Julie and Jennifer: Annual Halloween Orgy at Jim's, Part 5

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Published: 2-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The Children:

  • Julie (10): Fully nude except for wearing black choker necklace.
  • Jennifer (9): Fully nude except for wearing crimson red/gold necktie around her neck.
  • Tiffany (10): Fully nude except for vampire teeth.
  • Tori (9): Fully nude except for purple wig and black kato mask.
  • Melissa (11): Fully nude except for keeping roller skates on her feet.
  • Karla (9): Fully nude except for a toy sword sticking out of her butt.
  • Trisha (8): Fully nude except for keeping white stockings on with her shoes.
  • Betty (6): Fully nude except for wearing her sash and tiara.

The Adults:

  • Jim Phillips
  • John Tanner, Julie and Jennifer's father.
  • Dave, Trisha's uncle.
  • Tom, Jim's friend and expert in computers and videos.
  • Howard, Jim's fat friend from high school.
  • Chris, Jim's employee and east coast talent scout.
  • Carlos, Jim's employee and west coast talent scout.
  • Bruno Bianchi, Karla's father
  • Alex Rhodes, Melissa's father and videographer for the night. He will not be having any sex.
  • Evelyn Tanner, Julie and Jennifer's mother
  • Cathy, Betty's mother
  • Ana Bianchi, Karla's mother
  • Tammy Rhodes, Melissa's mother
  • Justina, a college-aged female pedophile of around age 22 who often does make-up for the children on sets.
  • Helen, another of Jim's female makeup artists. Specializes in styling little girls' hair. Around age 35.
  • Party Crashers

    "TINA!!! Mary!!!" screamed Julie and Jennifer. "What are you guys doing here?!"

    Tina West and her younger sister Mary stood just beyond the arched doorway connecting the kitchen area with the family room. It was difficult to tell which side had more of a deer-caught-in-headlights look; the two Catholic schoolgirl sisters walking into the middle of an incestuous child lovers' orgy, or the adult participants of the illegal debauchery realizing that their security had been breached.

    "I .. I'm sorry. We knocked on the front door and no one answered, so we went around to uncle Jim's backyard to see if the screen door might be unlocked, and it was. We didn't think you guys would mind if we let ourselves in. We're sorry." apologized Tina.

    "It's okay Tina, it's okay. You girls just gave us a startle; that is all." said Jim Phillips, walking over to where the young sisters stood to give them each a welcoming hug. "Hey everyone, say hi to Ms. Tina West. She's the girl you've been seeing in the short clips I've been emailing you all summer. She's a bit of a special project of mine; haven't appeared in any features yet but come Christmas break I have a feeling my little debutante will have her coming out party to our community. And this here is her sister Mary, also my girl in training. Tina, you already met about half these people at Jennifer's birthday party last spring. The rest are also wonderful members of our little group."

    "Hi Tina! Hi Mary! You guys darn near gave all of us a heart attack!" greeted Helen, along with every other guest who weren't acquainted with the West sisters yet. All stood up, stark naked, to walk over to the two clothed children and give each a kiss on their cheeks or a firm hug. Everyone seemed happy to welcome two more sexy juvenile participants to the orgy; the naked men who have never tasted Tina and Mary before most of all. The only one in the crowd who seemed rather ambivalent about the West sisters' arrival seemed to be Tiffany Kessler.

    After looking up and down Tina's body and sizing her up, the 'Queen Bee' of child pornography wondered if the illegal market in which she was a superstar had enough room to accommodate TWO sexy blonde Catholic schoolchildren. Tiffany already had a rival in Karla Bianchi, but the two bitter enemies often performed in different kiddie porn genres. Tina however would likely start going head-to-head with her for leading roles once she started making feature kiddie porn. This did not sit well for the stunning 10 year old Nordic blonde.

    Words couldn't describe how relieved Jim Phillips was that the two intruders didn't end up being burglars, or worse: FBI agents. During the split second that his mind was racing to calculate what the appropriate response should be, one of them included reaching for his small arsenal of firearms in the next room and eliminating the witnesses (if they were burglars) or going out in a blaze of glory in a firefight with law enforcement (the final scene from Al Pacino's 'Scarface' came to mind).

