Young Girl Club, Part 2

[ Ff, cons, pedo, lolita, inc ]

Published: 27-Jul-2012

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All these stories are a work of fiction and care was taken - no letters were hurt when they were placed on the page.

Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Every story I write contains sexual situations between adult females and young girls between 5 and 16 years old. These stories should not be read by anyone who is either not old enough to do so or who would be offended if they did. Most if not all of the stories I write contains explicit pornographic material; it is not for minors under the age of 18 or close-minded people.

Any characters, places, businesses and/or circumstances etc. described herein are entirely fictional and are a product of my imagination. None of the following is based on real organisms or organizations, and any semblance to anyone or anything real, living, deceased or imaginary, is purely coincidental. There is no place called Cherish Valley in the United States that I am aware of.

I write stories for my own enjoyment. I write stories in which adult women are degraded, humiliated, and fucked by young girls.

If this story seems to be better edited that is because I have a wonderful male editor. If there are any remaining mistakes in the story as far as grammar or punctuation, then it is my error and not his. Thanks 'A', you're wonderful.

Author's advisory: All these stories that I write about are for adults only. If you're under-aged or of a closed mind and you read my stories, your teeth will rot and all your hair will fall out! This stuff is too mature and sophisticated for you.

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Lisa Briggs stood there in her satin pink princess dominatrix dress staring at her mother who was blindfolded and had her wrists cuffed together in front of her. The princess dominatrix dress came mid-thigh on the teen. She wore white thigh high stockings, black Mary Jane's with a five inch heel. In her right hand she held her favorite strap-on and in the other a butt plug.

Lisa's mother was wearing nothing but her cotton panties and her white blouse with no bra. She had been talked into this situation by Mrs. Betty Davidson, Lisa's eighth grade Literature teacher. Carole Briggs didn't know that her daughter was in the same room watching her. She thought it would some anonymous teen girl who paid Mrs. Davidson thirty dollars for two hours with with Carole.

The thirteen year old had been watching her mother and Mrs. Davidson in club for the last half hour. She had given Mrs. Davidson, her seventh grade Literature teacher, instructions to bring her mother to the club. Lisa wanted to fuck her mother but didn't know of another way to do it without bringing her mother to the club. Mrs. Davidson had done her job perfectly.

Lisa was a ravishing slip of a girl, just over five feet five and thirteen years old, her body tight and trim, not an ounce of fat, and her hips were lush and girlish. Her ass was a work of art, full-blown, and her breasts were already ripe and big as oranges. This combination of perfection, her youth plus sexiness, would have been enough to drive most women mad, but Lisa was also beautiful.

She had white skin, brown eyes, and blonde hair that she wore in bangs on her square-cut face. Her lips were like juicy slices of watermelon. Her face radiated youthful, innocent beauty, but under her young facade there was something about her face that was like a magnet, a turn-on. She could have been the subject of any woman's wet dream. The girl also had a fetish that turned women on, domination and humiliation. Lisa and her best friend Helen had been sneaking out of the house every Friday evening and going to the Young Girl. It was last year in fact that Lisa found out she had a talent for humiliating women. It made the teen wet between her legs to see women on their hands and knees begging her to let them kiss her anus, women wanting to be spanked like little girls, and there were several times that women gave her money so they could be humiliated at the mall.

"Betty, I've been sitting here tied up for a while now!" Carole Briggs complained, pulling at her wrist bindings. "I'm going crazy here. Where is this mystery-fuck girl?" Carole's nipples are already hard, and her pussy wet just from being bound and displayed in this way!

The music was thumping downstairs on the dance floor. Carole had never been to the Young Girl and when Lisa's teacher, Mrs. Davidson, offered to bring her here for a couple of drinks, Carole said "sure". She had found it erotic that women seventeen and older danced for girls between the ages of six and and sixteen. The rule was that when a girl turned seventeen she was no longer allowed in the front door of the club which meant she could no longer enjoy buying and trading women for sex within the club. If she came in the back door that meant that she could be bought and traded for sex by her friends who were still sixteen or younger. Carole Briggs and Betty Davidson had to walk in the back door.

Carole and Betty had come to the club about a half hour before. Carole had never been to the club before and Betty offered to show her around, all in good fun, of course.

"Carole, patience just isn't one of your strong points, now is it dear?" Mrs. Betty Davidson smiled as she looked her Carole's daughter Lisa. "I'm sure she'll be here real soon. You're lookin' just great. It's all setup. I'll ask one more time, are you sure, absolutely sure you're ready for this? You know what I said about the rules of the club. You can't back out once the money has exchanged hands and the money hasn't exchanged hands yet."

Betty looked over at Lisa who was smiling and waving three tens at the woman. Betty was jealous of Carole Briggs because her daughter, Lisa, was going to fuck her in ways the teen had never fucked her before. The seventh grade literature teacher was in love with the thirteen year old.

It was all part of Lisa's plan so that she could fuck her mother. It was her mother, Carole Briggs, who got Lisa wondering about things. She thought back over the last several days and how it all started.

Lisa awakened in the middle of the night and slipped out of bed to go to the bathroom. She had on pink bikini panties and a pink nightie top. She was walking sleepily down the hall to the toilet, when she noticed the light slivering into the hall from beneath the guest room door.

No one had stayed in the room since last year when Lisa's girlfriend, Helen Johnson, had spent a weekend. That was back when Lisa and Helen were cheerleaders in sixth grade last year. Now they were in middle school in seventh grade. They had spent one night going through tons of pictures in the guest room that showed them cheerleading, going through them for the yearbook they were putting together.

Her mom was up. Lisa thought she might be reading, but as she passed the room, she heard strange sounds, sounds like she'd never heard before. It sounded as if her mother was sick. Lisa stopped and listened.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh, God!" her mother groaned.

Lisa had no idea what was going on. There was a rhythmic noise coming from the bedroom, as though someone was making love on the bed. Lisa had to peep. She dipped to one knee before the bedroom door, winked one eye then peered through the keyhole with the other. She gasped with shock.

Her mother was lying nude on the bed! Her legs were spread and she was playing with herself! Lisa saw her mother's hand rotating between her legs.

"Gawwwwwd, shit!" she whispered softly, her heart racing, a sizzle of excitement simmering through her, a feeling racing through her that felt wild, new and thrilling.

The sight of her mother, lying nude on the bed masturbating herself got Lisa hotter than she had ever been before, and there had been times when she had masturbated when she had felt as if she was on fire. But now, it was her mother who was masturbating.

Then she saw that her mother had found the cheerleading pictures of her and Helen, which Lisa had left in the dresser drawer next to the bed. She had a picture in her hand, and she was masturbating to it.

"Gawwwwwwd!" Lisa drawled, amazed. She watched her mother pump her hand in and out of her pussy while she looked at the picture. "That's the one of me bending over, my butt out! Shit, she's masturbatin' to my picture."

Her little cunt spritzed creamy goodness. She got all wet between her legs. She had never seen such an exciting sight, never dreamed it even in her wildest masturbation fantasies that her mother was jerking herself off to a picture of her cheerleading.

"Jeez, just wait till I tell Helen!" Lisa whispered. She slid her hand down into her pink panties and slicked a finger into her tight pussy. She started screwing herself as she peeked through the keyhole and watched her mother masturbating to a picture of her in a cheerleading pose, skirt drawn high, showing a patch of blue panties under the white pleats of her cheerleading skirt.

Her mother attacked her cunt savagely, pounding harder and harder, as she thumbed through the photos of the lovely young darlings.

"I think she's doin' it to Helen now!" Lisa whispered.

Then she saw her mother find another picture of herself bending over, showing off her remarkable ass. She pumped. She jerked. She gave herself a masterful hand-job, and Lisa watched with excited intrigue at the way her mother jacked off.

Lisa hadn't seen her mother masturbate before. This was a new forbidden pleasure for the thirteen year old. She was excited about it, yet she was confused, did her mother have a thing for cheerleaders or her and Helen? But most of all she felt elated! She fingered her cunt, her hand deep in her panties. She had to find a way to confront her mother about this. Lisa's dominate side wanted to punish and humiliate her mother.

Her mother came! She withered on the bed, her body turning this way and that way, her head rolling back and forth.

Lisa climaxed. Her body shivered. She thought she was going to die she felt so good. She grabbed the doorknob for balance.

Her mother heaved up off the bed as she pushed her fingers deep into her cunt at the sight of her daughter Lisa's cute picture. Lisa was on one knee, peeking through the keyhole, fucking her finger into her cunt.

Lisa got up quickly and walked to the toilet. There was no question about it. She had to fuck her mother. Her hand was still down in her panties as she walked, still diddling her virgin cunt.

Lisa sat on the toilet as she heard her mother exit the guest bedroom, 'What a fucking bitch,' thought Lisa. 'My fucking mother whacking her cunt like that!' Lisa knew of other girls who were fucking their mothers but the thought had never crossed her mind to do it. Now seeing her mother tonight masturbating to her and Helen's pictures that got Lisa thinking.


The next morning at breakfast Lisa was sitting at the kitchen counter eating toast when her mother came in. "Good morning, sweetie!" She said cheerfully.

"Morning, mother," Lisa replied as she looked at her mother. Her mother was totally different than the one on the guest bed last night masturbating herself like a whore, squirming and arching her back as she rubbed her clit.

Carole got her lunch together and looked at her daughter, "Need a ride to school?"

"No thanks mom, I am gonna meet the girls at the bus," Lisa smiled at her mother as she looked her up and down. 'I wonder what her breasts look and feel like?' the teen asked herself as her was busy in the kitchen.

Carole got a funny feeling like her daughter was sizing her up or something. "Well okay then, don't be late coming from school."

"I won't," Lisa replied as her mother left the kitchen.

"See you tonight then," Carole yelled as she walked out the front door.


Later that morning at Intercourse Middle School, Lisa met up with Helen Johnson, her best friend. They had some time to kill between two morning classes. They were headed for the bathroom.

Lisa wore a black denim mini that hugged her curves, a pink sweater drawn equally tight against her precious little breasts, and a pair of pink tennis shoes.

Helen, a honey blonde, had on stone-washed denim jeans. She looked good in them. The denim cradled her fine little ass like a big scoop of jello. She had on a black tank top that was drawn so tight that it was like tape around her chest. Her breasts, two sweet plums, stuck out like they were ripe for picking.

Helen had beautiful blue eyes, her hair was long, parted in the middle and swept along the sides, then flared to her shoulders, a perfect frame for her round, angelic face, pouty lips, and apple-fresh cheeks.

"Come on," Helen said. "You're kiddin' me."

"No, I'm not," Lisa replied as she saw Mrs. Giffords the math teacher walking down the hallway. "Hi, Mrs. Giffords," Lisa smiled as she licked her lips at the woman.

Mrs. Giffords giggled and blushed as she walked past Lisa, "Good morning, Lisa!" Mrs. Giffords was also a waitress at the Young Girl club.

Helen ignored Mrs. Giffords, "Your mom?" she asked Lisa.


"She's a prude!"

"I know, right? That's why this is so cool!"

"You actually saw her jacking off?"

"Mmmm-hmmmm! Last night."

The lovely seventh graders slipped into the bathroom. It was empty. They went into a toilet stall and locked the swinging door.

Helen unbuttoned her jeans, pushed them down on her thighs then thumbed the waistband of her white panties. She tugged them around her knees then sat down on the toilet. Her hand slid between her legs. She petted her pussy lovingly, her finger slicking into the tight slit in slow, lewd slushes.

Lisa leaned against the side of the bathroom stall. She hiked her black mini into ripples around her waist then pulled her pink panties down to her knees, setting her legs apart and fingering her cunt.

"You saw her jack off."

"Yes," Lisa replied, "but I didn't tell you, she was masturbating to those cheerleading pictures of us. You and me."

"Huh? What?" Helen huffed, her eyes widening.

"Yes, jerkin' off to our pictures from last year in sixth grade."

"Oh, gawwwwwd!" Helen gulped. "She did?"

Lisa finger-fucked her little pussy. "She was too. Lookin' at our pictures and doin' it to her fucking cunt!" the teen hissed.

"Shit! Wow! What a fucking whore your mom is!" Helen panted, fucking into her cunt with a hot hand-dance.

"Yeah, the bitch found the pictures we left in the drawer by the bed. I peeked through the keyhole and watched her look at the pictures and masturbate."

Helen slid down on the toilet seat. Her pretty young face was impassioned with erotic excitement.

"Oooooo, gawd!" Helen gasped. "Jackin' off to us? What a real bitch! Do you think she likes teen girls like us or cheerleaders."

"I think she likes teen girls like us!"

"Hmmm, I'd love to get her face between my legs and pee all over her! Is she a squirter? I love adult women who squirt their damn pussy juice all over."

Lisa fingered faster. "I couldn't tell! But she moaned and groaned all over the place."

"Oh no! Oh shit! Shit, Lisa!"

"The bitch musta shot off a quart," stammered Lisa. "I jerked myself off watching her. I wanted to smear her make-up with my pussy juice, grind her face with ass!"

"Was her pussy big?" Helen asked hotly. "Like a mature pussy?"

"Yeahhh, wow! A real big mature pussy mother pussy!"

"Ooooo, shit!" Helen hissed. "A pussy like that is good for a strap-on fucking!"

"Oh, yeah and a riding crop!" Lisa agreed as she slid down on the stall wall, her legs apart, her knees slightly bent. Her pink panties were bunched between her knees as she diddle-fucked her juicy pussy.

Both thirteen year olds were finger-fucking frantically now, lost in the heat and pleasure of their masturbatory action.

Helen stiffened on the toilet seat. "I'm gonna get it!" she cried.

Lisa watched her pretty friend. They had been masturbating together since the third grade when they had their first sex ed. class. Mrs. Perch took a personal interest in Lisa and Helen and after every class she would demonstrate for the girls how to properly masturbate. Most times Mrs. Perch would allow the girls to masturbate her. Lisa and Helen were enthralled as they watched their sex ed. teacher squirm and dance on their little fingers.

Helen looked up at Lisa. "Shit, your fucking mother!" Helen whimpered as she shuddered with climax.

"My fucking mother!" Lisa sobbed, as she thought of her mother being fucked silly by her strap-on bent over on her hands and knees, the strap-on pushing and pulling against her mother's anus.

"Your fucking mother jerkin' off!" Helen whispered.

"Helen! I'm cummin'!" Lisa yelped.

"Shit, me too!" Helen squealed.


As the girls left the bathroom and walked into the hallway Helen said, "You just have to fuck you mother! The nerve of that bitch jackin' off to us like that!"

"Damn right, we have to figure something out!"

The girls went their separate ways. Lisa had her literature class and Mrs. Davidson. Lisa had seen naked women before, in fact, adult women worshipped and adored her. Mrs. Davidson was no different. Lisa loved using the combination of whips, canes and strap-ons on Mrs. Davidson and other women at the Young Girl.

As Lisa sat in class she spread her legs for Mrs. Davidson who kept looking at her. Lisa had hint of a smile on her lips as Mrs. Davidson would clear her throat and concentrate on the lecture. Lisa was hot after her masturbation session in the bathroom with Helen.

As the bell rang Mrs. Davidson said, "Ok, class we will have a test Friday on 'Hamlet'". Lisa sat at her desk, put the pen to the corner of her mouth and winked at Mrs. Davidson. The teacher gulped as she watched the students file out of her class.

Mrs. Davidson sat down in her chair as the last student closed the door behind him. Lisa got up from her desk and walked around behind her teacher. She could tell her teacher was sweating and nervous.

The thirteen year old bent over her teacher, her right hand rubbing Mrs. Davidson's right ear lobe as she whispered into her left ear, "Do you want to eat me Mrs. Davidson?" her teacher slowly nodded her head as she looked down at her desktop. "Do want to kiss my thighs and rub my clitty with the tip of your nose?" again her teacher nodded her head. "Then you stand in the corner over there facing the wall, pull down your soaked panties and masturbate yourself for me. Think of your princess as you masturbate for her!" Lisa ran her tongue up the side of her teacher's face, from her jaw to her temple. Her teacher shivered when Lisa did this.

Lisa backed away from the chair as her teacher got up on shaky legs and walked to the back of the classroom. She giggled as her teacher stood in the corner, reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees and started masturbating herself.

Lisa looked at her teacher in the corner, "Say it!" she commanded.

"I love my princess, I love my princess. I love Lisa Briggs. Mmmmgggg!" Mrs. Davidson moaned as she rotated her hips on her hand. "I love Princess Lisa!"

The thirteen year old walked up to her teacher as she masturbated herself, "Who do you love more? Me or your stupid husband?" Mrs. Davidson turned her head to look at the teenager.

"Don't look at me! Look at the wall!" Lisa hissed.

"Oh, God, you princess Lisa," moaned Mrs. Davidson as she faced the wall again. Her fingers were working her clit in a circular motion.

"Do you like dancing for your husband at the Family Strip club?" Lisa asked as she stood next to her teacher watching her right hand work her pussy. Lisa knew that Mrs. Davidson danced on Saturday nights at the club when her husband was home.

"No, Miss. Lisa, I hate dancing for him at the club!" Mrs. Davidson replied as she worked her right hand harder into her pussy.

"Hmmm, and why is that?" Lisa asked as she ran her finger down the side of her teacher's face.

"He pays other women to suck his cock for him as I'm dancing on stage. He laughs and sneers at me as the woman bounces her head up and down on his crotch." Mrs. Davidson said between clinched teeth as she rubber her pussy.

Her husband would put ten dollars on the table when she would start her dance. It was always several women who would fight over the money. As she danced on stage the woman would suckle his cock, looking up at her on stage as she was dancing, a smile on the sucking woman's face. Betty had long since given up getting mad and arguing with the women back stage about sucking her husband off. Even some of the younger girls told Betty to shut up about others sucking her husband. If her husband wanted to pay other women, who was she to argue about it?

"Well don't you do private dances for him?" Lisa asked as she grabbed her teacher's buttocks and squeezed.

"No, he likes the little girls to dance for him. He likes the six and seven year old girls to dance on the table for him as I sit next to him stroking his cock. He doesn't think it is hard on me watching those little girls sway back and forth on the table top, bending over and waving their little anus in front of me, but it is. My mouth waters as I watch those little girl's bare pussy and flat chests tease and torment me. I so very much want those little girls to sit on my lap, slap my breasts and laugh at me!" Mrs. Davidson almost sobbed as she worked her fingers into her pussy.

There were times back stage when Betty would volunteer to put lipstick on the little labia's of the six and seven year olds and around their little aureoles on their flat chests. The red lipstick would make the girl's labia and aureoles glow in the dark for their fathers and brothers who would be watching her dance in the semi-darkness of the strip club. Other times her pussy would get wet as she listened to the girls gossip about their mothers and other women in the club. Things like whose mother sucked the better cock, which woman dance more naughty than her daughter.

Mrs. Betty Davidson was desperate for love, be loved by a young girl. One time at the strip club Betty had worked up the nerve to ask a ten year old out on a date after the club closed for the night, the girl agreed. Betty was waiting out back of the club of the club when the girl walked out with another woman. Betty was crushed when the ten year old laughed at her and said the woman she was with was much prettier. The woman with the ten year old giggled and stuck her tongue out at her as they walked past. She got lucky a couple times when she hung around the park playground watching the little girls play.

