Coalton Correction Facility

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Published: 23-Jun-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter 1: Sentenced

Little fifteen year old, Kelsi Stewart and her friend AmySue Nelson, sat in Judge James W. Brown's courtroom and listened to all of the charges that had been brought against them. The charges including school vandalism, shoplifting, lewd and lascivious conduct, and now breaking and entering, with the theft of property from Mr. Richard Goodman's mercantile store.

Kelsi Ann was a gorgeous, young 15 year old babe, standing about 5'4" tall, with long blonde hair, innocent looking blue eyes, and perfect teenage body. AmySue was the same age, and equally cute, standing about 5'5" tall, with light blue eyes, beautiful thick dark brown hair, and a perfectly tanned 33b-23-33 body.

Mr. Goodman sat in the courtroom next to his lawyer, and listened as the hearing came to an end. The district attorney was the Judge's cousin, and over the course of a years time, twenty or thirty such cases were brought before him. In his Charleston, West Virginia court, Judge Brown didn't put up with any crap from anyone, and especially not from any street smart little teenagers, like Kelsi or AmySue. He knew that what they both needed was a strong disciplinarian to teach them how to behave. Amy Sue had always been a wild child, coming from a single parent home, and now, since the death of Kelsi's father in a mining accident, she too, had really gone out of control.

Joan Stewart, Kelsi's mom, had asked for leniency for her daughter, sighting that the divorce to her husband a few years earlier, and now the mining accident, was very exceedingly troubling for Kelsi, AmySue's mother just cried, saying, "I don't know what I'm going to do with her!" Judge Brown knew exactly what these girls needed, and what he was going to do for little Kelsi and AmySue. He had just the place for them.

Judge Brown saw standing before him, two cute and hapless victims to be sent to his brother's rehabilitation correctional center. It was a county run juvenile detention facility under the jurisdiction of Judge Brown's office, and set on a 1000 acre plot in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains, where juvenile girls would learn a skill, as well as how to behave, how to obey and how to respect those in authority over them. There were over eighty girls at the facility, and Judge Brown knew and had personally sent every one of them there. Most of them also 'knew' the Judge and some of the Trainers, who had worked with them, literally in the Biblical sense of the word 'knew.' They were like a little harem for the Judge and a select group of disciplinary community members, called "The Master's Circle", or "The Circle", for short. Twenty five men from the surrounding area comprised the "Circle", and only by special invitation and vote from all members, could a new brother be added to the Circle. All of the men in "The Circle" were deputies, or Coalton County officials, and a few wealthy businessmen.

Johnny Lee Brown was the sheriff of Coalton County, and he also was the warden of the Coalton Correctional Center for delinquent young girls, and the head of "The Circle." Girls from the age of thirteen to twenty-one could be sent to the facility for anywhere from two to six years. The girls had usually done a lot of illegal things before they were sentenced to Coalton, but now, in 1976, times were hard and those things meant nothing, compared to what they would learn and be taught while serving the Trainers at the Correctional Facility. The Circle had set up a training program that made sure that the girls were trained and disciplined, so that they knew how to behave and obey, and would never return to their previous ways.

Judge Brown's gavel fell, and he shouted, "Kelsi Stewart and AmySue Nelson, I find you both guilty of all of the charges against you, and sentence both of you to five years at the Coalton Correctional Center. You will be transported there this morning, and begin your sentence immediately." Kelsi's mother and AmySue's mother just wept, as a pair of deputy sheriffs approached them.

Both girls were cuffed, and then ushered out of the courtroom by the two large guards, the black one named Bubba, and the white one named Billy Joe. Both girls had dressed in a short pleated schoolgirl skirts, a form fitting white blouse, and a pair of white socks with perky Mary Jane lace-ups. They had been told by their mothers to look nice for the Judge. Both of them now regretted their choice of dress, as they looked like little innocent schoolgirls. The two men looked them up and down, with learing and lecherous eyes, knowing what lay ahead for each of them. On the way out, Bubba said, "Damn, you two are really good looking babes. You two are so nice, that we asked to escort y'all to the correctional facility, ourselves. I'll bet you two will be quick learners."

The girls had no idea of what they meant, or what lay in store for them as they were loaded into a panel van by the two guards. It was about a two hour drive through mountainous winding roads and steep terrain, and the girls and the guards remained quiet, 'til finally they arrived at the Coalton Correctional Facility.

Armed guards and dogs greeted them at the barb wired entrance gate. Kelsi's heart sunk as she suddenly realized that she was now a prisoner at CCF and that all of her freedom was about to be gone. The van entered through the gate, and drove up to the front of a large Victorian styled residence. Upon stopping, Bubba and Billy Joe opened up the side door of the van and helped Kelsi and AmySue to get out. They then escorted the two of them into the house, and then took the girls to see the warden, one at a time.

Sheriff Johnny Lee Brown sat behind his big walnut desk, as Kelsi was ushered in to see him. AmySue stayed in the hall with Billy Joe. Bubba addressed the Warden, "This here is Miss Kelsi Stewart, Sir, your new recruit." Bubba left her standing there, facing the warden, and left, closing the doors behind him.

"Hello, Kelsi.", Sheriff Brown said with a smile, "I'm glad that you could join us here. Would you please tell me why you have been sentenced to this facility." Kelsi paused for a moment, and then said, "Cuz that stupid Judge in Charleston sentenced me here."

Faster that you could say, "Jack Daniels", Sheriff Brown was around his desk, and grabbed Kelsi by the arm and the throat. Fear rushed through her body as he gripped her tightly and said, "Little girl, don't you ever be flippant with me again, or I'll personally spank your sorry little ass until you lose all bodily control and can't sit down for a week. That little slip of the tongue will cost you, later. Now I'll ask you again, "Why have you been sentenced to this facility?"

With his big hand still around her throat, she gulped, and softly said, "Cuz I was bad, and got caught stealing stuff, Sir." He looked into her stunning blue eyes, and said, "Well said, little one. You were caught breaking and entering into someone else's residence, stealing, lewd conduct, and a whole shitload of other stuff. You are a bad little girl, Kelsi, and need our correction and behavior modification program. That's why you are here, but you also have been a "taker, and have been very selfish. Well, starting from this day on, while you are at my facility, we are going to change that attitude, we are going to drive that selfish attitude from you, and you are going to learn to be a "giver". You will be taught how to speak, how to obey, how to respect others, how to thank those who discipline you, and how to please those who correct you and have the authority over you. You are not your own anymore, you belong to me for five long years. We are going to get to know each other quite personally, Kelsi, and I expect you to obey me and your trainers from now on. The guards outside of the door will take you to Doctor Abbott, where you will be given a physical. Then the guards will give you instructions for the rest of the day. I suggest that you follow their instructions explicitly, or they will punish you, as we do with all of our naughty girls who need to be punished, with a hard bare ass whooping. Now go, and I'll check in on you later!"