    Still, the child pornographer was a bit befuddled. With all of the elaborate security measures in place around his property, how was it that he was careless enough to leave an entrance door open? His question was answered when 9 year old Karla Bianchi came over to tug on his arm.

    "Uncle Jim? I have something to tell you."

    "Yes Karla, what is it?"

    "It's totally my fault that people were able to come into your house without permission. When I first got here remember I saw Buster (Phillips' black labrador retriever) through the glass screen door wagging his tail at me? After you told me to go play with Trisha I went over to pet him and let him sniff my crotch because I wanted to know if he really remembered me from the scene I did with him. Afterwards I must've forgotten to re-lock the door."

    It was clear that the latin child was remorseful as she appeared on the verge of tears. Every child in Phillips' pedophile world, dubbed 'lifestylers', knew of the dire consequences that faced its members should the outside world ever gain knowledge of their secretive sexual activities. That she could've been the one to bring the house of cards all falling down was too much for this elementary schoolgirl to take.

    "It's okay Karla. Thankfully no harm was done. Just be sure to be more careful in the future, young lady. And you can make it up to me by giving my asshole a good rimjob later in the party, how's that?" consoled Phillips, as he wiped a tear from under her eye.

    "YOU GOT IT UNCLE JIM!" said Karla as she kissed her benefactor on the lips and skipped away to rejoin the other nude children.

    Turning his attention next to the West sisters, he approached both after the orgy guests completed their meet-and-greet, to ask them how they managed to slip out of their house when it was expected both would be spending the night with their mother and youngest sister Lisa. Older sister Tina was the one to provide the explanations.

    "After we got home from trick-or-treating, our mom got a call from our aunt in Charlottesville that she had an emergency and was in the ER. Since my dad is on his business trip he couldn't be here to babysit, so mom took Lisa with her and told me to get straight to bed with Mary and that she'll be back first thing in the morning tomorrow. Me and Mary were bummed that we couldn't come to your party tonight, and we were bored lying in bed so we decided to come and ask if we could play for just a couple hours before we have to be back in our beds before mom finds out."

    "Of course you can party with us!" said Phillips. "The only thing is, you two are much too overdressed right now for our kind of party. Why don't you girls get more comfortable, if you know what I mean?"

    Tina - Jim Phillips' newest protege and subject of intense sexual grooming, took no time in removing her layers of clothing once she got the green light from her older mentor and within seconds was as buck naked as the other members at the orgy. Her bald pussy shined in the light as if she had been masturbating in her bed prior to crashing the party. Phillips was beginning to figure out just why she wanted to come so badly.

    Her sister Mary, meanwhile, was much more tentative than the now sexually liberated Tina West. Mary's behavior was akin to how Tina herself behaved at Jennifer's birthday party months ago when she discovered for the first time that it was okay for entire families to have recreational sex with each other. That night she discovered a lot about the diversity of human sexuality, as she ended up rimming the assholes of multiple men while they throatfucked Jennifer, as well as discovering piss play through watching watersports scenes on the TV and Julie's vividly descriptive story of getting pissed on set.

    After Tina stripped herself nude, she along with Jim Phillips teamed up to start removing Mary's layers of clothing. Mary, for her part, did not enthusiastically strip herself, but wasn't resisting the removal either. Her mind was still distracted by what she first saw through the doorway moments earlier. The 9 year old had to do a double take. What she saw was a naked 11 year old girl (Melissa) on roller skates; same age as her older sister, being held up in the air by two men (one that she recognized as John Tanner - the man who brutally took her virginity along with Jim Phillips) as she was poo-ing a white liquid out of her butt into the mouth of a willing 6 year old child (Betty).

    She couldn't understand what it all meant. Why was a child going to the bathroom into the mouth of another child? Why did the contents of her anus so closely resemble the fluid that came out of men's penises? Why did the other child accept the offering into her mouth? Was she hungry? There was still so much that the middle West sister was naive about when it came to sex.

    Since getting raped by Jim and John and losing her virginity, Mary had "partied" with Phillips' adult friends only on a limited basis. She has had intercourse with those two men on several other occasions, always in tandem with her sister Tina during 2x2 sex sessions, and she's also visited the Tanner household to play with Julie and Jennifer. That day culminated in her getting fucked by their father John, having their mother Evelyn eat and finger her pussy, and the most outrageous of all - allowing Jennifer to insert her entire 9 year old fist inside the blonde's vagina - all while Jennifer's mother stood taking picture after picture of the obscene act.

