Family Watching, Part 2

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Published: 27-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Several days had passed and Adam hadn't mentioned what he saw to anyone, and him and his little sister hadn't talked about what they had done either. He had gone about himself as usual, with the exception of jacking off. He couldn't beat his cock enough, and his mind kept going to seeing either his step-father's meat going in Derick's ass, or his own cock going in his little sister.

One afternoon shortly after he had gotten home from school, he had gone to him and his brothers bedroom. His sister Brittney was at friends house, and it should be another twenty minutes before Derick's bus would get home, they took two different buses cause of different schools. He tossed his bag on the floor, then his shirt. With just shorts and shoes, he went over to the bottom bunk, his brothers bed, and sat back on it.

He used his right hand to start rubbing himself over his pants, feeling his cock start to get hard under his shorts. He unfastened his belt, fiddled with the button for a second, then pulled the zipper down. His boxer covered hard-on popped free of his jeans and he began to circle his hand around it. With two fingers he moved it up and down, watching how the boxers moved with it, but the foreplay was brief. Pulling the band down below his little ball sack, he saw his now naked cock standing at attention, begging for relief.

With a small hand he grabbed it and rapidly started to beat it. With his free hand, he started rubbing his flat belly and his chest. He wasn't sure why he did that when he beat off, but it felt right, and he liked how his smooth skin felt below his finger tips. He started to feel a tickle in his cock head and he began to breath hard. As his hand flew up and down, his heavy breathing began to turn to soft moans. His belly began to contract and losen, then all the sudden his back arched back and he let out a loud moan as he orgasmed.

What Adam didn't know is that his brother hadn't gone to school today. When he had come home, Derick was in the laundry room, and when he heard his little brother, he followed him upstairs. Derick had planned on picking on Adam, but when the boy was clearly horny, he hung back and just watched. His cock got hard as a rock watching the boy pound his meat and he wanted to get some relief too, but he wanted to wait. He had jacked off with the boy once before, but that seemed different. He had convinced Adam to do it, it was what he wanted to do, this, this was the boy doing it all on his own, clearly the horny preteen.

After Adam was finished, and collapsed on the bed, Derick, his bulging cock straining at his shorts, walked into the room. Adam went to move quickly to try and block the view of his cock, but Derick motioned for him to stop then said "It's ok, I watched the whole thing, and it was hot"

"Really?" Adam asked. He wasn't sure if his brother was being serious about liking what he had just witnessed, or if he was just screwing with him.

"Yeah bro, you see this don't you?" he asked, rubbing a hand over his bulge, feeling it jump as he made contact.

"Let me see it" Adam said. He really didn't know too much when him and Derrick jacked off before, but now he knew more and he wanted to see another cock up close.

Derick walked towards him a bit, pulling the band down to free his large dick. The sound of it smacking his belly made Adam laugh for a second, but then his attention went right to it. The purple head was glistening with precum, and Adam wanted to touch it. "Can I..." he said, not really sure what to ask for, but he sat up and was moving his hand towards it hesitantly. His eyes were switching from Derick to the cock in front of him.

Derick nodded and Adam wrapped his hand around it and started to play with the slick precum with his thumb. It felt so weird, but so good. He couldn't wait till he could do that too. Derick was beyond horny, and without thinking, grabbed Adam's head and forced his cock against the boys half open mouth. Adam a bit shocked let the hot cock slide into his mouth, and after a second to see what it tasted like and felt like, he closed his mouth around it and began to suck on it. He hadn't ever seen this, but it seemed right.

When Adam started sucking, Derick put his hand on the boys head and started pushing his hips forward and back, watching as part of his dick disappeared and reappeared from the boys mouth. The hot tender feeling of Adam's mouth and the wet slurping sounds were driving him crazy. He could feel his load building, and was ready to shoot his cum in Adam's waiting mouth. He thrust his cock into the boys mouth, farther than he had gone, and it was obvious he gagged him, but Adam kept sucking. Derick moaned loud and hard as spurt after spurt released. As his cum shot, Adam started to moan which made it that much better. Derrick looked down and saw some of his cum leaking from his little brothers mouth. He withdrew his cock and sat down on the bed with him, wrapping his arm around him.

"That was great Adam" he said pulling the boy close and planting his lips on the boy's mouth, making sure he got the remnants of his cum. He kissed the boy, whispering to him to open his mouth then slid his tongue in. They sat there tongue kissing for a few minutes, both of them without shirts and cocks hanging free.


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