My Daughter Amy's Experience

[ Mg12, fath/daut, inc, pedo, rom, reluc, beast, g/dog, voyeur, oral, anal ]

by Melkor

Published: 7-Jul-2012

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This is a fictional story involving sexual situations between a minor and adults, minor and animals, and a whole lot of acts that may not even be physically possible. It is a fantasy. Any similarities to any person living or dead are purely coincidental.

Chapter 1

Where to begin? First, for the record, I didn't plan for things to turn out the way they did. I was not and am not some sick twisted pervert just waiting for the opportunity to satiate his desires. I was a doting father, a mournful widower, and a damn fine software engineer. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that things were going to turn out the way they did. That said, they did happen, and I don't think I would change a thing, even if I wanted to.

I could say everything started just last week, but that wouldn't be quite correct. I'd rather not think about it, but I'd have to say things instead started four years ago when my dear wife April died in a traffic accident when she was hit and killed by a drunk driver.

I had met April in college when I was twenty, we were married shortly after we both had graduated, and were overjoyed when Amy arrived two years later. I was crushed by April's death. I think the only thing that kept me sane was the need to take care of our daughter Amy, who was probably even more devastated than I by her mother's loss when she was only eight. They say time heals all wounds. I guess there just hasn't been enough time yet. Still, life goes on and I had a responsibility to take care of Amy.

Shortly after the accident, my company respectfully allowed Amy and I to relocate to a new town where we wouldn't have constant reminders of our loss. Even better was that they allowed me to do most of my programming from home. It was quite convenient to be home when Amy got home from school.

We found a very nice new home, almost bigger than just the two of us could manage on 2 acres, with a large backyard containing a good sized pool and patio and an eight foot privacy fence. We were one of the first homes built in that subdivision, just before the housing bubble burst. Needless to say, 4 years later we are still the only house on our street and are surrounded by vacant lots.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. The privacy IS nice, and not having neighbors to annoy is a real advantage when Amy has her friends over for pool parties. I would never have thought that half a dozen seventh grade girls playing in and around the pool could be quite that loud.

I never really re-joined the dating scene following April's death. Caring for a young, rather exuberant daughter occupied most of my time, and my schedule really didn't leave a lot of openings to meet new women. There were a few from our church who showed interest in me, but although I was polite, I really didn't encourage them. I found myself involuntarily comparing them to April, and the differences were very much a turnoff. To a certain extent, Amy had become that important female in my life.

Even as a young child, Amy had always been precocious. She was insanely curious about everything, and very quick to pick up anything new. I was very pleased when she was accepted into the gifted program at her school, and although she wasn't a straight-A student, the fact she never received anything less than a B made me very proud. She was very good with computers, and although hasn't yet decided what to do 'when she grows up', I was rather hopeful she would follow in my footsteps as a software engineer.

Amy had never been a 'beautiful' child, but rather was very much a 'cute' one. She had light brown hair she preferred kept at shoulder length, most often put up in a ponytail. She had inherited her mother's mischievous green eyes but had picked up my height. She had always been slender, though not quite petite, very athletic and graceful. At twelve she was already five foot four but barely 90 pounds. I swear she was part fish, as much time as she spent in the pool. She had some of the fastest times for her Jr. High swim team.

Despite only having me to raise her, Amy still managed to be very much a girly-girl. She was always interested in the latest styles and current fads. I couldn't wait until the Beiber stage passed and she passed onto the next young girl craze, though I'm sure whatever she fixates on next will drive me crazy as well.

As I mentioned, Amy was already an outstanding student, but whenever I felt she wasn't applying herself to her school work as much as she should, the mention of a shopping trip was all it took for her to refocus on her academics. I sometimes think she would agree to just about anything, even eat liver and onions with Brussels sprouts, with a promise of a trip to the mall.

For some reason, Amy has always loved shopping at the mall, even as a young child, one of her favorite events were her shopping trips with her mother. For the first year or two, it would always break my heart when Amy stopped and stared with tear filled eyes at some of the most mundane items, undoubtedly reminders of happy times with her mother.

I'm sure that is the primary cause of how I've always found it difficult to say no to her whenever we do go on a shopping trip. Her wardrobe always seemed to need updating, and not just because she had taken to outgrowing all of her clothes.

Being such a fashionista, I'm sure a large part of her shopping enjoyments was so she could stay within the forefront of current seventh grade fashion. However, even a doting dad can only spend so much time at various clothing stores while his 12 year old daughter tried on outfit after outfit without boredom setting in. However, her enthusiasm for the whole exercise was more than enough to overcome my reluctance to sit outside a changing room.

Lately, the constant requests for a particular brand of jeans had gradually shifted to constant complaints about her figure and how hard it was to find anything suitable that would fit her. So far adolescence hasn't seemed to have caught up with my poor Amy yet. Apparently she has become a poster child for a late bloomer and even at twelve Amy still had more of a boyish figure with hardly any curves and very little in the breast department.

Her figure, or rather lack thereof, was probably the only thing she seemed to be self-conscious about around her friends. I commiserated with her perceived physical deficiencies and reminded her how petite her mother had been without very much success. Still, I rather appreciated Amy's delayed puberty despite the resultant moaning and groaning regarding her appearance. I really wasn't looking forward to the mood swings, and particularly the inevitable boyfriends, once adolescence finally did strike.

Still, Amy did have a point about finding clothes without having to suffer the embarrassment of shopping in the boys section. Thank goodness for on-line clothing stores to augment what we couldn't find locally. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have ever heard the end of her issues with her fashion deficiencies.

I tended to take her shopping most often, since when Amy went shopping with just her friends, she would bring home outfits I would often have reservations of letting her wear out of the house, considering how tight and low-cut they were. The amount of skin they would show was appalling. Some of her outfits would give even me very inappropriate thoughts and I would have to remind myself she was only twelve and my daughter.

What I found odd though, was even when she did manage to sneak some particular item past me it wouldn't be long before she would wear it where I could see it. I really couldn't tell if she was either flaunting her success at putting one over on me, or testing my limits at what was acceptable or not. Most often it was that she had reached my limit, and her purchases would end up being returned to the store and replaced with something more appropriate. Sometimes, I swear being a proper single dad to a mischievous twelve year old daughter will be the death of me.

The worst thing though, wasn't what she wore out of the house, but rather around the house, particularly the pool. I was such a stickler for what she wore out of the house, I had long ago decided to give her a little more freedom to choose what she wore when she was at home. As she has grown older, I think I've come to regret that decision.

As soon as Amy got home from school, she had taken to going to her room to change out of her school clothes into her swimsuit. (She preferred bikinis at home rather than her swim team style one-piece to my chagrin). She would cover up, if you want to call it that, with a pair of shorts that were at least two sizes too small with the button undone, and a t-shirt that was two sizes too large, just waiting to fall off of her shoulder.

Whenever I remarked on when she planned to get dressed, her reply was always "But Daddy, I AM dressed." I often wondered why she even bothered covering up, because she would strip down to her swim suit as soon as she hit the patio to lay in the sun or dive into the pool.

That wasn't the worst though. I don't know when it happened, but Amy had managed to claim several of my old t-shirts and would use them as night shirts. She claimed they were just more comfortable and roomy, but sometimes I thought they were a bit 'too' roomy. It didn't help that with her height, they would barely cover her ass. The lower curves of her butt cheeks peeked out from under the lower hem of those shirts even under normal circumstances. I really don't recall those shirts being so high when I was wearing them...

When she was wearing those 'night shirts', it seemed every time I turned around I would catch another glance of Amy's increasingly sexy body. Whenever she leaned over towards me, I would see down the neck of her night shirt and catch a quick glimpse of the small peaks of her just-developing breasts. Or she would bend over or reach up high and her shirt would ride up to the small of her back, showing off the two dimpled globes of her buttocks bisected by the thong underwear she had taken to wearing. I had to constantly remind myself she was my 12-year-old daughter for God's sake and to stop ogling her. But that wasn't easy as I was constantly being reminded that my little girl was growing up, with her innocently displaying alluring glimpses of her very young but rapidly developing body all the time now.

Well, I think I've rambled enough. I believe I've sufficiently covered enough of our back story so that the bizarre events of the last several days might make a little more sense. Like I mentioned earlier, it was last week when things really took a turn and dropped us both into the Twilight Zone. Despite the appearance, no, the actuality, of complete perversion, I can't really complain. It turns out I rather enjoy it here, and so does my darling Amy. Let me tell you about it.

Chapter 2

It all started with a beautiful Friday afternoon. I was in the backyard mowing the grass when Amy got home from school. She stuck her head out the patio door and yelled "Hi Daddy, I'm home!" over the noise from the mower, than disappeared upstairs to change into her swim suit.

Shortly, she came back out on the patio wearing those tight jean shorts of hers and the usual loose top, carrying a towel, a Coke, and a book. I noticed her setting up on one of our patio loungers, but was paying more attention to finishing mowing the yard. The next time I looked her way though, I almost ran the mower into a tree in shock. She had shucked off her shirt and shorts, and was sunning herself on the lounger while reading her book in the skimpiest string bikini I had ever seen.

It was white, with small triangles connected by a string covering her budding breasts. The bottoms barely covered her crotch, with the strings tied across her narrow hips with small bows. My brain had kind of frozen and I couldn't think of what to say. That suit was way too sexy for any twelve-year-old, let alone MY little girl. I didn't want to flip out and come across as an over-protective dad (though I probably was), so I continued finishing mowing the grass to give me time to think. When I was done, I shut down the mower by the fence gate next to the garage.

I casually walked over to my daughter, sunning herself on the patio wearing her sunglasses and reading her book wearing that scandalously skimpy white bikini. As my shadow fell over her, she looked up and innocently said "Hi, Daddy!"

I managed to use a stern voice, and asked her "Where did you get that swim suit young lady?"

She raised her sunglasses and disingenuously looked at me, "You got it for me Daddy!"

"I most certainly did not!" I protested.

"Yes you did. You ordered it online last week after we couldn't find any pants that fit me at the store. There were those pants, several shirts, this suit, and a few other things. The package arrived yesterday and I decided to try my new suit on today." she stated sweetly.

I did remember her ordering a bunch of clothes and my paying for them. I was rather preoccupied with a work project at the time, so apparently wasn't paying as much attention as I should have. I definitely didn't recall such a skimpy swim suit in that order. Apparently my sneaky little darling had managed to slip the details of her order past me.

Amy pressed on. "It's not like I'm going to wear it anywhere else but here in the back yard, Daddy, and it really will let me get a much nicer tan. Do you like it Daddy?" She stretched like a cat to allow me a better look at her in her new bikini.

I almost choked at that. I should have made her go into the house immediately and change into something more sensible. But God, she did look good in that sexy bikini. Besides, she did have a point about the tan, and maybe it wouldn't be so scandalous if she only wore it in the backyard. I somehow managed a mumbled something about how yes it did look nice on her as long as she only wore it at home in the back yard, and turned back to empty the grass clippings from the mower.

She lowered her sunglasses and looked back down. I thought I caught a smirk on her lips as I turned away and almost changed my mind about her wearing that outrageous suit. Instead, I found myself talking to myself about why I had let her wear that indecent thing and what a bad idea my rather lax rules regarding what she wore at home had become. Why, in that suit she might as well have been naked!

The sudden mental image of her lying there naked wickedly popped into my head out of nowhere and brought me up short. I had to shake my head in an attempt to drive the picture out, telling myself firmly that Amy was only twelve and also my daughter and I shouldn't think things like that. It didn't help, and I guiltily found myself getting an erection at the perverted thought.

In an attempt to distract myself from such inappropriate thoughts, I gathered up the clippings and opened the gate with my elbow to dump them in the trash bin next to the garage. As I turned back toward the yard, I saw a flash of movement in the brush at the back of the neighbor's lot. I thought it looked like a dog, but wasn't sure. I stopped and looked harder, but didn't see anything.

I mumbled to myself that I must be losing my mind, first letting my daughter wear that scandalous bikini and now seeing things that weren't there. I was still mumbling as I went through the gate, snagging it with my foot to pull it closed behind me.

And that my friends, is where my whole life changed. Apparently I didn't pull hard enough and the gate latch didn't catch.

In the meantime, I put the mower away in the shed, and headed for the house. As I passed Amy on the way into the house, I mentioned something about how I was going to take a shower to clean up and cool off. I did not mention to Amy that I needed to cool off in more ways than one considering how much seeing her in that skimpy bikini had introduced such perverted thoughts into my mind.

As I stripped down and stepped into the shower, I still couldn't get the image of my little Amy out of my mind. Not the image of her in that scandalous suit, but rather that thought of her being naked. That suit left so little to the imagination it was easy to fill in the rest. I imagined cupping her budding breast, sliding my hand over her creamy skin down her side over her skinny hips and reaching around to cup the bulging mound of her immature pussy.

This fantasy was so very wrong on so many levels. I kept telling myself I wasn't some pervert lusting after pre-pubescent girls, but the fantasy just wouldn't go away. The image of my daughter naked gave me such an erection, it felt like someone had implanted a steel bar in my cock. I found myself slowly stroking it while guiltily letting my imagination run away with me. Before I knew it, I had one of the strongest orgasms I ever remembered having. I shot an enormous amount of cum all over the shower wall and actually felt weak in the knees from the release. I hadn't had an orgasm like that since even before April had died.

I was still feeling dirty and perverted after I rinsed off the mess I had made, I stepped out of the shower and began to dry off. I was already beginning to feel absolutely guilty. I had masturbated to images of my own 12 year old daughter. What kind of sick pervert was I? I felt a sense of self-loathing at my actions as I pulled my shorts on. What was wrong with me? That's when I heard a frightened scream from Amy out back.

That sound drove any remembrance of guilt or rational thought out of my head. I don't even know how I got downstairs to the patio door, I must have teleported. I charged out onto the patio to defend my baby from whatever was happening to her, when I was brought up short like I had hit a brick wall.

There was my angel, down on her hands and knees, wailing "STOP!! Get off me!! DADDY!!" What had stopped me in my tracks was the growling, snarling, and very large dog draped over my little girls back. Time seemed to stop and for some reason the thought popped into my head that the dog assaulting my daughter was probably the largest Weimaraner I had ever seen. He was greyish brown, easily the same size as Amy and probably heavier.

I frantically looked around for anything I could grab to beat this dog off my little girl. My abrupt arrival seemed to distract the dog, giving Amy the chance to scramble forward, out from under the dog. Apparently, the dog wasn't going to have any of that and, still growling and snarling, reached down with his head and grabbed the back of Amy's neck with his teeth. Amy let out a shriek of pain as the dog latched onto her neck.

The only thing I saw nearby to use against Amy's assailant was the pool net with its long handle hanging on a bracket by the wall. However, as I took a step back towards the net, the volume of the dog's growl increased and Amy screeched again.

"OW!! He's biting harder! Help me, Daddy!!" I could see a trickle of blood running down her neck, and froze again in an attempt to keep that monster from seriously injuring or even killing my little girl.

"Baby, hold on! Anytime I move he only bites you harder. Give me a minute and I'll think of something! Try not to provoke him!"

As soon as the dog decided I wasn't going to move again for the moment, he turned his attention back to Amy. His hips danced around in a circle and he was making short jabbing motions against Amy's ass. His front paws were wrapped around her narrow hips. I could already see numerous scratches on her flanks and thighs, several already oozing thin rivulets of blood.

I noticed that Amy's bikini top was barely hanging from her neck, the tie in the back apparently loosened revealing her naked chest and tiny breasts. I also became aware that Amy's bikini bottoms were nowhere to be seen. Hands clenched in impotence and still looking for anything to save my little girl and avoid looking at this beast assaulting my daughter, I noticed the small wisp of her new bikini bottoms on the ground by the lounge chair next to the spilled can of Coke she had been drinking.

A sudden "Oh, my God!!" from Amy brought my attention back to my little girl. The big dog's hips had stopped circling and were now only wiggling slightly. At that moment, I realized what was happening. This big dog was trying to fuck my 12 year old daughter!

As the realization hit me, the big dog's forelegs already, wrapped around Amy's narrow hips, tightened further and a sudden lurch elicited an ear breaking screech from my little girl as this savage brute ripped her virginity away from her. Her head snapped up and her eyes opened wide with shock.

"Aiieeeee!!! Oh, God! OWW! Daddy, it hurts! Argh! Make it stop Daddy!" The sounds of distress interspersed with the crying and sobbing tore my heart. I felt completely helpless as this vicious dog violated my poor baby girl. But whenever I made even the slightest move back or to the side, the growls increased and Amy screamed even louder as the teeth holding her neck tightened further. My anguish at my inability to protect my little baby was like a lead weight in my heart.

Amy's cries continued. "It hurts! OWW!! Daddy, he's splitting my in two! Oh my God! He's too big! Oomph! Daddy!! " I could see the hips of the dog draped over my poor daughter thrusting back and forth faster than I could have ever imagined. The lunges becoming shorter but more powerful as I realized that the dog was steadily driving his filthy dog cock further and further into my poor daughter's virgin pussy.

The volume of Amy's cries lowered, though the tears and moans continued.

"Ugh! Daddy... OWW!! It hurts! Ugh! I can... Ugh! Feel him... Ugh! Stretching me... Ugh! Inside! Please Daddy! OWW! Make it stop!" She could barely talk from the pain of the dogs assault and the force of the thrusts that evil beast was inflicting on her.

I felt so helpless! I was unable to do anything for my little girl during her greatest hour of need! My fists were clenched powerlessly as I was forced to witness what was happening to my little girl and my inability to stop it. I was terrified of what that brute might do next if I attempted anything. All I could think was what kind of father was I for allowing this travesty to have happened.