So last August when thirteen year old Lisa came onto her the first week of school she readily gave her body, mind and soul to the teen. She needed to be loved, humiliated and dominated and Lisa was the girl who could do it.

"That's why you have me now, isn't it Mrs. Davidson. I give you all the pussy you can eat!" giggle Lisa as she pushed Mrs. Davidson's right hand away from her pussy.

Her teacher looked at her with a smile. Lisa could see the love and devotion the older woman had for her. "Knee down Mrs. Davidson," Lisa said as she gently pushed her teacher down by her shoulders.

"Can I?" Mrs. Davidson started to say but Lisa cut her off.

"Shhh! Mrs. Davidson," Lisa giggled as she put her index finger to her teacher's lips. "Be a good girl and keep quiet."

Mrs. Davidson nodded her head looking up at Lisa.

With her index finger and thumb Lisa pinched the end of her teacher's nose, "This is what I want today Mrs. Davidson," smiled the teen. "No tongue or lips or mouth on my pussy, you understand?"

Betty nodded her head. Lisa had already removed her thong underwear so she moved up on her teacher. Mrs. Davidson put her hands behind Lisa as Lisa straddled either side of her head.

The teen positioned her clit on the tip of her teacher's nose and grabbed her hair. "Relax Mrs. Davidson, come on relax," Lisa urged as she tried to move her teacher's head around. "Come on, I'm not going to let anything happen to you!" Lisa moaned as her teacher's nose made contact with her sensitive clit.

Mrs. Davidson tired to relax her neck muscles as Lisa took control of her head movements. The teacher breathed deep, taking in the musky smell of the teen pussy on her face. 'Oh, God, how she loved Lisa. If she could divorce her husband and marry this girl, she would in a heartbeat!' she thought. Betty thought back to the first time Lisa had fucked her missionary style with her twelve inch strap-on. Lisa had her eyes closed but Betty was watching her face closely as the teen pumped her strap-on in and out of her. Betty had her legs pulled back, her knees almost to her breasts, as Lisa squirmed around on top of her. Betty had fallen in love with the girl.

Lisa giggled and moaned and made faces as she rubbed the tip of her teacher's nose around her clit. Her clit was so sensitive after her earlier masturbation that Lisa found it hard to stand up right each time she tickled her clit with her teacher's nose.

"Fuuucckkk! You nasty woman! Letting your student hump your face!" Lisa giggled and gasped as she slowed her movements on her teacher's nose. She was close to cumming again.

Mrs. Davidson breathed in the musky odor of the teen girl. If she could only sit on the floor next to this teen princess everyday she would be a happy woman.

Suddenly Lisa held her teacher's head still as she rubbed her clit up and down her teacher's nose. The girl wasn't a screamer when she came but she gave off whimpers and low groans. Lisa's hips rotated on her teacher's face as girl cum leaked from her pussy all over her teacher's mouth.

The teen looked down at her teacher and smiled as she rubbed her soaked pussy all over the woman's face. "You look beautiful Mrs. Davidson with my cum on your face," Lisa said as she stepped away from the kneeling woman. "Leave it on. Let it dry on your face."

Mrs. Davidson gave her student a questioning look.

"It will let the other girls know that you are marked property, that you belong to me!" Lisa giggled as she adjusted her thong underwear.

"Do I princess? Do I really belong to you?" her teacher asked hopefully as she looked up at the thirteen year old.

"Yes, Mrs. Davidson, until I turn seventeen, you belong to me," Lisa smiled down at the woman.

Just then there was a knock at the door. "Oh, shit!" Mrs. Davidson almost yelled as she got up off the floor.

Lisa looked at her watch and said, "Relax Mrs. Davidson. It is just your 11am appointment."

"My appointment?" Betty looked confused.

"You don't have a class until after lunch so I took the opportunity to whore your body out," Lisa said as she opened the classroom door and peeked outside. She stepped back and opened the door wider. "Maggie here, who is twelve years old and in the sixth grade has paid forty dollars for an hour with you in your classroom."

The twelve year old stepped into the classroom. The sixth grader had glasses on with coke bottle lenses. Her hair was unkempt and she wore a skirt that came down passed her knees. The youngster folded her hands behind her back and stared at Mrs. Davidson.

The looks of the youngster frightened Betty, "I, I, don't have time for this Lisa!" Mrs. Davidson said as she stood up straightening her skirt and panties.

"Oh yes you do!" Lisa smiled. She turned to Maggie, "Do you have the forty dollars?"

Maggie took her book bag off her shoulder and took out forty dollars and handed it to Lisa.

"She's all yours!" chuckled Lisa as she put the money in her notebook. Maggie smiled at the teacher. Mrs. Davidson noticed that the girl's teeth were all crooked. She gulped as she stared at the sixth grader. Maggie had a reputation amongst the teachers for inflicting pain. The youngster didn't need implements. She used her teeth, hands and feet to subjugate the women she was with.


The next morning, Thursday, thirteen year old Lisa Briggs and her best friend Helen stood at the living room window watching Lisa's mother, Carole, walk out to her car. Lisa licked her lips as she stared at her mother. Carole was wearing a pinstripe and knit skirt that came just below her knees. She wore a white blouse that fit her perfectly and a matching business coat and black pumps. Her mom always dressed conservatively.

Helen watched Carole as she walked to the car, "So did your mother jerk off again last night?"

"Yes, it was nasty to watch too!"

"Why's that?"

"The bitch started kissing a picture with you and me on it. Then she rubbed the picture over her titties as she jerked herself off!

"Damn! Fucking bitch!"

"I know!"

"Your mom is such a fucking prude the way she dresses for work," Helen said. "If she's so nasty when she masturbates why does she dress as a prude?"

"She might be a prude at the office but one of these days I'm gonna fuck her!" Lisa said without taking her eyes off her mother as she opened the car door and slid in.

Carole noticed her daughter and her friend staring at her from the living room window and waved at the girls as she got in.

"Yeah, right? I mean she walks around here half naked all the time! Who wouldn't want to fuck her," Helen smiled and waved at Mrs. Briggs.

Lisa waved at her mom also, "The way she keeps teasing me around the house and now she's masturbating to our cheerleading pictures."

"You should not only fuck her but also punish her somehow." Helen added.

For as long as Lisa could remember her mother had also walked around the house half naked on weekends and at night. Sometimes her mother would wear a long men's button down shirt with nothing underneath and her pink bunny slippers. Other times, on weekends her mother would wear a tank top with no bra, her nipples always poking out. Lisa would have fantasies of her mother licking her little pussy and kissing her brownie each night before bed but could never work up the courage to do anything about it.

Both girls turned away from the window as Carole pulled out of the driveway. They had twenty minutes before they had to catch the school bus.

Lisa picked up a flexible metal ruler and slapped into her left hand. She looked at the woman standing before her in the living. Mrs. Jean Hetley stood before her nude from the waist down, her tank top just covering her breasts. Her hands were behind her head. Mrs. Hetley's nine year old twin daughters, Tina and Tabitha, were standing off to the side looking at their mother, their arms folded across their chests. Both youngsters were dressed for school, each had their backpacks on.

Helen sat on the corner of the couch watching Mrs. Hetley. Mrs. Hetley and her two lovely daughters had entered through the kitchen as Carole left out the front door.

"I understand you've been a bad girl Mrs. Hetley," Lisa asked as she snapped the metal ruler against her left palm again.

"Yeah, she wouldn't play doggie with us last night in the backyard!" Tina said. When their mom wouldn't play with them last night Tabitha called Lisa and ask if they could meet at her house before school so their mother could be disciplined.

"Shh, girls," admonished the thirteen year old. "Your mother is an adult and she can answer for herself. Is what the girls say true, Mrs Hetley?"

"Yes, oh God yes!" stammered Mrs. Hetley as she stood in front of Lisa with her hands behind her head.

Lisa walked behind the woman and flicked the metal ruler at her ass cheek.

[SNAP] went the metal ruler on the woman's left cheek.

"Uuuugghhh!" Mrs. Hetley grunted as her breasts bounced up and down under the tank top.

"And why didn't you play doggie like your daughters asked?" Lisa asked as she flicked her right wrist again.

[SNAP] went the metal ruler on her right ass cheek.

"Uuuugghh!" Mrs. Hetley grunted and gritted her teeth.

"Because the neighbor's dog was out and I thought he might make it into our yard. It's happened before." Mrs. Hetley replied as she moved back and forth, her ass stung.

[SNAP] went the metal ruler again on her left ass cheek.

"Uuuugghhh!" cried Mrs. Hetley.

"Shouldn't you have let your pretty young daughters worry about the dog next door?"

"Yes, yes, I am sorry!" Mrs. Hetley almost sobbed.

[SNAP] went the metal ruler on her right cheek.

"Uuuugghh!" Mrs. Hetley cried out again.

"That's called trust Mrs. Hetley, putting trust in your young daughters to do the right thing! Every adult woman needs to put trust in her young daughters to do the right thing."

"Yes I am so sorry, girls, it won't happen again!" their mother sobbed as she looked at her twins.

Lisa walked up to Mrs. Hetley, "Are you going to be at the Young Girl Friday?"

"Um, sadly, no, my husband wants to go to the Family Strip club on Friday," Mrs. Hetley choked back tears. "The three of us are going to dance for him."

"Too bad, okay, girls," Lisa said turning the twins. "I think your mommy has learned her lesson.

"Thank you Miss. Lisa!" Tabitha said on her way out the back of the house. Tina took her mother by the hand, "You have to figure out a dance for us mommy! Not the stupid dance we did last week but something new and exciting for him!"

"I know sweetie!" Mrs. Hetley smiled at her daughter as she picked up her shorts.

"You should charge for your services, Lisa," Helen laughed as she and Lisa walked out the front door.

"I should, being a dominatrix in this neighborhood would make me rich!" Lisa laughed as they walked out the front door.

Lisa found that she had knack for domination and being a dominatrix. She loved the feel of satin on her skin, the "Yes, Mistress Boots" with the six inch heel, the thigh high stockings, and the bamboo cane in her hand. She and Helen would go to the Young Girl on Friday nights with money her mom would give her for pizza and soda. Lisa had convinced her mom that she was spending the night at Helen's house. She would spend the night at Helen's but only after visiting the Young Girl.

But Lisa wondered how to get her mother into the Young Girl for a night domination and humiliation?


As Carole drove up to her parking space somebody had put a picture of an ice cube and a pussy with the words "FRIGID" on her parking sign. Two women were standing off to her left, they turned and looked at her as she got out of her car. Both women were giggling behind their hands. Carole looked at the sign and decided to take it down, again.

Carole worked at the Soda Company located on the other side of the Valley in Intercourse. She had a Masters degree in chemistry when they hired her out of college. They wanted somebody to assist the manager, Gloria, with the supervising of the other older women on the office staff. Carole was no prude as to the sex going on within the Soda Company, the thing was she was married at the time she was hired and she didn't feel it appropriate to engage in sex outside of marriage. She realized after the first week of employment that a lot of the women then and now, especially the younger women resented the fact that Carole didn't whore herself out to the males within the company. The attitude of the younger women was that all the females should be whoring themselves out at the company. Even the company vice-president would find herself in the men's room assisting the young male executives, for a price of course.

This made Carole the butt of a lot of jokes. When Carole started at the Soda Company the staff was the typical collection of teenagers just out of high school, college drop outs, and single moms you'd expect at a suburban working factory. The manager, Gloria, was an outrageous flirt, but her banter was generally accepted by the females as a harmless, occasionally welcome distraction from the office. One afternoon at a staff meeting, Gloria lectured the women on the proper cleaning technique for the mini-fridges around the office. You have to kneel down to get at the back corners, she explained to the group of assembled women. She paused, pointed to Carole, "Come on, Carole, you know what it's like to spend plenty of time on your knees." And then, while the entire female staff looked on, she made the classic tongue-in-cheek blowjob gesture. The group of women giggled and Carole turned beat red.

At the end of the day, Carole went to Gloria's office where she was tallying money from the girls in office who were pimped out that day. Carole politely told her that she'd found her comment at the staff meeting to be offensive. Carole also said that, although they worked in a casual, intimate office environment, she was the manager and it was her job to set a higher bar for appropriate humor. Gloria rolled her eyes, pointed to a poster on the wall, and said, "There's the hot line for sexual harassment if you want to call it." Carole looked at the poster, it was of a semi naked woman with an embarrassed look on her face and four young women standing around her laughing and pointing her. Carole didn't call.

Gloria's blowjob gag was directed at her, and she was the one being disparaged in front of her coworkers. The other women found it amusing. As an employee of Gloria's, however, the indirect implications of her joke rippled out and created, for Carole, a hostile work environment. The joke itself wasn't sexually inappropriate for the office, especially among females, but the real damage it caused was the condoning of a certain type of objectifying female humor. In responding to Carole's rebuke with dismissive hostility, Gloria denied Carole a safe and comfortable process for discussing her concerns. Jeff was supposed to be the guy I turned to if I felt harassed by another employee. He was supposed to be an impartial and fair resource for the whole staff. Instead, her behavior created a space where that kind of commentary was sanctioned by the management of the Soda Company.

About a week later, Carole was at a work event, sitting at a table with half a dozen female teenage coworkers she'd never met before. One of them, in casual conversation, used the expression "licking the brownie." The remark wasn't directed at Carole and it wasn't even about oral sex; it was merely a turn of phrase the teen chosen to describe some asexual phenomenon.

In mid-sentence the teen turned to Carole as said, "Oh man, I'm, uh, I'm really sorry, was that offensive? Did that bother you? I didn't mean to, well, I hope you weren't. Yeah, Sorry."

Carole assured the girl her language didn't bother her in the slightest. The teenager sighed with relief, beginning her story anew. "Wait," she said, whipping back to Carole one last time, "Are you a lesbian?"

Carole balked. She couldn't anyone, much less a young co-worker, had ever asked her about her sexual orientation, point-blank. The teens question put Carole in the awkward position of revealing personal information to a slew of teenagers or pointedly refusing to answer in front of the table. Carole let a raised eyebrow convey her discomfort. The other teens at the table and giggled at Carole.

On the drive home, the whole exchange struck Carole as preposterous. She had never been offended by the language choice, even growing up in Cherish Valley, but she didn't appreciate being singled out as the only mature female at the table who might have been a lesbian. Most of all, Carole really didn't like being put on the spot about her sexual orientation.

For many professional women at the executive level at the Soda Company, the feeling of exclusion is much more subtle and potentially damaging than outright sexism. This young teenage girl, however, had singled Carole out for specific comment because of her maturity. From the moment she asked Carole and only her, her feelings on her word choice, it was obvious that Carole was somehow a different type of colleague than the rest of the girls at the table. It was as if, since Carole didn't have a young smoothly shaved pussy, she was an obstacle to the flow of girlie conversation, instead of a contributor to it.

These kind of exclusionary tactics may seem surface deep, but they often facilitate professional divisions that damage women's careers in the long run if they don't go with the harassment. Gloria would send pictures of adult women in skimpy bikinis to all the female teenagers and twenty some things in the office. Carole found herself excluded from email chains with substantive work content because she hadn't been included on the original raunchy note. Gloria also prefaced conference calls with, "Hey girls, just want to let you know that Carole is on the line, watch your words!" Carole wondered how inappropriate was their conversation if this sort of preemptive warning was necessary when she was on the line? Suddenly Carole was depicted as an impediment to the project instead of a part of it.

Later three good things happened to her, her lovely daughter Lisa was born and her divorce was final from her husband. She became Vice-President of chemistry division at the age of forty, a new division within the Soda Company. Her office was the keeper of secret ingredient.

In the last couple of years though the company set-up a new division called Morale, Recreation and Welfare that offered free and discounted sexual recreation to the Soda Company employees and their families. The facilities and programs provided included hand jobs for male employees while at work, for youngsters at company parties they could urinate on women in wading pools, for female employees female stress relief program where they could swat or spank their manager, plus the ever popular porno movies and sex video games at parties. Carole didn't want any part of this.

Carole kept Lisa out of the company parties, picnics, and annual gatherings, unlike of other employees who brought their children to company functions and she decided against allowing her subordinates to spank or swat her breasts. After her divorce she withdrew from outside activities and focused on her home life with Lisa. Now that Lisa was at the age where her body was maturing, the old feelings began to stir within Carole, the sexual fantasies of her youth, the orgies at sleepovers, the naked parties at college.

Carole Briggs sat in her office reading the personal ads. Carole read the first personal ad, "My name is Sarah. I am 13. I have 2 dogs and a horsie! My 2 dogs are a German Shepherd named Trigger and a West Highland terrier name Coconut," Carole smiled to herself, 'Coconut', what a name she thought. The ad went on, "My horsie's name is 'Tux', like Tuxedo. He is a Bay. I love him so much! He is a good boy! All my pets are boys. They are good pets just like my women. Ok, well, I'm running out of page. Email me! Love, (little hearts), Sarah."

Carole scanned the want ads, "Two fun loving women looking for fun loving little owners: One blonde, other brunette. Enjoy long walks in the backyard or the park after hours, fancy convertible cars, and heavy petting by little girls. We are loyal and good listeners. We both have handmade paws and adorable floppy ears. Email us." Carole squeezed her thighs together. It amazed Carole what lengths women would go to for sex with young girls. She put her left hand down to her crotch and started to rub herself.

Carole read on, "Wanted, 1 adult female for the Tweeny room after school daycare. Here in the Tweeny room the emphasis is on developing the young girl's sexual skills & empowering them to become sexually confident with adult women. Ratio - is 1 adult female staff for every 3 children. Group Size - is approximately 12 Tweeny's age 9 to 12 per room. Email us if you are interested."

Carole licked her lips and pushed the heel of her left hand deeper into her crotch then she started to squirm in her seat. She read on.

"Here is what our kids are saying about the Tweeny room:

"I'm so tired because I have been at the Tweeny room and had so much fun. After me and my friends got here we drank lots and lots of water. We held our pee as we put our little bikinis on and went outside to play. Our wading pool is great, there were two staff members sitting in the pool as we peed on them. Then we played hide and seek. There are lots of places to play hide and seek around the Tweeny room. After we catch a staff member we take to her the bondage room where we learn our rope tying skills. Afterwards the staff members read us some sex stories in the den then we played find the poop in the sandbox. This is where we poop in the sandbox and cover it like cats do. The staff members have to find the poop in the sandbox using their fingers. The last staff member to find a poop has to eat it."

Carole kept squirming in her chair and her left hand was working her crotch.

"Wanted: 1 registered adult female sex worker for the after school nursery. We're more than just a nursery! Ratio - is 1 adult female staff for every 8 girls that are between the ages of 5 and 8 years. Group Size - is approximately 24 girls. Room ethos: Our program called '2 Kool 4 Skool' is based on sex and fun. The young girls are cared for by enthusiastic and experienced sex workers, who encourage the youngsters to express themselves freely and to make their own decisions. Within the Nursery room the children are challenged to further develop their self esteem & sexual independence. The emphasis is on teaching the youngsters the all important boundaries of playing sex games and communicating with confidence. Email us if you are interested."

