Holly, Part 3

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Published: 17-May-2012

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All these stories are a work of fiction and care was taken - no letters were hurt when they were placed on the page.

Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Every story I write contains sexual situations between adult females and kids. These stories should not be read by anyone who is either not old enough to do so or who would be offended if they did. Most if not all of the stories I write contain explicit pornographic material; it is not for minors under the age of 18 or close-minded people.

Any characters, places, businesses and/or circumstances etc. described herein are entirely fictional and are a product of my imagination. None of the following is based on real organisms or organizations, and any semblance to anyone or anything real, living, deceased or imaginary, is purely coincidental. There is no place called Cherish Valley in the United States that I am aware of.

I write stories for my own enjoyment. I write stories in which women are degraded and humiliated, but I don't believe that I am a bad person, just a bad writer, but you are free to form your own opinion.

Author's advisory: All these stories that I write about are for adults only. If you're under-aged or of a closed mind and you read my stories, your teeth will rot and all your hair will fall out! This stuff is too mature and sophisticated for you.

Anyone who is an adult or age of majority, of course, is welcome to continue.

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Holly was standing in the bathroom, the one down the hall from her former bedroom. Penny had taken up residence in her bedroom yesterday evening, the master bedroom, and was singing out loud. A happy child is a child who can sing at home while getting ready for the day.

"You would think that by the time a person gets to be forty years old they would be pretty self-aware," Holly thought to herself as she brushed her hair. "I always thought I was. But yesterday I learned something about myself; I don't like surprises."

She remembered the rape scene yesterday at the Pussy Lips. Holly had been fantasying for years about her daughter Penny. She fantasized about having dirty, nasty sex with Penny. She wanted Penny to take over her sex life, telling her what to do. But Penny's attitude yesterday was a surprise to her. Penny had really enjoyed fucking her in the store, molesting her in the car, and kicking her out of the master bedroom. Holly thought it would be more a give and take but Penny was doing all the taking.

"I really don't like decisions, either," Holly mused as she put a pink ribbon in her hair. "Especially important ones that will change your life."

"Hurry up, mother," yelled Penny. "I want my breakfast ready when I come downstairs!"

"Yes, dear" replied Holly. Her clit twitched when she said that. Before yesterday her eleven year-old daughter would have never dreamed of ordering her mother around. The important decision that Holly made yesterday sitting in the car in the school parking was the life changer. Holly only fantasized about it having Penny run her life, now it was for real. Seriously, how is an eleven year-old supposed to know what she wants out of life? Holly knew the answer to that one.

Holly went to her bedroom, put on a lacy white bra, a white blouse and a black skirt that came mid-thigh. She slipped her feet into a pair of black four inch pumps and headed downstairs.

"Hi, Miss Anderson," smiled ten year old Carol as she sat on the kitchen counter top. She was wearing a short plaid school skirt with white ankle socks. Her hair was in a ponytail and she had a blue and white blouse on.

"Oh," replied a startled Holly. "Good morning to you Carol. Aren't you going to take the school bus this morning?" Holly found it difficult to avert her eyes from the young girl's creamy thighs.

"Naw, I wanted to see how my favorite woman was today because we have such a busy weekend ahead of us," giggled the ten year old.

"What does your mother think about you riding to school with us?" She ignored the "woman" comment. Holly really wanted to remove Carol's blouse and run her tongue over her nipples. Damn she was getting wet again.

"That bitch doesn't know if I'm coming or going," Carol smiled.

Holly blushed as she went to the cabinet to get a couple of glasses.

"Hmmm, come here Miss Anderson," ordered Carol, the smile gone from her face. "You need a wardrobe adjustment."

Holly walked over and stood in front Carol, not looking at her. Carol quickly undid all the buttons on Holly's blouse.

"Take off your blouse," Carol said simply.

Holly shrugged her shoulders and took off her blouse.

"Now take off your bra."

"Carol, I can get in trouble for this at school," pleaded Holly. "This not part of the school dress code."

"Shush, Miss Anderson and do what I say," admonished the girl.

Holly took off her bra and laid it on the counter. Holly was blushing, her chest turning red from embarrassment. She stood topless in front of the ten year old.

"You shouldn't be ashamed of your small titties, Miss Anderson, I think they are adorable," Carol said as she reached out with both hands and tweaked Holly's nipples.

Holly tried to back away from the probing hands. Holly's bra size was a 34B. She had always been very sensitive about her breasts, easily embarrassed especially standing in front of ten year old.

"Stand still!" glared Carol. "Jeez you can be so stupid sometimes!"

"Please don't, I have to get breakfast for Penny," Holly said with tears in her eyes as the ten year old pulled, pinched, and twisted Holly's nipples. She didn't like being called 'Stupid' but it did make her clit twitch.

Carol looked at Holly with a wicked smile. "We are going to have so much fun, aren't we, Miss Anderson?"

"Yes, I guess so," Holly tried not to sound desperate, but her nipples were hurting with the abuse they were taking.

"Hey, quit molesting my mom," laughed Penny as she walked into the kitchen. "Mom, put your blouse back on, no bra either. You don't have to show off your small titties to every girl that comes along."

Holly blushed as she put her blouse back on. "I wasn't showing off my breasts," Holly let it drop as Penny and Carol frowned at her.

"Leave the top three buttons undone, Miss Anderson," said Carol as she jumped down from the counter.

As Holly poured milk and cereal into bowls and poured orange juice for the girls Penny said, "Here mom," Penny waved a handful of panties at her. "I know you love my panties, especially used panties," she giggled.

"Um, what do you mean? I don't love your panties," Holly stammered. How did Penny know that she sniffed her panties?

Penny laughed. "Yeah, right mom, I found a stash of my used panties in the closet when I moved into MY new room last night. I always wondered where they went. Thought the clothes dryer gremlin ate them or something."

"Well, I was going to wash them and never got around to it," Holly blushed again.

"Don't try and fucking deny it mom. We know that mother's can't get enough of their pre-teen daughter's cunt smell," Penny and Carol smiled. "It is what every pervert mother craves." The girls laughed.

"Penny," Holly tried to reply. "Please don't curse."

"Shut up the fuck up mother. Put these panties in your purse. But this one," Penny said as she held up a pair of blue lacy panties, she turned it inside out revealing a brown streak about an inch long on the cotton fabric. "I want you to put in the top drawer of your desk. So that each time you open the drawer you will think of my anus, my lovely brownie."

"Penny, please," Holly stammered.

"No whining mother. Just fucking do it," Penny ordered as she sat down at the table.

"And these too, Miss Anderson," Carol added as she took out a pair of plain gray panties contained in a plastic baggie from her backpack and handed them to Holly. "I peed on these this morning. I thought you might enjoy my lovely smell." The ten year old giggled as she sat back down at the table.

"We almost forgot," said Penny. "You have an appointment with the senior scouts after school."

"What do you mean?" asked Holly.

"You know that I want to join Pathfinder scouts, right?" Penny asked.

Holly nodded her head as she placed two glasses of orange juice in front of the girls. Holly had been trying to Penny to the Pathfinders for several years now. Holly considered the scouting organization a healthy outlet for young girls.

"You have to be interviewed by the senior scouts, mom, fill out some paperwork then I can join."

"Ok, no problem. How about your mother, Carol? Is she going to join you in scouting?" Carol's mom was a recluse in Holly's book. Hardly ever came out of the house which made Holly wonder about her.

"My bitch of a mom refuses to join scouting with me."

"Please don't refer to your mother like that, Carol," Holly said as she walked back to the counter. "Candy is a very nice lady."

"She's a bitch because she doesn't want to help me," Pouted the ten year old.

Holly shrugged her shoulders accepting the explanation. Holly knew that some mother's didn't join up with their daughters. In that case, the scouts had a program where a young girl could recruit an adult female to be a surrogate mother for the girl. Something about being an adult-escort bothered her, it sounded nasty or dirty.

"I can't join the Pathfinders without my mother but I can join if I have an adult-escort."

"Well, I don't know about being an adult-escort."

"Come on, mom. Both Carol and I want to join together and we can't do that without your help," Penny smiled sweetly at her mother. Carol looked expectantly at Holly also.

"Won't scouting interfere with your sports after school?"

"Most scouting is done on the weekends, mom. Plus all of our games are played after school during the week."

Penny was on the middle school volleyball team. They practiced Monday and Wednesday's and played games against other schools on Thursday's. Holly shrugged her shoulders and nodded her head. Both girls had big smiles on their faces.

"Thanks, mom, you're the best," smiled Penny.

"Thanks, Miss Anderson, I really appreciate it," smiled Carol.

"Um, Penny, there is something that you can do for me," Holly had a looked of concern on her face.

"What's that, mom?"

"I want to take this dog collar off," Holly stated as she touched the collar.

"Why, mom? It is so becoming of you," Penny and Carol laughed.

"That's not funny girls. I called Miss Boyd after school yesterday and she said that we could come by her office at lunch time today. But she said that I had bring you along," Holly said looking at Penny.

"At lunch? That is the only time I get to all my friends."

"Miss Boyd said it would only take a couple of minutes when we got there to remove the collar."

"I don't know mom. I mean, I like the dog collar on you," Penny smiled. "I hear it will be the next fashion rage for older women like you."

"Yeah, Miss Anderson, it makes you so grownup," Carol giggled.

"Come on, please, Penny? I did agree to join you in scouting," Holly said looking at her daughter.

"Ok, mom, let's go over at lunch," Penny said as she scooped another spoonful of cereal.

Holly didn't like having to ask Penny for permission to remove the collar but she did need her if Miss Boyd was going to remove it and maybe get some of her self-respect back.


Holly drove up to the school and parked in the area reserved for teachers. Penny and Carol bounded out of the car.

"See you in class mom," Penny waved as both girls took off across the parking lot to meet up with their friends.

Holly lived in the town of Zip Down. Four large towns made up the area known as Cherish Valley. Intercourse, Climax, Zip Down, and Bikini Bottom. Climax was the county seat where the Board of Elders held sway over the Valley. Each town had its own school district made up of an elementary, middle, and high school. Holly was a middle school math teacher in Zip Down.

As Holly walked across the parking lot she heard a lot whistling and cat calls. She looked around to see who the kids were laughing at. It was her. Holly blushed as she looked down to see her right nipple slightly poking thru the opening of her blouse.

"Getting a little pointy there Miss Anderson?" A boy laughed as she grabbed his crotch in a lewd manner.

"Happy to see me, Miss Anderson?" laughed a girl. "Your nipples sure are." She laughed. The girl was wearing a denim shirt that showed her mid-riff. Across the front of the denim shirt was written "I'm a sexy 12 year-old." The girl wore a tight short denim mini skirt. She reached her hand under her skirt and moved it up and down a couple of times.

Holly blushed as she watched the girl hump her hips into her hand, "You should be doing this for me, Miss Anderson!" the girl laughed and the other kids laughed with her.

Another boy woofed liked a dog. "I just love your doggie collar, Miss Anderson"

Holly didn't say anything as she grabbed her blouse and pulled it over her nipple. She was blushing and angry and angry with herself for not realizing her nipple wasn't covered by her open blouse.

"Damn it!" thought Holly. "I am wet between my legs, fuck!"

Holly walked into the administration office still holding her blouse.

"Morning, Holly," smiled Janelle the office secretary. Janelle was forty- something and had two kids in high school. "Mrs. Wright would like to see you."

"I don't have time, Janelle."

"She said that you were to come right into her office first thing"

Holly shrugged her shoulders. "Damn it, Ok," Holly walked around the counter and knocked on Mrs. Wright's door.

"Come in."

"You wanted to see me, Mrs. Wright?" Holly asked as she let go of her blouse, her right nipple safely tucked covered by the blouse.

"Yes," Mrs. Wright said as she signed some paper work on her desk. After she finished she looked up at Holly. "Ah, how come you aren't wearing an outfit like what you wore yesterday?"

Holly had worn five inch black heels, white knee high stockings, a plaid mini skirt that came mid-thigh, a white halter top that exposed her mid-riff, and a small push-up bra that just covered her "B" cup breasts for the restraint demonstration in her classroom yesterday.

"Um, didn't know that I had too," Holly smiled weakly. She was very uncomfortable yesterday wearing that outfit in front of her students, the other teachers and the whole school.

"Well, starting this Monday you are to wear similar outfits like the one you wore yesterday."

Holly gulped. "Why is that?"

"The school board is going to try a new learning technique in the classroom."

"What does that have to do with dressing like a slut?" Holly bit her tongue after she said that. She looked like a slut yesterday and didn't like it.

"Dressing like a slut as you put it, especially yesterday, is the new technique. The board thinks that the students will learn better with teachers looking sexy."