I found myself sympathetically trying to imagine the agony she was going through. Disturbingly, among the first images I visualized was that vicious dog cock splitting her tiny pussy lips apart, spearing into her immature little cunny-hole, while the walls of her pussy squeezed tightly against the massive intruder driving into her depths. What was I thinking? Here was my little baby getting brutally violated and I was drifting off into the realms of perversion?

Despite the cries and tears from Amy, the appallingly arousing mental vision of what was happening to her was too much. My dick began to twitch as I found myself inexplicably becoming aroused at the violation of my little girl. What was wrong with me? I had heard of animals fucking women. I work closely with the internet, how could I not have heard? But, I'd never seen anything about it or imagined it would be happening right in front of me to my own 12 year old daughter! Despite my revulsion, I unconsciously found myself inching forward in an effort to get closer so I could see what was happening better. What was wrong with me?

The Weimaraner didn't appear to mind my approaching closer. In fact he released his grip on Amy's neck, apparently to allow a better angle to make it easier to breed his little human bitch. I couldn't believe I had just used the term little human bitch in my mind to refer to my little girl. But it was true, she had become this huge dog's bitch, and he was intent upon breeding her. And despite my anguish over my poor daughter's pain, I found myself inexplicably desiring to watch this big dog fuck my little 12 year old daughter's immature pussy.

I slowly inched around behind my still crying and moaning daughter, continuing to hear her pleading cries.

"Daddy! OWW! What are you doing? Ugh! Don't leave me! Oomph! He's still hurting me! OWW! He's going to split me in two!"

"Calm down Amy. Daddy's still here. I'm not going anywhere, Sweetie. I'm just moving behind you to see if I can help. Try to calm down. We don't want to startle him so he bites you again." I soothed.

"OK, Daddy... Ugh! Please hurry! OWW!! My cunny burns! Oomph! He's splitting me in two!! Ugh! He's pushing at something... OWW! In my belly, and it hurts!" My calming voice had actually reduced Amy's tears and moans even more. I was proud of my little girl as she calmed down. Her only sounds now were heavy grunts in time to each powerful thrust of the big dog assaulting her. Only an occasional moan or sharp hiss at a particularly painful jab escaped her.

The dog had stopped growling by now. He continued rapidly thrusting his hips against my little girl, his tongue hanging down from his mouth, panting with the effort of his exertion. From the angle I could see from, I swear he had a grin on his face.

I slowly continued to inch around behind to where I could see, keeping a close eye on the big dog mounted on my child so as not to startle him. I knew the grey Weimaraner was aware of my presence, but didn't show any sign of reacting as long as I was only approaching slowly. It was almost like he could sense that I was no longer inclined to stop the violation of his twelve year old human bitch.

When I thought I'd finally reached a good location to get a good view of my daughter's ravishment, I slowly began to kneel down to get a better viewing angle. By now my dick was so hard it was painful from being constricted in my shorts. I reached down inside my waistband and adjusted it, keeping a hold of it and slowly stroking it as I managed to kneel down and get a good look.

The first thing I noticed was the big dog's huge cock embedded in my little girl's juvenile cunt. It was an angry red, with pale white streaks. It was also about the diameter of Amy's shampoo bottle maybe an inch and a half across. I couldn't believe that my little Amy's pussy could stretch wide enough to take something that size. I now better understood her groans of agony. She was already stretched so wide I couldn't see any sign of her outer pussy lips at all, only the small nub of her clit at the top of her grotesquely expanded pussy slit. No wonder she was complaining that she felt like she was being split in two!

After the surprise of seeing how my little angel's pussy had expanded enough to accept the awe inspiring diameter of that huge dog cock, I tried to figure out just how long it was. It was very difficult, since I couldn't tell how much he had already driven into my little girl. The unbelievably fast thrusting didn't make it easier. About the only thing I could tell was that there were still about five inches still outside waiting to bury themselves in my little girl's cunt. And, after those 5 inches was a lump at the base of his cock, maybe 2 inches across. I couldn't tell what that was. (I didn't know what a dog's knot was at the time.) I only knew it wasn't his balls, since those were hanging low, swinging in time to the big dog's thrusts.

"Oomph! Daddy?" Amy's grunting question caught me off guard.

"Yes Sweetie?" I responded.

"Can you see what he's doing? Oomph! Can you get him... OWW! Out of me?"

"I don't think so, Baby, not without him biting either one of us. He's in you pretty good."

"Daddy? Is he fucking me? Oomph!" she questioned surprisingly rationally.

Despite what was going on, that I was right this minute watching my 12 year old daughter getting violated by a great big dog, hearing those sweet little lips use the word fucking automatically set off my parenting response.

"Amy! You know that is a naughty word that you shouldn't be using!" I scolded.

"Sorry Daddy, but I... Ouch!! Don't know any other word for... Ugh! What he's doing."

I thought for a second. "It's OK, dear. You can say it, just be careful not to use it outside of the house." I replied.

"Daaaad, I'm not stupid. Ouch! So is he? Oomph! Fucking me, I mean?"

"Yes dear, you are very much getting fucked by this dog."

I found it very surreal that my daughter and I were having a conversation like this with her having a dog draped over her who was hammering his enormous cock into her little preteen pussy while I sat not two feet away getting unbelievably aroused by it all and stroking my own cock.

Amy actually surprised me with a loud sob. "It's not fair! Oomph! This isn't the way... Ouch! I wanted my first time... Ugh! To be like!"

Her response caught me completely off guard. Here she was getting raped by a dog and she was complaining that this didn't fit her plan? Than my mind took a wild turn, if this wasn't her plan, what was? Before, I could follow that train of thought, Amy startled me with a loud shriek of pain.

While my daughter and I were having our rather odd conversation, the big Weimaraner must have become frustrated with his lack of further progress. His growling had started again, and he had slowed down the speed of his thrusting. Instead he began thrusting with shorter and much harder strokes.

I look back now and realize he must have bottomed out inside her little pussy, and had been pounding for some time against the back wall of her cunny and immature cervix. Eventually, the pointed tip of that dog cock must have found that tiny opening and managed to lodge in it. The dog's steady pounding as he repeatedly thrust against that obstacle, gradually began to force it open. That must have the source of pain deep in Amy's belly she had been complaining about earlier looking at things now.

Amy's shriek must have come from that moment her cervix finally surrendered to that monstrous intruder and stretched agonizingly wide, allowing more of that huge dog cock to force its way further into her body. I was amazed to watch three more inches just disappear inside Amy's tiny body. This big dog was now actually fucking my daughter's immature womb!

"Aiieeee!! It hurts, Daddy! Oh my God, it hurts! Make it stop, Daddy!"

I tried to sooth my little angel in her agony. I had reached a point where I couldn't even recognize myself. I was heartbroken at the brutal pain she was experiencing, yet still very proud she had managed to take so much of the big Weimaraner's dog cock. The sight of her unbelievably stretched pussy wrapped around that monster tube of flesh was incredibly arousing. I was beginning to wonder if she could possibly take it all. There was only about four inches left, including that funny lump at the base.

I found myself WANTING to see that big dog bury that humongous dog cock all the way into my little girl. The thought didn't even give me misgivings or a twinge of conscience. I found myself chanting under my breath, "Come on you big brute. Fuck my daughter. Bury that cock. Breed that bitch."

Meanwhile, I was still trying to calm my little girl out-loud. Covertly encouraging her to accept being that big dog's little human bitch.

"It's OK, it's OK. We don't want to make the big, bad, dog angry so he bites you. I think he's almost finished. Then he'll go away and you'll be fine. See, he's already stopped pushing so fast."

My little girl gave a sniff. "It's not as fast, but it's a lot harder. Ugh! And it hurts so deep in my tummy!! Oomph! Are you sure Daddy?"

"Yes dear, I'm pretty sure. Just relax and let this big guy finish, then he'll go away and we can go back inside." I thought of a possible distraction. "Maybe I'll let you go to Victoria's Secret tomorrow. You can get anything you want."

Amazingly, my little Amy leapt at that carrot.

"ANYTHING? Whatever I want, and you won't tell me no?"

"That's right, anything." I replied. I felt a slight twinge of alarm at what I may have let myself in for, but it was kind of late now.

Unbelievably, that offer appeared to allow my baby to momentarily ignore the assault being inflicted on her. It instantly dried up any remnants of tears and I could practically see the gears turning in her head as she tried to decide what she was going to get tomorrow. I couldn't believe an offer like that would have possibly gotten the results it did.

I noticed that while we were talking, another inch or so had been driven inside her apparently bottomless cunt. The only thing left was that strange lump at the base of that dog's cock, which appeared to be bigger than I had remembered, maybe two and a half inches across now.

As I watched that massive cock piston in and out of Amy's seemingly elastic pussy, I noticed something that excited me even further. Amy was still caught up in deciding what she wanted from Victoria's Secret tomorrow, but she was starting to push back against that massive doggy dick. I wasn't even sure she was aware of it, but she was beginning to help that huge cock in her cunt fuck her. The sight actually caused me to cum in my shorts without my even having to touch my own cock. It was the most amazing sight I could have ever imagined.

The timing of her pushes against the deep thrusts of that huge dog became more regular and harder, I realized that it couldn't have been unconscious behavior. She really was helping that big dog fuck her! It seemed my darling Amy was actually starting to enjoy being the big Weimaraner's little human bitch. The realization excited me even more, if it were possible.

"Uh, Dad? Um, I'm starting to feel funny. All tingly and like I have butterflies in my stomach...Uh-oh..." My little girl's body started getting flushed and I heard her breathing get faster and louder. All of sudden she yelled. "Oh my God!" I could see the muscles in her legs and back almost ripple and her arms collapsed, her head following down to rest on her arms with her ass still in the air with that damned dog still fucking away at her. What made me laugh though was that even in the midst of her orgasm her hips never stopped pushing back against that dog's thrusting cock.

If I had anything left, I likely would have joined her orgasm, but I was just too spent. Instead I gently rubbed her calf where I could reach her as I watched her recover from what was likely the very first cock induced orgasm she'd ever had. I was very proud of my little Amy.

Amy's orgasm must have felt unbelievable to that big Weimaraner's dog cock as well, because his thrusting tempo increased dramatically. I didn't know how he could keep going. He must have been going hard for over 10 minutes now. The big dog alternately growled and whined in his extreme effort to mate. Slobber from his panting tongue dripped down, landing on Amy's sweaty back, running along her shoulder blades to be lost somewhere beneath her bedraggled hair.

Amy basked in the afterglow of her orgasm, still pushing back at that hammering dog cock. I was able to notice that funny lump now banging at the already distended entrance to her pussy. After a short while though, having that lump pounding against the entrance to her cunt must have become rather uncomfortable.

"Ouch! Uh, Daddy? Ow! What's going on back there? Ouch! It's starting to hurt even worse." Amy looked back at me as she complained.

"He's just trying to get the last little bit of his cock in you, Sweetheart. There's just a little bit of it to go and he'll be done."

"Ouch! I wish he'd hurry up. Ugh! This part really hurts and so do my knees!"

I was astounded. Here my daughter was, getting agonizingly violated by this ferocious beast, and she was complaining about her knees hurting? "Let me see if this brute will let me get something for your knees, Baby. Then I'll see if I might help this big dog finish fucking you. Wouldn't that be nice?"

"Yes, it would Daddy. OWWWW! Please hurry, it really hurts!" I was once again surprised at her response. She had just practically admitted she liked being a little human bitch for this huge dog! What little guilt and shame at letting this continue I still had left reduced substantially with her acceptance.

I slowly stood back up. The big dog eyed me warily, his tongue hanging out, still drooling dog slobber onto Amy's back. I stepped away from the dog slowly, heading towards Amy's lounge chair and the towel on it. I spoke soothingly to the big dog, still pounding away at my 12 year old daughter.

"It's OK, boy. I don't want to stop you. I want to help you. Let me get something to make it easier for your bitch."

Amy lifted her head up at that. "Don't call me a bitch, Daddy. Ouch! I'm not mean to you at all!"

I laughed as a grabbed the towel and headed back.

"Oh, Amy! A bitch isn't just a mean person. It's also a female dog, especially when she's being bred!"

The dog was still pounding away at Amy while she steadily pushed back against his thrusts. I could see the words I had just said bouncing around in her head. I unrolled the towel and leaned down next to her. As she lifted her knee so I could put the towel under it, she disturbed the big dog's balance. He grabbed Amy tighter around the hips and his rear leg scrambled as he tried to maintain balance and continue thrusting.

"Ouch! Stop scratching me you stupid dog! Daddy, be more careful, that hurt." I almost laughed at these sounds of distress. They were much less upsetting than her earlier shrieks of pain.

I was more careful with the second knee however, and with my daughter more comfortable I returned to my post behind the pair of them. Meanwhile the big Weimaraner had regained his balance and rhythm and was thrusting even more forcefully at my young daughter.


"Yes, Dear?"

"If I'm being a bitch right now... Ouch! Does that mean this dog is trying to breed ME?"

"Yes dear, I don't think it will be long now."

In a very tiny voice she asked "Daddy? Am I going to have puppies?"

I laughed so hard, I think I even startled the dog. He looked back at me like I was crazy. "No, dear. You won't have any puppies."

After a few seconds, I barely heard her say "Oh." And then louder, "Daddy... Ouch! When you got me the towel... Ouch! You said you'd help him hurry up. Oomph! He still hurts way down... OWW! In my belly... Ouch! But not as much... Oomph! What really hurts... Ow! Is where he's pushing against my cunny. Ouch! I'm getting tired... OWW! Could you help? Oomph! Please? I think I do want... Oomph! Him to... Oh! Breed me."

I couldn't believe my ears. My beautiful little angel wanted me to help this big mean dog, who only a few minutes ago had her terrified as he assaulted her to go ahead and cum in her. I'm not sure if she knew what his breeding her really meant, but I did and couldn't wait to see it happen.

I looked again at where that big dog was still trying to batter that big lump in his cock past the entrance to my daughter's pussy. Even with Amy pushing back against the big dog's thrusts, I didn't think he would be able to get it in. The Weimaraner was starting to whine in frustration. I guessed his instinct to breed must require him to get every bit of his cock into his mate.

Suddenly, I had an idea. I only hoped it wouldn't get me bit.

"Amy, I think I can help the dog finish, but I'll need your help. When I count to three, push back at his doggy cock as hard as you can. Be careful, it might hurt a little.

"Oomph! OK, Daddy. Ouch! As long as... Oomph! It doesn't hurt too much."

I was pretty sure what I had in mind would hurt more than a little bit, but I wasn't about to tell Amy that. The idea of seeing all of that huge dog cock buried inside my baby's little cunt consumed me. I tried to justify what I was about to do with the excuse that at least this way, the pain should only be momentary, and probably wouldn't be worse than what she had already endured.

With that, I carefully reached up and gently touched the lower back of the big dog as he kept thrusting violently into my little girl, fully expecting to get bit. He only whined a little bit, and I gained more confidence as I slowly slid my hand down his furry spine until it was resting on his hips just above the tail. I followed the motion of his thrusting with my hand until I had found his thrusting rhythm while still looking between his legs at the sight of his cock battering against Amy's poor abused pussy. "All right Sweetheart, on the count of three I need you to push back as hard as you can."

I began my count to Amy with each thrust. "One... Two... Three!"' As I hollered three, I both saw and felt Amy push back hard against the dog cock while I put my weight behind my arm on that dog's hips and PUSHED. I watched as that big lump literally popped past the entrance to her pussy and saw Amy's previously invisible pussy lips magically reappear and close around the much smaller base of that big dog's huge cock. At the same time Amy shrieked in pain and that big Weimaraner howled in victory.

I quickly scooted forward and reached over to give my baby a hug and try and comfort her from what had just happened. I couldn't believe she had managed to take all of that enormous dog cock! My heart swelled with pride at the scope of her accomplishment. I didn't know how she had managed to accept such a large invader into her tiny body, but she had done it!

Next thing I knew, Amy had smacked me hard with her hand.

"Daddy! You told me it wouldn't hurt too much! That hurt a lot!" My only condolence was that her anger at my perceived betrayal had apparently overridden the abrupt pain of that huge lump as it was swallowed by her body.

"I'm sorry, Angel. I really didn't think it would be that bad." I responded, somewhat untruthfully.

Amy sniffed at that, "Well, be more careful next time. That really hurt!" My brain took a lurch at that statement. Did she just say next time?

Having finally succeeded in getting his whole cock into his little human bitch, the big dog's thrusting slowed substantially, practically ceasing. I watched him lightly tug on that big cock embedded in my girl as if to make sure it wasn't going to come out by accident. With the effort it had taken to get it into Amy's cock stuffed cunt, I knew THAT wasn't going to happen. I looked proudly down at my little girl. Her green eyes appeared unfocused. "What are you thinking about, Sweetie?" I asked her.

She started a bit. "I'm feeling him inside me. He's so deep, and so hot. And it hurts, a lot. But it's a good hurt, like how my muscles ache after I've won a swim meet. But better." She reached back to rub her belly. "I almost feel like I should be able to feel him, but I don't."

Than her eye's opened wide. "Uh... Oh, my! Uh, uh, uh, Ow!"

Concerned, I asked "What is it baby? What's the matter?"

"Oh, my God! He's getting bigger! God, it's really starting to hurt!" I leaned back and looked at the junction between her pussy and the big dog's cock. It looked like that lump at the base had swelled even further since we had gotten it inside Amy. I could see her pussy lips swelling outward as the growing lump pushed against them from the inside. I hoped it didn't grow too large. I didn't want my little Amy to get seriously hurt after everything so far.

