a contest.

As we started out I asked her if she should put her shirt back on to which she simply said no and continued to walk...now completely nude. It was only by sheer will that I did not attack her. Her beautiful seven year old body was so erotically wonderful looking and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. As she walked ahead of me, I could not resist shooting some of her from behind...that gorgeous little bubble butt wiggling back and forth made some great shots.

Walking downhill, the oak trees returned and we had a wonderful twenty minute walk though a shaded grove. It was still warm but the trees kept us cool. Holly decided to hold my hand again as we strolled through the cool shade of the vegetation and it touched me that she did.

The next stop was another stream that cut through Pete's property. This one was rocky with lots of big boulders that Holly enjoyed climbing on. It was one of Pete's and mine favorite places to fish. It emptied into a small deep pool and before I knew it Holly had dumped the clothes she was carrying on the rocky bank, and jumped from one of the boulders into the water. I pulled the phone out as she broke the surface and when she looked up she waved at me as I snapped a shot. This water was from distant snow capped mountains so it was not nearly as cool as the waterfall pool. Holly stroked her way across the pool as I shot two more photos. I was really enjoying this. Plus...the phone had an extended memory card so I didn't have to worry about running out of card space anytime soon.

I picked up her discarded clothes and reached the bottom about the same time she reached the rock shore. She pulled herself up onto a large flat boulder and sat with one leg up and her chin resting on her knee, letting the sun warm her naked body.


That turned out to be one of the best shots. Holly turned her head and smiled when she realized I was taking photos. The smile was small...what you might call a grin but when I saw it later in the photo, it looked a little wistful too. Holly turned over and lay flat on the rock with her hands under her head and her eyes closed. I shot another few of her dimpled butt cheeks and then asked her to raise her bottom up in the air. Holly giggled and pushed her sweet little ass up until her rosette was winking at me. I zoomed in a little closer and snapped a shot. I next asked her to roll over on her back and spread her legs.

Holly realized what I was going for and it wasn't art. She smiled shyly and spread her legs until her little hairless pussy was open to the world; tilting her blond head down while her eyes looked at me. Again I came in a little closer and shot a perfect picture of her little girl sex. When I saw it later I marveled at how perfect her young pussy looked. At first glace, the lips appeared to be hairless, but when the picture was full size you could see it was covered by a carpet of fine tiny blond hairs. The sunlight was captured in each bead of water of those hairs. Her tiny clitoral hood stood out slightly from between the slightly wrinkled lips while under them; her rose colored hole glistened with moisture.

I arranged Holly in several erotic poses, including one that would become my all time favorite. Holly on her knees, her thin legs parted and looking back over her shoulder at me. Her beautiful little ass and slightly parted slit became a regular part of my nightly sessions in the months to come. After twenty minutes of fun, I could take it no longer and put the phone away. I lay on my stomach between her legs and began kissing that sweet little puss. Holly made a moaning sound as I went from kissing to licking the outer lips.

I took two fingers and spread them while painting the inside walls of her cunt with my tongue. Slowly I made my tongue stiff and tried to push it past her hymen with limited success while slipping my finger between her ass cheeks and massaging her tight little rectum. The added stimulation was enough for Holly as she shook with spasms. It was the fastest I had seen her get off. After she had calmed down she sat up and kissed me on my lips before she rolled over and lay in the sun.

Deciding that a dip was in order I too stripped down...but I did it quietly. Holly's head was turned the other way and once I was nude, I picked a spot about four feet from shore and launched another cannonball at her. When I came up and looked, Holly was turning her drenched body around to see what had happened. When she saw me her look turned much darker and like a cat she was up in a crouch and launched herself at me feet first. One of her heels connected with my thigh and I felt a sharp and horrible pain shoot up my right leg. Before I had a chance to shout or recover Holly had me around the neck and was trying to dunk me.

The pain was unbelievable and I knew I couldn't draw a breath to go under so I swatted her hands away and climbed up onto the same boulder Holly had just come off of. Holly looked puzzled then saw the look on my face and knew something was wrong. Her heel had hit the muscle in just the right way to almost cripple me. The pain was unbelievable. As I sat there holding the area...I did my best not to scream. It did not just ache...it burned, and I knew this was more that a sprang. For a moment or two I thought I was going to throw up. The pain actually was making me ill. Holly was now up out of the pool and had her arms around my shoulders. I didn't even take note of the fact that I was completely naked with her.

Holly was saying how sorry she was and then she started crying. I told her to just give me a minute...everything would be fine...but I'm not sure that I believed it. Over and over Holly kept saying she was so sorry and I did my best through clenched teeth to explain to her that this was just an accident. I knew she had not meant to hurt me. Finally the pain began to ratchet down a notch. Now it was a throbbing ache and although I had never felt anything like it, I knew I would live. I eventually was able to remove one of my hands from my thigh and I put it around Holly's shoulder trying to comfort her.

Holly still cried and hugged me around my neck. I could feel her body shaking as she sobbed into the crook of my neck. I ran my hand up and down her back and made soothing noises into her ear. Finally, she pulled back and I kissed her on her little nose. I felt so bad that she felt she had hurt me. But it was my own damn fault. I should have known better than to try any horseplay way out here. That was how people got hurt. Some even died. It reminded me of a joke I had heard not long ago.

Q: 'What's the last thing a redneck says before he goes to the hospital?

A: Hey Fellas...watch this!!'

A few minutes later I thought the pain had lessened enough that I might be able to walk out of there. The cabin was still a good mile or so away but maybe a good walk would loosen it up. When I took my hand away I was greeted by a huge purplish-black bruise. Holly saw it too and started to sob again. I held her with my free hand and told her that it looked far worse than it actually was.

Holly pulled back and angrily said, "SAM!! STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL GOOD!!! I've really hurt you. Do you think you can walk?"

"Holly...it's going to be fine...I promise. In a few minutes I'll be right as rain. And this was NOT your fault. It was an accident. I should have known better than to fool around like that. Let's just sit for a few minutes and I'll try and make it to the cabin. I know Pete keeps a first aid kit there. Why don't you swim for a while and let me catch my breath?" I was hoping Holly would calm down but she was still acting a little crazy.