"Now, I've heard that that was a very successful class demonstration yesterday. The kids enjoyed it and I have some emails from parents who were pleased that their kids were enthusiastic about the class when they got home."

"Thanks," Holly nodded and stared down at the carpet. She was embarrassed about her behavior yesterday.

"Dressing like a slut as you did yesterday really help the demonstration."

"Thanks," Holly said again. She didn't like dressing like a slut but the kids really seemed to enjoy it.

"Janelle," Mrs. Wright said into the speaker on her desk.

"Yes, Mrs. Wright?"

"Are the three mothers here yet?"

"Yes they are Mrs. Wright."

"Please send them in."

Three women came walking thru the door. If Holly had never met a slutty looking woman before, she had now.

"Thank you, ladies for coming this morning. This is Holly Anderson, one of my math teachers," smiled Mrs. Wright.

"Hi," Holly nodded her head at the three women.

"Hi, I'm Christy Hunter." The woman offered her hand. Holly shook it. Mrs. Hunter was wearing five inch pink heels, a very tight business skirt that came to her knees, a black blazer with one button clasped. She was not wearing a blouse or bra under the blazer and her hair was done in pony tail. On her blazer she had a large pink button with white hearts around the edge of it that proclaimed "I Love Jizz."

"Hi, Holly, I'm Angie Burns." The woman smiled as Holly shook her hand. Mrs. Burns was wearing black and white saddle shoes, pink lacy ankle socks, pink mini skirt with a poodle imprint on the front, a white halter top with no bra. Mrs. Burns' nipples were poking straight out. She was sucking a lollipop and her hair was done in pigtails with pink ribbons. Her halter top had "Kiddie Pervert" in pink across the front.

"Hi, Holly, I'm Carla Hoops." Holly shook her hand also. Mrs. Hoops was wearing flip flops and a string bikini. The bikini top wrapped around her chest, her nipples poking thru thin clothe that was about two inches wide. The bikini top barely covered her aureoles. She had a see through scarf wrapped around her waist that partially covered her almost non-existent bikini bottom. Mrs Hoops' had her hair done in a pony tail.

"As you probably heard Holly, at last month's school board meeting it was decided that each school district around the Valley would set up masturbation clubs for their students."

"Our club will be called "Happy Fingers," Smiled Cindy Hunter.

Mrs. Wright smiled. "The formation of the club requires that three mother's assist the boys with their masturbation techniques, hence their outfits."

"We will be recruiting boys today," smiled Mrs. Burns who stood there with her hands on her hips looking all important.

"I would imagine that dressed like that you should have no problem recruiting all the boys in Middle School," smiled Holly. At least she didn't have to be involved in something like this. "Who is the teacher that will work with the girls?"

"Mrs. Rosen volunteered yesterday," smiled Mrs. Wright. "Anyway, Holly that was all I wanted to talk to you about."

"Thanks," Holly waved as she headed out the door. "Good luck ladies." Holly waved at the three mothers. The three mothers giggled as Holly walked out the door.

Janelle was trying to get a group of boys to class. They had followed the three mothers into the office. One of them saying, "But we want to see the three whores!"

Janelle replied, "Their not whores! They are just here to set up a club. Now get to class before you all get a tardy."

Holly made her way thru the group of boys who had eager looks. Holly wondered if the three mothers would be enough to handle the boys in the school.


Holly walked down the hallway to her classroom. As she entered all the kids were sitting at their desks waiting for her.

"Good morning class," Holly smiled.

"Good morning, Miss. Anderson!" replied the class. Then they started giggling.

Holly looked around the classroom and smiled at the kids. 'I wonder what they are giggling about?' she thought to herself. Holly opened her purse and took out Penny's brown streaked panties in a non chalant way and placed them in the top drawer of her desk. The class was still giggling. Holly felt certain that the kids couldn't see that she took Penny's brown stained panties out of her purse.

When Holly turned around to write math equations on the board she noticed what they were laughing at. At the top of the chalk board was written 'WHORE'. Holly turned several shades of red as the class laughed out loud. Holly's pussy suddenly leaked and her adrenaline kicked in. Holly reached for the eraser to wipe the word but realized it was written too high up for her to reach it. She would have to use the chair to reach it. Holly decided to let it go until after class.

"Very funny class," Holly smiled weakly. Might as well go along with them she thought. Secretly she like being degraded this way.

"We will erase it for you Miss Anderson if you let us play with your titties," A boy laughed in the back row.

"Nobody is playing with my titties, I mean breasts." Holly replied. She was very wet now and getting horny.

"Ok, how about you teach the class topless then we will erase it," A girl in the second row asked.

Holly thought for a moment and shrugged her shoulders. "You erase it first then I will teach the class topless." She replied. What the hell she thought. I probably couldn't reach it even standing on the chair.

One of the boys jumped up, walked to the front of the class and took desk chair, stood on it and erased the word.

As the boy got down the class started chanting, "Take it off! Take it off!"

Holly pulled her blouse out of her skirt, undid the buttons and slipped the blouse off her shoulders. The class started clapping and cheering. Several of the girls in the front row started laughing and pointing at Holly's breasts.

"There so cute!" One said.

"We can do easy math problems with her titties their so small," Another laughed.

Holly turned red again. She almost covered her breasts but decided that she couldn't teach the class with her hands covering her size thirty-four breasts.

Holly's nipples were pointing straight out as she began to teach the class. As the hour wore on she wrote some problems on the board. She couldn't tell if the kids were paying attention to the problems or her breasts.

"Okay, class, pop quiz. I have put ten problems on the board. This quiz will go for part of your grade. You have until the end of class to answer the questions correctly."

One boy raised his hand. "Miss Anderson, what if I all get the ten questions correct, can I pinch your nipples on our way out the door?"

"No, absolutely not," Holly replied looking worried. "No negotiation on this."

"Okay," said a girl in the third row. "What if we all as a class get all ten problems correct. Can we pinch your nipples then at the end of class?"

"No," Holly blushed.

"Awe, come on, Miss. Anderson. Think of it as an incentive to do Good in your class!" said another girl.

The girl had a point thought Holly. I don't think the whole class can get the correct answers to the problems. If that's the case, then I have nothing to worry about.

"Okay, but the whole class has to get all ten problems correct or else no pinching my breasts. And I will be walking around to make sure there is no cheating."

The class laughed and high fived each other. This was a challenge they wouldn't mess up.

The class got to work on the problems. With five minutes left to the bell the papers were handed in. Holly's heart sank as she went thru each one. All correct. The class was looking at her with anticipation.

Holly looked up at the class. They had cheated somehow. She just didn't know how they did it. "Ok, class you win."

There was cheering and laughing.

"I don't know how you did it, but a deal is a deal," Holly's clit jump when she said that. She did have a happy look on her face but inside she was excited.

"Okay, line up by the door," Holly shrugged her shoulders as she got from the chair.

"I don't wanna pinch her titties. I wanna slap her face," one girl said.

"I wanna kiss her," a girl smiled.

"I want her to touch my cock," A boy yelled out.

"Wait a minute that wasn't deal!" Holly protested.

"Tough shit, Miss Anderson. We passed your quiz. What difference does it make it we pinch your titties or do other things?" A girl replied as she walked up to Holly.

"No, that wasn't the deal," Holly protested again.

Three kids grabbed Holly by the arms and pushed her to the door. "Shut up Miss Anderson and take it like a woman."

The boy who wanted his cock touched was first in line with his cock hanging out of his pants. The nine inches of the twelve year-old boy was standing straight up.

"Come on, whore. Give it a couple of strokes," The boy hissed looked directly into Holly's eyes, almost daring her not to touch his cock.

Holly reached out her hand and wrapped it around the shaft. She slowly stroked it a couple of times.

The bell rang signaling the end of class.

"Satisfied now?" she asked the boy.

"Yeah, it felt really good, Miss Anderson," smiled the boy as he tucked his cock into pants.

Next was a girl who reached out with both hands and grabbed Holly's nipples with her index fingers and thumbs. The girl pulled hard then pinched her.

"Ow!" Holly said with tears in her eyes as her body was pulled forward.

She started to reach up with her hands but the girl said, "Shut up Miss Anderson and put your arms at your sides." The girl ordered.

By the time the tenth student had pinched and pulled her titties, Holly's breasts were numb.

Then came the girl who wanted to slap her face. She stood in front of Holly.

"Bitch!" the girl said and slapped Holly's left cheek. Holly's face stung with the blow of the slap.

"Cunt!" she said as she slapped Holly's right cheek.

Holly had tears in her eyes as her face stung. "Thanks, Miss Anderson, you're the best!" smiled the girl as she walked out the door. "I feel better." The girl giggled to her friend who was waiting for her.

The last student was the girl who wanted to kiss her. The youngster stood in front of Holly and reached up with both hands. The girl's right hand went behind Holly's neck and her left hand went behind her head. The youngster pulled Holly forward and started kissing her.

Holly tried not to open her mouth but the girl's tongue found the opening and snaked in. "Mmm, Mmm," moaned the girl as her tongue wrestled with Holly's tongue. After twenty seconds of French kissing the girl broke it off.

"You're a good kisser Miss Anderson, Thanks!" the girl smiled as she walked out the door.

Holly stood there in shock as her wetness coated the inside of her thighs and her nipples stood out rock hard. Holly managed to compose herself and put her blouse back on before the next class came in.

Penny was in her next class. Word was sure to get around about the end of class molesting she went thru.

Holly was sitting at her desk. She had the top drawer open and was staring at Penny's poop stained panties. Holly looked over at the door and back to panties. Quickly she picked up the panties and sniffed the stain. Holly breathed deep. The aroma was heavenly. Whatever she was feeding Penny she needed to keep doing it.

Holly heard kids laughing as they came in the door. She quickly stuffed the panties back in the drawer. She smiled at the kids as they took their seats. Holly was trying to look like nothing had happened.

"Hi, Mom!" smiled Penny and her friends walked into the classroom.

Holly waited a couple more minutes for the kids to arrive. The bell rang and she got up from her desk.

"Penny, can you please pick up last night's homework?"

"Sure, mom," Penny smiled as she got up from her desk and walked around the classroom gathering papers. She placed them on her mom's desk and took her seat. While Penny was doing this the class was staring at Holly. Holly was very uncomfortable standing in front room.

"Grade them now, Miss Anderson!" urged Bobby Hoops. Bobby was the son of Carla Hoops the mother who was part of the masturbation club that the school was trying to launch.

"That's okay," replied Holly. "I will wait for the end of class to grade the homework."

"We want you to grade the homework now, mom," Penny looked at her mother.

"Why? What's the big deal if I do it later?" Holly looked confused with the request.

"Because if you grade the homework now we want you to do something for us," smiled a girl from the front row.

"Crap now what?" Holly had an exasperated look on her face. The class laughed at her question.

"If our homework is one hundred percent correct then you have to teach the class with your anus exposed to us," smiled Penny.

"What? No, I can't do that. I would get in trouble for that!"

"Just grade the homework first, mom," replied Penny.

Penny's tone of voice had an edge to it. Holly nodded her head and sat down at the desk. The class looked expectantly at her as she went thru the homework. Holly looked up at the class after fifteen minutes.

"Well?" asked Bobby.

"Okay, so everybody got the right answers." Holly replied. "But."

"Good," Penny interrupted her mother. "Now what you have to do is lift up your skirt, pull your panties down to your knees, bend over with your rear end facing us, and use your hands to spread your cheeks. You have to teach the rest of the hour that way," Penny instructed her mom.

"No Penny. That is asking too much of me!" Holly was wet between her legs again. Damn it she thought. I wish my body wouldn't do that to me.

"But you graded the homework, Miss Anderson. That means that you agreed to teach the class the way we want," smiled a girl in the second row.

"Alice, I didn't agree to anything," replied Holly.

"You agreed to grade the homework when I asked you too, mom," Penny leaned forward in her seat. She had a menacing look on her face.

Holly didn't know what to do. The class was staring at her with lust in their eyes. She was wet between her legs and her heart was beating a mile a minute.

"Come on, Miss. Anderson. We're doing what you want in class. Do what we want," smiled a girl in the back row.

Holly shrugged her shoulders and nodded her head.

"Yesss!!" the class cheered out loud. Most of the kids did a high five with each other.

Holly pulled up her skirt and hooked her thumbs into her panties and pulled them down to her knees. The class cheered and clapped. Holly turned facing the backboard and secretly smiled to herself. Penny got up and pulled her moms chair from the desk and placed it in front of her. Holly got her lesson book from the desk and placed it on the chair.

"Thanks, Penny," Holly nodded.