Again I heard Amy voice another "Oh, my God!" But this was a different tone, almost one of wonder. Then, in a tone of complaint she looked at me and said "Daddy, he's peeing in me! I can feel it in my belly."

I laughed again. "No dear. That isn't pee, it's called cum. It's that stuff that boys make that contains the sperm that helps make babies. It means this big guy here is finally breeding you."

She thought again for a moment, "Oh. It still feels like he's peeing though. How much do you think he'll put in me? I'm already starting to feel full." It seemed the dog finally breeding her had distracted her from the pain and discomfort she was going through.

I unconsciously reached up and scratched behind the ears of the big dog as I considered.

"I'm really not sure. It might be quite a bit."

"Um, Daddy? That's OK. It still hurts, but not too much. It feels like my belly is stretching, but it actually feels kind of good. Ooooh, Daddy. It feels REALLY good! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" Amy started making short grunts and breathing much heavier and faster. Her skin became flushed again, and suddenly she arched her back beneath the big dog draped over and squealed. I could tell my little baby was having another powerful orgasm as she felt herself being bred by that big Weimaraner joined to her, his big dog cock filling her juvenile womb with his cum.

Apparently the feeling of Amy's cunt spasming around his embedded dick felt good to the big dog as well, because he howled again at his success in breeding his mate. The pressure in Amy's womb must have been enormous, a squirt of watery fluid, almost like runny egg white spurted past that huge lump sealing her pussy and splattered on the patio concrete behind her. The sight triggered my own orgasm, though I had cum twice already and there was very little left. I still managed to soak the front of the shorts I was wearing, though.

Amy was covered in sweat, moaning and shaking for a surprisingly long time. Eventually, the muscles in her leg stopped rippling and she let out a deep breath. "Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy! That was awesome! I can't believe how good that was! I'm really tired though. Is he done yet?"

"I don't know Sweetie. If it was me, I would have been done and passed out a long time ago."

Amy giggled, "That would be nice, but I kind of wish he'd hurry up. He's heavy." She reached back and put her hand on her belly. "He's still squirting in my belly. I can feel it filling up. It's really warm... Hey! Stop that! Ouch!"

Amy's complaints were triggered by the movement of the big dog. He had sort of hopped off her back and was trying to turn around, his left hind leg scrambling and scratching her thigh as he tried to get it over her back.

I didn't want him to hurt my girl, so I shifted to where I could grab the leg and help the poor dog raise it up and over Amy's back without scratching her further.

"Ouch! He's pulling on my cunny! Be careful you stupid dog! Whoa! Daddy! His thing... Ouch! It's twisting in me! Ouch, don't let him pull, that hurts! Oh, that's better..."

The dog had finished dismounting and was now facing away from Amy, panting heavily. Their asses were touching each other, but they were still joined together by his massive cock. His long tail slowly brushed against Amy's sweaty back.

"Oh, that's better. He was really getting heavy." She reached back and rubbed her belly again. "Daddy, he's still squirting. It's really filling me up. He's so deep in my tummy. Come feel this..." She reached over and grabbed my wrist, almost jerking me off balance when she pulled it over to put my palm on her belly.

The feel of her creamy skin was everything I thought it would be. So very soft but surprisingly warm. I rubbed her belly gently, and then paused with my palm against the side, just below her belly button. I could feel gentle pulses from inside. I was amazed. I could actually feel the big dog still cumming inside my 12 year old daughter as he continued to breed her.

"Oh, Amy! That is... I can't think of the word. It's beyond amazing. I am so proud of you." I leaned closer and gave her another big hug.

"Thanks Dad, but my arms are getting tired. Could you drag my chair over here, I think that will help." I laughed as I hopped up and grabbed the patio lounger and dragged it over. Then I helped Amy get her upper torso comfortably settled.

"Can I get you anything else while I'm up?"

"No thanks. I'd rather you stay here with me. Could you rub my tummy some more, please? It's feeling sore from being so full."

I reached over her back and around, and began slowly rubbing her belly again. I had to grab the big dog's tail with my other hand to keep from getting whacked in the face with it. I briefly ran my hand from Amy's tummy down to between her legs to where that big cock was embedded in my little girl's body, but the area around her pussy was undoubtedly very sore, and her hiss of pain caused me to immediately move my hand back to rubbing her belly.

I could still feel the pulses from the Weimaraner's enormous cock, but they were much further apart and not as strong. I noticed her belly was much firmer than when I was rubbing it a few minutes earlier. It almost felt like it was bigger as well. I ducked my head down and looked. It definitely was distended. I was in awe of how much cum that dog had produced in order to do that. A brief sound of complaint from Amy reminded me to keep rubbing her sore tummy.

"Does that help you feel better?" I inquired. Amy closed her eyes for a moment, appearing to look inward. "Yeah, it does. My tummy is really sore and my cunny really hurts a lot, but the rubbing makes it feel better." She turned her head and looked up at me. "I'm really glad you're here Daddy. Thanks."

"Anything for my little girl." It sounded really strange, considering the situation, but it was true. I had just witnessed the most erotic event I could have possibly conceived, and I was grateful to my daughter for sharing it with me.

After a few minutes Amy spoke up again.

"Daddy? He really needs a name."

Her statement caught me totally off guard. I could only respond with "What?"

"Daddy, don't be silly! The dog, he needs a name. We have to call him something. We can't just call him Dog."

The thought hadn't even occurred to me, but I guess she did have a point.

"Do you have something in mind? I think under the circumstances you should pick his name."

She giggled. "Daddy, that's too funny. 'Under the circumstances...'" Her eyes unfocused and she unconsciously began to bite her lower lip as she pondered the name of the dog still joined to her. She would occasionally look back at the grey Weimaraner behind her as if to see if whatever name she was considering would fit, shake her head and look ahead again.

Then her head snapped up and her eyes shone. Then she winced and the dog whined. The abrupt movement must have tugged where his cock was still embedded in her juvenile cunt.

"Sorry, boy, but I've figured out your name. I'm going to call you Loki!"

I kind of started at her choice. Loki? Where did she come up with that? Then I twisted and took a good look at the big grey Weimaraner connected to my little girl. After a few seconds, I had to agree. This big dog definitely looked like a Loki.

I reached over with my arm that had been rubbing my baby's belly and scratched the big dog behind the ears. "Hello there Loki, it's nice to meet you."

The dog, no... Loki... sighed audibly at the attention and almost appeared to melt. It appeared it had been some time since anyone had paid attention to him. He was rather gaunt and grungy, but still seemed rather healthy.

"Daddy, don't stop rubbing my belly!" Amy commanded.

I sheepishly gave Loki one last scratch and went back to rubbing Amy's still distended belly.

Out of the blue, I had a flash of fatherly thought that was really odd considering the situation. "Amy, don't you have a math test on Monday? Are you ready for it?"

I heard Amy gulp guiltily then reply "Yes I do Daddy, but I have the whole weekend to study for it."

"Just so long as you don't wait until the last minute, I'll be checking up on you."

Her meek reply of "Yes, Daddy," then led to a rather enjoyable conversation about all kinds of things. We talked about her school, which TV shows were better, what new movies we might want to go see. I couldn't remember the last time I had talked like this with my daughter. It seemed we were always too busy. I should have thanked Loki for bringing my daughter and I together like this. Too bad it required her to be a victim of a canine sexual assault to lead to this.

We lost track of time, but it must have been about 40 minutes since I had helped Loki lock into my little dog fucking daughter and his having bred her, when he began tugging against Amy. The motion triggered a flurry of complaints from Amy, "Ouch! Loki, stop that! That hurts! Be careful!"

Then, with a sudden firm pull, Loki's dog cock was finally pulled free from his mate with an audible pop. Amy gave a brief gasp of pain as her pussy finally released the still large lump at the base of Loki's cock followed by the rest of its impressive length as it slithered out. A flood of watery dog cum gushed out of Amy's pussy along with a sudden sigh of relief from her at the release of all that pent up pressure.

I didn't get a chance to get a better look at look at Loki's equipment to form a better image of just how much my little girl had just taken. He quickly turned and gave a quick swipe of his tongue on Amy's left ass cheek than turned and loped off towards the open gate.

Amy looked back as he passed through the gate, and almost in a panic shouted "Loki, don't go!" But it was too late. The big grey Weimaraner was gone. She began to sniffle. "It's not fair. He's gone and I didn't even get a chance to say good bye."

"It's OK, baby. He'll probably be back. We'll just have to keep an eye out for him."

Her eyes brightened.

"You think so? Thanks, Daddy!"

"I think it's time to take you in and get you cleaned up. Loki scratched the hell out of you and your neck is still bleeding. I imagine you're pretty sore from his being so deep inside you."

She reached up and touched the back of her neck at that, and seemed surprised to see the blood on her fingers. She then stood up, her legs very wobbly, held out her arms and said "Carry me, Daddy! Oh, and don't forget my new bikini, I don't want to lose it."

I shook my head as I went over and picked up those skimpy bikini bottoms, than back to my little girl now sitting back on the lounger holding her new bikini top, stark naked. I was surprised at the resilience of youth, for her to think of something quite as mundane as her new bikini after the events that had just occurred.

Chapter 3

I had just spent almost an hour watching my naked little girl while she was getting fucked by a great big dog, but the sight of her sitting demurely on the edge of the patio lounger stark naked with Loki's dog cum still draining out of her puffy red pussy, was another addition to the chain of erotic images I had been witness to over the last hour or so. The fact she was so bedraggled didn't change her youthful allure. I leaned over and gathered her into my arms and headed back into the house towards the bathroom.

Without even thinking about it, I remarked "You're still leaking everywhere, try not to get it on the carpet." That caused Amy to giggle uncontrollably. She managed to respond with an "I'll try not to Daddy, but I don't think I can. There is a lot of Loki's stuff still in there."

I shifted Amy's young body in my arms so I could tilt her ass up to keep her pussy from leaking too much, and hurried to the bathroom. I don't 'think' she leaked very much on the carpet as I carried her upstairs to the bathroom.

I set her down on her feet and turned to get the shower started. I checked the temperature, and then turned to tell my little girl her shower was ready. That was really the first time I really looked at her without distractions. I mean REALLY looked.

She stood there, naked, in front of me, her head looking down. Her hair was an absolute tangled mess that almost hid her face. I could see the tracks of the dried tears on her cheeks, and at the moment she was nibbling on her lower lip.

My gaze wandered down past her shoulders to her chest, where her budding breasts were capped by quarter sized aureoles with erect nipples looking like little pencil erasers. I knew Amy was embarrassed at the size of her breasts, and that she wished they were more comparable to those of her peers. But right now I thought they were absolutely perfect.

My eyes continued down her torso. I winced at the long scratches on her sides, the deeper ones still oozing blood. I focused on her belly, still slightly distended from the amount of Loki's cum still trapped by her now surely contracted cervix at the entrance to her juvenile womb. The mild swelling of her stomach almost looked like she still had a little baby fat, though I had known she'd outgrown that years ago considering her athleticism.

My gaze dropped further, noting that Amy's little pussy showed absolutely no sign of hair. I wasn't sure if that was because of her being a late bloomer or because she had taken to shaving it because of some of the things she wore, like that skimpy white bikini I had dropped on the floor when I put Amy down. Still, the sight of her bald cunny, even under these, circumstances was still incredibly arousing.

I kept going further down, to her pussy lips. They were quite red and swollen. Her bare mound split into an angry red crevice, the nub of her clit still engorged and extending past the bruised lips of her labia. I could just see the immature lips of Amy's inner labia. Amy's legs were slightly spread. To keep her legs from rubbing against those lips I imagined. They must have been extraordinarily sensitive and extremely sore at the moment. I also noticed her pussy was still leaking dog cum. It was running down her right leg and making a small pool on the bathroom floor.

I followed the stream down her coltish but still very athletic legs. My gaze paused and I winced at the deep scratches from the dog's claws on her thighs and the scrapes on her knees where kneeling on the concrete had rubbed them raw.

She looked absolutely dreadful, but never more beautiful. I reached over and gave her a gentle hug, kissed the top of her head and told her "Ok, the shower's ready." Then I turned to leave to allow her some well-deserved privacy.

"Daddy?" I could barely hear the low, wavering word over the sound of the shower. I turned back with a "Yes, dear?"

Again, the low, childlike voice, "Do you think I'm ugly?"

Her question melted my heart. I knelt down and swept her into a powerful hug, with her head resting on my shoulder. "No, Sweetheart, I think you are the most beautiful young lady I know. Why do you ask?"

Amy sniffled into my shoulder, and starting in that child-like voice but rapidly gaining volume and speed, "Because of what happened. Because I let a dog... f-f-f-fuck me. Because, because..." She sniffled again, "Because I think I LIKED it. Not at first, I was so scared and it hurt so much. But after you came, it wasn't so bad. You made me feel safe despite everything. Even though it hurt so badly!! The part where he... b-b-bred me felt so GOOD. What's wrong with me? I already miss him!" The last part came out as a wail.

"Shhh, there's nothing wrong with you. I'm actually very proud of you. It was amazing what you just did. You know I will always love you. You are such a big girl now. What happened wasn't your fault, and there's nothing wrong with you liking it. It probably made it easier and less likely that you didn't get hurt even worse. I imagine Loki has been alone for a while and isn't used to people yet. Give him time and I'm sure he'll be back. Now, let's get you cleaned up, we'll go somewhere nice for dinner, and I think you'll find you feel better when you aren't quite so sore anymore." I soothed.

I looked closer at the marks on her neck and sides. Several were quite deep.

"Um, I think we'll stop and have some of these bites and scratches looked at before dinner. We don't want them to get infected."

Amy's head snapped up at that remark.

"Oh my God. No! What if they figure out what really happened? I would just die!"

"Amy, these really should be looked at. We can tell the clinic you were attacked by a dog. It wouldn't be too far from the truth. As long as we only show the scratches and bite marks it should be ok." Amy looked down and mumbled something that sounded like 'Alright', and I stood up to leave again.

Once again, I heard her use that little girl voice.

"Daddy?" I turned back again with a "Yes baby?"

"Please stay. I don't want you to go."

"You really need to get cleaned up." I reminded her.

"I know, but I want you to stay... To help me... In the shower... Please?"

I knew that I really shouldn't have agreed to her request. Joining my twelve year old daughter in the shower would normally be high on the list of 'Really Bad Ideas', but I couldn't help but overlook it under the circumstances. I mean I had just encouraged (no, let's be honest, helped) my daughter to get fucked and bred by a big dog. How much worse could it be to join her in the shower?

I didn't say anything at all. I just smiled ay my little baby, removed my shorts, and led her into the shower.

I was amazed. Her I was, suddenly fulfilling my earlier fantasy of touching my little baby's creamy skin. I had to be very gentle though, so as not to aggravate her injuries. I carefully washed her hair, making sure that all of the sweat and grime was removed, being very careful to keep the soap out of the bite marks on her neck. Then I soaped up and began to rub her back.

I was getting ready to rinse her off when she grabbed my hand and brought it around to her front. I found myself gently rubbing along the sides of ribs than finally cupping my hands over her young preteen breasts.

She leaned back against me and sighed. I thought I heard her whisper regretfully, "This was how I had hoped it was going to be..."

I almost stopped the rubbing in surprise. I never imagined she had thought of me that way, though it now explained the teasing and skin flashing I had been subjected to lately. I felt a warm glow as I continued cleaning off my baby girl, taking extra care with the numerous scratches she had gained.

I skirted her swollen pussy. I would have loved for the chance to explore it, learn all of its secrets. But I didn't want to make her feel any more discomfort. I think she understood because she grabbed my hand and held it still on her prominent pussy mound, just above her pubic bone, where I could almost touch her little pussy lips.

Before I knew it, I was done cleaning my little dog fucking goddess and she turned around for my turn. I was already kneeling, but managed to get turned around so she could start where I did, with my hair. She washed it gently, but since it was so much shorter it wasn't really the same.

Then she soaped up my back and gently cleaned that as well. The feel of her soapy hands on my back was unbelievably erotic. My dick tried to swell with an erection, but there was just nothing left. I don't think I could have gotten it up with a crane.

She had me stand back up, still facing away from her. Her delicate hands continued down my back, to my ass. She gently rubbed along the inside of my thigh, bringing it back up, her index finger sliding along the crack of my ass. It almost felt like an electric shock as her finger dragged over my anus prompting a shiver over my entire body. I hadn't felt anything like that since Amy's mother, April, had died.

Amy knelt down and finished cleaning my legs, before prompting me to turn around so she could do the front. She had kept her head down as she slowly worked her way back up my legs. It wasn't until she reached my waist that she actually looked directly at my penis.

She kind of looked at it like it was some strange bug. She moved her head from one side to the other before cautiously bringing her hand up to lightly poke it. Despite everything, this was too much, and I found myself somehow getting another erection. She gazed in wonder as it quickly grew and stood straight to its maximum length of eight inches. It was nowhere near as impressive as Loki's massive tool, but I had always been pleased with it. And more importantly, April had been.

Amy cupped my balls, washing them gently and then continued to the shaft as well. She spent several minutes exploring before continuing up my belly to my chest. She then reached up to my neck and pulled my head down to hers, and gave me a very un-little girl like kiss on my astonished lips and whispered the first words since we entered the shower. "Thank you Daddy."

We both got out of the shower and I shut it off. Then we each reached for separate towels and dried ourselves off, Amy very gingerly. After finishing, we went to our separate rooms to get dressed.

"Daddy, where are we going for dinner? What should I wear?" I heard her call out.