"I'm not going to go swim!! I'll wait right here and then we'll go to the cabin together."

I smiled at my little nudist and hugged her to me. Most kids would be trying to think of a way to keep from getting in trouble for hurting an adult. Not Holly. So we sat and after half an hour or so I made an attempt at standing. The pain flared and I was pretty shaky. But Holly held onto me and I used her shoulder to steady myself. Holly picked up my boxers and helped me get into them. I could not bend the leg so she slipped them over my left foot and then the right and pulled them up. Then she did the same with the shorts.

Holding onto Holly's shoulder and using it as a make-shift crutch, we gingerly picked our way across the landscape of large boulders and rocks until we were back into the oaks. The pain was a constant throb and I questioned the logic of trying to walk back to the cabin. I was momentarily confused on which way we should go, Pete and I usually took the electric golf cart that he kept under the awning on the back of the house to come down here. Then I saw the faint tire ruts in the dirt and knew which was to go.

Wait...golf cart?

As we walked slowly along the path, my mind tried to find holes in the idea of sending Holly up to the cabin for the cart. It was pretty easy to drive. Would Holly be able to find her way back?

Of course she could.

Could I risk her wrecking it and getting hurt?

She'll be fine.

What if she got lost?

How could she?

There was only one road back to this spot. And now the leg was screaming; I knew I couldn't stand much longer.

"Holly, let's stop for a minute. I want to talk to you." I said as we pulled up short.

Holly looked at me through concerned eyes. I sat down on a fallen tree and she stood in front of me...my sweet naked little girl.

"Holly I can't walk to the cabin. I need you to run there and get the golf cart behind the cabin. It's very easy to drive...like a go cart. All you do is turn the key to the right until it stops. Then push on the little skinny pedal on the right. If you need to stop then push the fat peddle on the left. It's very easy to steer too." Holly looked like she was paying close attention...not a bit of self doubt on her face...only determination.

"I want you to drive it around in front of the cabin for a little while and get a feel for it. Then come as quick as you can and get me. But please...don't race it back here. Try and be careful. I'll start worrying about you as soon as you're out of my sight...so please come back as soon as you can. If you run into any problem...park the cart and walk back. We'll decide what to do then." I finished and Holly nodded her head.

"Okay Sam. I'll try to hurry. You sure this road leads to the cabin?" She asked.

"Just stay on this path. It will take you right to the front door. If you need to get something to drink...go on in and have some water." I said.

Holly said she would be back soon and with that she gave me another hug and a kiss right on the mouth...then off she went. The only good thing was the view of her little backside as she took off holding her clothes in one hand. I watched her until she was around the bend then sat back against the tree to wait.

Crap! What a clusterfuck!!

Chapter Twelve

I tried not to worry...I really did. But all sorts of awful visions kept popping into my head. The neighbor to the east had taken a large female mountain lion last year. The animal had been picking off his sheep one by one. There were also rattlesnakes. I had seen a few of them up here. After a while I had all kinds of terrible scenarios playing in my head. I waited for what seemed like hours but in reality only forty minutes had passed when I heard the bumping and squeaking of the cart. Within a few seconds Holly came around the bend and pulled up to me. She had a triumphant smile on her face and I reached out when she ran into my arms. I hugged her warm, naked (and a little smelly) body close and kissed her head.

"I did just what you said Sam. It was easy. But I had to tape a block of wood on the skinny petal because it would not go down enough...I'm too short to reach it. And I didn't touch the brake once...the cart stops when you take your foot off the pedal." She was beaming again and I was glad. "Oh...and thanks for telling me about the plug. Luckily I saw it before I took off or I would have taken the back porch with me!"

Well shit...I can't think of everything.

I got up with her help and sat in the passenger seat while she went around to the drivers side and sure enough, stepped on a block of wood that lay duct tapped around the pedal and the cart took off. She turned it around slowly and then headed back the way she had come. The ride was a little rough but as the scenery went by I knew I would have never made it on foot. Holly sat beside me...still as naked as the day she was born and hugged the steering wheel in her two arms. Not the best form but it seemed to work for her.

Within twenty minutes we were pulling up to the cabin. Holly parked in front and came around to help me. Again I rested some of my weight on her skinny little shoulder as she walked me up to the two steps of the cabin. I asked her if she had been inside but she said no, that she wanted to get back to me as soon as possible. So together we went in through the front door.

Pete's cabin is not very big. About 1600 square feet. There is a nice size living room and kitchen. Then there is a loft up the stairs where he has a king-size bed and the master bath. I hobbled over to the sofa and sat down in blessed relief. I told Holly where the first aid kit was and she brought it to me. I took the ice pack out and saw that it had to be frozen first. So I asked her to get in the refrigerator and bring me some ice and a dish towel. I handed her the ice pack and asked her to put it in the freezer.

When Holly returned I took some ice and wrapped it in the towel. This I laid across the bruise gingerly. It was a very nasty shade of purple. Holly watched and asked questions. I told her that the ice would help reduce the swelling and help dull the pain which was still pretty sever. I thought for a moment and then asked Holly to go upstairs to the master bath medicine chest and bring me everything in a bottle that looked like pills.

When Holly returned I looked through the prescriptions first and saw one with Pete's wife's name on it.

Oxycoton. 20mg.

Sweet Jesus...she brought me the mother of all painkillers. June must have really been suffering for them to prescribe these. It was out of date but that didn't stop me from taking one of the pink 20mg pills. I knew about this stuff because of a skiing accident my ex-wife had had two years ago. She had shattered her foot and was on the stuff for almost a year. It was actually the best year of our marriage.

I thanked Holly and told her that I had taken a very powerful painkiller and would probably sleep for a while. I told her that she could do whatever she liked and we would see how I felt in the morning. It was getting to be about two or three so I stretched out on the sofa and put a pillow under my head. Holly said she was going to use the bathroom and take a shower. Then maybe she would watch TV and make us something to eat. Sounded like a plan to me. I stretched out a little more to test the pain level of the leg and found it to be tolerable. I was still wide awake when I heard the shower turn on upstairs.