"Sure mom!"

Holly bent over with her rear end facing the class then put her hands on her cheeks and pulled them apart. Her anus and vagina were now exposed to the classroom. Holly burned with shame as the class laughed at her exposure.

"Please class, calm down," Holly pleaded. "Please turn to page fifty-two in your 'Applications and Connections' book."

The class was still giggling as they flipped the pages of their books the kids staring as Holly's anus as they did so. Holly looked over shoulder to make sure the kids were ready. She heard whispering from the class.

"Um, mom, we want to know if we are allowed to masturbate for the remainder of the class."

Holly blushed. 'Why not,' she thought. 'Here I am with my anus displayed in front of the class.'

"Yes, you may. Just don't get crazy over it," Holly replied.

"Thanks, mom," Penny smiled.

"Thanks, Miss Anderson," yelled out the class. The boys stood up and pulled their trousers down and the girls pulled down their panties.

"Okay, everybody ready?" Holly asked still looking over her shoulder.

"Yes, Miss Anderson," the classroom replied.

"Okay, class first problem. Stacy is saving her hard earned money to buy a strap-on from the Pussy Lips that cost $9.75. If Stacy earns $3.25 per day from pimping her mother out, how many days will Stacy need to save?''

"How long is the strap-on?" One girl giggled as she rubbed her crotch.

"Will the Pussy Lips have the strap-on on sale during that week?" asked another.

"What if Stacy pimps her mom out three times a day instead of two?" Bobby Hoops laughed as he stroked his eight inch cock.

"Please stop class. Pay attention," Holly pleaded from her bent position in front of the class her anus exposed.

"Geez mom, it is like your asshole is talking to us!" Penny laughed as she teased her pussy lips with her finger tips. The class cracked up.

"Okay, Okay, Miss Anderson, the answer is three days," a boy laughed from the back row as he rubbed the tip of his cock with his palm.

"Thank you, Jimmy. Now for the next problem. The best-selling hand held massager for women in Cherish Valley is the 1200 Tickler massager,'' Holly said. ''The diameter of the 1200 Tickler massager is point seventy-five inches. Express the diameter of the clit massager as a fraction in simplest form."

"Is this the clit massager that fits into the palm of your hand?" a girl asked with her legs spread as she ran her pencil eraser end around her cunt.

"The same one," Holly replied as she stared down at her lesson planner on the seat of the chair.

"Eeewww! That one gets my hand messy sometimes when I use it!" another girl giggled as she poked her index finger into her pussy.

"You're a squirter!" a boy laughed with both of his hands on his cock.

"Fuck you!" the girl replied with a sour expression.

"Mom, won't let me buy one!" Penny pouted to the class as she rubbed the palm of her hand up and down her pussy.

The class laughed. "Poor Penny" and "You don't know what you're missing Penny." and "Come Miss Anderson, Penny has to have some fun!"

Holly was embarrassed and was about to stand up and turn around. "No mom, you have to stay that way," smiled Penny as she massaged her small clit.

Holly shrugged her shoulders. "Anybody know the answer?"

"Three quarters!" yelled out the class.

It went on this way for the next thirty minutes, the kids rubbing themselves and shouting out wise cracks. Holly didn't turn around but kept her anus facing the class. She used her right hand to turn the page of the book but quickly put her hand on her ass cheek.

"When the bell rings, mom, stay in that position" ordered Penny as she pulled her panties up.

"Why? This position is getting uncomfortable for me. My back is killing me!" pleaded Holly.

"We answered all your questions Miss Anderson. We want to feel your anus on our way out the door," laughed Julie as she stood up and adjusted her panties. The class was putting their books away in their backpacks. The boys were zipping up their pants.

"Come on! No! This is asking too much of me," Holly said as she looked over her shoulder. The class was mostly dressed and putting their books away.

Just then the bell rang. Penny jumped up from her seat and quickly walked to her mother. Before Holly could stand up straight Penny put her hand on her mom's lower back and held her in the bent over position. Holly tried to push herself up from the chair but the pressure Penny's hand held her down. The kids started lining up next to Penny.

"Please, honey, let me stand straight," pleaded Holly.

As the first kid walked up to Penny who was holding her mom down by her lower back the boy poked his finger into Holly's asshole.

"Ow! Hey! What are you doing?" asked a startled Holly trying to look over her shoulder.

Penny ignored her mom's complaint.

"Thanks, Miss Anderson, your asshole felt good!" the boy said as he looked at his index finger. "You're clean too!" laughed the boy as he walked out of the classroom.

Julie was next in line. She stuck her index finger in Holly's asshole and her thumb into her pussy. "I think this is what we call 'carrying a six pack.'" laughed the pre-teen girl as she poked her fingers back and forth into her teacher.

"Oh, oh, please, stop!" Holly urged but her rear end was moving slightly back and forth with each poke.

"Thanks, Penny. Your mom is the best" Julie said as she walked out the door.

By the time the last student had poked her anus and pussy Holly was extremely horny. She wanted to cum in the worst way but Penny prevented her from doing it.

Penny leaned over her mother and whispered in her mom's ear, "You're the best mom. All the class liked it," she said as she poked her mom's anus with her finger. "Keep your panties off today."

Holly nodded her head. She tried to move her rear end against Penny's index finger but Penny held her still.

"Come on, Penny, we will be late for our next class," Ashley yelled thru door. "Quit playing with your mom and getting moving!" she laughed.

Penny slapped her mom's ass and gathered her backpack. Holly stood up stretching her back. "Damn, I am horny but I glad that is over," Holly said to herself. She looked at Penny in the doorway, "Meet me at the car, honey. We are going to FIS to take this collar off at lunch," Holly said as she looked at her daughter walking out the door.

"Okay, mom, see you at lunch in the parking lot," Penny waved at her mother.

Holly quickly pulled her panties off and straightened her skirt and blouse.

"Hi, Miss. Anderson!"

Holly looked over at the door. There was Carol standing in the doorway. She had her gym shorts and tank top that came just below her flat breasts. Carol was wearing pink and white gym shoes.

"Oh, hi, Carol," Holly smiled.

Ten year-old Carol sauntered into the classroom and towards Holly.

"Aren't you supposed to be in gym class?" Holly asked as she backed up to the desk.

Carol advanced on her. "Mrs. Wilkes can wait."

"But you will get a tardy for class."

"Not really, I just flash my nipples at her and she does whatever I want," smiled Carol. "Like this." And Carol lifted her tank top reveal a flat chest with rock hard ten year-old nipples.

Holly gulped as Carol put her tank top back down. The ten year old had beautiful nipples. Carol was now standing in front of Holly. She put her hands on Holly's waist and pulled herself closer. "I just want you to know that when I fuck you, and I will, that I will not be easy on you. Do you understand, Miss. Anderson?"

Holly's eyes got bigger and she nodded her head.

"That's why it is very important for you to get accepted by the senior girl scouts today," Carol smiled as she rubbed her lower waist against Holly's.

Holly was speechless. Here was a beautiful ten year old rubbing up against her. Holly was very wet again.

"So, I was thinking, Miss Anderson. As an incentive I think you should kiss me," smiled the girl.

Holly nodded her head and leaned forward.

"No, silly, not on my mouth," smiled the girl as she stepped back. "Kiss me on my cunny lips," She said as she pulled her gym shorts down.

"I don't think I should do this here somebody might see us," Holly looked nervous.

"Who cares, Miss Anderson, I know you want to kiss me between my legs," hissed the ten year old. Holly looked nervous with doubt creeping into her mind. "Go on, Miss Anderson, be a good girl and kneel in front of me."

Holly looked down at Carol's bald pussy. A little wetness was showing on her lips. Holly licked her lips then shrugged her shoulders and slowly knelt down in front of Carol.

"That's a good girl," Carol smiled as Holly looked up at her then looked at the object of her desire, the ten year old bald pussy.

Carol lifted her left leg and rested it on Holly's back. Then gently took Holly's head in her hands and moved her towards her cunny. "Come on, Miss. Anderson, tongue out."

When Holly opened her mouth she realized that she could engulf Carol's whole cunt in her mouth. Holly placed her mouth on Carol's cunt and stuck her tongue out.

"Oh, that tickles, keep going," Carol said as she breathed hard. The youngster started to slowly hump her cunt against Holly's mouth. Carol looked over in the doorway.

"Um, hi, Mrs. Rosen," smiled Carol as she looked down at Holly then over at Mrs. Rosen again.

"Um, ah, hi, Carol, I'll come back," Mrs. Rosen smiled weakly as she watched the ten year old hump her hips against Holly's mouth.

Holly tried to pull away from Carol's crotch but the girl's left leg held her in place.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Rosen, Miss Anderson was just finishing up," Carol giggled. Carol moved her left leg off of Holly's back then stepped back.

"Thank you, Miss. Anderson," Carol said as she pulled up her gym shorts.

Holly nodded her head. She truly embarrassed kneeling there with moistness on her lips. "Remember the appointment after school." Carol reminded her as she skipped out the door.

Holly stood up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Hi Beth," Holly looked embarrassed.

Beth Rosen watched Carol walk down the hallway. She turned to Holly, "Mrs. Wright wants to see you." Beth Rosen looked Holly up and down.

Holly nodded her head, grabbed her bag and headed for the door. Holly stopped in front of Beth. "I heard that you're the facilitator for the new masturbation club."

"Yes, I volunteered last week. It should be fun," smiled the teacher.

"You know with the way those three mother's are dressed every horny kid in this school will sign up," smiled Holly.

"I know, isn't that great?"

"You're gonna have your hands fun. Pun intended," laughed Holly.

"Tell me something," asked Beth.

"What's that?"

"How did little Carol taste?" Beth asked with sudden lust in her eyes.


"I hoped she would. Can you put in a word with her? I want to taste her also," Beth blushed.

"Just ask her yourself." Holly replied as she got her book bag.

"I would be too embarrassed to ask her. Fear of rejection you know," Beth stared down at the floor fidgeting her hands together.

"Okay, I'll tell her that you would be interested in licking her," giggled Holly.

"Oh would you? You're the best Holly," Beth said with a hopeful look.

Holly walked out the door followed by Mrs. Rosen. "See ya, Beth," Holly waved.

"Thanks again Holly, see ya," smiled Beth Rosen.

Holly walked down the hallway towards the front office. She saw the three mothers, Mrs. Hoops, Mrs. Burns, and Mrs. Hunter with a group of boys standing around them. Mrs. Hunter was putting a poster on the wall. The boys had their cocks out and Mrs. Hoops and Mrs. Burns were laughing with the boys as they both stroked the cocks in front of them.

Holly quickly scooted past the group and walked into the office.

"Hi, Janelle, is Mrs. Wright in?" Holly asked as she stood in front of the counter. The office was full of kids milling around, laughing and giggling.

"Go on in, she and Mrs. Sims are waiting for you," Janelle smiled. Her smiled faded as she looked at the kids in the office being loud and rude with each other. Janelle didn't like it when the kids cursed in the office. Saying words like 'Bitch', 'Cunt', and 'Whore'. The last several weeks kids in the Valley had become more unruly, more brazen in their language and behavior.

Holly walked past the teacher's lounge. She did a double take. Inside was that guy Sir Denim from yesterday. The female teachers had their attention turned to him. The male teachers weren't paying Sir Denim any attention. Sir was holding a denim mini skirt and a denim bra. He was explaining the virtues of wearing denim. It looked like to Holly that the mini skirt and bra could be worn without any other clothing. The denim bra she noticed has two holes in the cup where the nipples would poke through. Holly could tell that Sir Denim had a hard on, his denim jeans were bulging at the zipper.

Holly walked into the Principal's office. Mrs. Wright was sitting at her desk and Mrs. Sims was sitting in one of the two chairs in front of it.

"Oh, there you are, thanks for coming Holly. This is Mrs. Maddie Sims, her daughter is Aimee? Maddie this is Holly Anderson, she is sixth grade math teacher," Mrs. Wright smiled.

"I still don't like it," Maddie said with an angry look on her face. "Nice collar you have Miss Anderson."

"Please call me Holly," Holly smiled as she shook Maddie's hand.

Mrs. Sims looked Holly up and down, "I would think Mrs. Wright that your school would have a dress code for teachers instead of having them walk around half naked."

Holly was wearing her white blouse with two buttons buttoned and her short black skirt. "Fuck you" thought Holly.

Madeline Sims was a very religious person. She sang in church choir and carried her Bible with her every where she went. It was rumored that she would read Bible verses out loud when she didn't get her way. She liked to inform the offending person that they would go to hell if she didn't get her way. Madeline Sims had a way of rubbing people the wrong way because of her religious views which were extreme even for Cherish Valley. Her daughter Aimee was a terror of the sixth grade teachers. Holly figured the girl was taking her frustrations out on her teachers instead of her mom.