I hadn't really thought of where we would go. I had been kind of distracted for some reason. I thought for a minute and decided. It would be someplace that would let my little girl feel special.

"We're going to Oliver's!" I shouted back. Oliver's was a very swanky Italian restaurant. Amy had always wanted to eat there but I hadn't thought it would be appropriate for someone her age before now.

"How about you wear that really nice blue dress, the one you wore to your school dance last month?" I suggested while pulling out my clothes, a dark blue turtle neck, brown blazer, and slacks. It would be very distinguished and appropriate for the occasion.

"Hmm, no, I don't think so. Ah ha! I have a better idea. Darn! I really can't wear this to the clinic, it really wouldn't look right.

"How about you wear your shorts and shirt and bring your outfit with you? You can change on the way." I offered. I figured I could get away with my outfit, but agreed with Amy, anything too formal for her would definitely look fishy at the clinic.

"Yeah, that will work! Let me get some shorts on... Dad!!! I'm still leaking!"

This was a detail I had actually managed to think about and find a solution for. I had been waiting for Amy's first period for some time now, and I had already put some necessary supplies in place. I stepped back in the bathroom and reached into the cupboard under the sink and pulled out a box. Then I swung by her door and tossed the box of tampons to her.

"These should do the trick." I offered as I headed back to my room to continue dressing.

I heard several interesting sounds, and quite a few hisses of pain from her room, probably from her little pussy having been rubbed so raw, before she finally shouted back, "Thanks Dad, I think these will work."

While I waited for Amy to finish and come down, (I never did understand what takes girls so long to get ready), I went ahead and called in reservations at Oliver's. I'm glad I did, they were almost completely booked.

As I hung up the phone, I turned back to see my little Amy walk into the kitchen. She was wearing a looser pair of shorts than usual, but was wearing her usual halter top and sandals. She had her still slightly damp hair pulled back into her usual ponytail and exuded twelve year old normality. She was carrying her nice set of black heels and an unfamiliar garment bag. She also had a suspiciously full purse. I chose not to notice.

We headed out to the car. Amy set her stuff in the back seat and gingerly sat down on the seat. I asked if she was OK, and she weakly replied yes. It didn't take us long to get to the clinic. It was one of those 24-hour non-emergency places. We had been there last summer when Amy had managed to sprain her arm when she fell off her bicycle. She was very glad it wasn't swim season at the time as I recall.

For a Friday evening, the clinic was surprisingly empty. My guess was it must have been because it was still early, not even 6pm. I was particularly glad, to be honest. It meant we would be in and out in no time. I didn't want to chance missing our dinner reservations.

The doctor seeing Amy must have been close to the end of his shift. He was quite professional and thorough but his examination still felt rushed. I actually didn't mind one bit, since it meant that he didn't seem very interested in looking past our story that Amy had been attacked by a stray dog while riding her bicycle in our neighborhood. He determined that none of her injuries required anything more than some antibiotic cream. He recommended we keep them clean, dry and covered, and that we shouldn't need to do anything other than that.

We were just about ready to go when he told us to wait, and he wanted just one more thing.

I think we both froze in guilt that he suspected something before his recommendation that just to be safe, Amy should get a rabies shot dispelled our worry. Needless to say, Amy was not pleased, but accepted it without complaint. However, that was over quickly and couldn't possibly have been more painful than when what she had already been subjected to that day. Fortunately, that was the last thing required, and after checking out, we still had plenty of time before having to be at Oliver's.

Amy asked that since we were running early, if we could swing by the house so she could change there instead. I agreed it might be best and swung back home. As we stepped inside with Amy carrying her outfit, she asked "Daddy, I'd like to surprise you. Could you wait here until I'm done and come back downstairs, please?"

I couldn't say no to that. Following my rather cavalier, 'Sure', she charged upstairs. I sat down on the couch to wait, hoping it wouldn't take her too long to get ready. I heard all kinds of mysterious noises from upstairs, but in a surprisingly short amount of time I heard her call downstairs.

"Daddy, could you close your eyes until I tell you it's OK to look?" I was amused by her request, so replied "Sure!"

I heard her steps coming down the stairs, and resisted the urge to look before she was ready for me to. I heard Amy take a deep breath, and then "OK Daddy, tell me what you think."

I opened my eyes and almost fainted. There, standing before me was the spitting image of April. The young woman standing before looked just like my still beloved wife when we first met, perhaps only a few years younger. She was wearing a beautiful little black cocktail dress that hugged her body closely, tapering to spaghetti straps at the top leaving her shoulders bare. The matching black shoes had enough lift on the heel to accentuate her lovely long legs, without being impractical for walking.

Her hair was pulled back into a very classy, currently popular style. I noticed some kind of elaborate braid in back. The makeup she was wearing appeared minimal, only serving to emphasize her cheekbones, enhance her full red lips, and frame her mischievous green eyes. To finish it off, she was wearing April's favorite necklace, a gift I gave to her on our very first Christmas together.

I hadn't realized I had stopped breathing, until this vision's eyes darkened in alarm and spoke.

"Daddy, are you OK? Why are you crying?"

"Oh, Amy, you have no idea of how much you look like your mother right now. For a moment I thought I had seen a ghost. I can't believe how absolutely beautiful you look right now."

She ran over to me and gave me a big hug.

"Oh, thank you Daddy, do you really think so? I'm sorry I made you cry."

I managed to get myself under control.

"It's OK, you just startled me. I can't believe how grown-up you look. Your mother would have been proud."

"Oh Daddy, I do wish she were here, but don't make me cry. I don't want my makeup to run. I did this especially for you."

"Thank you Amy, you have no idea how happy you just made me and how beautiful you look." I glanced at my watch. "Oh no, we really should be going or we'll be late!" I stood up and offered her my arm which she demurely took, and I escorted her out to the car.

On the way to the car, I looked more closely at her. Something was bugging me, and it wasn't Amy's resemblance to her mother. Then it hit me, "Amy, what did you do to your bite marks and scratches?"

She looked rather guilty and replied sheepishly, "I smothered them in ointment and covered that with concealer. I promise I'll get it all out and make sure they're really clean when we get home."

I let that slide, but noted her resourcefulness in keeping her earlier assault private.

"Make sure you don't do that again, especially at school. We really don't want those to become infected."

I received another one of her 'Yes, Daddy' replies as I opened the car door for her and made sure she was comfortably settled inside. I then circled over to my side, started the car, and backed out of the driveway. The normality of our arguing over what radio station to listen to helped us both recover from the strangeness of the day's events and the strongly emotional episode we had just experienced.

We arrived at Oliver's right on time and were promptly seated. Amy's poise and confidence surprised me. I wasn't sure just where she had learned the mannerisms of someone much older than what I would consider typical of a twelve year old. My darling Amy was unbelievably full of surprises today.

I can't remember what we ate, what we talked about, or even when we got home. I just remember having one of the most enjoyable evenings in years with a very bright, bubbly, and altogether charming companion.

I do remember standing in the hallway after getting home. She had taken her shoes off and was standing in her stocking feet by her door. I nodded my head to her along with "Thank you very much, young lady for an enjoyable evening. I look forward to our next date out."

Her eyes brightened at that "A date? Oh, Daddy, I had a very nice date with you as well." Than Amy's eyes grew impishly bright. "Daddy, look!" With that she flipped the hem of her dress up and flashed me with her bare pussy! The little minx had gone out wearing only a garter belt to hold her stockings up and no underwear. She had gone to Oliver's commando!

She quickly turned and closed her door with a giggle before I could say a word. I was so exhausted I just shook my head at her audacity and managed to strip my clothes off before I fell into bed. I couldn't believe that Amy had lasted as long considering the events of the day. Oh, the stamina and resilience of youth I thought once again before unconsciousness overtook me.

Chapter 4

The smell of cooking bacon woke me up the next morning. I felt that I had the most bizarre dream about Amy being assaulted by a big grey dog. Then she changed shape and became her mother April and then going out for dinner.

I got dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, it was Saturday after all, and headed for the bathroom. I was still feeling fuzzy when I walked into the bathroom to shave and brush my teeth when I saw Amy's bikini from the day before lying on the bathroom floor next to a dried puddle of... something, now yellowish.

All of the events from yesterday came back in a flash. It hadn't been a dream. My little girl had been fucked by a dog and then we had gone out for dinner afterwards. I couldn't believe the depths of perversion I had reached. The only consolation was it appeared my own little girl had followed along voluntarily, if not enthusiastically.

Still, I felt a certain sense of guilt for my inability to stop my little Amy's assault. I wasn't too sure if she might feel any regrets after what happened either. I really wouldn't be surprised if she were a bit upset at my inability to prevent her excruciatingly painful experience.

I quietly drifted into the kitchen, hoping to get some idea of what to expect. I was actually prepared for her to be emotionally battered and upset, when I was jerked out of my self-absorption with a very chipper "Good morning Daddy, I see you finally decided to get up!" from my brightly smiling little girl. I was shocked that she managed to be so chipper and apparently unfazed over yesterday's events.

I noticed she was wearing a light, brightly colored sundress and appeared much more energetic than I believed possible while she was clattering around with the skillet at the stove.

"Um, good morning, Sweetie, did you sleep good last night?" I was quite sincere with my question. As bizarre as it sounds, I was rather concerned that she might have been subject to dreadful nightmares or had seriously stiffened up and been extraordinarily uncomfortable during the night.

"Yes I did Daddy, though it took a bit to find a position where I was comfortable. I was still rather sore. Oh, and I had to change my sheets, I ended up leaking all over them during the night. Don't let me forget to wash them. I wonder when I'll finish, though I kind of like the feeling of it. Do you want your eggs fried or scrambled?"

Her off-hand matter-of-fact domesticity and acceptance of yesterday's events quite surprised me for some reason. It was as if I was expecting some sort of negative response. Instead, I found an unusually bright and cheerful young girl this morning. She was almost like her mother in the morning after a wonderful round of good sex.

That thought brought me up short. Did she consider her experience yesterday as good sex? A dog? Such a painful experience? She did have several powerful orgasms, but was that enough to qualify as 'good sex'?

Regardless, I was still caught off guard with her question, and it took a second to come up with a response, "Scrambled, please... Do you need me to get plates and silverware?"

"No, I've already got those. Just grab the toast and butter it, and pour some coffee. The eggs are almost ready."

I rather whimsically followed her request, setting the coffee and toast on the table just as she came over with the bacon and eggs. We both sat down, I noticed Amy sat just a bit gingerly still, and started eating. There wasn't any conversation until we were almost through, and I thought I may have misjudged Amy's response and she actually WAS upset with me.

Amy set her fork down after finishing her eggs, and holding her toast in one end and her coffee cup in the other, brightly asked, "So Daddy, when are we going shopping? You promised I could get anything I wanted at Victoria's Secret yesterday." She cocked her head a bit and added, "We should probably get a dog bowl and some food for when Loki comes back too, while we're out. What do you think?"

Her question, the last one in particular, caused me to choke on my coffee and almost spray out of my nose. I coughed and gagged so much that Amy jumped out of her seat and came over to pound me on the back.

"Are you OK Daddy?"

I managed to gasp, "I'm fine. The coffee just went down the wrong pipe." I managed to stop coughing and weakly answer her first question. "The mall opens at ten, so sometime after that, perhaps after lunch?" Then, after catching my breath, I tried to casually answer the second. "Yes, stopping at the pet store on the way home probably would be a good idea."

"No, I want to definitely go before lunch, right when it opens. I'm going up to change my sheets now. Do you have anything you'd like me to throw in with my sheets? If not, I'll be back down soon. Oh, I made breakfast. I'll let you clean it up." She smirked at that as she headed for the stairs.

As I started gathering up the breakfast dishes, she stopped at the dining room entrance.

"Oh Daddy?" I looked up just in time to hear her say "Surprise!" as she lifted the front hem of her summer dress and flashed her naked pussy at me again. I almost dropped the plates at the sight.

She held it up long enough that I could see that her pussy was no longer swollen. It had returned to what I figured was its natural juvenile appearance, two very small lips with a narrow groove between them and the small bump of her clit hood at the top. I couldn't believe how much that tiny pussy had stretched around Loki's dog cock the day before. I even caught a glimpse of the back of her dress, where there was still a damp spot where Loki's cum must still be leaking out of her.

After I'd had a chance for a good long look at her charms, Amy dropped her hem, and with a mischievous giggle turned and headed upstairs. I turned back to finish the dishes while grumbling something about the trials of raising a twelve year old. Then I added to that thought with a mental grin, especially one who fucks dogs. Surprisingly, that added thought didn't make me feel guilty for being some sick pervert.

Amy bounced around the house for the rest of the morning doing our usual Saturday morning chores until it was time to head out shopping. My decree that she would wear panties under her dress was met with the excuse that she was still sore there. I didn't believe her for a minute after all of the bouncing she had done through the house. I'd noticed she only acted sore when she knew I was paying attention.

She grudgingly agreed and came back downstairs. I had her raise her dress and checked to find she was wearing a small blue lacy T-back thong, that I had no idea where she had acquired it from. Probably the same order that got her that tiny white bikini and last night's black cocktail dress. I really should have paid more attention to that order.

Amy wore a mischievous grin as she turned in a circle to show off her extremely naughty underwear. I sighed, deciding it wasn't worth making her change it for something else. The next choice might be even more scandalous. Besides, I thought it looked good on her.

Again, that kind of thought didn't bother me. I had never thought of myself as being attracted to pre-pubescent girls but I was steadily becoming rather sexually attracted to my twelve year old daughter. Yet despite that attraction we were still maintaining our usual father/daughter roles. It felt rather strange.

Our shopping trip to the mall was a whirlwind event I would much rather forget. Amy dragged me into the lingerie section of Victoria's Secret first thing and went through like a twelve year old hurricane. She would bring everything that caught her eye over to me for perusal, and I swear whatever made me blush the most was what she put on the to-buy pile.

She ended up with the laciest and sexiest things she could find. Tiny lace panties, garter belts and stockings, silk teddies, and other items I didn't even know what they were. I couldn't begin to imagine what the sales clerk thought of my bringing such a young girl and letting her get most of what she had chosen, but she didn't say a word about it. She just rang up Amy's purchases and told us "Thank you, please come again."

Then, to add insult to injury, Amy made me carry all of her bags as she flitted from store to store. I think she realized I was incapable of denying her anything that day, and took full advantage of it. I was just pleased that she was so happy and hadn't been traumatized by her ordeal. To be honest, she seemed instead to have been energized by it.

Amy managed to convince me to have lunch at the food court, and when we were done we dropped all of her bags in the car and drove over to the pet store. Inside, Amy was off like a shot to the dog section. She chose food and water bowls, dog biscuits and treats, a collar and dog shampoo. She couldn't decide on what kind of dog food, so we ended up with three different types.

The whole time she just nattered on about whether Loki would like this, or maybe that better. It was an extremely strange outing. It almost felt like Loki was already at home waiting for us. The icing on the cake was when we passed by a section with various dog beds. I pointed them out to her, and I thought I'd die at her response.

"Daaaad, we don't need one of those, Loki's going to be sleeping on MY bed!"

Eventually, we got back to the house. Amy grabbed all of her bags and quickly lugged them upstairs. Meanwhile, I grabbed all of Loki's things and brought them in as well. I found it almost funny that we had just gotten all these things for a dog that had just yesterday sexually assaulted my daughter and who I wasn't even sure would even come back. I rather hoped so. I couldn't bear the thought of Amy's heartbreak if she were to never see Loki again.

Shortly after I assumed Amy had finished putting her new goodies away, I saw her traipsing downstairs wearing that scandalous white bikini and carrying two towels.

"It's an awesome day outside, Dad. Come get some sun on the patio with me.

I thought it a marvelous idea, and hurried upstairs to change into my own swim trunks. I grabbed my sunglasses, the latest book I was reading, and grabbed a pair of Cokes from the kitchen on the way out.

As I stepped outside, I saw Amy returning from the fence gate. She had deliberately latched it open. I still found it odd, though very arousing, that my daughter was so fixated on that dog. The thought that he must have really made such an impression struck me as funny, almost making me laugh out loud.

We both settled into our respective lounge chairs, Amy quickly leaning back and opening her book. I settled in myself and opened my book as well. Because of the angle of the chairs, I could surreptitiously look over and admire her very provocative pre-pubescent body in that scandalously skimpy bikini. I could no longer deny that I had become some sort of pedophile who lusted for little girls, or at least MY little girl, and I wasn't even thinking of feeling guilty about it.

I found myself paying more attention to my sexy daughter than I was to my book. Amy's hips would periodically squirm, as if she we're having a hard time getting comfortable. After about five minutes she leaned on her side and asked, "Daddy, my cunny is still a little sore and my swim suit is bothering it. Do you mind if I take it off?"

I was less than convinced. She had been racing around all morning, sitting on benches, stools, and a leather car seat wearing that barely smaller blue thong without complaint. I was sure it was just an excuse to remove her clothes entirely.

But do you know what? I didn't really mind, so I decided to play along.

"Well... Since it is uncomfortable, I don't see any reason to let it irritate you. Go right ahead." You wouldn't believe how quickly that skimpy little bikini vanished off my daughter's nubile body and reappeared on the table next to her lounger.

Her response was, "Thank you Daddy, that's much better.", as she stretched out, blatantly showing off her naked but very sexy body. It was a very erotic image, and I was forced to try to covertly adjust myself as her teasing generated the appropriate response.

As the afternoon wore on, I noticed I wasn't the only one keeping a secretive eye on something. I noticed Amy's glance periodically lingering on the open gate. I only hoped Loki would reappear soon, or I think Amy would be devastated. It was also about that time that I noticed her young breasts had turned a rather alarming shade of pink.