Acting on impulse, I stood up and carefully took the stairs up to the bedroom. I stopped at the bathroom door and slowly turned the knob. When the door opened I could see Holly's naked seven-year-old form through the frosted glass. The leg now seemed like a distant dull ache and for that I was grateful. I carefully began to strip and about half way through...Holly turned and saw my shape through the glass. She opened the shower door and saw me. She smiled and asked if there was something I needed?

I laughed and said...as a matter of fact I needed a shower too. Holly giggled and said that in that case...maybe I should come in. I finished stripping, actually letting gravity take the pants and boxes to the floor. All the time Holly watched and grinned. My cock began to firm up and Holly giggled, then stepped aside and let me in. She was completely soaked and it smelled like soap and shampoo in there. I stepped under the water and let it take the first layer of dirt and grime. Then I picked up the soap under Holly's watchful eyes and began lathering my body but after a moment, Holly stepped in and took the soap from me. "I'll do that". She said.

Just being so close to her was intoxicating. Is there anything sexier than a wet, naked little girl? When she started lathering my chest, the feel of her hands on my skin made my penis very hard. She glanced down and saw it and began working her hands down until she had grasp it making me gasp. Holly seemed to be enjoying the control she had over me as she slowly worked her soapy hands up and down my cock. Not knowing what else to do, I leaned back under the spray and let her jack me off. The feeling was so wonderful...almost painful and I knew I would not last long if she kept it up.

I opened my eyes and saw her leaning in to look at it closely while her hands worked the skin up and down. "It's hard...but soft at the same time." She said with almost wonder in her voice. Her hands felt so wonderful as they jacked me off but being in a nice warm shower with a her, I knew what I wanted to do next. I asked her to move aside and when she did I turned and sat on the shower seat facing her. Pulling my soapy little girl in close I gently turned her around until she was facing away from me and her fantastic little ass was level with my cock.

I pulled her in close and felt the velvety skin of her ass cheeks push against my rod. Holly giggled and bent over at the waist while I gently slid my engorged cock between her twin globes. The feeling of her little ass against my dick was exquisite. I slowly began thrusting it up and down the valley of her buttery little ass cheeks while holding her gently by her hips. Holly soon took over by doing little knee squats, sliding it up and down my penis. Suddenly, it erupted without warning, spraying white creamy goo all over her ass and lower back. I honestly had not meant to do that...but Holly gave a tiny squawk and stood back as the last of it dribbled out the tip and down the drain. I felt week kneed and felt my head swim. Holly gave it a final squeeze, then traded places with me and let the water rinse off her cum covered body. After rinsing off, she stepped in to hug me tight. I put my arms around her and thanked her for the best shower I had ever had.

Holly laughed and told me that maybe I should get out and let her finish her shower. I agreed and exited feeling very lightheaded. The Oxycoton must be kicking in I thought. After spending some time carefully drying off, I felt like a limp rag so I staggered over to the bed and fell onto it. I lay there for maybe thirty seconds before the lights began to dim. I thought I heard Holly exit the bathroom and pat my ass but I might have dreamed that. I let the drug take me away and my last thoughts were of my naked little girl...all wet from the shower...laying down on my back and ass, letting her naked form contour itself to mine. But again...I probably dreamed it.

Chapter Thirteen

I came to and the clock beside the bed said ten. It was dark outside and I needed to take a piss. I could hear the TV playing softly downstairs and I wanted to check on Holly and see how she was doing but the need to pee was greater. I hobbled into the bathroom and relieved my bladder, then I walked out to the rail that overlooked the living room and saw Holly laying on the sofa. From where I was it looked like she was asleep but when she saw the movement above her she jumped up and came up the stairs. I was still very groggy so I walked to the bed and sat.

Holly came in and asked how I was feeling. I told her the leg still ached but that it was tolerable. She walked over and turned on the bedside light and when she looked down at my leg she literally gasped out loud. I looked down and nearly did the same. It was an evil looking bruise. It was dark purple...almost black in the center...giving way to an angry red and ending in a sickly yellow. There was also a knot on it the size of a golf ball. I knew that it was bad and I should probably get to a hospital. But the logistics of doing that seemed insurmountable. Maybe if I had driven the truck...but not the bike.

I thought about it while Holly got on her knees and had a closer look.

"I've never seen a bruise that ugly before. Maybe we could call a doctor?" She asked.

Holly's question jogged my memory. There was a doctor...retired that lived about a mile down the road. He had accompanied Pete and I on a couple of fishing trips. Really nice guy. I asked Holly if she would mind getting my phone out of my shorts that where still in the bathroom. She said she had picked them up and put them in the laundry room down stairs and jumped up to get it. When she returned I called Pete at home and told him what had happed. I asked him if he thought his doctor friend would mind coming by.

Pete said hell yes and after looking up the guy's number told me that if I needed him, he could be there in an hour and a half. He also asked how Holly was. I related to him the story of how Holly had run back to the cabin and driven the cart back to get me. He was pretty impressed and told me to keep him informed. He also said that he had the number of a lawyer to the north of us if I wanted to sue.

Yuk, yuk.

I hung up and called the number of Dr. Stewart...Richard to his friends. He answered on the second ring and I told him who I was (He remembered) and what had happened. Without missing a beat he said he would be there in ten minutes. I tried to give him the gate combination but he said he had it. I thanked him and hung up only to realize that Holly was still standing in front of me completely naked!!!

I told her to look in the closet for a large t-shirt or something. Her eyes got big when she realized the same thing and ran for the closet. I heard her rummage around and she came out with a very large football jersey. I helped her get into it and saw that it worked perfectly. I then told her that we had to get me into something too. She ran upstairs and found some pajama bottoms which I put on. I then let her help me down the stairs and we both sat on the couch. In a few minutes I saw the glare of headlights coming up the road. Holly ran out onto the front porch and I heard muffled voices as Holly led him in.

