A Preview Of CreamWorks Pictures

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by Lucy


Published: 21-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The DVD came in an inconspicuous brown envelope with no return address, but I knew exactly what it was. I had been looking forward to it for weeks. I ripped the package open and took out the clear jewel case the disc was in. Again, it was unmarked. The disc itself simply had my name on it in marker. I hurried over to the TV and popped it into my player.

A light purple screen flashed to life, and on it was an animation of a cock squirting its cum onto a little blonde girl's face, and the words "CreamWorks Pictures." The intro faded into a scene of a boy and girl sitting on a couch. The girl was wearing a short pink dress and blonde pigtails. The boy was in a t-shirt with superheroes on it.

"Hi, I'm Melissa," said the little girl. "I'm eight years old. And this is my brother Jack. He's seven." The boy waved and smiled. "We're two stars from CreamWorks. We've been in lots of movies, like 'Afterschool Orgy' and 'Teaching Our Kids About Sex.'"

"We put together this preview of some of the studio's best movies," said Jack. "So get your cock or pussy out and enjoy!"

Scene One

A chubby girl of about eight or nine is sitting on a large couch. She's wearing a white tank top and tight blue shorts. She has freckles and straight reddish-brown hair, and she's talking to an unseen interviewer while looking at the camera and smiling.

"Hi Cassie," says the man. "What can we do for you today?"

"I'm here to suck some dick!" the little girl announces, grinning.

"Just any dick?" asks the cameraman.

"Not just any dick," says Cassie. "Big black cock!"

"Well, then," answers the cameraman. "Let's get started!" A large black man enters the frame and sits next to Cassie, putting his arm around her. He smiles at the innocent looking girl, who looks tiny next to him. Cassie puts her hand on his thigh and moves it towards his crotch. The man leans over and they share a wet kiss.

As they kiss, Cassie's hands find the man's zipper and she opens his pants. A huge dick, at least ten inches long, springs out. The man puts his hand on the back of Cassie's head and guides her down. The cock is longer than then girl's head. She sticks her tongue out and licks the tip of the dick, then traces a line down the shaft until she gets to the man's balls. She takes one in her mouth and starts sucking it, rubbing the other one with her hand.

After sucking his nut for a few minutes, she licks her way back up and starts sucking on the tip of his dick. Slowly, she takes more and more of it into her mouth. She gets about two-thirds down before reaching her limit. With one hand, the man helps Cassie's head bob up and down, while he sticks the other hand down the back of her shorts and starts playing with her ass. Both Cassie and her partner are moaning now.

Cassie increases the speed of her sucking, and she grips the base of the man's cock with her hand, which barely wraps around the shaft. Soon, the man starts to groan loudly and his hand holds Cassie's head in place. He shoots his cum into her mouth, and a little of it oozes out of the corners of her lips. When he's finished, Cassie sits up and gulps it down. She uses her finger to scoop up some cum off her chin and licks it clean, smiling at the camera. Jack and Melissa

The disc cut back to the siblings on the couch. Jack is now shirtless, and Melissa is lying with her head in her brother's lap.

"That was hot," said the little girl.

"Yeah it was," answered Jack. "I've gotten a blowjob from Cassie before. She's awesome!" Melissa looked up at him and frowned.

"Better than me?" she asked.

"No way!" said Jack. "No one sucks dick better than you, Sis!"

Satisfied, Melissa smiled and turned to the camera. "Here's another clip!"

Scene Two

A woman in her 20s and her son, maybe six years old, are lounging on a towel next to a pool. The woman is wearing a skimpy bikini and sunglasses, and the boy is wearing baggy green trunks. The woman is lying on her back, and the boy is on his side facing her.

The boy starts caressing his mother's body. He starts at her belly, then moves up to her breasts. He pulls her top to the side and starts licking one of her nipples. She moans quietly and opens her legs slightly. Her bikini bottoms have a wet spot. As her son licks her breast, he moves a hand down and unties her bottom, then slides two fingers into her pussy.

The boy gets up and slides his trunks off, showing off a small erection. He straddles his mother's face and buries his own in her pussy, eating her out vigorously. The camera alternates between him licking her pussy and his mother licking his little cock, balls, and smooth asshole.