"Amy! Did you forget your suntan lotion?" She started to protest that she had before coming out when she looked down at her chest and crotch to see that she was in the process of getting sunburnt in a rather potentially uncomfortable location.

"Oh, no!" was her response as she gathered up her bikini, book, and drink and scrambled into the house. I followed, shaking my head, hoping she had managed to avoid actual sunburn. She was already slathering some aloe cream on herself as I stepped into the kitchen myself.

She looked up at my approach with a very downcast expression. I thought it was about how she may have let herself get sunburned. Instead she said, "He didn't come back..."

"It's only been since yesterday, Sweetie. Give him a chance. I'm sure he'll show. I'll put out a bowl for him and leave the gate open tonight. I'm sure that will bring him back."

Her face lit up at the idea and leaped forward with a hug.

"I hope so Daddy. Thank you for understanding."

I reveled in the experience of having a naked nymph hugging me so tightly. The feel of her tiny breasts against my stomach, her bare pussy pressed against my thigh. I couldn't help but run my hands up and down her back as I rested my chin on her head and smelled that clean little-girl scent emanating from her. However, that nakedness pressing against me did result in a rather quick and painful erection.

Amy quickly giggled and began to tease.

"You have a woody! You have a woody!"

"Enough of that you wench!" I responded, pretending to be stern. "You'd better learn to behave or I will tickle you into submission!"

That earned a screech of laughter as she quickly managed to escape my clutches and run for her room. But not before I managed to slip in a good pinch on one of her succulent buttocks.

I was kind of disappointed with her going up to put some clothes on. I would have much preferred my little minx to be running around the house naked to be honest, though the air conditioning would have likely made that a rather chilly proposition. I actually found myself debating whether I should turn the turn the thermostat up.

I shook my head at that thought and moved it to the back of my mind while I considered Amy's interest in that stray dog. I will honestly say I still didn't completely understand her feelings for that big Weimaraner. Her introduction was exceedingly brutal and painful and he had left before she had even recovered. Still, it was important to her, so it was important to me.

My own feelings were disturbingly understandable. I found it unbelievably erotic and sexy to have my own twelve year old daughter mounted by that big dog and watching him breed her as his little human bitch. I was hoping Loki would come back so I could watch that happen again. I also wanted him back just because my little Amy wanted him back.

Later, during dinner, I noticed Amy had started toying with her food and was biting her lower lip. Normally she only fidgeted like that when she wanted to ask me something, but didn't know how or wasn't sure of my response. I decided I'd try to help her out.

"What's the matter, Sweetie? You look troubled." I inquired.

"Umm, well, um..." Her cheeks had started to blush crimson. Whatever she wanted to ask obviously made her quite embarrassed. I waited patiently for her to recover and get around to asking whatever it was she wanted.

She continued the various false starts, and then suddenly burst out with what was on her mind.

"Daddy, I want to find out more about girls who fuck dogs. I know there's stuff about it on the Internet, could you help me look it up? I really want to know. Please." The last was said in a very small, very embarrassed voice.

I thought for a quick moment of making her squirm, but didn't think it fair. Besides, I also found the idea quite appropriate and arousing. I felt a brief qualm about sitting down with my daughter to surf for animal porn, but quickly squashed it.

"Sure Amy, we'll go ahead and see what we could find." Her eyes lit up and she was about to thank me, when I continued. "But, not until you clean up from dinner, finish your homework for Monday, and we're both ready for bed. It might take a while to find what we want, so don't get your hopes up."

I was amazed at how quickly Amy cleaned up the kitchen and got started on her homework. She looked up from her math and gave me an amazing smile when I filled Loki's new dog and water dish and put them outside on the patio, before she returned to her homework.

It was still rather early, Amy was so eager to start our Internet search that she wanted to get ready for bed at 7:15. I still thought it way too early, and decided to put in a movie. Watching Amy's antsy-ness at the delay was amusing, but I felt I had given in so much to her wants today that a little waiting wouldn't hurt.

I went to choose a movie to watch. A particular title caught my eye, and with a wicked grin I put it in the player. I sat down on the couch and Amy flounced down next to me before leaning against me and putting my arm around her as the opening menu came up. Amy's head shot up as she read the movie title, than hit me on my arm.

"Dad, that's not funny!" I had chosen the movie Thor. I couldn't help laughing at her response.

We quickly settled back down and watched the movie. Amy had changed back into her light blue sundress after the afternoon on the patio. She squirmed a bit getting comfortable, with my hand ending up cupping her ass. Somehow during the course of the movie, Amy's dress managed to creep up until I found myself holding her completely bare ass. It seemed she had neglected to put on panties again. Not like I minded.

She squirmed some more until I got the hint and slowly started rubbing her tight little ass. It was unbelievably smooth and silky. It seemed so commonplace I didn't even find myself aroused, which was so very odd since I wouldn't have imagined doing something like this just two days ago.

Amy leaned closer to me as we still watched the movie together and sighed. After a few minutes again squirming her hips a bit more until I found my fingers drifting along the crack of her ass. She melted further against me, still shifting until I finally found my index finger circling her anus. That must have been her ultimate goal, since as soon as I started lightly rubbing it, she carefully gave me a big hug and whispered, "Thanks Daddy." Before we both settled down to finish the movie.

I enjoyably ended up rubbing her ass hole for the entire rest of the movie. I was very regretful when the movie finally was over and she stood up. She did however give me a rather serious kiss on my lips. I could actually feel her tongue trace my own lips before she pulled away with another mischievous grin and she quickly squeezed my cock in my shorts before bounding upstairs

In a very brief amount of time, she was back down. She was NOT wearing her usual T-shirt, but instead a very lacy blue baby doll nighty. It was transparent enough to tell she wasn't wearing anything underneath it, and looked absolutely amazing on her. It actually provided the illusion that Amy had more curves than she did, without disguising her beautiful, developing breasts.

She did a brief twirl to show it off to me and asked, "Do you like it?"

"Oh, Amy, I love it. It looks absolutely fabulous on you!" Her eyes glowed at my response. Then she quickly grabbed my arm, pulling me up from the couch. "Come ON, Dad. Hurry up and get ready, you PROMISED!"

I laughed at her eagerness as she pushed me upstairs to my room. She pulled out the pair of sweatpants I normally wore around the house before bed, (I normally slept nude), and when I wasn't getting undressed fast enough for her she proceeded to help out, almost jerking my clothes off of me. I would have thought it odd it to be naked in front of my very sexily dressed daughter, but this didn't bother me either. I slipped my sweatpants on as Amy stood by, tapping her left foot impatiently.

When I was finally ready, she grabbed my arm again and dragged me back downstairs to her computer in the family room. I rather approved of her choice. I didn't want any possible porn associated with my work computers.

I thought it would be hard to find sites featuring girls fucking animals. I was amazed at how quickly it was to find them. Movies, pictures, stories, there was an amazing amount of material. Amy actually sat up straighter as we read various stories and looked at numerous pictures. I think finding out there were other girls out there who liked fucking dogs like she seemed to very relieving, a sort of confirmation that she wasn't some lone freak.

We discovered all sorts of terms and details of canine anatomy. We learned that the lump at the base was called a knot and swells substantially during mating, that there is a thin bone inside a dog cock a girl should be careful about, and various means to prevent scratches along a girl's flanks and thighs.

I found the various sites quite arousing. I'm sure Amy felt my cock hardening where she was sitting on it. I noticed she was unusually flushed and her nipples were hard as pebbles. Sometime during the next two hours we spent exploring the world of bestiality, I found the front of my sweat pants pushed down far enough to free my rather erect penis. Meanwhile the back of Amy's nighty had somehow ridden up to the point where my cock was nestled between the bare cheeks of her ass.

It was quite a pleasant sensation, especially with her occasional squirming. I didn't press for anything more than the rather enjoyable rubbing. I preferred letting Amy set the pace in line with her comfort level. By 11:00, I noticed that Amy was creating some rather impressive yawns, and her eyes were drooping with sleepiness.

I saved copies of some of the better, more realistic stories and better quality pictures for later, and against Amy's rather tired protests, closed things down. I made sure to save everything in an innocuous location. (I didn't want any of these things to come up by accident when Amy's friends were here.) Then I carried my daughter up to her room and put her to bed.

She sleepily said good night, and raised her arms like she had done when she was younger in a silent request for a hug. I leaned over to comply, and was almost jerked off my feet at the strength of it. She whispered a brief good night, and leaned her head up to give me a kiss like she had used to when she was younger.

Only this kiss wasn't a little girl's peck on the cheek. Instead it was a rather passionate kiss on my lips, and I found her tongue pressing incessantly against my lips until I parted it whereby she extended her tongue into my mouth, touching my own tongue.

I instinctively replied. Our tongues dueled each other until my angel finally released me and lay back on her bed, ending our kiss. I was still dazed at the experience, and after telling my little girl good night, headed to my own room to crash from exhaustion. I did recall as I left her room, a rather sleepy, "Thank you Daddy."

Sometime during the night, I vaguely recall Amy coming into my room murmuring something about having a bad dream. I remember lifting the covers up and her sliding in next to me. I wrapped my arm around her, and snuggling her close, we both drifted back to sleep.

Chapter 5

I slept soundly that night, waking up to the smell of a girls hair with a hint of strawberries, and my arm wrapped around the naked form of my still sleeping daughter. I sleepily wondered what had happened to her blue nighty, but not enough to really care.

I noticed the scratches and bites on her were already healing quite nicely, and it looked like the areas on her small breasts where she'd forgotten sunscreen had managed not to burn. All in all, she looked like a small bundle of sweetness, a small bundle that had to get out of bed this morning however.

I leaned over and gave her a delicate peck on her cheek. She smiled in her drowsiness, and squirmed in an attempt to bury herself under the covers. I shook her gently, and said, "Good morning, sleepyhead. It's time to get up."

I heard a muffled reply along the lines that she didn't want to get up. I laughed as I replied, "Come on, Sweetie. We're running late. If we don't get up, get dressed, and grab some breakfast, we're going to be late for church."

She sat up as if jerked by a string and looked at me incredulously.

"Church? How could we possibly go to church again after... You know."

"Are you still the same person you were before Friday?" I received an amusingly numb nod of her head. "Do we not go to church every Sunday morning after breakfast?" Another nod. "So how is today any different from any other Sunday?"

Amy didn't have a reply to that. I was already pulling my clothes on as I managed to get my naked nymph out of bed and headed in the direction of her room. I gave her a light swat on the butt as she passed, eliciting a much more awake "Daaaady!" along with a reminder to wear something appropriate. I also reminded her to put on some panties, I didn't think it right for her to go commando in church. I caught a resigned sigh from her as she shuffled to her room, but that was almost the regular Sunday morning routine.

After I finished dressing and getting ready in the bathroom, I headed downstairs and put breakfast together. We didn't have time for anything elaborate, just some cereal, toast, and coffee. I had just finished setting breakfast out when Amy ambled downstairs. She had a rather nice deep blue dress with a wide brown belt, and was wearing a patterned blouse and her mother's necklace. I very much approved.

As I was cleaning up from breakfast, Amy headed over to the back door to the patio. I was startled by her exuberant "Daddy! Daddy! Loki's food bowl is empty! He must have been here during the night!" She ran over and threw herself at me, enveloping me in a big hug, almost causing me to drop the milk and cereal boxes. I rather hoped that was the case. It would have made for a fantastic day for my Amy if Loki decided to show himself today.

We made it to church in plenty of time. I will admit I was a bit apprehensive as we stepped through the door, almost like I expected to be struck by lightning. I imagine Amy felt similar, as she was unusually pensive until she saw several of her friends and darted off to go talk to them.

I was initially worried that she would say something that would get us in trouble, but it mostly touched on the pedestrian details of our shopping trip yesterday. Thankfully, there was no mention of visiting Victoria's Secret.

Meanwhile, I found myself together in a group of my own friends and acquaintances. We talked about sports, the latest antics of our various kids, (for some reason I was rather mute on the subject), and what kind of plans we were considering for the upcoming summer until it was time for the service to start.

The normal Sunday routine was rather calming. Following church, we joined several families for brunch at the local buffet. Amy did almost make me choke when she innocently told her two friends next to her "My Dad is letting me get a dog!" The girls went on to discuss what kind of dog it should be. At least Amy had the sense to lead the discussion without going into any details that she already knew which dog she really wanted.

The rest of the day was rather typical, practically a repeat of yesterday's afternoon. It did include Amy's nude sunbathing and swimming, only this time with enough sunscreen to avoid any possible burns. She did try to convince me to ditch my own swim trunks and join her in her nudity, but I deferred, preferring to avoid the possibility of getting too much sun in some rather sensitive locations.

Later, while I was cooking dinner outside on the grill and Amy was inside getting the salad ready, I noticed a flash of movement in the shrubs at the end of the neighboring lot, but wasn't sure it was actually Loki. I didn't mention it to Amy when she came out. I didn't want her to get too excited or depressed, depending on her reaction. If it was Loki, it meant he was definitely hanging around the neighborhood, and would likely return before too long. Just in case, I did refill his food bowl and changed out his water dish.

Our evening was again similar to the night before. We watched a movie, got ready for bed, and sat up for about an hour watching porn videos and reading more stories about girls and their dogs. Some of the various links took us to other locations containing various erotic sites, some rather unusual. Amy often had me stop and check out some of them too. It seemed my young daughter had developed an interest for some rather kinky sex.

To my surprise, Amy maneuvered things so my semi-rigid cock was nestled between her bare ass cheeks. It was quite pleasant, but nowhere near as pleasant as when she nonchalantly scooted forward a bit, and reached down between her legs and took hold of my rigid cock. She shifted her hips again and then I froze as I realized she had just placed the tip of my penis right up against her asshole. Then she sighed contentedly and leaned back against me as she clicked to another web page. I don't know how I restrained myself from driving my hips forward and plundering my own daughter's twelve year old ass, but I did. I wasn't even sure why I was restraining myself, only that I should.

Despite this unbelievable experience, I regretfully called it a night much earlier than the night before, since the next day was a school day. There were a few complaints, but Amy shuffled off to her room surprisingly quickly. I stayed up a little longer in my room, catching the news before turning in myself. I thought I'd heard a noise from the backyard as I drifted off, but couldn't bother myself to check.

Amy obviously was up before I was in the morning. I awoke to the sound of her yelling "Daddy! Loki's food is gone again! He was here last night!"

I grinned to myself as I got ready for the day. I felt surprisingly good as I headed downstairs for breakfast. Amy was very bubbly, and bounced around the kitchen until it was time for her to catch her school bus. I noticed she was wearing those leggings with a long tunic and had her hair down. I rather approved, I didn't particularly want her scratches and bite marks from Friday noticed.

After Amy had left for school, I sat down at my computer in my office and started work myself. I had a surprisingly productive day. I finished up one big project ahead of schedule, shortly before lunch. I'm sure my boss would be quite pleased.

I was pleased as well, since this gave me an opportunity to do something I'd actually wanted to do since Saturday afternoon. I wanted to make sure that there weren't any notices of a lost or missing dog matching Loki's description. I wasn't sure how Amy would handle things if it turned out some other family was looking for him.

I checked quite a few websites, the newspaper, Craigslist, and so on. I also gave the local animal shelter a call to see if anyone had come looking for a big brownish-grey Weimaraner. I was pleased when all my inquiries came up negative. It appeared that no one was looking for a dog that matched his description, though I found that rather surprising. Loki was a beautiful dog, obviously pure-bred and undoubtedly valuable. Where had he come from and how had he come to be hanging around our house?

No matter, it just meant that the adoption process would be much simpler when he finally did return. The thought rather surprised me. Even I was already considering Loki as a permanent member of the family, and we'd really only known him for an hour while he was assaulting my daughter. What a really strange, mixed up world we live in.

I was still working on my next project when I heard Amy get home. She immediately peeked into my office and asked, "Did you see him? Did he come back while I was gone?" It almost broke my heart to see the light leave her eyes when I had to tell her no, I hadn't seen him that day.

The rest of the day was rather somber. It didn't help that the weather was appearing to mirror Amy's disappointment. It had clouded over and a rather heavy rain had begun to fall. I finished up my work for the day, and the two of us sat down on the couch to watch TV. I noticed she had changed out of her school clothes and was wearing her sundress again.

She soon snuggled up to me and grabbed my arm, placing it over her, this time blatantly hiking the hem of her dress up and placing my hand on her bare ass. I gently rubbed it like before, but she wordlessly squirmed until I was running my finger along the crack of her ass. I was startled when my finger drifted over her anus to discover there was something... slippery around it.

Amy had been watching me as I explored her ass and grinned at my discovery. I rubbed my finger around in whatever she had on her ass, and placed my finger at the entrance to her most private of places. Amy slowly pushed back, and before I knew it, my finger slipped through the ring of her anus and was quickly enveloped by the tight walls of her rectum. I heard her let out a breath I imagine she didn't know she had been holding, and then slowly began to purr.

I couldn't believe I was sitting here on our couch watching TV while I was fingering my pre-pubescent daughter's silky smooth ass. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I massaged the inside of her ass for about 20 minutes, when I noticed it was getting a bit dry. I pulled it out to a little sound of complaint, patted her ass, shifted her up and stood up.

"Daddy, why'd you stop?" was her unhappy response.

"Sorry Dear, I would have preferred to keep that up for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, I have to get dinner started. Would you like to help?"

She quickly agreed and we both ended up in the kitchen getting supper going. I might have made a tactical error of inviting Amy into the kitchen with me. The rain pouring down outside made her more and more pensive and depressed. Finally, she spoke up, "Daddy? How do you think Loki's doing out in all of that rain?"