Here is what our kids are saying about 2 Kool 4 Skool:

My mommy was really proud of me today because my special friend, I think she is called a sex worker, gave her a folder all about me. There were photographs of me modeling sexy clothes and strap-on dildos with my friends outside. Then we were pretending we were camping with the tent and camp beds and we had our sex workers all tied up. She told me I was clever because of all the words I learned like, bitch, cunt and pussy. Mommy didn't like the picture of me with my strap-on in the anus of the sex worker, but I think it's funny especially the funny face the sex worker was making. But what my mommy really liked the most was the crazy chocolate penis that I made for her this afternoon."

Carole squeezed her thighs together again, 'Why couldn't she get a little girl to butt fuck her?' she thought. She circled the ad anyway. She turned the page and was surprised to see a full page add by the eminent female psychologist, Dr. Julie Swan. Her left hand went back to crotch.

"The Dr. Julie Swan Anal Adventure Kit is designed by adult women for use by young girls to give you and your young girlfriend exactly what she needs; color, ergonomic designs, discreet packaging, superior quality, quiet and powerful anal devices. Uniquely shaped, pliable, multi-function dildos with suction cup base. Four powerful functions of vibration, pulsation, rotation, and escalation!

The picture underneath the ad showed Dr. Swan bent over at the waist, her hands on her knees, the school girl skirt flipped up on her back and the Doctor looking over her shoulder smiling for the camera.

Carole stared at the picture. The anus on Dr. Swan was the most perfect anus she had ever seen, not that she had seen a lot of female anus's in her time, but if she had to imagine a perfect anus, this would be it.

This lovely anal kit contains:

  • 5 inch x 1.75 inch petite pink butt plug.
  • 10 inch x 2 inch multispeed vibrator (includes 2 AA batteries).
  • 10 inch x 2 inch penis shaped ribbed sleeve.
  • 12 inch x 2 inch ribbed extension.
  • 11 inch graduated edible jelly anal beads (2 free refills included).
  • 1 oz Dr. Swan's Patented Anal Lube.

Carole licked her lips as she studied the advertisement. She had heard of Dr. Swan but had never attended her lecture series on young girls and adult women.

'Maybe I should attend one of her meetings,' she thought as she ground her heel of hand into her crotch. 'Damn that feels so good!'

Just then her PC beeped at her. Carole put the paper down, stood up and looked around the office. She saw three newly hired teenage girls who worked for her, Eva, Fay and Jan walk into the lounge. The lounge was more like a break room but this room had day beds, a couple of sofa's and two twin size beds that the women in the office could take a nap. The company called it a 'relaxation center' that was to be used only during lunch breaks or after work. Carole knew that sometimes the women in her office gathered for orgies after work. She decided to let that go as the orgies were harmless fun. Still, Carole thought, I would be fun to be fucked by all those women.

"Mrs. Briggs would sure shit if she knew we were playing with our pussies on company time," Eva Ward giggled. The teen girls, fresh out of high school, had only been with the Soda Company for a week.

The door to the relaxation room was down a separate dead end narrow hallway. The door was not quite closed, and Carole crept up to the crack and peered through. Her worst suspicions were realized. Another shock raced down to her cunt. Her clit stiffened.

The pretty teens sat in a circle on one of the beds, slim young thighs opened wide. Their cute pointy tits were out of their tank tops, and each girl had her left hand on her tits. Their right hands were fastened to their cunts.

"This is fun, doing our pussy thing together on company time," Fay giggled. "Fuck that frigid bitch, Mrs. Briggs."

"Yes, I want to see you girls cum," Jan giggled.

"Cumming is where it's at," Fay chirped, her hand moving faster on her up tilted pussy. "Mrs. Briggs never knows what the hell is going on around here, so we can cum lots of times."

Carole shuddered, her cunt juice wetting the crotch of her panties. Where did these teen girls learn to talk like whores? Carole wondered. And here they were, sprawled out on the company bed, watching each other play with cunts and tits. Awful. Carole had to stop it somehow before the company found out the girls were goofing off on company time. But she would not interrupt them, though.

Carole knew that when it was over she would have to jerk her own cunt in the bathroom stall till she had relief. Carole hadn't been fucked since her divorce years and years ago. She was healthy, red-blooded, and at thirty-eight years old was very attractive. She had fine, thrusting tits, long legs, a rounded ass and a face that most women in town really envied.

Here were three lovely eighteen year old girls, giggling and enjoying their pretty young bodies. Every adult woman's wet dream come true. Carole could see Eva's cunt the best. Eva's dainty cunt was all moist, the cunt lips swollen out, her little pink clit sticking up at the top of her pussy crevice. Now and then Eva gave her clit a careful fondling. Carole couldn't see the other two girl's cunts, but apparently they were doing what Eva was doing. Eva seemed the natural leader of the trio. She was bolder and talked more.

"Let's have our cum, Eva," Jan giggled. "My little clit really aches."

"Mine does too," Fay smiled at her friends. "Too bad Mrs. Briggs isn't here. She should be between my legs!"

"Yes, my cunt is ready," Eva giggled. "Let's try to make it all together, huh? Remember to jab your fingers in deep!"

As was custom in Cherish Valley, when a girl turned sixteen her mother could pop her cherry. It was really the only day that a mother could do whatever she wanted to her baby girl.

"Oh, yes," Jan tittered. "I want mine stuffed with Mrs. Briggs tongue!"

Carole felt a wave of dizziness. Good God. These young foxes wanted her to fuck them. It was obscene. Where did they get such terrible ideas? What did she do to be the masturbation desire of these three?

"Yeah, she's real sexy, and she won't talk to anybody," Eva said.

"I've seen Mrs. Briggs looking at us," Jan said. "She wants to fuck us, all right." All three girls giggled.

"I heard she's divorced," Eva said. "And has a daughter."

"I heard that guys get tired of the same cunt." Fay giggled. "Mrs. Briggs is good lookin."

"I bet Mrs. Briggs plays with her cunt," Jan said as she worked her hand into her cunt. "That bitch ought to be fucked at least twice a week!"

"But who's gonna fuck the bitch?" Eva asked looking at her friends.

"Maybe her daughter?" Fay giggled.

Jan laughed. "I wonder how big Mrs. Brigg's titties are when her nipples are hard?"

"Her titties sure look big in her blouse," Eva said.

"Yeah, the whole office wonders what her breasts are like," Fay giggled.

"I wonder if she knows how to masturbate, Jan asked.

Carole gripped the door casing, her cunt streaming juice into her panties. She had enjoyed a lot sex in her earlier teen years. Then she got married and divorced. She thought she loved cock, especially Dan's prick. But now she was finding out that young sexy girls did appeal to her. Their lithe young bodies, their demanding attitudes, just like she was growing up but now she was an adult and didn't play those games anymore.

But to think that she could actually touch these three teens and slip a finger up their cunts, kiss their little anus's and fondle their budding breasts that got her wet and horny.

"I want to whore her out! Like be her pimp and whore the bitch out to the company!" Eva giggled.

"Yeah, move her office in here and she could be the vice-president of whores!" Fay replied.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum!" Jan exclaimed, her right hand moving faster on her little cunt.

"Me, too," Fay giggled as she worked her fingers in deep and used her thumb to massage her clit.

Carole stared at Eva's turned on cunt, watching the eighteen year old tease a finger around her stiff, pink clit. Eva's face was flushed, her tits sharp and stiff. The nipples looked very long and sexy.

"Come, Jan," Eva breathed, jiggling her palm on her cunt. "You cum too, Fay. Here comes my funnnn!"

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh!" Eva whined, her hand a blur on her wet cunt. "My cunt's cumming. Uhhhhh--ohhhh--fuuuuck!"

Carole almost gasped. Her right hand shot down to her crotch, she gripped her cunt mound. She wore the long pinstripe skirt that came below her knees and a flowery blouse, very thin bikini panties. Cunt juice was already soaking through onto her pants. She couldn't go back to the office this way.

Whimpers of delight came from the three teens as they hunched and jiggled the bed with their whipping fingers.

'Those dirty little cunts,' Carole thought, rubbing her own covered cunt. 'They should be punished for goofing off on company time. I wonder how often they do this.'

The three girls finished their cum fun and giggled, looking from one wet pussy to another.

"Damn good," Jan giggled. "Now let's have another cum apiece."

"Sounds nice," Fay said. "When're we gonna quit this kid stuff and fuck each other?"

Jan looked at Eva. "We'd have to take turns," Jan giggled.

"Well, the girl left over could always play with her cunt, like we're doing now," Fay said.

"Okay," Eva laughed. "Which two of us fuck?"

Carole couldn't take much more of this. Her cunt ached, her tits itched, and her legs felt wobbly.

"I'll fuck you, Jan," Eva giggled. "Fay, you can play with your cunt and watch."

"Hell, it was my idea." Fay protested.

"We'll fuck plenty after today," Eva giggled. "Stretch your ass out, Jan. I'm gonna fuck you good."

"Oh, yes," Jan giggled, lifting her shirt over her head. She rested on her back, pretty long thighs open wide, her puffy cunt arched upward.

Carole wanted to tear herself away from the partly opened door, but she couldn't. She had to watch Eva fuck Jan. Carole's belly churned with lust, her cunt oozed more juice. She stroked at her fingers, blades of excitement shooting through her crotch.

"Oh, this is good," Jan giggled, pushing her tits up at her sister Eva. "The only trouble is you don't have a strap-on."

"Shit, I know that," Eva breathed, her cute ass flexing. "We've got to buy one and keep it here!"

Fay watched, her hand returning to her pussy, her other hand fondling her pretty, swollen nipples. "Can you cum that way?" Fay asked.

"I'm gonna fuck Jan till we cum," Eva muttered. "Even if it takes all afternoon and that bitch Mrs. Briggs gets upset at us."

Carole quickened her hand movements. Maybe she wouldn't have to be naked, after all. She liked to be laying flat on her back when she masturbated herself, but a stand-up cum would be better than not cumming at all. Sometimes she had fun with herself when she was driving to work. One hand on the steering wheel, the other underneath her skirt on her itchy cunt.

This was different. She was watching the three eighteen year olds play with their cunts and fuck. Carole didn't see how she could hold back her passion much longer.

Surges of throbbing lust raged inside Carole's belly, her nipples felt ready to poke holes in her blouse. Her cunt was twitching, oozing more fuck juice.

"Oh, fuck me harder, Eva!" Jan whined. "I can feel your clit. It's so damn good!"

"I'll fuck your little cunt till you yell." Eva panted, her ass working faster. Carole could see the cute pink rosette of Eva's asshole, the muscles flexing. What a pretty sight. Carole licked her lips as she stared at the girl's anus, 'Just one kiss on the puckered muscle, one sniff!" she thought

"Fuck her, fuck her! Fuck the bitch!" Fay cried, her hand whipping her own cunt.

'Those rotten young cunts! Was there no end to their sex-talk?' It excited Carole though.

"Ohhh!" Jan cried, her long legs quivering. "I'm fucking well going to cum! Hit me hard, Evie. Fuck that little hot cunt of yours right into my cunt!"

Carole moaned quietly. Her hand jiggled on her cunt curve. Her crotch was wet, cunt juice going through her panties and pants. The palm of her hand was slick with pre-cum juices. Her legs quivered again, she could hardly stand upright. The fierce ache in her cunt and clit was too damn much. Just as Jan let out a squeal of delight, Carole felt her own cunt start cumming. She boxed her crotch swiftly.

"Uhhh, fuuuuuuck!" Jan cried. "I'm getting my cum!"

"My cunt's cumming, too!" Fay bleated, her right hand whipping her swollen pussy. Her ass jiggled.

"Shit, fuck, I'm cumming!" Eva gasped, her cute ass a blur of movement.

Carole felt the searing delight of her cum shooting up her shaky legs. The pulses leaped from her tensing clit, and her tits felt ready to explode. Her hips jerked back and forth like she was fucking a prick, and she clamped her jaw to keep from shouting.

The room in front of her blurred. All she could see was frantic, dim movements on the bed as the sexy eighteen year olds went off all together.

Panting, Carole leaned on the door casing, watching the teens finish their fuck and finger fun. How lovely they looked. Long pretty hair around their shoulders, their cute budding tits, their smooth, rounded asses. They were as pretty in the face as movie starlets, and they had minds like fucking whores.

"Oh, boy, that was good!" Fay giggled, still clutching her cunt.

"It sure is fun, feeling a pussy cum." Eva tittered. She lifted up from Jan and settled on her back, her long, smooth thighs sprawled wide open, her puffy little hairless cunt exposed.

Carole felt her tongue turn hard. She wanted to eat that cute, swollen, dainty cunt. She wanted to eat Jan and Eva, too. Oh, but she couldn't, that would be terribly wrong. She was their manager, she was vice-president, there had to be some decency in the office, somehow.

Wiping her wet hand on her skirt, Carole shuddered, her eyes still glued to the picture of the eighteen year olds, side by side now, on their backs, cunts all puffy and shiny with cunt juice.

"Fuck girls, we gotta do this again." Eva giggled, reaching over to press her fingers into Fay's cunt.

Fay was lying at Eva's left. "It's my turn for a fuck, girls." Eva smiled, spreading her pretty, long legs. "Which one of you two hot cunts is going to rub your cunt on mine?" Fay giggled.

"Oh, let me!" Jan exclaimed.

"Well, bring it over here and fuck me, Blondie." Fay giggled.

Carole shivered with lust. If I was in there with them we could all pair off and fuck, she thought. "Fuck, what kind of fucking animal am I?"

Carole always masturbated at night, with just a dim light in the corner of the bedroom, fantasying about her daughter or her friend, Helen. One of the women she worked with said her daughter often fucked her in different places around the house, even in broad daylight. She said she liked to watch her daughter's strap-on go in. The woman had also said she wore sexy undies around during the day. At lunch during the week she would drive over to the school and pick her daughter up. She had what she described as "nooners", or "afternooners".

I'm going to be sexier for Lisa, Carole thought, shivering, her right hand back on her cunt mound. She had fucked a lot of women during her school years growing up and even in college but after she got married her interests in females disappeared. Now she had a sexy young daughter in the house whom she hoped wasn't into boys.

Carole looked into the room again. Jan was crawling over between Fay's long legs. They began kissing, and, as their cunts met juicily, Carole could see their tongues sliding and poking.

Eva sat on her ass, away from her friends, and started fondling her cunt and tits, smiling as Jan started her girl fuck. Now Carole could see Jan's cute ass, the delicate crevice, the pink little asshole, all puckered and twitching as she fucked.

Oh, God, how Carole wanted to stick her tongue into that little pink anus. To taste the tartness of the youngsters asshole, to breath deep the musky odor.

"You like cunt fucking, Fay?" Eva giggled.

"Jan can really fuck!" Fay breathed. "I can feel her clit."

"I can feel yours, too," Jan giggled, fucking faster.

"We gotta do this a lot, girls!" Fay exclaimed. "Come on, Jan! Make my cunt cum!"

Carole was almost beyond being shocked by the three teens. What filthy mouths they had. The talk excited Carole just the way it excited the eighteen year olds.

As Jan continued to grind her cunt into Fay's cunt, Carole gripped her covered cunt with new purpose. She had to have her cum again. Going without a dildo for so long was just murder. Sleeping in the same house with her daughter, smelling the female aroma from her pussy and body, day after day, had been hard on her. Looking at her daughter's sixth grade cheerleading pictures turned her on immensely, the long slender legs, her small pert breasts, her golden blonde hair and beautiful complexion.

'If she were home right now, I'd rush her in the bedroom and get her clothes off and fuck her like crazy,' Carole thought, rubbing her hand on her pants and panty-clad cunt.

"Ohhh, my cunt's cumming!" Fay whimpered, her long legs shaking.

"My cunt's ready to go off, too!" Jan gasped, her cute butt working faster. "Damn, that's good pussy!"

Eva leaned over and fit her hand on Jan's bobbing ass. As Carole watched, her own cunt ready to cum, she almost gasped. Eva was tickling Jan's asshole.

"Oh, fuck your finger in my ass you dirty whore!" Jan cried, still fucking away at Fay's cunt.

Eva transferred her left hand to her own cunt, and continued to play around with Jan's sweet pink asshole. Every time Jan fucked up and down on Fay's cunt the tip of Eva's finger struck the ring of pink anus flesh.

"Get your finger in my ass, damn it!" Jan bleated. "I'm cumming again!"

Eva continued to finger-fuck her own cunt and just as Jan went into her short cum strokes, Eva shoved her longest finger into Jan's pretty, tight asshole. Even as fast as Jan fucked, Eva was able to keep her finger up her friend's asshole.

"Cum, you blonde cunt!" Eva hissed. "You cum too, Fay."

Carole felt on the edge of fainting. She had never heard such filth or seen such lewdness. The young girls were dirty rotten bitches.

Mingled cries of girlish delight rang in Carole's ears. The swift movement of Jan's ass, with Eva's finger still poked in her cute little asshole, shot more shudders down to Carole's stinging, burning cunt. Fay was cumming. Eva was cumming, and now Jan yelled fiercely as she went off.

Carole staggered away from the partly open relaxation room door. She lurched down the hallway, out into the office area, walked quickly to her office, closed the door and locked it, kicked her heels aside and sprawled in her office chair, her right hand flying to her cunt, her left hand reaching for her bulging nipples under her bra. She ran her longest finger into her twitching cunt, pressed her thumb into her tensing, flaming clit and jiggled her hand for her cum.

Carole whimpered and bucked her ass as the twinges tightened in her cunt. Her tits were melon-hard, her dark nipples peaked high. Her clit pulsed, her cunt sucked and clamped like she had a dildo in there, and she cried out again.

'Oh, I really love fuck talk,' she thought, cumming hard and fast. 'I haven't had such a good cum in months. I'm still cumming, I'm into a multiple. Fuck, fuck, cunt, dildo, and asshole.'

Later in the bathroom, Carole Briggs stood in front of the mirror adjusting her bra. Her hands went up under her firm, high-placed tits. Those smooth cones of breasts quivered slightly as she squeezed them in the material.

The body reflected back at Carole was gorgeous. Every line and curve was smooth, firm, trim, just right. After all, she was only forty. She shouldn't be getting fat and sloppy. It was a good body, a great body and she admired it even more in the mirror of the bathroom at work.

Her fingers abandoned their erotic posts atop her breasts to slither down her thighs. She shivered in delicious ecstasy as her fingers probed and sought all the right places. Her fingers worked down into the curly mound between her slender thighs.

"Those horny fucking teens got me all hot and bothered!" she muttered to herself. Oh, how she loved those nasty talking teens. "Ummm, God! Oh, sweet Jesus, what young girl wouldn't want me!" Carole moaned as her fingers dipped between her cunt lips again. She stroked slowly at first. Then she built up the speed until friction sent wondrous thrills of carnal heat all the way up and into her pussy. But Carole really wanted a teen girl.


Friday morning and Lisa smiled to herself, took a shower, dried her darling body, then slipped into a pair of bright-white nylon panties and a soft white bra with a sliver of lace tickling the bulge of her nipples.

She pulled on a short dark-blue skirt. She fixed it just right, buttoned the hook on the side, watched the thin cotton swirl around her lithe hips as the hem rode high on her thighs.