"Don't like what?" asked Holly as she sat down.

"The volleyball team has been announced and Penny and Aimee are on the team. Coach Tracie has requested two team mothers."

"She's a dyke you know," Maddie said airily. "I see the way she lusts after those pre-teens girls. Don't think I don't notice things like that!"

"Be that as it may, she still needs two team mothers," finished Mrs. Wright.

"Okay," Holly said looked back and forth between Maddie and Mrs. Wright.

"I have chosen you and Mrs. Sims to be the team mother's for Coach Tracie."

"I don't think you heard me Mrs. Wright. Coach Tracie is into pre-teen girls. She's a pervert in my book," Maddie said as she waved her Bible at Holly. "I've told my little Aimee to stay away from her but now that she is on the volleyball team."

Holly gulped. 'This was not going to be fun at all,' she thought.

Mrs. Wright ignored Maddie's comment about Coach Tracie. "First practice is Monday after school."

"Ok, but what does a team mother do?" Holly asked. She wished that Mrs. Wright had asked anybody else but her to be a team mother.

"Team mothers are responsible for making sure the girls are ready for each practice and each game. You provide snacks and drinks at half time and take care of the girl's wants and needs." Mrs. Wright smiled.

"What do you mean by 'wants and needs' Mrs. Wright?" Maddie asked as she leaned forward in her chair, her Bible on her lap.

"Pre-teen girls can get stressed out before practices and games. It will be part of your responsibility to relieve that stress and pressure for the young girls."

"How do you mean 'relieve stress and pressure'," Maddie asked as she held up her Bible. Holly thought Mrs. Sims would throw the book at Mrs. Wright if she didn't like the answer.

Mrs. Wright cleared her throat, "Um, you can relieve the girls stress with exercises and meditation or whatever works for the girls or as directed by Coach Tracie."

"Does that mean I can read Bible verses to the girls and have a prayer group before each game?" Maddie asked.

Holly rolled her eyes and frowned. Mrs Wright smiled, "You can do whatever you want, Maddie."

Maddie looked at Holly, "I think I can do this team mother thing."

Holly said to Mrs. Wright, "Count me in. I think Penny will appreciate me being a team mother."

"That's it then. Thank you for both stepping forward and supporting this important sports program," Mrs. Wright said as she got up from her desk and walked to the door.

Holly and Maddie stepped out of the office and into the hallway.

"I will call you Monday, Holly, so we can set up a schedule for snacks and drinks and figure out the best way to help our girls," smiled Maddie as she tucked her Bible under arm.

Holly didn't have the heart to tell Mrs. Sims that it would be pre-teen girls that would figure things out for them, in short order, Holly thought.

"Say, where can I purchase a collar like that?" Maddie asked as she felt the dog collar around Holly's neck.

"Oh, I got it as a gift yesterday. I can get you one if you like?"

Maddie smiled, "No hurry, Holly. I do like the color and the cuteness of it. It really looks good on you."

"Okay, Maddie, no problem. See you Monday then," Holly smiled as she walked down the hallway to the parking lot. She had to meet Penny so they could go to FIS.


Holly and Penny drove to the office of Female Impediment Solutions. FIS was a new business in the Valley. The company specialized in restraint solutions for women. The company also did research in all kinds of sexual deviations from beastiality, to restraints, to remodeling homes and businesses for sexual playtime. The company liked to hire older women as test subjects for their products and sometimes the company used their own female employees. They also hired young girls as researchers and product testers in which women were the test subjects. Because Cherish Valley had a year around school system there was no shortage of young girls available as product testers.

As they walked into the lobby there was sign pointing all women to the left.

They walked up to the scanning machine with a bored male guard standing in front of it.

"Dump your purse on the conveyer belt, please," stated the guard.

"What no box to put my things in?" replied Holly as she looked around for a plastic container.

"No, ma'am, just dump it please."

Holly opened her purse and dumped the contents onto the belt. Out tumbled a small bottle of KY jelly, a clit massager, a six inch pink dildo, her car keys, wallet, a wad of used dirty panties, and a baggie with damp panties inside. The guard smirked as he looked at the stuff and then turned on belt and her things went thru the scanner. Holly stood there embarrassed as her personal things went through the scanner.

"Your shoes also, please."

Holly sighed and took her high heels off and put them on the belt. Her daughter Penny had her purse already open and about to dump it on the belt.

"No, girls don't have to have their things x-rayed, just women," smiled the guard. "Also if you step around the body scanner please and wait for her on the other side," the guard said to Penny.

The guard turned to Holly. "Ma'am, please step into the body scanner."

Holly watched as a group of men walked into the lobby. They walked to the right and to the elevators.

"Don't they have to searched also?" Holly asked pointing at the men.

"No, ma'am, just women, FIS doesn't trust women especially when it comes to company secrets."

"Oh? Why is that?" asked Holly.

"All the thefts from the premises have been carried out by women who worked here."

Holly stepped thru the scanner but it didn't buzz. "Step over to the wall please ma'am," the guard said pointing the way.

"But I didn't set the scanner off," protested Holly.

"Doesn't matter, ma'am, please step over here."

Holly walked to the wall. There were two hands prints on the wall and two foot prints on the floor.

"Put your hands here and plant your feet here," pointed out the guard.

Penny giggled at her mother. Holly sighed, spreading her legs and leaning forward putting her hands on the wall. The security guard snapped latex gloves on and then systematically ran his hand through her hair. Then up and down her back then he reach around and ran his hands over her breasts before moving to her legs. The guard's hands slid up and down her bare thighs then ran his hands under her skirt running his fingers between her ass checks and then around her front running his hands over her vagina probing the areas veiled by her panties.

"Alright, you're good to go," The guard said as she took his latex gloves off.

"Thanks," said Holly with an embarrassed smile, slipping her shoes back on.

"Don't mention it babe," the guard replied as he walked back to his chair.

Holly and Penny walked over to the freight elevator with six other women. The men used the regular elevator. The name over the freight elevator read 'Little Girls Only'.

"Cool!" smiled Penny.

When the doors of the elevator opened the women all giggled as they always did. The elevator was designed so that eight women at a time could use it. Around the inside of the elevator at waist height were plastic phallus's twelve inches in length. Beneath each phallus were painted footprints that each woman had to stand on. It was company policy that while on the elevator each woman had to fit the phallus into their vaginas. Each phallus was self lubricating, another invention of FIS. It took two minutes for each floor and as the elevator went between floors the attached phallus would rotate around inside each woman.

"How old are you?" one of the women asked Penny as they stepped in to the elevator.

"Eleven," replied Penny.

"You're too young, you're not authorized to use the phallus so you must watch," smiled the woman as she lifted her skirt and reached a hand down to insert the phallus into her vagina.

"Okay," replied Penny as she stood in the middle of the elevator watching the women insert the phallus's with wide eyes.

Holly stood there at first uncertain what to do. "The elevator door won't close, honey, until you are attached to the phallus inside your cunt," A woman said who was breathing heavy in the corner.

"Hurry up!" urged another. "We have work to do."

Holly lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties to her knees. She backed herself up to the phallus. Planted her feet on the imprints and reached under her to insert the phallus.

"Oh, hmmm!" Holly moaned as the phallus came alive in her pussy.

Penny stood there wide eyed as she watched her mother impale herself on the phallus.

"What floor are you going too?" huffed another woman as she squirmed.

"We're here, to see, um, Miss Boyd," stammered Holly with her eyes closed.

"The elevator stops on every floor, get off on the fifth floor." The woman laughed at her own joke.

"How does it feel mom?" asked Penny as the elevator door closed and the women started moaning and squirming.

Holly could only lick her lips as the phallus rotated in her vagina. The other women had their eyes closed as they squirmed against the elevator.

On this particular ride one woman raised her pink blouse and lowered her skirt to show everybody the outline of the phallus as it moved across her lower abdomen. She giggled with delight.

"Damn, that's cool!" stared Penny. Penny stepped over to her mother and lifted her skirt. The large plastic phallus was moving back and forth and Holly was raising and lowering her body with each sweep.

By the time the elevator got to the fifth floor Holly was close to coming.

Holly stumbled as she pulled herself off the phallus and straightened her skirt. She horny and frustrated and couldn't wait for the ride down.

Penny walked up to the young looking receptionist. "We're here to see Miss Boyd, I'm Penny Anderson and this is my mother, Holly Anderson."

"Oh, yes, the teacher with the dog collar." The receptionist giggled. The girl was wearing a pink t-shirt that had 'I Molest Women' written across the front.

Holly blushed.

The teen said, "Take a seat over there. Miss Boyd is in a short meeting and will be right with you."

Karen Boyd was, single, forty years old, and a Vice President for Female Restraint Solutions Limited, a Cherish Valley manufacturer of bondage restraining equipment, mostly things like handcuffs, shackles and other equipment for securing females.

She spent the last two months looking for buyers for the company's products, a task she'd been delegated by the President of the company. There were thefts at FIS and women were to blame. The female employees were demoted in pay but kept their company title.

The President of the company kept her on as Vice President while demoting other women at the company. While it wasn't the most glamorous job and it didn't pay very well, in fact, all the women at Female Impediment Solutions were paid minimum wage. Karen liked the Young Girl Club and the Family Strip Club. She was working with the management of both clubs to have FIS equipment and accessories installed in the play rooms.

Karen came down the hallway. Both Holly and Penny's eyes got big as they looked at Karen Boyd walking towards them.

Karen was wearing a pink t-shirt that had the words 'Restrain a Woman Today' emblazoned on the front. The t-shirt came just below her crotch. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail but more importantly she was not wearing anything below her waist except high heels.

"Hi, Miss Anderson, sorry to keep you waiting," she turned to Penny. "Hi again, you are?"

"Penny," Penny replied as she looked the Vice-President up and down.

"Oh, yes, you're her daughter" smiled Miss Boyd. "So you're here to have your dog collar removed?" Karen looked at Holly.

"Yes, please," Holly replied. She noticed Miss Boyd wasn't wearing a bra either which made Karen's nipples poke through the thin material. "I don't see why you would want it removed. It is one of our best sellers. I got one myself," she giggled as she rubbed her neck.

"I can see why. But I would really like removed," Holly said anxiously.

"I told her the same thing, Miss Boyd," Penny added.

"Oh, okay," Miss Boyd said as she reached around Holly's neck and took the collar off. "Penny do you still have the leash?"

"Yes, in my backpack."

"Here," Miss Boyd handed her the collar. "You keep it. Think of it as a gift from FIS," she smiled. "And maybe your mother will change her mind."


Karen thought for a moment. "Say would like a tour of the office? We have our newest products that we are perfecting."

"Um, I don't know," Holly said looking at her watch.

"It won't take that long. Besides I think Penny here will enjoy it," Karen smiled.

"Please mom, can we?"

"Oh, okay, just as long as it doesn't take too long." Holly smiled.

As they walked down the hallway Karen explained that the first floor had the HR department. She laughed as she explained that the women on the first didn't get to stay in the elevator very long. The second floor housed the recruiting and testing department. Third floor was the marketing department and the fourth floor was Research and Development. On the fifth floor was the 'Big Ideas' department and the sixth floor was the executive suite. All the males resided on the sixth floor.

Along the way were posters and pictures of women in restraints and naked women in various poses.

They came to the first open area with a lot of cubicles. Around the walls and on front of the cubicles were pictures of women with dogs. The pictures and posters depicted women in various positions with dogs. Karen led them to the first cubicle. The name on the cubicle was 'Wendy' and a picture beneath her name had her on her hands and knees with her breasts hanging below her and on top of her was a Labrador retriever. The dog was laying on Wendy's back with its head over her left shoulder looking at the camera. As Holly looked at the picture Wendy had a large smile and it looked like the Lab was smiling also.

"Hi Wendy" Karen smiled as she stopped at the cubicle.

"Oh hi Karen, what's up?" smiled the woman.

"This is Holly Anderson and her daughter Penny. I'm just taking them on a short tour of FIS."

Wendy stood up, "Hi Holly and Penny. Glad you could take the time to tour our facilities." She smiled.

As Holly shook Wendy's hand she notice that Wendy was wearing the same dog collar she had. She was also wearing a t-shirt that depicted a woman on her hands and knees with a dog mounting her from behind. Wendy was nude from the waist down, her crotch was shaved.

Penny giggled and Wendy winked at her. Holly gulped.

"Wendy is our lead researcher in dog behavior. We know that male dogs love a restrained woman as much as anybody else."