I tried to be comforting with my response, "He's a smart dog, I'm sure he's found a hiding spot out of the rain where he'll be warm and dry."

She sighed, "I guess so. I just wish he were warm and dry here."

"So do I Sweetie. So do I." I felt really bad for my little girl's disappointment. I really did wish Loki would return soon. These wild mood swings were becoming awfully difficult to keep up with. I tried to distract her with some questions about school today, particularly her math test. I was very proud that she had only missed one question, with the second highest score in her class. I also made sure she didn't have any homework due the next day. It turned out she had already completed it, either in class itself or on the bus ride home.

After dinner, we sat down on the couch again to watch Amy's favorite show. She was very excited about it, and sat on the edge of the couch, bouncing with delight. I rather missed the earlier episode where I was massaging Amy's ass, and didn't really care for talent shows in general and dancing shows in particular. However, Amy's enthusiasm was infectious, and some of the dancers were phenomenally talented. I actually ended up enjoying the evening.

Following the show, Amy bounced back up and declared it was time for more internet fun, and to hurry up and get ready for bed. She did rather oddly suggest waiting before taking a shower. I wondered what she had in mind with such an odd proscription, and was surprised to be down at her computer desk before her.

I didn't wait long for her to reappear. She entered carrying a towel and a small jar of something. She was wearing one of my old t-shirts as a night shirt again. Her particularly favorite one, I recall.

As she approached, she imperiously motioned me to stand. I humored her, and stood up. She motioned again to step away from the chair, and then proceed to spread the towel out over the seat.

I found the whole process very odd, it wasn't until she stepped over to me and dropped to her knees that I began to have an idea of what she had in mind. I didn't speak either, even when she grabbed my sweatpants and abruptly pulled them down, leaving me naked wearing only a t-shirt, with a rapidly forming erection.

With another imperious wave, my twelve year old daughter motioned me to sit back down in the now towel protected chair. She than shuffled, still on her knees, until she was between my legs, looking at my extremely hard cock. She grabbed that mysterious bottle, removed the top, and placed it on my thigh and looked about to pour whatever it was into her hand. Before she did though, she paused, and with an impish grin gave a quick kiss to the tip of my cock. I thought a spark had jumped between her lips and my cock, I was so stimulated.

She sat back on her heels, and was about to pour the contents of that bottle in her hand, when she paused again. She leaned forward and kissed my cockhead again, and not a quick peck either. My mind froze and breathing stopped as those beautiful lips pressed against my aching cockhead for what seemed an eternity. Then, too soon, she finished and leaned back, pouring the contents into her hand.

As she reached her hand covered with whatever it was towards my penis, I broke the strange silence with the first uttered words.

"Um, Amy, what are using?"

She looked up, rolled her shoulders at my impertinence and huffed "Its olive oil, Daddy, now be quiet." She then reached forward with her oily hand and began carefully covering the head and shaft with the slippery oil.

When she was satisfied, she reached down between her legs with her still oily hand and rubbed some onto her crotch as well. Then, she cleaned her hand off with the corner of the towel. Preparations complete, she stood back up and leaned forward for another kiss, this time on my lips. This was not the kiss of a daughter or a twelve year old, but rather the kiss of a lover. I returned the kiss just as passionately, my desire for my little nymph overriding any sense of rightness or wrongness. My tongue explored her mouth, teasing her own tongue, tasting a delicious hint of minty-ness.

She finally broke that marvelous kiss and we looked deep in each other's eyes. I saw her love for me within the window of her soul and I imagined she saw the same mirrored in mine. Then she turned, gently pushed my legs together and straddled them facing away.

I didn't believe what was happening to me when she reached between her legs and gently grabbed my steel hard cock, and then carefully lowered herself as she lined it up with the now obvious target of her anus.

She paused as the tip touched against the opening to her ass and took a deep breath and released it. Then she slowly began to lower herself onto my raging hard-on. The pressure slowly increased until I thought my cock would bend in half, until the force finally became too much and her beautiful rose bud dilated open, allowing the head of my cock into the smooth warm cavern of her rectum.

She paused, breathing rapidly for quite some time before continuing lowering herself further. I couldn't keep quiet anymore from the ecstatic sensation of her unbelievable ass engulfing my poor aching cock. I let out a low moan of ecstasy. I didn't know why I didn't just cum right then and there. The sensation continued, until with a slight bump, her thighs touched mine and we both realized her marvelous ass had completely engulfed my entire eight inch cock.

I wanted desperately to grab onto her hips and rapidly thrust into her unbelievable twelve year old ass, but managed to restrain myself. This was an amazing gift my darling Amy was giving me. I didn't want to potentially hurt her and I wanted her to set the pace.

After another minute or so, Amy gingerly leaned back against me. I instinctively reached out and wrapped my arms around her, holding her tight, my rock hard cock still buried inside her velvety ass. I leaned my head towards her ear, and whispered "Thank you for this gift, Amy. I will treasure it forever."

"Oh, Daddy, I love you, I'm just sorry this is the only gift I have left to give you." My heart both swelled and broke for her. I squeezed tighter and whispered again to her, "Everyday with you is a gift and a treasure. Don't ever forget."

I don't know how we managed all of that emotion, tears, and love. It was a moment that lasted forever and yet for a short time. Amy actually recovered first, and started rocking back and forth, the vice like feeling of her rectum massaging my cock an unbelievable sensation. A curt "Daddy, help me." brought my hands up to help support her as the strokes became longer and harder.

I tried to hold back, but the feel of Amy's ass was too much. My balls churned and I suddenly exploded into my own daughter's rectum, I swear her muscles milked it until there was absolutely none left. The feeling of my own orgasm as I fire-hosed the inside of her bowels must have also set Amy off as well. Her moans increased, her skin flushed, and suddenly her arms and legs tensed as the muscles rippled up and down their length. The feeling of those spasms against my cock in her rectum would have set me off again, if it were only possible.

I relaxed back in the chair, cuddling my sweaty daughter as we both basked in the afterglow of our orgasms. However, no matter how wonderful the feel of Amy's ass wrapped around my cock like that felt, after such a powerful orgasm my cock couldn't maintain its erection, softening and shrinking until it gently retreated from her lovely ass.

We sat there snuggling for some time before Amy squirmed around and gave me a brief peck on the cheek.

"Sorry Daddy, but I have to use the potty." I hugged her one last time, and released her, giving her a light tap on her butt as she hurried to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, I thought a shower would be a good idea as well. Not because of what Amy and I had shared, but because I was rather sweaty myself and also wanted to wash the remnants of the olive oil Amy used. I shook my head at Amy's use of that particular substance. If she wanted to have anal sex more often, I figured I'd have to pick up something more suitable.

I had gotten to where I was washing my hair, when the shower curtain was pulled aside and Amy stepped into the shower with me. The thought struck me that this was becoming a rather enjoyable habit. Our shower was basically a repeat of Friday's, just a little more confident.

As we were drying off, Amy spoke up. "Dad? Why don't you start anything when we do things? So far I'm the one doing everything. Am I doing something wrong?"

I stepped over and gave her a hug and said firmly, "No, nothing wrong at all." Than added rather whimsically, "Unless other people find out, I doubt they would approve."

Amy giggled at that, then "I won't tell if you don't, but you didn't answer my question. Why?"

I thought for a moment, and slowly answered. "It seemed the right thing to do. You've grown up quite a bit the last few days. I think I didn't want to rush you past the point where YOU felt comfortable. I rather like how things are happening. I don't think I've been so happy since your mother died."

That earned me an almost painful hug, it was so hard.

"Thank you Daddy."

We both turned and finished getting ready for bed. Apparently we were both wiped out from the evening's events. Amy turned to head for her room, but this time it was I who reached out and grasped her wrist. She looked over her shoulder at me and I nodded towards my room. Her face brightened up and her smile almost blinded me. She hurried to my bedroom so quickly she almost jerked me off my feet.

We settled in, her nestled against me with my free arm draped over her. She drowsily murmured a brief "Good night, Daddy." I sleepily said something in reply, and we both drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 6

It was quite pleasant to wake up the next morning cuddling the naked body of the person you love. Unfortunately, it was Tuesday, and I had to hurry up and put the trash our, and Amy had to get ready for school. We both managed to grab a quick breakfast before Amy hurried to catch her bus. Meanwhile, I got the trash set out. It was still raining, but showed signs of clearing before too long. Then I sat down in my office and got started on my latest work project.

I must have been completely focused on my new project, because I was rather surprised when I heard Amy get home. I had even unknowingly worked through lunch. The rain had cleared up, though it was still a rather gloomy day.

Loki's food bowl was empty again, but we still didn't see any other sign of him. Amy was so very depressed it broke my heart. She moped her way up to her room, and I didn't see her again until dinner. I tried to get her out of her shell, but without success. Her depression over Loki's absence just couldn't be lifted. An offer of a movie was sadly declined, and she disappeared back to her room. I sighed over the excessiveness of young girls, but there wasn't much more I could do.

I did stop by her room on the way to bed, to find her hunched in a ball facing the wall. I gave her a quick peck on her cheek, and turned towards my room. As I reached her door, she quietly asked, "Daddy, what if he doesn't come back? What if he's gone forever?"

I went back over to her and enveloped her in a big hug.

"Someone has been eating the food we've been leaving out. I rather doubt Loki's gone far. Just give him time. He may have been on his own for a while. It may be that he has to get used to being around people again."

She uncurled a little at that thought.

"I hope so. I just hope it doesn't take too long. Thank you, Daddy." I gave her another quick kiss, and headed to bed. I stayed up a bit watching TV before turning in myself. My bed felt a little emptier without my little girl with me, but that was just the way things were.

I awoke Wednesday to find it to be a glorious sunny day. Amy was already downstairs dressed for school, eating breakfast. She looked up at me with a rather wan smile as I sat down across from her. I tried to engage her in conversation over how she was doing at school, when her next test was, and so on with nothing more than a cursory response. I sighed as she moped out the door.

To distract me from her unhappiness, I threw myself into work. I wanted to try and finish this project up before Friday when I had to spend the day at the actual branch office. I wasn't really looking forward to it. I hated enduring what felt like endless meetings and presentations.

Amy's return from school once again caught me by surprise, though at least I had remembered to eat lunch this time. It was such a wonderful day, I was quite surprised that Amy didn't throw on her swim suit and head for the patio. Instead, she headed up to her room again and didn't appear to be surfacing anytime soon.

When I stepped out to refill Loki's once again empty food bowl, I noticed the grass once again needed mowing. I figured now was as good a time as any to go ahead and get that chore out of the way. Perhaps it would give me time to come up with some way to get Amy out of her current depressed funk.

I quickly finished mowing the yard, dumping the grass clippings in the bin beside the garage. Once again, I thought I saw a glimpse of motion from the brush bordering the neighboring lot. I paused and looked harder for some time. I hoped I wasn't seeing things due to my hopes for my little girls' happiness.

I put the mower away and closed the door to the shed, turning to head back to the house to clean up when whom should come loping through the gate but our wandering canine.

"Loki! Come here, boy!" I called. I was rather surprised that he came over to me immediately. I scratched behind his ears, continuing down his back. He sat down, enjoying the attention, his tail wagging vigorously. I gave him several thumps on the side. "I know someone who will be very happy to see you."

I headed for the kitchen door, Loki following along beside me. He stopped at his dog bowl and started eating while I opened the patio door and called for Amy.

"Amy, you need to come down here!"

I heard a rather surly reply, "I really don't want to."

I laughed to myself, thinking that she most certainly did.

"No, you need to come down here. You have company."

Petulantly she called down, "I'd really rather not. Couldn't you ask them to come back some other time?"

"Amy, I'm not going to be so rude. You really shouldn't hide in your room all day. You might as well come downstairs and say hello."

It was my turn to smirk as I heard her resentfully come downstairs. I managed to wipe the grin off my face as she approached, grumbling under her breath. She passed me as I held the door and managed one step before she froze. Apparently she had just noticed the big grey Weimaraner eating there on the patio.

I heard her whisper in a voice of disbelief, "Loki?", and then followed with a joyous shout "Loki! It's you! Where have you been? I've missed you!"

I rather wished she had been facing me so I could have seen my angels face just then. I could only imagine the sadness falling from her face to be replaced by the radiant joy Loki's return had created.

Loki's head snapped up at the sound of Amy's exuberant shout, and appeared to brace himself as she practically threw herself at him. She sobbed happily as she stroked and petted the big dog, as if to confirm that he was really there.

Meanwhile, Loki whined quietly, his tail wagging. He seemed distressed by Amy's tears, and started licking her face. I was amazed that the big dog had appeared to so rapidly accept Amy's affection. It was as if he had always been her dog.

The licking continued, causing Amy to laugh in delight. I was amused when that long time running across her face entered her open mouth and started licking the inside. What really surprised me was her reaction. I expected her to draw back by instinct, but she instead moved her head forward to allow more of that tongue into her mouth. I saw her tongue dueling with that of the big dog, similar to that erotic kiss we had shared together the other night.

I found the sight incredibly bizarre yet very arousing. Here was my little twelve year old daughter French kissing a dog right in front of me, and not only didn't I mind, but found myself getting turned on at the sight.

I let this go on for several minutes before I so rudely interrupted.

"Amy, Loki, you'll have plenty of time for that later. However, you appear to be a rather dirty, boy..." as I nodded towards Amy's already dirty shirt and shorts, "Before we get any further, I think a bath is in order."

Amy squealed in glee at the suggestion.

"That's the most perfect idea Daddy!" Than a bit more thoughtfully, "Um, he's kind of a big dog, could you help me? Please?"

I laughed at the pair of them before replying, "Of course I will. Let's get the two of you to the bathroom. I think we grabbed dog shampoo Saturday. Hell, we grabbed everything else." Amy giggled at that as the three of us bounded upstairs. I wasn't too worried about the muddy paw prints. I figured I'd have Amy clean those up... later.

My sweetie already had the bath water going when I got there. Loki was bounding around like a puppy, sniffing around everywhere. Amy was on her knees, hands reaching over the tub checking the water when I walked in. Just as she appeared about to sit up, Loki bounded back toward her and snuffled at her upturned ass, and kind of scratched it with his paw. He almost looked confused at the presence of the shorts she was wearing.

Amy looked back and giggled, "Not yet you naughty boy! There will be time enough for that after your bath!" I found her rather casual reference to what we both knew was going to happen shortly very arousing. I laughed to myself as I wondered just how much more aroused I could get considering the knowledge that this big dog would shortly be breeding my little twelve year old daughter again.

It actually wasn't all that difficult getting Loki into the tub. I couldn't believe how much dirt and grime that he had been covered with. The water quickly turned a very dirty grey. We ended up changing out the water twice before we managed to get the big dog clean.

I wasn't very surprised that I ended up cleaning Loki's front half, while Amy somehow managed to get his hindquarters. I noticed she spent a rather long time on his underbelly, and started guiltily when she noticed I was watching her rubbing Loki's sheath. I just smiled at her, and handed her the pitcher I had been using to rinse him off. She sheepishly smiled back as she finished rinsing her half of the big dog herself.

Loki's fur was so short it really didn't take that long to dry him. As we finished, I looked at him in appreciation. Loki really was a beautiful dog, especially now that he was clean. I couldn't figure out how he could possibly be wandering around our part of town without SOMEONE missing him. But with no collar or tags, it looked like he had really been abandoned. Oh well, he was our dog now.

Now that the big Weimaraner was clean, Amy surprisingly became shy. She continued hugging and petting her new dog, but had become pensive. She looked up at me from where she knelt, petting the big dog and said in a low voice.

"I want him Daddy, right now more than anything. But I'm scared."

"It's OK to be scared Sweetheart. If you'd like, I'll be there to help you."

Amy laughed, "I wasn't about to do this without you there, Daddy. I think I'm worried that it will hurt."

I thought for a moment, and truthfully replied.

"Amy, he's so big I think it will hurt, probably more than a little. Are you sure you want to do this?" Amy nibbled her lip for a bit, than quickly nodded yes.

Almost as if this were some trigger, Loki who had been sitting quietly during this whole exchange, leaned over and licked Amy's face causing her to giggle again. Amy stood up, took a deep breath and said "I guess it's time to go downstairs to the patio." Than with a wicked glint in her eye she added, "And don't forget to close the gate this time."

We laughed together as the three of us headed back downstairs. Loki hurried ahead, still sniffing around every corner of the house, appearing to be learning the location of everything in his new home. After only a few sniffs though, he'd come back to Amy with a huffing sound, as if to tell her he approved. Not to say he ignored me completely, he would bump against my hand begging for ear scratches, but he was already very much Amy's dog. Or maybe Amy was his human. It was already hard to tell.

Amy stopped for a brief moment at the door to the patio and took a deep breath. Before stepping outside onto the patio with her new dog, she turned to me and quietly asked.

"Daddy, could you get the things I'll need? Oh, and bring the video camera from the closet. I want to be able to watch this later." The request for the camera absolutely floored me, but excited me at the same time. I found myself looking forward to watching this movie with my little girl later in the evening.

I hurried through the house, getting the things I thought would make Amy's experience better for her. It took very little time, and I soon found myself outside on the patio with my arms full of supplies to the sight of my already naked little girl romping in the backyard with her dog.

I could already tell Loki wasn't playing fair. Amy would stop and turn, Loki bounding in place before her, as she shifted side to side in attempt to fool him with which direction she would go next. However, Loki instead would dart forward and stick her nose in her crotch and sneeze. This would produce a paroxysm of giggles from Amy before she took off and the game continued.