He buzzed for the two guards to enter, just as he was finishing his lecture to Kelsi, and AmySue was ushered in and questioned by the warden. Billy Joe grinned, saying, "Yup, Missy, you sure are cute, and you'd best behave, or your little backside will be sizzling." Kelsi began trembling in fear as Bubba turned her around and escorted her from the room. She had been spanked by her Dad a few times, and didn't like it. Here, it seemed liked she was destined to be spanked for anything that she did wrong, or maybe just because they wanted to.

Chapter 2: Arrival and Examination

Bubba held onto Kelsi's arms as he escorted her to the back end of the house. He took her to a room at the end of the hall and said, "The Doctor will be in here in a few moments. You are to completely strip naked, quickly shower, put this dressing gown on, and wait for him over there on the exam table. If you aren't ready when he arrives, you will be punished." Bubba closed the door, and waited outside.

Kelsi remembered what he had said about making her ass sizzle, and she wasn't going to allow that to happen, at least not if she could help it. Being naked wasn't anything new to her. Her Daddy used to strip her naked to punish her bottom, and her boyfriend Jeremy had gotten her naked a time or two, when they went skinny dippin' in the old mill pond. Quickly she peeled her clothes off, and stepped into the shower. She washed up quickly and started drying off, finishing up just as the door opened. She stepped out of the shower room and looked around for the dressing gown, but it was gone. She hung her towel around herself and blushed profusely as he glanced a look at her.

"Hello Kelsi." He softly said. "I am here to examine you and to give you a physical. Just relax, and lay back on the table, and we will be done in no time." Dr. Abbott was a good looking middle aged man standing over 6' tall, with sandy brown hair, and a handsome movie star face.

Kelsi stuttered out, "Sir, I'm naked, and the dressing gown I was supposed to wear is gone."

Dr. Abbott just smiled and said, "That's OK, dear, I see naked girls all the time, and I'd only have to remove it myself, anyway."

Kelsi reluctantly lay back on the linen covered exam table, as he began listening to her breathing and her heartbeat. Then his fingers went to her breasts, and he began to roll the tender breasts in his hands. But when he squeezed her nipple with his finger tips, she squealed out, "AGHHHhhh, Please Sir, that hurts. Would you please not do that anymore?"

He smiled at her and whispered, "Relax Kelsi, I am just examining you, and need to check your breasts for lumps and sensitivity. I'm done with your breasts for now, but I will check them on a regular basis. Now I need to check your pelvic area. Hold still while I prepare you!"

Suddenly, he swung some leg stirrups up from under the table and before she knew it her legs were separated by heavy metal stirrups. He quickly used leather straps to secure her ankles and legs in place. He next tried to secure cuffs to her wrists, and then she panicked. "What are you doing to me! Please let me go! No Doctor ever tied me down before, and this isn't right. Let me go!!"

He called for the guards, and Bubba and Billy Joe quickly responded. They grabbed her wrists and secured them above her head. She was now helplessly immobilized, and totally on display for these three men.

"NO PLEASE, STOP THIS! You have no right to do this to me. PLEASEeee!"

The Doctor attached a pair of wire cables to the aluminum leg supports, and suddenly her legs rotated up and backwards, totally lifting her ass up and exposing her thinly covered blonde bush and puffy pubes, as well as her pink puckered anal rose. Kelsi struggled to get free, but she soon realized that her struggles were futile.

Billy Joe whispered in her ear, "You're being a naughty girl, Kelsi, and after the Doctor is done, you are going to get a whooping. If I were you, I'd learn to behave and quit struggling." Kelsi began sobbing as her legs were spread, and the Doctor opened up her pussy with a speculum. "Not a virgin up front, I see. How about back here?"

Kelsi felt something cool and wet on her anus, and then suddenly his middle finger slipped up inside of her. "OOOhhhh, Sir, Please!", she squealed, as Doctor Abbott wiggled first one, and then two fingers into her tight bottomhole. Her outer sphincter muscles clenched down on his thrusting fingers, and he smiled, as she helplessly whimpered while his fingers stretched and manually sodomized her virgin anus. It was her secondary sphincter muscles inside of her colon that spasmed and gripped his fingers wildly and involuntary.

"Pretty tight back here, boys, I'll bet she still has a squeakin' clean virgin asshole." He snickered. "Why don't you ask her, boys." Bubba leaned close to Kelsi's ear and whispered, "So sweetie, is this little puckered hole still virgin territory, or has some lucky fella already slipped his big pecker up your tight little butt?"

Kelsi blushed beet red, wiggling in her restraints, and quickly stammered out, "OOOhh, Gawd, No! You guys are awful! No one has ever done that to me." All the boys just laughed and then Kelsi squealed out as the doctor shoved his fingers in as far as he could to check out her colon. She lay there whimpering as the doctor finished with the rectal portion of her exam.

Then Dr. Abbott said to her, "Kelsi, at CCF, every girl is assigned to a "Trainer", who mentors them and helps with their rehabilitation, training lessons, and discipline. Bubba has volunteered to be your personal trainer. You're a lucky girl, Kelsi, as most girls just get assigned to a trainer, but Bubba wants to be your personal trainer. Now, let's get you shaved and prepped, because we care about your health, as well as your correction and rehabilitation. We at CCF want our girls to be clean, both inside and out. Make no mistake about it Kelsi, we are going to get to know each other quite well."

Doc took a little shaving cream and dabbed it on Kelsi's thin blonde pubic curls. Then taking a razor, he began shaving the fuzz from her pubic lips and above her clit. She cried and sobbed, as the hair covering her puffy teen slit was removed, until she was as bare as a little ten year old. His fingers continually played with her clit, as he carefully shaved her slit and ass cheeks until they were smooth.

Then the Doc took a dab of lotion, and rubbed it over her butt and pussy lips. It was a lotion for smoothness, and also cooled the irritated skin from the shaving. Then he placed his fingers on either side of her clit, and began to wiggle her stiff little love button. Bubba began playing with her titties, pinching the tender nipples, until she was more than uncomfortable. Kelsi squealed and thrashed in her restraints as both men fondled and stimulated her, in an attempt at achieving an orgasm. She knew that this was wrong for these men to finger and use her, especially since she was restrained and couldn't help herself.