"Yeah, fuck, I look damn good," she mumbled. She slipped a baggy sweater over her head, blue and white, with stripes running down the front, white sleeves, blue stripes on the shoulders and along the arms. She kicked a pair of low red heels from her closet and stepped onto them.

Lisa appraised herself in the mirror and smiled admiringly. She felt good. "This is girl power," she whispered.

She fixed her hair in double ponytails, each tail bobbing up, held into a twist by pink ribbons. Her blonde bangs curled down on her forehead. She blushed her cheeks with pink rouge, swashed her lips with sparkling pink gloss that glistened salaciously.

Lisa looked so damn good on her way to school that she turned heads. She decided not to meet with Helen and take the school bus this morning. She wanted to show off her prettiness to the town. Cars stopped longer at intersections as she passed. Men and women ogled her. Eyes bulged. She wiggled sexily, the tight, short blue skirt swirling sexily on her thighs.

She walked up the steps to school, then marched right down the hall to Mrs. Davidson's office and knocked. The school buses hadn't arrived yet and there were only a handful of kids out front of the school.

She beckoned her in.

"I wanted to talk about the test coming up today," Lisa said slyly as she smiled at her teacher.

"Sure, come in."

Lisa took the chair at the side of her desk. She leaned back, her chair tilting.

"What is it?" Mrs. Davidson asked as she licked her lips, she loved this game.

Lisa opened her notebook. "I just wanna be sure that I know some of these things." It was a little charade that Lisa and Mrs. Davidson had each week before a test. Mrs. Davidson got what she wanted and more importantly Lisa got what she wanted.

"What can I help you with?" Betty asked as she fidgeted with her fingers.

"Like should I know where Hamlet has been?"

"I wouldn't worry about that," Mrs. Davidson replied.

Lisa looked up and noticed her teacher's eyes gazing up and down her slim, trim body as she snuggled into the wide chair.

The darling looked delicious. Her beautiful face radiated nymphet loveliness. She smiled, just a tiny grin, as her eyes met Mrs. Davidson's. Lisa knew that her teacher was in love with her and would do anything for the teen.

"That won't be on the test then?" she said.


Lisa crossed her legs, not one on top of the other, thigh over thigh, but she cocked one leg up, almost like a man would sit, and placed her ankle on the top of her other knee. Her skirt fell back almost to her lifted thigh. She looked down at her notes on her lap, then played like she might have forgotten she had a skirt on and let Mrs. Davidson look right up her smooth tanned legs to her white nylon panties, to the bulging pussy-packed V.

Mrs. Betty Davidson was forty years old and a normal, red-blooded female who had the hots for teen girls. Her husband worked in Intercourse and they had no kids. Her students had guessed her somewhere near forty. The lack of sex in her home life had driven Betty to look to her classroom for sex. She didn't mind the young cocks in her classes but she really wanted young bald pussy, the kind of pussy that a woman of her age could lick her lips over.

Her mouth dropped open at Lisa's sweet show. She stared hotly at Lisa's panties, the way her little pussy pouched the crotch like a delicious muffin.

Mrs. Davidson had been hired because she had a master's degree in literature. She knew her stuff. She also knew she was trembling, that her heart was thumping every time she was around Lisa. The thirteen year olds youthful beauty, her charming smile and her square-cut face, blonde hair, big blue eyes, her scrumptious young body. Betty was in love with the thirteen year old.

Betty had allowed herself to be seduced by the youngster the first week of school. The end of the first week of school, when the classroom had emptied out, Lisa stayed behind. Betty was sitting at her desk as Lisa walked up to the desk then around it, standing behind her. The girl leaned over putting her right hand on her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "I'll give a lick of my beautiful pussy for the answers to the test."

She thought of Lisa all the time, mostly at night as she lay in bed next to her husband. She'd think about how pretty she was that day in school when Lisa came onto her, how her fine ass filled out her tight denim jeans. How she unzipped her denim jeans, the girl wasn't wearing panties.

Betty found herself stroking her pussy in tribute to Lisa. And many days at school, she would sit on the toilet in the teacher's bathroom, spreading her legs and pounded her cunt savagely, jerking off wildly to the image of Lisa sitting in her classroom with her legs spread, ending with a shimmering sensation as her body vibrated and her cunt leaked cum juice.

Prior to her being hired she had never entertained the thought of having an affair with a student, a female student. Now she met Lisa at the Young Girl club on Friday nights and sometimes on Saturday nights. Betty would dance for her, strip for her. Humiliate herself for Lisa, all for a taste of her young bald pussy. Then the teen would pimp her out to the other girls, sometimes right there on the dance floor. The girls sitting around a round table and Betty being passed around, sitting on the lap of each girl as the girl fucked her strap-on into her. She would do anything for her Lisa.

Lisa sat there letting her teacher look boldly up between her legs it was a game they always played. "How about the king?" she asked.

"You should only know about whether he was a force for good or evil."

Lisa knew where that was discussed in her text, so finding the answer would be easy. She looked down at her notepad. Lisa loved the way she was able to manipulate her teacher this little charade every week before a big test in Literature.

Betty was trying to be cool, looking up at her desk, fishing around through sheaths of paper, but her eyes kept glancing back at the blissful sight that Lisa offered her. The played this game every week but it still excited Betty that the youngster still found her attractive.

Lisa kept her leg cocked up, hooked over, the ankle on her knee, skirt up, giving Mrs. Davidson an exciting eyeshot at her puffy panties.

"Ophelia?" she said, looking up, her eyebrows arching at her teacher.

"All you need to know about her is on page forty-seven of your text," Mrs. Davidson said as she squirmed in her chair.

Lisa scribbled down the page number. Now she was getting some place, narrowing the answers down to the right page.

Mrs. Davidson glimpsed the heavenly vision before her, her eyes as big as over-coat buttons.

"The guy from Norway?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, yes," Mrs. Davidson panted. "How he rode in and took over the country, took Denmark, yes ... that's important." She licked her lips finding it hard to concentrate.

Lisa brought her knee up as if she were balancing her notebook on it. As she scribbled, her legs parted, exposing her pussy, and her crotch in the V of her thighs.

"What page would that be on, Mrs. Davidson?"

"One-ninety-six," Mrs. Davidson blurted.

Lisa just loved this flirting. Her pussy was spritzing all hot and squishy.

Mrs. Davidson's cunt was full on wet and soaking her panties. Lisa wrote down the page number and glanced up and noticed the passion on Mrs. Davidson's face. She was shaking. Betty's cunt ached for the beautiful girl. She ached for Lisa's kind of sex play, the spankings, the whippings with the cane, the ass fucking with her twelve inch dildo, and her little thirteen year old fingers in her pussy as she danced back forth.

Lisa shifted, her legs spreading farther apart, her ankle still cocked over her knee which was hooked upward in a provocative arch. Her pussy was pressing hotly against her panties.

Mr. Davidson ogled the wonderful rarity. Her cunt oozed cum in her skirt. Her heart raced. Soon, very soon she would humiliate herself for this girl.

"Hamlet's suicide?" Lisa cooed.

"There's a summary of what you want to know on page one-thirty-three."

Lisa looked up the page in her textbook. Then looked up, staring right at Mrs. Davidson's anxious face. She was gazing lovingly between her legs.

"Do you just want a copy of the answers to the test?" Mrs. Davidson's finally asked with a hopeful look on her face.

Lisa smiled at her teacher, "Gee, sure, Mrs. Davidson, that would be really neat."

"Then you'd have all the answers."

"Gosh, Mrs. Davidson," Lisa smiled and closed her notebook.

"Isn't that what you'd like?" she asked as she got up from her desk on shaky legs.

"Yes, that would be very nice," Lisa said boldly.

Lisa couldn't help but glance at Mrs. Davidson's breasts, the nipples sticking out. She was still looking at the marvelous show Lisa was so sweetly giving her. Lisa stared at her teacher.

"I thought you'd like the answers." she giggled like a little girl. "I figured that's why you visit me every week before a test"

Lisa giggled, "Well, you also can't resist me!"

Betty got up and stepped to a file behind Lisa. She got the answer sheet, folded it into a little square and stuck the answers down into her panties.

Betty walked around to Lisa. She stood in front of her, her cunt sopping wet, her nipples busting out of her blouse.

"The answers are in my skirt pocket," she said.

"Hmm," smiled Lisa as she looked up at her teacher.

"Just take them out of my skirt pocket. It wouldn't be proper for me to give you the answers, Lisa. That would be cheating. You have to take them. Then, if anyone ever said anything, I could always tell them you simply found the answers." That was Mrs. Davidson's answer every week to the test dilemma.

"Oh, I won't say anything," Lisa cooed quickly to reassuring the teacher, dropping her leg. She slid forward to the edge of the chair, her back straight.

The youngster reached out and slid her little pink fingernails down into Mrs. Davidson's skirt pocket and scratched around, felt the tip of her clit. Lisa had her teacher cut out the skirt pockets from the inside of all her skirts. Her fingers pinched, wiggled, and rubbed her teacher's hard mature clitty.

Betty stood there gasping for breath as the youngster played with her clit. She almost fainted when Lisa squeezed her clit between her thumb and index finger.

Lisa withdrew her hand and smiled up at her teacher. "They're not in that pocket," she said, then reached out and dipped into Mrs. Davidson's left skirt pocket. She felt around, touched the tip of her clit, pulling, pinching and rubbing it then quickly pulled her hand away. "But they're not in there either," she giggled.

Betty held her breath as Lisa manipulated her clit, "Must be in here," Mrs. Davidson said, pointing inside her skirt. "Inside the skirt not in the pocket."

"Uh, gee. Mmmmm, uh, in there?" Lisa giggled again.

"Yes." Mrs. Davidson's cunt was wet and aching for the touch of the youngster.

"Gee." Lisa hesitated, her mind wheeling. She always wanted those damn answers every week. Slowly, she stood up, put down her notebook and used both hands to pull her teacher's blouse out of her skirt. With the blouse free Lisa reached around her teacher's waist, gripped the zipper of her skirt between her thumb and forefinger then drew it down. Lisa wiggled both her hands inside her teachers loosened skirt.

Betty stood in front of the teen, breathing and sweating, looking down at the child. How how she wanted to kiss the youngster, how she wanted to kneel proudly at her side while in the classroom so that all the other students would know that she belonged to Lisa, but she knew better than to risk the teen's anger.

Lisa's fingers slithered down and around her teacher's vulva searching for the answers. Her clit was being rubbed by the palms of the girl. Lisa had to work her fingers in there to get the answers. She clutched Mrs. Davidson's clit and pulled on it.

"I better get this thing out of the way," Lisa smiled at her teacher. She yanked on her teacher's clit. She held her clit between her little fingers. It was like a polished piece of marble.

"Ohhh, ohhh, aahhh, hmmmm!" Mrs. Davidson moaned as her lower body was pulled back forth each time Lisa pulled on her clit. Betty had never seen anything so exciting. Her heart throbbed for the love she felt for Lisa.

Lisa held her teacher's clit tightly in her hand, pulled it to one side then reached in with her other hand. Her hand slid down between her teacher's thighs, between her legs and back to her anus. Lisa poked her fingers into her Mrs. Davidson's anus as she explored the depths of her panties.

She found the answer sheet between Mrs. Davidson's pussy and her anus, squeezed it tightly and brought her hand out. She held the sheet secure, and her other hand still clutched Mrs. Davidson's clit.

Mrs. Davidson's slick cunt felt exciting. Lisa stared at the woman's vulva, held it in a tight grip. "Uh, I got the answers," she giggled. "I'll put this back in your panties." Lisa stuck several fingers into the teacher's cunt as she pulled her panties up. As she brought the panties up Lisa started moving her hand up and down on the woman's pussy.

Mrs. Davidson came. Her cunt bulged in Lisa's hand, the red clit enlarged, and big thick splashes of cream gushed from her teacher's pussy.

"Ah! Holy, jeeeeez!" the youngster gasped. Lisa held her teacher's vulva tight as she squirted her juice. The flush of cream poured from her teacher's cunt. Her hand, her sweet fingers gripped around her spasming cunt, becoming drenched with juicy woman jizz.

Betty stood in front the youngster, her legs slightly spread, slightly bent at the knees as she rubbed her cunt up and down on the seventh graders hand. "Oh, fuck! Ohhh! Fuuucckkk me!" she moaned.

The hot jizz oozed from Mrs. Davidson's pussy. "Oooooh! Jeeeez!" she whispered. "Shit Mrs. Davidson!"

"Ahhhh! Oooooh! Ahhhh, oooooh, Lisa!" Mrs. Davidson moaned, her voice trembling with pleasure, her face twisted with erotic delight as the weeping tingles of orgasm coursed through her.

The poor woman had never felt so thrilled, so excited, so alive at the touch of this youngster. She'd never ridden such a beautiful wave of ecstasy. She stood shaking and shuddering, looking down at Lisa's beautiful face, the incredible expression of lust etched into the youngster's pretty features as the girl watched her cunt ooze cum.

Lisa kept moving her hand around her teacher's pussy as though she were trying to plug-up the spurting jizz, then she finally let go. Her hand, her wrist and her forearm were splattered with cream. Mrs. Davidson's cunt kept squirting. Lisa stood in front of her teacher, her mouth open, eyes glued to her spasming cunt.

"Shit," Mrs. Davidson whispered. She knew she shouldn't be cussing in front of her student, but the word had slipped out, slithered out of her mouth as though it were a jet of hissing steam. "Shhhhiiiiitttttt!"

Mrs. Davidson grabbed her cunt and jerked savagely. Lisa gasped. Mrs. Davidson came again. Fabulous! "Oh, ahhh! Lisa! My beautiful Lisa!" she barked. She pounded her cunt, jerking her fingers in and out in a hot, fast stroke.

"Oh, gawd!" Lisa gulped. "Shit! Mrs. Davidson! What a fucking whore!"

Mrs. Davidson was dancing back and forth as she worked her fingers into her cunt."Oh, gawwwwd!" she cried.

She watched in a rapt fascination as Mrs. Davidson jacked off to her, pumped her cunt furiously her hand becoming a blur in her pussy.

"Lisa! Lisa!" her teacher hissed. "I love you so much!"

"You're masturbatin' Mrs. Davidson" she scolded the teacher. "You're not just cumming anymore, but your fucking masturbating!"

"Darling!" she panted. She bent over, still beating her cunt. She stretched back up, now in a humping position. She kept fucking her hand, her eyes ablaze with passion and admiration for the young girl in front of her. Mrs. Davidson spewed out a glob of cum onto her hand.

"Stop!" Lisa cried as she looked up at the teacher.

Betty couldn't of course. No way. She was spraying her goddamn hands with her cum.

"Shit!" she growled at the woman before her.

Mrs. Davidson pumped fingers into her cunt, "Ah, ohhhhh, yeah!" she mumbled.

Lisa sat in regal splendor, amazed at the fireworks display that sizzled from her teacher's cunt.

Mrs. Davidson jerked her cunt dry then her fell to her knees. She slid up to Lisa and pushed her knees apart, wiggled between her legs, then dipped down and kissed the crotch of her panties.

"Hey! Shit!" Lisa exclaimed as she looked at her teacher on her knees before her.

Her tongue lapped at her panties. She nibbled, munched, and sucked at her cunt-mound. Lisa had never experienced such a delightful feeling that was now spreading through her.

"Gawd! Don't!" she protested weakly. "Not here in the school."

Her teacher snacked at her panties, gobbled and crunched the crotch.

Lisa tingled all over. She slid down in her chair, her legs cocked apart.

Her teacher was between her legs. Her long pink tongue slapped at her panties. Her hot, wet mouth sucked. She slid her hands under her ass, cupped the divine cheeks in her fingers, then lifted Lisa up and chewed into the crotch of her panties until she ripped a hole. Her tongue snickered in.

"Oh! Hey! Ahhhh!" Lisa yelled. Her teacher's tongue slicked up and down her pussy-slit, fucking in and out of her bushy little pussy.

"Shit!" Lisa whimpered, shivering, as she looked down at Mrs. Davidson's tongue-action. Her tongue was on the jewel of her clit. She tickled it.

Lisa came. She wanted to scream with pure, erotic joy. Lisa slumped in the chair, she stiffened. Her body shook. The sweet tickle of climax feathered through her.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmmmm! MMOooohhhhhhh!" Lisa whimpered. She lay in the chair, vibrating, her pretty young face radiating ecstasy.

"Shit!" she yelled. "Shit! Shit! Shit!"

Mrs. Davidson sat back. She'd just eaten the shit out of Lisa's crotch. Lisa lay back in the chair, amazed. She had never felt such an electric goodness as she experienced while her teacher tortured her pussy with her tongue.

Mrs. Davidson peered up at Lisa. She clutched her cunt and sat back on her knees. She pointed her finger at the thirteen year olds crotch, at the hole in her panties. She moved in on her.

"No!" Lisa gulped. Too much had happened already.

"I want you to fuck me with your strap-on," Mrs. Davidson whispered as she stared at Lisa's pussy.

"No, but there is something you can do for me first then I might fuck you," smiled the teen.

Mrs. Davidson looked up at the youngster with a quizzical look on her face. "Anything for you sweetie! Just tell me!" she whispered.

"I want you to bring my mother to the Young Girl tonight," replied Lisa as she looked at her cum covered hand.

"Why ever would you want to do that?"

"Because, Mrs. Davidson, I want to fuck my mother but I don't know how to get her onto my strap-on."

"But, but," stammered her teacher. "I love you Lisa, I thought we were going steady, that I was having an affair with you and nobody else!"

"We are Mrs. Davidson, we are going steady," soothed Lisa as she leaned forward in her chair. Lisa took her cum covered hand and fingers and ran them through her teacher's hair. "You are having an affair with me, silly. Haven't we met at the YG every Friday night? You sneaking out on your husband and me lying to my mother about going over to friends house? But more importantly, Mrs. Davidson, I am your pimp, and as such, you're going to help me seduce my mother."

Mrs. Davidson ignored what Lisa was doing with her hair, "But I want you all to myself. I get so jealous when I see you with other women at the club."

"Shh, don't worry, Mrs. Davidson," Lisa soothed as she took her right hand and grabbed a handful of her teacher's hair and wiped her fingers off. "It's just my mother and besides, if you're a good little girl I just might let you two play together, would you like that?"

Mrs. Davidson nodded her head as she looked at the teen then said, "So can you fuck me now?"

"Uh-uh! No!" Lisa gasped, closing her legs tightly. "You have a class to teach and I don't want to be late for my first class."

Now that their "test answer" charade was over, Betty looked at her watch. "Oh, yes. Yes. I got carried away, my sweet princess. I have a class. I must go."

Lisa stood up and adjusted her short blue skirt, "You ate a fucking hole in my panties Mrs. Davidson, shame on you!"

"I know, darling. I know," Mrs. Davidson apologized as she zippered up her skirt and tucked in her blouse.

Lisa stood up and went over to her teacher. "Don't touch your hair, I like it just the way it is with your cum on it,"

Mrs. Davidson nodded her head, grabbed her books, and left her office.


At lunch Betty called Carole at the Soda Company. Carole was worried that something was wrong with Lisa but Betty said "No" she wanted a meet and greet with the parent of her favorite pupil.