The scent emanating from Amy's apparently aroused pussy must have caught Loki's attention as well. Despite the romping, I had managed to catch a glimpse of the tip of his red cock already poking out of its sheath. I set my items down on her patio lounger, and headed over to the gate to close it.

Amy quickly noticed my return, because she stopped her romping and headed for the patio. Loki followed along, apparently torn between the desire to romp and the alluring scent coming from the little girl walking beside him. Amy's scent must have won out because he dropped behind and started butting her with his head. Amy laughed at that, and I heard her say, "Stop that you silly boy. I know what you want, and I'll let you have it in a moment."

I almost laughed myself at her scolding tone, as I headed back to her where she had already seated herself on the lounger having already made sure the gate was properly latched. Loki lived up to his name for being a sneak. He was already licking Amy's face and neck. She was still giggling as she opened her mouth wide to allow his tongue to lick inside. He only teased her for a moment before he began licking back down her chin and neck before pausing at her chest.

Amy gasped in surprise as that agile tongue licked over her pre-pubescent breasts, causing her nipples to snap to rock-hard little nubs. The licking dropped further down to her stomach, that talented tongue swirling around her belly button bringing forth a series of giggles.

I found myself envious of that big dog as his tongue finally arrived at the source of that smell from Amy's little pussy that must have been driving him wild. Amy's eyes widened and her hands grabbed hard onto the frame as that tongue began swirling and lapping around her juvenile cunny. Her breathing quickened and deepened, and she looked up at my face in wonder. Meanwhile, Loki had begun making deep chuffing noises as he found the source of that arousing scent.

"Oh my God! Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy! Uh, Daddy? I thought I asked you to bring it!" I pulled the camera and tripod out of the pile of stuff I had set down and asked where she wanted me to set it up at. She pointed towards the end of her lounger and then suddenly squealed "Aiiiigggghh! Oh my God! Daddy! His tongue, it's IN me! Oh God!"

Amy continued breathing hard and moaning. I'm not sure she had noticed she had spread her legs wide and scooted her butt forward allowing Loki better access. I couldn't begin to imagine the feelings she was experiencing as that talented tongue split the narrow immature lips of her cunny and burrowed into the depths of her young pussy in search of every drop of pussy juice she was making.

I had just finished getting the camera set up and running when Amy suddenly grabbed Loki's head and held it tight against her little pussy while arching her back and literally squeaking. Her limbs just locked and I briefly worried that Loki might accidentally bite her during Amy's obviously thundering orgasm.

The sight of Amy climaxing against the tongue of her beloved dog almost made me cum myself. I managed to regain control, since I knew that even more was coming. I was glad my baby had cum so quickly. I was thinking it would make her coming experience much less painful.

She finally released her hold on Loki's head and gently pushed him away from her undoubtedly over-stimulated pussy.

"Oh my God! I can't take anymore! Please Loki, please stop." Loki whined in complaint, but surprisingly followed Amy's directions.

She glanced up at me by the camera, as if to make sure I had the camera set up when she glanced back down. Her eyes widened, and I followed her gaze to Loki's hindquarters where his still enlarging dog cock was already extended at least eight inches out of his sheath and still growing.

She kind of melted down until she was lying on her side looking directly at Loki's already impressive piece of equipment. Then reached over to Loki's hind leg where Loki obligingly allowed her to pull his hindquarters closer to her face. She reached over and gently touched his penis with her hand, than looked up at me.

"It's so hot, and feels so... strange. It's not like yours at all, Daddy."

I grinned a bit at her comparison, still a bit jealous of that dog, but much more enjoying Amy's actions with him. I found myself adjusting my already rock hard erection for the who-knows-how-many-time that afternoon. I couldn't believe how sexy my little girl was laying there gently stroking that big dog cock. Then she completely blew me away.

I watched in disbelief as my little Amy leaned over and opened those beautiful lips, wrapping them around that big dog's cock. Both Loki and I froze completely, though Loki understandably whined softly though from the undoubtedly exquisite sensation of those delicate lips I'm sure.

From the movement of her cheeks, I could tell she was moving her tongue all over the intruder in her mouth. Then, apparently deciding it acceptable, steadily moving her head further down the shaft, than back again, picking up speed with each stroke. She repeated the motion, gradually moving further and further, faster and faster, down the shaft of his dog cock, until after about 3 inches she made a sudden gagging motion and stopped.

Then I saw the most amazing sight ever. Amy closed her eyes as if in concentration, took a deep breath, and slowly began to move her head further down Loki's shaft. Her shoulders heaved twice in a gag reflex as the tapered tip of his cock must have bumped again at the entrance to her throat. Then suddenly, Amy's head began to slowly move further down his shaft.

My hand was still holding my cock in my shorts from when I was adjusting it earlier, but it hadn't moved. It didn't matter. I exploded in an amazing orgasm as I saw the large bulge form in Amy's beautiful throat as she somehow managed to swallow that monster dog cock into her throat. I couldn't believe that I was watching my own beautiful twelve year old daughter deep throating a dog cock! My only rational thought was "Where had she learned to do that?"

Loki whined louder at the sensation. I could SEE Amy's throat muscles rippling against his cock. I had no idea how much she'd taken, but it was at least as far as her Adam's apple. If it were my cock in her throat I don't know how I would have lasted more than a few seconds.

It seemed forever, but must have been only five or ten seconds before she pulled her head back and released Loki's cock from her mouth with a gasp. She breathed deeply for a few seconds and then looked up at me. A line of drool still connected the tip of Loki's cock to the corner of her mouth, but I don't think she noticed. With a lopsided grin she looked at me and hoarsely said, "What do you think? I wasn't sure I could do it."

"That was amazing, Baby! Where did you learn to do that?" was my astonished response.

Her voice was returning to normal. "I've never done that before, that was the first time. I read about it in one of our porn stories and thought I'd try it." She rubbed her throat. "It wasn't what I expected. I'll have to try again later. Did you get it on camera?"

I looked down to check. "Yes, I got it all. I think you'll be as amazed as I was when you see it."

She giggled at that, than looked over at Loki who was looking at her reproachfully. I imagine he was disappointed by no longer having his cock enveloped by the warm vice of my little girl's throat.

"Look, he's already squirting! Someone must be ready for the main course." She giggled again, took a deep breath and looked up at me. "I think I'm ready for him Daddy. Can you help me get ready? I want to be on my back so I can touch him."

"Anything you need, Sweetie. How about you put some socks on his front paws so he doesn't scratch you again? I have some right there."

Amy giggled again, sitting up to where she could grab them with one hand while still scratching and petting the amazingly patient Loki with the other. She lifted each paw and slipped each one of my old socks onto the first of the big dog's front paws. She released it to start on the second, whereupon it immediately fell right down.

"Daddy! They won't stay up!"

I had just figured out how to arrange things so Amy would be comfortable when her complaint about the socks grabbed my attention. "There's some duct tape under the towel. Be careful about the fur on his legs. You need to move your butt if I'm going to get this set up for you."

Amy moved off the lounger, kneeling down to make it easier for her to make the socks fit better. Meanwhile, I folded the bottom third of the lounger back onto the middle, then laid a piece of foam rubber I'd had in the garage on top to make a comfortable cushion which I covered with several towels.

It still didn't look right, so I had Amy come over and sit on the end. She wiggled that wonderful ass forward to just before it would slide off the lounger and leaned back. That was when I saw that this would force Amy to lean too far back. I adjusted the foam until Amy was comfortably supported, reclined almost like she was resting in a dentist chair.

Loki whined the whole time while we got things ready. Amy did try to soothe him the whole time, though. Once everything was ready, I adjusted the camera and made sure there was plenty of battery life, than I looked at my beautiful young Venus resting upon her couch. "I think we're set. Are you ready? I don't think we'll be able to stop after this."

Amy briefly closed her eyes, to hide the worry I could see in the back of them. I was about to stop the whole thing when Amy suddenly nodded her head firmly that she was set and opened her eyes, this time with the glint of determination. I was quite proud of my little girl. She was about to be bred by this big dog with his monster dog cock again while I watched and helped. It still seemed a dream, but not nearly as bizarre as I would have expected.

I called Loki over to me as Amy gave him a last pat on his side. He seemed confused with these odd preparations, but was surprisingly docile. He must have been the smartest dog I'd ever known. I gently guided him around until he was between Amy's widely spread legs. Her pussy was so beautiful, engorged and inviting. I could see the button of her clit peeking out of the top of the crevice of her pussy lips.

Loki leaned down and gave her pussy another swipe of his tongue, causing Amy to flinch back in her chair. I continued guiding him forward. He must have gotten the idea because he abruptly hopped his front torso up and placed his forelegs on either side of Amy's hips, and began shuffling forward.

Loki's cock looked fully extended, his currently barely visible knot already extended out of sheath. It was an impressive tool, easily eleven inches, its tip already spurting a steady stream of precum. I noticed that the width was much smaller than I already knew it would shortly expand to. I looked up to see Amy's gaze locked on this massive tool she was about to let fuck her little dog loving cunt.

As soon as Loki's cock touched the skin of Amy's inner thigh, his confusion at his positioning absolutely vanished. His hips began dancing around and that hard cock began jabbing painfully against Amy's widely spread and delightfully hairless crotch.

The painful jabs jerked Amy out of her fear of what was coming.

"Ouch! Loki, stop that! Not there! Be careful! That hurts! Ouch!" Amy tried to reach down between her legs and grab that massive dog cock and prevent it from jabbing her, but the angle was too awkward.

Amy's cry of "Daddy, you're supposed to be helping me!" broke me from my admiration of her tiny, child-like pussy. As I gently grasped Loki's thrusting cock, it elicited a frustrated whine from him. Amy was right. It did feel very warm, almost hot.

I located the small opening of the entrance to her juvenile vagina. I carefully lined it up and looked back at my young daughter, whose eyes were locked on my hand holding Loki's already enormous cock, then looked down as I carefully guided it to its destination.

As soon as I touched that pointed tip against that tiny opening, Loki's instinct to breed must have kicked in at high gear. I barely got my hand out of the way when his hips lunged forward, pushing that pointy tipped monster hard against that tiny hole.

Amy gritted her teeth and clenched her eyes tight at the sudden pain. I could see her knuckles turn white from the grip she had on the lounger frame. I could see her eye's tear, but somehow she managed not to release them or make a sound as the pointed tip of Loki's cock pounded again and again against the tiny entrance to her waiting pussy.

I noticed with each thrust that the entrance gradually dilated wider and wider until at about the tenth thrust the very tip and the first half inch or so abruptly slipped inside to be enveloped by the ring of the now accessible entrance. Amy let out a gasp and opened her eyes, looking down at her pussy in triumph, but I almost laughed at her look of chagrin when she saw the almost ten inches remaining.

Meanwhile, Loki's hips hadn't stopped moving. Indeed the tempo had increased dramatically. Amy looked down again, and seemed as awestruck as I was to see Loki with a low growling sound, slowly driving that big red cock of his into her steadily expanding pussy. I saw her occasionally grit her teeth at the immense stretching I'm sure she was experiencing, but other than that she was a trooper as the first, then the second, the third, and finally the fourth inch was slowly absorbed by her straining cunt.

I was amazed at Loki's stamina, there was no way I could manage to come close, let alone match it. Yet here he was, his hips moving at a phenomenal pace as he remained straddling my little girls' chest with his tongue hanging out and barely panting. It just wasn't fair.

I could tell when Loki managed to reach the back wall of her juvenile pussy when she grabbed the frame again and unwillingly released a low groan. I gently rubbed her calf from where I crouched in sympathy. She was wincing with each thrust now, but still managing to watch closely releasing only an occasional grunt as Loki pounded again and again at her pussy.

"Daa... Ow! Daa! Ow!" she tried. Before, I could reply she briefly closed her eyes, and then opened them and more firmly, "Daddy, I think he's stuck in me. Oomph! He's so deep and it hurts." She momentarily winced at the next thrust. "Why won't it keep going? Oomph!"

"I think he's reached the end of your vagina baby. The only way he'll get further is when he finds your cervix and passes through it into your womb." I advised.

Abruptly her eyes clenched tightly shut, and her first word of pain escaped her lips.

"Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God! Oh, God Daddy, I think he just found it!"

Sweat was beading on my angel's forehead. I felt dreadful because of the pain my Amy was enduring, but knew it would pass momentarily once Loki penetrated the barrier of her cervix. I strangely felt like I was experiencing a flashback to when I was sitting next to April as she moaned and groaned during the birth of our baby girl. Then I snapped back to now as I watched Amy attempt to allow this huge dog cock INTO her womb, rather then a baby coming out. It was unbelievably surreal.

I hadn't realized I had reached forward and Amy had grabbed my hand until with what I imagined felt like an internal pop, her resisting cervix finally surrendered and the next two inches abruptly passed into her grossly stretched pussy. The tip and first few inches of his cock had finally battered their way into Amy's immature womb.

Her silent scream was matched by the death grip she had on my wrist, so tight I felt her finger nails embed themselves in the skin of my wrist and forearm. I had been right. It was only for a moment, because her hand released my forearm as she slowly opened her eyes again, breathing heavily.

I saw the look of awe and alarm as she looked down between her legs again. Loki's big dog cock had already swelled larger, easily the size of her wrist. Past the no longer visible lips of her pussy, only two inches of Loki's cock remained before the noticeably larger lump of his knot.

I was so concerned about my little girl's pain that it took me a minute to notice that small lump on her belly, about halfway between the top of her hip bone and her belly button. What caught my eye was that it... moved. It took me a moment to realize it was moving in conjunction with Loki's rapid thrusts before it hit me. I was watching his cock pushing against her belly, but from the inside!

"Amy... Sweetheart... Look..." Amy was so caught up in recovering from the excruciating experience of Loki's dog cock penetrating her cervix it was hard to get her attention. My voice eventually reached her, because she lifted her sweaty head and looked at me. I silently pointed to that moving bubble on her belly.

Her eyes followed my gesture and opened in shock at what she saw. Her hand rushed to her belly, palm flat over that moving bulge. She looked back at up at me in wonder.

"Daddy, I can... I can FEEL him. Oh, Daddy! I can actually FEEL him in my belly!"

I could tell by the light in her eyes she had already completely forgotten the pain and discomfort she had endured so far as a result of accepting the massive intrusion of Loki's monstrous cock into her grossly stretched juvenile pussy. She reached over with her other hand, which just a moment before had held mine in a death grip, gently grasping it and guided it to her belly.

"Oh Daddy! I want you to feel this."

I could feel the moving lump on her belly as soon as I placed my palm on it. It was a surprisingly erotic sensation, not just knowing that Loki's huge cock was embedded in my little girl's womb, but actually feeling it. I felt like I could have held my hand there forever, but thought it best for Amy to treasure the feeling herself.

I returned my attention to where Loki was still rapidly thrusting into Amy's amazingly stretched cunny. I was in awe as I noticed he had managed to sink the last few inches into my little girls... I found myself thinking fuck hole. Only that huge knot, already battering against the entrance to her pussy remained.

That knot was going to be the most agonizing part yet if my little Amy was going to be successfully bred by her doggy lover. Amy trusted me to help her. I had to come up with some way to prepare her for the truly painful experience beyond what she had already managed to endure. I know she desired it, but I felt like I had to make her WANT it.

I was at a loss, what might help prepare her? I didn't think her current distraction from feeling Loki's cock in her belly was going to be enough when we forced Loki's knot into her already overstuffed pussy. Then it hit me, the encouragement of talking to April during Amy's delivery. Reminding her how much she wanted to succeed. Yeah, it was corny, but it had worked. It might even help Amy here in preparation for the final assault.

"Amy, do you want to be Loki's little human bitch?"

Her eyes flashed open and she looked at me like I was crazy.

"God Dad, you know I do!" followed by a deep groan.

I persisted, "You didn't answer me, Angel. Do you want to be Loki's little human bitch?"

Her eyes flashed again, this time in anger. Good.

"If it's that important, than yes I want to be Loki's little human bitch!" Her eyes opened in wonder at that statement, as if her words had opened some kind of door in her mind. It was obvious she had just realized there was more to her desire than just the physical aspect. I actually found myself becoming jealous of the big dog.

Meanwhile, I listened to Loki whine in frustration as he continued battering his knot against the stubborn opening of my darling little twelve year old dog slut's pussy.

I gave her a moment to absorb her realization that she really did want to be a little human bitch, than popped the next question.

"Amy, are you ready for Loki to breed you, to fill you with his puppy seed? Do you want to have his puppies?"

That last question just escaped from my mouth. It must have been some Freudian slip. I couldn't believe I'd asked it. I felt like some kind of pervert for asking it of my sweet little dog fucking daughter. But I realized it was true, I did wish for Loki to fully breed my little girl and actually give her puppies. The thought blew my mind and I didn't even realize I had cum yet again in my shorts at the idea.

Her answer squelched any sense of guilt however.

"Oh Daddy, I want so much to be bred by Loki! For him to fill my belly with puppy seed until it explodes!" Her eyes began to tear and she turned her head to the side. In a very quiet voice, almost a sob I heard her last answer, "Oh God! Oh, Daddy! If only I COULD have his puppies."

I felt like a complete ass to subject my poor baby to such an emotional event. The only thing that made me feel the least bit better was it had worked. Amy's seemingly bottomless cunt had noticeably begun to surrender to the battering it was receiving. Loki had almost stopped thrusting completely, and with a soft whine was almost grinding his hips against his mate's pussy. I could see the pain building on Amy's face at the slow pace of this dreadful stretching. It looked like I was going to have to help like I did before.

Amy was still sobbing from both the emotional and physical strain she was experiencing, when I gently apologized to her.