Richard was carrying an old fashioned Dr's bag in his right hand. He came over and shook my hand and asked what the problem was. It was at that moment I realized that in order to show him I would have to pull the pajama bottoms down.

"Um..Holly, could you please turn around?" I asked.

Holly squeaked and did an about-face. I gingerly lowered the pajama's to my knees and sat down with my leg outstretched. I also took a small pillow from the couch, covered up and told Holly it was safe. Richard let out an impressive low whistle as he bent to examine it.

"Wow...that must hurt like hell Sam." He said.

"Never felt anything that painful before Doc. At one point I thought I was going to throw up it hurt so bad." I replied.

"I'll bet. Well, what we have here is a hematoma. And as hematomas go this is a beauty. You did the right thing putting ice on it...you should have kept it there. Did you take anything for the pain?" He asked.

"Yeah...I found some Oxycoton of Junes in the medicine chest. It was out of date but I took one of the 20mg tablets and it knocked me out about three this afternoon. It did not look this bad when I laid down...but when I woke up and saw how awful it was, I called Pete and he gave me your number.

Richard was nodding his head as I spoke. He looked over at Holly who was standing anxiously near by and smiled. "So you gave him this huh? Did he make a pass at you or something?" He laughed and Holly...God bless her...turned red and giggled.

Richard bent to examine the bruise closely, then sat up and said, "Well Sam...you're probably going to live. I would advise you to get to a hospital but seeing how I have everything right here, I think I'll practice a little surgery on you. However, I need two things. First, your assurance that even if you eventually loose the leg...you won't sue me. Second, I need a brave little girl to be my nurse." He looked at Holly and grinned. Holly looked like he was asking her to amputate.

"Are you squeamish short stuff?" He asked.

Holly seemed to relax and said, "Not really. Blood doesn't make me faint if that's what you mean. And I helped our neighbor deliver some kittens last year... I was only six then. I thought it was cool."

"Good...the job is yours. Lets go wash up...shall we?" The doc picked up his bag and asked Holly to show him the kitchen. I'm sure he knew where it was but he was trying to make Holly feel useful. You gotta love a guy like that. When he returned he and Holly were wearing latex surgical gloves. He sat his bag down and asked me where those pills were. I asked Holly to go get them and when she left Richard said, "That little girl yours?"

"Nope. I got lassoed into babysitting her and since she had never been camping I thought I would give her the experience. I'm afraid I gave her more than she bargained for though. But she ran all the way to the cabin and drove the cart down to the creek and got me back here. She handled herself like a girl twice her age. She's really a remarkable girl Richard." Then I added in a much lower voice, "With an equally remarkable mother..."

Richard chuckled and said, "Ah...to be young once more."

Holly returned with the pills and Richard told me to take one and lie back. I did as I was told and he took out a brown bottle and a funny looking mask from his bag. "Normally I would give a local...but I don't have any so we are going to do a general. I'm going to put you out so I can drain this thing. Trust me...you don't want to be awake for that. You shouldn't be out for more than thirty minutes. However, there is always the danger of throwing up into the mask and drowning so Holly, your job is to make sure he doesn't. I just want you to kneel by his head and if he starts to gag, rip that mask off and I'll help you turn him over. Are we clear?"

"Yes sir...um...I mean Doctor." Richard smiled at her and then handed me the mask which he told me to put on; which I did. Once I had it on, I turned to Holly.

"LUKE...I AM YOUR FATHER". I said through the mask. Holly had obviously never seen Star Wars due to the look she gave me, but it made Richard chuckle.

Next, he told me to lay still as he poured a tiny amount of the brown bottle into the front of the mask and told me to breath deep and count backward from 100. A powerful ether smell filled the mask and the last thing I remember seeing was Holly's worried face leaning over me.

Chapter Fourteen

Swimming. I was swimming in a golden liquid of warmth and well-being. I wanted to stay there...floating in weightlessness but someone was shaking me...telling me to wake up. I did my best to ignore the unwanted interruption of this fantastic dream but they would not go away.

"SAM!!!" My heavy eyes slowly opened but all I saw were blurry shapes and objects. I wanted to go back to my peaceful existence in that other world. This world was filled with disjointed voices and lights that were too bright. One of the lights flashed needles right into my brain and I gasped. Then things started to come together...shapes materialized into objects and people. Richard was standing over me with a tiny flashlight in his hand. He flicked it off and placed one hand under his chin.

Holly was laying across my chest inches from my nose. "Can you hear me now?" Holly asked me.

My tongue felt like a big fat worm in my mouth as I tried to form a word. I think I was drooling too because Holly reached out with a towel and dabbed my mouth for me.

Finally I managed to say, "Yes." Holly looked relieved and Richard smiled.

"Okay buddy. Here's where we are. I got the thing drained and bandaged. You should be okay for the next eight hours or so. The pain can be managed with the pills you found and I feel very good leaving you in Holly's hands. Which by the way were indispensable to me. She never gagged or puked once...which is more I can say for some of the nurses I've worked with.

"So you have my number. Holly, you call me if you need to. Right now I recommend he stay on the couch for the next twenty-four hours. Then he can start getting up for short intervals. DO NOT LET HIM OVERDO IT!! Men can be a big pain in the hinny. Don't let him go all macho on you. You call me if you need help." Richard asked her if she understood to which Holly said yes.

"In that case, I think I will try to go get some sleep." He started to leave, then turned to Holly and said. "You did real good kiddo. When you turn sixteen and want to pursue a career in nursing...call me." He winked at her making her smile again.

I wanted to say thanks but again my mouth was not working. So instead I raised a hand to him.

"Don't get up...I'll show myself out...goodnight." He said as he headed for the front door. Holly got up and followed him to the door and as he started to leave she reached around his waste and hugged him which he returned as best he could as he had his bag in the other hand. But he patted her back a couple of time and thanked her for being so brave, then stepped out into the night.