"Oh, nothing like, Mrs. Briggs," smiled Betty on the phone. "Lisa is a princess. I would just like to show you her class progress so far this year."

"Oh, ok, what time would you like me to come by?"

"About five o'clock would be good, Mrs. Briggs, I have a meeting before then," Betty replied as she thought about the young girl that Lisa had pimped her out to. It was one thing to be told what to do, but it was quite another to have to compete for Lisa's attention with her mother.

"Ok, good, then I will see you then!" Carole replied. After she hung up the phone she thought it was strange to meet with her daughter's teacher on a Friday evening, the end of the work week.

Betty Davidson looked at the sixth grade girl that Lisa had pimped her out to. The youngster wanted to know how to have anal sex with a woman. The girl had her own strap-on and a tube of Dr. Swan's anal lubricant. The girl had a hopeful smile on her face as she looked at the teacher, the strap-on in one hand and the anal lube in the other. The girl gave Betty the twenty dollars that she and Lisa had agreed upon. Betty gulped as she unzipped her skirt and pulled it down. The sixth grader had a wide grin on her face.


There was knock on her office door right at 5pm. Betty straightened herself up, checked her make-up and hair in the mirror then opened the office door.

"Hello, Mrs. Briggs!" Betty said extending her hand, "I'm Mrs. Davidson."

"Hi, Mrs. Davidson," replied Carole, "I'm Carole."

"Well, in that case," laughed Betty, "Call me Betty! Come and sit down, please."

Carole stepped into the office and looked around. Mrs. Davidson had her awards and degrees hanging on the wall but around the office she had pictures of her students, female students. Carole noticed her daughter's picture in a prominent position behind her desk.

"So what is this all about?" Carole asked as she sat down in front of Betty's desk.

"Well, um, it's just that I haven't met you before and I wanted to let you know how good a student Lisa is!" Betty said as she fidgeted with her hands.

"Yes, my daughter is wonderful," added Carole as she licked her lips at the teacher.

"She is the class favorite and all the other students look up to her, um, so do I for that matter," Betty blushed when she said that.

"Excuse me?" Carole asked.

"Oh, well, it's just that there is so much I can learn from your daughter and I mean. She is a wonderful teenager!" gushed Betty as she fidgeted with her fingers.

Carole just smiled at the teacher wondering what she wanted, "Is there something that I can help you with concerning my daughter?"

"Um, no Carole," Betty replied as she straighten herself up. "It's just, well, do you want to have drink at a bar somewhere?"

Carole looked at her watch, "Sure, where did you have in mind?"

Betty stood up and grabbed her coat and purse, "Follow me then!"


Carole drove into the parking lot behind Betty. She parked at the far end of the parking lot. When Carole got out of her car she heard the thumping sound of music coming from the club. As both women crossed the street Carole walked towards the front of the club.

"This is the Young Girl club! There is no fucking way I am going into this house of prostitution!" Carole stopped walking.

"Come on, Carole, loosen up. This is a club not a house of prostitution. Besides just one drink then you can go."

'Young girls,' thought Carole. "Hmmm, maybe," Carole replied. She looked over at the line of girls outside the entrance of the club. They were laughing and giggling with their friends.

She had never been to the club before. She had heard about its reputation from around the office but she tended to believe that the club was a meeting point for adult women and younger girls.

"Come on, what do say?" Betty asked hopefully.

Carole's pussy got itchy, "Fuck! What the hell!"

"That's the spirit! We have to use the back entrance, the employee entrance," announced Betty as she steered Carole towards the back. "The younger guests are the only ones allowed in the front door."

"Oh," Carole said as she followed Betty. "What's it like inside?"

"Just wait and see for yourself," Betty laughed nervously. "Everything will be fine, we go for a couple of cokes and we leave. I just want to show you the place." Betty was setting up Carole for her daughter and she was nervous about it.

Betty opened the door and walked in followed by Carole.

"Hello, Mrs. Davidson! Going to dance for the girls tonight?" asked the woman inside the door. "Oh, and who do we have here?" the woman asked as Carole stepped around Betty.

Carole was surprised. It was the eminent Dr. Julie Swan, Adult Female Psychologist.

"Dr. Swan this is my friend, Carole Briggs. Carole this Dr. Swan" Betty smiled.

"Please to meet your Carole," Dr. Swan smiled at Carole.

"The pleasure is all mine, Dr. Swan!" Carole gushed as she shook Julie's hand.

Dr. Swan just smiled at Carole, "So are you here to see someone?"

"Um, oh, yes, sorry, we are meeting my daughter here this evening, plus, I've never been here before, just heard about it, but never been here." Carole stammered as she still shook Julie's hand.

Betty stepped in and broke the handshake. "Carole works as the Soda Company and I'm just bringing her by to meet her daughter."

"Excellent then, well, the place is rowdy tonight," Julie said as she massaged her hand. "Feel free to look around. Betty, you know where the dance floor is."

"Thanks doc," Betty said as she pulled Carole away from the front door and into the club.

Carole looked over her shoulder at Dr. Swan as she admitted two more women. The doctor was wearing her blonde hair in pig tails with pink ribbons. She had a white blouse on with only two buttons buttoned at her breast line and a plaid mini skirt that came mid-thigh. Her white stockings came to just below her knees and were matched by her pink Mary Jane's with a five inch heel.

'No wonder the girls love her!' thought Carole. 'She's a smart educated woman willing to humiliate herself for young girls.'

Betty tugged on Carole pulling her down the hallway. Carole was like a kid in the candy shop, half nude women walking the hallways, young girls talking to the women in the hallways and stairwells.

Betty stopped and pointed at a woman wearing a fireman's uniform. "See that woman over there wearing the fireman's uniform?"

"Yes," Carole replied as she took in the woman and the two young blonde hair girls standing in front of her laughing and giggling. The girls were wearing blue pastel colored pajamas with flower patterns. Both girls were holding teddy bears. Sticking out the front of their pajama bottoms was a long pink strap-on that was ribbed all the way around. The strap-on's waved back and forth in front the girls as they laughed and giggled.

"That's the fire chief for Cherish Valley, her names Teresa Teno. I heard that she doesn't know a damn thing about fighting fires. She just looks good in her uniform and the girls love her!"

"Indeed," replied Carole as she looked at the woman laughing and giggling with the girls.

The fire chief was wearing a two piece set uniform. The bra top featured a string neck line halter top style that bared the woman's mid-riff. The shorts were skin tight which barely covered her genitals. The shorts and halter top were connected with traditional fireman suspenders colored red and caution yellow.

The fire chief laughed some more then the girls reached into their pockets and pulled out a wad of cash and each handed it to the woman. The girls were giggling. Carole thought it was strange that both girls were holding teddy bears.

"What's up with the teddy bears?"

Betty looked at the girls, "Those are comfort teddy bears. A woman who is being physically used by the girl usually has a comfort teddy to hold on to. You want to stay away from those two girls."

"Oh" Carole replied as she walked on down the hallway. The next door down on the right Carole looked into the room. Two women were laying upside down on a couch their heads nearly touching the floor and their ankles resting on the top of the couch. Kneeling before them were two girls of about ten or eleven years old, both girls were slowly pumping their strap-ons in and out of the mouths of the two women. The women were at times gagging on the strap-ons and the girls would pull out just enough to allow them to breath. The women had their hands underneath them as the girls played with their breasts. Every now and then one of the girls would lean over and slap the woman's pussy which would make the woman jump. Off to the side were several more girls stroking their strap-ons.

"This is the dressing room for the women who dance on stage," Betty said a matter of factly.

Carole took a peek inside the room. Women were sitting at small tables with mirrors and lights all around them. Some were putting on make-up and others were getting dressed in their costumes. Carole noticed a woman in a nun habit in the corner of the room.

"There is a woman in a nun costume in there! Is she really a nun?" Carole asked as she stared at woman as she was limbering up for her dance on stage.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, she is a nun. She was recently hired by the White Redeemer church. Forget where she comes from though. She is popular with the girls when she does dance and she demands top dollar for any fun and games afterward. I understand that those rosary beads make really good anal beads!" Betty giggled.

The nun looked over at Carole and smiled.

Carole gulped and followed Betty out to the dance floor. The music was loud and thumping. The dance floor was crowded with girl's ages six to sixteen. There were some women walking around and others sitting at tables. Betty led Carole over to a table by stage three.

Carole was shocked as she walked around the dance floor to the table. Girls waving dollar bills at women on the stage and women gyrating to dance music in front of young girls. She had heard of what the Young Girl was like but she never believed the rumors. When she was growing up there was no such thing as a dance club for young girls.

Betty looked back at Carole who was taking it all in. As they sat down she asked, "Not quite like you thought it would be?"

"No, it's not, it is better!" Carole stammered as she took in all the young girls in the dance floor area. Some were standing around the dance stages waving money at the women.

"Well." Betty smiled, "The only kind of women who likes to come here are the kind that like humiliation and degradation. If you are the dominate type, this place is not for you. Here young girls learn about sex and control and other wonderful things."

Carole nodded her head. 'I wonder what wonderful things they learn here!' she thought to herself.

"I hope you don't mind but I did take you for a submissive, Carole. You didn't look like the strong kind of woman, the 'in control' woman who has everything just right."

"Oh, no, Betty," Carole shouted over the music. "It has been in the last few months that I find myself attracted to young girls, especially my daughter Lisa. How about you?"

"Me? I am definitely the submissive type." Betty laughed.

"What about your husband?"

"What about him?" Betty asked as she waved at the waitress.

"Does he know you come here?"

"Hell no! The bastard thinks I'm at the Bible study group at church!" Betty laughed again.

A woman walked up to the table wearing a sling shot bikini and carrying a drink tray. "Hi, ladies, what can I get ya?"

"Two soda's please!" Betty said as the waitress nodded her head.

Betty leaned over and said, "That is Mrs. Jayne Howell, she works at the water department."

Carole watched Mrs. Howell walk away towards the bar as several little girls pinched and slapped her rear end as she walked by.

The music stopped and the dancers on the other stages cleared off. The female DJ announced the next dancer for stage three. "On stage 3 please give a big Young Girl welcome to the NUN!"

Carole and Betty looked over at stage 3.

The dance floor broke out in cheers and screams of joy. From the ceiling above the stage a silver pole with a horizontal pole came down. The pole had the shape of cross and on the cross was the nun, the woman Carole had seen in the dressing room. The cross was upside down and the nun was upside down with her arms and hands gripping the horizontal pole. The nun's legs were intertwined above her on the pole, it made her look crucified upside down. The white coif, the head piece, which was covered by a black veil, was held in place with pins. Her Holy habit or tunic was wrapped around her legs so it would not fall open. Around her waist was a dog leash made of leather, complete with a metal clip for the dog collar.

The crowd of girls rushed the stage, shouting, screaming, laughing, and reaching out to the nun as the upside down cross came to rest on the dance stage. A girl could be permanently barred from the club for climbing on stage during a performance, but nothing said they couldn't lean over the stage and try to grab the woman.

The woman did a back flip and came off the upside down cross dance pole. The young girls screamed again and pushed into the stage. The nun stood there with her head down, the white coif covering her face, her arms crossed over in her sleeves. White smoke was coming from under the dance stage and lights turned down low. The other stages had cleared off when the nun started her show.

The girls were screaming and shouting, demanding the dance start. The slow tempo of the music started. The nun raised her head and looked around. Carole couldn't tell if the woman was smiling or not. The nun reached up and pulled off her white coif, her blonde hair tumbled out. She threw the coif into the crowd of girls, where it was ripped apart. The nun gave the girls a sassy smile then strutted to the end of the stage, her six inch black heels clicking on the dance stage as she walked to the other end. The music was thumping hard as the girls leaned over trying to grab the nun's robe. At the end of the stage the woman took off the dog leash and whipped it around. In one smooth motion she attached the leash to her dog collar. The girls went wild, waving their money at the num.

Betty leaned over and asked Carole, "Don't look now, but we are being sized up by some girls over at the bar." Carole tried not to look but kind of moved her head a little and looked out the corner of her eye.

Two young looking girls, maybe eight or nine were giggling and pointed at them. Carole gulped and looked at Betty, "What do we do?"

"Oh, don't worry about them," smiled Betty. But she was nervous. Lisa hadn't indicated that she was in the club yet and she would have to fend off girls who wanted sex with them.

Carole looked over at the dance stage, the nun had walked back to the upside down cross. The woman wrapped her legs around the vertical pole and then kissed the bar, running her tongue up the side of the pole. The nun gripped the pole and lifted herself up on the horizontal bar. She started slapping her ass like she was riding a horse. Still standing on the horizontal bar she grabbed her crotch through her tunic and started humping her hand to the beat of the music. The young girls started to screaming and throwing money on the stage.

Just then the two little girls who were giggling at them a minute ago were standing in front of Betty and Carole. The one girl leaned over between them and shouted, "You women have dates?" she smiled.

Carole looked tried to look around the girl standing in front of her. She wanted to see the nun dance on stage.

The second girl standing in front of Carole looked around and said, "I don't see your dates, how about we join you?"

Betty leaned forward and yelled back, "Really, girls, our dates will be here shortly."

The girl in front of Carole leaned and said to her, "I really want to see your pussy on my strap-on," she said as she took five dollars out of her dress pocket. The youngster waved it at Carole and smiled.

Just then Mrs. Howell, the waitress, arrived with the sodas, "Here you go ladies, two cokes."

The first girl reached her hand under the sling shot bikini and squeezed Mrs. Howell's right breast. Jayne ignored the girl as she collected the money from Betty for the sodas. The youngster licked up the side of Jayne's face and swatted her rear end. Jayne jumped a little.

The music ended for the first round on dance for the nun. The second round of music started up and Carole leaned around the young girl in front of her.

The nun pulled off her tunic, the Holy habit. The girls around the stage went crazy. The nun had her six inch black heels, black stockings that came to mid thigh and were held up by a garter belt. Her crotch was covered with a pink thong that barely hid her little brownie. Around her breasts was a thin material, not bra, but a more like ribbon. The nun was wearing her anal beads with a cross around her waist.

Carole gasped at the nun on stage. Even the two youngsters standing in front of Betty and Carole turned around. She looked to be about 5 feet 8 inches with an hour glass shape and measurements of about 36-24-36, the perfect woman.

The two youngsters took off for the stage pushing and shoving their way to the front.

The nun squatted down on stage and pulled her nipples through the thin ribbon around her chest, she waved her head back and forth, her blonde hair falling all about her. Some of the girls managed to wet their bills with their tongues and then stick them on the thighs of the nun as she squatted in front of them pulling her nipples in tune to the music.

Jayne sat down at the table with Betty and Carole and watched the nun dance show. The nun got up and pulled off the ribbon material from around her chest and flung it into the crowd of girls. A fight broke out and the ribbon was torn to shreds. With her breasts exposed the nun took the dog leash that was dangling between her breasts and started beating her breasts. The leather grip on the leash making red marks as the nun whipped herself.

Carole, Betty and Jayne put their hand in their crotches and started rubbing themselves. Carole was watching two young girls crying tears of joy as the nun whipped her breasts, they were rubbing their crotches as they watched the woman. Other girls were throwing money on the stage.

Now the nun got back on the horizontal bar of the cross and started humping the vertical bar. She licked her tongue up the pole and then gave it a passionate kiss. The crowd of girls went wild.

As the second song faded and the noise from the girls increased, Betty leaned over to Carole and said, "So do you want to get butt fucked by one of these beauties? Now is the time while they are all hot and bothered." She laughed.

Carole nodded her head as she stared at the nun. 'Oh fuck yes I would love to get butt fucked by a girl!' she thought as she rubbed herself.

Jayne leaned over to Carole and added, "We can set you up in a room with a girl if you want!"

"Oh, God, yes!" Carole almost screamed, her pussy on fire. Carole was excited at the prospect of being fucked by teen girl. She was bored home because she had no sex and had to masturbate herself almost every night. She hated to think she was frigid. Yet, she hadn't been frigid in high school, far from it! This was Cherish Valley after all. She'd fucked anything that moved and loved every second of it, every inch of cock and strap-on dildo that dug deeper and harder into her pussy as she grew up.

Betty leaned over and talked to Jayne but Carole couldn't hear her, nor did she care for she was rubbing her crotch and looking at the girls around the stage. Jayne laughed and nodded her head then got up with the serving tray.

The third set of music was starting and the nun took off the anal beads with the silver cross on it. She twirled the beads and sauntered down to the end of the stage. The nun bent over and stuck her ass out at the girls, her brownie now showing from under the thong panty. The taller girls leaned over the stage and stuck their money to the woman's legs. The nun stood up and sauntered her way down the stage to the beat of the music. When she got to the other end she bent over and shook her ass at the girls. Then the nun stood up and pinched and pulled her nipples. The crowd of girls were now four and five deep around the stage. Their shouts and screams of joy could just barely be heard over the music.

The nun slipped her thumbs under her thong and pulled it down to her knees. The woman moved her left hand and slyly covered her crotch. The girls yelled and screamed. With her right hand she pulled her thong the rest of the way down to her feet. She daintily stepped out of the pink thong then bent over, picked it up, put the thong to her nose and sniffed.

By now Carole noticed about a dozen girls in the fourth row from the stage were crying tears of joy as the nun flung her thong panty into the crowd. A fight broke out over the thong and several little girls were pushed to the ground by the older girls. The dance stage was littered with dollar bills as the nun sauntered back to the upside down cross.

Carole was working her pussy through her skirt and rubbing her breasts through her white blouse. She really enjoyed watching the young girls encourage the nun.

The nun got on her hands and knees facing the cross. Then she wrapped the dog leash around the cross securing herself to the pole. When she got on her hands and knees the crowd of girls on the other side of the stage ran around the stage so they were able to see the nun's pussy and ass from behind.

The beat to the third song has risen in tempo as the nun took the rosary beads and started slowly stuffing it into her anus. The woman had her eyes closed as the last of the beads were pushed into her anus with only the silver cross sticking out. The nun pulled herself into a squatting position in front of the cross. The girls in the front row had the best advantage to see the little silver cross sticking out of the nun's anus. Slowly the nun grimaced and pushed the beads out of her anus. She was careful not to allow the beads to touch the stage floor as her sphincter muscle pushed the beads out.

The nun using her sphincter to expel the beads was one of the things that the girls loved about her and what made the nun so expensive. Her control of her anus muscle brought great pleasure to the girl who was fucking her with a strap-on.

As she gathered the beads in her palm the nun used her right hand to pinch and pull her nipples. The girls in the first two rows were now throwing their dollars onto the stage. Now that the beads had been extracted from her anus the nun brought the beads to her mouth. She leaned her head all the back, opened her mouth and inserted the beads down her throat like sword swallower would so that her lips closed over the silver cross. As the music wound down she pulled the beads slowly back out. The nun licked each bead clean as it came out of her mouth. When the last bead came out the music stopped and the crowd of girls started yelling and cheering.

Out of the back of the stage came a young girl, about six or seven, wearing a nun's habit much like the woman had worn at the start of her dance. The little girl was carrying a riding crop in one hand. She walked up to the cross and took the nun's leash from the pole and pulled the woman down the stage. The nun was still on her hands and knees as she followed the little girl nun. Every couple of steps the youngster would turn and swat the woman's ass with her riding crop.