    Across the room, the one person besides Jim Phillips who was giving 9 year old Mary's skinny nonexistent ass and hairless pussy a serious lookover was 22 year old female pedophile Justina, who was earlier licking her lips while mentally undressing Mary while she was still clothed. Justina herself has led an interesting life which brought her to the present orgy, as will be revealed through her conversation with Karla later this night.

    Mary, though 9 years old, appeared far more underdeveloped than her fellow 9 year olds Jennifer, Tori, and Karla. Her small, waif-ish body was as flat as a board, her ribs were slightly visible through her ribcage, and her hips extended down to her legs with no rounded protrusion. She was a walking stick with two holes between her legs. As she enters the pre-teen porn business, she would be particularly in demand by pedophiles who prefer the children to look even younger than their actual age.

    All the men oogling the nude West sisters were disappointed that the girls had not shown up 10 minutes earlier, since they all just recently ejaculated into Melissa's asshole to set up the massive anal snowball show which just completed. Consequently, they would need to recharge their batteries yet again before getting their next erections to screw underaged children with.

    The men's loss was the adult women's gain however, as the female sex needed no such rest periods between orgasms and the next organized game would allow the women to exclusively enjoy the bodies of the children and be pleasured by them.

    She Don't Lie, She Don't Lie, She Don't Lie; Cocaine

    The socializing between the party crashers and the orgy attendees continued for awhile before Jim Phillips re-emerged holding plastic bagfuls of various pills and a clear vial full of a white, salt-like substance.

    "Hey kids! Look what I got in my hands?" asked Jim.

    Tina, Mary, and Betty all assumed that it was Halloween candy but the more sexually experienced pre-teen porn stars knew better.

    "Go-go pills and pixie dust!" answered Trisha.

    'Go-go pills' and 'pixie dust' were Phillips' nicknames for the amphetamines and cocaine that he gave children on occasion to boost their energy levels during filming of long sex scenes or all-night orgies such as tonight. As it was well past the children's bedtimes now, and the orgy was to continue for several more hours, he needed the girls to take the stimulants in order to keep up with the adults and not fall asleep.

    "That's right, go-go pills! Pixie dust! Come get some darlings." Phillips offered.

    Child-appropriate doses of powder cocaine was sprinkled on the glass coffee table in the room and the girls were provided with short, cut up strips of party straws to use to snort the cocaine into their nose. Julie, Tiffany, and Tori each immediately snorted small lines of the illegal drug and afterwards pinched their noses in reaction to the sting from the drug.

    Melissa, Jennifer, Karla, and Trisha preferred the amphetamine pills, which they swallowed along with glasses of fruit punch. 6 year old Betty, having never done either drug, was offered a small amount of cocaine scooped under her mother Cathy's fingernail, which she held up just under her daughter's nostril to be sniffed up. Betty didn't quite know what was happening or what the drug would do but did her best to imitate what the older girls were doing and snorted the powdery substance. She elicited a general laughter from the room when she complained that her nose felt like it was on fire.

    Tina and Mary were conflicted. They learned at their Catholic school that drugs were bad. Just the other week they attended an assembly at the school where speakers from D.A.R.E (drug abuse resistance education) spoke about the dangers of drugs, to "just say no", and offered every child a free D.A.R.E t-shirt. But what they were seeing in front of them looked so different than the dire picture painted by the drug counselors. The other naked children seemed so happy along with the adults.

    Eventually both girls figured that if adults were willing to lie to kids that sex was bad and harmful when it fact it was intensely pleasurable, they could also lie about drugs too. So both West sisters went up to Justina, who like Betty's mother had scooped up small doses of cocaine under her fingernails and each sister snorted it deep into their nostrils. Like Betty, they reacted strongly to the burning sensation in their sinus which caused laughter from the more drug-experienced children in the room.

    Within minutes the children were high and peaking from the effects of their stimulants; Tori whipping her blonde hair up and down and rocking out to imaginary heavy metal music in her head and Trisha jumping up and down continuously on the sofas. Even apprehensive Mary was loosening up; approaching adults and asking them if they could please stroke her little bald slit.