"That's right, Karen." Wendy smiled. "Labrador's and Golden Retrievers are very intelligent and at times are a lot smarter than women."

Holly gulped again and Penny said, "Cool!"

"We do a lot of field research with Labs and Golden's figuring out the best restraint systems that a woman can wear when mating with a dog. Also we're training dogs in how to control and maneuver a woman into a position that is desirable for the dog."

"Oh," Holly replied. She started to get second thoughts about having Penny on this office tour.

"A lot of women think the idea of mating with a dog is sexy but when the actual mating occurs the woman can get very reluctant. So we are developing restraint systems for reluctant women." Wendy smiled.

"Over here is Ann. She is the lead developer on dog semen." Karen pointed out.

The picture on Ann's cubicle depicted the rear end of a dog. Its cock pointed backwards. Ann had her hand under the cock supporting it. Her lips planting a kiss on the dog cock. A long strand of dog semen was dripping from its tip.

Ann stood up, "Hi, I'm Ann, pleased to meet you."

Holly and Penny shook her hand.

Ann was wearing a t-shirt that had a picture of a dog's cock on the front. She also was nude from the waist down.

Holly looked around the office area. All the women were nude from the waist down. "Why are all the women nude from the waist down?" she asked.

"Oh, that," smiled Karen. "We have these new denim office chairs. We get very wet between our legs which in the past soaked our panties and skirts and made a nasty stain on the seat. These denim chairs soaks up our wetness as we work, it is stain free. Plus the feel of denim on our rear ends and crotch is exquisite. But being nude from the waist down gives us good ideas here, like, how can we best humiliate or degrade an adult woman which is what we are really in business for."

"Oh." Was all Holly could reply.

"What do you do with the dog semen?" Penny asked.

'We collect it for use in female products. Like shampoo, lipstick, and our newest is deodorant," Ann smiled. "We are also working on getting the essence of a bitch in heat."

"What do you mean?" Penny asked.

"We are working on getting the bitches pre-cum to be used as a spray for human females. As you may know, male dogs that have been denied sex for a while will become very aggressive, not unlike the human male. We are developing this spray to enhance the male dog's sexual pleasure with a human female."

"Wow!" was all Penny said.

"We go to clinical trials next on the pre-cum," Karen smiled.

Holly didn't like where this research was going. Human females and dogs? "It seems that all the pleasure is going to the dogs not the woman."

"That's correct, Holly," Smiled Ann, "The pleasure of the woman mating with a dog is secondary to the needs of the dog. Our research indicates that the genetics of a human female is only five percent different from the genetics of a male dog. Therefore the pleasure of the male dog comes first just like it does for the human male."

"So what does the five percent difference mean?" Holly asked.

"It means that human females and male dogs are compatible plain and simple." Ann sighed.

Holly didn't want to think what the experiments in mating between human females and male dogs would result in. She shuddered at the thought.

"Who is in that cubicle?" Penny pointed at an empty cubicle with a picture on it.

"Oh, that is Yvette. She is working on a system that turns a woman into a dog. Well, not a real dog, but a life like dog." Karen smiled.

"Mrs. Wells?" asked Holly.


"I didn't know she worked here." Holly replied.

"Well, all the women who work here have a lot of pride in what they do but are embarrassed outside of the office to admit what they do to family and friends, which is understandable, because what we come up with here is used on women in the Valley."

Penny walked over to the cubicle to look at the picture on it. It depicted a woman on her hands and knees, with life like paws on her hands, life like paws on her knees. Her ankles were secured to her thighs. The woman was wearing a hood that covered her head and neck. The hood looked like a Doberman Pincher with the ears in the straight up position. Poking out of the woman's anus was a short tail in the form of Pincher tail, it looked realistic. Standing next to the woman was a girl, who looked to be about eight years old, holding a leash.

"Is that Mrs. Wells?" Holly asked.

"Yes it is and that is her lovely daughter, Brittney." Karen smiled.

"With that hood and tail she really looks like a Doberman," Penny giggled.

"Yes she does. We are developing different hoods that depict different dogs. The hood by the way suppresses the vocal cords, which forces the woman wearing it to bark or whine, like a real dog."

Penny smiled and Holly had a worried look on her face.

"Yvette is marketing this outfit to the Young Girls Club. Right now she is down in the Research and Development testing the newest hood and the type of female body that works best with it."

"What do you mean?" asked Penny.

"Dog owners take on the body type of the dog they have. Everybody knows that. Well with women, certain body types go with certain male dogs. For example we wouldn't want to have a woman who has the body type of a Great Dane, lean and tall, outfitted with a German Sheppard hood and paws, it just wouldn't look right."

Holly gulped. "So you have volunteers for this type of research?"

"That's what the girls on the second floor are responsible for. They recruit and administer tests for young volunteers. We want to make sure we correct type of female personality for this type of research and development."

"We have to get back to work. Nice to meet you Holly and Penny," Ann laughed as she sat back down."

"See ya!" waved Penny.

As Karen, Holly and Penny walked around the corner they saw four tables. On each table was a woman who was strapped down in a kneeling position with their heads resting on a cushion, each woman had a ball gag secured in their mouths. The women's thighs were strapped down and their arms were secured under their chests. In this position, the vagina and anus of the women were exposed.

"What on Earth are these?" asked Holly.

"These are rape tables, very popular at the Young Girl Club." Karen smiled.

"Rape tables?"Penny asked.

"Yes, these are the newest model rape tables. These tables give young girl's unfettered access the woman they want to fuck, or a reluctant woman they want to fuck. We are in the process of testing them before we ship the tables to the Young Girl."

Just then two pre-teen girls came out of the door. "Hi, Miss. Boyd," Both girls said.

"Hi, girls," Karen smiled.

The two youngsters were naked. Both had strap-ons protruding from their waists. Holly's heart almost stopped at the beauty of the two pre-teens, her crotch suddenly got wet and her adrenaline pumped. The girls had the cutest asses, round, tight and smooth. Both youngsters grabbed a table and wheeled the woman on it into the room.

"How can I be a tester here?" Penny giggled as she watch the two youngsters close the door.

"Well you have to be tested by the second floor girls first to find out if you have the right temperament."

"Right temperament?" Holly asked.

"Yes, the girls we choose to assist us in research must not have emotional attachment to the women they are testing the equipment on. In other words, the girl can't have a mean streak or pent-up hostility. They must approach each test procedure with idea that what they do here will benefit other girls in the Valley when we sell the equipment. Whatever task these girls are assigned they must be clinical in their approach. It is very difficult to find young girls with the right temperament."

Further down the hallway were three women tied chained to the wall. The women were topless. Standing in front of the women was a girl of ten or eleven with a clip board. Each woman had a ball gag in her mouth with strings of slobber escaping their mouths and dripping on their breasts.

"What's she doing?" Penny asked as they walked by.

"Tina here is testing the ball gag slobber quotient."

"Huh?" Penny looked at Karen.

"Different ball gags allow different amount of slobber to escape a woman's mouth. As evidenced by the amount of slobber on that drips onto the women's breasts. The bigger the ball gag the more slobber. FIS produces different types of ball gags that we market to the clothing stores. What Tina is measuring here is what will be written on the usage directions for that type of ball gag."

"I never read the directions when I use something," Penny smiled as Tina checked off a box on the paper.

"Well you should. A lot of time and effort goes into user directions on how to properly use a product." Karen smiled.

As they moved further around the floor they saw the more conventional restraints. Leg irons, neck irons, handcuffs, metal hoods with slits for the eyes.

Karen walked over a woman standing against the wall. "This is a posture collar. The collar that is wide enough to restrict movement of a woman's neck. Posture collars help in maintaining posture by keeping her chin high and the neck extended."

Penny walked up to the woman wearing the posture collar and ran her hands around it.

"Posture collars typically flare widely at the front to reach from the chin down to the collarbone, preventing the woman wearing it from hanging her head or looking downward. Most girls use posture collars on women during their training." Karen smiled.

"Cool!" Penny exclaimed.

"Most collars are typically made from leather, but FIS makes their collars from metal, rubber and plastics such as PVC."

"This one decorated though," observed Holly. The woman wearing looked uncomfortable.

"Yes, posture collars are often decorated by young girls. We sell ours with other bondage elements such as locking closures, decorative spikes or D-rings for attaching restraints."

Penny walked to the next woman standing against the wall. "What is she wearing?"

"Mandy here is wearing a neck corset which is sometimes called a throat corset or a neck lacer. This is a special type of corset which is worn fitted around the neck of a woman instead of around the waist like an ordinary corset. It is almost like the type of posture collar that she is wearing but that it incorporates stays."

"Huh? What is a stay?" asked Holly as she examined Mandy.

"Stays are shorter corsets and are incorporated in the larger neck corset. A stay is used to support the weight of the head of the woman on her shoulders, while its corset structure helps in maintaining her posture by keeping her chin high and her neck extended. It is often combined with a traditional corset in order to achieve better posture demanded by our younger clients."

"Oh," was all Holly could say. She was damp between her legs now.

"A neck corset can be thin or as thick as the height of the neck of the woman. There are many varieties. A neck corset can be made of many different fabrics, such as leather, rubber. Our neck corsets usually have back lacing and others have front lacing or are secured by ribbon or zipper. It all depends on the tastes of the girl as too which type of corset she purchases for her games."

"Brenda here," Karen stepped over to the next woman, "is wearing thumb cuffs." Karen took Brenda's hands and held them up.

"Thumbs cuffs are a metal restraining device that lock the woman's thumbs next to each other. Girls will generally use thumb cuffs in conjunction with handcuffs in situations where the youngster wants more restraint over the woman."

Holly and Penny took a closer look at the thumb cuffs.

"This is so cool!" Penny exclaimed.

"Here is our newest product development," Karen smiled as they walked into a large glass enclosed conference room.

Before them were three women bent over metal bars. Their arms were secured in front of them and their ankles were secured to floor bolts. Between their ankles was a spreader bar. Behind the three women were three girls each wearing a huge looking strap-on. Along the wall were five women facing the wall, each were naked. The three young girls would push the monster strap-on cock into the women and then write on clip board. The women would scream or groan depending on which hole the girl's poked her in.

Karen walked over to the table and picked up a small plastic looking penis. "This will revolutionize strap-on use in the Valley. The Woman Tamer 2000," she smiled.

Karen handed the small looking cock with balls to Holly.

"Wow, it feels like the real thing!" Holly exclaimed.

"The hair on the testicles are anatomically correct," Karen smiled.

Penny interrupted, "Testie what?" she giggled.

"Testicles dear," smiled Karen. "Ah, the male ball sack, the nuts."


"How come it is so small?" Holly asked as she turned it around in her hand.

"The Woman Tamer is designed to expand when attached to the waist of a female. As the female's clit becomes engorged with blood the Woman Tamer grows. The maximum length is fourteen inches with a three inch diameter."

"Wow, cool!" Penny looked closer at the Woman Tamer.

"The testicles have the look and feel of real male testicles. The Woman Tamer is made of synthetic skin which gives it the look and feel of a real male cock," Karen said with a dreamy look in her eyes. "Plus when the girl is wearing it the Woman Tamer can be stroked like a real cock. So a woman can give a hand job to a girl." Karen chuckled.

"I would imagine that there could be all sorts of applications that this could be used," gulped Holly.

"We plan to market the Woman Tamer to the under sixteen segment," Karen said as she took the deflated cock from Holly. "Clinical trials will start within the week as soon as our testing is completed."

"I want one mom," chuckled Penny.

"There won't be a woman that will be safe with pre-teen girls running around with that thing!" Holly exclaimed.

"That's idea, Miss. Anderson," laughed Karen.

Karen walked Holly and Penny to the front door. "Well that's it. I hope you enjoyed our little tour. We do have a lot more ideas in the works."

"Thank you Miss Boyd for taking the collar off," smiled Holly.

Karen turned to Penny, "I hope you can find a use for it." She winked at Penny. "Enjoy the ride down to the lobby." Karen turned and walked back down the hallway.

It was only Holly and Penny in the elevator. Holly pulled up her skirt and backed her rear end to the phallus. She used her free hand to stuff the thing into her cunt.

Penny stood there in awe as the elevator moved and the phallus pumped her mother's pussy. Holly moaned and groaned and swayed her hips to the rhythm of the phallus moving back and forth inside her. When the elevator stopped on the ground floor Holly almost stumbled out of it. Penny giggled watching her mother trying to straighten her skirt and look normal.

Larry the guard had Holly stand at the wall and spread her legs and arms again. He ran his hands up and down her breasts and then around her crotch and anus. He announced that she was good to go.