Suddenly his whole body shakes in a dry orgasm, and his mother promptly squirts her own cum onto her son's face. He dismounts her face and they kiss. They both get up and go swimming. Jack and Melissa

The siblings appear again. Melissa's dress was now gone, and she was just in white cotton panties, with no top, her little nipples exposed. Jack's shorts were also gone, and he was wearing red and white briefs.

"You know, Sis," said Jack. "We should tell everybody about CreamWorks. The people watching might not know that much about us."

"That's true!" replied Melissa. "Well, CreamWorks is the best pedo-film studio around. Every scene in every movie stars at least one performer under the age of 15, and every movie also has at least one scene with someone under ten years old." It was obvious she was reading from a cue card. She continued: "It's the safest place for pedos to work, the studios are in a secret place, and no one ever, and I mean ever, uses condoms! The kids are always taken care of, and nothing is done without their permission, or their parents' permission!"

"That's right," added her brother. "Our parents brought us to CreamWorks five years ago, and we've loved every day here! Our movies have won lots of awards. But probably not ones you've heard of." They both giggled.

"Let's watch some more scenes," said Melissa.

Scene Three

A woman in her 40s and her 9 year old daughter are seated in the waiting room at a doctor's office. The little girl is drawing with crayons, and the woman is reading a magazine. On the cover are two preteen girls in a 69 position. The woman has black hair, and is wearing a tube top and skirt, and is biting her lip as she flips through the pages. The little girl has dark brown hair and is wearing a yellow dress.

A door opens, and a curvy girl of about 13 walks into the room. She is dressed in a nurse's uniform that's very short on her. The bottom of her ass is clearly visible. She has dark hair in a ponytail, and wears glasses.

"Mindy?" she asks. The little girl looks up. "I'm Katie. It's your turn to see Dr. Jones."

Mindy turns to her mother. "Are you coming inside with me, mommy?" she asks. Her mother shakes her head.

"No, baby," she says. "You're a big girl now. I'll wait here." Katie takes the little girl's hand and leads her to an exam room and tells her to sit on the exam bench.

"Take your underwear off, please," the teen says. Mindy grins.

"I'm not wearing any!" she says proudly. "Mommy says the doctor would have an easier time examining me that way."

"She's right," says the nurse. "Ok then turn around and get on your hands and knees. I need to do a preliminary exam before the doctor sees you."

Mindy does as she's told, getting on all fours with her rear end facing Katie. The teenage nurse lifts Mindy's dress, exposing her bald pussy and asshole to the camera. Katie runs a finger up and down the younger girl's crack and slit, which sends a shiver through Mindy's body. Katie licks her lips, and then brings her tongue to Mindy's pussy. She licks it up and down, and tongues the little's girl's asshole.

"Your cunt and ass taste very good," said Katie. "I'll make sure I put that in your record."

"Thanks!" says Mindy. "All my teachers at school always tell me the same thing!"

Katie starts sucking on her index finger. When she feels it is good and wet, she slides it around Mindy's asshole before sliding it in. She then slides her thumb into the girl's pussy.

"Your holes are nice and tight," says the teen. "That's good. Dr. Jones likes that." She continues finger fucking both of Mindy's holes for a few moments. When she takes her fingers out, she offers them to her patient. Mindy obediently takes them into her mouth and starts sucking. "Ok, then," says Katie. "You can sit straight now. The doctor will see you in a couple minutes."

Mindy lowers her dress and sits up, her legs dangling off the edge of the table. Katie leaves, and Mindy looks around the room. On one wall is a picture of a young girl with her legs open wide, arrows and captions pointing to her different parts. On a table against the wall sit a few dildos and vibrators.

Doctor Jones enters the room. He is a muscular, middle-aged man with a full head of gray hair. He is wearing a white coat that reaches down to his knees. His legs below it are exposed.

"Hello, Mindy!" he says, opening his arms. Mindy returns his hug and kisses him on the cheek. Dr. Jones frowns. "Mindy, I'm disappointed. I've been your doctor since you were born, and that's all I get?"

"Sorry, Dr. Jones," says Mindy, a little embarrassed. She leans towards him again, and they lock in a long kiss. "I'm a little out of it today. I usually don't go this late without some cock, and I think it's affecting me."