    Tina couldn't believe how alert and clear-headed this new experience made her feel. She felt like she could run for miles or dance for days. She also started feeling incredibly horny and was disappointed that none of the men were still sporting any erections for her to fuck. Making due with what she could, she walked over to Julie and Jennifer's mother Evelyn and politely asked the woman if she could fingerfuck the 11 year old's pussy (to which Evelyn gladly complied).

    Tunnel of Love

    "I'm so glad to see the kids getting their second wind!" announced Jim Phillips. "I'm sure their energy levels will come in handy in helping get the ladies off in our next game. While us boys still recharge, we'll hang back and watch the women with the kids in a game called 'tunnel of love'."

    "WOO HOO! Finally, our turn!!!" celebrated Helen.

    "Here's how to play 'tunnel of love.' Each woman - so Evelyn, Tammy, Cathy, Ana, Justina, and Helen, will create a pussy tunnel by standing behind each other with their legs spread out 3 feet. This forms just enough space for the kids to crawl under your legs and orally access your pussies. They will be tongue fucking your pussies with furious intensity, and here's why."

    Phillips holds up a jar of jelly bean candies.

    "Each of you women will insert a jelly bean up your pussies. Shove it deep enough so that the girls will have to snake out their tongues to retrieve it, but not so deep that they're out of reach. The children will be timed in how fast they can pull out the jelly beans using just their talented pussy licking mouths (no hands). Once they pull out the jelly bean from the woman standing in front, they'll crawl under her legs to get to the second woman's spread pussy, and do the same. They'll keep crawling under this 6-woman pussy tunnel until they grab all 6 jelly beans. In order to grab the jelly beans the girls will need to continuously scrape their tongues against the roof of your vaginas, which should give everyone's G-spots intense lickings. If the kids take longer than 1 minute to pull out a jelly bean from one pussy they'll have to forfeit that one and move on to the next pussy. Any pussy with jelly beans still left inside will earn the girls a penalty of 30 seconds added to their total times. Any questions?"

    Bruno Bianchi, sitting from his couch and stroking his flaccid penis with one hand, raised his other.

    "Yes Bruno?" asked Jim.

    "What if a lady purposely pushes her jelly bean so deep inside to get the girl to lick her for as long as possible with no chance of pulling it out?"

    "You know, you bring up a good point. Looks like I'll have to be the one to stick the jelly beans in to ensure they're all equally deep, hahaha!" said Phillips.

    "That's what I was thinking of doing! Thanks for nothing, dear husband! No sex for you all week!" chastised Bruno's wife, Ana Bianchi.

    The entire room erupted in laughter.

    "And don't even think about substituting me with our daughter Karla! She's gonna be on a sex strike too!" added Ana. (more laughter from everyone)

    "Hey! I like fucking daddy! Why do I have to be punished, mommy?!" complained Karla.

    "Hahahahaha! All right Bianchis, you guys reconcile your family feud another time. For now let's give these girls' tongue muscles a serious workout!"

    "YES! Get this show started, ladies!" yelled Chris.

    "Hey ladies, why don't you line up from baldest to hairiest?" suggested Dave.

    The women then lined up in the following order:

    1. Justina, who had a completely hairless waxed pussy.
    2. Evelyn, who shaved her pussy earlier in the day but now had the beginnings of a 5 o'clock pubic shadow.
    3. Tammy, also shaved but with a heavier shadow than Evelyn.
    4. Cathy, who was completely shaved around her pussy lips but for a tiny patch of pubic hair on her mons pubis.
    5. Ana, who had pubic hair but which was trimmed short so it was more of a mowed lawn than a true bush.
    6. Helen, who had a thick, coarse bush of dark, tangled pubic hair, reminiscent of women in porn from the 1970s.

    The girls lined up from youngest to oldest (Phillips did this so the more experienced older girls were likelier to keep improving on the slower times of the earlier younger girls):

    1. Betty
    2. Trisha
    3. Jennifer
    4. Mary
    5. Tori
    6. Karla
    7. Tiffany
    8. Julie
    9. Tina
    10. Melissa

    "ALRIGHT BETTY! LET'S EAT SOME PUSSY!!!" shouted fat Howard.

    And all the men on the sofas behind him howled and whistled like a bunch of drunk sailors on shore leave inside of a strip club.

    To be Continued

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