As the little girl and woman exited the stage, about a dozen 'good time' women made their way onto the dance floor. The young girls would always be worked up after the nun so management decided to turn the women who worked as 'good time' girls loose. The stage dances would stop for about twenty minutes while the girls raped and fucked the 'good time' girls. The women didn't mind so much as a lot of money exchanged hands.

Carole looked over at Betty who was panting and rubbing her crotch. Just then Jayne came back to the table and whispered to Betty. Betty smiled and nodded her head. She looked over at Carole and leaned across the table.

"Do you want your wishes to come tonight?" she asked Carole.

"Why yes, of course!"

"There is a girl who wants to have sex with you for thirty dollars for two hours," Betty smiled at her friend. She was also nervous. She didn't want to share Lisa with anybody, especially her mother.

Carole nodded her head anxiously. Betty got up from the table and motioned Carole to follow her. Betty and Carole had to work their way through the orgy on the dance floor. Several times young girls grabbed them and started fondling their breasts or grabbing their crotches. Betty just laughed at the attention but Carole tried to remove the little hands from her body. She wanted that teen and nobody else tonight, that was her goal.


Lisa reached over and opened the room door a little then slammed the door shut. Everyone became quiet. Carole was going nuts with anticipation. Her stomach fluttered as she heard footsteps coming across the room. She was trembling with excitement, her heart thumping madly. 'I can't believe I'm doing this!' she thought. 'Especially for thirty dollars.'

Carole swallowed and tried to look alluring as possible. She spread her legs slightly and jutted out her chest while pulling on her wrist bindings, hoping to look extra sexy for her young special stranger. 'Damn this blindfold,' Carole thought, 'I so want to see my mystery girl!' Adrenaline pumped through her as she heard the footsteps approaching. 'Wow, the time has come, I'm actually going to go through with this!'

Betty suddenly laughs out loud for some reason. Carole gulps as she senses the stranger right next to her. "Oh!" Carole squeaked.

Sharp young fingers took hold of her arm. The stranger guided Carole off the stool and across the room. Carole was led carefully to the bed and made to lay down in the middle of it. Carole couldn't see a thing through the thick scarf wrapped many times around her head. The mystery girl firmly took Carole's hands and stretched her arms way above her head, with her elbows pointing to the ceiling. The youngster efficiently attached her cuffed wrists to the short swivel anchored to the middle of the bed's headboard.

The design of the swivel chain on the headboard allows a girl to easily flip a woman over on her stomach, or on her back, whatever was necessary to achieve the desired position. Carole heard Mrs. Davidson giggling as the girl secured her to the swivel.

Carole pulled slightly at her cuffed wrists bound above her head. She was shaking. 'This is so crazy,' she thought.

The room is completely quiet now. Carole sensed the young girl as she picked up the bottom of her blouse in two strong hands, pulling it up and away from her. There's was a sudden ripping sound as the girl ripped open the entire front of Carole's blouse.

Carole let out a gasp as cool air hit her exposed chest and nipples. She jumped slightly in her bound state as two little hands reached down and took hold of her breasts. She whimpered as the girl pulled and kneaded her breasts with long, sharp fingers.

Carole moaned as her mystery lover really worked over her breasts, pinching and shaking her nipples. She twists around against her wrist bindings, groaning at being touched liked this by this girl. The blindfold was really driving her nuts. She could only see darkness from the scarf around her head. The little fingers touching over her body felt simply magical. A glow of warmth begins radiating outward from her exposed chest.

Carole's nipples are wickedly tweaked and tweezed. She trembled as she realizes her young mystery lover has long fingernails for a young girl! The girl leans over her, her fingers molding and shaping over her breasts. The youngster kisses her under her neck with soft full lips. The girl's body pressing into her is not the body of a youngster, but rather the soft curves of a teenager!

"Oh, oh ooh!" Carole groaned and stammered in complete surprise, her stomach fluttering. "Be-Be-Betty, th-this person is a Teen-teenager!"

Carole's mystery lover was a teenager! This teenager playing with her chest and kissing her neck sat up. A finger slowly traces upward between Carole's breasts.

"Oh my God! Betty! I, I've never done it with a teen before!" She heard Betty chuckling from across the room.

"Why yes I kind of figured that," Betty explained, matter-of-factly from across the room. "This nice girl, a blonde just like yourself, agreed to give you a real good fucking tonight. Mrs. Howell told her all about you Carole, so she understands just how completely submissive you really are." Carole groaned in embarrassment as Betty continued. "Now Carole, I know you never made it with a teen before, so I figured our little session here this evening would be a great time for you to start. And as an added bonus, I get to watch your first lesbian fuck -umm, encounter, that is."

"Betty!" Carole stammers lookin in the direction of Betty's voice, pulling at her wrist bindings. "A teenager wanting to make love to me?"

"Yes, Carole, that was the idea when she paid me thirty dollars for you!" Betty giggled.

Carole thought to herself, 'It's so true, I've never been fucked by a teenager before, and certainly never considered myself a lesbian, not even growing up. But I'm so horny right now that my entire body is just aching to be toyed with! I do love to experiment, how bad could it be with this teenager?'

"Ow! Ok, y-yes! Lets continue!" Carole blurts out. A deep blush blooms out on her checks the teen had already stirred Carole in the most tantalizing way.

'This is so wild,' thought Carole. 'I'm really going to be fucked by a teenager!'

The mystery teen sat next to Carole's prone, secured form. She involuntarily shuddered as the teen leaned over her.

'I feel something soft and wet slipping into my mouth. Oh my God! It's, it's her tongue". Carole thought to herself as she squirmed against her bindings.

The girl's hands come up to the side of Carole's face and she holds her firmly in place as she gives Carole a deep French kiss. Her wet tongue slowly explores the inside of Carole's mouth. Carole was becoming more turned-on, she returned the teens kiss. Their tongues slather and side all over each other.

'I can't believe I'm here, blindfolded, wrists bound to the headboard, exchanging tongue with a young teen!' Carole thought as she tried to keep up with the teen girl kissing her.

"Okay Lisa," I hear a girl say. "You've toyed with your little pet enough now. Why don't you take her blindfold off and show our little slut who you really are."

'That voice is so familiar. Lisa? That name is familiar to me,' Carole suddenly becomes concerned. The teen leans off Carole and her nimble fingers untie the scarf from around her head.

Carole blinks and tries to focus on the figures in the bright bedroom. Betty is still on the old couch in the back of the bedroom. Carole looks at the teen sitting next to her on the bed. She's strikingly beautiful, with blond hair and a satin pink princess dominatrix dress, and.

"Oh my God! Lisa?" she stuttered, embarrassment on her face. "Oh, Fuck! It's you!" sitting next to Betty on the couch was Helen Johnson, Lisa's best friend. Carole's wrists were still secured to the swivel hook on the headboard.

"Yes mother, it really is me," Lisa said smiling down at her mother while one hand absently played between her mother's breasts.

Carole gulped and squirmed as she looked at her daughter. 'This was truly unbelievable. Of all the teen girls it could be, my mystery lover is my daughter!'

Betty helpfully informs Carole from across the room. "Lisa figured your first adult young girl lesbian experience would be much more enjoyable by getting fucked by somebody you already know, like her, Carole. And if you didn't realize it she has been lusting after your sweet ass for some time now."

"Thank you Mrs. Davidson," Lisa snapped at her teacher. "I'll take it from here."

"Yes, ma'am," Betty replies as she sat back on the couch with Helen.

"I can't believe this is happening, my daughter Lisa is my going to be my mystery lover tonight!' Carole's mind screams to her.

"Ah my mother, sweet little mommy, your sweet little ass does look truly wonderful all trussed up to the bed here." Lisa giggled as she gently traced her fingers along her mother's breasts, down to down to her stomach, to the edge of her pink panties.

Carole looks down at her daughter's magic fingers. 'I still can't believe my precious daughter is sitting on this bed next to my bound body, wearing a skimpy party dress and, and coming on to me!"

"I know this is all a bit mind blowing for you, mom, you were always such a good little girl." She looks down at her mother with the kindest of smiles. "And I know Mrs. Davidson has somewhat prepared you for our special session tonight."

Carole looks up at her daughter then at her dress with a questioning look.

"I can see that you are confused, mother, so let me clear that up for you. I'm into domination and submission." Lisa said as she traced her finger up between her mother's breasts. "I'll do the dominating, and you'll be doing the submitting. For the thirty dollars that I have paid for you tonight, which by the way is the money you gave me for pizza and soda," she giggles. "I've planned quite a session for you. I'm going to put your body and mind through the works. And as Mrs. Davidson told you that once the money has been paid you can't back out, so are you ready for this?"

"Oh, Lisa," Carole groans as she looks up at her daughter. "Ooh, this is crazy. But y-yes, yes. I'm ready!" she blurts out quick with Lisa leaning so close to her. "But, but what exactly do you have planned, I'm, umm, not really sure how this submission thing works."

Lisa took her mother's nipples, one in each hand. Carole closed her eyes and moaned. Lisa began to gently, but firmly twist and pull them upward.

"Oh! Ooh, Ooooooh, Ooouch." I suddenly stammer and squirm around. Carole looks up in amazement as Lisa, her little Lisa of all people, freely plays on her tender nipples. Betty Davidson and Helen are watching Lisa and her mother with rap attention.

"Well mother," Lisa replies, running her warm fingers over her mother's belly and daintily tracing around my hips. "I'm going to fuck you as the Dominate female but also as another female who will fully and completely appreciate your mature womanhood, as only a teenager truly can. Hmm. among other things tonight I'm going to have you and Mrs. Davidson fuck pussy-to-pussy, then maybe I will fuck you slowly up the ass, to put it crudely. Hmm, yes, let's get started by checking out what treasures you have hidden away under here."

"Oh!" I gasp looking down.

Lisa slowly slips one hand along her mother's belly and slowly slips her hand under her mother's panties. Carole whimpers and groans, pulling against her cuffed wrists attached to the bed's headboard. Her daughter's fingers are warm against her as she cups them over her pussy. At first Lisa's touch is light, almost like the fluttering of a butterfly, but her fingers become more insistent. Lisa begins rubbing her mother up and down between her legs! Her hips respond by following her rocking motion.

'Her hand feels wonderful," Carole smiles to herself. 'I can't believe my daughter is rubbing me like this, touching my most private place!'

"Hmm, mother, your mature cunt feels quite, quite lovely," Lisa tells her, smiling sweetly down at her. Carole's face reddens as her daughter's little hand rummages freely between her mother's legs, moving around under her panties. Her fingers push between her labia!

"Hmmm, yes, you're rather wet, aren't you, mother. Perhaps it's time for my fingers to do a little more exploring. Ah, yes, mother yes. There we go, nice and easy."

"Huh!" Carole cries out. Lisa's two fingers slowly push into her wet tunnel with a slick, squishing sound. Her digits easily ride up into her mother. Lisa's thumb hooks around and slowly plays across her mother's swollen clit!

"Ah! Umm, Oh! Lisa, y-you're so nasty, y-y-you, oh! your are driving me wild!" Carole blurts out like a love struck puppy. Lisa gently works her mother's pussy, knowing exactly what she wants. She goes right for the heart of the matter, no ambiguity at all, leaving her mother enthralled by her forceful yet gentle finger caress.

Carole thinks to herself, 'This is so unlike many of the guys I've dated, with their quick and clumsy finger clutching.'

"Mother, if you think this is nasty, we have almost two hours to go tonight on the thirty dollars I paid Mrs. Davidson, it's going to be truly, truly fun. Mmm, mother, you're going to be my nice little love kitten. Oh yes, I already like the feel and squishiness of your little mature pussy here. For being such a little slut, you're still nice and tight. Mmmm, nice." Her fingers are fully inside her mother, moving around and driving her crazy! "You're quite a responsive little bitch. That will come in handy during our little show tonight."

"Oh!"Carle so turned-on by Lisa's fingers inside her pussy that she instinctively rolled her hips slowly up and down. Carole arches her back, pushing out her chest, offering her breasts to her wonderfully perverted thirteen year old daughter.

Lisa goes on talking, keeping her finger's inside her mother, deliciously moving them around inside her, "Now that we've gotten this far, I can tell you that I've watched you become quite the little slut around the house this week. Now I will fully introduce you to the many different varieties of teen domination-on-woman loving. From watching you on the dance floor I can tell that you also enjoy bondage and a little humiliation."

"Ooh." Carole moans, lost in her daughter's touch and nasty words.

"Well," she continues. "I very much enjoy degrading mature women like yourself and Mrs. Davidson. As I said mother, I'm a Dominatrix, and I think your want to become a little sub for me! I going to play with your luscious adult body, and, of course, I'm going to fully, and completely, penetrate your pussy, and your cute little butt, using a number of specialized toys I have in my bag of joy here. Also, I will take my time and hope to make you cum repeatedly, turning you into a little 'cum geyser', and then I'll really, really, enjoy making you squirm and beg for more in front of everybody here. Tonight mother, I'm going to fully test your wanton limits, I'm going to turn you into my own special lesbian whore. Now, enough said, let's get started."

'Oorrph! This is mind blowing!' Carole thought. She groan dumbly and pulled at her bound hands still firmly attached to the bed's headboard, watching her daughter continue the sordid assault between her lewdly parted legs. Carole's head was reeling and her heart pounding with desire as she listened to what her daughter's going to do with her.

'It's unbelievable! I would never, never have imagined that my teen daughter could be so downright lecherous.' Carole thought as she struggled on the bed. 'I'm really going nuts from the sensations being generated by her fingers buried in my pussy, from my wrists being bound, and from the astonishing words coming from my thirteen year old.'

"All right mother," Lisa said, withdrawing her finger from her and grasping the crotch of her panties. "I don't want my mommy getting excited too quickly. And you'll certainly won't be needing these for the rest of the night." In one swift move Lisa pulled the panties off her mother.

"Ah!" Carole cried out in disappointment and shock as the cool air of the room hits the moistness between her legs. "Oh!" Carole redden deeply as she realized that Mrs. Davidson and Helen could now freely see her completely naked body. It made her feel exposed and quite defenseless, but in a wicked sexy strange way.

"So mother, are you really sure your ready for all the special activities I have planned for you tonight?"

Carole nods her head. Lisa hops off the bed gracefully. "This is my domination outfit, mother. It is something that you will come to worship when I wear it." Lisa twirled around in her pink satin Princess domination dress. "You will come to worship me when I wear it, just like my bitch, Mrs. Davidson over there!"

It's was an incredible sight for Carole to look down the bed, past her poor love-swollen body and see her daughter lewdly looking her over with her blue eyes.

'She's very scary in the intensity of the look she's giving me,' Carole thought as she looked at her lovely daughter. 'Her face is bright and smooth, framed against her shoulder-length blond hair. Her breasts so round and smooth, her stomach is perfectly flat.'

Lisa climbed onto the bottom of the bed near her mother's feet like a cat on the prowl. Carole's knees were up and her legs together. Lisa knelt near her feet and put her strong hands on each of her mother's knees and began to slowly spread her legs open.

"Come on little mommy, open up these slender legs and show everyone your very special flower."

Carole closed her eyes and tilted her head back, blushing in embarrassment, but also quivering with ferocious anticipation. She let her daughter's strong hands guide and spread her legs wide open on the bed. Now everyone in the room could really see her exposed pussy!

'I can't believe I'm doing this, letting my daughter sexually ravage me in front of her friends! It's so wild and wickedly delicious.' Carole squirmed against her bounds.

Lisa's hands push against her mother's open knees. Her hands very slowly trace down the inside of my thigh and rest light on top of my pussy.

'Oh! This is so crazy.' Carole smiled at her daughter. 'I know exactly where Lisa is heading.' Carole feels Lisa's thumbs gently press into each side of her pussy, her other fingers spread over her ass cheeks. Lisa is holding and maneuvering the inside of her mother's hips like bowl of fruit.

"Oh mother, my sweet little mommy, I'm looking directly into your astoundingly pretty cunt, and aaah, what an absolutely beautiful sight it is to behold. Oh, you poor baby, It's all pink and swollen. Your lips have blossomed open like the petals of an exquisite flower. I'm really enjoying introducing you to the joys teenage domination. I take it you've never been eaten-out by a woman before?"

"N-noo," Carole croaks, looking down, pulling on her arm bindings.

"Good, because Mrs. Davidson has, haven't you Mrs. Davidson?" Lisa asked as she looked around at her teacher.

Betty had a shocked look on her face, "Yes princess, but."

"No buts, Mrs. Davidson, come over here and show my mother how a woman properly eats a pussy!" Lisa said as she pushed herself off the bed.

Betty slowly got up from the couch and gulped. Helen giggled and started to rub her crotch.

"Come on, Mrs. Davidson!" the thirteen year old urged. "My whore of a mother is waiting."

Betty walked up to Lisa with her head down. "Get undressed for me Mrs. Davidson," Lisa said a matter of factly.

Betty got undressed in front of the teen, piling her clothes at her feet. Lisa pointed at her mother's crotch and smiled. Betty knelt down at the end of the bed then leaned over and looked at Carole's moist pussy.

"Oh" Carole mumbled as Mrs. Davidson's lips land directly on her pussy. 'I can't believe a woman's mouth is on my most private place! It's like an electric shock of pleasure.' Carole groaned.

Betty kisses her again, and again, and again, each time a little more deeply, until Carole feels the wild sensation of Betty's entire face pressed entirely between her legs. Her nose sniffs on Carole's clit. Her chin rubs next to Carole's asshole. Her cheeks rub against the sides of Carole's innermost thigh.

"Oh! Ooooh!" Carole cries out loud in pleasure as Betty's tongue licks up and then down the sides of her pussy lip. Carole groans again loudly as Betty's mouth opens wide and engulfs her entire clitoris. She slowly laps over her clit and then nibbles and gently bites at it, causing Carole to wiggle and shake, pulling on her bindings. Her soft, hot tongue moves slowly down, fully entering Carole's pussy.

"AH, Ooh! Mrs. Davidson, that feels so good, please, please, please fuck me, fuck me with your tongue!" Carole suddenly blurts out, surprising even herself.

Lisa and Helen burst out giggling, "That's it my sweet little cunt licker, lick my mommy!" Lisa laughs.

Carole hears Helen chuckling from the couch and Lisa standing next to the bed giggling at the site of her teacher eating her mother.

"Not so fast my little love-bitch," Lisa says as she stares down at her mother.

"Oooh," Carole gurgles in disappointment.

Carole opens her eyes and looks down at the teacher crouched between her wide-open legs. Betty smiles up at her, her face completely plastered with Carole's love-juice.

"Very good, Mrs. Davison," Lisa says to her teacher. "You get a special reward tonight. Stay right here, you're not finished yet."

"Thank you, princess!" Betty says as she gets up from the end of the bed.

"Don't worry mother, it certainly is not over yet," Lisa says as she retrieves a gym bag from the floor. She sets it aside on the edge of the bed and takes out a small blue bottle. "I hope this is still warm," she mutters and takes off the cap, pouring a small amount of bluish liquid into her hands.

"Yes, it's perfect," Lisa says while pouring the contents of the bottle directly onto her mother's tummy, chest and torso. The blue liquid is warm and very slick.