"You BASTARDS!", she screamed. Dr.Abbott played with her clit and pussy, while Bubba molested and pinched her tender teen titties, until she was on the verge of both tears and a rushing orgasm. Suddenly, at the Doctor's nod and signal, they both stopped. Kelsi was all worked up now, and about ready to explode. She needed to desperately cum. They had started teasing her just before her orgasm, and then they left her hanging there, frustrated and aching with need. Why had they done this, and if they were going to be such perverts, why hadn't they finished her off.

She now begged them, "Please, guys, make me cum. If you are going to work me up, at least finish me off."

They both laughed and just walked away, letting her cool off for a while as they disappeared into the next room. She listened intently, frustrated as she was, and in a short while, she could hear little AmySue in the room next door, undergoing a similar initiation.

About 20 minutes later, the Doctor returned with Bubba, and they both released her from the cuffs and table. Then Dr. Abbott said, "Well Kelsi, I need to go check on my other patient next door, but you passed your physical with flying colors. Now Bubba and Billy Joe have a little lesson in discipline that they are going to teach you before they sent you to your room. You better be good, or you will only make it more difficult for yourself.. You see, every girl who is sentenced here is given an initiation spanking. It lets them know and understand what they will face in the future, should they not behave as they are instructed. I understand that besides swearing at us, you also lipped off to the warden. I'm sure that will bring you a little something extra during your punishment session. Now go with the boys, and you'd better behave."

"But, Sir, I am naked." Kelsi spouted. "Yup, we like ya that way, too!" Bubba retorted, as he picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Kelsi felt so helpless and so vulnerable, and he carried her out the door and across the yard to a big wooden building. Bubba was slapping her bare bottom, and telling her to behave. When they reached the punishment building, aptly named, "Wood Shed", Billy opened the door, and Bubba carried her inside.

Chapter 3: Initiation Spanking

Bubba placed Kelsi on the floor, and immediately, she was bent over a big padded spanking horse, and quickly cuffed and restrained over it. Billy left Bubba alone with Kelsi and returned to help the Doctor with AmySue's examination.

As Kelsi lay bent forward over the spanking horse, she heard Bubba running some water and getting stuff prepared. She thought that it was nice of him to wash his hands, but it wasn't until she heard the jar unscrewed and felt the Vaseline being smeared on her anus that she really wondered what was going to happen.

Suddenly she felt something cold nuzzle up to her tight little puckered rose. She squealed loudly, "AAGHHHhh, It hurts!" as this cold object nudged up into her entrails. Bubba had greased up a 5" butt plug, and slowly he began pushing it into Kelsi's tight little anus. It stretched and opened her little pink rosette, spreading her anus, as she squealed and trembled with fear.

A hot burning feeling quickly followed, as her inner and outer sphincters were stretched to unnaturally new dimensions. She cried and sobbed for minutes, until the burning slowly faded. Then Bubba said, "Kelsi, the slight burning pain will subside soon. I want you to know that all of the girls at CCF are given a cleansing enema upon arrival, and "sized". It's one of the ways that we teach cleanliness and also teach submission to their Trainers. A good cleansing enema is essential to your good health. Get used to this idea, cuz' you will be receiving enemas and wearing a plug like this for a number of days.

Suddenly warm mildly glycerin and soap liquid began squirting through the butt plug and up into her rectum. She had never had an enema before, and when the first cramps from the water rippled through her intestines, she began to sob and cry like a baby.

"OOOhhhh, Please Bubba, stop this. I'm sorry for the things I did and said. OOOOhhhh, Gawd, that hurts. Please let me up and stop the pain."

Bubba just stroked her bottomcheeks and tickled her pussy as he said, "I know you are sorry Kelsi, but your learning lesson tonight has just begun. You still have a lot more retribution to experience, as you still have your initiation spanking to receive while you retain your enema."

"OOOOhhhh NO, PLEASE!" she squealed, as another cramp took her breath away momentarily. As the enema bag totally drained, Kelsi just lay over the spanking horse sobbing. The enema then began doing it's work, lubricating, cleansing and moving around inside of her intestines, Bubba then took his big hand, and began to spank her cute tight teenage buttcheeks.

THWACKKK..., THWACKK..., Bubba began spanking her tightly stretched, enema filled bottom. "OOOOhhhh GAWD, I HURT SO MUCH!" Kelsi screamed. Bubba continued spanking her tight little teenage ass, while Kelsi screamed and perspired and wiggled her cute butt in a most provocative manner.

He gave her fifty smacks with his large black hand, and turned her white ass to an angry shade of red. She sobbed hysterically now, retaining the enema and suffering the burning sting from the spanking.

"OOOOhhhhh, PLEASE, SIR! Let me go! My insides are aching and my ass is burning up from your spanking."

Bubba reached down between her legs and touched her dripping wet pussy lips. Punishment at CCF was always followed with soothing massaging hands and warm encouraging words.

"You've done well so far Kelsi, and I want you to know that I am doing this for your good. I am here to correct you and to discipline you, so that you can become a constructive part of society. Damn girl, you must love this spanking stuff though, 'cuz you are so hot and so fuckin' wet, I'm almost afraid that you might cum while I'm spanking you, so I am going to release you and allow you to void your bowels. Then I want you back over this spanking horse for the extra punishment that you are to receive for mouthing off to the warden and for the words that you swore at the Doctor and myself, got it!"

Bubba undid Kelsi's restraints, but left the plug in. He helped her to the bathroom, and then made her squat over the pot as he pulled her butt plug. As soon as he pulled it, she sat down, and gushed out the fowl water that had caused her so much pain and cramping. She totally purged herself, wiped and rinsed herself, and then returned to the big room. Sobbing and defeated, she dejectedly lay back over the spanking horse and allowed Bubba to reattach the restraints. He was pleased with her quick learning and realization that she must comply with his demands.

Bubba then picked up a long wispy willow cane, and swished it through the air. The very sound of it cutting through the air sent chills of fear through little Kelsi. Then just as suddenly, SWISHHH...., it stung her rear cheeks.

It took a moment, and then "AAAUUUGHHHH, FUCK!" She screamed, as searing hot pain shot through her butt. SWISHHH....., SWISHHHH...., Bubba sent to stinger shots to each of her cheeks. She squealed in pain and sobbed wildly, struggling and wiggling, but was unable to avoid her sentence, as Bubba continued to sting her bottom with additional more hard shots.

"AAAUUGHHH, GAWD! PLEASE STOP, SIR! I can't take any more of this. OOOhhh, PLEASE, MY ASS IS ON FIRE! Surely my ass must be bleeding raw."