When she returned, Holly asked me if I would like something to eat. The thought of food was not that appealing to me but I asked her to get me some ice water. My mouth was super dry. I could not remember being this thirsty. Holly got up and returned with a large glass of water. I drank it completely down and I felt my body rehydrate. I sat the glass down and started to sit up. I needed a bathroom trip. As I started to stand, the pajama bottoms wrapped around my feet nearly sent me head first to the floor. I stepped out of them and left them puddle on the floor.

Holly grinned and helped me to the half bath that sat off the kitchen, gave me a playful slap on my ass and left me to do my business. I still felt a little weird about letting her see me naked but I was beyond caring right then. As I sat down on the toilet, I felt a dull throb in my thigh. I looked down and sure enough, Richard had put a huge bandage around the area. Looked like some gauze in there too. I gingerly felt around but could not feel any lump. After ten minutes I got up, washed my hands and went back into the living room. Although I had had a shower today, I felt like I needed another. When I told Holly, she said that Richard had told her that I couldn't get the bandage wet.

Holly said she would run me a bath and ran upstairs. I could hear the water being turned on and sat on the sofa and tried to stay awake. Holly returned and helped me up again. Reaching the bathroom Holly sat me on the toilet, then grinned shyly as she lifted the football jersey off her naked little body. I looked in the tub and saw she had added bubbles. It had been a long time since I had been in a bath with bubbles...twenty years?

Holding my hand in hers, I carefully sat down in the tub keeping one leg outside until it hung over the edge. Once she was sure I was seated, Holly stood by the tub and did something with her hair...put a bobby pin in it or something, then climbed in and sat at the opposite end. This was a huge tub...the kind that had water jets. Even with the two of us there was still plenty of room.

The heat lamp threw a wonderful warm glow to the room. That...coupled with the steam filling the cool air made Holly look surreal. Of course, I was still loopy from the meds and feeling very little pain, but watching her was intoxicating. Holly sat at the opposite end...half buried in a blanket of white foam; picking up handfuls of bubbles and letting them slip through her fingers. One strand of hair had escaped the bobby pin and lay on her rosy cheek. Watching her was like some kind of erotic dream. Her puffy pink nipples played peek-a-boo with the suds and she lift one leg high and pointed her tiny toes to watch the bubbles fall.

I sat at the other end in some kind of a trance watching Holly be herself. Did I mention how beautiful she looked? The water felt like a warm glove enveloping my entire body and I felt so peaceful. After a few minutes Holly sat up and slid her bottom over until she sat between my spread legs. Coming up on her knees she picked up the bar of soap and lathered her hands. When she leaned forward, her fingers came to rest on my chest and she lathered my shoulders with her soft soapy hands. I wish I could describe the feeling of her tiny fingers as they gently lathered my neck...then sliding down to my arms to my palms. Every nerve in my body seemed to be humming like a live wire. Her little hands then slid back up my arms and down to my chest, and then my rib cage leaving a slick soapy trail behind them. I wanted to touch her but my arms felt like they had been dipped in molten lead and they hung at my sides; thus I was forced instead to watch the suds run down her pink, glossy skin and into the water and unable to touch her.

When she had finished my front, she stood up and the suds slowly slid down her chest, down her flat little belly and finally dripping off of her tiny pussy into the water. She told me to slide forward a bit so she could get behind me. Once I had moved, Holly's naked body slid behind me and she pulled me back to rest against her seven-year-old chest. Putting both arms around my upper body, Holly lean in and kissed my neck sending all kind of jolts down my body. I had never felt anything like it before.

Bringing her mouth up to my ear she whispered, "I'm sorry I hurt you Sam. I was so happy you brought me here. I hope I haven't ruined our fun." And with that she slid her hands down from my torso to my pubic area and gently grabbed my cock in her tiny hands. I had not realized I even had an erection until I felt Holly's hands wrap themselves around it. On it's own volition, my cock jumped in her hand making her giggle as she squeezed it repeatedly in her soft hand. The orgasm came on quickly and took me by surprise sending ropes of gooey cum into the water. I stifled a groan as shot after shot was milked from my cock by my second grader.

When the last glob left my penis, I slid down until only my head was above the water line. The afterglow was nearly as wonderful as my orgasm. Holly had to release it as I slipped lower and she put her thin arms under mine to keep me from going under.

"That was fast", Holly giggled and kissed the top of my head. I was spent as I lay between her soft legs. I might have even dosed for a few moments. Then Holly was pushing on my back telling me that it was time to get out.

I leaned forward and Holly stood up and exited the tub behind me. I slid back until I found the edge of the tub and managed to push myself up and over the side. I sat on the edge of the tub with bubbles trickling down my wet body as I watched Holly quickly dry off. Then, taking another towel, Holly began to gently dry me. I loved having her take care of me almost as much as I enjoyed looking at her naked little body.

I felt my head spin as I stood up and Holly grabbed my arm to steady me. I knew I had to sleep for a while and had Holly help me to the bed. Once I was on my back, Holly leaned in and kissed me on the lips and said she was going to make herself something to eat, then go to bed too. I think I remember telling her good-night and that I loved her...but I couldn't be sure. So I let myself slip back into the golden liquid of well-being...that place I had been awaked from earlier.

Chapter Fifteen

Bright sunlight filtered in through the high windows of Pete's bedroom and I knew I had slept a long time. My first clue was the bladder. As soon as I moved the pain in the leg let me know it was awake also. The dull ache was bad but not so much that I could not get around as I proved by standing up and walking to the restroom. Limping would be a better word. As the gravity shifted the blood to my legs though, the pain increased. There were the familiar pins and needles in my feet but the throb in my leg had unquestionably increased making me stifle a moan. When I finished my business I limped back out to the bedroom and found the pain pills on the nightstand.

I was leery of doping up again until I made sure that Holly was okay so I continued my grate to the steps and gingerly took them to the mail floor. Still no Holly. I called out and got no reply so I walked to the front door and called her. Again, only birds singing in the trees that surrounded the house answered me. Then I noticed that the golf cart was not in front of the house where we had left it. I felt a pang of worry that lasted about ten seconds. Holly had proven herself to be very resourceful and I knew that where ever she was...she was probably okay.