"This is just a little girlie love oil to make you two girls nice and slippery," Lisa looks down at her mother while spreading the warm oil all over her body. She puts the cap back on and throws the bottle back into the bag.

Mrs. Davidson kneels between Carole's legs again, this time on her hands and knees. The Literature teacher kisses Carole up from her belly, slowly moving over her prostrate body. She licks and laps Carole's breasts and sucks on her hardened nipples, gently at first, and then a little harder each time. Carole looks down between her breasts at Mrs. Davidson, trembling with desire.

Betty moves completely over Carole, her hips gently resting between Carole's open legs. Her lanky body feels warm and firm against Carole. Betty's breasts feel great as they slide and flatten against Carole's breasts. She brings her face above Carole's and kisses her passionately as body flattens and settles on top of Carole.

'It's just out-of-this-world that I'm bound to this bed, naked, with my daughter's teacher, of all people, naked on top of me!' Betty slowly inserts her tongue into Carole's mouth, it's thick and wet, she takes her time swirling it around.

Betty rubs and squirms against Carole. "Mmmm, Mrs. Briggs, my little cunt, isn't nice the way our bodies slip and slide together. I'll bet you never thought your daughter would come up with this idea?" Betty arched and squirmed her body against Carole while looking directly into her eyes.

"Oh, oh God! N-no, no Betty I g-g-guess not," Carole replies, shyly returning her gaze.

Lisa sat down on the bed next to her mother and her teacher, "Go ahead Mrs. Davidson, tell my mother all the wonderful things I do for you!"

"My princess, your daughter, lets me kiss your sweet little anus when I please her!" Betty giggles.

Betty gets up on her elbows and begins to slide back and forth against Carole with gentle force. She uses the fact that Carole's hands are cuffed and bound to the headboard to get even more leverage.

With a big smile on her face Mrs. Davidson slowly arches forward, pressing down and grinding her pussy deeply into Carole's. She presses her hips between her wide-open V-spread legs. The effect of her sweaty, greasy body pressing, ardently rubbing into Carole is pure, pure magic!

"Ohhh, ohhh!" Carole moans and squirms.

She continued, "My princess likes to slap my breasts and stand me in the corner while I masturbate for her!" Betty moaned. "She pimps my body out to other students and uses the money to I earn to purchase things for herself and her friends. Just like she is going to to do with you Carole!"

Their hips pick up a crazy, bucking tempo, their pussies come to squash and ooze pervertedly together. Betty and Carole's trim pubic hair creates an incredible lusty friction. Carole's new lesbian lover takes a fistful of her hair forcing Carole's head back. Betty wildly kisses her neck, face, eyes, nose and mouth. She bites, pinches and sucks at Carole's neck, driving her crazy with desire.

Mrs. Davidson arches on top of Carole, wiggling, writhing and thrashing against her with intense abandon.

'I can't believe what we're doing!' Carole thought. 'This beautiful woman is actually fucking me! How wonderfully different it is.'

Betty and Carole begin to loudly slap and mash together with urgent female need. Carole pulls on her bound arms to push herself up and into Betty.

Carole is very warm and racked by hot pleasure, transported to that otherworldly place of lust and pure sensuality. Her orgasm wells out from her deepest, most secret self. It blossoms out from within her tummy and hips. Carole parts her lips as Betty slips her wet, dripping tongue into her mouth. Carole sucks it down and tries to hold onto to it with her lips, despite their increasingly wild and bucking fornication.

Carole's entire being is completely opened to the teacher. Their swollen pussy lips frenetically rub, slide and squish into each other with a wet squishing noise, as if they're trying to transfer some secret, very urgent message. Both women are burning with desire, drenched and slippery.

"Oh! oh! ooh! Aaaaarh!" Carole screams out at the top of her lungs. Her orgasm overwhelms her, her toes curl and her back arches up as she gushes, and gushes with sticky love-juice, mixing, oozing and slamming wetly against Betty's wonderfully soft pussy.

Betty is close to her own orgasm, and not quite finished yet. She leans off Carole, just a bit, to increase her leverage and really grind into her. Both women are rhythmically locked together. Carole looks up at her, what a beautiful sight! Betty's her hair is all wild and loose, strands plastered to her lovely, sweaty face, her full breasts bouncing madly to their fervent tempo.

Carole and Betty's eyes lock together for a second. Betty grabs Carole's shoulders and stops moving, pressing her pussy hard against her. Her eyes close and eyebrows come together, her mouth opens but no sound comes out, just a small amount dribble flows over her lower lip, down her chin and all over Carole's breasts and face. A look of the most exquisite agony overcomes her face. Her pussy gushes warmly all over Carole's pussy and thigh. Betty moves her hips against Carole again as a large amount of her own sticky love-fluid flows from between her legs. Her cum soaks into Carole's pussy and pubes, running deliciously down her ass crack, pooling in a warm and sticky puddle under her butt.

"That's my girl," gushes Lisa as she pats her teacher on the head. "She is a silent orgasmic comer!" the thirteen year old laughs.

The teacher's body finally relaxes and softens on top of Carole. She nuzzles her face between Carole's head and shoulder. The women giggle liked goofy schoolgirls.

"Wow, you two sure are good together!" smiled Lisa from the side of the bed. "My two favorite bitches are very good together."

"Mm, Mm, Mm, I'll second that. Please don't stop on our account!" Helen adds. She is standing next to the bed now looking down on the two women.

Betty rolls off Carole both women panting and recovering.

"Mom, that was truly, truly wonderful," Lisa smiles at her mother from across the bed. "You're a truly responsive woman," she says while tussling and fingering her mother's hair. "I wanted to see how you would fuck just woman-on-woman with no toys. I wanted Mrs. Davidson to show you how special love-making between two women can be. With that out of the way, I can now graduate to my little bag of love-toys. The night is still quite young, you know, and there's still many more ways that I going to screw, and perhaps, humiliate you by."

"W-What toys," Carole ask sheepishly. Carole's wrists are still cuffed to the bed's headboard. She looks down at her sweaty body. Helen and now Betty were intently watching mother and daughter from the side of the bed.

"Mmm, well mother," Lisa smiles at her mother from the side of the bed, her hands roaming across her slick tummy and causally squeezing her mother's breasts. "Basically I have a special toy to fill every one of your three slutty holes, your mouth, asshole and of course, this wonderful little cunt of yours."

"Oooh" Carole replies inanely as Lisa puts her hand palms right between her legs.

"But first mommy-baby, before I impale your sweet ass, let's see if we can rev-up your little pussy-flower again," Lisa teases her mother while getting on her side and leaning against her. Lisa's princess dominatrix dress is warm against her mother. Carole feels like a little girl when her daughter talks to her that way.

Carole's cheeks burn red as Lisa slowly kisses her face and nibbles on her ear. "Hmm, I'll bet I'll have this mature purssy spasming again real soon." Lisa cooed.

Lisa nibbled on her mother's ear as her hands push her legs open. The dominatrix daughter slowly rubbed her palm on the soft inside of her mother's upper thigh. Her pointy tongue licks along her mother's neck. She rubs the heel of her hand into her mother's pussy mound.

Caroled smiled at her daughter and thought, 'My daughter is turning me into a little horny bitch again!'

"Oh mother, my beautiful girl, your little twat is really heating up again! Hmmm, Let's move on to the next phase of your submissive training." Lisa chuckles.

Lisa leans up off her mom and reaches into her bag near the edge of the bed. Carole pulls up on her bindings trying to get a better look at what her daughter is doing. Carole gasps as Lisa pulls out what looks like a squat plastic pink dildo with a very bristly head and warty surface, the end flaring out into a wide disc. Lisa also takes out a small jar of Dr. Swan's anal lube and works it all over the plastic dong. She then places the strange thing directly on her mother's chest, between her breasts.

"Mother, sweetie, my little plastic friend here soon will be completely planted deep up your ass, isn't that a nice idea?"

"Ohh," Carole groans at such a totally disgusting, wicked idea.

"I think I can guess that you've never had the pleasure of a real ass-fucking before, which surprises me mom because I would have thought that daddy would have butt fucked you at some point. But now I get to be the first one taking you anally," Lisa smiled down at her mother. She held up toy showing it to her mother. "This is a special kind of anal-plug. It has a bumpy surface which will really heighten your first act of sodomy."

"Oh God, Lisa," Carole moans with mounting crazy desire as she stares at the strap-on. "That's such a nasty looking thing!"

"Yes, it sure is mother. My little plastic friend will be your little anal friend. I am going to give it to you to keep. I want to put it under pillow every night and before you go to sleep are you to kiss your anal friend good night! All right then bottoms-up baby." Lisa giggled as she moved the plastic pink cock off her mother's chest to the side of the bed.

"Ho-o, my!" Carole is surprised as Lisa hooks her hands around her mother's thighs and smoothly flips her over on her stomach. Her arms are still connected to the headboard, through the swivel chain. Lisa arranges her mother so she is on her knees and elbows, with her ass jutting upwards. Her mother's forehead rests on the pillow.

'This is so, so nasty. My heart is pounding. I can't believe what's about to happen to me.' Carole thought nervously as she stared into the pillow.

Lisa's hands caress and roam up and down her mother's exposed backside.

"Mom, your ass is every bit as sweet as I've imagined it to be, so nice and tight and round," Lisa informs her as she pokes her finger, which lubed up with Dr. Swan's anal lube, up her mother's butt.

"Ooow, Oh!" Carole yelps in surprise as Lisa works her finger into her mother's puckered anus. Carole can hear Helen and Mrs. Davidson chuckling from the side of the bed. Carole never knew her daughter had such a wicked side. Her woman-handling was making her quite excited again.

"First I think we're going to have to loosen you up a bit mother," Lisa exclaims as she rummages through her equipment. Carole gulps when she hears Lisa putting on a pair of latex gloves.

"Don't worry mother," Lisa said in a matter of fact tone. "I have a pair of rubber gloves on now and I'm lubing them up with some of Dr. Swan's special butt oil. I think you'll go nuts when you feel my fingers wiggling their way up your ass."

"Oh, Oh God!" Carole gulps and groans aloud. She never knew her teenage daughter could be so wonderfully and utterly nasty.

Lisa's cool fingers spread her mother's ass cheeks wide open. 'Wow! I can't believe this is happening! I'm going to be finger-fucked in the ass, by my daughter!" Carole thought as she put her head into the pillow. 'It's so completely wicked, I just love it. My pussy is sopping wet.'

"Ooooh," Carole gasps. Lisa's latex covered hand massages over and around mother's anus. Carole groans and shakes in her bindings as the tips of her daughters fingers press against her rear hole, making slow circles, working their way into her!

Carole opens her eyes and lifts her head from the pillow and yelps as Lisa's index finger slides completely into her, right up to her knuckle!

"Now that's something you don't see every day," Helen observes from the side of the bed.

Betty chuckles at Carole's obscene predicament, "My princess knows how to handle a woman!"

Carole shutters as Lisa manipulates her bottom, twisting her finger around inside her mother! She takes her time rummaging around in her mom's rear end. Carole sobs as Lisa slowly slips her finger out of her ass. She hears the unmistakable sound of her daughter taking off her latex gloves.

"Easy, there baby," Lisa coos softly to her mother. "I just wanted to warm you up a little." She says as she sits back on her heels. "Now mother, you did a good job of holding yourself for me. You need to relax your butt as much as possible now. Hmm, yes, I'm really going to enjoy watching your mature ass get fully taken tonight."

"Oouch!" Carole yelps and moans into the pillow as she feels the contact of the plug's oily, mushroom shaped and soft bristly-knobby head pressing directly against her rear opening.

"Oh! This is so wild!" Carole screams into the pillow. "Lisa you're so, so naughty."

"Easy mother, relax, just relax. I'm just going to gently, but firmly twist and turn your anal friend into your ass now." Lisa said as she stuck her tongue out the side of mouth in concentration.

"Aarh OH! OH! Ooooh!" Carole cries into the pillow in short huffs as her daughter does just that! "Oh God!" She whimpers and shakes. The knobby thing feels huge as it presses hard against her sphincter muscle. Carole trembles as the wide, greasy-rounded plastic head noses into her just a bit but then stops tight and stops moving any further.

"Ooooh," Carole gasps. Bizarre sensations well up from her bottom, a disgusting rasping feeling mixed with the most extreme lurid pleasure.

"Mother, you going to have to work with me here. You're going to have to relax those sweet cheeks of yours just a bit now." Lisa says as she takes hold of her mother's hips. "Your anal friend is having a hard time introducing itself to you!"

"Oh! Oh-my! Arrrh!" Carole wiggles and squirms as the plug bristly twists against her, but makes no further progress.

"I have an idea. Hey Mrs. Davidson," Lisa calls over her shoulder. "Why don't you come over here and kiss my mother. She needs a little distraction." Lisa giggles.

"Sure thing princess, I'd love too." Betty walks around the bed to Carole's head.

'I can't believe it. I barely know Lisa's Literature teacher,' Carole says to herself with her face buried in the pillow. 'I'd never thought we'd wind up kissing! Let alone her eating my pussy.'

"Hi, Mrs. Briggs," Betty says while climbing on top of the bed near her head.

Carole takes her head off the pillow and looks up at Betty's pretty face. Long brown hair and soft brown eyes frame her heart shaped face. Betty gently pushes back the hair that has fallen over Carole's face. She lifts up her chin and brings her soft lips to Carole's. Their lips slip and slide together. Carole relaxes and moans as her tongue gently traces over the teacher's lips.

"Yes, yes in we go!" Lisa cries out with both hands on the anal plug.

"Oh my! Oh my!" Carole moans into Betty's mouth. The plastic cock feels wonderfully gross as her anal ring quivers and slowly weakens. It's fighting's a losing battle against the insistence greasy knob pressing into her.

"Aaaah! OH! Lisa!" There's an odd popping sound as the wicked dong fully breaks through and continues traveling up and into her in short, hard clenching movements.

"OH!" Carole moans again.

"Thank you Mrs. Davidson," Lisa says, "you did great, you can sit down now."

"Thank you, princess," Betty climbs off the bed. Carole plunges her head into the pillow again.

"How does it feel, mom?" Lisa asks with a smile.

Carole lifts her head from the pillow, "What a bizarre sensation! It feels like I'm having a tremendous bowel movement." Carole grunts. "But I know that just can't be true! I feel the plug's obscene plastic bumpy surface oh so tightly sliding INTO me. I know something has to be moving IN not OUT!"

Lisa giggles as she pushes the pink anal intruder in deeper into her mother.

"Oh! Oooooh!" Carole buries her head in the pillow as her rear entrance makes lewd involuntarily attempts to closed and clasp around the thickening oncoming shaft. Her face is hot and flush. "The dong thing feels HUGE to me, Lisa," Carole gasps out loud. "I can't believe that Helen and Mrs. Davidson are watching you sodomize me!"

Lisa laughs and so do Helen and Mrs. Davidson. "What else would they be doing mother?"

Lisa firmly presses and turns the strange dong up into her bottom with a slow and steady pace. Carole sobs and whimpers. Pulling on her bound wrists as she senses what she hopes is the widest part of the plug move into her and wickedly opening up her ass.

"Oooow, Lisa!" Carole sobs and squirms on her knees on the bed, perceiving every slow inch of the pole's incredibly ribbed-greasy contoured diameter slowly sliding up into her clenching anal muscle. "The fucking dildo feels huge and disgustingly pleasurable inside me!" Carole senses her daughter's deliberate strength behind the plug.

"Ooh yes, yes my little mommy," Lisa coos softy. "You're taking your first sodomy penetration very, very well now. Slowly, slowly, that's it, just inch by inch. Ah, yes, yes, in we go," instructs her daughter.

Lisa continues to press the wonderfully awful dong into her mother's body. She relentlessly twists and rotates the thing and up and into her ass. Carole trembles and whimpers. It feels like a kind of obscene and incredibly thick buttery rod that's endlessly blossoming open inside her ass. The room is completely quiet now. Everybody can hear the thumping of the music on the dance floor and the perverse glistening sound of the plastic intruder making its way up Carole's rear end!

Carole's ass involuntarily squirms and attempts to clamp down on the intruding dong thing, but it's useless of course as her daughter keeps pushing the dildo into her. Carole puts her head down and moans into the pillow, pulling on her bound arms and arching her butt up to meet the advance of the dong. The plug thing slowly fills her up, expanding deep inside her bowels. In an extraordinary wicked way Carole feels like her whole backside is being shucked wide open. She can actually feel the wonderfully horrid thing teasingly press against the back of her pussy!

"Ah yes, mother, my little fuck toy, the plug is almost all the way inside you now," Lisa giggles.

Carole feels the wide disc stop against her butt, preventing the anal invader from moving any further into her quaking body. She is brimming with the most delicious, most perverted fullness welling up from inside her ass. Her thighs are shaking. She groans and bites into the pillow, leaning on her bound arms. She experiments by squeezing and rolling her hips and thighs slightly, causing the strange plug to give her wild sensations.

"Well, I think my mommy here is taking her first anal sodomy quite well, what do you think, Helen?"

'What a question for my daughter to ask her best friend!' Carole moaned into her pillow.

"Your mother looks simply fuckable, Lisa," Helen giggles.

Lisa looks down at her mother, "Well, mother, I have to admit your sweet little butt does look pleasingly depraved with my nasty pink dildo stuck way up in there. Now what would your co-workers at the company say if they could see their proper little vice-president all bound-up and well plugged." Lisa lightly rests her hand on top of the plug's disc, sending more crazy sensations up and into her mother's bottom.

"Oh God, Lisa, th this is just between us in the room, p please," Carole cries out from the pillow.

"Mother's should never tell their daughter's what to do," with that, Lisa palmed the end of the disc and began to forcefully rotate the plug around inside her mother's butt, creating a wet squishy sound and driving her totally insane. "Hmm, I wonder if other girls would enjoy you as much as I do?"

"Aaaaaaaaah, Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh God! P-please, Lisa!" Carole groans out loud as shocks of raw pleasure shoot up from her bottom. Her teen daughter's ministrations were making her mother crazy!

"So tell me mother, should I fuck your pussy silly with a large strap-on dildo I have in my bag?" Lisa giggles as she looks over at her teacher.

"Yes, yes, OH! yes, God-YES!, p-p-please," Carole whimpers to her teen daughter. "Oh fuck me silly, Lisa, oh God I love you so much!"

"Well, okay then, Helen can you get one of the wooden chairs and place it near the bed?"

Helen walks over to the other side of the room, "Sure thing."

Carole is in a daze. Her ass, pussy and nipples are on fire! Lisa lets go of her mother's ass and uncuffs her wrists from the headboard. She quickly re-cuffs her mother's hands together behind my back.

"Mother, be a good girl and kneel in front of the chair Helen just brought and await my instructions."

"Yes, Lisa." Breathing heavily Carole slowly hops off the bed, every movement causing the anal plug to shoot more wild sensation up her bottom. She kneels obediently on the carpet, in front of the plain wooden kitchen chair Helen just provided.

Lisa pulls out a twelve inch strap-on from her bag of tricks. Carole's pussy twitches when she sees the thick bulbous head on the end of the phallus coming into view. She gulps as she visualizes what her daughter is about to do to her with the twelve inch strap-on. Lisa takes the straps and fastens them around her waist. Then she secures the straps between her legs.

