Spy Camera

[ mb, coer, fist ]

by Janus


Published: 23-Dec-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Janet was a good and faithful wife. Every afternoon, she visited her husband the local PE teacher at work. She would have lunch with him in his office. The office was connected to the gym and the boys locker room. Coach as the boys called him had a small window in his office looking into the locker room, so he could still keep an eye on them as they changed and showered without him having to be there. If the boys got too loud, he would give a tap on the glass and shout a "Hey!". The boys would then behave.

One could not see all through the window but Janet found herself more and more glancing a peek out it when her husband was not looking. Why did her panties tingle seeing shirtless young boys. Some still baby fat and others she swore had six packs. Bare soft pink rears would pass the window. One day she got hot and had to go home early. It was the start of swimming season. The school had a box full of used swimming trunks. The boys would dig through the box and find a pair to swim in. Janet watched plump boy asses being crammed into the latex trunks.

A student came into the office. The black trunks stuck to him like a second skin. It looked like he had a baseball in his suit, a nice round mound. He turned around and bent over. He showed a perfect full moon. With one hand, he pulled the bottom fabric of the trunk back. His right butt cheek was exposed and the rolled up latex laid in his crack like a thong. As the boy bent over more to ask about a small rash, Janet could see part of the boys smooth nut sack hanging down. It was more then she could take and left.

A plan came to her one day when a girlfriend told Janet about tiny spy cameras. The girlfriend told how she uses them to spy on the nanny. After finding out where and how to get them, Janet went to work or her husbands work. School was closed, but she used her husbands keys to get in. Janet placed cameras to see the shower area and the rows of lockers. Maybe she might see a boy or two.

The waiting was hard. She had to wait till her husband was a sleep, and sneak down stairs to watch what the cameras had captured. Janet turned it on and waited. A boy came into range. He was wearing a track suit. He must be on the school's track team. They do early morning runs before school. She would have to look him up in the school yearbook. The boy took off all his clothes and went to the showers. Janet whished she had zoom function. The boy enjoyed the hot water and soaped himself all over. Washing his body, his slippery soap covered fingers found his rear opening. The boy's face showed he enjoyed putting one finger, two fingers, did he get his whole hand up in there. The boy's dick also grew, twitched, and then shot its load. the boy finished showering and left.

Another shower scene came up. A group of boys were showering. All but one boy was goofing off. The group started playing with themselves. It started with a look at my dick. No look mine is bigger. Then the group moved to stroking their dicks to get them hard to measure. The group notice the one boy was not playing. With their hardons pointing the way, the group of boys circled the one lone boy. Janet was taken back by what she saw. The boy was not part of the group because he was huge down below. Not even hard, the boy's dick was twice the size of any of the groups hard ons. The group pounced on the poor boy and held him down on the tile floor. A different boy each held one of his arms or legs down. The ring leader boy grabbed the other boys dick in his hand and harshly jacked him. The boy rubbed up and down as fast as he could. The group did not want to pleasure the boy, but want to see him hard now and shooting. The boy's large member blast hot cum all over the boy's chest. The group after the sex play released the boy. The boy got up as quick as he could and ran from the showers. Janet felt bad for the boy as he rushed to get dressed and fled the locker room.

The locker room was empty when an older boy snuck in with a smaller boy. The young boy acted like he wanted to leave but the other boy would not let he go. The older boy undid the younger one's pants and pull them down. The younger boy looked around making sure no one was around. The older boy rubbed the younger boy's underwear covered crotch and calmed him. The older boy slipped the younger boy's dick out the side of his cartoon briefs. The older boy started sucking off the younger boy. The younger grabbed the older boy by his hair and face fucked him. The older boy finished and let go of the younger boy's dick. The younger boy's dick did a dry cum twitch and the older boy put it back in the cartoon briefs. The younger boy hiked up his jeans and ran off. The older boy left after.

The rest of recording was just boys changing and showering. Janet turned off the tv, and changed her wet panties before sneaking back into bed with her husband. She drifted off to sleep, dreaming of what she would catch on tape tomorrow.

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Great story, hope you have the younger and older boy back and maybe some talking, keep up the great work.

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