Chapter 4: Offered An Alternative Rod

Bubba stopped momentarily and stroked her angry red buttocks, helping to relieve the fire and pain that seared through her bottomcheeks. He stroked her cheeks and even tickled her dripping wet pussy and clit. She wiggled for him, and he knew that she was becoming putty in his hand.

"OOOhhh Kelsi, I can't stop yet. Because you mouthed off to the warden and us, you still have twenty more strokes of the cane, before I have finished with your punishment caning, But Kelsi, I like you, and I know you're a hot little bitch, so I'll give you a break tonight. Since this is your first time being both spanked and caned, and your ass is beet red. If you would rather feel my big black rod inside of you, instead of this willow rod on your rear end, I might be able to lessen my part of your sentence by about fifteen strokes. But Kelsi, you have to ask me nice, and convince me of what your choice is to be."

Without even hesitating, Kelsi lifted her head and said, "Oohhh fuck, YES! Take me Sir! Stuff me with your big black cock, and stop my suffering from that wicked cane. I'll gladly surrender to you, rather than suffer any more of those painful cane strokes."

Now Kelsi had never seen Bubba's male endowment, and judging from her response, she had no idea of of what she was in for or how big his cock really was. Bubba took the willow cane and ran it lengthwise down her ass crack. It tickled her puffy red little anus, and then Bubba said, "Kelsi, maybe I should give you your remaining five strokes right here on your tender little pink puckered anus. Or rather Kelsi, are you willing to let me even take the virginity of your tight little asshole?"

Kelsi started trembling, thinking about how painful a buggering might be. She had heard of men wanting to do such things to teenaged girls, but had never really given it a thought until now. After careful thought and a desire to not get caned again, she finally sobbed out, "Yes, Sir, I'll even let you take me there, if that's what you want. Just stop the caning!" Bubba giggled, and whispered in her ear, "Next time, my little Princess, I will gladly accept the surrender of your anal cherry. But for right now, I just wanted to test your willing submissiveness. I am going to give you another butt plug to help prepare you and expand your anus for me, After all, I don't want to hurt you any more than I have to. I just want to teach and train you to be an obedient little girl, and to respect your Master. But for tonight, I am going to first fuck you and then let you swallow my essense as a sign of your gratitude. You aren't a virgin, Kelsi and if I am going to be nice to you and let you off with less cane strokes, I expect that you will at least reciprocate your gratitude to me. I assume you know how to suck a man's cock, and that you will swallow every drop that I give you. If you don't, I will finish your caning anyway. You do know how to suck a man's cock, don't you, Kelsi?"

Sucking cock was nothing new to Kelsi, as she had done it numerous times for boys at school, as well as for her latest boyfriend Jeremy. However, she had never swallowed a man's load of semen before, but she resigned herself to her fate. She quickly nodded her head, and said, "Yes Sir, I know how. Thank you, Sir for being lenient with me, and I will do my best to please you!

Bubba lubed her asshole with some more Vaseline. Then he selected a 6-inch pink buttplug, and gently slide it up and into her puckered anal ring. Kelsi bit her lip and grunted a little as the bigger plug stretched her rectal muscles to new dimensions. Her second set of sphincter muscles deep inside of her colon spasmed and ached as Bubba let her get used to the new stretching. She knew that sooner or later, she was going to lose her anal virginity to her new trainer, and she was sure that it was going to hurt. She almost felt grateful that he hadn't forced himself up her ass now, because she knew that he could have.

After her plug was in place, Bubba released Kelsi's wrist restraints, then dropped his trousers, and brought all ten inches of his throbbing manhood up to the dripping entrance to her tight teenage pussy. He slowly slide the throbbing 2" head of his formidable punishment rod into Kelsi's dripping wet love purse.

"AAAHHHhhh," She gasped, as it's enormous size took her breath away. Then slowly, inch by inch, Bubba began sliding into her tight teenage pussy. She gasped, "OOOHHh, Sir! You are soooo BIG!" as only half way in, he was already hitting her cervix. He let her get a little used to it's girth, and then grabbing her hips, Bubba began slicing in and out, bouncing into her cervix with every thrust. He knew that she would open up with time, but for now, he was giving her a royal fucking that she would remember for a while.

She "ooohhed" and "aaaghed" with every movement, especially when he banged into the buttplug lodged deeply between her cheeks. She obviously was enjoying her fucking a lot more that her caning., even if her cheeks still burned.

While he was stroking in and out of her velvet pussy, he reached his long arms around in front of her hips, and with his right hand, he began to frig her clit. Little Kelsi had never been fucked like this before, and soon her wiggles and moans became sighs and groans of excitement. The butt plug up her bottom only added to her excitement, as her sphincter muscles squeezed down hard on the rubber intruder, only adding to her stimulation. Within a minute, Kelsi's body began to tremble, and she squealed out loudly in sheer heavenly bliss. "AAAAAAAHHhhh, Fuckkkk! YESsss!", She wailed, as her fucking and wave after wave of orgasmic bliss rolled through her tiny teen body.

Following her orgasms, Bubba was getting close, so he quickly pulled out and walked around to the other side of the horse. As his rock hard black cock was throbbing and pointing straight out at Kelsi's mouth, she opened her lips and formed a perfect "O" around his swollen member. It only took a few licks and ardent sucks, and Bubba began squirting his thick hot salty male essence into her waiting mouth. She gulped and swallowed and gagged, and finally managed to complete her assigned task.

Bubba stroked her pretty face, and said, "You have done very well today, Kelsi, and I am very pleased with your submission and your willingness to cooperate. I'm going to release you now, and I want you to get on your knees in front of me and thank me for both correcting you and for pleasuring you with my essence."

As soon as she was released, Kelsi dropped to her knees in front of Bubba, and softly said, "Thank you Sir, for correcting me, for not giving me all of the cane strokes, for fucking me and allowing me to suck and swallow your essence, and for making me cum like I've never cum before." Kelsi leaned forward, and kissed his semi-rigid long black cock, and softly said, "I'm glad you chose me, Sir. You're awesome!"

Bubba smiled down at her and told her, "Thank you, Kelsi. Now go to your room, number 202 in the barracks, and rest. By the way, we forbid you to orgam or play with yourself, unless your trainer directs it. That's why I am here for you, and I promise I will take care of you on a daily basis. Over on the chair are some clothes for you to wear out of here, and for dinner tonight. The dinner bell will ring at 5 PM, and I'll expect you to arrive within 5 minutes. During your training period, I'll expect you to sit next to me during dinner, and any other meals that I am here for. Tomorrow I am patrolling the roads until 4:30 PM, so I've asked the Warden to oversee your training while I am gone. I'll see you at dinner, and don't be late!"