I went back and stepped into kitchen to find a full pot of coffee on the counter with a note taped to it.

"I thought I would go up and make sure our campsite was okay. I tried to wake you but you were still out of it when I left at 8. I will try and pack everything up and be back as soon as I can.



I looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was almost nine-thirty. Okay...it would probably take her at least a couple of hours to break down the tent and pack everything. I wouldn't start to really worry for another hour. And, I reminded myself, do not come across as being angry with her. She was being responsible and I should be grateful she had a good head on her shoulders.

I poured a cup of coffee and took it out on the front porch before it occurred to me that I was still very naked. It's surprising how quickly you can get use to it. I got back up and found my discarded PJ bottoms folded and laying on the couch. After a bit of trying my hand at being a contortionist, I gave up and simply put the cloth in my lap as I sat back down outside. I had no sooner taken a sip of coffee when I heard the bumping and squeaking of the golf cart as it came around the bend and headed for the house.

Of course naked Holly was behind the wheel hugging it to her chest like she had when we had come up from the creek. She saw me on the porch as she got closer and raised her hand to wave but barked out a yelp as one of the tires hit a small pot hole and she quickly put the other hand on the wheel. I could hear her giggling at the small scare from where I was and she was still smiling when she pulled up in front of me.

"Sorry Sam. I hope you didn't worry but I decided not to wait...I thought it was important to go back there and make sure everything was okay." She said as she lifted her naked little but out of the cart. She came up and sat down beside me and asked if she had worried me. Even now...after two dull days of watching her nude...I still could not get enough of her cute little body.

Tearing my eyes away I said, "Nah...you've proven yourself to be pretty level headed Holly. I can see now why your mother feels comfortable leaving you at home by yourself. Did you have any trouble breaking camp?" I looked into the back of the cart and saw all of the belongings piled into the back.

"Well...something had gotten into our food and left it strung out all over the ground. I spent an hour just picking up wrappers and pieces of paper. Other than that...it was pretty easy. I couldn't get the tent down because it was to tall so I left it closed up and put everything else in the back. The bike is still sitting where it was...I didn't know what else I could do to it. " She said all of this as if she went through something similar everyday which made me smile.

"Is there any more coffee?" She asked.

"Sure...didn't know you drank coffee." I said.

"I make mom's in the morning and I started taking a sip about a year ago...I think. Mom says it'll stunt my growth...what ever that means. Have you heard from her since yesterday". Strange...but I hadn't. I asked Holly to get my cell from the living room and while she was gone...I thought about what I would say. I didn't want her to worry and I certainly did not want to get Holly in trouble for injuring me. When she returned with the phone I asked her what she thought.

"I'm not that afraid of getting in trouble. She treats me like an adult so I don't get grounded or anything. Do you want me to talk to her?" Holly had a way of making me feel like I was a big chicken or something.

"I think I can handle it. Would you mind dialing her number?"

Holly punched in the phone number for her mom and when it started ringing she handed me the phone. Heather answered on the first ring.

"Hi Heather...it's Sam."

"Hi Sam. Do I need to ask how Holly is?" Like I said...mothers are a little psychic.

"Holly's fine. I on the other hand am not. Now before you start, it was my fault. I was horsing around and Holly jumped on top of me in the water and her heel hit my thigh pretty hard. It's left an ugly bruise that a neighbor...who's a retired doctor thought best to treat last night. He actually performed minor surgery that Holly assisted on. Again, I'm fine...but I am going to be laid up for at least two days. We have moved from the campsite to the cabin. Holly is taking pretty good care of me too. I could actually get use to this." I stopped and Holly giggled beside me.

"Seems like I can't leave you two alone for a minute without someone getting in trouble." Heather joked. "Okay, are you sure you're all right? You know I could come up and take Holly if you thought it best."

"Nope, I need her now...really. Doctor says I have to stay off the leg for at least today. Then tomorrow I can start moving around. I have months of vacation coming but I wasn't sure how you would feel about being separated from your daughter for another two or three days. However, before you answer, let me tell you the whole story."

I related to Heather about Holly running back to the cabin and getting the golf cart and about her helping the doctor. Then I told her about Holly leaving this morning to break up the camp while I slept. I might have painted Holly in a more brighter light than what really happen, but I wanted Holly to know how much I appreciated what she had done. Holly was watching me talk and I turned to look at her in the eyes as I related all that had happened. She smiled at the parts that made her sound good.

"My goodness. I don't know what to say. The mother part wants to be upset that her seven year old is driving around up there by herself. But this is why I raised her like I did. So I have no one to blame but myself. Is she still...enjoying nature?" I could hear the smile in her voice.

"Let me check. Yup...still naked." And I heard Heather's cute little snort.

"I doubt I'm going to make that Mother of the Year award I was hoping for. But it sounds like despite everything she is still having a good time. May I speak with her please?" I handed the phone to Holly and sat while they chatted. For a pedophile, you just could not ask for a better situation. Here I was, out in the middle of nowhere; sitting with a beautiful naked seven year old while she talked to her mom; who knew her daughter was naked with me. It almost made my head spin.

Holly and her mom talked for about ten minutes as I sat and sipped my coffee. It was another gorgeous day and the weather was perfect. I wondered how we would fill our time now that I was laid up. Holly was giggling beside me when I heard her say good-bye to Heather. She handed me the phone and grinned.

"Thanks for saying all those nice things about me Sam. Mom thinks I'm the best kid in the world. I noticed you...um...embellished here and there though." She smiled.

I smiled back. "How in the hell does a seven year old even know what embellished means? You are one creepy kid." Holly thought I was hilarious.

"And what's left for us to do? I mean, in the last two days you've ridden a motorcycle, flipped off my ex, tamed some deer, been a fashion model, learned to drive, kicked my ass and practiced medicine. What are we going to do today...cure cancer? Learn to fly? " I asked.

Holly was giggling her head off. But she stopped and said, "You forgot that I had a few orgasms too." And resumed laughing her ass off.

"Oh yeah...well...gonna be hard to top that." I said.