Holly had two more classes to teach this afternoon. Penny took off down the hallway with a tardy note in her hand. She had her mother write it for her.

Holly was surprised when she walked into her class room. The kids were all seated at their desks with their books open. Ten minutes later the class had convinced Holly that since they were on time and properly behaved and since she was tardy that Holly had to teach the class standing on her desk topless.

The kids said it was like she was teaching at the family strip club. Holly walked back and forth on the desk in her high heels. She was embarrassed when the kids made comments about her small breasts.

The next class was the 'Advanced Math Concepts' class. They had all their homework correct. Holly had to teach the class facing the wall in the back of the room. Her skirt pulled up to her waist and wearing a cone shaped hat that said 'DUNCE'. One of the female students came up with the idea.

On the way out of the class each student slapped Holly's breasts as she stood there wearing the dunce cap. Some pinched her nipples and some kids thanked her allowing them to maul her breasts.

Holly met up with Penny in the hallway. Penny was on her way to gym class and then a pre-volley meeting with the other girls and Coach Tracie.

Penny reminded her mom to make her appointment time with the Pathfinder Scouts.


Holly drove into the parking lot of the Scout headquarters. Both the boys and the girls Pathfinder Scouts had their offices here. It was a two story building with the boys on the first floor and the girls on the second floor. The building was new and out front stood two statues, a male and female. Both were founders of the Pathfinders in Cherish Valley. The male statue had his penis sticking out of his pants. Holly always thought size proportions were off making the penis seem larger in proportion of the body. The female statue had her nipples displayed thru her blouse. The nipples were painted pink. She wore a short skirt that showed the outline of her ass cheeks and crotch.

Holly walked inside and followed the sign for the Pathfinder scout offices which took her down the hallway. She heard an adult male talking to the boys. She stopped to look in the door. Inside were about a dozen boys and a couple of adult males. The boys were lined up in rank and file with the adult males facing the boys. The boys had their pants down around their ankles with their little cocks sticking straight out. In front of them were five women strapped down on the type of rape tables that she saw earlier at FIS. An adult male was standing before the boys with his cock sticking straight up.

"Every boy Pathfinder is trained, first and foremost, in the use of his cock, for it is the cock which must impregnate women. The cock remains the most basic tenet of the Pathfinder doctrine. All else revolves around his cock. Every boy Pathfinder must memorize this creed. And, every scout must live by the creed. Let me here it boys."

The dozen boys all said in unison: "This is my cock. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It is my life. I must master my cock it as I must master my life. Without me my cock is useless. Without my cock, I am useless. I must use my cock true. I must fuck a female to keep our race alive. Before the Board of Elders I swear this creed. My cock and I are the defenders of Cherish Valley. We are the masters of all females. We are the saviors of life."

Holly gulped and quietly left the doorway. As she got down to the end of the hallway she could hear the women screaming and the boys laughing.

Holly walked up the stairs and entered the office. A teenage girl in her uniform was sitting at the desk. After introductions the teen handed Holly the application to be an adult-escort. There was no place to sit and fill out the application so Holly stood in the hallway using the wall to write on. She didn't have much to fill in. Everything that was asked on the application she had no experience doing.

Holly handed the application back to the teen at the front desk. The name on the plate on the desk said 'Lilly'.

"Take off your clothes, which include your bra and panties. Leave your heels on and stand facing the wall over there," Lilly pointed to the wall.

Holly was about to protest but remembered that this was the girl Pathfinders. Holly took off her clothes and looked around the room wondering where to put her clothes.

"Drop your clothes on the floor, Miss Anderson," smiled the teenager.

Holly walked over to the wall and stood facing it. "Make sure your nose touches the wall," ordered the teen. Holly leaned in a little further.

"You have a nice ass, Miss Anderson," giggled the teen.

"Um, thank you?" Holly didn't know if she should respond or not.

"Shut up. Don't talk unless you are asked a question. That wasn't a question. It was a statement of fact. Fuck some teachers are so stupid sometimes."

Holly burned with embarrassment at being called 'Stupid'."

Twenty minutes later the phone speaker announced. "Send the next escort volunteered in."

"You can enter now, Miss Anderson," smiled the teen as Holly turned around and headed for the office door.

Holly was standing in front of the desk of senior Pathfinder scout who was responsible for the adult-escort recruitment. Holly stood before the teenager who introduced herself as 'Miss Jessica'.

Holly stood there self-consciously in front of Miss Jessica. She moved her hands to cover her crotch.

"Hands at your sides, Miss Anderson," the teen said without looking up.

A surprised look came across Holly's face. She noticed a pair of heels sticking out from under the desk. She thought it was an adult woman by the look of the ankles and heels.

The sixteen year old screwed up her face as she read over Holly's application. The girl didn't look pleased with what she was reading. Holly stood as straight as she could while looking at the girl. She noticed the woman under the desk shifted her ankles a bit.

Miss Jessica rolled her chair a little ways back and looked down. "Your knees aren't getting tired are they? I sure hope not because your tongue is heaven today." The she rolled her chair closer to the desk again and smiled at Holly.

"Turn around, bend over and spread your cheeks," ordered the sixteen year old.

Holly did as she was told. This was the second time today that she exposed her anus. Why did young girls like looking that the anus of older women? She wondered.

"You have a very nice asshole Miss. Anderson. I see that you keep your ass clean which is good. And your cunt is wet. Does this excite you?" smiled the girl.


"Miss Anderson, you have absolutely no experience listed," the teenager said as she looked at Holly's ass. "Turn around and stand up straight."

Holly did as she was told, "What do you mean?" Holly fidgeted her fingers at her sides.

"Well, you have no S&M tendencies let alone any experience with S&M. You haven't had phone sex. You do know what phone sex is, right?"

"Um, well, no I haven't had a reason to have phone sex with anybody."

"Uh, well, no bondage experience, no role play experience. The only fetish you listed is sniffing your daughter's panties or wearing them on your head. Have you ever been tied up upside down and played with by a seven year old?"


"Do you know what bondage is?" The teenager kept looking at her.

"Um, no," Holly replied as she looked down at the floor.

"Bondage, Miss Anderson is sexual activity involving restraint, and role-playing with little girls with very little or no pain."

"Okay," Holly wondered where this was going.

"Have you ever had a spanking given by your daughter or any girl for that matter?"

"No," Holly felt like an idiot. She did live a sheltered life in the Valley. Work, home, and taking care of Penny was all she did.

"Have you ever kneeled quietly under a table as a group of ten year olds figure out whose bald pussy you're gonna lick first?"

"No, but I can learn, please. This is so important to my daughter Penny and her friend Carol," Holly finally pleaded.

"You see Miss Anderson we just can't let any woman join as an adult-escort. Many women lie and cheat to get into our program. They want the thrill of being used by young girls. Our escort program is way different from what you find at the Young Girl Club. My job, the senior scouts, job, is to weed out these fakers. Prevent these pervert women from joining our escort service just for the thrill of being with young girls. So forgive me if I am a bit skeptical of your motives."

"Miss Jessica, believe me my motives are pure. My daughter really wants this for me," Holly pleaded again.

"Okay, let me ask, have you been raped by your daughter or this Carol?"

Holly blushed and averted her eyes. "Yes, Penny has raped me."

"Okay, good, that is a start. Where and when?" Jessica sat forward in her seat. She put her hand under the desk controlling the head movements of the woman between her legs.

Holly hesitated for several long seconds. It was very embarrassing being taken from behind by her daughter in front of the mall crowd. "Yesterday at the Pussy Lips," Holly kept blushing.

"Look Miss Anderson, you can't be embarrassed answering my questions. If you are to join the adult-escort service you must be able to talk about the type of sexual humiliation you desire in front of little girls. If you can't do that with me, then I see no reason in continuing this interview." The sixteen year old sat back in her chair.

"Okay, okay, this is all new to me," Holly looked at the teenager then down at the woman under her desk. She wondered how she could get a job like that.

"Now, tell me what happened?" Jessica smiled.

Holly cleared her throat and clasped her hands. "We stopped at the Pussy Lips on our way home from school yesterday."

"Who is we?"

"Penny, my daughter, Carol, and myself"

"How old is Penny and Carol again?"

"Penny is eleven years-old and Carol is ten." The information about the girls was on the application thought Holly.

"Okay, go on."

"Penny wanted to try out the strap-on collection at the store. The store clerk suggested to Penny that she try out the strap-on."

"Did she have you use the rape cushions?"


"Excellent, I love using the rape cushions on adult females. But go on." The sixteen year old smiled.

"I was on my hands and knees when Penny flipped my skirt up and pushed her strap-on into me."

"How did that make you feel, Miss Anderson?" The teenager smiled.

"Embarrassed with everybody watching especially the crowd outside the store," Holly looked down at the floor again. She heard a giggle from under the desk.

"Quiet," Miss Jessica said to the woman under the desk. "No doubt you were embarrassed. But how did you feel inside?"

"I felt humiliated and ashamed."

"Why ashamed? I mean it should be a joyous occasion with your daughter claiming your pussy."

"It was a joyous occasion for Penny but I was ashamed that I, I enjoyed it so much," Holly stammered.

"Hmm, with the adult-escort service you must give yourself completely to the girl, your body, mind and soul must be given over to the girl that is entrusted to you on a date. You won't have time to be ashamed."

"I know I realize that," Holly looked up at the girl.

"Do you love your daughter?"

"Yes, very much so," replied Holly staring at the floor.

"So much so that would do anything that she asks of you?" The teenager asked leaning forward in her chair.

"Yes, I would," Holly sat up straight.

"Would you be her bitch in heat? Licking her bald pussy and French kissing her asshole?"

"Yes, I would do all that."

"You would have no problem with a six year old fisting your cunt and spitting in your face at the same time?" The teenager was licking her lips.

"Um, no I wouldn't" Holly replied. Doubt started to creep into Holly's mind. Maybe being an adult-escort wasn't a good idea after all.

"How did you give yourself over to your daughter?" Miss Jessica asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, Miss Anderson, you didn't just drive up to the Pussy Lips and decide to let your daughter try a strap-on. What happened before that?"

"Oh, well, it was after school yesterday that Penny and Carol molested me in the car. In the fog of orgasm I agreed to be, um, owned by them."

"Tell me about this ten year old Carol?" Jessica sat back in her chair.

"She's my next door neighbor and she's Penny's best friend. I used to babysit Carol up until the age of five."

"Has Carol fucked you yet?" asked Jessica.

"No, but she has molested me several times since yesterday," Holly said hoping her eagerness would show Miss Jessica that she was serious about being an adult-escort volunteer.

"Why do you think Carol hasn't take advantage of you yet?"

"You mean like fucked me yet?" asked Holly.

"Very good Miss Anderson, but yes, why do you think she hasn't fucked you yet?"

"I don't know. She has had several opportunities to fuck me. But if I had to guess I think she waiting for me to become an adult-escort," Holly replied.

"I think so too. But if she wanted to fuck you before then would you put a resistance to her?"


"I would suggest Miss Anderson that the next time you see Carol that you tell her it's okay if she wants to fuck you. Who knows, maybe she is waiting for an invitation from you." Miss Jessica giggled and the woman under the desk giggled also.

"Yes, maybe," Holly smiled weakly. No turning back now she thought.

"Congratulations on joining the adult-escort program!" The teenager smiled.

Holly had a smile on her face. Carol and Penny will be thrilled with the news. "Thank you Miss Jessica."

"Not so quick Miss. Anderson. The way this works is there is a seventy thirty split of the money we make off your body. You pay us seventy percent of the money you make. We set the date, time, and amount of money for your services with the girl. The amount of money depends on what you're willing to do with the girl or comfortable doing with the girl."

"What do you mean by comfortable?"

"During your training you will find out things about yourself. What you're willing to do and not do. What turns you on and what doesn't. We take this information from your training and develop a profile on you. We match you with the girl."


"The more you're willing to do with the girl, the more you're comfortable doing things with the girl, the more money you will make."

'And the more money the Escort program will make,' Holly thought.

"We won't schedule dates on weekends you have campouts, planned orgies, or scout meetings with Penny and Carol. But I want to make sure you understand we pimp you out, therefore, we own you during the time you are on a date. You work for us during the time you're with the girl. Mothers are not allowed to make their own dates. If a girl wants a second date with you she has to contact us and we negotiate with the girl. If you refuse too many dates you will be dropped from the program."

"Doesn't that make me a prostitute?"

"No prostitution is illegal in the Valley. This is a business transaction. That is why we set your dates and you work for us from the time you pick the girl up too when you drop her off. In effect, you're an employee of Adult-Escort Services during your time with the girl."

"Oh," Holly replied.