Bubba then kissed her cheek, and got dressed. He closed the door behind him as he left her standing naked. She touched her kissed cheek and then looked down at her bare pubes to saw what a dripping mess she was, due to Bubba's fucking. She now knew that he could be both tender and cruel, whatever he wanted to be with her.

After washing up, Kelsi quickly slipped on the pink panties, the short black mini skirt, and the cotton pink shirt that Bubba had left for her. She slipped on the jelly flip-flops and quickly left the punishment building, making her way back to the dormitory barracks. She had almost an hour, so she decided to look for AmySue.

After about twenty minutes of wandering around the dormitory, she accidentally ran into Warden Brown. He grabbed her by the arm, and said, "Kelsi, right? You're that sassy little bitch that arrived earlier today. Turn around, I want to see if you got taught a lesson this afternoon and got properly spanked by my boys."

Realizing how unwise it would be to refuse, and not wishing to incur his wrath, she turned around as his hands lifted her short skirt. He grabbed the back of her pink panties and pulled them upwards, making her gasp as the butt plug drove even further up between her tender cheeks. She gasped as he fondled her sore and wounded buttocks, and even felt his finger wiggle around her clit and dripping pussy., but she endured the test without murmuring.

"Looks like you got a good tanning and a fucking, Kelsi, and even got your anus sized properly, too. Seems like you're doing fine here, and I hope that from now on, you can avoid such punishments by showing your obedience and submissiveness to all of the staff here at CCF. Now get to your room and quit wandering, or I'll give you another spanking on your cute butt myself."

The Warden slapped her bottom, making her grimace in pain, as he walk away. Quickly Kelsi headed for her room, as the Warden disappeared around the corner. She lay down on the soft mattress, and reflected on her first day at CCF. Her mind was spinning as she realized that she had been sentenced to this facility for five years, and already she had been spanked, fondled, fucked, and embedded with a butt plug that's sole purpose was to expand her anus for the private pleasure use of her trainer. Her fingers moved to her panty covered clit, and softly she began pleasuring herself, as she thought about Bubba's big cock, and how he made her gush in orgasm. She felt like such a little slut, and wondered what else could happen to her. Her fingers danced over her clit, as slowly she built herself to another rousing orgasm.

Unknown to her, all of her actions were being recorded on videotape, and she would be held accountable for them later that evening.

Chapter 5: Dinner and Amy Sue

At 4:50 PM, Kelsi got up, adjusted her clothes, and made her way to the dining hall. She saw dozens of other girls, but didn't see AmySue anywhere. She got her food and then spotted her Trainer sitting with a few of the other guards. Quietly she walked up to him and asked, "May I sit down with you, Sir?" Bubba slipped his big hand up her short skirt and cupped her tight butt.

"Guys, this is Kelsi, my latest little refugee project, and boy is she a fast learner." The men smiled and said, "Hi Kelsi, you sure are a cutie!" Then Bubba nodded and helped her to sit down next to him. The men talked, and she just listened, as she quietly ate her dinner. After she had finished, all the girls were invited to get an ice cream cone at the help-yourself machine in the front of the dining hall.

Kelsi went up, as did most of the girls. When it was her turn, she bent over, and one of the older girls bumped into her butt, hitting her buttplug. Kelsi gasped, and the rest of the girls just giggled. "Being sized, I see," one of the girls chuckled. "I'm Julie, and you must be new here."

Kelsi exchanged words with Julie, and then Julie smiled and said, "Watch your butt, girl! All of the trainers here just love our tight little assholes, and all of us have been buggered up there more times than we care to count. Just make sure that you relax your sphincter muscles, and push out, the first time you get buggered, or it'll hurt like hell. Good Luck!"

Kelsi smiled and returned next to Bubba with her cone. She held it out to him, and asked, "Would you like a lick?" He turned to her, and queried, "Of you Princess, or the ice cream cone?"

Kelsi blushed in front of all the other men, and then softly said, "AAAHhhhh..., Yes Sir, either." Bubba grabbed the cone and took a big lick and said, "You girl, I'll attend to later, especially considering that I watched what you did back in your room before dinner."

Suddenly Kelsi really blushed, and stammered for words, "I..I'm sorry, Sir, I..." Bubba touched his finger to her lips, and quieted her, saying, "Later!" Suddenly, the Warden walked in the side door with another Trainer, carrying AmySue under the arms.

"Gentlemen and girls, we have a new recruit here who is in need of some severe discipline. She has been defiant since early this afternoon, and has repeatedly cursed at and fought with her trainer. Her name is AmySue, and she is going to learn how to "be a good girl" before this evening is done, and I've brought her here in front of all of you to witness her demise. I want all of you to see how stubborn naughty girls are dealt with."

Kelsi looked across the room, and there was her closest friend, kneeling in front of her Trainer, bare ass naked, and with tears staining her pretty face. Her ass was beet red and criss-crossed with wide red marks. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, her feet were manicled with a spreader bar, and she was softly sniffling as she waited.

Then Joey, her Trainer spoke, "AmySue, quit your sniffling, and listen carefully." he said, his voice softly mocking her. " I'm going to teach you to be a really good girl. You weren't very good this afternoon, but tonight I know things will be different.

AmySue glared at her trainer, until he reached down and stroked her gently over the back of her head, sinking his fingers through her beautiful dark brown tresses of her shiny hair. His thick muscular hand squeezed the muscles of the back of her slim neck, and then she gasped as his fingers grasped her around the neck, and he declared, "You are going to obey me before we leave here this evening. Now you can fight it, or you can lose your stubborn little girl pride and realize that you have no other choice but to obey me. If you fight me, I will spank and whip parts of you that you never knew could be whipped. One way or another, you will submit to me tonight."

Then with his other hand and in exaggerated deliberation, he slowly unzipped the front of his trousers. Amy Sue stared wide-eyed as the bulge began to grow and then she lowered her eyes to the floor. Her trainer took a firm hold of her pretty brown hair and pulled her head back so that she was forced to watch as he parted his boxers and felt around inside.

She watched as the thick swollen length of his cock sprang from its confinement and pointing right at her face from point-blank range. It's large swollen purple head beckoning for the touch of her sweet lips.

'OH ... OOHH ... NO:' was all she could say, and then she saw the shiny length of the thin whipy willow cane swinging to and fro as he lifted it up behind her. She heard it hiss as he let it slip through the air and then with a 'Whack' which made her jump again, Its whip-like tip landed firm and solid across the left cheek of her bare bottom. It was a new experience for her, and burned like hell.