Holly sat looking at me. "There's one other thing I did, but you don't know about it yet." She said this and then looked sheepishly at me.

"Uh...what's that?" I asked. Holly looked like she had broken a window and was working up the courage to tell me.

"Well, while you were asleep last night, I was looking for something to watch on TV and when I started flipping channels. I...um...found something." Now she was looking very uncomfortable.

"What?" I could not imagine what she was talking about.

"I found a sex channel on the TV." She said and I felt little Sam twitch.

Holly told me about how the TV had every channel in the world and a couple of them were adult. I doubt that Pete spent a lot of time up here watching porn. I guess he just told the satellite people he wanted everything and that's what they gave him. I sat there thinking...had I not corrupted this child enough? Now she's been exposed to hardcore porn?

"And what did you think of it?" I asked her.

"At first, I felt really weird. I felt like the police were going to break in the door and take me to jail. But I watched a little more...then a little more. I got quite an education last night that's for sure. I mean...I had no idea that people actually did stuff like that. Some of it was disgusting. But some of it wasn't so bad." She stopped and looked at me to see if I was angry or horrified maybe? I was actually very turned on.

"Tell me about it Holly. Tell me what you found disgusting and then tell me what you found nice." I was glad I had my PJ bottoms on my lap...I didn't want her to see little Sam was listening too.

"Okay, why in the world would a guy want to shoot all his stuff on a woman's face? I can't believe a girl would want a guy to do that. I know you shot some on my back and...you know...but these guys just sprayed it all over the girl's face and she was like, 'Oh yeah...shoot some more on me big daddy', and I thought I was going to vomit. She acted like it was ice cream or something. She was licking it all up...YUK!!" Holly actually did look like she might throw up but her descriptions were so colorful it was making me laugh.

Holly laughed too and then continued, "In another movie, two guys put their weenies into both holes on this girl. But these dudes had huge dicks! One guy had it in her cunny and the other guy had it in her butt hole. And she was like moaning and going on like she just loved to have two gigantic cucumbers stuck up her. And she was like, 'Oh yeah...fuck me harder boys." Holly stopped and put her hands over her mouth as she realized she had said the "f" word but when I laughed she giggled too.

"Anyway...I can promise you I will never do stuff like that. I was going to turn it off and never do sex stuff again, but then they showed a guy and girl in a meadow and they were kissing and then he started licking her boobs and then he licked her...cunny...and then her butt. But they acted like they really liked each other. Then he started...you know...putting it in her cunny and his penis was not some huge thing...it was normal looking. And pretty soon I started feeling...you know...excited. So I rubbed myself and it felt good. They kept on doing it and I kept on rubbing and pretty soon I had an orgasm. It felt nice. Not like the exploding fireworks that I get from you...but still nice" Holly stopped and looked at me to see what I thought of her confession. I couldn't help but be disappointed I had slept through that.

However much I would have loved to have witnessed her bringing herself off, I knew she needed to hear that what she did was normal. So I said, "All guys do that Holly. I've watched dirty movies and masturbated before. I think all guys have. There's nothing wrong with it...it's normal. Was there anything else you saw that you liked?"

Okay, I was egging her on because it was extremely erotic for me to hear this naked second grader tell me what turned her on.

"Mmmm...well...there was one more thing that the girl did. She took his wiener in her mouth and sucked on it. He had a nice looking one. She held it and rubbed it like I did yours, and the she kissed it and licked it and then she took the whole thing in her mouth. I don't know why but I liked the way it looked and...I had another orgasm. By then I was so tired I fell asleep." Holly finished and turned to look out at the landscape. I sat there thinking about everything she had said. Would she really want to try it?

I decided to just take it one step at a time. My leg was singing again and I thought I had better go lay down. I stood and asked Holly to help me into the house. I had the PJ bottoms in my hand and I as I walked, and I saw Holly looking sideways at my cock as we limped into the living room. I was not going to force her to do anything she didn't want to do so I decided to let her take the drivers seat again and see what happened.

We made it to the couch and I laid down so I was completely prostrate. Holly tore here eyes away from my cock and asked me if I wanted another pill. I knew those things could addict you fast...but the pain was pretty bad. I told her to bring me a kitchen knife and the pills. When she returned she had also brought a glass of water. I took one of the 20mg and made it a 10mg then washed it down and laid back on the sofa. Holly stood for a moment then sat down beside me and put her hand on my chest. "Is there anything else you need?" She asked.

"No. I imagine I'll sleep for a little while. Then I'll start thinking about what we can eat. I haven't even looked in the refrigerator. But I'm not that hungry right now. What do you plan on doing? I paused and waited to see what she had planned.

"I can watch TV anytime at home. Would you care if I went exploring back up to the waterfall? I promise not to do anything that will put me in danger. I just want to be outside." She said.

I thought about it for a second or two. If it had been any other kid I would have said no way. But Holly was a lot more mature than other kids. So I said, "No, you go ahead. I feel bad that I can't entertain you. I'll trust you to be careful. Take my phone with you and bring me the portable. I have this number programmed into the phone...I think it says Pete Cabin. Call me if you need me. I'll find a way to get there." I reached out and swept back a few strands of her hair. I so loved this little girl.

Holly smiled as she kissed me on the forehead. Then she said, "Sam, come with me. You can ride in the cart and we can take the sleeping bag out and lay in the tent if you have to rest. It's just too beautiful to stay indoors."

She had a point.

Besides, the thought of being with her was very appealing. I told her to help me get the PJs on and see if she could find some slippers and I would go with her. Holly smiled and ran upstairs to see if she could find me some footwear. Now I was excited. I wondered why I hadn't thought of it.

Holly came back with a pair of slip on deck shoes and helped me get back into the pajama bottoms then said she wanted to tinkle and headed for the bathroom. After I was dressed I went into the kitchen and found the old thermos that Pete would take out with us when we fished and filled it up with the remainder of the coffee. I also grabbed a couple of apples and some cheese out of Pete's frig.