"Think of your date as a business transaction Miss Anderson. You see we provide a healthy outlet for young girls sexual urges. We prefer mature women because they present a non-threatening image to the young girls. A mature woman's motherly attitude and a nurturing role is what we are looking for. What you and other women in the escort program provide is a service for the young girls."

"I work full time, how will this dating fit in with that?" Holly asked.

"Is the work schedule you put down here correct?"

"Yes it is."

"And you also mention here that you are a team mother for Penny's volleyball team, is that correct?"


"Most of your dates with young girls will happen on Friday or Saturday evenings. How long you stay out on a date is up to the girl or her parents. So that should not interfere with your teaching."

"How do I collect the money? When I pick the girl up at her house? Or when I bring her home?" Holly asked nervously.

"That's up to you. But most women collect their fee at the end of the date when they drop the girl off at home. Either one of the girl's parents can pay you upon successful completion of the date."

"Oh." Holly replied. She did not like asking the girl's parents for money for sex with their daughter. Especially because word would get around that she was a teacher at the Middle School.

"You are to come here at least once a week with our share of the money. A proper accounting of the money will take place. Any problems or irregularities will be taken up with you at that time. Just make sure our money is properly accounted for or else punishment will result in your carelessness."

Holly nodded her head.

"For Carol, her mother will pay you for your escort services. If there is a scout function or orgy or campout, she pays you upfront. Make arrangements with her directly. The money you make from Carol's mom is yours to keep." The teen smiled. She looked down at the woman under the desk. "Nibble me with your lips. Oh, that's better." Miss Jessica's eyes fluttered a little bit.

"Okay, Miss. Anderson, be here tomorrow morning at 9am. We have a new class for mothers and single adult women starting tomorrow morning."

"Oh, thank you, Miss Jessica!" Holly smiled.

"The training will not be easy Miss. Anderson. A lot of mother's wash out of the program after the first couple of training meetings."

"Why is that?" Holly was thrilled.

"The physical and mental aspects of our training is very difficult for most women. As I said before, you must give your body, mind and soul to the escort program. If you can do that you will be successful with your daughter and Carol, not to mention with other little girls."

"I won't fail the training, Miss. Jessica."

"Lilly will give you further instructions in preparations for tomorrow. Now get the fuck out of here," the sixteen year old hissed.

Holly walked out of the office and shut the door. "So did you get accepted?" asked the sixteen year old.

"Yes I did," Holly replied proudly. Penny and Carol will be very pleased with her.

"Stand in front the desk," ordered the teen.

Holly quickly stood in front of the girl sitting at the desk. "First thing Miss Anderson is to shave your vagina by tomorrow morning," The girl said pointing at Holly's crotch.


"Have your daughter Penny shave your crotch, oh, also make sure that she shaves your anus hair also. A lot of girls get freaked out by adult women who have anal hair. Here," Lilly said handing a piece of paper to Holly. "Have Penny sign this and bring it with you tomorrow morning."

Holly looked at the paper. It simply said 'I shaved my mother' with a signature line at the bottom. Holly frowned looking at the paper.

"Penny wouldn't know how to use a razor. She's not old enough yet. Can I shave myself and have her watch?"

"No, if Penny doesn't have experience using a razor then you teach her. You show her how to shave you and how to use a razor." Lilly replied.

Holly gulped and nodded her head. This was going to be difficult to do. Having an eleven year-old use a razor on her most private parts was going to be difficult to allow.

"Next you are to come here once a week with our portion of the money that you've been paid. Any day of the week is fine. The office closes at 530 every day. When you come here you are to be nude when you walk into this office. There is a changing room outside in the hallway, understand?"

"Yes, I understand."

"One last thing Miss Anderson," Lilly rolled her chair backwards and reached up to the book shelf behind her. She took a magazine from the shelf and rolled back to her desk. "Read this magazine with Penny tonight, have her sign it on the back and bring it with you tomorrow morning." Lilly handed the magazine to Holly.

Holly looked at the magazine. The title of it was "Open to Orgies with Pre-Teen Girls." Holly nodded her head and looked at Lilly.

"Be here at 9am. There will be a sign directing you where to go. It will be yourself and three other women. The instructor for the training sessions will be Mrs. Herald.

"Mrs. Herald, the high school guidance counselor?"

"The same person. Now get the fuck out of here," ordered the teenager.

Holly walked back downstairs. The boys were finished with their meeting. Mother's had come to collect their boys. Holly noticed the Scout Master paying money to the four mothers. Up and down the hallway little boys were running and playing tag with each other.

Holly stopped at the 'Sexual Aid' store to pick up a vagina shaving kit. She couldn't figure out how a shaving kit had anything to do with sexual aids. The teenage girl behind the counter suggested that Holly purchase the thirty day pubic hair gel remover. The girl said that she wouldn't have to shave herself as often.


Holly walked into the kitchen and placed her school bag on the table. What a day she thought. She volunteered to be a team mother for the Middle School volley team with that Bible thumping bitch, Mrs. Sims. Then her humiliating interview for the Girl Scout Escort program. Displaying herself for the kids in the classroom. Now comes the toughest part having her eleven year old daughter shave her crotch and anus. Holly busied herself fixing dinner for Penny and probably Carol. More than likely Carol will spend her time here instead at her house. An hour later Penny and Carol came bounding in the front door, it was already close to seven pm. "We're home mom!" yelled Penny. Penny and Carol threw their backpacks on the sofa was they walked in.

"Hi, girls, I'm in the kitchen," Holly yelled back.

"So did you get accepted into the Girl Scout program?" Penny asked her mom.

Holly smiled, "Yes I did dear."

Penny and Carol both squealed with delight and jumped up and down clapping their hands.

"When does your training start, Miss. Anderson?" Carol smiled.

"Tomorrow morning. Now you two sit down and let's eat," Holly smiled.

As the girls sat down Holly asked, "How did volleyball practice go?"

"Coach Tracie is great. We're going to have a good year I think. She has a lot of ideas about training." Penny laughed.

"I heard that you're gonna be a team mother." Carol stated as she looked at Holly.

"Yes, Mrs. Sims and I."

"That Bible thumping bitch?" Penny screwed up her face.

"Penny, that's not nice," admonished Holly.

"Penny's right Miss Anderson. She is a pain in the ass," Carol chuckled.

"Be nice girls, I have to work with her."

"Her daughter, Aimee, is a bitch mom. She is mean to her teachers," Penny said.

"I think it's because her mom takes her to church every Sunday," Carol said.

Penny giggled, "Maybe because her mom doesn't give Aimee any nookie."

Holly suppressed chuckled but said, "That's not nice girls."

"Well, Aimee is a real bitch. But I think her mom can be a whore if shown the way." Penny smiled.

Holly noticed that she had not corrected the girls for using foul language. Whether the girls noticed it or not she didn't know.

"Penny told me about your visit to FIS today, Miss. Anderson," said Carol as she took another bite. "I would really like to be one of the girls that help tests their products."

"Well, you would have to have a psychological exam to make sure your right type of person FIS could use," Holly replied.

"I know but it would be neat. Penny and I could do it together."

"Say mom, what was your favorite part of the tour? What did you like best?" Penny looked at her mom as she drank her milk.

Holly was about to say it was none of her business but she remembered what Miss. Jessica had told her earlier. "I like everything I saw," she replied.

"Oh come on mom that is too broad of an answer. I liked those adjustable rape tables that those girls were testing," Penny giggled.

Penny and Carol looked at Holly. "Well if you must you know I did like the restraints they were developing."

"Penny told me about that strap-on that gets bigger when your clit gets excited. I think it would be so cool to wear a strap-on to school."

"That strap-on, what was it called mom?" Penny asked.

"I think it was the Woman Tamer 2000."

"That's it. That thing was huge! You could really make a woman scream with it," Penny laughed.

"I hope they put it in the stores soon. I want one," Carol smiled.

Holly didn't say anything. The Woman Tamer looked like it would really be painful not to mention it would probably stretch a woman's vagina in all sorts of shapes.

Holly got up from the table and went to the counter. She was suddenly nervous. Well better now than never she thought as she worked up her courage to ask Penny to shave her.

"Um, Penny darling, I have something to ask you," Holly said as she turned around and leaned her lower back against the counter.

"What's that mom?" Penny looked up at her mother.

Holly pulled the piece of paper out of her purse, the one that required Penny's signature for shaving her.

"Um, Penny, I need you to do something for me," Holly stood there holding the piece of paper and looking at her daughter.

"What's that mom?" Penny replied again as she scooped another mouthful of food into the mouth.

Holly was embarrassed and turning red. "I, um, ah, well, I need you to shave me," Holly said quickly.

"Huh? Shave what mom?" Penny replied as she sat back in the chair looking at her mother.

"I need to you shave my crotch," Holly said looking down at the kitchen floor.

Carol giggled and put her hand to her mouth.

Penny smiled, "Shave your crotch? Don't you mean shave your pussy?"

Holly looked at her daughter, gave a quick smile, "Yes, I mean, shave my pussy."

"Why does Penny need to shave your pussy?" Carol asked looking at Holly.

"Yeah, mom, why should I?"

Holly figured both girls knew why she needed to shaved. Both girls just needed to hear it from her.

"If I am to be in the Pathfinders with you and be an adult-escort for you, Carol, I need to be shaved." Holly finally shrugged her shoulders.

"Cool!" Carol smiled.

"Wow, cool mom!"

Holly stood there looking at both girls, "So can you do that for me?" she asked hopefully.

Penny eyed the piece of paper in her mom's hand, "What's the piece of paper for?"

"The scouts require your signature stating that you shaved me." Holly replied with embarrassment. She felt like a kid asking her parent to sign a paper for her.

Penny kept giggling, "Don't be embarrassed mom. We knew that you would have to be shaved."

"I thought so," Holly showed relief. It was still embarrassing having to ask her daughter to shave her.

"Okay, mom, we will shave you!" Penny smiled.

"We?" Holly asked.

"Carol and me, silly. I can't leave my best friend out of the fun."

Holly looked at little Carol who had a big smile on her face. She didn't have the heart to tell her daughter it was 'Carol and I'. Holly just nodded her head.

"Go upstairs mom and get ready. Make sure we have the razors and cream." Penny ordered as took a drink of milk.

"You need to be naked for us to shave you, Miss Anderson," Carol giggled.

"Why do I have to be naked? You're just going to shave my crotch!"

Both girls had agreed that if she got accepted by the Pathfinders that they would require her to be shaved. The girls agreed that she would be naked and the reason would be so that her clothes wouldn't get messy.

"Don't question us, mother," Penny looked at her mother. "Besides, you wouldn't want your clothes getting messy with shaving cream? Would you?"

"Um, I guess not," gulped Holly.

Holly got up from the table and left the kitchen. She was very wet, excited, but nervous about having two pre-teen girls shave her. Holly could hear Penny and Carol laughing as she walked up the stairs. Holly picked up her purchase from the 'Sexual Aid' store on her way up the stairs.

Holly went to the bathroom and got a towel. She laid it out and opened the carrying case. She took out a 4 ounce shaving get, a teaser comb, double sided mirror, safety scissors, a safety razor and thirty day hair removal gel. Holly stood and pulled her blouse off and the shimmied out of her short black skirt. Holly kicked her heels out the bathroom door. She sat down on the toilet and yelled out, "Okay, I am ready girls!"

Both girls bounded up the stairs and headed for the bathroom.

"Wow, mom, aren't you sexy looking!" Penny exclaimed as she looked at her mother sitting on the toilet. "Never seen you totally naked before?"

"Thanks honey," Holly blushed.

"Wow, Miss Anderson, you're fit and beautiful!" Carol sucked in her breath.

Holly looked down blushing with embarrassment.

"How come you never just walk around the house nude?" Penny asked. "I mean we're all girls here."

"I thought you would get uncomfortable or freaked out if you saw me naked," Holly replied.

"No way mom. You have a very sexy body for somebody who is forty!"


Both girls kneeled in front of Holly. Carol spread Holly's thighs, "Wow, you sure are hairy Miss Anderson." Carol giggled.

"Sorry" Holly squeaked. She had never considered shaving herself as there was no reason too. None of her boyfriends over the years had ever asked her to shave.

Carol picked up the teaser comb and started combing and teasing Holly's pubic hair.

"Penny, can you soak the hand towel in warm water?" Holly asked Penny. "We need to have my pubic hair damp then you can use the safety scissors to trim it down." Holly explained as Carol lightly drew the comb over her labia lips.

Penny soaked the hand towel in warm water. Carol had a look of concentration as she used her thumb and index finger to grab hold of Holly's pubic hair, pull it and tease it with the comb.