Oooohh ... GAWD ... aaah ... N ... NO, PLEASEEE.' AmySue jerked helplessly as the sting seared her bottom, while his hand held onto her hair and forced her to look up at him. Amy Sue's pretty lips partied as she drew in a gasping intake of breath, still feeling that first fiery caress of the willows tip.

He nodded down to his jutting cock. 'This,' he said deliberately, is for you, AmySue, It's going to be your only way to show that you are truly sorry for how you acted this afternoon. I'm not here to physically injure you, girl, but you are going to learn to obey me. Now why don't you be a good girl and open your mouth to say thank you for your nice gift?' His cock wagged and beckoned to her as he moved it a little nearer to her blushing face.

Caught somewhere between disgust and fear, she stared wide-eyed at the fat bulging, 10 inch blood gorged manhood. She'd never seen one like this before, not in all her young 15 years of life. It looked huge and monstrous, with a huge 2 inch helmet crown. Although she had been a wild child, she'd only messed around with the younger boys before, certainly, no one with a weapon-sized cock like this. This was her first real close-up of a thick bulging blood gorged man-sized cock. She hesitated, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly, the cane cracked down again and she squealed from its sting as her bottom wriggled and her ankles kicked out in their restraints. His cock came nearer to her face, and then she felt it brushing up against her cheek.

"Now be a good girl AmySue, and ask me to place my gift on your little pink tongue so that you can give it a nice big kiss.'" His voice tauntingly demanded.

She stumbled over her words, and her throat got tight with the repugnance of what he expected her to do. 'Oh God ... no... No ... Don't make me do that, please Sir, I'm not ... Ooooww.' Another flick of the cane served as a reminder. She squealed out loudly, as he said, "AmySue, either you do what I ask and obey me, or I am going to severely beat the crap out of you with this stinging willow rod, until you do. Now come on, be a good girl and open up, and give it a big kiss. You know that you are going to have to learn how to do these things, now that you're growing up. I'm sure you want to please me and be a good girl, so I don't have to hurt you anymore."

She tried to shake her head in refusal as much as she could with him still holding her. Her eyes moistened and once more, her tears were brimmed over and running down her face.

''Crack... crack," two quick flicks of the willow rod across one cheek then the other of her tight teen buttocks. Her bottom wiggled and twitched frantically. Then as she opened her mouth to gasp out her anguish, her trainer's cock slid smoothly across her lips, leaving them smeared with his pre-cum.

With a jerk, AmySue snatched her head back away from it. A second later, the supple willow rod cracked quickly down hard right between her bottomcheeks. He knew it stung her tender anus, and that an anal shot usually helped to convince the little sluts to obey. The sting between her cheeks quickly shot up to her brain.

AmySue's head reared back as she squealed out in searing pain. "OOOOhhhhh, GAWD, NOT THERE! NO MORE, PLEASEEE! Your awful, but I can't stand this any more. I'll do it!"

"That hurt, didn't it? Now, AmySue, I trust that you're going to do as your told. You're going to take my cock into your mouth and give it a nice kiss and suck on it, or I am going to continue to thrash your teen little backside and asshole, until you do." Although what was being forced upon her filled her with total disgust, she finally surrendered. With a submissive and helpless whimper she put her tear stained face forward, trembling and sobbing, as she stuck her tongue out and took the tip of his hot 10 inch bulging manhood between her sweet lips.

"Good girl, now that's better, and to make sure that your mouth stays open, I brought along a leather jaw spreader," he said encouragingly. So saying, Joey took a leather mouth spreader from his pocket and buckled it around her head. It opened her mouth wide in a perfect 'O' and protected him from any inclination that she might have about biting his thick boner.

"That's, a good girl, AmySue. I knew you would do it." Amy's lips were still trembling on just the tip of his hard shaft, as her trainer slowly began feeding his cock into her mouth, through the center of the 'O'. She felt nauseous, as never before had she ever done such a vile thing. She was practically paralyzed with fear, as his cock just dangled on her lips. He stood for her immobility for only a few seconds, before he grabbed her hair and began to gently face fuck her.

"Come on, you silly girl, get on with it and suck on it properly. Suck it like a lollypop, or like you suck a Popsicle. You can suck one of those without any problems, now go on, harder, yes that's it.' He taped her bottom cheeks with the tip of his rod to encourage her as she slowly enclosed his length within her mouth. 'Get it right in, lips tight, now suck hard, ah yes that's better. Suck like a vacumn, baby, and don't let it out now."

AmySue's lips finally encircled his cock. She sucked at it, feeling his thick length filing her mouth, her eyes running with tears, her nostrils flared, her wet lips sliding up and down its hard shaft. 'Now use the tip of your tongue, lick tenderly around the helmet tip...ah yes that's the way, very good.' Her whole being was in total revulsion, yet fearing his rod more, she forced herself to tongue his thick shaft, obediently licking and sucking on it. He kept pulling AmySue's head back and forth, holding firmly to her hair and giving her no excuse to give up. He whispered to her, "Good long tender sucks, girl. Yea, that's a good girl...ah...yes. That's right, show me you know how."

He stood there letting her suck him as he watched AmySue's pretty head bobbing back and forth, and listened to the sucking noises produced by her soft lips as they were sliding up and down his cock length. Her tongue occasionally fluttering and dancing around the bell shaped end. A few times his thick cock bounced off the back of her throat, and she gagged, but his hand kept her moving on it. He kept her at it, gagging and sucking away on his hard shaft until he felt the beginnings of the first spasm of an impending orgasm. It was so very tempting to come in this lovely young girl's mouth, but he didn't want her sucking him off, not yet, perhaps later up in her bedroom.

"OK, girl...that's enough for now. We'll finish this lesson later tonight, or maybe tomorrow. ' He pulled her head back. AmySue gladly took her aching lips away from his wet hard shaft. Then through her salty tear-stained blue eyes, she watched the thick knob twitching hazily in her vision, its little opening oozing another little blob of sticky white seminal fluid.

Having gotten her past her first oral exam, Joey lifted her up, and felt it necessary to teach her a lesson that she would not soon forget. Restrained as she was in spreader bar and cuffs, AmySue could do nothing to escape what her trainer had planned for her next. Warden Brown brought in a low spanking bench with wrist cuffs and a waist belt to hold her on it.

A padded hump at the end of the bench lifted her buttocks into the air slightly, allowing her legs to dangle on either side still spread wide with the spreader bar. She was repositioned onto the bench, and Joey buckled the waist belt across her back, immobilizing her. He positioned her legs so that they hung off the end and to either side of the bench.

"Amy, now it's time for your punishment. Time to give your pretty little bottom a proper caning, for all the trouble you caused me."