"It's OK Amy, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry like that. But I need you to look, Loki's almost finished fucking you. I need you to get ready."

She unwillingly looked down at that huge knot still battering at her pussy and her eyes opened wide. "Oh God, Daddy it hurts! He's so deep, I don't think I can!"

I placed my hand over her hand that was still rubbing over that lump in her belly and tried to soothe her.

"Sweetie, this is the last stretch before he can breed you. I can help him to make it faster, but I need you to be ready. Are you ready? Unfortunately this is really going to hurt."

I felt heartbroken that I was about to inflict so much pain on my little girl. My only consolation was it would only be momentary and then she would shortly forget it in her ecstasy as Loki finally bred her. Meanwhile, Amy had leaned back, grabbing the frame of the lounger and closed her eyes tightly. I heard her take a deep breath and hold it, than her head nodded rapidly.

I didn't say another word as I reached my hand over to Loki's hips just like before, and without even a count, pushed hard. Amy's eyes popped open and her mouth opened in another silent scream as her body went rigid while Loki howled in victory himself. I watched in amazement as Amy's pussy stretched grotesquely as I helped Loki force that massive lump of flesh into it and then suddenly collapse around the much smaller base as her juvenile cunt finally accepted the entirety of Loki's huge dog cock.

Amy's rigid muscles suddenly eased and she collapsed back onto the lounger, writhing in pain. I proudly looked at her, gently stroking the back of my hand against her sweaty cheek. I softly congratulated her, "Oh Amy, you did it. I am so proud of you. You managed to take all of Loki's doggy cock and he'll breed you in just a moment.

Amy breathed deeply, her eyes closed, as if she was in labor, groaning the whole time. Tears flowed from her eyes, still closed, weakly reaching down to her pussy, now tightly joined to Loki's own cock. She moved her hand around, as if to confirm she hadn't been torn in two, than lightly touched the actual base of Loki's cock, to verify there was no more left to punish her.

Her eyes, swimming in pain looked over at me. Her first words were "Thank you, Daddy." Followed by another deep groan, "Uunnhh, oh God, it hurts. It hurts so bad Daddy. It hurts all the way to my belly. He's so deep and it hurts. But I want it Daddy. It wouldn't feel right if it didn't hurt."

I was so proud of my baby, though my heart ached for her pain. Her groans lessened in intensity and her hand rubbing around her pussy paused, her thumb and index finger encircling the base of Loki's cock with her palm slightly pressing. Her eyes widened and without looking up, said with a groan "Daddy, I can feel his knot inside me. I can feel it... getting bigger."

Loki tugged lightly against Amy's poor abused pussy, testing his tie to his little human bitch. The motion elicited a stream of complaints from Amy as he pulled against her painfully swollen cunt.

"No Loki! Don't pull! Easy, boy!"

The tugging, painful as it was, must have been stimulating my little dog slut immeasurably. Her complaining rapidly shifted from moans of pain to moans of pleasure.

"Oh Loki! Oh Loki! Oh God! Oh Loki!"

Amy abruptly lifted her legs up and hugged Loki with her knees, crossing her ankles over his back. I watched as she ground her pussy, still tied to her beloved dog, against Loki's own hips and suddenly moaned uncontrollably in ecstasy, her skin flushing and the muscles in her legs and abdomen appearing to ripple as the wave of her first orgasm washed over her.

The stimulation of the rippling muscles of Amy's overstretched cunt must have been too much for Loki, because he thrust his hips a final time and howled yet again. Amy still in the throes of her doggy induced orgasm still managed to shriek, "Oh God, oh Daddy! Oh my God! I can feel him cumming! Oh Daddy! He's breeding me!"

The sensation of Loki's hot doggy cum gushing into her immature womb must have set off another orgasm, even before recovering from the first from only moments before. Amy tightened her legs already wrapped around Loki's hips and squealed. Her clenched fists pounded against the lounger and her skin flushed as if she were suffering from a major fever.

I found myself sharing her orgasm, my balls aching as I came again without even touching my cock. The sight of my angelic daughter tied to her doggy mate as he bred her provided all of the stimulation I could have ever needed.

Loki continued pouring his dog cum into the willing receptacle of Amy's immature womb. He panted heavily, his tongue hanging to the side, dog drool dripping down onto the swell of Amy's budding breasts before collecting in the hollow of her shoulder.

I couldn't imagine how much effort he had just expended breeding my daughter. I knew there was no way I could have matched his stamina, even if I was twenty again. I reached up and scratched his ears, grateful for the pleasure he had provided my baby.

My motion caught Amy's attention.

"Oh, Loki, I've been neglecting you! You wonderful dog, you!" She then reached up and grabbed him around his neck in a big hug. Loki staggered a bit as he was forced to carry her full weight, since her legs were still wrapped around his hips as well.

Amy extended her tongue, and touched against Loki's own panting tongue, before opening her mouth wide and practically sucked it into her own mouth. I watched proudly as my little dog slut French kissed her lover, not believing my fortune of being able to witness it.

Amy was too tired to hold herself up for very long, and soon released poor Loki. I couldn't believe how patient Loki had been through this whole episode. But considering the feeling of having his cock enveloped by the undoubtedly tight vice of his willing bitch's pussy probably explained things.

Patient or not, Loki had begun fidgeting. Amy and I quickly realized that Loki was about to dismount and turn himself away from where he was attached to his mate. I didn't want him to inadvertently hurt my little girl, and stood up to help guide him while Amy quickly released her legs from around his waist and reached down to where Loki's knot was already pulling against her cunny to try and prevent the tugging from becoming too painful.

In a surprisingly short period we got Loki turned around and situated with a minimum of discomfort to either him or his mate. I knelt back down beside my daughter, who had gone back to rubbing her tummy again. The small bulge of Loki's cock had disappeared following his dismount and rotation, but Amy's flat tummy was already noticeably swelling as Loki continued to spurt more dog-cum into Amy's already overstuffed womb.

Loki's tail now wagging in her face must have quickly bothered Amy. She reached up with her free hand and gently grabbed it, holding it down and to the side. It obviously didn't bother Loki in the least, since he didn't even whine in discomfort.

I reached over and placed my hand on Amy's belly next to her own hand, and we both gently rubbed her steadily distending abdomen. We both could feel the steady spurts as Loki repeatedly ejaculated into my little angel. I leaned over and gently kissed her on her sweaty forehead as we both watched her belly gradually swell.

I couldn't believe that none of that watery dog cum had escaped from Amy's stuffed little pussy. The size of Loki's knot embedded in Amy's cunt must have been enormous in order to prevent the steadily increasing pressure in her womb from escaping. That force pressing against her insides must also have begun to feel uncomfortable, as she released an occasional grunt from some minor movement pushing uncomfortably against various things deep inside her.

She grunted once more, before speaking again.

"Oomph! Daddy? Thank you, for everything, for being here, for helping me." She grunted again. "I want to do something for you. Oomph! Take your shorts off and come here."

Apparently my darling little dog fucker had changed over to imperial mode. I whimsically dropped my shorts and stood next to her, waiting to find out just what she had in mind. "OK, step over and straddle me right there. No, that way! Turn around. You need to keep rubbing my tummy." Her commanding tone almost made me feel like she was the adult and I was the child, but only almost.

Complying with her requests turned out to be rather awkward. The lounger was too wide to straddle comfortably, so I kind of knelt on my left leg with my knee next to her shoulder and my right leg still planted firmly on the patio. In order to keep rubbing her bulging tummy, I had to lean forward and support the rest of my weight on my left arm, holding onto the lounger frame beside Amy's left hip. It was rather an uncomfortable position, to be honest.

"OK, that's almost it, scoot back a little. That's it!" I was about to try and figure out just what she had in mind with arranging me in such an odd position, when my cock was suddenly engulfed by the warmest, wettest, most indescribable sensation ever.

My little minx of a daughter had managed to arrange me so she could suck my cock at the same time as I kept rubbing her tummy and Loki continued to breed her. The feeling of her tongue as it swirled around the head of my cock was unbelievable.

I froze in delight, until an abrupt slap on my ass from Amy's free hand prompted me to continue rubbing her stomach. I now understood why Loki had whined when Amy was giving him his blowjob earlier. I almost found myself whining as well.

I involuntarily moaned when she pulled her head back and released my cock from her velvety mouth, before sliding her tongue along the shaft to my balls, which she sucked one, than the other, into her mouth to be massaged by that amazing tongue.

Her hand that had reminded me to keep rubbing her aching tummy with that slap, still had a firm grip on my ass. It was probably well that she did. After releasing my balls from her mouth, instead of moving forward back to my aching cock, she continued back along the crack of my ass until the shock of her tongue swirling around my anus froze me completely.

I don't remember the surprised gasp I must have made, but Amy sure did. I heard a wicked giggle from her before she abruptly pushed hard with her tongue and speared it up into my rectum. I thought the feel of her tongue on my cock was unbelievable, it was nothing compared to the sensation of my little dog slut ass-eating daughter's tongue as it explored my ass.

Too soon it seemed, I felt my baby withdraw that incredible tongue from my ass, than plant a rather wet kiss on my anus she had just plundered. Then in an impish voice, using a pretty good imitation of the voice I had used to prepare her to be knotted by her lover, except with a slight waver of uncertainty in her voice, she asked me.

"So Daddy, are you ready to let me keep Loki, knowing I'm going to be his little human bitch and let him fuck me every chance he gets?"

I decided to play along with her, "Gee, Amy, you know I will!"

At my response, Amy suddenly gave me a quick nip on my ass with her teeth, and giggled. Then with her laughter still echoing in her voice continued.

"You didn't answer me, Daddy. Are you ready to let me keep Loki, knowing I'm going to be his little human bitch and let him fuck me every chance he gets?"

I laughed as I responded as my angel had earlier, "If it's that important, then yes, I will let you keep Loki, especially knowing you're his little human bitch and he's going to fuck you every chance he gets. But only under a few conditions."

"Daaad, that's not how you were supposed to respond." Then the realization hit that not only had I officially agreed to let her keep her mate, but by my tone how much I actually approved of her relationship. "Oh, thank you Daddy! Thank you! Um, what conditions?"

I once again found myself feeling like I was in some dream and going to wake up any moment. My little girl was lying underneath me, having become a cock craving dog slut. Her dog lover's enormous cock still trapped inside her twelve year old pussy, belly distended with the amount of dog cum Loki had pumped into her womb. Then me, perched over her, my anus still wet from where my ass eating daughter had just tongue-fucked me with abandon.

Yet here we were having a surreally normal conversation of what my conditions were for here to keep her dog lover. To be honest, my conditions weren't too awfully difficult I thought. I decided to tease her a little by making her wait. Perhaps her anxiety might get her to volunteer her to accept additional responsibilities. I was not in the least prepared for what she was willing to offer.

"Dad, what conditions? You know I'll do anything! You can have me anyway you want! Well, maybe not my pussy, I'm not sure yet if Loki would share. But you could fuck my ass anytime, and I'll suck your dick and your ass. I'll let you do anything!" Then some sense seemed to strike her, "Well, almost anything."

I was dumbstruck at her transformation into some sex crazed fiend, though I probably shouldn't have been. After all, she had become her dogs willing human bitch and was still joined to her canine lover as she tried to convince me to let her keep her doggy mate. I actually felt like we were playing some sort of game, but couldn't decide who was winning.

I managed to reorganize my thoughts following her startling declaration and responded.

"Amy, you naughty girl, I wasn't going to ask for anything like that. However, since you've offered them I most certainly accept." Then I paused again. It was quite fun making her squirm like this.

"Daddy! Don't be so mean, or you won't get anything from me!" The hint of her giggle almost gave her away. It looked like she was enjoying the game as well. I decided to abruptly end the game. I didn't want my little girl to miss out on the enjoyment of her second dog fuck.

"Okay, okay! Condition one. He's officially your dog. You're responsible for his care. Feeding, exercising, and not just in the bedroom, plus cleaning up after him in the yard. Next, he seems a rather smart dog. You really need to teach him when he can and can't have his way with you. Quickly. I can't imagine how bad it would be if her tried to jump the bones of either you or one of your friends next time they're over. Also, I do not want him fucking you when I'm not here until you both get more familiar with it. I don't want either of you accidentally hurting each other. Finally, and most importantly I want you to enjoy each other, having a dog of your own is something special."

Amy's response was surprisingly sedate. Probably because she was still playing her little game, either that or she was a bit distracted. Her quiet "Okay, Daddy," was quickly followed by some heavy breathing and another squeal as something set off yet another orgasm within her.

I was shocked that even in the midst of her orgasm, she managed enough control to lift her head and engulf my cock into her amazingly talented mouth. I was even more surprised as she kept going, my cock effortlessly passing the back of her throat until I could see the outline of my cock in her neck. My baby seemed to be a natural born cock sucker.

My ability to explode had run out about 3 of my own orgasms ago, though I still managed something. The feeling of Amy's throat muscles as they caressed my cock was unbelievable. Too soon, the need for air and the utter collapse following her latest orgasm removed my cock from her throat and mouth as she fell back onto the lounger.

My crouching position was so awkward, and I myself felt so drained, I carefully repositioned on the ground beside my darling daughter. Amy did make a half-hearted attempt to pout as if I were taking away some desired treat, but I imagine she was exhausted as well.

Loki's tail hitting me in the face rapidly became awkward, so it was my turn to hold it still while we recovered. "So Amy, do you agree to ALL of the conditions?"

Amy managed to wearily lift her head, but still managed a mischievous gleam in her eye with her reply. "Yes, Daddy, even my suggestions."

"Well, in that case, I think a little planning is in order." I patted Loki's hindquarters as I continued. "First thing is we need to get him licensed and registered. That way if you somehow manage to let him get away, it will be much easier to get him back."

That prompted an incredulous "I manage? I don't think so. You're the one home all day." Then, as she realized I was teasing, she thumped me hard on the shoulder. "Daaaad..."

"Next, I'll see about getting an appointment for the vet Friday afternoon after my staff meeting. Get him checked out, make sure he's healthy, get his shots, you know the usual." Then with my own evil glint I added a little dig of my own. "Perhaps we should have him neutered."

"Don't you dare!" That outburst was quickly followed by a rather painful series of thumps on my arm, then a moment later by a giggle and her suggestion. "You'd better not, or I'll have to schedule one for you too!"

I raised my hands in mock surrender as I rose to my feet.

"When you put it that way, I'll think we'll skip that part." Then I followed up with a, "Are you okay with me leaving you and Loki here while I head inside and get dinner ready? I know it's your turn to cook, but I think I'll take care of it tonight."

Amy looked up at me with the sweetest smile imaginable.

"Thank you Daddy. Thank you for understanding, thank you for being here with me." She then looked over at a still heavily panting Loki, his cock still deeply embedded in her twelve year old pussy, and then back at me again. "Thank you for letting me have Loki, thank you for letting me be his little human bitch, thank you for letting him breed me, and finally, thank you for being my Dad."

She looked back at where Loki's dog cock was attached to her pussy, and reached down with her hand, placing it over her swollen cunny lips.

"Yes, I'm fine now. You can go get dinner started. I think it will be a little while before we're done here. I'll call if I need anything."

"Okay Sweetie." As I turned to head into the house, I paused and looked back. "Amy? I do love you." She quickly looked back up, and with a smile like a ray of sunshine replied, "Thank you Daddy, I love you. Go get dinner started, I'm starving, and I think Loki will be hungry too."

I laughed as I headed inside. As bizarre as my world had become, I couldn't imagine having it any other way. I didn't feel perverse, or guilty, or wicked. Instead, I had a beautiful daughter whom I adored and a new member of our family. I decided that I felt... Happy.

The End

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Truly outstanding. The progression from Amy being raped by the dog to her loving it and wanting it again was incredibly arousing. The complicity of the dad, and his willingness to guide his daughter through the sex was a huge turnon also. Your attention to detail is one thing that sets this story apart from other bestiality stories. I certainly hope that you continue writing in this vein, or perhaps even write a sequel(s) for this story.


Any loving dad would have put the beast down for hurting his daughter to that degree... Unless they are sadists ofc, but then you have missed putting that code in description. At least put rape in the code instead of 'reluc' because that first attack was ANYTHING but that... Ciao and hope other stories will be properly coded so I don't have to read about sadistic parents unless that is my kink.


One of better written stories on this site, comparable with the likes of Renpet. I only hope you will continue with your writing and we'll see a lot more from you in the future. Your imagination is exciting, original and above all sexy. Thank you!


Well that was a truly disturbing story.

I loved it. :)


Excellent story! Very hot with the father helping his daughter become a dog slut!


It took me three days to finish this story because I couldn't stop cumming while reading it but oh my, was it worth it! So perverted.. this is what fantasies are all about and you're the master of the craft! I hope you won't stop now. There are so many possibilities. You mentioned how Amy was showing growing interest in kinky sex. Perhaps you could tell how she went on to learn and experiment with all kinds of kinky sex and how daddy helped her along the way. I hope we will continue reading your fine stories long into the future!


Thank you for your comments. This was the first story I've ever submitted, so the feedback is appreciated.

In response to Anonymous' remark, the seed for this story wasn't mine. I'd read a similiar story that inspired this one, and it ended up writing itself. I was trying to instill a sense of how despite having a terrible start, things manage to work out in the end. Besides, if someone doesn't like a particular story, no one is making you read it. I do agree I may not have coded this story as accurately as possible, but like I mentioned, I'm new at this.

As to Kat, I love Renpet's work as well and am flattered in your comparison.


This was one of the most fantastic stories I have ever read, if not the best! When can we be expecting a sequel? ;P

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