Holly sucked in her breath watching the ten year old work her pubic hair. She was getting wet but figured that she couldn't do anything about that.

Penny knelt down again and Carol moved out of the way as Penny used the towel to dampen her mother's hair. She gently pushed the towel in and then used a circular motion around her mother's slit. Holly tried hard not to move her hips in response to Penny's usage of the hand towel.

"Be still mom!" ordered Penny as she patted her mother's pussy with the damp towel. "Now what do we do?" Both girls looked up at Holly who was breathing kind of hard.

"Now take the safety scissors and trim my hair down to the skin. Be careful as you trim around my lips." Holly instructed.

Penny had her index finger and thumb in the grip of the safety scissors as she cut chunks of her mom's pubic hair. Carol kind of used the comb to remove the pubic that did not fall on the towel. Holly looked at her crotch as both girls worked together. It looked strange already.

"Your pubic hair is trimmed down mom, now what do we do?"

"Okay, um, take the shaving gel and squeeze some into the palm of your hand." Holly replied looking at both girls who had eager looks on their faces. Penny put down the scissors and Carol put the comb on top of it.

Carol got the shaving gel and squeezed some into her palm and handed it to Penny. Penny squeezed some gel into her palm.

"Now, rub the shaving gel around my vagina," Holly said.

"It's your pussy mom, not a vagina," Penny said a matter of factly.

"You're right dear," Holly blushed.

Both girls started rubbing the shaving gel into Holly's pussy. As they did so Holly's responded by rotating her hips and rear end trying to match the girls hand action as they spread the gel.

"You like this mom?" giggled Penny.

"Yeah Miss Anderson, seems your enjoying this!" The ten year old laughed.

"Yes girls, your hands feel good especially with the warm gel." Holly stammered as she gripped both sides of the toilet. Both girls giggled as they purposely ran their palms over Holly's labia lips then down to pussy opening.

"Now what? Your pussy is all lathered up," Penny smiled as she and Carol sat back on their legs. Holly looked down between her legs and noticed her pussy had opened like a flower.

"Now take the safety razor and gently run the razor down around my slit. Yes like that," Holly said as Penny got to work. "That's good sweetie." Holly had her legs apart and was peering down at her daughter as she used the razor.

Both girls were giggling as forty years of womanhood was shaved away. "Um Carol dear, can you please hold my labia lips out of the way?" Holly breathed heavily as the ten year old took Holly's lips between her index finger and thumb and pulled on them. Penny giggled as she gently ran the razor along the base of her mother's lips.

Penny looked at her friend, "I think you better grab that," she said pointing at her mother's clit. It had emerged from its hood. Carol giggled and took Holly's clit between her thumb and index finger and gently started to rub it between her fingers.

"Ah, fuck!" Holly exclaimed.

Both girls laughed, "No cursing mother!" Penny admonished as she slapped her right thigh.

"Sorry, honey, but Carol's fingers feel so nice and I been waiting to come all day." Holly sucked in her breath.

"We'll play later Miss Anderson," giggled little Carol as she rolled Holly's clit between her fingers.

Penny finished with the razor. Holly had her eyes closed as she sucked her breath in and out to the rhythm of Carol's finger rubbing of her clit.

"Um, hello, mom, Cherish Valley calling mom!" laughed Penny.

"Oh, sorry, it's just it felt."

"Good? Miss Anderson?" giggled Carol. The ten year old hadn't let go of Holly's clit yet.

"Now what do we do mom?" Penny said as she set the safety razor down.

"Ahhh, okay, get the vagina gel, squeeze some onto your palm and rub it around my crotch," Holly said between gasps of breaths. Carol was gently rubbing Holly's clit.

Penny got the gel and and squeezed some onto her palm and started rubbing it on her mother's pussy. She worked the gel around Carol's fingers. Carol wasn't about to let go of Holly's most sensitive organ.

"Okay, mom, all done! You have a bald pussy just like us!" Penny announced as she patted her mom's vulva and gently blew on it.

"Oh, oh, oh, aaahhhh!" Holly moaned as Carol giggled her fingers working Holly's clit. "I just, need, one more, thing, honey" Holly said between gasps of breaths.

"What's that Miss Anderson," Carol laughed as she looked up at Holly. "You want us to make you cum?"

"Um, no," Holly gripped the edge of the toilet tighter.

"What then?" both girls laughed.

"I need you to shave my anus," Holly moaned in response to Carol's fingers working her clit.

"No way! Really?" Penny laughed.

"Yes, honey, really," gasped Holly. She was close to cumming.

"How do we do that, mom?" Penny asked.

"Oh, oh, oh, ummm, I have to get on my hands and knees," Holly moaned.

Penny looked at Carol, "Let go of her clitty so she get down."

"Can't we just shave her asshole with her sitting here?" giggled Carol as she rolled Holly's clit between her fingers.

"No we can't Carol. You can play with her clit later."

"Okay," Carol said reluctantly letting go of Holly's clit.

Holly opened her eyes when Carol released her clit. She had a look of disappointment. Holly slid off the toilet seat and onto the bathroom floor on her hands and knees.

"Ok, girls, just use the hand towel to dampen my anal hair," Holly said with a bit of composure.

Penny got the towel and rubbed it around her mother's anus. "Okay, now what?"

"Take the shaving gel and squeeze some onto your palms and rub it around my anus," Holly panted.

Both girls did so. Penny picked up the safety razor and gently started to scrape away her mother's anal hair.

"Um, Carol, please put her finger on my anus so that the razor doesn't nick it," Holly said with some embarrassment.

Carol put her thumb on Holly's sphincter muscle as Penny worked the razor around her mother's anus. Both girls put their free hands on Holly's lower back to hold her down. Holly was moving her hips back and forth. Carol giggled as she rotated her thumb around Holly's sphincter muscle. Holly bit her lip and tried not to moan but couldn't help moving her hips.

"Okay, mom, your anus is shaved," Penny announced.

"Now put some of that vagina gel on my anus," Holly gasped.

"What does this gel do again?" Carol asked as she pushed her thumb into Holly's anus.

"It keeps pubic hair from growing back for thirty days, darling." Holly replied as she pushed back against Carol's thumb.

Penny handed the gel to Carol, "You do it, I'll be right back," she giggled.

Penny left the bathroom as Carol squeezed the gel onto Holly's anus and spread it around.

Penny returned quickly, "Okay, mom come on out," Penny smiled as she stood there naked with the strap-on waving in front of her.

"Damn, Penny, you were quick!" Carol said as she got up.

"Oh my!" Holly gasped as she stood up looking at her daughter in the bathroom doorway.

Penny grabbed her mother by the arm and pulled her after her as she headed for the master bedroom.

"Wait for me!" Carol yelled as she struggled to get her skirt and panties off. She almost tripped into the door.

Penny flung her mother onto the bed, "Get ready mom 'cause I'm fuck you silly on your bed!"

Carol came running into the room flinging her shirt behind her. She jumped up on the large bed and pushed Holly back, "Your gonna finish what you started in the classroom!" she laughed as she climbed up on Holly's shoulders.

Penny stood at the foot of the bed, "Wait a minute, finish what?" she smiled.

Holly was looking up at Carol, her flat breasts, nipples sticking out, a smooth stomach and a bald pussy, "Carol said that I could lick her cunt if I got accepted to the Girl Scouts, sweetie," smiled Holly.

"Yeah and she got interrupted by Mrs. Rosen," Carol laughed.

"Which reminds me. Mrs. Rosen said that she would really like to kiss your cunny," Holly said looking up at the ten year old lithe body.

Carol giggled and scooted her crotch closer to Holly's mouth, "Why doesn't she just ask me?"

"She is afraid of rejection."

"Why would I reject a woman who wants to French kiss my cunt?" Carol laughed.

"You would have to ask her. But she would really like it if you made her kiss you between her legs," Holly smiled.

"Damn, Carol, you got women chasing after you!" laughed Penny.

"Well, then I don't think I will disappoint the bitch!" She looked down at Holly. "But first you finish kissing me!" Carol said as she tweaked her nipples and flung her blonde hair back.

"Well, then I get your pussy mom, lift your legs up!" laughed Penny.

Holly lifted her legs back and Carol scooted up so that her knees were on either side of Holly's head.

Penny jumped up on the bed and quickly pulled herself forward grabbing her mother's thighs and lining up her strap-on. Holly didn't notice as Penny's strap-on penetrated her cunt. Her mouth engulfed little Carol's bald pussy.

Penny laughed as she pumped the strap-on in and out of her mother. She held her mother's legs out as she rocked her hips back and forth. Carol giggled as she rotated her hips and bald pussy around Holly's mouth.

Penny turned on the strap-on tickler so her little clit would get massaged as she pumped her mother. Penny, Carol and Holly started moaning together. Carol looked up at the ceiling moaning, "Lick me, lick me, lick me!" then she leaned forward putting her hands on the pillow. Carol's stomach rubbed up against Holly's forehead. "Damn, damn, damn, lick me, you bitch!" Carol hissed.

Penny yelled out "Fuck" each time she pushed the strap-on into her mother.

Holly kept pushing her hips against Penny's thrust while moaning into Carol's pussy.

Carol finally said. "Oh fuck me!" she stopped moving her hips and kept her cunt in place over Holly's mouth. Holly flicked her tongue over the ten year olds little clit savoring the salty taste. Penny had her eyes closed as she rotated and pumped the strap-on while the clit massager tickled her.

Carol opened her eyes and rolled off Holly's face. She had a big smile, "That was worth the wait Miss. Anderson. You're quite the cunt licker."

Penny fell forward on her mother which put her in the Missionary position. She looked closely at her mother then ran her hands behind her head. Penny started kissing her mother, tasting Carol's cunt on her mother's lips and tongue. As Holly and Penny kissed, Penny slowly humped her mother. Holly broke the kiss and turned her head, "Fuck me, fuck me!" she yelled as she wrapped her legs around Penny and put her arms around her daughter's torso. She started cumming.

Penny held her mother's head in her hands as she closed her eyes and gave off squeaks and groans as she came. Holly thought it cute the way Penny was cumming.

Penny stopped moving and lay on top of her mother, "You are a good fuck mother" she smiled.

"Thanks sweetie!" Holly smiled back. "You're a pretty good fucker also. I have been horny all day long and this felt wonderful."

Penny rolled off her mother and the bed, "Okay, mother you can go now, but first bring us your pillow." Penny ordered.

"Ok," Holly replied with a questioning look. She walked out of the master bedroom and returned a minute later. Both girls were sitting on the bed, Penny with her strap-on sticking up between her legs and Carol with her legs crossed.

Holly stood in the doorway with her pillow.

"Hand your pillow to Carol and stand facing the wall," Penny said. "You have been a bad girl, mother."

Holly walked over to Carol and handed her the pillow, "What? What are you talking about?" Holly said looking at her daughter. She had tears in her eyes.

"Don't look at me mother. Stand facing the wall now!" Penny yelled.

Holly jumped when her daughter yelled. She quickly walked to the wall and stood facing it.

Carol walked into the master bathroom and stepped into the tub. She spread her legs a little, placed the pillow beneath her and let loose with her pee. Holly and Penny could hear Carol's urine splashing in the tub and the pillow.

Penny got up from the bed and walked over to her mother. She stood behind her putting the strap-on between her mother's ass cheeks.

Penny leaned into her mother and whispered in her ear. "We looked in your purse earlier mom and we noticed that Carol's pee soaked panties that she gave you this morning weren't taken out of the baggie and that hurt her feelings. Fuck mom, I even saw the baggie when your purse was dumped at FIS today. It sure didn't look to me like you had taken her panties out of the baggie."

"I'm sorry Penny, but I just didn't have the time today."

"You didn't have the time, huh mother?" whispered Penny as she ran her hands over her mother's nipples. "Carol had the time for you when she peed in those panties. So tonight you're going to sleep on her pee."

Carol came out of the bathroom holding the pillow by the edge with her index finger and thumb. She walked up to Holly and grabbed hold of her hand, forcing Holly to grip it.

"Think of me tonight Miss Anderson. Smell my pee and dream of me. Let my pee soak into your hair while you sleep and maybe you won't forget next time, Bitch!" Carol hissed and slapped Holly's ass.

Penny backed away from her mother, "Go to bed mother. You have a long day tomorrow."

Holly clutched the pee soaked pillow to her chest and walked out of the bedroom and into her bedroom. She had tears in her eyes. How could her daughter and Carol be so cruel to her when they shared a beautiful cum together.

Holly could hear the girls laughing and giggling. She threw the pillow down on her bed and sat down. She lay back on the bed and rested her head on the pillow. What a day she had.

End of Part 3

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