Master Joey picked up the cane in his right hand and tucked away his cock into the front of his open trousers.

"Now, hold still, my little one, while I reattach your wrists to the outside of this bench with the wrist cuffs," he commanded her.

She lay prone on the bench, as her trainer uncuffed her wrists from her back and refastened them into the cuffs on either side of the bench.

"Come on now, AmySue stick out that cute little backside of yours. I want to see it sticking right up and dancing for us." Terrified the young girl struggled to comply, wiggling her tight bare cheeks in a thoroughly obscene manner. What a picture of total submission she posed in. With her face to the bench, her hips up, her legs spread by the bar, and her wrists manacled to the sides of the bench, her trainer and anyone else, had a clear and unobstructed view of everything between her sweet teenage cheeks. She reluctantly showed off her tight puckered anal rosebud, and her wide spread pussy and the cute little hooded clit. He could see the faint red marks where he had enforced his will on her to achieve her previous obedience. These were just beginner strokes, as now he intended to cane her properly, like a naughty schoolgirl would have been caned years ago. Now he wanted to hear her really cry and scream, until she was willing to do just about anything to save herself from more pain. He wanted her begging him for mercy, willing to obey any command that he gave her. He wanted to break her will and teach her that for the next five years, she was not her own, and that his will for her was all that mattered. He took a ball gag out of his pocket, and forced it into her mouth. He knew that she would be needing it, to silence her screaming and so that she didn't bite her tongue off during her caning.

Taking up a position just behind the quivering girl, he drew his cane across her cringing bottom cheeks. Taking his measure, he raised the cane up high; up over his shoulder and then brought it down with a SWISH, that was quickly followed by a loud crack. The twin cheeks of her bottom quivered like two jellies as the cane bit deep into her soft young flesh. A mark appeared across the naked spheres, at first a vivid white hot streak, and then quickly darkening to a painful red. AmySue's whole body jerked, her eyes popped open wide, her face contorted with pain, as through her gag she emitted an agonizing scream. Her eyes were staring wide with disbelief that it could hurt so much. AmySue's pretty face was now a mask of agony, as tears flooded down her cheeks.

Any hope that her earlier co-operation would incite some compassion was now instantly dismissed as a line of burning, agonizing pain erupted across her bottom. He measured her again, and SWISH..., her cracked her cheeks again.

Across her white quivering cheeks a wicked twin tracked weal had now been raised, it was turning slowly from red to a dark purple. He lifted the supple rod again, paused, then whipped it down across her soft bottom, letting it bite in, just below that first cruel stroke.

She wiggled wildly trying to escape her sentence, but restrained and spread as she was with the spreader bar, she could not roll away. Her muffled cries echoing in the confines of the room as the pain sank in and she frantically wiggled her smarting bottomcheeks. Displayed as she was, except for the dark red lines that appeared on her ass and her wild contortions from the pain, one would have thought her a very wanton bitch. That was exactly what her trainer wanted her to become.

After her wild wiggling ceased and her sobbing subsidered, he taped the cane gently against her quivering cheeks, causing them to flinch each time at its contact. Then the taping stopped as the cane left her bottom, her cheeks clenched in anticipation. He waited for them to relax before the cane came whistling down, ending with a loud crack. Her flesh rippling from its point of impact as it sliced into her cute round cheeks. Then a band of pain blazed across her bottom, a shear agony that seamed to penetrate right through to her soul. Sobbing and writhing incoherently, she wiggled before him, her buttocks clenching and unclenching, her anus puckering and then clenching tight.

He reached between her legs and felt her dripping pussy and wiggled her bulging clit. "Damn, girl! It appears as though this caning is getting you excited, AmySue. You sure are wet down here." She shook her head as if to refute his claim, but secretly she really was getting very horny.

Then taking some of her own lubricant, he anointed her anus, and slowly wiggled his finger inside. Her eyes bulged, and she squealed through her gag, as Master Joey began buggering her ass with his finger. Then he whispered to her, "I have special plans for this sweet little hole, my dear. You better get used to having me play with your tight little asshole, girl, because a lot bigger things than my finger are going to be stretching this tight little hole" Amy Sue shook her head, as if to say "no."

He waited a moment, and then pulled his finger out, knowing that she wasn't broken yet. He waited a little more, making her suffer with anticipation,, and then when she finally relaxed, he struck her cheeks again. She sobbed and sobbed, squealing through her gag at every cut. Then another whistling SWISH, and it's cut would leave another blistering red mark across her backside. Her whole body was shaking and trembling, as cut after cut exploded across her tight teenage bottomcheeks.

Finally, it seemed like AmySue's resistance finally broke. Her body was trembling, but she quit fighting and just lay there. She jerked and squealed each time the cane struck, but her fight was gone. He lifted the cane, ready for the next descent to land across her defenceless asscheeks. SWISH.., another whistling wicked cut bit into AmySue's poor bottom. She squealed incoherently in pain, followed by her trembling shakes and smothered blubbering sobs. He continued caning the young girl without mercy, thrashing her soft tender buttocks, taking his time, relishing in her suffering, her crying and her tears.

Occasionally, he would pause to fondle her painful globes between strokes. Feeling the raised bands, fiery hot, under his touch. Sometimes he slipped his fingers between her rear cheeks to feel at her moist slit, and then always anointing her quivering anal rosebud, as he fingered her with her own juices as lubricant.. As he caressed her intimate parts with one hand, he often massaged his erect cock inside of his pants, with the other.

After he had inflicted some twenty strokes across her writhing cheeks, he finished her chastisement, and dropped the cane. She just lay sprawled on the bench, unable to move.

Her bottom looked very painful indeed, flaming red and embossed with a criss-cross of bruised swollen welts. Now coming round to her front, he lifted her chin from the bench to view the tear stained face of this weeping, naked young girl. Her pretty face was now snivelling and wretched, her eyes were red and puffy, her complexion blotchy, saturated with shed tears, her nose running down onto her chin and into her open mouth. She was sobbing and blubbering, as he gently removed her gag.. He smiled down at her pathetic countenance with a look of pleasure on his face. "So now you're going to be my good little girl, is that right, AmySue?"

Her blubbering sobs made her whispered answer of assent almost incoherent. But then to make sure he hear her pleading agreement, she again mumbled, "Yethh, Sir!"

Joey knew she was his to mold from now on. Her ass was a network of blistering red lines and aside from her sobs which echoed throughout the hall, you could also hear the audiences clothes rustling, and sucking noises, and fingers frigging. Some of the older girls had moved to their Master's side, and were servicing them in whatever way their Master desired. Other girls were pleasuring themselves, grateful that it wasn't themselves up there being punished, but nonetheless excited by the spectacle.