"Don't worry, that's normal," says the doctor. "We'll take care of that. Take that dress off, please." Mindy lifts her dress over her head and removes it. "No undies? Perfect! Slide closer to the edge." Mindy scoots forward as the doctor kneels in front of her. He looks at her pussy and jots some notes down on his clipboard. Then he puts the chart down and leans into the little girl's cunt. He starts to lick it all over, inside and out. Mindy puts her hand on his head, just like her mother taught her.

After a few minutes of that, Dr. Jones gets to his feet. "Time to test your oral skills," he says.

"Yay!" exclaims Mindy. "I'm hungry!" The doctor unbuttons his coat. He is completely naked underneath. His cock is hard, and about 8 inches. He places two hands on Mindy's head and guides her face forward. Mindy opens her mouth and takes almost the entire dick in. "That's very good," sighs the doctor. "Fuck, that's good."

Mindy continues sucking the man's cock, increasing her speed. "Ok," says Dr. Jones, removing his hands from the girl's head. "That's enough. I have other tests to do, and I can't have you finishing me off too soon. Lie on your back, please." Mindy does as she is told. The doctor takes hold of her ankles and spreads her legs. He pulls her closer to him, then slides his cock into her tight pussy.

"Wow!" says Mindy. "Have you gotten bigger, Dr. Jones?" Dr. Jones laughs but doesn't answer, instead focusing on fucking his young patient. He is able to slide his dick all the way in, which the camera gets a close-up of. Once he is deep in her pussy, he slides back and forth rhythmically.

"What a great twat you have," says the doctor. "Just like your mother. I was her doctor too, you know. Hell, I might even be your daddy, who the hell knows?" The thought arouses him more, and he fucks her faster. He feels himself close, so he pulls out. "Turn over," he orders.

Mindy does so, her ass, still wet from Katie's tongue, lined up with the doctor's dick. He wastes no time in grabbing her hips and thrusting his cock into her asshole. He grabs one the girl's shoulders with one hand, guiding her back and forth.

Her fucks her ass for a long time, the camera alternating between shots of the girl's anus and her face, which is contorted in ecstasy. She loves this. Finally the doctor pulls his cock out of her.

"Ok, your favorite part!" he says. "Open wide!" Mindy turns and sits up, opening her mouth as wide as it will go and sticking her tongue out. Dr. Jones starts jerking his cock in the girl's face, and soon he shoots stream after stream of cum into Mindy's waiting mouth. Once he is finished, the girl closes her mouth and takes a gulp. Then she opens it again to show the doctor, and the camera, that she has swallowed it all.

"You're one of my favorite patients," says the doctor. "And now that you're going to be developing soon, I'd like to start seeing you every three months instead of every six."

"Ok!" Mindy smiles, putting her dress back on. Dr. Jones puts his coat back on and buttons it.

"I have to run," he says. "I have another patient in the next room. A first timer. Three years old!" He gives Mindy a kiss on the cheek.

Mindy leaves the exam room and walks down the hall. She is walking a bit bowlegged from the force of the doctor's fucking. She opens the door to the waiting room. Her mother is sitting with her legs wide open, and Katie is on her knees licking the older woman's pussy. Her uniform is hiked up, exposing her amazing ass. On the other side of the room, another woman is watching the action, rubbing her pussy.

Jack and Melissa

The siblings werecompletely naked now. Jack was stroking his small cock.

"That was great!" he said. "I love the "Dr. Jones" series. We've both been in movies with him, and his nurse is our cousin!"

"She sure is," said Katie. "I think her ass is my favorite ass ever. Well that's it for our preview video. Mommy and Daddy should be here soon, so we need to get going. But make sure you check out our whole catalog!"

The screen cut to a quick montage of scenes, each only a few seconds. I managed to catch a glimpse of a young black preteen girl sucking a white cock, a boy ramming his dick into his mother's pussy while she sucked another, and a man shooting cum all over a baby who was breastfeeding. The scenes then cut to a large room, where a large group of kids, from teenagers on down to toddlers, were sitting naked facing the camera.

"Thanks for watching!" they all shouted in unison. "Happy fucking!" The screen went black, and a crawl listed all the CreamWorks titles available. I was going to have to start saving my money. I wanted all of them!

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