As I was headed out of the kitchen I spied a bottle of Advil and on impulse, stuck those in my pocket too. I pulled on a t-shirt that was laying on the dryer and as I walking through the living room I saw the other half of the pill laying on the coffee table and put it in my pocket. Holly led me out to the cart. She made sure I was comfortable then she put her foot on the block of wood she had duct taped to the accelerator and off we went.

It was a beautiful day. It was still early and the sun was not as hot as it would get later. But it felt wonderful on my face as we drove. The top speed on the cart was about 25mph but seeing that we only had a mile and a half to go, and Holly keeping the speed slow, we got there in fifteen minutes. Holly had both arms wrapped around the circumference of the wheel and it looked like an odd way to drive and I told her so. Holly grinned and said that it felt fine to her.

The bike sat where I had parked it and the only sound was the waterfall. It was as peaceful here as when we had left it yesterday.

Holly came around and let me steady myself on her shoulder again, then helped me over to one of the lawn chairs. The effects of the pain pill were seeping in around the edges and I knew I'd probably nod off soon. Holly stood by me in all her naked glory and made sure I was comfortable. I slipped my arm around her hips and massaged her bottom making her smile.

"Maybe later". She grinned as she walked off toward the waterfall. Watching this beautiful, blond seven year old walk away was starting to be my favorite pastime. Seeing one cheek and then the other shift back and forth was, by itself, worth the trip up here.

Holly went to the water's edge and waded in the shallows, stopping every once in a while to pick up something in the water and look at it. You could almost imagine that there was no outside world and that little girls playing naked by a waterfall was a normal part of the day. Her young nude body was wholesomeness and perfection in everyway. When she would bend down her hair would fall over the sides of her face only to have her hand automatically sweep it back behind her tiny ears as she examined her new find. I could have sat and watched her all day.

After twenty minutes or so, I felt the pill kick into high gear and I very carefully stood up and, grabbing the sleeping roll out of the back of the cart, went into the tent. I spread it out and laid down, then removed my pajama bottoms and shirt. The air was clean and crisp and I wanted to be naked too. Before nodding off I thought about telling Holly to wake me in an hour but knew that she would wake me when she was ready.

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This is really great, thanks so much. I love the characters.

If I was to criticize, I'd say that Holly's vocabulary is a little *too* good even for an extremely mature seven-year-old. But that's quibbling, really. Well done.


The last time I remember reading such a well written story, it was one by C.S.Lehman called 'Child Brides of India', then before that, Aaron's Chronicles by 792x57 (which you also referred to earlier). The only thing I noted were a number of minor spelling mistakes, which, due to Spellcheck's inability to utilize context in selecting a correct word, it often chooses the wrong word. I jotted down a list of the 15 examples that I came across. I will be glad to send them to you if you would like. Thank's so much for an enjoyable read!


New, Old Buddy, I like this story!
I would prefer a private email to send my feedback but you have disabled that feature. Okay, I'll go public.

Your story plot is great, although too young for me. Your sentence construction is good. You may be in the top one percent on this site.

Your author's note in the introduction pointed out the universal lack of punctuation skills and poor grammar on story sites, and I agree completely. At the end of that note you apologized for any errors.

Reading that note, I said, 'I like this guy! He has proofread his story and I don't have to wade through the usual shit.'

*sigh* I am now on page 17 (copied and pasted to MS Word), and I find that you haven't done ANY proofreading! You have some skill with language and punctuation, and the plot is good, but really, 'loose'? Don't you mean 'lose'? Go back and read your work!

Once again, the reader has to finish what the writer has started. Forget the 'one percent' thing above. Your rating comes in at fifty percent.


Amazing story! While I usually don't write stories involving girls this young, I loved this one. It was well written, and got me involved. Keep it up! I'm anxious to see what happens next.


Brilliant! Easily one of the best cp stories I've ever read. My only criticism is that the story contains enough errors to make your opening remarks a little silly.


would love the good doctor to come back and examin holly..


Yummy....you reached into my mind and found my deepest fantasies


I really love this story except in my tazte in describing the little girl or the sexual encounters I would give a more thorough description of all her body including her feet the size the shape what would the guy do to her barefeet during one of their encounters making love to all of her body including her small little girl feet


NICE! This was a very entertaining story. While you mentioned laughable stories/spelling mistakes (yours was serious, not laughable), the spellcheck didn't account for these misspellings/grammar mistakes: the first time since collage, physic, hinny, Kio pond, loosing their lease, peddle across the street, and loose the leg (to name a few). Thanks for the story submission.


Great Story. Very sensual. Thanks!


This is a terrific story, or should I say novel. At 46,710 words this is impressive. Loved everything about it. You made me stay awake late at night reading it, could not stop reading even if I had to get up at 6 in the morning. Hope to read more of this beautiful story or any that you write in the near future.

Henry Oldman

I haven't read the story yet, but I had to comment on the introduction!
Excellent!! I couldn't have said it better! I too write for my own enjoyment (when I find the time) and it's a mixture of frustrating and rewarding when posting.
Just scanning the comments on this one tells me it's got to be good.


detailed well thought perspective of the balance between love & lust, only critique I have to add is that the moments of adult clarity and maturity expressed by the 7yo was verbalized in an unrealistic adult manner of speech.


Awesome story...... Do tell more of this story of Sam and Holly it's perfect had me masturbating through the whole thing. Wonderful, truely Wonderful. Thank You


Very, very, very, very nice. Worst part was the short sex scenes. Also, you're a what, 60 year old man? Did you go to school? I'm a lot younger than you, yet I wouldn't have those silly mistakes. lose and loose are not the same thing. nor are college or collage.
Anyway, great story in general, very arousing.


Love the story! Holly character was superb and you broghther to life and she brought my cock to life!


Excellent story. This is one of my favorite stories and so close to reality. Thanks Bro.


lovely story,, got me caught up in it,some great writing with non of the usual crap. hope you continue,, will be checking for more of your stories


This was very entertaining and interesting story with a few spelling errors, but the hardest part of creating a story is the plot and the characters in it, the spelling and grammar can be corrected at a later date. Keep up the writing it is enjoyable and I had pleasure reading it.

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