Kelsi looked over at Bubba, and with a smile, she quietly slipped her hand under the table to gently fondle his thick cock. Bubba hugged her and whispered, "You are a fast learner baby, and I really like you!"

Kelsi smiled and continued to stroke him, while up front, AmySue sobbed louder as she got her crimson cheeks lubed and spread, and was "sized" with a generous butt plug.

Then Joey slipped his fingers between her spread leg and with all the lube still on them, he flicked his fingers back and forth across her shrowded little clit. Plucking playfully at the small bud, which his fingers were teasing, he felt it swell up hard beneath his touch as he gently massaged it. She moaned in protest, knowing that her body was betraying her. "Ahh ... Nn..oh ... ahh ... n ... n ... no ... pl ... please. You don't know... no ... no," she wept.

"Shhh, don't fight it any more now, AmySue.' Cooed his quieting voice, as the finger slid gently back and forth, stroking and tormenting the tip of her swollen little bud. "You have been punished for your disobedience, and now I want you to know that after your punishment, comes relief. You have suffered enough, and I want you to cum for me, now!"

AmySue's hips and legs wiggled and wormed obscenely as she felt his fingers skillfully frigged her. He expertly was tickling her sensitive little love bud, and arousing her womanly instincts, as she struggled not to give in to the feelings she was experiencing. She found her trainer to be both disgusting and humiliating, but now AmySue began to feel something else. His insistent frigging of her clit brought about the first tremors of forbidden excitement radiating through her hot helpless loins. Her sobbing and weeping began to change to low moans of pleasure, as his tickling finger wiggled the nut hard love button. With her legs spread so obscenely apart, everyone in the hall watched as he flicking it up and down and rolled his fingers across it.

The sounds of sucking and moaning filled the dining hall as AmySue neared her climax. Her moans and groans got louder, "AGGHHhhhh..OOHHhhhh..., as Joey continued his assault. The butt plug up her ass only heightened her arousal, and then moments later, her whole body, the bench included, began to tremble.

Suddenly, her eyes bugged wide, and she screamed out, "EEEEE..YES....OOOhh... MY GAWD! OOOOOHHHhhh,....AAHHhhhhh...," as Joey skillfully brought to her first complete orgasm. She had played with herself before, but had never felt her whole body explode in excitement, as it just had. Everyone else in the dining hall was "OOOhhhing" and "AAAhhhhing" too, as they climaxed while watching AmySue's orgasmic display. While everyone finished up and adjusted their clothes, Joey leaned over AmySue and whispered, "I knew that you would submit to me before the night was over, and I trust that you will continue to behave yourself from now on."

AmySue looked up at him smiling and looking through her tear filled eyes, she gasped, "I'm sorry, Sir, that I was so bad, and thanks for making me cum. I've never felt anything so intense like that before. I literally exploded inside, and it was awesome!"

Joey stroked her perspiring flesh and kissed her on the shoulder. Then AmySue was released from her restraints, and helped out the side door by her trainer. They were not done yet for the evening, as Joey still planned to shoot his hot seed into her hot and now willing little mouth.

Quickly, everyone vanished from the dining hall, with some of the Masters of The Circle going to the rooms of their little trainees, and some taking their little trainees to 'the woodshed" to discipline their girls for some infraction or another. Bubba walked Kelsi back to her room, arm in arm, as if he was her escort. When they arrived at room 202, Bubba told Kelsi to get ready for bed, because he had a few things to talk over with her.

Not knowing what he was going to say, little Kelsi went into the bathroom, stripped, and hurried to get ready. After washing up and brushing her teeth, she quickly slipped her panties back on and returned and asked her big black Master, "Sir, what would you like to talk to me about? Is there something I can do for you..., like suck you, or bend over again?"

Bubba smiled, and knew that Kelsi would have done anything for him right then. However, he had already been drained once that afternoon, and he needed to get his rest so he could be alert for his 12-hour patrol shift tomorrow.

"No Princess, nothing more tonight, but thanks for asking. However, tomorrow Warden Brown is going to give you some anal training lessons, so that you will be ready to receive me that way too. The Warden and his nurse always insist on being the trainers to break in a new recruit to the thrills of sodomy, so just be your sweet submissive self, and obey them. He has his own special training methods and has bottom trained every girl here, so he has lots of experience and will be gentle with you. Now before I go, I want you to know that I will take care of you. I am very pleased with your progress today, and I especially like your voluntary participation in the dining hall this evening. To show my appreciation, I am going to make you cum one more time before I leave you tonight, so that you aren't tempted to frig yourself as you did so naughtily this afternoon.. I know the show has prpbably made you horny, and you probably need a release. You also deserve a hand spanking for frigging yourself this afternoon. So lie over my lap and ask me to punish your butt for your naughtiness today, before I pleasure you."

Bubba sat down on the bed, and Kelsi quietly lay across his lap. "Please, Sir," she softly begged, "Punish me for my naughtiness this afternoon."

After her appeal, she felt his pull her panties down to her thighs, and then SMACK...., his big hand delivered her first stroke. SMACK..., the second whack hit her other cheek. SMACK..., he then paused and began to rub her buttocks. His fingers wiggled her butt plug and grazed her moist pussy. Then SMACK..., he continued to alternate between smacks and rubbing her butt. She moaned and groan with a mix of pain and sexual frenzy.

She gasped and wiggled in shameless lust, as her new Master was stirring up passions inside of her petite little body to a new level. She was like putty in his hands, as he SMACKED... her over and over again. She lost count of the number of SMACKS...., but she knew that they were getting her heated up, and that her pussy was leaking juices.

After about twenty SMACKS..., he stopped the spanking, and moved his hand between her legs. He used her own lubricant to moisten her clit, and then began to slowly roll it from side to side as his fingers danced over the top of it and her pussy lips.. Kelsi moaned with pleasure and lust as suddenly his fingers thrust deep into her pussy, rubbing a spot on the top of her vaginal tract. He continued to rub her magic spot, quickly building her excitement up to the inevitable.

"OOOOhhhhhh, GAWD, YES!", she screamed out, as suddenly her body began to tremble and she exploded in a seismic orgasm that coursed through her whole being. He softly rubbed her clit as she gasped and wiggled until she had fully cum, and then he picked her up and lay her down on your back on the bed. He kissed her cheek and said, "I'll see you at dinner tomorrow night, so until then, sweet dreams, and be good!"

Kelsi just lay on her bed, fantasizing about Bubba, and all of the things that had happened to her, on this, her very first day at CCF. Soon sleep overtook her, and ....

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s

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