Lisa looks down at her kneeling mom, "All nice and comfy!" She sits on the chair with her knees together. Lisa looks down at her mother and crooks her finger to her. Carole follows her daughters order, obediently shuffling forward on her knees. Her arms bound behind her cause her chest to jut out and her breasts jiggle back and forth. She moves awkwardly towards her daughter like an obedient bitch in heat.

Lisa opens her legs wide and smiles sweetly down at her mother as she scuffles close as her tummy meets the front of her chair, their eyes lock. Lisa leans forward and grabs her mother's head. She kisses her fully on the mouth, and kisses her nose, chin, cheeks, eyes and hair. Her kisses are hard, wet and torrid. Lisa laps at her mother's face with her long, pointed tongue. Carole returns her daughter's kisses. She kisses her daughter's full lips, her face and neck.

With her strong arms on her shoulders Lisa directs her mother mouth downwards to her small breasts. Carole licks, sucks gently her teen daughter's nipples. Lisa closes her eyes and murmurs in approval.

"Ooh Ooh, mother, sweet, sweet little mommy, you're so fine."

Carole's face is between her daughter's warm breasts when Lisa places her hands on the sides of her head and begins to push her even further downward. Carole bends lower willingly as her daughter moves the strap-on out of the way. She thought of all the crazy sexy, depraved things she would try. She would have never eaten out her daughter out, but that seems like a lifetime ago.

Lisa's hands hold and direct the back of her mother's head to that soft magic place between her legs. Carole draws in her daughter's wonderfully strong musky scent. Her tongue is out and her eyes are closed as she laps up between her daughter's swollen pussy lips. Lisa grips the back of her mother's head. Carole laps her daughter's pussy like a little doggie. Carole found Lisa's clit and sucked on it and twirls it around on her tongue. Then she ran the flat part of her tongue back and forth between her daughter's pussy lips. Lisa gently pulls her mother up.

"Aaah yes, my little one, very good, I think we're quite ready now." Lisa smiles at her mother.

Shakily Carole gets to her feet. Lisa grabs the strap-on and adjusts it around her waist. The twelve inch strap-on is waving obscenely from her daughter's slim waist.

"Come here mother, spread those thighs of yours climb and onto my lap like a little child." Lisa has a smirk on her face.

Carole had a look on her face like she couldn't believe she was doing this! With her wrists bound behind her, anal plug in her butt, her nipples hard and pointing forward, she walks, trembling just a bit, to her daughter. Lisa's one hand is lewdly rubbing the strap-on up and down, the other beckoning her mother towards her.

Carole spreads her thighs wide to straddle and climb onto her daughter's lap, like Lisa used to do when she was younger. She was wobbling back and forth because of the butt plug and her handcuffed wrists. Carole felt the plug in her ass moving about. Lisa's naked thighs are warm where they meet her mother's. There were now face-to-face. Carole's breasts are almost at level with her daughter's.

Lisa holds her mother's waist with one hand to steady her and scoots her forward a bit, causing the other end of bulbous strap-on to rest against her pussy.

"Mmm, mother, now isn't this quite cozy?" Lisa looks her directly in the eye. "Are you sure you're ready for this mommy?" She asks while looking down at the free end of the dildo.

"Y-yes, oh yes!" Carole hisses. "I can't believe what we're about to do, Lisa!"

"I know mom, isn't it neat?" the teen daughter giggles.

Carole looks down and watches in amazement as Lisa takes the free end of the strap-on and rubs it up and down along her mother's twitching pussy. She pushes the big bulbous head between her outer lips, opening her up a little. Carole gasps and closed her eyes at the intense and very intimate contact. The soft dildo head feels incredibly firm and oddly spongy as Lisa pushes and compresses the thing between her mother's pussy lips. The strap-on just slipped inside her, it felt great as the wide head entered her.

"Okay, my sweet, sweet mommy, sit on my strap-on," Lisa coos to her mother as she takes hold of her hips. Carole very slowly lowers her crotch down and onto the upright phallus, causing the end of the dong to push up and into her cunt!

"Aaah, Oh, Ooh, oh my! Oh my! Oommph! OH GOD! YES! I, I, I, oh WOW!" Carole gurgles and moans inanely. Warm pleasure spreads up from between her legs as more of the big dong slides up and into her. She is being slowly cleaved wide open, right here on her daughter's lap!

"Yes, yes, that's it, Oooooh yes, that's my good little girl. You're taking it quite well," Lisa looks down and watches intently as the dildo rides up and into her mother.

'God I just love it when she talks to me that way, I feel so small and special!' Carole smiles as she rotates her hips. She twists around and writhers in her limited movement, causing the most unbelievable sensations from her impaled pussy as she sits there straddling her daughter's lap.

'It's a good thing she's holding me by the hips, because with my arms bound behind me, I don't have a good sense of balance,' Carole winces as she pushes down on the strap-on again. Lisa grips her mother's waist as her mother pushes down on the dildo.

Lisa presses her mother closer to her. She opens her mouth and kisses her passionately on the lips. Carole attempts to return her kisses and groans as the strap-on continues to move up and into her, splitting her open. As Carole slides forward and down on the thick rubber dong their pussies are get closer. Her legs are lewdly splayed wider and wider on either side of the chair. Slowly and instinctively their hips begin to jerk and rotate around. Each movement translates into the strap-on, causing it to slide, and squish around in Carole's pussy and rub up and down on Lisa's clit.

"M-M-Mmmh-OH!" Carole whimpers as her impaled pussy is mashed on the strap-on. Carole is now fully pressed against her daughter, tummy-to-tummy, pussy-to-pussy and breast-to-breast. She bounces up and down and in and out while straddling her lap, just like a little child would do while playing on the lap of an adult.

Carole intuitively runs her mouth and tongue along Lisa's neck and shoulder, drooling on her daughter just a little. Mother and daughter bounce and mash together in this fashion for quite a long time. Once again Carole feels transported to that otherworldly place of endless female pleasure. She's so hot and sweaty as she gives in and responds to every squishy bumpy and driving movement from her daughter's hips.

She groans at all the incredible sensations her daughter's strap-on is giving her. She rolls her hips down to further skewer herself onto the strap-on. She arches her back and shamelessly pushes her chest into the face of her dominate daughter.

Lisa responds by taking hold of her mother's shoulders and manipulating her to devour her breasts. The thirteen year old bites, nips and wildly suckles her mother's breasts. Lisa holds her mother's left nipple between her teeth and pushes her shoulders back, causing her mother to groan and whimper in pain and pleasure. She rocks her hips fiercely up and down, causing her mother to jerk and bob uncontrollably on the strap-on.

"Oh, my, oh my," Lisa coos between mouthfuls of her mother's wobbling breasts. "My poor, little mommy. She's now a quite the hot little fuck-toy, isn't she!" Lisa holds her mother tightly to her sweaty body as their hips violently buck and mash together. Mother and daughter are both glistening with slippery sweat. Carole gasps and groans as the plastic invader twists, slips, slides in and out of her.

"Aaah! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh! I'm really, really fucking you, mommy, you little bitch, you little slut girl twat! Aah! I'm fucking your little-girlie brains out! Oh! And you love it! Oh! You feel so fucking great, mommy! You nasty little bitch! Oh! Y-you just love it, you-you little twat!" Lisa hissed at her mother.

Lisa cries out in her orgasm as her hips move in a quick series of short, very intense jabs causing her mother to bounce and bob faster on her lap. Lisa throws her head back with a look of intense concentration as her orgasm takes hold. Lisa slowed down a bit and smiled up at her mother, her orgasm having past. Carole pouts in disappointment as her daughter stops moving her hips. She is helpless to stop her own hips from their own obscene gyrating motion on her daughter's strap-on.

"Oh mother, okay, okay, let's have some fun and make you cum like the good little girl fuck girl you are," Lisa teases as she wraps one hand around her mother's waist, holding still my hyperactive hips and impaled pussy close to her body.

Lisa once again fastens her mouth and sucks on her mother's nipple, clamping her teeth to her and playing her tongue across her sensitive nip. Carole bites her lower lip and whimpers. While holding her very still on top of the strap-on and chewing hard on her nipple, Lisa reached with her free hand around to her mother's backside and grabbed hold of the anal plug still deeply lodged up her mother's rear end.

"OH! OH GOD! Oooh, Oh, Oh, Oh Lisa!" Carole babbles as she realizes the depraved action her daughter has in mind.

She whimpers and sobs on her sweaty daughter's lap, leaning her head onto her daughter's shoulder as she slowly pulls the spiky plug out of her anus. Carole's rosebud feels loose and rubbery as she feels the head of the plug resting against her bottom. Lisa very slowly re-inserts the spiky thing back up her mother's ass! It slides into her quite easily this time.

"Aaah, Aaaah, oh my, oh my. Aaah-Aaah, Lisa, OH!" Carole moans as she is swamped by the dirty, guilty pleasure as many wondrous sensations shoot through her body.

Lisa picks up a slow, steady tempo, pumping the bumpy anal phallus in and out, in and out, of her mother's ass. An embarrassing wet smacking sound comes from her butt every time she re-inserts the butt plug back into her!

"It's just too much!' Carole thinks to herself. 'Lisa has her teeth clamped on my nipple, and I'm completely impaled on her strap-on!'

Carole squeals, whines, and moans, pulling at her bound arms while continuing to lewdly gyrate and bounce on her daughter's lap. Lisa relentlessly works her over. Carole's straddling legs clamp down, and hold tightly around Lisa's thighs.

'My God! What have I've become here?' Carole moans. 'I'm my daughter's impaled bouncing girlie sex toy!' She squirms wildly up and down, completely entrapped on her daughter's lap. Lisa relentlessly pumps her ass in and out, in and out, with that obscene plug-thing, all the while mouthing and sucking hard on her mother's nipple!

"G-g-grrr, ga, ga, gr, Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Aaaaaarhhhhh! OH! Aaaaaaaaarhhhhh!" Carole tenses-up, arching her back and pressing herself tightly against her daughter's heated body. Her orgasm takes her by surprise by how quickly it overtakes her, ripping through her like white fire, starting from the deepest place in back of her distended and impaled pussy, shooting up her back, up to her breasts, down her legs, curling her feet and toes. Lisa holds her mother close as she trembles shudders and shakes up and down on her lap. After a long while Carole finally relaxes, and takes a deep breath.

Lisa gently kisses her mother's neck, working her way up to her lips. She takes her head in her hands and softy kisses her. Mother and daughter explore each other's lips, tongue and mouth for a bit of post orgasm bliss.

"Mmm, Lisa, that was so wonderful," Carole gushes, smiling at her daughter.

"Yes, yes it was. All right mother, I think that's enough for now," Lisa says as she pushes her mother off the strap-on into a standing position.

"Wow!" Helen exclaims from the side of the bed. "That was out a sight!"

Betty Davidson came over to help clean Carole up as the two teens stretched, somewhat dazed by the fucking Lisa did to her mom.

Lisa rested limply in her chair, her legs sprawled apart, her cum juice oozing from her puffed-out cunt. She removed her strap-on and dropped her right hand to her tender, heated cunt and watched as Mrs. Davidson crawled to Helen. She was on her knees between Helen's slender long legs, staring at her virgin pussy.

"No if I had two mouths and two pairs of hands, I could suck and play with your dainty cunts all at once." Mrs. Davidson said to the two teenagers.

"Oh, I could help you out!" Carole breathed heavily.

"Oh, fuck yes, mom, please do!" Lisa exclaimed.

Carole shivered and moved over between Lisa's cute stocking covered legs.

"Mom, do you know how to eat pussy?" Lisa giggled looking at her mother.

"I'll show you," Carole breathed heavily again. She fit her hands beneath Lisa's firm, smooth ass, cupping a cheek in each palm, lifting the fragrant crotch toward her mouth.

Mrs. Davidson's head was already buried between Helen's spread-open thighs, and a faint slurping sound reached Carole's ears. Helen whimpered her head turning head this way and that. It was such an appealing sight that Carole's cunt began to drool more fuck juice. Carole kissed the warm, sugary cunt slit belonging to her own daughter.

"Ohhh!" Lisa giggled. "Eat my princess cunt, mother!" she put her hands on her mother's head.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh!" Helen whimpered. "Oh, Mrs. Davidson, that's good!"

Carole quaked with lust for her teen daughter. She glued her lips to Lisa's cunt, tasting the forbidden pussy fruit. It was so very sweet, so soft and sensual. Greedily she kissed and sucked, her lips moving upward toward the cute little pink clit she had glimpsed earlier.

Carole's lips closed around the dainty spike of her own daughter's clit, as Lisa shivered and tipped her cunt forward, Helen whimpered fiercely next her, Mrs. Davidson's head bobbing up and down between the teens legs.

"Oh, Mrs. Davidson, you naughty bitch, I'm cumming!" Helen cried. "Oh, my little pussy is cumming in your mouth! Ohhhhhh, my cunt is cumming big!"

Carole shook with lust. Her hard, quick cum around her daughter's strap-on had barely touched her frenzied craving of Lisa's precious little clit between her lips, the tensing of Lisa's clit, sent a rage of passion through her daughter's body.

"Ohhh, ohhh, Mom!" Lisa breathed as she stared at her mom between her legs. "You sure can eat pussy! Fuck mother!"

"Uhhhh!" Helen whimpered as Mrs. Davidson continued to eat her cunt. "Oh, Mrs. Davidson, that's so dreamy good!"

Carole gave Lisa's clit a few more sweet sucks, and moved her mouth lower. Her tongue fucked into her daughter's tight little cunt hole.

"Ohhh, Mom, don't tear my pretty cherry with your tongue!" Lisa gasped as she grabbed hold of the chairs arms and moved herself up a little.

Carole moved her lips back to her pretty daughter's clit. Lisa, trembling arching her little cunt towards her mother's eager mouth.

"You about to cum, Lisa?" Helen giggled at her best friend. "Your tits are turning hard at the tips. Your whore must be sucking you good!"

"Y-yes!!" Lisa gasped. "Mommy, eat me fast! My pussy wants to cum, right now!" Carole trembled, bringing her right hand over on Lisa's asshole. She pushed a finger at the tight ass. She sucked harder on Lisa's tensing clit.

Lisa's asshole twitched, her hips jerked, her face twisted. "Yes, push your finger up my ass you nasty bitch!"

Carole drew her hand back, then slipped her middle finger up to the lower part of Lisa's puffy cunt slit and dipped into the cute soppy cunt hole. She wet her finger good, moved her hand back to Lisa's ass, and shoved her pussy-slick finger up her daughter's asshole.

"Ohhhh!" Lisa whimpered, her legs jerking. "Ohhh, Mom, you're making me cum! Oh that's beautiful!"

Carole felt the little clit pulse. She sucked very hard, and jacked her finger in and out of daughter's ass.

"It's cumming, Mom! My princess cunt's cumming, just for you!" Lisa yelled as she looked down at her mother.

Lisa's vivid responses, her cries of delight, shook Carole deeply. A mother eating her precious daughter's virginal cunt. Was she a beast? She watched her girl shake and shimmy as her cunt went off.

Mrs. Davidson drew away from behind Helen, and sank back on her heels. She stared at the teen, her cute cunt tipped up, her pink clit peering from the top of her swollen cunt slit.

Helen rested limply in her chair and smiled at Mrs. Davidson. Mrs. Davidson had made her cum, she was resting. The pretty brunette sat with her legs sprawled open, her cute pussy very swollen, cunt juice shiny along the dainty crevice, her clit not as stiff as before.

Carole kept her finger in Lisa's asshole and began to sip the swelling cunt flesh again. It was so sweet and tasty.

Carole watched Mrs. Davidson sink to her knees between Helen's long, shapely legs. This time she put a pillow under her knees. She had spent a lot of time in that position in front of Lisa, eating her dainty, fresh cunt.

"Oh, Mrs. Davidson!" Helen breathed, as Betty fit her hands beneath her cute rounded ass. "I wondered if you'd want my beautiful pussy again!" she giggled.

"Mrs. Davidson's been wanting all of our cunts, Mom!" Lisa giggled. "Just like you."

"You foxy little cunts!" Carole laughed. She looked across at Betty who had moved into position in front of Helen again.

Betty grinned at Carole. "I just love nibbling on little teeny cunts!"

"Cunts stretch." Carole giggled.

"Yes, hurry and eat my cunt, you naughty bitch!" Helen breathed. "I need a big cum real bad again!"

"I need another cum, too!" Lisa giggled, sitting up in her chair looking down at her mother.

Carole shuddered, fastening her mouth on her daughter's dainty, wet cunt, and wiggled her finger in her tight little asshole. Lisa shivered, her cunt tipped up, and Carole snaked her tongue deep into the fragrant tight cunt hole.

"Ohhh, Mom!" Lisa whimpered, thrusting her hips, her cute asshole clenching her mother's finger.

A louder cry of delight came from Helen. Mrs. Davison's mouth was glued to the hairless little cunt. She was cupping Helen's ass cheeks, really going after her pussy.

"Oh, Mrs. Davidson, that's so gooooood!" Helen whimpered, her hands kneading her budding tits. "If your fucking tongue always feels this good I'll cum a dozen times."

Carole sipped and sucked at Lisa's swelling cunt. Lisa shivered, her hands playing with her tits, a look of intense delight on her pretty sensual face. Carole could feel the tight circling membrane of her daughter's cunt, her dainty cherry. Something about making a virgin girl cum was very exciting. Sure, Lisa and Helen had been fooling around for months, maybe years. Feeling them cum was so delightful so daring and forbidden.

"Mom, get my clit and suck it!" Lisa gasped. "I'm ready to cum again! Uhhhhh!"

Carole slipped her wet mouth up to Fay's tensing clit, fastened her lips around the little clit, and pushed her finger further up her daughter's tight asshole.

"Ohhh, ohhhh!" Lisa cried, her legs shaking, her hands flying on her tits. "My cunt's cumming, Mom! Oh, it's cumming right now!"

Carole shook with lust. She sipped and sucked the dainty quivering pussy. The cunt juices were so fragrant and sweet.

There time in the play room was almost up. Lisa and Helen straightened themselves up as Carole and Betty were told to put on only their bras and panties. They walked downstairs to the dance floor which was just as crowded as when they left two hours ago.

Lisa found a table and had Betty kneel down next to her and had her mother kneel on the other side. They watched several dances and had some sodas before Lisa called it a night.


Carole pulled into the driveway. Lisa, instead of sitting in the passenger seat had sat behind her mother on the drive home. The teen leaned over the driver's seat squeezing and playing with her mother's breasts. Several times Carole had almost lost control of the car.

Betty had cried and cried when Lisa had sent her home empty handed out in the parking lot. Helen caught a ride home with some friends and Lisa and her mom got into their car.

As Carole unlocked the front door Lisa stopped her, "Things are going to be different now aren't they mother?" she smiled.

Carole looked at her daughter and smiled, "Yes they are princess!"

"Then from now on I am the adult of the house and you are the child?" Lisa asked as she squeezed her mother's left breast.

"Oh, God, yes!"

"Good, then pick me up in your arms and carry me across the threshold of our new relationship!" Lisa giggled.

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